This Is How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Walmart Customers Are Too Broke To Shop”

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    You may find that the below report is, as President Obama might suggest, once again “peddling fiction.”

    But for the average American, we can assure you that the economic recession is a very real situation.

    Walmart, which made its billions serving low to middle income Americans, is struggling and it’s because their core customer base is too broke to shop. As Michael Snyder recently pointed out, they are just one of many domestic retailers laying off workers amid falling store sales. But they are certainly the biggest and baddest of the retailers out there. If they are having problems it should be a big red warning sign that despite mainstream cheerleaders telling us not to panic because the economy is still in good shape, we are in for some rough times ahead – in fact, the rough times are a reality right here and now.

    Walmart’s customers are too broke to shop

    Walmart is facing a “perfect storm” that’s hurting its sales growth, according to Moody’s.

    The company’s core customers are struggling with flat income levels, and savings from lower fuel prices aren’t translating into more retail spending, Moody’s vice president, Charles O’Shea, wrote in a note to clients on Wednesday.

    The business is also under pressure from deflation in key product categories, such as food, and the effects of the strong dollar abroad.

    “Walmart is facing an almost perfect storm when it comes to top-line growth,” O’Shea wrote. “Until the health of the lower-to-middle-income consumer improves, Walmart will continue to face macroeconomic headwinds in the US.”

    Walmart said last month that it’s expecting virtually no sales growth in the coming fiscal year.

    Source: Business Insider via Yahoo

    The entirety of the growth story being disseminated to the American public is being revealed, almost daily, for the sham it really is.

    Stock markets may have recently rocketed back up with many an analyst suggesting they are back on track to go to new highs. But when you consider that one of the lowest price retailers in the country can’t increase or even maintain their sales, then it suggests that something has to give.

    As Brandon Smith warned this week, we are experiencing the most unstable economic conditions possible and coming central bank action (or inaction) may well lead to another leg down in global stock markets.

    Regardless of what stock markets do going forward, to the average person trying to put food and clothing in their Walmart grocery basket it doesn’t really matter whether the indexes are lighting up red or green.

    For them, the collapse isn’t some future event.

    It is right now.

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      1. No problem Walmart! Obama is providing plenty of middle class replacement people from Mexico, Syria, South America, etc…with newly minted EBT cards to buy at your stores…

        • Well, meaning what? Please clarify.

          • Now we can fully see why (slowly at first, then everything) on our shelves now has as much Espanol on it as American English. “They” KNEW this was coming decades before it was implemented to the degree that it is ‘visible to the naked eye’. It means that the illegal immigrants are going to have a better income than those who legally live here …compliments of “you – the taxpayers.”

            • Its obvious that Wal-Mart’s sales volume is way down cause Pissinthewind is posting here more often, his truck tires are full of nails from hauling China Crap to Wallyworld.


        • DK, said a few articles back that the velocity of cash is low because everybody is hording all the cash at home. LOL… Contradictory to what I say, and what the Author here says. Check the archives…


          • I didn’t say that the velocity of money is slow NOW, I said it will be during the Depression that is coming. Do you like grasping at straws, or are you just fucking stupid ???

            Check the article. 🙂

      2. WHAAATTT!!! The end is here..

        • A year ago my wife was complaining because when she went to wall mart, every other person had 2 or 3 carts full of stuff. It would take her 3 hours to go shopping including a 1/2 hr drive each way. Today she is back in 2 hours and says it is rare to see 2 full carts.
          So there is probably something to this.

      3. If you pay attention to my local news,
        My whole county is in a bad drought.
        My catchment tanks are overflowing,
        my AG water is going gangbusters( 10,000 gallons per day)
        , and it is so wet I haven’t been able to mow since
        August.My property looks like a jungle.
        Our local Walmart is so busy the parking lot is completely
        full and you have to “hunt and peck” for a place to park.
        Target, Safeway, KTA, Costco et al. are all about the same.
        I live in the poorest county in Hawaii. We have some of the most expensive housing, fuel costs, utility, and food costs in the nation. The average per hour wage is $15 per hour( most people here work multiple jobs).
        So what are these mainland guys doing? Is the sky falling? Or you just saddled with a “GimmeDat” culture?

