This is What Happens When We Play Election Cycle American Idol

by | Apr 22, 2011 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    Congressman Allen West takes aim at President Obama in his latest Fox News interview:

    Perhaps one of the things that many people need to understand is that the truth needs to be said…

    …That speech that was given last week Wednesday, was absolutely beneath the statesmanship, or the atmosphere, or the aura, the personality, that the President should show.

    I am sick and tired of this class warfare, this Marxist, demagogic rhetoric that is coming from the President of the United States of America. It is not helpful for this country and it’s not going to move the ball forward as far as rectifying the economic situation in our country. And I’m not going to back away from telling what the truth is.

    When you look at what a community organizer is turning out to be, it does seem to be like a low-level socialist agitator.

    When I talk about the chickens coming home to roost – when we continue to play this election cycle American Idol in the United States of America, this is what we end up with, with someone that, really, is not in tune with the American people.



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      1. If you want to know where this president came from and his actions along the way just read The Manchurian President. The writing isn’t that great but the facts are.

      2. “really, is not in tune with the American people.”
        Funny how that only seems to matter when a Dem is in the white house. Bush invaded Iraq for absolutely no reason whatsoever, ended up losing an Empire (yes, it’s over), and creating a new best friend for Iran (both Iran and Iraq are now Shia, thanks to the worst president ever).  The opinion of the American people was of no importance to that batch of republicans, nor is it now.

      3. America put the final nail in the coffin when it volentary elected Barack Hussein Obama as our president.  All we did before or after is of none effect.  We jumped the shark with his election.  Whatever comes now is deserved by our allowing him to be president.  We should have collectively stormed the capital and prevented it but we didnt. 

        Ok. Now we accept the consequences.   We are totally destroyed.  And that is exactly what we deserve.   We will be humbled and destroyed from within.  

      4. America put the final nail in the coffin when it volentary elected Barack Hussein Obama as our president.  All we did before or after is of none effect.  We jumped the shark with his election.  Whatever comes now is deserved by our allowing him to be president.  We should have collectively stormed the capital and prevented it but we didnt. 
        Ok. Now we accept the consequences.   We are totally destroyed.  And that is exactly what we deserve.   We will be humbled and destroyed from within.  

      5. Obama never ran a lemonade stand? You’re kidding! He’s the greatest koolaid salesman of all time!!

        What we have here is a failure to communicate…you gotta get your mind right…I’m shakin’ it, boss…(Cool Hand Luke)

      6. Best line ever from a movie, I think it was princess Padmi or whatever (Annakin Skywalkers wife from before he became Darth Vader) while she watched the celebration of the council president being elevated to “emperor”–“So this is how democracy dies…to cheers and applause.”

      7. I could vote for Rep. Allen West.   This guy is American, thru and thru.  

        He is the guy, back several years ago, when as special forces Lt. C. , got in trouble, for making a captive talk, by shooting his pistol, right next to the guy’s head.  

        He had told him to talk by the count of 3.  The captive didn’t speak until West fired.   The captive then filled his pants, and told the Army all kinds of stuff , that saved  soldiers lives.

        For that,  West,  was discharged from the Army.  I am proud to have him as a Congressman in our Congress.   One of very few,  I can say that about.

      8. All of the parking meters got cut off in my town!  #1 says he knows what it’s like to have a job and pay high gasoline bills during the Bush administration.  He never had a job until he became a polytician!  I say line them all up, make them squat and give them piss tests on CSPAN.  I have to & I don’t collect welfare!  I’ll bet he can eat 50 eggs…..  Rub his belly #2.

      9. Stan: Four years of Obummer is bad but it isn’t the end of the Republic. He has done US a huge favor by demonstrating his incompetence. Its going to be a very long time before another democratic is elected to the Presidency in America.

        Bush and Obummer together, have motivated the middle class in America. The tide has turned and a new burst of freedom is coming to America!

