This Picture and Video Explain Exactly Why Doomsday Preppers Are Getting Ready For An Imminent Collapse

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    For years the mainstream media and their following of myrmidons have made a joke out of those who have taken time, effort and money to prepare their homes, assets and families for “Doomsday” scenarios that may include anything from financial collapse to natural disasters.

    For those who laugh at “preppers” it boils down to the belief that this time is different from the countless historical examples showing just how bad things can get. World wars, monetary hyperinflations, depressions, tyrannical governments, pandemics, Tsunamis, you name it; according to the experts, these things can never happen, especially not here in America. Plus, in the off chance that something does go wrong, we can always depend on our government to bail us out.

    But what if, for the sake of argument, something does go wrong? And what if – just humor us here – the government doesn’t have the ability to help? What happens then?

    The answer is simple and can be summed up in the following picture and video taken within the last 24 hours in Greece, where their financial and economic systems have collapsed to such an extent that people are now hoarding food, gas and even money (if they can get their hands on it).

    Do you want to know why your prepper relatives, friends or neighbors are so adamant about being ready for disaster? It’s because they don’t want to end up like the hundreds of pensioners shown below. As Zero Hedge notes, the situation was heartbreaking:

    1,000 Greek bank branches chanced a stampede in order to open their doors to the country’s retirees on Wednesday.

    The scene was somewhat chaotic as pensioners formed long lines and the country’s elderly attempted to squeeze through the doors in order to access pension payments.

    As Bloomberg reports, payouts were rationed and disbursals were limited according to last name.


    As you’ll see in the video, it was virtually impossible to get through the bank’s door and tensions were running high:

    Such scenes have played out time and again throughout the course of the financial crisis since late 2008.

    In the following video, shot in February of 2008, Greeks were fighting for food in the streets:

    (Via: Greeks Fight For Food: “I Never Imagined That I Would End Up Here”)

    And for those who would still argue that the American government, through multi-billion dollar FEMA and DHS initiatives, is ready for such a crisis, we direct your attention to these images taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    Within 72 hours people were starving, had no clean water, no gas and were standing in hours-long food lines in the hopes of getting an MRE (Meals-Ready-To-Eat) from the National Guard. Some were even dumpster diving looking for scraps:





    And this all happened in modern-day America, just a few years ago.

    So, if you happen to be one of those people laughing at the preppers, think about how funny it will be when you’re having to dig through the trash for your next meal, because that is how bad it can get.

    According to analyst Greg Mannarino, the debt collapse could be so severe that millions of people may die from starvation as credit lines lock up and the normal flow of commodity commerce ceases.

    That may sound impossible, but consider what happens when the food stamp Electronic Benefits Transfer system goes down for just 12 hours. You guessed it – complete pandemonium. When the system failed across 16 states in 2013 one person dependent on these benefits summed it up with this one statement:

    “How Am I Going to Feed My Family?”

    The simple answer in a real crisis where our currency crashes or a cyber attack takes down payment systems?

    Your family will starve.

    In his book The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre puts a first-hand perspective on the plausibility of these types of events coming to pass:

    During good times people can afford to be spoiled, lazy, and let others handle issues that they should solve themselves. Crime rates are low and “those things” just don’t happen where you live. It doesn’t happen to people like you, or those around you.

    The survivor of the Argentine collapse and hyperinflation of the early 2000’s explains that drastic changes can come out of nowhere and so quickly that they seemingly happen overnight:

    But one day that changes and it does happen. The guy next door, a friend or a family member gets hit and you see how vulnerable you are.

    I’m not talking about crime alone. I’m talking about serious problems or disasters of all sorts. It can range from floods to hurricane, social disorder or a family member getting sick and requiring medical attention. You didn’t have the foresight to prepare for it financially and with proper medical and insurance.

    …And you may live like that for years without worrying about a thing, simply because the system is working better than usual. 

    But once you realize that our society is based on rather complex and fragile structures that can fail, or when you see how life just enjoys throwing you a hardball every now and then, then you see the wisdom in preparing.

    Those who would target preppers with jokes or humiliating one-liners often suggest that the preparedness community is doing nothing more than creating fear. But nothing could be further from the truth, as Tess Pennington explains in her widely popular best seller The Prepper’s Blueprint:

    I don’t want to promote distress, or for that matter, teach others to live in it. Rather than staying in the presence of trepidation, I chose to take another daring step and search for a way to prepare that promotes the freedom and gratification we are all searching for. My goal was to be 100% self-reliant during a short or extended disaster.

    Once I adopted this mind-set my attitude shifted from living in fear to living with courage to face whatever may come. 

    Tess and Ferfal, like many preppers out there, realize that the system within which we live is fragile and that even a minor disturbance could lead to widespread implications.