        • Well,there is a entitlement culture among many. However,I don’t think their dumping boatloads of Mexicans and refugees in Hawaii yet either..Not to mention Hawaii has a lot of military with government jobs.You may not feel it yet but it’s coming.

        • nah, we in the shi’ite house wit’ you, brudda.

      4. This article is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever

        • Rich, we’ve missed you 🙂

          Hope you’ve been doing well!

        • Rich99, long time no hear from. I’ll call BS on the article myself, at least for my area. All the wallyworlds in my area still have full parking lots every day.

      5. Sixteen Tons
        Tennessee Ernie Ford

        Some people say a man is made outta’ mud
        A poor man’s made outta’ muscle and blood
        Muscle and blood and skin and bones
        A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong

        You load sixteen tons, what do you get?
        Another day older and deeper in debt
        Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
        I owe my soul to the company store.

        • If you see me comin’, better step aside,
          A lotta men didn’t, a lotta men died.
          I got – one fist of iron, the other of steel,
          If the right one don’t a-get you
          Then the left one will!

          Great song! When I was a little kid, remember my grandparents telling us how true it played…especially the part of owing your soul to the company store.

      6. I’ve been using my Walmart analogies since about 2008, from stocking levels to the pricing, size and weights of items. Now even Walmart can’t afford the cost of doing business in some areas. I wonder how many of the Walmart’s that are closing; are in those $15 / per hour minimum wage areas??

        Say good bye the the mainstay of American retail. Acme, A&P, JC Penny, Kmart, Kresge’s, Montgomery Wards, Sear’s, Walmart, Woolworth, Zayre and many more since we moved off the gold standard. The new world economy is at warp speed trading their shares in digits around the globe yet no one has noticed the consumer is already dead.

        • A&P? Dang ours closed 20 years ago. I miss ‘Ol Monkey Wards.

          • Yeah I brought up some old ones just to show what has happened since the 70’s. Soon clothing and shoe stores will go by the way side too. You’ll just digitally scan yourself with the machine and another machine will produce it instantly and ship it. A perfect fit every time.

            I’m gonna miss touching, feeling, seeing and smelling things before I buy, but the machines are coming.

            • Heya PO’d- You forgot a couple from the 90’s- Phar-Mor and Venture!

        • I cant for the life of me understand why Kmart is still in business. There is never anyone there and there is usually a single checker who spends way too much time trying to calm down some old woman who is upset that she got charged 3 cents more than the price was marked. Its been that way for the last 30 years…
          Im pretty sure Kmart is a front for politicians to laundry their money. There is no other reason for their doors to be open.

          • Actually Ed the problems really started with the corporate raiders and venture capitalist back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Companies were all hiring there BA’s & MBA’s and running them thru a manager in training program. They gave great presentations that sounded great but just didn’t work. Mean while the guy that worked for the company 20 years and started as a stock boy, now the manager or district manager gets pushed out simply because he doesn’t have a degree. Then the 26 year old manager in training that the old school guy just trained. takes over and runs the store into the ground. At the crest though, he has built his resume and moved to the next company before the wreckage is known…

        • Good ole A&P. I could walk up to the corner store growing up, then Farmer Jack bought them in my area and then Kroger.
          I grew up in the sub-burbs of Detroit, home of Kresge/Kmart and a department store name Hudsons, which got bought by Marshal Fields and now Neiman Marcus. BTW first Kmart ever. Garden City Michigan store #4000. When I was young man I would ride my bike to this store and cause trouble. Ironically between 2000-2004 I worked at Kmart HQ. Got through two layoffs and the third got my whole department. Old Eddy Lampert bought a majority stake in Kmart about 2002. He had a big stake in Sears already. Then Kmart filed chapter 11. When they emerged from Ch 11, they became Kmart Holdings. IPO went crazy from $25 per share to $125 per share. By this time August 2004 I was gone and Kmart BOUGHT Sears, NOT the other way around. They changed their name to Sears Holdings because Sears has a better name brand recognition.

          Anyhow Sears/Kmart is struggling, and won’t last the decade IMO. I surprised they are still hanging in there.

