Americans Are Fleeing Major Cities: “Only A Matter Of Time Before Widespread Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest Becomes Commonplace”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog


    Thousands Flee Chicago For Safer Areas Of The Country As America’s Third Largest City Becomes A Gang-Infested Wasteland

     Did you know that the number of murders increased by almost 60 percent in the city of Chicago last year?  And as you will see below, this year gang violence in the Windy City has risen to a new level of viciousness.  A staggering 9.5 million people live in the Chicago metropolitan area, and it was once known primarily for great pizza, bitter cold and some of the best sports fans on the entire planet.  But now the number one thing that comes to mind for many when they think about the city of Chicago is gang violence.  As it becomes clear that things are not going to turn around any time soon, thousands of residents are leaving the city for safer areas of the nation.  In fact, Cook County lost more people than any other county in America last year by a very wide margin.

    When your murder rate goes up by double digits in a single year, you have got a problem.

    But when it goes up by close to 60 percent, you have got a catastrophe on your hands

    In 2016, the number of murders in the city jumped nearly 60 percent to over 760, more than New York and Los Angeles combined. There were more than 4,300 shooting victims in the city last year, according to police.

    Of course we aren’t supposed to talk about the fact that this is quietly happening in communities all over America.  This is one of the reasons why there is such a disparity in real estate prices these days.  The wealthy are willing to pay a substantial premium to live with other wealthy people in areas that are far away from all the violence.

    And the gang violence in Chicago continues to escalate.  For example, check out what happened just yesterday

    Two people were killed and eight others were wounded in an attack at the site of a memorial for a man who was slain earlier Sunday in the Brighton Park neighborhood, police said.

    Chicago police First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro told reporters at the Southwest Side scene in the 2600 block of West 46th Place that the attack was “another brazen act of gang violence.”

    Navarro said the victims, a mix of men and women, were taking part in a memorial for a man, identified by the Cook County medical examiner’s office as Daniel Cardova, who had been killed at that location earlier in the day when two people fired rifles from a nearby alleyway.

    Would you want to raise your children in an area where this was going on?

    Thanks to decades of open borders and unrestrained illegal immigration, gang membership has been absolutely soaring in major cities such as Chicago.  Five years ago the Chicago Crime Commission estimated that there were 150,000 gang members living in the metropolitan area, and by this point that number is certainly far higher.

    According to Wikipedia, there are currently only 12,244 police officers in Chicago.  That means that the police are outnumbered by at least a 12 to 1 margin.

    And according to an article published by the Chicago Sun-Times, some of these gangs have agreed to start using automatic weapons against the police…

    The meeting took place Thursday between higher-ups from the Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers, according to an alert issued to department members the day after the meeting.

    The Four Corner Hustlers “provided guns” and have “a sniper in place” though authorities do not know where, according to the alert. The Four Corner Hustlers also are supplying the other two gangs with automatic weapons, which all three factions also have agreed to use against police, the alert states.

    No wonder the police suicide rate in Chicago is 60 percent higher than the national average.

    If I was living in the Chicago metropolitan area, I would be making every effort to relocate, and apparently there are lots and lots of people that see things the same way that I do.

    In fact, net domestic migration for the Chicago metropolitan area was a staggering -89,000 during 2016…

    One particularly stunning figure: net domestic migration, with an estimated 89,000 more people moving from the Chicago area to other portions of the country in the past year than those who moved in.

    Liz Schuh, principal policy analyst for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, said the figures are “of concern for the region’s continued economic success.”

    “Residents often choose to stay in or migrate to a region because of economic opportunity and quality of life,” she added.

    In particular, wealthy people are living the city in droves.  It has been reported that 3,000 millionaires left the city of Chicago in 2015 alone.  Certainly the ridiculously high taxes are one factor why so many wealthy people are leaving, but of course gang violence is also a major reason for the mass exodus.

    If violence in our major cities is starting to spiral out of control while the economy is still relatively stable, what are things going to look like when a complete economic meltdown happens?

    It is only a matter of time before widespread rioting, looting and civil unrest becomes commonplace in major cities all over the country.  With Donald Trump in the White House, the deep frustration that has been simmering in our inner cities is now reaching a boiling point.  It certainly isn’t going to take much of a spark to set off a tremendous explosion.

