This Might Just Be the Creepiest Riot Control Vehicle You’ll Ever See

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    From social media to the mainstream media, it seems like everyone is suddenly talking about a new riot control vehicle that looks downright dystopian and creepy. The vehicle was developed by a Slovakian company called Bozena, and it doesn’t look like anything currently owned by any police department.

    The vehicle is piloted from an armored cabin, and the cameras that are mounted on all sides allow the driver to see what’s going on. Not only does it have high pressure tear gas guns that can spray up to 10 meters, but the newest version also has water cannons that can be controlled remotely. An earlier version of the vehicle could even be driven remotely, and could be mounted with radio jammers and grenade launchers.

    And as you saw in the video, it has a low emission engine. According to the Bozena website, that engine has enough power to resist the combined strength of 100 people. I never thought that the emission quality of a riot control vehicle was a concern, but I guess that’s a thing now. I mean, does emission quality really matter for a vehicle that is only occasionally used? Maybe Bozena is marketing the vehicle to green friendly governments who plan to suppress a lot of riots.

    It seems the vehicle was first mentioned last week by the Facebook media group known as In the NOW. Since then it has been mentioned by Gizmodo, The Daily Mail, and International Business Times among others. Interestingly enough, the vehicle isn’t as new as these websites make it seem. The vehicle has been around since at least 2010 in one form or another, and for some reason, no one cared about it until now. And to my knowledge, no police force has deployed it over the years.

    I wonder why? Maybe it’s because using this vehicle would remind people that they’re living in a dystopian nightmare. Anyone who saw this thing in action would probably think, “Hey, haven’t I seen something like this before?”


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      1. flammable paint, or just straight latex to blind it will win the day.

      2. Don’t use it to control Radical Islamic “Refugees”. That would be racist !! Save it for the white Europeans when they are finally up to their eyeballs with the Politics of the enemies and take to the streets to protest the latest gang rape.


        • I dig you.

        • They haven’t given themselves the easy access and social promotions.

      3. Bring in the scoops .

        • Yes. It does look like something from soylent green.

          • Soylent green and 1984 movies will stay in memory watched them several times. Walker Texas Ranger chasing the bad guys cannot compete w/this vehicle, and ditto for Chicago PD.

      4. that piece of junk wont last long

      5. we are getting like mad max every day.

        • Problem is if you opencarry a firearm to defend yourself the local LEO nazis will arrest you for opencarrying a firearm.

      6. Install some gloved robotic punching fist, controlled by a game console from behind. You could have quite the game of knock out. Install a go-pro for a good laugh post op review reel.

        Seriously, though. Do real mean need to hide behind this thing?

        • REAL men don’t wear masks to hide their piggy identity. By their own “laws”, if ya don’t have anything to hide criminally wise, why hide? They will get their come up-in. just wait….

      7. Defeated in 3…2…1

        • Mhmm

      8. I just love how the news and the government constantly broadcast that demonstrations and protests should be “peaceful” yet anything the enemy does or the government does is violent. Its the old do as we say not do as we do. You’ll never win if your enemy convinces you that you have to throw marshmallows while they’re throwing rocks.

        When things get ugly, this “creepy machine” will be quickly turned into a smoldering pile of immovable junk.

        • Im thinking one up the dozer guy,,,
          An armored up excavator with a thumb,,, something big, like a 490LC
          Strong enough to grab an MRAP and turn it into a ball of junk

        • NetRanger, I’m sure there’s some way to defeat that machine.

          • There is.

            Everything the crime family with a flag throws at the people, was paid for by money extorted from the people.

            The way to defeat that machine, and the machine known as “The Government”, is for people to wake up and realize that they must stop assuming that government is (1) necessary, and (2) may be allowed to use force against us.

      9. EOS, you are so right! A tractor with a shield. I bet they will fight over who gets to drive it. Of course this will not be used on SJW’s to start with.

        I am sure everyone has watched the vid on the armed SJW’s Communists by now? Check what they are carrying etc…

        FYI: Freedom Outpost has a couple of recent very informative articles on Child predators. These folks are feeling very comfy. What I find interesting is that the in store cameras are not used to bust these freaks. So its up to parents, as usual. CC and training folks! Save tax payer money when the opportunity presents itself!

      10. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who will watch the guards?

        Still no answer to this 2,000 year old question. However, I guess the left thinks it should be corrupt cattle futures queen and Bimbogate mgr Hilary, Diane (un)Feinstein, who’s hubby just “won” a $1 billion contract with the govt, or corruptocrat Nancy Pelosi.

        Or as the corrupt leftist hero and guy who “married” his step-daughter Woody Allen said about Obungler, ““It would good… if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.” Y’know… sorta like Mussolini’s making the trains run on time?

      11. Flank it

      12. Next they simply funnel you into the chopper to process you to Solyent Green on the spot.

      13. This riot wagon is unnecessary. For the modern, urban riot environment, the following vehicles suffice:

        1) A fleet of mobile fried chicken wagons
        2) A fleet of mobile brothals with HIV+ prostitutes (for Muslims)
        3) A fleet of 18-wheel trucks with free Nike sneakers

        Just deploy the above near the riot and lure the rioters into mobile holding pens like sheep to the slaughter house.

