This Is What A Health Care Death Panel Looks Like And A Baby Is About To Die Because Of It

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    This article was originally published by Claire Bernish of The Daily Sheeple


    Imagine discovering your infant is one of only sixteen people ever to be diagnosed with a fatal genetic affliction for which the only shred of hope would entail a flight abroad for experimental treatment; but — rather than simply making the albeit complicated and costly trip — the highest court in the land rules your child must die.

    This dystopian nightmare might sound like a cinematic creation, yet it’s reality for parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates, whose nine-month-old son, Charlie, suffers from mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome — a genetic condition affecting cells’ ‘powerhouses’ — inherited when both parents unknowingly carried the faulty gene.

    Charlie has been on life support since last October, so his desperate parents sought an experimental therapy procedure in the U.S. to try to save, or at least extend, his life — and raised over £1.3 million (roughly $1.65 million) through online crowdfunding to do so.


    Image credit: Featureworld

    Two months ago, the British Supreme Court callously ruled Charlie’s life support at Great Ormond Street Hospital should be withdrawn in order for him to “die with dignity” — so Gard and Yates filed an appeal in hopes of staving off their infant’s imminent demise.

    On Thursday, the Court of Appeal shattered their aspirations of saving Charlie’s life — ruling there would be no trip, as prospective treatment could not possibly guarantee improvement.

    Connie screamed and wept in anguish, and reportedly ran from the courtroom upon the reading of the decision by a panel of three judges: Lady Hale, the Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Lord Kerr, and Lord Wilson.

    “The child’s interests must prevail,” Lady Hale announced, stressing the rights of a child supplant those of the parents, yet coldly denying Charlie’s only prospect for life.

    “How can they do this?” Yates sobbed. “They are lying. We are going to America.”

    “We have had our parental rights stripped away as if they don’t matter at all,” Yates railed. “The way we have been treated by doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital has been inhuman. Our son is basically being kept as a prisoner at the hospital.”


    Image credit: Gavin Rodgers/Pixel

    Life support for Charlie will be terminated at 5 p.m. today — effectively ending his life and dashing his young parents’ dreams the child might survive if only treatment could be procured across the pond — pending an unusual appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

    “This is a very sad day for Charlie’s parents and family and our thoughts are with them and Charlie,” a spokesperson for the Great Ormond Street Hospital stated, reports the Guardian.

    “We are led by the legal process and when the time comes for a change in treatment, we will support the parents in every way that we can, aiding them through next steps. This would normally take place over at least a number of days. For now, our priority is to ensure Charlie remains well cared for and to offer our support to Charlie’s devoted parents at this distressing time.”

    While the parents previously excoriated treatment by the hospital as “inhuman,” stating Charlie has been held “prisoner” to the facility’s whims, Katie Gollop QC (Queen’s Counsel) — who headed Great Ormond Street’s legal team — called the infant’s predicament “sad” but not “exceptional,” adding Gard and Yates have acted arrogantly as if “parents always know best.”

    “The [alternative therapy in America] would take time and over the weeks and months Charlie would be forced to remain in his parlous condition: he can’t see, can’t hear, can’t cry, can’t swallow. He has a mechanism that causes his lungs to go up and down. We don’t know whether he suffers pain,” Gollop previously told the Supreme Court.

    “There are children whose conditions we cannot cure and whose conditions we cannot ameliorate. It happens very often and the parents of that child don’t want to look back later and think there might have been something they could have done for this child which they left undone.”

    Gollop noted the parents have behaved unambiguously as wards over Charlie’s fate — stealing his unutterable voice — as if their wishes supercede the rights of the infant to pass away without interference.

    “The parents are deemed to be … the sole and only determiner of what can happen,” Gollop asserted, somehow unironically adding, “[that’s] dangerous and it’s power without end.”

    Precisely how denying the only feasible chance at life for Charlie — and greenlighting what amounts to a tacit, cruel death sentence — could not be considered State power without end, counsel did not make immediately clear.

    “The issue is whether the state has the power to intrude on decisions the parents have made in order to mandate that child’s death before it might come to an end,”  barrister for the parents, Richard Gordon QC, had contended in opening statements.

    “We say there’s a boundary beyond which the state cannot simply go without the strongest justification. These are model parents trying to do all they possibly can for the benefit of their child. Their view on what is best for Charlie differs from the court.”

