This Stunning Chart Shows How Trump’s Border Wall Will Stop Illegal Immigration

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    There have been a lot of arguments put forth about Trump’s border wall idea.

    Some say such a wall will do nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States through our southern border. Others argue that the hundreds of miles of border can only be secured by a well constructed barrier.

    The following chart from The Daily Caller should put any debate over the matter to rest.

    The data is compiled from immigration statistics by the Hungarian Police and shows that not only does such a wall work, it begins working almost instantly.

    Several European countries have erected fences to keep migrants out, and, according to the numbers, every case appears to have a large impact.

    When the fence went up Oct. 17, the influx went down to 870 from 6,353 only a day earlier. Illegal border crossing were steadily below 40 per day throughout the rest of the month


    The numbers speak for themselves.

    We now have proof of concept for how to mitigate and eliminate the immigration crisis facing the United States.

    Are our elected officials prepared to step up and do what needs to be done?


    Hattip The Daily Caller via Zero Hedge

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      1. The political establishment and mainstream media are very upset about the prospect of an effective US/Mexico border wall. Let’s ask the basic journalistic question, “Why are they so upset about this proposition?”

        For some, they have been steeped in many years of indoctrination at cultural Marxist training centers, er, public schools. Others, more darkly, may actually be paid off by the Mexican drug cartels who derive much of their revenue from American users.

        Can anyone else think of other reasons for the consternation among the American political/media left, and even some cuckservatives?

        • it is straightforward. Dilute the nativist US population to the point that the majority will vote for formal dissolution of the border, a new NAFTA based nation, ending the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is part of the globalist agenda, as a bridge to one world government.

          • We never needed a wall when the laws were enforced.

            When our government officials put in NAFTA they were also spending money to send materials to central and south America to tell them how to come to the US and get free $, food and medical. Our government printed training materials for them and opened the door and then turned their backs on the problem. No enforcement, no detainment, no returns and NO $ penalty for employers who broke the law.

            For decades the enforced law was the wall. And it worked.
            A physical wall will not stop the illegal flights full of middle eastern illegals that are being brought into this nation. The biggest illegals are those who are doing this starting with Obama who himself is an illegal.

            And speaking about illegals: Cruz is a citizen of no nation yet he sits in the Senate and runs for President.

            As a former military who had a child overseas on active duty, on a military installation I STILL was required to go to a US embassy and file for a “certificate of live birth abroad” so my child could be a US citizen and not a citizen of the nation she was born in.( Even though she was born in a US hospital on US military installation.)
            Cruz has no certificate of live birth abroad so he is not a US citizen. He is eligible to become one based on his moms citizenship but she never applied for him and he has never applied. So he is NOT eligible to hold the office until he has been a citizen for 9 years of Senate and can not run for President.





          IF THAT




          • Because the globalists want to dilute the white race. They know that they can pit the races. They know that the colored races will work for far less $$$$$. They know that they can “buy” the illegals by giving them free shit.
            Once the nonwhites oitnumber the whites……the globalists win.
            We need to DEPORT EVERY LAST ILLEGAL…..NOW!
            The illegal swarms of young males who are nothing but pig rapists, into the EU, is intended to accomplish the same thing.
            Lock, load, and be ready…………

          • We need the low IQ people to be our oppressors
            You know , like cops

            • EOTS – can’t go by IQ – some psychopaths have high IQ’s.

            • EOTS, anyone who comes to me with bad intentions toward me is low IQ and will be history.

        • Donald Trump can build whatever wall he wants: in reality he’s just trying to gain lucrative contracts for companies related to Trump ventures and that’s what this issue all about (as always he’s appealing to the ignorance and gullibility of his supporters).

          Mexican human traffickers will simply build a state-of-the-art network of tunnels all along the US-Mexico border, being financed with drug money (meaning hundreds of millions if not billions of US Dollars); besides that, most border patrol agents in the Southern border are Mexican-Americans, so they won’t give a damn trying to enforce new border crossing regulations on their Mexican brothers.

          In addition to that, places like Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez have already the most sophisticated document printing centers at the border, where any person who wants to enter the US legally can easily obtain a Green Card or border crossing card capable to fool any computer system currently in service at any point of entry to America.

          At this point, there are approximately 75 million undocumented immigrants living in United Sates (called them illegal aliens if you want), meaning 1 out 4 people in America does not have papers.

