This Is Going To Happen In 2016: “One Of The Greatest Commodity Plays Of All Time”

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    While stock markets held strong near their all-time highs, the last year saw massive financial destruction in global commodities markets. Oil, gold, silver, steel, coal and other raw materials experienced price drops not seen since just before the the Crash of 2008. As an example of how bad it has gotten in the raw materials space one need only look at the Baltic Dry Index, which is used to assess the cost of shipping raw materials by sea. Signaling serious economic problems, the BDI recently hit its all-time low, surpassing even the lows hit during the last financial crisis.

    That a significant financial, economic or monetary event will soon be upon us cannot be denied.

    Yet within crisis there is opportunity, and knowing what can happen and how to position yourself accordingly ahead of the fallout will not only ensure that your wealth is preserved, but will help you thrive financially. While we have always urged those concerned with the state of affairs in the world to have a healthy storage of food and supplies in anticipation of supply disruptions or hyperinflationary monetary policy, a major financial event will, as it did following the last crisis, likely lead to significant gains in precious metals as investors the world over shift capital into the historical monetary asset of last resort.

    As Future Money Trends explains in the following micro-documentary, there are three perfect catalysts for why silver and gold are headed to new highs in the very near future: low prices and global supply shortages, war, and the collapse of U.S. bond markets.

    What we are about to show you is undeniable evidence… This is going to happen within the next year… Silver is likely the most undervalued asset available to investors today. 

    Watch (Courtesy Future Money Trends):

    The 36 months that followed the Crash of 2008 saw precious metals go to new highs with silver topping out at $50 per ounce. Today that same ounce is selling for around $14. Whether you acquire the physical metals directly or diversify your investment portfolio, now is the time to capitalize on the future trend.

    As the next crisis and eventual collapse of our system plays out on the global stage in coming months and years, trillions of dollars in wealth will be vaporized. But as is always the case throughout history, those who have the forethought and willingness to first acknowledge the realities and then prepare for them while others ignore the warnings will come out on top.

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      1. I cant see how the economy is still supposedly growing when global trade has basically come to a standstill. Oil at $35? Gold at $1050? Silver at $15?

        I am not saying these things can’t go lower, but even Kyle Bass said in an interview on zero hedge that now is the time to be aqcuiring energy stocks. Like oil, silver moreso than gold looks to have similar consequences developing for the producers in that the current low prices will restrict production and over a year or two lower global supply. If demand maintains its current pace in either case prices have no alternative but to rise.

        I would say with the physical supply issues in gold and silver, the manipulation that has been exposed, and the collapse ahead of us that this is the opportunity many who were buying at $25 or more hoped for. Look at the charts from the 70s. economically it was a similar environment. Gold went to 200, then dropped back to nearly 100 before going to about $700 an ounce. Silver rose to $50 from about $2 in 1971. Capital goes to safety first, then it hits bubble levels when people start piling into it. We are nowhere near that with gold, oil, and silver at the prices they are today.

        • OFF TOPIC !

          Members of an armed militia stormed a national wildlife building in Oregon…

          ht tp://

          Ammon Bundy posted a video on his Facebook page urging militia members to come and support the cause. He said “this is not a time to stand down. It’s a time to stand up and come to Harney County,” where Burns is located. Below the video is this statement: “(asterisk)(asterisk)ALL PATRIOTS ITS TIME TO STAND UP NOT STAND DOWN!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! COME PREPARED.”

          • the war has to begin some place, it would have been better be it sooner than later, politicians have destroyed this country, its past time to try them all for treason, the politicians, bankers, corporations have live high on the hog off the backs of the people, we need massive changes in this country, criminals need to be put to death, the scum, filth, and all enemies of america and the american people need to go.

            • charlie.
              AMEN, brother!!!

          • grandee,
            and here is a list of political traitors to start standing up against!

            Now: 22
            Last Hour: 613
            Last 24 Hours: 12,756
            Total: 14,491
            Senate Votes Against HR 4269 – U.N. Weapons Collection/Disarming Americans
            Monday, December 28, 2015 8:03
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            (Before It’s News)

            An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


            U.N. weapons collection/disarming Americans

            The 2nd Amendment Saved .. 53-46 vote!

            The U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, but perhaps of most interest is point number 11. It CALLS FOR MEMBER STATES TO SUPPORT WEAPONS COLLECTION and DISARMAMENT of all UN countries.

            By a 53-46 vote – The U.S. Senate voted against the U.N. resolution.

            This is that brief, glorious moment in history when everyone stands around … reloading guns in preparation for the next battle.

            Now, which 46 Communist Senators Voted to Destroy Us?

            Well, let their names become known ! See below. If you vote in one of the states listed with these 46 traitors, vote against them.

            In a 53-46 vote, the Senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

            The Statement of Purpose from the Senate Bill reads: “To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”

            The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S. and had language that would have implemented an
            international gun registry. Now get this – on all private guns and ammo.

            Astonishingly, 46 out of our 100 United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional (And God-Given!) rights to a foreign power. (Are they really that ignorant? Stupid? Or truly TRAITORS)
            Here is the list of the 46 senators (Communist Maggots and TRAITORS) who voted away your Second Amendment right to bear arms and to give your rights to the U.N. to USE AGAINST YOU:

            Baldwin (D-WI)
            Baucus (D-MT)
            Bennett (D-CO)
            Blumenthal (D-CT)
            Boxer (D-CA)
            Brown (D-OH)
            Cantwell (D-WA)
            Cardin (D-MD)
            Carper (D-DE)
            Casey (D-PA)
            Coons (D-DE)
            Cowan (D-MA)
            Durbin (D-IL)
            Feinstein (D-CA)
            Franken (D-MN)
            Gillibrand (D-NY)
            Harkin (D-IA)
            Hirono (D-HI)
            Johnson (D-SD)
            Kaine (D-VA)
            King (I-ME)
            Klobuchar (D-MN)
            Landrieu (D-LA)
            Leahy (D-VT)
            Levin (D-MI)
            McCaskill (D-MO)
            Menendez (D-NJ)
            Merkley (D-OR)
            Mikulski (D-MD)
            Murphy (D-CT)
            Murray (D-WA)
            Nelson (D-FL)
            Reed (D-RI)
            Reid (D-NV)
            Rockefeller (D-WV)
            Sanders (I-VT)
            Schatz (D-HI)
            Schumer (D-NY)
            Shaheen (D-NH)
            Stabenow (D-MI)
            Udall (D-CO)
            Udall (D-NM)
            Warner (D-VA)
            Warren (D-MA)
            Whitehouse (D-RI)
            Wyden (D-OR)

            • The letter that jumps out right after the name (D) is all people need to know on who the enemy is.

