This Is The Risk America Faces Now: “An Irrevocable Series Of Events… Up To and Including Civil War”

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    The following was originally published by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker



    The Rule Of Law
    By Karl Denninger

    Seriously folks?

    You don’t understand why The Ticker has faded to black?


    Let me start with this: Why do drug dealers shoot each other on street corners?

    Answer: Joe the drug dealer cannot call the cops and tell them that Jack the drug dealer ripped him off and sold him a bag of oregano instead of weed.  Joe also can’t sue Jack.  Thus, when the threshold of his tolerance is crossed Joe has only the use of direct force available to him because he has no recourse to the law to settle his dispute with Jack.

    The FIRST foundation of civil society is The Rule of Law.  Without it there is literally nothing other than the Law of the Jungle, commonly known as “he who has the biggest teeth (or the most guns) and is willing to use them first wins.”

    Let me remind you that Han Solo, who is widely regarded through the Star Wars series as a heroshot first at Mos Eisley.  George Lucas edited that in the second release of the film (and later had to put it back after fan outrage) but it is a fact that Han shot first in the original theatrical release.Why did Han shoot first and kill Greedo?  Because he knew there was no Rule of Law and he had no recourse to the law, which incidentally was later proved to be an exactly correct expectation when he was made an ornament in Jabba’s castle.

    Now I want you to stop reading, go get an adult beverage or a cup of coffee, and think long and hard before you continue reading about the above.



    Did you go get your drink, consume it, and think?

    Good — you may now continue.

    This site was founded back in the early part of the financial crisis, spring of 2007 to be exact, because the Rule of Law was being blatantly disregarded — specifically, with regard to “Prompt Corrective Action” and banks that were paying out dividends with fictitious earnings.

    Did anyone go to prison for doing that?  No.

    Did anyone go to prison for selling “good investments” to clients that they described in their own internal emails and on recorded internal conference calls as “vomit” and “dog squeeze”?  NO.

    Did anyone go to prison for claiming to Congress (and all testimony to Congress is under oath) that they were “adding liquidity” to the system during the meltdown when I found, in public records, that in fact over $60 billion was pulled from the system into the maw of Lehman’s collapse?  That facially appears to be perjury, incidentally. The answer is again NO.

    How many hundreds of thousands of Americans lost jobs and homes as a direct result of this?  How many lives were ruined?  Now ask this: How many people were made whole on the damage they suffered as a result of these acts, all of which were facial violations of the law?


    It is broadly illegal to price-fix via any mechanism where market power exists.  So says 15 United States Code, Chapter 1. Go read it.  Virtually the entire US Medical System operates on business models that are facially in violation of that section of law.  The latest outrage is an off-patent device called an “Epipen” used for severe allergic reactions; if you need one and don’t have it you have a very good chance of dying.  They cost about $60 10 years ago, and are about $100 today anywhere else in the world.  Except here in the United States — where they’re $400, and if you get on a plane, buy a bunch and bring them back to sell (to make a profit and undercut the price) you go to prison.  The exact same sort of price-fixing with the direct support of the US government and FDA is present in virtually every area of medical practice — from drugs to devices to hospitals.  All of this facially appears to be illegal; were I to even have had a discussionwith a competitor on fixing pricing when I ran my Internet company that would have been a federal offense.

    How many people are dead — broke — or both as a direct result of these practices?  There is an entire industry that accounts for nearly one dollar in five spent on all items in our economy and it has multiplied its share of spending by a factor of roughly six through the use of these tactics.  You, I and everyone else in the country are being overcharged by a factor of five times as a result,it’s destroying the Federal budget and has or will destroy state and local budgets also. You can’t run a car repair shop without quoting prices before you start turning wrenches and yet it is essentially impossible to get a price, nor to bind the hospital to any figure they give you, for a procedure before it is done.

    What did you see this last week with James Comey?  The head of the FBI stood at the podium and described, facially, a felony violation of the law, which I remind you does not require intent, and then said “no prosecutor would bring the case.”  Then, one business day later, he sat in Congress and described knowing that a second felony violation of the law, perjury, had taken place and yet he insisted that he needed a “referral” to “investigate” it.

    Folks, if you were being interviewed because the cops thought you robbed a bank and on your kitchen table was a bale of marijuana do you think they’d need a “referral” to bust you for the weed?  You know damn well the handcuffs would be on you in seconds, so why weren’t they on Hillary?

    Next, if there was no intent as Comey claimed he could not find why did she lie repeatedly, both to the public and Congress, about the presence of classified information on her server?  You don’t lie about something you aren’t trying to hide and you don’t hide something that doesn’t incriminate you!  Prosecutors argue this every single day before juries and get thousands of convictions every year on exactly that basis — the accused lied about something they did and that lie is evidence that they knew what they were doing was wrong as that’s the only reason to lie about it!

    Another section of the same law attaches liability to anyone who is involved in these acts and fails to report them.  That facially involves Bill and Chelsea Clinton as well as Hillary’s entire senior staff!  This issue is, again, not just limited to Hillary’s conduct.  As persons with security clearances (with the possible exception of Chelsea) they all were aware of the law and their positive obligation to immediately report any breach of security of classified information, and failure to do so is a criminal offense.

    Finally, contrary to Comey’s assertions (which were also a lie, and since they were made to Congress were also Perjury, a felony violation of the law) there indeed are people who not only have been but are being prosecuted for quite-similar violations of the law with regard to classified data.  Specifically there are service members who have been arrested, not just demoted or had their security clearances revoked, for putting classified information on unauthorized devices.  One, Kristian Saucier, faces 20 years in prison; there is no apparent public evidence that this individual ever allowed anyone outside of trusted Navy circles to see the images.  Comey made the blanket statement that the government does not prosecute people who do not give said information intentionally to our enemies; his statement before Congress was a lie.

    If I, as an ordinary person, fire a gun I own every single round that comes out of the barrel until it comes to rest.  Even if I am perfectly justified in drawing and firing that weapon if I shoot an innocent person I remain responsible for the round that did not go where I intended it to and the results of same.  Now contrast this with the police of any stripe, who may fire indiscriminately, emptying weapons containing dozens of rounds even into targets that are facially wrong such as a pair of women in a truck when they are seeking a man in California, and yet they are never held accountable for the damage those rounds do to either person or property.

    How many people are dead in Orlando not as a result of a terrorist but rather due to the rounds fired by police, along with their intentional 3+ hour delay in entering the building?  Where are the manslaugher (or felonious assault) charges for the persons who were hit with wildly-sprayed rounds from police weapons during that breach? Why has there been no accounting for those rounds and the persons killed by them?  Why is there never any accounting for said rounds fired by the police wildly and with outrageous disregard for innocent persons in the vicinity?  You or I would be charged immediately for such a flagrant display of gross negligence, likely with multiple felonies.

    If that’s not enough the shooter in Dallas was cornered — “treed” if you will, isolated in a parking garage from which he could not escape.  Rather than wait him out and arrest him, then go through this entire pesky “due process” thing including a trial and sentence even though he was not presently shooting at anyone the police instead mounted a bomb on a robot and blew him up.  You got that folks?  Yeah, he was obviously guilty as hell but if you catch someone having just killed your daughter and he’s cornered in your shed, either out of ammo or choosing not to shoot at that time, you cannot blow the shed up rather than arrest him!  Due process of law?  What’s that?  

