This Tipping Point Could Easily Escalate To World War III: Putin Says “The Threat of Nuclear War Is Very Real”

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    “I have this awful vision of the Baltic States being seized, NATO unable to respond, Putin then blackmails using nuclear weapons what is called chillingly ‘nuclear de-escalation’ and NATO is unable to do anything about it.  The alliance collapses and at a stroke, Putin has destroyed … the organization perhaps he fears the most, NATO. America is decoupled from Europe and the world is changed irrevocably. 

    Add the other chilling aspect of this, that nuclear weapons are hardwired into Russian defense thinking, then it gets really serious and potentially existential.  Because if there is any hint of a Russian military foot stepping across those borders of Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania that means war under article five of the NATO treaty … but it also means nuclear war in Europe. 

    We should never assume rationality in strategic affairs, the human dimension is critical here and history is full of examples of irrational decisions being taken by leaders who believe they can get away with it.  What we’ve seen [in Putin] is an adventurer, an opportunist who’s able to make decisions very quickly to seize opportunities as they’re presented.”

    General Sir Richard Shirreff (Ret.), who served as NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, speaking with London Reporters May 18, 2016.  He referred to the Russian annexation of Crimea as a “copybook military play.”

    General Shirreff isn’t alone in his thoughts, and those reflections are not unfounded.  The Russian annexation of Ukraine was in 2014, and this (as has been mentioned ad infinitum) was in response to the ousting of the Ukrainian president and the insertion of Yatsenuk, a U.S. State Department creation of Victoria Nuland and Senators McCain and Graham.  The annexation was specifically to secure Sevastopol and prevent the Russian naval base from falling into the hands of the Ukraine-U.S.-NATO-IMF hegemony.

    That being said, on August 10, 2016 two Russian soldiers were reported killed by the Ukrainian military in two separate cross-border raids.  One FSS officer was killed August 7th and one soldier was killed August 8th.  Now keep in mind: the FSS (Federal Security Service) that controls border guards for Russian territory (in this case Crimea) is also known as the FSB, or the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, (in Russian) Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (ФСБ).  They are the agency that inherited the responsibilities of the KGB of the USSR when it collapsed.

    The Ukrainians countered by declaring the charges as being false; however, “false” or not, the incident is serious enough to have warranted comments from Vladimir Putin, as follows:

    “From the Russian side there were losses – two soldiers killed. We obviously will not let such things slide by. The attempt to provoke an uptick in violence, to provoke conflict is nothing but an attempt to distract public attention.”

    -Vladimir Putin to Moscow reporters August 10, 2016

    Putin also said that there would be no need to meet with Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President during the G20 summit meeting hosted by China in September of this year.

    There have been nightly battles between Ukrainians of Russian-extraction who are pro-separatist and the Ukrainian military.  The contested Donetsk area of Eastern Ukraine has seen fighting even though a cease fire is supposedly in effect.  The Donetsk Peoples’ Republic and the Luhansk Peoples’ Republics are two of the main factions fighting the Ukrainian military.  The Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported three soldiers killed on August 8th.  The separatists have answered by decrying Ukrainian mortar attacks that are claimed to be inflicting casualties on unarmed civilians as well as the targeted separatists.

    Much of this comes as NATO and the IMF continue to attempt to garner Ukraine into the EU and make the country a full-fledged NATO member.  Such an action will not come without a price, however, and an excellent example of this can be found in an article entitled “Ukraine joining NATO would be trigger for war with Russia,” by Debra Killalea of 

    Killalea conducted an interview with Professor Paul Dibb, an emeritus professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University.  Dibb also was a clandestine agent against the Soviets for twenty years, and is a recognized expert on Russian affairs.  Dibbs stated the following:

    The red line in the sand is if NATO makes Ukraine a member.  That will be seen as a call for war.”

    Dibbs also added that a nuclear war with Russia was “not an impossibility.”

    Adding to this thought of Dibbs are the prognostications of Vladimir Putin that the threat of nuclear war is very real.  Stefan Stanford of All News Pipeline reported on August 13, 2016 that Russia is going to hide an entire city in a massive military drill for three days.  The Russian city of Severomorsk of 50,000 inhabitants on the Arctic coast of Russia, according to Stanford’s article, will use the drill to cloak the city and its submarine fleet…possibly for the intentions of shuffling the fleet and avoiding notice.

