This Is What Collapse Looks Like: ‘Roving Gangs Fight For Resources… Aid Workers Being Held At Gunpoint In Puerto Rico’

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Headline News | 138 comments

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    What does it look like when the entire system around you collapses?

    The fallout in Puerto Rico, which has left a devastating impact with no food on grocery store shelves or electricity to over three million people, gives us a glimpse:

    As Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper recently noted in What It’s Really Like After the SHTF, the situation with essential services and supplies is desperate and untenable:

    • Many homes were completely destroyed.
    • There is hardly any potable water.
    • Hospitals are struggling to keep people alive.
    • There isn’t much food.
    • There is little communication.
    • Help has been slow to arrive

    In her widely popular guide The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington of explains, with countless references to real-life events, how society and the system as we have come to know it can rapidly come to a standstill. Such disastrous aftermaths are, in fact, nothing new and have been repeated time and again throughout history:

    Disasters have been going on for centuries and for someone to think they are untouchable is naive. Roughly 1% of Americans are adequately prepared for a disaster. The other 99% – well it’s not so good for them. Since disasters tend to have a mind of their own and the capacity to cripple our normal way of life, we want to create a well-rounded approach to our preparedness efforts.

    …Disasters do not discriminate. In the aftermath of the event, you will be on your own, left to provide for your family with the supplies and knowledge you have accrued. If you are prepared with the mental and spiritual foundation to overcome a disaster, then you will transition into survival mode more quickly.

    What should be obvious from the images and stories we’re hearing from Puerto Rico is that something on the order of 99% of the population and 99% of the government were simply not prepared for a total breakdown of their way of life.

    While Americans on the mainland watch in awe, few will take this opportunity to prepare for the next disaster, which means that this scenario of panic and pandemonium will be repeated once again in the near future.


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      1. This is why we prepare. Everyone keep stacking. Keep getting everything you can now while there’s still time. Anyone who doesn’t prep is inept and will be SOL. As individuals we are all truly on our own.

        • Well said. Stack it High, and stack it Deep


            1. You assume that you have the right to control what everyone else does, what they have, what they say, and how they think. The idea of living your own life and – here’s a thought – leaving others the heck alone to do the same never crosses your mind.

            2. Assuming that you have the right never to hear any opinion that contradicts your own, and using intimidation and violence if necessary to protect your ideological bubble. And if someone actually does or says something you don’t like, you are entitled to a hug or a puppy – or maybe call Antifa and have them assault someone.

            3. Assuming that feeling offended on your part constitutes a political crisis on the nation’s part. Others might have to grow up and accept the fact that the world will not bow to their every whim, but not you. Remember, you are special, and as Orwell said, in your world we are all equal, only some of us – YOU! – are “more equal” than the others.

            4. Having exquisite sensitivity to the moral speck in society’s eye while ignoring the beam in your own. It is your privilege to establish the standards by which others must live and to critique them at will, but any criticism of you is evidence of hatred. Of course, you have ZERO idea what is meant by Hollywierd Learjet leftist.

            5. Consistency is for other people. You are free to deny the existence of absolutes while imposing absolute standards that others must follow. As long as your heroes condemn fossil fuels and support gun control, they are free to fly in private jets – like Chelsea Clinton boarding a private jet to go to global warming conference, see, and live in mega-mansions protected by armed guards (think Michael Moore and his Torch Lake MI digs, or George Clooney – just google “George Clooney mansions” for yourself). You are free to say the vilest things about conservative blacks or women, but any criticism of liberal blacks or women is evidence of racism or sexism. Think:
            – “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.” Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes
            – H8TE filled racist headline fromm GQ in 2015, which ran a piece with the headline, “F**k Ben Carson” (except it didn’t use any asterisks in the first word).
            – Transgender reporter Zoey Tur threatening Ben Shapiro during a TV panel discussion (on hatred of all things!!( by telling Shapiro, who had the temerity to simply disagree with Tur, by threatening him on LIVE TV: “You cut that out now, or you will go home in an ambulance.”
            – Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types on Twitter, after the Indiana gay kerfuffle “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”
            – “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry.” —Star Trek actor George Takei
            – Leftist carton Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Condi Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat). But,
            as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… leftist Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind.
            – Leftist Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this. I could go on, but won’t.

            6. You must be judged only by your rhetoric and not by your results. If your social policy weakens black families, the resulting social ills are the result of racism on society’s part and not any arrogance, presumption, or failing on your part. As long as you claim to value education, you are free to support an educational system that cranks out students who cannot read or do basic math, and who are ignorant of even the most essential points of American and world history. And you have NO clue that your leftism has created more death (The Black Book of Communism, Harvard Press, estimates 100mm last century murdered by the left, the biggest killing machine ever) and poverty (hey, ever hear of Venezuela? See a Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar bill – I actually own on – or see what your leftism is doing to Greece, or Portugal, Detroit or Illinois???)

