This Is How Fast It Happens: Watch As Security Guard Shoots and Kills Bank Robber

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Headline News | 95 comments

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    When Laurence Turner entered the Rockford Bank in Illinois he thought he’d be walking away with a bag full of cash.

    He thought wrong.

    The armed robber brandished a weapon as he walked quickly through the front door of the bank, only to be met with an immediate and deadly response from security guard Brian Harrison.

    Watch the incident unfold on CCTV from three angles:

    Turner died after collapsing in the doorway of the bank as he tried to escape.

    Police say Harrison acted in self defense and will not be charged.

    Be armed. Stay vigilant. Act fast.


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      1. kudos to that guard. I’m glad he survived the incident. I could also tell he had some good training and followed it correctly. I know he wishes the incident never happened. But it did and his actions saved his life and everyone else’s lives in that bank. He did what he had a RIGHT AND AN OBLIGATION to do. Hell, I’d back him up any day.

        • Dang straight BH. Another obozo voter dead and contributing what he did when he was alive– nothing. Bahahahahahah

          • 20 bux says it was a nagger!

            • Actually he was white. Just google his name and Rockford, and you can see his obituary. The bank was Alpine Bank in Rockford.

              • Race is more than skin color.

            • i love it when he looks over at the teller and i imagine him saying “NOW you can call the cops”, or, SECOND RESPONDERS.

        • I am surprised that there wasn’t any security glass in front of the tellers. All of my banks are well secured with bulletproof glass.

          They know I’m coming. 🙂

        • I think it was overkill. The law says one is only to disable and stop the attack. The guard went a little further and shot the guy in the BACK! The first shot was enough it took him down. He would have been caught anyways. Then when the guy was cowering the guard shot him again. And the guy flees and the guard shots him in the BACK! If you or me did that we would be charged for murder.

          • Shoot to kill first. Check to see if he survives…Later. He brought this on himself.

          • The guy was still a threat, keep shooting until the threat is stopped. Bad guy was still armed and trying to fight back. Guard did everything right. One less POS that will harm someone else. Give the Guard a medal!!

          • You’re kidding right?! A waste of breath was all that punk was. Shoot him in the back, the front, the side, or in the ass. Hell I’m just glad he’s dead. If not then he’d have done it again and probably kill some innocent person! Good riddance.

            • That’s right. Still could be a threat. He still could have reached for his gun. He still could have injured innocent people.

            • The guard saved the taxpayers a lot of money. Give that man a cigar.

          • Any injured animal is dangerous. An injured, cornered animal is more dangerous.
            Any Injured, Cornered, ARMED, human is Extremely Dangerous.

            If you play bank robber, then getting shot and KILLED is part of the CHOSEN activity.

            Mr. Sam Adams, Monday Morning quarterbacks are all Experts. Especially when they are safe at home. I am impressed with the rent a cops reaction time, firearm extraction from holster, and shot placement. Well done.

            Mr. Sam Adams and other “experts”,
            What if that was your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, working at that bank?
            Or What if your loved ones was in the bank doing daily business? Then an armed idiot moron comes in to do violence?

            Maybe he came in to rob and leave? Kidnap a hostage on way out?
            Maybe he came in to rob and then kill?
            Maybe he was a nut job that would have harmed innocent people even if they complied?

            We will never know. Thankfully. Because the gunman was dropped.
            Instead of shooting off your mouth. Maybe everyone here should go to the range, holster up, hit the ten ring consistently. Crime happens FAST. You BETTER be ready.

            The rent a cop was prepared. His reaction time, unholstering, shot placement, did NOT happen at the moment of the crime by luck or accident. Few people are EVER that Lucky. He is a man that took his job seriously and had YEARS of practice and forethought. He is not an arm chair/keyboard commando.

            This video is good example of what happens when an amateur confronts a professional. keep that in mind YOU Arm Chair/Keyboard commandos that always seem to want to get in a firefight. You will LOOSE when you face well practiced professionals. So you are advised to use the Ballot box Instead of cartridge box. Peace is only sane option. Violence is for inexperienced fools.

            Peace is Best for individuals and SANE nation states. Only out of control Psychopaths and Fools choose Violence/War when other options are available. Peace.

            • He is a security guard. Probably a retired cop. You may not have meant it, but “Rent a cop” has always been used as a slur. The man took care of business.