    Let’s also keep in mind the Soros connection, and how Soros had a failed bid to capture the eastern Ukrainian provinces for mining and natural resources for $50 million…a mere pittance of what the area holds economically.  A bunch of Soros’ documents were leaked out over the weekend, and you can access a ton of them at  You can enter the section marked “Europe” and read a ton of Soros plans and documents regarding his intentions for the area.

    Since these plans tie into the IMF plans and NATO’s, it is small wonder that Ukraine is a tipping point that can easily escalate into WWIII.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. If Hillary were to become President, she may be crazy enough to force the next war. Then she won’t just be remembered as the first woman president. She’ll go down in the history books forever.

        All it will take is one psychopath

        • And we know there are PLENTY of those in positions of power with access to the nuclear codes!

          • makes me wonder about the old story about Bill Clinton “losing” the codes. I suspect someone at the pentagon changed them so Billy wouldn’t know 😉

          • Check out what Snowden has done…
            Goes with the article…

            ht tp://

          • Putin just need to go after the Globalis Parasites inciting all of this Chaos. Go after the Chaos Makers. Flatten Soros for starters. That POS should be on the FBI’s Top most wanted list for extermination.

            So we are going to destroy all of America for a few POS Psychopath Traitors in charge so they can profit off of foreign countries mineral deposits? Really??? I think Not. They deserve a firing squad. The US military and FBI has the capability to hunt them down and do this. Obey your Oath jackasses, Enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. What part of that do you NOT Understand? Traitors deserve DEATH!!


            • Traitors, yes. But I think most of them didn’t do it with malice and forethought. They are just stupid and ignorant and brainwashed. Some knew exacltly what they were doing and are refered to as psycopathic. We had this discussion last night about oaths, I guess they are just BS to most people. he J’s have an oath called the oath of kol nidre, maybe thats the oath they took huh? Anyway people hate the truth and as long as that goes on we are fooked.

              PUTIN FOR PREZ!

        • There will be no history books if war is forced. I believe it was Einstein who said, “I know not what weapons will be used in World War III, but I do know the primary weapons of World War IV will be sticks and stones.”

          • Then people had better get over their programmed russophobia real fast. Now I remember why I stopped coming here.

        • She’d just forget what she done just like Bengahzi. Especially after a camera bulb went off. If that’s what it takes to set the crunt off then no one needs a gun, just a camera with a flash. We could phuck with her for hours until she just melted in a pile. Hell, I’m game.

        • Anon, with her health issues and her erratic behavior, she’ll push the button faster than anyone else.

          • Or not at all!

            Flashy lights cause seizures? Blaa, bloo, drool, do wap dity…. Drool.

        • personally, I think first she will unleash her flying monkeys from her Wicked Witch’s Castle rather than the warheads

        • She would just be fulfilling the wishes of her Puppet Masters. War is profitable to the Banksters.

      2. Black Panther Member asks White America…?


        • thx for the video!

          • ***Thank You Mac for all you do. Please keep up the great work Sir. Your efforts are not in vain and are truly greatly appreciated.***

            I’m just floored it’s been allowed to go on as long as it has been, for generations now, an many civilian innocents on both sides of the Global Zionist’s supported Race War around the globe are suffering, dying needlessly.

            When does it stop?
            Who is going to stop it?

              • Note to that mindless drone in the picture above: Get a freaking CLUE, robot. *******If black lives matter (all lives matter), THEN PERHAPS THEY SHOULD MATTER TO THE FATHERS WHO SIRED THEM****

                Or aren’t you rhinestone commies smart enough to figure that out?

        • If the Black Panther was talking to me, I’d tell him bring it on nigger.

        • Not being of a particularly militaristic or violent mindset, I would not be the first to draw blood. However, if they bring this crap to my neighborhood and I am threatened, I WILL defend myself and my property. Go ahead and push those of us who own property, work jobs, save money and are generally good citizens, Mr. Criminal. We owe you NOTHING. About the only things we will give you are pain and bullets if you threaten our lives, property and livelihoods.

          So yes, the lives of black people do matter. However, career criminal lives do not so please stop picking as your poster children career criminals who actively resist arrest. We really don’t care about their lives (or race) when they threaten or fight with cops and most of us think the world is better off with them dead. However, when you find examples of black people who are normal citizens going about their daily lives that are being harassed or killed by the police then by all means let us know. We will join in your outrage since those lives do indeed matter. No one deserves to be treated in a disrespectful matter because of the color of their skin.

