Thoughts on Nomadic Survival from a Venezuelan Refugee

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    This article was originally published by J.G. Martinez D at The Organic Prepper

    I would like to apologize for not writing in these last couple of weeks. Deep concerns and uncertainty about the future of my homeland, Venezuela, and everyday concerns and struggling in this new nomadic lifestyle have been keeping me somehow unfocused, troubling my mind and inspiration to get my ideas in order.

    But now that I am focused, let me talk a bit about nomadic survival and what I “should” have done.

    Adaptation to a new land has been hard.

    It would be wise for you to note this about the mind response of someone who believed to be psychologically fit for facing a potential disaster situation, though. I mean, I have been in some lightning fast hazardous events, and responded almost by instinct, and did it pretty well.

    However, the wear of having to deal with things as they come has been undermining some of my skills. I will eventually adapt, though, but I ask you please to consider this.

    I know you will, and I appreciate that.

    I write this after having gone to bed at 7 pm last night and waking at 1:19 AM. They use to say that, as we get older, we need less rest, but I hate that. I like to feel rested.

    I had a couple of borrowed DVD movies laying around, so watched them on my laptop, and the last one was enough to dissipate some of the clouds in my mind. It was that one where Jude Law and Ed Harris sneak on each other in Stalingrad while looking to make a lead deposit in their respective heads.

    Of course the situation in Venezuela is not as bloody as that battle was; however, despite the distance, I have been able to feel the desperation and the uncertainty, bad enough to have odd effects on my psyche. Like getting tears out of me when I see someone carrying or dragging their old suitcases closed with a small padlock (something that we Venezuelans use to do when traveling by land, just in case), obviously arriving in this city after days on the road.

    Not because of the persons themselves. It is because they are the living stream that used to be the flesh and blood of my country. The mother who fried the empanadas for their children before getting them to school is now cleaning bathrooms in some restaurant. The father who used to get in early to his profitable job in some bank now exhibits his hands wounded and sore from having to work at a car workshop, doing all kinds of harsh stuff.

    There are lots of stories I have heard. More than I would like, indeed.

    Looking back, it would have been hard to protect ourselves from this.

    Getting on topic, in retrospect, it would be incredibly hard to protect ourselves from what happened. I know, some of you now will say that we should not have voted for the commies in the first place and that we deserve what they are doing to us.

    Not so fast, buddy.

    If you did not know it, we had all the legal and constitutional mechanisms to subjugate and control any governor that lost the track. Of course, that would have been possible if the military obeyed our Constitution, and defended it against the foreign invader. But they didn’t, and that will be as much as a shame, a dishonor, as the cause of their defeat. If the commies lost the elections, they would have attempted a coup, or caused a civil war, long enough to take over the power. It was just a matter of time, and now I can see clearly that.

    Perhaps Uncle Hugo was elected because of the general belief that he would take care of some things, but as I said, the mechanisms to fix things were disrupted by the immoral thugs that now try to control the country. And I mean try, because they don’t.

    The southern states are now FARC and ELN territory. If someone does not get rid of them, they will start to pour over the rest of the South American countries, and the balkanization of the region will be a fact. That would be great for weapons business, but the entire world would become a gunpowder barrel, generating the basis for a world police state. Don’t think it cannot happen. With the modern technologies, there are a lot of things that surely will surprise some informed minds.

    I just saw a documentary about robots. One of them, the most advanced, with 21 years of research on its back, could not stand a test walking over debris. But, in the second run, the team guys managed themselves to complete the track, and a million dollars was handed to them. A few months later, an updated version of the robot was video recorded walking in snow.  It stumbled and struggled, but it did not lose equilibrium and did not fall down.

    In a few months, with access to resources, the upgrading was…well, enough to surprise me, and that is not easy. If that is the information provided to the public, go figure. Who knows what technology they have hidden around?

    Some ideas to prepare for a nomadic survival

    This said I would like to recommend, under the experience of our current collapse, some basic, and other perhaps not so basic approaches for not being hit so hard.

    Going deeper in my concept of minimalist, hi-tech, but at the same time with some low-tech and very functional devices, added to nomadic living, I would do as follows. Jeez, I will do it, indeed.

