This New Technology Can “See” Beneath The Ground Cover And May Soon Lead To Massive Gold Discoveries In America

by | Sep 4, 2016 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    For decades, the standard practice used for prospecting hard gold deposits have been limited to identifying surface level geophysical anomalies by sight, locating mineral veins and then performing rock sampling to identify areas that may have viable deposits. Once identified, most companies began open pit mining operations to confirm their exploration results. The process is time consuming, costly, and more often than not, it fails to yield positive results. As a result, many companies that may have thought they were sitting on a gold mine turn out to be sitting on nothing more than a pile of sand.

    But an innovative technology from well known geologist Wade Hodges may soon change that and could lead to massive gold discoveries at a fraction of today’s costs. As the CEO of Nevada Exploration. Hodges has been featured on the History Channel and already has 30 million ounces of gold discoveries under his belt. If he has his way, he’ll soon be adding more.

    Nevada Exploration’s testing methods don’t touch the top-soil or underlying rocks like traditional exploration companies, but rather, focus on the one element we find almost everywhere – ground water. The methodologies focus on looking for gold anomalies in the water, which can then be traced back to the bedrock that contains the deposits. Hodges explains how he came up with the invention in a recent interview with The Daily Coin:

    To me, the analogy is it’s 1849.. you’re a gold panner on a creek in California and you’re panning that gold… and you start looking furiously for gold in riverbeds… and eventually you realize that gold in the riverbed is only the tip of the iceberg and it leads you to gold in the bedrock…

    Fortunately we have their experience… I’m standing in a place called Fletcher Junction with a very high gold and groundwater anomaly… this is like me and the gold pan… maybe this gold-in-groundwater chemistry is going to lead me to the gold in the bedrock.

    To date the company has added some 230 Nevada gold claims, indicating that they may have already identified potential spots. And tests on existing gold mine deposits suggest that their groundwater chemistry exploration programs are accurate over 90% of the time.

    Watch the full interview to learn more about groundwater exploration technology:

    There are hundreds of mines that have been abandoned in Nevada and around the world because preliminary exploration was unsuccessful. It’s quite possible that the gold deposits are there, but the technology to identify their exact location wasn’t available. In a previous interview Hodges explains how his groundwater chemistry exploration may be the game changer the industry has been looking for:

    There is no doubt there are more gold deposits to be discovered. The problem is they’re going to be located where you can’t see the rocks. So what you have to focus on – the root cause here – is to figure out a way to see beneath the ground cover.

    The one medium here that everyone is aware of but nobody has paid attention to is ground water. It’s everywhere in the State of Nevada even though it’s a desert. There’s plenty of water in all the basins. It’s just underneath the gravels and it’s in contact with all the bedrock. So, chemically it’s a medium which can transmit a scent from the gold deposit that’s hidden by the sand and gravel, into the groundwater.

    You can then potentially follow it back to its bedrock source.

    Hodges says that his company has been able to demonstrate that the process can be applied “consistently and systematically” across various target areas.

    If he’s right, then the state of Nevada may soon see another gold rush.

    Learn more about Wade Hodges, his company Nevada Exploration, and see how the exploration technology works.

    Visit The Daily Coin for more interview like the one you just watched.


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      1. That has been my plan for a long time. Get a good detector and scan the walls of old mineshafts. Also the ore dumping piles. Sounds good to me lol.

        • with prices where they are more and more people are starting to do this. out where I live people have started heading to rivers to pan for gold. my friends have made it a weekly thing although they never get anything bigger than a gram or two. I’ve never done it but if the price keeps going up I just might!

          • World Gold Panning Chamionships in Northern California start in a couple weeks


        • Great technology, but remote viewing works even better. Get your remote viewer up and running today. 🙂

        • If u want a good machine check out the garrett at pro a little pricey but it’s waterproof up to ten ft of water. Around $600 but we’ll worth the money

      2. Gold production costs globally are somewhere in the area of $1000 per ounce. That’s double the cost from 15 years ago. I don’t know about exploration costs because the numbers vary, but I do know a lot of money is wasted on worthless rocks. If this groundwater tech works it should help cut costs in the early phases.