              • Plus 2 independents, on of which (Sanders) is running for president. I wasn’t too concerned about Sanders, UNTIL NOW.

              • You’re an idiot.

              • The so-called “Independent” from Maine is Angus King… a popular politician here who changed nominally from Democrat to Independent, but whose views continue unchanged.

                He is well-liked and respected here because Maine, once a solidly conservative State, has been overrun with carpetbaggers from Massachusetts and other liberal areas. Plus, of course, the universities here have been indoctrinating the youth for the past 40 years with liberal dogma.

            • I am confused by your post.

              HR4269 was submitted in December and sent to committee where it will likely die. It has not passed the House and cannot be voted on in the Senate.

              The Senate voted against allowing the US to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty back in 2013.

              I could not find anything new on either matter. Am I missing something?

              • @ Rebecca

                I did a quick Google search. You are correct. HR 4269 is The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015, introduced 16 December 2015. It has nothing to do with the UN.

                Just because it appears on some website doesn’t mean it’s true. It pays to do one’s own research, as you did.

                • I am following these attempts to violate our Constitutional rights. They do so much wrong so often that I am very concerned. Back in 2013 when the Senate passed the refusal to bow to UN disarmament, Obama said he would “never” violate the 2nd Amendment. Don’t laugh…

                  • Please keep us informed, I know I miss things that I shouldn’t. Thanks.

                    • All Treatys requires at least 2/3rd vote to pass.

                      Isnt before its news website that sasha “crystal ball” fraud women thats really some male clown “see’er”?

                    • While it is true that treaties need 2/3 vote, we have seen that violated in the past. Before the NAFTA treaty (and yes, it is a treaty by any reasonable usage of the word) was voted on, it was obvious that they could not get the required 2/3 vote. Solution? Just call it an agreement, not a treaty. They did so and then declared the “agreement” to be passed by a simple majority vote.


                    • Yes, traitors all of them.

                • the point of this is LOOK at WHO voted for it and WHO did not!! it is easy to see whom are the real threats to this country!!!

              • Rebecca,
                sometimes posts are not completley accurate and i don’t like that either BUT, the key part of the article is WHO voted for and WHO did not vote for it, PEOPLE need to know as much as they can about WHOM is scum and who are just fence riders!

            • I believe your information is incorrect. This appears to be a congressional bill not a senate bill, and doesn’t appear to have been voted upon.

            • Of course piece of shit Feinstein. Of course.

              How long is that bitch in office, until the sun burns out or something??

          • Mac,
            Wake up and post a link so we can get these comments in the right place. This is big stuff.

          • Grandee
            Please give me more info on this.
            I heard it once last night while I was on patrol and didn’t hear anymore. Just getting up at 1000hrs this morning.
            Where can I go to find out more. This could be the Come to Jesus moment that we have all been dreading.

            • Patriots:

              Even CNN is carrying the Harney County, Burns, Oregon protest against the BLM/feds.

              I have been posting for at least 2 weeks on the protest and begging for a subject on it at shtf. I guess there is nothing to SELL from this kind of story.

              I joined a group and convoyed over to Burns. The protest was peaceful and NO ONE suggested burning down the town.

              Was surprised at the non participation of the cities residents until I saw on CNN dot com that a huge percentage of people in that county and town WORK FOR THE FEDS in some capacity or another. Lots of the FED workers worked on ranches until the BLM has corralled all the land; a lot of the ranch hands now work for the BLM! Couple that up with the fear of the law enforcement people in Burns who sided with the Feds against the Hammonds, you have a town living in fear of all angles.

              The best part of a speech was “We are not here to start a war, we are here to stop a war”.

              Most protesters were from Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Oregon. Because they know what is up with the BLM/Feds. They are trying to lock up the resources of the west for the “elite” once the One World Order comes about.

              The Hammonds own a ranch near the Steen Mountains. I have been through there 3 times and it is one of the most pristine, beautiful places you could ever hope to see.

              I supported the Bundy Ranch fiasco with $$$$ and will continue to support the patriots who have taken a stand against the alphabet agencies of the feral government.

              Go to the Bundy Ranch blog and see what you can do to help support these people. They are putting themselves in harms way to defend America from ‘rich thieves’. When will you actually take a stand other than thumping on computer keys here at SHTF?

              • I think you can find more on Facebook about the protest in Burns; however at the moment it is BIG news on CNN dot com. Be sure to watch all the info on the side of the page and scroll down through the comments.

                I didn’t take time to look at the comments as I wanted to see if MAC had finally picked up the story.

                Isn’t this blog about patriots and survival? Or is it just based on ‘clicks’?

              • This has all the earmarks to turn into an excuse for oblubber toe activate his executive order and declare martial law. We need to all watch our backs closely.

            • Sarge–Fox News on line, ’bout 6am this morning

          • People, you need to be exercise judgment in picking your fights and methods. A bunch of ranchers who treat federal land as their own – it’s not an issue which will resonate with most Americans, at least not until some innocent people get killed.

            Plus, consider the lessons of the past. Many (if not most) of these militia leaders are paid government informants, some fully trained undercover FBI or ATF agents. Are they leading the gullible, idealistic patriots over a cliff like lemmings?

            This Oregon case is a poor cause to rally around. There are so many better examples of ordinary Americans being trampled underfoot by the NWO. This incident could play perfectly into the bad guys’ narrative about “those gun toting right wingers being a danger to Amerika, just as bad as mid-east terrorists”.

            • H. Muller:

              Your post is pathetic and full of lies!

              • H. Muller:

                Where is your line in the sand? When the goons are burning down your town or when one of the alphabet agencies take a swipe at you personally.

                You should be so lucky to have any one of those patriots you so sorely paint with your abysmal brush, to have your back when your time comes.

                • Sorry to follow this off topic thread, but, I think its important to take note of this latest uprising.

                  Take it easy on H MULLER, MMD. Many people get taken in by the “double agent” or the “agent provocateur” stories. While this can be a problem the fact is, there are those that are in the fight for their own reasons and they may not totally 100% align with the basic reasons the conflict starts. I believe that when the fire gets hot, those guys will bug out. I do agree with H Muller on some level. It may be hard to get this particular problem to resonate with the majority of Americans, however, we don’t get to pick our parents and we don’t get to pick our wars. After all, the first American Revolution started with gun confiscation in Kentucky, right? Maybe the second will start with land mis-appropriation in the west? I understand it. Maybe thats all it takes. Its been said that 3% is all you need. Maybe this will do it. All we need is enough to give us a spine.

