Flashback: Warning: “Watch The Metals, When They Dip. It Will Be A Good Indication That Things Are About To Happen.”

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    As of this print the price of gold is reaching fresh two year lows, down nearly 25% from its all time high just six months ago. Though uninformed onlookers and financial pundits may see this as the popping of the proverbial gold bubble, the velocity and scale of the take-down in precious metals suggests that there is a massive assault in the works. According to former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, last Friday’s price drop was the result of some 500 tons of gold being dumped onto paper markets, an amount equal to about $25 Billion dollars worth of the metal. Likewise, silver saw a similar dump and price drop. Moreover, the very same thing is taking place this morning, suggesting that some very large and influential market makers are involved.

    Who has that kind of money and can afford to lose it in naked short positions? According to Paul Craig Roberts, “only a central bank that can print it.”

    Thus, one must assume that this is not a natural effect of the free market, but rather, a coordinated attack on the global precious metals exchange orchestrated by our very own Federal Reserve, an organization run by a board of directors that includes representatives from some of the world’s largest banking institutions.

    What’s most alarming about the collapse of gold and silver is that it was predicted in December of 2012 by a Department of Homeland Security Insider. In an interview with Doug Hagmann at the Northeast Intelligence Network, the insider warned that life for the average America would change drastically, and soon, and that this change would be preceded by various events, one of which is a major dip in precious metals:

    They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next beg economic event.

    I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED]

    (full interview)

    If we were to assume that this 25% dip amounting to some $50 billion just over the last two days could be the the precious metals “dip” referred to by the DHS Insider, then we must likewise assume that some very serious events are on the horizon.

    To what end?

    That remains to be seen, but if the US government’s war-gaming of economic collapse and civil unrest is any guide, we may be looking at the worst case scenario many have feared – an engineered collapse of our financial and economic systems leading to the centralization of control through implementation of martial law across America.

    Sound far-fetched?

    Perhaps. Unless of course you’re part of the Congressional membership that was explicitly warned of this very possibility at the height of the 2008 crisis:

    Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

    House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
    Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

    [video source]

    Do you really think they saved the system back in 2008?

    According to SGT Report, those involved in the take-down of gold and silver may not been done yet, as the unrelenting push against precious metals proves once again that the arrogance of criminal cartels behind global financial market manipulation continues.

    We once opined that you should expect exactly such an event – a mega drop in precious metals – to take place and that you’ll hate your gold so much you’ll want to spit on it.

    But consider that in the 1970’s, as gold assailed to its eventual all-time highs, it was halved in price at least once over the ten year period that it rose from double digits to over $800 per ounce.

    During times of uncertainty, irrational events will occur. This is inevitable.

    Don’t let the hype and manipulation change your long-term preparedness plans.

    Consider what is money when the system as we know it collapses, and continue to acquire those hard assets that will retain value and barterability.

    The worst is yet to come.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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        House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)


        Its a proven fact – ” He sold out to the NWO ZOG !!!” after his famous rant .

        everything and everyone is for sale in the NWO ZOG WORLD !!!

        • It’s paper that is being dumped. Is there any dumping of physical? Try to get a live person at any of the big dealers that sell physical.

          This is a set up.

          • I visited two local dealers last Thursday, and one of them had zero Silver Eagles available. He said they were being snatched up almost as soon as they came in. He did have pre-65 quarters, which work just fine for me 🙂

            The other dealer had eagles, but inventory was pretty thin.

            Both still had gold, but advised that those coins were selling faster than they could replenish.

            personally, i think there is a fairly large disconnect right now between paper and physical markets… And, as prices on global exchanges fall, I think it’s enticing people to stock up even more.

            • 3 lines of thought to consider.

              As prices drop, just be careful and don’t try to “catch a falling knife” if you try and purchase anything, especially in volume purchases.

              On the other hand, as prices drop, premiums over spot go up and negate some of the savings.

              Get it now while you can, the banks and countries are scarfing everything in site right now.

              • My heartfelt prayers go out to the injured and the families of the victims.

                What a coincidence that two explosions at the Boston Marathon happens at the same exact time as the severe dip in gold and silver! Or maybe not…..

                My fellow patriots, look beyond the veil. The Feds are printing money at the tune of $80+ billion a month, and all of a sudden precious metals is getting crushed. That does not add up at all. This is being orchestrated by the powers that be and drastic change is coming. It has been coming for some time now, however things are escalating at a much quicker pace.

                Stay frosty my friends

                Romans 13:4

                • What do you want to bet it’s going WAY UP tomorrow?
                  Soros probably shorted it this morning and bought futures for tomorrow.
                  What a POS antichrist he is!

            • the real physical precious metals market rates –

              real physical Gold price is … $2000. and up per ounce .

              real physical Silver price is … $35. and up per ounce .



              • Yes if you can find a human to trade you a troy ounce of silver for 23 FRNs, buy. Buy without hesitation.

            • Our local dealer rarely has any silver or gold – of any kind – he sells in the second it comes in (or keeps it for himself!). About all you can find is “investor” grade coins – and I’m not interested in that.

              Physical PM investors are smarter than the fed thinks we are. We aren’t going to fall for the trap. They can keep their paper. Good riddance.

            • Morning Mac,

              Same here, 4 Major metals outlets in KC and St. Louis are claiming that they ‘have nothing to sell’. Pointedly, this is a case of those holding the metal waiting to see what the ‘fall-out’ will be, hence, thier claim.

              More than a month ago DK and I batted around the notion of ‘just how low it could go’….I’d daresay that the both of us are a tad shocked at this action, today. Nonetheless Folks HOLD THE COURSE! IF…and ONLY IF, you have ‘it to waste’ and can FIND someone who’ll sell, THEN jump on it. ELSE get the PREPS UP RIGHT NOW!!!

              There is an IMMENSE amount of all the market’s capital being used over and over again to secure the backing that keeps the system ‘fluid’. That being the case here, then as this type of event happens it causes an almost ‘nuclear chain reaction’ – concatenation of obligation – through the markets. Was this staged to happen?…. probably. How else can the governments of the world re-acquire the actual PHYSICAL necessary to re-boot us out of this morass? There’s a reason they would want to do so…thier ASSES asre hanging out in the breeze here, as well as ours.

              Stay the course….PREPS First!! then anything else…remember to keep some cash for last minute needs – it will have a SHORT window of use – IF and when the moment – comes.

              May He Bless You and Keep You, All. Amen.


              PS: I’m posting a link to an article just up at the ‘Hedge, describing the actions that have occured on this order over the last few decades…pretty telling..

              • The Universe…this is exactly why world economies are tanking. There is a lack of cheap energy. Sure, CBs the world over are printing to infinity. They are trying to prop up a “waste based” cheap energy economy. It won’t work. Gold, silver, bitcoin, or FRNs will not save you. Ask yourself who owns the most of any “currency” be it physical or paper. It’s not you…it is the world’s major players. THEY control value. THEY are the moneymasters. Your “money”, whatever it may be, will not save you. Better get as self sufficient as possible and grow your own food and simplify your life. In fact, your life and your childrens will depend on this in the years to come.

                • So it sounds to me like the enemy has a weakness.

                  People don’t usually see hints this obvious from the universe…

              • Price is a function of demand. Students of the metals know that demand ALWAYS drops in the Spring, so Goldman’s advice to their clients was intended to push the price down further. Now the spineless are starting to panic, as intended and sell their gold.

                Why? Cyprus gets less now from the GB’s for their gold, and war is imminent.

                Who is buying the gold that is being dumped? The GB’s who will sell it back to you at a much higher price when war breaks out. Some things never change.

                Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

                • “” Price is a function of demand. “”

                  Not in the fiat world. In that world, price is a function of manipulation.

            • This is a long one. I apologize in advance.

              Yes, there is a huge disconnect between paper gold (gold stocks) and physical gold but the real question is why?

              I’m going to back up a bit so, please, forgive me if you already know a lot of this.

              The U.S. Constitution requires that coins be made only from gold and/or silver (Article 1, Section 10, clause 1).

              That worked really, really well up until the creation of the Federal Reserve (A.K.A. The Fed), which is a private central bank despite its name. To find out more about how evil it really is, I recommend you read “The Creature from Jekyll – Griffon” but, I warn you, take it in small doses.

