“This Now Poses Huge Dangers to the Continent”

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    One of the lone voices of reason in the European Union Parliament, the UK’s Nigel Farage, outlines the dangerous consequences facing the whole of the European continent as unemployment and tempers rage, debts pile up, and lack of access to basic necessities in some afflicted regions takes its toll.

    In his impassioned plea to EU leaders Farage warns of the rise of extreme political environments on the right and left of the spectrum, and urges Parliament members to take the necessary step of breaking up the union by releasing debt-ridden nations instead of further impoverishing them. A failure to act, cautions Farage, leaves Europe facing the prospect of mass civil unrest and nationalistic revolution.

    [Video follows excerpt]

    Like Communism, this has all gone badly wrong, and the EU titanic has now hit the iceberg.

    It is a European Union of economic failure, of mass unemployment, of low growth; but worst of all it’s an EU with the economic prison of the Euro.

    This now poses huge dangers to the continent.

    We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, possibly even revolution in some countries that have been driven to total and utter desperation.

    We’re seeing it country after country…

    In Greece what we saw last Sunday was rather reminiscent of the German election of 1932. We saw the status quo center collapse, and the extremes of right and left rise. You know, this project could even cause the rebirth of national socialism in Europe.

    We are headed the wrong way. We must break up the Euro Zone. We must set those Mediterranean countries free.

    We can not do it if we are asked to rally behind that flag [motions to EU flag]. I owe no allegiance to that flag, and nor do most of the people in Europe either.


    Nigel Farage: Financial “Cataclysm” To Come, Gold to Unimaginable Levels

    No Fear: Farage Tears into EU President

    Resources: Zero Hedge, Europari
    Hattip John


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      1. Hear ye, hear ye! I like that dude!

        • We may pray that a force arises in Europe and elsewhere that opposes the genocidal tyrannies of the dynastic banksters.

          • I’m at a bar drinking cheap beer and I became very afraid cause I thought you said genocidal trannies-and that’s the worst kind.

        • Please – if you can find the time to, read the following text:-

          History is merely repeating itself, or the condition of the ordinary man revertng to the historical mean, at least as far as tpb are concerned.

          The ptb have been able to quietly eroding freedoms so hard won while the populace has been watching the kardashians and X-factor.

          The difference is that this time the “plantation” is global. The same game is being played out in real time everywhere, some locations (Greece?) are a little further along than others – that’s all.

          If we aren’t careful the “modern” version of the wretched condition of those mentioned in the above text will be our children’s inheritance.

            • Cheers John

              While I’m not academic in the slightest I can’t resist stuff like this – really appreciate the links.

            • Harry Truman once said “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know”

            • Thanks John for your research and knowledge seems we are all living in a lie, and the Jews are at it again
              manipulating F^@%!#& control freaks

          • That’s why they are trying to make a back room deal to remove our guns from us before it all collapses. It means they can restore power over the serfs faster and accelerate the power structure they intend to put over all of us. Sadly it seems that 1984 is viewed not as a warning but a road map to those in power.

            • Winston,they have already done this in Australia, research
              “Martin Bryant” a bogus mass shooting of innocent people, (amazing most where head shots fired from the hip), nothing adds up, when looking at the “planted” evidence the rifle they “found” did not even match the ammunition!! FFS, one rifle was even decommissioned, the supposed gunman/scapegoat, has a history of autism, yet almost over night, Australia was in the process of being disarmed. we now have single shot rifles and very heavy restrictions if i didn’t know better i would say we have been “punked”

      2. Was just watching Nigel as this was posted…

        He knows what going on…



      3. Pretty soon it’ll bleed over to the US and then It’s Katey bar the door. Only a matter of time.

        • Katey, bar the door after I’ve left. I’m going hunting.

        • Possibly a bigger economic tsunami heading our way.

          Prepare for the worst.

        • If history repeats itself as it did in Europe in 1932,and it bleeds over to the U.S., this will indeed be a time of troubles and tribulation. It was during that period, with the collapse of the status quo in Germany and Italy, that the world saw the rise of Mussolini and Hitler and …the rise of the war party in Japan. That gentleman in UK is correct in what needs to be done …and what to prepare for.

      4. So, what’s the timetable for the restoration of the Constitutional Republic when Ron Paul is elected? I believe it to be decades on the Ron Paul road to the Old Republic. Full restoration of the Bill of Rights and hewing down of the Code back to rebuild the Law of the Commons.

        If Ron is sidelined for whatever reason, be it physical attack, cheated, or lemmings in mass vote, do we accept that our country is lost and reserve ourselves to going along with tyrranny? I have already made my choice, but are we of a same mind on this? Hard to point to the obvious without being able to say it outright.

        The Lord is righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

          • Jesus Christ is Son of God says:
            Moves being made against County Sheriffs across the nation.


            I like this blog theme. The more the enforcement powers devolve to smaller groups of people, the more freedom we have. The sheriff is accountable only to his voters. I tried to post a positive comment on the blog commentary, but it locked up. I could not complete the comment. This is a darn good concept, the power and responsibility of the office of sheriff. No wonder it is under attack by globalists and our socialist government. Thanks for making me aware.

          • Yes, the home rule movement lead by 5 sheriffs during the Brady campaign sobered the tyrants. The tyrants did not meet the movement head on, but outflanked the sheriffs.

          • While I believe that sheriffs should have sole local jurisdiction, I cannot understand how they are not already part of he corp gov. They do the banksters and corp gov. bidding when they evict for non payment of illegal property “tax rent” or default of a mortgage.

        • @ Jesus Christ is Son of God

          Yes, He is indeed Son of God, True God and True Man.

          Do you think that democracies and republics may veto and vote down His Laws?

          • The Lord may give them over to such an obamanation;) Surely, such a road leads to destruction:(

            The Lord is righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

        • Manned and ready!

        • Ron Paul must get the delegate votes, if he does not win the Republican nomination then I foresee that Obama will get elected again because Ron Paul will remain on the ticket as a third party candidate. If he fails to win the nomination he will divide the Republican votes and steal winning votes away away from the Republican nominee (Romney). I would love to vote for Ron Paul but I want Obama out of office more so I must unfortunately yet again vote for the lesser of two evils running under both dominant parties if Romney wins the nomination. Remember what happened during Bush Sr. and Clinton election? Guy named Ross Perot pretty much stole votes away from Bush Sr. thus handing Clinton the win on a silver platter. Obama is counting on this happening again.

          I know I must have too much faith in our broken process seeing as how the hacked Diebold voting machines will be choosing our next president for us. All those votes which will be transferred via network to a company in Spain which will dump all the votes into a big pot to tally thus eliminating the ability to validate them. It’s kind of like watching a WWF wrestling match: you know it’s rigged but it’s still fun to get pumped up about it and watch the battle.

          • ORomney

            The Lord is righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

          • Beef. You have the wrong attitude. I used to think the same way. I would rather have Obama then Romney. Lesser of 2 evils, only because Obama is possibly not as pro Israel as Romney is.

            However, having said that I am going to vote Ron Paul anyway. I may be hoping for a miracle, but I will never again vote the lesser of two evils. I think it should be fairly obvious to us all that no matter who wins, the agenda will remain the same with Romney or Obama. Ron Paul will probably be stone walled if elected, or even more probably, killed.

            After this election, I probably won’t bother voting.I don’t think it will matter anymore anyway.

        • It’s hard to say what to do. As much as I want Ron Paul to win, I don’t think he will (for a variety of reasons ranging from fraud to an incompetent electorate). I would prefer Romney to Obama if I had to choose between the two of them simply because I think he is less likely to confiscate our guns. Then again, I think the way the power play is being set up Obama will do that during the lame duck session so that Romney doesn’t have to look like the bad guy to his constituents. It’s all political theater though as both men are puppets controlled by the same master. That master is using them to herd us to a singular end where government is in total control of everything and we the cattle are ranched to provide for the 0.01%. We will be well cared for so long as we are productive, but once we pass peak productivity we will be slaughtered to keep us from taking up resources.

          • Ron Paul will not be POTUS – unfortunately.

            The vote may be rigged as Beefcake says. I dont know and it doesnt really matter.

            Vote to get BarryO out <— number 1 priority !!
            After that, hold Romney or Republican President accountable.

            VOTE THEM ALL OUT – IF THE NEW CROWD SCREWS US – VOTE THEM OUT NEXT ELECTION. maybe they get the message !!

            LAST WORD — IF republicans win and STOP the .GOV spending stupidity, We all will suffer but we will be free. If BarryO wins, it will slowly devolve with more loss of individual freedom until the collapse and the .GOV boot on your throat.

            Difference is be free – OR – be a slave to do the bidding of TPTB.

            • apparently you are still thinking Dems and Repubs are different. Don’t be such a tool. Both want big Gov no matter what they say. Both won’t welfare (one corporate one people). Either way, the wars will continue and your rights will be taken away. Stop voting party lines. Think Independent. WAKE UP!!!!

            • Notice I didn’t say that he wouldn’t do it, just that he is less likely to do it than Obama. I don’t put anything past either of these two men when it comes down to it as I believe that both are leftist politicians trying to play to a centrist crowd.

        • We, being many are of the same mind!

      5. First! That seems to push a lot of buttons.

      6. An honest man; Hope he has someone else start his car. Interesting, when he speaks there is always applause when he stops; but none of the people around him are clapping. Unfortunately, having an understanding of the problem does not provide solutions. I’m afraid we are in for a bad ride.

      7. I vote for him at every opportunity, this man needs to be prime minister, he is the only point of light in a very, very dark sky

        Take care

        • We have a illegitimate president here so why not a vice president?

          Ron Paul/Nigel Farage 2012!!

          • Wicked

            Hands off our Nigel, you are being greedy trying to get both of the only sane politicians currently around.

            Play nice and share.

            Take care

          • WICKED ONE
            why do you wnat to replace one bad with another? you people are ALL FUCKEN SICK! you will just keep trying to trump one another with more unconstitutional act of treason upon another… you will spy on people.. you will never fucken stop doing fucken really stupid shit! hahaqhahahahaha youre all fucken sick!

            • youre all sick, little, turtleing, yankee fucking homos! youre a god damned blight on this planet! you are totally out of control! fucking news flash.. the rest of the fucken world doesnt care about you and isnt scared of you yankee israeli fucking dimwits… GO to HELL!

        • He is similar to our Ron Paul, not afraid to point out the major flaws, and what will happen if the course is not seriously changed. But also like RP, he will never be allowed into a position of real power. He’s too much of a threat to the cabal.

          • Just wondering: who is the moron that voted your comment down? Or, is it just someone slip of a finger/mouse?

        • Did you READ the article?

          • I DID NOT post this… Hey Ahab, IMF or kevin… STOP HIJACKING not only the story lines but my freakin’ handle.

            I have been out of town since 9am till now.

            Which one of you a-holes will admit to being the user of my handle? Huh? Jackasses!

            If this is what is allowed here, then it shows EXACTLY the types of folks you really are!

            Stop your childish crap!

            • Happened to me once…but all here knew it wasn’t me.

            • If you ask me, It’s goddamn childish to be crying about some stupid internet shit, boy. You have to keep in mind- 99% of this shit might not be real.

            • JayJay,

              That post WAS NOT from me either! This is out of control! Mac is now involved, so it will be remedied. Thanks JayJay for the comments though… it was considerate of you!

              Also, Daisy, and the others… thanks for your support. But…I’ve about had it, and Mac has too! So, we’ll see what happens.

              Thanks again!

        • Burt the Brit: I have watched many of Nigel’s speeches and I wonder why we (USA) can’t elect even one person with such intelligence, passion, and speaking ability. He and most of the people in the Britsh Parliment, I watch the “Prime Minister’s Time’, are far more erudite than any of our dull-witted gasbags. Perhaps it’s because ours lack the proper education in logic, rhetoric, and public speaking. But then again, here in the ‘States’ it doesn’t matter how unintelligent our elected representatives are, because most people here are too busy watching reality tv and couldn’t care even if their flabby little brains made the effort. We are a nation of physical and intellectual couch potatoes.

          • The script is too far along to expect the ballot box to remediate the problems.

            Recall what Stalin said: “It does not matter who votes, but who counts the votes.”

            Vote fraud is the rule (even in the the state houses), not the exception.

            • On this issue, I wrote my Governor in FLorida and got a response that we are not using SCYTL technology in our State.

              SCYTL has about 900 contracts with jurisdictions to count votes. An article I read recently dated 2004 stated that there are about 8000 voting jurisdictions.

              Here’s a link to what I sent to my governor’s office. Recommend everyone read this and contact their governors. It’s very solid.


          • Gregory8,

            Elected leaders have found a “work around” for for those qualities…the “Teleprompter”.

            Obama’s “Teleprompter” even has his own blog.

          • I’m not yet sure he’s not very articulate controlled opposition. Obama is a skilled narrator.

            I’m reserving judgement until I hear him speak out directly against the basic flaws in fiat & directly in favour of honest money – as to his credit, Ron Paul has for years now.

          • Do not let their words fool you, most are idiots, they just went to the kind of schools where you learn how to speak like this, most got exam passes not on academic. Erit, but because daddy was affiliated with the “right” people

            Take care

            • Burt: same thing here, just look at “W”. But that also applies to many in our highest offices on boths sides of the political aisle. I’d like to think that somewhere the cream rises to the top. But then I’m reminded; so does a turd.

            • Het Burt mosr of the ivy leagers are what I have called for many years no educated idiots. NO common sense. really if you think they are a threat now imagine if they really had any brains, that is a scary thought. What they are doing is not smart it is all manipulation ( I have seen drunks in bars use that skill very well) and money being thrown around to buy people off, we could rule the world too of we could just print money too, no brains in goverment just manipulation…

        • Finally a Brit of the Old School, where have they gone?

          • US

            We are here

            Take care

            • Here, Here. i often ask myself, what happened to the Brits that put down the Mutiny of 1857, the Mau Mau insurrection, tamed Borneo, made the nation of India? The nation that gave us Churchill and Thatcher Every now and then you see a flicker of light shine from Great Britain.

      8. I <3 Nigel! The only honest one in that lot. he's like the European Ron Paul; telling it like it is, not how the delusional nitwits dream it could be. 🙂

        • US Centurion

          The UK emasculated men years ago…I do not advocate women should be tied to the kitchen sink, but giving women equality should not mean men are emasculated….that makes things unequal again.

          Too many women here have used their sex to either a) as a biological incubator to churn out kids and gain benefits from the state, thereby excluding the need to have daddy around and form a stable family unit, or b) stomped their way to the top, only to drag every man who calls them sweetheart through the courts accusing them of sexual insults and demeaning them.

          What a crock of shit. This is where the warriors have gone.

          I was one of the first women in my part of the country to train for my job, I have been called every name, including impolite ones you can possibly think of, and maybe a few you can’t…and what? All it did was make me more determined to be good at what I do, to prove the name callers wrong.

          For future reference you can call me anything you like…though darling, bade and sweetheart are my favourites lol

          Take care

          • A type A male is called agressive.
            A type A female is called a Bitch.

            I hear ya sister. 😉

      9. News this morning

        Greek bailout payment held back
        400,000 public sector workers to strike (UK)
        Spanish bank part nationalised
        Portugal axes public holidays

        BBC online news

        Garage knows what he is talking about…the rest of them spend their time doing what they do best. Sticking their heads up their arses and hoping it all goes away.

        Take care

        • Burt.I like what Farage has to say. Since England is not in the Eurozone, do they have any “skin in the game”?Would it be a good or bad thing for the City of London.

          • Good question. I would also like to know how this would effect England.

            • Eagledove

              It will affect us big time, please see the post below, I somehow did not put your name on top with JRS apologies.

              Take care

          • JRS

            Bad, most of our trade is with Europe and like the rest of the planet the zone owes UK banks billions and billions. Anything that hits Europe diminishes our exports in a big way. It affects employment here as well, already we are being told unemployment is going to continue to climb and that reduced output is going to damage our economy for decades to come. This is all the result of the politicians putting all the eggs in one basket, and then allowing an unsteady toddler to carry it….it has been doomed to failure from the beginning.