        • After the Zayre’s closed in my town, the store was re-opened as Ames. Then that closed too. Now it’s a Shaw’s supermarket that seems to be dying by inches.

          On the other hand, a nearby Walmart is usually crowded and you have to park way out in the lot and hoof it to the store.

          Anyone remember the old Johnson-Smith catalogs? The real old ones were two inches thick and provided hours of entertainment. Great stuff. Gosh, I sure miss America.

      7. Off the subject did you see the article that NAVY SEALS DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH RIFLES ?

        Shoot guys just go to WAL-MAT.

        Oh SHIT!!!! I forgot WAL-MART does not sell the AR-15 anymore.

        Because they bow down to the snippy little liberals that say they OHH ! They are assault weapons, and they hurt people.


        And you snippy little shit birds that do not have a clue of reality
        I am afraid you are going to have reality bite you in the ass real soon, SO YOU BETTER GROW SOME NUTS BECAUSSSSSSSSSE.


        WW3 IS HERE………………..

        To you guys in the SEALS I HOPE that someone comes to your rescue, and you gets your equipment you need.

        GOD BLESS YOU GUYS……..

        • I saw that article on the SEALs and rifles. It is pprobably a Navy funding issue since they traditionally don’t like to fund anything that isn’t big ship Navy. That is why USMC has always had to make do with old equipment. As a former Army Ranger I can say Army SOCOM units get everything they need.

        • I agree with you except for one thing ( and you might just be joking)
          anyone that thinks an AR15 is a combat rifle that any Grunt , or Jarhead would want in a fire fight is going to be sadly mistaken

          its not the equipment many people think they are

          honestly i would not want an AR15 for combat , they just arnt up to snuff

          • …which is why it is the #1 most popular ‘black gun’ in The United States of America. MANY of the owners of these “not so hot” blackguns are veterans (ya know? …ex-marines, ex-seals, ex-rangers, retired special forces …guys that don’t know anything about weaponry compared to individuals such as yourself).

            So, what would you suggest they all switch to so that they’ll have a fighting chance Enemy of the State? (I want names/calibers of weapons I can purchase at any weapons dealer that ‘smoke’ the AR-15’s).

            Are YOU trying to get “assault weapons” off the shelves like Hitlery too? What we need are lots of .177 caliber “monster guns” to kick their asses with?

            Hey …what’s wrong with using AirSoft ‘weapons’?

            (Just ‘poking at ya EnemyoftheState’ …hope you realize that). 🙂

            • EQ, I’d love to switch back to the KH91, 7.62. Beats the AR anytime.

              • STG58 7.62×51 “the right ARM of freedom!” And it AIN’T FOR WIMPS!

            • As a Veteran, VietNam 68-70, I would take an AK47 any day of the week over an AR, particularly in semi auto.

              Far more reliable, more able to shoot through obstructions, and far less in need of maintenance to keep it running in adverse situations.

              You should be able to buy one anywhere you can buy an AR.

              For really heavy duty use at longer ranges, the FAL is hard to beat although the M1A is quite the equal to it if its ergonomics suit you better (I’ve used an M14 in combat, but my experience with the FAL n civilian life makes me prefer it for personal ergonomic reasons).

              • Yep, My FAL is my go to gun.

            • the only reason why those guys buy them is because they cant get the REAL deal ..and yes I do know plenty of the older guys that have used the good stuff that would back me up on this all day long

              this is whats offered for the civilian market .. its just a semi auto varmint rifle .. not a combat rifle

              I could break an AR15 , and so could you .. they are weak

              hell even if you have big money to buy a CheyTec .408 .. you still wont get the barrel the Military gets

              this government still doesnt want you to be equipped as good as the grunts .. its more 2nd amendment control
              and fear that if the right tools got into the right hands , they might have a problem , and those pussies dont want that now do they ?

              why do you think they are making us register half a pound quadra copters ? its because they are scared of them .. thats why

              Im sure you know most of this but just in case you didnt

              and its ok to poke .. im not going to get defensive over this crap .. theres just not enough time to educate everyone , and i dont care to

              they can take what every they want into combat , it will be a life ( death) lesson some of us have already learned and tried to teach .. can lead a horse to water and all that ..