    First, my dream home studio where I could relax, listen to some Vivaldi, and have some wine with my wife chatting lightly on a couch, never was anything but a dream. Nor was a place to watch our movies from my hammock, with a good air conditioning either.

    By having used a few additional resources wisely, my attempt to buy a motorhome would have been successful. Taking with us more of our stuff would have been much easier. A large amount of the equipment that I was going to use for my retirement business is still sitting there in Venezuela. Lots of hard earned cash, sitting still on a dark room. No way to sell it. No one is buying. The uncertainty is too much.

    We could have gone to my folks’ place, in a sort of “cold” bug out. They have a small plot where we could have parked in the mountains nearby, taking the kid to school down to the town every day, and tried to get some cash online, as much as the power failures and the internet allow it.  Perhaps some part-time assisting to my dad at some of the few remaining farms around there. It would have been much easier to find the support of the community where I grew up. Being there it would have been much easier as well to grow some crops, mainly vegetables, and fruits. Clean water, much better than the minerals-filled well water we used to have in our former city and that we had to filter thoroughly.

    Our motorhome, retrofitted with a good diesel engine, a brand new auto transmission would have served as a secondary place; my folks have a small shack in those mountains, old but perfectly functional. Despite the gov mafia generating all kind of necessities in the town, like propane gas for cooking, electricity, and medicines, in the country these needs were going to be much less.

    There is not too much firewood, but the building of an apparatus for producing briquettes made by grinding and compacting twigs and other biomass would have been easy.  No electric power? No problem. I have a 9 years old guy filled with energy, an old bicycle, and my dad has an old welding machine, diesel powered. LOL. Of course, most of the people in Venezuela are not used to this kind of thinking. And I am sure that this is the reason of so much struggling.

    A lot of people have trouble adjusting to their new location.

    I just passed by a local workshop, and they were oxygen cutting some large pipeline pieces, with a large diameter. After a few minutes watching all the time and the incredible hard effort to properly accommodating the part, and the repetitive, accurate and slow positioning process needed, my engineering skills clicked in and I recommended the owner to makeshift a rig with some thick steel plate and a couple of discarded truck or tractor bearings, cutting vertically instead of horizontally over the naked floor. (I should have designed something quickly and charged him for that).

    These are skills that would be useful to survive, and perhaps people coming from the worker class, with some effort and research will be able to deal with most of what life throws at them. Uptown city dwellers? Well, I don’t know. I am just in the middle, think, and taking a beat, fellows. I am no mocha-latte-from-famous-coffee-shop drinker, but because of my thick European half-blood, I do need good coffee.

    Remember, if you need some more information about nickel-iron batteries, I can write a basic tutorial. There is plenty of information on the net, though, but it could be interesting to write about it from the survivalist approach. 

    Stay tuned for the part 2 of this article!

    Thanks for your reading, and special thanks for your much-needed assistance.

    Stay safe, and God bless us all.


    About the Author

    J.G. Martinez D

    Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country.


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      1. The Dali Lama visits Sweden and tells “refugees” to go home.

        _ ?

        • Just 1 Oz of Silver Buys 6 Months of Groceries in Venezuela. Wrap your hear around that one folks and why you need PM’s in your Prepping stash. If this is the case, I could buy over 33 years of food with my Silver stash. Who says you can’t eat Silver or Gold? Pffftt…

          • Oops correction, I did the math wrong. I could buy 400 years of food W/ 800 OZ.. I will be eating good.

            • I have heard this “6 months of groceries for an oz. of silver” several times, but have yet to read, see, or hear ANY documentation, as in PROOF, for it. Consider that an oz. of silver costs about $15 in US currency. Is it reasonable to be able to buy 6 months worth of groceries for $15? I don’t think so, yet the comment persists.

              When I tried to estimate how large a stack would be needed for me and my family to survive a “typical” SHTF scenario, I set up the following: 1/2 oz. of silver / day = supplies for an average sized person x 7 people in my extended family x 3 years for the SHTF to play out x 365 days/year = 3832 ozs. To this, I also added a contingency amount of 15%, so 3832 x 1.15 = 4,407 ozs. I have passed this amount but continue to buy for wealth preservation purposes. I also bought some gold as a hedge against economic and / or US$ collapse. When silver prices fall, I buy 200-300 ounces. When gold prices drop, I buy 5-10 ozs. I know that this is all terribly inaccurate but without knowing what the future holds, this is about as good a guesstimate as I can manage. Did you go through a similar exercise? If so, what was your conclusion?