        • Don’t forget the dump-truck full of watermelons for the street apes to go along with that fried chicken.

      14. I do believe my .50 cal could do some damage….”from the rear or flank”..!!!!!

        • And about 1000m away

      15. Needs to have spikes on the front of it.

      16. Remote controlled,hack it.Some where there are those responsible for it’s running/maintenance,problem solved.I would also say with the wars we have sent our citizens to in foreign lands a lot of info about ied’s learned/spread.Tis like all the weapons powers that want to be can use,once used,means full blown circus,won’t end well for anyone.

        • So how would you have handled, say, Ferguson or Milwaukee?

      17. Creepiest Riot Control Vehicle

        Some one finally took my advice and built the DAMN thing.

        Man that would have been nice in Furguson and Baltimore. Like to see them try and block a hi way now. This should clear the streets of them little commi bastards. Try beating this thing with one of your red and black flag and pole. I would like to see one with BIG TEETH on it.


        • Mount a horizontal shaft with flail hammers about 3′ off the ground, run that at around 1200rpm, shoud do the job,,,,

        • Sarge, we should’ve had that thing in Memphis last July when Black Criminal Lives Matter was blocking the eastbound lanes of our I-40 bridge. The apes would’ve been cleared out easily.

      18. First thing came to mind was “Soylent Green”.

        • Exactly me too… I has some smart aleck comment to make in that regard, then read to the bottom, and saw I had pre-empted!!!

      19. Talk about creepy? I just watched a presentation by a scientist on the subject of “neural dust”. Injected into the human brain and then thoughts and even dreams can be monitored from a distance. Gag me with a pitchfork.

      20. I have a very close friend who was a senior Illinois state trooper, and in charge of purchases of weapons, riot control vehicles, etc. When I asked him about those recent semi-tanks that all the SWAT teams seem to be getting, even in places like Podunk Jct, Iowa, he said in his opinion, Chicago probably needed a SINGLE one. This for a very large city. Seems now they are even putting them in junior highs.

        The only way we will win this battle is by non-violently **educating and informing** those that might be manning vehicles like this. Of course, getting your local sheriff to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers group, would go a long way. Why can’t everyone here simply call or write a letter to your local sheriff asking him to join? Imagine if thousands were doing that? Ineffective you say? Then tell me why many, many people are already members of CSPOA, and we have sheriffs like David Clarke in Milwaukee, who are very solid.

        Truth is, people like you, dear reader ARE having an effect; Mac’s site IS making changes in this country and the world.

        Margaret Mead disgusts me, but this quote from her was right on: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

        • They want to arm the police like the army; to use against who? Why? What could compel the body politic of the US to act in a manner that the authorities would believe such equipment may be necessary?

          Domestic policy, like foreign policy, has the war on, and threat of terrorism, the ostensible reason for the use of surveillance and force.

        • Hey Test–wait a sec.

          Podunk Jct, Iowa?

          A small isolated town that is regarded as unimportant.

          I came from just such a place in Iowa. I miss the old homestead. The tree lined sidewalks. Sunnyside Park, the band shell, the swimming pool. A real downtown with a the main street going to the Rock Island Railroad Station. The fairgrounds. Local AM radio with ag reports on corn and pigs. Chat and Chew Restaurant.

          sigh. We can make Podunk Jct, Iowa great again!!!!

      21. Nothing creepy about turning liberal scum into Solyent Green and feeding it back to the losers looking for freebies. Just make it flavored like KFC chicken and Kale chips, and those scum will readily eat it.

        • “Nothing creepy about turning liberal scum into Solyent Green and feeding it back to the losers looking for freebies.”

          What makes you believe that this is meant for them and not the public at large.


      22. As technology increases productivity and wealth increases. The problem is this is being syphoned off by the top of the food chain here and abroad. This is the root cause of social instability. There should be no need for this riot equipment.

        Interestingly Voltaire wrote about the conditions in pre industrial revolution England with the transition from self made to factory manufacturing. As productivity increased with the greater efficiency the standard of living for the general population decreased as workers couldn’t compete with at home self manufacture and:

        “Neither the peasants nor the town workers shared in the growing wealth. Peasant proprietors were squeezed out by large-scale competition: peasant laborers were paid as little as the fear of unemployment compelled them to accept.”

        In 300 years we have went full cycle. The high standard of living with job security the US public expected was largely a byproduct of the destruction of WWII and the rise of organized labor that seen to it that a slice of the profits went into labors hands.

        Anyone saying that US labor was too costly must remember that the US Textile Industry, largely non union and regardless paid $15/hr (hardly a high wage) lost their employment to Asian slave labor making less than $1/hr.

      23. I like the machine gun slots in the plate! Don’t give them any crap!

      24. I already see a crazy Jihadist strapping five twenty pound propane tanks to the front bumper of an SUV and driving into it at 60 mph, while looking for the Kaluah snack bar. Then detonate a cannon cracker about 10 seconds later when the propane has had time to mix with fresh air. Of course half the police force will be just behind this thing and they will all go kaboom.

        Remember 911 only took a half dozen men with $2 box cutters.

      25. But what is the strategy, in scurrying around, like gerbils.

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