            7. And finally, similar to Ali McGraw in that HORRIBLE 70s movie, Love Story, liberal privilege means never having to say “not guilty.” Laws that apply to everyone else do not apply to you. Laws protecting public and private property may be suspended in order to allow leftists room to ventilate their feelings. Laws protecting classified information or forbidding the abuse of governmental positions to harass opponents do not apply to you or your allies. Say hello to Lois Lerner, or the Learjet leftists in Hollywierd, who have never ONCE opened up just ONE room for ONE night to just ONE illegal immigrant in their zillion room mansions.
            Summarized from Tim Daughtrey, with a massive number additions on my part. See original al

            • great comment. I just copied it and sent it to an entitled arrogant leftist RN who refuses to even remotely consider that HRC is a criminal. She sees her as Patriotic and someone who has worked her entire life to help this nation. WHAT???????????????

          • YH, how you been?

            • Hanging in there Braveheart. Thanks for asking. I hope all is well with you.

            • Braveheart, for the first time ever I actually put my disaster preparations to the test after the eye of Hurricane Irma passed a mile west of my town, here in Florida, with 150+ MPH sustained winds.

              My entire town had no power or water for 10 days. Had I not heeded some good advice 13 years ago and bought a 6,000 watt tri-fuel generator, 600 gallon rainwater harvest tank system, Big Berkey water filter, and a 6 month supply of freeze dried food, we would have been in dire straights with the rest of our neighbors. And we had it good compared to the folks in the Caribbean who lost everything.

              I know of only one other homeowner in the neighborhood with the presence of mind to own a generator. It is the difference between throwing out everything in your freezer after 3 days, and not.

              I found a lot of great ideas on this site that helped me prepare for Irma and beyond. As the saying goes, No plan is perfect, but as long as you have a plan you’ll make it. Thanks all.

              • YH, glad to hear you made it. It pays to prepare. No one here would disagree with me on that.

              • YH,

                Glad to hear you are ok.

                Your preparations were like a lifeboat to you and your family.

        • BS!! Whats this we in the US watch in awe??? We here in FL are still digging out of this disaster hurricane Irma. Just last Thursday the flood waters crested and it’s only down about 4 inches from the crest. Yeah food is getting low, just bought 4 more cases of bottled water and a few groceries today. Have not opened up my MRE’s yet though. I still park up the road on higher ground and have to walk to my property in a foot of mud to get home. I also started cutting trees down the road in an 85 acre RV park the guy is trying to get open by the end of the year. So many huge oak trees completely uprooted and fallen. It’s far from over. This is week 5 tomorrow, so kiss my ass on watching in awe. Not here!!

          • Hang in there!

            • Well, at least you have internet. Keep on keepin on!

            • Puerto Rico Union Allegedly Refuses to Deliver US Aid, On Strike Because of Local Law

              Head of relief effort says only 20 percent of drivers are showing up to work.

              “Relief supplies given to San Juan, Puerto Rico, by the Trump administration are allegedly sitting at the ports, as truck drivers with a local union refuse to deliver the supplies. A local mayor and President Donald Trump have accused San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto of playing politics with the failures in the distribution of supplies.

              A CNBC segment reported that 9,500 cargo containers with medicine, food, and other goods are stuck at the port of San Juan. It noted they need the local truck drivers to move the goods if they’re going to receive the next shipment of supplies currently on its way.

              CNBC blamed failure to move the supplies on the inability of trucking companies to contact their drivers to get them to go to work and on a lack of fuel for the delivery trucks. Local media have reported a different reason: truck drivers with the Puerto Rican Teamsters Union, Frente Amplio, are allegedly refusing to move the supplies.”

              According to the local TV station WAPA, the strike is over a recently passed law: “el proyecto del Senado 525 que da paso a la Ley de Transformación Administrativa de la Comisión de Servicio Público,” also called “el Proyecto del Senado 525.”

              ht tps://

              Puerto Rico governor asking truck drivers to help transport food
              One week after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the federal government says more supplies and work crews are on the way. Food, water and fuel are still hard to find.

              According to Media Matters, “the far-right media made up a Puerto Rican truck strike to absolve Trump over Hurricane Maria response.”

     (financed and guided by far left billionaire George Soros) says there is NO truck driver’s strike in Puerto Rico.

          • Hurricane alley is a bad choice for bol

        • Today is October 1st. I think it is safe to say that SHTF happened in September, as my sources predicted, several months ago.

          Keep stacking. 🙂

        • Yes Keep stacking me an my crew will keep robbing top Tier con artist

          • Black guy, if you and your homies try anything like that, you’re going to be turned into some dead niggas real fast.

          • Hahaha

        • So true Brave and very well said. My Brothers and their respective Familes do not believe in prepping, even though we were raised knowing the USA has been doomed for decades with the destruction day slowly approaching. Hard to turn away Family, but will do so if it is between my Hubby/Daughter/Me eating and surviving vs those who have chosen to snicker and play ostrich. We are truly on our own.