            You cannot hope to put that many nations under one banner and have it work, there is way to many cultural, political and economic differences for that. Each country has its own identity and that cannot be suppressed forever, what you see in Greece is not the result of the Greeks being lazy, Greece ran perfectly well for God knows how long when allowed to follow its own cultural guidelines, it’s own political system, and have its own currency. Enter the Euro, prices go up, everything is “brought into line” with everyone else….ie the Germans, Greeks lose jobs, Greeks struggle to pay personal debt, unemployment rises…you know the rest. Now, the mainstay of the Greek economy, tourism is dying,people watch the news, they do not want to see the riots, the poverty, the begging, they go somewhere else, Greece suffers more still. It is disgusting to see this on your door step, in countries where you have visited, where you know people you have met whilst they have worked in the UK.Italy, according to Italians I know who live just outside of Naples, is in dire straits, the only reason they are not plastered over the news is because Spain is in a slightly worse condition and grabbing the headlines, Portugal is inches from rolling over, as is Ireland. This is like a huge economic volcano, keep putting problems into the chamber and eventually it will explode.

            God help us all when that happens

            Take care

            • Thanks Burt., Did some or most of the nations joined the EU because if they didn’t, they could not trade goods with the EU?
              So..,in the beginning., it would or should of been an economic plus to join the EU.


            • Eagledove

              Kind of. Countries were given inducements…many of them trade based, lower or zero duties et there were also preferential rates on business loans etc

              Prior to the EU that we all know and hate, there was the common market, which included the UK, this was set up to encourage trading between countries that were geographically close to each other, within europe but it set rules that were applicable to all the countries involved, this aimed to cut red tape and allow competitiveness between the member states based on a level playing field, rather than a million different rules. Various measures of standardisation followed, again in the hope of keeping the field level. Then someone decided that everyone should have the same currency to make international transactions easier. The inducements got to be more and more financial, cheaper business loans for members, back up and support from other member states etc, all that crap. The UK said no to the currency, and as a result we saw the France and other countries refusing to buy our produce etc, it got quite loud at one point, British produce being refused entry or dumped rather than hitting the shops. So, we ended up, after some shuffling, as a member of the Eurozone regarding trade, but still retaining our own currency and therefore not falling under the full weight of legislation from Brussels , particularly with regard to monetary and fiscal policy.
              Ths was only possible because we had been a paid up member of the common market, and they therefore had trouble getting rid of us. This is why everytime the UK vetoes anything the other 26 countries go mental. They do not feel we are entitled to an opinion because we do not belong to the monetary union.

              This is a very potted version, more of an outline of how we got where we are at. It is a total crock of shit and it was destined to fail from its inception, the only question has always been when.

              Take care

            • Burt the Brit—well stated..

            • Actually Burt, Not enough coverage over here. Most of my co-workers know nothing about what is going on over there.

              Peace Brother.

          • That’s my concern JRS – is he just there to deflect attention from the antics of, and therefore protect the City of London?

            The City Wankers are amongst the biggest crooks of them all, and darned clever too.

          • JRS – Camerloon is protecting “financial services” with everything he has. Even if the rest of the nation has to be sacrifced to support the banksters then that’s what will happen sadly.

            The official figures state that 40% of UK exports go to the Eurozone, so common sense tells us that if they go down, we will too. Sadly we haven’t been nurturing trade relations with ex-commonwealth countries (which might have been our ladder out of trouble?) as well as we could in recent years.

            What I’m finding most interesting is that we are hearing very little about what’s happening to the East of the Eurozone at present. For instance Romania rioted in January. Dspite very harsh austerity measures similar to those imposed on the Greeks we are hearing very little about it. (The ex-MIL’s teacher’s pension has been cut by 25% and she is furious! lol)

            They are incredibly proud insular and nationaistic people, insisting on their own foreign policy even during the Soviet era, so I can’t see them just accepting diktats from the EU much longer.

            I’m spending the summer in Romania to escape the London Olympics,(don’t like the “security” being implemented too close to my home). I’m looking forward to finding out what the mood is there “on the ground”. These are tough self-sufficient people who only got rid of Ceasuscu & joined the EU in my own generation.

            The Hungarians haven’t given the central Eurocrats and easy ride either. There have been lots of rows with Brussels in recent months

            Hollande seems to be perhaps threatening to reject the petro-dollar & France has retained closer relationships with the arab world than the UK? It’s too early to tell whether or not it’s just empty rhetoric to appease the Muslim element of his electorate & my gut feeling is that he’ll turn out to be the french “Tony Blair”.

            It wil be interesting to see how German/French unity holds up over the next few months, as for me this relationship is key to predicting what is coming down the road.

        • Burt The Brit,

          I recieved a e-mail from our brother Manos this morning and things there are moving fast in the wrong direction.
          He is a very strong man, however I sense that depression is setting in on him.I think about all we can do for him is to pray for his wellbeing.


          • I feel for him, there is only so much any person can do. I get news of him sometimes from others, he feels we here in the UK will not be far behind once Greece goes. I agree with him, please extend my love and best wishes to him, and tell him if he wants to correspond directly with me he is more than welcome, he knows how to get hold of my email address.

            Take care

            • Burt the Brit,

              Yes maam I will pass it on to him. I just love getting a day off to catch up on the news. But hey on a brighter side I did finish getting all my garden planted. Think I’ll open that bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed I have been saving, be a great way to start a 3 day weekend..


          • @DPS Thanx for postin an upsate on Manos, he is always in my thoughts and prayers and since I have not seen a post from him I grew concerned. I speak of him to my hubby like I really know him. He prays for him too. Thanx again for the update and let him know he is thought and prayed for often, thanx

        • What do the Greeks expect when they flipoff their benefactor?

          • Lacy

            Benefactor? Who might that be?

            Germany wants to help…is that what you think? Germany has been pushing Greece to buy tanks and munitions under a contract drawn up decades ago, they won’t even be honest and say well actually you don’t need these things so we will tear it up.

            Do your homework

            • Benefactor?

              Germany could start by repaying their WW11 reparations to Greece for a start!

      10. Garage??? Farage…sorry Nigel.

        • DPS

          Would this be the wild turkey I thought you kept as a pet a while back? LOL did I feel stupid when I was told it was a drink.. This is what happens when you talk to a woman who only drinks rum.

          Enjoy it and have one for me

          Take care

      11. The U.K.’s very own Ron Paul maybe? The whole curtain the world over is coming down, criminality is its own self-ruin and it never can last. Now, just wait until everyone finally sees who’s been behind the curtain the whole time!

      12. Nice speech. Delivered in a sandbox. Capitalist banksters and socialist apparatchiks not listening, and will eventually have to be put up against a wall. “Democracy” – two wolves arguing with a lamb about what’s for lunch – is finished, and good riddance. Invest in lead.

        • Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

          Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

          ~Benjamin Franklin

          • hint: you are all the .99% lambs – i kindly suggest that you might want to consider getting armed up stocked up prepared!

          • What a shame that Ben Franklin was the Aleister “the Beast” Crowley of his day.

            • Aleister Crowley was a sexual degenerate, mass child-killer, homosexual, fiend, and enemy of mankind and God. Crowley was known for openly having sex with his wife in front of guests in their home, committing all despicable manner of homosexual sins, biting his lovers with fangs (he filed 2 of his teeth down into sharpened fangs), eating a woman’s excrement during ritual sex, group orgies, and he boasted of being the self-proclaimed… WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Even more shocking is that President George H. Bush is married to Aleister Crowley’s daughter. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

            • Laura Bush or Barbara Bush?

            • Ben Franklin was a true “libertarian” satanists and its whispered was a member very dark group who performed pagan rituals involving dark bloody pagan ceremonies, child cannibalism and orgy rites to lucifer el diablo! he was also a 33rd degree freemason!

              freemasons are the very real political tool of the very real globalist illuminatti!

              beware the ameriKan european freemasons!

            • George H. W. Bush (born 1924), 41st President of the United States (1989–1993)

              Barbara Pierce Bush (born June 8, 1925) is the wife of the 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush.

            • There is no proof that he is her father. The FH mentioned in the diaries are equally likely to refer to Freda Harris as Frank Harris and there is no documented evidence that Pauline Pierce ever met Crowley, let alone had a child with him.

              Even if the rumour is true it proves nothing except a person cannot be blamed for the actions of the parent.

              Daisy…Barbara Bush

              Take care

            • whatever … just look at their portrait pictures @carolie uk … you can clearly see the resemblance in their facial features. as i recall usually more than TWO 2 people attend orgies … usually at least 3 persons and a donkey last i was invited to the bush’s ranch ;0)

            • Jews using Gentile Goyim women for their own sexual purposes comes from the Book of Numbers, 31:13-18, 32-35

              “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves!”

              *** gotta love how thorough jews are … its okay socially acceptable in judaism jew law too molest and rape virgin children if their gentile goyims (non-jew).

              and they are amerikas #1 allies and control literally completely washington dc , your own state governors and you!

              I need to buy more ammo and a bigger gun… this is going to be a long bloody civil war.

          • Mind you, Mr. Franklin was a man who only had two years of “formal education.” We have 12 years or more worth of schooling and we get dumber with the more advanced degrees we obtain.

            Do you think that is by accident? Don’t be a fool, it’s all “part of the plan.”

            • @sam … good point … i believe its called being ; institutionalized!

            • Nina…

              Do I have to look at the pictures? That really is a scary thought LOL

              Take care

          • Why would anyone thumbs down this? Please explain yourselves to us.

      13. For those of you who are thinking that this is europes problem and not the USAs had better wake up, because when the SHTF over there its also going to happen here , Most “Experts ” are saying that after europes collapse ours will happen about two weeks later. We will see .

        • Fearmonger.

          • SB, fearmonger? More like realist. Think of Wisconsin and what the governor had happen with the union. The laws and fed agencys being put in place. For what? Fearmongers? The fed gov’t is getting ready to light the fuse for sheeple/acorn/unions to riot.

            • Read up on what is being done to Tombstone Az. by the Feds in regards to repairing their water supply delivery system that was damaged by flooding and landslides. We truly are being ruled by maniacs.

          • SB,

            Fearmonger???? Are you just clueless? I got news for you if it goes down in Europe it won’t even take 2 weeks to hit here. If the EU does collapse we will be in deep shyt. Airbourne is spot on in this case. Hell even our own goverment is onto to this. Why else would they need to purchase 450 million rounds of 40 cal JHP? And thats the DHS remeber they patrol the USA. Mass roits will surely follow.


            Now if I could just find those guns I lost..

            • get em’ @dps ;0)

              @southernboybugger is like a lil’ annoying naive gay poodle … always barking , constantly under yur’ foot , sticking his nose in your crotch and ass… looking for attention and the first dog in the pack to run for safety as the bigger dawgs stand and fight!

              just kick him with your combat steel toes… eventually he’ll go away.

              the good lord has seen fit to suffer him upon us like venereal herpes disease.

              the goods lord is testing us.


            • DPS

              I can help, they are at the bottom of the Colorado with everyone else’s…I have never know a more careless bunch with their weaponry.

              Check out the suture post a few articles back it may come in handy

              Take care

          • That’s it!

            I DID NOT POST THIS!!!! I did not call anyone a fearmonger! It’s not even a word! TO THE MORON THAT POSTED THIS AS ME: it has to be separated into TWO words genius!!!

            To DPS and DRD (and others) it is THE ASSHOLE IMF hijacking my handle! What a freakin’ little child you are you Muslim loving freak!!!

            ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If that’s how you want it… GAME ON ASSHOLE!!!!!

            (NOTE: To anyone this offended, EXCEPT IMF, KEVIN, AHAB or WHOEVER the ASSHOLE is who’s stealing my name… I’m sorry. But, enough is enough of these so-called Patriots that are nothing but immature, fanatical wannabe know-it-alls!!!! It’s not in character for me, but …. THEY have crossed the line. And IF you all allow it … then you’re just as much to blame for doing nothing!)

            • SB –

              I suspected earlier that it wasn’t you posting – the syntax was completely wrong. Unfortunately this happens all the time – you should see some of the things I’ve allegedly said.

              I rarely agree with you, as you know 😉 but I’ll definitely agree and back you on the fact that someone impersonated you.

              (I doubt it was anyone you’d actually suspect though – most here are pretty outspoken and don’t feel the need to hide their identities when attacking – I bet it was someone who reads often but posts little)

              Don’t let it bother you, SB.

            • Just what did you expect to find on a site like this? Genius? Well keep looking. The nutbars are drawn to blogs like this and then they post stupid shit to discredit them. Mostly it is the new posters that seem to have mental problems. Too bad as a good site is being ruined.

      14. I agree with you Airborne; shortly after they fall, we will be next. No later than August I think.

        • I believe TPTB will do whatever it takes to give the appearance that things are getting better. They will do this until the election. After the election, all bets are off.


        Patriot Palestinian Kids are my “Hero’s”… It takes “JUMBO SIZE COJONES” too take on AR-15 5.56 battle rifle carrying Israeli jew Settler Soldiers looking to steal your tents , water -n- land – with just a fist size rock as a weapon!!!

        *** you “dancing with the b-rated stars” AmeriKans might want to read this story… it’s coming to once free america… whether you hide in fear behind pulled shades , locked doors and pretend ignorance or not!

        It’s really coming… we are about 95% there SET-UP as a full spectrum zionist communist controlled prison nation… we’re just waiting on the zionist fascist fed gov false-flag nuke and biological weapons attacks on chicago , san diego , and ten other usa cities , then it will be too late for All of You.

        Best finish your final preps now while you still can.

        Time is short!

        arm up stock up prepare!

        …and maybe find some decent throwing rocks for when the u.n. nato troops take away your guns!


          • Another Jew hating left winger. You slime are so easy to spot. Big mystery to me is why so many Jews support those that hate them.

            • I am a Jew and I can tell you many of us do not support them.I served my country in the military,my husband served 24 years in special forces and my son in law is special forces,a lifer.Reading many of this postings has me looking for somewhere safe out of this country to live.So much Jew hating ,so little logic.aThey are the ones who will come looking to kill us.I am disgusted with this government,many of us are.I think things are going to get worse very quickly and yes Jews are prepping too,at least some of us.This will be another website I will avoid as I am looking for useful advice not anti Semitic paranoia.

        • You the man. I don’t care what those ZioPigs say.

          • Again… IMF, if you have to resort to STEALING my name, then at least write a COHERENT sentence IDIOT!!!!

          • Mac, you need to get rid of this guy fast. Call DHS or something. Maybe you can have the TSA screen people before they come on here. Some of us really need this place for our daily affirmation.(Insert gushing jew reference here)

            • ANOTHER one NOT from me! What grade are you people in??? Get out of your Momma’s basements, clean those dookey chute skidded undies and get a life!!!

            • We are tracking your IP. When I drag you out of your grandma’s basement she better have some fresh baked cookies for me. QUIT USING MY HANDLE!! (insert zionist monkeylove here)

            • Back in the late 90s Michael Reagan had a good blog site that the leftwing loonies destroyed. Looks like they have found SHTF. If we tart saying nice things about Obama, about commies and start a blame Israel fan club they will leave us alone.


          Blessings of fried pork chops upon you…

          Now STOP chewing bacon out of both sides of your mouth. You PIG!