    Indeed, the case of little Charlie Gard might be the penultimate example of the Nanny State gone grievously awry — provoking delicate esoteric questions on the balance between governmental protections and the right to self-determination, with the additional complications of parental rights and consent.

    In fact — given that pilot treatment could be had with the necessary funds and a trip overseas — to align with the court in this case, would be to affirm the State has ultimate power over life when it becomes a troublesome burden.

    Neither Gard nor Yates have touted nucleoside bypass therapy as an absolute miracle for the brain and muscle damage associated with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome  — Charlie will never be capable of cavorting through childhood with peers — rather, adding a simple powder to his food could improve and prolong his life.


    Image: Featureworld

    But the British high court instead aligned with Great Ormond Street Hospital — as well as a hospital in Spain, through which a second opinion had been sought — in dictating the slim chance for improvement not sufficient to warrant what would be a difficult journey to the U.S.

    Indeed, no one has claimed the trip, itself, would be inherently harmful to Charlie’s condition — meaning the court is literally denying the child’s only shot at life because treatment in America cannot unassailably ensure improvement.

    “At the heart of the legal case is the right of relatives to have a say in how doctors treat a loved one,” Charlie da Silva, a second barrister for the family, asserted prior to the hearing.

    “This case is different from others because the parents have found a reputable alternative hospital that is prepared to provide treatment. If a hospital is not prepared to carry out a particular treatment then it should not be able to prevent another hospital which is ready, willing and able to provide the treatment from doing so.”

    Citing the draconian British law which led to this existential gordian knot, da Silva and the family’s entire legal team took the case on a pro bono basis.

    “Unless their decision will cause or is likely to cause significant harm to their child, parents should be the final decision makers,” da Silva continued. “However, as the law currently stands as soon as a child is admitted to a hospital the parents immediately lose their parental responsibility.

    “The doctors become the final decision makers on what is in the best interests of the child. The doctors decide what treatment the child should or should not have and in the final analysis whether the child lives or dies.”

    Charlie’s case cleaved a rift in the U.K., highlighting extreme control by the State over the rights of parents who — for whatever reason — might not feel their child can attain paramount treatment through normal channels.

    “There’s a hospital ready and waiting,” lamented supporter of the family, Michelle Standen, outside the court in Westminster. “It’s disgusting. Why not allow him to go? The funds are there. He’s not in pain. All the time they have been doing the court cases, they could have been treating him.”


    Image credit: Gavin Rodgers/Pixel

    Sarah Fisher, another supporter and familiar with friends of the family, added, “I have not seen any evidence that the doctors are right. The doctors seem to have made an early clinical decision and don’t want to back down.

    “He’s left in limbo for five or six months. It’s not fair. We should listen to the parents in this country rather than looking down our nose at them. They are the ones who spend all their time with the child.”

    With mere hours remaining before life support is withdrawn, Charlie — a child so new to the world he will likely never know the historic significance of his existence — will soon be forced to endure death, even as the tantalizing prospect for extended life lies just out of reach overseas.

    Outrage over the untenable life and death of Charlie Gard demands we all examine how readily we fork over innate rights to the government — particularly in the name of protection, security, and fear.

    Bewildered, da Silva mourned the court’s disputatious decision, stating, “That cannot possibly be right. It strikes at the core and offends the very essence of parenthood.”


    Image credit: Press Association

    “He deserves this chance,” Gard pled tearfully to the court as the hearing began.

    Clutching Charlie’s toy monkey, the desperate father appealed to the sentiments of the court, attesting, as any loving parent would,

    “My son is the apple of my eye and I would do anything for him.”


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      1. God help em. We are at the point where living in anarchy would be better for us than living under the control of these…(soon to be one) dictatorial, luciferian governments. Truly I pray for this baby and parents. If you have never had the gov try to pry it’s way into your family and try fo harm your family…well I hope you never experience this. They are coming for all of us who see the truth at some point. I know most of you on here know that and I’m preaching to the choir…but make your peace folks and refuse to give in.

        God bless

        • FUCK ‘EM









          • Jesus Christ, you’re an anti-Semite AND anti-equal rights.

            ANY SOCIETY THAT DOESN’T PROVIDE EQUAL RIGHTS IS GOING TO CEASE TO EXIST. Too bad you’re too stupid to understand that.

            • Socialism would never be voted into power without women. Women have a primal instinct that drives them to be taken care of by others.