      10. I hope you get x-rayed @ a weigh station.

      11. DK, I just hope we can make it thru the remainder of his term.   What did people see in this person????

      12. DK – I certainly pray you are correct.  I sure don’t feel that way much though.

      13. If you are still buying into the Republican/Democrat party line rhetoric then you still don’t have a clue. If you think the POTUS is capable of single-handedly destroying the country then you still don’t have a clue. If you think there is a political solution to what ails us as a nation then you are truly FUBAR. IMHO of course, although history is about repeat itself in a grand way…….which will not  (contrary to populate Tea Party opinion) result in a return to the good old days of apple pie, lazy Sunday summer afternoons, and freedom. “The American people” are a dying breed, and much like the WWII generation will soon be gone, and all ties to the real America will be lost forever.

      14. The downfall of America began years ago before Obama.  Did anyone forget the mental midget before Obama or the womanizing, dishonest miscreant before that?  Also, don’t forget all of the senators and representatives that haven’t done anything in the past couple of decades to address these issues. This isn’t a Rep. or Dem. issue, it’s a leadership issue and an honesty issue.  Very few politicians are worthy of trust, most will gladly trade pieces of the US to any corporation or special interest for an increased chance of election.  The fact that so many American can’t see this, is why nothing will ever change.

      15. Body language is everything.  This guy is solid.  I like him.

      16. You just want to bounce his balls.

      17. Hairy Balls…sorry?

      18. Yes, u r.

        April 22nd, 2011 at 5:35 pm

        Uh–oh….I read the shot was between his testicles!!! 

      20. Oh, I did get x-rayed at weigh station. They said I’m fine except for a touch of chest congestion and a little arthritis. Funny, they didn’t mention the 14 illegals I got hiding in the trailor behind the freight. Just trying to make a few extra bucks, ya know.

      21. I agree with in theory with Allen West…
        Having said that,can he furnish PROOF for the “I am sick and tired of this class warfare” and “this Marxist,demagogic rhetoric that is coming from the President of the United States of America” statements? I doubt it.YES there IS a vicious,savage,desperate and very Unchristian kind class warfare going on.But not the one he refers to.It’s the Oligarchs with their heartless Corporations and their media mouthpieces(see Fox and NBC-Comcast) vs.the rest of us.THEY want to make it a fight to the death,theirs or ours.They have almost all the power and limitless funds at their disposal.We only have ideals and courage,and little else.ALL the REPOCRATS are bought,picked and paid for by the UBER-rich(most of the current leaders included)the rest of us are deep(or will be)in a FUBAR situation.They cry:”give US and our Corporations tax cuts and things will improve.”as they take jobs and ship them overseas and gut the EPA(so that they won’t held accountable for the pollution they criminally created)to protect profits.These same people go shopping for the seventh or eighth houses to buy,illegal aliens to work the grounds while moving their taxable income to “overseas tax-free havens” created by their lackeys in Congress(or should we say Crookedness.).I’m waiting for the latter-day Hitler(the UBER-Rich in Germany in 1929 thought they could “control” the one they hand-picked!)or even a American Nero to be brought onto the political stage.The UBER-Rich will offer him as the “Savior of the Country”and place him into power.That’s when we’ll have the last laff on them.
        Just a few thoughts…
        All the Best to everyone here!

      22. Stupid is – what stupid does. We need a new vision for America. 

        “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        ~ Edmund Burke
        Wake up America! It’s time… “THE REVOLUTION HAS STARTED”
        read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        “Spread the News”

      23. Cut my grass on the scatter drive by.

      24. Welcome to the jungle.  Walk this way.  We’re walking, we’re walking.  This is your WHITE HOUSE tour from mile marker 220 in the midwest.

      25. Yeah, nothing like Bush. Ol’ Shrub would never do nuthin like that.
        ….come on people. You act like there’s actually more than one party. This shit is a long time in the making with all political labels contributing their fair share.

      26. Harry, I have a feeling they are probably brass. This guy impresses me as being a straight shooter (litterally and figuratively!)
        So, if he gets somewhere on a ticket, I hope he partners with someone else of good character.
        I’ve said over and over that there is no political solution to our predicament, however, any solution that comes will be less painful with the proper  political climate. In other words, wise leaders and representatives can guide us over the rough and make the trip less painful.

