This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at

    Facial recognition failed at biometric verification, hooded criminal hacked software and managed to stay unrecognized.

    Helen of Troy, according to the Odyssey, was “the face that launched a thousand ships,” prior to the Greek invasion of Troy.  You and I, on the other hand, are the faces that launch an army of CCTV cameras ready to capture our images when we walk past them.  We just covered winter camouflage tips and techniques.  Camouflage is an important part of your prepping, in terms of being able to effectively hide yourself and your supplies from prying eyes.

    One of the biggest problems that we encounter is not blending in with the terrain in a wilderness environment, however, but what we face in an urban and suburban environment.  As mentioned in previous articles, you have to camouflage in accordance with the environment you find yourself within.  It would not be intelligent to stroll down the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard dressed up in Realtree-patterned garb with a holstered sidearm and a hunting knife.  You would undoubtedly be “noticed,” and probably take a ride in a black and white, courtesy of the police department.

    There’s an article that gives some very stark details about the 250 million security cameras in existence throughout the world.  The article entitled Opinion: Facial recognition will soon end your anonymity,written by Tarun Wadwha on 6/4/2016 explains this in detail and how new developments in software and the ever-growing number of cameras everywhere are reducing your chances to remain anonymous.  Chances are that your face has already been scanned and entered into a database without your knowledge. Knowing these things, there are a few measures that we can take…and these are directed toward urban and suburban dwellers to give them an edge.

    What these Statists are trying to do is to create a “map” of where you are and what you’re doing, along with the times and dates of your activities.  Go and see (or rent out) the latest “Jason Bourne” movie to really get a feel for the intricacies of how these Law Enforcement agencies, the government, and other interests utilize the public domains to tie into their surveillance of you and your family.

    Prepare for any disaster with this step-by-step manual

    6 Ways to Dodge Biometric Verification

    Here are some things you can do, and keep in mind to help lower your signature:

    1. Wear sunglasses during the daylight hours…breaking up the potential to photograph your eyes, the way they are set into your face, and any eye movements that might give away what you are doing (what you’re getting ready to do).
    2. Wear a hat, especially one that covers up the ears. Baseball caps are fine, but they really focus on the ears – their shape and proximity to the side of your head – for identification purposes.  The caps also bust up the curvature of your head and also hide the hair and hair patterns.
    3. Wear scarves, turtlenecks, and other clothing such as balaclavas to break up the outline of the neck.
    4. Gloves: hide the hands, your marital status, and scars, fingernails, or other prominent features…even the fingerprints can be photographed.
    5. Layered clothing: yes, this is great to protect from the cold, but I’ll give you another reason to wear it. The Doctrine of Contrasting Colors.  For a “real-time” view of this look no further than the movie “The Recruit” with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino.  Farrell escaped from his pursuers by shedding the outer layer of his clothing and reversing the jacket.  You can do the same.  Make the green sweatshirt disappear when the need arises with a change to a tan polypro top with a zippered neck.
    6. Rule of Thumb: “When the Need Arises.”  Yes, you can pack yourself a small “kit” with darker-toned makeup/lighter-toned makeup such as skin cream, and also hats of various types different from the ones you normally use.  A wig may be a quick fix to turn your hair from brown to blonde.  There are also movie supply sites you can visit that will sell you real mustaches actually made from human hair.  Sound stupid?  It won’t if you use it and it keeps you out of a cell.  This measure is for when it’s really hitting the fan…not for “day to day” activities.

    Another big problem to overcome with all of this surveillance is the fact that most people have their constantly clicking and snapping little phone-cameras to take pictures of every single thing on the planet within their “biome,” and it’s these individuals who serve as “silent witnesses” to help the surveillance state gather as much info as they can.  In addition, let’s not forget that every photo you post, twitter, place on Facebook, or download in any capacity does indeed become “scarfed up” by the government.  That $50-billion-dollar facility in Utah wasn’t built to help out Olan Mills with their photography work.

    Be aware, and not just of others but of yourself.  Reduce the “footprint” you put out by learning where the cameras are where you work and on your trips back and forth to your house.  Disable the little camera-dot on the top edge of your laptop with 2 layers of aluminum HVAC duct tape pieces.  Disable the microphone within it as well.  Bottom line: you have to pull security for yourself and on yourself to reduce the chances of them cataloguing your every move.  Don’t give them what they need to build up their files.

    We are entering into a phase in our country with a moment of decision to come with the U.S. elections.  Martial law is always just around the corner, waiting to be inflicted on us.  These are techniques you’ll have to incorporate into your daily routine and they’ll take some practice.  Awareness and the ability to act on what is happening around you are the keys you’ll need to be able to make it all work.  We’d like to hear any suggestions you have on the matter that may work for others.  Keep fighting that good fight, and stay away from those cameras!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. True stuff but a bit on the paranoid side.

        If you have to hide, in a freaking city with a million cameras AIN’T the place to do it. If you’re attempting to hide in a city, well then – you get what your low IQ brain deserves.

        • Really??? says:
          Comment ID: 3657517
          January 26, 2017 at 2:27 pm
          “True stuff but a bit on the paranoid side.”

          I just love it when goofs like yourself, call anyone “paranoid” when they bring forth factual information. That is a verbal technique meant to make another point of view sound “crazy.” “Tin Foil” hat, ” Conspiracy Theorist” etc., is also a favorite caption people like YOU try to hang on people.