          • Kimberly, my late wife sold me on the idea of preparing for whatever curveballs life throws at us and I won’t apologize to anyone for it. I know what you mean about families refusing to prep. It’s all we can do to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Your spouse and kids are the only people you have any obligations to. All others are supposed to do for themselves. If they don’t prepare, then God help them.

          • K: My family has ignored my admonishments to prep for many years. There is only so much you can do. I live my life and prep in many ways: spiritually, physically, financially, and materially

            Not sure if you have been stacking PMs like silver bullion / gold bullion coins such as Eagles or Maple Leafs or Kangaroos. Silver is cheap now. If you are young it will be worth a lot more in 30 years. Don’t tell anyone you own it.

            Chin up. Your not the only lass out there trying to do what it takes to survive!

          • You can’t afford to feed all those other people who refused to prep and they just laugh at you. What you need to do is say that you ran out of room and so you are eating all your preps and are only going to save one months worth for two people. My cousin and his wife laughed about y2k and said they are coming to my house. A year after y2k i told him i had to eat all my preps cuz they were too old and i had to give the tuna and sardines to the cats., and now i can’t afford to buy more. You can use that one on the family. Don’t feel sorry for them cuz when they eat all your food and you are starving – they will never feel sorry for YOU!!

      2. There’s a story that 20% of the teamster truck drivers are not showing up for work to embarrass POTUS. This is leaving large amounts of aid just sitting in trucks in the harbor with no driver. The story goes on that coordinated news releases in the media are blaming the backup of aid sitting on docks on you guessed it, D. J. Trump! The fact that the stories are breaking simultaneous with the work stoppage implies a coordinated DNC and deep state connection.

        Incredible how easy it is for the Marxist left wing to commit democide for political gain.

        The mayor of San Juan was filmed complaining that no aid was reaching Puerto Rico, a view of her speech from another camera angle shows she is standing next to a huge array of pallets of supplies! Guess which one you’ll see on CNN and MSNBC?

        This is insane, it’s like the liberals berating Houston after it was hit saying, they Texans shouldn’t get any aid, because they are all rednecks who voted for Trump. A closer look showed that area of Houston hit worst supported Hillary 2 to 1. WTF?

        • Yes indeed. This is the same group of like minded idiots that also backed out on a children’s cancer fundraiser event because it was going to be held at a Trump golf course.
          Seriously, these idiots actually put politics ahead of children’s lives, not surprised they would sacrifice the citizens of Puerto Rico also.

        • Its doubtful that the Teamsters have a lock on trucking in PR and regardless I’m unaware of an issue between Trump and them. I know a lot of UAW and other industrial private sector Union workers that voted for Trump.

          • Who care’s? Fook Those stupid naggers they get what they deserve. Live like a POS die like a POS. Buncha govt. tit suckin’ bums anyway. Bulldoze them and their shit into the ocean and move in some productive white people and really make something good out of it.

            • But then again thats what happened here and look at the state of affairs….

              • They’re human beings and on top of that Americans.

                • That depends on your definitions. Ya they use the dollar and mooch off of us but I doubt they give 2 shits about us as long as we keep paying them. Do you really think they would or ever have come to our aid??? Fuck them and the shitstick they rode in on.

                  • Oh and the IRS is based there as they are not a US entity also. I hope they were destroyed.

                  • Genius, sorry, but your post belies your name. There may be issues politically, but you cannot lump everyone in the same category, nor can you define them away as non-human. Yes, we need to stop the leftist stupidity; but NOT at the expense of us becoming everything inhuman that the left IS , by their very nature. Sorry, your post was not appropriate, as Kev pointed out.

                  • Genius

                    “That depends on your definitions.”

                    No. Its not my definitions, its the legal definition.

                    • Legal definitions are written by asswipes in power. Who ya gonna believe, a group of lawyers or your own definitions? I have to pay for these peoples shit legally, not morally. Natural law trumps asswipe law everytime.

                    • Genius, you act like only white people support blacks and hispanics! There are hard working blacks and hispanics who support the damn system just like you. Now, you left a group out, and you need to look at the government statistical numbers cause your white cousins get the majority portion of assistance of food stamps, section 8, and free hand outs too. White people like you think your group is the only superior group that does not have issues just like other people. Take your damn head out of the sand and look at whats really real and not your damn emotions, what you think, feel, and what you see on the lying fake news which is propaganda! There are many many productive blacks, hispanics, and other races that arent parasites on the system that we pay for!

                • Too bad they wave a different flag when they come to the mainland. Their own.
                  Americanos, not so much. I did meet some Good Puerto Ricans in the military.

            • Puerto Rico is bankrupt about $128 Billion in debt. Nearly 8 times more in debt than the City of Detroit.

              Good job freeloaders.

              • If F orbes is correct, debt is $123 billion in bonds AND unfunded pension liabilities, ~ 107% of GDP by next year.

                Leave it to CSS to pontificate wrong information. Truly, he ruins this site with his incessant opinions and uninformed bloviations on EVERY single topic. Must be hard to be him, knowing EVERYTHING about every single subject.