    In anticipation of what is coming, large numbers of Americans have already been relocating to less populated portions of the country.  And the good news is that there are lots of areas to pick from.  According to Survival Dan, about half of the U.S. population lives in just 146 counties…

    Recent U.S. census data indicates that out of the 3000 counties in the United States, fully 50% of the population lives in just 146. If you want to have any chance of surviving a widespread catastrophic event by avoiding the hordes that will be searching for critical resources in its aftermath, then check out the following map to get a visual reference of the areas you want to stay away from.


    Of course it can be quite difficult to find a good job in an area that is not heavily populated, and there are a lot of expenses involved in relocating to a totally different part of the country.

    And there is certainly a lot to consider when picking out a new place to live, and so you would want to do a lot of research before making such a move.

    But my wife and I did step out in faith and made a decision to relocate to a new area nearly six years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that we have ever made.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Ain’t I been saying it?

        • Some people you just can’t reach……from the movie “Cool Hand Luke”.

          • “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

        • Well, I am heading out of Phoenix at the end of the month for High Country, but then I do every summer.

          Arizona in the summer is “hotter than Hell and has less water.” – Teddy Roosevelt

        • Ah; am I supposed to be for or against all these “people” killing each other?

        • What’s happening in Chicago in intentional. With a Nazi Zionist mayor: what can you expect? I left a large city 30 years ago because I saw this coming way back when. The Nazi Zionists can only achieve this New World Order the same way the Bolsheviks raped and pillaged Russia in 1917.

          • You nailed it. So rare that people have the guts to see or SAY it. Dual national nazi foreignors that infiltraited and seized America… 2008 they threatened us w/ martial law if we didnt donate a TRILLION $ to their corrupt slush fund banks. They took the taxes bought up all the realty and now evicting us out of the same homes WE gave them taxes to buy. NYC, SF, Chicago, San Diego… its all over America a NATIONAL problem, not just big urban areas.Due to jews control of media? They keep this info secret so dots wont be connected that this is a country-wide coup. Chicago- with its history of vulnerability is esp visible. Lightning rod for the Tribe Mafia’s destruction of USA. Its in the White House where Trumps Chabad handlers gearing us up for more wars for Israel. http://forward. com/news/national/370369/in-100-days-a-new-jewish-elite-rises-under-trump/

        • More proof that the Big Depression collapse has arrived !! Last night I went to a very large grocery store to do my monthly shopping like I always do, When I got to the isle that has the loafs of bread displayed which is a good 40 feet long, I immediately noticed the shelf that has this giant chain of grocery stores here in Miami Florida’s own store brand of the cheapest one pound loafs of bread usually priced from $.99 to $1.19 was completely EMPTY !! About ten + feet of bare shelf !! The rest of the bread brands priced from $1.95 to $3.95 were there in normal amounts ! This tells me the people living on baloney or peanut butter sandwiches are all down to buying the very cheapest version of bread ! Like I also usually do with one of the loaves I buy each monthly trip ! So everyone needs to stock up on everything they may need in the coming collapse !

          • seriously? your shopping was just timed wrong with the delivery schedule.

            • I’ve noticed the same.Went to a large chain store the other day,no cookie or quick bread mixes,very few cake mixes( not sure why).Went into a shur fine store in a good sized town,not sure why they were open because the shelves were completely empty,it was so strange.Haven’t been able to get a lot of things recently,I’m sure we’re on the verge of something big.I’m going to start stocking more than usual.

      2. Want to end the gang mess overnight? Turn off the free government money spigot to any family member of a known gang member/affiliate.

        Problem solved.

        • The gangs primary source of income is illegal drug sales. From the l12 year old lookout on the corner making $50 / day to the street runner making a few hundred to the salesmen/women making $1000 everyone is feeding off it. That is far too lucrative to stop by cutting welfare. It is the new employer.

          • As long as rich white kids drive into gang neighborhoods to buy drugs, the problem will continue.

            Amazon is killing stores by taking away their customers. If we wanted to end the inner city crime problem we’d only need to take their customers away!

          • Kevin.. then legalize or decriminalize all drugs. Problem solved. Too easy a solution and no money in it. AG Sessions wants to come down hard on cannabis users, money talked and now private prisons kept flush to corporate liking for dirt cheap imprisoned labor. Win for the pigs, a loss for freedom.

            • aljamo

              I’m a Libertarian, you get no disagreement from me.