              After the creation of The Fed, politicians could spend money they didn’t have. How did they do that? There was supposed to be 1oz of gold for every $30-ish dollars of currency. The dollar was “pegged” to gold at a certain exchange rate. Lots of goodness comes from doing that. In 1933, FDR banned the ownership of gold by citizens! Totally unconstitutional and corrupt. The entish word for orc comes to mind: burárum, those evileyed – blackhanded – bowlegged – flinthearted – clawfingered – foulbellied – bloodthirsty, morimaite – sincahonda, hoom …

              What that did was separate the actual physical gold from the dollar. Politicians started, just little bit a first, printing “more” money out of thin air. So if everyone cashed in their dollar certificates there wouldn’t be enough gold to go around. Now you see why FDR had to ban ownership of gold by citizens. BTW, we were lured into WWI. The sinking of the Lusitania was deliberate. WWI cost 50 cents out of every dollar!!! The Fed is evil!

              This printing went on for a long time with “modest” levels of inflation until 1971 when Nixon, by unconstitutional executive order, stopped foreign exchange (non-U.S. citizen) of dollars for gold. Why? Because the French had figured out the dollar wasn’t really worth what it was supposed to be. So they were sending ships full of dollars over and cashing them in for $35/ounce. A fair price would really have been more like $40 or $45. Then they’d take that same ounce of gold they bought for $35 and buy $40-$45 worth of goods or services. The game was over and Nixon had to stop it before we were out of gold. He did do one thing by allowing private ownership of gold again.

              The act of stopping foreign exchange severed the last tie between the dollar and the physical gold in Fort Knox. Now there was nothing to hold back the politicians from creating money to fund every project they could dream up. It was just a little at first and then everyone got comfortable with the “old” levels and then it grew and grew and grew. Now the Fed is printing over a trillion a year. Each time they print new money it dilutes the value of the existing dollars. That’s how we get inflation.

              Imagine if every year the government took 3-8% of every dollar you had in the bank or in the stock market. There would be an armed revolt. But that’s exactly what happens with the invisible tax of inflation. AND! Wages must lag by definition otherwise it wouldn’t do any good to print more money. This inflation is stealing from everyone that has any savings in dollar-denominated, non-tangible assets (stocks, bonds, checking account, savings accounts, etc).

              It makes me sick when I hear “noble” politicians “fighting” for the lower class by raising the minimum wage to a “fair” level. They are treating the symptom and they know it. If they really cared they’d stop printing money and that would fix the problem forever.

              So, in order to make sure that no one realizes we have really bad inflation they did a several things. One of those was to create the Dow-Jones Industrial average (DJI). The DIJ is the sum of prices for one unit of stock from 30 companies. Companies like P&G, GE and a few others are on the list. Add those price of one share of stock for each of those and you get roughly $14000 (at the time of writing). When people see the DJI go up they think WOOHOO, I made money. And that’s exactly what it was designed to do. It’s a smoke screen. It makes people feel good for investing because now they are “putting their money to work.” If you factor inflation into the calculation you’d see that the DJI is actually off its peak by quite a lot. It’s down substantially from just 2000. ShadowStats.com is great place to find out more.

              Another thing they did to hide the inflation was to create “paper gold.” You can buy stocks in gold just like for a company. Because they use fractional banking the companies selling paper gold need to keep on only a fraction of the actual gold they sell. It’s usually around 1/10. So if they have 10oz of physical gold they can sell 100oz worth of paper gold.

              Now they have as much gold as they need. Why did they need to do that? Because, with inflation, the price of everything else gets more expensive because it takes more dollars (the print dilutes the existing supply) to buy the same good or service. That means the price of gold would rise the more money that gets printed. When gold prices rise even the average person on the street figures out the currency is worth less. Fear grows. At some point it snowballs and everyone loses faith in the paper money. TPTB will try not to let that happen but eventually the laws of nature and economics will win. To keep the price of gold from rising too fast they supply more of it. More gold means it costs less. At least that’s what it looks like to someone on the outside.

              To a normal, sane person this sounds like madness or, worse, pure evil. The people doing this are sick and twisted. They’ve rigged the game it’s it working. It’s making the tons of money and the average person is unaware or doesn’t know who to blame.

              What’s different now? We are getting near the end of the dollar. Every fiat currency must inevitably fail. Why? You can print only so much before people lose faith. The dollar will crash soon because the rate of printing is too much and it won’t be pretty. All savings will be wiped out just like in Cyprus but worse. All pensions, social security, whatever will get wiped out. Oh, the government will still mail out the checks with the same amounts but due to inflation the buying power will be greatly reduced. It might cost $20 for a gallon of gas or loaf of bread.

              What to do? Own tangible, non-dollar denominated or productive assets.

              Here’s a great video on wealth cycles by Mike Maloney.

              Here’s a great site to monitor.

              I frequently have to look up words and accounting terms. Many of the comments are vulgar but there’s a lot of good information. It’s not as condensed as it is here on shtfplan. I get useful information from maybe 1 out of 10 articles.

              Of course, there’s the man, Kyle Bass. Here’s a few of his videos. I have to pause and look up words from his interviews too.
              Ameri-catlyst 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V3kpKzd-Yw
              Ameri-catlyst 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUc8-GUC1hY
              GAIM 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDs_vnyzmWU
              Myron Schooles Institute 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY6IEpKRA7Y

              They are long. I put them oldest first so you could listen to what he said back then to compare with what happened.

              So, that’s why there is a disconnect between paper gold and the real world. There has to be for the game to continue.

              Stock up.

              Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. – Philippians 4:6

              • Man, go start a website with that garbage. Try to make it a little longer next time, huh?

              • My prediction … gold will soon be back to less than $1,000. The bubble is popping, and you are all just holding to the doctrinal line.

                Just look at the charts … a bubble is a bubble, and the foundations of your theory … currency debasement, has been running on theory & conspiracy which is not matched by reality. Deflation is coming, and the economy will slowly sink, and all assets will lose value.

                Gold and silver have been a speculative trade for the past couple of years, and now the speculators are pulling out. Sorry preppers .. you would have been better off buying food, or holding cash.

                • Cal: You’re only seeing half the equation. Deflation is likely as the economy continues to sprial downward and fewer and fewer people have any excess money to spend beyond the bare essentials. But this will be short lived as FED’s printers go into overdrive and the banks begin to flood the markets in one last gasp to save the economy from a complete stall. Inflation will follow deflation as day follows night. You must be patient for the last chapter to see how this story ends.

                  • You make a good point. patience is the key. I have been buying metals for a while now. My reasons then, and my reasons now, haven’t changed one bit. I believe the controllers can put the price of silver to zero if they like. But does that mean that silver or gold has no value? Of course not. Silver and gold have been a store of wealth for thousands of years. This isn’t going to change in the long run because of a rigged futures trading system. Just hold on a while longer, and remember the history of precious metals. They will still be a store of wealth in the long run. Very soon, the real market price of pm’s will come about. it has to happen. It’s not that hard to see that the controllers are running out of control. They are playing their last cards now.
                    I have read many times, and I have always agreed, that when we see the pm’s being smashed to the ground, this will be the indicator that the era of manipulation is ending. Keep stackin if you can find some silver to stack. good luck all.

                • I think that’s a bit premature.
                  The bubble is in U.S. bonds and fiat currency.
                  Deflation will make it much more difficult to service the existing debt across the board, which could lead to a bond market default which would trash the U.S. dollar.
                  In such a scenario, gold even at much less than $1,000, would still retain its relative purchasing power.
                  The purpose of gold is serve as a store of value in times of inflation or deflation.
                  I’ll take an ounce of gold over a Federal Reserve Note any day, and especially in these days.

              • re-outlier, I think it is bigger than that. In order to protect the petrodollar,crashing gold makes it more expensive for counties to buy from Iran,thus helping to destroy their economy.