                  The funny thing is, all they have to do is shut down the internet and then you won’t know anything. I believe when things get really bad, the Internet will go down and that will be the final straw. Thats when the chambers will all be loaded and the safeties click from safe to fire. Every idiot knows when the government can’t modify the information you get and they shut down your alternate channels, its time to start the war. They dance around that much like they dance around blatant 2A violations.

                  To those who scoff at my allegations of government’s desire to violate free speech and violate the 2A, I would ask these two questions:

                  1. If we didn’t have a first amendment do you think there would even be an unregulated, alternate media?

                  2. If we didn’t have a second amendment do you think we’d still be allowed to have guns?

                  In ever place that didn’t have those, the press is gone and so are the guns.

                  A third question to ask:

                  3. Do you understand yet why they want to take the guns? (Look at Bundy Ranch. Look at Hammnond Ranch.)

                  They want to take the guns so these uprisings are not possible. These are a challenge to government power. Government does not give one little rat shit about your safety or how many of you die. They only care about public perception in and of their ability to manipulate your thinking. They want the guns because the guns give people power. No, maybe not as much as military, but, enough so they don’t get off completely scott free.

                  …and to anyone that thinks the government wants to get rid of guns to curb crime or terrorism, I would say: You’re an idiot. Paris. Chicago.

                  • ❤ PERFECT ❤

            • Muller, you obviously value your security over your freedom…You deserve neither.

              • Mr muller evidently forgot that the initial war of independence was fought over land an a corrupt government (Britain) trying to tax and usurp the colonists rights to protect themselves. Just sayin is all

            • What is find offensive about the Oregon case is that the ranchers were convicted under a terrorism law.

              The ranchers basically did controlled back burning to create a fire block on the ranch.

              The fire got out of control and burned the national forest land.

              But why convict them of terrorism related laws? That is the tyrannical oppression in this case.

              They should have only gotten a ticket for illegal burning then had to pay civil restitution.

              Not the mandatory 5 years prison for terrorism. Even the judge thought it was bull shit and that is why the reduced sentence, but the over zealous FEDS appealed wanting longer prison terms.

              And yes, the Militia Men are going to get themselves into the next Ruby Ridge or Waco.

              • Abolutely! The terrorism laws are being abused every day. They first passed them because people let them because people wanted to feel safe. Now they’re using them to convict people of all kids of things that have NOTHING to do with terrorism. Civil asset forfeiture is the same way. It was designed to deny drug dealers and cartels the ability to defend themselves. Talk about unconstitutional! Basically, its a way to punish before you convicted. THEN when they found out they could simply keep the forfeiture, well, damn, people. Just let the cops pronounce you guilty. Who needs a court. Oh, I’m sorry, thats EXACTLY what they did.

                I say Bundy Ranch and Hammond Ranch are way overdue. The BLM is another out of control sub-corporation spawned from the first evil intent of The Act of 1871. They’re abusive. They treat the ranchers like our government treated the Indians. They write a contract and then try to figure out a way around it. No nice words for any of those criminal bastards.

              • Republicans pushed through (eco) terrorism laws to jail left wingers like Greenpeace and others who were damaging property. Taking over the building will come under those same laws. What goes around comes around. They burn to increase grazing lands not protect their home from fire. They were not burning around their home, but that is handled a different way.

                Confiscation laws were the same… to “get” drug dealers. Republicans passed all those laws against liberal screaming about violating Constitutional rights. I was opposed to those violations of our Constitution. We got that appealed here in New Mexico… one win in 2015.

                Another set of laws violating our Constitutional rights are arbitration provisions in corporate contracts and new Republican laws saying we cannot sue for our rights. Under the Constitution suing in a court of law is our only redress of grievances. Only redress.

                Now we are having trouble with 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, under attack by Democrats. They have not gotten that through, but they are working on it.

                We have a Constitutional right to free speech but it does not include lying, defamation, etc. and never did. Those actions can get you into court if someone objects.

                We have a Constitutional right to freedom of religion. That means Christians and Muslims. Both. Separation of church and state is the lynch pin of freedom of religion. Republicans are trying to turn the US into a theocracy, which it never was and which is Unconstitutional. Christian churches are losing the PEOPLE of this country, this has nothing to do with Muslims. Now they want a Christian theocracy to force everyone. No matter where you are in that game, it is Unconstitutional.

                For good or bad I love our Constitution. I want to return to Constitutional protections. Without them, it is just strong man rules like any dictatorship. If you don’t want the ENTIRE Constitution and Bill of Rights, then get your guns out because everything becomes police state and internal wars like most 3rd world countries.

                • BTW, after reading HB4269, it is written to challenge the current interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. It is designed to go before the Supreme Court for reinterpretation. It is the only way to change existing gun rights and it is the Constitutional way to do so. I am opposed to it, I prefer the current interpretation of 2nd Amendment rights. It is now in Committee being reviewed. It would have to be approved, put to a vote, pass, go to the House, run through Committee, pass vote unchanged then go to the President for signing. Boehner was pushed out because he violated these procedures and wanted to pass laws by fiat… just vote on what we give you. This is one of our protections, the difficulty passing laws over everyone’s input.

                  I love our Constitution. It is worth fighting for. Ranchers abusing public lands for profit are not.

              • Only this time there will be more of them

            • The Federal Government cannot own land other than the 10 sq. miles in D>C> and like Puerto rice , the Virgin Islands ect. The terrorities i think they are called. Our Constitution states the feds cannot own this land. Your gov is a bunch of lying,stealing son of a Bitc s.They cannot own any land inside the States. The land in Oregon belongs to Oregonians and not the fuderal guv. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

              • Even if the feds cannot own land, although I do not see why not, those old boys do not own that land either and they have made a living from it for a long time. They have lived out of the taxpayers for a long time. If it should be sold back to the people, the Bigs would get it all. As have the logging companies. I am from Oregon and have seen it first hand. The feds hold it for us but lease it and give our parks over to destruction. Like being burned. They were burning because they want to run cattle. It wasn’t terrorism as far as we know, but if Greenpeace did something as big as that they’d be hauled in under ecoterrorism laws. That said, if the judge gave an inappropriate sentence they should try the judge.