      27. Bill, Proud Vet: I appreciate how discouraging the political process is but if the Algerians, Tunisians, Lybians, Egyptians, Sryians, Jordanians, and Yemenis can change their government at the threat of death, how much easier is it for US to turn OUR government around?

        Most of the people in the world want the government we have: as it is expressed in the Declaration of Indepence and codified in OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is up to all of US to claim OUR government, make our voices heard, and make it work for US again.  And we will!

        Those who say we can’t are either shills for the NWO and would sell US into economic and political slavery with a contract with the NAU, NWO, and UN; or they are LOSERS without the initiative, will, and determination to be and express the true American Spirit of Independence.

        A new burst of freedom is coming to America but it requires more personal responsibilty.

        The future of America was seen in a vision By George Washington; and that vision gave him the power to persevere against all odds that were against his success. Time and space here, do not give me liberty to point to all the examples that flood our history, where a few brave, determined souls stood in the breach and made a difference for US. Can we not do the same for the next generation?

        Of course we can.  And we will.

      28. Grayfoxgreen… hear, hear!!!
        it’s a war between the classes, but it’s not as if there is any threat of the redistribution going to the common man.  power and money is being concentrated higher and higher up the food chain and we’re supposed to grab our ankles under the name of “meritocracy.”
        kill medicare, slash corporate tax rates.  bomb libya, institute austerity measures.  cap unemployment benefits, provide unlimited stimulus and bailouts to banks and auto companies.  save 5th avenue, kill main street.

      29. I like a challenge.  Is that Delta Oscar Tango in the rear view mirror?  I have a Sun Pass.

      30. Just once in my life I’d like to see an actual leader in an election, like a patton or a rosevelt, somebody who does even one thing they say they are gonna do, I don’t even care if he wins, just prove to me that there’s still people like that out there. Ever since I’ve been old enough to care it’s been one disappointment after another……trump talks a big game, but he’s a tv personality, likely as fake as everything else in Hollywood, turning the race for president into a reality tv show just has bad idea written all over it…..

      31. DK, if you think the revolutions in the middle east are a grass roots movement brought on by the warmth of a democratic spring…then I have a bridge to sell you.  These are manipulated uprisings by socialist agitators in the mold of obama, but not surprising you don’t see it, par for the course.


      33. Um, Gene, I’m going to tell you a little secret.  Bush left office almost two and a half years ago.  There’s a new guy called Obama running the show now.  You might want to look into that before you start commenting.  Just sayin’

      34. DK……Bush and Obummer together, have motivated the middle class in America. The tide has turned and a new burst of freedom is coming to America!

        I do see a bew burst of freedom in a sense but I still think too many are fast asleep……how else do you explain Harry Reed getting re-elected??

      35. If you people still think there is a difference between dem/rep parties, then I call you a dumb ass!

        Look at the man (people) behind the curtain. It doesn’t matter who is in office, they are puppets of the man (bankers/corporations) behind the curtain.

        The president (dem/rep) is the fall guy. He/she is not the one making decisions only taking orders –or else-

        Don’t get me wrong… I’m not defending anyone; I’m just saying peel the onion, there’s many layers.

        Wake up! Presidents are not elected by the people they’re selected by the puppet masters!


      36. Change is tough.  Did #1 really say that?

      37. Obama may be an incompetent idiot, but Gene’s comments are valid.  The tragedy lies in the fact that an incompetent idiot got the job from someone who left it looking like a bag of smashed assholes.

      38. This is NOT a meritocracy. This is communitarianism. Fearless leader was a community organizer.

        Communities need enemies and our supposed largest enemy is corporations. No doubt that the whole corporate thingy has gotten out of hand with vertical integration, out-sourcing and M&As. Still, the community screams for additional taxation on corporations. Where do you suppose the tax revenue comes from? The end user aka consumer pays ALL corporate taxes.

