Time To Get Off Your Knees: MSM Warns The U.S. Is Looking At A Second Lockdown

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    Be prepared, but do not live in fear.  The mainstream media is ramping up the fear-mongering and panic mentality right now.  They are literally warning us of lockdown 2.0.

    In fact, Bloomberg actually expects you to believe other humans have the right to limit your freedom and you have the obligation to obey. The following is incredibly disturbing and should be noted by everyone:

    Governments will have no choice but to ban behavior that spreads Covid-19. The public will do the rest by shutting in again. –Bloomberg

    They flat out admitted that we are doing this to ourselves by our unwillingness to disobey. This draconian predictive programming has become obvious.  They desperately need you in fear, and to participate in their beast system as it rolls out. It could get ugly, folks, so be prepared.

    New lockdowns of some sort are going to be necessary. Some cities are already considering a return to stringent stay-at-home orders of the type used in the spring. Those lockdowns probably didn’t hurt the economy any more than the virus itself. But this time things might be different. Because fear of the virus is less intense than in March, blanket lockdowns that were superfluous last time might curtail the economy now. In addition, psychological stress from prolonged isolation might be fueling social unrest. –Bloomberg

    Again, this reads as nothing more than “comply, slaves.” Plus, the constant blaming of the destruction of livelihoods on the virus. The doublespeak is unbelievable. A virus can’t bark orders or obey. A virus didn’t shut down businesses. A virus didn’t print money out of thin air and debase an already dead fiat currency.

    It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed

    Supply Chains: Food & Toilet Paper Supply Were Disrupted By The Ruling Class, Not A Virus

    They want the public in a panicked state of fear, as fear is the st vibration, and people are the easiest to control when they are fearful. After fear, since people aren’t falling for it anymore, comes anger.  Anger can still be harnessed by the elitists, which is why I’ve suggested living free from the beginning. Living your life your way so long as you harm no one else is the biggest middle finger you can give the international banking cartel attempting to take over the world with psychological and spiritual warfare.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    The power-hungry control freaks in the Federal Reserve and the ruling class have decided they own us, and now it’s up to us whether we consent or not.  I can tell you one thing: there are few things worse than death. Life as a slave is one of those fates.  This is what they want for us, and if we don’t stand up and simply live our lives outside the rigged system they set up, that’s the one we’ll suffer.

    I have hope for humanity.  People are opening their eyes daily to damage that is done when humans are given power over other humans, whether it’s called government, masters, or banksters. The solution is still that simple. Stop allowing and pushing for people to have power and control over other people. There are no masters if the slaves all disobey. Get off your knees, and stop being a submissive slave. 

    Oh, and screw you, Bloomberg for saying anyone is obligated to be enslaved by anyone else. Call it democracy, republic, dictatorship, plantation, or otherwise, it’s all the same. We are not slaves, and we are many.  We have no obligation to obey.

    And for those who think they have the right to enforce this, the time will come when you will be forced to make a difficult decision, and I really hope you do the right thing, and not the legal thing.

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

    It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

    It’s All Been Planned: Prepare For The Great Reset



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      1. Of course they are lying. They lie about everything. The lunatics expect us to believe that this would be the one and only time that they are telling the truth?! The number of  insane morons in this country and world that have dedicated their lives to being stubborn and wrong and circular logic must be the result of the damaged fetal tissue, damaged monkey tissue, and mercury and aluminum in vaccines. The terrifying thing is how stupid people are! I have never witnessed such a concerted international display of stupidity as this, other than war in my life. This is the new war strategy, obviously! It is war, without acknowledging that it is war. Just as many of the wars were fought to supposedly end tyranny, which was a total lie and psy-op that increased tyranny in those countries, this is a psy-op to save lives and promote health that makes people unhealthy via poverty and destroys lives.

        If they don’t call it a war, then nobody can protest the war!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. F O A D

      3. ‘Your right to swing your fist ends right where my nose begins.’
        (edited — to shed your vax.)

        Even in the most boring interpretation of current events, the SARS-CoV-2 trial killed those ferrets. So, I have opted not to permanently edit my germ line, for forthcoming generations.