            • I read that DHS insiders report when it came out and kept my eyes and ears open. There are a lot of mitigating forces going on here today, Chinas down growth report, the Cartels massive paper metal contracts dump, Cyrus’s Gold dump to be followed by Greece, Spain, Portugal and now the Boston thing.
              I have heard to watch for China, Japan, Germany and anybody moving in on the bottom of the Metals market making a BIG purchase. It will be very big, and all at once. If you are stacking, just keep it up, don’t sell it. This will turn, it will save your ass.
              It’s unfortunate, but those that haven’t bought their security before now likely won’t find much for sale anywhere. Look at ammunition, if you weren’t buying 3 or 4 years ago you aint finding much now. Shit even Walmarts getting thin, friggen near anorexic
              Gold/Silver to feed you. Lead to protect you and it!!

            • Mac

              A friend of mine owns a store here in northern Michigan. My wife works for him and does all their accounting. They were in Chicago this weekend for a big jewelry show and decided to go to Silvertown in Indiana. One of the largest dealers in the U.S. They were out of silver bullion. He bought all of the 90% junk they had and that was a very small bag of dimes. Place an order with them today and delivery may be in 6 weeks. If that!

              My advise for what it’s worth… Hold The Line. Don’t sell a dime. Don’t give in to the bastards one inch. This is where we can all do our part to hurt COMEX. Plus, big pay off at the end.


              • Even beyond the question of financial–which I wholeheartedly believe in and support–is the question of the system. I have closed all my trading accounts, cashed in my Roth and 401(k)s and I’m in the process of vacuuming my bank accounts. I really don’t care if the market doubles from here and I’m out of it. That money is BLOOD MONEY. This grotesque drama will never end until WE end it. How? Just have the balls to pull the plug on what you have in it.

                Too scary? Do you think you’re going to retire to your Golden Years? That you will be able to adequate medical care with you last dollars? That world is gone. The next chapter is being able to find enough food to keep your family alive when the supermarket shelves are bare.

                For us stackers: Now is the time to use your powers of discrimination and understand a stack of metal doesn’t feed your family if food is not available, doesn’t keep the zombies from coming in your windows. By all means, save in PM. But get your critical food/water/guns in place SOON. No one knows when we’ll wake up one morning and all three will be hard to get.

          • you got that right!

          • Goldline selling 10z eagles for 1600.+ and USA Gold for around 1500.
            ROthschild, Inc trying to force gold’ers into the dollar. Recall Mar 2008 when DJIA was at its highest ever- shortly before the Bear Stearns default?

            Low gold spot? Cyprus gets minimal for its gold- cant pay its creditors and is forced to sign offshore oil reserves to Israel or IMF (same thing really). Also the banks giving market rates to investors demanding physical have to pay them next to nothing… Pretty good deal for the central banks all round right?

          • The paper is just that, nothing more than theoretical gold or silver, much like stocks or bonds,
            Should be interesting to watch,

          • I was able to order some silver from APMEX this morning, and premiums were already up to about .50-.75 cents.
            Tonight they’re up more and the item is now sold out.
            They still have other items in stock.
            Even as the spot price falls, premiums are rising so it’s pretty much a wash.

          • Yes agreed. My local bullion outlet here in Auckland, cant keep up with buyers.

        • PMs raid a big swipe at China, Iran and Russia? India getting slapped too? If the above countries werent actually also owned by the zionist syndicate, they would have begun their own PMs exchange like they planned yrs ago and instead of submitting to the Rothschild BOE tyranny.

          • Do your research, please. Abovementioned countries are most agressive buyers of PHYSICAL PMs, esp. gold. They exploit every possibility to buy more, stumulating domestic mining is in full swing too. And why do they need to create separate paper-PM exchange… its only distorting the real picture. All the countries you’ve mentioned had agreements with all others to trade in their own currencies, anyway… all the while frantically buying gold to back them up.

        • Mantis Intelligence has released ‘National Security State’, a complete database of federal infrastructure including Defense, FEMA, DHS – to include DHS liaison offices, designated DHS collaborative businesses, reference agent offices, etc. Check it out at www dot mantisintel dot com

        • why don’t you go play with a twink’s willie, winkie?

        • why would anyone disagree with winkie. why because GOD said inthe last days he would make the people beleive a lie and most people are beleiveing that lie he also said not to store up gold&silver for end times that it would tarnish and eat your flesh what he said to only worry about food and clothes i went a little farther i also have lead an brass to protect what he gave me WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE ITS TO LATE

      2. Its a slaughter out there

        • Some of us should stick to giving investment advice on nickels.

      3. I can hear the Rumble over the horizon……Listen….

      4. just remember this …

        the persons responsible for this NWO ZOG FASCIST takeover of amerika are your own states prostitute congress critters and slimy snake senators who sold you all out years ago and still are – there’s a reason they All become Millionaires once they reach office on a Public Servants Salary !!!

        on shtf day i suggest you all look up your state reps in person .

        to give them your utmost personal support and attention during such hard times .


        • your state and national reps will be safely in their DUMBs or S America. You- and your fellow slothful, apathetic citizens- who were busy with NFL, porn and Paris Hilton instead of what matters, will be left for dead to kill each other off for a scrap of bread. It will soon be Syria in Syracuse for the average American…

          • @jlow you meed to get out more … my reps live on very spacious 1,000 acre ranches and farms and have their own bunkers .

            i’m sure they’ll be home for a visit .


            • ….the BIG SKY is falling….lol.



          • When soon a sudden surge in Airline ticket sale’s One Way ride to Israel occures, that should be the final clue for something big is about ready to Happen in the USA.

            I wonder if their MSM tv show’s will report such vast surges in plane trip one way ticket sales? Once safely there, Israel, the swindlers wont need to worry as they will be protected by zero extridition laws along with 300 Nukes and of course 4 of the 6 new nuke powered and nuke armed submarines Israel swindled Germany into agreeing to not only Build, but also to Pay for at least 75% of all 6 subs!

            That must be the 15th time german folks paid reperation to the Serphant Snakes.

          • I predict that some who think they are moving into the DUMBs will be in for a huge letdown.

        • Hey, a retarded Nazi troll’s gotta shit somewhere!

      5. Hold tight to your position, Don’t give them an inch (sell). Buy on the way down. Screw with their manipulations by taking the physical away from them. Consider the drop a flash sell on physical inventory.

        • Always ask yourself….”What would Eisencrap do?”

          Then go do the opposite.


            • Lighten up dude, before you have a stroke.

            • You really haven’t been wrong a lot. You have been rude a lot. Where were you? I was worried sick about you. (ha) Good to see you back. The bitcoin took a bath and there will be more bitcoin bubbles. Up and down depending on the two guys who own over 50% of bitcoin.
              You will end up being wrong about bitcoin. It will take a while but it will be gone.
              Long live Eisenkreuz and long live his thought provoking, albeit aggravating comments.

            • Your old man sure was when he bought the cheap condoms.


              • crap! posted at the wrong moment!!

                my above comment was not in reply to the immediate above comment… geezh! ; (

              • Now you’re talkin’it straight boy!Well done!

            • Ummm….most every thing?

            • When have you ever been right about anything, Eisencrap?

        • I agree Pat… this is an opportunity and one that many gold/silver proponents have been waiting for. Honestly, I’d love to see silver under $20 again…

          In the early 70’s gold rose to something like $350 an ounce and then dropped to $175… heckuva a buying opportuity then… and i feel it is the same now.

          Most of the folks here understand that this financial crisis is nowhere close to being over… the economic numbers suggest we are in serious trouble… gold’s long-term trend remains intact in my humble opinion for these very reasons.

          • CHARTS. That’s all these yute wizards of Wall Street know.

            $1,000 Gold and $20 Silver.

          • Mac, as I recall it back when it became legit to own gold again the price went from a long time number or value of I think it was around $38 per oz gold. It jumped to around $42 and alot of folks went crazy buying gold.

            That caused gold values to skyrocket in a short time frame to an all time high, I think it was about $1300-1400 area. Per oz. Many folks mortgaged paid for homes to get in on the buy frenzy.

            Then after a short time of it’s high of $1300-$1400 prices, it went lower kinda like today did. But it quickly went Back way lower till it settled at if I recall around a price of only $45 per oz when the dust came to rest finally.

            I also seem to recall that whole event happened, from lows to max highs back to low where it remained for a long time afterward, in something like a year or perhaps 18 months time frame. Maybe it was 2 yrs total?..I can’t remember now all the acurate numbers, but believe mine are close.