    You idiots cheered that on too and yet what you just invited the next guy to do is throw a grenade or make damn sure he has a really BIG bomb with him instead of surrendering when cornered! If one person has no right to due process of law THEN NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE — including the cops.

    Folks, all of what has gone on of late is traceable and chargeable to the destruction of The Rule of Law.  The destruction of millions of American’s financial status, their wealth, their freedom, their health and frequently their very lives are destroyed because CERTAIN PEOPLE, namely the rich, politically powerful, those wearing a “blue” costume of some sort or those who happen to run big corporations can and do whatever they wish and are simply not prosecuted for violations of the law that you, I, or anyone else would be and are.

    When you back a bear into a corner it will attack you because it perceives that as the only remaining course of action that it has available to it other than death.

    We created the conditions under which drug dealers resort to shooting each other because we made the consensual act of trade in and consumption of certain substances a crime, and by doing so denied them any other recourse under the law for disputes among themselves.

    They are at fault for shooting at one another but it is our responsibility because we intentionally removed their recourse to the law.

    We created the conditions under which millions of Americans, most of whom are not drug dealers, believe they have no recourse to the law through our willful and intentional acts and then we sit still, swill beer and post on Facebook when the fact that ordinary Americans have no recourse to the law as soon as someone rich, powerful or wearing a costume who wants to screw them is shoved in our faces instead of demanding that all of this crap stop. That message – “you have no recourse” -has been driven in day after day as every “important person”, cop or company you care to name pulls some stunt that would result in anyone else facing down an immediate felony indictment and walks away laughing or, equally as bad, collects hugs, donuts and, for corporate executives, million dollar bonuses.

    Specifically, and in reference to recent events, it is our refusal to demand that police officers be held accountable for every round they fire just as is any other person.

    It is our refusal to demand that those in political power who perjure themselves are prosecuted while if you lie you go to prison for obstruction of justice.

    It is our refusal to demand that the cops who claimed they had video footage of an innocent man shooting and plastered same all over the media when they knew they did not be prosecuted for intentionally causing him to be subjected to death threats and have his reputation destroyed while if he had told the slightest untruth to said cops he would have been charged with obstruction, lying to investigators or both.  Worse, instead of tendering that demand and sticking to it we bring the cops donuts, pay for their lunches and post all sorts of laudatory crap on social media, cheering on the lies!

    It is our refusal to demand that an officer who claims to pull over a car for a broken tail-light when both lights are clearly illuminated on the dashcam video and then shoots said motorist be immediately brought up on murder charges and as prime evidence of his guilt we use his intentionally false statement that he was stopping the car for a broken taillight.

    It is our refusal to demand that police officers who steal property under so-called “civil forfeiture” when they have no actual offense they can charge the owner with be prosecuted and imprisoned for grand theft and the entire department so-involved dismantled for Racketeering, exactly as you or I would be if we all got together and held people up at gunpoint claiming that they had committed some crime, stealing everything they owned.

    It is our refusal to demand that executives in the medical and pharmaceutical industries face the music for conduct that facially appears to violate hundred-year old anti-trust laws that not only mandate a decade long prison sentence for said executives they come with company-ruining fines big enough on a per-count basis to destroy any corporation that pulls this crap.

    It is our refusal to demand that all of the “finance professionals” who sold mathematically impossible schemes in the pension and insurance space to teachers, police officers, firemen and others go to prison and have their firms confiscated for promising that which is impossible.

    And it is our refusal to hold accountable all in a given role who are aware of this rank corruption, have taken an oath to uphold the law and have violated that oath by either not doing their job directly or sitting silently while others refuse to do so.  It is illegal for a person to be associated with Daesh even if they do not personally commit a terrorist act.  Given that fact why can any member of a police force or other government agency, whether federal, state or local, cover up or refuse to investigate blatantly unlawful behavior without everyone involved in same being charged as co-conspirators when the law clearly defines that someone who acts as an accessory before or after the fact is equally liable.

    If this issue — the utter destruction of The Rule of Law — is not addressed now there is a very real risk that the spiral of events that has been growing, first slowly and now exponentially, could erupt into literal war within our own nation.

    If it does you had better get up and look in the damned mirror because it is the collective inaction and refusal to demand the restoration of the Rule of Law by the American people that has and will lead to this outcome.  There is no violent repression — by police or anyone else — that can stop it.  

    Only restoring the Rule of Law so everyone has equal recourse to the law will stop and reverse what is otherwise inevitable.

    It is for this reason that I have decided that for the present I am going to go enjoy whatever time is left in a reasonably-peaceful society here in America instead of writing for your consumption, for I neither believe that this relatively-peaceful state of affairs will persist for long nor do I believe any material number of people will lift a single finger to do anything about it other than whining on so-called “social media.”

    Eight years is enough time to see whether or not there is any indication that any material percentage of the public gives a good damn and absent a marked change in the evidence my verdict is in.

    Han was not wrong in his assessment of the state of Rule of Law in the Star Wars Universe. We must not, as a society, allow that assessment among people in this nation to continue on the path it is on here in the United States or the outcome will be the same.

    Karl Denninger is the author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World in which he discusses the ill-use of leverage and how it is destroying the global economy, as well as where all of this will lead. The result is ugly: the value of everything—including gold—falls, and even personal safety is at risk in a world where there is limited money even for essentials like food and fuel.

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      1. I found a website the daily stormer. man are the comments entertaining LOL

        • OG, it is the comments that make the site, sometimes.
          And before you marry, check out the mother totally, since the daughter is very much like the mother.
          I hit it off with my mom in law from the beginning, and we are like good friends, but my best friend is my wife.
          Lucked up I guess…

          • You sure as heck did Eppe. Remember that old rock and roll song, “Mother in Law”? It was written about my MIL.

            • (Mother in Law) Mother In Law
              (Mother in Law) Mother In Law

              The worst person I know
              (Mother-in law, mother-in law)
              (Mother-in law, mother-in law)
              A she worries me, so
              If she’d leave us alone
              A we would have a happy home
              Sent from down below

              Mother in Law Mother in Law

              Satan should be her name
              To me they’re bout the same
              Every time I open my mouth
              She steps in, tries to put me out
              How could she stoop so low

              [Instrumental Interlude]

              I come home with my pay
              She asks me what I made
              She thinks her advice is the constitution
              But if she would leave that would be the solution
              And don’t come back no more

              Mother in law
              My……mother in law, ah
              Oh yeah

              • Definition of mixed emotions: Watching your mother-in-law driving over a cliff in your new Corvette.

          • My wifes mother was a good cook. And so is my girl. My wife is also my best buddy. However she gets indian blood from her father. She can be as vicious as a badger. I handle her very carefully like you do a pet Rattlesnake.

            • Do you think this coincidence strange:
              Please read:

              Dallas Police Attacked:
              Gov. Greg Abbott sustained “extensive second- and third-degree burns” on both legs below the knees and on both feet.”


              Right when there was Media reported attack on Dallas Police.