              Conservatives and Liberals, “pick and choose”, through the Constitution and Bill Of Rights both chastising the others position while often adhering to a view based exclusively upon their moral or amoral position.

            • AG Sessions is working to make cannabis a Schedule 11 drug by the end of the year so it will go back to Federal, and out of State jurisdiction. He is working along with NJ Gov Christie (whose term as Gov is up in December) to make a case so that it will happen later this year, or early next year at the latest. Trump is all for medical marijuana but is against legal recreational but played both sides of the issue during his campaign “We’ll leave it up to the states” so that he didn’t risk losing any votes over the cannabis issue.

        • Turn off the free government money spigot. Period. No free handouts to anyone. Nobody. Nada. Get a job. Pay your way.

          The “entitlement” society is not entitled to anything. Cut-off the free-shit army completely and let taxpayers keep their money that would have been wasted otherwise.

          Problem solved.

          • Black

            Who is going to hire a dropout or someone who has a record?
            Where are the jobs in the GHETTO ?????????

            They just might as well fight it out keep in there hood, pick up the dead in the morning RING THE BELL.

          • Actually the problem is much deeper than that. You can’t export your industrial base to foreign slave wage labor and then tell Americans, “go get a job like your father did”. Dad went to the Steel Mill, Refinery, Auto Plant and made a livable wage.

            • I have a feeling some of the younger folks have No Idea just how productive this nation was at one time.
              America bar none was the most productive nation on the earth at its peak. No other nation came close, not even the Workers Party in the USSR!
              Intellectual property led the way to a GDP output which created the best living conditions of any nation, ever, at the time!
              Most of this started in the Industrial age and carried on into the Space Age but sputtered out after 50 years of Democrats in Congress and a couple of Potus’ spending like drunken pirates! Even in the depression era America was still better than anywhere.
              Can’t teach that in school it doesn’t fit the Marxist narrative.

              • Most people don’t. Not just the youth, the destruction of America started long ago. We all drive over several train tracks every day, most of those aren’t even used anymore, some they have dug up and removed off the street because people complain about getting their wheel broke on their Prius. Those train tracks lead to old warehouses and factory’s where people worked and made good wages. Most of those industrial places are just run down old buildings gathering rust. But people worked there and made America great. The buildings you see now in these industrial warehouses are just that, warehouses that hold Chinese goods. It’s where they distribute the crap those companies are bringing over here to sell to other companies to sell to the gullible dumb down masses. The trains you see now, just read the side of the containers, it says “CHINA” actually in big huge letters. Like they are rubbing it in our faces. What a load of shit!

                • Trains……I thought about trains. I feel that I, months from 60 years of age, was on the caboose of final train leaving the station and I watched the USA disappear in the horizon. Those decayed abandoned buildings with fences now entwined with trees, are museums depicting the once mighty America.

            • kevin2, sadly I have to agree. Today’s economic conditions make the whole issue harder to deal with. Not to mention what young blacks have been brainwashed with. their culture is totally different from white people and will never be compatible with ours. The ghettos are doomed.

          • What about me? I’m 100% disabled.

          • I don’t agree with a total cut off. In my view, I have seen people who need it for a LIMITED time. That is the key. LIMIT the time on assistance. One year, MAX.

        • It’s just so incredibly easy, is it not?

          You’d think someone in the government could figure that out.

      3. City dwellers are locust, they feed and destroy then move on to the burbs with drugs in their pocket and a boom box on their shoulder.

        • It was just after Thanksgiving 1970 at Burroughs Headquarters in Detroit. The newspaper in front of me read “…Detroit to become Murder Capital of U.S. …”. As I read the story while sipping my coffee a co-worker walked up and said “…Hey, are you getting in on the big lottery…I hear the jackpot huge…”

          To take our minds off the fact of these gruesome murders someone had started a lottery. All you had to do is guess the total number of murders for Detroit at the end of the last day January. When I first heard about it my stomach churned. We all worked in Detroit. Some one had started this lottery as a light hearted joke. It had ballooned and was now a big hit that relieved our tenseness when the subject was brought up. Needless to say my murder estimate was way too low and I lost the lottery.

          The only time we were really scared is if we had to work outside regular hours where there was no day light. But we discovered we were in secure zone. Our nearby parking lots had double guards. Near-by side walks had security cameras. And all roads to the freeway had patrols.