    In Greece today there were thousands of retirees lining up at banks. Most assumed that now that they are retired the government would always be there to help them. Others assume the government will always find a way to feed them and provide them with health care.

    As we now know, the reality is starkly different.

    Those who ridicule the preparedness movement may be laughing and snickering today. But you can be certain that when it hits the fan and America goes the way of Greece, they’ll be the first ones knocking on the door looking for help.

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      1. If you fail to plan……You plan to fail.

        • My family thinks I’m nuts for trying to show them what’s happening…I spend my money stocking up on food and supplies and hand loading ammo like mad…they spend their money on vacations and scarfing down McDonald’s junk food… I think when the whole thing finally tanks, the withdrawals from gmo’s and preservatives alone might do them all in.

          • Are we missing the real crisis? Is it in progress and we dont even know??

            Fukushima just exploded again, meltdown blowing away tower. No announcement, no warning. NOTHING. Happened today. Radiation hits around July 3-4. This is the REAL terror attack! As usual their MSM endless bull$hit scare is a diversion. Most of America will be outdoors during the height of the fallout.

            Nothing on Enews but its right here


            • Video removed by user and I can’t find any verification of this on the internet.

              Do you have a link to a verifiable and trustworthy source?


              • What I wonder about is this— years ago, Greece collapsed and everyone was running to buy gold… what happened back then?

                I know this time is different because it most likely means the end of the EU (and the US) but what happened back then?

                • Its not the end of the EU OR the US, Chicken Little. The sky is not falling. Greece’s problems began when their government debt to GDP ratio reached 400%. They are reaping what they have sowed. US Debt to GDP is about 110%

                  Greece is not America.

                  As for the EU, the Bible, which predicted this Confederacy 2000 years ago, says it will become stronger, not weaker. Greeks will adapt.

                  hey always have. 🙂

                  • don’t know where you get your”intel” durango, but if you BELIEVE we aint greece, then you better read you some denninger to get the REAL story!

                    • I don’t need to read denninger to make my analysis. My economic and financial analysis has been spot on, here, for years. Check the archives.

                      Greece is not America. 🙂

                  • troll

            • I tried to watch but the video was pulled.

            • anyone know a GOOD place to get fuku news? i had a good site on faves, but haven’t been there lately, and now can’t find it….anyone know where the site is that has a camera on it constantly?…..any more on THIS video that’s now gone?….i’m sure y’all know when this muhfugguh blows up again, it’s going to be U.S. sitting in our houses on west coast for TWO MONTHS!…..this is a big deal to ME, and i’m wondering why i can’t get anything from google if it really happened???????????????

              • according to numerous scientists from many different fields, we WILL have a collapse scenario- most say around 2030 and some say beforehand. Just one example is a very renowned agriculturist, (dern!, forgot his name—oh, Lester Brown!) Anyhow, he says in this book I read few years ago that he expects the collapse will happen much sooner because of agriculture… we can’t live without food and that is going to be a big problem in the near future.

                But he is just one example— many different scientists from many different fields are all saying it. They even say that governments will not be able to withstand what is coming our way… nice thought! 🙂

              • go to the TEPCO Fukushima live cam. And also you can monitor the Rads in your area at the Radiation Network.

                • thanks D, i got my OWN radiation monitors, was just hoping to get a heads-up if it REALLY happened already.

                  • BTW, if you aren’t WATCHING it happen, you won’t KNOW it happened

              • ene energy (no spaces) is a good one, i think.

                • thanks walt! that IS a pretty decent site….and nothing about any recent incident…..and no comment from yule says….hmmm

          • Just keep going never mind your family and friends. They’ve been warned.
            The only two I plan on answering the door for are my kids because that’s what dads do.

            • WILSON be warned, the SUPREME COURT just made it LEGAL for the police to search your house WITHOUT a warrant,they no longer have to have one anymore,THEY WILL BE COMING……..

            • Put this web link app on your phone. RadiationNetwork. com. Gives you 60 sec updatea of all tge radiation sites and nuke plants in the country. And up to the minute radiation leakage. Get a wind direction meter. You want to live or be up wind from these nuke sites. Prep with Potassium Iodide tablets that fill your thyroid gland with good radiation so bad cant get in and destroy your body.

          • I’ve been told more than once that it’s not nice to say:

            “I told you so.”

            I hope I can refrain if/when the balloon goes up.

            • i’ve already been saying I told you so.
              so dont hold back.. let er rip tator chip

              • LOL!
                Never heard this before ” let er rip, tater chip”
                Made my day. I love to laugh and this did it for me.

                • Me Too…Let er rip tater chip…LOL

                  • Thanks man you made me laugh as well. I think we are going to need a sense of humor when SHTF happens. It might keep us from going looney tunes

          • Yes then when the Shit hit the fan your family will DEMAND you give them some of your preps…better load some of that ammo for them..