          People like You want to shut people down. Piss on your kind.

          The facts are the facts. Just because you don’t accept the fact that it rains does not mean you won’t get wet on a rainy day. Go outside and find out. Get out from your keyboard.

          There is an electronic control grid being put in place. It is HERE. NOW. This electronic snoop grid makes the book “1984” look like a free and open society. The direction the USA is going is truly frightening. Freedom, Liberty, Freedom of expression, Free Speech, being anonymous, being left alone, basic privacy,
          will soon be IMPOSSIBLE in USA-Britain-Canada-Australia.

          -I can’t even get a cheeseburger without a clerk asking for a name.
          -I can’t buy an item at ANY local store without being asked for a phone number.
          -They insist on a magic card to buy groceries.
          -Dallas Texas has EVERY major road COVERED in cameras and induction coils placed in the streets to detect auto type. The cameras also record your license plates. There are Police TOWER platforms in almost all retail parking lots around here.

          Dallas Texas is a Prison. It is ridiculous. I want OUT.
          The Parks have microphones tied to Police station.
          Mics are on many street corner poles in public places.

          These are up in my neighborhood. Take a look.
          h t t p://
          You can not even go for a walk with your wife without your conversations being recorded in some snoops database.

          I personally have had enough. I am leaving the United States as soon as is practical.
          I will not live in a “1984” society.

          Here is what else they are doing to you.
          w w

          Thank you for the article on USEFUL topics like this one.
          We Get tired of the fear mongering end of the world BS articles. Worthless waste of energy.

          Are you going to sensor this comment? Let’s see.

          • ” Martial law is always just around the corner, waiting to be inflicted on us.”

            Ironically, Martial Law and Police State Surveillance will not be inflicted upon US, now. It will be inflicted upon the NWO Left. And the FEMA Camps designed to hold Patriots will now hold ILLEGALS, Refugees, and NWO dissidents before deportation; like Alex Baldwin, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell. .

            Can you say “Operation Mordicai” ??? 🙂

            • Good comments. I like to think is true, but I have always thought the martial law would be directed towards conservative, christian , ” constitutionalists.

              Can you elaborate more on why you think martial law will be towards illegals and leftist???

              I hope you are right, but no offense, I am skeptical

              • Paul
                aka rip van winkel :). Since you dozed off the world has changed. There has been a seismic shift in the control of our country. The conservatives have taken over and are now in the process of destroying any and all things liberal. So the gulags/FEMA camps meant for the conservatives are not useful for that purpose any more. They will be re-purposed for the needs of those in power.

                • As a reminder, the survalliance state got it biggest boost under George Bush with the passage of the Patriot Act and a couple other liberty/freedom robbing laws. Both sides, both Republicans and democrats are guilty of building the nanny/survalliance state we now live in. When people realise it’s not republican vs democrat, that it is government vs citizens nothing will be done to end the erosion of our liberties. The government, both Republicans and democrats have been masters at deviding us and having us fight amongst ourselves while all the time they both are gaining more control over our lives. The old saying that those willing to give up a little freedom for security get AND deserve neither comes to mind. Until “We the People” decide to hold both political parties accountable to us and the constitution I’m afraid our liberties will continue to erode.

            • Any and all of you are damned fools if you truly think that the control has shifted in this country. Are you that blind, dumb, and naive?? This is what the tptb have anticipated! Stand strong and stand fast, this show is just getting started. Most of you praising trump probably still praise and support bush and bush sr and all they have done to destroy our Republic. Hypocrites!!! The neo conservative movement is as dangerous but more camouflaged than the left. those that continue to support it are just as guilty as the lives they hate!! Our country really does deserve what she has coming to her. It’s a sad state of affairs what we will be passing to our children and grandchildren if “they” allow us to pass anything on.

          • If a store asks for my number, I just say “no.” And that’s the end of that.

            • same here.

              no phone number

              no zip code

              • Just use a made up phone number, or an old discontinued one, like grandma’s who died ten years ago, store it in your phone notes for reference. Use it in stores along with a fake name for their discount cards.

                • unless you are using a different one each time, don’t bother. The idea is to establish a pattern, not search for individually identifying items.

                • Now some stores are asking for an email (use a junk email) for loyalty discounts. I always refuse all store credit cards as I have AM EX and Visa and good ole cash. I used a former phone # but no store ever called it anyway except Best buy which I cancelled their loyalty card.

          • fellow dallas inmate here as well… I don’t understand why those same cameras that mail me tickets on northwest highway for not locking up the breaks on a yellow light, somehow don’t manage to notice that 2 out of every 5 cars on the roads has paper tags/plates. Esp in certain parts of town like 635 east of 75.

          • I wouldn’t call myself paranoid as much as I don’t like to be predictable in my dress habits, places I shop, restaurants I go to – etc..
            Become predictable and you are at the mercy of everyone with evil intents.
            Be covertly RANDOM and you are hard to nail down. I move around in a wide range of cities and can’t be easily singled out.
            I never eat at the same restaurant or fast food joint on a consistent basis. When I go to a favorite restaurant of my choice I always sit in a different location

            • The best thing to be as the overlords continue to horde habit data on everyone is to be ENTIRELY predictable that is not really what you would normally do. Commit yourself to a pattern that you know will be “tracked”. Then, when the time comes (and you’ll know when that is) drop those patterns. There’s a reason some people are referred to as ghosts…when you think you’ve figured them out and laid a trap…they are off somewhere else.