          So every day I drove there in heavy freeway traffic. Never a hint of problem. Nothing ever did happen on my drive time in the years of doing it. The closest thing to a scare was one incident where a drugee tried to steal an employees car from the big lot. And ended up with 5 loaded guns pointing at him.

          Over the 40 years working in Detroit I rarely heard of a working person being caught up in these murders. I heard story after story of the drug gangs, drug houses, you name it…. This is where the murders took place. Never anywhere near me where I worked or lived. In the end the poor people in these areas left and created the waste lands you saw in the Detroit photos. But the other half was not touched.

          So I shake my head and laugh to myself every time I read this type of article. Not because I am vindictive but because this has been going on for more than 50 years in America and some authors are just now picking up on the end of the American empire. There will be urban riots and spill over when the SHTF but it will not be like these authors portray as a zombie apocalypse.

          • They ran a lottery years ago at DuPont Chambers Works regarding jumpers on the Delaware Memorial Bridge adjacent to the plant.

          • Had a relative that worked at wheelabrator in Detroit – concertina wire on the top of the fences and they let the office personnel out 15 minutes before the production workers b/c they would slash tires of the office people leaving them stranded and vulnerable – the staggered release of personnel at the end of the day only started after somebody’s car was fire bombed and he was beaten into a vegetable

          • MONTANA OFF GRID ,
            I have my VERY Secluded Totally off Grid and Self contained 18 + acres in Central Western Montana for sale it’s in the Big Belt Mountains, Lots of Trees. 45 Mi S. of Great Falls & 50 Mi. N. of Helena. the area is very private with a yr round flowing spring, Lots of Timber. there is a lot of wildlife, Deer, Elk, Bear, Grouse, small fish in the creek running next to the property, The Missouri River is within 3 miles & the Dearborn river is 2 miles away or less. the Real Log Cabin is 20 x 20 with a 10 x 20 Loft. made with 6″ – D – Logs, Solar power & 4000W Back up gas generator, 2- 1500 gal fresh water storage tanks outside, 1 – 100 gal inside. gas powered pump to transfer the water from the spring to the holding tanks. 1 bedroom, one Bathroom with shower and compost toilet, kitchen has sink propane stove, Propane Refrigerator, Propane on demand hot water, Heat source is Wood stove with 30,000 btu Propane wall heater. also a large outhouse, 8 x 12 summer guest cabin, heated 12 x 16 workshop, 8 x 8 storage shed 13 x 16 storage building with heat. Small garden spot close to the cabin, very good Cell phone service with Internet from the cabin, 8 miles to US highway 15 and 20 miles to Cascade, MT, Pop about 700, for groceries, fuel and ??? If anyone is interested reach me at [email protected]

            • and you are selling because…why?

            • If there is cell phone service and internet, how is it off the grid?

      4. I’ve been at the BOL since April 30 for vacation. I have to go back to the city this weekend {SIGH}. Anyone who attacks me will die, plain and simple. You play with fire you get burned. Fact of life.

      5. Yep, you been saying it

      6. The ARMPIT of America= Chitago and Gary Indiana, Cesspools of filth and crime.

        Here is a staggering Statistic of how Crappy our economy really is. The US Oil Refineries Retail Sales for GASOLINE has been cut in half since 2008. 50% less demand for gas, which means America is coming to a standstill.

        Source and Graph: US Total retail Sales by Refiners: ht tps://

        • YPDB, I’ve also noticed that since 2008. Look at how many millions of jobs were lost under that ape who use to be POTUS. Even in my area there’s been a big increase in people walking or riding the bus just to get around. Not as many decent-paying jobs as there used to be and low wages will not cover the cost of having a car. Used car lots in my area have been packed with inventory ever since and still are to this day. Economy is definitely not what it used to be.

          • Braveheart1776

            Regarding the loss of good employment Obama is neither devil nor saint as he just allowed it to continue. The series of events facilitating this is.

            1. GH Bush 41 pushed for job eviscerating Free Trade but didn’t have the political horse power to carry it out.

            2. Clinton campaigned against job eviscerating Free Trade but immediately did a 180 turn and completed what GH Bush attempted. The ignorant followers of his re-elected him and the result was the big one, China Free Trade.

