This Radio Host Was “Abruptly Censored” For Saying THIS WORD About Hillary

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 146 comments

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    Code word: Levodopa.

    Apparently that’s all it takes to get suddenly cut off air and shut down.

    It just happened to syndicated radio host Michael Savage, who has a regular audience of some 20 million people.

    He regularly stirs controversy, and has a reputation for telling it like it is, in spite of attempts to silence him.

    But when Savage blurted out that he had received reports that Hillary Clinton is taking Levodopa, a prescription drug taken by Parkinson’s patients, he was suddenly taken off air.

    According to Breitbart:

    Talk radio star Michael Savage has characterized his being abruptly pulled off the radio on Monday afternoon following a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health issues as an act of “pure sabotage.” In an email to this reporter on Monday night, Savage wrote:

    Pure sabotage. No advance notice from me or my producers. Then ‘ISDN problems’ during my discussion of the side effects of Levodopa, used for treating Parkinson’s.  Then the two fill-ins trying to sound informed and clever from WABC who have 40% lower ratings than me, boasting on air during my hours that they conducted a ‘coup’ by taking Savage off the air.

    Savage was taken off the air on New York powerhouse WABC and was replaced by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby, host of the afternoon drive show titled “Curtis & Kuby.”

    It sounds like pure opposition attacks from the Hillary camp. Undermining the anti-Hillary message at this critical and desperate time in the election.

    Clearly, the Democratic campaign does not want visibility in the story about Hillary’s declining health and extreme vulnerability that could compromise her ability to be president.

    Apparently, just talking about rumors and/or reports that Hillary is on a Parkinson’s medication is enough to warrant swift moves of censorship from high up in the media chain of power.

    via Dahboo77:

    Popular radio host Michael Savage was pulled off the air during his program yesterday in a shocking move.

    What was so controversial that WABC had to censor Savage? Well, Hillary Clinton’s health of course. That’s right, all Savage was talking about from a medical standpoint was Hillary’s health and the rumor that she takes Levodopa, the Parkinson’s disease drug. After Savage mentioned Levodopa, that was all it took, just that one word, to cause the liberal CEO to take him off air mid-show.

    What Are They Hiding? Radio Host Taken Off Air, Censored for Saying 1 Word

    It happened to Dr. Drew after he expressed concern about Hillary suffering brain damage live on air.

    Now, it is happening when radio hosts discuss the topic… and it will continue because the powers that be have declared open season for political sabotage.

    All the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men will be constructing whatever fragile narrative is necessarily to give the appearance of legitimacy, while clearing the path of any and all adversaries who might stand in her way.

    Read more:

    Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”

    “Media Actively Conspiring With Clinton Campaign” To Cover-up Hillary Major Health Issues

    As Hillary Steals the White House, Five More Added to “Clinton Body Count”

    Must Watch: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”


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      1. Did they just make Savage an “Example” of what can be done?

        • Anon, it sure looks like it. They try something like that on me only at their own peril.

          • The BIG question is.

            If all the prepper and survival sites began shutting down. Plus all the radio stations.

            What would you do?

            Can it go as far as shutting down your personal cell phone and internet service?

            You’re on your own now! Isolated.

            Really our standby communications given any value, are Non Existent. Long distance for sure.

            • SHTF TRAIN WRECK: 1 Killed, 100 Hurt.

              CBS/AP/ September 29, 2016, 9:10 AM

              Hoboken, New Jersey, train crashes into station

              CBS News executive editor Steve Capus described the scene at the station as “devastating.” He saw one person on the ground who appeared to have a broken leg and a number of people holding bandages to their head, bleeding.

              Scores of people were in a triage area at the station, many with bloodied shirts and clothing, Capus reports. Some people being taken out of the station appeared to be “severely hurt,” he said.

              Ross Bauer, an IT specialist who was heading to his Manhattan job from his home in Hackensack, was sitting in the third or fourth car when the train pulled into the historic 109-year-old station.

              “All of a sudden, there was an abrupt stop and a big jolt that threw people out of their seats. The lights went out, and we heard a loud crashing noise – like an explosion – that turned out to be the roof of the terminal,” he said. “I heard panicked screams, and everyone was stunned.”

              ht tp://


              • So what!

                The idiots speed on the highway and crash. Now they are speeding in the subways.

                They said the speed should be about 25 to 28 MPH.

                The have recorded some trains doing 38 MPH.

          • The contagion spreads…
            The finances and economies of the world are so interconnected.

            “Germany’s second largest bank, Commerzbank is planning to cut almost 10,000 jobs over and will stop paying dividends to shareholders.”

            “Europe is teetering on the brink, and although we are thousands of miles away, we must take note of what happens there. Trade and economy are inextricably linked in this age of global connectedness and the ripples are felt around the world when a major economy hits its crisis point.”

            ht tp://

        • The internet leaves US control, and is being handed over to ICANN — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, on October 1st.
          ICANN, is a California based group made up of representatives from tech giants, foreign governments and other “interested parties.”

          Now we see TV and radio hosts being removed from the air because they dared to question the lies coming out of the mouths of the government controlled media shills.

          After the internet is handed over to a cabal of wealthy elitists, how much longer before blogs like this one are removed?

          • JD, not long at all.
            Years ago Savage talked about broadcasting from a ship offshore when stuff like this happens.
            That may be the future unless it’s also banned or censored.

            • Radio Caroline all over again?

          • Blogs like this need to move into the Darknet instead. Plenty to choose from.

          • You are all insecure bigots of the 10th degree. YOU are not that important. I am. – (as far as I am concerned). You are important unto yourself. I don’t deny you your rights and opinions but (Go fuck yourself).

          • the Germans werent armed……apples to oranges

        • I was watching a video over at the Liberty Mill on UN trucks In Maryland.
          Alert by Dahoo.

          Read another story and when I went back the video was scrubbed.
          Grain of salt added.

          • CORRECTION

            The video is still on utube about un trucks/ plastic caskets in Maryland.

