TIME Justifies Ferguson Violence as Response to White Privilege: “Riots Are a Necessary Part of Evolution of Society”

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Aftermath, Headline News | 209 comments

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    For one TIME magazine writer, the acts of violence in Ferguson are an entitlement for those suffering racism. “Peaceful protesting is a luxury only available to those safely in mainstream culture.”

    What is clear is that the Ferguson riots, and those that have spread elsewhere, are not real in any organic sense. They have been planned, provoked and are now being used to divide and conquer an already fractured America.

    The Washington Post hit the nail on the head about how the “inevitable” riots are more like a “staged performance”:

    What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.
    A news media obsessed with predicting the next step, a security apparatus equipped to put down almost any uprising, and a political power structure apparently seeking to head off violence by predicting it have combined to produce an unprecedented sense of inevitability, reducing what has historically been an explosion of frustration to a kind of staged performance.

    Incredibly, Obama himself commented that the Ferguson riots would make for good television spectacle:

    “There is inevitably going to be some negative reaction, and it’ll make for good TV,” Obama said.

    Ultimately, though he urged for ‘calm’ in the face of the Michael Brown decision, President Obama justified the “anger” now playing out as violent protests, arson and outright riots as an “understandable reaction”:

    the frustrations that we have seen, are not just about a particular incident. They have deep roots in many communities of color, who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly… it’s not just made up. It’s rooted in reality.

    … there are productive ways of responding and expressing those frustrations and there are destructive ways of responding. Burning buildings, torching cars, destroying property, putting people at risk, that’s destructive and there’s no excuse for it. Those are criminal acts.

    But there were those in the mainstream media who did, in fact, make excuse for these criminal acts.

    Arguing “In Defense of Rioting,” TIME Magazine’s Darlena Cunha provided some incredible justifications for the senseless violence and destruction that are as outrageous as the riots themselves:

    When a police officer shoots a young, unarmed black man in the streets, then does not face indictment, anger in the community is inevitable. It’s what we do with that anger that counts. In such a case, is rioting so wrong?

    Riots are a necessary part of the evolution of society. Unfortunately, we do not live in a universal utopia where people have the basic human rights they deserve simply for existing, and until we get there, the legitimate frustration, sorrow and pain of the marginalized voices will boil over, spilling out into our streets. The violent protests in Ferguson, Mo., are part of the American experience. Peaceful protesting is a luxury only available to those safely in mainstream culture.

    For Cunha, lawless rioting is a specific privilege for those who’ve suffered racism:

    Blacks in this country are more apt to riot because they are one of the populations here who still need to.

    Those who dare to condemn the riots, according to the TIME writer, are “head shaking” and “finger pointing” under the guise of “privileged explanation” – that is, white privilege:

    …blaming someone else for your failures in the United States may very well be an astute observation of reality, particularly as it comes to white privilege versus black privilege. And, yes, they are different, and they are tied to race, and that doesn’t make me a racist, it makes me a realist. If anything, I am racist because I am white. Until I have had to walk in a person of color’s skin, I will never understand, I will always take things for granted, and I will be inherently privileged. But by ignoring the very real issues this country still faces in terms of race to promote an as-of-yet imaginary colorblind society, we contribute to the problem at hand, which is centuries of abuses lobbied against other humans on no basis but that of their skin color.


    But the riots, burning police cars and acts of violence are not addressing the real issues of police brutality and racial strife.

    They are missing the point, and instead giving easy justification for more police power, more riot gear and more crowd control.

    Rather than helping the causes of underprivileged, inner city blacks or driving some sort of ‘national conversation,’ these tactics are driving a media frenzy and a police state:

    The result was a pivot from the questions of justice and race relations that drove August’s protests to a more tactical debate over how to contain popular rage.

    Thanks to a relentlessly forward-skewed news media — “What will happen next?” was the topic of nearly every cable news discussion — Monday night’s violence became on-demand programming for a nation that flits from one blockbuster event to the next.
    Instead of discussions about what might be done to diminish the likelihood of racial violence, the popular debate focused over the past week on how big the explosion of anger would be. In recent days, it was easy to find at least a dozen online polls asking something along the lines of, “Will there be race riots in Ferguson?”


    Like the opening act, which featured a burning police car and crowds in tear gas televised next to President Obama’s reaction to the grand jury decision, these race riots are staged events to titillate global audiences, while distracting from any number of issues, including last week’s executive amnesty granting millions of immigrants legal status and the stale and staggering economy that has killed the middle class and stifled any chance of meaningful employment for those struggling from the bottom up.


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      1. I’m NOT gonna comment on whether the riots in Ferguson are justified or not

        because we all know voting and petitioning the government is such an effective way to cause change

        (sarcasm off)

        • Well, on the flip side..a bit of research reveals that “TIME” is a kosher owned & largely staffed propaganda org / outlet.
          So..no surprises, per their agenda.

          • Kosher? You mean Bankster right.

            • If it had been a BLACK policeman that had shot the Michael Brown, we would have never heard about this.

              • Actually 3 days after a black cop shot a white teen named Dylon Taylor in the back for not listening to him who was wearing headphones. In a case of mistakecoon ID.

            • Bankster and kosher are the same thing, or didn’t you know.

              • And Martin Luther wrote a book about how that came to be. Does anyone know if any of the suspicious banker suicides are kosher?

          • When the SHTF living in the city will be untenable. Period.

            • Yeah, and when the riots start in the writer’s hometown, may they burn his ivory tower to the ground. Then let’s talk about that mythical white privilege. Never had a damned thing handed to me, so I’ve never seen any privilege to shit, Jack!

              • But, Joe. Just being white, no matter how poor I am, no matter how hard I struggled to pay my way through college working 2 jobs, no matter how difficult life was for me in that two room shack I grew up in and told myself when I was just a boy that I would NEVER be poor like that again… it’s still my fault because I am so privileged.

                • Fuck Time. Fuck the Zionists who own Time. Fuck the Mulatto (and his, actually “their”, planned agenda for spreading riots and entropy across this Nation), and anyone else, who says he’s black.

                  Only a racist (and someone in denial) would call him black.

                  • Ahab, excellent post. I couldn’t agree more. That Darlena Cunha is definitely one of the “useful idiots” that Lenin spoke of.

                  • If Time’s kosher encouragement of race war doesn’t convince you that the Master Race wants a race war, nothing will convince you.

                    Be sure that the Master Race banksters and their accomplices will be safe in their mansions counting their loot while all their victims are distracted fighting each other over skin color.

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                  • As a teenager in So.Cal. in the 60’s I remember the riots starting with the Watts Riot in 1966. Some of the older kids I hung out with, and their parents, had gotten their deer rifles and pheasant shotguns out early in the event they had to defend their homes. It never came to pass, but these folks were ready. This leads me to believe that all of these ‘so-called’ demonstration (riots) are pretty well orchestrated by those who run organizations who then receive money to ‘fight for their cause’. If not, a real riot has no leader and would spill into any area it felt like, including predominately white areas. But I can’t recall any suburb ever being invaded by rioters because it would quickly turn into a free-fire zone with a lot of black casualties and the men pulling the strings know this so they keep them out. Just a hunch.

                  • You need help man. Seriously, you sound like a total psychopath. You are what’s wrong with this society. You are hate and ignorance personified–disgusting and vile. Take your white privilege and all your rage and choke on it. Or better yet, do humanity a favor and just fuck off and die. One less sick fuck in the world.