            3. GW Bush 43, born into globalism, watched the US industrially eviscerate.

            4. Obama campaigned against job eviscerating Free Trade with zero intention of reversing 1 through 3 above. His followers refuse to believe that they were hoodwinked.

            5. Only Trump has made any attempt at reversing 1 through 3 but is getting side tracked with international affairs.

          • Would you like fries with that burger sir,,,,

          • Hey Brave,
            Why insult apes?
            If you want to be acerbic,
            use “porch monkey”.
            That is a better fit
            for Obama.

      7. YellowPokaDotBikini

        Generally I watch that as its the ECG for the economy. Efficiency’s have increased over time but not since 2008 in any significant amount including the retirement due to old age of former gas hog autos. This is most certainly due to the lack of income in the hands of people.


        • Kevin2, agreed. That’s what I just stated in my latest post to YPDB. There’s been all types of autos disappearing from the road. On my old Honda, 2 days before I left town, I took it to another shop for a 2nd opinion and they gave it a clean bill of health. I renewed the tags and insurance on it and that’s it. I’ll just keep it and run it for all it’s worth.

      8. We need to control guns in Chicago for safety!………..oh sorry, they already have the toughest gun laws in the country. Time for the National Guard to go in and clean out the gangs….in all the major cities! Remove the local politicians in charge for doing such a crappy job too.

        • Jim in Va

          Thats an immediate fix but doesn’t get to the cause. Both good job evisceration and its replacement, public assistance have been at the core of this. Arrest and incarceration deal with the symptoms like a narcotic for the pain of cancer. The minority communities, by their nature are both more highly effected due to their previous social economic position (having been employed in great number of the type of jobs lost) and their culture of violence acceptance in the settlement of disputes. Camden NJ was until the mid 1960s a thriving city. The major employers left and the result was Chicago on a smaller but virtually complete scale. The list of cities spans the nation.

          Billy Joel’s hit “Allentown”, 35 years ago, was a tragedy of greed put to rhyme and sound.

        • I agree, however what do you do with all these “cleaned out” gang members? Put them in jail so we waste even more tax dollars? I’m already tired of supporting convicts who, in some cases, have it better than many. Time to bring back work camps and chain gangs watched over by horse riding shotgun toting guards.

          • The Libertarian view would, “remove their means of substance”. Prohibition put the big O in Organized Crime elevating street gangs into major criminal enterprises.

            • Turn off the electric switching transformers that provide electricity. Turn off the water – close all egress from these jungles – go back 5 years later and the population will be 5% of what it was before shutting it down due to murder, pillage and rape – I see no problem with providing them their free will

      9. Given that I live in LA County and the options that present themselves in a SHTF drama here, I see as a advantage over being in the open rural setting.

        Here’s how I see it:

        1. The chances of being robbed are just as likely in a rural community BOL as
        they are in the city. I get that you have a populace of like minded people.,
        but a BOL is nothing more than a static fort and can be overrun.
        2. The chances of being ambushed in a rural BOL community or sniped at from
        1000yards is more likely without the obstructions of concrete buildings.
        3. What happens if you have to abandon your rural BOL locations? Well…it
        maybe that you have no other plan than to Stand your ground. In they city.,
        every concrete building is your next defensive position.
        4. There is a huge advantage for finding locations to rest in an enclosure, than
        under the starry skies above.
        5. Food and fuel are more likely to be found in the city even at great risk as
        well as weapons and ammo scattered about.

        The city is in my opinion has much that you can take advantage of to increase your ability to survive.

        Live Free or Die….

        • “The chances of being robbed are just as likely in a rural community”

          Statistically I do not believe that this statement is valid. Cities are trouble in good times, in bad a death trap. Its naive to believe that Food and Fuel will arrive to people at the lowest economic end that are violent.

        • Talon. Nobody’s safe. I have lived in the sticks and the city. There are seriously braindead
          unprepared people in the country. Poor white trash that live from payday to payday and
          govt check to govt check. Some of them so dumb I don’t know how they survive from day
          to day. Those are the ones that will be raiding the BOL’s before people can even get to them. Lots of tweaking meth heads out in the boonies. Lots of crazy backwoods folks will
          be blasting ANYTHING if rule of law disappears. At the rate we are entering a possible
          global war the cities one and all could be nuked. The rural areas will be no oasis. Americans
          will be freaking out and nervous people with guns will be shooting first and asking questions later. Americans are far more scary than North Koreans, Russians, ChiComs, and
          Islamists combined. Whats coming is Katrina and the LA and Ferguson Riots on steroids
          mixed in with crazy white trash Hatfields and McCoys shit.