            Bottom line back then is, except for a few the vast majority who bought into Gold then got screwed very badly. I had a few personal friends that ended up losing homes and destroying their credit rates doing it.

            Not sure if I am correct but I do think once gold went back way lower it remained there for at least a couple Decades or longer. Untill this latest rise in Gold prices right?

            What if banksters manipulated gold prices way high untill China spent much if not most of the trillion us dollar reserves china has(had?) and once dollars are spent plan to crash gold and then china cannot dump dollars to harm usa economy etc? I read a couple places that say as much as 95-98% of phys gold is already held by a small cabal of central banksters such as Golldman Sachs and several others. If true, they could do such to swindle china as well as other nations who are buying lot’s of gold lately huh?

            • Boy howdy

              You were so wrong in 95% of that little BS rant.

              Try reading a little and know what the hell your talking about before you BS like that.

              Ignorance of facts should stay quit – whats the old saying
              – Stay quit and let people think you a fool rather open your mouth and remove all doubt. –

              SORRY – it just had to be said.

          • Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. PMs dropping like a rock as the “bubble” bursts, but people who want the actual stuff can’t find any to buy. The banksters are just bending over the chumps again.

      6. I got an email from a guy who knows a guy with TOP SECRET clearance (so he cannot divulge his name), but he risked his career to tell me and I am sending out this mass mail breaking our confidence.

        Nevertheless, something is DEFINITELY going to happen no later than the THIRD QUARTER OF 2012!

        I’ve gotten these for years and statistically one will eventually be true, but that does not mean this warning is any more credible than the last ten. Build a sustainable life on the four pillars of food, shelter, water, and security so your family will be OK whatever happens and you will sleep soundly at night like me.

        • Emm dude..we are in 2013.. good lord

          • That, was his point… dude.

        • GREAT SCOTT!

          To the time machine, Marty!


        • Yeah … I been hearing the same warnings and insider information since the 1980s.

          No person knows the future … they are all just guessing, and trying to make money from the punt.

      7. 25% over 6 months is not a sharp dip. It has dropped about 10% in the last couple of days. If it drops another 15% this week, then its time to bring in the firewood, close the blinds, put the 12 gauge next to the sofa, and be glad you filled the pantry.

        • Sounds good to me bud, 1.7+ % drop of the market is a good start,
          Maybe NK will get itchy tonight, and also some idiot blew something up in boston

      8. What’s so difficult about everything that is happening is that who do you believe? How do you REALLY know what’s going on? I’m an avid news reader and totally dedicated survivalist/prepper. I’m preparing for a lifesyle change regardless of what’s happening, I just want to become more self sufficient.

        But when it comes to what is actually happening, who the hell knows. In articles, there are people who say, we gave this predicition here and here. I read the article and I don’t see where “they” predicted anything. I have gold and silver because I know it’s SOMETHING tangible I can pass down to my kids.

        It’s just confusing on who to trust and who has their tin foil hat on too tight, which is why I come here…=) Lots of different ideas and I appreciate them all!!!!

        • a great place to get a feel of worldwide events is zerohedge

          • and denninger’s market-ticker.org

            • Where are Lindsey Williams, Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente who havent warned of this turn of events? Its just 2000 oz by Xmas whatever year or time they speak. Hasnt been right yet.

          • A goood rule of thumb is to Read what people say who are the ones that ALWAYS get bashed badly, and labled as conspricy nuts and especially the ones who Always get called racist or antisemitic’s.

            There is a very good valid reason to believe they just may be telling truth’s when EVERY major MSM, and even Leftist alternative sites call them such names. It goes along with the main reasons for instilling massive PC, and Tollerance of most everything, Excpet of course those who Dare to speak out the Truth.

            It also fits well with “A Thousand hack at the Branches, while only a small few attack the ROOTS” Them Root attackers are usually the same folks who are incesantly called vile Non-PC names which causes the 99% of majorty public persons to resort to quick Knee-Jerk responces, and chime in with the same vile slander of lableing truth tellers as racist or antisemitic nazis etc.

            Deep down Most know that is true. They witness it Daily on TV, tv news, forums, newspapers, talking heads, Everywheres today.

            If you went to the streets and interviewed the avg person, like many tv news shows do, and asked everyone you met to “Give me the First fastest thing you can think of when I mention….WWII”.

            99% will answer one or More of these main choices. Hitler-Nazis-6 million persecuted Jewish people. None will mention the Other 13+Million victims.

            Now the main same answers will be given if you ask most Anything related to Violent Govnt actions, Tyranny, Evil persons, Evil things happening, etc.

            Do you Ever wonder why so vast a majority always react so, even though Many far Worse evil persons and far Worse evil events happened throughout history?

            If you compare Hitler or WWII to WWI and Lennin-Stahlin-Mao-and several other murderous villians in the last 100 yrs’, each villian murdered Far more. Yet 99% folks today won’t even mention ANY besides the default evil guy of hitler right. Why is that?

            Can it be 70 yrs. of Intense non-stop indoctrination and brainwashings done to all of the last 3-4 generations of Americans?….Or do you chalk it up to meere Coincidence?

            Personally I reject most “Coincidences” unless it is like a car accidnt. type event which is many times a real coincidence. Such as a hidden icy spot of road and You are unlucky that day.

            But to see so vast a number of Unexplained, or falsey explained events time and again just over the last 50 yrs. or so, and it gets imposible to believe they are coincidence and not planned.

            Great example= recall huge power down grid several yrs back where a full 1/2 of usa had a Sudden power grid failure and it lasted about a week long?

            Recall how as quick as posible every msm tv news went Live with “Breaking News ALERTS!”

            ALL said the exact same Scripted messg. “We Know NOT what NOR WHO caused this massive grid failure for 1/2 of america folks…..BUT!!! WE DO KNOW! It is NOT we repeat NOT Any terrorist attack!”

            How would they know it wasn’t so fast?. And how can it be as They told us just ANOTHER coincidence, when after the usa the Exact Same grid down events happened across europe to an additional 5-6 nations and occured in near 100% exact same way and of same effects for same duration?

            They all after a couple days assured us all that it will likly take 18-24 Months to figure out what really occured or why etc…So stay tuned because we assure you folks we will TELL you the answers as soon as we get them!

            The One other Main issue ALL MSM’s said was “Govnt. Officials are relieved to report Zero Major Rioting events!” That took Center stage so to speak. Zero Major Riots happening!…Was That a fine example of subliminal brainwashing propaganda messaging?

            WELL????? So why did we Never as yet get told what caused such massive grid loss and in not just usa but 5-6 More countries as well, and all within a grand total time frame of a few months?

            I am certain many here can give many More similar examples of stuff that is always a “coincidence” and yet never fully answered or even gone back to mention ever again huh?

            I think most all of it all is Brainwashing to create dumbed down Imbecillic Sheeps who will Never question why is PC so neecessary to us? And why should we sheeps all chime in without any questions if “They” call or lable some guy a racist or antisemite or nazi when he is simply telling folks His belife or is asking for MORE info from “Them”.

            One thing Nobody can acurately deny is there is likly a war aproaching against freedom lovers and patriot type persons. Another they cannot deny is that Nobody can Fight succesfully against Any form enemy when they(patriots freedom lovers) Cannot or Won’t Name the real enemy for Fear of violating PC standards or Fear of being called names.

            PC Fear of that sort Is our largest obstical today.

            Test and Prove it yourself! Go Read articles at several Hundred websites that all promote our way to think, and promote Patriot folks etc. See How Many actually Name anything other than standard terms such as TPTB-Eliets-The 1%- Heads at the Top, “Banksters”! and so forth.

            Yet none(but a small few) go farther than that to describe enemys. Kinda like go fight Terror!

            Yeah but Who and What are terrorists?…My neighbors? Cub Scouts?…All of the Real true enemys we face do have several common links. Yet due to decades of Soul Destroying PC mixed with Fear of stupid names, and as Late in the Game as we are today, less than 1% of all patriot sites or individuals acting as “Watchmen” on the Wall go Beyond PC correctness and fear, and begin telling all concerned the REST of what and Who are involved. Because we Know somebody IS Wrecking our Nation, America and has been for 100 yrs now right?

