“This Is Not A Drill”: False Emergency Alert Warning Of Ballistic Missile Threat To Hawaii Terrorizes Citizens Across The State

by | Jan 13, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    In a scenario that has caused widespread outrage, citizens across Hawaii received a startling message on their phones from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) that told them that a ballistic missile was incoming and to seek immediate shelter.

    That’s right, all across Hawaii residents believed that they were under attack, presumably from North Korea, with the apparent false alarm not being fixed for upwards of 37 minutes for any resident who wasn’t spending the morning on Twitter.

    “The emergency alert claiming a ballistic missile attack was inbound was sent at 8:08AM. It took until 8:45AM to state it was a false alarm. 37 minutes where anyone in Hawaii who doesn’t sit on Twitter dot com all day thought their island might be incinerated. Fire people. Fix it,” noted Twitter user Jerry Dunleavy.

    Breitbart News also reported:

    White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters later implied the false warning stemmed from a state, rather than federal, mishap. “The President has been briefed on the state of Hawaii’s emergency management exercise. This was purely a state exercise,” he said in a statement

    According to the Associated Press (AP), Hawaii Emergency Management Agency spokesman Richard Repoza confirmed a false alarm.

    “Hawaii Emergency Management Agency spokesman Richard Repoza said it was a false alarm and the agency is trying to determine what happened.,” the AP reports.

    The message, initially thought authentic, spread quickly on social media, prompting some panic, as Fox News reported Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) estimated over one million Hawaiians received the erroneous alert. The EAS protocol should only be available to government officials.

    Interestingly, the location of the false alarm was also particularly worrying when you consider the public threats from North Korea which now, “possesses ballistic missiles reportedly capable of reaching the Aloha State.”

    To recap, over a million people in Hawaii were given a warning that claimed that they were about to be hit by a ballistic missile. One has to wonder how on earth this could possibly happen and whether or not there was actually a missile threat that is now being covered up?


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      1. Sorry to hijack the first comment but you folks should check out the little write up I did on survival applications of horseshoe nails

        • I found a brand new Cast Iron Dutch oven at a yard sale today, still had the packing paper on it. Its a 12″ wide 4 Inches tall with 1.5 Inch legs on the bottom. The lid has lip to put coals on the top to heat from above also. Can’t wait to try it out.

          There is an awesome Y tube channel called “myselfreliance.” This guy built a small off the grid cabin up in Canada all by hand with no power tools. A great set of videos of how we will be living with no power in the future. Loads of good material about surviving in the future. Get a your hand tools now when you can. The guys videos are impressive professional and had like 400K view per video, and at the end he talks a lot about life and advice for living. He uses cast iron for cooking and baking on his wood stove.

          • Congrats! Nice find!

        • Link?

      2. The TV nuke prep ‘experts’ being paraded out now are appalling.

        Google GOODNEWSNUKE for the field-proven practical nuke prep guidance from ‘Physicians for Civil Defense’.

      3. Who is our Hawaii BB poster, isn’t it rellik?

        • K2,
          Nailbanger and me are Hawaii guys.
          We live in very, very rural Hawaii.
          we farm, have animals, and ride mules.
          I think there is another, SHFT guy
          but don’t know the name.
          I got the cell call this AM.
          I just cracked open a beer
          and kissed the sleeping wife.
          To be honest the target will
          probably be Honolulu.
          My biggest enemy is the Federal
          government followed by Honolulu
          Nuke EM!

          • Heya Relik, you will do fine. You have common sense and are ready for pretty much anything and you live in a rural area.

            As for your comment about the Federales being your enemy? AMEN, brother! It would make my day if DC was nuked. Am I horrible for saying that? Oh well.


            • ???

            • PD, it’s just another case of libturds screwing up everything they touch. Nothing new here.

          • Rellik, just leave it to libturds to always screw up something. My biggest enemy is also Uncle Scam followed by Memphis libturds.

            • To Nailbanger and rellik – glad it was a false alarm for you 2. All I could suggest is a pensive period for you guys to consider if it had been real based on what you observed this go-round. I hope one or both of you own a sailboat and would have the ability to get the hell off the islands as soon as was feasible should it really occcur.

      4. This gives the public a “warm and fuzzy” feeling of how well we’re being protected.

        • I think a lot of folks woke up with a serious case of butt pucker. I call it a good day when people realize the government is fricking clueless and it sure as heck isn’t there to protect people!