                • Rebecca tell me one job the government has ever created that was not first funded by tax payers money. Tell me one job the government has created that has brought money in the form of taxes to the government. Maybe those grounds are not owned by the ranchers but have you ever heard of double jepaordy. Why is it that they served their time and yet the government says no not enough. They were already convicted and served time. This is wrong,, the Feds have been strong. arming the people for as long as I can remember.. They exist by us not for us. As it stands these ranchers will spend more time in for this than if they killed somebody. Again this wrong.

                  • They did not serve the minimum time for the offense. I think the feds should have dropped it and leaned on the judge. The Republicans were happy to make laws about ecoterrorism when the tree huggers were complaining and fighting years ago. These guys were hoist on the same petard. Every time the Constitution is ignored, others pay in the end. I doubt they burned federal land accidentally. Ranchers leasing forest land have arrogantly burned federal forest land to improve Cattle feed for decades. They used to joke about it openly. I am not on the fed side in this but I don’t have much sympathy for a 1000 ranchers who have sucked the taxpayers dry for generations and feel entitled to do what they please. My uncle is an Oregon rancher running cattle on privately owned land. He has zero interest in putting his arse on the line for welfare ranchers that suck taxpayer money and burn forests that don’t belong to them. You can go fight this battle if you want, but most of my family live in Oregon and they will not. They are backwoodsmen, ranchers, farmers, lumberjacks, and so on. I bow to their experience in the matter. I say a battle of this sort won’t be fought over rancher welfare cheaters. I could be wrong. I am carefully reading what everyone says about it, and watched the lady attorney film clip. Why isn’t she in fatigues up in the woods? She in California chillin?

            • I agree H Muller. Timing now with pending Gun EO, all though illegal is not a good move.

      2. My main commodities are beans, rice, wheat and corn packed in air tight containers 🙂

        I wont be trading that away in an emergency so junk silver is my choice for “just in case” money. Easily recognizable and easy to spend in small amounts.

        • I’m not so sure junk silver will be so easy to spend. When the dollar collapses people,I think,will be reluctant to take any type of money including junk silver simply because they will think it has no value. The only people that will take junk silver are the people that know there’s real silver in it. Other than that I agree with what you say. I think buying some silver is very practical. It will, for a time at least, be used for trade. I don’t have the stock a lot of people do because I believe in order to survive, one will have to go mobile. There are so many facets to this coming collapse that people aren’t even considering. STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS.

          • “go mobile”? Using what method(s) and for how long?

            Roads are increasingly monitored with cameras and electronics, while vehicles themselves are increasingly infused with electronic reporting devices. Motorized transport is no way to stay ‘below the radar’.

            Roaming around desolate areas indefinitely will rapidly use up the limited supplies that you can carry, while wearing you down and rendering you vulnerable to potential threats every time you climb a hill or go around a bend. And with highly sophisticated satellite imagery and the proliferation of drones, nomads will not go undetected and will be of high interest as “potential extremists”. As the saying goes, ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered’.

            The world has gotten small. In the 1800s and even well into the 1900s, all you had to do was move to a remote area, call yourself by a new name, and you could live the rest of your life without incident. In just the past fifty years or so, this has become virtually impossible.

            I do not think there is any real answer to this. Whether you stay put or start making tracks, there is no way to fade into the background. Perhaps for those very rare individuals who are young, in perfect health, and have had Ranger training… oh yes, and who are also computer geniuses and can hack their way through any electronic ID or surveillance problem. In real life, very few people are Jason Bourne. The average person –especially with a family– is not going to be able to disappear. It may be best to blend into a small, rural community; become just another unremarkable yokel out in Pitchville Flats. And even so, all of the data accumulated on you throughout your life will tag along. You need substantial ID and background paperwork to be employed or start a business; to obtain health care; to have a bank account or transfer funds; to rent or own a residence; for motorized transportation; etc. etc. into infinity. Rest assured that even out in Pitchville Flats, the local constabulary will have every shred of your life at their fingertips for easy viewing.

            I repeat: I do not think there is any real answer to this.

            • I don’t see an answer either. I live in Podunk New Mexico. it doesn’t make a difference. Only the hackers Anonymous could bring this endless surveillance down.

        • Brass and lead too….. that will be way more trade-able…. ;-]

          • LOL, definitely brass although not only how you mean it. Brass can be worked at a lower temperature than most metals and might be very popular at some point. I have lots of brass and copper too. They were worked by a lot of people for a long time. I have worked copper and silver in jewelry making. Use Native American techniques. I took classes but a good book would likely be plenty. Plus they are purty while potentially useful one day.

        • Don’t forget the bullets and beano. That way if the beano fails you can always swallow the projectiles aim your butt at the bad guy and let ear rip✌

        • Don’t forget the bullets and beano. That way if the beano fails you can always swallow the projectiles aim your butt at the bad guy and let ear rip✌

      3. More of the same pie-in-the-sky hype that we’ve been hearing from these clueless precious metals dealers for as far back as September 2001.

        I used to make a point to listen to the Tuesday edition of the John Stadtmiller radio show on Republic Broadcasting Network because he would have the now deceased Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster fame and fortune on as his regular guest on that day of the week. Chapman used to constantly assure his listeners that they needed to buy gold (which RBN happened to sell) because ‘by this time next year, gold will be $2,000 an ounce’, blah, blah, blah. RBN’s precious metals sales division, Republic Trading Group – would offer weekly specials on various types of gold coins – and, I will admit, that they did offer very competitive prices as compared to other gold dealers.

        But, here we are – it’s now 2016, and Bob Chapman is no longer with us – and none of his predictions have materialized. And, all we hear is more of the same hype – being repackaged and regurgitated by a new wave of slick talking, opportunistic precious metals sales dealers.

        “If there is some gold in the vaults of Fort Knox, the ingots are likely gold-plated tungsten.”

        • Tucker: The Rothschilds and their Ilk are probably getting the worlds Gold supply to save it for use as wall paper to gold plate the entire interior of, their Foamed at Mouth desires to Rebuild, a 3rd Temple. That they then will use as HQ Home base to house their leader/Antichrist man….Whom will then enslave all the worlds Goyim folk, or at least them what don’t first get killed off in Round Two of the Bolshevik kommie Blood bath frst begun in Russia 1917 eh. or is it, OyVey!?

          Help! make America a, #110 and Never Again Nation!

      4. The old adage goes, “Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.” In this case, as it stands right now, the WORLD is beholden to one country. It has been positioned this way for nearly half a century, and with that, should this economy fall, there will not be a “SAFE HARBOR” for money. That’s because if this falls all out war will break out. Now you ask why would war break out, because those in power will use all its weapons to ensure that they stay in power. So what does that really mean for the common person residing in that country, not much until the bullets fly or nukes… My recommendation is prep what you can in normal preps but still live your life to the best you can whilst educating your young ones on what is really going on and the best way to help change the course!