          • nice ;0)

        • Interesting that the first attempt to post this has been in “moderation” limbo for a day:

          Yes, Jesus was quite clear:

          accused by Moses John 5:45-47
          adversaries to all men I Thessalonians 2:14
          agents of the devil John 8:44
          blind Matthew 23:26
          blind guides Matthew 23:16, 17, 19, 24
          children of Hell Matthew 23:15
          children of the devil John 8:44
          crucifiers Matthew 23:34
          dangerous leaven Matthew 16:6-12; Mark 8:15; Luke 12:1
          defectors Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:9, 13; John 5:45, 46, 47
          deicides I Thessalonians 2:14-15
          dogs Matthew 7:6; Apocalypse 22:16
          foolish Matthew 23:17
          full of dead men’s bones Matthew 23:27
          haters of God John 15:24,25
          hypocrites Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15
          idolaters Apocalypse 22:16
          iniquitous Matthew 23:28
          killers of the just Matthew 23:35
          killers of the prophets Matthew 23:37; I Thessalonians 2:14-15
          liars John 8:44, 55; Apocalypse 3:9, 22:16
          murderers Matthew 23:31; Apocalypse 22:15
          offspring of vipers Luke 3:7
          purveyors of fables Titus 1:13-14
          serpents Matthew 23:33
          sorcerers Apocalypse 22:16
          swine Matthew 7:6
          synagogue of Satan Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9
          unchaste Apocalypse 22:16
          unclean Matthew 23:25
          vipers Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33
          void the commandments of God for the traditions of men Mark 7:8-9
          whited sepulchers Matthew 23:27

          axe laid to the root Matthew 3:10
          cast into the fire Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9
          condemned Mark 16:16
          cut down Matthew 3:10
          in vain do they worship me Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7
          judgment of Hell Matthew 23:33
          shall be broken Matthew 21:44
          shall be ground into powder Matthew 21:44
          the kingdom of God shall be taken from you Matthew 21:43
          woe Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52
          wrath Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16
          you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven Matthew 23:13

      16. The entire European debt crisis is a powderkeg looking for a spark, and there’s several sparks to go around…

        • Mondo

          There are not several, there are dozens of sparks and they are already flying around, eventually somebody is oing to miss stomping on one when it lands and that will be it. BOOM

          I get up early and retire late, seriously, if anything really bad happens I will post it immediately so you may get a few hours head start. I wish there was more us over here could do for you over there with regard to warning you.

          Take care

          • Relax love; There isn’t anything any of us can do. We have all had 2-3 years of as much warning as we will ever get. We don’t have millions waiting on the sideline to invest at the last moment. Yes if I knew exactly when and had a few hours notice maybe I’d get some more flour or P-nut butter but, The die is cast, now all we can really do is see how it comes up Best Wishes.

        • E66…Maybe the link didn’t download quite right for me.What were you trying to show?

        • Sorry E66… I see from reading the link, it was for members of the EU.Members of the EU is a little different than being a member of the Eurozone. The ones that are not members of the eurozone are not bound by the currency(Euro) or the rules dictated from Brussels but have their own currency and financial rules.Thus, I believe this benefits the corp City of London banksters.

          • JRS


            Take care

      17. Breaking News: The United States opened its banking market to China’s biggest bank ICBC, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.

        Just days after high-level US-China economic talks in Beijing, the Federal Reserve approved an application from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia.

        The transaction will make ICBC the first Chinese state-controlled bank to acquire retail bank branches in the United States.

        ICBC has been the most aggressive of China’s “big four” banks in expanding abroad.

        • And Chicom banks are majority controlled,owned by the Gov. With the Chicom reserves, they could overwhelm an industry. What am I missing here? When I saw this,I just scratched my head. Seems like a route to Chinese Gov.owning our banks. Is it an attempt to recycle those reserves into our system?

        • China also owns a lot of land in the US. And the debt we owe them is unpayable. We are debt slaves already.

        • Oh holy f*ck, thanks for this post.

          I’m using a credit union, but don’t even keep any money in there that I can’t afford to lose.

        • This tells me that the moneymasters have now integrated China into the plan to bankrupt the world. Why approval from the Fed? The Fed is a private corp central bank. They have no interest in the well being of the common man.Shouldn’t there have been some Congressional oversight on this? Of course not. The Fed and the DC corp are one and the same.Hang them all.

          • …I just bough shares in a good hemp rope factory…things are going to be “swinging’ shortly…and good rope is gonna be scarce… 🙂

        • Anyone doubt that the plan is to get really serious about replacing the US population with one that is more suited to the global slave labor business and banking. Pay attention as this is partly what this is about.

      18. COMMITTED FASCIST globalist PATIENTS RUN THE AmeriKan and E.U. Government ASYLUMS

        BANKER GLOBAL ELITE 1% FULL SPECTRUM CONTROL FASCISM: One People, One Empire, One Leader – This zionist communist fascist banker controlled social experiment has failed financially socially psychologically before it even got started… chronic physical disease pain , complete violation of personal privacy , financial theft looting destruction of the 99% monetary savings and continuous extreme mental psychological discomfort awaits you All… THIS IS GLOBAL EUGENICS FASCISM!!!

        It’s too Late to stop it, they’ve gone to far!!! They know they have too commit now completely too finish what they’ve started!




        … don’t be sad or depressed , none of you even had a chance. the game was rigged from the very beginning.


          • hahaha.. that last guy sounds sort of like me when i call larry millers office!

        • The NWO takeover is really just the first step, then the real agenda will come. It’s all about about the Final Solution. It is all abot race.

          Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

          The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

          Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

          What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

          How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

          And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

          But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

          They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

          This is really what the NWO is all about…

          • @ JustMe

            Why be an actor in the banksters’ script?

            The adversaries to all men (1 Thessalonians 2:14) are fomenting a war of black against white against brown against yellow.

            They want us so busy—victim fighting victim—so that we do not notice that the “international” banksters, “Wall Street” financiers, and “dual citizen” infiltrators are the source of our misery and death.

            It is suicidal to play their game. Write your own script.


          • I see it as one way the NWO elitist can achieve their goal…domination, control; weaken all alliances and allegiances and destroy sovereignty in all powerful lands?

          • The ironic thing about your statement, is that it is white countries that are “pouring” into brown people’s countries, that is to say, invading them. If you want brown people to stop getting into white people’s countries, then white people should get the hell out of brown people’s countries. It’s all really as simple as that.

        • in other words nina, the queen also owns all of america just like canada. and you have NEVER had a free republic.. it has never existed.

      19. Systems are hooked up Players have big bucks at risk if or when the EU TAKES A CRASH I have been to Europe many times an I still say that the people in the US do not think the same an we will pull out of a crisis, or work our way out when they will just cry and riot or strike!!! Like most places all the danger is in the cities!!!

        • Geo

          You cannot visit a place and claim to know its people well enough to say that. I have spent a total of almost a year in the US, not all at once admittedly, but I could not possibly say that I can understand how you react. Interact, and behave in given circumstances on a countrywide level. Not all European countries will react the same. Just for the record I am not european, I have never been European, i am British. I have visited every country in Europe, I have worked with people from places across the globe for decades, but I still cannot make such blanket statements about them.

          Your country has not yet faced having salaries cut to the bone, your income slashed by government decree. You have not yet arrived at the situation where you really genuinely cannot feed your children…I truly hope you never do, but you have no idea how your own countrymen would act in similar situations, I would suggest you will work your way out of nothing when nobody has a job, and if your country is able to pull out of a crisis, why has it not done so…the crisis is here,it is now.

          Take care

        • Many of us are praying for Manos in Greece at this time. The Greeks certainly aren’t being docile in their resistance.

          What is the common man to do when faced with oppression but rise up (riot?) or withdraw his labour from those cracking the whip (strike?). We all know the ballot box isn’t working !!!!!

          How would your community react if overnight your wages were slashed by 10%, then 25% the next month? Oh and your taxes increased by the same amount?

          Every nation in Europe is VERY different and has/will react in very diverse ways to the threat. There isn’t a “common culture” here despite the best efforts of the globalists just yet. Historical precendent and ancestral racial memories will play a huge role in the variety of responses seen.

          Don’t just assume the countryside will automatically be a safe haven, not without first considering the impact of the Golden Hoarde.

          Take a look at Ukrainian history to see what was done to the self-sufficient homesteader – they were among the first to be demonised and then murdered by Stalin. Then compare the collectivisation of the corporate agri-business and the attack on small farmers in the US.

          Examine ferfals descriptions of what happened to country folk in Argentina when the Argentian economy collapsed, or the fate of white farmers under Mugabe. The isolated homesteader is not always the most secure.

      20. Glen Beck has been predicting this for years…

        Being prepared is our last option because voting in someone to repair all this is NOT going to happen!

      21. Am working on a project for a VERY large Oil/Gas company.
        I’m designing until 50% completion, after that it will go to Shanghai, for the completion of detail engineering.

        This is common practice in Engineering today. Mumbai, New Delhi, Mexico City, Shanghai, S. Korea, as well as others are being used as “high value engineering sectors” or to be blunt, cheap labor and appeasing, in what I believe, the Asian theater (China).

        This started back in the 80’s. Now with a shortage of engineering people in the U.S. We are bringing in visa workers that I dare say is a 50-50 mix in the local U.S. work force, cannot prove it, but for every American there seems to be another visa worker.

        In the early 80’s, late 70’s, Companys in the US used to go to university campuses to recruit people to TRAIN OTJ, this has not happened much in the last 20 years if at all.

        So when people talk about jobs going to China, it is not just manufacturing.

        We have experienced a well organized depletion of the American workforce all in the name of greed or in the opinion of some an effort to lower the standard of living here in the US. IT IS WORKING.

        We are assaulted on all sides.

        It is time for real Leadership and an end to corruption in our government.

        Y’all take care and keep on being prudent,

        Terry W. Reed

        • If there’s a shortage in the US then why are so many engineers out of work?

          • “Cheap Labor” Union Engineers will NOT work for “CHEAP”

            • Does anyone remember the video that spread quickly of the attorneys teaching HR employees the proper/legal way to get around hiring Americans so they wouldn’t get sued??

            • Engineers dont belong to unions .Mabe they should.

          • I knew a guy with a Masters in Computer Science, who was hired years ago by Nortel (I believe). He was told by the East Indian HR manager that he would be the last American hired there. His job was to vet the new hires from India and China, to make sure they had the skills that were needed. Also remember American workers who were told to train the foreign replacements. If there is a shortage, why get rid of the Americans? If there was a shortage, you would keep both the foreigners and the US workers, right?

        • My daddy came to me in a dream and said you were wrong.

          • You need to cut down on your dosage, kid, your minds on vacation and your mouths working overtime.

            What are you on, anyway?

            FYI- To dream of your father, signifies that you are about to be involved in a difficulty, and you will need wise counsel if you extricate yourself therefrom.

          • Boy, did you get slammed dunked on that one, SB. You might consider being a little more cognizant of respecting your elders if you want to post around here, BOY.

            In the meantime, maybe time to increase your dosage?

            • @ea + anon ;0) bwaaahahaha nice ;0P pssszzt

            • EA,

              NOPE! IMF did. He’s the brilliant author of ALL posts with my name on them except for the ones calling him what he (and you for that matter) is: CHILDISH ASSHOLE!!!

          • Do ANY OF YOU who know my style of writing even, for one minute, think it’s ME writing this garbage!?!??!?!

            IMF is such a lil’ baby boy that he has to resort to this childish, Jr. High antic so that I am the subject of scorn instead of his stupidity!!!!

            Good try A-HOLE! But that dawg jest don’t hunt!!!!

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              you do your faith no service posting here… your only increasing its ill fame to the world!!!

              keep it up and i’ll do to you ; what the jews did to your fake god for real!!!


            • yes nina , i have said it too.. if you support zionism , you support the catholic church, israel and homosexuality.

            • southern boy
              FUCK OFF FAG!

            • We are checking your IP, so if it’s you… EVERYONE WILL KNOW!!!

              Say what you want… you’re just showing how evil, manipulative and downright nasty you really are (and NOT in a good way!)

              Tell us… is it nice to try to dominate a board since NOBODY else in your entire life will listen to you? I know you’ve scared off everyone else who’s ever given a tinker’s damn about you…

              Oh well… enjoy HELL when you get there… because that’s exactly where YOU are heading if you do not change your ways…..

            • eeder,

              IMF’s alter ego everyone! Nice to meet ya! Got your IP idiot! Game over……..

            • southern boy
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            • nina
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        • It’s not just your field. The same thing has happened in the IT industry as well.

          I’ll never forget Bill Gates saying that there aren’t enough qualified people in this country to do the tech jobs, so it was necessary for Microsoft to bring them in from Asia. Meanwhile, Microsoft was practically giving the training away to the people in Asia so they could import them here and pay them next to nothing while forcing out American workers.

          What a bunch of unadulterated bovine scat.

          Bill Gates may not be the Anti-Christ, but I’m convinced that the Anti-Christ works for him.

          • Walt

            Do you have the same issue with the TATA corporation in the US that the UK IT industry has?

            Between Tata and the Andersons androids many a good company/department in the UK has gone to the wall

          • Hershey corp has done the same with “student work experience” visas here in the Keystone state.I no longer remember what visa it was (H1…H1B…whatever),but the kids were supposed learn how business worked here in US.corp and also see the sights,etc., etc.Instead, they put them in a Hershey contracter run warehouse for 10 hour days packing boxes and charged them for room and board and transportation. I think in the old days they were called indentured servants. The thing is, these kids paid a pretty penny for these visas and the contractor got slave labor and cost a few American workers a good paying job while they lined their pockets.

      22. Folks let’s face it. We are coming to the end of a great era. The Constitution, free trade, and capitalism brought us prosperity that humankind had never before experienced. But gradually, those Progressives, Liberals who would empower themselves at the expense of the free thinking, self sufficient, chipped away at our magnificent system which favors the individual over the majority. We shall now see the consequences of this deterioration. The Godless, socialist, Marxist, dictatorial powers will use this collapse to take control. But they will fail. We have already experienced Freedom and we will never go back.

        At first most will likely be without food, energy, and communication. But we will find a way to restore our Constitution, reindustrialize, and honor our Maker in ways we se fit. At least most Americans are armed, and I honestly believe the Armed Forces will honor their oath to uphold the Constitution.

        • If you want to sum up in one short term an exact description of what the New World Order is all about it would be this:


          They want to return to what the world was like after the fall of the Roman Empire…..a few elite (the lords), being served by everyone else (the serfs)

          It’s nothing new really. Just the same old despotism.

          Personally, I want to see all of these elites hanging from trees or light-posts.

        • Hogwash. The Classical Liberalism of the “Enlightenment” actually darkened men’s minds, hearts, and souls. Men “freed” themselves from God’s Law “that they shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5) to enslave themselves to their vices, their “magnificent system” of greed, gluttony, and libido. That is how the synagogue of Satan subverted Christendom.

          Read the rabbi boast how they “reformed” Christianity:

          Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements
          by Rabbi Louis I. Newman

          • ~John Q~

            Kudos & thumbs-up, pal!!!

            …we have a saying down here in the “SOUTH” that applies to you, it goes thus….”You’re momma sure didn’t raise a fool”.

            —–Good Post—–

            • Your support of the truth is appreciated.

              ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
              (The cry of the Cristeros as they went to their martyrdom fighting the US-backed Freemasonic takeover of Mexico)

      23. They could fix the problems in Europe by lowering taxes and cutting spending. Lower tax rates lead to higher collection rates but that isn’t what they want. The people in charge WANT a complete economic collapse that will lead to a one-world government.

        • Just cutting the taxes is too easy. The biggest obstacle in Europe are rules and regulations. EU and national rules cost more money, stop us from creating proper jobs and hinder innovation.

          We (Norway) employ one in seven just to make sure that governments wishes are forfilled. In EU countries its rather one in five or one to four ratio. Most of the rules set up are pure nonsense and just made so that government bodies can exist, as a politicians playground or for exercising power.

          Additionally there are all these public sector workers nobody needs. I am not talking about policemen, teachers, nurses, firemen and social workers, but about adimistrators to administrate everything and if they are underemployed they will find something to administrate. If we would get rid of the large bureaucracy and have simpler rules I wouldn`t mind todays tax level (if I get value for money).

        • BINGO! barn cat….you know it–it was all designed decades ago and must have been fired up in first gear around 2000??

          And Southern Boy…why so upset??? everyone scrolls past the following moniker..THE IMF NWO.CFR ANTI-CHRIST.