                More ubiquitous – and annoying -than the Kardashians.

              • It also has 5x the population of Detroit. Give it complete independence and cut it lose or keep it. As it stands now its part of the US.

                • Genius, I can’t wait I might pull up on you now and let the tech breath

                  • Black guy. You talking about Tech-9’s? Those POS pawn shop guns from the 80’s?
                    You didnt prepare if you plan on going up against these folks.

              • CSS, damn right they’ve always been getting a free ride from us. They’re more like the blacks; they have bad attitudes, think the world owes them something, etc. Even in the best of times they make false complaints about us and bite the hand that feeds them. Even after we save them it’ll be the same old song and dance. I wish we could just cut them loose.

                • White people are not taking care of all black people. Stop generalizing! You act like white people are all self sufficient and its not true about your race either. There are lazy white people gaming the system, just like hispanic and immirgrants gaming it too. You need to blame your white masters in charge, which is at the root of all the problems in the world and they dont give a damn about white people beneath them either. You will find out when you lose all your money and special privileges that yall have always had. Have you ever looked at “American Greed?” Well thats proof that whites scam millions and millions of dollars from their own people. Remember, Bernie Madoff, Larry Summers and MF Global, MCI CEO and his stealing, white elite banksters getting bailouts for 2007/2008 and the transferring of other peoples money that they stole oops I mean lost. Those are the real rich welfare recepients! So, stop blaming other races and admit who the real parasites are which are your white elite globalist cousins that dont give a damn about you either. Thats why George Washington and others came to America because they were being treated like scum by their white cousins in England. Oh and did you know that white people have been slaves before? Read the book “We Were White and We Were Slaves!” Yeah, a lot of your people dont know about that, so at one time yall were “White Niggas” too in the elites eyes. White people, you need to wake up! Oh, but you will find out and have to go to war again with your whites cousins, here in America cause they have infiltrated our government and they are destroying your freedom and way of life again. Ha, ha!

                  • “special privileges that yall have always had”

                    Could someone please explain what the ‘special privileges’ are? I’m not baiting; I’m trying to figure out what these are.

                    I have worked hard and saved to have what I have with no help from any spouses (bad luck stories abound there) or any government agency. There was no special help from anywhere and certainly no extra privileges.

              • Genius, good points. I believe my own definitions, not some parasite in a suit with a law degree. I tried trusting a lawyer once and it backfired on me big time. Another story for another time.

            • When SHTF I’m rob TF out of you and yours and don’t state your going to shoot me cause your use to shooting at paper target and they don’t shoot back pussy

              • Wassa matter, Probably Not Black Guy? Can’t get anyone to take your bait?


        • PTPO. Wow, staggering. Just more EVIL (yes, let’s use the word) from the fascist left. People can suffer and die, all so their political points can be made.

          NOTHING has changed with the left since Stalin. These teamsters, if they are doing this, are VILE and despicable excuses for human beings.

        • 20% of Teamsters ARE showing up for work. The union boss ragged on the “scab drivers from the mainland”.

          Any aid sent should stop at the dock. Send them utility poles and wire. Let THEM rebuild their power grid. If they want a power grid, they can build it themselves. It’s not as though they are being asked for anything, or being asked to INVENT electricity. We all know they’re incapable of any such thing.
          They’re showing the world why they NEVER deserve to be the 51st State in USA. PR would be a total welfare state. They bring NOTHING to the table.

          Rebuild your island paradise yourself, or FUCK PR.

        • Figures. Trump Bashing San Juan Mayor Was Big Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016.
          ht tp://

        • Those on the Left are simply mental in their minds.

        • *According to Media Matters (heavily left funded), “the far-right media made up the Puerto Rican truck strike to absolve Trump over Hurricane Maria response.”
 (financed and guided by far left billionaire George Soros) says there is NO truck driver’s strike in Puerto Rico.

          Puerto Rico Union Allegedly Refuses to Deliver US Aid, On Strike Because of Local Law

          Head of relief effort says only 20 percent of drivers are showing up to work

          “Relief supplies given to San Juan, Puerto Rico, by the Trump administration are allegedly sitting at the ports, as truck drivers with a local union refuse to deliver the supplies. A local mayor and President Donald Trump have accused San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto of playing politics with the failures in the distribution of supplies.

          A CNBC segment reported that 9,500 cargo containers with medicine, food, and other goods are stuck at the port of San Juan. It noted they need the local truck drivers to move the goods if they’re going to receive the next shipment of supplies currently on its way.

          CNBC blamed failure to move the supplies on the inability of trucking companies to contact their drivers to get them to go to work and on a lack of fuel for the delivery trucks. Local media have reported a different reason: truck drivers with the Puerto Rican Teamsters Union, Frente Amplio, are allegedly refusing to move the supplies.”