        So we have gov’t protecting the corporate tax revenue stream; this means defend it no matter where it is in the world. 

        Wars are never fought over ideology; they are fought over resources. Tax revenue streams are resources just as much as oil or gold. Ideology is what is used to encourage fear among the populace and get public support for war. The republicrats know this and use it to manipulate the fear quotient. Reps/Dems: two sides of the same coin.

        So, “Who is John Galt?”

      39. That bag had a hole in it and they fell out in D.C.  I understand that homes in D.C. are still (slightly) going up in value there.  #1 is making more jobs!  “My hero”.  Dirty Dozen

      40. If people think that the Dems are bad wait until the Pubs are in complete control. It will go from the hand basket to the dozier then. Time to quit looking for “a change” and start working for what we can do ourselves to be self sufficient. The politics is just going to get worse no matter what party is in, imo.

      41. @Tina….it’s called FRAUD…the unions are ripe with it….if you want to see it in action…look towards Wisconsin…The liberal is asking for a recount, although she is behind by over 7,000 votes ….let’s see what the union magician can pull out of his hat!

      42. Anecdote for the total bankruptcy of the US Government for the day:  Tried to get my 2 year old daughter a passport today. Now mind you, i couldn’t do it two weeks ago because despite it being National Passport Day, the post office was closed on account of the anticipated government shutdown.

        So today, I go back to the biggest central post office in Santa Monica, CA.  No passport applications on Saturday and a sign saying you must apply (with BOTH parents) between 9 a.m. and 12:59 p.m. during the week.  What a bunch of crap. The government punishes working people all the way around.  What on earth are we paying for?  Just close the USPS down–i have no use for it.

        And then I read these polls that Americans generally want the services givernment provides and are against the Ryan plan because it is inconsistent with our desires.  Don’t believe that for a second.  I surely dont.  I want it ALL cut.

      43. Durango–thanks for your advice a couple of threads ago re: setting up a foreign bank account.  Sheesh–great advice, but I doubt it’s even worth it for me to mess with considering my limited net worth.  If the dollar totally crashes and burns, so will i, along with everyone else.   Setting up a foreign corporation with subsidiaries to control my precious metal stash sounds AWESOME, but on a thereshold level, I wonder what the minimum net worth is that would substatiate that course of action:  $250K liquid cash assets?  Just not sure.  But glad to hear you are doing it.

        I just had a heated argument with a close friend the other day about the benefits of moving IRA’s offshore.  My argument was premised on the possibility that at some point, there could be currency controls and forced investments into worthless T bills that pay far less than the rate of inflation.  His argument was “it could NEVER happen here.” Why not?????  Not credible response.  Just indignance, and this guy makes $300+K, year.  Big time “normalcy bias.”

        Americans are clueless when it comes to options for diversifying out of the dollar–so on some levels, I wish i could share your optimism about the middle class waking up and taking charge–I just don’t feel it yet, but it needs to happen so damn badly.  if only the electorate wasn’t so suceptible to the same old pablum of class warfare and entitlement demagoguing.

      44. Zero’s a foreign born fraud.  He can never be Pres.  Illegal usurper.

        Michelle Obama speaks at the LGBT delegate luncheon on August 26, 2008

        40 seconds in:

        “…when we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country, in Kenya…”

        MICHELLE OBAMA ….”…Obama a Kenyan, a black man…”
        At Tampa, FL fundraiser Dec 2007

        2:00 minute mark:

        James Orengo Kenyan Minister of Lands, (Dept of Interior) Kenya — Obama born here.

        March 25, 2010 — Kenya National Assembly Official Report, Page 31 During debate over the draft of a new Kenyan constitution, he told parliament:

        “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation,” Orengo posited, “how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?”

        KENYAN BORN OBAMA ALL SET FOR SENATE former article: — “Kampala — Ugandans have formed a group to mobilise support for Kenyan-born Senator…”

        As Kenyan born US Senator Barack Obama…(13th headline down)


        THE CITIZEN:
        We witnessed last year a senator with his origins from east Africa, Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, becoming the first black US president……..