                  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Every race should thank God for white people.
                    Africans were just about to leave and set sail for a new world, but white people beat them to it. Damned white people.
                    Mexicans were just about to set up a new nation conceived in liberty, but white people beat them to it. Damned white people.
                    Indians were just about to invent the automobile, industrialize the country, and…
                    Well, you get the picture. Damned white people.
                    What the hell does white privilege even mean? It means the same as affirmative action. It means my race isn’t good enough to keep up with or compete with the white race unless I have a head start.
                    It’s been roughly 60 years of blacks and whites attending the same schools. Were the teachers who taught me Physics, Algebra, Chemistry, English, History, and any other subject somehow speaking in a language that only the white kids could understand?

              • white privilege is indeed mythical , altho black privilege is well documented like affirmative action ,congressional black caucus , etc etc etc , so whose agenda is this indeed? Kosher sounds bout right , they got their fingers in everything it seems .

                • well said

              • It is important to understand that the average level of policing in America is one cop per 1,000 citizens. If 1% of the citizens decide to riot the police are outnumbered 10 to 1.

                Young BMAs commit about 70% of the violent crime in America and comprise about 3.5% of the population. If they ever get organized, the cops will run.

                • If the black male adolescents ever organize to the point that the 2% enforcers ‘run’ odds are that the remaining 30% WM (adolescent or otherwise) are likely to back them up (though there would probably be some major changes in any case.)

          • When the propaganda organs, I mean “main stream media”, begin to tell the truth about Black on White crime, then the “dialog on race” can get real. Until then, it’s one sided: “Bad Whitey is racist.” If knowing the truth makes me a “racist”, so be it.

            When mainstream media will cover the BUTCHERING of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome, at the hands of 5 blacks, instead of covering it up, we can talk about the reality of racial relations. It will continue to be covered up, because it is part of the White Genocide agenda.

            An article was written in 1995, about America’s Dirty War. From the end of the Viet Nam War, to 1995, Blacks had murdered more Whites than the total number of war dead from the Viet Nam War. Search for this news article:

            Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence
            ‘The Race War Of Black Against White’ by Paul Sheehan
            The Sydney Morning Herald , Australia, 20 May 1995

            They do not comprehend that they are nothing but tools, weapons, being used by those who want to rule the world, and play them with Hegalian Dialectic. This is getting old.

          • Hunter, that tribe-owned and operated commie rag can kiss my white ass. Riots an “entitlement”? GIVE ME THE BIGGEST FUCKING BREAK.

            • well said

        • May be your best saracasm yet Satori because it is spot on! EVERYONE knows that voting as the system now exist works so well.

          If these people are trying to make a statement then they are doing a good job of it. Maybe the white American people need to hire the propangandist they are using as our message doesn’t seem to be getting out there so well.

          All people of good charachter need to arise and take action before all is lost.


          • White people are terrified to face the truth, and speak it. Most Whites would rather watch their families and friends be murdered than face the truth, and do anything about it.

            • JustMe, what you say is true to a large degree. We can thank some communist crap called political correctness for that.

              • Does anybody really think all this ongoing destructive jew tribal run crap could ever continue a week longer if they did not enjoy unlimited and totally Unquestionable support and defense of all they do, say or promote by none other than the 50-60 MILLION Mainly White folks who calls themselves….”Jewdeo-Christians”?

                Which factually consist’s of a vast huge majority that comprise over a full Half of said 50-60 million fools, in organisational religious groups calling themselves members of the “Southern Baptist Organisation” of “christianity” which Must be either fake or fraud due to the also Fact that to call oneself a “Jewdeo-Christian” is itself a huge OXYMORON!

                If this was about ANY other issue where folks called themselves something like an…”Islamic-Christian” or an…”Nazi US military troop” or a Communist Republic of America! etc etc…Well I suppose even them so delusional folks that actually cannot SEE nor Realize just what and why it is so huge an Oxymoronic name to call themself as a jewdeo-christian, even they would be intelligent enough to at least recognize what a total oxymoronic statement all of the other examples I wrote of sound and indeed would be in actuality…..Or perhaps even on that issue I give far to much credit to that large group, and even with these other oxymoronic word game statements they would never recognize the abject stupidity for any sane folk to even consider being or becoming a member of such an Org, if indeed such an org existed like “Islamic-Christian” or even beter yet, this the most ignorant of them should get…An “Atheistic-Christian” church member!!

                And from all I have seen regards them southern baptist orgs and their leadeship councils, for some uknown to me reasons, a fundemental characteristic of these folks is their delusional idea or belief that somehow to insist upon remaining WRONG, and Refusal always to ever Admit to that flaw, is somehow seen by them as a great Virtue!

                That causes them to be indistinguishable from the typical type Dem Liberal’s who’s claim to fame is also an abject denial of truth or facts, and an ironic uncanny ability that libs also consider a huge virtue of group strength to never admit when they too are wrong…And another major in-common both groups, liberal dems And those 50-60 Million mainly white folk “jewdeo-christians” has is the Fact that…They Both are mostly WRONG on almost Every fuckin thing promoted or believed by them both as groups and as individuals.

                So unless and untill somebody can come up with a sure fire method to convince these otherwise smart and patriotic folks that litterally EVERYTHING they say-do-defend-protect-approve-FUND!-and attack others over on behalf of all issues jewish, has been and is assisting the worlds greatest group of Nation Wreckers ever to exist. And which is and has been for at least 100+ yrs now consentrating their massive group abilities currently aimed at total destruction of AMERICA, and Genocide of the White Race folks within it…

                Then untill That occures First, nothing anybody or any other groups can acomplish is ever going to acomplish any true “FIX” of this nation America. And if due to such massive overall defense and support and huge Fundings from that aprox 1/3rd of whites nationwide, allows them to be placed at the very End of the line scheduled for genocidal killing off of, because as stated without such mass support or defense always, the tribal Khazar-jews never could continue this plan longer than a week at best, that will be the Only real reason these fools get placed at Last in line for killing. So even “if” they finally awaken at That end point it will be to no avail as to a real usa Reset-Fix. They must be woke up much sooner. How to do that? Is the proverbial “$64-Question” of all time.

                Difficult to awaken folk whos major “virtue” is abject denial and total refusal to admit when proven wrong.

                And when mixed with that southern trait of stuborness which causes a “Dig in yer heals” and never agree.

                Well I suppose that may be a real reason that over a full one Half of membership and its overall Top inner circle of leaders all reside in the southern portions of the usa.

                It is a concept difficult to consider, when afterall in most All other issues none can deny the many, many great and wonderfull characteristics southern american folk maintain, and have even become quite famous for.

                However that all does not make up for this major huge “Flaw” that resides more so within said southern zones than all other locals nationwide. Perhaps it too has been done based on pernicious and evil minded pre planned agenda’s like so many other issues we have discovered have been done?

                Either way I sure hope asap soon this major fly in ointment flaw will be exposed and eradicated, and swiftly replaced with a proper way to think grounded on truth and facts that of late are so quickly accessable in so many avenues online today. America cannot take too much more of such total Apostacy for much longer before it really does become far too late for us All.

          • Voting works as the retention of the Second Amendment has shown. The problem is education regarding issues and unification of the body politic. Even organized labor was fragmented against the Free Trade Agreements that decimated their ranks and the middle class as a whole. Few knew how their elected officials voted then and even now as the popularity of Bill Clinton in the ranks of displaced former industrial workers can attest to.

            Make no mistake TPTB go to great lengths to foster division within the voting ranks with special attention to the economic and geo-political issues. False flags and fear are their tool. A compliant media their bully pulpit. They would not bother to spend funds and effort if the collective vote of the body politic did not concern them.

        • How about we all “Riot” in front of Time offices, or their executive staff since they all believe they are a Necessary Part of Evolution of Society……

          • Good one, Stan522.

        • But isn’t this just a way for the gimme dats to get more in the way of social programs.