          • sounds like mine however you atleast dont look like that stupid black idiot sounding like it is the govs fault she is a loser without money. too bad bitch shouldnt have spent all your time protesting and should have been looking for a job dumbass. starve to death for all I care

          • Jonny V,you and the rest of america will SEE the stupid morons KILLING their neighbors for food,the LORD has warned of this and yet no one can imagine how fast it will happen,LOOK what happened in BOSNIA,death was an everyday thing when the food ran out..and they didn’t even have ammo to trade,only a few saw it coming,AND STOCKED UP………….

            • Johnny V & Arizona: I tell no one what I have or stocking up on. The police or anyone will not be allowed in my house unless I invite them in, like if a robbery took place. No one near me is prepared, they are stuck in stupid and know nothing about the “end game” and I will not give them a can of sardines, beans or salmon, etc. when they run out of food. They wasted money on other useless stuff and it’s not my problem.

          • Think Big!! Get out of the Big Cities Now. I bet you xouls count up and down your street and know who has not prepared in any way and live day to day. These people will come knocking at your door for food or gas or money. You think you know these people? Think again when they are hungry.

          • I know. I feel your pain. Luckily my three brothers and I are all on the same page but most other people I know I don’t bother talking to anymore because all they see is the little bubble they live in and call everything else conspiracy theories. When they come to my door after it all begins I am going to tell them “I have no idea what you are talking about. Stop with the conspiracy theories.” And send them on their way.

        • One thing you may want to stock up on— I eat tons of peanuts!

          Since my fridge is broke, its hard to attain proper nutrition. (Bugs drill tunnels through fresh food I put out on the counters!)

          But one little snack which gives me SO MUCH ENERGY AND IS GOOD FOR YOU- is peanuts! I get the scorching hot kind… sizzling… So good and always gives abundance of energy!!

        • Survive Worldwide is the nation’s leader in survival gear.

          Come check out our vast array of products!

          Prepare now, survive later

      2. The question is will you answer the door for them?

        • The short answer…

          First they’ll hear this:

          Then, depending on who it is:

          • He who laughs last laughs loudest.

          • I have a Browning gold hunter. It’s gas operated, magazine extended to a comfortable six rounds, plus a light installed in the end of the magazine tube, it’s a cool conversion, and when I’m on the third box of low velocity ammo (50 + rounds) it starts misfiring until I clean the piston area with a green kitchen scrubby soaked with gun oil.

            Does this happen to the Saiga? Gotta say that saiga is a sweet looking shotgun?

            I can shoot my browning until fouled, and then low velocity slugs occasionally misfire, normal or high velocity continue to work fine for me forever, but dang the high velocity shit hurts my arm? 1600 FPS + slugs pack a wicked punch!

            I consider a few boxes of high velocity slugs a requirement. They’ll stop a huge freaking bear, or even a car! And not that I think a firefight in my worst dreams would even need more than 50 rounds of shotgun. Dang, that’s like over three pounds of lead at 1600 FPS.

            Did I say I love my shotgun?

            I told a gun smith about the fouling I experienced, he said my Browning simply was not designed to be fired that much between cleanings! Anyone have a comment on the Saiga?

            Side note, I’ve read of people curse out my Browning model, so I was shopping for my son to pick up a bargain from one of these infamous Browning Gold Haters, I can’t find anyone willing to part with their hated Browning Gold that jams or misfeeds for a bargain. Darn gun haters are such hypocrites?

            • That’s because they don’t make them anymore (Gold series) and they’re bringing a premium. They’re a great bird gun though.

              • There were also rifled versions for dear/slug hunting, tried checking into one for sale and poof it was sold. Your right they sell fast and fetch a good price.

                Mine came setup for bird hunting, but I picked up an 18.5 inch barrel with iron sights, added a rifled turkey choke, plus the magazine extension/light and poof it’s also a great home defense choice.

                I was surprised how the rifled turkey choke tuned up slug accuracy out a hundred yards.

                If anyone has one and it miss feeds, the bolt return spring, and guide in the tube in the stock is usually the culprit second to the magazine tube piston area. Annoying to take apart, but they work great after that area has been cleaned and properly lubricated. This area needs to be cleaned once every year or two, unless you are really dragging the gun through the dirt.

            • Bought a cheap partner pump, the 870 express knock off by Remington, put an extension on the magazine. Holds 10 in the tube and one in the chamber. Have it next to the bed full of #4 buckshot. The 870 express in the closet is a full of slugs.

      3. Yup.

      4. Yes this is coming to ALL of america and soon, hope you are all prepared and if you are not it is not too late YET, but will be if you wait any longer.

