This Is What A Civil War In America Would Actually Look Like…

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


    20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America
    By Daisy Luther

    The division in America has become so dramatic over the past year that many people can only foresee it heading one place: Civil War.

    There’s a pronounced uptick in violence and protests (often going hand in hand.) Free speech is being crushed by the opposition with the mere threat of violent responses. Statues and memorials are being vandalized or defended. Protesters show up armed and armored, ready for battle. The media throws gasoline on these flames with reports solely laying the blame on one side. Some groups are openly planning sedition and no one is trying to stop them.

    Our country has reached a point of such division that it’s hard to imagine how we could once again become united.

    The events are snowballing.

    The United Nations has issued an “early warning” about civil conflict in America. Many people believe these extremist “sides” are made up of professional provocateurs and do not reflect the true feelings of Americans. (Brandon Smith makes an incredibly compelling case for this.) California wants to secede and a lot of folks would be happy to see them go. Some black people want outrageous “reparations” from white people while others call them out for being easily manipulated.

    It seems like no one wants peace in America except us average folks, who are happy to get along with our neighbors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual proclivities. But at the rate things are escalating, our wishes could be irrelevant.

    Historian and strategist Gregory Copley wrote:

    Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States.

    But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.

    It will appear as an evolving chaos…

    …It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.

    In both instances, the election of Mr Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.

    The last-ditch reactions by those who voted in the US for Donald Trump and those who voted in the UK for Brexit were against an urban-based globalism which has been building for some seven decades, with the deliberate or accidental intent of destroying nations and nationalism. It is now crystallizing into this: urban globalism sees nations and nationalism as the enemy, and vice-versa.

    The battle lines have been drawn. (source)

    And this makes sense if you consider that the majority of Clinton voters were from heavily populated urban areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. As well, Mr. Copley points out, the urban globalists control the greater part of the media.

    Urban globalists control most of the means of communications [is this new “means of production”; the 21st Century marxian dialectic?] and therefore control “information” and the perception of events.

    “Nationalists”, then, are operating instinctively, and in darkness. (source)

    He’s certainly not wrong.

    Oh – and before someone chimes in and starts hysterically talking about “white nationalists” – Mr. Copley isn’t referring to the KKK. He’s referring to people who put national interests ahead of global interests.

    Some folks believe that Civil War 2.0 is already happening.

    It’s interesting to get a perspective from a spectator outside the United States. Russian political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev says that the war has been raging in America for the last few years.

    “Democrats are doing wild, suicidal things because they are not just on the defensive, but on the verge of collapse, as the Trump administration breaking down their ‘evil empire’… Their goal is not the destruction of Russia, but the salvation of their own project,” Kosyrev pointed out, referring to the ongoing scandal over alleged “Russian interference” in the US 2016 presidential election.

    “Democrats do not have a majority in Congress or their own army, but the war they have been waging is a hybrid one,” the commentator wrote.

    “Therefore, in the media zone, they are advancing with a wild, schizophrenic rage. However, they haven’t yet fully monopolized this sphere,” Kosyrev noted, adding that their outrage against the very existence of the Russian English-language TV channel Russia Today is also a “military phenomenon.”

    “The essence of what is happening is that the Republicans are now advancing,” he explained, “It simply happens in dozens of small, internal episodes.”

    “As one could see, the Democrats have a lot to lose in this war,” the commentator said, adding that the ongoing civil war still has no end in sight. (source)

    Unsettling when viewed from a distance, right?

    So, what would a second Civil War look like?

    I asked you, the readers, for your opinions on what a Civil War would look like if it erupted in American.

    With the incendiary situation going on across the country, there’s been a great deal of talk about the potential of civil war erupting in America.

    IF such a terrible thing would occur, how do you think it would happen? How do you believe we’d all be affected? What would you foresee?

    This is all speculation, of course, but share your thoughts in the comments below.

    Of course, this is all speculative, but there are some pretty interesting answers. Here’s what you all had to say:

    1.) Laura…

    …the cities would be hit hard, outlying areas will become balkanized…and as far as ‘it’ happening, it started with ‘the resistance’…just hasn’t gone hot yet. And PS it won’t be a civil war, when it goes hot it will be along the lines of race and economics, nothing like the Civil War which was a federal vs state issue (control).

    Note: Balkanization is defined as the “fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.” (source)

    2.) Jeriann…

    I see it starting in the streets of the South. Then the National Guard gets sent in, then local militias build to fight the National Guard. Civil unrest runs amuck. People flee the Southern states, going north and west. Seeds of hate growing in their hearts against the government for allowing this to happen. Groups are gathering in homes to discuss the next step. Hoarding of food and gas begins. Desperation sets in. Peopllosese faith in government both local, state, and federal. The reality sets in we are vulnerable to Russia, China, Isis, fear and despair over take the people. They cry out in the streets, camps are set up for our protection and to provide for us.

    3.) Chris…

    I wonder what it would be fought over….where would the lines be drawn? Racial? Political? Economics? Who will be fighting who? I think flat-out every man for himself anarchy is a more likely scenario than what we would consider a civil war.

    4.) Koi…

    This is what the government wants to happen so they can have Martial law, and throw the Constitution in the trash.

    5.) Ryan…

    It’ll be based on race, the easiest distinguisher for low information people with anger and a desire to fight. I’m not sure how white people on the left would distinguish themselves as allies though, they’ll probably get caught up in the carnage. The real question I have is: how long will TPTB allow the bloodshed before they implement the next phase of police state

    6.) Andrea…

    If it really took off, if you don’t live in a major city, I think the main effect you’d feel is a shortage of goods. Truckloads of deliveries not being able to get safely to certain destinations would eventually just stop coming.

    7.) Tony…

    If this did go down I think it will be short lived. The government would turn off the communication systems and money supply to the country. The stock market will crash and the one-percenters will load up on shares and make billions once order is restored and the market rebounds.

    8.) Lyle…

    A civil war totally manufactured by the media.

    9.) Joshua…

    There is nothing left to hold civil society together. No shared values. No shared history. No shared worldview. In many places, not even a shared language. What we see now is the Balkanization of America. In essence, we as a people have already seceded from each other.

    10.) Marvin…

    Here are the options
    1. Nothing’s gonna happen, well, except ALL statues will be removed, confederate, union, MLK, presidents, baseball players, even poor ole Elvis.
    2. A lot more protests and more deaths.
    3. North Korea drops an EMP and we thin the herd.

    11.) Sherri…

    In a way I think it’s already been going on for sometime. Internet trolling, hackers, some laws aren’t really enforced.

    12.) Brian…

    The UN will get called in. One World Order implementation.

    13.) Liz…

    I think a financial crisis of sorts , most likely causing serious uproar. An outside source of the United States coming in to try to look like helpers , I think they get a lot of people to follow them then off more than half, I think they want the very young. Madness, looting, complete anarchy until people begin to fight back.

    14.) Scott…

    It’s not just America, the civil divide is being pushed toward civil war in Europe and UK too!
    The economic crash will be global as will the response…
    this is the endgame that has been coming a long time.
    Expect microchipping of the population through FEMA camps for starving and preppers being shot for hoarding food.
    Make sure your food is not all in one place, have multiple caches so if one or two are discovered it doesn’t leave you with all the others queuing up for a loaf of bread and swiping your new microchip.

    15.) Tim…

    …Someone in our government will get the idea, if they haven’t already, that the best way to bring us back together as a nation is to give us a common enemy. Then with the help of the Media, they will demonize this enemy to the point where we as Americans can no longer just sit idly by. All the sudden, all the other issues disappear and the US government is back in control of the hearts and minds of its people.

    16.) Pat…

    I think the polarization is so extreme and so deep-seated that the very best thing for the majority of people would be for the USA to split into 3 or 4 separate countries. I don’t think we will have peace until this happens (if it ever happens). The alternative is likely to be extreme control by the government to a degree that none of us ever want to see or experience.

    17.) Ivar…

    What will begin as a somewhat ideological war (Antifa versus the Alt-Right) will sooner or later devolve into an outright race war. At that time, Antifa will cease to exist (split up in ethnic gangs). The Whites in Antifa will be on their own, and not last very long… The Alt-Right will continue to exist, although it might adopt a different name.

    Since Whites own most of the land and ammunition, and are better trained and prepped, they will most likely win this race war.

    I do not think it is likely that the race war will end soon. I’m afraid it will continue until America is all-White. Once faced with an existential threat, people can do crazy things to make sure it can never ever happen again.

    This could have as a consequence that not only North America becomes all-White, but South America too.

    A similar process will happen in Europe. It is quite likely that the Europeans will not only drive Islam from their continent, but remove it from the globe completely and repopulate the entire Middle-East.

    These Antifa provocateurs and Islamic terrorists are taking a terrible gamble. Their tactics either succeed (and the entire world turns Communist or Islamic), or it will be the eradication of all the people they represent.

    18. Renny…

    I foresee a lot of guerrilla-type warfare. If Martial Law was instituted, I could easily imagine the Antifa types committing acts of vandalism, bombing things, holding up supply trucks. Sneak attacks with huge shocking impacts, like attacking children at a school or something. It would become dangerous for people to be in certain areas based on their race.

    This could result in extreme violence against innocent non-combatants. Schools would shut down, public gathering areas like malls and markets could be targeted. Businesses would be unable to continue due to repeated vandalism. This would, in turn, affect the supply chain, which would increase theft as desperate hungry people did what they had to so they could feed their families.

    19. Kendall…

    This will be a race war, flames fanned by the likes of George Soros in order to destabilize the country. It’s a Marxist agenda that separates black vs. white and causes problems where there were none before. Paid protesters, activist groups funded by billionaires, and the crushing of free speech through violent protests will all boil over into more division.

    Confusion will occur because this won’t be a clear-cut, North vs. South issue. The “enemy” would be hard to identify and easy to be mistaken for. How can you tell if someone is right-leaning or left-leaning?

    United we stand…divided, billionaires make lots of money off our pain. Just like every other war, it all boils down to money and control.

    20.) A…

    I think we’re already seeing civil war, courtesy of Bush, Obama, Trump and now people who want to further ‘fundamentally change America’. The ‘war’ is between those who think the American dream is so-called equality for all, free stuff like healthcare, maternity leave and cell phones (coz that’s what our Founding Fathers intended – NOT!) and those of us who want to retain Her glory, where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all that matters. We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether

    We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether it’s a natural disaster, an external attack, financial crippling or just plain consequences of our action, there will be chaos, with FEAR being the biggest killer!

    People keep talking about this one event…

    I think it’ll be more of a slow and painful process, with serious consequences for our children’s children worldwide! The Beacon on the Hill WILL go out, and the world will be plunged into darkness

    Some ugly and terrifying pictures painted there…

    Thank you, Readers, as always, for your insight and participation.

    How would you prepare for something like this?

    Just like any other disaster, unless you are right in the midst of the conflict, your primary concerns would be supply shortages and self-defense.

    Prepping for a long-term supply shortage is the number one thing you should do in order to be ready for this.

    You also have to be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your home.

    • This article explains why it’s essential for preppers to be armed
    • This book discusses home security for preppers
    • This book talks about self-protection for people who aren’t black belt ninjas (the title says it’s for women but I think anyone could get extreme value from it.)
    • This course dives deep into the psychology of civil unrest and how to keep yourself and your family safe.

    It would be wise to be discreet about your supplies, as shortages and hunger will cause otherwise decent people to commit acts they would have otherwise never considered.

    What do you think?

    In the comments section, let me know what you think about the looming prospect of civil war. Tell me…

    • If you think it’s already here, just undeclared.
    • What you think the ramifications will be.
    • How you think the lines will be drawn.
    • Who stands to benefit the most.
    • What the trigger might be that would really kick things off.
    • How you feel people should prepare for this

    Alternatively, you may think we are in no danger of Civil War 2.0 actually occurring. Explain your reasoning.

    And please, be courteous. Civil War 2.0 shall not erupt in my comments section. Thanks. ?

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        • Good one HCKS.