              • BTW an M16A4 is NOT an AR15

                the military doesnt use the AR15

                In active service (some branches or limited roles)
                M16A3 (5.56×45mm NATO) (USN SEALs and USN Seabees)
                M16A2 (5.56×45mm NATO) (USAF, USCG, and US Army)
                M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle) (5.56×45mm NATO) (USMC)
                Mk 16 Mod 0 (5.56×45mm NATO) (NAVSOC)
                Mk 17 Mod 0 (7.62×51mm NATO) (USASOC, 1st SFOD-D, and DEVGRU)
                M14 SMUD (Stand-off Munition Disruption rifle) (7.62×51mm NATO) (USAF)
                Mk 12 Mod 0/1 SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) (5.56×45 NATO) (NAVSOC, USASOC, and US Army)

                those guns up there , you and I cant buy

                an AR15 is NOT an “assault rifle”
                it is a semi auto sporting rifle .. fill that AR15 full of shit after firing countless rounds thru it unlubed and hot hot you cant touch it,, and see how reliable it ISNT

                I would rather have an AK47 if it came to that

                • EOTS: What about the M16A1? I think that is what I fired a long time ago.

                  I agree with you about preferring an AK over an AR or, if you could get one, a version of the M16 because the AK shoots when dragged throught the mud or sand or dirt and still fires. The M16A1 I shot usually worked but on occasion jammed, and this was in a training situation and wasn’t life or death.

                  I have said similar things about the AR15. It is made to look tough. I wouldn’t waste my money on one. Or my life.

          • Enemy

            I agree.
            I prefer a good old stand-by bolt action rifle in the .30 cal range.
            Accurate, reliable,and proving.
            I do not like to waste ammo I can not afford.
            I can hunt with it,and protect myself with it, or both.
            I prefer the KISS PRINCIPLE KEEP IT SO SIMPLE.

          • How much combat have you seen carrying one? After I went back into the Army in 2007, it performed quit well. I have never had an issue with my weapon either time I served. Got it pretty hot a couple of times and it was hard to hold, but it kept on going. It’s not an HK91, but hey it got the job done.

            • I forgot to add that I have three of that type. One for me one one for the wife in 5.56 and one in .300 Blackout. I’m eyeballing a suppressor for it too.

            • you werent given an AR15 if you were in combat

              • well I should qualify that.. the AR15 was experimental in the military and it didnt pass muster .. so if they did issue one .. you were getting fucked

                because there were way better arms in the cabinet .. the AR was a failed experiment for the military , and those arnt my words ,, its the military’s stand on that weapon platform

                they call it this “Out of service (obsolete)/Canceled experiments”

                in their own words

                • if you look up “list of individual weapons used by the armed forces” , you will see what Im telling you, is fact

                  • If you shop at walmart you are part of the problem anyway derrrrr…..

      8. Our Super W.M. is not that busy. One good thing is that they are clearing out all the hunting gear. Picked up a nice Barnett Raptor cross bow for $200.00 (normally $400.00) and a dozen bolts for $52.00. Nice thing to have WTSHFT.

        Everything else is about the same price as the Mom and POP stores or very close. Can’t find store help when you need it. also no 22 LRs.

        Really looks like you need to go in on off season to get good deals. Oh well we have all seen stores and companies come and god. Wal-Mart won’t be any different.


        • I just picked up anew Ruger10/22 carbide for $209 army local WM. Had to buy ammo online though. No Walmart around here has had 22LR ammo in over 4 months.

        • You got a good deal on the bolts, but I’m an Excalibur guy. Barnett is good too

          • I have the wicked ridge,basically last years 10 point,love that crossbow!

        • Say there Sarge Dale, did you ever find what you were seeking regarding ‘bow and arrows’ …last thing I remember is that you were working a 90lb ‘pull’ (or close to that)? Nice price on bolts too. (None for sale around these parts …and I dearly love ‘silence’ when in ‘predator mode’. Our Wally World sold out of about everything in that department except ‘camo crap’ clothing

          • “E
            If I remember I was talking about my Com-pound. I have a 75 draw weight that is easy for me to use, but my brother can’t. Bad shoulder. He went to a Matrix cross bow and was going to try and draw it by hand. It is around 175 LBS I told him don’t even try.