        • You could get a metal detector and head out into the desert looking for meteorites. You can get a lot of money for those suckers. I saw one the size of a small soccer ball selling for $30K

          ht tps://


          • A metal detector is also good for finding your cashe. I buried some things and left it for 7 years and without my detector I would still be looking for it lol. You might also find someone elses stuff!

            • Yeah G that’s on my prepping list getting a metal detector. Some good Youtube vids on Metal detector finds. Get the Water proof heads so you can check creek beds, where horses and wagons used to cross. My BOL property used to be a Lovers Lane getaway decades ago. I bet there are some finds on here. The beaches of Florida you can find wedding rings by the volley ball courts. lol They slip off pretty easy with coconut sun tanning oils.

              I say go rent some old pre 1925 houses or farm land for a month or 2, Scan the house walls and attic areas for gold coins hidden away, or around the barns etc.. Farmers were smart back when hiding stuff in the Bank of dirt and shovel.

                • Thx, Ill check it out, also good to get the head muffs to keep the signal silent, and hand wand to pinpoint the find. Good its also water proof. Looks like it reads about 18″ down in depth.


                • Don’t buy it at Home Depot… It’s only $491 on Amazon!

                  • Do some reading Kirk, That detector has 1 COIL NOT 2 like the dual pack. And it is an opened box (warranty?)

      3. very interesting. I can’t believe no one thought of this before.

        • … look around for things generic, lying fallow within your prospective of innovative potential, e.g.: a piece of 1 in. plastic tubing, massaged into a 3 – 4 ft. circle with its ends stapled together by a 3 in. piece of concentric-wood, and Voila!!! …

          The (HOW MANY MILLIONS OF $$$ WORTH OF) “Hula-Hoop[s]”?!?!

        • Not too many years ago the tech to test for such minuscule quantities of a mineral did not exist. Gold in not very soluble.

          This tech will work for virtually everything we mine. Expect lots of money to become available for drilling water wells in the third world.

      4. Oh good! If Clinton is president we’ll have more gold to give to the Chinese and a donation to the Clinton Global Initiative will expedite the process 🙂

        • Yeah, but there will be so much gold that the price will collapse and then the miners will want a bailout from the US taxpayers. SARCASM

        • Don’t forget IRAN wants some too.

      5. There is no more gold rushes if there was the zog and greedy corporations would find a way to be the middle man and exploit workers to extract the gold for themselves. Good luck with that one. If you do find gold keep your mouth shut about where you found it. Was at the bass pro earlier and seen a prospectors kit had the pan and some other stuff. It was right near the metal detectors. Probably a toy although didn’t look like one. Something to do with kids on a camping trip. The possibility of finding gold gives them something to be excited over.

        • Asshat, true most of the easy gold is gone but there are still pockets. My cousin goes detecting and finds all kinds of good coins etc. I like to invest in things that can make me some extra bux gold isn’t the only treasure you can find.

          • I loved the one about Snowmegeddion in ATL.
            That was hilarious.

            Thanks Mac for what you got running here…

            • If one has a lot of quartz on your property, you might have gold.
              Look closely, when gold is blown up to the surface, it can have quartz attached.

              Be well all…

              • Great technology, but remote viewing works even better. Get your remote viewer up and running today. 🙂

                • dk, Ed dames??/ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yer killin’ me 😀

              • If you have quartz you may have microscopic gold in the quartz, but you would have to have a lot of quartz to get enough gold.

                An occurrence is not a deposit and a deposit is not ore.

                That said, when Henry Wickenburg and his two partners discovered the famous Vulture Mine, what they found was an outcropping of white quartz 100 feet tall: which was only the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

              • I wonder if Quartz Hill, California is sitting on top the Mother Lode?

          • eppe, what are you on this site for? Simple question.

            As your other comment below pretty much insulted everyone on this board who preps for uncertainty, collapses, disasters, etc…

             eppe says:
            Comment ID: 3605469
            September 4, 2016 at 1:14 pm
            LA, wwti took the doom porn and acted upon it.
            What a loser.