        REVOLUTIONARY and civil war 2 GETTING READY TO START IN 24-72 HRS..

        No Mt fellow sht- effers.. this is real. See link below and click on article from

        What the hell didn’t I just take a pass this morning and go back to sleep.. oh no. Told my girlfriend that I gotta post this one..

        Mac, see Revolutionary war getting ready to start to protect the Hammonds family.

        The militia and the patriots have seased the federal building. According to the article the militia has ceased the federal building and mor militia are advancing armed to the teeth.. this is what I have predicted and what most of us have predicted.. so we can expect that muslim run administration under the Un and China, jihadist Nato and JH 15 will suddenly kick in..

        What will Donald Trump do?
        What will the foreign soldiers called in do?.

        Then Given or Abbot just told the administration Molon Labe.




        • Not going to happen. Nobody is going to start a war with the government over a poacher and arsonists. Not happening.

          • Anonomous:

            Obviously you don’t/cant understand what is at stake here. And if you would read the transcript of the court proceedings it could give you a different view.

            The theft of American’s land/resources by the Feds is at the bottom of this rift; so don’t be so sure about the “Nobodys”.

            Those patriots would NEVER call on you for help Anon, they will know you are not cut out of Patriot cloth.

            • Didn’t happen at Ruby Ridge. Didn’t happen at Bundy ranch. Won’t happen here. Guess we will see in 3 days.

        • Theres plenty of them federal SOBs in every AO,,, no need to travel to find that action

        • Yesterday’s news was that the Hammonds were going to surrender on Monday.

      6. JADE HELM 15.

        Now it’s all making sense as I piece or all together.

        Am I just a paranoid pussy?

        Just when I taught I had seen it all
        All sh…t is busting out. Keep reading. The Saudi wahabihist isis run government regime just executed the Shia cleric and 47 people publicly by beheadings and firing squad, this must be why the administration and the United nations ordered a.d placed over 30,000 out country at the all the concentration camps” must have learn this from Zi jing Ping” of China and beheadings..the Iranians got pissed and attacked the Saudi embassy in Teran.. this means that Iran will attack the Saudis and free Yemen..ww3 about to begin.. since turkey is advancing troops into Ukraine and Nato is heading to turkey, then all the ingredients are here for ww3.. we can then expect that the JH15 equipment in Texas and in my area of the woods will be placing jihadist t fighters that have been getting flown in my the 10,000’s will be advancing toward Houston, in next few weeks possibly a remedy with chi-coms, jihadist and other UN, blue helmet phucks. Unless I must have Been too late, but yesterday I was at the local academy and noticed that half yes 1/2 of the ammo was wiped out including over 50% of all the 12″ Smith & Wesson knives.. All the. 223/5.56, etc, even most of the host fun ammo was depleted.. on red neck told me h that it was mot.y imagination, that new years depleted the stores..

        You isis phucks think that your coming to my city in armored personal Carriers to kill, rape, murderer us, out My out to a firing squad, you better re evaluate your priorities because if I re value mine, I will certainly KILL YOU PHUCKS IF INVADE MY CITY AND FIRE ON US.

        Loretta lynch..promises to arrest and prosecute the American white terrorist.. good luck implementing that one on the Hammond ranch..

        I am always getting my ass chewed out a bit my views on the future.. Luke I have said before, now election is taking place on 2016.. if anything bad happens to Donald Trump, a guaranteed response from the militia is what I am predicting. If the militia is fired upon at the Hammonds ranche, then I product REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND CIVIL WAR NO3..begins..

        Black thug nigger jihadist trying to start sh..t in Houston..come on let me see you try it..come to my area and try it.



        Underneath me hangs the very brass balls of a true patriot.

        Molon Labe bitches, come and take it if you can.. the only government I recognize in the Constitution.

        Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God.

        Thomas Jefferson, first secretary of state and 3 Rd president of the United States of America

        • Did you see the 8 part miniseries about John Adams a couple of years ago? In that show it indicated that Thomas Jefferson was not a believer in Christ.

          • The founders’ spiritual beliefs were different than our media orchestrated religions of today.

            religion = a fashionable substitute for belief

            It was Thomas Jefferson who I paraphrase as saying, “Surely the God of nature can handle a few frank questions and would prefer those who would ask them rather a blind following.”

            Yeah, he may not have though of God like the Sunday preacher you listened to today but he did believe in The Creator.

        • I don’t think you are paranoid or a pussy. You just need to not get so worked up all the time. Come on dude, say what you think without the anger and sometimes far fetched crazy talk.


        • hey numbnuts…what state are you in?

      7. stock up boys and girls. Junk silver,ammo,food and water. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste!

      8. Calling all, “Black Lives Matter”. You need to go and help the Militia in Oregon. Hammond County, town of Burns.

        Throwing pennies on the ground and planting flowers in the snow. Then singing songs. Need instructions on protesting.

        • LOL. That’s good sarcasm.

        • Sling:

          Just a point or two.

          Ever see black lives matter take over a federal facility? Not going to happen. Their handlers teach them to burn buildings belonging to their own kind. Black lives will not take over fed buildings; they haven’t enough sense to know who the real culprits are; who are bent on destroying America. And they wont learn truth until it is too late.

          The patriots in the community of Burns, Oregon would not stand for ANY group using black lives matter tactics.

          • Makemyday

            Good points.

            Wasn’t the facility closed and empty. Will be different storming a staffed building. Also the fire station.

            What have they Gained? A place to sleep and point of operations. Can the structures be defended? On High Ground. Somewhat bullet proof against snipers.

            Did anyone sit down and think it all through or was this a spur of moment thing.

            What we see here will affect future OPS.

            • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when the militia activates, the feds pee down their legs. You know they do. With the backing of the people and the unpredictability of the engagement, the reason they’re not responding is that the feds don’t know if they’re screw, blued or tattooed. (In reality, its all three…) If this thing goes hot, if the feds roll in there and gun them all down, there are 20 million more that will step up. They HAVE to handle this with kid gloves or FedGov, Inc could be missing important parts when The Real Americans get done with them.