              • I was speaking in relative of terms of Venezula’s currency and as if I was living in Venezuela with a silver stash. The Current Exchange rate from the United States Dollar to Venezuelan Bolívar
                (USD to VEF) is $1 USD = 80183.40427 VEF

                So if Silver is trading at $14.10 US dollars, then 1 ounce of Silver in Venezuala’s Bolivar currency is going for $1,130.585.94 Bolivars. So yeah, 1 Oz of Silver could probably buy 6 months of groceries in Venezuela. 1 Oz Silver = $1.13 Million Bolivars. 800 Oz is $904+ Million Bolivars.

                The Exchange right now for the neighboring country of Brazilian Real is $58.43 per 1 Silver OZ.

                Got to look at exchange rates and do the math.

                And Stuart is also right, no food is available, but I would guess people would rather sell food for Real physical Silver than for Vz Bolivars. This is the reason why we all need a Silver and Gold stash, for these reasons like buying food. What will the US dollar be worth in a few more years? My Silver will retain its value and buying power over paper currency depreciating daily.

            • Problem is, the food is not available. Period.
              There is no supply. No production. No trucking.
              If you don’t grow it – you don’t eat it.

          • you are repeating ‘hearsay’… this has been debunked and is not true.

            • Imagine you are in a grocery store in Venezuela. There are only 10 chickens left in the freezer and you would like to buy them all. You are standing in line with 5 other people they want to use the Venezuela Bolivars to buy the chickens. You shake your hand with some real silver coins at the store owner clerk. Jingle jangle..

              I suspect the store owner clerk will wave you up to the front of the line, as he would rather sell his chickens for your real physical Silver Ounces, over the other people’s depreciating paper currency.

              In SHTF, this is why precious metals holders will move to the front of the line and eat that night. Others will be moving on like Nomads in search of a garbage can meal.

              Silver can be used for bribes, to get you to the front of many lines folks. What ya gonna do shake your fist of worthless dollars like its 1999? LMFAO..

          • My guess is, if you show up with a one ounce silver round, the black marketeers/food mafia will say, “Here, have one loaf of bread in exchange for that one silver round.” They are not going to give you 6 months of groceries.
            Unless you mean that in the depths of a depression, in a country in crisis, someone will buy that silver round from you, pay you exactly what it’s worth, and then you can take the cash and go buy 6 months of groceries.
            I think PM’s are not going to be useful during a crisis but will be very useful for getting back on your feet after the crisis.

            • You Sir nailed it!!! That is exactly what has happened in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

          • Maybe now, while TS hasn’t HTF yet.

        • B from CA, just curios ? Is it at all possible this guy from Venezuela and Selco have taken the same idea or maybe even the same person ?

          Or am I completely out to lunch and it is all quite real ?

          • Different writing styles. Not the same person.

          • B from Ca. its the Organic prepper site digging these people out of the cracks and using them as witness testimonial to sell fear and get the rest of us readers to buy more prepper stuff.. Click the adds. Always Follow the Money.

            • Yeah, I’m suspicious about the bona fides of both “Selco” and now this convenient new “Venezuelan.” Who knows who really authors this stuff? It sounds plausible enough, but who knows?

        • Really?

          THE Salvador Dali Lama?

      2. Being a nomad or living a nomadic experience can only happen with LIVESTOCK typically a herd animal.

        I think you mean a sojourner. They are forced to live in alien surroundings or a foreign land.

        The biggest current issue in prepping is helping new folks transition from living in the urban zones where they have no chance to live in a SHTF scenario and must bugout to sojourn elsewhere safely and securely in a rural environement with appropriate carrying capacity. And ultimately become homesteaders though most will carve out a niche in a tiny town through mutualism.

        Few can raise the cash and successfully pay the loan back and run a homestead. Thus developing a high enough networth as many did here, then buying a homestead (mostly) is more likely to succeed.
        That takes guts and backbone.

        Bugging out folks presume rescue, a safe zone, or unrealistically think they can live off the land, but only nomads using herd animals can do that.

        See the Lakota, the Mongols, the Masai, etc.

        • Looking back, it would have been hard to protect ourselves from this.

