This Is The New Normal: UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis And A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    UC Santa CruZ

    A meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over and subsequently shut down by hard-left students who literally screamed that the groups very existence was a threat to their safety.

    The leftist group initially organized the effort to derail the free speech of Republicans on campus in a Facebook post that openly called for shutting down the groups “right of assembly” while also labeling mainline conservatives as white supremacists and fascists.

    “White Supremacist, fascist-sympathizing College Republicans are having a meeting at McHenry library, room 0332. Everybody be aware of this violent racist activity happening everyday on this campus!” wrote a student. “We need a movement of people on this campus that rejects the ‘right of assembly,’ or ‘right of free speech’ for white supremacists and fascists.”

    The group then went through with their social media threats, banging on the meetings door and eventually barging into the room to full on disrupt the peaceful meeting while screaming about fascists, racists, and white supremacists. Remember, this was a meeting of mainline conservatives.

    Details published by Campus Reform include the fact that the leftist group refused to have any sort of dialogue with the College Republicans.

    According to the UCSC College Republicans, their offers to discuss the concerns of the protesters were met with exclamations that “dialogue is violence,” after which the protesters called the club’s presence a “threat to the library” and demanded that the CR members vacate the space immediately.

    The protesters even reportedly berated library staff members when they refused to shut down the pre-approved meeting. One staff member eventually asked the CR members to leave in order to end the disturbance, but meeting attendees chose to respond by sitting quietly and refusing to leave the area.

    One student protester laughably ran out of the meeting hysterically screaming about nonexistent “Nazis downstairs”.

    The commotion culminated in one of the student activists running out into the main library area screaming that there were “Nazis downstairs,” but while the gimmick drew several spectators, many of them expressed indignation at the actions of the protestors.  

    “As a Democrat, I am embarrassed that some people on the left act this way,” remarked Phil Leonard Vogel, creator of the moderate campus news publication City on a Phil. “They give all of us a terrible name.”

    After nearly two hours, school officials eventually called the police, who reportedly arrested three of the protesters.

    Unbelievably, one of the protesters even claimed that the groups very existence was a disturbance. You truly can’t make this stuff up.

    “Your existence is a disturbance, your existence is a disturbance to every marginalized person in this country.”

    This is apparently what it means to be a liberal (at least for some) in the year 2017.


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      1. I wish they were nazis, go gestapo on them and throw their retarded asses in the oven! What ever happened to beating the shit out of assholes like this???

        • Genius, I’m going to do whatever needs to be done regardless. Just waiting to see how ‘interesting’ Nov. 4 becomes.

          • There was a poster on here,ketchupondemand, I believe he lived in PorteRico. I don’t see him posting. Is he O.K.? He seemed like an ok guy. Hope he is ok.

            • I think it was a she and she lives in California… Ya she was cool.

            • Nobody has heard anything from Kondemand,,,
              I am hoping he and the wife made it ok, everything down there is still torn up pretty bad and folks farther out in the country like them got pounded pretty bad. No cell service or any internet connections except in one or two locations.

              • Probably one of the more prepped ones so I would think they are ok. I hope anyway…

                • Genius, I didn’t know Ketchup lived in PR. While I’m thinking of it has anyone heard from Menzoberranzan? I hope he’s OK>

                  • Pretty sure menzo was on here the other day

                    • Nail, Ever think about moving to the mainland? Go just east of the coastal states and it aint too bad. I’m surrounded by gun totin RIGHT wing (some extreme gotta love em) people. Low taxes, low bum rate, wide open spaces, cheap land, low crime, gun friendly, etc. The best place in the nation imo….

                    • Ya know, if your going to beat some idiots ass at my age, you might as well beat them to death. If you beat them halfway you will get sued and lose everything. If you beat them to death then (if no witnesses) they have to investigate and find who did it and prove it. Either way if you are proved to have done it you lose it all anyway. I’m too old to start over and (aint doin prison) so fuck it, Imma just kill em. That way I have a chance know what I mean…

                    • Yes, yes i have, just cant afford any of it, especially giving up everything i have here that is irreplaceable and money cant buy.