            There won’t be a renewed usa untill they is who are dealt with. They won’t be delt with as long as 99% know Not who or what they are or represent. Hope I live to see a True real wake up call across america. And that 99% get Fed up and Abandon PC for the Evil it is.

        • “Tinfoil” is not accurate enough to describe the mis- or dis-information flying around. It’s more like “chaff”. It’s designed to scatter the radar so that you can’t see the inbound enemy.

          You can only shout “Enemy on the wire!!” so many times before the soldier just flips you off and rolls over in the bunk. This is just to fill the air with noise, so that no one believes anyone, and you’re totally asleep when the hostiles take your scalp.

          Hagmann and Rosebud have been saying “Here It Comes!” since September last year. When it doesn’t happen, Rosebud says “Well, there’s patriots on the inside who are gumming up the works”. Okay.

          But there IS one thing Rosebud has been right on, and that’s the Cyber-Warriors for Obama. We’ve all seen The Obama’s flying monkeys all over the Web, but they don’t need to be paid minimum wage out of campaign coffers. They gladly do it for free, for the glory of The Obama.

          • I agree Old Sarge,

            I’m NOT worried…YET. It’ll be tomorrow’s action that ‘tells the tale’. See ya there…


          • Obama’s flying monkeys! Love that! 🙂

        • you don’t need to know. I’m sure there is one thing that you do know, Opinions are like ——–, everyone has one. So don’t be confused, just put your faith in the Lord Jesue Christ and then go ahead and have your own opinion, and everything will work out fine. The Lord and I, are an Army of One. Trekker Out. CATI

      9. I don’t care if gold falls to $200 an ounce and silver to $10 for two reasons: one, I don’t have to sell and lock in a loss; and 2) what is our alternative–to hold worthless fiat currency or paper assets valued in same? The banksters want to panic us back into “assets” that allow them to continue stealing from us. As several people here have pointed out, in ten thousand years precious metals have never been worth nothing. The same cannot be said of paper. F You, financial elite.

        • Its worth less than nothing if the government siezes it. You bought it, do you think our government will pay you for it?

          • And how are they going to do that? Do tell, im all ears, sorta like how they will take our guns? Really think that will work?

          • Peanut, if you’re speaking to me, the government will pay in blood if they come for my PM, firearms, or me. Yes, I’ll die too. But five or six of them will die first.

          • Peanut_gallery: And just how is the government going to ‘seize’ gold from the 100’s of thousands who have it? Well, I guess they could issue and order like FDR did but all they’d get this time is a big F*ck You in the form of dead silence and noncompliance. If one were foolish enough to buy PMs with credit/debit cards and leave a paper trail, TPTB may be able to trace them but most folks here aren’t that stupid. Cash transactions only when buying PMs just like buying guns and ammo at gun shows. In both these situations-Cash really is King because it’s annonymous.

      10. ALL anyone has to know is it is COMING. Whatever that may be, it is coming. Time is running out rapidly for those that have not finished their preparation or have not started. I say this to those people visiting the site that are stuck on the notion that nothing is going to happen. Don’t be the FOOLS that are the 99% that rather live like the grasshopper.


          This one is a little different…
          Two Different Versions…
          Two Different Morals

          OLD VERSION
          The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

          The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

          Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

          The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

          Be responsible for yourself!

          The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

          The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

          Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

          CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
          America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

          How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

          Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green…’

          ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.

          Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake, while he damns the ants.

          President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight.

          Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

          Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

          The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.

          The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

          The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

          The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

          The entire nation collapses, bringing the rest of the free world with it.

          I’ve sent this to you because I believe that you are an ant, not a grasshopper!

          Make sure that you pass this on to other ants.

          Don’t bother sending it on to any grasshoppers because they wouldn’t understand it, anyway.

          • aka the “open society” dream of George Soros. In the year 2000, Soros was dumping money into any one of his/the “seven sister” front organizations to accomplish at least two things: legalize marijuania in every state in the Union and disarm the American public…by attempting to trash the Second Ammendment. It is now 2013. The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow…too slow in fact to keep up with what is happening. Soros, by his own admission is patient. It is important that we pay attention to the speed at which our world is changing. This man has the money and the power to literally influence and dismantle governments and has done so. Anyone who thinks differently needs to learn about him. He now has America in his sites. Obamacare is NOT about affordable health care, it is about unbridled and unconstitutional control of We, The People. Almighty God is the only one who can stop this truly evil creature.

            • -update-

              MORAL OF THE STORY
              When the ethic and value of hard work and personal responsibility are removed from society, the result is not a good one.

          • Hhahahaaaa…Bravo KY!!

            On the money Honey! ROTFLMAO…TWICE! 😉

            Keep ’em comin’ sweety!


          • Outstanding

          • @KY mom,
            Reminds me a little of the picture that came out in the American Quarter Horse Journal a little after OSHA started screwing with industry, was a picture of “The cowboy after OSHA”
            Good story, thanks


          • KY Mom: Thanks, that was one of my favorite stories as a kid. It and the new version are both appropriate for today’s moocher society.

        • People can argue why this happened / happening but early this morning a friend sent me this link. It is an article written by a Bill Downey yesterday in what looks like an attempt to warn people. May not save anyone today but he clearly states where it is going.



          • Great site- well worth the read

        • THANKS!

      11. People are dumping PMs and the major bond and stock markets are tumbling… where is the money going? I don’t see why a tumble in metal prices signals a general collapse other than that some unknown “Homeland Security” insider says so. (Isn’t the TSA part of Homeland Security? So this insider could be a guy who waves a metal detector at the local airport.) Anyway, I don’t see reason for hyperventilation. There are two many moving pieces here, I feel like I can’t see all the angles to get a good read of the situation. But for many folks in the prepper community, any thing is a good reason to start hyperventilating.

        • Sorry, I meant “too many”.

        • Agree with most you said about hyper panic- BUT, this takedown of PMs is obviously totally rigged- and unprecedented. Only zombies dont recognize a red flag when they see one, and this is one.

          • @ jlow personally, I think this is all tied to the worldwide currency wars now in play,gold and silver are just pawns in the game,but that will clearly change.

        • Gold IS MONEY.
          It is the arbiter, the measuring stick of currencies. It is WHY it MUST be taken down by the CB’s. Other nations individuals and governments, finalize their deals by turning dollars into gold, physical, stored in their own vaults. The Rich know something you don’t, something wicked this way comes…. gold is the only currency that survives collapses of governments and economic systems… so that whoever holds the gold, makes the rules on the way back up…

          China and Russia are laughing with glee, as they BTFD.

          Seriously… nobody in their right mind, as an individual, would destroy themselves like this… selling this much gold at one time carries the risk of market price collapse, thus destroying their own value.

          This is a take down by those who print money, selling paper to a shell company, to buy it back later… thus balancing the ‘trade’, and only loosing a little in broker/COMEX fees.

          The only ones getting hurt are the greedy dumbasses who buy paper gold on margin…

          This may also be an indication of a permanent backwardation in physical already happening. These events were well discussed by Jim Sinclair, Jim Willie and others, that, the swings would become like a roller coaster as the currency wars continue, and paper becomes seen for the worthless toilet paper it is. As more and more people wake up, this roller coaster will get worse, up until, it doesn’t…

          Prep, pray, and hang on to what ya got.

      12. Buy the dip if you can and reap the rewards later. There is no financial loss until money changes hands. If you bought silver at $40 you still haven’t lost anything unless you sell it today. Hold on to it, watch it rise back up eventually and you will still profit.

        If they want to dump a bunch of gold/silver back on the market, I hope people jump all over it and get it delivered in physical.

        God Bless,

        • If you are measuring movement of value in a unit that is declining in real value (FRN’s), isn’t the notion of profit illusory?

          Don’t get caught up in the profit/loss paradigm as the scam artists muck with the market, just buy it knowing that the profit is in being able to store the wealth your past labour has created.

          Personally I have left my gold in the creeks, it is harder for the thieves to find. A couple of days with the sluice and the big syringe and we are good to go.