          Money is the problem. There are still MacDonalds in Venezuela that are functioning just fine, but the hyper inflation is the killer.

          You prepare for this and solve this problem by using a different currency. All the people in Venezuela should be using the American Dollar or the Columbia currency.

          You prepare for this by buying gold and silver that you could then trade for a usable currency.

          • “You prepare for this by buying gold and silver that you could then trade for a usable currency.”

            Agreed, John, although it is highly possible that silver will become a “usable currency” once again. It was when I was a child in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

        • A lot of Native American t-r-i-b-e-s were Nomadic. The moved with the seasons and harvested game and fish when they swam up into the rivers to spawn. Nomad does not mean you are herding animals like sheep. The plains of America was once like the Sarringetti, where millions of Buffalo roamed and geese and fowl moved with the seasons. Any schlep can sell their over priced house in the city and move to the country and pay cash for land and a dwelling and set up your own homestead. Its easy, nothing hard about it. Just expand your ambitions, plus you will save a bundle and live healthier.

          • Nope. Look up the definition, Hoss. Or is that too much trouble? I mysef described the Lakota following the buffalo. Many Native Americans followed 6 different deer, 3 differnt elk, bighorn sheep,moose, etc. They are largely herd animals and why they followed them. And other animals preyed upon them. And they would hunt these as well for their religion.

      3. I thought it was terrific that an exiled Tibetan holyman tells the Muslims in Sweden to go home and rebuild their country. He’s right as that’s why refugee camps exist as temporary staging areas. But he himself fled Tibet to Nepal and to India and has been living in the west very frequently raising money. So it’s quasi-ironic. But then he isn’t really trying to totally alter western civilization like crazy wahabis.

      4. I have never been to Venezuela but have much time in next door Colombia where many Venezuelans, millions?, at the least hundreds of thousands are now and have been running too. About the same time or rather just a bit later than when Chavez took Ven commie, Colombia took a political right turn and turned their country around by getting tough and fighting the FARC rebels, and winning. One hard line president whose dad had been murdered by the communist FARC made all the difference. Over 40 years of war was basically over. Today Colombia is a wonderful country in which to live. But, now Colombia is being overun by fleeing starving Venezuelans who are rapidly wearing out their welcome according to my amigos living there now. They are taking jobs away from the natives by working for any pay just to survive, and causing a lot of extra crime and homelessness . At first the Colombian people welcomed them in a humanitarian way but are now learning about what damage too many immigrants can do. Being far less politically correct than us I expect that the near future will see more laws made and enforced to limit arrivals. Wish were less politically correct and would do the same. KF

        • “Wish were less politically correct and would do the same.”

          Agreed. Several years ago, I read an article in a magazine about the leader of Singapore. He made comments that the interviewer called “not politically correct”. The man responded with, “I don’t care about being politically correct, only about being correct”. I thought that was an outstanding comment on his part.

        • I spent a lot of time in Columbia in the 1980s with a good friend named Pablo, but alas, our friendship ended on a roof top in Cartagena in 1993.

          • It was in Medellin where that story came to an end.

            • I was talking about Pablo Jose, he was a roofer that fell off.

              Just kidding.

              • You mean Pablo Escobar. Kingpin.

      5. Too many obvious inconsistencies in this article for me to believe it’s not a troll. Imperfect English, then perfect slang. The whole article reads like a fake to me. Just have to ask yourselves, what does the author have to gain? Or, worse yet, what does the site have to gain by publishing such an obvious fabrication. Hate to burst any prepper bubbles out there, but think before you accept everything you read on the net.

        Personally. I think we need to spend more time using our noggins and less time relying on others noggins.

        • Jose is a real person. We have published articles written by him before. English is not his first language.

          • Just like the Hitler Diaries were real?

            Have you spoken to this person or just re-published this article from other web sites?

          • Mac, Jose is a real begger with his hands out expecting others to pay his way. See the gimme-money PayPal link at the end of every one of his articles.

        • agreed 100%

          • this comment was to T Pat, BINGO !

            I am not even convinced Mac Slavo is a real person ? And this site is all about clickbait and somebody paying their way for nothing in return but an echo chamber never ending ?

            So yeh thinking is a good thing !

      6. nomadic lifestyle is just another way of saying you live in your car and you are homeless.