        I only minimally participated in the boxstore junk economy, where masking is mostly enforced, and will not be accepting anything into my right hand or forehead, in order to buy or sell.

        I don’t personally see the need to keep posting the same basic thoughts, ad nauseam, so would conceivably take a Sabbatical, sometime soon, if no new developments.

      4. “Supply Chains: Food & Toilet Paper Supply Were Disrupted By The Ruling Class, Not A Virus”

        Sorry, I must beg to differ with you Mac. It wasn’t the ruling class, it was those who panic bought a years supply of TP in a two week window. Everyone except those of us who have been preparing for calamities for a long while. Now, in edition to canned goods still being in short supply, most firearms and ammo are also now in short supply. The firearms and ammo situation is a good news, bad news dilemma. Good news in that more people are armed. Bad news in that most of the newbies don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

        Overall, I think the Kung Flu was a good thing in that it woke a lot of people up to just how precarious life is, even at this point in history.

      5. Fool me once. Then find me with toilet paper, water, and other supplies stacked from the floor to the ceiling in the basement immediately after. The nice deep freezer changed the game. Suggested purchase. And I routinely litter used masks everywhere, being in a mandatory mask state and all. Recommended resistance action.

      6. The choices of the retarded psychopaths are to destroy, steal, and destroy and steal. They are brain damaged psychopaths and are mentally incompetent. We really could save a tremendous amount of everything, including our liberty, if we sent them all to the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants. Time is of the essence. I remind you that we have one candidate that appears to be totally senile, and the other candidate bragging that he aced a mental competency test with the most complex questions being asked to count backwards from one hundred by sevens and to draw a clock with the time requested. We also have Kanye West who has not registered in most states which is even required for write ins in 33 states. Unfortunately, the puppeteers running the show, aka Goldman Sachs is even more mentally incompetent than the puppet candidates. They just refuse to leave the White House and Treasury! Can’t get rid of them!

        Andrea Iravani

      7. All tests for coronavirus have fake results. Stefan Lanka explained that once tissue, blood, syliva has been extracted from the body, bacteria starts being created and the cells begin to decay since they are no longer in the body, they are no longer part of a living organism. Stefan Lanka disputes that there are viruses and sued the Supreme Court in Germany in 2017 and won his case. The virus theory was a nazi and eugenist theory and when intitially proposed, the scientific community disputed the findings, but the critics were slienced and incarcerated by nazis. It is not possible to test tissue or serums once they leave the body, for the purpose of evaluating the health of the body, because once extracted or excised, they are seperate from the body and are no longer living. It was theorized in the early 1900’s that excised tissue samples which began to decay as a result of bacteria, contained bacteria and that viral phlanges would attack the bacteria. Tissue samples were also immersed in antibiotics, which would also damage the cells and excellerate the process of decay. So medical science has been turned on its head. Lanka states that illnesses are the result of either toxins or defficiencies. I do not understand how this explains something like genital herpes or human papiloma virus. Are they bacterias? Are they an allergic reaction? Since they repeatedly re-appear in people that have them what makes them re-appear? If they are a form of bacteria, it would seem that they could be cured with antibiotics. If they are an allergic reaction is it to birth control methods, lubricants, or detergents? I hope that he will explain that, because I think that many people are wondering about it. Many people’s lives have been made extremely difficult, if not totally ruined as a result of STDs. Did the doctors lie about test results? if he could explain that to the world, he could really help many people, because if they are not viruses what causes them, and what cures them, and if he is wrong, it would be irresponsible to mislead people on it which would endanger their health. 

        Lanka also claims that bacteria do not cause disease, but botulism, ptomaine, and cholera can be fatal forms of bacteria, as well as others.

        Andrea Iravani

      8. When a major power is getting ready to go to war they follow various steps. Put the Covid hysteria to one side and look at what the government has done:

        1) Grabbed even more extraordinary powers for itself and for corporations. They basically removed the legal obligation to prove medicines and procedures are safe and efficacious before performing them on the public, for example.

        2) Flights: when flights stop happening or are dramatically curtailed, then this is a major sign you are going to war.

        3) Lockdowns and quarantine and lockdown drills: These have been happening all across the Western world. They are also becoming more random and last minute. This is a further sign of coming war. An ability to remove liberty and to get the population used to staying put is a sign of war preparations.