              No “mysogeny” here. I love REAL women and hate to see women try to be men. The fundamental roles were hashed out over mellinnia and have worked perfectly.

              Somehow, humans seem to think they hsve found a better way over the last century or so. Those who beleive this are doomed to failure and fustration.

              Neither of want women as slaves (like the muslime savages do), but there IS “men’s work” and “women’s work”.

              Each is a poor substitute for the other.

          • Eisencrap… are truly a despicable pile of human excrement.

          • Eisen, you’re a freak and a lunatic. Go f#$% yourself!

          • Ek is right, but if the parents are trying a desperate Hail Mary without expecting government to pay the freight, how is it any of .gov’s business?

            .gov wants to send a clear message here: “WE determine your fate. It is totally up to us whether you live or die”

        • Give in? And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity.

      2. The poor kid just needs to pass and no longer suffer.

        • Very-Concerned-Citizen:
          Not your choice to make. Not the government’s choice either.

          • Question – I agree that it is not our decision to make life or death decisions. But When do I have a say, if ever, if it is the millions of dollars in tax payers money (to which I contribute significantly every year) that pay for a terminally ill individual’s medical bills? Never – I just keep paying and keep my mouth shut?

            • The parents had raised money for the trip. It wasn’t government money.

          • Gr8Ag8n, I have to agree. I wouldn’t want to be in such a position.

        • The article stated the baby was in no pain. It’s not your choice.

          • We don’t know whether he suffers pain,” Gollop previously told the Supreme Court.

        • I consider the parents to be selfish pricks. The child can’t see, can’t hear, can’t even swallow and scream??

          What a miserable existance and they wish to extend this child’s agony? There is no guarantee this ‘experimental’ treatment will work to better this child’s life…wait…how much worse can they make it??

          • There is no “guarantee” that any treatment for any health problem will work.

            The parents are the parents. And you are the prick for not seeing that it’s their decision.

            • The prick that might not think that way if it’ his child, grandchild or even great-child.

            • As long as the child (should he survive) is not going to become a drain of taxpayer resources, I couldn’t care less.

              I AM tired of being expected to go to extraordinary lengths (and exraordinary expense) to save the life of somebody who will NEVER be a contributing member of society, but a lifelong drain on finite resources.

              Anybody who thinks that no resource should be spared on desperate, though futile, measures is more than welcome to finance such measures.

              I’m not a heartless bastard, but EVERY human cannot be kept alive with no expense spared. Sorry, but we truly can’t save everybody. Most of human history has been much more brutal than today.

          • JayJay….

            You should google search Helen Keller

      3. Its a tough one there. Healthcare is a Disaster and Rip off. Another reason I don’t have any kids. Never had any desire to. Don’t want the expense or hardship. Just like puppies, they are all cute as infants, then grow up to be little monsters and terrorists and give you gray hair, always asking for money and being needy. There is a little 4 YO boy an few properties down the road. Little Friggin Terrorist, hands on everything, taking tools and throwing them in the bushes for fun. He will come up and hit ya, then takes off running. He likes to be chased. I grab him by his ear and pull him back like a Catholic school teacher. I will not allow him on my property period any longer. I also have seen plenty of life and death in my life, not much gets me excited, and I rarely have compassion for most anything. I am somewhat hardened, and look at tragedies as part of life and do not dwell on them. I just hate thieves and liars and anybody bullying people and taking advantage of the little people, ripping them off, really pisses me off.

        Question for you SHTF Folks. There is a wild turkey that comes in to feed. I’ve seen it twice now, She has one leg that is damaged badly and limps really bad, with the claws curled over front and walks on the top of the foot limping slow, and I’m not sure why. Its sad to watch. I know she is in pain and suffering. She looks healthy besides that leg. It is not Turkey season, nor is it legal to shoot a hen. So I ask you guys. Do I let it go, and let the laws of nature take over, or put the poor thing out of its misery? I don’t think I can catch it, and it flies OK but short distances. And it seem really scared. Forget Game control people they are useless out here. What do you think. I could shoot it with a .22 head shot or just let it go and see what happens. I know some predator will get it eventually. Maybe that’s what needs to happen. What do you think?

        • if you take it-don’t waste it.

          or you could cage it, feed it, and enjoy it for Sunday dinner.

        • Let nature take its course. The only time I would interfere is if the bird/animal cannot move, eat, and drink, but is still alive, then I would act.