          Next step will be for California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas (states where Mexican-Americans and Mexican nationals are the majority), to secede from this failed union and start negotiations with Mexico for a more dynamic border crossing scheme.

          • I doubt getting personal contracts is Trump’s motivation. That would be a severe conflict of interest and probably a cause for jail time.

            So, because tunnels can be built, we should allow the flood of illegal aliens into the USA? Hell no! We should build the wall and then use the US military to identify and blow up such tunnels. The tunnel rats have to pop their heads out at some point, and when they do–kaboom!

            As to the documents, go to retinal scans or other relatively foolproof technologies. Not prohibitively expensive at all!

            Yours are the excuses of one who wants the problem to continue.

            • J. Ethro – Trump plays by his rules and his rules only. He has always called the shots, never answered to anyone. He has engaged in conflicts of interest numerous times. He would never serve jail time. He’s too connected. If he is our next President I give it about 6 months to a year and most will see what I mean. As far as the tunnels it’s an elaborate underground system with underground connections in every US state.

              • I use the tunnels to chase chubby Mexican gals round and round. I once chased a lovely senorita from Nogales to Anchorage. I popped up in Kansas City, Denver and Seattle for some food though.

            • Yea, but he is nou’t but dreaming. The border tunnels always get found before they are completed.

              Dream on, Leon Worthless!

          • Those tunnels can be destroyed with munitions………and perhaps they will be.

            • The cops and BP always find them before they are ever put in use. Case after case.

          • sooo, leon,….i guess YOUR solution is to…dooooo……nothing?

          • Right, federal contracts will be awarded to President Trumps own companies, we get it. Never mind how illegal that would be, sure, that’s what he wants to do, it’s obvious. Keep in touch about that.

          • You mean like some of the goons who served in the Bush and Clinton presidencies? Oh and the Obama presidency? Hahah, why does Trumps doing it, it he is doing it for that reason, bother you so much Leon? Is he a “politician of a different type.”? Should we allow Hillary Clinton to keep the personal contracts? Hahahaahah I would like to see a different crook in D.C. for a change….Hahhahaahahah PEACE.

        • Just heard last evening that the asswipe in the whitehouse, cocaine addict, btt screwing “swings both ways bath house Barry, treasonous illegal plans to hurry up and make it legal for all current ILLegals to be citizens.
          Time to raise hell folks…….time to raise hell.
          We have plenty of Americans who would give their right arm for a job yet all these illegals sneak in and are given the jobs.
          If Trump passed a mandate that any and every business owner who hired an illegal would be fined $100,000 per day, per illegal……..this illegal alien crap would stop.
          As well, educate our own kids at the University level and tell Mexico to educate their own.
          Those creeps can deal with their own corruption, just as we will deal with ours of Trump gets in.

          • Fines for business owners was in R Reagan’s amnesty plan….trouble was, congress didn’t enforce that part.

        • Yes I have a answer we the evil white Christmas stole this country and now that we have worked to bring forth the natural bounty,they want to take it.Then force a reordering of our social fram work.

        • Sure, if I may. I’ve thought about this for a long time. But I found my thinking cleared up on the subject when I broadened it by expanding the whole concept of borders. I asked myself why is there such a resistance to even the mild, so far, American citizens even protesting the notion of illegal immigration? What is it that so bothers the U.S. elite about it? Don’t they believe in a sovereign nation, I wondered? Then I finally concluded that yes, the globalist elite, believe in a sovereign nation ON THEIR TERMS. To these people the country we call the U.S. serves them the best as a protected ECONOMIC ZONE, free of the responsibilities to citizens and laws that are in the best interests of those citizens, that a NATION would have. No Mr. Smith goes to Washington stuff for these globalist “Americans”, Wall Street, Silicon Valley big shots, international companies that became rich off the citizens of Main St. America, but now has nothing but disdain for it and its citizens. So, to make a long story short, BORDERS DO NOT SERVE THE AMERICAN ELITE. Borders suggest to them that something needs protecting and whatever needs protecting requires service and money and responsibility from the protector. This is why our streets are crumbling,our buildings are decaying, our bridges are collapsing, our airports are as Mr. Donald Trump has said, THIRD RATE, compared to much of the rest of the moder world, WHILE COKE, PEPSI, MONSANTO, GENERAL FOODS, and on and on, get richer. They aren’t required to put much in, just allowed to Take a lot OUT!! Globalism, has very limited use for the concept of citizen, nation, Main st. ANYWHERE AND ITS PEOPLE. It’s a disaster to the spiritual development and ultimate welfare of the human race……..peace

        • My comment was in answer to Jack Boot, not Old Iron,etc.