        • Being a Nomad in America today, translated – “Homeless refugee on the lamb”.. Too many loitering laws out there to park yourself on a bench to sleep. Or you are trespassing on someone else’s land or the parks close at dusk. Tent cities are torn down and the contents burned. Good Luck. I suggest you buy your own BOL homestead land and always have a safe place t lay your head at night. Go to LandWatch dot com and find your slice of life.

          • There are a LOT of You Tubers that are “covert” nomads. Using covert vans to live in and hide in parking lots so people don’t they are living in their vehicle.

            • Very true John, Walmart lets you sleep in their parking lots.

              I slept in a Walmart parking lot designated area once, The reason was because the BOL property I was closing on the next day, the exit ramp under pass was closed for night construction, and I did not feel like driving another 40 miles to the next exit and back track. Next AM woke up, drove off to my property closing and closed on it, and then drove out and moved right onto my vacant land and began my Bug Out journey. Stealth camped in a Utility trailer for about 2 months, cleared out some areas, then bought a few buildings, had them placed, and then moved into that. It was a blast, and a real fun time.

      7. Nope. Nomadic is kind of a specific word. Look it up. It specifically describes the culture and practices of folks in anthropology who are often shepherds or similar who look for fresh pasturage for their herds.

        With the Mongol’s ordinary existence it was yaks. With the Masai, it’s cows. With the Lakota, they followed and hunted the buffalo. There are lots of others the Sami people in the Nordic regions and reindeer.

        Now regionally words can have a meaning. A tightwad around here is not the same as a skinflint or a miser. But then these are slang words so highly variable as to the degree of the attribute.

        A tightwad around these parts just means someone who is very frugal and won’t part with it easily. But a skinflint is mean about it. And a miser is evil about it. Too many people don’t understand this range that can be vaguely grasped in a thesaurus but specifically all words have a much more precise meaning.

        A big weakness to have as a communicator is to use very vague generalized words as they entirely lose their meaning. Speaking in generalities is dangerous in diplomacy and politicians love to do this as they can’t be pinned down on what they meant…on purpose.

        I’m so interested in words that even as a kid I was interested in etymology ie the origin of words that you can look them up in a lexicon. Look up feisty sometime for a humorous example.
        It’s about dog farts!

        • A lot of Native American tribes were Nomadic. The moved with the seasons and harvested game and fish when they swam up into the rivers to spawn. Nomad does not mean you are herding animals like sheep. The plains of America was once like the Sarringetti, where millions of Buffalo roamed and geese and fowl moved with the seasons. Any schlep can sell their over priced house in the city and move to the country and pay cash for land and a dwelling and set up your own homestead. Its easy, nothing hard about it. Just expand your ambitions, plus you will save a bundle and live healthier.

        • Wrong marathonantha jackass. Nomad just means you travel to where the food and game is thriving at the time mostly with seasonal changes. You write like some liberal jackass professor out of a book and never lived life. Go out side and get some fresh air and study nature. You might learn something about life.

          • I find you ridiculous, illogical, stupid, and childish…and not the least threatening.

            You have yet to ever debate me, only make ad hominem attacks. It’s weird and silly.

            By all means…try to mature and debate…if that is possible.

            You can’t be bothered to look up a definition because you’re a legend in your own mind who knows more, regardless of the subject, than any refernence boom. You’re batting a thousand, Chump.

          • Since you seem in need of remedial instruction, here’s a link. This presuming you can understand it. I doubt it.

            Note the use of pasture and grazing land or move with their sheep and cattle in conjunction to “tribes”. Why? Because they dienot necessarily cultivate fodder themselves.

            Shall I keep spoonfeeding you?

            • The Native Americans did not herd sheep. WTF and where did you come from? Public schools? Here is some instruction: STFU asshole!!. Your brain cannot keep up with your mouth. I bet you got punched a lot in school eh?

          • The fact that you think I write like a liberal shows you LACK ANY reading comprehension. Maybe you should stick to comic books? Or maybe even those would be too challenging?

            I’m an archconservative.

        • Nope, Maranatha is a special kind of stupid.

      8. Spot on Sir, you are 100 percent on target and I commend you for your efforts. People will post negative thoughts here and it just a matter of time for them to experience your past. Need, I say USA’s 22.5 trillion will be payable soon.