          • Well Daisy,
            This is an interesting article. It was until the closing paragraphs where the same old books are referenced. You should have mentioned Selco’s course. He at least speaks from the experience of living through a Civil war and break up of a country in modern times. That is more than any of the author’s you sourced in your article, more than the book author’s referenced at the end of the article, and a HELL of a lot more than the egotistical and inexperienced emperor of the “American Redoubt.

            • Anonymous, there is no need to be so negative. Just add the names or links of good sources in comments.

              I am sure Daisy knows that Selco has lots of useful information on living through a civil war.

              Selco is one of the featured speakers in Daisy’s Prepping Intensive classes.

              • a most sensible comment, mom!

                • Agreed!

                • Thank you! 🙂

              • Exactly, and why didn’t she mention him? If has real life experience he has credibility far and above 20 random people who are speculating. As for sources, I remember back when I personally challenged you to start citing sources for your blather. Glad I could help you out.

                • Actually, those 20 people are the ones living down here in the trenches of day to day living.

                  They may have a feel for what’s happening/about to happen.

                  May know more than you think they do.

                  I believe when it finally breaks, the dividing line will be the Mississippi River. East vs West so to speak. The urban East. The still wild West.

                  I think the place to be will be west/north of the Miss River. Where I hope to be will be just a jump from crossing at the Caruthersville Bridge. Besides Memphis, it’s the only other way across the river from Tennessee.

                  If I had my druthers, I’d like to end up in Kalona, IA.

                  • grandee, do you feel Kalona, IA is better than south-central TN? Amish in both locations, but much colder winters in IA. We are leaving CA and narrowing down where to relocate to. Thx!

                    • I would have church people there in Kalona. Our church in southern middle TN was an out reach from a church with a Bishop from there in Kalona.

                      Either is a good church place. Both have deep Amish/Mennonite communities/roots.

                      I grew up in SE Iowa and yes, it is much colder in IA.

                      Southern Middle TN has the best farm land to get lost in- hollers and hills. Good weather.

                      Iowa has the best, well is the best. Iowa is as the name translates, “the beautiful land”.

                      We just did a couple of runs down into Amish country, Ethridge TN, for wood slabs. Very peaceful, very productive area.

                      Lobelville TN recently had workshops within the plain community
                      entitled “Illegal Christianity”. Topics included how to honor the authorities w/o being fines or ending up in jail (homeschools, businesses and such against the homosexual lifestyle).

                      Be forewarned tho. When the stuff hits the fan, the hoards of hungry and lost humans will know to go where the Amish are. The Amish will not fight them to protect their own. We trust God in this-that God can use what is to come to His Glory. We need only trust Him.

                      But then,stuff happens anywhere.

                      Prep your souls.

                    • Linda Lou, Prescott Arizona. Mama Bear weather. Pretty area.

                  • grandee, do you feel Kalona, IA is better than south-central TN? Amish in both locations, but much colder winters in IA. We are leaving CA and narrowing down where to relocate to. Thank you!!!

                  • Grandee, you can count me among those 20 people also. I’ve got MORE of a feeling for what’s about to happen after that UN article. When the UN sticks its nose into our business that is not a GOOD sign. I’m scheduled to go home Sunday but that could change. IF something happens in the next few days I’m already in the right place.

                    • Blue is an excellent color that can be seen for quite some distance.

                  • “Devastating And Life-Threatening” Harvey Expected To Bring 120MPH Winds And Up To 12-Foot Storm Surge

                    “Perhaps worse than wind speeds, Harvey encapsulates the ‘perfect storm’ as it’s moving slowly at 10mph and is expected to hover over the Texas shoreline after making landfall, bringing up to a 12 foot storm surge and dropping up to 35 inches of rain in certain areas.”
                    ht tp://

                    If you have a relative or friend who could benefit from this link, please share it.
                    50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency
                    ht tp://

                  • Grandee, you are so correct. It’s what a lot of SHTF folks don’t quite get in their various scenarios. The divide territorily will be East and west and the line will be the Mississippi river.

                    The prospect already alarms the Left so much that the leftist Marxists bureaucratic have pulled out all of the stops through HUD Vouchers to move the Left Voting dependency class westward. Des Moines is currently being flooded with thousands of HUD Voucher people, Other western communities also are being assaulted with vast waves of leftist voting blocks being moved free of charge by the Marxists at HUD. These folks are crime ridden and totally dependent on the Fedbeast. They are to change the Red States to Blue States.

                    Whatever we discuss in threads like SHTFPlan and others, the ‘thinking class’ among the Marxists have already thought of it and are two or three steps ahead of us in blocking us.

                    This is a great thread. The greatest threat in the coming years in the USA is the coming break-up of the US as a viable unit, and also it’s subsequent invasion by the UN, or what the UN will eventually morph into, the NWO, or what i think it will be called, “The Global Community”.

                • yes the blue can be seen for miles and miles

                  • UN “soldiers” would do what they always do: run away and hide the second the bullets start flying. Other than rape and selling kids into prostitution, they’re not good at much. When’s the last time you’ve heard of them actually fighting – let alone winning – a battle?

                    It always amazes me that people are in any way concerned about UN “troops”. Knowing that they’d be fighting 100 million well-armed, pissed off Americans, they’d never leave their compounds.

              • this is ONE look at how it will be. in YOUR neck of the woods, it may be blacks against whites, or muslims against everyone else, or left against right, whatever THAT looks like….no, it won’t probly be like anything you imagined….keep an open mind, and your head on a swivel!

                • Here is a real peek at what “left against right” actually looks like.
                  The demonization will only grow more and more extreme as the left continues to become unhinged and uncivil…
                  From a public engagement on Facebook between left and right (thus the Facebook names of the parties involved have not been discarded):

                  Azby Brown Hi my name is Robert Ramsey and I don’t write English too good and I wear a mask because I’m a terrorist but pay no mind I’m also an FBI informant too hell no were not racist one of our guys even shook hands with a black dude once well it was just once and he washed his hands after by and by we ride along the border in our camo pajamas lookin for mexicans to shoot at but my favorite thing is stump breaking cows hell thats our initiation into the Texas elite 3% stump breakers if yu cant do it you cant get in and thats why i also wear a mask on my pecker yup that whole 3% thing is bs we all knows it was more like 15% of colonial americans fought in the revolutionary war but we dont care cuz hell we can barely read mush less read somethin with long fancy words like the constitution so we just asks Mike V to tell us what to think and any FBI informants get to be leaders and turn everybody else in anyway were all totally ilegal and we dont want to pay for nothin so we dont pay taxes and dont recognize the gubbmint but we love Trump Trump Trump and no were not racist but we are totally chichensh*t whaddya mean if we gonna provide medical assistance we should be unarmed and wear big red crosses on our backs and if we were real men we wouldn’t need to run around with big ass guns we would just walk into the crowd unarmed and peaceful and help people chill but then we culdnt continue bein the largest threat to american democracy ever seen we’re terrorists and not only the Feds but also every other intelligence service in the world has our coordinates and yeah we’re stupid enough to let them trick us into making a bomb but one thing we love trump and hate that negro president we had and also immigrants so for sure when there a big demonstration we knows whos were standing with and which way wes pointin our guns man i feel horny wish there was a nice cow somewhere nearby guess I’ll have to use this deer carcass
                  LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · August 20 at 9:32pm

                  Robert Ramsey I’m sorry you have made up your mind on who we are you sir are very uninformed of who we are but that’s ok you can not fix ignorance we carry fire arms as last resort it is our 2nd amendment and right to carry we did not carry them in any threatening manner again the law enforcers thanked us for being there the medical team that we have did have red cross on and for you to label us as terrorist I’m sorry but last time I checked we are not the ones ruining around causing chaos and destroying property we want every one to voice there option peacefully witch is your first amendment right goes back to us providing security as far as racist sir I have friends of every color that I talk to on a daily bases if you yellow black white green purple blue I don’t care I judge people on there personality and how the tray others but I know you have made your mind up so I’ll just leave this and call it a day you have a good one good bless you and your family stay safe
                  LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · August 20 at 10:06pm ·

                  Azby Brown Robert Ramsey: I notice you don’t deny stump-breaking cows. You don’t carry firearms as a last resort, you carry them all the time, even when there is no threat that warrants it. There has been no threat that warrants it in your lifetime, there is no t…See More
                  LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · August 20 at 11:21pm

                  Azby Brown Well, Robert Ramsey couldn’t argue with anything I said (mainly because he can’t write coherent English sentences), so he wet his pants and skeedaddled off. He changed his “oh-I’m-a-tough-terrorist” masked photo for something more domestic, too, after…

                • I ROGER the swivel!!

              • ???Thanks Ky Mom

                • You are welcome! 🙂

              • Daisy intensive prepping classes ? now that is a double oxymoron !

                Preppers will buy into just about anything in the echo chamber of preppers. No doubt she has some good homesteading perspectives and food related prep ideas, but the rest is all based on other peoples prior talking points and zero real world first hand experience in anything even close to a serous situation. Purely speculation and parroting. But that is nearly all so-called preppers, so nothing new at all

                The article simply rehashed what most people have known for a long time. Yes the nation is seriously divided in every matter and event deliberately and nobody knows how it will all play out ! Astonishing hey ? what it did not speak about was the serious level of racial animus created deliberately and that is also quite obvious and a very big factor in future events. I seriously doubt daisy can run a mile and maybe not 100 yards without being depleted so I imagine she has a lot of other things to master before I will take much of her ideas seriously. Talk is very easy and nothing can replace first hand real life experience and results. Stick with the homesteading Daisy you do some of that well.

              • I TOTALLY Agree! Anon SHOULD know that…and to dis a man who’s, NEARLY single handed, established the STANDARD for “PREPPING & PREPPERS” doesn’t make you anything but immature…

                Mom’s right…STICK to expressing YOUR LIST, (I’m sure it’s a good one), and leave the NEGATIVES at home. I personally spent 12 years “SURVIVING” in a hostile environment in S.A., & COULD give a few Titles, but I think Daisy’s and your list is enough…

            • Daisy,

              Great article with many helpful links!

              • There will be no Civil war, just paid provocateurs stirring up hate where ever they can press people’s buttons. We just need to hang all the chaos makes who fund these phony riots and confiscate their wealth as reparations to repay the victims they attack.

                Lot of these websites are all doom porn. One projected disaster one after another and none of them ever comes true. Its how they fun their livelihoods. Don’t buy into BS propaganda.

                • Correct, there will be no civil war. This is being orchestrated by TPTB.

                  • This whole civil war meme is being orchestrated from the top. Even the UN is a player. We are watching a huge psyops and like most psyops there are paid provocateurs, paid actors, and innocent civilians caught up in the psops with no clue that it is mostly fake. Maybe 25 million Americans are entranced by the huge psyops with the other 300 million Americans ignoring the hoopla or watching it with mixed feelings of revulsion and fascination. Some pretty important people are working real hard to divide us and to get the masses engaged in civil disobedience. If this does not work they will likely turn to more deadly harmful actions.

                    • Water Dragon

                      Excellent analysis, I concur.

                      awed bawl

                      No civil war. 90+ % of the public are only concerned about their own lives.

                    • @ Water Dragon, I agree. More likely an EMP, or economic collapse. Which I haven’t any doubt the UN will be involved!

                  • However, there be a (((civil war))).

                • The death of the petro dollar should be the main concern of every breathing person in this
                  country. Not some phony, left-wing insurrection. The rabble rousers stirring up trouble at
                  these demonstrations are not even one tenth of 1% of the population. They are just fleas on
                  our asses. Little hemmoroids. The media blows all of the hype out of proportion just to make some more fake news. Follow the bouncing red ball, people. Just another distraction.
                  Pay attention to economics and become your own central banks. Don’t keep wasting half of
                  your next paycheck on useless preps. Do real things that will cushion you from the coming
                  crash. I suppose buying 50 #10 cans of pie filling might help, but I don’t think when the
                  financial calamity starts people are going to be overly concerned about baking pies. Or
                  sharing Ramen recipes. Gold and silver. Real money since ancient times. Cash on hand is
                  also a good thing if gasoline and staples should skyrocket. Most folks are about as prepped
                  as they are going to be. Zero in on the real shit. Let the stupid knuckle draggers off themselves with the civil disturbances. Your goal should be self preservation. That is why
                  you prep in the first place.