      13. Get some while you can: 2-peso gold coins or 1-gram gold ingots, or larger if you fancy tenth-ounce coins.


      14. Silver down to about 23.50, one local coin shop wants 5.75 over spot. None of the rest had any for sale. Still seems to be too much to pay to me.

        • it is way too much. Run away…. far away.

          I use Gainsville coins (dot) co m

          You can get 1 ounce buffalo silver rounds “Available now for as low as $0.75 over spot!” now that for purchases of 500 or more, but if you purchase 100 it’s 1.61 over spot. 99 or less is $1.81 over spot.

          I was not paid to say this for these guys. I like them and have had great service from them.

          Just make sure you do not use the USPS as your delivery choice.

          • It’s actually gainesville ….. not gainsville

          • I’ve had good dealings with them for a couple of years for whatever a second opinion from a faceless nameless entity on the internet is worth to you. 🙂

      15. yea! sell my gold and silver for what? DOLLARS? HELL NO!

        • That’s the key question one should always ask those who say gold and silver should be dumped.
          Exactly what are you supposed to switch to?
          Most of the gold critics seem to think that the U.S. dollar is “King Dollar”, that will never devalue in the next few years.
          I find that to be an extremely foolish assumption.

      16. Understand this: since time began we have been fooled into believing that a “money” is “worth” a certain amount, DEPENDING on the simple truth that another power-hungry individual determines it’s value. Example: if George Soros determines, since HE has an ABUNDANCE of… oh, let’s say, … peanuts. IF he decides they’re WORTH $500 an ounce, and he is supported by that notion by several others’ who agree, …. THAT’S the current market VALUE. SAME with PM’s. Peanuts will also gain or lose value if they hit “the Pit” on Broad and Wall Streets. In order for the “value ” to be sustained, the poor farmer needs to be taken out of the equation, and the vipers to be loosed in “the Pit”. In conclusion, this article is a fools’ game to have Mom and Pop buy into a notion to skin the HELL out of them so the asswipes with most of the “peanuts” win the game! Remember, MONEY IS POWER! AND POWER IS MONEY! That is, IF you BELIEVE!
        ME? I’ll believe I’ll have a beer and giggle with my wife when the charade ends. If someone is foolish to believe we are to “win” a make-believe GAME by buying gold or silver, you just lost! OK- let’s relate the game this way– PM’s have a value set in a Governments’ monetary system… ANY Governments’. … Dollars, Remnimbi, Yuan, Drachma, Pound, ET AL. An ounce of anything is PRE-DETERMINED to equate to SOMETHING of a definitive value. Get it?

        • You are right… and if there is no cheap oil to run an exponential growth economy, peanuts are probably a better value than “money” of any type. At least you can eat them.

      17. All of this is akin to a bad ECG. The magnitude and velocity of the changes look like a heart patient in V Tach on their way to V Fib cardiac arrest. It’s indicative of a sick patient potentially terminal but at best chronically ill.

      18. Maybe this is a prelude to the government seizing all gold like they did once before. The rich and powerful would know this and sell before it happens. So poor joe shmoe thinks its a bargin and buys what he can afford, only to have our government seize it in a few weeks. Don’t get caught up in mania. Buy hard goods instead.

        • Howdy Peanut,

          Nah, they KNOW they can’ pull THAT trick again! That only worked in the past when People still had some remnant respect for the government…this time it’d be “Civil War II” if they attempted that.

          The only way they can get the Physical stuff to re-set the system – WHICH MUST BE RE-SET, and which THEY ALREADY KNOW – is by ‘fluttering; the market like they are doing today right before our eyes. Unfortunately, this time they may have ‘fluttered it’ too much; it may get out of hand…We’ll see.



        • Another good reason to never disarm…Bring it red coats!

        • They would love to seize your Guns and Gold!

          • Gowdy Red!.

            She-it, BLOOD in th Water today!

            “They would love to seize your Guns and Gold!”

            Bring it on…this ain’t going to be like it was THE last century….they’ll be stacked up like cord-wodd before the smoke clears…


      19. Now is the time to buy PMs and BITCOINS. Years from now BITCOIN prices will be sky high and you will regret not listening to the ‘Kreuz.

        • Einy- see my post above and REALIZE the bitcoin is someone’s attempt to sell a shiny new product, manipulate it and dump them for a NEW shiny object… maybe even gold. or fiat dollars. or euros. or yuans….. the list goes on and on. OR, hey- I got these shiny pebbles… zillions of them… buy them NOW while they’re in demand! If you THINK you’re intelligent to buy a shiny object and not be able to eat or drink it, go ahead. In the end, ALL that is necessary is to BELIEVE. I think I’ll believe in Jesus, and play their silly game until the train stops. I just won’t get off the train at Willoughby ( Twilight Zone episode).

          • Eisencrap likes shiny thingies.

      20. PMs drop = Collapse around the corner? Again?

        • Sorry, meant to up vote that.

      21. There is value and there is true value. We seem to not recognize true value any more. True value, for example, like your time on Earth. As for the brainwashed who think this is just a prick of the golden bubble understand that we are seeing this attack on gold at this point because it is still free, like we used to be. This is because gold has true value, it always has. All we are witnessing here is the beginning of the end of the ability of the public to acquire physical. Or freedom, for that matter.

      22. As for me see my post (1479197)

        Keep the FAITH

      23. Physical gold wont come down in price until the current inventory is replaced with the lower priced gold and as long as the price is plummeting, the buyers will hold off with new inventory until there’s a bottom or a necessity to restock and they will only restock with what is necessary to fill orders.

        It would not bother me one bit if gold stabilizes at sub $500.00. Those that want the higher prices want it for investment reasons and I need the lower price for manufacturing reasons. I have parts that I manufacture for customers that require gold plating. The past few years, plating cost has been very high and I could not raise my prices to the rate that gold had risen. Every customer is competed for and there’s someone out that would love to take my customers.

      24. Sell your Gold buy Silver! Leave the city and dig in!

      25. Hmmm, just a thought here Y’all,

        The retailer’s – of eveything- will be getting squeazed here shortly as well…big and little, as thier own obligations come’a callin’. What does that imply?

        MAYBE, just maybe…there will be a short ‘window’ when we’ll soon see a BUNCH of ‘clearance price sales’ on a variety of items; probably, ‘Big ticket’ items too. If you have it (cash) we might shortly see an unusual buying opprtunity on somesuch…I’d strongly recommend ALL forms of toolage, powered and otherwise. Remember, the only thing that truly distinguish’s Humankind from the rest of the life on this planet is ‘Speech’ and Tool-usage, take either one away and…well, you get the notion. Toolage will likely be worth more than it’s weight in gold after any Fall…

        Bear that in mind.


      26. In this country we don’t have a value added economy. What we have is a scheme and scam economy where bubbles are created, milked out then abandoned for the next bubble. We have a bunch of inbred puppy mill ivy league dicks running this economy that want to get rich quick and so they embrace and live for the bubbles.

      27. The Boston Globe newspaper is reporting that dozens of people have been “seriously injured” following reports of explosions near to the finish line of the Boston Marathon:

        • Arms Wide, they had to use explosives, cause guns are banned in Mass.WASP

      28. ALERT!

        BOSTON (AP) — Authorities are investigating a report of two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

        There were two booms heard from near the finish line inside the Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel.

        Race officials locked down the hotel because of the report.

        The sound of two booms, which sounded like thunder, had come a short time earlier.

        this is all thats known at this time

      29. Breaking news – 2 explosions at finish line of Boston Marathon. The raw video feed does not paint a very pretty picture. One man in the background is heard to say, “Oh my God, they are dead”

        • Sorry for the repost. Was in slight moderation before I read the above posts.

      30. BOSTON (AP) — Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon have resulted in injuries.

        Bloody spectators were being carried Monday to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners. Police wove through competitors as they ran back toward the course.

        “There are a lot of people down,” said one man, whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. He was not injured, but marathon workers were carrying one woman, who did not appear to be a runner, to the medical area as blood gushed from her leg. A Boston police officer was wheeled from the course with a leg injury that was bleeding.

        About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later.

        • Where’s the drones? Why couldn’t somebody see something, say something? I guess they’ll ban bombs now………I’m rushing out to buy up all the scissors I can. People need to have scissors to protect themselves. Drop, Tuck and Roll, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….