        • There is an old saying about money and banking that goes like this: “If you own the bank a million dollars, they own you. But if you owe the bank a billion dollars, you own them”. So, given this, what happens when you owe people more than $20T? My guess is that they cannot afford to do much about it. If so, then this will continue until it simply cannot continue any more, not because of any lender revolt but due to the cost of servicing the debt simply being unpayable.

        • People will post negative thoughts here

          Screw you…..

          • Actually the lying scum that post bloviated fabrications all need to be called out for their flat out lies.

            Nomad does not mean you need to herding livestock. Exactly the opposite, You move yourself over land to where the food is at that time usually during seasons.
            Maranatha is a wackjob and needs to be called out for posting wrong information. He be watching too much CNN.

            • TharSheBlows:

              Another poster said “Maranatha” could be for “Mary Ann”.
              Which caused me to question “Ahtanram” spelled backwards.

              The closest word I came up with is “Morrano” a secret 3ew. “The
              Morranos” is a book put out recently by Netanyahu. He is a relative of the Prime Minister Of Isreal by the same last name.

              Just a little advertisement for this book. No shame when it comes to peddling pulp fiction. “Everybody knows, a j:/3 has never told a lie in the history of the world.”


              • Or Mary Jane.

              • Mary had a little lamb and was a sheep herder aka: Nomad according to Marathonass. I am beginning to think this new dope is a troll just putting out bad info to see who is paying attention. You know me. Liars get their asses handed to them if they keep it up. Simple mistakes no big deal, but every comment is like doubling down on his stupidity.

      9. This article wasted about 6 minutes of my life. It was not understandable, there was no point and nothing made sense. And if getting your hands dirty or cut working on cars instead of pushing paper at a bank is considered woeful and downtrodden in a collapse situation, I will be living the highlife because all I do is work with my hands and fix shit. I think this guy is lying about being a mocha-latte coffee drinker.

      10. A bug out trailer? Stocked.

      11. I wonder if we forget about fuel? Cooking fuel ,and how we deplete an area and have to move. Kerosene, colemans ,propane .The smell of smoke , is a trail.

      12. Not too far down the road, we will face what Venezuela is now. It may be even worse. But that day is coming.
        Good book says they will throw their money out into the streets. Meaning any form of money will mean nothing.
        As far as land goes, there is a law where it says the gov can take anything away from you. Your land, your food, anything.
        What do you do with a army standing there ? Argue about it?
        Out country is pretty clueless about what is going on now. Turn around and look. If you’re smart, you will see it.
        If not, then you will later. You won’t like later.
        Almost every country has allowed refugees. Except one that I know of. That plan is working quite well. Some are really regretting it now. Too late i guess for them.
        In the end, a bug out place is pretty worthless. Especially if someone sees it. Our country has become very greedy, violent, doesn’t care about many others. But only for themselves. Full of drug addicts ( here Walmart parking lot at midnight becomes a buyer’s lot ) it isn’t safe there anymore either.People just don’t care for others much anymore. Not untill they have walked a mile in their shoes. Then they might see.
        I’m not concerned about doing this and that. You can spend a lot of your hard earned money on things for it, only to have it ripped or taken from you.
        I just sit and wait for that day. Because it is coming. And there really isn’t nothing we can do.
        Some say there is safety in numbers, some say being alone. I don’t know. Alone draws less attraction. Both have drawbacks.
        I have noticed this site really has seemed to pull each other apart on things , instead of pulling together. Offering solutions. Ideas.
        Guess that’s the sign of the times we live in.
        Arguing about the word nomadic is….what? It accomplishes nothing.

        If you want food, it is best grown by your own self. Because you do not know what was put in it. And even then, it isn’t 100℅ safe. Don’t believe everything you read about non GMOs. They can change the label at the company overnight. But not the product. Most do not know that.
        I figure in the end, we may wind up like the movie The book of Eli. Sad state of affairs.
        Now go gripe at the next article. I know you will.