                  • “The death of the petro dollar should be the main concern of every breathing person in this”

                    Its not just undisciplined spending as the root cause as technology, fracking, horizontal drilling, the entire E&P (Exploration & Production) of oil/gas is destabilizing the established order. The system is predicated upon TPTB, through the US military and world wife economic leverage to see to it that oil is traded in US dollars. It requires two groups, one that has an oil demand and the means to pay and the other the supplier. If technology has the former find its own oil resources the latter nations demand of exclusive US dollar payment is moot. There is a saying in the energy business, “No cheap form of energy goes unused”.

                    The oil pegs days are numbered and with it, unless some unforeseen replacement magically appears, the US dollar loses a massive amount of its value. Throughout history when nations or groups are at whits end the end result is war. The system that emerges (very tricky in modern times as it might be the stone age) is a clean slate for TPTB to exploit.

                    • wide not wife

                • CRACK…I think you’re closest to the “10 spot” with you’re “hang all the chaos who fund these phony riots…”;

                  BUT! They’re no more “phony” than G. “sorrows” attempt to crash the British Sterling…He’d DEADLY & DEMONICALLY SERIOUS! AND! Needs a FINAL “neaktie party” once the REAL guns begin exchanging loads!

                  For interest, read Brad Thors’ “FULL BLACK”, Chapter 68…(entire Chap.)…THAT’s what we NEED to accomplish…ASAP!!!

            • Daisy, Daisy, Daisy …. what can I say ??? LMFAO !!! 🙂

              There is not going to be Civil War in this country while TRUMP is POTUS and Marine Generals control The White House, DOD, DHS, and the Intelligence apparatus. Even a “general insurrection” by a massive number of Leftists will be limited, managed, controlled, and mitigated by the current Administration and American Troops, if necessary.

              BTW new legislation introduced in Congress will give this Administration more power to charge the bad guys with SEDITION & TREASON. But lets HOPE so while there is an Administration filled with Patriots to protect America and our Constitution.

              Don’t think for a minute that ongoing investigations are not identifying all of the email and telephone conversations of Alt Left Hooligans and their Masters. That data is available for any specific computer or telephone user.Supercomputers can use “buzz words” to ferret out new offenders at the flick of a switch; the press of a button. Lets see, the app says ….. F7,F8,F9 … in that order.

              Will some cities burn ?? Sure but it saves the cost of demolition under the coming infrastructure stimulus plan and create real construction jobs for those willing to work. Will a lot of liberals in the major cities die ?? Yes, but they were voting twice or three times anyway, so the ability of American Patriots to control the election process of “one man, one vote” will be so much easier.

              Look on the bright side of things, my peeps !!! My glass is half full !!! 🙂

              • My glass is half full too. I just want to know who drank the rest of my beer!

                • LMAO !!! 🙂 Very funny !!!

              • Who the fuck do you think your”peeps” are dk? God you are such a narcissist. You have personality unawareness disease and a ding dong who thinks he’s King Kong dementia disorder! . What a tool!…

            • Selco’s work is worth every penny.

              • it was FREE for me, and that was right in the middle of MY price-range.

            • Anonymous, you made a damn good point about Selco. I’ve also taken Selco’s course and highly recommend it myself. I also agree about JWR being full of shit. But I also agree with KY Mom that you’re a bit too hard on Daisy. Lighten up. We’ve got too many enemies out there without turning on each other.

              • yup yup!

            • Its all the filthy stinking Chews that want to divide Americans into a Civil War. What the Fuck are you all afraid to call out these parasites for what they have been working on since 1913 when they took over the Monitary System of US Money. The Chews like Soros hire thugs then their Chewish MSM creates the hate propaganda. California does not want to susceed. George Soros is trying to take over California. It we get rid of all the American hating Chews 90% of Americas problems disappear. They created the NAACP, Black lives matter, Womens Liberation and Antifa. Its all to hit America again and again to destroy the American family, gender hate, control us monetarily, and through the courts. 33% of the US Supreme court Justices are Chews that create this set of laws for the race to the bottom. Campaign finance reform allowed the Chews to buy their politicians with unlimited money. 33% domination on the Supreme court when the US Chewish population is only 2.1%. It way lopsided and not representitive of America, and why American is going down the shithole one bogus law after another. Its all by design by the stinkin Chews. You Mutha fuckers better get you heads out of your asses and stop listening to this BS propaganda and declare war on the Filthy Chews destroying our Country with filthy pedophile Hollywood garbage and sexual perversion. The Chews goal is to destroy the White Middle Class population. Bankrupt America and turn us all into welfare slaves they can control. The Chews are leading the charge to destroy the 1st and 2nd Amendments. An unarmed US Population is a slave population. Obama Care was a plan to bankrupt the White Middle class to make it unaffordable. Our Foundation of our economy is the White Middle class. NAFTA was designed to bankrupt the White Middle Class and our culture just like their Hired ANTIFA Thugs tearing down Confederate statues. Its all to destroy our culture and history and create hate. Identify the chew enemy amd destroy them every day every chance you can, and BOYCOTT every Chew company and Business from Cable Filth TV ESPN, Disney pedophile, Retail businesses and stack Gold And Silver to get off their hellish Federal Reserve Monitary system. Call the enemy out every day until every American Black and White knows exactly what the Chew is doing to America. You want the truth hete or more BS propaganda band-aid BS? Any schlep with a brain can see this problem. Its not black against White. Its Chews against America. They are trying to define the narative as Civil war. Its none if that what so ever. Its the Chews against America. Keeping us bankrupt in perpetual war not for Americas benefit but for them the devil.

            • It’s coming. Been saying this for a while. I don’t see it as being avoidable, as there are simply too many of TPTB that want it to come about so they can implement a totalitarian government.

              But no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. And TPTB may have seriously miscalculated as to how things will go down.

              What we are seeing with the erasing of our history clearly illustrates the result of at least two generations of public education indoctrination. Just about anyone under the age of 30 is in total ignorance of any of our nation’s history prior to 1990. Many do not know who Ronald Reagan was, much less our founding fathers. Many know nothing of WWII, much less the Civil War or our country’s revolution against Britain. All they know, is that the country was founded by white men who were slave-holders. And that’s all they care about. For them, nothing more needs to be known.

              I came across a quote this week that eloquently sums up what we are seeing with the Antifa and Black Lives Matter bunch.

              “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.” –W. Gaddis–

              And there it is.

            • And how does anybody here know Selco is not a complete fraud and simply a created entity ?

              I had him up at my site for a long while and took it all down for a reason. You figure it out or don’t believe your lying eyes for your own proofs of who is who in the prepper zoo ? Nearly all are frauds and have simply figured out a way to milk you in the echo chamber ! Nothing new at all and there is a very big difference between being negative and telling a simple truth ! Same with reality versus conspiracy, some realities are real conspiracies as we now know for realsies with the deep state apparatus!

          • Do you guy understand the significance of what Historian and strategist Gregory Copley wrote:

            “It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.”

            Those two events were the bloodiest events in human history! Those events are why Hitler is third on the all time killer list.

            I don’t think that I’ve read a more disturbing assessment in my life!!!

            • I’m pretty sure when all things are finished The Second American Civil War will be the bloodiest event in human history. I’d be surprised if the death toll will be less than 100 million.

              • It will only take place if 2 sides want it. Sorry, all you rabble rousers, it ain’t gonna happen
                because commerce overrides everything.

                • Who is to say whether most people are participating in commerce.

                  • Most Americans are completely controlled by their own forms of materialism whatever that form may be and that is a form and function of commerce. Americans have taken it all to extremes.

                    Most Americans are clueless that is how they are easily controlled. They never look inside and are controlled by all the outside forces of materialism and that is also why 73+% of Americans are either fat or obese and very unhealthy or fit. I am not making up any of this, so one would think it might sink in eventually because it is all beyond obvious and factual. The other thing is that Americans are very slow to grasp reality these days on much of any matters and there is almost no common sense out there in USA today anywhere, especially in government.
                    Most Americans have become fat, dumb and lazy and that is why we have not seen but very few people stand up to anything or are actually capable of such. We see a lot of talk and almost zero action on any level. And even more fear porn to make a buck from fools !

                    Anybody who is not seriously focused on their health, fitness and every aspect of personal training is a fool in the current environment here in USA today. That is the opposite of fear, that is how you gain confidence and skills. Repetitively talking prepper junk is mostly a wasted effort at this juncture and there are far more important matters to concern one self with 24/7/365.

                    • Well-put, DowntoEarth! That’s the best preamble for personal readiness training that will likely be written. Now, the ball is in everyone’s court (those who would be free, that is) to put it into action for him or herself.

            • LMFAO !!! If you are going to accept someone’s perspective, understand where they are coming from. This guy is a GLOBALIST OF THE FIRST ORDER promoting Globalist propaganda and their Agenda !!!


              Globalists want to destroy America by hook or crook; but they prefer “crook”. Why ?? Because the US Constitution stands between them and their Global Order. Globalists want to divide America because UNITED UNDER GOD we are invincible, with a Constitution that states that AMERICAN RIGHTS are derived from Nature’s (Almighty) God.

              This is why they want to divide US, turn our diversity into a weakness, and separate US into smaller groups and regions they can manipulate under IDENTITY (ETHNIC) POLITICS.

              It is also why they want a Constitutional Convention to “clarify” the US Constitution, enforce a balanced budget (bad idea) with a prescribed debt ceiling. This limitation would cause the DEFAULT of the US Government, the destruction of the dollar, and impoverish Americans almost overnight.

              Follow the money. Find the motive of the powerful or the powerless. Engage !!! 🙂

              • BTW, the reason America runs a Trillion Dollar deficit every year is because we subsidize ILLEGALS to the tune of $500 billion a year (not including the $25 billion they repatriate); China in the amount of $350-400 Billion a year and this has been going on for DECADES; Canada $25 billion under NAFTA; and Mexico $125 billion per year.

                Do the math my peeps.

                We don’t need a Constitutional Convention to pass a “Balanced Budget Amendment”; we just need to stop subsidizing the third world and apply these funds to Social Security and health insurance for Americans.

                Every refugee as an example, costs the American taxpayer $20,000 per year, on average. There are hundreds of other misappropriations of Taxpayer funds, if eliminated, would create a MASSIVE annual surplus. 🙂

        • shot him right in the face, good

        • HCKS, good video but that’s going to be multiplied times MILLIONS. Dipshit ran out of ammo and let himself get taken out by a kid.

          • if i shot him in the face with my 44 rem magnum at that close range his hair would catch on fire from the winchester 296 powder fireball.

          • meh, the kid just finished him off like when a mama cougar lets the cub finish killing the bird mama caught

          • i been sayin’ it for a loooong time… many bullets can you expend, and not GET SHOT?…….with people just as intent on stayin’ alive as you are, shootin’ BACK at yuh…..if that was a little more realistic, he woulda dropped dead before the second magazine change… aint gonna NEED thousands of rounds of ammo…..and where was his vest? maybe i wasn’t payin’ attention, but you GOT to have military-grade armor to get into a REAL gunfight, outherwise, it’s a suicide.

            • buttcrackofdoom, that is why my secrete identity is “The Turtle”. I just hope I face gang-bangers like this clip and not good old country boys with their high caliber rifles.

              Remember people, defense wins championships!

            • Well, there were millions of GIs in WW2 that didnt have body armor and survived, very few Taliban have body armor,,, is it really helpful? Yea it will stop rounds, do i care enough though? Or am i just going to wade in with the lord in my heart and hell on my mind? Nobody lives forever

          • Biggest problem of that video, dude was alone, no one to cover his six in a zone where it’s free fire. Then moving into CCB alone is suicide anyway as you cannot clear rooms effectively…but it was a movie not a real situation. When things devolved to this point, you have to have a buddy to cover your six. The whole Mad Max alone against the world crap is just that, crap that will get you killed fast. If this is how preppers see and do things, you are going to die quick. I’d go on but common sense is a rare commodity apparently. Others actual military experience apparently has been warped by holyweirds influence.