          The rioting, looting, burning is part of an agenda to force those are getting less and less to part with even more so the disadvantaged can get more welfare isn’t it? Being stirred up by those few who have risen to the top who have hitched their ambitions to a “cause” and become rich and powerful through it.

          A saying, “The Cream of Crop” suggests the best, brightest and most deserving rise to the top. Never forget a turd also floats to the top.

          The biggest complaint seems to be “I get no respect!” – well, I got news for anyone who says that – to get respect, first you must have it!


        • Why else would they release the findings at NINE at Night? Perfect timing.. Right?

          • Oh Yeah, What is this a “smoke screen for” what is the other hand doing while the world is watching this “SHOW” ??

            • There are a dozen major things going on at once. The illegal amnesty, the economy, funding and arming ISIS, stirring up trouble with Russia, etc, etc, ad naseum…

          • Per a fox new reported at 5 am Tuesday, there was confirmation that the DOJ leaked the grand jury results to the San Fran Chronicle and Wash Post. They intentionally forced the prosecutor and city’s hands giving them no time to set up to defend the area properly.

        • Satori

          Everyone is being played..

          Black white latino et al

          Government only exists to propagate itself

          The rest of us be damned

          We are all being successfully used as pawns in the grand scheme.

          Some of us know it..

          Most do not!

          Petitioning the king or feds is a waste of time.

          They have kept everyone except the few down for thousands of years

          And history proves it..

          Those who follow the rules “implemented” lose.

          Those who kiss ass win.

          Quite simple isn’t it?

          Nothing has changed for a millennium..

          Live free or die..


        • It’s reassuring to know real liberty loving patriots will have TIME on their sides, if we ever feel the need to lash out in the same way.

          (sarcasm on infinite loop)


          • As long as your face is the color of feces when you do it.

            • Not about race for me. Personally, as long as they aren’t targeting innocents, I have no problem with them. Even then, my mind isn’t small enough to blanket blame all rioters for the actions of what is most likely government planned agitation.

              Which, this site, seems to have its fair share of.

        • They have the blessing of the HNIC!

        • Chaos is the keyword here. Obama’s chaos. This bs is so
          out of the Alynski playbook that Obama exhalts to, it’s
          disgusting. He’s dividing this nation systematically, putting out his beta tests, has all his ‘peeps’ in place,
          and-soon- BAM, major false flag of his creation to resemble
          and provoke major pissed off black masses and riots that will make Selma look like a tea party.
          Look at Obama’s pattern of pissing on our Constitution, putting his nasty, stinking feet on top of our Nations sacred desk, flipping off us American people- boldly, calculated and in our face.
          I fear this usurper foreigner idiot is going to try staying in power beyond his time by using racist narrative to suspend presidential elections and crown himself ‘king’.
          Him and michelle are absolutely obsessed with their ‘blackness’. Especially michelle.
          Google michelle’s college thesis- she actually used the word ‘black’ over 600 times. Their completely twisted.
          Pray for our Country.

      2. It’s unfortunate that Brown didn’t smarten up after the first shot.

        • BAR:
          It was because he wans’t PRIVILEGED!

          • Went downtown yesterday and couldn’t find the riot, darn. Anyone here got a spare riot? Closest thing I’ve seen to a riot was when the Gun store got in 250,000 22 shells. And that was pretty polite, of course everyone was packing.

            • QUESTION. For a number of years now my CCW has been a S&W 5 shot. I’m getting to feel undergunned & I should start carrying my 14 shot 9MM Browning. Is it getting worse out there or am I just getting more Paranoid?

              • Mine is a S&W Model 36, five shots. I still think it’s more than adequate for any situation I’m likely to face, but the 1911 with 3 mags is whispering to me from inside the Get Home bag.

              • Just a postscript :

                I’m not sure the Rule of Three for gunfights is no longer valid:

                That’s 3 shots, 3 feet, 3 seconds, then it’s over, by the averages, anyway.

              • Paranoid:

                It depends where you live. I’m in a very safe small city of 160k and in about the safest area in that city. Its filled with pensioners and at 9PM you can hear a pin drop.

                I find a J frame easy to handle, inherently very safe with sufficient power at the range expected. If I think I need more I just don’t go to such a place. Actually I’m not armed too often anyway.

                I hope I never feel the need to pack a Glock or similar because at that point things have got bad indeed.

                • I always carry an 8 shot 1911 in 45 cal.

                  “Never soot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet.”

      3. White privilege my ass. I work like hell and barely get by while these fucking lazy ass minorities sit on their asses and draw welfare and food stamps and all this shit. They better hope enough of us don’t go crazy at the same time and just start wiping the damn floor with this worthless garbage. The politicians and their minions are also included on this list of worthless garbage.

        • FP
          Right on Brother.
          I’m so sick of the F#$King Leaches and Zombies, bitching because the aren’t privileged.

          • SGT Dale… I had a thought. You know how they put dye packs in money robbed from the bank? Why not have paint balls filled with this shit and put guys in sniper positions and every time you see a fucker walking out of a store looting, have him recorded on your gun cam and, pop him. The guys on the perimeter can then Take out the trash. I’d much rather they use lead ‘paint’ but we are all against LEO’S having the power of judge jury and executioner…

        • But you and your lack of ability to riot is what created the state in the first place. It’s hilarious when the “hard workers” keep laboring, keep fueling the system, keep paying the salaries of the ones that enslave them and yet complain about it. Maybe those lazy free shit army folks got it right. At least they will be the ones to usher in an upheaval to the death and debt paradigm of our empire.

          • Bullshit! They will all fucking die, killed by the government or starved when the shtf.

        • A Mexican can do 10 times the work than a Negro. And the Mexican is happy and will gladly show up again the next day to do it all over again. Just my personal observation over 50+ yrs.

          Re Immigration how about we trade 10 Blacks for every 1 Mexican looking to live in the US.

        • White people are the minority on Earth, do not forget that. The “minority” crap is played to tug your heartstrings.

          White people have no homelands of their own, all other races do. Soon, here in the land of the Free, they are going to begin importing Section 8 housing into White suburbs, and towns, by force, to, in their own words: “End segregation, block by block”.

          White Genocide, coming to a street near you.

          • Taxpayer dollars are being used to import 3rdworld “refugees” including the Boston Marathon brothers, that get dumped directly onto the welfare system.See Refugee Resentment Watch for details.

        • FP. I can relate to what you’re saying. I picked up a fairly sizable paycheck yesterday due to the overtime I put in covering both day and night shifts at a nursing home. These are 12 hour shifts; CNAs call out a lot which gives me the opportunity to pick up overtime hours. Most of the check was spent after paying bills.
          Finally, I get a few days off unless the supervisor calls me to ask if I can cover another call out.
          Man, I am f*cking tired….but I did enjoy the shopping spree I went on yesterday. Bought a pair of new shoes with thick soles and some brandy for the holidays. Got a large bag of Beniful dog food for Max, Molly, Mitzi, and Maggie (I have 4 dogs). Paid cash for everything.
          I’ve been watching some of the looters (Ferguson, MO) caught on videos with absolute and utter amazement. In a way they do remind me of some of the corrupt politicians. Both are nothing but garbage. Who in the hell raised these people anyway?

        • FP, I’m with you. There is definitely “minority privilege” with affirmative action, govt. programs available to minorities only. there are white people who need help and can’t get it because they’re white. the freeloaders on welfare, ebt, etc. live better than I do. They’ve got nice vehicles courtesy of our tax dollars. I work full-time and pay taxes but the only way I can buy a vehicle is to pay cash for something from a private owner and it has to be something 20 to 30 years old. I’m as ready for a ‘reset’ as I’ll ever be.