          Imagine realizing that you, and your family, are expendable. I was stationed at a remote tactical nuclear site in West Germany. I remember when I woke up and realized that I was expendable. This was probably twenty years ago. I was nothing but collateral damage. It looks like a lot of people woke up and realized they were not even that.

        • K2,
          I was in the military.
          at age 18 I was crawling around
          weapons that could millions
          of people.
          Your only protection is yourself.
          I prepare.
          I was not afraid this AM.

          • “could millions
            of people.”
            “could kill millions
            of people”.
            it was several AGM 68s.

            • AGM 69 I’m going to go eat.

        • This has provided real world, “live” data for the emergency planners to feast on.

          Hawaii was the ideal test ground for such an experiment because, being an isolated island cluster far from the US mainland, the panic could be prevented from spreading across CONUS.

          I just wonder, how many people committed suicide or attempted rapes, murder or other felonies in that half hour of turmoil. Oh wait, the USG probably already has the answer to that and many more juicy nuggets of real world feedback.

          That all said, I’m not saying 100% it was staged; but I’d be very shocked otherwise.

      5. It was a launch till airforce shot it down. It was an alert by us gov to scare people into support for war on nk. News said someone in the broadcasting department hit the wrong button. We won’t know the truth.

      6. Supposedly, there are missile interceptors in Alaska and California that have Hawaii covered?

        There has been news reports of certain Destroyers capable of launching missile interceptors that patrol the west coast of The U.S and one of them was The Fitzgerald that was damaged last year off the coast of Japan.

        If one missile launched from a location like North Korea hits a U.S. territory or state as Hawaii, it was allowed to happen or the information put out by the government regarding missile defense is “Fake News”.

      7. The Twilight Zone.

      8. Something about this sounds off to me. Pardon my paranoia and total mistrust of MSM reports..but what if this was done by the HI (Dem-run) State gov’t deliberately to trick Trump into reacting so they have grounds for impeachment? The Dems are so desperate to remove this Prez and will use any method necessary to see achieve that end. Losing an entire state population seems a small price to pay for getting Trump out of power.
        We all know our lives mean nothing to TPTB. This bears watching over the next few days to see how this is spun on by the media. How could something so important be so easy to screw up? Think anyone will be fired over this? I’m sure Lil Kim is enjoying how incompetent our gov’t is and how easy we just made his plans to annihilate us. Tick Tock Boom!

      9. In event of a real global nuclear exchange the developed nations would be targeted. They are mostly located in the northern hemisphere. The “Shit Hole” nations would be for the most part unaffected save their few if any host military bases from the aforementioned. The result is an indigenous “Planet Of The Apes” scenario where the undeveloped by default obtain global dominance.

      10. With the human element anything can happen. Lets hope there is no mistakes from someone else.

        • Heard of Murphy’s Law? What can go wrong will go wrong? I always expect Murphy to show up at the most inopportune time.

      11. Well I didn’t get ANY ALERT on my Android Motorola phone, which is odd and confusingly alarming because I’ve lived on Maui forever and I got EVERY other REAL Emergency Alert, and we got a LOT the last few years
        Never saw one that looked like that and was so charmingly SPECIFIC. Usually FEMA’s EMS is much more formal and succinct, like: SEVERE FLOOD WARNING (time,location,no travel or move to higher ground.Period.) Jus sayin, the whole thing is just too cute. FEMA and PACCOM don’t make mistakes, and if they DO, you ain’t gonna hear about it.

      12. Heard the Democratic representative from HI blaming Trump for not sitting down with the supreme leader of NK and giving him all he wanted so he wouldn’t hurt us. Sounds like a liberal red flag to push for giving into our enemies.

      13. So basically, what you need to do is to be aware when there is a bright light in the sky; resist the natural urge to look out the window (if inside) or up at the sky (outside). Like thunder follows lightening; there are only seconds (up to two minutes) before hurricane-like winds break the windows imploding shards of glass. So find cover away from windows. Out-of-doors, lie flat on the ground to avoid flying debris from the initial blast.


      14. It’s not all that different than earthquake safety.

        I’m out of harms way. No quakes or nukes expected around here. But being from California has given me plenty of valuable real life experience. Bathrooms, hallways, under arches; all good places to go. From here, I’m near windows. But I’m close to the washroom, the garage, a bathroom; all good choices during an atomic blast.

        Well, if the “bad guys” make a direct hit, and it’s curtains, I can’t complain. My life has been a blast.
        On the other hand, if I don’t get nuked, I expect to become rich in my old age and I’m going to enjoy myself thoroughly. Maybe I’ll go to Norway for real !!! I’ll send you a post(card).