          • hope you are shot in a robbery and THEN you will understand….fool

          • Your an idiot… As long as the perp is mobile, he can still shoot back. Neutralize your target, till it no longer poses athreat. To many have died doing as you think….your ignorance will get you killed…

          • Uh, nope. The law says nothing about “only to disable and stop the attack”. Disable isn’t disable until the badguy with intent brandishing a gun is no longer a threat. People can be shot and return fire or perhaps still have shot an innocent employee or customer. If you walk into a place with a gun brandished….bam….period.

      2. Way to go!

      3. Job well done. Look at the guard. I’ll bet he is an old school Cop.


        • Absolutely. That ain’t no run-of-the-mill security guard!

        • Yes Sgt. I bet he was too.
          Good shooting, one less scumbag to tie up the court system.
          I do not care what color he is.

      4. The dude was black and he had his hands up!!!
        Just watch and see!!!

        • Top of his class, was going to get his degree.

        • Probably going to make a withdrawal for the church offering right after choir practice.

          • His mother will say “He didn’t do that! He was a good boy and planning to go to college next year on a scholarship!”

            Black Lives Matter will say, “No reason to shoot, he was surrendering! Don’t taze me bro!”

            Rahm Emanuel will say to himself: “Well now we don’t have to dip into the pension funds for the cost of a trial, and we can release the Powerball funds to the winner !”

            I say it’s another example of bad parenting, poor inner city schools, and the product of the targeting of Inner City Residents by the CIA DRUG Cartel for many decades. It didn’t happen overnight and it will take generations to fix it.

            In the meantime other kids must recognize that there are CONSEQUENCES to their actions: including the Fat Kid in North Korea. His fantasy world will come to an end this year. 🙂

        • Hands Up !! Don’t shoot !! At least til I get off 2 or 3 rounds first !

        • LMAO! Guard did a reach around the partition and kept his head behind the wall. I’m going to practice that shot with partial view of target.

      5. Nice shootin’

      6. It is irresponsible to leave massive debt (over $19 trillion) incurred by our generation to be paid by our children and grandchildren. The largest growing demographic in the next decade will be in the 60+ bracket, as baby boomers retire.
        The data is all there for anyone who cares to look.

        Trump is NOT Killing Meals on Wheels Program
        “The Trump administration proposed budget would kill the Community Development Block Grant, a federal boondoggle that’s largely been used for waste and fraud. It costs $3 billion per year. As the budget proposal stated, ‘The Federal Government has spent over $150 billion on this block grant since its inception in 1974, but the program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results.’

        “Meals on Wheels does get some money from the CDGB. But the vast majority of its funding comes from elsewhere…”

        Only 3 percent of the Meals on Wheels budget nationally comes from the federal government at all, and only a portion of that comes from the CDBG.”

        Federal funds are 3.3% of Meals on Wheels budget

        Donald Trump inherited an economy that is deeply troubled. President Obama was able to prop up the economy in the short term, at the expense of our long term economic future.

        “But if Donald Trump continues to steal money from future generations of Americans at the same pace that Barack Obama has been doing, he will literally be destroying the future of America.”

        “Donald Trump “will soon be faced with some incredibly heartbreaking choices.”

        Exceeding 100% of GDP, the U.S. national debt is OVER $19 trillion dollars. (This does NOT include state and local government debt, corporate debt or household debt.)

        Today, US government has “to borrow money just to pay interest (on the debt), and they have entire pension funds that are on the brink of bankruptcy.”

        “Simply put, the bubble is just as insane as in 2008, but much bigger. And the financial establishment has no ammunition to fight it.”

        President Trump will donate his $400.000 presidential salary to charity at the end of the year
        President Trump has asked the press corps to recommend charities where to date the funds.

        • To KY mom what the hell is this got too do with this story?

          • Boone1:

            Get lost idiot. KY Mom is one of the most beloved posters, here. And jerk, this event took place in a bank, so debt info isn’t that far off anyway.

            KY Mom thanks for all your contributions.

            This comment just goes to show, you can’t fucken please everybody, but who the fuck cares.

            As for the incident, it is too bad that people get so desperate that they feel they’re only choice is violence and threats of violence. Had he come in nicely and waited in line like a good customer, he might have noticed the armed security guard. But I suppose if he had that much sense, he wouldn’t be robbing a bank, he’ld get a job on Wall Street so he could rob and get away with it.

            __ ?

            • B from CA

              Another new poster.

              Watch and see them.