              Criminal Hitlery:
              And this attack event occurs when the “Butcher of Bengahzi diplomat”, Tri Lateral Commission Puppet, Bilderberg Puppet, National Security Threat Hitlery Rotten-Clinton was being VETTED and pardoned for her crimes and breach of National Security. Even though her breach likely got intelligence agents KILLED.

              No one has brought this up. Why?

              Rumsfeld and 9-11:
              Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9-11 that 2.3 TRillion dollars missing from pentagon. The office of accounting where those files kept were just happened to be EXACTLY where supposed plane crashed into Pentagon.
              I can’t find the CNN version that I saw on the day before 9-11 with Rumsfeld press conference admitting the lost money. Maybe you can.

              Why doesn’t anyone mention this?

              Are you people awake?

              I personally am not a believer in coincidence. I believe in what is before me and I have PERSONALLY witnessed. Even then I Question.

              Panama and CNN Lies:
              I was in Panama during the US invasion. CNN was reporting Fires and Fighting at location 2 blocks away from the cafe we were sitting in. It was right there on the TV-fires and fighting. In reality we were having a nice and quite lunch and beverage.
              Quite. Calm. Very pleasant. No commotion of any kind. CNN LIED. False story.

              What are your thoughts? Coincidence?

              • “Why doesn’t anyone mention this?”

                Because everything…
                I mean everything of substance… you were ever taught is a lie…

                All it takes is for one or two generations to pass and the victors dictate the narrative…

                I truly hope some understand just how deep the figurative hole is.

                We’re are very close to the “change”…

                Only 10% will survive.

          • Eppe, I lost my mom-in-law 5 years after my wife was killed. They were both amazing people. Feminism is the biggest thing that keeps me alone now.

            • Braveheart:

              Consider a vacation to Russia or one of the Countries where white women are impoverished. The ones where they kidnap them and put them into sex trafficking. You could save a beautiful white girl/woman from a terrible life and get yourself a companion.

              You seem like a lonely fella but with a big heart. I have met some men who married very well educated women from Russia and they were happily married. One business man found a female dentist. Some others who are happy and say the women are old fashioned, domestic, loyal and much better looking than the average, some are gorgeous.

              Not all American women buy into the feminist agenda. It is harder to find good people but water attracts its own level. When there is a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, kind, young woman; she will have many men wanting to share her life. The same goes for great guys. But if you don’t have any luck here, consider what I’ve said. It might be right for you.

              • Be really careful about marrying outside the country. The Russian game is simple. Find an American to marry and come to the US. Stay married for two years and then file a restraining order and police report regarding domestic violence. Then apply for a U visa and buy time while you apply for a green card and eventual citizenship. It’s really common to run this scam. I wouldn’t mess with the situation. Brave can find a like minded mate by hanging out at the exit doors of mental hospitals or drug rehab places. It’s a rough dangerous game but not a scam.
                (Just kidding Brave). Get out and meet people. There are nice non man hating women out there. I

                • try the low self-esteem support group near you…those girls are an EASY pickup.

                  • there IS a guy i know of that goes to the phillipines for a couple weeks vacation to look over the girls at the nursing school….he comes home with a new wife, that has a great career…and those usually last several years….he’s done it several times. i give up finding an intelligent woman that’s not out to fleece my bank account…on my own for 2 years now. our country pays girls to have babies, and incentivises them to NOT get married. girls just have no reason to be married anymore.

            • last time i seen MY mother in law, was her picture on a milk carton….happy.

        • In this world I have a very small group of individuals that I trust. They’ve earned it. The rest, well, I’m never unarmed and my guard is always up. It shouldn’t be that way but it is that way.

        • Old Guy, I thought I was the only forward thinking Individual here on SHTFPlan. The Daily Stormer is a daily STOP on my web browse schedule. Hail our Glorious Leader. After Dallas, I’m trying to start a new acronym: B.L.A.M. of course it is the sound of a firearm discharging. I want to make B.L.A.M. an alternate to BLM – for those black who advocate killing cop, and specifically White Cops, B.L.A.M. means their BLACK LIVES ARE MEANINGLESS.

        • Yea, but its also a white supremacist site. Where do you think the gov gets their lists???

        • I’m censored there (?) go figure – nice mthrfkr like me !

      2. And I got chastised for the same type of argument as this article on a post I made here about this shit

        How fucked we are

        So many stupid people , so little time

        • They are everywhere, its going to suck for a while once this kicks off

          • Kula,
            I have been trying to analyse people across the U.S. for many years while i was traveling for work, and I found what seemed to be the most idiots (or strange way of thinking) were from the large populated areas, now i am NOT trying ti in-flame those on this site who live in those areas, i an just talking about what i saw, i never really decided why it was that way, although it did seem to be that those people were the most who always watched the boob tube. have you ever noticed that?

            • Apache, Yes, I have noticed that. People without a conscience (psychopaths / sociopaths) are also ignorant idiotic low-life’s, regardless of their IQ, income, wealth, or lack of wealth. They prefer coastal areas with a high population density because that is where they have access to the largest pool of victims.

              Ignorant, idiotic low-life’s are emotional vampires who feed off of our energy. They need a steady stream and constant supply of victims, which densely populated areas provide them with. It’s also where all the action is as they crave enormous amounts of attention and stimulation.

              Most don’t live in rural locations, although some do, because those settings don’t provide them with the wide variety of victims that they need to feel satisfied, nor does it provide them with the stimulation they crave. They usually avoid tight-knit, cohesive communities where cooperation is necessary for survival. They do not want to stand out like a sore thumb, and knowing they will not fit in and could be outcast, they also fear the rejection.

              Also, just like the more cars on the road the more accidents there will be, the more people in any given area the more idiots/crazies. That’s just how it is.

              • For all you people that continue to bash us “city dwellers”, suck it. We have jobs, bills, and lives to lead. Not everyone gets a family hand me down of land out in the middle of nowhere. At least I finally got out of liberal shitcago!

                Same goes for yall bashing those poor bastard Conservatives stuck in NY, Kali, etc. Now, if you want to pony up the cash for them to relocate, Ill shut up. Until then, you shut up.

            • Apache54, I was born and raised in a city unfortunately so I know exactly where you’re coming from. There used to be a time when people in urban areas were NOT like that at all. Every trip I make to the BOL I make the most of it. I have to get away from the morons on occasion. The day will come when I can finally get away from them permanently.

        • Never mind the “mindless-Idiots” EOTS –

          It bothers me very much so … that some folks here think we can still “vote” our way out of this mess that they(government) created … mind Fk’n boggling!!!

          On the upside – as of lately of driving around … I see a lot of Gadsden Flags flying … also … a lot less fire works being displayed around my residence … where before .. it was very much happening.

          I think my most of my neighbors have received the message … “what is there to celebrate about?”

          • yes it is unbelievable how some think we can vote and bring back the middleclass. The USA producing middleclass was a one time anomaly in the history of the entire world. And its long gone. There will never be a solution to solve the problems by voting. Its simply never gonna happen. Actually I kinda hope Trump does get elected. just so I can say I told you so.