                    • I’m still kicking friends. I’m as pissed as ever and waiting. God bless.

          • We’ll never make it to Nov 4th. It’ll all be over on Sep 23rd,…no wait, Oct 21st…no wait, Oct 31st… no wait…

            • Menzo, glad to know you’re still around.

              • Thanks BH

          • You are an asshole. You type how tough you are but the left fights as you type!!!! You win first prize for keyboard commando as most posters here. Left fights as you type!!!!!!!!

            • Never see these leftists conduct their ‘protests’ in Hillbilly Springs, AR or Redneck Junction, AL, or a NASCAR event. Wonder why?
              Lots of ‘Nazis’ at such venues.

            • Anonymous, you can blow me.

        • Whiggers whiggers everwhere but not one dink that thinks.

        • The slow reactions of the school bother me almost as much as the leftist scum. Campus police should be busting protestor heads as soon as the screaming begins.

        • If any actual Nazis are reading, I don’t understand why you don’t take the flagpoles, Anglin riot shield craft projects, and cartoon frogs, to one of those n|ggery places, where the discarded couch has graffiti on it, the grass is charred, and there are empty beer bottles (assuming that you didn’t leave them, there.)

      2. The libtards almost got there way. The college officials tried to kick out the College Republicans as a way of ending the protest.

        That is what these communists want. Disrupt legal meetings until the get shut down.

        • When I was in school if a group tried that they would get their asses kicked so bad (either on the spot or after school) their grandkids would have broken noses. At least hit them with yer purse you panty waists!

      3. Im really starting to hate leftist with a passion

        • Ya me too. Makes me take a new interest in baseball though 😉

        • Nail,
          You are finally catching up to me!

          • Ive tried to avoid them, but lately witnessing libtards at their best with the people im working for and all the trolls and then this no freedom of speech crap im reaching my limit. In what universe should i have to work my azz off so some idiot leftist can have healthcare when my portion of a group policy is costing about 700$ a month? And they think its ok?
            Or bring your retarded kid here because the welfare system is better than Ca even though you own several million dollars worth of realestate and travel all the time?
            Yea, im there, i wish kim dipshit norkocommy would nuke us and miss and hit haleakala

            • “They think it’s OK” … are you kidding. “They THINK”… that’s the part you’re missing. I read some term paper by one lately. It was a diatribe of personal butthurt followed by direct Wikipedia plagiarism, all in a sentence format that would be an appropriate skill level for a 7th grader.

              And they graduate these things.

              You don’t have to worry much longer about them taxing you to death to pay for them, because with shit like this in the workforce there won’t BE a workforce.

            • i got one question….if it’s ILLEGAL to so much as SPIT on someone, why don’t the POE-LEECE make some arrests? why don’t the administrators of those schools drop a dime to the cops?…..i’ll tell you why, because they are on their SIDE…just like the NFL owners….they would put a stop to THAT too….but they WON’T, because they are on board with them….assault is a big deal in this country, supposedly punishable with JAIL…..why INDEED! we truly ARE doomed, when these laws are no longer enforced.

      4. when college is over their day will come. Lets see how the snowflakes make it in the real world. They will be chewed up and spit out.

        • Jim, the way things are going the snowflakes will get chewed up and spit out before finishing college.

        • The republican students need to tell the libtards we got your name, we got your number, your ass is mine. Make sure to compile the lists with photographs and names and make sure to follow these asshole the rest of their lives. Do not let them have jobs. Do not let them have loans. Send dossiers on them to all employers. Fuck up their lives until they are forced to commit suicide.

      5. Nailbanger, JS, and Genius, what if we started declaring feminazis, minority groups, illegal aliens, ANY AND ALL libturd groups a threat to our safety? Especially the ‘minorities’? Imagine the outrage and meltdown these snowflakes would have over THAT. My “liberty tools with lead” are on standby.