          • Nameless, my BOL is already occupied 24/7/365 by a 55-year-old woman who is still feisty and is faster to use a gun than I am. and plenty of relatives within 3 miles to give a helping hand. they’re also armed to the teeth and will shoot first and MAYBE ask questions afterwards.

        • Your right, there will be food in the city when SHTF, people will be eating each other within a week and with a higher concentration of people, that means more food…

        • What happens in the inner city will most likely stay in the inner city regardless of a SHTF scenario.

          City folks, especially inner city will tend to stay in the inner city and be slaughtered. Dirt roads scare them. Too many of us “hillbillies” out here with rifles that can “reach out and touch them”.

          Gangs invading my homestead rate less worry than having to muck out the chicken coop.

        • Talon, sorry one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen in a while!
          Water,water,water!!!Keep your concrete jungle.Give me the country,thanks!
          Be well all
          Maniac –out

          • LaManiac & Braveheart – Talon/Zeus/Boyo etc, all the same poster here, doesn’t have a BOL or much of anything in the way of prepping so he comes on here and posts negative comments and backdoor attacks other posters about it because he’s jealous and knows he’s screwed in any shtf. He’ll tell you no sense having a BOL. He’s full of s**t, all three of him.

      10. The sign says, “Don’t shoot kids at play”.

        Must be in a predominantly black neighborhood. Or democrat controlled. And by ‘black’ I mean ‘nigger’, because regular folks (black or white) don’t indiscriminately kill people for nothing.

        Now, if it isn’t true am I a racist? If it is true I’m just stating the obvious.

        Once more, you don’t see that shit in white neighborhoods.

        The idea, so it seems, is to get everyone clustered into high density areas so that we eventually kill each other off. Sounds like Agenda 21 stuff.

        Of course, the libtards that invented this crap always fail to predict the unintended consequences. In other words, they’ll be cutting their own throats.

        • You are right: the plan is to cluster them in with the Muslims and blacks, fill the space with air pollution, and destroy their health.

          After some riots, we decided to move. We got as far as possible from the ‘hoods and moved to a place where hedge funders like to live. It was expensive, but worth it.

          There isn’t a single place on the planet where blacks live quietly and in peace in urban areas. Not a single example. That tells you something. People will continue to flee if they are smart.

      11. The new craze exporting some of this lawlessness are busloads of inner city minorities going to private swim clubs and crashing the place, no payment, nothing. Anything said stopping them is racist.

        “You can run but you can’t always hide”.

      12. Kevin2, there’s no way any of those young apes would crash MY home and get away with it. I’ll confront them with my 12-ga. and give them ONE chance to turn around and go away alive.

        • Its not homes but private swim clubs. I assume that the lifeguard, a young person generally is overwhelmed and no one has the courage to call the police.

        • I’m seeing jail time in your future Braveheart. The real world just doesn’t work like that. you gotta know that!

      13. Since Mayor Emanuel from the tribe arrived,things got worse.
        any bets $$$ the killings mostly are done by lovable cuddly Africans?

        • GA, black males commit 75% of all homicides in the US and at least 95% of the victims are other black people. That’s FBI and DOJ statistics.

      14. Trump meets with henry Kissinger. Must be the October 201 deadline. 265,000,000 of us must be dead and gone by 2020. Its almost time for crunch time to wipe out us useless eaters.

        This is the type of conservation that I believe is going on right now, possibly.

        Henry- we have the UN and all the equipment positioned, to wipe them off the map.

        Trump- good job my friend, I am getting ready.

        Henry-lets bomb NK to start WW3 then declare martial law.

        Trump- we got them by the balls, get lay down the hammer.
        I had to fire comey to make it look like I am going my job draining the swamp, when in fact I am in the swamp. Not even 100 days and they caught on to my bullshit lies, damn it.


        Believe me,. I get the drift.

        • I had a conservation with the police occifer other day.

          “Go ahead” I sez. “I ain’t drunk, I jest tarred.”

          He left me sleep in the drunk tank overnight.