          According to the local TV station WAPA, the strike is over a recently passed law: “el proyecto del Senado 525 que da paso a la Ley de Transformación Administrativa de la Comisión de Servicio Público,” also called “el Proyecto del Senado 525.”

          ht tps://

      3. PTPO, we’re trying to help Puerto Rico while simultaneously helping TX and FL after Harvey and Irma. WTF does anyone expect? Trying to help after one hurricane is hard enough, but three in a row? This is a new one for the US. Leave it to MSM to blow something, anything out of proportion.

        • The US had the ability to transport or purify five gallons / day , every day, of potable water for 500,000 personnel that were in the desert. Oak Ridge Tenn went from non existence to a full city in less than a year with schools, shopping and infrastructure. In essence the US can do anything it really wants to do.

          • When they built Oakridge, there weren’t people sabotaging the construction.

            My post above was incorrect, it’s not 20% of the drivers staying home, it’s only 20% went to work.

            Yes 80% of the Teamsters stayed home. There is word that they wanted to be payed in advance, and are willing that their neighbors should die unless they are paid their thirty pieces of silver.

            • “When they built Oakridge, there weren’t people sabotaging the construction.”

              Read, Now It Can Be Told by General Groves. 20% of the people at Oak Ridge were spying on the other 80%.

      4. Maybe all of this proves that you dumb shits should maybe just maybe have some extra supplies: food, water, medicine, etc, etc put away for a “rainy day”. The Gov’t cannot and should not be expected to be there, within 2 hrs after an event and make you whole, it does NOT work like that. You people need to do some for yourselves. Take some responsibility and be prepared a damn bit for Christ sakes.

      5. We need a total grid down collapse to clean house

        • My guess is PR just showed a number of countries how easy it is to disrupt the US. Turn off the power and most people are helpless. Whether it is a planned cyber attack or a few offshore launched EMPs my guess is that it won’t be long until people on either coast, or both, wake up and there is no power, no cell service, and no news about what happened or why.

          • Urban centers, all it would take is east coast and west coast and everything would come unglued

            • Yeah. People have no idea how unglued. I am cursed with a vivid imagination.

              I am fully aware of the implications of the grid being down. Not good.

          • PD
            PR (like Hawaii)is a socialist
            workers paradise.
            It is bankrupt both monetarily
            and ethically.
            Democrats dying is a good thing.
            Democrats agree with population
            reduction, it is part of their
            party platform. Abortion and reduction
            of the Carbon footprint.

        • NB
          Let it start in Honolulu.

          • I like electricity! When it happens I am just going to sit and have a good cry. Probably about 15 minutes to break down. After than I am going to start getting my preps out.

            EMP or grid down scenario is going to be hard core. Most people have no idea. I do. Which is why I will spend the first 15 mintues bawling my eyes out. Get it out of my system and buckle up.

        • Can we send John McCain to PR? Maybe the gangs would take him. One can always hope.

          • he’s already safe in his OWN gang.

          • Oh that is SO funny – yeah, send John McCain there! The gangs can play baseball with him! Hahaha! Guess who’s the ball?

        • Really? So infants die to “clean house?” My wonderful, hard working, caring friend who has rheumatoid arthritis dies to “clean house?” My other friend who is a fine family man, extremely hard worker, thoughtful and caring human being – but has diabetes – will die for your “house cleaning?”

          You, sir, have become exactly what you despise.

          • mother nature can sure be a BITCH sometimes.

        • A grid down event would be challenging even for preppers but must of that challenge will come from scumbags that riot, steal, kill, and rob their fellow citizens. That’s why a good portable lead accelerator is an absolute necessity.

      6. This is coming to you if you live in the usa and are under 40.

        The debts and unfunded liabilities are unsustainable. We do not yet know what will be done to fix them, but tax cuts and economic growth are not going to do it.

        Expect at some point for there to be a rest thru either war, hyperinflation or civil war within the usa and when that happens, it’s SHTF and I do not care how much you have prepared for it; you will be lucky to survive it.

        I would five even those who live on their own land and have their own food and water on it, a 50% chance.

        Enjoy the decline, it’s coming and it’s coming to be fast and brutal ride to whatever the bottom is.

        • I try to express this to some of the Millennials that I work with. Sometimes it raises an eyebrow or two. I don’t want to single out that generation. There’s people in all generations
          that don’t have a clue. I do try to remind people that the safety net is eroding to the point
          where there really is no safety net. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and everything else
          are likely to be history soon. We can’t take any more hurricanes, earthquakes, wars or
          anything else. Our military is over extended. We need real commanders with balls that will
          stand up to those who would send them into harms way over some bullshit. Lets just build
          a permanent base in Afghanistan and call it Camp Poppy. They need to stop insulting our
          intelligence. By now, Trump knows damn well that our intelligence organizations are the
          scourge of the earth. He knows that ISIS is funded by CIA black ops money. He’s torn
          between keeping us out of wars and keeping the petro dollar going. He will likely preside
          over the bankruptcy of this country. No way he’s getting re-elected. Sanders is staying
          active at keeping his name out there. The uninformed masses would give him a landslide
          in the next election. Think I’m joking!!! They couldn’t give a rat’s ass if our debt was
          50 trillion. As long as they get free college and universal healthcare, Sanders gets elected.
          Think about how fast the next 3 years will go by. It’s getting crazier by the month.
          McConnell and Ryan are as useless as tits on a bull. Election fraud will be rife in the midterms and the next presidential elections. Enjoy your rights and liberties for another year. Sadly, shits gonna change.