      3. If/when nukes fly, most of the casualties here will have been needlessly so, from widespread public ignorance of what to do and not do, from the first instant of any sudden bright flash.

        All nukes could be made 90% less lethal quick as the public had been trained up in the basics of Civil Defense, as seen and proven at The Good News About Nuclear Destruction. Google GoodNewsNuke

      4. Flying Nukes = Stone Age!

        • Yabadabadoooo! see you there Fred!

          • You reminded me of an old Army Cadence?

            Pebbles and Bam Bam
            Pebbles and Bam-Bam on a Friday night
            Trying to get to heaven on a paper kite
            Lightning struck (BOOM) and down they fell (AHHH)
            Instead of getting to heaven, they went straight to hell
            Dino the dog (RUFF RUFF) was on the bone (CHOMP CHOMP)
            While Fred and Barney rocked the microphone
            There was nothing that Fred or Barney could do
            ‘cept sing “Yabba daba daba daba daba daaaaaba do

            • We would be like the flintstones… every time you look out the window you would see rubble 🙂

              • Any Blacks that survive WW3 nukes would come to the country side, look for white people with the knowledge, and volunteer to be slaves again just to survive.

      5. Dibbs also added that a nuclear war with Russia was “not an impossibility.”
        correction: …war with russia is “not an improbability”
        tptb seem to be assuring crisis and strife at every opportunity.

      6. Oh God here we go, let me guess, we are supposed to be ignorant and insane enough to buy more gold and silver for this coming event.

        • You got that right RON
          What go is this if you are dead or amongst the dead ?
          WHO IS GOING TO BUY?????

      7. Oh and the best part, they want the insane idiots to buy gold and silver while they are still living in a doomed collapsing metro cesspool in America

      8. The article above erroneously stated ” The Russian annexation of Ukraine was in 2014″. Russia annexed the Crimea not Ukraine.

      9. IF war does break out…

        i’ll be joining the Russian side.

        • If war breaks out, it’s time to dig and dig deep!

        • 97% of crimea Voted and 93% voted YES to exit Ukraine and return To Russia. This is well documented and Un debateable period.

          Entire decision was made by Crimian peoples.

          It was caused by the direct interventions of usa state dept’s #2 top head of victoria neuland, wife of Robert Kagan of PNAC Main author fame as well as top apiac member etc and war mongering neocon jewish zio kommieboy.

          Neuland/kagan gave ukrains neo nazis $5 Billion us dollars cash to create chaos. So Neuland, hillary, and apiac/pnac opperatives and fellow traveler israeli zios could then eject elected ukrian Prez, replace hin with one, “Yatz the Yid” also zio neocon kommieboy as a Temp prez untill new elections could be scammed to then get yet another huge billionaire zio jewdeo kommieboy in as ukraines current prez. Even though for the past at least 20 yrs or so that final prez zio freek lived in Switzerland! Where he runs his Chocolate candy empire of wealth from…

          They never seem to run out of willing zionists and swindlers to do regiem change and replace whomever is elected with yet another israel Loyal zio neocon eh.

          And then always get every of their own owned newspapers and tv news shows everywheres globally to declare some form stolen elections or a mass putin is bad guy threat or if all else fails?…get Hollywood tribal script writers and producers to make yet another block buster Holohoax Movie complete with sad violins in background for “special emotional effect” from all the stupid goyim that waste money to go view such fraud movies. Oy Vey!

      10. Distraction. That is what ALL “NEWS” of Everything/Anything put out by so called “MainStream Media” or the TRAITOR Obummer and bought and paid for CORRUPT CRIMINAL Politicians is. All a Distraction. DOES NOT Matter.

        This is what Matters:
        *****This Article is what matters.
        *****World War III.
        *****Russia being provoked into a war.
        *****China-Russia JOINT military exercises

        I’ve tried to get that point across on this Forum Platform. No one listens.
        Listen Up: “Prepper fantasies don’t matter in World War III.”
        The only way to survive is to Relocate to another country outside of the targeted blast zone and Radiation Fallout Area. Also NOT being down wind of hotspots of the radiation produced by Nuclear Weapons. That gives you chance at survival.

