This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    If a doctor tells you that his patient’s condition is swinging up and down wildly, is that a good sign or a bad sign?  Of course the answer to that question is quite obvious.  And if a doctor tells you that his patient’s condition is “stable”, is that a good sign or a bad sign?  Just like in the medical world, instability is not something that is a desirable thing on Wall Street, and right now we are witnessing extreme volatility on an almost daily basis.  On Thursday, the Dow was already down several hundred points when I went out to do some grocery shopping with my wife, and at the low point of the day it had fallen 611 points.  But then a “miracle happened” and the Dow ended the day with an increase of 260 points.  As I detailed yesterday, this is precisely the sort of behavior that you would expect during a chaotic bear market.

    As Fox Business has noted, bear market rallies are typically “sharp, quick and usually short”.  I figured that the momentum from Wednesday would carry over into the early portion of Thursday, so I was surprised when the Dow was down by so much as we neared the middle of the day.  But then around 2 PM we witnessed an extraordinary market surge

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted a 865-point swing in less than two hours. The blue-chip index had been down in mid-afternoon more than 500 points to cut the previous session’s gains in half, before bargain hunters and short covering turned a big decline into a modest gain.

    An 865 point swing in less than two hours is not “normal”.

    In fact, it is about as far from “normal” as you can get.

    Let’s talk about short covering for a moment.  During huge market downturns, speculators often try to make a lot of money very rapidly by shorting stocks.  But if momentum suddenly shifts, those short sellers can be caught with their pants down and the consequences can be quite dramatic.  The following comes from Marketwatch

    Indeed, market veterans warn that massive, one-day rallies are often more characteristic of downturns, occurring as selloffs lead to significantly oversold technical conditions that leave markets ripe for short covering only to give way to renewed selling once the frenzy of forced buying is exhausted. Investors who short a stock are essentially betting that its price will fall by first borrowing the shares, but those traders can be forced to buy shares back if prices suddenly swing higher, which, in turn, can amplify price swings.

    In addition, it appears that on Thursday there was more of the “forced pension rebalancing” that Zero Hedge has been talking about

    It certainly has the smell of a massive pension reallocation as the moment stocks started to surge, bonds were dumped

    No stock market crash in U.S. history has ever gone in a straight line.  There are always huge ups and downs during every market crash, and this market crash is no exception.

    Ultimately, there is no way that you can possibly interpret the behavior of the market in recent days as “healthy”

    Here’s the problem: as we discussed last night, since 1990, every comparable reversal – with a few exceptions – came during the 2008-2009 bear market.  According to Bloomberg data, in eight previous bear markets the S&P 500 experienced rallies of greater than 2.5% more than 120 times as the benchmark plunged from peak to trough. From the collapse of Lehman to the financial crisis bottom in March 2009, the S&P 500 rallied more than 4 percent on 13 different occasions.

    This is not the kind of price action you see in normal bull markets,” said Robert Baird equity sales trader Michael Antonelli. “This is just a face ripping short cover rally. I am 100 percent not saying we are in a situation like 2008 now, but look at October 10, 2008 to October 13, 2008: the market rose nearly 12 percent in one day. October 27 to October 28, 2008, it rose 11 percent.”

    Meanwhile, it appears that one of America’s most iconic retailers is about to go down in flames.

    For years I have been warning that Sears was eventually “going to zero”, and if a last ditch rescue attempt does not materialize by the end of the day on Friday, Sears will be liquidated

    The employer of more than 68,000 filed for bankruptcy in October. Its last shot at survival is a $4.6 billion proposal put forward by its chairman, Eddie Lampert, to buy the company out of bankruptcy through his hedge fund, ESL Investments. ESL is the only party offering to buy Sears as a whole, people familiar with the situation tell CNBC. Without that bid or another like it, liquidators will break the company up into pieces.

    But as Lampert stares down a deadline of Dec. 28 to submit his offer, he is quickly running out of time. As of Thursday afternoon, Lampert had neither submitted his bid, nor rounded up financing, the people familiar said.