      15. Psyop 110%. Mental conditioning of the people. When the real you be come they will think it was a false alarm again.

      16. watching fox news channel about 4:30 am est and they did a different story than they are doing now. They said that it takes TWO PEOPLE to do the switch and there is a fail safe that asks are you sure, so they both had to say yes before the alert went out and that was the first alert, there were two done.One the alert on cell phones and then sirens. So wondering since the huge amount of military presence in Hawaii with the Pacific fleet there, how is it that they accidently had two people both do the switch and then when prompted they said yes to taking the action, send the emergency message out and then sent out another alert? sounds like there was something else happening that they do not want the public to know. Regardless have your bug out ready to go, support President Trump attempting to deal with N.Korea instead of just kicking the can down the road.

        • When the details of the story keep changing…I’m convinced we’re witnessing a giant cover up here. I knew that “pushed the wrong button” line was bogus as soon as I first heard it. This is not the time to be making such stupid mistakes. I guess if they throw out enough versions of what happened the confusion will set in and after awhile they’ll move on to another huge story…just like they did with the Vegas Massacre. They kept changing that story and to date we still have no clue what the real deal was…and most likely never will. I have a bad feeling that 2018 will have many false flags..each one bigger than the previous one and they will hit more frequently. Hope I’m wrong.

      17. Woke some people up to how screwed and clueless they are. Good!

        On a separate note, our local Sam’s Club is one of the 60+ stores closing over the next two weeks. Interesting to see the lines and madness given the store’s 25% off everything discount. Good time to drop some extra money on some food preps once the lines go down. Heading there later today, wish me luck.

          • Walmart is closing 10% of their Sam’s Club stores, so maybe it’s the beginning of the end for her? Anyway they are not making any money off our store’s liquidation. Right now everything is 25% off, later this week 50% off.

      18. Well, in retrospect, a liitle over 2 months ago Hawaii sounded the same alarm and no one paid it any attention.

      19. Where is this button located? Is it under lock & key? Who has authority to push this button? So, the question is how can it be pushed accidentally?????

      20. these prepper people are GIRLS. Sure you should be prepared, but hiding in the Woods with a Gun does not accomplish much. Fantasizing about shooting commies does not do much for the future. The “patriot” community are like a bunch of scared school Girls

      21. OFF TOPIC: Meanwhile, in Hawaii, the Honolulu Police Department has sent letters to all medical marijuana patients ordering them to “voluntarily surrender” their firearms because of their Medical Marijuana status.

        Apparently, Trump is on board with AG Jeff Sessions new policy to cross-check the state medical marijuana patient list with the state firearms purchase registry. Chose one and lose one.

        Hawaii first, and then it will spread to other states. Coming to your state soon.

        Sessions has stated that people who use marijuana are bad people and bad people shouldn’t own guns. That’s his logic. But it’s okay for social drinkers and even alcoholics to own guns.

        AG Sessions is obviously on a mission here with the marijuana issue and with Trumps backing this is one way to punish users, whom he has demonized as well as to disarm the public. Make no mistake, Trump is on board with this new policy. If I could take back my vote I would. (Doesn’t mean I wish I voted for her)

        I am not a medical marijuana patient/user, nor do I use it for recreational purposes, but I am pro-legalization as I want the futile War on Drugs to end now, and don’t want people imprisoned for using this drug. This new policy is a violation of our rights.

        The fact that this doesn’t personally impact me doesn’t matter and whether or not you are personally affected you should still be concerned. It’s a violation of our constitutional rights.

        I hope MAC posts a thread about this topic soon.

      22. Greeting, from the biggest target in the central states.
        Have any of you looked at the Missile Defense Agency website? Look at the “cooperating partners” or allies. We have about 40-something Aegis missile sites across the globe.
        We basically have a “net” of global protection. We have floating platforms in the Pacific, with VERY POWERFUL radar systems. We have stuff EVERYWHERE.
        I have friends and family that work for big defense contractors, here in Colorado. They work in a secured facility, and they all have secret level security clearances, so I don’t know specifics. I DO trust them when they tell me that they work for the Ballistic Missile Defense Agency and I do trust them when they LAUGH about threats from North Korea, Russia, Iran and China. They literally LAUGH. They know a LOT about our defensive net.
        Don’t be scared. It’s just government control tactics to keep you scared and on edge. N. Korea knows it would be suicide to initiate a nuclear war with us. So does China and Russia.

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