        4) Military take-over of logistics: In the UK the military now coordinates food haulage as well as medical supplies. How long before the military takes over border controls and customs at the airport? How long before they run the ‘hubs’ that coordinate the police etc.?

        5) Cyber war: the military has quietly moved into the cyber war business and the internet is now a battle space like any other.

        6) Space: the tempo of launches and satellite deployments is unprecedented. Not a day goes by without some launch somewhere. Controlling space is key to winning 21st century wars.

        7) Messaging: weaponised n#ggers. Spike Lee’s latest film; BLM massing armed blacks. Looks like black men are getting lined up for their latest role: cannon fodder in the war with China.

        8) Dead economy: the civilian economy is dead. We can see that the only thing thriving right now is the military industrial complex and the space industry. Once all those horny young men get tired of living in their mom’s basements the military recruiter will just contact the parents and it is off to do service they go.

        9) No travel: next to no travel is taking place, whittling down connections with foreigners and foreign countries. It is easier to kill those you don’t know.

        10) A global lattice work of bases and over-watch surveillance like never seen before in human history. China, Iran and North Korea are all completely surrounded by US military. The US still has the advantage, just, to mount a massive attack on those countries and finish off their military threat. Will the US do it? Review steps 1 to 9 and then ask yourself.

        • 11) Objectify and negatively caricature your enemy.

          • True. The process is advanced for demonising the Chinese. The second part of this is the blacks. The BLM movement is actually doing the opposite. People are seeing how violent and irrational black people are and are seeing them destroy their incomes, communities while spreading the Coronavirus further, making them poorer and poorer.

            Parents are pulling their kids out of any public school filled with blacks to get their children as far as possible away from this violent population.

            Casual racism is actually increasing and white people are already talking more about blacks from a racial perspective. The next step will be the anger as more white people wake up to who is ruining their lives.

            Keep in mind: whites were the only population on the planet who even gave black people a free pass. All other races hold blacks in total contempt. The Chinese in particular. BLM has just destroyed the sympathy of the only group, whites, who even cared to do things for black people.

      9. 11) Objectify and negatively caricature your enemy.

      10. This is all about what is merging with the Earth. Look at the sky. Our Binary System is here and there is nothing you can do to prepare, except in your own MIND.

        It has nothing to do with the economy, covid, civil war, vaccines or FEMA camps.

        N.I.B.U.R.U. Seriously, people. The Binary System will destroy the crust of the Earth and cause blood rain, asteroid based of fire and wind 200 mph.

        The quarantine was about rearranging govt assets, nothing else. They know what’s coming (it’s already here) and don’t ever expect a word of warning from them. Not a word.

        • I certainly hope NIBIRU is real. I would much prefer it to what is likely to happen. In skeptical. Its plausible with all the earthquakes , volcanos and other weird earth events . and the rapidly shifting magnetic poles its not far fetched to think sumthin is up with the planet? I suppose time will tell?

          • Well, I don’t know about Nibiru, but I can tell you that every 6XXX years, our solar system passes through the Milky Way’s galactic plane, which exerts tremendous gravitational forces in the S-N direction and leaves the earth rotating about a different axis after we pass through. Search Youtube for the video:
            “The Key to the Galaxy” – Isaiah Shift Theory Finale, Puzzle is Complete!
            I think it will happen quite soon….