      24. Hi my names josh never posted before but ive been reading this and other blogs for awhile, my question is this when things get bad enough there will be a group of people going to camps, but what about the people that are not “trouble makers” in their eyes, I mean no matter if the dollar crashes and we get something new or we keep the dollar after the dollar isnt the world reserve currency seems like the .gov will still need people for a tax base? Or am I missing something? Do you think they will stick all gun owners in those camps that the army manual talks about? Any help on these questions would be great thanks.

        • Not all of the trouble makers will be going to camps.

          There is going to be resistance.

          The NWO elites have no idea what kind of steamy pile they are stepping into.

          • This is a league game Smokey. Am I wrong?

        • Welcome Joshc! In my opinion, it all depends upon how bad the collapse is. If it is full collapse like in JWR book Patriots, it will be every man for himself and family. With this type of collapse I don’t think that we would have a functioning military and the local people who own guns and are good guys would be an asset to their community.

          If it is a slow and drawn out collapse and the government has time to plan it it is very possible that there would be an executive order or Marshall law instated with a functioning government and military that would look to disarm the masses to secure their power. I would envision that they would decree that all gun owners are to turn in their guns and anyone found with a gun would be jailed or sent to a camp.

          In either event, people wouldn’t be paying taxes because there wouldn’t be the structure to collect and at that point the government may decide to seize private property, oil field and anything that they can use to sell to other countries to generate revenue to still have money for themselves. When people have to stay home to protect their property and family from looters they won’t be showing up at their jobs, thus no income and thus no money to pay taxes. Add to that if hyper-inflation hits as a result of the dollar’s value being flushed down the toilet, people would be bartering and working for cash/silver/food.

          One reason why we would never be overtaken militarily speaking by another country is because any invading force would find American’s with guns everywhere. This is important. If all another country would need to do is beat our military after a nation wide disarmament it would still be a task, but possible. If an invading force had to deal with not only the US military, but a gun behind every door it would be impossible.

          So, I think it all comes down to how fast any collapse is coming. My guess is that there will be indicators before it happens as to how severe it gets.

          Pray for our country. Pray for the wisdom of our elected officials and those that set monetary policy. Pray for God’s protection.

          Prepare as though you will be on your own.

          • hey thanks for the reply. not many people i can talk to in “real” life to bounce ideas off. the help is much appreciated

          • After WW-II the Jap generals said they didn’t invade the US, not because of the Army, they could have beaten it in a few days, They didn’t because there would have been: “A rifle behind every blade of grass” Lots more guns now. The powers that be, have an even bigger problem, How much of the armed forces would you trust to take the public’s guns? Armys THE US ARMY, not the DC Army

        • Joshc “Do you think they will stick all gun owners in those camps that the army manual talks about?” Not all buddy, I for one hope they will give me a christian burial after the gunfight.

        • Joshc,
          First welcome to the site, we are all just 1 big disfunctional family here. Second sorry for the long post, but it needs to be said and spread all over the world.

          My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to
          take an ass whoopin.’

          I don’t carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

          I don’t carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.

          I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry. I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

          I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk
          somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

          I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy. I carry a gun because, when I die and go to heaven, I want to be a cowboy.

          I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man. I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

          I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate. I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

          I don’t carry a gun because I love it. I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

          Police protection is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police
          do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

          Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin’…..author unknown (but obviously brilliant)


          In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929
          to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ——————————

          Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

          China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable
          to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
          —- ————- ————-

          Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

          Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

          You won’t see this
          data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

          Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

          Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

          The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

          With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’. During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

          If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun-control message to all of your friends.

          The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final
          weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.


          I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment! If you are too, please forward.

          • DPS

            I don’t carry a gun cos the bastards won’t let me

            I don’t carry a gun cos I don’t know a criminal here who can get me one

            I have a bad case of lead envy now. Brilliant post there, I actually used the thumb thing and I very rarely do that, I hope you feel suitably honoured LOL

            Take care

            • I vote for removing some of the liberal bull taught in schools, like the gay/lesbian touchy-feely crap, and start teaching gun skills.
              Any agreed?

          • Just bought my Daughter her first rifle. Training the next generation.

          • At DPS, sorry dude, most of your facts are not true. Just like what would happen here, in many of the countries you mentioned, the people hid their guns and later fought back. Try reading “The Black Book of Communisim”

            Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, all went thru a Civil War first, where the forces of freedom that had guns fought back. Once they were defeated, the guns were taken away.

        • Josh,
          Check out the de jure Republic – republicfortheunitedstates (dot) org. We have another option and the military may simply switch sides and back the LEGITIMATE government of this country.

        • Josh: They won’t need people for a tax base. the NWO expects to decimate the population because they are grazers with too big a carbon footprint.

          They will use robots as serfs, and for sex. Eventually their sterile GMO seeds will make them infertile too, and without reproduction they will die off like the Shakers.

          Dinosaurs and cockroaches will take over the planet, and a truly intelligent species will visit the Earth looking for the people who sent out Voyager.

          Alas, they will not be found.

      25. This is a mite off topic for this article, but I would like to remind those who can make it to come to Coilorado Springs for the self-relaince expo, May 18 and 19 at the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center.


        • Thanks for the heads up, ScoutMotto.

        • Are the Russians going to be there?

      26. Hey Joshc,

        Look up what Obummer just signed into law concerning the UN Peace Treaty, and than ask that question again. And I’m not being sarcastic. If he gets reelected, first thing he’ll do is come after gun owners, for the sake of peace around the world, of course.

        • …law is often but the tyrants will….and always so when it violates the rights of the individual(Jefferson)….barry may think hes the messiah but the only thing he has in common with the Messiah is hes about to get crucified…he aint getting the guns away from freemen…and wussies dont own any so hes outta luck…besides if he wants guns so bad he can buy his own,right?

      27. The only reason Nigel Farage is considered by some to be “controversial” is because he is not afraid of confronting the evil doers.

        Farage knows where the economy is heading and why. Farage knows what extreme dangers lie ahead. And he is not afraid to challenge those who are involved in the destruction of Europe and the global economy in general. He is, like some others, today’s outspoken Patriot.

        Each of us could take lessons from Farage.

        • Telling the truth in an increasingly totalitarian country is a revolutionary act.

      28. The European citizens are even more asleep than the American sheeple.

        They don’t even know what has hit them and they are in the middle of their collapse.

        Oppressive government WILL step in and take over. Good luck to them. This time the American’s won’t step in to help like during WWII. We don’t have that fight for good left in us anymore thanks to the losers in Washington DC.

        • Mr B

          Some are very awake, more so than you realise. According to something posted on here recently, 3 million Americans are awake enough to be bothered to prep, not many considering the massive population.

          Those in Greece, , that have not seen this coming are suffering worse than those that saw the writing on the wall. some of us are very awake.

          With regard to the help we received in the war…thank you, but the fact is the United States entered WW11 after the attack on Pearl Harbour and it was as much to do with avenging that as helping out. American troops stationed in Devon prior to the D-day landings expressed the opinion that the United States may not have gotten involved had Pearl Harbour not happened. How do I know, two of my cousins are grandsons of one of those troops who returned to the UK and spent the rest of his life here. I remember great uncle Bob very well.

          And here’s the rub….even then the government was covering things up, many men died as a result of a drug that was new at the time, Thiopentone Sodium, recently synthesised its mechanisms we’re not fully understood, it was used as a 5% solution back then. Men anaesthetised for surgery did not come out of the anaesthetic. Subsequent testing proved that this drug should not be used in that strength in patients who are hypo-volemic….suffering from major blood loss. After the investigation the strength was dropped to 2.5% with an edict that other drugs should be used if they are available until full tests on the effect of this drug on circulation could be carried out.

          Take care

          • @Burt…

            Burt says, ” I remember great uncle Bob very well.”

            –and Bob’s your uncle–….I knew it !!!!

            lololololololololol…I love that saying..just sayin’

            • Bad American

              Love it LOL

              Take care

      29. Mr Farage recently had other interesting things to say:

        “What these guys in the EU are going to try to do is, as this crisis gets worse and descends, there will be an attempt at some point in the next few months for them to set up something that will be very like a dictatorship. I’m not sure now, with the public mood, that they will get away with it … the similarities (to the 30s) are really rather chilling.”


      30. 84-year-old church security guard gunned down during Bible study

        look it up

        animals are loose, dangerous animals that need to be put down

      31. $5 says Germany leaves the EU before Greece does. Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, may go with them.

        • Double or nuthin’

      32. my comment got deleted because i wrote something as offensive as “first”. Wow. Maybe this site is part of the NWO conspiracy. Lol. Whatever. I’ll go read my bad news somewhere else.

        • Well……….bye.

        • Some dude

          Get a grip…we do not get deleted on here, are you sure you hit the submit button.?

          If offensive posts got barred few of us would be left, we all have our moments.

          If you insist you are leaving…goodbye and good luck

          • I think this site refreshes at some interval. I say this because my first post on this sight posted on its own whilst I was pondering my handle.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

      33. When some form of slavery is the political and economic reality worldwide, what else would you expect but eventual revolt.

        Just because there are no physical chains to be seen, doesn’t mean we are free; the chains are invisible, and take the form of interest on monopoly money collected by banks, government taxes, government control that limits our peaceful activities and laws that rig markets against the majority in favor of the ruling class.

        Masters and slaves; for most of history this has been the political and economic arrangement, with periods of freedom being the exception rather than the rule.

        The internet is helping bring this to light which is why governments everywhere are seeking to control our ability to use it without their censorship.

      34. George Soros predicted this back in Jan 2012 in an interview. He also spoke about massive civil unrest.

        FYI: Daniel Hannon, who is a conservative member of the European Parliament, is on Hannity’s radio show today to speak about this very subject.

        • Hannon stated that he thought that there was no way Greece wasn’t going to default and a very high per cent that many more would follow Greece.

      35. Greetings Everyone!
        At least someone over there is willing to speak about the problems that face Europe.I can’t hep but agree with Lord Insidious and others.When things like what VRF wrote about are common place,we are very near the SHTF moment.As I heard once:”when the USA catches a cold,the rest of the world gets even sicker”,China is trying to vie with America for world resources.They’re both like two old bald men fighting over a comb.
        Just a few thoughts of mine.Differing opinions are welcome.
        All the best

      36. How is NAFTA, GATT, WTO,and assorted bs working out for you?

      37. I was reading something about all these conspiracy sites that are so driven towards the doom and gloom of everything going on, and how things will stablize like they always do and how these conspiracy oriented people will again reset their doodsday clock to something past 2012. I have never read such a bunch of mule crap.

        Poor Mac and other sites only report the shear OBVIOUS of what is happening to anyone willing to open their eyes and take their head out of their back sides. People are beginning to suffer because there is only so much resources to go around, and these shortages lead to revolt like they do in ALL living species, even in the plant kingdom. Plants compete for space, nutrients, water, sunlight and is the reason why they have directions on seed packet how far away you should plant them.

        People have this delusion that the planet’s resources are infinite and that the Earth can support trillions of people. There is ONLY so much to go around, this is space and matter that is NOT taught anymore much in school. You can only take so much from a certain mass and then it is depleted and gone. Even children understand that when they eat all their candy it is gone, period. Countries only have so much land to grow food on, there is only so many of a particular livestock animal. As I have said before, you have 1350 people per square mile of arable land on this planet. It is tough to support 1350 people on one square mile, and that number is only growing each month.

        Just look at how terrible aniamls compete for scarce food sources. You don’t see this vicous reactions and protests when there is plenty to go around and everyone is comfortable. You have people that have grave differences in beliefs living together as long as their own lives are well to do. It is the poor areas and where people struggle is where the violence boils like a volcano. It is ONLY going to get worse and these individuals that criticize sites like this that ONLY report the truth about what is coming apart, are totally out of touch with any form of reality that there is.

        IF you want to see the truth about what is happening you come to sites that do soft peddle that truth. People though don’t want to face the fact that the world is coming apart at the seams, they don’t want to admit that their little worlds of superficial garbage might be coming to an end. They don’t want to make some form of effort to plan ahead and store up food and supplies for what is coming. They want only to let the supermarket to remain open so they can fill up daily and not bother to stock up on anything.

        I tell you something Mac, it irritates me when I read so much about how whacked out survival sites are. I have heard these characters call preppers hoarders that are dirty and unkept and have all sorts of vermin in old boxes of food that expired like century. That preppers are like those crazy people that have a herd of cats and disease everywhere. That preppers are lunatics just waiting for something to cause them to snap and have a mass standoff with the cops and ATF. That preppers are losers and outcasts and belong in prison and the most selfish people on Earth. I have heard this manure being spread like butter on toast for so long.

        Preppers that I have met are usually very organzied. They have good organization skills. They are clean because they understand quite well how important it is to remain that way, because they understand about disease. Preppers are the most responsible with gun safety that there is. Preppers regard firearms as tools and don’t have some sick love of their guns like the media and others would have you believe. Preppers are very aware of what is going on and act on this accordingly, not like the non-prepper that won’t even after something catastrophic happens. Preppers are many levels more intelligent than the common public. Preppers are about the least selfish people there are because of their personal sacrifice to their families to try to give them a future. Note, when I say prepper I also include the person whom calls themselves a survivalist.

        I personally don’t like someone calling me those names about the absurdity of preparing. When someone calls the good people that I know where I live and on this site and other sites these degrading explicatives, it makes me angry. I see these flaming idiots that don’t even have a couple of days worth of anything stored up calling the wise preppers whack jobs, and I say whom is the brain dead whack job. This is why I wrote that about the consequences of the person that doesn’t prep. People have no idea just how awful it is going to be when the stores are closed and “their” governments are not there to offer any type of safety net for them to fall into, which they are more than willing to jump into.

        All someone has to do is look at nature and understand basic math and geography to see just how what this site and other web sites are saying about the impending problems are so accurate, and they are approaching rapidly because the resources are running out. Even those skeptics will not rule out a true panademic because of lack of nutrition, lack of sanitation, disease, and over crowding into areas of the world like India, Bangladash, Africa that are hot and humid and offer the perfect petri dish for the next super virus to hit and devastate the world. It is coming from somewhere, probably many different sources.

        Those that prepare will have a better chance of surviving it, those that “choose” not to will have very little chance of surviving it and will likely suffer much before succumbing to their lack of insight.

        • Be informed

          Hope you feel better now. Seriously, I get what you are saying and its very frustrating, but, each time something comes up that is new, or unusual, it is viewed as odd,or dangerous or something. The problem is, in my opinion, is that the first nations are so removed from our near past that people do ot realise that to have a few supplies laid in, to be able to fix things and such, is actually normal behaviour. Not doing these things is just foolhardy, even if it is only to protect from rinsing prices it is worth doing.

          Take care and keep practicing your suturing (lol)

          • @ Burt the Brit. There ar some mighty good people that prepare and that regulary contribute their time and effort to helping others with ideas on how to better survive, like yourself. When I hear these retards that have no clue about even putting away a little bit of something they will need even when they can easily afford it, and then compare the good people that prepare to old ladies that have 200 cats, smell and all, this does upset me. The people that prepare and contribute with their ideas on this site and others, actually are concerned about their fellow person being ready.

            These non-preppers are a problem to those that do prepare after a SHTF event because they think that those that have should absolutely give up what they have saved in many cases a lifetime of sacrifice to protect their families and friends with. The same individuals that have called ALL of us wackos are the same individuals that will demand that everyone surrender what they have. I know many individuals will say that they will just shoot those that try to take their food, it still is an extremely unpleasant experience to go to war with your neighbours. It was disgusting to see some of the names that these characters were comparing all of us to.

            I have learned though to stay calm and avoid confrontations and nothing is really gained by getting into a verbal fight at the market, that often turns physical. It just is not worth it. I have had individuals call me a fool for believing anything will happen and storing up anything, even with higher prices making a good economic choice. Those that are non-preppers have no idea the consequences of their actions, and this is sad. There are many people that are decent, but just to lazy or don’t understand what it means not to have anything.