      4. Hey, try rioting in Iowa, LOL!

        • Hey angry mob, I want reparations because my black wife took my kids and money…plus she’s a heartless wench!

          • Divorce courts treat men like shit.

            1 in 5 marriages is sexless.


            • Good luck finding a wife Acid…nobody would put up with your crap. I find it hard to believe any woman would have sex with you anyway.

              • Jim, any woman that would go for acid must be on meth.

                • Braveheart…that explains it!

        • Its coming if you don’t stop more refugees from being dumped on you. Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch and search Iowa

      5. the piece by Cunha is one op-ed piece
        no more,no less
        I don’t know that it is the position of TIME magazine

        and why would the “koshers” want to encourage violence and rioting?

        just asking

        cui bono?

        • Baron Rothschild, the banker, in the 1700’s said, “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

          • Torque – We are buying. 9mm, 5.56, 30-06, 12g, never enough ammo. Buy cheap now!!

        • Its not that they want violence and rioting, but that is the best way for them to divide and conquer by pitting races against each other, when race has nothing to do with the issue.

          Jews do this here, but notice how they stop multiculturalism and mixing in Israel. They are doing it in Europe, as well.

          • Russia doen’t have a Black Problem. The Black Population in Russia is only .12%. only about 1 tenth of 1%. Something like 70,000 total. Like 1 black person per town. And you can surely bet they ain’t paying that rap shit music, and rioting.

            • A Swiss town has a black problem and its just one family. The squatmonster eats up 1/3 of the towns taxes because Swiss taxes are collected by region.
              Search (Swiss Village Forced to Raise Taxes After Muslim Refugee Family Consumes 1/3 of Budget)

      6. These people invoke this as human nature, yet almost all progressive policies are counter to man’s own nature to be free. People are nothing but cattle to TPTB, they can package lies anyway they want, it’s still a lie and another form of manipulating the masses.

      7. This is the lefts assault on civilized society. They want to weaken America further. Obama and his Brown shirts, and state run media are hard at work

      8. I have never been more disgusted with you old people than within the last article’s comment section.

        We’ve spent years analyzing the Bolshevik strategy of engineering a crisis and bullying the people until they cry out for government to stop it by force.

        And yet here you retarded old fuckers are calling for the violation of Posse Comitatus, asking for the national guard to start killing people.

        The National Guard exists precisely to circumvent Posse Comitatus.

        Let’s see whether our heros in uniform will fire on unarmed civilians.

        You bet your ass these shitbastards will follow orders and kill us.

        Fuck you old people.

        • on this site and others people scream bloody about the federal government
          about how incompetent and corrupt it is etc etc etc
          and now a lot of people here are screaming for the government to do something ???


          gotta agree with Acid Etch on this one

          all except that part about fucking old people

          eeewwwww !!!

          • Hey, didn’t Eisenwhatever have issues with ‘older people’?

            • Yes, yes he did. Glad to see others picking up on his charade. American Prepper aka European American is another one.


            • You just figured out his secret identity.

            • Molly, acid IS eisenturd reincarnated.

          • Acid, how old are you? Just curious for your comment. And what do you consider being old?

        • I think you might want to research the WHOLE Posse Comitatus Act. That act refers ONLY to the use of Full military forces, which under the United States Constitution, the State National Guard units are NOT part of, unless, each Governor ALLOWS that state’s NG units to be “federalized”.
          It is easy from the anonymity and safety of your computer to lash out and call me uneducated profane invectives, when, you are clearly unable to articulate your own thought processes;however politically misguided. While you are indeed free to spew your profanity as you see fit, WE, are free to disagree with your infantile, uneducated commentary, that so far, I’ve not been impressed with.I have rarely seen such an angry, immature, lonely person who posts such utter drivel, all the while trying to maintain “he” is somehow morally superior to the very people he takes delight in excoriating. I find you to be extremely lonely, incapable of having normal adult relationships, probably unemployed because of your own innate hostility, and definitely NOT a person of self-reliance. So, that means you are nothing more than a flatulating poser. You don’t even have the moral courage to post under your own name, gee, I wonder why? Moral cowardice, never has been the hallmark of any revolutionary, it is however, the provenance of those who feel somehow “entitled”. You are what you are, as you have clearly posted.

          • “POSEUR”, NOT “POSER”


            The national guard exists precisely to circumvent Posse Comitatus.

            National guard are not military? What the fuck are they then, peace officers?

            Shut the fuck up you stupid old man. Stop bitching.

            • Acid/eisenturd, you STFU and calm down your f#$%ing self. You’re the one who needs to stop bitching.

        • AE, calm down, those were Obola’s trolls.

        • Fuck you Acid,I’ll line up with any old person to drop you with my fist…you hate everybody except the mirror.

          • Jim, I would be glad to join you in taking out that sodomite. To me he’s just totally useless as a person.

        • Acid/eisenturd, we’ve never been more disgusted with YOU than we are right now with your propaganda, so the feeling is mutual and makes us even. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      9. Seems they have twisted this around so we’re BEGGING for martial law…at least they are in Ferguson. Either we have martial law or nothing…business gets burned down.
        The trick is gonna be to twist it back like it was, but from another direction.??

      10. @Blackjack

        What you say may be true, however, the unrest (no matter where it is) will only be quelled by those of us who will not put up with it and take a stand by using whatever force is necessary to eradicate it.

        • I agree 100%

      11. The title is Bull S$%T:
        White privilege! (HA) The only white privilege I see is most not all whites are paying for all those lazy Zombies and Leaches. Let them turds burn down their homes and Churches, It is going to be a mighty cold Frigging Winter. With any luck we will have a lost of Zombie and Leach Pop cycles.
        I am so Frigging tired of see and hearing that whites are privileged. Well we are. We work, We raise our children with our spouse. We build. We give.
        The unprivileged only takes, have 4 or 5 kids with 4 or 5 different dads, Don’t work, They only let others raise the kids.


        • Pig,

          12 year old boy with pellet gun murdered in Cleveland by 5.0.

          What is retention firing?

          What is the effective range of a taser?

          What percentage of rape complaints are bullshit?

          • AE, Taser capabilities are easily googled, provided you still have computer privileges at the sanitarium.
            Retention firing, is clearly explained in any online search of “Use of Force Continuum”, personally, I’ve never agreed with the theoretical philosophy of it.
            As to “what percentage of rape claims are bovine excrement”? That depends ENTIRELY, upon the methodologies used by each law enforcement agency, and how they diddle their reporting of the complaints. The best unbiased “measure” of sexual assault complaints, is to look at ACTUAL 911 calls for service in each agency, (it’s all public record by the way), from each agency’s computer-aided dispatch system. You may also refer to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, issued each year, that data is extrapolated from each reporting agency’s own “diddled” Part 1(crimes against persons) reports taken. Bear in mind, that ALL law enforcement agencies diddle their numbers, for example, burglaries, where forcible entry into the structure is present, but, the resident or business owner cannot determine, what(if anything of value) was taken, are often downgraded to vandalism to make the productivity numbers look good, then are magically added back into the m ix, when going before the city council or county commissioners/supervisors to get more taxpayer funds for operations. The actual numbers of rape cases does indeed remain “unknown” nationally, because far too many go unreported, because the victims refuse to report the attacks. Hope this helps.

            • Blah, blah, blah…statistics this, crime code that, taxpayer funded thugs all…go lick a badge.

          • Acid Etch

            Why use a taser? If you believe the gun to be fake use nothing. If you believe it to be real and order it dropped your committed to use immediate incapacitating force which is a firearm.

            That damn thing had everything a real gun has but the bang and no one is waiting for that. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to have that damn thing?