          • When the clerk ask your name on you food order say Donald Trump. What idiot gives his real name? Did they ask for a photo ID to buy a burger?

            A little bit of paranoia keeps you safe under the radar. City dwellers are F@cked!!

            • Last time I was in Panera Bread, the guy next to me was in hysterics as they called names, everyone that entered orders with their smart phone was using wacky names playing off the election. Like Hepmeup Hillary…..

          • Winston, you crack me up.

            Mental midget you must be, you completely missed my point.

            Leaving the US? Ok, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

          • I agree with your post. ‘Person of Interest’ wouldn’t have been a series if not for the tracking devices.
            England supposedly has tracking devices on every street in the cities. Pay attention to the series filmed there.

          • Which country will you go to?
            There are not many countries that have escaped the Matrix. India will a billion plus, have their biometric based unique id, linked with bank accounts. Linking this with drivers license, phone SIMs is an ongoing process.
            Bill Gates backed schemes are brought about as synchronized assaults, whether it is cashless economy, “crime” tracking networks”, or vaccines for mumps and rubella. Most people don’t even know what is mumps or rubella. Old folks might have heard of measles, because their friend of their friend might have got it. But now tens of millions of children are vaccinated in synchronized assault, in about a week’s time, for illnesses that are mostly irrelevant.
            Such is the pathological hold that fellows like Bill Gates over big countries like India.
   (1.8 crore is 18 million)

            I doubt even if there is one, say, African country outside of their pathological control.
            Good luck with your search for a free country, where you get to make your choices about what is good for you and your family.

            • I’m going to bug out to LA LA LAND 🙂

              • Don’t forget to wear a vagina hat to blend in with the crowd.

        • Yup, paranoya will destroya

          • There is a big (BIG) difference between paranoia and just being cautious. It is an attitude but don’t get to caught up in the details. Be flexible and consistently inconsistent.

        • Get a grip people. There’s over 320 million people in this country, you ain’t that important. Those traffic cameras are just that. They’re a source of revenue so cops have more time to enjoy their donuts. They also help determine who’s at fault in traffic accidents and the license plate readers are used to find people involved in traffic infractions/violations/accidents. I’m no fan of da gubmint, not by any means. The guy who wrote this article, as usual, is spreading more fear porn. Not one article he writes is ever, in any way, related to anything this super soldier claims to have done. But if you must, wear sunglasses and a bandaid on each side of your face along with a baseball cap and you’ll beat the facial recognition technology. Stop listening to this baffoon.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • Jackknife. Wonder why the US has lost every war since WW2? We have plenty of Bafoons like this in the military who cant cut it in the private sector. Then try to tell us to carry hammers and nails in our bug out bag as a few of the 12 essentials above a water filter or striking flint for fire. Buffoonery.

      2. I would wear a scarf or beanie cap, men a beanie cap. ladies can take makeup and paint a mole on your cheek or lower jaw. take a darker face powder and rub it on your face. Sunglasses ok unless dark overcast clouds. #6: wigs and fake mustaches are easy done. If martial law kicks in, patriots would be arrested if seen on cameras (police nearby radioed to go after the person).

        • I’m thinking of making a tinfoil full face helmet!

        • How about a hoodie? It works for criminals,and could work for us, too.

      3. I would dress up like a vagrant. Auto ignore in full mode.
        I’d be armed though, but blend right in. Nothing wrong with smelling like piss and stale beer, right?

        • my everyday deoderant

          • You can buy that stuff in a bottle. It’s called “eau de Truckdriver” Much cheaper than Chanel, about $4 a gallon…

      4. I would recommend black electrical tape if you feel the need to cover your PC camera. It comes off much cleaner if you ever want to remove it and it’s much thinner and nicer looking while still blocking all light through it.

        As for an emergency situation if you can’t be seen. I have this halloween costume faceless mask to use for the grim reaper etc. You can see out through the material. Worn under a hoodie you would be faceless. A little weird but if you don’t draw attention…

      5. Here is how I feel if they are after me and using face recognition to find me so be it. when they come for me there will be a fight. I’m ready will they be????

        I’m not hiding damn it I’m fighting!!!!


        • I just shoot the camera a bird when I notice one. I’m not hiding either. When they come for me they best not hesitate because I will not.

      6. Just wear a burka. It’s the newest fashion statement.

        • Even Jihadis are cross-dressers these days so that they can be incognito…

        • Anybody seen D. B. Cooper lately?

          • No but I did see Elvis!

      7. Yeah, there are cameras all over the place where I just moved to– out in the rural mountains. Even on the bus, the bus driver was talking about how they record us with cameras. And at the Greyhound bus station, they have signs saying they have cameras watching us and we are being listened to… really disgusting!!

        One thing you can do is to never give your real name to new friends… use a nick name, like, “Automatic” (for promiscuous males) or “Opportunis”. Or “Gabrielle” for a very spiritually inclined person… no need to give your name except to really close loved ones. That way, if the Gestapo pulls your buddies in for questioning, they can’t give out your information.