          • Do NOT run with scissors! Very dangerous!

      31. Bombs went off at finish line of Boston Marathon

      32. ALERT. Likely Terrorist attack in Boston. Can anyone say False Flag? War is coming if this is not some accident.

        • Reports of it coming from a trashcan. Pictures are showing a decent sized fireball but it would be a smallish device that caused it.

        • hard to argue with Be Informed on this one

          • Look close at tv pics for 5-Dancing Israelis Filming the Blast. Most likly from atop a Balcony of nearby apt complex buildings.

        • ALERT!!!
          This is a diversion —
          Someone is stealing something somewhere!

          NEVER MIND —
          Just the Department of Homeland Security stealing more freedom!

        • I realize you said probable terrorist attack. I don’t have the raw feed, does anyone have a better source than MSM? I am sure it is terrorist related but I would like to confirm the statement.
          Please either let me know or keep us updated.

      33. doug hagmann????? oh please……..

      34. Counter-terrorism units are now being deployed around major US landmarks, and throughout NYC. 2:39 pm

      35. Doesn’t matter what “paper gold” is “going for.”

        They could say that ammo is now going for a dime a round again, but if you can’t find any of it for the price…it ain’t.

      36. looks like a terrorist attack in boston everyone…watch out

        • 2 bombs detonated within a few seconds at the finish line of the Boston Marathon…

          People finding ‘shot gun shot’ in their clothes?
          Legs “flying through the air…”

          Looks like pure madness on the street.

          Video and pictures of the explosion(s) coming up now.

          “The President has been notified…”
          I feel all better now… don’t you?

          • The BBC showed video of it happening. The bombs were on either side of the street at the finish line, in the midst of the crowds. Someone wanted to inflict maximum damage and fear. 🙁


          • Hard to tell what the beef was…”Tax Day”, “Patriot Day”, or the marathon itself. Of course it is being labeled with the “T” word.

            • just wait… it’ll get pinned on white, Christian, pro-gun, patriots

              you know it’s coming…. after the headlines recently from the military

              • the NY Post is reporting it was a Saudi National ….. YES the same country that the government is want to give special flight status to.

                nypost.c o m/p/news/national/authorities_under_suspect_guard_y2m8cJO29uC2PDGIjYBalO


                • You’re right, Barlow.

                  Wolf Blitzer already said he suspected it was an anti-tax group or the Tea Party.

                  The article was taken down VERY quickly.

                  • I bet Wolf “beedyeyed” Blitzerstien would have blamed whites or tea party folks for the USS Liberty attack in 1967 if only such group existed back then.(uss Liberty attack was unprovoked and done by Israeli jewish pilots in order to Blame Egypt and cause the usa to Exterminate Egypt for the israeli hate mongers)Look it up!


      37. last report i heard 3 dead

        • 15 to 20 injured

      38. Anyone else contemplating a Sam’s run?

        • Howdy CL,

          You, Me and McGee…as well.


      39. My tinfoil hat is they are crashing the price so the US can buy on the open market all the gold it owes Germany, since Germany doesn’t want paper but the real deal, hence it taking seven years, perhaps the Germans want it a bit quicker.

      40. Current Tally, @ 14:38, less than an hour left on the trading day,

        DOW -208
        NASDAQ -75
        S&P -31

        Au @ 1351
        Ag @ 23.34
        Pt @ 1414

        WTI @ 88.92
        Brent @ 100.25

        All commodities ACROSS the board DOWN.

        Just saw the news…I’m outa here Y’all..Later.


        • The false-flag event we’ve been expecting……?

          • False flag event we’re expecting or just the start of a year or more of these. Iraq had them, now its our turn here. People will stop going to the mall and the movies and holiday parades. The economy will tank.

            They had bomb sniffing dogs on site before the bombs went off and they failed to find these.

            Why were members of the military filmed right after the bombs went off touching the evidence??
            There will be bomb residue. The police/fire people found bomb # 3 and blew it up.

          • Howdy OW,

            Actually…something just a little less than a full ‘False Flag’ here….more like a tactical smokescreen.
            Reasoning; Congress KNEW that they’d be the ‘target maximus’ after that BS Friday – revoking the STOCK act….how that plays into the massive crash in the markets today I wouldn’t hazard a guess, but the timing is “Immaculate”, isn’t it?


        • The metals will be back.

        • Another ‘event’ at JFK Library in Dorchester?

          DIA down 265…

          Smackdowns on all markets.

          Natural response I guess, except for PM’s.

          I hope they catch these cowards.

          • I hope they catch these US GOvt Criminals, who want to take our rights away

        • Final, Daily tally…CLOSING BELL 4-15-2013

          DOW -265
          NASDAQ -74
          S&P -36

          Au @ 1351
          Ag @ 22.70
          Pt @ 1400

          WTI @ 87.28
          Brent @ 99.31

          In addition to the Shanghai Exchange raising thier margins (which will
          happen again in a few short hours before the Asian markets re-open)
          Z-Hedge reports that COMEX has chosen to rasie it’s matgin’s by 18.5%

          The margin hikes noted will worsen things materially tomorrow…here we go again…


      41. Games people play.
        Especially fun when you can make and brake people world over. (Oh What Fun). One day Johnny Junior is planning on going to Harvard and the next minute he’s attending a truck tire changing school for the handicaped.
        One minute GrandPa and GrandMa Kettle are eating warm Hot Pockets in their living room watching “Wheel of Fortune” and the next meal is down by the river, living in a cardboard box, eating rat meat cooked on a stick watching the camp fire. And the Banksters who make it happen just sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh…
        I think these criminals should be jailed, throw away the key and never feed them, let them eat each other…

      42. WHITEY DONE IT!

      43. Every investment vehicle available to the public is and has been manipulated. Take a look at Real Estate, stocks, bonds, and commodities and related bubbles. The investment is offered to the people who control the markets. They buy or pass. The general public picks through the remaining or now secondary market for the best of second tier investments.
        Real Estate agents find deals and either buy themselves, offer the deal to family, or offer the deal to friends. We all get the offer after everyone has passed.
        Stocks (IPO) are offered to large brokerages or high net worth people. We all get the remainder.
        Commodities runs on insider info and akin to gambling for the rest of us.
        The people who control the markets then trade using derivatives making the price go up or down. They then profit from the margins provided to them by the individual investor.
        Silver and gold are no different. I am not saying this article is bunk, I would like to know how PM’s are an indication of trouble vs everything else. I am not trying to make a point, I really am curious.

      44. I truly hope that no one here will find some ass-backwards way to praise the individual(s) responsible for this. I am normally rational and level headed. Today makes me fucking furious.

        • A preemptive “Fuck off” for thumbing me down.

        • I expect things like this to happen, the us govt was doing drills again of an explosive device at exactly the asame time as bombing, us govt is guilty of this again, to take away more rights

          • Why don’t you go run a marathon.

      45. The people who did this are “COWARDS” in the highest form. Dispicable! I do not care who they were or what they belong to. Find them and bring them to justice.

      46. Went to the gun shop Saturday. The price of brass and lead is still going up. When silver dips to the lowest, make silver bullets. Hyo-silver-away!

      47. Right wing, Tea Party, Prepper, constitutionalst, 2nd Amendment supporting, Vet, Organic Farmer, PM’s buying,
        Militia EXTREMISTS….

        did this terrorist attack!

        You Watch!

      48. Drudge reports that a suspect. Is in guarded custody at the hospital. The suspect, from this report, is a Saudi national.

      49. This is getting curiouser and curiouser. The PM takedown knocks out institutional and small time investors, but hand delivers cheap gold into the gaping maws of central banks. Pretty clever. This isn ‘t the first time. But now is no time for panicked, emotional selling. The PTB illusionists are only buying a bit more time to keep the fiat charade going.

      50. Regardless of who is responsible for this atrocity, the country will face even more draconian security measures, there will be calls for more ‘protection’ from the government, and increasing intrusion into every facet of our lives. They will not let this go to waste.