            **In fact this Web-site and all the information and Intel it provides is exactly why I sold my house in the City for new rural BOL digs. I also watched a lot of Youtube videos and read a few books, and collected a ton of prepping supplies, weapons, tools etc. SO yes I acted on creating more certainty in my survival. If you think prepping is what losers do, why do you call your self a proclaimed prepper way back, in fact so far back before prepping was a word., bigger than life. If you think this is all Doom Porn, then why do you come here. You never post anything of value for prepping. and fact you don’t even own weapons to protect yourself, or taken any steps to be prepared for collapses. So why are you wasting your time coming to this site? Since you never post anything even relevant to each article, you are most likely not even reading the articles either, and skip right to the comment section to take your daily cyber shit. I think for you, this is just some place where you can come every day to sit and babble all about nothing. If you think Mac is posting Doom porn then why to you thank him? Or are you just thanking him because he lets you post here nonsense here?

            Most people come here to learn, you have not seemed to learn much of anything towards prepping. Or do you think everything will come together on its own when SHTF? That’s pretty delusional.

            So I ask what are you even on this site for?


            • I would also add, having 7 years work experience as a FF paramedic in a larger city not far from Shitcago, I have seen first hand the 3rd world societies that are in every community out there for cities right here in the USA. I have been in the worst places of human habitat. So I can surely relate, to when a collapse happens or EBT or the Grid goes down what kind of SHTF Rioting, looting, destruction from Mobs on the rampage.

              You better have lots of large capacity magazines and a battle rifle and know how to use it. Killing will feel like swatting flies after your dinner plate. They just keep coming.. So keep prepping people, you will be rewarded many times over. I surely don’t think Prepping is for losers as eppe thinks. See where that gets you… most likely to a FEMA Camp.

              ~WWTI… I prefer the odds in my favor and that is what prepping does. “Winners never Quit, And Quitters never Win.” – Vince Lombardi

            • The same reason we all are. If you’re on here enough you soak up a portion of the info on here. Don’t be so quick to critisize others and toot your own horn in the process. Live and let live. If you are talking you are not listening,,,can’t do both at the same time. Eppe is fine,let it go.

              • Jim totally agree,WTF. I said that to you before,I guess I could go back and read previous posts,history,nah,waste of my time.
                Don’t talk to me about shitty living,lived in SoCal for a few years,the wild women OMG,only reason I stayed for a Or!! $$$$$$$$ Lived in the barrios,shootings every night!
                Why I moved back south. Shitcago area huh,explains why your a ASSHOLE. Stayed up there,I hope!!! What no friends on that compound you have,hidden away.Stay there definitely don’t come south,you wouldn’t last long!!!! Don’t know Eppe butI don’t get it.Said it before you PHD ,PROFESSOR?Just s notty MF,educated idiot!Think Your better then everyone else?
                Maniac –out

                • I am not from Chitcago dork. Never liked the place. I was in a city an hour away. I moved to IL for a FF Paramedic Job, after 7 year I was out of that shithole state. Corrupt as can be and I agree lots of a-holes in Chi…and why I left. And I never lived in the Shithole of LA, even though I went there to see it. I don’t think living in a brown haze would prolong life very long.

                  I think Prepping is good, not for losers. Losers like eppe don’t prep, just talk like they do. Know the difference between reality and BS. If there is anything you disagree with what I say, then post your comment with convincing facts, a link of proof as to why. People that just say BS to criticize and give no reason is a meaningless comment. If people come on here to lie their asses off about everything like bigger than life, they need to be called out for it. Giving bad info is worse and a disservice to the readers. And if they think this is all doom porn, then stay away and go suck on your blanket in your playpen.


                  • WTF, Touchue. (sp) Don’t miss understand me,thought about apologizing than didn’t.Look I’m a asshole,ask anyone that knows me!!Most people that meet me don’t like me,I grow on you like a fungus,lol.I tell it like it is,most people can’t handle that,oh well!Why not ignore it,is it worth your time?You can come up with some good posts,stick with that!!!
                    Maniac –out
                    Just got off work,gone 15hrs a day,try to take care of business,also. Out! Goodnight to all!