          • Did you mean tits on a Mike Obama?

        • Enter large scale war

          • Let the bodies hit the floor! It’s all rotten to the core. Everyone just wants some more. No idea what’s in store. These creatures I deplore. Gonna have some blood and gore. In the end we’ll all be poor. Freedom’s finally shut the door.

            • Genius, good post. How poetic. You’re a poet and I didn’t know it, LOL!

            • WOW – I have to copy that!~!!!

              adding to my list of quotes, you’ll be famous…

      7. PR is only 1,000 flight miles (1.5 hr flight) from the east coast of Florida. That’s less than Washington DC to Mar-a-Lago and yet Trump is announcing “It’s an island surrounded by big water, ocean water, big water”, nope, that’s bs, a lame ass excuse. Sorry, he only did the bare minimum and here’s why.

        Within a few short years from now, after some PR residents who just miraculously happened to survive this disaster who have given up hope and left the island for good, and what remains of the existing structures are all torn down, there will be resorts, buildings and towers all bearing the TRUMP name. Trump will do that long before he ever has a border wall erected. Mark my words.

        I am not a Hillary supporter by any means, I just see the evil in BOTH of them. Those who don’t believe this don’t have a history with Trump, so they don’t really know him. But think they know what they don’t really know. You’ll see, soon enough.

      8. PR is bankrupt. It’s bondholders will figure out a way to have taxpayers cover any and all bad loans to that corrupt, Democrat-maladministered cesspool.

        • hmmmm, wonder what will happen to U.S.? because WE are MORE bankrupt than THEM……….

      9. A few less bombs for the warhawks. Ouch that hurts. Tax cuts for the fat cats yay.

      10. Or it could be economic. Here’s another one (been several in the last few weeks) talking about a crash –

        “David Stockman: ……, stocks are heading for 40-70% plunge”

        ht tps://

        • Forgot to say, so I’ll add — it don’t matter WHY the trucks are not moving, the result is the same. (See Puerto Rico currently).

        • stockman’s been talking this shit for a DECADE, or more. he’s scaremongering, always so negative…..and RIGHT!

      11. Forgive me
        I’m about to go on a rant
        You see our country my province was attacked by Isis.
        CBC News reports a”lone wolf” attack when a shit skin camel jockey baby raping piece of shit stabbed a police officer and run down 4 people the police have found without a doubt all the satanic Muslim literature is Isis and a big ol’ flag too
        The mayor of Edmonton is urgueing calm
        Unless mother fuckers let that shut in here unchecked all for a selfie opportunity? The city is calling it an isolated incident we all know there’s never just one they are everywhere now sick of looking at them sick of hearing about them sick of thier so called rights ????
        Our priminister have an enemy Isis combatant a truck load of money I said nothing our borders are spilling over with more shut then we can handle and I said nothing. I’d better stop saying anything more least I get a knock on the door from the Muslim police.

        • Your justified

        • Behind every lone wolf jihadist is imams that taught them it was required by their god to murder innocent people, in fact cut off their heads if possible. In Islam to die from beheading is a ticket straight to Islamic hell, even if you had been a good and honorable Muslim deserving of Islamic paradise.

          Also behind every lone wolf jihadist is the deep state and the globalists who brought him here, guided him and nurtured his hate. Don’t think the right search results aren’t fed to the right target when they are surfing the net, social connections for them are arranged. Lone wolves are often made, they aren’t always an accident. There is a war and most of the sheeple of the world don’t realize it.

        • Angry Beaver,
          I’ve been to
          BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
          BC is my favorite as I adopted WA state
          as my place of origin.
          Canadians do not as a rule
          do not get violent and kill
          things that endanger them.
          Moslems are dangerous and should
          be exterminated.
          A good proportion of my education was
          done by Canadian citizens. Kindest
          people there were. But they are
          stupid when it comes to self defense.
          bad gun laws. Bad immigration laws.
          My PADI instructor was from Montreal. He
          was Bat $hit crazy, but he did not like
          Moslems in his country.
          Which in his opinion was Quebec and
          only Quebec.

          • Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

            • Islam = Poison and Feces.

        • Beav, I used to live in Edmonton, and worked on the west side the low level bridge, off asper St – do you know where the attack was? I am assuming it was to the east of the bridge/Hotel Macdonald? Has Boy Wonder put on his Ramadan socks to celebrate this attack? What has the mayor of Calgary said?

          Canada. Not THAT far behind the incredible idiots running Sweden, are they!