          • Rellik,I assume you include rabies in this case.I have had to shoot a few rabid animals,feel bad but realize the right thing to do.

            • OK so 1 is Take it and eat it, 2 is don’t take it, and 3 is it may have a disease.

              That’s the other thing, if the Turkey leg damage is caused from some disease, I would not want to eat it. So maybe I’ll just let nature thin the herd in a natural way. If I try to approach the bird, it gets away, and takes off. Turkeys can fly in short spurts, like 40 to 50 yards. That’s why it would be hard to catch. So I figure if it can get away from me, it may have a chance from predators. It will just have to adapt.

              My property is set up as a nature preserve, so maybe just give it some safe space to roam around on, and eat the cracked corn I put out.

              Strongest survive. If that was a human, who don’t need to adapt, they would just get disability payments, free food and shelter, and live better than most poor people, and continue to breed and create another generation of useless eaters with no work ethic. And do it on all my dime and other tax payers dime. Its a race to the bottom for humans.

        • She probably has bumblefoot. It’s relatively easy to fix, if you can catch her. If you can cage her, just slather the foot with Prid’s drawing salve and wrap with vet wrap for 2-3 days and the infection will squeeze out easily. If not, the infection will slowly kill her, unless a predator finds her first.

      4. The state owns your kids until they are 18 ? What if the were still telling us falidimide was good and mandatory? Or fluoride? There is a snake crawling up that pole for a reason?

        • You go into the US Military after 18 YO, and the Feds own you for life. Think I’m kidding?

        • Thalidomide

      5. This is heart-wrenching stuff. The little one will be with Jesus soon and his dad needs to send those responsible to see the devil soon after.

        • I’m not sure I understand what has caused the child to become this way and it is curable here in the States. It just hurts to see this little one suffer however. The story, unless I missed this, never did state what might have caused his condition.

          • PO’d – It’s in the article; “Charlie, suffers from mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome — a genetic condition affecting cells’ ‘powerhouses’ — inherited when both parents unknowingly carried the faulty gene.”

          • Birth defect, gene related. Both parents carry recessive gene for the disease. Experimental treatment in USA, could cure or help, no promises; but this is how cures come about with experimental treatments. For example heart transplants, liver transplants; experimental until refined and successful.

          • Mitochondria are like secondary cells living in other cells. They have their own genetic code. Mitochondria produce way too much cellular energy for their own needs so the cell in which they live benefits from the excess energy production. If you interfere with those energy pathways, you’re in a serious world of hurt.

        • It is. Mother Nature has never been “fair”. It has always been about genetics and survival of the fittest. That we skewed morality because some science MIGHT (not 100%) stave off certain death for a period of time, people are living in complete DENIAL of the truth. We are animals, we are mortal animals with conscience and some sort of moral fabric, but we are ultimately animals not put here by our own will or rules, but subject to ones that are beyond our control. I would do ANYTHING for my kids, and likewise it would be soul crushing to lose one of them…but that is life, it is not fair, it is not even nor is it easy. I certainly do not support outright murder or intentional malicious death. Sometimes killing is a self defense survival necessity. That I do support.

        • Menzo, agreed. I still think all those British judges who ruled against the child should have ‘accidents’.

      6. McCain and Pelosi should be put to sleep. McCain and Pelosi are clearly senile now.

      7. This is what socialized medicine and society looks like. This is what the leftist, communist Democrats would love to force on America.

        • Read your replies and you are one smart cookie. Very alert and on top of things.

        • Would love to force?

          Ummm. They ARE forcing. And are loving every minute of it.

      8. If the parents have the money to transport their child to the USA for an experimental treatment that has shown some hope, then I say respect the parents choice. I am a retired nurse who specialized in vent patients, and have taken care of a lot of children with glycogen storage diseases. There has been a lot of progress in treatment of these diseases; for example Glycogen storage disease type II, aka Pompe’s disease. After years of research there finally is a treatment, but the treatment works best if given early in the child’s life. The seventeen year old patient I cared for was not eligible for the treatment, because by this age it did not help. The younger the child the better chance of arresting the disease with minimal damage. Charlie needs to get this experimental treatment ASAP for the best outcome. Parents do have rights to choose for their children, no one loves the child like the parents do. I’ll wager if this was one of those judges’ child or grandchild that they would take whatever chance was offered. I’ll even wager if it was one of those Muslims’ child the judges would grant the treatment. Give this baby every chance if that’s what the parents choose. Parents have rights over their child before the “state” does.