          • FTW, good to see you back. I also have Gadsden flags, caps, t-shirts. Whenever I wear them, I get the strangest looks from the morons. Let them think what they want. They can get f#$%ed.

            • You can see the look of the traitors. They have that arrogant give me what I want look . Easy to spot and destroy. And that time will come . And if you don’t do your duty your time will come. No slackers . No traitors. No friends no family. War to the bone . You let one of your loved ones slip through. If they are traitors . You die. How else can it be . You hide a traitor . What should we do with you. By by.

      3. The way I have seen and always perceived it is … If the Government can not follow the Constitution and Laws of this land … then neither should anybody else. Keep a moral compass within yourself … use good judgement when you may be up against an enemy or foe.

        As I’ve said before … “we are on our own” … Government has always been there … but they have shown their cards to anybody who has been paying attention. As in recent events … they rather have us turn on each other … than to take the anger out onto them … typical … normal … ancient strategy. Divide and Conquer … do not fall for it … even though they are trying hard to push their agenda)(s) onto us.

        • This is no “Divide and Conquer” for me, for I am on my own right now. Don’t belong to any group. Don’t talk to the neighbors about current events. As for Rule of Law. I will embrace, Without Rule of Law. When this reset starts it’s My Rules and I am not going to entertain the Whiners and their bullshit. I also know I do not have to go looking for trouble for it will find me soon enough. I would advise those who seek trouble to stay away from me.
          I have said we must prep for war because I do not see any other way around it.

          Failure to prepare is not my problem. I am done with being jerked around for trying to warn others. Time is short and I have learned plenty on how people will behave from all your comments over the past couple of years.
          Thanks Mac for letting people speak their mind.


          One set of Laws for the High Mucky Mucks and another set of law for the Peasants.

          I like no law at all. A “Do Over” so to say.

          • Amen to every word you wrote

          • Anon, BRAVO! My sentiments exactly.

            • If we don’t hang together we will hang alone. I don’t like it either. But if we don’t band together.we probably will die alone. I don’t want to join anything . But I know I must . Who do we join? The KKK the what else? What is there to join? The BLM La Rasa. The white supremists? Take your pick? Take your pick. Right now take your pick? Guess what . You are a white supremists. Weather you like it or not. Join La Rasa and see how long your family lasts. Join BLM and see how long your family lasts. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are a white supremist . Or you and your family will be butchard.. You think not . Well take the plunge. And see what happens.

              • I reside in the Newton & Searcy county area. The adjoining county is Boone County Ar. That is where the Headquarters of the KKK is located. The will not have me because Im not a Christian. But they do keep the blacks & browns away. Back In the early 1900,s The rail road housed some Blacks in Boone County at Harrison Ar. And those blacks became too big for their britches. And the white folks took care of business . Beat them up burned down the homes and the problem was gone for good. And Never came back.

      4. What goes around comes around and it is coming to a theatre near you soon. The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards.

        Large numbers of the political class on both the Right and the Left must be prosecuted for their crimes, or the American People will be divided …. into Freedom Cells to exercise justice.

        Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice, in your neck of the woods. You are responsible for the US Constitution where you live.

        The Asshats at every level of government oppressing the American people must be removed from public office.and if recent events are any indication, they will be ….

        By ballot or bullet. 🙂

        • Durango:

          What good would it do if every one of our current politicians suddenly died. Nothing would change. The people running this Country are the Trillionaires who buy politicians. If the Trillionaires died, the money would go to their children and the same would continue. I’m Not sure how to go about a sane resolution toward a successful revolution in favor of the good of the people.

          My best guess would be to issue some paper money and somehow bypass the banks, after declaring to the public why this counterfeit money was actually the real money and Federal reserve notes are the counterfeit money enslaving us.

          Another possibility would be a revolt by the generals in the military simply attacking the compounds of the Trillionaires and wiping them out. Then firing everyone in top government positions and replacing them with anyone with an IQ over 130.

          • “What good would it do if every one of our current politicians suddenly died. Nothing would change.”

            The American People are finally awake and aware. The empty seats of the current political class could be filled by Patriots.

            In the event of Martial Law during a TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, due to natural disaster or other unforeseen events, Soros for example, could be arrested for un American activities based upon his telephone and financial records,which would be available to a new CIA Chief or DHS Director and immediately extradited to Russia where he has been indicted.

            Soros would never see the light of day again.

            Don’t think that this is wishful thinking. The knives are out and when the regime changes in DC, blood will flow, the Clintons will be jailed, and the NWO PTB infrastructure will be dismantled.

            The Left and the Neocons will be scurrying like rats and cockroaches in the light of the Sun. Let me say again:

            Blood will flow. Current events are the tip of the iceberg. Americans have been “gunning up” for eight years. Don’t think these guns will not be turned upon the deserving who are enemies of the Republic.

            BTW, that Kel Tec assault shotgun is awesome. Get one. 🙂

            • For $999 plus sales tax, its a must have !!! 🙂

              • DK: Make sure you own a Pair of “Cockroach Killer Boots”!

                Thats what I call Very Pointy Toe cowboy boots, as with very pointy toes them cockroaches that scurry to the corners in kitchen when you turn on light switch late at night, are unable to avoid being squished! Pointy Toes gets deep into tightset corners so zero escape!

          • How about a terrorist attack at the next Bilderberg meeting?

      5. I agree with the message of your post but I have to say I’m fine with the cops blowing that asshole up and if someone killed a relative of mine and I had him backed into a corner I’d put him down.

        Due process is important, but when an individual steps so far out of the boundaries of society they lose those privileges. What if instead of blowing that guy up they talked him down and he killed or injured another person, or he didn’t but then we get to pay for that guy to be in the system for the next 20 years? Our society is soft, we as a people are soft.

        I’d agree with you if the situation is, individual X’s firearm was found at the scene of a crime and the police investigated and found him at home eating and suspect him of being the murderer, then yes let’s investigate, etc. If you’re at the crime actively shooting you’re guilty, let’s get on with it.

        You also contradict yourself when you say it’s not okay for the cops to take down the guy with a bomb but it is the cops fault for waiting 3 hours to go in at the Orlando shooting. Should they go in and say, KIND SIR! Stop shooting so we can process you? Unfortunately we don’t live in the same world that the found fathers did, the people we are fighting now have no value for anyone’s lives. So in an immediate threat, fuck your due process. If you’re actively shooting innocent people I’d say take them down as quickly as possible with as few casualties as possible.

        • “Due process is important, but’

          There is NO but.

          • So when someone is a direct threat to you or your family make sure to arrest them right?? Let me know how that works out for you. It’s easy to sit in a computer chair and say the cops messed up for blowing up some racist asshole but if you had been there I know you wouldn’t walk in there and try to arrest him. Get off your high horse and come down to the real world.

          • H H
            Hurt me or mine!There is no but,or due process!That’s the way this redneck rolls!
            Maniac –out

            • 100 heads is how my family rolls

      6. Great article Mr. Denninger.

        Here’s another tidbit about Director Comey. When he was prosecutor for lower Manhattan (I believe) he prosecuted another famous person…Martha Stewart.

