‘Thunderstorm Spiral’: Pentagon Trains for Underground War/Disaster In Densely-Populated MegaCities

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 45 comments

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    As populations grow into cities across the globe, and increasing majority of people will live in urban areas – places which quickly become very desperate and vulnerable during a major crisis.

    Every prepper knows the dangers of being stuck in a major metropolitan city in the event of a major hurricane, a grid down scenario or civil unrest and societal collapse.

    In such a situation, as every prepper knows, food, water and other vital resources will quickly become scarce or unavailable. The gridlock of survivors trying to get out, or get their hands on assets.

    Increasingly, the Pentagon is looking at the likelihood – perhaps the inevitability – of war/conflict inside of a destabilized or decimated megacity urban center like New York.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    The Pentagon is calling for help from technological innovators to take on the future of warfare.

    In the program titled ‘Thunderstorm Spiral,’ the US government solicits demonstrations to tackle the challenges of megacities and underground environments, which will become increasingly prevalent as populations continue to grow.


    A megacity is defined as a city with more than 10 million residents. To put this in perspective, there are currently over 8 million people living in New York City.

    As these numbers continue to grow within defined areas, infrastructure will have to adapt, pushing megacities toward the development of subterranean – or underground – environments.

    In 2014, there were 23 megacities with ‘vast subterranean structures’; in 2025, it’s expected this number will reach 37.

    To meet these needs, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Emerging Capability and Prototyping, Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) Technology Demonstration Program is sponsoring the request for information (RFI) issued by the Pentagon.

    ‘As the world’s population grows, the probability of the U.S. needing to conduct combat and humanitarian assistance / disaster relief (HA/DR) operations within a megacity (defined as a city with more than 10 million residents) also grows,’ the solicitation states.


    The ‘desired capabilities’ in focus of the program include GPS techniques for underground and dense urban environments along with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensors for use in tunnels.

    As major American, Asian and European cities grow with extreme rapidity, urban planners have been expanding large underground facilities. Increasingly, it is not just subway systems, but shopping malls, parking lots, utilities and perhaps even residential units that are being built underground.

    While this may be practical to facilitate crowded above-ground conditions, it brings new dangers for populations who could be trapped underneath in the event of a bombing, terrorist attack or major natural disaster.

    Inadequate design to accommodate flooding and allow evacuation for people underground is perhaps the biggest threat facing these quickly expanding facilities.

    The United Nations University has studied many of the disaster scenarios that could occur in underground spaces, noting the rapid growth of underground facilities in mega-urban areas across the world:

    The rapid and extensive underground expansion of mega-cities – for subways, malls, parking and public utilities – takes place often with too little knowledge of associated risks and too few plans to minimize the effects of a natural disaster, United Nations University experts warn.

    With growing land pressures in cities (which contain about 50% of all people today, seen rising to 65% by 2030), creating new space underground becomes increasingly attractive. In many places, however, studies of potential natural disaster risks are often neglected, says Srikantha Herath, UNU Senior Academic Programme Officer.

    While many underground shelters can withstand earthquakes and other disruptions, flooding stands as one of the biggest and untested underground disasters cities may face in the near future:

    Modeling a variety of catastrophic events is essential for building contingencies into underground infrastructure designs, including evacuations and the emergency containment and transport of flood waters, for example.”

    Via underground interconnections, water can travel considerable distances away from the flood source. However, there are often no subsurface maps; underground space is usually mapped in relation to a building overhead.

    Strategic relocation expert Joel Skousen and other prepping experts have warned against allowing yourself to be trapped in a major city – particularly on the East Coast – where evacuation may be nigh impossible. Being trapped underground in such a megacity only adds another layer of disaster to that recipe.

    If you have your own underground structure, make sure that its design has accounted for flooding, because the possibilities are all too real.

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      1. Did a little underground hiking off the tourist trap parts of Seattle,there are many survivors down there,am sure true with many cities.The few I saw and met were nice enuff,am sure most hid or eye balled us and wondered if worth taking out(we were armed but had arms hidden under clothing),tis a weird thing seeing the old cities that are then built upon,and the folks who call it home.They can have the cities,will take me chances in the country.

        • me too.

        • Yup, boonies are better

      2. I suggest “Level 7” and the Wool series by Hugh Howey.

      3. Increasingly, the Pentagon is looking at the likelihood – perhaps the inevitability – of war/conflict inside of a destabilized or decimated megacity urban center like New York.