        • Waiting says why is my post coming up with this name on it again?

        • What this story plainly exemplifies is what a society that completely LACKS Freedom and self determination looks like, and is every single reason why any intelligent person SHOULD FIGHT FOR, but many sadly lack the spine and determination and commitment to do so. This is why people put up the modern day slavery and abuse that the current society dishes out, yet the tell themselves, “I am free living in a free country”….No you are not, never have been, but you are FREE to change it if you have the will and desire to risk your life and limb for it.

      9. If the parents had neglected or refused to get proper care for their child in the first place they would have been prosecuted. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. After the government has done all they can, why shouldn’t the parents be allowed to seek additional treatment options, at no cost to the government? Always funny how patients with life threatening diseases from countries with socialized medicine seek their last hope for a life-saving cure in the good ol’ US of A. The country with the worst healthcare, system according to the lefties.

      10. Every time I hear ignorant leftists tout the Canadian system – under which I have lived half my life – I feel like vomiting. It is a DISASTER. Here is just ONE story, out of thousands I could relate. Here, 6 THOUSAND people are essentially being told to go home and die in British Columbia, as they are too expensive. No wonder hypocrite Nancy Pelosi exempted HERSELF and her district from her own vile legislation.

        B.C. Liberals to cut over 6,000 surgeries Network lDarah Hansen, Canwest News Service Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009

        VANCOUVER — Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures will wait longer for care as their health authority prepares to *****cut over 6,000 surgeries under the B.C. Liberals’ post-election plan for health care,**** New Democrats said Monday.
        “This will result in thousands of patients suffering longer in pain and undermine the long-term capacity of public health care,” said Adrian Dix, New Democrat health critic.
        Mr. Dix released a leaked document Monday that shows the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is looking to close nearly a quarter of its operating rooms starting in September and to cut 6,250 surgeries, including 24% of cases scheduled from September to March…

        • Sarah Palin was right on target concerning death panels. She even said that there would never be a “Death Panel” sign on any office door.

      11. Oct 27, 2016 We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail… and Here’s Why

        The oligarchy runs our society with Problem – Reaction – Solution. If anything, these leaks have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two-party system is an illusion and the whole construct is one huge pay-for-play corporate sham.

      12. If they have the money to pay for the treatment, I don’t see what the issue is? On the other hand, if they don’t, why should other people be forced to pay for someone else’s child? Please DONT come to America expecting FREE medical care!!!

        • Why not these British coming to America to get free medical, the Mexican illegals did and so did the Muslims. The article states the couple raised 1.65 million dollars Through crowdfunding. Waiting

          • Again my post, wrong name. Waiting

          • I’ve replied to this post as putting wrong name on post three to four times now, and it was not posted. Am I in mediation over this too? Waiting

          • I guess I’ll change my name to Anonymous. Waiting

      13. The vile, disgusting Dr. Peter Singer at Yale believes they should be able to bump off children up to 2 years old. Seriously. Just google his name. Disgusting. Though presumably he’d be a bit more “tidy” about it than Kermit Gosnell.

        Next up, I assume, is Xyclon B, Solyent Green and what the hey! Bring back Japanese Unit 731 to experiment on human “logs.”

        There is indeed a Hell, and barring a change of mind, these people will be in it. It won’t be an unpleasant man in a red suit running around either… it will be MUCH worse than that – viz., eternal separation from God, who respects one’s free will enough to let one have free choice to reject Him. Yeah, “Him.” In terms of males generally being initiators, and women more responders, that analogy is apt, altho at various places God uses metaphors for Him to be male and female, including the term El Shaddai, which some believe refers to nursing breasts.

      14. If parents don’t have a choice…they are no longer parents. Do you want the government taking over that responsibility? How bad do you want those kids? Fight for them!

        • Jim, you need to google what the gov’t of Ontario just passed. If your little boy – who incidentally ONLY and solely has MALE chromosomes – announces as a 7 yr old he is a girl, you have no rights as a parent to object to that. News is all over the place, but here is one:

          Exactly what the vile, filthy, evil, disgusting, murdering, ignorant communists want – to destroy the family and eventually make everyone wards of the state. The gay Nazis and feminazis are some of the leading “unlights” behind this filth.