        • Building a wall is a very kind solution. I would just point a woodchipper at the Rio Grand. After I televised the first depotation, the rest would walk, no run across the scum to avoid likewise treatment. Any caught sneaking here henceforth would automatically be shredded to make sure it didn’t happen again.

      2. If it only stopped half of them it would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Sgt. We should just take over Latin America.
          All the way to panama canal.
          Hell, half of them live here now as it is.

          Tequila for all….

          • Just do NOT swallow 2 worms and drink a quart of mescal….

            Makes for an interesting evening…

            • In case some do not know, these worms live in the aguave plant and eat the fruit, peyote.
              Hallucinating effects.
              And hang with bikers on a weekend blowout.

              Just Monday was hell…

              • Eppe, you brought back some memories from my younger days for me. I tried tequila one time and that was it for me. Tequila ain’t nothin to play with.

          • Ep/Sgt. We should just take over Latin America.
            All the way to panama canal.

            The Spanish tried that in the 1500’s, but Montezuma’s revenge paid dividends.


          • Eppe–The point is, we don’t want them here at all. Anywhere these mud people live will become a turd world shithole. It’s the people, not the location. Note that when they left central/south America, the Spanish did not take the mongrels with them.

        • Won’t happen, they marxists are now working overtime to get them registered to “vote”. Cloward-Piven is just about a done-deal. Americans who care, have waited far too long.

          On top of that, the back-stabbing RINOs will do everything they can, to prevent such a viable border defense from becoming a reality.

          I’m just about ready to wager, the only thing remaining of The United States, a year or so from now, is the flag; and it will only remain as a symbol, until the owners finally dispense with it…

          • they don’t NEED voters if TPTB control the voting MACHINES

      3. When the wall is built, cut off all Benny’s for illegals and de-magnetize the country they will go home on their own. No need to round up.

        • You also have to be locked and loaded because the criminals among them will do their best to steal and rape everything and everyone. Good target practice!

      4. The trick to getting a good border wall is to mix George Soros’ tears into the concrete mix.

        • It would be more effective to use his remains as “scarecrow”.

          • It’s not like you couldn’t do both, I suppose.

        • no tears. his blood.

        • how many politicians does it take to roof a house?…..ONE, if you slice him thin enough.

      5. Here,my wall is simpler.Not one penny from taxpayer for food/housing/med/education/anything!Not a fucking pennyfor illegals!That wall will work fine.Other countries take a hit natural/manmade disaster and you find a charity worthy of your help,well,am all for that.

        • Very good idea. Cut off the candy to the illegal ingrates.

        • Warchild:
          Excellent point.

          May I add: legalize marijuana, heroine, and cocane. That would bring the addicts out of the shadows where we could offer rehab or just keep them maintained so they don’t have to commit crimes to get a fix. And yet another disincentive for illegal immigration.

        • 9/11 was done with implanted explosives in the buildings, preplaced at all the appropriate floors and basement…AND HOLOGRAMS.
          there were NO HIJACKERS!
          You all need to look at the most recent and accurate info.

          We were attacked by our own governmwnt…….the evidence is irrefutable!

      6. Well, the Wall has worked well for the Pope all these years!

      7. We needed proof?
        A four year old could see that a wall or even a rusty fence will keep the neighbors from walking on your lawn.

        We need this and more. Shut down the plan to import “refugees” via plane.

        Negotiate a plan with Canada to stop them from coming in from Canada. Canada is taking in “refugees” who will wind up in Montana, Washington State, and all the states that border Canada. Then they will mosey their way down to the heartland to disrupt and destabilize. A few radicals might set off bombs. Actually that would be a blessing in disguise. The real problem occurs when immigration begins in a benign fashion and takes root without notice. It is happening now. Just look to the Palestinians when they allowed an alien race to immigrate to Palistine. They were driven out of their homes. Their children were murdered. They wound up prisoners in their own land; subjected to torture and abuse on a daily basis. Palestine is now Known by the name of the alien invaders. So, if we haven’t learned anything from this, well, Have a Nice Day in The United States of Islam, a satellite of the State of Isreal.

      8. I like mine fields better than a wall.

        • Well hell yeah….the visual effect is much more pleasing to the eye.

