This Is How We Beat This Beast System: What Unity Looks Like

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    People want solutions to the tyranny and beast system being shoved down our throats, and even though it’s simple (stop believing others have the right to rule you) they need real-world examples of what that would look like. Well, here’s one.

    Citizens in Spain united together to stop the Spanish police from arresting a woman who refused to wear a face mask. The entire exchange was caught on video. The people banded together and literally stood up to the governments’ enforcers and prevented the police from arresting the woman.

    The clip shows officers attempting to pull the older woman away from the crowd, but the crowd still manages to wrestle her away from the cops, writes Paul Joseph Watson on Summit News.

    “In Spain, police tried to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask. Dozens of people took off their masks and then helped the woman,” states the description accompanying the video.

    This is a perfect example of how we beat this system and take it down. People need to stop just watching the tyranny around them and actually stand up for their fellow human beings. We are all being enslaved at a rapid pace and if we cannot figure it out it will be permanent enslavement.

    This will immediately end when we all respond this way. When we decide to come to the aid of those who are being forcibly terrorized, we will be able to rise above these monsters violently pushing the dictates of the ruling class on us.

    Tyranny Ends When We Say It Does, and The Time Is NOW!

    If we cannot wake up to what’s being done to us, put politics aside (because it’s all just theater anyway), stop believing in the illusion of rulers and government, we will end up in a prison for our minds that will rival George Orwell’s 1984.  That is not an exaggeration either and if you’ve been paying attention, you know that.

    Are Directed Energy Weapons Starting Fires In California and Oregon!?

    Jeff Berwick also explains in his most recent video the simple solution. Because the “ramifications of what’s going on are unquantifiable,” it’s hard to predict what will happen. explains Berwick.  But we have a choice. We wake up, realize no one has the right to rule us, steal from us, or force us to use their money, or we don’t. We are far past the stage of a “gray area” small government situation. We are either free, or slaves, and it’s us who will make that decision. If you do not wish to watch the entire almost 33-minute video, go to 11:40 to hear his take:

    “You don’t need to protest the Federal Reserve,” Berwick explains. “Really, humanity needs to wake up a little bit and stop using [the Federal Reserve’s] currency, dollars or pesos or whatever, and start using cryptocurrencies. By doing that, if enough people did it, it would just get rid of the central banks all on its own.” That’s a very simple solution, but understandably, most grocery stores don’t normally take Bitcoin, so it could present some difficulties.

    “A lot of people just need to wake up,” Berwick reiterates.  “Just move away from all their systems. Stop obeying the authority. Stop using their currencies. And very quickly, we can get rid of a lot of the problems.” It really is simple, but people do need to realize that they are hopelessly dependent on the system and the false left-right paradigm before we can evolve as a human race and be free instead of slaves.

    The good news is that “a lot of people are starting to wake up.” People are slowly beginning to realize that no one has a higher claim over their life and property than they do. Once there are enough people who realize that reality, it’s over for anyone wanting to control anyone else.

    “People are waking up to the fact that the government is not their friend,” says Berwick. And he’s right.  Left, right, or anything in between.  Once power is given it is never ceded willingly.



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      1. What is truly and inarguably apocalyptic for all of humanity is the matter of nuclear waste. There is no solution. It is a fatal and unavoidable reality. Do you seriously believe that the governments will admit it? They admit nothing! Nothing could possibly explain such reckless gluttonous behavior other than that they all know that the end is near because we have reached peak nuclear waste and they all collectively decided to make the most of it like the roaring 20’s on steroids, and then go out with a bang. The amount of reckless abandon and mistakes and deception could not have any other rational excuse. 

        Any victory would be a hollow and false victory, since the issue of nuclear waste is inslovable. That is not to argue in favor of the status quo. Just fair warning to all so that they may realize the truth that is hiding behind the facade. It is inconquerable. People, nations, corporations, banks can be conquered. Nuclear waste can never be conquered.
        Andrea Iravani

        • The truth is that scientists perfected the closes loop system for nuclear fission way back in the seventies which leaves zero radioactive waste. What is left after is innert spent fuel. NOT TO HAPPEN

      2. 1) Cash
        2) PM
        3) Barter
        4) Refer to (1) and (2) or (3)
        5) Cryptocurrency
        6) …?

        How is one to buy items from those who don’t have cryptocurrencies or even access to them?
        Also, it’s very difficult to remain truly anonymous when one is doing it via the net.

      3. Whatever looming dictatorship, scamdemic as a pretext or other, the problem always comes down to the silent majority. Not only mute, deaf and blind as well. Brainwashed and paralyzed. Extremely hard to awaken these people from their coma. People who understand what is really going on and who take action are and, almost assuredly, will remain the minority. The NWO tribe knows damn well it can totally rely on and use the majority to enable its agenda to become reality. We have reached a point of no return and more than ever we need unity to fight back and derail what will quickly become irreversible. But that fuckin’ majority…

      4. Aren’t crypto currencies just somebody else getting rich from creating imaginary wealth in a computer? I don’t really know much about them. If they crash cash, and go digital, the underground economy will probably be metals and people bartering services and goods. Or even people who simply want to control their own money and hold it in their hand.

      5. When is every one going to wake up probably never most Americans are completely pussified and have no idea how to survive without the governments help that’s what they have been programmed for and that’s what the government wants so they can remain in power!!! But there day is coming we must rise up and take are freedom back !!! Arm up and learn to fight

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