        Can you effectively cover up the speaker on your cell phone? With aluminum or whatever? Its a pain to keep taking out the battery.

        • Best solution is to NOT use a cellphone at all. But to spoof listening in by parties unknown, remember the mic is a listening device sure… but so is the speaker you hear the audio from. Never forget – all speakers are mics as well. Foil? Must be 360 degrees in all directions – complete and multi-layered. Same is true for hard-cases. For facial, IR and/or UV reactive clear paint or finishes will aid in spoofing a cam working on ID. Think like the old lemon juice disappearing ink. Get some Wool-lite (sp?) for example. Smear on face. Really messes up any UV attempt. If done in blotches, can also aid in defeating IR and normal cam recognition software. You, me – we don’t see it; but cams do. Causes uneven tones. Test for appropriate solutions easy – any cheap surveillance cam with IR LED illumination can show you what works, what doesn’t. A woman’s hair-dye for example on such cams does NOT hide her white or grey hair; even when to our eyes, she’s a brunette or redhead.

        • when i travel in the car, i put my cell in a tin can, something like what christmas treats come in.. you can find all sorts of various foods that come in these. bandaid used to have small tin cans. I have a couple of them, but it’s a bit to small for a flipfone. need to find just a slightly bigger one.

          • german cookies come in nice sized tin cans

          • They don’t need you cell phone – their cameras track your license plates, and sensors in the car track where you go. A lot of cars with built in wifi or GPS or accident detection or remote start track and report on your car’s location.

            • Sirius Satellite Radios are GPS Tracking devices. The Cops caught a bandit by back tracking his Satellite Radio signal in a recent case. Since satellite radio is a subscription service they have his radio IP and location GPS signal. Technology is not always your friend. Tracking your every location.

          • Remember the mother in Florida that shot herself with granny’s shotgun after suspected of killing her toddler she reported stolen through a small window of her home?
            They suspected her because they traced her cell phone pings to a national forest 75 miles away!!
            Your cell may be turned off–but still received pings from those cell towers.

        • Just wrap the cell phone in tin foil like a burrito and it blocks them from tracking you. Plug headphones into your computer so they can’t hear you….cuz sound comes OUT of the headphones not IN. But the open mike on the pc….mine is on the monitor….will pick up sounds. And yes they are putting mics in trees in the city and forests. No place to run is true.

        • Put your cellphone in a cookie tin, the thicker the better, it blocks the signal and sound cannot enter. To test put the phone in the cookie tin and try and call it, if the signal doesn’t go through, you’re good to go.

      8. All roads lead to Walmart.

        ht tp://

        Facial recognition databases are the real culprit .
        Everyone should have to
        post their PRIVACY POLICY …

        i.e. When you purchase 1000 rds . Of ammo from wallyworld and they have tied you to a photo from their cameras and have your name from credit card ….WHO DO THEY SHARE THAT INFO WITH?

        • DUH ! People don’t be buying ammo and stuff with your credit cards. Use cash. The camera’s got your face, but not your name and address.

      9. I work in facial recognition technology. Nothing up there will work.


        There are makeup patterns that work on many cameras and systems though. You wind up walking around like Ziggy Stardust but they work.

        • The only way to defeat the technology is to either cut the power to the camera grid so the recognition cannot be made by the software, wear a mask, or prosthetics to reform your facial components.

          But, the basic structure of your face is not going to change. Your eyes are where they are, your nose is where it is, mouth, ears, chin, forehead curve, cheekbones, etc., all sit where they sit and you can’t change that. All you’ll get is a larger sample of identities to choose from and those identities can all be tracked backwards.

        • One of the easiest ways to beat facial recognition is to change your exposed skin color with makeup.

          It’s a high level search criteria that causes them to miss categorize your image and look in the wrong part of the database.

          Also just use scotch tape to move and change features, like that poor mans facelift tape they sell.

      10. Guys… most of the stuff he listed won’t help you get past facial recognition. The only close would be the shades hiding your eye sockets… but this won’t really help for two reasons: the cameras have ways of seeing your sockets straight through most shades, and unless they are skin tight wrap-around, they can get you from profile.

        The main thing rapid facial recognition looks for is ratio in the distances between: Eyes, cheekbone, nose, mouth, and chin. A lot of this is done by measuring shadows said things cast. Two things may help: skin putty to shape your face differently, make your cheek bones higher, nose wider, chin wider/lower. Other would be to ‘paint’ fake shadows that aren’t quite in the right place for shadows your face would normally cast. *Warning: some face paints that look black show up as BRIGHT white on night vision cameras*

      11. I don’t use a laptop that has a camera or microphone. When I use a laptop, it’s an old one that doesn’t have built-in wifi. My desktop computer is a few years old. I built it myself from scratch, so I know what’s in it.

        I wear wrap-around shades almost all the time when I’m out. My coat’s sleeves are long enough that my hands are mostly hidden. I also walk differently when the mood strikes. That makes a 4 or 5 inch difference in my height and my apparent age. I also shave irregularly, sometimes a week or two between shaves, sometimes every day.

        There is no pattern in my comings and goings except for usually going to church on Sunday. I skip that on occasion also. I switch between grocery stores. When I use the “loyalty card” to save money, I use one that I found. I also let other people in line use it occasionally, just to screw with the databases. The databases think I’m part Mexican.

