“This is Martial Law”—US Soldiers Force Women from Car at Gunpoint for Pumping Gas Past Curfew

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

     On April 11, 2021, just miles from where George Floyd took his last breaths on Earth as they were squeezed from his body by officer Derek Chauvin, Daunte Wright was targeted by police over an alleged expired tag. Because the American police state is a violent behemoth that knows no self-restraint, a few moments into the stop and Wright would be killed at the hands of those who claim to protect him.

    The unjust nature of Wright’s death sparked a massive backlash in the form of protests and riots leading to Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis declaring a state of emergency.

    With the curfew implemented and hundreds of protesters arrested for simply being outside too late, the unrest tapered off last week. However, videos have surfaced showing some rather shocking scenes unfold as Minneapolis and the surrounding areas turned into an outright militarized police state.

    Even folks who were not involved in the protests have been rounded up under what many are saying appears to be martial law. Over the weekend, a video surfaced of the heavy-handed militarized tactics being used by both police and military who were called in to quell the unrest. It is nothing short of shocking.

    According to the person who posted the video, several women, not affiliated with the protests, were attempting to gas up their vehicle — apparently after curfew — when heavily armed soldiers surrounded their car. The soldiers then ordered the women from the car with AR-15 rifles pointed at their heads.

    As the completely harmless women, one of them in yoga pants, is ordered out of the vehicle, they are then forced to kneel on the ground with their hands on their heads. The scene was akin to a raid on the Taliban in Kabul but happened in Minneapolis, and instead of the Taliban, it was innocent women in yoga pants.

    Naturally, the footage has sparked criticism online with many comparing the scene to martial law.

    “Whoever ordered this idiocy shld be unceremoniously & summarily removed from office. Arresting ppl at a MN gas station—pointing military grade assault rifles in their faces—is just outrageous. No elected official shld ever get away w this,” one Twitter user wrote.

    “When there is widespread civil unrest, a state basically has 2 options: 1 – make a few concessions to public demands, or 2 – use tyrannical force to quell the unrest. And it’s quite obvious the direction our ruling class wants to go as public anger and despair continues to grow,” another tweet read.

    Predictably, the debate online devolved into Twitter users blaming Donald Trump or Joe Biden — depending on which side of the political trough they choose to feed. Unfortunately, both of them miss the point as this militarized police state is bipartisan. It was here long before Trump and began ramping up under George W. Bush during antiwar protests and came to a head under Obama during the Ferguson unrest.

    There was one difference, however, and some folks pointed out how the mainstream media didn’t even pick this story up at all now that Trump is out of office.

    “This is the “return to normalcy” people were wanting. Because last year….whats happening in Minnesota, Portland, and Chicago right now would be on every news station and would be the top topics on Twitter. But now that the orange man is gone….we can talk about Cats again,” wrote one Twitter user.

    Though this person is likely pro-Trump, his point holds merit. The national guard ordering women out of their car at gunpoint for pumping gas after curfew is most assuredly a national story — yet we couldn’t find a single mainstream media outlet who covered it.

    When you watch the video below, remember as the mainstream media fills the airwaves with divisive propaganda, they are choosing not to show Americans the massive police state being constructed around them.


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      1. If you are one of these “hero’s” doing this to innocent people, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!

        • I totally agree, they’re not heroes, they are minions for the tyrants. Imagine that, poking loaded automatic weapons in the faces of people for nothing more than getting gasoline. Then forced to kneel on the pavement with their hands above their heads as if they are criminals. This are not being arrested for doing anything wrong, but for not slavishly obeying the State. This is a shameful and shocking but classic display of a Stalinist police state at work. It’s absolutely breathtaking this is taking place in America.

          • Do you know the whole story behind the video??? Guessing you don’t and neither does the author of this propaganda BS article that Mac should be embarrassed to post on this site. Don’t be anyone’s useful idiot.

      2. Good thing she had on yoga pants. Even if Chauvin is convicted mad Maxine botched the trial so he will get off.

      3. Who ever wrote this might want to take a class on gun identification. U.S. Army does not carry AR-15s. And in the videos I didn’t see a gun pointed at anyone”s face. You news writers are a scardy bunch of igorants.

      4. The real lesson illustrates the kind of punks, yes punks who have the authority conferred by weaponry to do this to ordinary people. They were illegally performing a police function, but the finer details of law don’t matter when actual power comes out of the barrel of that rifle. Their superiors, etc. and Yada you say? Their superiors are politicians, even if in uniform. The higher the rank, the greater the hypocrisy.

        Take a lesson, draw your conclusions.

        • Right on the money, Captain Barty. The political aspect of achieving rank today is tremendous. The lower ranks are “following orders”, like Hitler’s goons. What happened to POSI COMMITATUS? Adherence to Constitutional LIMITS on the use of force on our fellow Americans is disregarded.

          The march toward TYRANNY continues.

      5. One night out of the whole year, sjw’s weren’t trusted with gasoline.

        If you’re going to have any standing armies or policing, at all, they should probably be stationed near your fuel depot, during the riot.

        Except, the police state will protect these same radicals from smoldering, conservative outrage, for the other 364 nights.

      6. My fellow lesbians in the ranks must have got excited when they saw something like pumping going on. But still that’s no excuse. The behavior is unacceptable.

      7. The deadly black rifles pointed at the women appear to be unloaded as in no magazines in said scary rifle.

      8. President Biden won’t tell us who killed Ashly Babbitt but he may tell us the names of these troops who committed this egregious act.

      9. If the people do not like the terrorism they are having by Burn, Loot and Murder then the people need to defuse it by any means necessary! otherwise take it and suffer your consequences for not stopping it all!

      10. squeezed from his body by officer Derek Chauvin

        You know that an article is tainted by bias when it starts in such a lie.

      11. However, they allowed mass burning, looting, and senseless destruction repeatedly with almost zero police intervention. Bravo Minneapolis. Now we get to sit back and watch your sh*thole city gradually die, just like Seattle and Portland are. The Minneapolis/St. Paul metro is becoming to Minnesota what NYC is to NY. Just give it one generation, it will be just another St. Louis or Detroit.

      12. As a veteran & retired Leo, I will always support & defended the constitution and a individual’s rights. This picture does not provide enough information.

        • You are absolutely correct. Its appalling how many viewers of this site allow themselves to be manipulated no differently than the folks on the other side that they rail against. Mac, you are going to lose any and all credibility if you promote propaganda hit pieces like this article and author on this site.

      13. Great piece on the women pumping gas. Now how about
        giving Mike Lindell some press on his documentary “Absolute
        Interference.” This will be the story for the history books.

        If it is false then drive him into hell with the truth.
        If it is true give the man his due.

      14. The power hungry people are getting to be a nuisance to others. They’re desperate to hang on to their sick money system. That’s how they control the rest of us. ?

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