This Is What A Massive X9 Class Solar Flare Looks Like

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at

    Scientists from Caltech Astronomy examined the great solar flare of 1990 that occurred in active region NOAA 6063. The eruption and subsequent shockwave were so massive that scientist decided to write a report on their findings titled “Tangential Field Changes in the Great Flare of 1990 May 24.”

    The region on the sun gave rise to a dangerous X9.3 flare, which was visible in white light. The flare was observed by several observatories, including the Big Bear Solar Observatory at Caltech.

    Solar flares are enormous explosions on the sun that unleash streams of energy, light, and high-speed particles into space. The most dangerous solar flare is known as “X-class flares” based on a classification system that divides solar flares according to their strength.

    If Earth faced, the solar flares and associated coronal mass ejection (CME) can create geomagnetic storms that can disable satellites, communications systems, and even ground-based technologies and power grids.

    A massive solar storm in April 2017 allegedly interfered with power grids in San Fransisco, New York, and Los Angeles. On both coasts, critical infrastructure such as communication networks and mass transportation were severely impaired.

    This was the period when mainstream media blamed the Russians for cyber hacking America.

    Meanwhile, in a report from NOAA titled “Geomagnetic Storms and the US Power Grid,” the paper mentions how US power grids are highly interconnected and susceptible to damage from solar flares.

    The report shows how the sun produces Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) [solar flares] and launches it to the Earth.

    When GICs penetrate the Earth’s geomagnetic field, they usually enter transformers in the power grid.

    What happens next? Well, GICs blowup transformers and force a terrifying grid-down event.

    Even the White House has been preparing for a catastrophic solar storm through a recent 2016 Executive Order titled “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events.”

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta warns about solar storms and its physiological impact on markets.

    So, what does this all mean? Like the great solar flare of 1990, scientist and governmental agencies have been fascinated by the sun and its occasional expulsion of energy. Not all solar flares are Earth-facing, but it is only a matter of time before the next big one cripples modern society. Then what?


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      1. Then we’ll all be crip’s.

        • Wilson:

          No brother. You won’t all be “crips”. You’ll be “bloods” when Braveheart ventilates your soulless bodies.

          Hahaha. Just kidding, maybe.

          The term-in-hater Trump supporter.

          HAPPY FOURTH E V E R Y B O D Y


        • The 1859 Carrington Event has been calculated to be X-45, plus or minus 5.

          That’s 5 times stronger than an X-9.

          There was a CME in 2012 that was about as big as the Carrington Event, but the Earth was not in its path.

          I would really like to know what the odds are of a direct hit.

          • Red Leader, with all due respect, the information you seek is not occult or clandestine, you can find your answer whenever you want to. BPEarthwatch has a website that prepares, informs, and constantly updates when CMEs amd flares are anticipated long prior to the event via satellites imagery of the Sun’s activity.

            There is so much exaggeration in these comment sections, you would swear you are listening only to used car salesmen. You are not in a total void until AFTER an event. Right now you can find your answers. Just sayin….

      2. That looks like the inside of my stomach after eating Tacos.


        • I make my own. Chipotle is for city slicker pussies.

          If you dont leave my table in tears, I hang my head in shame.

          • Eisencrap….you are truly the Walter Mitty of the SHTF site.

      3. Trump will probably cancel that program too, calling it fake news eh…

        • Go back to Prince Edward Island with your red potatoes.

        • From the sound of your post, whether he does or not, it won’t help your sorry attitude.

      4. I expect the libtards to blame humans for solar flares soon.

      5. Then it will be “GAME ON!”

      6. One thing most people should know, is that the transformers they show are custom made. It would take many months, perhaps years to replace damaged LPTs.
        source; ht tps://

        We will get hit with one of these storms again. There are enough people watching the sun, that we will have plenty of warning, hopefully there is a plan.
        For all you CWII types. A single AP round will destroy one of these LPTs. A 50 Cal round from a thousand meters will do the trick.
        Happy 4th!

        • Expanding on your excellent point the backlog time to order a single new transformer, right now, just to replace one that is obsolete or scheduled for replacement, the wait time is a minimum of three to five years. And most of these units are manufactured overseas.

          What does that mean when we see Carrington Event II? It’s probably going to take a minimum of 10 to 15 years to begin replacing what gets damaged. At least double that amount of time to return society to a pre-Carrington II level of functionality.

      7. The threat is real. The problem is nobody knows for sure how much damage would be caused and in what state a catastrophically large flare would leave us in. Err on the side of caution… best get prepared for the dark ages folks!

        • The good news is that a CME is low frequency, meaning long wave. It would take out the grid because of the long transmission lines acting as antennas for the energy of a CME. It would not effect vehicles, computers etc like an EMP would. An EMP puts out high, medium and low frequencies in three separate waves, micro seconds apart, with the low frequency wave lasting the longest.

          It has not been fully established if a CME would fry things plugged into the grid. A simple surge protector might offer protection.

          The Carrington Event took 17 hours to reach earth. Normally it takes a couple days. It is believed that there was another CME just prior to the Carrington Event that cleared the way for the big one making the trip in less than half the normal time.

          The latest information I have read indicates we would have few hours warning of a CME from spaced based satellites that watch the sun. I do not believe there is a government plan to communicate in that short a time period to have electrical operators shut everything off before it hits.

      8. Not If But when
        Are you ready???

      9. If its not one thing its another. Like these are the 1st ever sunspots.

        Can one be truly ready for all of the crap that is SUPPOSED to happen any moment of any given day for any speculative reason?
        Live your life well and reap some rewards at the end..

        Otherwise, just as soon start digging a hole with your SHTF shovel and be really ready for the truly inevitable.

        Goes to prove that life is a bitch, then you die.

      10. Well I would prefer a Solar Flare or EMP taking down the grid to the Civil war we now appear to be in the beginning of.

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