      15. Draining the swamp and building the wall are out. Trump moved on to new shit.

      16. The Chicago Police Department has never given a fuck about the blacks or the south side. The deal has always been that as long as the violence stays South and West and doesn’t spread too far north, let ’em kill each other.

        I’ve worked in every part of Chicago, and I mean every part, as a Construction Manager in the Telecommunications industry and I saw the writing on the wall years ago and have since semi-retired and left the midwest. After working in cities like Gary, IN, Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown and Detroit, I realized shit was getting worse and wasn’t gonna get better.

        I had a CM in Detroit ask me if I had a concealed carry permit over ten years ago. When I said no, he said it’d be a good idea seeing as we went to every part of Detroit. In Detroit you’d see piles of trash on the streets because it’s free to dump a load of garbage on the street and not take it to the dump. I’ve seen this in Chicago as well.

        In the Telecom industry upgrades are often done at night, so as to disrupt service as little as possible. Often in Chicago when we’d arrive at a site there would be two armed off duty CPD officers to make sure we were safe. We’d also work on the rooftops of CPH building (Chicago Public Housing). On those projects (literally the ‘Projects’ of Chicago) we were not allowed to ride the elevators without escort and an off duty cop would watch our trucks or they’d get robbed.

        I’ve warned my friends that Chicago is going the route of Detroit, and is also broke. So if the crime doesn’t kill you, the property taxes eventually will.

        I never regret leaving there and have to return once more to clear out a storage unit, and that’ll be the last time.

        • Truer words were never spoken.

        • Well, thank the demorats and the black savages for all of it. They All deserve to HANG!!! End of story, NAPALM all of their no good for nothing asses.

      17. Our own government creates this shit. The CIA is the drug pusher on the top. I talked with blacks living with gangs. They told me it was the government bringing drugs into their neighborhoods. So, how to stop it has got to start by cutting off the importers. That will mean a government cleaning house. Good luck getting it done. Easier said than done.


        • I don’t know the government involvement from top to bottom but the US is all through Afghanistan and more opium is being produced now then under the Taliban. Air America the CIA’s own airline ran guns in and dope out of SE Asia. Wachovia Bank launders between $300 and $400 billion , they believe it was $380 billion in dope money and receives a fine of $165 million with no one, repeat no one going to jail.

          Something is:

          A. Seriously wrong.
          B. The watch dog Main Stream Media is conspicuously silent.

          Drug use is a self choice however its availability is being facilitated by an extremely corrupt governmental system that like fighting terrorism aids them here and attacks them there. William Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”. Oh how true.

          • Kevin2. Best damn post I’ve seen all week. The audacity they have of wanting to eliminate
            c-notes to fight money laundering. It’s laughable. I wish any MSM outlet would try to
            investigate any of the governments black budgets and how they fund those black budgets.
            Fools like Don Lemon would have a ” Duh ” moment. ” You mean thats why we are still in
            Afganistan? I thought we were there to fight the Taliban. ” People that blog on this site have
            more objective reasoning that every so-called corporate media journalist out there.

      18. Actually, most of the millionaires that are moving out of Chicago are older retiring folks, and moving to warmer climates. Crime is a small factor in that. They all live in wealthy areas that are safe. As for the murder rate? Almost exclusively gang & black related….killing each other. So, what’s the problem?

        • Agree: why not help the gangs to kill each other better? In the UK they try to get public sympathy for these gang bangers by always running stories how they were ‘bright boys with a bright future’ when in fact they were violent losers who spent their days posturing, dealing drugs and stealing. When they kill each other they save society a lot of money.

      19. @K2

        I do believe that all the cities with the problems are democrat plantation run???
        Welfare was established by a Potus from TX and he had a few choice words when he signed it.
        I am not sure who got the shorter stick Native Americans or African Americans. But if O gets his way and he is still agitating/working on it Whitee is up next? He broke many with the Ocare crap the last 8 years. And that was after W started the crash.
        One thing about it lots of angry folks, everywhere!

        • Welfare in abundance coincided with the loss of employment that pre dated the trade agreements by 3 decades.

          1. Ship manufacturing to the 3rd world
          2. Replace it with a government handout

          Then here is step 3 & 4.

          3. Facilitate methods to reduce the unproductive population
          4. Significantly reduce the standard of living hence resource drawl on of the remaining productive population.

          There is no way the long term plan is to create useless eaters and carry them.