      11. I firmly believe the danger of covid is wildly overstated on behalf of the deep State. Furthermore, I believe the causality rates are being grossly over reported. Yes, unfortunately covid does harm and even cause death in some cases, but so does influenza and the flu which causes more far death, and has occurred year in and year out for centuries. Yet, there are no lockdowns, no social distancing or wearing masks, no disruption of the economy or mass loss of employment, no shutdown of schools, churches, and every kind commercial establishment for those diseases. Secondly, why continue to allow bingo joints, liquor stores and head shops to stay open, but churches cannot. Why are schools shut down but malls are open. Why do Trump rallies spread the virus, but riots don’t. Some authorites in New York said you could use the beach but not swim, in some areas in California the authorities said you could swim but not linger on the beach, both claimed to be backed by science. The contradictions are endless.
        Sound medical based policy is not guiding us through this “pandemic”, but rather, politics. Wearing a mask is mandatory in many shopping establishments, yet I see them very often worn incorrectly and even with holes. Yet, that is apparently satisfactory. The only conclusion one can make is that it’s not important that the mask does its job, it’s only important you are are wearing one. This is nothing more than virtue signaling and comforming, which suffices.
        Another farce are the signs at the front doors of stores. They make a statement for customers to wear masks as per the governor’s order. NO governors can make an edict to fine or arrest anyone who is not complying with his/her orders. They swear to upload the law, they cannot make laws.
        I don’t wear masks, I don’t make an effort to social distance, I don’t inhibit myself in any way in the course of my day, I even shake hands with other people, and lo and behold, nobody seems to mind. It’s MY BODY MY CHOICE. And I won’t be getting any vaccine. I don’t know anyone who has contracted the virus, and I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has contracted the virus.
        There is undoubtedly an ulterior agenda at work. Mainly to inculcate fear in the public, social conditioning of the citizens, teaching people the gov’t knows best, to further reliance of people on gov’t, and for gov’t to accumulate more power and control, to name a few. You can be assured there are a vast number of metrics being observed, measured, and recorded to better help the deep State when they are manufacturing the next crisis.

      12. Two months. That’s all it took to condition total populations to accept the “new normal” with the help of incessant, multiple daily doses of lies and fear.

        Right at the beginning and in the following months, a minority of the people has waken up and understands what is really going on with this virus agenda. However, the other bunch, the fuckin’ majority, as usual, has remained in its coma. Day after day, reality right under their nose contradicts the lies they consume in mainstream crap media. And day after day, they keep on totally ignoring reality and go on living in accordance with the lies they’re being fed. They have embraced their chains willfully and you can pull off anything with people like that. The elites know that damned well. (I wonder, though, if they might have expected a little more resistance from the marority). They now have the firm confirmation that they can manipulate big time and do anything they want with this entity called the silent, ignorant, submissive majority and, of course, get away with it.

        One of the main goals of this agenda is total control of the people and they already have the majority blindly obeying and complying. They will eventually go after the minority who understands and resists. At what price and for how long can this minority manage to escape the insanity? Make no mistake, they will go after them.

        After the masks, vaccines will be mandatory. After these, other horrors will be mandatory with increasingly dire consequences for those who keep on resisting. As time goes by, what percentage of this minority will still have the courage, integrity, strength and resources, within the little freedom they have left, to resist and fight till the end? I sincerely hope we will resist and fight as much and as long as we can. But. In the long run, I think we’ll get screwed.

        Not an encouraging and uplifting comment, I know. Not pessimistic either, just realistic, I think.

        • Sylvie iI think you are correct. Im of the opinion that the “minority” when they mandate you must accept a vaccine. That’s when we must make our move. We take down the electric grid. Shoot Transformers not people. place tires next to the wooden poles and burn them. Its the only viable action that would have a ghost of a chance of working.

      13. It’s absolutely mind boggling to realize just how many Americans are really delusional! Not able to think for themselves, unable or unwilling to do “due diligence” on anything, having short memory spans, turn on each other like animals and think that they are entitled to everything!

        Americans are just too stupid to realize that they have been sold out by their own politicians and unable to fend for themselves in an emergency (be it manmade or natural).

        To those very few that don’t fall into the above category, you have a rough road to travel by trying to avoid all them and are deserving of the title “true American” to those I applaud!

      14. It is fundamentally about destroying the economy. Notice how blacks get a free pass to riot and demonstrate? I have lost count of how many obese black women I see wandering around without a mask or even bothering to social distance. So they clearly don’t care.

        It is even worse. It seems fundamentally about destroying the wealth producing white economy while funnelling loads of Corona freebies to blacks. A back-door reparations campaign. When this is done in a year or two whites will ALL be as poor as blacks, or poorer as many are in South Africa.

        And just as in Africa the economy after will never get out of third world status. The culture of work, ambition, civilisation will be gone.

        They are even talking about just taking money from the World Bank etc. and handing out free cash to poor people all over the third world. For doing NOTHING. Just existing. What message does that send? Those countries will never advance and that is also not sustainable.

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