        Likelihood? How about just checking out DETROIT as it already IS? Y’know, Detroit… the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program, under DEMOCRAT Mayor Coleman “I’m the M**f***r in Charge Here” Young.

        Yep, leftists willingly vote for their own doom. And yes, you are correct: they ARE that ignorant.

        • Atlas Shrugged in real life…
          The makers are tired of carrying the takers, and that means all of them from the political elite and banksters down to the baby moma with 4 kids from 4 fathers.
          Gov wants control?
          Control this ,,!,,

      4. Anyone concerned over the transit shutdown in DC with the trains? Smells like another 9/11 may be on the horizon.

        • RJ

          Please elaborate for us that are in the dark.
          How did you reach that conclusion.

          • “Metrorail has never shut down completely for equipment problems, and the surprise announcement Tuesday that it would left hundreds of thousands of commuters, visitors and residents of Washington, D.C. scrambling to figure out how to get around the region.”

            “The nation’s second-busiest transit system was shut down at midnight Tuesday for a system-wide safety inspection of its third-rail power cables, prompted by a series of electrical fires. It will reopen at 5 a.m. Thursday unless inspectors find an immediate threat to passenger safety, which the system’s general manager said was unlikely.”

            They inspected 600 power cables — and repaired at least 26 cables that were frayed and damaged.

            Wow! They had the parts there already for the needed repairs and inspected 600 cables in the span of 29 hours plus repairs that seem to be moving lightening quick. Remarkable. Simply remarkable.


            Maybe it is a precursor to some future event. Has a familiar ring to it like 9/11. Time will tell. But if something does happen… That is the reason.

            • It sure made commuting extra special during that time. I was so very glad the weather was nice. Usually a mere cloud on the horizon is enough to cause a few extra accidents.

          • I live in A small town called Heathy Capp,AZ. It’s A great place to live. When the shit hits the fan I will be here

      5. Anybody still living in a large city deserves to be a Trapped Rat.

        You can all eat Rat Tar Tar.. And have it too, together.

        -WWTI… Lovin life out in the Country watchin pristine nature go by. Happy Irish Drunkfest all. Refilled propane tanks and gasoline Jerry cans today. Why is gas over $2 again?? Sheesh..

        • Some of us are forced to live in the city to take care of very elderly parents and mentally handicapped siblings, that other leftist siblings who are retired or semi-retired leave to the one working full time.

          • I am sorry that you have to go throught that, but you are very noble for doing so. I feel that is the ultimate deciding factor for people: trying not to abandon needy family members.

        • WTFC

        • WWTFK
          Gas is over2 again because t are changing over to summer bend. or so the say. They are also worried that N. Korea I going to nuke us, or use an EMP.


          • Fuck all demonetc spirits Destroy all evil now!

      6. Sounds more to me like they are making a Maze, within which We, the people, (used to be anyway), will be caged. Escape to the surface would one day just ‘cease to be possible’ due to “unforeseen evironmental hazards.” (Or some other bs). I am all for them building ‘down’ the mega-cities and leaving us hillbillys deep in the woods, where we belong.

      7. …can you just IMAGINE these festering, rotting, stinking cities with 10,000,000 souls above and below ground? much worse than my compost heap in the hot steamy summer!

        NYC is a huge manure pile with decrepit infrastructure, slum housing, problematic transport, 8M parasites,…the list is endless.

        P.S. where the money coming for all this? oh, I get it! steal and rob the savings and retirements of the all people who worked for a living. cash-less society–all your wealth just 1s and 0s on a computer. PRESTO! all stolen from you by the Orcs from Mordor on the Potomac!

        • Yes, your retirement and savings have necessarily been taken by the government to benefit the greater good,,

      8. The “Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Emerging Capability and Prototyping, Rapid Reaction Technology Office Technology Demonstration Program”…

        How’d ya like that on your bidness card?

        Somebody has a fulltime six figure job just thinking up these titles. Good thing money is cheap.

        This is the type of useless bureaucracy that signifies the end of Empire.


      9. They’ll have albino pigmentation and very large dark eyes to see well in low light…..

      10. MORLOCKS!!

      11. Give me the sunshine and the sky. One day I’ll lay under the ground, but until then give me a view of the heavens!


        • Is underground the 4th dimension? lol


        • thx sgr have read your comments for a long time your right on target. thx for the in sight. here in the texas desert

          • CCW
            You are in Gods Country!!!!
            Lucky dog!