            Cops damn sure are not always right and often they’re not only wrong but their illegal actions are covered up. They are not always wrong either.

            • It was said the Kid took off the orange Barrel Tip which made it look more realistic, in the first news reports. But then if it was a pellet gun they make them to scaleand look very real. I have a pellet pistol and can practice drawing and shooting in doors same as my real carry model. For a survival pellet gun, avoid the Co2 cartridge and go with the break barrel cocking.

          • Acid/eisenturd, your posts are ALL 100% BS.

          • AE:
            You just jumped to conclusions again. The kid was pointing a look alike colt 45 at people and when the DUMB shit grabbed for it in his waist band the Cop did what he was trained to do. At that time the Cop didn’t know if the gun was real or not. Or if he was looking to kill a Cop to get into a gang.
            What do you want to bet that he was looking to be come a Hero in the sight of the Turds in his hood or he was suicidal.
            As for the PIG comment thanks. Pride Integrity Gut. Something you don’t have.
            Have a nice Thanksgiving!

            • If thats what you see when you look at the video in real time you are either one blind biased mother f***er, or your one evil SOB’n C sucker…which is probably true seeing that your a cop.

              We watched that video, and the people of Cleveland ought to be more outraged than the dumb asses in Ferguson. That cop said he told the kid to get his hands up and the video shows that there was not enough time at all what so ever for anything but him to throw the door open and as soon as his gun cleared the door/window that kid was dropping.

              And to the dumb ass on here that spouted off shit as if it were fact about the orange tip being against the law to be removed….you better look shit up before posting. There is no such law, the orange tip law DOES NOT APPLY TO THE END USER. Hint…..1503

              Cops need to go back to shooting ONCE shot upon. If they want to complain and be cowards…..DONT BE A COP!!! Or give up your damn qualified immunity. Cops are the biggest cowards that walk.

              Some of the most racist, blind unawake sheeple I have ever seen anywhere hang out right here on this board.

              • BJ, you talk about C suckers, but your name suggest it is you that sucks C. Cops should go back to when they are shot upon first – LOL. Should whitey then pull a gun on a black cop, fire off a round first? How’s that gonna turn out BJ! You are black, faw shaw! And FU- YOU ARE THE RACIST (TROTSKY invented that term just for “class wars”, BROTHER!)

            • Pride integrity and gut……I have met people who live in your neck of the woods that I work with and have never even had to deal with you while you were on duty per se. Closest thing was you leading a hunter safety course. I asked them (and they think most cops are good guys)what they thought of you, and the answer wasn’t anything like you try and portray on this board at all….which only confirms me that my gut feeling about you was spot on.

              Pride is right, but no where close to integrity and gut. I think “arrogant prick” was the term they used.

              And just so there is no confusion, this is a guy that I just met at work in the last 2 months.

              • BJ, I think the term ” arrogant entitled prick” sounds more like our donut jamming face friend.

        • Sarge, good evening, and AMEN to your comments.

        • to sarge: AMEN

      12. Will one of you old farts kindly explain what “retention firing” is to me?

        • AE
          Let me make it easy for you.
          Better yet look it up!


            • I never used a Taser when the suspect was beyond 20 feet. Does that help you visualize how CLOSE you really have to be?

        • That is when the boss is retaining water and dismisses someone working for him.

        • Actually it’s not all that serious. (Not that good either) Go to the “Handbook of Hazardous Material” or any good book on N-Plant core radiation you will find a chart of radiation output for a core, with time. FU radiation will be down about 99% since the accident. I’m not saying there aren’t several; long life problems remaining at that plant or the I’d want to be close to it. but the total problem is FAR less now than it was. Especially to those of us a long way away. Would I want o live within about 50 miles of that plant for the next 250,000 years NO; do I care about it 8,000 miles away No,not much. Nor do I think anyne here should care much beyond watching any Jap fish they eat.

          • Paranoid

            C14 has a half life of about 5700 years. If the radiation problem is so minimal why didn’t people move back to the Ukraine power plant that went kaput in the late 1980s? I was a fossil guy in a 60MW plant so I’m ignorant of the reactor end but your 250,000 year statement tends to conflict with your analysis.

            I was under the impression that the nuclear fuel in a power plant had a long half life while a fission / thermonuclear bomb used most of its every in blast and hear which is why the two we bombed in WWII were livable relatively shortly afterward.

            • I said down by over 99%, that does not suggest some places are not still deadly. The Corriun is still very deadly. But the radioactive Iodine 131 and a several other very bad apples are mostly gone.
              There are places in France where you can still get yourself killed by WWI war gases. Even a town or two you cannot go into, but that does not say that here in the US it’s a problem. There is absolutely no indication that FU continues to be a problem, here.

      13. “TIME Justifies Ferguson Violence as Response to White Privilege: “Riots Are a Necessary Part of Evolution of Society””

        Well then, I’ll bet this TIME ‘journalist’ would change her mind if it was HER office being burned to the ground with her in it, or HER home being looted and then razed while she was at work.

        I’m sure she’d think very differently if it was SHE who was physically attacked and beaten by a group of angry blacks.

        The hypocrisy is stunning.

        I AM WHITE and proud of it. If I was black, red or brown, I’d be just as proud, but pride does not give me the right to harm others or take what doesn’t belong to me.

        THE RACE CARD DOES NOT JUSTIFY VIOLENCE…no matter what color the card is. The supposition of this article is correct. This is a distraction that divides and conquers.

        • BULLSHIT. Oppressed people have no other option but to use violence.

          If violence is so bad, why do all governments want a monopoly over the use of it?

          Alexander the Gay proved that it is better to give the enemy a way to escape, ending the battle swiftly, than to box him in, where they will fight hard to the very end.

          • No, “oppressed people” is a political definition, NOT, an actual causation of “violence”. The vandalism is used to facilitate the looting, an it is used as an excuse to loot. If we used your “Oppressed people have no other option but to use violence”, ANY person could claim their behavior and actions as a legal excuse for violence they commit.
            You however, ARE correct, that it is critical to allow protestors a method of escaping the closing police cordons, this automatically defuses the rioting, by funneling the “protestors” into a pre-designed corridor (under proper tactical pre-planning) to leave the scene.
            Now, if you would post that these MOPES in Missouri, have NO freakingidea, of what they are doing towards crowd control, you and I would be in complete agreement. The powers that be in Missouri, have NO idea of how to effectively deal with or manage the rioters or to control them professionally.Cracking heads, has not been professional law enforcement strategy, since the mid-1960’s in modern law enforcement. Perhaps the mopes in that part of Missouri, missed those federally mandated inservice training modules.

            • blah, blah, blah…lick a badge.

          • Oh, yes, they’re so oppressed

            By EBT cards

            By Section 8 Housing

            By Obamaphones


          • Acid; I wish I was as oppressed as these people. I could get all my stuff free instead of working for it. The oppressed ones are the people that work their butts off only to have their taxes support people who produce nothing but kids. The suck the oxygen out of the air and leave the rest of us gasping. They can have my “white privelege, it never did anything for me.

            • Jim, I agree. I also feel oppressed by my taxes going to freeloaders, affirmative action, ALLEGED equal opportunity, political correctness; all of the usual communist crap.

        • Sixpack, AMEN to your comments.

      14. Who exactly is this Cunta chick?
        Maybe Bill Cosby can employ her to make the argument he was rioting against white chicks with his penis, and it is all Justified.


        • what Dave says!

        • I’ve never bought a Time magazine ever. Maybe I will buy one now, so I can wipe my ass on it and send it back to them.

          • Nobama, I NEVER buy any commie rags. Never touch the stuff.