            • Who watches your “buddy” while he’s “‘watching’ your six”? He’s who you need to be watching. You may have been trained to be dependent on others. That’s how they kept you in “their man’s army”. That’ll get you killed in the real- world kind of war that’s coming, without all the sheltering of “that man’s army” that you may be used to having. “Clearing rooms” is TPTB’s tactic that they had their dependents use to carry out their agenda for conquest. It won’t be useful for “every man against his neighbor” warfare.

              • Neal and Anon, I doubt there will be any need or reason to be well trained at CQB. That too is way past overdone on the tube and Hollywood. Definitely a LEO or military response that I will likely not ever encounter nor most people will. For one thing it is an assault and clearing technique and I doubt I am going to be doing much or any of those ? I completely agree the defensive mindset is a far superior mindset and being well trained out to be very aggressive and effectively deadly instantly without as much as a blink. That means target acquisition in every imaginable body posture imaginable. You
                will not learn this at the range, ever ! In fact most people are wasting their time, effort and money at the range. But you will never see that comment at a regular prepper site ! Once you are reasonably proficient with your weapons it is a waste of time to go to the range more than once a year. There is far better training you can acquire once you have the basics down pat. Part of that training requires some physical ability. So find someone with a large enough piece of land on private property and get on with it ! Besides it is a lot of fun with friends and can get a bit competitive.











          • You are so correct. Diversity = ANTI-WHITE!! Plain and simple. They want us decent, morale, normal whites all dead, all gone. Allowing all the damn foreigners in the country, the muslims and all the nigger$ my God, its a monster cess-pool.

        • HCKS, great video.

          May I comment?

          Scene one where he is behind the tree. I always practice both right and left handed shooting at the range. This guy was always popping out to his right to fire. With multiple shooters, they’d be waiting for you after the second or third time you popped out. My range frowns on quick draw etc but I can put down a weapon pointed down range and practice picking it up lefty or righty on either side of the pagoda pole that provides shade. The range master just squints at me when I practice like this, but says nothing as long as I do it safely.

          Scene two, walking down the street. Damn he walks down the middle of the street. Rule 1 of gun fights, the guy with better cover usually wins.

          Why was he even in that building where he died?

          Why did he not take ammo or weapons from downed adversaries? The only thing better than shooting at a bad guy, is to be shooting at said bad guy with a pistol in each hand. I practice that at the range too, that gets a squint and a groan. Two pistols, two targets, I fire ambidextrously and independently.

          My latest acquisition is electronic hearing protection with quad microphones that provide directional plus enhanced hearing. It may not be dog like hearing, but I already have better than average hearing and this makes it just better, and protects it. It’s on the nightstand with the 45 should someone want to try their luck in my home some night. I can hear someone walking on carpets now, it’s pretty cool. In the SHTF expect bad guys to have flashbangs.

          I’ve bought electronic hearing protection for the range that lets you hear a whisper at the next pad, and am immensely pleased with it. The new one is just better, more amplification of quiet sounds plus you can tell direction of the sound better. It’s quad not just stereo.

          • I think he would of done better with a semi shotgun? Expecialy with moving targets? Hate to see a good man go down.

          • prescient observations, plan. thank you!

          • PTPO ~ Can you tell us the make/model of the hearing protection device? Thanks!

            • Here’s a link to the electronic earmuffs I bought that have 9X hearing amplification.


              I’ve been researching and 9X hearing enhancement seems to be about as good as you can get on the market. More money buys options like blue tooth which I wouldn’t want. I didn’t want anything that transmits in any way. The shape of the ear covering is important to me. If rifles or shotgun stocks make contact with earmuff plastic housings, it can conduct sound and make them useless. A low profile especially toward the bottom is important in my experience.

              You can spend hundreds on a pair of electronic earmuffs, I’m not sure that is necessary. Typically products with similar specs all use the same Chinese made electronic chips and parts, though workmanship can vary. There’s often little real performance variation.

              It’s a shame I haven’t found a good review of many on the market. Having high amplification is not always desired, many states forbid hunting with hearing enhanced earmuffs. In a home defense or SHTF, I want force multipliers. They are also desirable for safety at the range.

              If anyone else has similar products chime in. I’ll try to give a better review after I’ve used it for a few months.

          • We noticed a few of the same things in the video.
            Can you provide a link for the hearing protection you mentioned.
            As far as shooting left and right handed, yesterday I was reading in 1Chronicles 12:2 about men who could shoot their bows and arrows as well as sling stones with both right and left hands. Thousands of years ago it was a recognized skill.

          • Interesting comment about the hearing protection you have. I might have to look into that. Back some years when I went to the range with a couple friends, the thing I disliked was how muted everything was but knew protecting hearing was important.

            I also have excellent hearing. As a young adult I didn’t go to every high volume rock concert (they were expensive anyway) or blast music from the radio or recording devices (still like vinyl over digital).

            Because of protecting my hearing (and other senses), I can still hear my cats moving around at night. Listening to cats walk on carpet at night is pretty funny. They walk a bit, look around or sniff (usually can’t hear that), walk more, pause or sit. Much more stealth than during the day.

            Taking a walk in the woods is another joy. I practice hearing what’s around me; I listen with my eyes closed also to enjoy hearing birds or little critters scuffling around doing their thing. It’s also interesting to do this practice hearing someplace where people are like the grocery store. A person can learn quite bit about human habits that way.

            Practice using all your senses. These are your first defense, your first alert system.

            • We have a great preserve near us with nature walking trails. I love going for a walk there, of course my wife is either talking a blue steak or walking like she’s trying to stomp the trail flat. It’s only after she gets tired of talking there’s any chance of seeing wildlife. There’s a reason women aren’t allowed in hunting parties, in hunter gatherer societies.

              I’ve try to teach her how to walk silently, but it only lasts a couple minutes.

              We were in Central America walking a trail in the mountains. My wife was yacking with the guide when I shouted for the whole group the stop. Ten feet in front of us was a six foot bushmaster, the largest poisonous snake in the world right in the middle of the road/trail. Eyes and ears wide open.

        • Watched it . The moral of the story ? He should of shot the little negro when he had the chance? O no we have to wait until they are 18 ??

          • @ TH You got that right. A friend of mine shot a woman nearly in half with an M-79 in the Nam. I hope the No. 17 has the right scenario.They will be easy to identify.

        • Both sides think they’re Huey P. Newton, and the other guy is the dictator or invader.

          Apologists believe that Goebbels was being altruistic, when he said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

          You can’t build a civilization, on the use of force, once there is nothing left to pillage, and there are no more spoils, to pay the mercenaries. People have participated in good faith but failed, anyway. So, the narrative is collapsing. Humpty Dumpty can’t be put back together, again, with more bullets.

      1. doubt it

        • Oh please, just go back to your NRA crap

          • Do society a huge favor, hang yourself. NRA stands up for whites and they know that coons are nothing but violence and trouble and crime.

      2. I was always a happy go lucky, live and let live kind of guy. Then I was diagnosed with incurable stage 4 geriatric flatulence. Now it’s kill or be killed.

        • So YOU are the guy that almost killed me with that stealth fart in Walmart the other day.

        • Him, me too! LOL!

        • i was happy once too, until i realized i was a filthy tax slave.

        • LMFAO,,,?

      3. One Big Info Commercial. Buy Prepping supplies. Buy this book buy that book,, lol

        I’m not buying anything. Wait and sit and watch.

        • yup

          • Eh,a few more comfort items/ammo could never hurt,you use em one way or another.

            • just bought 50 packs of pnut butter (MRE type).

              1/2 price here– ht tps://

              a little extra protien in a handy small pouch

              long shelf life

              easy store

              east carry

              good barter item

              • perfect prepper food. i saw it at kroger for 99c a 15 oz jar a couple months ago and bought a few more cases. it will keep for several years…..doubt we need that long.

        • Not even beer?

        • HCKS, I have been in several battles that would be well past this one. Mostly because there were many more people involved on both sides and we were overrun by NVA several times. There was no place to run or hide or avoid anything, the only choice is to kill or be killed. That is a very different matter than most people have ever encountered. Being in that perspective and environment over a long period of time makes you accept your own death and at that point you are a very dangerous individual because you don’t care any longer. You get tired of thinking about it and just want to get on with it and kill as many as possible and hope for the best or die trying and not have to deal with it any longer. Unwinding from that extreme perspective is exactly what PTSD is all about. I was one of the few lucky ones and survived all of it and stronger today than I was in 68-69. That is an incredible thing ! And I appreciate it all beyond words everyday. But I can assure you it was no easy task for many reasons and events then or over the years leading up to today. I teach people how to gain the warrior mindset and physical/psychological attributes. That is why I know most prepper stuff is nonsense. Anybody can do this, just gotta know how ! It is all about how we think and then act on it. Fat people will never be a warrior because they have created their own limits and boundaries. But that too can be easily changed if a person really wants to. It is all about how we think and then act on it, all else is bullshit !

      4. They (MSM, globalists, etc.) will never call it a civil war, even by any measure, it looks like one. It will be labelled as political unrest or riots organized by the “extremist” groups from either side of the spectrum.

        Only in hindsight, when it has escalated to organized groups acting in military fashion with objectives, will historians and media groups resort to using “civil war” in their texts. Or marshall law is declared to quell the conflicts, whichever comes first.

        • Civil war is the wrong term, it is the Balkanization of America. Daisy was right in providing a definition because we need to get used to this word and what it means for America going forward. You don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of that line boy.

          Multiculturalism = Balkanization

          Balkanization is defined as the “fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.”

          • SOMEday, it will be called what it is, the SNIVEL war.

            • I regard the universal pro-left hysterical yapping of the mainstream media as the DRIVEL War – – –

          • (((Who))) is orchestrating this Balkanization?

            • …The same ones who orchestrate your Right wing/Left wing blocs to keep you on one side or the other of theirs. Those who are not for either of them but, rather, for everyone’s individual independence, are the third front.

      5. Great article Daisy. Thanks. I really appreciate all that you do for the prepper community!

        • me too daisy!

      6. Warchild, damn right extra ammo never hurts. Been doing some more stacking while on vacation. Picked up some more ammo and a few other supplies. Supposed to go back home this sunday but not so sure at the moment. That article on the UN sticking their nose into our business sent a red flag up in my mind. Something’s coming and I don’t like the feel of it.

      7. Written by Daisy Luther. I’m sure thats her real name. Sounds like even the women are
        starting to clamor for unrest. Careful what you jokers ask for. It won’t be nice when this
        enchilada comes down. It’s been held together with prayers and Super Glue up until now.
        Don’t push our luck.

      8. Daisy, this is one of your best articles ever.

      9. All a load of fear porn. The USA is not anywhere near as taxed as Europe so we have a LONG way to go yet in confiscating people’s wealth before anyone revolts. Most that will happen is a situation like the Watts riots where the blacks went berserk and all got nice new apartments and new appliances, furniture; free stuff to shut them up. If taking down a bunch of stupid statues will shut them up for a while, fine, do it!

      10. Best to keep stacking and looking over your shoulder.

      11. Hasn’t happened yet…

        I think something will go down that the government can’t ignore, the National Guard will be deployed to this one small zone like LA 1992…

        It will be stamped out (harder than LA 1992)…

        Meanwhile the issue of National defense will be ramped up to 11 in the media, either hypothetically or over… something that appears real…

        And that will be the end of it. People will go home and be thankful they’re being defended.

        Meanwhile the middle class will become the poor, and the poor will magically disappear in medium numbers. Magic. Not enough that you’d really notice unless you were staring at it. For instance where did all the “regulars” that used to hang out at my local freeway onramp and local park go? Poof. Magic.

        You will probably get a Civil War, but not yet. Decade, decade and a half maybe.

        (And unless you’re in a pretty decent sized group that knows how to farm… I don’t see prepping past the two year mark as feasible in urban areas. Past the five year mark in flyover country).