        • I love land mines, they will sit for decades needing no maintenance, until tripped. As a bonus the sight of an illegals remains who has encountered a land mine would serve as a deterrent to future third world invaders. I would however as a humanitarian post signs warning of mine field ahead on our border with Mexico, in Mandarin Chinese!:)

      9. Our elected officials are more concerned about illegal immigrants than the citizens they are supposed to be representing.

        And the Dumb butts in Washington wonder why American citizens hate their sorry butts.

        • I think the copulating male offspring of female dogs know all too well why we hate their rectums. However, we are not relevant to them anymore and they only follow the wishes of their masters, the big money globalist donors. Remember also that it matters little how anyone votes. It is enough that there is an election. It is those who count the votes that matter, and we are not in that group, so expect things to go on as they have been. Oh, it will be a “close election”, but in the end the globalists will squeak out a victory “somehow”.

          • Chin up Winston,don’t be so depressed!There are many ways the citizens can”vote”!

            • EXACTLY!

      10. Trump’s border wall will definitely work at keeping the illegals out. Remember how he said he’d make Mexico pay for it? The best way would be to have every illegal – as they’re being deported – do hard time by building the wall themselves. This will accomplish two things: 1) the wall gets built with material costs only, saving taxpayers the labor costs; and 2) they’ll be working off their debt for all the free benefits they received while here illegally. That should completely change the mind of any single illegal alien contemplating coming here unlawfully because they’d see there’s “no more free ride, only hard time.” For those that are here illegally, but worked and contributed to society, they must apply for citizenship like everybody else that’s here lawfully and get no credit for time spent here already. No amnesty. That would be their penalty for breaking the law.

      11. Trumps border wall? Nice try.

      12. War child I didn’t know you live so close to me. You said your on the mass rhody line. No bullshit I’m like 20 mins away. We probably been in the same store buying ammo. You know the bullshit that goes in around here. Anyway my take on the illegals is if they cannot get work or programs they will have to go somwhere else. Businesses that hire illegals need to be fined or possibly shut down. Gov needs to stop the free shit path for them. If there is no way to support yourself then you gotta go where you can do that. We have laws on the books for this. If our coward leaders would uphold the laws this wouldn’t be a problem. Fuckin stupid leaders attract them when they should repel them.

        • Ass,work this region,am more of a NH boy,just grew up/have a lotta contacts/family here.As for ammo buying,well,unless you order same online as me or reload,nope,we go to different places.I am trying to get together with Overwatch for a breakfast/dinner/what have you,interested?

      13. I’m for the wall but I doubt it will ever be built even if Trump becomes president. The merger of the US, Canada and Mexico is the plan, don’t think the globalists will back off.

        • Yes. All this talk of a wall is just distraction because of the NWO plan. It doesn’t fit with the plan.

      14. Take away all the reasons for coming here and they will disappear. they will beg to leave.

        • Well, all we have to do then is destroy the drug cartels in addition to ending all the social spending they receive and take away all their employment opportunities and they will go. Sadly though, I don’t see that scenario playing out.

      15. Are our elected officials prepared to step up and do what needs to be done?

        Who do you think elects them?

        In other words not a chance in hell…

      16. If there is a wall built you can bet Mexicans will be doing the labor. There will be no wall built no matter who is placed in the presidency.

      17. How about bringing our troops that are stationed abroad home and station them along our borders. Quit forcing the American tax payer to foot the bill for the defense of our NATO allies.

      18. If walls “Dont work”, why are there gated communities? Or why do farmers/ranchers use barbed wire? Fucking retards in our stupperment!!!

      19. Mehico is basically a desert right? Trial run for whats to come for the ME.

      20. Israel was plagued by constant terror attacks coming from Gaza. They put up a great fence system and terrorist attacks dropped precipitously.

        Fences work, and Israel demonstrates that fences along with a solid immigration enforcement work specifically to prevent terrorism. Isn’t that what Americans want?

      21. Alijamo:
        The American people need to insist that regardless of who pays for this wall, the workers will be American citizens. If Mexico refuses, tuff. Print some American Notes and pay the workers with them. Then stay away from Dallas on November 22.

      22. I worry about a wall eventually being used to keep us in. Perhaps we should just deport everyone who hires the illegals, deport the illegals, empty the illegals out of our jails and prisons, deport all who seek to circumvent our laws on immigration (without changing the laws legally), deport anyone calling for another amnesty and putting permanent tattoos on their foreheads of all in those groups so they can be easily identified. Just a suggestion.