        • Some of us made that decision about 1968 or ’69.

          • Yeah that’s what we want, a full week old news. lol that was out in the mid 70’s

        • Ditto Dave. I would expect the content in Time to be much better.

          • When one of these Hoodies axe you for the time, hand them a Time magazine.

            • TIME WEEKLY: aka You has been Kosherized, HoloHoaxed, and Hypnotized, and African Blackinized, to the Inth Degree Foolish White Americans….The Telaviv based editor’s of Time Magazine.

      16. just curious

        lets say reincarnation is real

        would anyone here want to come back as a black person in America ???

        • I wouldn’t, because my IQ would be cut in half.

          • lol ya white men cant jump? black men cant think lol

        • The Dalai Lamas convinced their followers that to be reincarnated as a woman was a divine punishment and all the nobleman (clergy) should practice homosexuality. Meanwhile the lamas had a huge harem of several hundred women.

          The Dalai Lamas were some of the most brutal dictators on Earth.

          Look it up.

          • No religion is innocent. They are all evil.

        • What yo talk’n bout Willis? Be’n a Brother is de bestist thang that there be.

        • @ Satori –

          Interesting question re. reincarnation. Perhaps their current incarnation as negroes is itself the result of previous bad karma.

          I can for now only pass on the comment uttered by a Mongolian Buddhist monk of the “Yellow Hat” sect (he belonged to a Tibetan Buddhist temple) that I once knew: After he and his bother were mugged by blacks in Philly, during which incident they were savagely robbed AND beaten, he told me “they are black on the outside and black on the inside.” He meant ALL of them. Another Buddhist monk – a Tibetan – that I knew once referred to negroes as “ghosts,” which is the Buddhist term for out of control, NEGATIVE spiritual energies.

      17. White folks really need to get their shi* together, before its to late!

      18. damn Acid
        yer on a roll today !!!

        “If violence is so bad, why do all governments want a monopoly over the use of it?”

        one of the definitions of terrorism is “the use of violence to
        achieve a political end”

        that kinda makes governments the biggest terrorists of all doesn’t it ???

        • The badge lickers are foamin’ at the mouth with that comment, dude…

          This site is becoming over run with .gov statists.

      19. By the way, love this site but the way the comment section works is the worst.

      20. Violence, Non-Violence, And What Happened In Ferguson


        “”What clearly cannot be said is that violence—like nonviolence—sometimes works.”

        suggested reading
        Slavery By Another Name by Douglas Blackmon


        Worse Than Slavery by David Oshinsky

        I guarantee that these books will blow you away
        the average person has no idea about some of the things that have happened in this country

      21. Acid,
        We “Old Farts,” as you call us, won WWII, fought in Korea and VietNam so you young whippersnappers can mouth off and destroy that for which we fought. Our generation had morals, we respected the Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Prayer and most of all God. The young have removed these from the fabric of America. It is not we who destroyed those rights and standards of life, it is the young people who said the government owed them a living. We could leave our doors unlocked without fear of being robbed. It is the young who said there is no God and I will get what I can get for free…news flash, there is no free lunch! The degradation of America has come from the young and not from the old…we had morals and believed that if we didn’t work, we didn’t eat.

        Now, I know you don’t mean that every old person in the world is an idiot and cannot function beyond the trip to the restroom any more than you think all young are brilliant and make no mistakes. However, it is the young people who are actually leading the world today without regard for the future. We have fallen into a world that has no morals and no regard for others. Yes, we may be old farts, but we have been out voted by the young and the Progressive Liberals. America has lost its way and it won’t be found again!

        • You fought WWII for our freedom if not our very existence. Don’t lump the Wall Street wars of conquest in Korea and Vietnam with WWII.

          “The degradation of America has come from the young and not from the old”.

          Lindon Johnson did about as much damage to the US as any single man could. Blind obedience and believing MIC propaganda cost the US 100,000 plus lives in two avoidable wars and damage to the economy that we never recovered from. What has South Korea done for you lately but take US jobs? Vietnam a former ally in WWII was promised by us that the French would not return after the war. Our word was worthless. What has France done for you lately? The youth stopped segregated lunch counters and bus seating. The youth stopped a bullshit war that only made MIC very profitable.

          • Kevin2 and Sartori have made EXCELLENT points about what happened in the fifties and sixties. The problem with being old is you tend to see the past with rose colored glasses, everything was wonderful, people all loved each other, never had to lock our doors at night, everybody believed in God and went to church every week, blah,blah blah. The ONLY thing that’s certain in life is that it’s TRANSITIONAL, the past wasn’t always great and the future isn’t always bleak, for those of us with children, we understand that the future is for our kids, not us, we will strive to make it a better place for them but ultimately it will become THEIR world. Blaming the young is a game for the old and embittered, why not accept the facts of life graciously?

      22. oh
        and then there is this


        page through that site

        it will help provide some historical context for today’s events

      23. WhyDieLost you bring up some very good points
        it wasn’t called “the greatest generation” for nothing


        wasn’t it the “greatest generation” who raised the current one ???

        kids don’t raise themselves
        they get their values from somewhere

        • Satori, Good point! It all went downhill in the 60’s. As I was trying to make the point to Acid, we are all to blame for the trouble we’re in. Even the best of parents have rogues. Problem is the rogues lead others to be like them.

          Then too, the generation after the war had dysfunctional families because of the war…kids didn’t have families to teach the young. Many fathers were killed and kids were left on their own. The baby boom left overcrowding and too many kids. The Vietnam war had its hippies with the progressive and communistic agendas. Liberalism thrived.
          We’re all to blame!!!

        • The “Greatest Generation” was in the thrall of Societ Communism, even before WW2 started. Thanks, FDR !

          • SoViet.

        • Many kids do raise themselves these days and often get there morals from the streets while parents now have more concern about making money or what dope to use today or who they are going to sleep with tonight. Not to worry though, the kids will never find out…………..

        • Well, McCullough has an 0 for five record when “indicting” cases where a badge is involved.

          A grand jury only gets to hear what the DA wants it to hear because there is no defense presented. It is purely a jury to decide if the prosecution has enough evidence to proceed with a charge.

          In this case, McCullough’s evidence was skewed to include a defense of Wilson to prove his innocence. Not something a grand jury is supposed to decide…only evidence to prosecute.

          Whatever.. if y’all badge licker statists don’t realize that one day you will be in the same situation as any other common man when the enforcers decide it’s your turn, you are fooling yourself.

          • I think most of us must realize, that “grand juries” are nothing more than easily manipulated, prosecutorial tools. They do not serve “justice” any more, they serve the whims of prosecutors and cops.

            It tells it all in one commonly known saying: Any prosecutor worth his salt, could indict a ham sandwich.”

            The whole damned “just us” system is a joke. Why should anyone think otherwise now?

            • Six, as on lady on TV said today, the moment the Punk Black Kid reached in the Cop car and tried to grab his gun, it was game over for him. He should have been shot dead right there.

          • JRS,
            Obviously, you have been in custody more than once. Therefore, you have a chip on your shoulder. Could it be that YOU, have been doing naughty things that attract the attention of law enforcement? Nah, you were just minding your own bidness, when the Po-Po scooped you up for know reason at all. I wouldn’t let you get near my retired badge.
            Even you are capable of more cogent comments than those you have posted, it’s OK, I believe in you.

        • Yeah I posted some of this info the other day and was told by a few weak minded ass hat sheeple here that I was just posting stuff from the MSM….LoL

          McCullogh is a dirty corrupt politician and his whole office staff was in on this one, The guy reminds me of the dirty senator in the movie Shooter.

          The Ferguson PD pulled a major cover up adn the Prosecutors office at McCulloghs lead helped and sealed the dela in the grand jury process.