      20. Bug out to where ? Mountains , desert , backwoods ? Be realistic people . Those places will be full of people who you have never seen before in your life that will try to kill you and take what you have in an instant ! No fucking thanks man . I live in a pretty rural area and it’s gonna be hunker down . Lock and load . Anybody comes around that I don’t know they will die. Believe that !!!!!!!!!!

      21. I have to ask, as there may still be good people in the big cities,,, why are good Americans running away?
        What happened to the spirit of this country?
        What happened to fighting for your rights, your property, your family?
        When I read an article such as this I wonder why we allow the garbage to rule the day.
        It is a sad time in our history and if we do not get our $hit together, we are done.

        There is only one way for free people to cure this problem, by eradicating the virus of globalism, socialism and tyranny.

      22. Aim Small Miss Small, or better yet stay way from the Big City.

      23. “…Never let a crisis go to waste…” Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel

      24. Just watch the documentary on the 92 LA riots for how quickly it spins out of control and how long it takes the ‘authorities’ to regain some semblance of control. Even then its more that the rioters gave up and went home.

      25. Hey Mac……WTF?

        I’m trying to read the comments and every minute or so, the page refreshes and pops me back up to the top of the page. I have to scroll my way back down the comments to try to find where I was reading before I was so rudely interrupted.

        Do you have any idea how f–king annoying that is?

        • Not sure what could be causing this! Maybe a hiccup somewhere in the browser or our web site, but I am not experiencing this problem at the moment. Hopefully it will resolve itself but I will definitely be looking to try and duplicate it so we can fix it.

          Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience.


      26. Lincoln may have been right about one thing. He believed that American Africans’ best option was to be sent back to Africa.

      27. Fence off the ghettos with razor wire and parachute drop guns and ammo.
        Problem solved.

        • No, you are wrong, drop in NAPALM and a whole lot of it!!

      28. I cannot believe how anybody is interested in anything Obama has to say, all lies anyway. Somebody paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak. Talk about flushing money down the toilet. I think he should be permanently gagged.

      29. You assholes in shitcago and California made your beds now live with it,come to AZ with those plates you better have a vest on time to go wild bill on your ass’s.
        FK up you state move and do the same thing and destroy good state’s that are left Fk you.

        • pure filth-

          The problem is Federal/jew control of basically everything.

          The folks in California came from the midwest- they were regular Americans. I was born in Santa Monica before 1950- long before it became “people’s repubic.” California was a red state until fairly recently. I recall what is was like decades ago. You imply that White Californians are deliberately fowling their own nest- that is ubzerd. Why wreck a good thing- a great thing?

          We have been whacked by the fake money more than anything else. That is not controlled by California.

          California now has 2 chew Senators- females Feinstein and Boxer. That should tell you who really controls the State government. . .

          Recall California’s Proposition 187- to deny benefits to illegal mexicans. It passed 59-41. [1994]. Overturned by a female FEDERAL (((judge))).

          More on 187:

      30. What is the percentage of black compared to white gangs in Chi?

        Anyone have a clue? Just Asking.


        • 99% BLACK, come on, be honest folks! Stop the lying and b.s. we all know the damn truth about those 2 legged black rats!

      31. This is NOT the America I grew up in! Blacks are bringing much grief upon themselves but will blame it on white America. Most are not very bright and have a progressive herd mentality along with the snowflakes.

        • They ALL deserve to have NAPALM poured all over them and put an end to this cancer, this modern day Plague once and for all!! They are no good and serve no good purpose in society but to wreck it!

      32. The same thing happened back in the 1970s as migrants from the right and left coast invaded states like Texas. I know, as I trained and supervised many of them. Talk about a culture clash. By 1980, I had been invited out into the parking lot dozens of times and actually had to protect myself several times.

      33. one of the main problems that has brought down the u.s. is wasting millions and millions on endless wars, when all that money could have been used to create jobs and help industry.

        • It would not make any difference with these black savage apes!!!! They are hundreds of years behind the white man in evolution, etc.

      34. Hmmm and the vast majority, like 99% of these no good rats are BLACK!!! They are wild savage creatures, subhumans really. They should all be sent back to Africa and can kill each other all day, every day. They are the modern day Plague people, come on, open your eyes and see what is really going on with them and this damn country. They should of all been abortions.

      35. Hi mates, its enormous article on the topic of educationand
        entirely defined, keep it up all the time.

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