        Kenyan born U.S. Senator “exploring ways” of helping home province:

        The Nov. 5, 2008, Kenya Parliament Official Report,

        excerpts from the Kenyan Parliament from Nov. 5, 2008, on the morning after Barack Obama win of the US Presidential election on Tues, Nov. 4:

        “Adjournment so that we could also continue
        the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the
        USA? I humbly request!”

        “…so that we can set up a committee to organize
        for his homecoming.”

        “…the President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil
        of this country.”

      45. Wow! where has Congressman West been?  We need someone like that who is not afraid to speak the truth and is too intelligent to be manipulated by the socialist progressive democrat dogma.  I am a democrat but, Stevie can see through the progressives veiled innuendo.  I am tired of some talking head telling me how I should think.  When people are listening to celebs that have not even graduated high school advising us on foreign policy, it is time for a major rethink or maybe it is just time for us to think for ourselves.

      46. Dylan: In that case, keep it under your bed. 🙂

        ANON: Oh, I don’t believe for a minute that the riots in those countires represent a spontaneous democratic spring. Someone is funding those activities. Whether it is Iranian money or CIA money makes no difference. Undreds of thousands maybe millions of people are still risking DEATH for “freedom” and the end of dictatorship.

        Tina: I explain Harry Reid as getting elected (in a close vote as I remember)  for the same reason John McLame got re-elected in Arizona. When you have a local representative in a powerful national position, the locals don’t want to lose the percieved power at the national level. Once the Dems lose the Senate, Harry is toast. I also think the novice that ran against him was not that great a candidate.

        Remember that the shooting revolution took 12 years. The Second American Revolution is just getting underway (2010). Give it 12 years!

      47. Government is an innocent reflection of the collective quality of the people.

      48. Am I alone here, or has anyone else given up on the concept of a “wise leader?”
        Anyone wise enough to lead has no chance of winning a presidential election.

      49. I really like this web site. I’ve been reading it for nearly a year now. My only request is to please kep the politics out of the discussion. There is much to be learned from this site but many friends walk away because of of the political tone in some posts. There are plenty of other sites to spill out your guts but this place would better serve those who need to be aware of the SHTF if it didn’t sound like yet another politics blog. Have your opinions, but let’s keep on topic.
        I suspect the flames will now start. Sigh.
        Thanks for this blog!

      50. Happy Easter guys.

      51. Is there a “Dumb Butt” party?  Maybe they relate better to the masses.  I hear Mr. Jack Ass is running with the running mate being Bozo the Clown.

      52. We interrupt The End of The World As We Know It to bring you this important message (insert commercial here)…
        Bear with me, I’ll make it as short as possible.   Today the Christian world celebrates Easter, remembering the risen Savior.
        As a Christian (no denomination, just plain vanilla) I don’t actually make a big deal out of any holiday including this one. But it is a good time to reflect on what we believe. Did a stone-cold dead man actually get up and walk out of the tomb? Believers say yes. Nonbelievers say no(with a thousand reasons not to believe).
        In america we still have the freedom to express any viewpoint- that’s wonderful. And according to believers, God gives us all a free will. So, in this life at least, we can accept or reject as we wish. The caveat being that there is a life after this one and we will be judged. That’s the short explanation for why most Christians believe as they do. Nonbelievers, of course, don’t worry about judgement and such, and they have the right to see it that way. But to all of you that don’t believe: Have a nice dinner with friends or family, and let the kids go find a few eggs in the tall grass anyway. Even if you attach no religious significance to the day it’s still a great time to chill out, relax and just enjoy life! Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled rants and high-stress bickering. No matter what you believe, I wish you all PEACE.    Okie  

      53. Smokie, you’re not trying to take my 1st away from me are you?  I didn’t think so.  What is so nice about this site is that you can speak your mind, flame somebody or wish them well…..  Which part of don’t you understand?