        • He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get offed as has happened to so many others that have spoken against the Klinton’s.

        • Savage is the man

      2. well apparently Mr Weiner ain’t too upset
        so far nothing on his web site
        you would expect him to be yelling bloody murder
        and using this to boost his ratings

        oh well
        the night is young
        maybe later

      3. THEY will come in the night, roughly rounding up or killing on the spot…and the black veil of the (((msm))) will report nothing. Prepare for general quarters to be sounded…do you have a battle station in mind??? Hopefully you do, many do not and will get on THAT bus…never to return to their homes. WE ARE entering THE most unknown theater of action. For those of you who have combat experience, please share with those AROUND you. There is a good chance that you have a big target on your back. It wouldn’t hurt to mumble a prayer or two. I know some of you guys don’t believe in a higher power, BUT as my dad used to say, there’s no atheist in a foxhole when the artillery shells are dropping in ALL around you. Be safe ALL.

        • The Chauffeur….. Wise words indeed. There are many posting on this site who are fully able to see what is coming our way but majority are either blind and stupid or simply will provide details to the army of the children of satan about the patriots.

      4. I thought he had called billary a runt(you know what I mean,trying to be respectful to our women readers!).I would as a shareholder go fucking nuts if these replacement clowns do not get savages listening #’s,that said,am not a savage fan but hate this nonsense,oh,and billary is a runt,just a runt on levodopa,spread the word on this,levodopa,tis the anthrax of the year!

        • I replied here, and my reply was apparently sent to the bit bucket, with no notice or error message.

      5. Warchild, I’ll say it for you; THE HILDEBEAST IS A CUNT! I’m not a Savage fan myself but I agree he shouldn’t have been censored. Typical libturd scum to pull that stunt. If he had tried that on me, I’d give him something to remember!

        • killary puts the CUNT in country.

        • And a cunt-eating cunt at that!

      6. “A government-convened INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on anti-Semitism in Jerusalem on Thursday issued an action plan calling for Internet censorship as a remedy for anti-Jewish sentiment.

        Recommendations coming out of the three day meeting included the scrubbing of Holocaust denial websites from the internet…”.

        “The GFCA [Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism] document called upon NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS to establish legal units focused on combating cyberhate and to utilize existing legislation to prosecute those engaging in such prejudices online.

        Governments should likewise require the adoption of a “GLOBAL TERMS OF SERVICE prohibiting the posting of hate speech and anti-Semitic materials,” it was recommended.

        Speaking to attendees on Wednesday, Malcolm Hoenlein – executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – said that said that there was an immediate need to establish an international Jewish security network that would deal with the physical security of Jewish communities and institutions. He called for a PERMANENT INTERNATIONAL COORDINATING CENTER on anti-Semitism, which would operate on a 24/7 basis and in which EVERY COUNTRY and relevant organization would participate.”

        “In the fight against online antisemitism, Jardena Lande is an unsung heroine.

        As director of the group, Swiss-born Ms Lande CO-ORDINATES THE EFFORTS of around 600 PARLIAMENTARIANS in 60 countries.

        The ICCA created an Internet Hate Task Force three years ago, the first of its kind to unite parliamentarians, governments, NGOs, lawyers, academics and — most importantly — the global super-sites themselves.

        [Ms Lande] said: “There is now a permanent working group meeting three or four times a year with our MPs and representatives from Facebook, Google, YouTube, PayPal, Amazon and others…

        “In the United States, you could write a lot more online before you cross into illegality than you could in Germany, where they have Holocaust denial laws that you don’t even have here in Britain.”

        THIS if Why Hobammy gave away Internet usa controls and looky whom the real Perps are eh! In their Own words and writings!

        Also NOTE: It was Planned and begun THREE Years ago!

        And They Alone shall determine what is hate thought/speech of course! Note also to them, Any/Every dared question on any/all holohoax claims made regardless how absured or insane that claim is, is called by Them as hate or antisemitism or Holohoax denial! if you reject even One tiny hoax claim detail? Thats total hoax denial period. By the worlds most fanatical paranoid loonatic fringe group of self chozens, with a deep hatred of all goyim which make up 99.98% global populations! Just whos the real haters eh?

        • To find out where the power lies, determine who you cannot criticize. The world is in for a kosher cleansing.

        • Them Guys, no coincidence on the timing of that ‘tribe’ conference and the handover of the internet. Let ANYONE come after me to censor me and they attempt it at their own peril. I don’t care if you’re a j*w, bleeding-heart gentile, muzzie, commie, etc. NOBODY ELSE TELLS ME WHAT THE F#$% TO SAY OR THINK OR WHATEVER! MOLON LABE

        • Them Guys:

          The Checka will be checking on all us dumb animals and our shiksa whores to make sure we don’t say anything truthful, because as the judge told one famous denier “the truth is no defense”.

          In the event these gulag degenerates decide to torture you; leave your body. You won’t die. This is a bigger secret than Clinton’s Parkinson’s.

          Practice relaxation and meditation. Always turn a problem into an opportunity.

          Insults and attempts to humiliate are proof that you intimidate them because of your talent, intelligence, gentle humility and possibly your physical beauty.

          I had a life before the Internet. I won’t forget what I’ve learned. No matter what they do now, it’s a done deal. Too many people are wise to their lies. When goy play dumb, it’s for the sake of employment or for their families. Which is just fine. When all is said and done, the liars will be digging ditches in hell.

        • F- the (((Tribe))) the (((Holocunts))) are a hoax. Every (((Jew))) needs to be removed from America ASAP. By Train or bullet.

          -WWTI… THATS THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF America. Never forget that.

        • The truth needs a censorship and a prison sentence to support it according to the Jews.