        Mostly I stay out of town as much as possible and don’t go where there are a lot of cameras.

        • Also,

          No Facebook.
          No Twitter.
          No Snapchat.
          No Etc…


          Personal Disinformation Campaign…
          …on Facebook.
          …on Twitter.
          …on Snapchat.
          …on Etc…

        • You can use a fake name for the loyalty/tracking cards. Get a name and address out of the phone book. Use a different name and then go on a different page and get a different addresss. Tell them at the store that you lost your card., and want to apply for a new one. They will (smart) ask you for your “phone number”….I tell them i don’t remember it cuz i change my phone number 2-3 x a year to get rid of old boyfriends. This will work. And at least they won’t have your real name. It’s all for tracking anyway. Years ago i heard on the radio that a man killed someone, and dumped his body in the river. To weigh down the body he put a ten or twenty pound bag of rice on top. The police scanned the upc number on the bag of rice and found his name and address and arrested him!!

          • “The police scanned the upc number on the bag of rice and found his name and address and arrested him!!”
            No. Just NO. That’s not how UPC codes work. Every 10 lb bag of rice (made by the same manufacturer) has the Exact same UPC code.

        • Several friends and I cover the laptop camera with heavy paper and tape it up over the lens. I don’t do chat rooms or any voice over the laptop. I use a prepaid flip phone Trac Phone 6.88 a mo. ltd talk and text, but plenty minutes for me, not used much-am not a phone freak.

        • Everyone needs to use TOR or similar.
          Obfuscation – not Obvious.

      12. Just wear an Obama or Hillary mask. It will allow you to get away with anything for years

      13. Sorry but . Please watch. Live leak Finnish man tells Muslems what they are like a boss. Show your friends. Most important video in years! !

      14. Some ideas are these:

        Get a tattoo that washes off in a few weeks. Go to your ATM and allow yourself to be photographed. The neck would be ideal. Afterwards wear a scarf to cover your neck.
        Make sure to be seen by all your “friends” and talk about your tattoo. Let everyone think it is real.

        Cops use tattoos to identify you. Don’t get them.

        I like the idea of adopting nicknames. These should be numerous and not reflect your true self. If you don’t read much, always carry around a lightweight book. If you are not religious, carry a bible. Feed disinformation everywhere. Most importantly, listen. Rarely, if ever, talk about yourself and avoid talking about those you care about. Most people just want someone who will listen. You’ll find people flock to you. It’s amazing.

        If you establish certain hangouts, avoid them when you are on the run in SHTF.
        These will be the places they’ll be sending their spies so be waiting with plenty of bs to spread. It is fun.


        • I never eat in fast food restaurants cuz i hate those camera’s watching me while i eat. I always eat in the car.

          • Cameras are in all restaurants in my area, the manager of xxx restaurant we know personally, says it’s mainly for anti theft esp. employee theft.

      15. I could care less if the entire world sees me take a shit

      16. Your biometric pic was already taken long ago. Most states drivers license pictures are taken to biometric standards. To test this out, just blink your eyes during the picture and watch the camera operator freak out.

      17. Amira Willighagen Live in Concert O Soleo Mio

        Off topic – but this is so great

        __ just one duet by a preteen with an opera voice
        __ singing with a talented man

        • On YouTube

        • Ever drop mail off at the drive through mail boxes at the post office? They video your vehicle license Tag. Every toll booth, on / off ramp of highways, red light cameras, etc. Record your movement.

        • Thanks for the reference/repast. Good break in this crazy world. She is very talented and has perfect pitch. It is good to keep balance. Thanks, again.

      18. I live in one of the many test areas homeland security is testing extreme spying on civilians. They have installed special cameras literally at every intersection. These cameras see in infrared, ultraviolet and regular light. They can see through some materials humans see as opaque. These cameras also have internal sensors that can test the air for chemical biological and radiological contamination. The cameras are extremely high resolution, they can identify nearly everyone in a vehicle, read license plates and identify cars make model color. They also contain electronics that ping toll passes and Bluetooth devices, which all transmit identifying data.

        You can’t drive, walk, or ride a bike without being tracked. You’d think they were fighting crime with it, but since it went in crime statistics are completely unchanged. They are just watching and recording everything.

        This system is expected to be deployed across seven states in the North East likely Virginia to Connecticut as a start, as well as all interstate highways nationwide.

        Regarding facial recognition, I hear they work lousy with minorities. Apparently the people that invented it tested it on the population of their own high tech companies. That mix of people they work very well on.

      19. I saw something where you can install small IR LEDs on the brim of your baseball cap – and if blinds the cameras. Looks like it’s time to try building one.

      20. When you renew your driver’s license at the DMV they take your photo and have EVERYTHING they need to know about you; your up-close head-shot, address, name changes, aliases, height, weight, hair color, facial description… everything. Oh, and they also do an iris scan when they take your photo. It’s all entered into a central data system.

      21. I think that people who work for the government especially DoD likely have given the databases all that’s needed. With the large number of the population that fall in that category, it won’t take much to fill in the blanks to get stuff on nearly all the populace.