        • So very tired:
          I worry about that, too. My guess is that it worries a lot of people. But, I don’t think being worried about the wall helping to box us in say during some FEMA Camp/Marshall Law round-up of patriots unfairly deemed terrorists scenario, should necessarily keep us from building. I don’t know. And I am so very tired, too.

      23. Cut off their welfare and EBT cards and free health care. No drivers licenses or free school for their brats. Only English spoken. They will leave on their own in droves.

        • Emily is correct.

        • A cop recently told me that in order to receive those freebie benefits one must produce a lot of documentation to get a driver’s license or state-issued ID card… and without the driver’s license or state-issued ID card they cannot and do not receive any benefits.

          One must be here legally in order to receive them and that there is a way to determine if their license or ID card is valid or fake, like with counterfeit bills, there is a way — that’s what he told me.

          He also said that as far as hospitals and emergency rooms they can’t refuse medical treatment to anyone in need, regardless of their status, unless the person is being violent, putting others at risk, in which case they are hauled off by LE.

          So illegals are treated in the ER for free, which he said some use as a free doctors office, but that they do not receive any other freebies/benefits, unless they are here legally.

          I think the U.S. should make like Canada and refuse anyone entry who can’t prove that they will not be a burden on their economy, social services, and medical systems, and that they have a job waiting or have marketable job skills that are in demand. Otherwise ‘no entry.’

        • There are three elementary schools in our town, one of them is full of Spanish-speaking children who must be taught in Spanish, their English is so poor they cannot get more than a half-four or so a day of English instruction.

          So the American kids who attend the school come home and say their teacher is spending the entire day teaching the Mexicans, not the Americans.

          Kick them out, we could shut down an entire school. There’s no way they are paying enough in taxes to fund it.

          Recent study says 11 million illegals are paying $12 billion in taxes nationally. That’s just over $1,000 apiece. The left is actually pointing to this study as proof the illegals pay taxes. Do they think we can’t figure out the real story?

          • From what I’ve seen, personally, here in the Southwest, those Spanish-speakers (if one can call it that when the uncivilized mangle a civilized European language) are not being taught in Spanish either! Yes, federal and state money is being given to school admins to provide bilingual education but either they’re doing something else with that money or their ‘teachers,’ mostly underqualified ‘affirmative action’ hires themselves, don’t even try to get the job done. Those immigrant children, or children of immigrants, are coming all the way out of high school functionally illiterate in both Spanish and English.

            I know all this because I have taught hundreds of anchor babies how to read and write Spanish, even when they spoke the language daily in their own homes – not because I was always hired to do it but just as a favor, and because I liked showing I could do more in a couple of hours than our schools are doing in 12 years, thereby exposing their own corruption. I still occasionally translate paperwork at HHS offices – for all those illegals the liberals say aren’t getting federal bennies – and for the ‘hispanic’ staff who don’t know Spanish well enough to do their own jobs. I am often the only White person in the HHS office, too.

            ‘Non-Hispanic’ White is downright confusing to me, by the way, and I wish people would stop using it, as the media do ad nauseum. I think we started hearing that one a lot around the time of Zimmerman shooting the black burglar and the media hysteria trying to make him into a ‘dreaded White racist.’ Hispanic is just a code word for non-White Spanish-speaker. If you’re a Spaniard, unless you’re obviously non-White, like a Roma or Arab, you shall definitely be designated as White and ‘non-Hispanic,’ to be shut out of all ‘minority’ hand-outs and set-asides.

            I hope we get Trump and the wall too! In the meantime, there is a way to live with this Spanish in the country without too much bitterness: Spanish doesn’t mean Mexican, or any other kind of non-White. It is a White European language with an ancient and noble heritage and no amount of attempted appropriation by primitives is going to change that fact. My advice is: learn it, claim it as your own and use it like a whip when you need to. There’s one thing I can say for most ‘hispanics:’ they have an inborn respect for an educated Spanish voice, maybe because it was beaten into them for centuries, and you’ll have less trouble with them if you remember that.
            We should stop thinking of learning, and teaching, more languages as concessions to enemies, at least when the languages in question are already part of our own racial history. And we don’t need more tax-payers’ money to get that done, just the right attitude. 🙂

            • Don’t vote for the democratic party like most teachers do, if you know all of this and disagree with it. They are the party of illegal democrats……..LOL

              • I can tell you’re kidding, so that’s alright. Trump is the *only* one running who isn’t plainly a traitor and general piece of shit. I don’t even know any pro-American and pro-White Democrats, do you? That didn’t use to be the case, of course, but what we have today are not the Democrats our parents remember.