      12. I am curious if your country deviled into an all out shooting war where do you folks see Canada in all that?

        • Angry Beaver, Canada will be overrun with refuges. It remains my ultimate SHTF bug-out location.

          If white people loose the conflict in America, they will seek to either regroup or establish a new home in the Northwestern part of Canada. White people can loose the struggle if someone like the Obomanation get in power again. Whichever side controls the power of the state WINS.

          This has got to be a problem when I would prefer a dictatorship over letting the other side back in power. Seriously!

          • I mean lose, sorry.

          • Justice,
            Fair enough , would this not be like your unprepared neighbors banging on your door for a hand out? Just a thought.
            Of course myself I would welcome and freedom fighters I know many secluded places however I’d do your homework as we have military bases smattered all over our north plus the fact the second largest military base CFB Suffield is in your direct path to cross the Rockies on foot would be suicide for all but the most experienced rivers hiking paths water ways would all be monitored in real time and patrolled and then there is the season you only have about a 3 week window in the spring to cross of foot before the snows rain and floods that seasonally tear those mountain passes up.
            But should youake it across the border my advise stay east of the foothills and stay to the west of the province it is sparcley populated and there is a road that runs along our west border it’s called forestry trunk road follow it north staying as west as possible. And remember you’ll be traveling through the wilderness not some groomed park you will face grizzly black and brown bear mountain lions deep canyons cliffs wide rivers and not to mention hostile Indians lol yes you heard me our natives still live wild in the bush DO NOT get caught trespassing there. Our natives have been brow beaten for 150 years many are pissed off and looking to kill whites.
            By the time you each a secluded enough place you will have walked 600 miles from the Montana border facing oppressive heat wild animals military patrols starvation sickness injury and not to mention local militia made up of anti American people don’t forget your traveling along a province that’s just as libtarded as California that (would be BC)
            And if by some mirical you should make it and find yourself by Edmonton or west of then you’ve got a chance. For those of you who understand LSD coordinates
            I’d have to look at my maps again to be sure.ill repost if it’s not correct.
            This should literally put you in the middle of no where surrounded by by 50foot pines. I would recommend picking up a copy of the Alberta hunting regs inside you’ll find a map of the province detailing military bases Indian reservations farms private land and crown land. As well I’d try to get my hands on oilfield maps there will detail backroads trails pipelines abandon well sites traplines ect.
            The LSD coordinates will put you on an abandon oil well this will serve as a staging area from there I suggest you head west again 3km in you come to a river fresh water fish and game to hunt and thousands of square miles of untouched forest.
            Hope that helps and good luck

            • And if any of you do make it you’ll be coming to live in peace and quiet we will not actively be engaging the enemy. Any and all are welcome so long as you fit yourselves in and don’t try to change the rules. There are many in my community that will be taking to the forest. Although I don’t see this little town as being any significance to anyone were too far out of the way lol.and by the time anyone figured out that were here we’ll be gone. I hope to never see that day that my group will escort yours into our camp.
              You would be given medical attention food shelter whatever you needed you would be expected to “donate” any extra food ammo valuables medical supplies ect soon entry
              You would be allowed to keep your personal weapons (of course). In due course you would earn the group’s trust by pitching in and not causing disruption or conflict with the group’s leadership.

              • On another helpful hint.
                Common Northern Alberta cartridges
                300 win mag
                7.62 x 39
                You folks might want to think about picking up a an SKS along the way or anything that shoot 762 x 39 very popular ammo here and plentiful. You may have a hard time finding ammo for your beloved ar platforms 556 is just not that common .223 is mini 14 would serve you well.
                Keep your .45 s and 9mm lots of that here but don’t loose your piece pistols are not that common here you won’t find a replacement easily.

                • you repeated yourself…..grizzly bear and brown bear are one and the same. and i don’t know how well off your country will be, with all those muslims trudeau has been WELCOMING to your country….good luck with that(them).

                  • Black and brown bear are different.
                    Brown are more aggressive then black but not as aggressive as a grizzly.
                    Welcome to my jungle. See you in the weeds

                    • Bear nomenclature is tricky. Brown is used in common parlance for what I call black bears, but also for what are known as Kodiak bears (far west, not a great range).

                      For anyone wanting details on bear “etiquette,” read Stephen Herrero’s (Univ. of Calgary) book Bear Attacks. The Craigheads in the US also do a great job. Personally, I always carry bear spray. Works great on cougars, too.

                    • You are correct- they are three separate species, and I hope I don’t have to meet any of them in real life! We have black bears here. Too close for my comfort.

                    • they ARE the same specie

                      “Even though grizzlies are considered to be a subspecies of brown bear, the difference between a grizzly bear and a brown bear is fairly arbitrary. In North America, brown bears are generally considered to be those of the species that have access to coastal food resources like salmon. Grizzly bears live further inland and typically do not have access to marine-derived food resources.

                      Besides habitat and diet, there are physical and (arguably) temperamental differences between brown and grizzly bears. Large male brown bears in Katmai can routinely weigh over 1000 pounds (454 kg) in the fall. In contrast, grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park weigh far less on average. There have been no documented cases of grizzly bears weighing over 900 pounds (408 kg) in Yellowstone. Additionally, grizzly bears seem to react to humans at greater distances than brown bears.”

                    • Notice how Mike Wallace in that interview considers his nationality as 3ewish? 3ew is a Religion not a nationality. You see most 3ews have an identity crisis, because there is no Nation they can call home or a Nationality because they are parasites squatters where ever they can get their free ride host carries them to set up their shop to destroy each nation one at a time like dominos, then they move on to the next Nation. Australia is now being invaded by the parasite. And why they are banning Guns there.

                • better have this stuff
                  AR-15 and 2000 rounds of ammo
                  870 wingmaster 12 guage with 500 rounds of ammo
                  22LR semi-auto rifle with 10,000 rounds of ammo
                  9mm pistol with 2000 rounds of ammo
                  otis cleaning kit for all calibres
                  gun oil(i use 5w40 synthetic motor oil)
                  GOOD flashlight
                  night vision
                  rod for clearing jams
                  extra magazines for all weapons
                  holster for pistol
                  gun cleaning solvent
                  gun disassembly mat
                  manual for guns owned
                  AR parts kit
                  cleaning/shop rags
                  bulletproof vest or at least plate carrier
                  armorers wrench
                  magazine reloading devices
                  what did i forget?
                  oh, and VERY important, know how OTHER guns you may pick off the battlefield WORK…..swap guns with your buddies while at the range…..unless you live in kalipornia,, of coarse.

                  • If i live in kalipornia all i need is my skinny jeans, a fleshlight and a vagina hat and i would fit in,,,
                    Well, yea, NO CAN DO

                  • What did you forget?

                    That all this stuff weighs a freaking ton. If the S really HTF, all your “prepper” gear could make you a very big target. This scenario applies if you try to stay in place. Even if you bugout you are still going someplace else where you will stay put.

                    Others insist that movement is life.

                    Personally, if a civil war breaks out, it won’t be local. I believe it will be global. The globalists have set things up so nothing happens locally anymore. Trying to find a place to retreat to; to ride things out, will be near impossible.

                    Besides, how can you really prepare? The true costs are enormous.

            • Angry Beaver, thank you for the detailed and helpful response (I saved it). When the time come can I hire you as a coyote to escort me to the safe areas?

            • Angry Beaver you ask, “would this not be like your unprepared neighbors banging on your door for a hand out?”

              I don’t think that’s a fair analogy. I think it would be more like you neighbor was robbed, beaten and his house burned down. That person is deserving of Christian charity. But your right that it’s your house your rules!

              • In reality what will happen is our borders will be flooded with people try to escape violence in general. Illegals know better then to cross here they would not be welcomed it’s Manitoba and onterio is where they cross into liberal provinces.
                Not to mention it’s way to cold and inhospitable here for 99%of them. So we don’t see them this far North. Truedope is flip flopping on our immigration policies
                He’s been turning them back actually.
                Canadians in general are taking a stand on illegal immigration.
                Oh one more thing I forgot to mention
                Is the 303 British cartridge is still very popular here. If your a Canadian gun owner you have an old Enfield in the closet
                For those unfamiliar with it it’s a damn fine battle weapon and almost identical to the 30-06. Very hard hitting bullet very flat shooter

                • Enfield kicks like a mule!

                  • Why yes. Yes they do. Imagine being on the receiving end of that. Most natives favor this caliber they are cheap and reliable and never jam. They rountinly drop moose and elk with them

                    • At 50 bucks for a box of federals at home hardware I don’t think that it’s that cheap (303). Most of the natives use 30-06 or 7mm just like everybody else. My brother in law (cree) uses the same as his father and brother and other inlaws. It’s mostly flat land shooting. Mulies have great eyes. If you cannot hit past 300 yards you most likely won’t be bringing home meat. So most guys get good or let their guns rust in the closet. While I love my old Lee Enfield, I have to say my Wife’s 308 beats the pants off of it for accuracy. Last year I free handed a coyote at 400 meters with her rifle. Stick with what works for you though. Advice is great but if you think buying all sorts of things for people you don’t know or guns you don’t own will help you maybe you should buy a water filter or some food instead. And as for our bases, well never underestimate the military, however, Suffield is 45 mins west of medicine hat and a couple hours east of Calgary on highway 1. It’s in the middle of nowhere. coming out of montana on i15 you can take highway 4 to lethbridge then east on the crowsnest and avoid the military. Knowing the area I would be more worried about the colonies of hooterites. They will probably kill you and take your women long before you get near any marauding natives or street gangs. They do not care about our laws and simply hide behind their black clothes.

                    • SCTV- don’t the Hutterites follow the major tenets of anabaptism, including nonviolence, adult baptism, and communal ownership of goods.

                      non-violence would be NOT killing you

                      “hiding” behind their clothing is really not what’s going on. they are living out their beliefs.

                      as for taking your women, doubt it. that would go against their beliefs.

                      ht tp://

                    • Grandee
                      I have met and dealt with many of them, in Canada and the USA. Crossing the border they buy booze like crazy, they always max out their exemptions even if they have only crossed for an hour. I have seen this many times at Sweetgrass. Some people say they sell it for a profit locally others I have known claim them to be habitual drunks. I have worked with some who have explained that they do not consider themselves to be part of our system so they do not really need to honour our rules. In my area they are the worst poachers. They come from over the provincial border and ignore the hunting regulations. They are armed liked crazy. I am sorry to say but the ones I have met both on their colonies and off I would not want as neighbors nor would I want to meet them in any situation where either the State Police or Mounties are not a phone call away. The television gives a cute story about what they want you to see them. The perversion and physical training of the boys so that they know what to expect in marriage using their own sisters, or the abuse at the hands of their fathers is disgusting. You will not convince me that they are nice or good. Their religion is a fake.

                  • damn rite, kula, and i’ll never own another one.

        • Canada will fall. The losers/escapees of a civil war in America will flood into Canada illegally bringing with them their ideology and weapons causing the same war to break out there. I’m more interested in how Mexico will melt down and how many of them will be warring within the American borders?

        • Canada ??? Covered in snow. Infiltrated by Muslims imposing Sharia Law, until the three percent there recognize that their European Heritage and Civilization has been usurped by the Globalists in power in Canada and that preteen boys and girls are targets of the barbaric foreigners and refugees.

          Then they will respond like Americans do.

          Trudeau is the leader of the Canadian LEFT and he has already recognized and admitted his mistake. Still, Muslims are acceptable but ILLEGAL ILLITERATE HISPANICS fleeing the USA are not. Wait until the barbarians start raping preteen Canadian boys and girls in middle school. The SWHTF then.

          Not much need for tomato pickers in Ottawa and Toronto I guess. 🙂

        • Canada is inherently ruled by the Left. That tells you what side they’re on.

      13. Heat was a cool movie. My brother worked on that movie.

      14. Good article to get/keep folks thinking. My guess whatever starts, it will be started by Soros. He has the most to gain not just OWO, but for his very deep pockets which he will continue to use to keep the flames burning. I personally think he should be arrested, tried and executed. With him gone, the flames would be reduced to coals, then ash, then we could all live in harmony.