          Mike Brown was no church kid for sure….but Darren Wilson committed murder him Aug 9th 2014

      24. Welfare and Democrats. Modern-day slavery.
        For us ALL

      25. You may be a racist if you:
        1. Do not rob convenience stores once in a while.
        You may be a racist if you:
        2. Walk in the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk to use.
        You may be a racist if you:
        3. Don’t punch cops in the head and try to take their gun.
        You may be a racist if you:
        4.If you don’t participate in looting, arson, and random violence to commemorate the death of one of there own.
        You may be a racist if you:
        5. Cry for justice when really all you want is free booze, a large street party, and a free TV.


        I am now getting on in years and not the best looking guy anymore. Some would even say I’m a little frayed around the edges….
        But, I have a nice car, a little money, and I spend most of my time casually traveling from place to place and enjoying life.
        I met a nice looking girl in a park the other evening. There was an instant spark between us.
        All of a sudden, she did this cute little dance, then immediately dropped to her knees and lay on the grass at my feet.
        As we lay there making love, I thought…..
        “Wow, these Taser guns are really worth the money!!”

        MTCFMF!!///RIP America.

        • Two old guys, Jeb and Amos, at the country club bar one day.

          Jeb says to Amos: “I see you got married again”.

          Amos: “Yup, 24 years old and she’s a fury in bed.”

          Jeb: “Amos, you’re 71 years old, how’d you get a hot little filly like that to marry you?”

          Amos: “Told her I was 93.”

      27. “Riots Are a Necessary Part of Evolution of Society”

        Ok don’t argue and accept their theory as fact. This therefore presupposes that an armed civilian population is necessary to defend themselves from this, “Necessary Evolution”.

        As they say, no brainer.

      28. … wasn’t it the “greatest generation” who raised the current one ???

        kids don’t raise themselves
        they get their values from somewhere
        You only get to blame your upbringing for your stupidities until you become an adult. Then you are responsible for thinking for yourself. The people in charge of the banking and political actions of today are not teenagers, they have had time to evaluate and develop their own philosophies of life. I am not responsible for the actions of those over whom I have no control.
        I am responsible for myself, but ONLY myself.

      29. The riots are a political cover. The rioters are useful idiots. Her Majesty Queen Barry 1st. is sending a message to the Repubs, “You won the Election, but I own the streets, if you block any of my agenda, the cities will burn”.

        Watch for more new “Executive Orders” to come. example: UN small arms treaty Dec. 24th.

        • Sinner; Ok let em burn,we could use some urban renewal.

        • Sure is. The executive amnesty is no longer in the news, and neither is ebola for some time. This administration is all about distractions, never letting a crisis go to waste, giving the finger to America and holding it hostage if it doesn’t get its way.

          • Not to mention 1400+ pages of new regulations yesterday. Now they want to drop the ozone limit even more, which will further reduce electric generation and make motor vehicles even more expensive.

        • Bingo!! Exactly what I think. Lt Gov boldly accusing Gov Nixon of holding back natl guard on orders from VP Valerie Jarret so the city would burn. Nixon & Jarret have been close buddies since this happened in August. Its all going as planned and the gimmedats are the useful idiots setting it in motion, whatever IT is.

        • They can take their small arms treaty and put it where the sun don’t shine.


          They can try to enforce it on me, and I’ll be happy to do that for them.

      30. I’m getting less and less useful conversation and info here lately. Too many angry assholes with axes to grind.

        • Bye
          Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

      31. Justify? two wrongs never make a right. someone should burn Time down and let them know how it feels. Today on CNN I seen a middle aged black woman. That womans business was burned & looted. She had worked hard for 3 years getting the business going on a paying basis. she stated she had all of her inventory paid for and had been putting her profits back into the business. She couldn’t understand who,what or why? She was a innocent victim ? Try and tell her it is justified. Seeing her made even my cold hard racist heart feel bad. If there is a fund started to help her I would donate.

        • The fund is on Gofundme.com, it’s raising a lot of money to help her out, and probably more than is needed.

          It feels good helping her out, no tax money needed there.

          I doubt if any ‘protesters’ have contributed a dime.

          • thanks smokey Im gonna send her a $100. If a thousand others do the same maybe she can move away and start a new business.

            • There’s a couple of crowdfund things on Gofundme.com for Ferguson, the one I donated to was for a little bake shop. It’s raised over $200,000 from a target of $20,000, so she’s got enough to move !

              It’s Natalie’s Cakes, if you’re looking. Search for ‘Ferguson’ and some others will come up. One is an activist group, avoid them.

            • There is also a market, a liquor shop, and a cordless store, most of the rest is for suckers.

        • She wants a fund to buy a Browning to shoot the Bastards burning her store, I’ll contribute. Otherwise no; tired of just extending the old ways.

      32. Racial animosities and race riots tend to happen only in multicultural societies. You don’t hear of race riots in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, or Mexico. It’s not about equality, it’s about subversion that’s packaged as equality. There are many, many people out there that can’t wait until whites become the minority in their own lands and all the values of ‘white society’ go extinct. What whites work hard for, it’s called “white privilege”. While 18 year old Mike Brown robs a store and attacks a cop and is shot dead in the street, a white 18 year old likely is going to college or has a job. Asians are the outlier in all this. They’re hardworking and high earners, often times even more than whites, but there’s no “Asian privilege”. They get brushed them aside or sometimes lumps them together with whites with names for them like “model minority” while affirmative action privileges go to blacks and browns and the establishment will rationalize anything they do. Like I said in a previous post, you won’t hear a single one call them domestic terrorists no matter how much they riot or how many cities they burn.

        Ferguson burned because they let it. Whether you want the NatGuard on the streets or not is not the important issue, they were on standby ahead of the jury decision and were nowhere to be found on the first night when the rioting began. Mayor James Knowles and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder even said and suggested they were held back and not deployed. The police didn’t really do anything to protect people or property, and showed incredible restraint even while being shot at. Brown’s stepdad incited the riot, he wasn’t arrested for it. On top of that it’s got Obama regime all over it when the DOJ under Holder sent in “protest marshals”, the Feds were caught sneaking around, and Obama personally visited the protesters and told them to stay the course.

        If you ask me, I don’t want the police state or the troops. Business owners should’ve learned from the Koreans in LA of 1992 and should’ve been out there to defend their stores with guns. In the first riot of August the stores that weren’t looted or destroyed was the tattoo parlor and gun shop, both guarded by their owners with rifles.

        • The sheeple just don’t see it, do they? They just don’t see that this IS both a convenient distraction from the rest of the agenda that is still rolling out, right under our noses, AND an outright attack on the public.

          Standing by and intentionally allowing honest, innocent people’s property and businesses to be destroyed, IS THE SAME THING AS if they had burned it down themselves.


          This is the SAME AGENDA that has been implemented already, just on a smaller scale. The elites are still doing the same job of ruining lives and financial solvency, THEY’VE SIMPLY CHANGED TACTICALLY, THE LINE OF ATTACK.

          …but the RESULT IS THE SAME. This is just a new method of destroying the middle class.

          • Blacks just cannibalize their own kind. Gladly so and they don’t care.

          • It’s their stores and restaurants. Next they’ll complain how far they have to go to get groceries and wonder why no one wants to open up shop there. Obama and his ilk have declared war on the US, but most of us already knew that.

      33. the rioters are just like isis they should be treated like terrorist

      34. BULLSHIT

      35. Publish the editor and authors names and addresses so we can all go by and thank them “our way”.

        • Funny you should say that, bigben. Gotnews.com just did a piece about Time publishing that cop’s address, and published the reporter’s addresses in return. Part of the comments got lively and it really reminded me of this place. Only worse. And since I haven’t seen Eppe around lately I’ll share the hilarity that ensued.