        BUT, he did not prosecute her for insider trading because there was no evidence to bring those charges. He instead prosecuted her for LYING to authorities on the real reasons she made the trade when she did. The only crime she committed was lying to authorities and that got her jail time. It’s what the bosses wanted.

        Seems the bosses do not wish Clinton to have a smudged record before the selections since she committed the same offense.

      7. This appears to be the beginning of all out chaos. Get your trusted friends and family together,its gonna be a mess. I think martial law was and is intended all along. it appears to be happening. Any guesses to when it will be decreed?

        • Agree: keep your friends and family close. Also move to areas where you are not outnumbered. 10% black is okay, anything at 60% and up, you are going to be very uncomfortable. Even if you are cool with that, it will be a very disrupted area and not great for getting business done.

          The problem with these events is this: even if you are moderate and cool with others, the extremists will make everyone miserable as they attack each other. Just look at Iraq.

          When the dust settles, I imagine people will live ever-more separated lives. Also wealth will be altered, I suspect. People will do whatever they can to make sure they aren’t paying taxes to these areas. History shows us these tensions polarize, not bring people together.

          A global black uprising is on the cards; at first it will rule the day because of its violence and anger, but then the rest of the world will respond back, and it will get very totalitarian very quick. Pray, train, pray and train, train, train.

          • 10% Black OK ??? … wtf over? … NO … Safety First … 0% Black in your Area … in a SHTF scenario … if you’re White … then you don’t mix with the others … unless you plan on being dead … Only mix later … when the storm calms … then, and only then can you decipher if a non white it worthy.

            • FTW:

              White People who have never been attacked by a member of a minority don’t realize the danger they are in. You can go through life inter-acting with people, not realizing that beneath the veneer of social propriety lies years of stored resentment which can suddenly erupt apparently out of nowhere for no reason at all.

              If you are white, Obama wants your neighborhood integrated. He is seeking out white neighborhoods and putting in low cost housing with blacks benefiting from the cleaner whiter environment at reduced rents only objective being to tear it down.

              It starts with vandalism, usually graffiti. Before you know it, whites start selling their homes. In two years or less the property values have dropped. But white’s still don’t get it until one day when you are minding your own business and some angry black attacks. Just because you are cool with them doesn’t mean they are cool with you.

              You Might have to get beat, robbed, raped, and vandalized twenty or thirty times before you finally realize that it is not just one bad individual. It is an entire race of people who envy, resent, or outright hate your whiteness for no reason other than 1500 years of slavery, Jim Crow, Black oppression, the Black’s in prison, etc., and you guessed it, it’s all YOUR FAULT.

              Are there any all white neighborhoods that aren’t near black neighborhoods. Maybe in the Artic. But watch for them. They’ll be integrating there before long. And probably rioting because they didn’t get enough blubber.

              • B from CA, the area where my family and BOL are located is all white. Nothing for ANY minorities in that region. Minorities prefer urban areas.

                • Beware if any local officials bring in some state or fed honchos to tell your all white rural township how swell their new plan is to build a Low or Medium security Prison in Your area!

                  Them state or fed honchos and or some huge construction outfit that plans on already haveing the NO bid contract to build a $100-Million+ cost facility are going to tell you folks of every wonderfull Job this will create!

                  They will tell you 200-300 Good pay and benifit jobs wil be Yours for the asking!

                  They will tell you how much greater taxes are going to get generated and so much more cash is going to get thrown around your local poor area once built!

                  HERES what They will NOT Tell YOU!

                  Due to affirmative action policy, since Your local rural township is 99.99 to 100% White Now…At least a full One THIRD of them great pay jobs, or 100 jobs MUST be given to a Minority worker…And NOT only women as minority as this is about the Only area that women are NOT a minority per se…Yes a few females in the area will get a good pay job of course…But out of 100 positions that MUST go to minorities…

                  They are going to MIGRATE Into Your rural White town the Other 95 Minorities to Take said remaining minority only jobs….And that means aprox 60-Blacks and 35 Mexicans are going to Be YOUR new neighbors!..Most with Large Families and tons of kids.

                  What Else they wont tell You folks?…

                  That due to typical normal demographics nationwide.

                  There is going to be aprox 300-400 Prison Beds to occupy and at least 75-90% are going to be occupied by Black and/or mexican/Latrine-O’s Criminals.

                  What does That lead to you may ask of?

                  I Will Tell you what!!

                  Assume of the 400 total capicity criminal POP soon comming from ALl types usa locations and ALL sorts violent crimes convicted of etc.

                  300-360 ARE going to be Blacks period.

                  So How in world can Ebolanikqwious’, the 18 or 20 Year old Black Rapist, or 711 armmed robber prisoner’s Mother and 8 Siblings ever vist him once per month at visit day when his family resides in Ill or Wisconsin or Fla etc etc?

                  Well since 99% of prisoners familys are already ON welfare with tax paid houseings etc…NO Problem!

                  Your wonderfull Local city councils and state or fed govnt officials will Grant plenty Cash moving expences to 360 Black entire families too!

                  Now Your small rural town of 400 winter residnts and maybe 600-800 Summer residnts/home owners.

                  Are going to have a huge Increase of enough New town folk and new taxpayer paid property owning Minority black and or Latrine-O’s familys, it will OVERNIGHT become an aprox 50/50 Rural Larger town and one of that “50%” part is going t be Black and or Brown.

                  Oh Oh! There…Goes…The..Neighborgood Ma!

                  And soon as You can Blink an eye twice there also goes that new Lawn Mower you bought last week!

                  There goes them new truck costly Tires!

                  There goes a lots dead cats and dogs in Da Hood since playfull smaller sized negroes not yet criminals enough to Join Ebolanikquious in Prison yet…Will definatly be Practiceing to become better criminals at YOUR expense!

                  And don’t You white crackas DARE to complain to negroe thiefs mommies or siblings because You are to Blame for buying nice stuff blacks cannot afford to buy you damn evil whiteys!

                  Taxes goes UP and UP to pay for ongoing Police training in Racial sensitivities so black neighbors feel comfy an all dat sheeitz…While the aroma scent of Chitlins boiling for 8 hrs wafts thru the once prior clean fresh air!

                  And hey Rural White Crackafolk…How does Ya likes Circus music playing all day and all Night till Wee hrs and sunup time 7 days per week? because that Latrine-O “Circus” music is ALl you will hear fron Now on!

                  I calls it circus music as it best defines the unique brass band circus music sound, but latrine os calls it Hispanic band top forty or something like it.

                  100% Guarenteed that circus music will totally drive You Daffy Crazy Batty after two days straight!

                  Think 2008 Caused huge Loss in Home values for You?

                  Wait till new great jobs jails built and filled with that abject criminal Filth that used to reside in Detroit type areas before they burned it half down.

                  Then you house value will Drop so Low it will compete with Tyronny Da Baboony’s low cut Pants!

                  Yep values will drop to your ankles!

                  And forget about even Dare to think of ever actually fireing a gun at any of the new darkie neighbors in self defense Brother…Unless you desire to get charged and Convicted by a New jury of peers thats half or more Black jury! Maybe a new local black prosecutor and judge too!

                  Then more savages will arrive to remain forever from 17 More States of usa, as these will be the now Dead perp you shot rapeing Your 10 yr old daughter or son.