      15. Daisy: Fantastic Job well done!!!!

        The way I see throw a Cops eyes is the have not feeders will think they have the right to take what they want and nothing will be done. And the Guberment will do nothing to them. You are seeing it today with the AltLeft. You are seeing the turds from the AltLeft carrying weapons. Very soon you will see one use it, and the Guberment will do nothing, because they will be afraid of the AltLeft. We see it at all the time the Altleft starts it and the MSM blames it on the AltRight. This will cause a major problem that only can be answered by the AltRight fighting back.

        The day will come when the AltRight will have to take action, and put down the AltLeft. This is after they Altleft takes out just the basic services like lights and water.

        I can see this coming to a head by 2020. There will be a time where a Prepper like us on the site will have to fight. Now it is up to you to stand with one side or the other.

        For me I’m standing for the Rebirth of the Republic!!!


        • the only question I HAVE LEFT, is how many on each SIDE, and how many will TRY to remain in the middle, when the bell rings. THAT is the 64,000,000,000,000$ question.

        • Sgt. Dale – You’re thinking 2020? I’m thinking sooner as in late this year the spring of next year.

      16. I tend to buy into the “Balkanization of America”. However I see it as mainly coastal cities vs. the rest of the country. What is in the coastal cities? Mainly large populations of Liberals that are largely dis-armed. What is produced in these cities? Mainly intellectual property and government.
        I can live just fine without Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hollywood,
        the San Francisco and New York financial districts, Wash D.C, et al.
        I suspect most the rest of the country could do quite well also.

        I can’t think of any Liberals, I’d miss if they decided to leave and I certainly don’t believe America would be worst off if we were to isolate them from the rest of us.

        • rellik, I’m afraid it’s will be the entire US East and West coasts. Since I’m in Maryland that puts me on the wrong side of the border. If my brother moves West, I plan on hitching a ride.

          That comment about that what is going to happen in the US has me spooked (it sounds true): “It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century”.

          “It will appear as an evolving chaos…”

        • Our local government will try to enact martial law, they will then come for our guns, the funny part is, i wonder how high a casualty rate they can sustain? And wonder where they will get the parts to get the power back up again,,, if they want to stick their finger in our eye i say we cram a torch up their ass, many will just go along, all worried about losing their stuff or home or whatever,,, they dont realize that its not theirs anymore anyway,,,

          • Interesting enough, it is against Hawaii law to confiscate guns for a state declared emergency, Federal is another thing, but we don’t have many federal people to enforce federal laws.
            As for casualty rates if people here realized how few cops we really have they would be shocked, plus we know where the cops live.
            Fixing power is another issue. A lot of people here are solar. I’m supposed to go totally solar this year. People like you and me have food stashed and can grow/raise enough to last for the rest of our lives.

            My comments were mainly directed towards the west coast cities. I have Family there, but they do not live in the “big” city and they have BOL’s all over.

            • Interesting, wouldnt give em over anyway, got it on the WC stuff,, and yes, i would most likely die of almost anything but starvation. Hell i could eat off the weeds in our place for a month or so

      17. Gee, am I missing something? Great article, but a little late. We are at war with each other and it is only going to get worse and it will happen one event at a time. And as long as it is your neighbor you will watch until they come at you! Feel like the Jews in Germany! Being prepared is huge but a small part. How will people participate with “push comes to shove!” I see some of you complaining about this article, but then I see you complaining about every article. Thank you Kentucky Mom for staying the course and Daisy for insight.

      18. The article is correct the actual Second American Civil War will resemble the Lebanese, Yugoslavian (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian), Russian, Chinese and Somalian Civil Wars. I see the worst areas will be centered on the urban areas from San Francisco south to San Diego in California, along the Eastern Seaboard from Norfolk in Virginia to Boston in Massachusetts, the Chicago Metro Area, the Saint Louis Metro Area, the Detroit Metro Area, Miami-Dade Area, the Houston Area, the New Orleans Area, the Denver Area, the Kansas City Area, etc. Expect to see all these areas resembling Beirut, Mogadishu, Sarajevo, Berlin in the Spring of 1945, Volgograd/ Stalingrad in the Winter of 1942-1943, etc.

      19. I’m not worried about riots where you have to pay people to riot.
        we may see chaos but a triggering event such as an economic collapse blamed on a foreign countries hackers,combined with an EMP and then you would have stone age,middle ages barbaric savagery. Then the governments of the world would have their excuse to implement their microchipping NWO agenda after the herd has thinned themselves by killing each other,because people don’t know how to survive anymore.
        as far as a civil war or race war it would be swift I think if it was based on race,minority’s are far outnumbered and outgunned,they wouldn’t last long in that extreme scenario.
        but back to reality I think we will be fine unless one or both triggers above happen.
        this is a small percentage of people participating in these riots,most of us are busy making a living and living our lives like normal rational reasonable people.

      20. I am happy to pay slaves reparations but they’re all dead for years and years. Many of these people who want reparations were never slaves and have been receiving money from the state for years and years. Reparations have been paid.

      21. I think it’s gonna be much worse than anyone in this modern age could even imagine, people like me who capture combatants will torture and kill, there are others who will torture you, kill your wife, rape your daughter in front of you, torture you more then kill you. There will be perverts taking unwatched children, serial killers and psychopaths showing their true colors, along of crazy people off their meds and no food what do you think the people who should be in a asylum are gonna be doing? There will be cannibalism within 2 weeks of food trucks stopping delivery after 1st week pets will be eaten after that elderly then the children will start disappearing.

      22. My comment will go straight to a RESOLUTION instead of how the whole enchilada would kick off. There are so many different scenarios to that, it could be almost impossible to predict HOW the physical conflict could begin.
        I’ve been an advocate of dividing the country. Look, the 50 state business model no longer WORKS! Too many regional differences now with languages traditions, political beliefs, this country no longeranything in COMMON with each other, and yes, i’ll blame liberals for this for inviting people to broach our sovereign borders free of a commitment to ASSIMILATE. That, and discouraging studies in civics, accurate non-rewritten history, and no longer imbedding the core American values for freedom and love of country in our youth, who now comprise the BULK of the disaffected that now take to the streets.
        I’m a Georgian. That said, I have NOTHING in common with California, Oregon or Washington state. I find their politics offensive, their lifestyles an affront, and their tolerance for failure far too great. I don’t consider them countrymen any more, and i’m sure they feel the same way about Georgians.
        Ditto for the northeast US. I lived in NE New Jersey for 11 years and the happiest day of my life was leaving it, my liberal ex-wife and her annoyingly liberal family in the rearview mirror. I don’t care for NE Liberals and i’m CERTAIN they don’t care for Georgians that abhor govt interference in every aspect of their life.
        That said, conservatives don’t want to live with redistributionist liberals and progressives any more, and they in turn would LOVE to be free of conservative America. We’re at the point where it’s divorce time before the anger and resentment boil over one fine day, andwe begin shooting at each other. Because THAT’S what’s coming if we don’t blow the pressure valve and let the steam out…
        Someone above used the word, “Balkanize” and I think that’s the smartest idea! Turn our failed 50 state business model into 4 or 5 regions, and try to leave each other in peace. Trade can continue, so can mutual defense. We just can’t live together any more….

      23. There are some good points made above, with the best ones referring to Balkanization and breakdown of civil society and the economy. Superficially, much of the problem is the media trying to undermine Trump, like him or not, and the subsequent structural damage being done to our political stability and society in the meantime.

        While it is tempting to suggest that this tension is artificial and manufactured, the reality is that the last fifty years have seen the dissolution of the idea of shared American identity as identity politics have overtaken traditional class and economics based politics. If you are conservative leaning, Republican, Christian, or libertarian, you have no idea how much you are hated in some circles in this country. For that matter, in the last few years, I have seen social media posts that I would have thought unthinkable in other times.

        If things don’t change, the violence is only going to increase. Each side no longer feels it can tolerate the other, with people on the left seeing those on the right as subhuman, and those on the right seeing those on the left as anti American tools of the elite. Throw in race, religion, and economics, and it is a powderkeg.

        It will be dirty and ugly, and will be people getting caught in the wrong place and time at first, then becoming more widespread as boundaries get drawn, followed by attempts to gain position or advantage. The military will potentially fragment as well, and we will see the collapse of the economy as market access and national shipping becomes difficult, banks default, and so on. In ten or fifteen years, the dust will settle and we will be looking at the de facto division of the nation. The facade of social control people take for granted will evaporate, and the police and various social agencies of control are not going to be able to keep the lid on.

        That said, it is also probably not going to be an endless series of firefights. Sustaining that pace of operations will be impossible, and the government will be increasingly paralyzed and unable to supply its soldiers, just as the vast number of irregular forces, militias, etc, will be faced with the dual problem of trying to protect their own territory and trying to make gains.

        The best places to be are going to be well away from traditional strongholds of the opposing ideology, and also areas which are more politically and racially homogeneous. Places which have a tradition of self sufficiency and low tech food production will be ideal.

        I personally wish people would just take a step back from the brink, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Too many people on both sides are spoiling for a fight and a chance to be rid of those they don’t like. Not like Yugoslavia, but a like a giant, national clan feud.

      24. Move the jobs out, allow illegals to flood in, raise prices on life necessities such as food and shelter and what you see is the intended result to facilitate hiding government malfeasance, theft and ongoing war.

      25. I think it’s going to be a mixture of most of the scenarios listed already. However, the UN has no standing army; it’s just an organization. I’m not worried about it.
        No doubt we’re on a divide and conquer timeline now; a thinning of the herd event at the very least. One thing I’m convinced of is that the local police will be the first casualty and breakdown in civil order. Then the sheriff’s depts. and on up the chain until martial law is declared. BUT, there is not enough military to control at least 150,000,000 armed Americans with ample ammo, so it’s going to be what the military is already trained for — door to door neighborhood skirmishes with the winner yet to be determined. They have the equipment/resources, we have the numbers. AND, we can take their resources and use them against them. Technology is going to be a big game changer for TPTB because they have a huge advantage with the new technology available to them. But I still think they’ll lose out in the long run. I have to believe that.
        Let the games begin and we’ll see.

      26. The war against Americans have been going on since 1650 ( meaning a take over of the new world known as United States of America) Americans have been fighting many sides for years because Americans are known for fighting and not giving up in a war. You can read up on the history of how many sides have been attacking Americans for the land of USA since 1650. The global elites started forming a plan since 1831 just before the Alamo, again divide and conquer during the civil war, and so on. then the builderburge group 1945 just after WW2 & even the bavarian grove since 1878. Then the global elites have been waiting to flood into our country to destroy USA from with in since 1831. even china & russia admits having there people come in to destroy USA from with in. think about it remember 1941 pearl harbor japanese spys so close to the Navy ships taking photos & locations of military entry & exit points. so go back to china & russia in USA to destroy from with in USA. don’t forget muslims doing the same tactic in USA to destroy from with in USA. American people don’t seem to notice. even the mexican gangs plan it since the 1980’s to destroy from with in. If you don’t notice a pattern you are screwed because you will not know who is friend or foe these days. Now you are dealing with george soros, clintons, and many other left paying these people so called the communism left ,socialist left, neo nazi on both sides, antfia, kkk known as democrats since 1840’s, skin heads on both sides, white nationalist on both sides, the list goes on and on. so the question is do you really think there is gonna be a civil war like the north vs south. No fricken way you’re gonna have to deal with a thousand different sides fighting in USA so it goes back to you’re screwed. There is only one side you want to be on that is the Patriot’s of USA the declaration of independence & the US constitution (know as the bill of rights) the declaration of independence & the constitution are the most important ones to protect at all cost no matter what. Don’t ever think what if just don’t only protect the declaration of independence & the US constitution as long as you have that to fight strong you keep going to make sure your future & your family & friends future you will survive. Only the strong survive the survival of the fittest. Always remember the founding fathers 3 percenters were outnumbered against the british crown that became USA 1776. So you can not ever give up no matter what. Like sgt major dan page said in the video vote in the ballot box or you’re gonna be in a bullet box. He knew Americans maybe facing a 50 year fight once it starts. There is so much going on so many sides in USA & outside in the world. Be ready be prepared & always have the will & the determination to keep going.