            I just try to contribute what I know and what could possibly help others like many others do. Preppers like to help others, while most non-preppers just want to talk about meaningless trash, like monkeys chattering away in tress. This is the difference between this site and other survival related sites, the people here want to help. The people on these other sites just want to gossip and seem important to each other, a total illusion just like their knowing that the world will continue status quo for the distant future.

            • Be informed

              Again, I agree.but the problem is the exchange of this information, I am working towards being able to get information I have learned in my job out to those that may only have access to mainstream medical practice. Sadly this is a slow process as I have never done anything like that before. It means I wait for a suitable article and then drop a tip in, or something like the suturing article, but the release of that info is very slow, I can hardly hijack every thread with 101 ways to treat athletes foot. What I have done is set up a Burt the Brit email…so that if people such as yourself have anything in particular they want to know about I can send something out, this is all I can do right now. That email is burt the brit @ hotmail.co.uk typed with no spaces. If there is anything I can help you with please drop me a line and I will write something up.

              Take care

      38. Nigel is another great patriot on the Eastern side of the pond. We need more like him all around the West and hopefully they will start showing up over the next few years as the awakening progresses but I aint holding my breath to be blunt.. Im optimistic but not idiotic either.

      39. NO only fukushima reactor 4 poses huge danger to the planet entirely everything else pales in comparison

        • Mac,

          If you you find any material on Fukushima reactor #4, please post it. I almost agree with Rich for once. But not sure which may be the closest to happening first.

          • Bighog, there is a ton of info flowing out of Fukushima, mostly via alternative media. Jeff Rense over at http://www.rense.com is constantly updating his news flow with reports of what’s happening.

            Like Rich, I think Fukushima could potentially be the big one if the Japanese can’t get Reactor 4 under control — and by all accounts, it looks like they have no way of cooling the fuel rods or containing the radiation.

            As big developments happen I will post them on the site.



            • Yes, Fukushima has seriously affected our food chain even to Vermont. Bone-seeking, long half-life radioisotopes are now quintupled in West Coast kelp, seafood, cattle, crops, and milk. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to buy and grow decent food for the family, for a year “Grown in California” means that even much of Whole Foods and Sprouts is off limits. All the worse because alpha and beta emitters do their worst damage when ingested (and that means you California MMJ smokers too). Those drops of rain carry your destruction.

              People of Faith may want to read the warnings of the Blessed Mother starting at La Salette in 1846, then Fatima in 1917, and Akita in 1973. Our Lady of La Salette warned of the coming potato blight and famine as a chastisement for man’s wickedness. Our Lady of Fatima warned of World War 2 (World War 1 was not even over) and that the “errors of Russia” would spread because mankind ignored the first warning. In what is now called “the Fourth Secret of Fatima” Our Lady warned of the destruction of the Catholic Church through the coming Second Vatican Council. Our Lady of Akita warned that it was too late to avoid the chastisement, that the greater part of humanity both good and bad would be killed by “fire from above” and, most chilling of all, that the survivors would envy the dead.

              Those of you who mock God are well-advised to learn a pious fear of God, to get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness and salvation for us all.

              Let us not forget the alleged role of the synagogue of Satan in the Fukushima disaster.


          THE 4TH CONTAINMENT CORE is open to the air , millions of gallons of fresh radiated coolant water is leaking into the ocean and the leaky tank is DISSOLVING its only a matter of time till ELE a complete collapse then their will be a chain reaction explosion 100 times Hiroshima – game over for you all. the storage tanks hold over 4000 radiation rods , once they go dry – BIG BADDA BOOM!!!

          What is an ELE – Extinction Level Event?
          An extinction event (also extinction-level event, ELE) is a period in time when a large number of species die out. The normal background rate of extinctions is about two to five families of marine invertebrates and vertebrates every million years. Since life began on Earth, this background extinction rate has been punctuated by seven major extinction events.

        • Rich

          Oh no, its happened, i partially agree with you Fukishima is a hugely massive problem….but I feel you do neglect a lot of other problems, hence the partial agreement.

          Take care

        • ~Rich99~

          You hit that one…outta the park! Kudos!

      40. Call me crazy, but I still believe that this yr before elections take place, Obama will see that he will not get a second term. And thats when the shtf, elections will be suspended and chaos will follow. Everything is falling into place for such a event.And the only thing that might spead this up will be the fall of the petro dollar.


      41. Great speech! And how much allegiance do each of us owe to the American flag when it represents oppression? None. Say it to yourself and believe it. Do not honor a flag that stands for oppression. Honor liberty, not oppression and tyranny.

        • My Gadsden flag is proudly flying. “Don’t Tread On Me”

        • You are right, I’m afraid. Kunstler has been saying this for years.

        • You know on second thought, if oil does begin running out, at least everyone will have a job. Working on farms!

      42. House to Eric Holder: Stop lying to us

        look it up

      43. a warning from David Stockman
        former official in the Reagan administration


        and what is his final advice ???

        “TGR: Finally, what is your investment model?

        DS: My investing model is ABCD: Anything Bernanke Cannot Destroy: flashlight batteries, canned beans, bottled water, gold, a cabin in the mountains”

      44. You know what this is looking like each day more and more are the months or weeks before World War 1. It seems like the chaos is building all over Europe and countries are positioning themselves. Different players same old ball game. If you remember the differences between World War 1 and 2 are immense. You had large scaled areas fighting against each other in WW1, and in WW2 you had essentially most of the entire world against 3 centralized powers, Italy, Germany, Japan, and then just 2 in Germany and Japan.

        Like in World War 1 you have different areas taking sides and probably a stalemate when the powers fight. I call it the Eastern Coalition against the Western Alliances. A true world war is building to battle over control of the remaining energy resoureces. I know that people will disagree with the sides that countries will choose but here goes:

        Western Alliances:
        United States
        Most of NATO
        South Korea
        New Zealand
        Maybe a couple of African and South American countries

        Eastern Coalition:
        North Korea
        Most ex-Soviet States
        Most Muslim Countries

        Wild cards:
        Brazil and most of South America
        Vietnam and other south eastern Asian countries
        Central America

        When someone puts a ranking to the military power of these countries and control of fuel to run the military, you have a pretty equal fight. When powers are both equally matched you have decades long wars or a battlefield that will look like the moon all over the planet, not all of the planet though. Economics will start wars quicker than anything as throughout history this has happened. What is going on in Europe and in practically all countries is much, much more serious than most realize.

        In a third world war it is not some armchair war like most people have become so use to. A third world war will affect ALL countries and it will be ugly. A recent poll found ONLY about 11% of the people even thinking that WW3 could happen within their lifetimes. All the while Russia is beefing its enclave of Kaliningrad with all sorts of missiles to be used as a counter measure to the missile shield in Poland. A missile shield that is suppose to guard against Iranian missiles, but just happens to be in the exact centre point between Russia’s northern and southern most western border. Most people have not even looked at a map at this missile shield. I don’t like Russia, but they are not stupid to see a completely conspicuous defense against their country.

        China is building up their blue water navy as fast as possible and this is not in the news ever it seems. Countries are buying up military hardware like crazy, and this is one of the ecomonical sectors that is not in dire condition. This all goes under the radar of most everyone. Bad economical condtions lead to war. War means hell on Earth. Those that have prepared and sacrificed their lives on preps instead of wasting their money on junk and worthless entertainment like 90%+ of the population will definitely be the ones best to try to survive it.

        • … americans might wanna remember by u.s. law passed by congress zionist israel gets gas before anyone else… meaning if ww3 kicks off… the straits of Hormuz gets blocked by the uss enterprise aircraft carrier being sunk by zionist israeli mossad al-CIA-duh co-intel agents and oil transport gets shutdown worldwide… and you Americans are forced to pay $10.00 a gallon… ISRAEL BY USA congress LAW GETS GAS AND OIL FIRST… then you Goyims in Fascist AmeriKa get the left-overs from Israel!

          what happens to transportation of goods in ameriKa???

          … remember most grocery stores have only 3 days of food in stock in the whole store!!!

          … 3 DAYS OF FOOD TO SELL then ALL GONE till next shipment.

          … if there is no gas / diesel or too expensive to transport , guess what ??? no food on the shelves or the food is hyper-inflated from transportation gas costs.

          … add in the fact the planned fiat dollar bank holiday crash’s. MARTIAL LAW… BANK HOLIDAY NATION WIDE… no access to bank accounts , no atm , no credit cards , no food stamps = ???

          *** the globalists plan is too bankrupt everyone… suck every available penny from everyone the world over… even your kids piggy bank money… then crash the world economy!!!

          Forcing you ALL to bow and kneel to the IMF NWO.CFR GLOBALISTS ONE WORLD U.N. GOVERNMENT!!!

          you must submit to them FOR YOUR SALVATION!!! FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

          SOMETHING TO PONDER the next time you fill your gas tank up and see that gas is up another .30 cents or go grocery shopping noticing everything is smaller packaged lower volume with higher prices and growing higher week after week…

          this is All intentionally planned out by the NWO TPTB (the man).

          can you not see the patterns???

          arm up stock up prepare.

          fight the power!

          • The IMF. I have one philosophy, be prepared for not having anything in the store for any reason. It could be war, a plague, a solar EMP, Earth changes, martial law, whatever. It will take less than 2 hours in most cases for a store to be emptied after the people have figured out what has happened and the initial shock period is over. This means nothing and nothing coming. If someone government’s brings in supplies after a true SHTF then you would be better off selling your soul to the devil than argeeing to the stipulations of the government that will likely chip a person and God knows what else.

            I have suggested to people that have become sick and have nothing in their house and have to go out in misery with the flu or something to the store, also exposing others, to “next time” having supplies in their home. They seldom learn, even when they have a bout with diarrhea and no toilet paper in the house or a half of a roll. It is incredible how naive most people and how they cannot condition themselve to store up what they need. It is bewildering to me how people would not feel more secure and safer with what they use and need to live each day in their homes.

            • @Be informed – you definitely know your stuff … thanks for the points ;0) i added some of your suggestions to my next shopping spree. you can never have enough diarrhea meds. ;0)

            • Be informed and Nina

              Anti diarrhoeal medication can be dangerous, and should never be used for anything nmore than a slightly inconvenient stomach upset. These drugs prevent the toxins from leaving your body, they stay in the gut, which is the perfect environment for them to multiply and flourish. This makes illnesses such as gastroenteritis much much worse, and has on occasions lead to death, particularly in those people who have lower immunity than the optimum, the young, the old, those with suppressed immunity and people who are generally unwell, or who have recently been unwell.

              Natural pro biotic yoghurt especially if it is home made as this is more potent, massively increases the good flora in the gut, replacing the good bacteria lost during the illness. This is a fast way of building the gut flora back to levels where the normal status quo can be maintained.

              These medications have their place, you are going to miss a show, need to get to a meeting etc, but that’s all.

              Sickness and diarrhoea are natures way of ridding the system of bad bacteria and toxins, sealing them inside is generally not a good idea.

              Take care

            • @ Burt the Brit. All I was saying was that people don’t have even toilet paper stored up. One natural anti-diarrhea is pectin found in apples. Even carrot juice can work wonders. I do agree with you over flushing the bad bacteria out of your system, as this is the body’s way of pushing out what doesn’t belong there. I suppose though at some point the runs have to be controlled because of dehydration, like cholera or something. In most cases it is better to have the germs flushed out, just be sure to have plenty of soft toilet paper available.

              I want to thank you as many others I imagine feel the same way for you trying to help others. There is much unnecessary disrupts between people that are basically all aboard the same train to trying to prepare themselves. Everyone can disagree to various subjects but all the belligerent name calling is self destructive to better good, all of us being prepared for is almost certainly coming. I wish we could all see this and like yourself offer helpful tips and information that we all can gain from.

              I don’t understand why others cannot have civil and polite conversations with each other and present their points of view in intelligent manners. I don’t see anything gained from people violently cursing out each other that if they were face to face with each other would result in some serious bloody fights. I kind of thought most of us that comment on this site were truly interested in aiding and helping each other protect ourselves from the true enemy. I again praise you and others that are concerned about our fellow preppers, survivalists, and others that are interested in preparation and those that are NOT part of the establishment and other conformists.

            • Be informed,

              This was my mistake. 7 year old jumping up and down, dinner on the go, reading and typing…not a good idea, I saw nina mention the mess, half read your post, put 2 and 2 together and got 58
              As soon asi read improperly I realised whati had done.

              I hope you didn’t mind me telling you about the Burt email address in the other post…I would hate to appear forward LOL setting it up as Burt means I can pass things onto people without waiting for an appropriate article to come up and it allows me to decide who I want to give my personal email to, I communicate with a couple of people from here.

              As you say. Information exchange is one of the most valuable thing to come from forums like this, I have ,earned so much,it is good to be able to give something back.

              Take care

            • @ Burt the Brit. I am sorry not to have responded to what you wrote, I got a little side tracked on a whole lot of issues. I have had some major issues with the E-mail as viruses fried 2 of my computers and I am quite worried about E-Mailing anyone. Even my relatives think it is strange that I don’t E-mail them, even after they hear about the computer problems I have had. Right now I am so careful not to do anything wrong with the computer because I don’t want to be without it for one day with what is happening. I have a good shortwave radio, but I still rather be able to see what is happening on the net.

              I am not worried personally about you or others that about computer viruses, it is the viruses that people are unaware that hide in people’s systems that they don’t know about. I had a terrible virus one time in which others all over the place were E-mailing me telling me I better fix my computer with the virus I had. I didn’t even know I had it. Kind of like real viruses they are. By the way thank you for compliment on that article I wrote, I hope it will help someone. Mac really did a phenomenal job of organizing it and cleaning up some of the errors I had in it.

              Hope all is well.

        • Good post. I see that you put India on our side. Russia is pushing India to join it’s military group (The SRO).

          Almost everything the Indian military flys is Russian made, but India sees the Pak’s and China as it’s biggest rivals as well. So India might be a toss up?

          Like I said, good post.

        • China has been quietly investing in HUGE swathes of African resources, especially rare earth mineral so useful for modern tech, (and weapons).

          The next WW will incorporate the use of bio- virus type weapons too. As preppers protection against racially targetted genetically engineered bio-weapons is really hard to plan for. I’ve come across the odd web report saying N. Korea has specialised in these types of weapons.

          • @ lonelonmum. Super powers cannot exist side by side and like two or three of the toughest kids on the block or in a school, they always seem to fight to see whom is the alpha dog. I agree with you, and it scares me to death, about bio-engineered weapons. With nuclear ytou can prepare for something like this. With biology weapons it is like that 12 Monkeys movie in which everyone had to hide underground to avoid being infected. I have to admit it when we had those anthrax attacks in 2001, I was terrified to open the mail. Even with the chances being very low of being infected, back then you just didn’t know where next it would turn up.

            I hate bio-weapons. Wasn’t it some island that England tested anthrax, I think it was England, that was so contaminated because of anthrax that no one ever was allowed within 20 km of so of it? This was even after they sprayed it with chloramines and everything else to kill off the spores. I sure hope they never use bio-weapons, the poor man’s nuclear bombs.

        • Be Informed: You are not as informed as you think you are. China is firmly with the NWO. That’s US. So is Turkey.

          All of your wild cards are not wild, except Africa which is mostly Muslim. The rest like Mexico, and Central and South America with the exception of Venezuela, lines up with the NWO.

          Even Russia IS on board with the NWO and becoming more so everyday. Putin is an individual holdout because he is foremost a nationalist.

          The next war is just another war to extend phony, Crony Capitalism to those nations who have not yet been pacified.

          Get a clue.

          • @ durango kidd. The NWO is like a bunch of mafia bosses all veering for their own personal power. This why the NWO will never have a totally organized system. The mere fact of military movements towards conflict with each other show this discontent with each other. The NWO is too much power for any human to share with each other. The United States is still the most powerful military there is and like in organized crime, the one of the top always has a bull’s eye on their back.