                  Them new arrivals will be dead perps Many “Relatives” seeking Justice and in the form of CASH $$$$ paid from Your Home Insurance and any other source wealth You may have.

                  The dead perps 17 state cuzins are going to even Raid your fridge for any fried chicken or left over watermelon before its finally all done and You go to that brand New Prison where You be the ONLY white guy there!

                  This I know of becauce Twice now this was attempted to be sold to Our local rural all white area…

                  Untill Me and a few other very wized up guys like me tossed a huge Fit, and bitched up a huge storm to all that would listen and them what refused to hear Us, we forced em to listen!…Most folks here were Born here and never had even a remote idea of what Life with Savages will be like…Good thing I was well versed in it all due to my prior life in Detroit, which convinced most here I Knew what I spoke of period.

                  And finally we convinced folks here to, Just say NO!! to any such “good job scheems” as the end results aint worth it period…And so we remain yet a nice lesser POP sized all white township of peacefullness and happiness and ZERO Darkies! I call’s That Real Progress!!

              • The definition of a diverse neighborhood:

                The time between the first black resident moving in and the last white resident moving out.

              • There is not a single neighborhood or country that has been made better by their presence. And by better I mean cleaner, with better architecture, better businesses, less crime etc.

                You can travel around the world and see the same result. They have ruined cities from France to Sweden to the UK.

                Very funny about the Arctic! I can already see a BLM member screaming in the face of an Inuit ‘No justice, no peace’ as he tries to harpoon a seal.

              • There hasn’t been 1500 years of slavery; only a fraction, over 200 years ago.

          • Frank,
            Hmmm, in my opinion if you move to an area with 60% African American population, there is a high probably lead in the water and it’s likely been under Democrat control for 30+ years. (The lead in the water causes brain damage that keeps the slaves in their place).

            Yeah I’d avoid those areas.

            On a lighter note: I’m really happy with the water filters I put in. The water at my house tastes incredibly clean, and now should have virtually no contaminates including heavy metals and fluoride.

            I’ve downloaded heat maps for several large US cities. Three maps for each city, the first shows the highest lead poisoning rates in red, the next shows the highest crime rates in red, the next shows the highest minority concentrations in red. In every single case the cities were Democrat controlled, the crime rates were huge and there was an exact correlation to the areas with the highest lead poisoning rates, to crime rats, to minorities.

            This is no coincidence, these maps read like chemical weapons DARPA war maps. Add some Black Lives Matters rhetoric and a few police shooting and Obama has his revolution that lets him suspend the US Constitution.

            Our nation is in a hugely fragile state right now. Obama is egging both side to war while arming police for the massacre. Police are pulling back into a siege mentality. It’s all a classic formula for war/revolution.

            For preppers a police siege mentality means you are completely on your own for personal security, but be very careful, because unlike police, you are fully liable for your actions.

            • History repeats eh…Today its Lead water pipes to poison goys while 500 yrs ago all across europe kikes poisened Wells owned by white christian folk.

              And when you complain of Dems, as you should, just remember The Two largest voter Base dems can always Count on for a dem vote in every election large or small, those Two main dem vote bases are Blacks at 95% and Kikes at aprox 87% or so, each election going Back longer than You been alive!

              • Also: Every city with Lead water pipes has Had such pipes at Least the Past 100 or more years since first laid in underground water pipe systems.

                And none of the large cities had any type majority of blacks liveing in those cities till Long after lead pipes were first used or put in.

                Most such cities never even had small populations of blacks located in any mid west or northern states.

                My orig birth city Detroit had only aprox 80,000 blacks Total in 1935-40’s and 99+% of them blacks all lived on the East side detroit….it All changed drastically when I was 10 yrs old and first blacks moved into my area in West detroit.

                By the affirmative action era when the Big Three Auto makers in detroit Had to fire or pay off early retirements to get rid of at least 30% of white workers so to hire black workers in their place…Detriot then grew to Over 2-Million and soon had well Over 75-80% Blacks in total.

                Today total POP in detroit is around 800,000 or Less. Still mainly black at probably now 95% blacks.

                From My age of ten yrs old it took just five more yrs when I was 15 yrs old that savages in detroit Rioted and Looted and burned it half down. Detroits never been the same since…Took white folk 300-Years to build Motor City world Famous worlds Top Manufatureing and industrial Highest Paid and Best benifits globally. Took african savages just 5 yrs to destroy it!

                Detroit is French word for On the water I think it means, and first started out as a French Fort that looked much like any cowboy movie verticle Log side Fort the us cavelry had…White folk americans took that early Fort and turned it into Greatest large city in the world.

                Three Centuries hard work and much cash spent just to see savage blacks destroy it in half a decade!

                oh and be sure to Blame whites for that too folks!

      8. The cops are not the problem, criminals are. If you want to get into tail light theology then please be advised that just because the light was illuminated doesn’t mean it was working when he was pulled over. Sometimes tail lights can be out until someone depresses the brake pedal, or turns on the blinkers/flashers. In fact my GMC pickup has the same problem as we speak. The lady in the car with the dead black man has been stopped over thirty times for traffic violations, with over sixty tickets to her credit. It is always one of these habitual offenders that is crying about racist Cops, and in my home it all falls on deaf ears. Frankly, I wish the Cops would start doing group rates. Why not turn the guns, with real bullets, on the demonstrators. Who in the hell has the right to shut down a highway, great or small? Who the hell has the right to disrupt interstate commerce? Who the hell has the right to walk down a highway creating danger for themselves and the motoring public? If their lives mattered then they should be protecting their lives, by getting jobs, staying home and keeping their children out of trouble, paying their bills on time, and for once in their self pitied lives stand in front of a mirror and take a long hard look at just what they are doing to themselves. In their present state there is no black community, just a black mass of flesh on a feeding frenzy. And they have the nerve to say, “Black lives Matter”. I counter with, “Since when”. thanks

        • The cops are not the problem? How long would it take us to wipe out these underware showing baseball hat backwards. Red blue bandana look at my tats hood rats if the cops disappeared . We could get rid of them in one month. The cops protect the rats. To keep their jobs . And if your little child is just wearing the street fashion. By by little street rat. O but the innocent will be killed. Just because they look like hood rats . So be it. Wear a suit and tie or die. Go to church in a tee shirt. By by. But that’s not politically correct. Well it should be. Let’s clean house quick . No more patty cake.

        • The cops are not the problem? If it wasn’t for the cops we could wipe out these rats in one your underware put your hat on backwards. And you die . O but that’s just street fashion. And my little child does that . Well guess what happens to your little child.. By by baby. Fire every cop so we can clean house. Do we have an option. It’s do or die.

        • I heard the guy in MN fit the description of an armed robbery suspect,had a gun on his lap, and ignored repeated “Don’t move!” commands.

          Whatever you think of cops, it’s probably good for your health to keep your hands visible in a tense situation like a traffic stop. We all know the people making traffic stops are armed, so I recommend refraining from escalating the tension, especially when you are at a huge disadvantage.