      7. They can manipulate and sway the vote all they want, but the reality is folks like me are just too damn independent and wont necessarily go along to get along,,, i know i have no intention of blindly following anyone. Doesnt mean ill be violent or some other nonsense but ill be damned if im vooperstive

      8. They can manipulate and sway the vote all they want, but the reality is folks like me are just too damn independent and wont necessarily go along to get along,,, i know i have no intention of blindly following anyone. Doesnt mean ill be violent or some other nonsense but ill be damned if im cooperative

        • Nonsense? What word makes less sense . I find it hard to believe that anyone uses that word. What special kind of stupid uses the word nonsense.

          • Uh, I believe you just did

            What goes around, comes around

            U get what U give

        • They can’t catch me. Never could, never will

      9. Well you tee shirt sale man want money. The choice drug of Hillary Clinton try some sheep.

      10. Time Period: Late 1930’s to 1940’s
        Location: Eastern Europe

        is this sounding familiar yet?

        It should. Our older fellow Americans went through this period. They fought and died for our freedoms.

        Remember the past and learn from it.

        • Obsolete . They fought and died for our freedoms ? They fought and died to help the communist rape and enslave half of Europe. What was the end result? I must restrain myself from calling you a stupid bitch. When you side with the Russian Bolshavik Jew communist. What was the end result. We helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe. You fing idiot.

          • Irregardless of your comments, The intent was not incite ignorance, but to incite some intelligence.

            It was not directed at any one class of people, but more at the circumstances that led to our involvement in a war that we had no business in. We need to remember what happened as well as why.

            Was it just a Jewish problem? Could there be additional reasons for what happened?

            While you have your viewpoint on this, there are still other viewpoints that you wish not to consider. That is your right.

            But before you condemn others for your viewpoint, it might be to your advantage to watch, listen and learn sometimes.

            • Here here

            • Here here

        • The globalist ‘elite’ want to destroy nations’ borders, history, languages, cultures, and morals. They are willing to tell the most blatant lies, because they know that their fellow bought-and-paid-for media will not challenge them on their statements. This is the way explanations are controlled and history rewritten.

          “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history… He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

      11. there have been many claims already that Hillary has Parkinsons

        so what’s the big deal now ???


        there isn’t one

        tempest in a teapot’? YES
        mountain out of a mole hill? YES
        conspiracy theory ? NO conspiracy crap

        • If Hillary is on Levodopa, it’s a game changer. If she is president it can and will affect her decision making. Over a period of several years many of its side effects will be experienced at one time or another by the crazy lady with the launch codes. This is terrifying if true.

          Potential side effects include:
          Abnormal thinking: holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by fact
          clenching or grinding of teeth
          clumsiness or unsteadiness
          difficulty swallowing
          excessive watering of mouth
          false sense of well being
          feeling faint
          general feeling of discomfort or illness
          hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there)
          hand tremor, increased
          nausea or vomiting
          unusual and uncontrolled movements of the body, including the face, tongue, arms, hands, head, and upper body
          unusual tiredness or weakness

          • Sounds perfect for a (string-less) puppet.
            Easy to control, plenty of excuses on health.

          • …”affect her decision making????”

            You mean, like whether it was smart to put her emails where they could be hacked? Whether it was smart to marry a serial adulterer? Whether it is wise to try the same socialism that has destroyed Venezuela, the USSR, Zimbabwe, Cuba, etc?

            I don’t think she has ever had any sound decision making.

            But, I get your point, and it is well put… I’m just being a little facetious…

            • I had a relative that died of Parkinson’s. I saw first hand how this drug acted, and I saw first hand the side effects.

              Mental issues including strange behavior can surface if there is any modification to when the drug is given in conjunction with sleep and eating patterns. There are also unexpected results when foods change its absorption/ uptake rate. I can’t imagine the havoc it causes to have jet lag issues while on this drug.

              If a crisis arose that demanded the Parkinson’s POTUS (PP) full attention and it delayed lunch for just one hour. Even if the drug was taken exactly on time, that minor food issue could trigger side effects. We would have a president who really could not travel. And it would absolutely get worse with time.

              The last time we had a high government official with Parkinson’s was Janet Reno, who thought it prudent to kill every man woman and child at the Branch Dividian compound because two people there were wanted on minor charges that were never confirmed!

      12. I have learned a lot from Dr. Savage’s show. I guess telling the truth these days is enough to get you stomped. I see a replay of 1936 or so Germany…..

        • BC55, amazing what we soak up over time.
          Used to subscribe to Gary North in the late 90’s talking about Y2K, and it’s aftermath, you know living 1880 style. The company I was with spent millions on code. I was getting ready. When it did NOT happen, taught me a lesson on what to believe or not. But have been stacking since.
          And that is ever changing.
          Of course you know who will chime in with his BS.

          Be well all…

          • Eppe, I remember the fear over Y2K all too well. My company also spent a fortune on code and so forth. I was prepped. I was also grateful nothing came of it but was also comfortable in the satisfaction of knowing I was very well-prepped for it just in case. And still kept on prepping regardless. And still keeping on stacking even after I bugout. Last week of Oct. I’ll be back in Jawja if not sooner.

            • BH, glad you and others prepped also.
              Makes one wonder when they got too much.
              Dang, my next move is my last till I die.
              Will make sure of the place for my last home, for my offspring to capitalize upon after our existance.

              Got to think ahead.

              Pick a time and place…

              • Here is one to think about.
                When our clay bodies cease to exist, where do our souls exist???
                Deep shit to think upon.

                Makes one wonder…

                • Nobody would care if you died, you are the weak-link, anchor in your family. Your junk would be in a yard sale the next weekend. And the rest shipped off to goodwill. Your corpse will rot in the ground. And within a few weeks you will be forgotton. Something to think about. Your wife will already be dating again. Looking for a real man. Never fall in love with a dreamer. Esp a drunk BS’er.


                  • Wrong again, as usual.
                    Do you always shoot up speedballs and screw little boys at 2am?
                    Do you always make up lies to satisfy your little ego driven mind?
                    What is your fucked up problem with me posting?
                    No, the real kicker is when you die, Satan will be having his jollies met while porking you anally for the rest of eternity…

                    • eppe,

                      The best you can do for yourself and others, is to just totally ignore folks like that. They hate being ignored, they really do. The want you to respond, it’s their little way of trying to control something.