            • BI: “The NWO will never have a totally organized system”? LMAO! 🙂

              Are you deaf, dumb, and blind?

              NATO, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, World Court, UN, add a hundred different organizations and programs for the UN, SEATO, about three dozen think tanks, GOP, DEMs, Ivy League Schools, US Congress, need I go on?

              You gotta be brain dead.

            • @ durango kidd. There is no reason to “attempt” to be insultive, we have enough of this on this site when we ALL should be trying to give each other useful information to be able to survive what is coming, from whatever. Now IF you don’t see the mass military build up of China and Russia and many other countries I am sorry for that. IF THE NWO WAS SO ORGANIZED AND HAD A TRUE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT THAT ALL THESE COUNTRIES COULD AGREE WITH, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR THE STRATEGIC WEAPON BUILD UP.

              I TRULY FEEL THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE A CLASS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND NATURE AND SEE THAT ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY AND THAT ONE ALPHA DOG “CANNOT” SHARE POWER WITH ANOTHER. Even if China and Russia were able to defeat the western alliances, there would eventually fight over something. Total alliance of a human race is nearly impossible at this time, maybe in the future, not now.

              Shall we talked about the organizations that you boldly stated. NONE of them have any type of worldwide consensus. NATO is but a part of the world that threatens Russia’s existence. NAFTA is not even the full part of the North American continent. The UN is the biggest joke that there has been since the league of nations as recent VETO’s have proven from Russia and China to stop the slaughter of Syrians. Russia needs Syria as its only true Mediterrean friendly country to them. World court is laughable as Israel never can do any wrong, ever. All the other organizations you talk about are just tiny fractions of the world and have absolutely no bearing on a near totally organized world.

              I think what you are thinking is some NWO type of united Earth or something in Star Trek or something. MY POINT IS THAT THERE ARE PLENTY OF ORGANIZATIONS ALL OVER THE PLACE, BUT THEY DO NOT CONSTITUTE SOME “TRUE” ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. You can have individual governments that act and behave just like some one world government, but to have all parties agree to this and go along with it is a totally other story. Just like the mafia, you just cannot have one crime boss that controls everything, it breaks down when one party wants that top spot.

              The massive military build up with China and Russia against U.S. forces in no way would support what you are saying about China and Russia being in bed with the U.S. “If I saw tremendous cuts in military all over the world and all sorts of peace treaties and the world leaders talking unity, then I would say a true NWO is active in spades”. I don’t doubt for a minute that this country could fall into a NWO type of regrime and martial law total police state.

              May I suggest you use something that is called DISCRETION in analyzing the situations of the world. I agree that the elistis WANT a new world order, but a true new world order, the true signs are not there YET. Many conspiracies are very true, others work on people like yourself, their high strung emotions and play someone like a fiddle. Those that are not “brain dead”, like you apply I am, can use this judiciousness to distinguish between fact and fiction.

              I personally try to use healthy skepticism along with being open minded as possible, to attempt to acheive the truth. I am not totally informed about much, I admit this, but I try to be. I also am not so “radical” that I put on “horse blinders” that my way has to be the only right way and only right correct answer like some people do, like the United States congress does. All is not as it appears is what I have found to be the case most often. This includes conventional and unconventional thoughts.

              Durango kidd, as respect for you, DISCRETION will help to sift out the truth, try it sometime, it works.

            • BI: Let me make it perfectly clear … you are fucking brain dead! 🙂 Don’t be distracted by the symptoms.

              All of the major players are jostling for power and a seat at the decision table. There is no greater power than that delivered by nuclear weapons.

              While Russia, for example, was once a belligerent state, it is now preoccupied with survival, facing both an extremely powerful US, a militarily superior Europe, and an increasingly more powerful China who has its eye on all of the natural resources of Russia which are East of the Urals.

              Russia’s paranoia is magnified with every passing day as China and the US continue to entwine their economies.

              Reason enough to upgrade its military. India too, squeezed between Islam and Confucious, is moving to upgrade its defenses.

              Once China achieves a measure of military parity with the US (10 -15 yrs)it will be too powerful for Russia and it has already boasted that it can absorb a first strike and retaliate.

              Eventually, yes, nuclear war will occur in South / South Central Asia. That is why the US has made neutron bomb technology available to all of the players who didn’t have it before: to avoid the fallout.

              The NWO IS organized with tentacles into every aspect of civilization, molding every institution, every media, and every political body to accept and then spread their propaganda.

              While there will always be competition, jostling for power, and influence peddling within these institutions by individuals, the goal is ONE.

              One World Government.

              That’s a one world government organized, managed, and facilitated for their benefit and to the benefit of their progeny.

              You are deaf, dumb, and blind and the perfect example of someone who cannot see the forest for the trees.

              Be informed. 🙂

            • @ durango kidd. Your billigerence is an absolute example of just why people cannot get along, especially for absolute power. You prove my point all too well. I agree with 90-99% of what you have to say, but instead of having a polite intelligent conversation you have to lower yourself to the backwater hillbilly third grade level education by name calling. You sir are way too educated to become an ignorant crap for brains slop that this country has so many of.

              It is ashame that someone puts the most narrow horse blinders on themselves that they cannot even see someone that slightly disagrees with their point of view that they are not mostly on board with what they are saying. I of course understand that the tentacles of NWO is everywhere, I just say that Russia is not on board and China is no way on board. It is a power struggle that eventually will have one of two countries left standing like a battle royal and they will fight over that remaining power. Then perhaps you are right there will be one, that is one left over a landscape that gives much to ponder over these post nuclear war movies.

              When you talk about Geography, this was the most taken classes I had in college, I took every last one of them. Don’t try to tell me that I am brain dead about Geography, I know this better than most subjects. I simply disagree with your points of view somewhat. I study and study maps and the political landscape of most countries and my viewpoint and opinions are not too different than you, the similarities would again be 90-99% on most. I guess if I don’t agree with you 100% I am brain dead.

              What is wrong with your personality? If someone is in disagreement over something do you just go off in some tangent like some high school kid jacked up on testosterone. What is wrong with a polite conversation in which you present your point of view and I present mine and then either one of us is wrong and that is it? “Have I ever called you something derogatory up until the May 11th post”? It is called respect and basic manners for the same expected of you.

              I want you to consider this, everytime someone drops their level of being considerate to someone else someone out there that has wonderful ideas that can help you, me, and many others is just that more unlikely to express their opinion on something because they are too afraid of being verbally attacked by someone acting like a bullfrog faced cretin. Sure it is amusing for others to see the name calling, but everyone loses.

              I would have been perfectly happy listening to what you had to say and consider it and perhaps even learned something. You though had to engage in belittling comments that I of course reacted to with more belittling subtle comments and then you continue. Asinine this is, but you totally started it.

              My suggestion for the future is try to keep the put downs to the minimum, it only starts bad blood. Up until this time I actually respected your comments and considered you well rounded individual with some similar interests in the geo-related aspects of the planet. This is really too bad because you and I have the same notions in regard to knowing that war is coming to the planet and the absolute need to prepare. My opinion on how WW3 will start may differ, but we both know it is going to occur. Just slightly out of sync.

            • BI: When you argue your points you only show your ignorance. Now ignorance is not a character flaw, but for someone who thinks he is informed, yes, you are brain fucking dead! 🙂

              You are brain dead because you do not recognize that the NWO has managed to insert their agenda into every nook and cranny of the globe using all of the entities I described, and more. The trees comprise the forest.

              Its a conspiracy of massive proportions.

              China is definitely on board with US; with the NWO. More so than Russia. The CCP and GB’s are PARTNERS, got that? They are fucking PARTNERS!

              China is where they are today because they PARTNERED with the GB’s who used American depositor funds to build their factories and transferred production to them offshore, while taking an equity financial interest in China’s development.

              It was not classical economics that led to China’s economic “miracle”, it was artificial. It was the transfer of American and European middle class wealth to China. It was the beginning of Crony Capitalism.

              You will understand that better when the Rmb goes fully global next year, rises in value, and inflation pops to 30% in the USA.

              Russia is now a member of the WTO. That is a NWO organization.

              Rosneft and Exxon are HUGE partners, and collaboration between Russian companies and western companies would proliferate if not for the nationalist leanings of Putin.

              Putin is the only force holding back the NWO in Russia because he understands the power of the western banking cartel.

              Its not about geography its about geopolitics. You do not need a map to recognize the NWO: you need to see the bigger picture.

            • @ durango kidd. I am aware of of Russia being part of the WTO and that many economic spheres of the Russian economy are interwoven into other countries’ economies that are definitely part of NWO. This does not mean really anything, because trade organizations are used to benefit the countries in this agreement. To benefit their country firstly, everything else is far secondary. China as you know has a massive trade advantage over the U.S. and holds it hostage with the debt nuclear button.

              I base my assumptions much on human behaviour and how countries and leaders just cannot get along with much of anything. ONLY when it benefits one country or someone like China holds a blackmail card over the U.S. does this work. Case in point in Stalin and Hitler. Germeny needed fuel to supply its war machine and Russia had it. I have read much of what you propose on all sorts of web sites with skepticism because certain aspects don’t add up.

              From my point of view, and I fully admit it could be dead wrong, I see massive military buildup of Russia and China and this doesn’t make sense to some type of worldwide agreement on an unified one government, YET. Logic dictates that countries would be coming to a peace agreement all over the place and a reduction in country destroying weapons. A battle to see whom is top dog does make sense. I don’t discount that there is even a possiblity that this has all been planned.

              My point is that what BOTH of us are saying is BOTH still speculation. Neither of us would be discussing this if either of us actually knew what was happening and was part of it. You could be right, but you could be wrong, it is still a hypothesize on both of our parts. A super intelligent organization could be leaving markers and leading everyone on a wild goose chase, conspiracy theorists and logic oriented people like myself. The question is are you 100% sure what you say is correct, when you are going by certain events that can have other meanings to them?

              A true devil’s advocate can have a field day on this subject because very few individuals actually know the truth. I have even heard people talk about the NWO is actually being dictated by aliens from the Orion star system trying to plan some sort of United Earth so the planet can join some sort of intergalactic alliance.

              This is why I fall back into using logic to try to figure out what is really happening. Most of the time logic works. From what I can see and the much geopolitical schooling that I have taken I see the true intellects knowing the extreme depletion of the natural resources of the planet and that countries know this and are trying to position themselves all over the world for the remaining resources. I watch the movement of countries armies all the time and this seems like what is occurring. I just don’t see countries coming together like what you are saying, too many wars have been fought and too many treaties and alliances have fallen apart over the centuries.

              Human beings are just too selfish to allow one individual rule over everything. I love this old Twilight Zone in which this dictator saw in this haunted mirror those that had helped him win a revolution as his enemy and did them all in before he was finally done in. I can see a few organized governments, maybe even two like I described above, east vs. west, before there is some one world government in the aftermath. Again, this is speculation and I cannot and you cannot actually prove it unless one of us actually is able to see what is going on. It is all still just specualtion.

              I am going to take another approach to respect this web site and what Mac does, tries to remain calm and collected. This is class. I will try when someone calls me something less than disrepectful, just try to let it go and forget it and I hope others will do this also and create more of a think tank on new ideas on survival that will benefit everyone. Let’s try not to belittle each other as this accomplishes nothing. I have many similar thoughts and opinions that you share and ultimately we and most the people here are just trying to figure out how to survive what is coming. We can agree on that. Hope you have a good next week and hope your preps are in good order because it is coming.

      45. JP Morgan took a huge hit today. All over the financial news right now. Was TOO big to fail in 08, still TOO big to fail? QE3? Beginning of the end?

        • Foz just reported that JP Morgan Chase took a hit to a tune of 800 MILLION could be as much as 1.2 BILLION. Talking about the “whole banking system feeling the aftershock tomorrow”

          DO you think tomorrow will be the Bank Holiday we have all been expecting?

          • no not likely tomorrow, but who knows for sure.

          • Tina: Truth be told, $1.2 billion is chump change for JP Morgan Chase.

            Much ado about nothing.

            • Truth be told, it is more than chump change. If they have to come up with this kind of “money” it would severely cut into their reserves required for Basel II or Basel III and possibly make them insolvent(as if they already aren’t). After all most of all their collateral is already leveraged to the hilt.

            • JRS: $1 billion is chump change. Four billion as a potential loss is real money, but it will only affect shareholder value. It is not going to bring down the house, and it won’t affect banker bonuses at the end of the year.

              The FED printed 26 trillion last time around to protect the member banks. Four billion in that context is also chump change.

              Chase can sell other assets to cover the losses and strengthen their balance sheet and increase liquidity. These are merely accounting and transaction events that will have to be addressed.

              Some of you people WANT a financial collapse so bad you refuse to recognize how the system works and how it has worked.

              Is that alt media “normalcy bias”?

            • While I don’t want a financial collapse per se, I want these big banks to be broken up into smaller banks and the Fed eliminated.These big banks no longer serve the people, they only suck them dry with their shadow derivatives and the monetizing of the world’s debt with fake “money”.Our great grandchildren would still be indebted to these behemoths if they were stopped today.

            • JRS: I agree that banks need to be broken up; but smaller is not safer. Safer banks are separate banks.

              Investment banking and retail banking need to be separated once again, with Investment Bankers mitigating their own risk without “insurance”.

              Retail banking can be large to achieve economies of scale without undo risk.

              Note the difference between “safer” and “separate”. That is the crux of the banking problem.

            • DK…I can certainly agree with that.But I don’t think the bought off politicians will ever allow something like Glass Steagal to ever be implemented again.They would lose all their “funding” if they were honest enough to try.I’m afraid the table needs cleared and a new deck dealt.

            • DK: While we have had dissagreements I have alot of respect for you and would like to ask some econ and finance questions for you? How can I get in contact offline?

        • God will not be mocked.

          The unrepentant synagogue of Satan will spend eternity with Lucifer.

      46. the army has been out in full force doing training excercises around these parts this week. something is about to hit. harpov governmetn coming up with new laws daily… you will go to prison for 10 years if you wear a mask at a protest.

      47. You all have a good time with all of these Jew hating, God hating, wannabe keyboard commandos. I have a life. I just thought shtfplan would be a great site to become part of with like-minded individual Patriots who were truly grounded on survival and regaining our rights, freedoms and liberties, while I was re-cooperating from an injury. But I was evidently WAY off base.

        Yes, there are a lot of you who have been extremely nice, cordial and downright awesome. But when you allow a few (no names or anything — eeder, IMF, kevin, European American, and Ahab) to dictate to the many, you do not have freedom of belief, discourse, debate or opinion. What you have is cacophony of schizophrenia. You at SHTF have the few hijacking the many, and trying to control the content, the intent, and the overall message of a forum. When this is allowed to continue (for whatever reasoning, albeit the failure of Admin or the people do not stand up to the few), then it is only a matter of time until that forum fails for lack of true Patriotism, understanding and yes… faith in God and each other!

        So… farewell.

        You bozos with all the hate win the day. I haven’t the time nor the patience, or the desire to be around such hate and pure evil. And that is exactly what each of you exhibit (esp. IMF, eeder and kevin). You all deserve each other and the literal hell that will prevail in this country because of idiots just like you!

        Good luck everyone… it’s been, well…. interesting….

        God Bless!
        Just for you Jew-haters…. SHALOM! (LOL!)

        • you fucken fool… we hate you! youre that little freak from those you tube videos arent you SOUTHERN BOY? the one who complains about how we hate zionism… ive seen you.. you are a fucken little jewboy wannabe fucken faggot from the sticks.. youre a fucking moron! why dont you go to a kkk meeting and grow a fucking set of balls like a man instead of fucking around wanting to be a fucking jew… or are you catholic\|? yeah that s what i thought faggot.. get the fuck out of dodge you little sissy ferry!

          • @eeder ;0) get em’ … bwaaahahaha

            don’t worry @eeder i’m loading my hack software now and website hack pack … i’m gonna bring this whole website down around this fuckers ears … trace this fucker , the we can go visit his texas queer ass together … i get first go at him.