      5. I won’t be answering my door. At least not with anything close to congeniality…talk to the broad head in your face, and go away.

        • “But what if, for the sake of argument, something does go wrong? And what if – just humor us here – the government doesn’t have the ability to help? What happens then?”

          Then Obola unleashes the US Military to confiscate whatever goods and services are necessary for continuity of the regime, anywhere in the WORLD, according to signed Executive Orders on the books.

          That’s what. 🙁

          • Laughing here!

            Just bought some more long term stored food, mainly because the wife spoke of inviting more people to the disaster! Yup, I’m scared!

            OK! A one year supply of food feeds my wife and I for six months, that sounds great. Well my children are now married, so two kids plus spouses means six…. OK, now our food lasts just two months. Now there’s my brother in law, the niece and her tribe….. OK we are now down to about one month of last ditch survival food

            Then I hear the government wants to confiscate my stored food to feed the millions on EBT cards……..

            Why did. I bother, really!

            • My real point, the government could mobilize all it’s forces, and collect all the food hoarded by every prepper in America, and feed America for about one day?

              Yes, Obama’s fascists will try to do this, they are this crazy!

              My suggestion, plant lots of perennial foods, the government can’t be bothered with collecting! Are they really going to come back for a bushel of apples, or a quart of raspberries? A handful of asparagus!

              • Usually when you do a calorie count you find the long term storage foods are woefully short of calories and nutrition. So check and make sure the stuff provides what you need per person.

                • Fat is critical to your survival diet, has lots of calories, tastes good, problem is fat doesn’t freeze dry, so most freeze dried foods are short on natural fats.

                  When it’s on sale, I buy medium sized bottles of olive oil, and freeze them. Olive oil is good for about a year on the shelf, but pretty much keeps indefinitely in the freezer. Once defrosted the one year expiration clock restarts. Thus I can keep fresh, and on hand a large quantity of fresh, quality oil, available on demand. I use it normally and continuously rotate the supply.

                  If you start adding a couple tablespoons of olive oil to freeze dried meals, vegetables from the garden, they’ll taste better, have more calories, and they are healthier,

                • Wilson: this is why me and others I know will not buy long term storage food like we did before y2k. We tried to eat it, then dumped the rest (awful tasting). I buy from the local grocery store, also for all kinds of nuts, even ground nuts for protein drinks. Peanuts cause some to have stomach upset, (sensitivity to peanuts, not allergies) I get almonds and Brazil nuts. sprouting seeds from another company. Stock up on sardines and other protein meat in cans , Bush’s beans, etc.

              • Is the government gonna come & milk my goat or gather my eggs every day? Heck tose bantams hide their nest and I don’t find a good portion of the eggs. Any food that can be easily found needs to be poisoned. cashes of stuff in diverse places. the old saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket applies. actually all we need is to wait out the die off. and 90% will die.

                • When the SHTF, always leave a nearly full bottle of vodka, denatured with 5% methyl alcohol on the kitchen counter for uninvited guests that may want to relieve you of your preps.

                  Bad guys will be obvious when they go blind!

                • “Is the government gonna come & milk my goat or gather my eggs every day?”

                  Probably not, but that wouldn’t stop them from confiscating the goat and chickens anyway.

                  Please remember the IQ of the average govt sap…

              • Yeah, and how long do you plan to live on a bushel of apples, a quart of raspberries and a handful of asparagus……even assuming the SHTF at exactly the right time of year for them to come in ?

                • TnAndy,

                  I don’t think you understand, I plant several varieties because they produce their crops at different times.

                  A farmer wants a single high volume crop that needs to be picked over a short time to maximize productivity. I want to go out and pick a pint or two, every day or two, for six or eight weeks, and always eat fresh, then another variety or crop comes of age. Thus I plant two varieties of apples, two of peaches, three or four varieties of raspberries, the same with blueberries, pears, strawberries, nuts. Then there’s my vegetable garden! All together from April to Dec we buy almost nothing in the vegetable or fruit category from the grocery store and can or freeze the excess for winter.

                  It all produces a constant flow of fresh food. Great for me, bad for anyone that wants to take my food, they’d have to come back day after day. When everything is working to plan we don’t need any long term stored food. That stuff is for when everything collapses, and people start eating worms and grass like they do in North Korea! And if that happens I will massively expand my gardens.

            • Tell your wife to keep her trap shut. Tell her it isn’t yours and her job to protect people who didn’t prepare…….

              • Not even your own flesh and blood? I can’t believe the level of heartlessness you people will go to for your own survival, complete strangers sure but your own family? I will let you in on a secret, loners don’t survive, communities do, villages do, people banding together do, when a bunch sardine breathed xenophobic loners pop up from their holes in the ground you think they will reform society, fat chance, who would want to live with those turkeys? Sounds like dystopian future 2.0, here’s an idea, put some food away for your extras, i do, unless you don’t mind watching them and their children starve to death, stop thinking about just yourself, it’s a dead end.