                • Merrywidow, I think you put it perfectly. Yes, Hillary Clinton is running an anti-white people campaign and yes, these democrats are not the party of the great John FitzGerald Kennedy, in my opinion.

      24. With all the brilliance here no wonder candidate Trump is going to win the GOP nomination. For all of the well-intentioned patriotism many of you have reduced this problem to the simplicity of upset neighbors and “damn kids on my lawn.” Illegal immigration is an economic problem. No one leaves stellar economic opportunities. Before you go calling for the deportation of illegals realize that ICE states booting one person costs more than $20,000. Multiply that by the estimated 11 million undocumented peoples in the US for a total of $280+ Billion dollars. Not how I want my tax dollars spent. Nor does a $12+ Billion dollar wall tickle my fancy. There are already fences, rivers, and walls across the 1,000 mile border and there are still migrants crossing every day. AND WE NEED THEM. I dont want $4 celery or $11 strawberries and I thank Juan, Pablo and Maria for that. This country was built by immigrants. The United States of America is the greatest economic and military power this planet has ever seen. How is it that less than 4% of the population could be the cause of all of our problems?

        • ICE’s estimate of $20,000 is ridiculous. I could fly each one first-class out of the country for much less than that.

          This country was built by legal immigrants. We don’t need the illegal immigrants.

          “How is it that less than 4% of the population could be the cause of all of our problems?”

          You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer if you really can’t figure that out.

          • I imagine the native Americans who were here would agree with you legal immigration assertion. It more like rape, pillage and plunder. What goes around comes around. We are just reaping what our ancestors sowed.

            • We won the Indian wars. We had technology. They didn’t even have the wheel.

        • You’re already paying $4 for a bunch of celery, been to the store lately? It’s nearly $2, the other $2 is the cost of good and services provided by your state and local taxes to illegal aliens, nearly all of whom do not work in agriculture in the first place.

          Only 1 in 4 farm workers are migrant Mexicans, and most of them are not illegals. Your dire prospect of expensive food doesn’t hold up.

          $280 billion to deport is a fanciful number, entirely extrapolated. Even if it were true, that’s less than one year of defense spending. For that price, we eliminate over $300 billion in goods and services to illegals the very next year, presuming we felt like spending the entire amount in one year and deporting all of them, instead of taking three or five years as most feasibility studies recommend.

          Net profit, $20 billion. Next year, net profit, $280 billion. Year after, another $280 billion.

        • I call BS. It already costs half a Trillion, yes $500,000,000,000 a year to have illegal immigrants here. $280 billion would be a bargain to get rid of them once. No one in history became the greatest anything by letting and enabling an outside force take advantage of them. We are circling the drain because of this and a thousand other cuts from such idealists as yourself.

      25. I guess if the wall is built all the illegals will say fuckit and fill up their own tunnels , right?
        All a wall is going to do is literally force them underground, there’s so many tunnels down there they haven’t even scratched the surface
        There was one just recently found where a house was built just specifically to cover for the exit on this side of the border
        They already have the technology to defeat any wall
        What is needed are incentives not to cross our border , like no free shit when they get here , and a stiff jail sentence when they do
        Make our illegal border crossing laws the same as Mexicos
        That’s how this gets done

      26. The reason is very simple, if you stop Mexican immigration they will revolt as they have no way to improve their lives. The Mexican elite will be running into open ground to avoid the gallows pole. If the people are stuck in Mexico they will have a revolution…. entrance into the US is a steam valve release of pressure.

      27. Folks the wall will never happen. If it did I feel it is TO LITTLE, TO LATE!!! Remember Bullets, Beans and Band-Aids.

      28. you are fing dreaming if you think your leaders are going to stop immigration.

      29. Referring back to the article above, I am thinking that the onset of a harsh winter in Europe kept the migrant numbers down rather than any fences.

        • No, the drop is due to the barriers. Spring is here and the numbers are still down. The barriers work.

      30. Walls work, end of. Israel proved it with their wall. Security checks work, border controls work, compulsory military service works, having a strong national culture works (look at Japan). If we are to believe the mainstream view, then Japan, China, South Korea, etc. do not function as economies and societies and are not modern because they do not have enough diversity, low education Mexicans and low IQ blacks.