        • like i told the cop

          No i didnt know my tail light was out, because i drive from INSIDE the car .. (asshole!)

          he had to think about that one really hard with his 50 point IQ

      9. Law #1: The corrupt, vile Clintons ***always*** skate.

        Law #2: When the Clintons finally get cornered in explicit lies, return to Law #1.

      10. A perfect storm is headed our way.

        Should the major German bank fail, how will that affect the EBT processing Banks of America. Add that to the BLM movement. The Legal Process/FBI problems with government plus the Gun Control issue.

        All coming together or not?

        • Yep like the old saying goes if you put enough irons in the fire at least 1 will get hot

        • anon, German govt/ECB will NOT let Duesch Bank fail.Taxpayers will pay for it. JPMorgan Bank handles ALL EBT cards in the country. They will not be allowed to fail.

          • southside

            Think of them as weapons at their disposal and not banks to be used as a last effort to bring down the USA and install the NWO. Not the money they want, its the power/control they crave. What is a banking institution compared to overthrowing a government like the USA. One that stands in their way.

      11. This will all shake out soon enough when the mindless liberal left get smashed in the pocketbook when the currency finally collapses and then they will go ballistic for the rule of law. The only thing these fools understand is money, and when their money is gone they will scream for justice. As far as the government is concerned, those who are expecting a pension are in for a big surprise when every municipality in the nation goes belly up and auserity goes exponential.

        • Yes, but you can rest assured that all Federal employees will still receive their fat pensions. The beast MUST be fed!

      12. I would like to thank Black Lives Matter and their current protests. The stuff going on the last few days will mean that I will NOT be attending any state fairs or events at other public places the rest of this year — because there is no Rule of Law in those places. I am thankful that I can see this now on TV and on the Internet, rather than seeing it by being trapped inside a (peaceful?) protest. I am also thankful because B-L-M has given me additional encouragement to never forget to take my Get Home Bag with me – because I now see places on the streets and highways where there is No Rule of Law.

      13. With the quiet stroke of a pen on New Year’s Eve 2011 Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. Poof. The Bill of Rights (and our Founders’ Republic) was dealt a fatal blow. Not one shot was fired.

        I am sick and tired of patriots’ handwringing. Saying ain’t doing. Let it fall. I am an old liberty-loving country coot. I’ll take my chances.

      14. Please stop blaming “we” and “our” for all these problems. I have absolutely no power to do anything about any of these problems and neither do most of the “we” and “our” reading this.

        Try blaming the “The Powers That Be”, whom we have no control over instead.

        • Sky Pilot
          I understand because I think tptb have pulled a number on us. Nothing they hate more that democratic ideas. They sure manage to work everyone’s hate buttons!

      15. The article has a lot of good points — things worth considering. However, there are a lot of situational assumptions where we are left to assume a simple explanation for complex situations…and to accept without question the author’s perspective and interpretations.

        I am not so sure that it was wrong, for instance, to criminalize drug possession and especially distribution – even if it takes away legal remedy for the criminal. Somehow, it reminds me of the boy who killed his father and mother and then asked for mercy based on the fact that he was an orphan. (Don’t ask me how that makes any sense!)

        The author is understandably bitter and cynical of our ability to remedy the situation or “act” beyond social media “whining”. He may be right – which is why this is such an important election where we certainly have more of a choice than last time around.

        Yes, 80 years of watching it happen can jade you; and as a sympathetic 73 year old, I don’t blame the author a bit for ducking under to enjoy life while he can. You can’t let this stuff take over your sanity. Yet, I expect that this is the last we will hear of Karl Denninger. He is, after all, a patriot at heart. We need more of them.

      16. Well written article, and i agree the problem is lack of a rule of law. I do not think there is time to reinstate rule of law mainly because too many people are ignorant that it is missing in the first place. So there will be a major conflagration and plenty of us will not survive it. I think each state governor should invite the feds to leave the state, that way the people will have a better chance of making it thru whatever is coming.

      17. I am reading “One Year After”, the follow-up to “One Second After”. Very pertinent to what is happening today. The fish rots from the head down. Corruption on the top always flows down,from Obama getting a free pass from Congress after implementing clearly unconstitutional laws,the Supreme Court giving their stamp of approval,the FBI ignoring criminal activity of Clinton…and so on down it flows. Only an enema will due to clean up this mess.

        • You neglect the Republican side of the equation. Patriot Act… Darth Cheney gaining private control of military… NSA… Citizens United.
          The D/R corporate machine bringing you one world and some of you think it is just the Democrats. Some days I could vomit.

      18. Everyone was warned by Alex jones, Dave hodges, even Sgt Major Dan Page back in April 2014. its up to you to face the warning in what could be a coming civil war. so be ready Constitutional Patriots. If you need a reminder of the video or have not seen it at all. Make sure you take notes and watch the whole video.

      19. I have found that people would rather ignore our national problem of rot and corruption, rather than confront it. Sad to see, but without 5 million people or so to help right what is wrong what am I myself going to accomplish? All of us are in the same sinking boat, I can only bail out so much water myself before it sinks.

        • Agreed. I only pray that if there is a civil war, it happens soon when I’m relatively young enough to fight and defend my family.

      20. Been trying to get them to arrest the Globalist fascist genocidal psychopaths causing this mayhem, destruction, and divide and conquer for years, but all the cowards want to do is live in denial of who is causing this planned collapse and destruction of fascist police State America while they protect their pay and pensions and get drunk to forget about the evil psychopaths they have sold their souls too.

      21. Every Mainstream article that I have read on the use of lethal force via robot by the DPD has been prefaced with a disclaimer sentence such as “To the best of our knowledge.” or “We believe this to be unprecedented “or blah blah blah to cover our ass in the event you dummies find out otherwise.
        Think about it. What’s protocol when a suspect is surrounded? Get all civilians out of harms way. Corridor off the area …set a perimeter.For the publics safety and well if there aren’t any news crews around or choppers overhead its training day.
        Below is an article about a local guy. The FBI admits to sending in a robot for observation … no problem . But then the local drive- by’s (questionable news sources) are reporting the cause of suspects death as unknown. Could have been suicide they said… Could have been shot while shooting it out with SWAT they said.
        Folks that live in the Shawnee National Forest where the guy had been holed up could care less… they were just glad he was dead.

        I’m just saying I got a farmers nose and I can smell bullshit from a mile away.

      22. Rebecca

        Only the ill informed prescribe to the left v right dynamic as both horses are bought in the two horse globalist race.

      23. I stopped reading when the article claimed that the Pulse/Orlando shooting is real.. Orlando is in Orange County, and orange is the only color that is “33” in numerology..

        • and it is LIBERAL top down….

      24. Aww, poor black cop killer got his ass blown up by a bot bomb. Fk his due process, and fk you!

      25. I have read several 100 times “… Did anyone go to prison for selling “good investments?…” to clients …” there is a strong reason why they did not.

        As super banks gained in political power in the 1990’s they forgot that being in bed with politicians meant they had to do the laundry of the political elite. Here is an example of how it worked. Bill Clinton made the super banks pay for his support by ramming low cost sub prime mortgages down the bankers throats to support his political agenda of gaining voter support from cheap housing. The super bankers responded to the threat by packaging sub prime mortgages into collateralized debt obligation or CDOs to get the sub prime mortgages off of their books. When the CDO market grew to hundreds of billions of dollars the level of the sub prime mortgage was in many cases at a garbage level which lead up to the 2007-9 sub prime mortgage crisis. From this banking crisis super banks came out many times stronger as a political force because they were only “slapped on the wrist” for selling CDO’s.