        For ladies, how about brimmed hats with dark veils–think old-fashioned mourning style. And gloves, of course, to complete the outfit. If anyone wonders, these items protect fair skin better than sun lotion and is safer. Gloves also protect the wearer from germs entering broken skin–a big plus in public areas where many hands touch things like elevator buttons, escalator rails, shopping cart handles. (Wash gloves often to keep sanitary.)

        I’ve also seen things online where little lights are added to hat brims. Even small LEDs seem to mess up the picture enough so the picture shows a person but not enough to ID. This was a regular camera so don’t know if it works on the high tech ones.

        Got a few other ideas but they seem a little far out to remain in the only slightly off-beat category.

      22. Photographing and recording Cops is not a crime. Case law says so. So if the deformed piglet gives you shit, keep recording. Make him assault you on live stream footage an collect some big bucks. Exercise your freedoms daily.

      23. I want my old country back. I miss it.

        I disabled the mic on my computer and covered the camera

        I have a pouch for my phone that blocks RFID and also all signals. Leave phone at home…like the old days. Turn off GPS. Don’t talk to Alexa. Pay cash for most things, especially groceries. Everything else, the hell with it. I am too old to get too excited about this.

      24. “You would undoubtedly be “noticed,” and probably take a ride in a black and white, courtesy of the police department.”
        Not where i’m from, I see that everyday.

      25. Well you wanted all this crap in the first place.
        Everything electronic is capable of doing what you should do but you would rather sit on your ass and play X box games. You complain about the price of a car and the companies add shit on because IT’S the NEW THING. So you pay $3,000 for an item that costs $100 to manufacture in another country. Hell the car rolls the windows up, warms your ass and can tell you where to go. All you do is sit back and eat your chicken nuggets and enjoy the ride.

        Technology is here and the only way to beat it back is a solar flare or an EMP. Like every thing else if they can abuse it THEY WILL. They don’t care about the law either.

        So if they can see and listen to you on your T.V. or track you with a cell phone or car and video you at road intersections. Then you have to make a choice to live where you are or head to a place where none of this crap exists. And don’t Bring it with you!

        • anon,
          Nailed it.

          Of course, if an EMP were to hit us, we’d all (the US) be in chaos and susceptible to invasion.
          But then again, if its a solar flare (CME) it could take out the whole planet, and we’d all have the same problems.
          Either way, not fun. We would have to start from scratch.
          But we would have our privacy back.

      26. There is more to it than all this touches on. People are creatures of habit, just like any animal. We follow the same trail to and from work. Go to the same places day in day out. Buy the same things consistantly, see the same people, etc. In order to vanish all of this must change, and you must do everything differently. Have caChe stash of supply in several locations. No electronics, cash only life. Oh and knowing what to do is not being paranoid it is being smart.

      27. Ever see pics of hit and run vehicles? Most cameras suck. Can’t see the plates most of the time. The cameras aren’t as good as people claim. The cameras are there to make you think they see everything you do. A prisoner within your own mind. There are probably a million outstanding warrants. How come they don’t round up those people? Because it doesn’t work. If you are one of a very few high profile people wanted by TPTB, then maybe they will concentrate on you.

      28. And by doing any of these things your flagged and followed. There is no hiding anymore they know where your likely to go before you do just by predicting off previous patterns. There is a saying which is a saying for a reason (resistance is futile) get used to it its the world we live in 1984

      29. Matt, you may need to post on this? something is up.

        Attack getting ready to commense from the border.. We are getting ready to go to war with Chinese soldiers, jihadist, Russian, cartel ms 13 gangs, etc.

        Mattis makes a visit to Japan, and the first thing that Putin does is send TU95 BEAR BOMBERS to encircle japan. Gee what a coincidence? interesting timing. Putin is a threat, and as for his spetsnatz in Texas and Houston, you fuckers are being put on notice. Houston Law enforcement needs to know the location of the alejid hangout of this group is at none other that the Café Euro on Westheimer and Fountain of Galleria, that’s the location that they like to hang out at and party and drink their asses off. If spetsnatz are in the Galleria, then cops and state tactical teams under Governor Abbott need to know where to find these assholes to arrest and detain the fuckers.

        Map coordinates:

        My martial instructor is friends with a security guard in the area that’s ex military told him about it and that’s how I found out. If you all recall the Russian males all at the same height of 5’11’ extremely muscular appearances, just the one that was on in my face 3 years ago. These Russian bastards may very cause some serious problems in the Galleria. Why are so many Russian males in the Houston area all in sudden.

        You see 1 week prior to my conservation with my master “instructor” was when I had the incident in the tattoo shop.. My instructor warned me about fighting with them because he says that I am good enough to survive the attack. He told me that they are extremely dangerous people.. The physical appearance is what got me concerned. As a former competitive bodybuilder who won contest, I know what it takes to maintain that conditioning since I currently have that physical conditioning and am I really good shape, very muscular, and that son of bitch made me look female.

        This is the same thing that a cop retiree told me his other sources as in cop sources told him was getting ready to go down. What Hodges posted on here is real. If they attack California to force a merger, then expect the first 150,000 chi-coms will invade from Loreado. Get ready. Like I mentioned before, cops that I know have literally told me about shit going on in Panama, and Mexico. Chi-com soldiers are being brought in my 20,000-30,000 at a time in plain clothes, positioning for and attack invade us from the border.