          • I believe it was along a strip mall downtown. As for the mayor he’s urging patients and calmness Notley is comdeming hatred on those that would seek vengeance on the Muslim community Trudope is spouting the same shit saying terrorism will not take root in Canada BULLSHIT it already here mother fucker.
            No Canadians are not typically violent or aggressive however Albertans feel quite differently. People now realize this act was a direct result of Trudopes illegal border crossing policy this cocksucker came over in onterio under the Dyke Kathleen Wynne watch these 3 bags of shit have brought this to our province.
            Edmonton by the way is an unofficial sanctuary city. Is you go to the rebel news there’s footage of this pos hitting a traffic cop with a car jumped out and stabbed the officer multiple times the proceeds to get into a one ton U-Haul truck and now people down and the Edmonton city police are telling people there is no immediate threat FFS. They better be careful or this asshole will sue us for 20 million instead of 10. That wheezing bag of douche fluid lives in Edmonton also.
            More on that later.

        • AB, just give those muzzies some lead poisoning.

        • Muslims = Poison and Feces period!!!! They will ruin Canada just like Western Europe…Wake the hell up people.

        • Thanks, Shane. Very good.

        • A dirty little secret is open immigration is poisoning Puerto Rico.

          The smart ones make a few dollars and move to the mainland,all the while the vacuum is filled by illegal immigrants from Haiti, and now Venezuela etc. All they need is to game the system is to play the liberal game and bag a drivers license in PR and they can come to the US as citizens. The smart ones make it.

          Seeing a pattern. It’s simple genetics. The population of PR goes down as the smart ones get out of dodge. Bad for PR, the stupid ones breed without regard.

          I’ve met a lot of very smart people who refused to have children. They didn’t want to bring them into “this” world. I’ve only met one guy, who was low IQ but functional, who when he found and married his soulmate, got a vasectomy because he recognized his limitations would be passed on.

      12. The federal imposition of Sharia Law looming. How long can it be before US employed ISIS terrorists are on US soil? The shutdown of dissent the hidden card up the sleeve.

        • One day a man walked into a sex shop…
          Clerk: Can I help you?
          Man: Yes I want a sex doll
          Clerk: Ok do you want a man or woman?
          Man: I want a woman
          Clerk: Do you want a christian or muslim?
          Man looking puzzled: Why, what difference is there?
          Clerk: We’ll the christian doll has a little valve you have to blow into to inflate it, the muslim doll just blows itself up.


          • Genius, you are anything but. You are ignorant and, at the same time, sick and filthy. Go pollute some other site.

        • Aljamo, anyone who tries to impose sharia law on me will get lead poisoning.

          • Muslim = Poison!

      13. An EMP or any grid down if not carried out by a hostile force and deliberately carried out by the U.S. government will be in certain areas only, not the entire country all at once. They’ll take one section down at a time, not all at once because think of what destruction that would cause.

        We would be divided. We wouldn’t all be in the same boat at the same time. I think a grid down will be like the hurricanes, only certain areas affected at a time or an entire state at one time, but not the whole country at once. So most would just assume the problem is with the grid in that specific area only, and that the problems are specific to that grid, and go about their business, unaware it’s the government at work.

      14. Remember in Katrina that there were reports of emergency rescue workers being shot out. Acting on these supposed incidents, the Deputy Police Superintendent announced that no one was going to be allowed to have guns. Whether Nagin was behind it or not, no one knows. The police had been shown helping to loot the stores. They then turned on the homes in the wealthier neighborhoods, using the pretext of gun confiscation. They expected the homes to be empty but they were not. Wonder if they are doing the same in Puerto Rico. If you go scuba diving in PR, do you have to worry about being mugged underwater?

        • Anyone trying to break into others home and or steal should be shot on sight period, end of story!!

      15. Watch Deutsche Bank share prices. Those in the know claim that when the share prices go
        under 10 bucks- expect a derivatives meltdown that brings everything else down.
        At 13 and some change, last time I checked.

      16. Man do the twitter people like to show their stupidity.Alex Jones just now reported on his Sunday show that there are at least 10,000 containers of food, water, medical supplies,and containerized generators,the big trailer truck type, just waiting to be moved from one companies dock,Crowley Marine.He played an interview with a Crowley dock superintendent who verified that it is true and that they have other ships waiting to come to dock to unload more containers but there is no room to put the containers due to the truck driver problem.Other Companies have similar problems at their docks.So twitter “tweetybirds” try using your bird brains and check before you make stupid comments about Trump.

        • Its really amazing the low level these people have gone to, just like the NFL players my sympathy will be non existent when it comes to us,

        • There is this little Island
          called Molokai.
          When the container barge
          shows up Hundreds of vehicles
          show up for their stuff
          and carry it off.
          I do the same in Hilo.
          We deal with Thompson Bros.
          I’m sure Crowley is the same
          I have 2 (old)4WD trucks and they have a forklift to
          load me up.
          What is wrong with these people?

          • The liberal media is working overtime as usual to disparage DJT, Conservative Treehouse been reporting on this pretty much all week

            • NB,
              Are we the only guy’s only on this site
              that are used to living 3rd world.
              But we do have good Internet.
              My Satellite is $85 per month
              and worth every cent.