        So if the bankers did “…go to prison for selling “good investments…” they would end up having to spill the beans that their partner in crime were the political elite and these people were given 100s of millions to get re-elected. This is the corruption that is systemic in our government.

      26. I think there were multiple shooters in Dallas. I have a hard time believing this one guy shot 12 cops by himself. With the one shooter dead, he can’t talk to tell who else may have been involved. And with the MSM focused on only one shooter, they won’t look any deeper, either.

        • Mas:

          The video showed lots of people talking about two locations where shots were being fired. Lots of people questioning the lone wolf story.

          • I Bet the cops Hid that robot bomb in a KFC Chicken Barrel eh.

      27. Hey Karl I understand your thesis however, one thing you wrote was as follows ” but if you catch someone having just killed your daughter and he’s cornered in your shed, either out of ammo or choosing not to shoot at that time, you cannot blow the shed up rather than arrest him! Due process of law? What’s that?” Karl Karl if that happened to me that son a bitch would die an excruciating death and you can take your due process and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • AMEN to the dead criminal…

        • Harsh reality Nam, but I see how its going to be the way of the world soon.

      28. Sir, you lost me when you started saying cops firing at a mass murderer should be held accountable if one bullet misses. Those are truly the words of an clown with no concept of reality. You do a night club battle yourself then with a small handgun in a dark room full of angry scattering people against a man with an assault rifle knowing full well that the smallest mistake means prison. No human being with even a moderate iq would accept such a task. And if you have someone cornered and they said they won’t be taken alive and they have already killed then I know of no state law restricting you from killing them and the type of force used is not statutory. You aren’t thinking. You aren’t adding things up. And when you make moronic statements then your entire argument becomes uncredible.

      29. I am following the most underreported, underrepresented, misunderstood news story in the US.

        The July 3, NY Central Park bomb, where a tourist stepped on a bomb planted in the park by another.

        The police are trying to spin it as someone experimenting with fireworks. Sorry, but an M-80 might take off some fingers, this thing blew an entire foot off. It also detonated on contact like a landmine, can I say, I’ve never seen any commercial fireworks or internet design fireworks that detonated upon contact like a land mine?

        The government is playing it down, I’m gonna say, preppers be vigilant. This was no accident as the NY mayor portrays it. I’m thinking it was a test, and it worked exactly as intended. If it was Islamic Jihadists, my guess, expect many more.

        • I wonder if the Mossad will plant bombs and let the Jihadists take the blame.

        • Good point! Very suspicious. Also, note how Orlando has gone quiet. Like it never happened. The atrocities happen and then quickly are disappeared down the memory hole. The President shows no concern for events that would have led to months of soul-searching in the past.

      30. “You idiots cheered that on too…”

        When anyone, be it a faux journalist, blogger or ordinary Joe commenting on an article, denigrates his reader as an idiot because he assumes they held a position…”cheered that on” it speaks only to the inability of the writer to convey his thoughts in a clear and concise manner rather than anything about the reader. Now it is most likely that the author was addressing that portion of the population that stood on the street corners in Boston a few years ago chanting “USA! USA!”while the thugs from DHS blatantly violated the 4th amendment rights of the people right in front of their eyes. That said this level of ineptitude and amateurish journalism casts doubt upon the specificity and veracity of the claims in the article.

        Leave the self righteousness and denigrating remarks to the Chief Chimp in the White House.

      31. Islamic jihadis always take credit for any bombings.

        but usually the mossad never ever tell msm news outlets nor put out any press alerts to their doings.

        NY mayor is dual citizen zioboy, so very likley to cover up if done by mossad.

        Plus at most if not every event so far like boston marathon bomb and a few other events i cant now recall which, it was Mossad and/or cia conducting those various “Training sessions” that just by coincedence happened to go Live!

      32. there are a few black preppers, it really depends on location. black americans that have a small farm, or a acre of land, out in the country, may be closet preppers. I know of one in my area.

      33. ‘,,,”He who has the biggest teeth (or the most guns) and is willing to use them first wins.'” That’s what we’ve got now. They’re called “the police”. We see them bullying those who supposedly don’t have any teeth–the people. Especially the minorities whom they and their admirers don’t like.

      34. “RESTORE the Rule of Law”? When was it ever actually in force? The “Rule of Law” is the “two wolves and the lamb voting for what to have for dinner”. After they eat the lamb, then, which wolf will be deemed the lesser–to be eaten by the greater? …Feel assure that you’re among the wolves? Ha!

      35. CNN and Black Lives Matter (funded by George Soros) are pushing for race war. I don’t know if you are aware of it but in Bristol Tn. the other day a black guy drove around and shot white people at random. One white women died, one is critical, and I think some of the victims are white children. The black folks have been radicalized and are told it’s ok to shoot, it’s justified. Shame on them.

        • Observer

          There will be more of this type of violence to terrorize people. How you deal with it will decide your security in your neighborhood. I have mentioned before on this site on how to disrupt vehicle traffic. But most people will tolerate it until it is an everyday event of being a drive by.

          Besides disruption of vehicle control, there would be massive firepower deployed which would be a lot more accurate.

          We have not had a repeat of the D.C. Sniper.
          Something to think about.

      36. Out of all this chaos one person has actually made sense: the head of the Black Panthers has called for all blacks to move into a dedicated black nation. I think that is the best solution for all concerned. He even admits such a nation would be unappealing to whites and so they would quickly move out of such a place. This New Black Nation could solely trade with dynamic nations such as Liberia, Togo, Equatorial Guinea etc. Whites could just trade with other whites, Latinos and with Asians. It would be a happier world.

        • It WOULD be a happier world if a separate nation or nations for blacks could be set up and actually function autonomously, providing their own governments, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. But we only have to consider basically all the governing entities that have ever existed in Africa, as well as black-run cities in the US, to be reminded that never in history have blacks been able to keep anything of importance functioning. Any proposed new “country” would soon dissolve into corruption, poverty and violence, and anyone left standing would turn into a mob of cry bullies demanding that the whites come bail them out, “or else”!

        • frank yes indeed give them Africa.

      37. Well said, and you left out a national crime..that of allowing ‘illegals’ to enter and provide them with all tax payer supported services and ‘sanctuary’ cities and states…Rule of Law IGNORED….yet again from the Top on down…but you or I trespass on another’s property and we are arrested and tried..NOT so the ‘illegals’….imho

      38. In Memphis Tenn they built a new modern shopping mall. And the Black thugs mugged and robbed so many customers that nobody except shop lifting black gimme dats went there. So they closed the doors and the Mall Of Memphis was torn down. They tried to give it to Wal Mart and Wal mart declined!

      39. Only for political psychopaths under a mask of sanity (like those who planned I.e. the unthinkable immense horror-crime “Dresden”, repulsive under the smokescreen of WWII) and their complices: ‘The law does not or should not apply’.

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