      27. Regardless of their sexual proclivities? You might but God doesn’t. Remember soddom and Gomorrah. Those sexual proclivities are the way of the Tares , and they will burn soon as they did then .Pick a side. And spend eternity with the consequences of your pick.

      28. (((TPTB))) are freaked out because the common people are becoming aware of the lies by the MSM, the deliberate dumbing down of school children, the unethical intensions of those authority figures in high places within our social structure, the existence of a (((shadow government))), the intentional lowering of IQ by chemical poisons in food and vaccines, the deliberate attempt to whore out the female American and the intentional feminization and reduced fertility of males, the deliberate attempt to genocide the progeny of white Christians who settled this Country hundreds of years ago, the replacement of those whites so genocided by uncontrolled migrations and resulting race mixing, the destruction of historical books by control of publishing, the current destruction of historical monuments, the creation of a false historical narrative that demonizes whites and gives credit to other races for white accomplishments.


        • If you really want to know what a civil war in the USA would be like, watch the movie Wall-E!

          Yankees are too FAT to get out of their Walmart and Costco scouters!

          • David Chu, I take offense at that remark and I would like to say…wait a minuet while I catch my breath.

          • Yea?
            And what turd world shithole are you from?
            Never mind, i dont care,,,

        • Exactly B of CA. America is rotting from the inside out just like a dead corpse for the parasite Chews want it. Fractured and helpless for them to enslave us. Never give up your guns, never give up your free speech. The moderation holding tank on this site does not allow us to use the word JEWS. Gee wonder why? There you go! Another free speech destroying mechanism.

      29. Timely article Daisy! Thanks for the information.

      30. Regardless of their religion? Jesus told us no one gets there without going through him. Who else could be the burning Tares? Or take the chance it’s all a lie ? I see no reason to take that chance. The consequences are too severe.

      31. There will not be a civil war, meaning a war between civilians.
        If anything is going to derail the one world money – one world government system, I’ll be shocked. The majority of so called Americans have such little grasp on history and reality that it seems easy to fool them all of the time.

        The economy will slide into chaos, more than it already is, and then the digital solution will be presented. The power of the block chain platform Etherium will be an easy sell to keep people’s tummies fed. Humanity will exchange one type of slavery for another no matter what the media has been trying to sell us.
        Humans by nature are not designed to fight one another which is why the vast majority will choose oppression rather than liberty by way of a fight.

      32. Isn’t 5.56 the metric designation, and .223 the American standard inch measurement? Anyway buck shot can still be found for 30 cents ? Try to find 9 mm hp. In bulk. I met a guy in North Dakota who hunted coyotes to sell pelts. He told me they didn’t like the size hole his 22-250 made so he switched to .223 . And now he said he has to chase them. 5.56 is good if you want to question them for vital strategic information? Or head shots.? Will we be doing much of that?

      33. Comment 18 (Renny) seems most likely to me. Some group(s) will decide that they are not getting their ‘fair share’ of something, or will mobilize and riot in response to some red flag. It just needs to happen on a larger scale – more looting, more traffic and trucking stops, etc. it wouldn’t take much escalation for the rioters to block Amtrak commuter trains, knock out power lines, etc.

        The only question is whether the government wants to suppress these or let them go on. The tendency lately has been to let them continue.

        But the issue with Civil War is that these will not be organized or involve armies fighting each other. Think more of large ‘no go’ zones like ones in European cities.

        • Snakker du Norsk?

      34. Looks like to me there’s going to be a trigger event after sept.23. But no ones for sure the day or hour. Then mass fires ,looting , In the old west onehundred men gangs would steal whole herds. Inner city gangs will roam. Collecting individual preppers ammo and supplies one after the other. They’ll mostly burn them out and salvage what’s left. A 20 pound sack of flour is hard to burn. Ammo in cans? The preppers that were smart enough to move before surrounded. And had a bug out trailer for supplies. Would all band together at some remote water supply and dig in. . And make a last stand?

      35. Have like minded groups of people ready and have a plan…have 2.

      36. The leftist idea of compromise is the other side needs to change to the leftist beliefs,,,
        Got into it with one of my elderly neighbors about that, he said we shouldnt be divided, that the idiots who support Trump need to move over to a better choice,,,
        I ripped him a new asshole, when he left he was shaken,, tough shit

        • good job kula! i used to let them win too, but i decided a few years ago, we LOST much more than those arguements…time to take it back!

          • Yea, this guy started with the im a veteran and was in korea crap, my reply was “well apparently you didnt mean it when you took your oath otherwise you wouldnt be rooting for the communist”
            I didnt finish basic but i still took that oath and still take that crap seriously,,,

            • always wonder how a guy can be a vechen, and yet they can also be demon-cRATs?

      37. The things that are happening day in and day out are much too similar to not be choreographed. We watch as nearly identical acts are played out across the country as if this is normal.

        We are now seeing pathetically untrained leftists carrying firearms and threaten to use them, seemingly unaware that making those threats is in fact ilegal. Then, watching them try to train shows that they are having trouble even hitting oversized targets that don’t shoot back.

        If push comes to shove then moves to action I believe that the inner cities will collapse first and hardest. You will see the street gangs try to grab power and control, but there may be more people willing to shoot first than they will have the numbers to overcome. In a war of attrition, the probable winners will be those who bide their time and only do the minimum required to insure the safety of their own friends and families.

        The vast majority of people don’t have any inclination to kill for power. But they will not be kind to those who threaten their existence, either.

        All you can do is watch and prepare for whatever you think may happen. But, also, never ever give in, give up, surrender or follow “orders” because no one else has your best interests at heart. More likely they would take all you have, and possibly they would take your life.

        If all else fails, think ahead.

      38. One side with 200million guns and billions of rounds of ammo. The other side? A bunch of lazy kids that don’t know what bathroom to use. Not what I would call a civil war.

        • @ Noah, I read on the Oath Keeper website. Where a leftist group was infiltrated (by the Oath Keepers) and found that they were organized, trained, and armed!

      39. It won’t look like the “civil war of 1861-5” because that was NOT a civil war. It was a war between two countries, the pretend USA and the CSA. This WILL be a civil war, which is why it will much different and much WORSE.

        God help us all.

        Well all of us who know him and love him.

        May victory be ours.

        • Hard to tell who the enemy is,,, especially if its all out chaos

      40. Be cautious if it finally hits the fan. Many personal scores may be settled in the early days of turmoil. If you have really pissed someone off, be ready for them to come for a visit. Trust no one!

      41. It seems to me there are a hell of a lot of people who WANT a Civil War, just as there are a hell of a lot of people who WANT TEOTWAWKI.

        I suggest it’s better to be aware of the foibles of our civilization – and I know there are many better than most – without wishing for a collapse we’re not likely to survive.

        I’m not interested in committing suicide. Most of the people dreaming of “The Collapse” are going to end up dead because most of them have no real clue what happens in such events.

        That said, if the US collapses into chaos, I intend to be ready to…PROFIT!!!

        But if you look at history, there are very few times where the local population does NOT mostly survive. They may be very badly off, like in countries like Somalia, and many might starve, but MOST of the population stays alive. Why? Because humans may be divisive, but they all act in their own self-interest and that means cooperating, trading and otherwise acting together rather than going “lone wolf.”

        It’s the “lone wolves” and “wolf packs” who may get ahead initially in a state of chaos but usually end up getting trapped and eliminated by the bulk of the population.

        Humans do NOT live without some sort of order for very long. This is the positive part of the primate hierarchy organization of humans. The negative part is that the sort of order they seem to prefer is not what we call “freedom.”

        I don’t see any kind of organized “Civil War” – such as they have in the Ukraine – coming into existence in the US. There may be some level of “chaos” in the event of some major economic collapse or nuclear war or other nation-wide disaster event.

        If there is a “race war”, there may be chaos in various areas of the country, mostly in the major cities where large racial divides and large racial populations exist. This is likely to burn out fairly quickly for two reasons: 1) the same lack of resources preppers warn about will apply to the insurgent population, and 2) as long as the US military remains intact, they can put down – brutally if necessary – any not well-supplied inner city insurgency which is not nationally or well-coordinated. And most racially motivated gangs aren’t going to have enough military experience to compete with the US military.

        In short, a race war between blacks and whites will end up with the blacks in internment camps pretty quickly. A race war between Latinos and whites will end up the same way, with the possible exception of escalating into a war between the US and Mexico. Both wars are likely to be over within six to 12 months.

        Now, a war between left and right is more problematic. As others have pointed out, the right is considerably better armed. The problem is what happens when the US military takes on the right instead of the left – which is far more likely.

        This conflict will be much different than between blacks and whites. First, because it will be hard to tell who is the enemy when they all look alike. Second, because right wing militias will have plenty of ex-military members who can understand how the military fights and how to conduct an insurgency than most blacks or Latinos would.

        Nonetheless, as in all insurgencies, it depends on the level of support from the surrounding population. Lots of sympathy for the insurgents translates into support and insurgent relative success. Lack of sympathy translates into a short-lived insurgency. See: Che Guevara, Bolivia.

        Since the majority of the US population is not into revolution IMO, a right wing or left wing insurgency won’t get that much support. UNLESS as I suggested, the event that triggers the insurgency is an event that affects EVERYONE negatively. Then all bets are off. If at least five or ten percent of the NON-insurgent population hates the government sufficiently, an insurgency could last.

        As to how much chaos affecting the entire population that insurgency could produce depends on the competence, resources and support the insurgency can muster.

        Personally I suspect what may occur is some variant of the science-fiction genre known as “cyberpunk.” This genre hypothesizes a landscape where corporations have more power than the government, where military technology has trickled down to the streets, where computer hacking is widespread, where gangs are more powerful than the police, and where a larger percentage of the population than at present are in some sense “criminals” while the rest of the population is more or less completely controlled by the corporations and the media.

        Sounds a lot like right now, doesn’t it? So I suspect just more of the same going forward. No clear-cut “breakdown” unless some major event occurs that clearly negatively affects the bulk of the population, not just the politically motivated population.

        • Yes a trigger event?

          • Traitor, there are many outlier events that can tip it all over in short order out there ? You cannot even think of them all over the world as well as here in USA. This is my biggest concern and it could also be a deliberate move by TPTB as a false flag to gain control. A cyber attack on a large scale seems very likely because we know TPTB can pull that off easily and head fake most people. Even a limited EMP of some sort or a massive natural disaster like a massive earthquake could easily bring USA to utter chaos in the current state of affairs. And how would anybody know who caused any of it for sure ? The deep state is your worse enemy by far and the Antifa twits will be dead very quickly.

            We will not see any kind of real civil war. Perhaps lots of violence and chaos but no civil war as we understand a civil war. Again another completely worthless article. Opinions of preppers who have zero experience in much of anything to decide your actions ? You can have my share for free !

        • gangs are dupposed to be more powetful than the police, that is freedom

        • Richard Steven Hack, an interesting post. Thanks.

        • Mr. Hack: , Good points. I believe that the likelihood of a Civil War is inevitable, made more so by atrocites to be committed by each side, further ‘digging them into’ their respective corners. I believe it is likely in the next 5 years or sooner.

          If it doesn’t happen, the Left will completely transform the USA into a Marxist paradise. Trump will definitely not stop the Left. He likely will be out of office in a few years. This will be a huge misstep on the left’s part, ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’.

          The Left has vast arsenal, which is why they are so arrogant, and will inevitably touch everything off. They have:
          1. The vast bureaucracy.
          2. The Education establishment.
          3. Nearly half of the Politicians.
          4. 90 % of the media.
          5. All the minorities.
          6. Most White women under 40.

          The Right must act, under sufficient provocation. If it doesn’t it risks annihilation.

          You hit the nail on the head when you state that the success of rightist Patriot Insurgents would depend on the surrounding population cooperating or not.