        • We are in some scarry times right now. Don’t get too comfortable just because Trump is Pres now. Half of his first term is nearly over, and Alex Jones just put out a video, saying from some credible sources he knows and that said the Deep State is going to try and kill Trump next March 2019. Imagine what our country will fall into if that happens?? Instant Chaos, So you all better be prepared with massive firepower to throw off all instigators of trouble or Blue helmets, or Chinese, or deep state or liberal commies spreading their hate and burning towns down. Get your several years of food supply ready, and your heavy security at your homes an property. We are just months away from this supposed threat, that would certainly be a game changer. We don’t need another JFK assassination. Watch your backs people.

          Also there are videos out there that a mass migration is pouring over the border into Arizona with latinos in military camo’s and backpacks. Trail cams have captures such militaristic movements into the US. Probably prepping for a direct assault in out major cities.

          Also that China is taking over Hawaii and California for debt repayment by the US. And this is why N California is going up in flames, with laser energy from satellites or planes starting fires to burn the people out of their homes.

          Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed
          ht tps://
          100 resilient Cities – Rothchild’s deviant plan.

          America is under heavy assault right now from the Deep State. Get ready… 5G coming to a town near you.

          • March 2019, eh…???
            Now,… that’s a valuable info!

      13. I think you’re going to find a lot of cyberbegging because once people made a small but useful income stream by writing online. And these got picked up by websites. But not every website can afford to pay these writers. So they either cyberbeg or get a small amount to write per article.

        Websites are having difficulty with ad revenue and paypal cutting them off for the mildest whiff of a complaint.

        Youtubers used to get some ad revenue but that has significantly dropped off. It is very hostile to conservatives, preppers, and Christians. So first they cut off the ad revenue and then just keep giving you strikes and then cut you off. Therefore many of them are cyberbegging.

        You cannot expect a website that has monthly costs to not advertise in some fashion and not every website owner is a writer much less have five to count upon. It’s a wonder a conservative website exists at all.

        It’s no different than an online magazine that looks for benefactors and paid subscribers.

      14. Think about a genuine collapse. Most wouldn’t have sufficient food and most would have no way to pay. But then, would they even sell as their crops would initially be either small and just for family? OR they are farmers with monocrops and looking to unload a LOT of corn or soybeans at once. Selling a little here or there for some silver coins probably won’t suffice.

        A lot of farmers who mostly are selling monocrops would have to dramatically switch to very large gardens for themselves. In fact, the fear is that in a serious collapse with inadequate fuel to run equipment for planting amd harvesting, they would have to rely upon human laborers and thus a new feudalism and likely serfdom in the best situation and slavery by warlords in the worst situation.

        One scenario is criminals like the mafia and gangbangers flood the rural areas to create slavery and take over existing farm operations.

        In Argentina, they had an economic collapse, and began gardening and slowly grew more and had barter clubs. These made their own currency. You paid to join but got some barter currency. To set up a table, you paid some barter currency. And then inside you sold goods and services. Everyone paid you barter currency. It was accepted only there at first.

        Lots of local barter clubs sprung up, but it took time to get established and ensure there was no forging of barter currency. Transportation is very limited as people have no money for fuel amd no fuel is available as the military and first responders get it.

        There are videos on it. I suggest you watch them as it’s a likely mechanism that would re-emerge.

      15. Conventional wisdom is that porecious metals willbe accepted. But the problem is a scam where it looks like gold or silver, but is it? There was a problem where they were coating other metals with a skin of a precious metal. One reason some prefer coins is there less of a chance of a forgery.

        Even as low as junk silver coins are, there is some thought that these are very recognizable like the old ones ie vintage silver coins.


          Look up scams where people bought physical gold and it wasn’t gold but a cheap metal covered in a thin layer of gold.

          You should be able to find several articles in some of the big newspapers like the Chicago Tribune.

      16. Nope, the average American does NOT have the capability to see their home in the urban area and buy a homestead in the rural areas. 76-81% live in urban areas but not necessarily own a home. And very likely they would lose money selling it…as typically you have to be there quite a while and most often prepaying down the principal. Otherwise very little of the house payment actually makes a dent in the first five years. And Americans on average move every seven years.

        In addition, someone pays for the realtor to sell the house as both are working. By all means sell it yourself if you can. Even those who being FiSBO end up frustrated and go through a realtor.

        Many lose money. The market may decline.

        So MOST do NOT have enough equity and there is not enough of an increase in the home’s value to then buy a homestead. Plus you have new expenses like equipment and tools that are essential.