          • Test:

            I get the gist of your statement, but you made an error. Little boy babies and adult men alike carry two genes; an “X” from the mother; and, a “Y” from the father. Sex of an infant is determined by the father who carries one female gene “X”, and one male gene “Y”. All women carry “XX” two female genes. Therefore the mother can only donate an “X”; which is why males have both genes.

            There are exceptions such as result in sexual ambiguity having both male and female anatomy, or injured “Y” resulting in very effeminate male; or “YY” resulting in overly masculine man who often become killers due to too much testosterone.

            I agree with your analysis. This Court is guilty of child abuse. No seven year old should be able to decide to let a surgeon cut off his hands, his feet, his head, or his penis. For the insanity, it is a kid. Maybe he thinks it will grow back. Maybe he is fantasizing about what it would be like to be a girl. That is not unusual. Boys and girls generally find the opposite sex repulsive at the age of seven, and fascinating at the age of seventeen.

            By thirty seven, if he still wants to be a girl, I am OK with that.


            • Not “YY” – I meant “XYY”.


          • These evil cloven-hoofed swine, who are now trying to control the whole world, are out to destroy the family unit, religion, freedom, peace, conscience, anything that is good and moral. They are Satan’s children and they want everyone to join them in their soon to be total destruction. They don’t want anyone to pick the right path toward Jehovah God and His plans for mankind. They want everyone the wards of Satan and his demons. HRC and Podesta are good examples of this, as well as the Islamic devils. Waiting

      15. Parents rights are supreme rights which trump the State. I don’t know what I would do in these people’s shoes. Sitting here it is easy to decide, I would not want to postpone the child’s death. I can not understand why parents of genetic carriers of horrible diseases don’t sterilize themselves. If I had such a gene, I might unknowingly bring one such tragedy into the world, but I guarantee, it would be the last. As Judge in this case, I would grant the parents wish to seek treatment at another hospital; and offer the parents sterilization free of charge, both of them.


      16. My wife came over here from Russia 16 years ago. She despises socialized medicine, she can tell you what it really is. The primary purpose of socialized medicine is not health and medical care, it is about government control. Both her parents died in their early sixties from health issues that are regularly treated here in the US. They were only given drugs and pain medication with little more than cursory care. She said citizens in the US receive world-class medical care but sees the quality of healthcare declining even as the costs continue to rise.
        In reality, both the Dem.’s and majority of Rep.’s want a “single payer” medical system, translation – gov’t controlled health care. If gov’t health care is so good why didn’t the senators, congressmen, and all the other higher officials place themselves under it too? There may be a temporary reprieve from the effort to force this system on the people, but eventually it is likely to happen.
        Everything is a grotesque farce right now, the officials are acting like there is no end to how they want to conduct public business. Our country faces a TRULY DEVASTATING, UNPAYABLE, and INSURMOUNTABLE debt; when it can no longer be covered up, manipulated, lied about, and when the effects can no longer be avoided you will then see TSHTF, and the way they conduct public business will change. They know it, and they know many people know it. Then you will see everything rationed including health care – and your rights.

      17. B,my guess is the parents didn’t know they carried this gen.They raised the monies,give the little dude a chance,perhaps his fate(I believe in fate)was to be the spearhead for a cure.I would say if the child was suffering knowingly and in pain/not shown here a different story,seems in coma and perhaps can be brought out.This is also a good time to make your wishes known as to when to pull the plug,get it in writing and give copies to others.I will be on a machine only long enuff to be a organ donor,after that,bon appetite little critters!

      18. If this were William and Kate’s baby, they would be afforded every conceivable option to keep their baby alive.

        • You are absolutely correct. Waiting

      19. Healthcare in the US is a joke. A dwindling few can afford it. The entire medical establishment is as corrupt as all politicians. Single payer healthcare is the only logical solution and is supported by the majority. The pay to current medical types should be cut sharply. The enormously greedy frauds are vile blood sucking leeches upon humanity. I hope they all rot in hell.

        • I knew a senior living in their own home and still could walk. I cannot remember the exact number but this person was on over 20 prescription medications. The seniors answer to why so many pills? The doctor says I need them.

          • That’s right, people need to question their doctor, and ask if some other treatment other than prescription meds. People take too many drugs, legal and illegal. Prescription drugs have side effects, and some can be quite serious. When I was treated for A fib in the hospital and went home on the oral med I was given via IV, I ended up in hospital exactly one week later with pancreatitis caused by this medication. Of course most doctors do not like you questioning them. Stand up and take part in your own treatment, it’s your life. Waiting

        • No, the real cure is to fix our courts and make people who sue and lose pay for everything, then we would see a drop in medical cost, liberal democrats have blocked this time and again.