                      And, the comeback was Great!

                      So just go on with life and “Ignore” the “Ignorant“.

                      That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on them though.

                  • Good grief, Mac. Can’t you send these (ThemGuys,BfromCa and their ilk) on their way.

                    Honestly, they are making our time here with you a considerable pain in the brain.

                    • You people need a laugh…

                      British humour as it used to be:
                      absolutely politically incorrect.

                      It has been announced that the police are going to be allowed to use water cannons on rioters. They are putting some Tide washing powder in to stop the coloureds from running.
                      —————————— —————————— ————-
                      Two Muslims have crashed a speedboat into the Thames barrier in London. Police think it might be the start of Ram-a-dam.
                      —————————— —————————— ————-
                      Riots in Birmingham last month caused over £1 million worth of improvements
                      —————————— —————————— ————-
                      Muslims have gone on the rampage in Manchester, killing anyone who’s English.. Police fear the death toll could be as high as 8 or 9.
                      —————————— —————————— ————-
                      Years ago it was suggested that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But, since all the doctors are now Muslim, I’ve found that a bacon sandwich works great!
                      —————————— —————————— ————-
                      Police in London have found a bomb outside a mosque…
                      They’ve told the public not to panic as they’ve managed to push it inside.
                      ============================== ==============
                      During last night’s high winds an African family were killed by a falling tree.
                      A spokesman for the Birmingham City council said “We didn’t even know they were living up there”.
                      ============================== ===============
                      Jamaican minorities in the UK have complained that there are not enough television shows with minorities in mind, so Crimewatch is being shown 5 times a week now.
                      ============================== ===============
                      I was reading in the paper today about this dwarf that got pick pocketed.
                      How could anyone stoop so low.
                      ============================== ===============
                      I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony, shaking a carpet.
                      I shouted up to him, “What’s up Abdul, won’t it start?”
                      ============================== ===============
                      An Emergency Call Centre worker has been fired in Toronto much to the dismay of her colleagues, who were unhappy with her dismissal. It seems that a caller dialed 911 from a cell phone stating, “I am depressed and lying on a railway line so that when the train comes I can finally meet Allah.” To which the call centre employee replied, “Remain calm and stay on the line.”

                    • Although that would be convenient, there is one problem that I think Mac is aware of – it’s called the 1st Amendment.

                      Even though this is a private site (Business), I would hope that he continues to give everyone a chance to voice their comments and opinions

                      Last, refer to his Comment Policy [Below].

                    • 🙂 thanks-I’m better now.

          • Eppe
            The PD I worked for spent around $250,000.00 to get ready, and we still had some minor glitches. Y2K would have been just as Mr. North said if they hadn’t worked on the fix. I was prepping long before Mr. North.

            Mel Tapen got me started. Read an article in Guns and Ammo, and with two small children at the time I wanted to be safe than sorry.


            • Tappan On Survival

              “One of the greatest books ever written on practical survival is back in print for the next generation of self-reliant citizens! Mel Tappan was the godfather of the modern preparedness movement, and this classic collection of his writings is an indispensable resource for information on how to develop a survival mind-set, identify the best survival locations, store food, maintain communications, select firearms and much more. A new foreword by Bruce Clayton, himself an important figure in the preparedness movement after the publication of his book Life After Doomsday in 1980, describes the unique appeal of Tappan’s writings and personality, puts Tappan’s role in the survivalist movement in historical perspective and explains why his work is still highly relevant today.”

              ht tps://

            • I worked on Y2K software fixes for a law firm. Their liability insurance would have been cancelled if the software had failed. And without the insurance, they would have shut down. No one else in the firm knew enough to work on it, so I had to rewrite their software completely. It was a combination of case management and tickler file. I rewrote the entire thing in a database program and saved the day.

        • Watch Hellstorm . Baby catcher. Then have an opinion?

      13. Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act..

        To quote from 299 days.. “I miss America”
        Good series..
        Good luck all.
        GOD bless

      14. Of course I cannot say for certain what the near future of events in our country will be, but what I believe and feel what is going to happen is the election of HC (maybe not by popular vote but by electoral votes). There is no doubt however if she is elected the Supreme Court will be changed and with it a dramatic curtailment of our Bill of Rights, and don’t doubt that. There will a gigantic increase of immigration (with the goal of rendering all other political parties irrelevant due to sheer numbers of new Democratic voters). Expect a huge increase in taxes for the working people. States rights will continue to erode to the point states will only be sub-divisions of the federal gov’t. And despite all of her BS only Wall Street, the banks, and her cronies will continue to prosper as as the conditions for the rest of us continue to decline despite the forthcoming lies about everything is getting better.
        She isn’t fooling everyone, we all know she is on TPTB payroll. Furthermore, she despises the middle class and the working people because we are the most informed, we generally don’t vote for her and her kind, we don’t like big intrusive gov’t, she does not exhibit any kind of bedrock American values, we know she truly believes we are all stupid, and there are many, many more reasons. She will continue to destroy the middle class while simultaneously telling us lies and expressing her love for us. What she sees us as is a resource base for TPTB, she wants us to pay for our own destruction, and to exist as a large powerless base to be used as they see fit for their own purposes.
        We all know if we did only a tiny fraction of the exact things she has done each of us would be punished to the full extant of the law. This is proof that wealth, power, and influence gets you privileges that the rest of us would never, ever enjoy. We see over and over again a two-tier system of justice. There is not a large enough critical mass of people to change this so it won’t change anytime soon; too many have been dumbed down, poorly educated so that they have no critical thinking skills, and have been successfully propagandized. This is necessary so that the greater mass of people will support them and make TPTB impervious to challenge.
        If she is elected it will not be by a great majority, likely by a slim margin, so she will not have a mandate. Nevertheless, expects her to start imposing her will to remake our country and society as she wants it to be in quick order.