                    • Well Maniac, glad you tell it like it is. I tell it like I see it.. And when I see BS, I call that out too. A person who claims they never failed, obviously never took any chances in life. I failed at some things, and always won because I learned something from it, and not to repeat the mistake again. Thousands of articles have been posted here, and I learned a lot from them, and especially the comments section, as these people have first hand experience. So let it rip. And those who come here playing the Joker will see how that program works for them, when SHTF. Karma’s a B!tch!!


                  • WWTFK, whatever that is suppose to mean, you are just one negative energy draining parasite. You don’t even know Eppe, and neither do I, but for crying out loud leave your stupid little nothing comments and then go play with your Barbie Dolls. Or better yet just fucking go away. There must be a FEMA camp nearby with your name on it.

                    • How many aliases to you have now eppe. Sally Jane? Who-ville? Stand up and fight like a man you pusswad. You fat fraud~~


            • Hey WWTI – what is your problem? Oh, I know, your blow up doll ran away when it saw the size of your … oh never mind.

          • “I am now a subscriber of the Hitler Rants Parodies YT channel.”

            Thats awesome Mac – and thank you – for allowing all of us to provide material that may seem inappropriate or not to others here at SHTFplan!

            We all could use some humor, more now than ever before.
            If I come off as being an asshole to others here on this site … feed me some humor … and I’ll straighten right out – it’s a temporary fix … but it works … ?

            • Thanks FTW!

      6. That explains why the big push to steal land.

        It might explain all that explosive noise accompanied by shaking like a quake. A new CAlifornia gold rush.

        When I’m rich I’ll buy a Yacht and take Them Guys for a cruise, and he can take me for a ride in his Vet. O, heck. You guys can party on the Yacht, too!! I’ll invite some celebrities who are friends of mine and we’ll mingle. Maybe Trump and Duke will be there. I don’t know them, yet. But I’ll donate so much to their campaigns they’ll come by to shoot the breeze. And we’ll talk politics. We’ll all figure it out on the upper deck of my magnificent Yacht. OK.


      7. B from CA. That first sentence Could play out before our eyes. A nondesript landowner thinks there is gold on his property. The government secretly verifies it, steps in and declares he must vacate immediately due to a bogus problem. They want the land and force him off. Offering him a low ball cash settlement.

      8. From Major Jordan’s Diary’ Never Knew About This Man.

        There is a reference about closing hundreds of gold mines and shipping the equipment over to russia on the lend lease program.

      9. Good story at any rate. Having taken 120 semester units of geology classes and having been sroun6d the mtn so to speak I take all this with a grain of salt as I have gold doodle bugs before. They are all open6 to investment of course an6 none really work I wore a sold gold belt buckle to one demonstration and stood next to the gold finding machine and it said no gold was present in the area at all.

        • As a goofy junior in HS, read this in 1972, along with ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’, both given to me at a JBS booth at the NY State Fair. Inoculated me for life against socialism, globalism, liberal major media and I’ve been all in for Constitutional Libertarian thought ever since. I thank God for the JBS and that chance encounter!

          • My comment mis-posted, was meant for Just Waiting in regards to ‘Major Jordan’s Diaries’ up above here.

      10. Well if they find more ways of collecting gold then this will push prices down.

      11. Stop the German Government’s Preparations for War against Russia! “Civil Defence Concept” (KZV): Measures to Prepare Population for War

      12. Those that can – do. Those that can’t – tell us what they would like to do. If this were ‘real’ why would he tell the world? It just sounds too much like Harlen Sanders wanting to hand out recipes for Kentucky Fried Chicken rather than keeping the recipe secret and actually working his behind off driving around and setting up chicken fryers.

      13. Pheew, I was worried there for a minute,thought he had come up with satellite to see under the ground!Find pirate booty buried around the country already minted,lol
        Maniac –out

        • love that!!!! soooooo….who shot her?

      14. You may own your land outright, but check the fine print on your deed: you probably DON’T own the mineral rights on your land.

        And when this wonderful technology “finds” a gold vein under your property, Eminent domain will be declared.

      15. MG: Hope you enjoy your new FEMA accomodations next year!

      16. GOOD!!!
        I hope they discover soooooo much gold we can start making bulets out of it.

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