            I did find that the Barnett that I got is 175 draw and I have to use the rope. This bow runs around 330 fps. with a 125 grain broad head. For me I have everything worked out. For my brother WELL????

            Thanks for asking.

            • Sgt. Dale, i’ll belong to Sportsmens You can get really good deals there, you just have to look for them. Even if you’re not a member you can still get very reasonable bargains.

        • Locally here in the Fort Knox area, the busiest days are when the EBTs and pay check deposits happen, other than that, this area used to be pretty thriving, but prices are going up fast and actual economic pace is slowing way way down.

      9. We have a small Wally’s that seems to be doing well. They keep a reasonable amount of hunting ammo but are short on rimfire and 5.56. They are not a large supplier for our family.

      10. 3 pm or 3 am… can’t tell the difference in our Walmart. Its dead all the time except at the beginning of the month and the EBT cards are recharged. Can’t find help either and its getting so the shelves are half bare. Not good.

      11. Walmarts gonna love it when minimum wage is $15 hr. It’s dead everytime I go in there. The SAMs clubs have all closed around here. They built it then closed it down 6months later. There is all kinds of commercial space available. Only 1 Kmart near me and it’s in a minority neighborhood last time I went in there the associate said no speak English so he wouldn’t have to help me. Called corporate office they said they would deal with it. Never been back since. They’re finished. Used to live in that area but bought a house out in a nicer white area. So glad I did. 99 percent whites around here. I love it. Proud to be white priveleged if they wanna call it that. I want them to raise property taxes too to keep the poor out. I’m willing to pay more to keep my neighborhood clean. It’s progress.

        • Stay over there Bro.
          It might make you uncomfortable to see a few Mexicans, but I’ve got news for you:

          The legal Americans of Mexican descent aren’t going anywhere.

      12. ht tp://

        I hope , if they are really going to do this ..If, its for real.

        that they get their asses handed to them by some red blooded armed Americans that wont take no shit and light them up in the act

        • They did in Texas, California was different for some reason.

          • sure did dint they

            I bet that was a bit of a wake up call

      13. A while back, Very little if anything was marked down in the deli or meat department. Price of chicken hind quarters normally are .78 cent a pound for 10 lb. bag. Almost daily you can get those with near expiration dates for about .40 cents a pound. My dog is thrilled shitless. He has picked up five pounds. Wal-Mart deli at one time had a difficult time keeping cooked chickens out at $ 5.00 ea. Now at least five or six are marked down to $ 2.49 ea. in the evening. Roll-back prices on lot of items. Where there was once maybe ten feet of items on clearance shelves there are now a full battle ship of marked down items. Something is definitely going down at Wal-Mart.

        • I have bought some of those $2.49 chickens for canning. They make okay chicken broth but I want to expand the chickens from egg laying to reproduction.

      14. Snyder is full of crap. Wal-Marts in GA just gave their employees a raise months before promised so they must not be doing to bad. Snyder just keeps writing the same trash over and over. Doomwhore needs a fresh idea.

      15. As Sam’s Club under minded Lowes Foods, some closed. Dis in my city.
        As Dollar Stores are under minding Sam’s Clubs and Walmart.
        But food prices are slowly creeping up.
        Transportation is slowing due to a world wide slow down.
        Some truckers are reporting increasing lack of goods to transport or they arrival to be driven to their final destination.

        What is the cause? Unknown. When you can’t buy at Walmart’s you are in big trouble. The country is in big trouble.

        Many of you know Henry Kissinger, a enabler of The New World order, who has said control food and oil, you control people.

        Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Precise statement.

        How many oil companies went bankrupt in 2015?

      16. Walmart put millions into the fight against food stamps. They got their way. Now they are paying the price for building their biz on the food stamp market.

        • Walmart also put literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses out of business in small towns across America. For over 50 years they have gutted the entrepreneureal infrastructure of this country. Their mission has always been to be THE store in any small town.