        If you want to see what a country looks like if you do not have border controls and just flood the place with anyone who rocks up, then look at Greece. It is now a filthy, bankrupt cesspit of a country.

        • Good post FT. Oh BTW you might want to check out why Mexico put up a border fence with armed towers, between them and Honduras.

          • Sorry, Guatemala.

      31. i believe that when the wall gets built that this is what should happen.round up all illegals ship them back to mexico then all green card holders tell them either become an american citizen or go home. cause they are just as bad as the illegals. they are hold our jobs for ransome so to speak. those jobs should be held by American people for Gods sake. this is why the unemployment rate is so high.well one of the reasons anyway.

      32. No wall is necessary. You go after those who employ illegal workers. Turn those scumbag employers into paupers. Have the IRS romp on them with both feet. Make them afraid to employ illegals and there will be no jobs and the will deport themselves. And if the goverment wil not do it the citizens need to put anyone who employs illegals out of buisness. Your neighbor hires a illegal burn down his house! a buisness hires illegals destroy his buisness. You gotta do whatever it takes or do nuthin? Trump will not solve the problem.

        • OK, you start burning down houses and businesses, let us know how that works out as a solution.

        • Good ideas, sir, except for the arson talk that makes me nervous and that may be just because I’m in the midst of a Southwestern fire-spreading windstorm today, but I have a question: where do you get the idea that all those illegals want to come here to get jobs? Most, the vast majority, do not! They come for welfare, free medical care, housing, schools, American citizenship for their little bastards – and to commit crimes. More Americans die every day being murdered by illegals than we are losing a day in all our war theaters together.

          I remember looking at a webpage of the ‘most wanted sex-offenders’ in AZ, back in 2007 (it can only be worse now) and every face was a Mexican or Central American Mestizo. Interestingly, right next to the pictures, that nobody would ever mistake for White men, their race was listed as ‘White.’ The cost of illegals to our whole society is a hundred times higher than just the economic cost of lost American jobs. A third of our prison inmates are in the country illegally.

          This isn’t just illegal ‘immigration’ for the imagined goal of bettering their sorry lives; this is a hostile invasion and yes, their intent is to kill us, steal what we have, and then of course, turn our country into the same kind of third world shithole they left. That’s all they know. The stakes here represent more than national borders, but civilization as we know it too. We cannot maintain a first world civilization with a third world population. If we are displaced, the society we built, and everything that makes it an attractive place to come for lesser peoples, will go with us. This batch of parasites is a stupid one: it will try to kill its host and its benefactor just for being better than it is. We’d better destroy it, not try to reason with it, if we want to live. I don’t care how, whatever it takes.

      33. What a bunch of crap. No way anyone can predict that. Because the moron trump doesn’t even know his own plan.

      34. Off topic:
        Hi all I’m still kicking and doing well. I hope everyone else are doing well also.
        Staying under the radar, I have my reasons none of them are life threating, which is good!:-)
        S.T.S.F.P. n. rEB

        • Good to hear from ya ‘ol boy!

        • Northern Reb, it’s damn good to see you back. Wish you’d stop back by more often. I miss your posts.

      35. I just copied and pasted here my comment from a March 22nd thread, last post on the thread. Here’s what I think;

        There is also an elaborate underground tunnel system from Mexico leading into in every single U.S. state, except of course Alaska and Hawaii.

        However the tunnels are restricted to the drug cartels drug trafficking (who created this underground tunnel system) bringing drugs into the U.S.

        I seriously doubt they will allow Mexicans to use it to gain illegal entry into the U.S. …. unless maybe they are delivering a crap load of illegal drugs for them.

        I think if Trump is our next president he is going to end up charging the taxpayers for the completion of said wall, that will only be semi-effective.

        TO ADD:
        I think if it is impossible to cross the border, then it will be possible that those desperate to come to the U.S. illegally will agree to take one load of drugs with them on their way, via their underground tunnel to a cartel figure who is stationed in the U.S. at the other end of the tunnel. Fix one problem, create another.

        • How’d they tunnel under the Mississippi River?

      36. Gabe… most know exactly what happened on 9-11 but are reluctant to discuss it for fear of potential retribution from the growing nwo police state.

      37. Personally I like the idea of trains and special camps with funny showers.

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