            “Only two things come from texas @southernboybiblebugger – STEERS AND QUEERS! AND WE ALL NOW KNOW WHICH YOU ARE!!!”


            • yes nina! hey , if he wants to use my ip to track my location…. look out above when you come southern boy! or is that below? or is it that 30 foot cedar? or that one or that rock hahahahahahahahaha.. stupid idiots!

            • Nina,

              You are still one crazy MF, while I agree southernboy needs to grow thicker skin to survive this site. Not all Texans are steers or queers.

              Crazy Teaxas Biker

          • The Novus Ordo (New Order) is NOT the Catholic Church. The Church is once again in the catacombs while heretics, Judaizers, and perverts hold the buildings and titles.

            We are seeing the Great Revolt prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. The revolt precedes the appearance of “the man of Sin,” the Anti-Christ.

            • Nina

              I have learned a great deal from you, but all this vileness, I find it difficult to deal with. You were the first person to welcome me to this site. Why do you call people names that disagree with you, I don’t get it. You are obviously a person of high intellect,.

              I really hope I am not considered a Zionist gay pig because I disagree with you, but I can’t see that me being female should make any difference, if you feel that about men, why not about women?

              Take care matey

            • ~John Q~

              Ummmm….wait a minute there, John!!!

              …we’ve gotta go through three days of darkness first!

              THINK BROTHER!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Eeder

            Why don’t you try saying just one sentence without cursing…that would be a first

          • Eeder

            So much hate. There are enough haters in this world already…no more are needed.

            I used to read all of your posts, but you have changed, you come across as aggressive and offensive. I’m sure you have valuable things to say, but it’s difficult to get through the vitriol to find it. So, if I disagree with something you say am I going to be called a lesbian Zionist sow?

            This is sad

          • Big bad 12 year old that lives in your Mothers basement and swears a lot! My, what an impressive little peter puffer!……………….FUCK OFF PUNK!

            • This was addressed to the young punk eeder! Or is it Eater?

        • don’t let the door on the way out … hit you in your well worn out homo ass … ya’ douchebag.

          • Some of you have quite an obsession with the word homo, ass, the F word. It must make you feel good to say it so often, why else would you? Something to think about, if you can actually think. Am I asking too much?

            • Well said Ohcumgache

        • Southern Boy,

          If a man is as wise as a serpent, he can afford to be as harmless as a dove. – Cheyenne

          You are wise Sir, and I will miss your posts. The bozos did not win the day, they get to sit in their own filth. They are hatemongers and troublemakers, with very tiny brains, yet extremely big mouths. They have found a comfortable place here, to spew their vile rants. I agree with you, it is time to leave this den of iniquity.

          Good luck and God Bless!

          • Thanks goes to you too Ohcumgache (Little Wolf)!

            My wife is Algonquin, and I appreciate that heritage.

            I am still here, once in a while that is. Mac is a good man, and knows the childish antics of those (who everybody knows) no-good-for-nothings have been doing. So, all’s good.

            Anyway, thanks again… and keep the faith Brother!

        • You’re right on. Do what I do …. just scroll past their posts and don’t read them anymore. They rreally have nothing of value or insightful to say anyway.

          • There is quite a bit of vitriol here, but please don’t let it drive you away. At first glance, rasict, homophobic, xenophobic ranting turned me off too, BUT, there are enough salient points that keep me coming back. In a true SHTF senario, the streets will be filled with thugs and many homes will be occupied by crazies that would shoot me on sight, thinking that I (wrong color, gender, etc) pose some threat. I have to believe that people are truly capable of getting over their hangups and pull together to get this country’s head out of its butt so my kids can have a future. Sane voices of reason are a part of it. Consider staying for the party, Southern Boy. Don’t let a few folks spoil it for you. Patriots are people like anyone else, some good, some bad… They’re like family members– some of them you just see during the holidays, otherwise you don’t even bother to friend them on Facebook.
            Take care from NC

            • Thank you Tarheelbilly!

              You are a TRUE Patriot! I will be around, some. Just see my post(s) below.

              Mac KNOWS who’s doing this, and I know. So, that is all that matters. They just keep making complete jackasses out of themselves each time they spew their hate, or hijack a handle. LOL!

              Oh well… and I thought I was through having to deal with children… silly me!

              Again, thanks Brother, have a great day and God bless!

        • @ Southern Israeli Boy —

          I’m glad my postings have upset you, and I’m flattered that the three or four comments I make PER WEEK (compared to your dozens per day) have had such an impact on you. And I don’t have to “impersonate” an Arschloch like you to get my point across — there, you flatter YOURSELF.

          For those who want to know, “Southern Boy” is a sock puppet shill who posts here under different names, in troll-like comments often laced with obscenity in true Israeli internet warrior style. I definitively fingered him and blew his cover in the May 9th thread “Caught on Tape,” and THAT”s why he is leaving. The proof is there if anyone is interested. As far as the “impersonations” of himself on this thread are concerned, he probably staged them himself to confuse the issue.

          For all anyone knows, he’s one of Cass Sunnstein’s “Cognitive Dissonance” boys or some hunchbacked IDF scumbag posting from Haifa, trying to manipulate the Amerikans (especially Southerners) into believing that blind support for “G-d’s people” and the system’s imperial Pax Judaica agenda is the height of and only true measure of “Amerikanism.”

          So “Southern Boy,” you who have called for banning other people with whom you disagree, can now BAN yourself.

          You totalitarian bitch.

          • Yes, he was even those that he accused were out to get him. A real Psychopath, likely on some SSRI.

            • @ EA —

              He posted his “resignation” (above) within a couple of hours of me exposing him on the May 9th thread. For his parting shot, where he equates the supposed “hatred” of Jews with hatred of God, he really let’s the cat out of the bag!

              He’s also fallen victim to his own “cognitive dissonance.” Notice how he hand-wrings about “hate,” yet everything out of his mouth was “Euro-trash” this and “Euro-trash” that. These zio-bot agents-provocateurs just love to pit European White people and American White people against one another, don’t they?

            • Ahab,

              Once again… PROVE IT! I said Euro trash ONCE! And… guess what… I stand by it!!! Also, TELL THE WHOLE STORY YOU IDIOT!

              I also posted WHO I AM and WHERE I CAME FROM… remember? After all, you were the challenger!

              I swear… you must be related to Geraldo Rivera … right? You only tell HALF of EVERY story you tell, which PROVES you haven’t a cohesive leg to stand on.

              Later… MUCH later….

            • @ Ahab

              I’ve been gone all day, navigating, ever so carefully, through the quagmire of todays proverbial classroom of life, i.e. trying to learn my lessons quickly so I can move on, in one piece. I’m a bit tired, to say the least and, after a quick shower I’ll soon be stamping my passport for sleep land.

              However, the first few eloquent dissertations (comments in this portion of this thread by you) on the possible reality of who were dealing with has definitely piqued my interest. I may not comment; there’s a lot to read here, but I’ll definitely process the material and dream about it in sleep land.

              I’m very impressed with your assessment of the person in question. (I knew something was up, and thought, over time, he would expose him’selves’ through the process of elimination, but didn’t expect it to happen so quickly)

              I’ll be back late Sunday for any of the latest updates. In the meantime, before the clock strikes 11, I’m going to munch on this delectable dish you’ve served up.

              Truth alone Triumphs!

          • Ahab,

            I’m so sorry your Momma must’ve dropped you one too many times when you were a lil’ one (which was what… yesterday?)

            Anyway, I digress…
            AHAB (The wannabe Know-It-All) said:
            “For those who want to know, “Southern Boy” is a sock puppet shill who posts here under different names, in troll-like comments often laced with obscenity in true Israeli internet warrior style. I definitively fingered him and blew his cover in the May 9th thread “Caught on Tape,” and THAT”s why he is leaving. The proof is there if anyone is interested. As far as the “impersonations” of himself on this thread are concerned, he probably staged them himself to confuse the issue.”

            First, what are you talking about, “fingered him”? LOL! You are, like I’ve said, so full of yourself! I ONLY posted as Southern Boy, like it or not! I am who I am, and damn proud of it too!

            I was the “Hat Tip” mentioned for that story genius! Mac used it, and yes, I commented several times more than usual. But, any one with a modicum of common sense would have put 2 & 2 together there and understood that since I referred the story to Mac, I was passionate about it and therefore commented on it. Geez Louise, you’re just not the brightest bulb in the room, are you? You may have “book knowledge” and know how to construct a sentence, but when it comes to everyday common sense, you pale in comparison to the vast majority here on this forum!

            Anyway… I needed to set the record straight.

            Oh, BTW…
            [email protected]

            Have a nice day!

          • Now that is really interesting, Ahab. I don’t always agree with your view points, as ya know, but you are undoubtedly a smart cookie! I was confused why SB had issue with me from the first day I ever saw him post, and why he “followed” me around attempting to discredit my posts.

            Kudos for that bit of deductive reasoning, Ahab.

            • Daisy,

              Look at my post, which is going through moderation.

              If you really believe Ahab, then, well… more power to you. It just proves the small minds here. Ask him for the “proof”. Or, are you just going to take him at his word, like so many sheeple do on the internet? He has NO PROOF, and why is that? Because he’s LYING!

              If you want to truly find the truth… why don’t any of you geniuses simply ask Mac? He does list his email ya know.

              Unbelievable gullibility abounds!

            • — @ Daisy

              Thank you, Daisy. I have tried to take your previously offered and wise advice to be nicer.

              “Southern Boy” outed himself yesterday as the same creature as the trolls who bizarrely call me a “towel head” or “rag head,” and uses the same exact same curse words, with almost identical syntax, to boot! You’ve been here long enough to have seen me called everything from a “nazi” to a “commie,” but I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed myself a Muslim. That’s a pretty UNIQUE and PERSONALIZED “mistake” for someone to make.

              Here’s my reply to him from the May 9th thread (to which he responded by “resigning” – and the “resignation” has evidently been retracted) that lays it all out:

              @ Southern Boy –

              You know, only somebody as dumb as a bag of assholes would construe or infer that I am a Muslim from my unrepentant support of Western Culture and European heritage worldwide… or that I am a “multiculturalist.”

              Strange… you purport to be an “American,” yet have evidently never heard of “AHAB,” the Nantucketer who was captain of the Pequod, the obsessed genius who is the most important character in the greatest work of American literature that ever existed. Further, you evidently confuse the name “AHAB” with the word “ARAB,” not surprisingly, since they probably don’t teach much Melville in the schools of Israhell. What’s even more interesting is that, though Moby Dick has no special significance to an Israeli, the name “Ahab” does — as a figure from the Herbew bible (i.e., the Book of Kings) who is considered an oppressor of the Jewish “prophets” and a kind of tribal traitor to Jewry.

              You are self-exposed as a fraud. You give yourself away by your dyslexic confusion of “Ahab” with “Arab,” the lack of any acquaintance with a story any American high school student has ta l;east heard of, and last but not least by your subsequent erroneous assignation of the “Muslim” label to me.

              This is a truly idiosyncratic and highly personalized “error” you make, yet incredibly it has “coincidentally” been committed multiple times on these boards by ANOTHER troll (probably an Israeli, based on his foul-mouth and his obsession with shit) who posts here under various names. On April 30, 2012, for example, on the “Martial Red Zone” thread, he posted under the name of “Moe,” and — bizarrely — called me a “rag head” in the same UNIQUE non-sequitur fashion you employ.

              Now admittedly, some of Israel’s yahoo USan supporters really are stupid, but what are the chances of the SAME mistake being made twice — by two DIFFERENT, supposed “Americans” who see only “ARAB” when they read the name “AHAB?”

              Perhaps we could call you “Southern Jewish Boy.” Perhaps the only thing “Southern” about you is that you are posting from the southern part of Haifa?

              It’s particularly revealing that, in your demands that the poster “nina o” be banned from this site, you spout the ADL’s and SPLC’s VERY selfsame jargon on “no free speech for anti-semites.” Your hatred of Europe also aligns seamlessly with the Zionist agenda of De-Europeanizing Amerika.

              Please, thou faux “good ‘ol boy,” do tell us who you really are, how many identities you use here, and what your purpose in posing as an American Southerner is. Are you one of Israhell’s internet warriors, whose job is to infiltrate discussion forums and influence the discussion along pro-Isralhell lines, in the process stirring up trouble and REGIONAL discord between real Americans? Is it your job to get the Southerners whipped up into a pro-Hebrew fervor, even though REAL southerners know WHO the “freedom riders” were and WHO led the Negro revolt against Southron society on the 50′s and 60′s?

              BTW, in their day, my CRUSADER ancestors hacked up more Muslims and Arabs than Ariel Sharon, but the difference is that the Muslims they fought were holding swords, and not suckling milk at their mother’s breasts. So much for your “towel-head” reference, you moron.

            • SB

              #1. I strongly suspect Mac has more to do than deal with people whining about others on an internet forum. The way you keep name-dropping “Mac” this and “Mac” that – sheesh….you might as well be a kid on the playground saying, “I’m telllllllinnnnngggg!!!!”

              #2. I read what Ahab is referring to, and while circumstantial, certainly brings up some valid points.

              #3. Quite honestly, it annoys me the way you have to throw a biblical quote into nearly everything you post. Can’t you come up with anything of your own to say? Really, it’s no reason to dislike you, I’m aware, but it irritates the living crap outta me.

              #4. Your lack of acceptance of the views of others makes me feel quite certain, in a SHTF scenario, you’d be the one running to the brownshirts to tell on other folks for breaking the rules.

              We’re about FREEDOM here, freedom of expression and the right to hold differing opinions. You constantly attempt to verbally eviscerate and have banned those who disagree with you. Instead of trying to get rid of dissenters, use your FREEDOM to try to bring them over to your side through wisdom, research and kindness.

              You’ve done it to me, numerous times you have attempted to discredit me and badgered me about sources, and I’ve refused to engage. If you’d like to do it again, based on the fact that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with you right now, well……

              BRING IT.

            • — Southern Israeli Boy a.k.a. Europhobe

              Asking Mac to divulge IP addresses of posters, even yours, is a violation of confidence that would destroy the basic trust people have in this website, thus promoting its decline and eventual disappearance. Does that accord with your objectives? It’s also hardly conclusive, since IP addresses can be faked or spoofed, which you of ALL people should know.

              Weren’t you screaming earlier in this thread about tracing the IP’s of people whose views you don’t like? What pray tell would you do with that info? (NB: in the case of some of the posters here, your “boys” may not like what they find waiting for them).

            • Bring it? Wow! Such a lady-like thing to say. But, if you must con’t this ridiculousness, then I’m game for ONE LAST post to you about this topic. So I won’t confuse you, and seeing that you like laying things out in numerical format, I will do the same:

              1) If Mac isn’t the owner of this site, and is the one who deals with topics exactly like this, then pray-tell, who is? There is NOTHING whiny about alerting the Moderator of this, or similar, issues. For you to even suggest this shows your complete lack of understanding of what (and who) the problems really are.

              2) What “circumstantial” evidence? I swear, you people live in another dimension, don’t you? SHOW ME THE “PROOF”!! There is NONE, that is why you, and your lil’ buddy, can’t do it! You are doing what you hate, Daisy! You lambaste the media for ACCUSING, TRYING, and then FINDING GUILTY the one who is INNOCENT until proven guilty… but no… not here on “your” and “your buddies” board!! Again… sorry for offending you with Mac’s name… but IF you are truly interested in the freaking TRUTH…. ask him. He WILL tell you! Good Lord almighty woman… practice YOUR preaching now!

              3) The Bible offends. It says it right there within it, and that’s just the way it is. Honestly, I do care about others feelings… UNTIL… they try to lambaste my God or my faith, degrade it, offend God, or any other adjective you’d like to use, when it is as much my right to believe, say, write and hold to any belief I see fit without fear of retribution!!! You say you’re a PATRIOT… HA! Do you remember the little thing called the U.S. Constitution? How about re-reading it again, and pay particular attention to the FIRST AMENDMENT!!!!