      17. I’m not quite sure I’m buying what the article is peddling. So far I’ve seen no drop off at the Walmart’s in my area.

        This may simply be that Walmart overplayed their hand, and they have pushed passed their market saturation level.

        Everything from companies to nations will eventually hit a plateau, and will either maintain or contract.

      18. I live in Northwest Indiana the new mega Walmart in Hammond replaced the 20 year old Walmart in Hammond LOl that now lies empty.The entrances are guarded by armed police day and night for all the black criminals from Gary and South Chicago that now come to Hammond , Munster and Highland Indiana for crime tourism.The store is staffed by ignorant blacks and is basically a hell hole to shop in.Ive stopped going out to eat due to the fact that most places are staffed by what looks like the former denizens of a prison or a load of gibbering foreigners. Where i live we have security patrolling who cannot seem to stop the crime wave of vandalism and stolen car wheels as people wake to find their cars on cinder blocks. I hear that many parts of the country are exactly the same if not worse. cant wait to see the hell thats coming lol.

        • i can wait to see what is coming.

          but i am with you on the ignorant staffing, all races in my opinion. the country has ceded to the lowest common denominator imo and my main mission is to avoid them as much as possible and if that means i sit at home a lot, so be it; i can stimulate my mind very well on my own while the majority of the country cannot be bothered to use proper english or english at all.

        • Jeez that sounds like hell! I saw a program last fall, Crime Inc. on National Geographic channel and they showed some blacks laughing about “picking Apples.” They would go to the suburbs and take cell phones from people and sell them. That series is probably the scariest TV series I have ever seen. I would never stay in a city these days. Too expensive and the risk of random violence is high due to population density.

          About staff, I stopped shopping at Walmart because the stores looked dirty and the staff wasn’t helpful. I shop at a Kroger which is a union store and the employees are always friendly and helpful. A few weeks ago I went through the checkout and there was a new checker, a black gal. I have a certain way I like all of my stuff bagged and so gave her instructions (the same way I tell whoever is doing it, every week) and by the time I left the checkout the gal was shaking. She was mad because I asked her to bag my stuff a certain way!

          I didn’t think she would last long and haven’t seen her working again. Mainly because I would pick another line rather than deal with her again. I am not racist and I was polite, I smiled. I have the impression that some blacks are the ones that are racist and absolutely hate white people.

          I don’t eat out unless it is a place I know has good staff and high quality food and service. It isn’t worth it to me to eat cheap food and then wonder if the teenage staff bothered to wash their hands.

      19. Food stamp payments now are split in half into two new monthly dates rather than one date.

        • Really? Thanks for the updated info!

      20. Guess I am not the only one Boycotting Wal Fart, havn’t been back since the ISIS battle flag cake fiasco!

        Well actually I did go once since then….to redeem a gift card someone gave my wife.

      21. Walmart in our area is hard to get into. On the rare occasion I go over there, I park out by the garden center to try to avoid getting hit in the parking lot. This takes me right past the seasonal stuff that goes on sale every time I enter the store. There was a Christmas push on these large sized Darth Vaders and storm troopers. Last time I was there, a few of those abominations were still there too. I told the woman setting out things in the aisle that it looked like Darth was setting up housekeeping in the store. She sighed and agreed with me. I will say it- this last Star Wars movie stunk… for various reasons. Not the least being the improbable interacial relationship crap being portrayed on almost every movie or television show we see. Supergirl and black Jimmy Olsen, for Pete’s sake! Jimmy Olsen was gingerin the comics and a kid to boot! Agent Carter and the black physicist… in the 40s???? Um… highly unlikely. Rosewood and company? The entertainment biz represents interacial and homosexual relationships in a very disproportionate manner on almost every show for what??? Shock value.

        The good people, (and I mean that literally) who used to patronize Walmarts have started to move on, leaving the base scooter folks and back cleavaged clientele to roam the aisles in search of fufillment. I know that I would rather buy Bounty from Amazon than go to the local WMart for evryday type of shopping. Especially when the basic items I went for last time around were not stocked…i.e. large bottles of Ozarka water which comes out of the ground not far from here.

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