            • I hear ya. I just recently abandoned my hope of purchasing a BOL and decided that my parents 40 acres 3 hours away is our only option. I just had a conversation with mom about all the people I imagine I will feel I need to bring with me. There will be my parents, my two adult sisters alredy there, so I’m bringing my husband, myself and our son, then I will probably need to bring all the people attached to me by marriage. Those include my MIL, FIL, BIL and his wife and three kids, her mother and step father, and my husband’s aunt and uncle. That is….what, 18 people? The person with the most value on the list is my BIL, but he comes with lots of people. So I’m looking to be responsible for 14 of those people, since I’m bringing them all down. Just beans and grains for all those people for a year would be 7000lbs!

              • 40 acres can feed a lot of people, and what gang from the city stands a chance against a crew the size of yours. There is safety in numbers.

                They all need to know that if they show up, their car better hold everything of value for survival that they could fit.

                They all need to know they need to bring a dozen pairs of work gloves, because they are going to need them, and they will wear them out! Work gloves, the “must have survival item” most left off of preppers lists!

                There are a few that my wife would take in that are worse than eaters, they are unreliable and likely dangerous due to their foolish self imposed ignorance, world view, and in a pinch could not be trusted with the simplest responsibility.

        • For those that read or listen to audio books there are some good ones on different collapse scenerios. The one that in my opinion is probably the most likely and realistic is a 10 book series called 299 Days. It’s about an economic collapse in the U.S. Another is the Perseid Collapse series, a little more exaggerated, but still pretty good. The Survivalist Series is another one that is pretty good and starts with an EMP attack. There are several others such as One Second After, The Patriot, World Made by Hand and several others. If after reading some of these and watching whats happening in the world now you don’t need feel the need to get your preps in order you definitely fit the description of a sheeple.

          • @TXprep,
            Gotta love Bowie, and Samantha is a sweetheart. As for Tanner, did you ever know a guy to get so “lucky”?

        • EverythingISayIsALie

          I suggest buying one of those door mats that says “Come Back with a Warrant!”

          • 🙂

        • “Speak to the hand.”

      6. When it really does come down it’ll be worse than you can imagine. It’ll be the killing fields in the cities, spilling into the suburbs and tens of millions will be dead in less than 30 days…

        • Then disease will spread from the rats, feral dogs, cats and the rotting corpses leading to more dying.

          • The first plague will be the rat from the cities. They will eat everything in their path! Then will come the starving people!

            Are your preps in rat proof containers?

            • yes!

            • I have 5 rat traps. Good protein in rats. Mixed with my Mt House.. mmm mmm good.

              • Here at the BOL got my 350 ft barbed wite cattle fence up 3 strands with one going across the top 6 ft tall. Got the 16 ft gate up today. Last night game ahow here. 14 wild Turkeys, 3 adults and 11 babies the size if big chickens and they were accompanies by the 8 pt buck, spiked buck and a fat doe. All within 30 yrds if my front cottage porch. That was a site. They all got along but the turkey kind of shewed away the deer. Sept 1 bow turkey season begins. Tally hoe!! Get out if the cities and get you some country land.

        • and this adversely affects me how? I fail to see any downside?

        • I hear people talk about we survived the great depression but what I don’t here is that anyone under 40 0r 50 has no clue how bad the depression was and I believe over a million people died

      7. It is naive to think anyone in power is not controlled. The option for them is, play or die.

        The people who run the corporate employees know that nice people do not want conflict and are not violent or evil.

        Everything will be fine as long as they can create money out of thin air to pay the EBT cards and pay off on the ponzi schemes.

        They of course destroy all savings in the process.

        Anyone who is paying attention knows this will not last much longer. The culling is coming, ready for it or not.

        • Listened to Paul Craig Roberts talk about Greece, bottom line, if Greece doesn’t submit, their leadership will just be assassinated by the. CIA.

          It’s come down to this!

      8. What is missing in their country is to see the bodies of the dead bankers, CEO’s, and all those who benefited and stole from the regular working class through cooperation with the international Zionist IMF, BIS.

      9. Lady has six kids and depends on the govt to feed them, does she not have a job?

        • What happens when you pay people to have kids. We need to start making people pay for their kids and stop giving them tax deductions too.

        • Joe she couldn’t find the word ‘JOB’ in the dictionary.

      10. well …. at least her nails were done ?

      11. Mac, Excellent compilation! You da man!

        “So, if you happen to be one of those people laughing at the preppers, think about how funny it will be when you’re having to dig through the trash for your next meal…”

        Well said.