              • That’s about how I see it. ❤

      9. No election will take place in 2016.. if it does take place then the American people and when I say America people, I mean whites. Patients and other minority people of all nationalities who support freedom and the constitution. They will be expecting that Donald Trump is now the president. United nations of muslim the so called council of luceferian. Initiative, is not calling the shots on who wik be president.. you see once marina law is declared and that president which he is not since it’s was not a legal presidency, will declare himself as the dictator to use her in the war of 2016-2107, predicted and told to economist V, by the 4 star General who has now defected from the United States. calls for. Kill out ratios of 250,000,000 people and 65, 000,000 remaining.. so that tells me that I am not going to be in that 65 mill.. so I have decided to shoot and kill all soldiers. Chinese, jihadist, Russian, or who ever is firing at us, killing people in my area..good luck to you chi- coms, the so called boots on the ground. Is you heart racing yet chi-coms
        Mine is, I look forward to putting some. 223/5.56 in your ass when you launch that attack on my city chi-com..molon Labe you phucks. Going to Oregon to claim your land ain’t you.
        The so called boots on the ground..


        My dead carcass will be outside being eaten by cultures in my great city of Houston.



        Molon Labe chi- coms.

        • The former deagle (dot) com is gone, wiped from the internet. I have seen it in the past, but it no longer exists, even on the “Wayback Machine” at archive (dot) org. It seems to be a web hosting company now, and the Wayback Machine appears to show it as being that for the past few years.

          As I’ve said in the past, any website may disappear in an instant. So if you find a good site, archive it on your own computer. I use “HTTrack Website Copier,” which can be found at: ht tps://

        • Hcks. What is a marina law? Did you mean Marshall or maritime? What is presidencd? Did you mean precedence? Was the is invaded by other countries? Hcks you need to selfless down dude. I can’t figure out your ramblings and anger. I am worried about you. I really don’t care what anyone here says, there will be an election and there will not be a dictator. People said the same about Bush. Don’t be a lemming for the liberals. Chill and watch some football.

      10. HCKS.

        A little constructive criticism.

        If you are going to lead or have people join you. You must do better on your spelling and grammar. You cause and intensions may be righteous but fail to attract those needed to defeat evil. First impressions and all that.

        Also is this town the ONLY FIGHT? Where will be the next one if this ignites and goes HOT. Is there any plans beyond this stage. Harry Reid is on one side. Is there a politician on our side to speak up.

        • SS….

          Where do I begin.

          First, if you’re going to chastise someone about spelling and grammar, at least proofread your post first and use spell check.

          ‘You cause and intensions’….

          Ok, I’m quite sure you meant ‘Your cause…..’, first flounder.

          ‘Intensions’….. Yeah; intentions. Spell check is your friend.

          I’m usually not a grammar Nazi but when one calls out another for it and then screws it up themselves I gotta laugh.

          As far as the folks standing up, they’ll go away soon. Tomorrow is Monday and since they’re all white they have jobs and responsibilities to go back to unlike BLM.

          Happy New Year….. We’re all going to die!!!!! DOOOOMMMM!!!!!!

          • Really??

            All Right.

            Word fight. Grammar Fight.

            Well I do read his posts and at times they are rough, and since he is having a go at it. I wanted other people to read it and not pass it over. The objective is to get the message out.

            • I know, just giving you a little grief in fun.

              Drive on friend.

              • Really??

                I find myself going real mellow lately. The waiting will kill me faster than the actual fighting.

      11. Let’s see now.

        The BLM and Militia exchange fire and there are deaths on both sides. How does this play out? Does the Law do another WACO. Then go after other Militia’s across the Nation. Stop all gun and ammo sales. Institute Martial Law and go after Gun Owners. NRA members and Shooting Ranges and Clubs.

        Hi Hooooo. Obama Away!

        • Hunt Clubs. I meant.

        • Good,,, bring it, they better confiscate all the gasoline, deisel fuel, paint thinner and rubbing alcohol too, and a few other household cleaners as well, plus they better also outlaw construction equipment,

          • Amen. Then they may as well crawl into a deep hole and die.

        • Great…. John Fucking Brown rides again. If you are going to start the shitstorm, I would hope it be over a better cause than federal informants and mall ninjas playing the card for all of us.

        • Well you can thank these guys in Oregon for that (I say that with deep sarcasm). I’m sure they are thinking about forcing that very scenario.

      12. Let the games begin!!!!!

      13. ….keep it light fella’s….

        — but when it’s time to go dark —

        >>> go PITCH BLACK <<<

        NOMICATIMF………dont play nice….BA.

        • NOMICATIMF???

          Not even G**gle can find that one.

          Can you ‘splain for us acronym dolts? Thanks!

          • Not one more inch, come and take it mother fuckers’s

            • 10-4 and thanks!!!!

            • @sling:

              thkx 4 havin my six.

              any1 want to kritteek my spellin n grammerr.


              be safe…stay the course….BA.

              • I read lots of comments of foreigners trying to post in english – I’m getting good at figuring out what they meant.

                • Texas IS a whole nother country.

                  Yeehaw and bless all y’all

                  We have none to govern but ourselves…Chisholm v Georgia 1793.

                  … safe…..BA.

      14. Funny how this crops up a few days before ozero is going to try some new anti-gun EO’s. Bunch of white guys with EBR’s holding a Federal building at bay; smacks of J.I.T. chaos and crisis for his E.O.’s.

        • I wonder how many back burns the feds lit that have burned private property over the years? Think anyone did jail time for those?

          • EXACTLY! And then the TERRORISM charge? BS? No. FBS! I hope the BLM finally gets their tail trimmed.

            I’m hoping Trump will comment on this. He’s already leading congress because when Trump says it, its what the people want and congress takes notice.

            Our government is such a failure these days. Corporate stooges are all thats in DC. Well, that and just pure traitors.

          • How about that BLM mine breach that has poisoned an entire river and surrounding water supplies – not one peep about that recently.

            • Yes, how about long jail terms for the BLM mine leak disaster? Oops doesn’t cut it.

      15. So glad the brave freedom and liberty lovers have started the revolution in Oregon. Now the gun confiscations will begin and we will get to see who real Americans are, and who the drunken lazy fat ass fascist boot licking keyboard coward bums are.

        • Ron Aherns

          I am still voting for Hillary if nothing happens.

          Kind of a backup. ;0)

          • ✡I hope you’re joking✡

        • Ron:

          By some of the remarks on this blog, and absent any story on shtf, I would say the last part of your sentence sticks to some of them.

          Some seem to await their fate in their little piece of the world….well, non participation leaves little to the imagination of their fate.

          Not only stay away from crowds, also stay away when Patriots take a stand. Can’t recover the America by non participation, ever!