      15. The problem we have here is that we are using Liberal Social Media.. Someone needs to come up with strictly conservative American Social Media that does not delete opinions

      16. And everyone be like “I’m so disappointed in Trump’s debate performance screw it I’m not voting”.

        Now normally I’d be like yeah it’s worthless but this time?

        I don’t care if he got on stage, stood on his head, farted, and said “duh” the entire debate.

        This is Hillary we’re talking about.

        I mean sure just help her get in there *sarc*.

        Know what Trump hasn’t done? Murdered a whole shit ton of people…

      17. “1933: Hitler is installed as Chancellor. Two days later, Dietrich Bonhoeffer delivers a radio address on leadership attacking Hitler. He is cut off the air.”

        PBS better race to cut this off their site. The fascist left disgusts me. As you see, for the National Socialists (yesteryear Hitler, today Hitlery) they can’t stand the light of day or truth.


        • Good Call

      18. since people are falling for this bull sh_t

        let me give you another conspiracy theory to fall for

        Trump sniffed and snorted through the whole debate

        did he snort cocaine before the debate started ???

        maybe he has nasopharyngeal cancer ???

        and you were worried about Hillary’s health?

        Trump has cancer !!!
        or maybe he’s just a coke head !!!

        gotta look for that silver lining
        LMAO !!!
        AGAIN !!!

        teh stoopid
        it can work both ways

        • If you and Howard Dean are removed from all media, that would not bother a lot of folks.

          It should work both ways, as you say it should.

          • whats good for the goose is good for the gander

            nobody REALLY likes fair and balanced do they ?

            • But everyone knows Hitlery is a piece of shit lier who probably has Parkinson but thinks she ” DESERVES ” to be President for putting up with Bill till it was her turn.

              Doesn’t matter that she is an unlikable sickly turd that has no chance of winning without subterfuge and scads of oligarch money to make sure they stay on the taxpayers gravy train.

            • Trump needs to challenge Hillary to a drug test. You know to see who is medicated and see who thinks clearly. Howard Dean is another screaming loser from the left.

              Y2K was another hoax, idiots panicking over a friggin hoax. Anybody who spent millions on a hoax is an idiot. All the credit card machines needed was a $19 chip replacement upgrade. Idiots spent hundreds out of fear for new CC Machines. Many have Guns and some idiots just dream and lie about having weapons and a BOL. Yeah you dopey.

              -WWTI… I WILL PEE in the Clay pits of dreamers.

              • Y2K was real. I had to rewrite software that would have failed completely on 1-1-2000. The law firm’s insurance would not have allowed them to operate without the software.

                So my job was on the line because of Y2K.

                I still come across a website occasionally that has the year as “19116.”

              • And another thing. There is another date problem that will show up in 2038 on Unix computers.

        • you sound like a pro hillary person. in that case you are a dumbass. she is poison plain and simple. all of the grievances against her are public record. simply look them up. before you blindly fukktard whole country with your vote for her.

          • no dude
            just presenting the other side of the story

            like I said


            and yeah
            Hillary has a LONG line of offenses

            but anyone who has done ANY research at all
            KNOWS the same is true of Trump

            obviously you are not one who bothers to consider both sides
            your mind is made up no matter what facts you are presented with

            my sincerest thanks for proving what I have frequently said

            for every left wing sheep there is a right wing sheep

            both are fit for nothing more than to be sheared and then slaughtered

            • Satori. Either post some facts with proof like with a real link, or STFU. You are a hollow weeny like Howard Deanny.

              Satori is sniffing glue again.


              • That fat pig chick beauty contestant from Venezuela that Hillary brought to the debate. Turns out she is a porn star, criminal record for bank robbery and threatening a Judge. Lots of credibility there Hillary. Source – Rush Limbaugh show after a quick investigation was done on her. Hillary didnt even vet the credibility factor on that Ho..


                • ummm
                  didn’t “the Donald” own the whole Miss Universe thingy ???

                  ANSWER: why YES,he did

                  why didn’t HE vet her ???
                  how could he have allowed someone with her scandalous past to even enter the pageant ? much less win ???

                  he’s always bragging about his business decisions and what a “good” brain he has

                  truth can be so inconvenient sometimes

                  just a little more “fair and balanced” in yer face

                  • Satori- I just heard this today. This is out of Trumps Book.

                    When Trump purchased the contest pageant, this lady from Venezuela was already the current Queen.. She gained a lot of weight like 40 Lbs after she was crowned. And Trump said he’s got a lot of work to do. He invited the lady to the Gym at his Maralago Hotel and spa to get back into shape. He helped her. And he refused to fire her as many wanted him to do. SO he invested in her, and after that year he said he would not have to have her around. So she was already the crowned queen, when he bought the pageant.

                    Just Real Information on this subject to balance the liars and fruitcakes making up stooped-shit. So besides becoming a porn star after her pageant tour, she was involved in a shooting, threatened a Judge and has a criminal record. That was after she left the Trump Pageant. And before Obama just let her in the US with her citizenship as Hillary likes to brag about.

                    Hope that clears that up for you Colombo Satori.

                    ~WWTI… Like Satori says:

                    truth can be so inconvenient sometimes

                    just a little more “fair and balanced” in yer face


              • hmmm
                seems its perfectly fine to speculate on Hillary’s health with every little twitch or cough she has

                but when you speculate on the Donald it’s not ok ???

                I rarely engage in name calling but you sir
                are the VERY definition of a RIGHT WING SHEEP

                you need to read your own posts before criticizing anyone else

                • Satori, Just throwing accusations out there with no proof ever, makes you look dumb. Post a link or proof, or something to justify your comments. Got a photo of Trump snorting?? or how about all the photos and video of Hillary being dragged to the van loosing a shoe as she passed out again.

                  Show proof,..that usually brings more credibility.