        • Vice prez Soros and the deep state would never allow it lol. I would love them to get in my face so I could see if I can hit a home run with their head. If I am outnumbered then ya, some lead pitching practice is in order 😛

        • I think eventually our only course of action will be extreme violence against agressive groups like this. I know i plan on not being in any crowds etc at all, but if its going to spill into my space, lets just say i dont plan on being passive nor a victim. Ill give em a solid rub that wont be good for anybody.

          • Yup, rub em with a nailgun! Or for more torture use a screwgun lol.

            • Im more partial to .224 blitz kings, prefer the standoff, never was much for “fair” fights

              • Ha! A REAL nailgun! I would never want to meet Mr. Blitzking. I use them in the .243 and ya, they are DEVISTATING…

                • Little off subject,
                  but you mentioned .243( AKA 6 mm)
                  I drug my daughter kicking and screaming
                  through Hunter safety classes when she was
                  13 or so. This last week she bagged her first Deer
                  with her .243. She has just turned 43. A very slow
                  growing tree. But it was worth the effort!

                  • relik, If I could just have 1 rifle it would be my .243. I absolutely LOVE that gun. 43? Better late than never I guess lol. Maybe get her to do some long range target shooting (500yds.) the .243 will do it all day long and I bet she will love it. I use the 70gr. sierra matchkings with 47.5 gr. of H414 and winchester primers. Whoop ass 3600 fps. and super deadly accurate. Congrats!

                    • Just one?
                      Would be my .308Win bolt gun,
                      Custom action and barrel from Northwest Action works, sits in a JP chassis, 10 round mag vortex optic, damn good rifle. Reach out and touch someone!

                    • I hear ya nail but I am just very partial to that rifle. My #2 choice would be my .300 WinMag. Same thing, reach out and touch someone lol. In the forest I don’t need a lot of range just pinpoint accuraccy. If someone stuck their head out from a tree I could hit them in the eye at 200 yds. Every man has his favorite, and that will be his best friend. If I had to take out vehicles or go over 500 I would use the .300, it is very accurate and scoped very well and will blow the fookin shit out of whatever I hit 🙂

                    • By the way nail, have you ever used an SWFA SS (super sniper) scope? I love them and have them on all my high power rifles. 1/10 milrad adjustment and tough as hell. Go to SWFA dot com and read the reviews, 5 star performance and priced right. The swfa rings have 6 screws each and are also tough as hell. Get the scope reticle leveler too and you can’t beat it with leapold or vortex or anything I have ever tried….

                    • Got two does yesterday. Early muzzleloader season for three days. After taking a power nap up in the stand, (sheepish grin) I had two does walk in around 5:45 p.m. and I dusted the first one with a shot to the neck. The second one just stood there then proceeded to walk to the downed one while I hurried to reload the powder and bullet. I then shot the other one in the neck (went in a pile). Both were nice sized does, healthy (tell by the liver). So far my son and I have put three in the walk-in box.

                    • Genius,

                      Thanks for the information. Which models have you tried?

                      Louisiana Eagle ?

                  • Some things skip generations. Yes, I was manipulated by decades of social pressures, but I’m rectifying the situation with the next generation.

                    I’m meeting many Americans in the same situation. The pattern is being broken from what I know.

                    • I wish you a happy healing my man.

                    • laeagle, I have a 12x, a 16x, and a 20x fixed power all with the quad-mil reticles. Of all of them I like the 16x.

                      PO’d, good job my man, stock that freezer!

              • Nailbanger and Genius, I’ll let them get just close enough to me where I can see what 00 buckshot would do.

                • I shot 00 buck into a car door at about 20 feet and it didn’t even penetrate. Try #4 buckshot instead. A 3 inch mag has 43 .22 cal pellets that are about 1300 fps. Like getting shot 43 times with a .22 at once.