          • Barry,
            To many players in the healthcare industry looking to make big bucks. Not buying the lawsuit and malpractice excuse. Why do you think they call it an industry? And furthermore my deceased childhood family doctor could diagnose with amazing accuracy. He did not have any high tech equipment or specialty. He was in general practice and did it all. He could deliver babies and predict due dates with accuracy. Most doctors can’t do that with all the sonogram equipment. The same holds true for the animal vets back in the day. Oh yea and with all the specialty and advances what do you knpw. People are sicker than ever. Coincidence? I doubt it.

      20. Why does a certain ilk end up looking like crypt keepers in their old age? Wonder if the new life extension tech has a solution for that. Or maybe there is real truth in You Are What You Think.

      21. Did anyone catch the fact that people were coming to the united states for medical treatment? Democrats talked about how wonderful european and canadian medical care is, but here is this sad article showing something different than what lieing liberals portrayed.

      22. As a business, they’re not employing people, who are smart enough, to ask these ethical sorts of questions. They don’t know how to use the machines, or the billing, when, for all intents and purposes, it should be a turnkey. If you know what you’re looking at, each step can be broken down, into such simple parts and pieces, that a trained monkey could do it — like Ford’s assembly line. And, they are basically using trained monkeys.

        I can think of one special, sympathetic sort-of person, who got hired as a quota case, in all fairness.

        But, avoidable errors are constant and ongoing.

        It’s not a discipline problem. It usually won’t be politics. They don’t have the mental capacity, to make practical judgments.

      23. 1) From the artcle, the parents have not been neglectful
        2) Even the court agrees that a trip to America would not be harmfull
        3) Everyone, parents and court, agree that treatment in the US could help, even if there is no gaurentee.
        4) The trip and the treatment would be done on the parent’s dime raised through charitable giving. It would cost one taxpayer cent.

        This case is not about the child’s health. If it were, that baby wouod be on a plane to the US right now. This case is about A) the government usurping parental right and B) the government blocking, or at least neutralizing charitable giving from private citizens.

        Not that the US is much better, but what happened to the coutry that made men that stood in front of French heavy cavalry at Angincourt, went over the top at Flanders, or took to the air over the Cliffs of Dover? Your children are being sentnced to death for no reason other than the government wants to usurp control. You’ve alowed the globalists in the EU to treat you like s@@t. Foriegn invaders are killing and raping your women and children while your politicians lecture you about being tolerant and telling you to hide under a table.

        The US isn’t too far behind you. At least we have men and women that will, and have stood up and said “NO!” I pray that it’s not too late for my country, and I pray the same for our brothers in Britian and Europe as well.

        • You go Grumpy, you got that exactly right. Waiting

      24. So… The author is saying since the parents can’t afford it, everyone else should have money stolen from them to pay for a ludicrous operation with a nearly 0% chance of success. It’d be inhumane to put a dog through this much suffering. Think about that.
        Socialism, in all it’s faces, is evil. It destroys people’s minds and self reliance. Hospital’s jack up prices because they are forced to provide healthcare to deadbeats, and because insurance companies will just pay whatever the hospital demands, and malpractice insurance is out of control.
        Why does it cost a patient $10,000 to have an ambulance drive less than a mile to pick someone up?
        Want affordable insurance? Then we have to stop giving $10,000,000 worth of health care to people on welfare.
        Sorry… but if you can’t afford health care for your baby… do what others do and have a fund raiser. BEG for the money… since you are wanting hand outs.

        • And no mention of big Pharma. They got off the hook too.

        • Handouts and freebies don’t just go to the poor and deadbeats. Who got the bailouts? The recipients kept their jobs while others were losing their homes and jobs.

      25. Its always other peoples money that is used (public funds). Since there is a finite amount of public funds available in government, democracy is being followed here. For the good of the many, we sacrifice the few who have little chance of viable life. While technology can assist and perhaps cure this child, why should huge amounts of funding be allocated to one, when many other ill children with known outcomes could benefit. Its called Triage, and its the right way to allocate services.

      26. Those men and women on the ‘court’ who are so evil….in the end each one will meet with my God the Father, they will be judged on how they treated charlie and they will pay for it.

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