        I am certain that Governor Abbott will take out the sons of bitches at the border with the state guard, but we need to get ready just incase they get taken out with the chi-com military. The UN knows that Trump is getting ready to fortify and harden America, and the bastards will try to make the attempt to take down the US.. Economist V is right, something will go down this year and it amazes me that even with Trump as president that the bastards still have the balls to go invade us from the border is really brave.



        • Thx for heads up HCKS.
          Keep it comin’.

        • Is your area hot HCKS? Rumor or visual confirmation?

          Dallas, Texas–guess there are a few of us. Surrounded by armed Savages with paper plates and big wheels.

          27 Jan 2017- Four High Speed (radar absorb paint) Helicopters in formation at rush hour Friday Morning.
          Night before, Thursday, twin rotor flying low in mid AM hours. Seemed like they went down for a drop off, then up in the air again. WTF? What’s up?

          Is something going on that I am unaware of?
          This is VERY unusual activity for the area. Not normal.
          Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

        • “The commonsense show” now there’s a credible news source. You are way too paranoid. Every time you post on here, it’s about Russian or Chinese soldiers gettin in your face or how good at body building you are. Hey HICKS, do you still watch Transformers? Do you snuggle with your
          GI Joe doll with the kung fu grip? If so, you could, I’m sure sign up for the secret service or something.

          • Bullwinkle
            Go back to Rocky. You and that squirrel belong together.

            Leave HCKS be.
            Everyone is entitled to their views. HCKS brings color into the room.
            Besides were you there Bullwinkle? No. Then you have no idea the situation.
            Russian mob is real. China troops in USA are very real. Police used to murder and round up patriotic Americans is very real.

            I have seen Russians with Perfect Midwest accent American English. No clue of them being Russian until they spoke among themselves. (And yes I understood what they said.) Obama let Russian Spetnaz Special forces troops into USA.

            You Bullwinkle have no idea what is going on somewhere else. For example.
            Many Police departments have these types on their payroll. Police departments in some parts of the country are nothing more than well connected-well funded-heavily armed- CRIMINAL enterprises.

            New Mexico is example. Albuquerque Police MURDER people with zero consequences.
            I would NEVER go back to that Mexican Drug Cartel CONTROLLED hell hole. Police there are on the Mexican Drug Cartels payroll. FACT.

            Published: January 26, 2017 w w w.

            Did you know that in Colorado -Denver area there are Croations with encrypted radios pulling Multiple robberies? My friend works in Police dept there. He says these Croations are well armed-well trained-precise and very dangerous. The Croations are a military unit. There is a media blackout concerning the robbers activities.

            Leave HCKS alone, you Trolls. He might be on to something?

            • Top hat. Get out of your parents basement, do some stretching exercises, and take a walk. Drink good clean water. Go down to the creek and cast your line. Start a campfire and sit quietly by it. But for your own sake, stop watching tv and playing video games. If what you say is true, it would be known in bigger circles than you and HICKS. He is a security guard who deals with a lot of truck drivers. There are a lot of Russian and Eastern European nationals in the US that are truck drivers. HICKS adds a lot of colorful but paranoid imagination to his fantasy posts. He is attention starved and tries to satisfy that void in here. You sound as though you may be similar to HICKS. You don’t sleep with a squirt gun under your pillow do you?

              • Yes there are many of Eastern European-Russians as truck drivers.
                -That way the Russians=Serbs-Croations-Chineese, can move Men-Materials-Weapons across the country.
                -They can disappear for long periods of time and have plausible story.
                -They get access to critical infrastructure such as ports.

                NAFTA also allows Mexican Nationals unfettered access to USA.
                Mexican tagged equipment is Substandard and lacking in safety standards as required by DOT for American trucks.
                The Mexicans also STEAL diesel with pumps set up on their trucks from American drivers at the truck stops at night.

                Foreign Nationals and Mexican Nationals have NO BUSINESS entering the USA past 20 miles od USA border to a trailer drop yard.

                ***Foreign Nationals and Mexican Nationals pose a SEVERE National Security Threat.
                ***NSA and President Trump , are you listening? These FOREIGNERS are a VERY real threat to Americans. Stop them. Stop the Obama INSANITY of open borders.
                -Do Not allow Mexican trucks into USA past 20 miles of uSA. NO exceptions.
                -The sub standard Mexican equipment is dangerous to Americans on the road.
                -Do not allow foreigners to have access to critical infrastructure.

                You never allow the enemy behind your lines. It is INSANE to allow this.

                By the way Bullwinkle: FYI
                My mother died when I was 9. So no fancy basement accommodations. By age twelve I had three jobs, went to school, honor society, played sports. I also had my own place that I paid rent on. In those days I fished and hunted to eat. Not for sport or entertainment. Ever set up a turkey-squirel trot line? (That is what happened to your side kick Bullwinkle.)
                The first pair of new boots I ever had was issued by Uncle Sam in Basic Training. I was grateful.

                You Bullwinkle and other “experts” continue speaking out your ass about that which you “Know nothing about.” Most likely loud mouths are Arm chair commando wanna be’s with beer guts.

                HCKS has his perspective. He voices that. So what is your F@%#ing problem Bullwinkle? Leave him alone. Real easy. Only a weak man picks on others.