              • My cabal costs $58 a month and worth every cent. I never watch tv.

      17. The drain in the drain the swamp is glued shut. 71 Obama political appointees are entrenched in federal positions. Call the plumber or the exterminator.

        • I chose exterminator

      18. We have almost simultaneous natural disasters in TX, FL and PR – and by area and proportion to the entire US – small potatoes – and FEMA resources are stretched to the limits …. God help if another major disaster hits the US in the next few months – there’s not alot left in the Mother Hubbard’s cupboard …

        Doesn’t take much to realize that a nationwide destructive event – means weeks upon weeks – if not months – before meaningful help and resources would be available in some areas of the country …

        • No worries, I’m sure puerto rico, haiti, africa, and a plethora of other naggers will come to our aid! After all, we came to theirs. Mother Hubbards cupboard has no end, it is just strokes on a computer away. I know, let’s make slaves out of all the welfare bums and make them repair all the hurricane damage here! Work for crack and food program! Or maybe use them fat, stupid, ugly nagger beeches as sandbags! Just a thought lol.

          • You raise a good and serious point. Cuba is not a rich country but Cubans not only effectively mobilize their people to recover from disasters, they also offer their people to help others around the world to do the same.

            Now, let’s take a look at the other countries with large or majority black populations. Do any of them take leadership in helping others in disasters, or do any of them show any effective leadership and self-help during disasters? Sadly, the answer is no. It is always the same pattern: beg for foreign aid and money and if that doesn’t arrive fast enough, steal and riot. When will we ever see a black disaster aid force arrive in a country and help people using the latest equipment and skills? Don’t hold your breath. Are plane loads of Haitians arriving in Texas to help people rebuild? Or Nigerians?

            • Frank: You are so right buddy. All those savages do is take and take and take and then loot and riot and fester and ruin everything they touch…sounds about right.

              • Crazily, the Canadians sent for South African fire fighters a few years ago and the first thing they did when they arrived is go on strike during the fire. The whole thing was a snafu disaster of the highest order.

          • Genius: Good idea. Make those lazy apes do something for a change!

        • IW, good to see you back. I’ve been hearing a rumor for the last 2 years that we may be facing food shortages before too long. This situation may be what they were talking about. Keep stacking high and deep.

      19. Funny only 1 pic and a BS video. I failed to “see’ the collapse

      20. Here in east Texas we are still digging out. I was flooded out of my home along with many other people. I am homeless and living in a rented portable building, but there are better days coming. I will rebuild my home with my own two hands and never miss a meal because I am a preper. Never forget your preps because sooner or later bad things happen to most and it will soften the blow a bunch.

      21. I have moved some preps to a storage place to make room for stocking more at my place. And yes,some of you guys think that’s not a good idea. But I got a pair of wire cutters and ladder to use in case the property person is a no show. Also keys to the roll up door.Guns,ammo,water and a week of food stays with me

        • I think having items stored in 2 or more locations is a very good idea. You do NOT want all your marbles stored in one jar now…think about it fellas.

        • A week is not enough food !!! The owner of the storage place can take all your preps before you get there!!!!!!!!!

      22. Anarcho-capitalism at work! What could be more liberating?

        • Maybe a nuetron bomm taking out all the parasites? If shit aint workin’ just wipe the slate clean and start over.

          • Besides, I really hate monkeys and clowns…

      23. To all you fellow preppers, I ask of you a question. EO,s in place to confiscate my stores, NDAA,in place to take my stores, FEMA, willing to shoot me for my stores and guns, Plus, the masses who WILL NOT prepare. In a SHTF situation, how do you all plan on keeping your supplies? Please, I know some stuff, I would like you Patriots to respond to my question seriously. Thanks, Section 8

      24. Why do the Puerto Rican evacuees board a Luxury Cruise Liner ship while Texans get a prison looking barge?

      25. When a hurricane hit the US Virgin Islands about 25 years ago the system collapsed, and the VI National Guard went rogue. The Feds sent 2 battalions of airborne combat support MP’s to VI to bring things under control. Combat support military police are not traffic cops, and there was pretty much a news blackout on the entire affair. I was commanding an MP Bn in the TX Guard at the time, and from what I heard it was a very messy business. PR is much larger than the VI, and things are going to get worse before they’re better.

      26. why the crime rate? perhaps we should look closely at this island and what government generosity has done for it! I have seen the data for the percentage of citizens on government assistance. because of my inattention I failed to update it so I shall leave this as a good place to start in verifying the many reasons tor this islands problems. strangely they are not much larger population wise than Chicago. both suffer similar conditions of government guidance. both suffer similar living conditions. both similar crime with so much space between them we must look to their similarities. that is government. I have presented my view does any have another?

        • Grampa….My dad lived in old San Juan for a while and he told me a story of some local cops chasing some crooks into a ” no go” neighbor hood. Bad guys got away and the cops were all killed. They have high crime and strict gun control.

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