                  • Genius, thanks for the tip. I’ll get some and try it. Time for the Mossberg to get a ‘workout’ again anyway, LOL!

                    • On another note, my pet catfish are growing like weeds! 2.5-3 inches long (about 20x the size as when I got them). Fat lil guys and piggies too. I got them a 55 gallon tank and they love it. I figure if yer gonna raise fish, raise gamefish. Catfish and Bass don’t need heaters or coolers just room temp. They are tough and hearty and fun to raise. I’m hoping to get a pond dug for them next summer. They are great for aquaponics or pond fish. I’m gettin so attached to them I don’t know if I can eat em lol.

                    • keep in mind that some 00is different patters. they do it by packing them with some type of sand that has glue in it, so the pattern stays together much longer outside the barrel…learned about this at a shotgun class taught by a cop…mine looked like no spread at all at closest(i forget distance), medium was still VERY close together, and 15 yards was still only a few inch pattern. i would just as soon use #4 birdshot…it’ll still kill ’em from those distances

              • If you’re in a fair fight, you haven’t planned very well.

      6. Thats it, California is no longer part of the USA. HIV in the blood is okay? F them. now this. California, is out of the country. I have a flag with the 31st star x-ed out

        • Yeah I really wish someone would wall this place off and let it turn into the District 9 style ghetto it is. And I LIVE HERE.

      7. Kettles calling the pots black.

      8. I’ve been to UC Santa Cruz
        several times for work
        related issues.
        It is a beautiful campus,
        I think it was an old ranch
        that was donated to the state.
        It is full of Psycho’s.
        I’d rather hang with the Santa Cruz
        homeless than the average Santa Cruz
        student. BTW my second cousin is
        a UCSC alumni.
        I dealt with the Astronomy people
        and we were all polite enough to
        stick to business.
        My favorite campus was Cal Tech.
        UCSC non STEM types are all crazy!

      9. We should invade Cali and take out ALL the trash and make it part of the US again. It is a very nice (landwise) state and could be an asset (vs. a commie recruitment camp). It aint too far away, I’m game 🙂

        • I’ll warm up the coffee for you.

          After that can you please do something about all those Massholes?

          Ugh that place. It’s starting to approach “worse”. But it’s like “sleeper” at the moment.

          • Don’t forget about New Jersey, the great Kalifornia cesspool of the East.

      10. Genius, I don’t think Cali is worth saving. The BIG ONE will take it out eventually. It’s too far gone to be saved.

        • Big one or not, it is PRIME land. Just need to bulldoze the asswipes into the ocean and start over lol.

      11. All this anti-white stuff will lead to white people not being able to walk in public in 5 to 10more years!

        • Only for those who aint packin’ and those who live in a big shitty. Other than that this white boy will walk wherever he needs to go. I don’t live in naggertown lol.

      12. The longer this goes unchecked, the worse it is going to be. Thing is, when they are in control, they will be far worse than the perceived treatment they think they received from whites! They will be animalistic at best! I think the worst of African and latin American countries is what we will see when whites are the minority. It is interesting how the Bible says things end up. And it is what we are seeing.

        • I think, white people want to play the victim card.

          Blacks and Hispanics, and all the subcultures, inside of the left, also despise eachother; they are not a unified bloc.

      13. Remember that saying, excuse me, for existing?

        “Your existence is a disturbance, your existence is a disturbance…”

        So, then, they don’t acknowledge your right to exist.

        • The WWII nazis were angry with the jews for existing and MAKING them have to kill them all. two diametrically opposed groups can exist in the same place at the same time for very long. It’s just not possible. War ALWAYS comes…….

          • *cannot

        • They said that about their unborn children and look at the genocide they created.

          If the conservatives want to meet, they should meet on private property so anyone trying to break it up or threaten the group in person can meet their very short future. Many perps get killed in home invasions.

          • The leftists are telegraphing how brutal they will be if they retake the White House and Congress. Not hard to forsee what would be in store if their disarmament efforts succeed.