              • Come one now, haven’t you all figured out that it is another alias from ZEUS? “IT” has dozens of aliases, same style of insults, names are different.

              • Come one now, haven’t you all figured out that it is another alias from ZEUS? “IT” has dozens of aliases, same style of insults, names are different. Major attention seeker.

                RIP Eppe …

              • Another little Focker. We’re watching you.

                Am I still considered new?

            • And I thought I was the most beloved one here.

              • LOL, there’s a new sheriff in town.

            • B from CA, we got a new troll.

            • Why get worked up over someone asking a question? I wondered the same thing, I guess that makes me and everyone else who thought that an idiot. Actually, KM does inform readers who are not aware of the extent of the true financial picture in our country, but her repertoire is quite limited, she mostly repeats similar topics she has posted before, or what fairly informed people already know. She apparently spends a considerable amount of her time posting comments and watching a lot of collapse related videos. Since she mainly posts economic crash videos, and since this site did not put a fresh national collapse article on today, her comments had to be posted somewhere. I like to be informed, but most posters on this site have been saying the same thing for at least ten years. If someone does not like an opinion who cares, nothing to get worked up about.

              • Bill,

                Re: “She apparently spends a considerable amount of her time posting comments and watching a lot of collapse related videos. Since she mainly posts economic crash videos”

                The economy is a major concern for the future of our country. I do post a lot of articles about finances and economics, not collapse videos.

                I also post about any topic I find in the news that I thin may be of interest to posters here – gardening, health news, etc.

                I do read the financial news daily, I have an interest in that area. In my job at a small company, I work with financial items (invoices, payments, taxes, etc.) every day.

                Contacts with other small business owners, distributors, and customers, have voiced the same concerns.

                As a former teacher, I believe economics should be taught to all students. Maybe that would help young adults make sound money decisions.

          • Boone1, go f#$% yourself and move your stupid ass on.

            • You should heed your own advice, douche. I guess this isn’t a place for any kind of intelligent discourse. You people are every bit as bad, if not worse than, the liberals. Reread this garbage, take a second to be introspective, practice intellectual honesty. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

            • Life would be boring without differences of opinion and the perspectives of others. I say let him stay and shoot himself in the foot as much as he wants.

              So what’s the harm in a little dissent ??? I often have a dissenting opinion. 🙂

          • boon1
            Where is written that you have to comment on the subject at hand.

            KY MOM. Always bring thing to this sight that will help us all, OR give us some insight into something very important at this time.

            So if you want to make a comment about something you disagree with do it with RESPECT!!!

            I don’t always agree with everyone here and they don’t with me. But we RESPECT each other and state our side without being negative or rude.


            • With Respect, if we all watched the same video, The bank Guard’s FINAL shot was in the back of the wanna-be Robber, while he was still on his feet and trying to run away. That seems to be the shot that actually put him down and killed him. Always was taught that if the Perp was “running away”, UNARMED, ( his gun was on the floor of the bank), then that final shot was 1) unnecessary to prevent any further immediate threat to bystanders, and 2) tantamount to Murder, as this guy could have been caught, wounded as he was, just my Humble Opinion.

              • BL
                If someone shoots at you. You shoot until you bury his dick in the dirt.

                With all the shit going on the guard more than likely didn’t see the gun on the floor, and the suspect might have a second weapon.

                If you start a gun fight you better win it because the other guy sure as hell is going to shoot at you until out of AMMO or you are dead!!!!


                • Boom,while I would agree with you if guy unarmed and had not shot already in this case guy was a threat/could go back for gun,as others mentioned had another gun,fuck him,he started it and lost.The gaurd was not only responsible for his safety(which is enuff reason)but also other folks in the bank.

                  On a side note,you want to rob banks get a computer/become a politician or,be a banker!

        • KY Mom

          Thanks for the posting and links.

          You keep posting, I’ll keep reading.

          • Kevin2, agreed. I always give kudos to KY Mom. She posts links to some interesting articles we would otherwise miss. I’ll also keep reading them. GO KY MOM!

            • B from CA, Kevin2, The Deplorable Braveheart, Sgt. Dale, durangokidd and others,

              Thank you for the kind and supportive comments!

              May you have a great day!

              KY Mom

        • KY Mom, thanks!! Great Info.

      7. wtg security guard get rid of that piece of shit

      8. Gotta admire how quick and ready that guard was in an otherwise relaxed situation.

        • Anonymous, I agree. Plus he was a good shot; at least a better shot than a lot of other people I’ve seen.