        The Traitor Obummer is out to DESTROY America.
        Getting America in a Nuclear war is what he WANTS.
        No worries. Obummer Family and Himself will not be here when it starts. Bet on it.
        This BEAST has set out to destroy your country. Clear?

        America isn’t listening. They are distracted. Pok’e Mon and entertainment is their focus.

        People on this web site and those like it just seem to be obsessed by small arms and ammo, anti jew, anti black, ALL of it is Bravo Sierra. None of it matters when Russian ICBM’s wipe out your city.

        First the EMP strike.
        Next the ICBM target strikes.
        End of Civilization for America.
        On the outside 45 minutes.
        Your AR-AK-ammo stores-food preps- all the effort you have expended do you no good.

        Either get together to Impeach and Arrest those instigating the war with Russia.
        Or Just LEAVE the blast and Radiation zone.
        Those are only things that matter.

        Yet those here say, “I ain’t runnin.” “You coward.” yadda yadda yadda………

        It will be much easier to die than to live in the Near Future if those in positions of Power and Decision making are not STOPPED. Impeach-Arrest.

        You must Move. RELOCATE. Then prep. Gain skills, tools, knowledge at that location.

        • I should change my username here to Jay In Latvia, as I moved to Latvia in June and hope to stay here for a year (medical treatments for my wife and kids).

          However, I have already decided that a cyber attack (like the one performed on Estonia a few years ago) or a breakdown in the Minsk agreement between Ukraine and Russian separatists will be my red flag to make the 4 hour dash to the Polish border and onward back to the UK.

          Having said that, I agree 100% that the best survival strategy for WW3 is to be resident in a neutral country. I am hoping I can get to Switzerland before it all goes down, but it ain’t a cheap place to just go and live in so I have to Plan B fallbacks, including quieter parts of my homeland. One place I cannot be when it happens is here; Russia simply must retake the Baltic states if it is to deny use of the Baltic Sea to NATO. Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are in the same boat (the Finns have told almost a million men to be ready for conscription, so they know what’s coming).

          • I wish you the best jay in the uk. However if the world powers start tossing nukes, there will be no safe place for the likes of us. Truth beknown… I’m OK with it.

          • Very interesting Jay in Latvia,
            Here in the US the computer hacks are coming fast and furious. Hillary hacks, DNC, They promise to bring down Hillary, but so far fall short. The Hildedeast is seems is impervious.

            Never the less, to see so many successful cyber attacks, says time is short.

            Preppers know what this means. Idiot liberals just think it’s time to argue more politics on line. LOL. Keep stacking.

        • I see Slight technical error. Should be:

          –First Move: The US/NATO Satellites are taken out. Satellite killers unleashed by Russia. USA/NATO GPS-Surveillance-Communications ALL go Dark. This might give you few minutes to seek shelter? Indicator of Hell coming. TV-Radio-GPS-go static.

          –Second Move: The EMP strike. CONUS becomes chaos. Roads blocked by disabled vehicles. No phone. Lights go out. No water being pumped. Satellites and Ground communications Now destroyed by Russia. We are in the dark now.

          –Third Move: Russia SLBM target strikes at command and control. (Sub Launched Ballistic Missiles) Russia subs are almost always just outside of US international waters. East coast and west coast of US. These launch FAST. Difficult to stop.

          –Fourth Move: Russia-China BOTH launch ICBM’s with co-ordinated Air Asset Launches. We are now screwed worse than a bad tattoo.

          Result: End of Civilization for America. On the outside 45 minutes. Probably less time. I agree–“Your AR-AK-ammo stores-food preps- all the effort you have expended do you no good.”

          Correct. –“Only option is to NOT be there when Hell is unleashed. Leave the USA.”
          A Fifth column of NWO/UN pro Communist TRAITORS has already taken the reigns of USA government. President-Congress-Senate-Judicial-FBI-ATF-All on board with “change”. Obamunista has purged military and weakened command structure
          Criminal TRAITORS really are calling the shots. That is why these entities consider YOU the enemy.