                  • got a photo ?

                    really dude ???

                    apparently you didn’t watch the debate or had the sound off

                    good God
                    are you freaking kidding me and 100 million other Americans

                    and yes Trump purchased the Miss Universe franchise in 1996
                    and Miss Venezuela may have already been crowned
                    but he still didn’t vet her
                    did he
                    NO he didn’t

                    it still begs the question

                    why did he allow her to continue in that role?
                    accused of a serious felony?
                    a boyfriend who may have been a murderer?

                    he could have yanked her title at the drop of a hat
                    but he didn’t

                    some more ‘fair and balanced’ in YER face

                    good try though

                    and you apparently don’t know what a sheep is
                    no worries
                    sheep aren’t supposed to realize they are sheep
                    your are by far the best example of that

                    and please do comment on Trumps attempt to do business with Castro in violation of Federal law
                    he’s denounced Castro MANY MANY times or HUGELY as he would say
                    and yet he wanted to get in bed with a Communist dictator???

                    • LMAO !!!

                      AGAIN !!!

                      balls in your court

                • A little sniffle, perhaps because the A/C is set low, is nothing compared to Hillary’s coughing fits, stumbling, wild eyes, head bobbing, etc.

                  There’s no comparison. I guess you didn’t have anything in school about comparisons.

                  On the one hand, you have Trump, who seems to be in pretty good health for his age and seems to be the same all the time. On the other hand, you have Hillary, who goes into coughing fits, eye-rolling fits, head-bobbing fits, major collapses, and looks like death warmed over a lot of the time, and then all of sudden she’s so perky you’d think she was full of Vicodin.

                  So, would you be a LEFT WING SHEEP?

                  • don’t worry
                    I was listening to El Rushbo a little while ago

                    and he is suggesting Trump should just skip the next two debates

                    probably very good advice

                    can you say “cut and run” ???

                    he got beat by a girl
                    she ate his lunch
                    gave him a wedgie and sent him home to momma
                    I can’t wait for round 2
                    that’s assuming he shows

                    • What show were you watching?

                      Even Buzzfeed’s poll gave him 97% over Hillary’s less than 1%.

        • You sure aren’t like your Monkier “Satori”, are you?

          Satori, Chinese Wu, in Zen Buddhism of Japan, the inner, intuitive experience of Enlightenment;

          Satori is said to be unexplainable, indescribable, and unintelligible by reason and logic. It is comparable to the experience undergone by Gautama Buddha when he sat under the Bo tree and, as such, is the central Zen goal.
          Satori is analogous to the conversion experience or spiritual rebirth of other religious traditions in that it constitutes a complete reordering of the individual in relation to the universe.

          Definition of Satori:

          Sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism

          • if you can refute my arguments and my posts

            then by all means do so

            so far you have contributed NOTHING to the conversation

            funny thing is

            if I was a die hard Trump supporter you wouldn’t even have made that post would you ???


            of course you wouldn’t

            as to your refutation of anything I have said


            your move

            • No need to…

              You are doing that all by yourself.

              FIM Disease can be contagious, but hopefully not from you.

              Go get another beer and get ramped up again. I need a good laugh.

              • just what I expected

                thanks for bringing your big fat NOTHING burger to the table

                and yet ONCE AGAIN
                if you can refute anything I have said DO IT

                I won’t hold my breath

                cause we BOTH know you got NOTHIN’

      19. Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s address in 1933 criticizing Hitler that was abruptly cut off: 1:03 min.

        Just more from today’s fascist Nazi left. Nazi as in National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Here are the 25 points adopted Munich, Feb. 1920 by the National Socialists:

        You will notice that other than nationalism, there is a heavy confluence of what the Nazis wanted and what today’s leftists want, viz.: “…the State must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire cultural system of the people” or “specially talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be educated at the expense of the State” (of course, everyone is special today!); “The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health…” etc.
        It’s not a one-to-one correspondence, of course, but close enough. Heck, Hilary is even a warmonger!

        Mussolini himself – the real founder of fascism – summed it up: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” and “COMMON GOOD BEFORE INDIVIDUAL GOOD… In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.”

      20. Most say that violence is never the answer. How stupid is that. Violence has solved every problem. The idiot bimbos believe otherwise. Side with the bimbos.lay down and die. Violence has solved every major problem . Like it or not. And violence will solve this one like it or not. Until we are ready to get violent . We will continue to loose. Isn’t that obvious. Like it or not?

        • You are correct. The battle is non-violent, and one of the pen, not the sword. We need to take to heart Charleton Heston’s warming:

          “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

        • Sorry, mis-read your post. As a matter of fact, Gandhi liberated India with non-violence. MLK ended Jim Crow with non violence. And the vile Saul Alinsky did his thing with non-violence.

          Yes, war, under limited circumstances, is sometimes needed. But not right now. We are losing EVERYTHING by the co-opting of the media, the culture and the leftist news media. We win that battle, we win everything, we lose this battle, you little war won’t mean diddly squat. We need to *communicate* in this battle- we need to use INTELLIGENCE, WIT, PERSEVERANCE first and foremost, not violence. You advocacy of violence is short sighted and ultimately useless, and you are not that much different from the Islamofascists. Get it through your head: the pen, and its analogs, are mightier than the sword. Sorry, couldnt disagree with you more.

      21. I don’t believe anything I. Here. And only half of what I see. Our media is what. And controlled by who. Take that.

        • Lone, take up a fricken’ dictionary.
          Look up nonsense.
          And drivel, (talking foolishly or stupidly) I’ll help with that one..
          Now hear this! Not, now “here” this!
          It’s losing, people, not “loosing”!
          I don’t care about grammar policing usually, but you have taken it to the next level.

          We are on the same side, but I wonder about you sometimes.
          FYI (that means, for your information) I left you an answer on the Puerto Rico thread after you called me a traitor for moving outside the continental US, and a little brown man.
          Wrong twice.
          Honorable Discharge.
          6 ft., blond hair, blue eyes.