        • Actually the security guard was the last one in the room to react. The chick in the back was out the side door before the security guard even reacted. Everyone else was on the ground loving the floor.

          I watched it over and over, and I don’t think the bad guy realized the guy in the white shirt was a guard until he saw his gun. Though I think the bad guy fired first.

          Important lesson here, the winner in almost any firefight is the one with superior cover or total surprise. The bad guy lost surprise when he ran across the parking lot waving a gun. The security guard stayed in the alcove and its structure appeared to stop all rounds fired at the guard. The guard never broke cover, but instead reached around and fired where intuition said the bad guy was. Once shot the bad guy did a “stop, drop and roll” like he was in flames, it brought him out of cover. More shots came the bad guys way directly now, and though he tried to escape he had probobly already been fatally shot. As the security guard follows the shooter, he stays to the right just on the edge of sight. Before going to the door, he backs up and moves to the cover of the center island desk. Seeing the bad guy down he moves with purpose to recover his weapon.

          All in all a excellent job. He could have been there day after day for many years, bored out of his mind, but when it counted, he acted without hesitation. I can’t stress enough, 99%, of police never have to fire a weapon on the job, then after retiring, they often take security jobs like this. Everyone expects the moment they must use deadly force, for it all to go down with perfection. This bad guy was very quick to fire his weapon, he fired it many times, and based on that, I don’t doubt someone could have died without armed security in that bank and his cool action under fire.

          • Last year, a guy was working his friend’s claim (with permission). The claims were well staked and clearly marked. A claim jumper tried to work the claims too. The first guy warned the second guy off who did not have permission to work the claim. The second guy refused to leave and he was armed with a pistol in his holster.

            The first guy went back to his RV, got a gun and went back to the second guy HOLDING the gun down by his side. The second guy drew his pistol and fired, killing the first guy.

            The second guy was ACQUITTED of murder because the first guy was holding a gun in his hand, even though he was not pointing it at the second guy.

            Know when to hold them. Know when to fold them, and know when you have the right to shoot someone … or not. 🙂

      9. It’s only money. Don’t they just pull more from their sackfulls?

      10. For more of this, watch active self protection on YT. Time is not on your side. Always one in the chamber with the safety on.

        Even if you survive, you’ll most likely be arrested for manslaughter and have to prove self-defense. Hopefully they’ll give the gun back when you are cleared as well. Being nice goes a long ways. Otherwise, have a backup firearm.

        Jail is the last place to be, so have a number to someone whom will be able to spring bail. Some, whom carry firearms in lieu of their job, advise having an envelope with the number to a reputable bail firm, legal help and credit card details with instructions inside. Given to a family member. Call that person, tell them to open the envelope and read the instructions.

        Packing a firearm is serious responsibility and a last resort.
        they do not make you invincible, nor should they be crutch for confidence. That’s a mental exercise you need to deal with separately.

        Your best bet is to avoid confrontation and stay out of areas that invite trouble. That means, when your packing, being an extra nice guy and being alert. Especially if you like to drink. Its a deadly combination.

        Even in SHTF, you will have to answer to your actions, sooner or later. In WROL, every brother and cousin, in fact the whole hood might come for revenge. Prepare accordingly.

        Welcome to club reality. The days of leaving doors unlocked, windows open and the keys in the ignition are over. That includes being a clueless, carefree, inattentive sucker looking like an easy target. Stop drinking the fluoride and lose the headphones.

        Sheriff Clark said that if guns offend you, that you can always try to plead with your attackers. Good luck with that.

        • I’d rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6.


      12. Quick-thinking & fast-acting. Give that rent-a-cop a Gold Star!

      13. excellent

      14. The secutity guard did a great job. That is how you cure the hood rat problem when confronted up close. For distance .. use the rule of .308 ?

        • RT1957, I can and will do the same thing to anyone who attacks me. Mine will be 9mm.

      15. “Turner thought he would be walking away with a bag full of cash”……but got an ass full of lead instead and a ride to Boot Hill.

      16. Nice reaction and good shooting by the gaurd,that said,after a few rounds seems he had to rack the slide of his gun,new and hasn’t had break in time?

        • Glock one handed. Means fte. He did what training taught. Rack, reload.