      14. I have not shot a gun since basic training in 1970 at Ft. Jackson, SC. I did get the sharpshooter level designation then, might have been a M-16, don’t entirely remember. In Vietnam those M-16 weapons were taken away from our unit after 3-4 months. I think that had something to do with white-black racial friction that was a problem then at least in the unit. It was not an infantry unit. At chow time the races were segregated.

      15. “Republicans Nazis And A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing”

        Sounds like a threat to me and also makes defense a slam dunk for killing these imbeciles when they put their paws on someone. Outside of a progtard state, where you still
        have the right to self defense of course.

        Shoot them in the face. Democrats can be given no quarter. Women and children included.

      16. what was gained with these efforts? nothing.

        What did the college Cons hope to gain? NO ONE is going to these speeches to decide if they want to be conservative or not. It’s almost academically irresponsible to say otherwise.

        THese “gotcha libs crushing free speech in colleges” videos are horrible little WWE wrestling shows.

        Liberals are best left alone to their own devices. That includes college campuses. They end up eating their own. Their ecosystem is so diverse and contradicting they can’t possibly survive. What could happen to college libs, left to do whatever they want without a voice of practicality and common sense?

        Young people learn the trades. Learn to maintain your home and car. learn to handle yourself in stressful situations. Learn to know whats worth fighting for.


      17. children are NOT democrats…..nor republicans…….

      18. UCSC is another fun reminder as to how painful it is to be a liberal now-a-days. There is a huge – quiet majority – who are not interested in these tantrums.

        Everyday these radical liberals live is another day of pain for themselves. They will roil in anxiety now and self destruct when required to merge into life with the rest of us.


        • They had better or the affirmative reaction is going to be a bitch. It is too bad their energy is so easily co opted. Imagine what occupy Wall Street on steroids could do.

      19. Napalm all liberals to save America, The End.

      20. Keep pushing. Can’t wait for the backlash which will be epic.

      21. it’s those “republican Nazis” keeping them safe.

        if they want to experience what it is to be safe under democrat rule, transfer to university of Chicago and move into a well known gang neighborhood.

        santa clara is about as dangerous as Disney world.

      22. In the last days of the Weimar Republic in Germany, there were street fights between the Nazis and the Communists. Any kind of meeting by the Nazis were attacked by the Communists and vice versa. The College Republicans are not white supremacists or Nazis. If they were, a lot of these leftists would be injured or dead. These are young people who have been pumped full of bullsh*t by parents and liberal professors. Living in the real world will straighten them out. A liberal, gun-confiscation fanatic is only one violent mugging away from a conservative, second-amendment fanatic.

        • Yeah you hope. I’m not sure I have a ton of faith in that.

      23. apparently they are too stupid to have their own security force at the meeting and expel scum like this

      24. So sick and tired of all this NAZI nonsense. Not a single person who screams NAZI at everything has a clue about what NAZI ideology is even about. They ‘know’ of what Hitler is ALLEGED to have done, but they know exactly nothing of what the National Socialist party platform advocated for. And considering that the vast majority of Americans, ‘left’ and ‘right’, are into central state worshiping tyrants in training, the vast majority of Americans would probably agree with most, if not all of it. So before anybody goes screaming NAZI to or about anyone or anything, maybe educate yourself and read the ’25 Point Plan of the National Socialist German Workers Party.’ Its very simple to find. It has its own Wikipedia page. And you will realize, you are probably an idiot if you ever called somebody a NAZI.

      25. If I was one of those Republicans when the morons barged in on their meeting, I’da told the morons they were acting exactly like the anti-abortion protesters outside abortion clinics.

        That woulda short circuited any possible remaining wave activity residing above their neck….& would have been tons of fun watching their reaction.

      26. I can hardly wait until The Great Reckoning begins. These idiots will be running for cover and sanctuary…. maybe Mexico or Canada will take them in.

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