          John Connor to the Terminator:
          “We’re not going to make it are we?”
          I don’t remember what he answered with, but I’ll say no.

          • Terminator 2: The young John Conner is talking to the Terminator (T800) while he’s fixing a vehicle in the Mexico desert where John sees two kids playing shooty bang bang with toy guns, and John says to Terminator “We’re not going to make it are we. As a species I mean?” And the Terminator “It’s in yoursays nature to destroy yourselves”. John then says “Yeah, major drag huh”

            So, in essence, No.

            And , just ignore that other fellow that likes to bully and rant.

      22. ?

        •••Levo Dopa

        •• Levo Dopa

        •. Levodopa


      23. One Patriot down more to come!
        Good By Free Speech.

      24. I like Savage and have listened to him for many years.
        If there is a topic he is discussing that I do not like,
        I turn off the radio. I like history, and he does a great job comparing and explaining history. I like to learn about vitamins, and other medicinal topics that he occasionally will discuss. Plus, he has a great wit and is not boring. I like when he also talks about restaurants he has been to or his dog Teddy. I also listen to get the ‘real facts/news’, then listening to the watered down version or omitted topics of the day from CNN, MSN, Fox, ect. He is ‘not’ Democrats ‘bad,’ Republicans ‘good,’ either. He calls it like it is.

        I also read the Drudge report every day. That is a great source of information for me also.

        I also listen to Clyde Lewis. When he discusses a topic that is a bit ‘too close to home,’ or is ‘too sensitive’ for the government, his show becomes interrupted, he suddenly loses his guest speakers, and his Facebook gets hacked and becomes off the internet for a while. Clyde was being punished. As Savage was the other day. Savage struck a nerve and got punished for it. Just mho.

      25. I’m getting to the point were I see so many fellow Americans as traitors. What do we do with them? Do we let them continue destroying our civilization. Or do we exterminate them ?were do we draw the line? Do we not recognize the evil among us? Do we let that evil grow ? Should we wait for that promised window of opertunity. Do we not fight evil ? How low do we go? Is there no line to be drawn. Do we accept this?.when are we ready to die? Do we go to hell for accepting this?are we not part of this?what level of opposition will we be forgiven for.? If we stand by and shutup will we not be soddom and Gomorrahed.? Is it our job to burn the Tares. .?and if we don’t are we helping evil? And if not destroying evil we are evil? Is killing evil our duty? Are we allowing aiding and abeading? Acomplaces after the crime? If we just stand by and watch will God say that’s OK. Vengeance is mine? Free will? Let the week be butchered. Isn’t that what God does? Dosent he let the week be butchered? Into a better world? Semper Fi.?

        • Talk about butchering…

          • Rant

        • Lone:

          I tried responding on another article but the videos of Clinton using sign language or signaling whatever crashed every time I attempted to comment.

          I don’t like getting personal. First you call me stupid then you apologize. I am not sure if you are some plant to cause dissension between posters so as to discredit us all, or if you are just struggling with problems that are overwhelming you.

          Violence is totally unproductive. TPTB have geared up for that. It would play right into their hands. So, please, for your own good, and the benefit of this site and those of us who come to this site; please stop advocating violence against anyone.

          As for your idea about culling the bimbos. I can’t believe you’re completely sane. It makes absolutely no sense. You are ranting and by your own words feel like you are losing it and even ask if you should be caged. Let me assure you. If you have the ability to self introspect like that, you are not a sociopath, which is what these enemies are. But you may be suffering from some other disorders of the mind.

          You asked for my help. If you were being sarcastic, I can’t help. If you are sincere I’ll give you some info that could possibly help.

          Schizophrenia, and I’m not suggesting you are, but this extremely devastating mental condition, as well as autism, have been improved and sometimes cured by removing glutin from the diet.

          You see, for some people, glutin is the cause of holes forming in the gut. These holes allow the protein to go through and into the blood stream and wind up in the brain where they act as an opiate. It can cause everything from hallucinations to anxiety, and feelings of elation followed by extreme depression.

          It takes sometimes six months to a year to completely come off. So, just do it. You can take a test for Celiac disease but it is rare. Most are just sensitive. There are changes to wheat that some can’t handle. Unfortunately, glutin is in practically all processed foods, even ice cream. So make food from scratch.

          Also, take two tablespoons of coconut oil every day. This oil stops dementia and Alzheimer’s and aids cholesterol, reduces stroke, heart attack and nourishes the brain.

          As for what to do to prevent us from going the way of Bolshevic Russia, take care of your health. Let things unfold without feeling like you personally have to make everything turn out right. None of us is that essential.

          My advice to you is to take care of your health first. If you are needed for some higher calling, you and everyone else will know when that time comes.

          I hope this helps.


      26. Third World banana-republic totalitarian regimes will be coming soon for all of us worldwide. It’s been prophesied. So buckle up and get right with God.

        • If there was a God as powerful as can be, he’d mop up the Hillary factor in a day. You think?

          Amazing how folks inject superstition into their daily lives. Remove the chains of religious bondage and live life free of fear.


          • I do not live in fear, I know where I’m going went it’s my time. Mean while I prep to take care of my family….

            • W-E-D OK, So where are you going when it is your time?

              Enlighten us.


      27. come to me hillary. i denounce you for the hellspawn you are. im sure someone as low as you is taking said drug. and a few others like the one for herpes and the other for gonnereah. and probably a few more besides.

      28. I wonder how long before they close these komments and this site…

      29. I refer to it as “the Democrat campaign”, not “the Democratic campaign” as they would like you to. There’s nothing democratic about it.

      30. I would keep bringing up the drug in all conversations/posts,tis the new anthrax word.I will be going out to do a little hiking later today,luckily,will be fine as I need no levodopa!

      31. They did this to Savage, then it was done to us all!

        Should there not be OUTRAGE from the people of our country over this assault on the 1st Amendment, then what makes you think these habitual line steppers will not continue. Everyone, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, should be taking to their friends and neighbors about this travesty!