        The sad part of all this is, these people were innocent casuallties in the go v’s war on the people. I say that because our intelligence agencies SHOULD HAVE, and probably DID, have some indications that something was about to happen. THere are too many ways for those agencies to monitor calls, email, and other avenues of conversations, for them to be clueless that something was in the works. OTHERWISE, I’d not hesitate to say that none of us should be too worried about those agencies spying/listening to us – they obviously aren’t very good at what they do!

        We live in pretty crappy times. I am praying for all of us – because we are all impacted by this.

        The stock market, PM prices, FF or T(that word) events…all happening at about the same time…better buckle up folks. The roller coaster is starting to move and we’re headed for the first big drop-off!!! May the good Lord be with all of us!

        • Agreed. The next few weeks may prove to be rocky.

      51. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody
        Annihilation by Assimilation

        Every white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country.

        The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

        Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

        Immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

        All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

        Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race. The real aim of anti-racism is to wipe out the white race or make it a minority anywhere it exists.

        It is genocide.

      52. I recall that article had a lot of predictions that the opposite ended up happening, which ruined its credibility for me.

      53. Whatever happens has to wait until May 7th. I’m on vacation May 3-6 and will be 1,200 miles away from home. I haven’t gone on a vacation for many years and I better not get stranded away from home due to an EMP, martial law, etc.

        After May 7th is fair game, but please don’t happen before then.


        p.s. And what do you want to bet the TSA pulls me aside–I’ve only flown once before (back in 1984) and I just “know” the TSA is gonna pull me aside…hahaha…oh well, better to be molested by TSA than be EMP’d 1,200 miles from home.

        • I’m not scared of the plane going down…I’m more afraid of being stranded away from my preps-n-provisions. I’ve never gone this far away from home–and when I go places, I drive and bring along a separate two-week supply of water, shelter, food, warmth, etc…going by plane, I can’t do the same.

          • I have to say Leslie…I agree with you. I’m 850 miles from home. 200 miles from my mountain retreat. I packed a GHB, extra ammo, food. I’m in a metro area in TN. If EMP, I will immediately leave my conference and start making my way to my retreat. My husband knows that is my plan, and where to eventually find me. If It happens after I make it to family in MS, I’ll stay there. My family is a farm family, and what some would call preppers, but it’s their way of life. Scares the hell out of me to think I could be stuck away from my husband and son. (I haven’t had the opportunity to teach them how to skin an animal yet!). First time in my life I’ve had some trepidation about leaving home.

            • we all gotta die someday Red !!!

          • @ LA,

            Good Girl!!…Herr Doktor JOG says;

            ….”Das ist GUT Denkin!, Ya!” 😉

            To be sure…it will be those who ‘are using thier heads
            for sumething other than hat-racks who will see it through to the other side! Keep it up!


      54. The folks who have physical gold have not lost anything. First the paper sell off, then the stocks and bonds loss. then the physical gold will skyrocket.

        • It was Phys Gold selling too. Not paper only. Also OIL and most every other thing/stock etc is way Down at same time. Except cash dollars which recently are at highs for at least last 6 months or more.

          What if China spent most of all them us dollars they stashed to buy 1000+Tons gold recently and now gold remains low?…Will that halt a china dumps dollars to crash usa event from occuring?

          ps copper metal is also Way lower due to china aint doing too swell lately. All that talk about china and russia doing whatever to destroy america seems very unlikely unless folks still see russia as it was back when kommie soviets ran it. Our main Constant true enemy is and has been our OWN fed govnt along with Their Rulers on wall street/bankster group. Learn who They are and Thats the True enemy-bolsheviks.

      55. Just a sugestion, Leslie Anne – ship yourself a box prior to leaving on your trip. Include snacks, freeze-dried food pouches, etc. THen when you arrive, all you need to get is water. When you get there, buy a “souvenir” knife (or some kind of protection). And make sure you have a way to keep up with the news. THen, at least you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing you’ve “prepped” as much as possible.

      56. Just a suggestion Leslie Anne— stay home. You are too PARANOID to ENJOY a vacation.

      57. Just a taste of SHTF today with the gold smack down, Dow takedown, Boston blowup, and God knows what next. Presently sitting in waiting room while my wife recovers from disc surgery. Figured it was time, now or never, before things Get too dicey. Thank Jesus, all went well for her, and tons of support from true friends.

        Unfortunately, I have to travel a lot in my business., often to Europe. So I always have a good supply of British gold sovereigns close to me. I’m also in the shipping business and know how to hook up with a ship if need b to at least get me back to he USA and a port close to home. Was stuk in Guatemala during 911, and had a ship all arranged, but then managed to catch a flight home. The way things are going now, going to stick close to home for a while.

        No doubt that sooner or later, it’s all coming unglued. So just hope all of you good people are well prepped, well armed, and ready to re-build when the smoke settles.

      58. “LET’S ROLL”

      59. I went to check out Provident Metals today the must of pulled 2013 ASE and the rest were out of stock?

      60. another false flag to draw our attention away from the economic collapse!! the market was dropping like a rock before the bombing in Boston. down 265 . all metals dropped. like the article predicts, when the metals stop to fall, shit will start to happening!!

      61. I wonder if the gold price collapse and the horrible Boston bombing were related?

        • no

      62. It could be that Obama, who is an FDR fan will do a 1933 gold nationalization and they are dropping the price. Buy silver instead.

        I love it when metal prices crash… I WILL BUY MORE.

        My plan… never sell my metals…leave them to the kid.
        Only if I have to…say in old age to buy a med or a pair of shoes..then just sell a few coins.

      63. The rules are different now.

        So the bankers stole the Cyprus bank account holders money.
        It wasn’t a tax or “haircut”…they ripped the funds right out.
        Then.. Cyprus has to sell gold to make the IMF happy. Then they take the money they stole and drop the price of gold and buy it at a lower costs.

        The banksters have two goals..
        1. Create Debt Slaves
        2. Own gold.

        Given this… we only pay cash…shun all debt and only buy metals.
        I would rather buy silver…as it has practical uses….many of them.

        When I am very old… I’ll have some nice silver to hand over to my kid.
        Or to cash in, coin by coin.

        Here’s a thought….
        I can sell under the table avoid tax.
        People always forget to factor that in.

        Do the math on that one..

        Yeah….it’s all a house of cards. The boomers got in power and look at the place.
        It’s all bad.

        Live low, lean and happy.
        The real wealth is happiness….health, the bible and having zero debts.
        Also… keep some real estate.
        My upstair rent bought my wife’s mustang….now it’s buying my daughter’s car.

        Everyone should have at least one or two rental houses in nice areas in great shape when you are old. You control it.

      64. Whatever happened to MANOS in greece.

        Dude…how about an update?

        All quiet in Buffalo, NY.
        They all laughed at the little snow we had years ago.
        Low housing costs. I have a great job.
        I own a double and the rent buys us sports cars.

        If SHTF…I’d bugout to the south in the wooded country.

        Yeah… no matter what comes… we’re ready in the buf.

        Once you’re prepped up… you earned the right to not worry.

        If something bad went down.. say a pandemic..
        We’d just shelter in place.

        If the ghetto riots… they’s be up against a heavily armed burbs.

        My big fear…

        Better get your N95 masks now.

        You know the elite are engineering this shit.

        Hey…I would be.
        Too many people on the planet.

      65. Get out of ALL PAPER assets.

        BUY “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver!

        NOT “PAPER” Gold or Silver.

        Your almost out of time to prepare.

      66. So I’m 48. I don’t really care what metal prices do. If anything…I’m real happy when they crash. I just keep buying. I bought some at $900 and silver at $15. I bought some gold at $1450.


        In the end… When I’m dead…my kid will open the save and see the nice pile.
        You know… 25 years from now…it will be worth quite a bit.
        AND…the Govt. will not know about it.

        By then…the NWO boys will have their global electronic currency and the underworld will want silver.

        Time will tell.

        China has a very large population…and they all are stacking.

        So… I’ll follow the numbers and all these people will want what my kid has one day.
        I’ll also leave a fleet of tools, some good rental property and a nice harley and some guns.

        Relax, don’t worry about shit…just keep stacking, keep your powder dry, your guns, ammo and bible close.

        All will be well.

        The day they try and make us turn in our simple shot guns will be the day we need to go hunting. Know what I mean, Stan?

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