        • Mac
          Excellent article.

      12. And you said that us preppers were nuts. Well, I guess we can now see the truth. NOMI Molon Lube

      13. Mac lays down the hammer..remember what the scientist said for the kazillian times..the cabal plans to take full advantage of the engineered calapse. Their answer is to build guard towers fake malls connect underground bases to Walmart, ship in 30,000 guillotines in the country and launch Jade Helm 15 to kill, work with chinese to have then invade us with other UN, and and Nato allies..add some EMP, economic calapse and season it with some lack of food and water with a little Nibiru and environmental calapse, Haarp etc and you now have all the ingredients for total hell on earth. Get ready guys is my grammar again. The agency azz clowns are going to strike..when the American people start to go into foreclosure and loose everything there are going to loose it..thos revolution based on my research will be the bloodiest one every in the history of the entire planet…because it’s a war of the people in all the major countries fighting revolutionary wars. Invest in brass and lead. The Road awaits us all. It’s nice to know that we are in the 3-5 million, I am looking forward to meeting you guys post shtf. Because we are the survivors. We are of the generation Type One.

        • is this the conversation you have out loud with yourself?

      14. The distractions are becoming worse to take everyones eyes off the real issues. Confederate flags, while TPP was fast tracked. Senator’s got millions, and Bruce Jenner was all over the tv, to each his own. Yet the supreme court decision about gay marriage comes down to constitutional issues.The world is nuts….

      15. The funny part about this article is: It is only day three without the banks!

      16. Johnny V don’t worry about the idoetic family, just make sure they don’t know where you live and don’t know where your food is at. They will tell the gangs a.d armed thugs in your area that you have food. They have no earthy frickin idea what they are about to experience. And for all the single preppers studdly such as my self on other no so handsome preppers don’t worry guys you have 1,000’s women begging you to protect and are willing to do anything to eat drink and protect themselves. I for one won’t be helping any of them..i only interbreed with female preppers. No food and water roe none preppers. Irresponsible people who were irresponsible before the calapse should not be getting any Damn thing to eat, leave your area band with preppers and survive it. This is what we are planning. I observe people a lot and they are very very, very stupid, stupid stupid people.and the ideotic Agency clowns are coming on here and I just figure out why. They are concerned that people are reading these sites and the sites are making them prep so it’s waking people up big time and they have lost control. We are the new media from. This month one..that’s Greece this is America. This is and entire completely different type of response.. prep, prep prep till you can t prep now more.

      17. On the plus side, maybe I’ll get some peace and quiet, god damned thumping car stereos, no more gas= fat boyz gonna havta walk and that takes protein eh. Some people on my block hardly ever foodshop, they live in the drivethru, identify with thier car, well guess what, it’s now so much SCRAP METAL.
        Eat that damn car.

        • Cisco.

          Thumping car stereo’s. Hahahaa! Man, You have that right. Racing crotch rockets too. Those little cars with loud muffler’s will all become sound attractions.

      18. I keep my mouth shut nowadays. I just hope the ones I have told over the years keep their mouth shut. I don’t know of anyone on a personal basis that is prepping. Maybe one or two who have asked me questions over the years. My advise is to not say anything to anyone you are not willing to let into your home if the SHTF.

        By the way, if any of you are having problems financially in prepping may I suggest hitting up the Mormon / LDS store in your area. These folks are the original preppers deluxe. Great prices on bulk foods. Nice people to boot.


        • Same here Big B, my neighbors are so stupid they think Prepping, Dehydrating, and Canning are three cities in China.

      19. “How am I going to feed my family?” Here’s a better question, “Who gives a damn as to what happens to anyone’s family.” Here is the truth: They either live on welfare now, which is a crimes against the taxpayers, and when welfare is not available, then they will take by force whatever you have. If, on the other hand, they are gainfully employed, then why aren’t the one celled animals prepping for crying out loud. If they aren’t prepping and 97% aren’t then why the hell should any prepper worry or even be concerned with how they feed themselves or their families. Let them eat each other. There is not one word in the Bible about helping a slothful idiot so don’t hit me with that God loves everybody BS. Jacob I loved, Esau I hated…it’s right there in the bible…God hates lazy people.

      20. The Bankers are laughing at not only the elderly Greeks whose pensions they want…they have half of America convinced that they are in the right to demand these pensions as payment for loans given to Greece UNDER PREVIOUS CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENTS. The Socialists are being blamed for this mess but they just got swept into power recently because the people of Greece were tired of being degraded and robbed by the International Banking cartel which has demanded more and more from the Greek people for payment for these loans taken under duress. This mess isn’t the fault of EITHER the retired old workers of Greece OR the RECENTLY elected Socialist government. It is the GREEDY, CRIMINAL Banks demanding their pound of flesh supported by their political thug enforcers that is the heart of this matter.