        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        Pastor Martin Niemöller






        ARE WE IN THE U.S.S.A. NOW ???????????????????????




      33. “Disarm Hate”. Think about those words. Those words are the new rally cry for the totalitarians. Your words of opposition to the social engineering are “Hate”. Therefore, you are a criminal and must, justifiably, be disarmed. You see where they’re going with that, right? Hillary gets in and the Supreme Court is hers. The news, this AM, reported that she has Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the short list for the court. Lynch’s reward for not prosecuting Hillary.

      34. Well, I don’t know about Parkinson’s but she sure got a nasty chest cold or sumpin.

        I saw one of Hillary’s staff hand her a glass of water after a press conference.

        When she handed it back it looked like a lava lamp.

      35. well it would seem the ONLY people concerned about this alleged censorship would be a couple of people here

        a recent check of Savage’s site shows not even a mention of it
        yesterday there was one SMALL reference to it


        as I said “TEMPEST in a tea pot”
        or in other words
        a big fat NOTHING burger

        lets move on

        I wanna talk about Donald’s constant sniffing and snorting through the debate

        do you think he has cancer ?
        a big ol’ tumor?
        snorting coke ?
        was he making pig noises to try and unhinge Hillary ?

        but according to the Donald

        ‘There was no sniffles,’ Trump says after debate

        h ttps://

        yeah Donald
        me and a hundred million other people heard nothing

        good God
        why would he LIE about something so minor ?

        and apparently he doesn’t realize he was on TV ???

        WTF ???

        • You sure are good at “copying & pasting”

          ie.: Duplicate(s)

      36. This election is too close for the comfort of the powers-that-be. It is very possible for them to engineer Hillary’s death as an excuse to call off the election and declare martial law. If I were Hillary, I would be very careful about what I ate and drank. Based on what I have seen on the news, you might just be able to “hack” your way to victory.

      37. Any one hear about a solar flare?

        • We might have some radio and TV interference.

          ht tps://

      38. Hillary Clinton sucks.

        • Not according to Bill. Why do you suppose he hired Monica?

      39. How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba

        h ttp://

        oh no
        say it ain’t so

        the Donald trying his best to do business with the commies ?

        somebody should yank that ‘made in China’ flag pin off his lapel toot suite

        ya know
        at this point I almost feel sorry for the Donald,
        the emperor has no clothes

        • He’s living rent free in your mind isn’t he? Looks like your astute observations live only in your mind as well.
          Snorting blow is for poor libtard scum.
          Do you think your stupid little ploy of Alinsky-ite tactics of floating a lie work on people smarter than you? You are a legend in your own mind…now go piss up a rope.

          This site has turned into a pool of trolling idiots too stupid to even know when they are being stupid.

          • yeah dude factual stories are all about trolls aren’t they?

            even Trumps own campaign manager admitted it today

            what do you say to that ???

            hmmmm ????

            educate yourself before making silly,foolish comments
            and wasting everyones time

            waiting for your response ……..

            bring your A game or stay home

            and your right about this forum turning into a pool of trolling idiots-take a look in the mirror

            and come back when you have done some research
            thanks for wasting our time

      40. What now:
        Security Alert

        The security certificate for this site has been revoked

        This site should not be trusted

        other sites are now under attack

        October 1 lets see what’s available

        • CNN, has already been caught censoring terrorist info, NRA info, and different speeches on Donald Trump

      41. Zane 8, can you substantiate your post with a link?

      42. If Hillary wins, Donald’s company will be riddled with law suits from every governmental department she can. It will make the IRS scandal look like a walk in the park. Even if Donald wins
        The Left will still find every low life they can to concoct law suits. Look how the Left compares him to Hitler and he hasn’t done anything.

      43. Mac, has the security certificate for this site been revoked?

      44. Mac, has the security certificate for this site been revoked?

      45. Hu, thats weird. He is still on the air hear. Im listening to him right now and its not recorded or a rerun.

      46. Savage wasn’t censored

        h ttp://

        and by last count (at least as far as I can find)
        he is on app 400 radio stations

        so if he was “censored” it was a piss poor effort

        Hillary needs to step up her game
        maybe she was having a coughing fit
        and her aides thought she said shut down one station
        and not 400 ???

        change yer Depends kids
        and let’s move on

        no doubt another conspiracy awaits !!!

        • Snopes? Ha, good one. Real credible.
          You’re paid by the number of posts aren’t you, Satori?
          Nobody could be so blindly biased.
          Probably a writer for Huff Post, Salon, whatever.

          • is Savage still on the air?
            on that so called censored channel ?

            is he still on 400 stations ?

            did Savage make a big deal of this so called censorship ?

            NO he didn’t ,barely even mentioned it

            so just where is the story?

            is it YOU who gets paid by the post?

            refute the snopes story if you can


            don’t make me take your lunch money

      47. oh boy
        bad day for Trump

        Stock Fraud, Drug Trafficking, & the ‘Alt-Right’

        h ttp://

        Bannon is one of Trumps TOP advisers
        Trump is always saying how he surrounds himself with the “best people”

        maybe not so much ???

        this is just getting too easy
        shooting fish in a barrel with a howitzer would be more challenging

      48. more on Trump surrounding himself with the ‘best’ people

        Kellyanne Conway Admits That Trump Broke The Law By Flouting Trade Embargo With Cuba

        h ttp://

        Kellyanne is gonna get a good talking too when she gets home

        at this point Trump is just handing this stuff out on a silver platter

        now we’re shooting fish in a barrel with a 10 megaton nuclear device

      49. If killary plans to Kill all her Opposition she going to have to Use Nukes to get Us All

      50. Trump, and all patriotic Americans need this prayer to protect us from the host of hell that is behind Hillary and the devil’s crowd who support her. This is not just politics, but it is a spiritual battle. And I pray the Lord in his great mercy is giving America one last chance.

        I am hoping that this political revival will spill over into God’s people and ignite spiritual fire for the Lord.

        Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (13) Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

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