              4) My ONLY lack of “acceptance” of anything has NOTHING to do with the “personhood” of another… it has EVERYTHING to do with what that person has said, or spews my way according to a differing belief on my part (see #3 again!). I will ALWAYS defend myself (kinda like you do), and I will ALWAYS defend my faith!! And hey, Daisy…. like it or not … I will ALWAYS defend YOUR RIGHTS too, UNTIL you overstep them and intrude onto mine!!! Again… like I’ve posted over and over (and something certain of you people NEED to learn):

              So… if I have “discredited” you unknowingly… I apologize. (maybe something others here need to learn to do too).
              But, as I go back and look, and also look into my pea-brain memory… I only “discredited” the delivery… not the deliverER! There is a big difference.

              Anyway… come back at me if you wish. But, you cannot (if you were to be 100% honest) attack anything I’ve said as on this message as anything other than truth. Others, however, who you hold in such high respect, only SPECULATE and prove nothing… yet, you latch onto them and their “logical” conclusions as the sacred cow. One cannot speak out of both sides of their mouth and retain credibility. But, this is only a forum of a lot of wannabes… so why should anyone expect that type of thing anyway? Credibility? Honor? Character? Heck, what are those? Yup… that’s the main problem isn’t it?

              I can say, without any reservation, that ALL I say is honest, truthful, and as factual as can possibly be at the time I post them, or whatever. However, when I’m wrong, I admit it… wholeheartedly and unashamedly (and may I add… WITHOUT ANY caveat or grudge from the past). Do you? Do your other “buddies” you hold in such high esteem? I’ll answer that for ya… NO!!! Not on their lives!

              I am a Christian man who is UNASHAMED of the Gospel of Christ, and the likes of you, or Satan himself, will NEVER deter me from admitting that, carrying out the message ANYWHERE I am at the present, or succumb to “pressures” from small minds that are filled with evil. Try your best… you will not succeed. Oh yes, you will make me madder than a red hornet, and I will say hurtful, stupid, asinine things… but that only proves I’m human. But I will never agree with ANY point that those who spew evil ever say. For I will NOT be found to be guilty in front of my God (yours too BTW) for doing that. I have WAY TOO much other stuff in my life to answer for than simply letting “peer pressure” (and those who spew this evil are NOT my peers), or their continued filthy, unconstrained tongues get to me so much that it would change my mind about ANYTHING… because it won’t!!!

              I repeat… you say you’re a Patriot… then do me a favor …. ACT LIKE IT toward me too, and give me the same courtesy afforded others!!!

              Have a good one….

            • Ahab,

              Show me ONE curse word, except probably “damn”, “hell” or as you said (if you think these are curse words) towel head? I never said any other.

              As to your overreaching post from the 9th… admittedly… I never read it all. I still haven’t, and won’t. Sorry, that you’re not worthy of paying much attention to, but I betcha if you were to ask how many TRULY read every word of that post… you’d find it hard to get 10 of them to admit it. But, oh well… if you THINK that “PROVES” anything… then… OK, have it your way.

              Oh, and IF YOU comprehend what is written, you would also see that you 5 evil-mongers QUOTE:
              “WON THE DAY”! It’s a different day… isn’t there genius! LOL!

            • Ahab,

              You are so full of stool you’re eyes are brown!

              You ALWAYS throw out these impressive sounding ideas and words… no wonder you got some people here convinced you’re anyone to listen to!

              The OWNER of the site has EVERY right to do ANYTHING he/she wants to whoever they want as far as any substantiated abuse (be it verbal, threats, using another persons identity, etc — WHICH ALL HAPPENED!!!!) AND ANY POSTER that uses said site has the ABSOLUTE right to ask the OWNER to do exactly that!

              Get over yourself you blowhard! What, let me guess… in a previous life you were a lawyer… right? Darn boy, you must’ve really sucked at it! LOL!

            • Well, thank you for that condescending response. You don’t try to discredit me at all, clearly. Let me valiantly attempt to be more ladylike in my response.

              When I referred to the fact that you were whining to Mac, I meant just that. Most people here don’t do that. This site is basically unmoderated because we are all adults here, and even when other posters don’t act like it, there is just no need to try and get people banned or to have them censored OR censured, as it were. I’m suggesting you man up, respond if you feel the need to do so, and otherwise walk away from it. Stop trying to change the way things are done. If you don’t like the way we argue/debate/discuss, look for a forum that conforms better to your ideas of how it should be run.

              I did not criticize your faith whatsoever. I recommended you learn to speak for yourself without constantly having to depend on biblical quotes to increase your personal credibility. Most of us here are churchgoers, and plenty of us devout, but every other sentence doesn’t need to refer to it. It makes you sound pompous, and as I said, you’ve a right to do it; I simply find it annoying.

              I never said you were “guilty” of anything, but that Ahab had valid points, circumstantial ones because they don’t actually PROVE anything beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ahab and I don’t always see eye to eye but he’s brilliant, and when he posts, he contributes information of value, whether I happen to agree with his conclusions or not.

              Those who upset you so wildly, NinaO, Eeder, Ahab – why do you CARE??? It’s the internet, man! This is NOT LIFE AND DEATH!!! These people you call my “buddies” – heck, I don’t agree with them all the time, but I am openminded enough to read what they say and agree when they make contributions of value. You, SB, miss out on that information because your too busy crying about the delivery.

              You might even be a valuable contributor if you didn’t get so caught up in the drama. This need for validation is not a very becoming quality and it takes away from the information, good or bad, that is being shared. This need for everyone to follow your neat little rulebook of how an internet forum should be is whiny – you’re like a kid on the playground.

              Really, it all boils down to something very simple for me. (And this is the end of my participation in this conversation.)

              If the truth is in your heart, the important One, God, knows it, so why do you really care what everyone else thinks?


            • Ahab ~

              I noticed, you’ve actually been quite a bit nicer. 😀 Today, I’m finding my personal patience level being tried and my niceness is rapidly evaporating.

              I did immediately go back and find what you had written. I’m not sure it is irrevocable proof but it has enough merit to make one curious enough to dig deeper.

              My issue is honestly just the unending tattling. I’ve been called all sorts of names, been impersonated, and insulted 6 ways to Sunday and I don’t think I’ve ever “told” on anyone.

              This strongly resembles psy-ops s**t-disturbing and distraction from the real issues. I also agree that I do not believe for ONE SECOND that Mac Slavo would EVER disclose anyone’s IP address, particularly because someone got his wittle bitty feewings hurt.

            • — @ Southern Boy a.k.a. Europhobe

              Knock yourself out posting links, if you think people here are stupid enough to click on them so you can download your Kosher-approved malware onto their computers. If the purpose is to instigate stalking or terrorism against me and mine, you (and your “boys”) will definitely regret it.

              BTW, I like your transparent attempts to be “folksy” with the “Native” Americans, and your bit about an Algonquin wife, in order to appear “mainstream” and make your opponents appear marginalized. Nice touch, and its so good you regained your composure after yesterday’s shock.

              I also note your repeated dropping of the site owner’s name, as if your groupie-like need to identify yourself with “authority” impressed everyone else as much as it impresses you.

              You abjectly exhibit your talmudic mindset and show yourself as an ultimately primitive specimen, in that you don’t describe people as being “right” or “left,” “pro this” or “con that,” but rather in infantile terms of “good” or “evil.” You also presume absolute knowledge of these concepts. You also presume to lecture Daisy on how to be a lady, in an impudent attempt to declare eighth-grade dropout Texas trailer-park ideas of decorum as somehow binding on people more intelligent than you.

              And you expose yourself as a totalitarian submissive (with an ENEMIES LIST) in declaring that, because you employ circular reasoning to “believe” a book of fables that constitutes the tribal history of a mid-eastern cult of phallic worshippers, that others are bound to accept your cult as reality.

              In short, you wear your unconscious on your sleeve. The only one full of themselves here is Southern Jewish Boy. That is proven by your bizarre “reaffirmations” about yourself, your so-called “faith” and your personality, such as it is. NO one gives a tinker’s cuss about you.

              Now a personal note, in response to your earlier unmanly whining about “hate.” Call me Eurotrash to my face, in person, my ostensible mutt mystery-meat Amurikan friend (who, curiously, trolls exactly according to the zionist playbook), and you will learn what hate is. My honkie hands will cause you to be remembered only as a red stain to be washed off the pavement in front of the Grand ‘Ol Opry during the annual idiot’s convention, while your racially ambiguous children weep nearby and wonder who will maintain the pile of wrecked washing machines rusting in front of the trailer. The same thing will happen if you try to force me to worship the middle eastern marauders you represent and accept their so-called “divinity” as binding upon me.

              Unlike your online “persona,” I have a culture. I know the names of my ancestors going back to the early 1500’s, and I have been in 450 year old stone (not birch bark or hide) structures they designed and built. I am a European, my wife is a European, and my kids are 100% European and blue eyed. I wouldn’t talk about “Euro trash if I were you… You are a self-proclaimed Amurikan, and according to your and Abe Foxman’s definition, so is Jesse Jackson. Go ahead and embrace your countryman. You are welcome to him, and I will take great umbrage if you call him mine.

              I’m still waiting for proof that I am a Muslim — after all, don’t all Muslims defend Europe and Western Civilization with such ardor? Apparently, idiot Murkins and their Zionist handlers just as much a threat to Europa as the imams.

            • @ Southern Boy:

              “Show me one curse word.”

              How’s this?

              Southern Boy says:
              March 31, 2012 at 8:19 pm

              Let me add to your oh-so fine opinion of we Americans there a$$hole!

              Go F*CK yourself!

              How’s that, you Euro-Trash piece of shit!?!?!?!

            • He’s like a puppy whining at the door trying to win your confidence. See him for what he is.

            • @ Southern Boy

              “I only said Eurotrash once.”

              Your reckoning is already off by 100%.

              Southern Boy says:
              April 30, 2012 at 8:58 pm


              Great one there Toomanyfakeconservatives! I don’t like name-calling, but I can see why you all are continually calling these Europeans, Euro Trash.

            • Ahab, I sure hope you don’t ever get angry with me. This has been the most thorough verbal evisceration I have witnessed.

              I’d like to note that another poster emailed me privately and informed me he had experienced issues with malware from the same links to which you are referring, lest anyone think you are just throwing that out there.

              SB, learn from this. If you aren’t just here to sow dissent and you actually want to be around, stop calling people on. You’ve just started posting here and you’re trying to take over, enforce rules that never existed here and invoke the wrath of Mac, the same Mac who, I might add, is conspicuously absent from this conversation.

      48. THis is a bit off topic but they want to take sherriff apario to court? I wish I could have been in his shoes and say “THey are accusing me of racial tensions with mexicans but you are not taking a stance against lying mother fucker holder for being involved in people dying. I dont know what is worse inforcing law or giving guns and people dying!! Pathetic anymore and we know this is the most fucked up admin in white house ever. really is.

        • You’re angry…just what they want…they’ll do anything to elicit that reaction…multiply that by millions..bingo…riot, political disturbances and such and here comes martial law.
          Think pleasant thoughts; don’t fall for their race and class warfare.
          We are not only bigger than TPTB, we are brighter and better…like the best bulb in the box.
          Peace…God is in charge…TPTB just don’t know that yet.

        • yes the zionist nwo fag jamie dimon, the one who proclaimed the euro as ” one of the greatest inventions in all of mankind” the ceo of jp morgan chase said that not every bank was as dumb as them…. this is becoming a bad joke.. when do people like this and jon corzine start answering for their crimes. and spending time in federal prison? in canada the “lord” conrad black, who renounced his canadian citizenship by birthright, to become a lord in england. later the went to prison for his white collared crimes. he has now returned to his cushy digs in rosedale, a extemly weatlthy, probaly the most wealthy lavish part of toronto. he pays more property taxes in a year than the average person makes in a year gross. he has the privalege of coming into canada as a foreign criminal though. canada does not allow criminals of foreign nations enter canada. accept if youre lord black… WHAT A FUCKING DISGRACE!

          • Actually, you are a disgrace Eeder

            A real man does not have to behave like some punk kid trying to look tough, you sound like you belong on a street corner with all the other yobs that have nothing better to do.

            Is that it…seriously are you a kid, a youngster that came on here to mixit with the grown ups?

            Go home son, you are starting to look very foolish

            Take care

            • What’s wrong with his post?

      49. update
        potential losses of over 4 billion possible


        tomorrow should be an interesting day on Wall Street

      50. I’ve totally bought into what Fulford and Drake say. The Fed, NWO, and all their underlings are circling the drain and about to be thrown into the clink. The evidence is undeniable. The FRN is dead and real treasury dollars are coming back. The Constitution will be restored. The mass arrests of these scum are coming soon. It won’t be easy, but powerful forces inside the US and outside the US are going to orchestrate a ‘perp walk’ the world has never seen and the human race can then move on and evolve…


        • If voting could really make a difference, it would be illegal.

      52. America For Sale: Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200-Acre ‘China City’ In Michigan

        can we say CHINESE TROJAN HORSE boys and girls.

        ameriKa is so over-cooked done , it’s burnt to the core and now a brick of charcoal.

        and the u.s. congress does nothing!!!

        sold-out by the few 1% as the many 99% now suffer!!!

        CRIME DOES PAY in AMERIkA obviously!!!

        need to get out my burglar tools and see what my state congress critters are doing with All the cash they’ve stolen from ameriKans.

        monkey see monkey do … if its okay for them too rob us american civilians … then its okay if we rob them right back!!!

        all’s fair in love and war here in ameriKa now!!!

      53. OK, seriously folk’s? It seems like no matter what the post is by Mac, someone says “first”, then we read 50 posts on how that person is an idiot. Then someone posts a rant on something completely unrelated and we end up reading 50 posts of people calling each other fags and get in to a darker conversation. I want to hear what everyone thinks, including IMF, but can we at least stay on topic and support a constructive prepping discussion? It is so sickening to go down to the comments section and have to glaze through 75% of the posts being personal shots at each other.

        I have found that one discussion leads to another and then to another and I love the constructive conversations. Enough ranting and cussing. Adding the word fuck to a sentence does not lend credibility to the author of the post. It shows a lack of ability to prove a point.

        I love the site. I love the information. I love the constructive discussions. I hate when people state that we should be shooting people in government. No we shouldn’t, we should be voting them out of office. I hate when people use this as a forum for their own agenda. Go to http://www.godaddy.com and get yourself a website where you can spew hatred all day long and then people will have the opportunity to not have to read it.

        I am starting a personal policy of giving the thumbs down to all conversations that are completely off topic as well as the responses from other people calling them names, forcing another uneducated reponse from the idiot who originally posted their political agenda.

        I ask that everyone who wants to keep this site for what it is to do the same. Soon when people realize that if they post verbal trash like most of what is in this discussion area that it will be hidden within minutes and not worth it.

        Let’s be constructive people. When the SHTF, what difference will it make that you spewed hatred on an online discussion or called a faceless stranger a fucking retard.

        What will make a difference is helping people prepare and sharing constructive ideas on being better preppers.

        Please, if you see someone vomit on the discussion board, please click thumbs down and help clean this discussion area up.

        • The problem is………………I just HAVE to see the hidden comment.

          • Me too, Samuel LJJ – it’s like a compulsion. If it’s there and it looks stupid, I can just skim right over it, but if it’s hidden – oh yeah, I’m looking!!!

      54. gotta agree about all the bad language
        I’m pretty thick skinned so it doesnt offend me

        however it really diverts from the points someone may be
        trying to make

        an occasional “damn” or “hell” can provide strong emphasis
        when needed

        but anymore than that and people just come across as ignorant

      55. well well Imust say we are truely in a heap of hot smelly shit if this is how preppers, patriots etc. unite. Look at all this foolishness that is going on. IF we can not come together to just discuss topics then how wull we overcome evil? This is sadly dissappointing behavioe on behalf of everyone. I know things can get heated but name calling and such is not very productive in mho

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