        • Good point cooper

      21. Anyone seen the movie “the crazies”?
        A military plane crashes in a river in Iowa, carrying something called a destabilizer, making people crazy killers. The guy from justified is the sheriff.
        The military comes in eventually, hauling people away, searching for survivors. Good movie, shows how its hard to hide and fight military.

      22. Anyone seen the movie “the crazies”?
        A military plane crashes in a river in Iowa, carrying something called a destabilizer, making people crazy killers. The guy from justified is the sheriff.
        The military comes in eventually, hauling people away, searching for survivors. Good movie, shows how its hard to hide and fight military.

        • Are you related to Chad?

      23. Chad, I saw that movie I highly recommend it, it shows exactly what they have planned, and that same even almost happened for real. Its jade Helm 15 big time. It shows how they engineered the the calapse with the use of a bio- weapon, they they brought in the military and stated to massacre the people. Then they pu them in concentration camps. Now the camps are here and so is the military, check mate. Its once serious reality check. Chad is right guys rent that movie it’s going to rally get your all ticked off, your tempers will boil over. I saw it when I was in middle of my shtf hiatus.

      24. Mac I have to also hand it to you. You have a PHD is stirring up sh….t. this post is excellent with good photos. This one delivered the ultimate bitch slap needed to remind us why we must prep… and for the agency azz clowns posting on this site. you clowns have made and azz out of your selfves…those people are not preppers and they are out of food and water.. I would hate the see the behavior of 100,000 black dred locks hungry and pissed off felons ..that when the saiga.. comes in, it will certainly make a good street cleaner.

        • Houst, yeah I agree… look how crazed and dangerous they are when they have food and water and are fed and hydrated. I don’t want to think what they’ll be like when they are starving and thirsty.

          “A good street cleaner”…LOL.

      25. All the jewish bankers need to do is close the banks and all shit is going to break losse so do they wait for everyone to find out they have ran off with your pensions like bandits and people start to knock their doors or do they pick a fight with Russia and China.

        Don’t worry they will throw petrol on the fire by starting race wars when it gets going but don’t blame the blacks becaus most of them are not debt slaves like we are and it is we who have been feeding the beast via interest rates paid to bankers.

      26. “Knocking at the door?” All I can say is that humble pie isn’t that filling.

      27. I think we are approaching the time when those having a prepper mindset will have a distinct advantage.

      28. “I got 6 kids to feed.”

        And 6 different daddies.

      29. So how many of those people that are standing in the line after Hurricane Sandy learned from it, and have some food and gas put back now? I would like to say maybe some of them learned from it but more than likely not.

        • Ranchers Wife.

          Let them eat trash.

      30. Like a lot of others, I prep for my families sake. I don’t want them standing in line for government issued rat stew.

      31. i just read that the d.h.s is looking to buy upteen billion more rounds, of m16 rounds! To add to the upteen billion rounds they all ready have just bought!! All to keep them in power and us from having enough rounds to protect ourselves! When their failed policies, bring, the economy to its knees! They wont be there with food, or useful supplies, or any useful help! Just guns, to keep us in check, to show their force, and kill any trouble makers!So, any one with some fore sight, are preparing for situations like what is happening in Greece, or about to happen here!! Or other non man made disasters, to, at least give themselves a fighting chance to survive!Something our fraud leaders could care less about!So if having some items to keep you and your loved ones fed and have some weapons to try and protect them is crazy and foolish… I ‘ll chose crazy and foolish any day!!! Because if you think our leaders will help, you are crazy and foolish!!!

      32. Hey everybody.

        Wanted to give you all a heads up on fireworks.

        Everybody loves them but sometimes they may get out of hand.
        I just finished cleaning out the house gutters and put things in order around the home. The grass is cut and pine straw placed in the yard trash cans. Many homes will burn as the rockets red glare we celebrate could end up burning down homes of others by accident. Take away the fuel that can easily start a fire. Water hose on standby.

        Once had a 3 inch mortar rise out of the tube about 10 feet and it exploded. Remarkable to stand inside the blast area and not get hurt. I was about 10 feet from the tube with my back turned to it. Be careful.

        • good ideas. thanks Slingshot!

      33. Funny thing is that you can prep all you want. When the military comes knocking at your “camp”, they are going to take everything you have and may even leave you dead.

      34. What an absolute bunch of lunatics this site draws. Preps, bug out locations, military take overs. Cuckoo, Cuckoo.

        • LATL

          I was crazy when I got here,

          But I’m ALL RIGHT NOW!

        • It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!!!
          And you are right…your post proves it!