        Okie, the baked wheat thins will save us.  Bak @ u.  Au is up another buck+ in Hung Kong.  Somebody wake up BB, he’s on a flight defecting from a 3rd world country to overseas.  The USDX’s eyeballs are trying to stay above the 74 degree water board.


        Reasons to prep:
        –40 % of utilitiy companies expect an attack in next 12 months(think Stuxnet virus)
        –economic collapse of govt/nation
        –EMP attack
        –New Madrid fault earthquake
        –flood…(4 inches of water in my yard now)
        –health failure
        –gas prices
        –crop failures due to draught/flood
        and that’s just in 2 minutes thought process

      55. JJ,Durango Kidd and SmokinOkie:
        Just wanted to say I believe you’re definitely onto something there.Getting things in “order” is a good plan no matter what(or who) happens.I didn’t vote for “O”,he just seemed too MANUFACTURED(still wonder about that).I had a hard time having any respect for AWOL George either(especially when he walked out on a flight deck in a fighter pilot suit and “mission accomplished”,I knew things were not going well and going to get worse).
        I wish that someone from either side of the REPOCRATS(term means the combination of both “parties”) wasn’t either a “Sleepy”,”Weepy” or a “let’s just shut the whole government down if we don’t get our way and a bagel” kind of “Grumpy”.Such a Statesman!Those members of the Seven Dwarfs only sound good in the movie.Unless we ALSO get a Prince Charming out of the deal.One can only hope.
        Best to All

      56. Comments…..come on people,we have the most moral, educated and honest people serving us in government. We have well paid public employees that over see our traditional election process, there is no need for a paper trail of results, this is america, the most honest elections the world have ever known. It is  very important to have the elections on thursday, if we changed them to the weekend 1- we would have to pay all those state workers who monitor the elections overtime, 2- interfere with football, 3- it is tradition to have them on thursday. We should feel grateful, humbled and proud to have law makers and dept heads such as hillory, reid, feinstein,boxer and hundreds more, republicans too! THERE IS NO VOTE FRAUD, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

      57. Comments….. all those power outages during the last election cycle in nevada were just accidental loss of continous power supply. reid 51% whoever 49%! godbless our democracy, and god bless the $20 dollar bill! I know Andrew Jackson would be proud he is on it, all you have to do is read his farewell address to realize this truth.  hillory for president

      58. Comments…..I believe we should eliminate the income tax for public servants and public workers, for they are the life blood of our democracy. The public teachers should also fall into this new tax rate as well, for they educate our children tiredlessly. We the private sector workers can afford to pay double taxes, to make up for the tax revenue shotfall, we can work 140 hour work weeks, thats still 4 hour sleep a night, thats all i need. Democracy is great, god bless it, and god bless $20 dollar bill!  P.S. hillory for president!


        Oh hell, I forgot
        –nuclear meltdown

        Gotta add that one!!

      60. Amazing, poor Obama hasn’t even been there for 4 years and yet he is bringing the downfall of the USA. Get real !
        You should look to your last line of about 5 or 6 presidents to designate who has brought about your downfall especially Nixon.
        Poor old Obama didn’t have a chance in hell of even making a dent in the hole your government has dug you into. Even God himself wouldn’t be able to undo your problems.
        You allowed the Federal Reserve ,a group of private bankers to control your finances and they are there to make a profit come hell or high water………in this case hell.
        So for goodness sake get off Obamas case. It just makes you all look stupid looking for the easy scapegoat.

      61. Looks like Buster didn’t get the memo about the memo.

      62. How did Obama get into Harvard?  Is he that poor?  Yes, a poor leader, but a GREAT liar.  Doesn’t even have 4 years in and he’s spent more money than ALL of the other presidents combined.  Grades, bc?  But, he is looking older and was showing a little gray while back but shoe polish took care of that.  What did he major in again?  He must have a great deal to hide.  He is one of the fastest Peace medal man childs running up the stairs of Air Force One.

      63. In this country we like to blame our failure on other people. Mainly the government or the president that we pick in the popularity contests. We are the failures. We know our country is crap. What do we do about it. We do nothing but complain.

        When you’ve had enough –
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”


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