        Anyone who thinks the average urban American can quickly sell, sell their property at a profit, and buy a homestead, and quit their jobs, is kind of a FLAKE.

        By all means, do so if you can. If your wife is an RN, she probably can find work anywhere. Perhaps so if she is a teacher. The husband is going to be struggling to find work and be humping it trying to bust his butt on the homestead. It won’t be easy.

        Probably by the time you can do it, you’re retiring and sharecropping it. That’s where a local works your land, so someone who’s younger. It takes awhile to build up the net worth to buy a going concern. To start raw if very difficult. Nothing is established. You sure better check about the well and the soil and suitability for livestock.

        • Talking to your self again. Nobody cares about your .02 cents of rambling.

          • What a tool. You are not special. You are not the only audience here. Thousands have read this article.

            You have added nothing substantial to the conversation but have repeatedly been proven WRONG.

            Give it up.

        • You have no idea what you are taking about Marathonranter.. FACT: I sold my City house the first day I put it on the market and listed it myself on Zillow. And I got nearly full asking price and walked away with $100K Cash in my pocket. Then I bought my rural property for cash and I am all 100% off the grid. Like I said STFU and read and learn something besides your uninformed rants which sounds like you are smoking heavy weed or drunk.


          As the average moves every seven years, IF they were making a house payment, then on average 80% went to INTEREST ONLY and 20% went to the principal. This is a chief reason why moving frequently is stupid from an economic stand point.

          In a growing real estate market, if you sold it yourself ie FiSBO (for sale by owner), then you might see greater appreciation but consider whatever closing costs you incurred.

          The preponderance never make back their investment in the above situation. Only those who STAY do over time and only IF the location is great.

          Whereas frugal homeowners will prepay the principal. Ifyou have an extra $500 and you apply it to the principal, then it in effect equals 12 mortgage payments…especially in the first year. A frugal person paying only one extra house payment so 13 a year, but the 13th is against the principal then pays off the note in 22.5 years instead of 30. That is significant. That once was common.

          Now 2nd mortgages are common for stupid home improvements like a swimming pool.

      17. What a dork. A nomad and nomadic are two different things. Look up nomadic survival. This is a anthropolgy term.

        You have hunter-gatherers who largely hunt HERD animals who follow various meadows and pastures and knibble tree branches in winter and often starve.

        You have those who have pastures and herd animals and move them on a route so they survive until the next year. And the herd animals are often pregnant and thus great care must be taken.

        You have those without pastures who free range their herd animals and move around from place to place. In American history these could stumble right into your homestead as sheep and cattle ranchers would relocate their herds and drive to market. And it was the responsibility of the homesteader to fence it to keep them OUT.

        Some people are just irasible.

      18. I have not watched CNN episodes for ten years! What a dolt! The only time I ever see clips of the communist news network is when watching Mark Dice videos.

        • Nope you sound just like CNN. Bloviating BS.

      19. Beaucoup RV parks full of folks who live a nomadic existence. They don’t herd livestock or get meat from hunting; they have grocery stores.

        Heck, check out Quartzite, Arizona, in January; over 50,000 people. Fewer than 500 in July.

        Martinez, Selco and FerFal make too much sense for one to worry about their actual existence. What they say fits in with what I’ve observed or read about, these last seventy years.

      20. From the title I was hoping for more insight on surviving as an actual nomad rather than hypothesizing about it. Waiting on part 2.

        I would rather hear from a Syrian refugee who tried to hang on in Syria (what was that like as conditions worsened), then made the decision to leave (what finally made him), what did he take with him and what did he leave behind (why?), and what was the exodus like (a similar scenario of heading out into uncertain conditions to a remote bug out location).

        When the SHTF there won’t be hotels, C-stores, gas stations, or even clean water. And there could be gangs and criminals along the eay. (Not unlike actual sections of Syria and Venezuela today!)

      21. It’s fake, it’s all fake. U have to b dumb and gullible to believe anything on the net.

        • Kate, are you in denial.. Then why are you visiting this website? Tell us why you think this is all Fake? The Collapse of Venezuela is not fake, but very real. US Economic sanctions also had a big part in destroying this country. The usual modus operandi of the US Govn’t is, if economic sanctions don’t work, the US military starts a bombing campaign, after they falsely claim the leader gassed his own people. That part of Fake. Stay tuned.

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