      17. On another note where are the gaurds to kill all the central bankers ect. ripping off the countries and it’s people/stealing bail ins/mortgage fraud ect.The banks are much more of a threat to our freedom then a few idiots trying a quick grab,guy should have been a banker if he wanted real money!

        • Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank…

          Give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

      18. Impressive fast draw under real pressure.

        I need practice.

      19. Now that is a security GUARD, not a security monitor!!

      20. I love it when the good guys win!

      21. His relatives will say he was just about to turn his life around. Bet on it.
        (Yeah, once he got the bank money he was going to go straight.)

        • He did go straight, straight to hell!!. I think he pissed the guard off when he woke him up.

          • He was very aware of his surroundings after the robber went down, wasn’t this guards first rodeo.

        • Hey you know that black lives matter.

          • PO’d patriot, black criminal lives DON’T matter to me!

          • And obviously splatter lol.

      22. Ketchup, pigs might fly someday but I doubt it.

      23. Lol nice work!!!

      24. Great job

      25. Looking at this video I believe that the perp was hit at least twice with one being a solid torso hit in the upper abdomen area. Its reasonable to assume that the guard was armed with a 9mm (possibly 40 or 45acp but likely a 9MM) its reasonable to also assume that the guard used high quality expanding bullets.

        With the above in mind I take away just how poor a handgun is as a man stopper. This criminal died no doubt bleeding out lowering his blood pressure due to severing a major artery or vein. Short of a disruption in the central nervous system, brain or spinal cord, the criminal has ample time between impact and unconsciousness to fire several rounds.

      26. The next time someone tells me ammo should be kept separate from guns or Tha loaded weapons are dangerous, it is in my mind to show them this video. I am thinking everybody in that bank was happy their guard kept his weapon loaded and primed.

      27. sure wish all incidents would go this way. no judge, jury or wasted prison money. excellent gun control and results.

      28. I was in a riot once. It was Halloween, at a major USuniversity, the center of the night life area. We had dressed up wearing pumpkins on our heads, but were just goofing around. Our garb was rather outlandish, we it seemed to attract a bunch of nutzoids. Windows started breaking at local businesses, I assume some were being robbed, violence was breaking out, etc. etc. We just left immediately, but I did see the National Guard and police show up start arresting people en mass in quick order.

        What stuck out to me even many decades later, is how FAST this went from having innocent fun to a full scale violent riot. It all happened in what seemed only a few heartbeats.

        Not been ready YRs posts, only see his poster name, then skip. How’s he doing with his insults? He seems to be pretty darned good at ’em!

        • Of all your idiotic posts, I think this one takes the cake. I mean seriously. I shouldn’t even reply to this because it then makes me look foolish. Like they say, when you argue with a fool, the people looking on sometimes just can’t figure out who exactly is the fool. But in this case, there is no doubt.
          So let me get this straight. You went out with your friends with pumpkins on your heads and all of a sudden a riot broke out, windows were getting smashed and the National Guard showed up. O.k., I have one question, was Timothy Leary one of your friends? And then ‘decades’ later you asked yourself what happened.
          Another stupid question. Are you ‘free to go’ where you are?

      29. Niiiiiiiiiiice bang a gone.

      30. Thank God for the outstanding security guard on duty that day. He knew EXACTLY how to handle the situation!
        Hopefully the bank will reward him in some way.

        • Like survivable wages.

      31. This will make a great training video.

      32. Cultural conservatives are mistaken, in thinking that corporatists and the money interests are always on their side.

        Until some rather serious issues are fixed, regarding your own debt peonage, you are supporting one kind of villain, while condemning the other.

        The bank is ideally an impartial fixture, with no more or less, moral authority than a fire hydrant, streetlight, curb, or mailbox. I am not saying these things, to be anti-social; I use those things, too.

        I don’t necessarily think that the thief is likable, or would necessarily be missed. I don’t personally care for him.

        But, one of the first rules of survival, imhblo, is to ask whether it’s your own, personal problem. So, what happens, *to*you* directly, immediately, when he is handed the frn’s and the dye pack.

        Won’t more just pop into existence, when the fractional reserve banker says so.

        Some of you would sacrifice yourself, willingly, for the cause.

        So, what is the strategy, in that.

        In real life, what happens to good Samaritans, is the business owner and whatever authorities will be somewhat afraid of you, too. Sometimes, they are not entirely sure whether you’re a protection racket, will try to pay you off, and shoo you away from their customers. You’re usually not going to be treated like the Lone Ranger you want to be.

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