          Cooperation with the population is the difference between a guerrilla insurgency and a genuine territory holding revolutionary force. You have to hold territory, and not just real estate, but the hearts and minds of people. The propaganda department of the insurgents will be responsible for gaining their hearts and minds.

          • Son Patriot. Many good points but what you are describing is not a civil war , just the expansion and follow thru of the existing tyrrany of the deep state apparatus here in USA today.

            I wish many more people here understood we are already in a war for the nation and our society. Just not much shooting yet ? the key word being yet ! So far it is a war for our minds , but it is being escalated all across the country and all manner of events could easily unfold rather quickly for many reasons. The vast majority of Americans will never take up arms for any reason. That is just a fact.

      42. Dba don’t buy anything. We are in collapse now. Live off preps everyone keep going to work to take from corporations. Everyone should be starving the beast corporations. Keep silent play the poverty card.

      43. I have a hard with accepting Daisy as a point of reference on this topic.

      44. the good ol govt will make sure it never becomes more than a scattering of un-coordinated skirmishes & rumbles throughout various cities & campuses… they will come in w/ the iron fist & put the boot to everyones throat. “we are going to shoot you for your own safety.” kinda hearts & minds kinda way.
        what starts off as organic unrest will quickly devolve into authoritarian martial law police state.

        then it quietly morphs into a counter insergency quagmire.

      45. Just checked out reader comments on a Washington Post story about Hurricane Harvey. I guess I should have been prepared for all the hate directed towards Texas, Trump supporters, and “climate deniers”, but it still is outrageous. It appears many of our “fellow” Americans will be gleefully popping popcorn and watching coverage of the devastation.

      46. Civil war here will be sparodic and fragmented at first. There will be small fierce engagements fought by specific groups confined to small geographic area. Then as the government grows involved the violence will escalate and resistance will grow. At that point a lot of variables will come into play, our economy’s viability, are people hungry, is the power still on, is rule of law still in place. If the answer is no to 2 or more of these questions, anything could happen including foreign invasion.

      47. Good idea Mac, a thought forum on a potential possibility. I don’t want to upset the highbrow intellectuals who run the comment section now but I trust there are some non-zombies still functioning. I have a friend on the other side, deep inside what I would call enemy territory, Sodom, actually, and this guy is a bartender/waiter. He has an opportunity to listen to and interact with the local population that represents a moneyed, educated segment of that particular death trap. His take is that a real mob mentality is taking place even among people who aren’t classically defined as “stupid”. He also maintains the efficacy of mainstream media as a platform to advance the agenda of hysteria and division among that populace. The idea of “civil war” which essentially equals some form of conflict is freely being passed around without a consummate understanding of the privation and depravity which follow such a situation. I warned him that any such proclivity toward “war” in whatever form will provide a platform for every sociopath and psychopath to act out their violent fantasies. I also warned him that his City is particularly vulnerable since his wonderful Utopia gets it’s drinking water from the Sierra Nevada mountain range and that supply could be easily interdicted or sabotaged by anyone thinking beyond the normal “Ahm jest gonna shoot some o Dem blankety blanks”.(“Yee haw”) The greatest danger, however, comes from those who are orchestrating said conflict. The by-product of this potentially inevitable strife is the opportunity for the Advent of a new and seemingly necessary form of governance to be established… Minus liberty. Who wins a civil war? Probably China. Where they lose a market they may gain resources and new slaves. This isn’t 1861. The world is smaller. Either way the clamp down will be extreme. The sad thing is, the zombie metaphor is already active either as an expression of or an accentuation toward programming a result,as hate and tribalism overwhelms the capacity for reason. Some of these grievances do seem irreconcilable, but sheer visceral hatred produces a highly predictable and historically precedented result. Now this last thing is not for everyone:”… Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold…”

      48. Your system sends me your newsletter every few days so you must have my address.

        Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.

      49. If it is a race war the blacks would loose big. Not only the whites will be their enemy. The Mexicans also hate them. Thats who I see being the eventual victor in a race war. The white race is mostly comprised of fat ,lazy unhealthy fast food eating culls. Those Mexicans are tough hard working and enjoy a fight. What a white of black person would call hardship they call luxury. When it falls apart the mob rule will happen. Those who have what others think is more than their fair share will be attacked and their hoarded preps redistributed. I experienced first hand what friends and reatives will do. We had a big ice storm. The entire power grid was down. We had a generator plenty of fuel ect. So we where nice and let friends and relatives come and shower ect. Where they grateful? No ouite the opposite they where jealious and mad. And became bossy rude trying to tell us what to do in our own place. So I sabotaged my generator by pouring water in the fuel tank. Let them wear themselves out pulling on the start rope. And got rid of them. Then as soon as we could we moved over a 100 miles away. They don’t know where my actual home is. Come SHTF they are not welcome.

        • I agree that the Blacks are going to loose. I think you underestimate White people though. I’m sure there is a sizable chuck of White America chomping at the bits waiting to go to war. Fed up with the way things are going. Just no one wants to be the first to get their head chopped off by being the first to stick their neck out.

          When it looks like Whitey can safely go to war without a SWAT team coming to take them out. Look out! (I’m whitey, I can use the slang!)

      50. If there is anything resembling a civil war, the government will back the bad guys. Because the unrest is being fostered by the government and their propaganda wing, the main stream media.

      51. One point that many people have not considered is the role of the National Guard and our Military in a 2nd Civil War. Most of them come from families the believe in our Constitution and God. They joined the military out of Patriotism and will not sit idle and watch the far-left loons takeover America. More than likely a majority of our military will back the militias and not the far-left.

        • They are soldiers and will do as ordered. The National Guard would be Federalized and relocated out of their home states. The “enemy” would be demonized with false flags, the media will bombard them. They will be Goebbelized.

          • They will also be lied to by their commanders’ power-that-be bosses about who should be their target. They’ll wind up attacking their own populace. And, their own populace will finally see the military as their enemy–just as the real Free Syrians came to realize about Western puppet Assad. That’s why the West created “ISIS” to easily confuse the sheep of America with the real Free Syrians–so the West could get their henchman, Putin, to attack the real Free Syrians, with the West playing helpless to do anything about Putin, and finishing off real Free Syria’s resistance to Assad. That’s the real reason for erasing Confederate monuments as well–to eliminate memorials of that resistance to government-supremacy and usher in Nazi-esque Federalist-only drum-beating and U.S. flag-waving, to the absolute exclusion of any other.

      52. The proverbial straw that breaks the camels back is definitely in the stack. When it gets placed is anyone’s guess. I look for it to be something out of left field to spark it. Not sure what will happen, I just know it is close.

        God bless

      53. “It seems like no one wants peace in America except us average folks, who are happy to get along with our neighbors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual proclivities.”

        Average people have been demoralized, the culture is effectively broken, if they have no concept of what is normal.

        I have seen alot of sci-fi and fantasy, adult cartoons and drug culture and limericks, consider it to be surrealistic, informal, and outrightly rude.

        I am not sheltered, but where the standards. You have none.

        I am finding that “tolerant” people are enablers of vice and social illegitimacy.

      54. I came across a comment by NoPension at Zero Hedge that cut to the chase. ‘When you are fed, there are many problems. When you are hungry, there is one problem.’

        • When you are unconscious there are many problems.

          When you are jew-wise there is one problem.

      55. USA destroyed the most beautiful country.Shame on you.Make peace not war.Yougoslavia was not needed to break.You f..d up really good one.

      56. I pray for a massive EMP at the start of hostilities . This way it freezes everyone and government in place.
        If you are not prepared…you die…simple yes ?
        Local and federal interdiction is my worst fear.
        The old , the needs of the many outweighing my selfish penchant to prepare.
        That and taking away weapons to protect me…

        Screw that noise, I wish the unprepared a happy here after.

      57. Wall Street banks sending warning signals…
        – warn downturn is coming. (Bloomberg)

        Investors pull billions

        Both currently linked on Drudge Report

      58. Sorry I voted for Trump. I see he wants Martial Law so he can throw the Constitution in the trash.

      59. Whithout a major trigger event not much ? With ? Neiborhood watch checkpoints nogo zones for BLM Antifa types. People driving forign cars will be blamed considered traitors .? Justifying car jacking? It will be a blame game . Something to take your rage on? Rich people with big houses. Even very expensive American cars . Going shopping in large groups. The kids don’t go outside. Or past the checkpoints. High jacked food trucks . Shortages . Limited purchases. Debit card only rationing. EBT cards slashed or nonexistent. Remote homes attacked by experienced gangs . Police ,judicial system, prisons, overwhelmed. Probably mostly what we consider the lawless Wild West.

      60. i have read some REALLY STUPID shit here. i hang my head in disgust. AMERICA will not be allowed to live. period. perhaps there is a false flag and america enters a 3rd world war, at that time there will be a “Bolshevik” revolution withdrawing us from conflict, or maybe korea gets the drop on us and shuts us down and we begin the internal fight. either way im a man of god(meaning i believe in the father and bis son the lord christ, and his plan. the one thing that HAS to happen is americas destruction. the lords plan cannot be completed with a fully functional america. ISRAEL MUST BE ATTACKED, this cannot happen if america still stands. now, ive said im a man of god and his plan, the rest of the story is im a man condemned to hell because i CANNOT OBEY his plan.for the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, i WILL KILL every breathing living thing against it. all the crybabies, all the snowflakes,all the foreign nationals. ALL OF THEM. blue helmets included.

        • Good idea.

        • Stupid shit all around. The great delusions of the end times? His army will be dressed in white . And he will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood. Sounds like a white army that is not politically correct? The Tares must burn.Like it or not.

      61. Great article Daisy.


      62. We have had a marked changed in things. Now John Brown gun clubs or brownies have showed up to support antifas thugs With any attempt on the part of Right wing demonstrators to carry arms the stage is set for dodge city. The police are commonly told to stand aside and let the thugs riot for fun and loot. There will be an armed clash in time. the right will be blamed for it in the media. The revolution will begin in the cities as there is no support for in the country side. The food to the cities can be cut off as well as the power and water. Any questions The revolution has started all ready folks.

      63. the statue thing current in the radical play book is to give the thugs small victories against the establishment. See you can do it idea. it will ramp up with bigger demands and victories to give the thugs confidence how long before stone mountain and mt Rushmore are the targets. Will you sit and burp beer when they are blown up. how about the Washington monument will you defend that. Unless you draw the line some where they will slip into power and have all the guns as well. The communist state governors of the west coast provide a safe haven for Antifas thugs and bully boys. Give those worthies fire arms and you will have open war before too long. They control things by threatening violence. Thus the need for self protection by right wing groups meeting force with force and viola war in the streets

        • Rockmanr

          “Thus the need for self protection by right wing groups meeting force with force and viola war in the streets”

          Its all being orchestrated by the power elite with the intent of it reaching enough critical mass to ostensibly justify a complete willful abandonment of The Bill Of Rights by the citizenry for protection. The left wing thugs do not have popular support, their ranks are filled with paid for protestors. Likewise the right has agent provocateurs too as it takes, “Two To Tango”.

          Your new on the BB. Interesting. I have been noticing more and more new posters.

      64. STOCK UP. Supply lines will be disrupted.

      65. We over look the big thing in the game the trump card so to speak the military forces of the US. While a bunch of paid thugs strut around with guns acting like big tough guys the army can crush them like stepped on grape. to my knowledge the military is not pro revolution. For all the bad faces and threats that fact is still the same. Antifas has the potential to raise hell but it cant beat an armored division in combat. Its no contest period end of story

      66. When you are unconscious there are many problems.

        When you are jew-wise there is one problem.

        • Yes ab. Rev. 2:9 3:9 John 8:44

      67. You mean ⅼike once we sing reѡard songs inn Church?? Larrу rеquested and daddy nodded.
        ?Effectively Ι can maҝe uр a worship song.? So Larry jumpeɗ to his ft and began to make up a ttune to a really dangerous tune.
        ?Jesu is so cool. Its enjoyable beinmg with Goⅾ.
        Hes the funnest God anybody mayy have.? Larry sang very bzdly so
        Lee had put his palms ovеr his ears.

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