      12. Building subterranean cities?? With all the flooding??? What if the power fails, and the pumps can’t keep the water out? Remember N.O? fool city dwellers.

        • Be a lot less people to feed after a flood . . that would be their plan . . put upper class above ground and the rest of us subterranean . . .

      13. Governments in the city will force smaller communities and country people to give up their land and direct water to the cities. Thereby forcing more people into the city

      14. If the criminal bankers who run the USA keep pushing Russia and China then it will need all the underground bunkers it can build.

        Russia has already built undergound bunker for working people but the ones in the USA will only be for the rich elite and bankers from Israel.

      15. Black protesters and dred lock say they are going to go violent in all the major cities.is something bad is about to happened and Ed dames is right on the money, and it’s going to escalate throwing us into shtf..we are seeing what I hear is going to happen a.d. The scientist friend is right.


        • Oh yeah, she’s going into to hyper drive shtf mode right NOW! The Rastafarian Dredlock Zombies have finalized their plans and dates for imminent DOOM! All those who have laughed at the two plus years of doom and despair predictions will be yet again laughing when Ed Dames and myself are riding high on the coattails of Nibiru next month, TRUTH!

      16. OK, war famin theft are coming and or here we see it the people in the city see it (that is why they call it the rat race).Do we open are hearts and arms to the golden hord or do we just keep out of reach and welcome the opportunity to meet the true survivers.

        • My opinion, only meet the true survivors.

      17. I feel that we are being set up AGAIN for something real BAD.

      18. Building a wall on Mexican border is a joke. To simple minded idiots it will work. The cartels will tunnel under it and it will be like Swiss cheese. Trump is a joke people he’s not gonna be able to do shit he’s just playing into people’s anger to get votes. He’s filthy rich. When have rich people cared about the guy in the middle. How is he gonna bring jobs back to America. The only way would be to make American wages lower than China’s. Nothing he proposes to do will work. If you wanna jump on the bandwagon fine it’s your vote. Hillary is gonna be the pres anyway. The free shit voters out number all others. They will vote for hitlery. Republicans are finished. It’s over you can believe in the political process.

        • You’re just a little ray of sunshine today.

        • Tunneling is a lot more expensive and time-consuming, easier to detect and interdict, and much less efficient than strolling across an open border anywhere you like. I’m no Trump supporter, but any administration that would even discuss putting up a wall will control the border better than what we have now.

      19. I would not live in a big city. Nice to visit but that is it. We have moved to a tiny hamlet in Florida, major river a block away, Springs withing 25 miles and next to a National Forest. We downsized our lives long ago.

        They keep talking about population problems, we took a 6,000 mile trip across America and all we saw was open land, mountains, hills and plains.

        So let these people swarm to the cities that is their problem.

        • You’re going to wish that river was a lot closer than a block when you’re carrying water from it every day, and then wish it was miles away when it starts carrying people looking for targets.
          As for springs within 25 miles – that may as well be in Europe. You’re not walking that far for water.
          The National “Forest” (swamp) is good, though. Educate yourself on wild edibles that you can forage for in there, and learn to love gator and snake meat. If you can keep yourself from having a heat stroke and/or getting flattened by a hurricane that you have no idea is coming, you might make it. The heat, especially with having to walk two blocks to have water in the house, is going to be your biggest enemy. Especially if you’re also hauling water to keep a garden going.

      20. why is everybody so concerned about New York City?..a bunch of brain dead liberals..just build a wall around it and let them take their chances, they wont be missed

        • Freewill, the movie “Escape From New York” comes to mind. If/when NYC or any other cities are nuked, then it’s all over in a flash. [PUN INTENDED] Kills the whole premise behind this article.

      21. I wonder if radon gas is considered in the underground city developments? On another note, the folks who live in the storm drains by Las Vegas would likely jump at the chance to live in air conditioned housing ABOVE GROUND if they could find jobs that paid well enough to move on up! Lots of food for thought in this article!

      22. A nice roomy condo in the 7th level underbasement? Um, no. Too hard to grow herbs on the windowsill.

        I can’t imagine how musty and smelly such places would be in not much time. Just the garbage collection alone would be a nightmare.

        It would be like living in your own tomb.

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