          -“Fast and Furious” arms to drug cartels by ATF.
          -FBI allowing Hitlery Rotten Clinton to breach USA National Security with ZERO consequences.
          -DHS Practicing with targets of pregnant women and old men in overalls.
          -Jade Helm exercises. States loyal to constitution declared Enemy. Look at the map they used for exercise. TX-Az-Ut-all declared enemy.
          -IRS targeting conservatives.
          -Obumunista illegally choking off ammo supplies and sending ammo to Post Office-NOAA-Social Security Etc.
          -NSA snooping/indexing on law abiding Americans. Yes they are watching.
          ALL of this is because YOU are perceived as ENEMY of the TRAITORS in charge of USA.

          This is what I see coming. Makes me physically sick typing it out. Heart breaking. Yes I am leaving. Not because I want to. Because there is NO Choice. Those that left Germany in WWII lived. Those that stayed mostly died. The next war much worse.

          Pray to God of Jesus for help. We are in trouble as a Nation and as a species.
          We need a miracle. Bible tells Christians to, “Leave the whore or suffer in her destruction.”

          Maybe bible expert can pipe in exact words?

          • Very interesting.

            Perhaps the best early warning device for prepares might be a GPS device running on the table next to the TV, if it ever loses signal, run for the bunker, or your best available shelter. Assuming you have one.

          • Babylon in Revelation refers to the Chaldean Mystery religion aka Paganism aka Mother and Child deity worship with idols, images of deities, baptismal regeneration, salvation by works, etc.

            Where America comes in is the beast on which Babylon rides, which I think is the European nations and their colonial offshoots, otherwise known collectively as “the West”, which, if I am right, is to remain the dominant world power bloc until Christ’s Kingdom grows up to fill the whole earth (Daniel Ch 2), the beginnings of which would be a return to the Messianic faith by the Jews worldwide (Romans 11).

            What is coming to the West is judgement for the people embracing the Sodomite agenda (plus other abominations, such as atheism, Darwinism, etc – the beast on which the Whore of Babylon rides is full of names of blasphemy, don’t forget) and now that the heat is being turned up against the Lord’s people for taking a stand against Sodomy, that is construed by God as an attack on the Lamb (Rev 17:14), an extremely dangerous thing for the West’s godless people to do.

            I believe this judgement will be worse than the suffering of the previous 2 world wars, which hurt the nations at a time when they had not committed anything like the evil they have since. However, in my model the West will recover and remain the pre-eminent world power bloc until the Jews turn to Christ, and in that intervening period, I think there will be a real last ditch effort made by Satan to revive his Babel project, i.e., a one world superstate.

            The elites in the West are hoping that WW3 will produce a revolution in thinking worldwide that will make it easy for a global government to be set up, at least in the West. Brexit, religion per se, cash, democracy, freedom of speech, armed citizenry, etc., will likely all be held up as causes for the terrible nuclear war as they push for an atheistic superstate for the survivors.

            I’ll leave you with two books to consider:

            1. The World Set Free by HG Wells – a 1913 vision of using what were then not-yet-invented atomic weapons to bring about a world government, and,

            2. How The End Begins by Ron Rosenbaum – a 2011 survey of current thought on nuclear war with a revealing section on how it could be sued to bring about a form of world government.

      11. As long as Russia isn’t communist, I could care less who holds sway over Estonia or Donetsk. Nor do I care who owns Point Roberts (look it up – just south of Vancouver, BC). And the reason I care about communism is that it MURDERS and oppresses people – as in 100 million murdered by the left last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, by Courtois, et. al.

        Freedom, justice and stopping oppression interest me. 1913 pre-WWI geopolitical chess moves by various empires don’t.

        Where are the freaking, hypocrite, lying leftists like Cyndy Sheehan and the “no blood for oil” leftists? Suddenly war is A-OK cause Obungler is doing it?????

      12. Obama needs to start a war
        1.To stay in power

        Oh and because the worlds elite tell him to

      13. Word from Wilderness’ comments are close to spot on. Again I recommend that everyone buy a copy of “Nuclear War Survival Skills” and make and learn to use a Kearny Fallout Meter. Make several for your friends and family. Beanie Weenie cans work quite well for this. We have a radiation meter (and other goodies) in both vehicles. We also have dosimeters and chargers. Most of us cannot really relocate, but we can learn to cope with fallout. I’d also recommend working on a fallout shelter of your own. NWSS covers this topic and many others. has excellent material on this and related nuke topics. I recommend “The Day We Bombed Utah” about an above ground Nevada nuke test when the winds quickly shifted. Fallout was spotty all the way to Pennsylvania, heavy at some spots. Buy Dr. Arthur Bradley’s book on EMP protection. Put electronics like radios, laptops, spare solar charge regulators in a Faraday Cage done as he suggests. Go to the archives at, print out and read my piece on fallout. As WfW writes, all your other preps will not be enough if a nuke war erupts.