      16. Phuck you troll Really.. Sling is established and can criticize my ass endlessly.. Besides I am too darn lazy to be checking my grammar. It’s this darn spell check on my cell that I am having problems with
        Still I can ge my point Mr Really, you can start by kissing the crack of my ass, before I even reach for the toilet paper..



        Phuck off trolls.. kiss my ass..

        • Hcks. That’s what we are talking about. Settle down dude. Saying kiss my ass your ass two different ways. You need to ignore the trolls.

      17. No troll, been around for awhile and our views are similar.

        And you need to read the rest of the exchange and switch to decaf. 😉

      18. At Panda Express, two plates of pepper chicken cost about 14 bucks. Delivery pizza with coupon about $23 with tip. Lines out the wazoo at Chuck FiL A… 11 bucks for two people. All of the above averages out to about 3 ounces of silver (with premium) in today’s prices. I like to think about that when I hand over my grubby bills, whose value can easily go to zero. No more fast food for awhile now that the new year has arrived- going to the drive up silver window again this month and eating lettuce:)

        • Dam you!!!!

          Now you got me wanting Chick-Fil-A….

      19. Is Obama going on the Networks and make a speech to the people on gun control. Militia’s and all that.

        • We’ll see. With the MSM in his back pocket they’ll carry his water for him for sure.

          • Just remember 20 yrs ago when the “militias” were all in the news…Then…Oklahoma City happened, Clinton blamed Rush Limbaugh, the militia movement went cold and the media spun all the great stories…Look for another OKC moment to occur.

      20. I have to admire the mood music in this video’s background; it’s deliberately there to create emotions of dread, foreboding doom, and urgency. It looks like the video’s promoters have learned something from Edward Bernays and the Tavistock Institute. It’s a war for your mind conducted by subliminal means.
        Having said that, I hope they’re right. I own silver.

        • H.M: I agree. I watched about two minutes and stopped the video. I am a fan of silver as insurance in case of a dollar or banking crisis. But that video was a lot of hype. Too hip, slick and cool for me.

      21. So much for the Gold and Silver.

        They say they are in for the long haul. Will they have the supplies to do it. How high will it escalate?
        Is there a medical area and can they have the medical training if worst comes to worst. What will happen when they cut off access to incoming supplies.

        The Hammonds may be calling for help but who are the Help?

        Too many variables and lots of questions.

        You may have to step in shit to get things going but don’t have to be stupid about it.

        • Slingshot:

          The people involved are not “stupid” about anything. They have had enough and know if WE don’t stand up now, when is the time going to be right.

          Go to Bundy Ranch blog and read all the articles there and put yourself in that kangaroo court. Don’t know where you live, but I live close enough to see the BLM closing all space in the west to the average American. They are “pricks” to put it mildly. Hope you have the good fortune to run up against one of them on a bad day. They are in for an attitude adjustment and their day might just be here.

          I met those patriots in Burns, Oregon. Stupid they are not. Brave? Yes! Leaving their families to draw a line in the sand. What will be your line?

          • Makemyday

            2700 miles down range in Florida. If you have a good handle on the people standing with you. Then you could not ask for more. It is hard for me to take people into my circle. I am an easy going person too. Been burnt too many times. One time before a Militia Leader asked a friend of mine who was into heavy weapons. Yes he had the papers for them. Well the Militia guy told him that if he did not join his team he would take his weapons from him when it went down. Bad Ju JU. So I do want to know who I am signing up with. Then there are those whom I trust and they want no part of what we all discuss here. Like Kulafarmer said, there will be plenty of Feds to fight in our own AO.
            My line in the sand? We have plenty of the Alphabet Soup Gang in every major city in our state. I am sure they will come for me.

      22. I’m pretty tired of the “BUY GOLD NOW!” repeats over the last few years. Those who have followed this “advice” have lost dearly…especially at $1800/ounce when the pundits were all saying it was the “last chance to buy this low”. “Gold is going to $10,000/ounce within months!!”

        Bullshit! The commissions these wordsmiths are making over the spot price of precious metals is all they are really interested in. They could care less about your “survival”. Metals will continue to fall until the dollar collapses…and that may not happen for some time to come.

        A MUCH better investment for trading is AMMO! And…even better yet…reloading equipment, powder, brass, bullets and primers. Ammo will ALWAYS be a trading commodity, while gold and silver may or may NOT be in demand when the idea of “money” is gone. You can’t eat, drink, shoot, or build with those metals. They will worth something for a short period after the SHTF, but beyond the remaining available stores of products and shelf food, it will be about hunting, gardening, building, and trading product for product. Metal won’t feed you or your family, and I for one, wouldn’t be interested in gold for trade beyond the first three months.

        My $.02

        • i already GOT all that stuff….and a whole lot MORE….what am i supposed to do with all those federal reserve notes that are about to become worth less?….or is it worthless?…….i got time….waiting for a GOOD answer…..tic TOC!

          • Where is the logic or common sense to These gold sellers all always use scare tactics that “any moment now folks! Your usa dollars will be less value than toilet paper is now!”…..Then in next breath they tell folks to “so Send Us those soon worthless us dollars so We can send to You Our very valubale now and Soon to sky rocket in value Gold”!?

            It all sounds very hypocritical to me. Obviously they do NOT really believe dollars are soon going to be of zero value or else why do they sell gold only for dollars?

            Maybe if they asked you to Barter/Trade various tangible stuff’s like ammo or foods or vehicles or Land or paid off Homes in exchange for their Gold?…Maybe then it would make their “US Dollars Soon be worthless claims” sound more valid eh?

            Yes I know I am one of them Few here who always asks the questions most folks rather Not hear or read…And it creates hatred within those types because it gets too close for their comfort levels…it gets even worse yet when I post up Links to Documented proofs they cannot refute…Thats when their vile hatred name calls occures.

            However any sane Thinker type person here must have also thought these same questions eh?

            the same would hold true if instaed of Gold sellers claiming us dollars will soon be worthless so buy our gold in exchange for those same dollars now…If it was any of the many Other item ad’s here claimed same thing…Like Wise Foods for example…Most folks here would ask same questions I do if they got told this about storage foods etc.

            Bottom line these seller ads resemble Used Car salesmen quite a bit no?..”Honest! only driven on Sundays and only by an 99 year old granny who never exceeded 25MPH and drove only side streets recently paved!”