        • Go back to sleep LATL. Daddy gubbmint is gonna take care of you. That’s right, pull the blankie up and close your eyes. Daddy has it all figured it out for you lol

        • You gays always crack us up…

      35. Soros donating to Clinton. On Drudge.

        Yes! Vote Hillary and get the ball rolling with the backing of the old bastard. Chaos and anarchy. How I am beginning to love it. Prep Hard.

      36. 2008 was the wake-up and prepare call for all of humanity!

        those who are not prepared by now deserve the consequences of their inaction.

      37. I do not ridicule those that choose to prep for disasters and other occurrences in life. As long as they are positive and preventative in nature.
        Why do those who do not want to prep come here and harass us. You should not be here in the first place. Do you want to feel that you are superior in knowledge to us.
        All of this information is free and a great deal of it has been tried and proven methods of doing things. Even if you do not agree with out thoughts of peril. You can benefit on a many subjects.
        I know there will be many because of their short sightedness will turn in the Prepper because he refused to share. Also he will bring others with him to STEAL his Goods. But in the end they kill or loose the acquired knowledge to survive long term. Which could have been avoided if the heckler did some minor preps in the first place.

        • Show me a liberal/progressive news outlet of any flavor that allows free and open discussion and commenting with little censorship? Of course liberals come here, and they don’t even even notice the hypocrisy in play!

      38. Take a few of your food items and poison them, that will put a dent in confiscation.

      39. The problem is, most Americans have about 1-2 days worth of food stuffs in their homes. I know someone who has about 1 day of food and stops in at the store almost daily just to pick up supper items. You try to warn people, but the ones I encounter don’t believe anything bad can happen, and if it does, then our government will come and rescue them with food and water. I don’t understand people who are willing to be so dependent and helpless.

        What woke me up was the morning of 9/11. The stores in my town were cleaned out and people were lining up for gas.

        That EBT shut down was a test. Turn it off for a week and then you’ll see real madness.

      40. Obama voters are fucked.

      41. A CME or an EMP would just IMPLODE the situation to a ZOMBIE like militant state with a foul negro in control combined with Mexicans and Muslims on the loose.

        Any white man’s worst nightmare.

      42. So I live outside a very small town, mostly seniors. They live on social security. They can’t even make it to the next payday because they have 20 cats or ten dogs and pet food is expensive. I feel sorry for them. And many will die in a short while after SHTF. One was out of gas and begging people to give her 5 gals for her 1973 Chrysler.

        We can’t save everyone.

        • nope, can’t save them all. It would be nice however to save that one who might be standing in front of you crying for help. That person will always be replaced by another and another……that will be my hell.

      43. One of the things older folks like me have to be aware of is apathy. I find myself starting to go down the rabbit hole every once in a while, thinking I’m useless anyway, and that no one will miss me, that all that will happen is that the gangs will kick down my door and kill me to take whatever it is I’ve got. No matter what, I just have to keep going, and prepping.

        • Buy a cheap shotgun, take one or two of them with you, that’s not useless. That’s in my plan.

        • You have more to offer than you think , how many young people know how to garden or Handel a firearm? Even just having someone to sit and protect the kids while the able body go to the garden can be a god send for someone that doesn’t have a lot of family

      44. From what information I’ve been able to gather, in the US the expected “collapse” will be renamed. It will be referred to as a “Currency Re-Set” in hopes to block off a possible run o the banks in an attempt to ensure a “strictly controlled” situation to the public and banking community. The idea is to offer assurances to clients that whatever amount of money their account holds will remain until a more ample explanation can be offered with regard to the “new currency” that will be in use. The expected “crash” may or may not be as spectacular as expected. However, in the coming months developments will show that prices will rise more and more to where it may be near impossible to continue living at the same standard as most are accustomed to. There will be less availability of items due to the closing of many businesses as we all ride the slow decent to the worst financial crisis in US history. My best advice is get out of the cities and get yourself a place where you can organize small communities of people willing to help each other. If you are a Christian: Pray, pray, pray.

      45. The most disturbing thing is the lady that kept saying it was “crazy” that the EBTs don’t work. The lack of responsibility is scary. And these are the people that will turn violent and quick. I do believe that lady is crazy, nice clothes yet a sick heart. Six kids and no way to feed them, no father in the home and not even food to last one day. Amazing it has come to this. Life has been too easy for too long.

      46. My comment got erased.

      47. Put my money into tools and real estate.

        There will be no collapse, they will just keep printing money.

        Buy rental property and rent it to manless femnazis. Your own real estate slaves. Men, feminism handed you a golden opportunity.

        Got tools?

        Most men went MGTOW. GOOGLE IT.

      48. What’s funny is, before Obama was elected, this prepper rhetoric was reserved for nutcases and ads in the back of Guns and Ammo magazine.

        Paranoid racist white people – keeping America interesting.

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