      14. “General Sir Richard Shirreff (Ret.), who served as NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, speaking with London Reporters May 18, 2016. He referred to the Russian annexation of Crimea as a “copybook military play.” THE GENERAL IS FULL OF SHIT< FACTS: Crimea turned to Russia by vote, and is it any wonder after what the Ukraine/USA criminals and murderers. The General can kiss my bum!

      15. The big issue here is this: Russia is designed to absorb a first strike, survive and fight back. America is not. America’s elite have the bunker option, but for 90% of America, there is no bunker option.

        Russia will inch its way wider in the world. They were asked into Crimea and so they went. They were asked into Syria, so they went. They will be asked into the Baltics, and they will go. They will eventually be asked into other European countries too. They will establish bases across Europe in time.

        • Russia isn’t surviving squat, and neither are we in a nuclear exchange. Civilization and its niceties like medical care, potable running water,waste treatment, food distribution, industry, institutions of higher education and electricity along with the facilities to replace what is lost is gone. Instant stone age.

          In the above aftermath the third world, for the most part unscathed, would rise to dominance.

          • Russia has nuke shelters for the population and they are building many more, we in the usa haven’t and don’t.
            They have more local small farms than the usa also.
            We in the usa have sold most out to big AG.
            They have more nukes also thanks to the mulatto sack o crap in the White house.

          • “Rising to dominance” is more of a First World obsession. The Third World will just be the only world then, free from First World dominance, the only way they can be.

      16. Another great piece. I’m sure you meant to write “the Russian annexation of Crimea” in 2014, not “Ukraine”.

      17. Some kind of WAR is coming around 2018
        I think 2/3 of the world population will be gone.
        Everyone is getting position, and getting ready.
        Me I am going to sit this out.
        Do not bother me.
        I will be in meditation.

      18. Gen. Shirreff’s “awful vision” appears to really be that of Europe having to defend themselves against big Russia, without handy-dandy U.S. America to do it for them.

      19. Any such war will be the signal, quoting the earlier Declaration of Independence, “that the people are,,, and of right ought to be free and independent; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the government,,, and that all political connection between them and the State,,, is and ought to be totally dissolved.” Hence, no “authority” will be recognized by the people and, any “authority” purporting to rule will be treated as a belligerent enemy.

        • You may be right Anonymous?

          But there is something called “He with the FIREPOWER/Air Superiority rules.”
          The Criminal Corrupt USSA “changed” gobment ruled by the Tyrant Beast Traitor Ant-American, Anti-Business, Anti-Christian, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Family,
          “Barack Hussein Obama, II” AKA: Real Name is Barry Soetoro.
          (Think about it. Why would a real American change name to MUSLIM alias?
          He is NOT AMERICAN.)

          These corrupt NWO/UN criminals would unleash Air-Artillary-Chemical-Nuclear weapons at fellow Americans on USSA soil. Anyone who does not believe the DEPTHS and DEPRIVATION of EVIL that the “changed” USSA gobment under control of UN/NWO/Collectivist Communist, is capable of and WOULD perpetrate against fellow Americans are DELUSIONAL. Evil knows NO LIMITS. Evil will do ANYTHING.

          Jade helm Map PROVES INTENTION of the “Barack Hussein Obama, II” AKA: Real Name is Barry Soetoro TRAITOR beast.

          The Obama TRAITOR allowed HUNDREDS of Russia Spetznaz special forces in Colorado Springs. Shipped their ass in. Colorado Springs HOME of Air Space Command-NORAD and other High Value military bases. WTF?

          And still the Obamination sits in office DESTROYING EVERYTHING AMERICAN.
          STILL the American People Do Nothing about a TRAITOR in office.
          They elected him TWICE! WTF? Not Impeached? Not Arrested? WTF?

          Staying in the USSA is SUICIDE. We are leaving ASAP.
          The traitor poser president Obamination is trying to start a nuclear war to destroy America.

          He with Air Superiority and Artillery WINS EVERY TIME.

      20. General Sir Richard Shirreff needs to be institutionalized.

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