          After GotNews posted the reporter’s addresses who posted the cop’s address…

          HP McLovincraft
          that sounds like inciting people to commit acts of violent crime. flagged and reported.

          HP get off this site if you don’t like the comments..

          HP McLovincraft
          stay off the internet if you can’t act like a decent human being.

          Matthew Jackson
          You may as well have said, “stay out of the strip club if you can’t be a good Christian”. Whatever your particular feelings, the internet is in no way reserved for decent human beings.

          HP McLovincraft
          how does that prevent people from taking personal responsibility and acting like decent human beings?

          Matthew Jackson
          I’m not following how your question has any logical relation to my statements.

          HP McLovincraft
          which word don’t you understand?

          Matthew Jackson
          Clearly, though I suppose I’d have to exclude you from being governed by that adverb, it’s not the words that are troubling but how you’ve strung them together to create what appears to be a complete non-sequitur.

          HP McLovincraft
          how can I help you understand basic English better?

          Matthew Jackson
          Frankly, I would not recommend you to help anyone with basic English, certainly not based on what I’ve read of you here.

          HP McLovincraft

          I fell out of my chair laughing. 🙂

      36. When you cut through the white privilege garbage it’s all about an extreme minority in America using a larger and violent minority to beat white society senseless into oblivion. For blacks, it’s all about power and revenge for perceived injustices that have no foundation in fact or history. Roughly 2 percent of white Americans owned slaves. That means 98 percent of white society during the era of slavery was innocent. There is no reconciliation, no mending fences, no racial harmony except for the same fate that befell white South Africa and Rhodesia should the still white majority allow that to happen here in America. I predict a future for America quite similar to the former Yugoslavia. A complete geographic breakup along racial lines. The onlly string holding this American monstrosity in one piece is the propped up dying economy.

        • “A complete geographic breakup along racial lines.”

          Jobs especially the type that can support a family are at the root of this problem. The eviscerated manufacturing base without a replacement in like numbers with an expanding population is an accelerant for social disorder.

          With the above in mind the old wealth creating states located in the north east and north central become a liability with a significant percentage of their populations, “On The Dole”. The new wealth creating states rich with energy recently harvested from fracking technology and the old standby of food production become the new wealth creators. The heavily populated liability states drain money but even worst attempt to legislate their view generally very liberal upon the new wealth creating states. I believe the fragmentation / Balkenization (spelling) will occur on these lines.

          Race will add a component to the above as the new wealth creating states have relatively low percentages of a black population. Its therefore easier to physically group people into an us and them.

      37. My “white privilege” consists of being born into a poor family that taught me that if I didn’t work I didn’t eat. The end.

      38. fubar…thats a fact Jack!

      39. America has not lost its moral bearing. It’s lost the friggin compass.

      40. As much as we may disapprove of the rioting in this case, we need to remember that if/when the shoe is placed on the other foot and conservatives find themselves censored and oppressed they/we will have to resort to tactics that will result in being labeled “terrorists.” Whether those tactics take the form of street protests (10,000 Man March anyone?) or armed defense (Lexington Green) those involved will bear the label their oppressors give them. No coin has only one side.

      41. This Time article should have been titled #BlackPrivilege.

      42. Sure reading a lot of vicious bullshit on here tonight. That people even need to argue about wether this madness is “justified” shows how far we have slipped. As for the article it doesn’t surprise me at all, the left is having to invent some pretty Byzantine aguements to avoid stating the truth. The truth is that once AGiAN black people are running around like animals because they don’t like their reality. A rather large segment of urban blacks are childlike undisciplined criminals. Anyone with eyes can see it but the left goes to desperate almost comical lengths to get folks to “ignore the man behind the curtain”. They create new words that are meaningless like “white privilege” to obscure the meaningful ones like, law, order, moralty, and citizenship. I don’t need these people and I don’t give a rats ass what they say. a Truth is truth no matter how they try and obscure it. In Fergeson the truth of what is happening is as clear as a mountian stream.

      43. When I walk down the road, because I am White, people pelt me with wads of $100 bills. When I went to college, because I am White, I was told to not report to class or pay for the education….I received all A’s and graduated with honors!!!!! Just yesterday a man walked up to me and gave me a house…..for free!!!! All this because I have “White Privilege”.

        It is time for all Whites to arm themselves and use their weapons to defend themselves when attacked. Our government wants the races divided. If we pulled together most of those holding office in Washington D.C. would be on trial for treason, found guilty, taken outside and given a round to the back of their skulls.

        The media stirs up racial turmoil. The media is an arm of our government used to control public opinion. All Whites need to migrate at once to an area of the country, take over the government in those areas/states by sheer numbers, and vote to secede from the United States and start our own all White country. Israel claims the right to do so and these Zionists are no better than us Whites.

      44. I can remember, as a kid, several decades ago, frequently seeing “experts” of various kinds were saying that the kids produced by people in order to get on welfare, would not really have parents to raise them and that they would grow up to be more like wild animals with no learned self control. And that the problem would get worse over time as this population of parentless people would grow continuously as long as the “govern-MENTAL” programs continue to exist. I’ve met plenty of Blacks that were responsible constitutionalist libertarian types. The real problem is people with no parenting, no self discipline.

        But the white privilege thing is laughable when you consider there are so many rich black athletes and music artists, these propagandists always seem to forget this when playing the public.

      45. “Riots Are a Necessary Part of DE-evolution of Society”

        Acting like “mad apes gone wild” does not constitute a higher evolution of mankind.

      46. Tuesday evening I rode with a friend to the grocery sore after work. We crossed paths (read that as passed in the aisle) with a couple black guys. One of them stared me down like he hated my freaking guts. I just nodded and said hello like I always do. Bet your ass I heightened my awareness do my surroundings to the next level, and when we left the store this guy was sitting with his cart and friend st the front of the store. I just got a really good look at him and continued to walk with that sense of purpose and kept scanning my surroundings as we went to the car. My friend was oblivious. She doesn’t carry because she’s afraid she’ll get pissed and use it on her bipolar drunken drugging ex.

      47. Sure, o’bama would LOVE “rioting” (maybe with some help from CIA instigators who supply weapons/drugs and whatever else to “help” it) so he can “evolve” to the NWO that his puppeteers want in their AGENDA

      48. Time magazine went to the dogs ages ago.
        It turned into a Liberal Rag.
        My father used to subscribe to it for years.
        He cancelled it around 5 years ago.
        No one in my family subscribes to it anymore.
        Its a sh*t magazine.

      49. Mac,(and others,) Check this out. He says things I’ve said for a long time. I usually back off when shouted down. Maybe I should have more guts and hang in there.
        Anyway; http://fredoneverything.net/Ferguson2.shtml

      50. Apparently some people are too stupid to understand that the amendment that secures their right to “peacefully” petition government is MUTE on the subject of abject violence and burning of businesses and beating of white people. How would these idiots like it, if every time a white person were murdered by one of their paragons of drug dealing and pimping, that dealer or pimp were hung like dried fruit in Maya Angelou’s tree?


      52. “Unfortunately, we do not live in a universal utopia where people have the basic human rights they deserve simply for existing….” Say what? “Simply for existing”?!?

      53. I haven’t even glanced at a Time magazine in about 30 years and it is lefto-communist crap articles like this that are responsible for it. Ditto for Newsweek, USA Today, and all the other commie rags out there.

      54. We have had affirmative action preference for blacks for over 50 years. There has never been affirmative action for whites. Where’s the white privilege? I’ve never seen it.

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