                Each man sees life from different lenses. That is ok. Pay attention and you might learn something. Good folks on this site have opened my eyes ears and mind to things I would not have considered. Problems I overlooked.

                Too many idiots onboard now days. Too many Bullwinkles. Too many racist. Too many Jew haters. So I’ll shove off.

                But I will continue to support the vendors here. As their products have so far been what I paid for.

                • There you go, giving your bullshit life story again. Is your handle top hat or hat top? Or are you really HICKS? Hmmm, the mystery. You are a paranoid child. Get a handle on reality. You are a fool if you think for one minute that I’m a keyboard commando. I rarely post, I’m busy doing fun things like restoring my corvette, but when I see your ridiculous insane drivel, I have to chime in.
                  Did you ride the short bus as a child? Do you still?

        • With all due respect, nothing personal, but that sounds ludicrous.

          I love America, but I have to ask what we have that’s worth fighting over?
          What would they gain if they somehow managed to attack us? Our massive factories? (we sent those to China in the 1990s) Our terrific healthcare? (HA!) Our good food? (Double-HA!) All our incredible secrets? (Those were sent to China with the factories) Our lazy, ignorant reality tv-addicted population of selfie-takers? (I think they would prefer we stay away) Our money? (They don’t want to hold our debt anymore) Our entitlements? (you don’t need to invade to qualify for those)

          Nobody is going to invade the US because there is no point to it. Our enemies could do much more damage to us by isolating us economically, dumping our debt, and just ignoring us while engaging in lucrative trade with each other. Oh, wait, China is already doing that with Russia and others. Ever heard of the New Silk Road? Look it up. BRICS bank? Made their first loan last year. See other nations dumping our debt? Look that up, too. See other nations swinging toward china and Russia? (Even the UK jumped to join China’s new development bank)

          If a shooting war with the US and any real world power were about to commence, I believe they would simply turn off our infrastructure via the hackers and let us suffer an internal catastrophe. No invasion necessary. No blood spilled or bullets fired.

          • Please consider your history. Which nation has a long history of foreign interventions in other nations’ business and overseas wars? Russia, China, or America? If you look, Russia and China traditionally stay within their own spheres of interest. They don’t tend to get involved in overseas wars. The US, on the other hand, has somewhere between 700-800 military bases in over 156 nations. I think if China and Russia have anything to fear, it’s us.

            I’ve been to Russia and I thought they were generally good people who just wanted to be left alone to raise their families, chase a career, and seek their fortunes. Just like us. They spent 70 years being told we wanted to kill all of them. I might be wrong, but I’m fairly certain they have no interest in invading the USA.

            I’ve never been to China, but I read a lot, and I think China also has no interest in attacking the US. If anything, Russia is their natural target. Consider their massive population, their depleted resources, and polluted environment vs. the vast empty resource-rich Siberian region just to the North. What would you do if you were China? Attack a nation on the opposite side of the world with nothing you need, or attack the empty region right next door filled with oil, gas, gold, timber, clean water, etc?

            This isn’t the 1950s and we need to get over the Cold War mindset. The Russians and the Chinese aren’t looking for new worlds to conquer and spreading Communism isn’t the glorious crusade it once was. Hell, we probably have more dedicated communists than China does when you consider their communists are also their business tycoons.

            If there is a battlefield in the future, I think it’s resources (we don’t have much worth stealing), clean water, and technology. They don’t need to invade the US to get any of that, especially since we let them have our tech via our bad trade practices. They can steal the rest.

            Based on that list, I suspect the future of conflict is the undeveloped and underdeveloped regions, like Africa and Central Asia.

            Oh, and controlling people. I think a vital national security issue for all nations in the future will be controlling their own people and limiting what data they get from unapproved external sources, like the web. I bet the internet will be a series of firewalled, censored, controlled national enclosures where the truth will be shaded by each government and TOR and other privacy tools will be illegal.

      30. I just read an article on Fox news, that California is looking at becoming a separate nation!! I’ve been seeing this in the alt. news but just didn’t think it was true.

      31. There used to be a guy up the street who swore that television screens worked both ways since 1964, and eventually everyone would have voluntarily purchased and installed their very own surveillance setup.

      32. HCKS

        If they get on I-10 headed east, let me know. Will catch them at Lake City.

      33. The Russians and Chinese are not invading the US. Period. The Mexicans and Central Americans beat them to it.

      34. I just shave my ass and walk backwards! Nobody ever knows it’s me!

      35. Blogssucks, your now banned for agency ass clownry. Who the fuck are you, some kind of prepper. Or are you working for the new world order. You got balls posting on this site, making your bullshit claim.

        You are a troll and you work in facial recognition. Assholes like you are not needed on this site. Piss off and don’t post on here here any more. People and assholes like you are what makes America a bad place place to live in for its American citizens. Fuck off fool. I hope you get your ass fired and your entire company shut the fuck down by Donald Trump and his administration..


        Agency ass clown super moderator..


        • Actually, Blogs was correct.
          Facial recognition is hard to fool these days due to the immense number of data points they use. And if you google it, you will see the only effective way to fool it is to literally apply peculiar makeup and hair combinations. The makeup technique looks like the angular, blocky WWI camo patterns with odd-looking stairstep blocks across one eye and cheek, bangs hanging over the other half of the face, etc. You look odd as hell, but it does fool the software.

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