            • y’all need to open your minds to think up some things that COULD happen where you would WANT to have gold….or MONEY, when the bell rings(is it TODAY?)…instead of knocking holes in people’s plans, open your minds to the possibility that planning is a GOOD thing… what if a muslim leader in the middle east gets hisself beheaded, and a bunch of OTHER muslims didm’t LIKE that…and a war started….and a LOT of americans realized that it was the start of wwIII…THEY know it’s time to get to their “bugout locations…let’s say mine’s in georgia. murders are up 400% within a day or two, but the worl’s still turnin’ to a large degree…then the gubmint shuts down the banks, because there’s a run on cash at the banks, and they ran out of the stuff(couldn’t happen, i know). now you got no way to pay that truck driver to load up your stuff in his semi trailer and head across 8 states to get to georgia….but YOU thought ahead, and you got gold, or silver, or bullets, or food to buy what you need…you only got 2 or 3 days left before the world goes crazy, you think, and you are STILL in so cal big-city, where you are certain to die within a week….so now i’ll stop the what-ifs and ask how many of you reading this missive thought of ways this scenario would actually WORK….and how many thought up all the ways it WOULDN’T work….then y’all had yer minds made up…plans WORK, or they DON’T WORK. …you are going to need OPTIONS, and that’s what gold, or silver or bullets or cases of chilli, will give you…point being you got something to trade when “normal” ways of paying won’t work anymore…i’m sure i could come up with DOZENS of ways a person/family would like to have a “diversified portfolio” to get theirselves out of “TROUBLE”…you better have “STUFF”!….if you have STUFF, you will have options….and options will be crucial to surviving.

        • SittingElf- I won’t buy gold right now but I wish I would have bought some in the 80s and 90s. I could have afforded at least a 15K investment in the 300-400 dollar range then. I did pick up some great gold jewelry though, so I don’t feel I missed out completely.
          The value of gold has a deeply rooted cultural basis- which I don’t see disappearing very soon. In India in particular, gold is a woman’s wealth when she enters into marriage. That is why Indian traditional brides are loaded with gold- it represents their status and the wealth of their family. Although many wedding rings are now made of other materials, there is still a lot of gold on people’s fingers. Many women will wear only gold in their ears because of its non-allergenic properties. Much of the jewelry you see on the street may look like silver, but it is white gold. China has said recently that it is encouraging their private sector to invest in gold… i guess they consider that to be a better investment now than apartments in ghost cities. Gold has a future. I don’t think I will ever see it go past 5K in my lifetime unless we have Argentinian type inflation though.
          I see much greater potential for silver than gold at this point. It’s cheap. So cheap it is almost break even for the miners. Silver is just insurance though. Food and water are always going to trump anything else in an emergency

        • Yep bullets thats the best its money and protection and can take what your family needs but im sure there will be alot to scrounge up off of the dead troops

        • I’m glad someone commented on the actual topic of the artical. It’s too bad nobody will get here before they spend their life savings on gold and silver.

          These types of articals make me wonder how deep the corruption which we currently face goes.

          • If they spent their life savings on gold and/or silver, THEN THEY SHOULD STILL HAVE THEIR INVESTMENT…only they have it all IN THEIR HANDS, not in the bank waiting to be stolen, the next time the banks decide to give themselves a bonus.
            If you’re wondering how deep the corruption goes, then you probably might want to put some precious metals away for a rainy day.

          • and why would you spend your “life savings” on gold….why wouldn’t you spend, say, one fourth of your life savings to buy gold, and have the rest in cash under the mattress, or spend a fourth of it on arable land….diversify, people…it gives you options.

      23. Why do articles saying PM’s are going to the moon always quote PM salesmen for the proof? Conflict of interest?

        • Probably, but then again, I make my own decisions based off what I THINK, not what some dude says I should do.

      24. Yall better go read whats on Oathkeepers before making too much noise,,,
        Just sayin,
        Apparently the Hammonds dont want any of this shit.

        Add the usual prefix or on IOS just cut n paste

        • Check this as well,,,,

        • Kula:

          The Hammonds have been informed if the stir any shit they will be sent to prisons far from home and prisons that are terrible to be in.

          So, with that hanging over their heads, what would you say if you were one of the Hammonds?

          I am sure they are praying that in some point in time the BLM is taken to their knees.

          Are you not a 3 (111%) member Kula? Go read their blog. Our convoy was full of those brave men.

          • Definitely a wait and see,,,,

          • Oh, and yes i beilieve in III%
            But i also say STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!
            Also not stupid!

        • Kula, I think the Hammonds just want to go along to get along…Well, that thinking has emboldened the federals…AND, they and alot of other good folks are suffering for it. The corruption of these federal judges is unreal, coupled with the Agenda21 BS. Those in the west are being run off their land, they want to oust the small farmer / rancher and “restore” the land to the “rightful owners”…sure as hell ain’t gonna be the Indians…:( So, for those in the west and northwest, the time has arrived to stand or fold…

        • The Bundys have high jacked the patriot movement.

          • What a jokster you are, JS.

            Do you claim to be a part of the patriot movement? Have the Bundy’s hi jacked you?

            Would that you had 1/2 of those patriots balls……

      25. Any ham guys on here that can point a newbie in the right direction of 146.520 Mhz?

        Is this the equivalence of VHF marine channel 16 for hailing and distress? Or rather similar to ch 19 on CB?

        Been studying YouTube and internet links to repeaters in my area and learning a lot, curious about long range repeaters now too. It’s amazing how many repeaters are out there and openly available, a Baofeng 5watt radio with antenna upgrade makes for a cheap JIC back up to cell phones.

        • 146.52 is sort of a chat channel/meet and switch to another frequency channel. It is a simplex channel with no repeater connection, so a Baofeng or any other handheld will have very limited rang on that channel/mode.
          By “newbie” do you mean new HAM operator, or do you mean new to this list?

      26. Every time I see someone predicting $50 silver, it drops another buck. Let’s face it….we all know financial chaos is coming, but I suspect nobody knows the date.

      27. Obama coming back from Vacation.
        Says he is Fired Up.

        • The gates of hell are about to open…Coming to a town near you

      28. CNN just said he is doing a one-on-one interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Thursday PM should be interesting no matter how it goes.

      29. A Close Up Of The Market Ripple Which Stopped Stocks Tumbling At 11:01 am

        “A funny thing happened at 1101ET. Amid the deep plunge in stocks, ‘someone’ suddenly traded an enormous block of e-mini S&P futures which appeared to stall the sell-off (for now). This followed a similar (but smaller) block trade at 1042ET which also extracted all the liquidity from the market momentarily and enabled a brief rally.

        That is twice we have seen a big block followed by a rally in futures…”


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