    The inevitable demise of Sears could be seen from a mile away, and the same thing can be said about the country as a whole.

    Our debt-fueled standard of living has been propped up by the biggest debt binge in the history of the world, and Wall Street has been transformed into the largest casino on the entire planet.

    The entire U.S. economic system has become one huge Ponzi scheme, and all Ponzi schemes ultimately collapse.

    Right now, we are in the early stages of a game that is going to take some time to fully play out.  The pessimism that has gripped Wall Street is starting to spread throughout the general population, and many experts were stunned to learn that consumer confidence just declined for a second month in a row

    The confidence Americans feel in the economy fell for the second month in a row and touched the lowest level since last summer, perhaps a sign that worries about the 9 1/2-year U.S. expansion have spread from Wall Street to Main Street.

    The consumer confidence index dropped to 128.1 this month from a revised 136.4 in November, the Conference Board said Thursday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a 133.3 reading.

    If you have been a regular visitor to my websites, then nothing that will happen over the next few months should be a surprise to you.

    The inevitable consequences for decades of exceedingly foolish decisions are starting to roll in, and the bursting of “The Bubble To End All Bubbles” is going to be beyond excruciating.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Yeah algols bought the dip to the tune of 64 billion plus whatever the Plunge Protection team did. That volatility is not good for the average human investor’s nerves.

        Meanwhile it appears we have a month before the EBT cards fail due to the shutdown.

        Plus winter storms in various places knocked out power like Iowa, Louisiana, Texas, and the Dakotas. Then Centurylink went down causing a nationwide 911 outage. What do you bet criminals are seizing upon that opportunity? Cell phone and Internet outages are being reported as well.

        I’m sure that is all a coincidence….right.

        • To check outages, see istheservicedown. It’s constantly updated with reports and comments specifying areas. It’s alarming and I’m wondering if this is some sort of cyberattack?

          • There are reports of online banking and ATM outages as well.

            • Zerohedge is confirming that the Dept of Agriculture is indicating 38 million will not get EBT credits with the government shutdown. I believe in times past Congress took actions to ensure that was not the case.

              Plus there is a weird rumor that Hillary has been detained and of course there is no confirmation. She was last seen 12/26.

              • What will it take to wipe out those assholes that keep robocalling about chronic back pain or car warranties?

                • Don’t forget student loans. I’m in my 60s. I guess their algorithm that picks likely purchasers is flawed.

                  • Silver Stack in Place Check!!

                    Do you want absolute ownership in your Property? Consider a Land Patent.

                    WHY I SHOULD PATENT MY LAND
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                    To patent your land is to protect your land and enable you to keep your land, through thick or thin, in good times and in bad, no matter what. Such a person (patentee), and his heirs and assigns, FOREVER OWNS that piece of land WITHOUT ANY RISK OF LOSING IT, until it is voluntarily given away, sold, or otherwise disposed of. No local, state or federal government, bank, mortgage company or speculator can ever take it away!

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                    Everyone owning rural property has a land patent on their property, even you. It’s just that you don’t know it. All land disposed of by the government prior to 1930 was patented to an individual (who, I’m sure, has long since passed on), and that disposition was granted under various acts of Congress, such as the 1850 Oregon Donation Act—such patent, in pertinent part, states “to the patentee, his heirs, and assigns forever.” As a subsequent deed-holder via an equity interest in the property (you did pay for it, right?), you fall under the “assigns” category. THIS MEANS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS UPDATE THAT PATENT BY PUTTING IT INTO YOUR NAME.

                    Let me make this clear—a LAND PATENT does not forgive any debts you currently owe—that is not its purpose.

                    If you have a Warranty Deed in your name (containing the legal description of your property) and a surveyor’s/plat map of your property, you can patent your land, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE on your property.

                    • America was established so that a Citizen need not ever pay any tax, unless he wished to do so.

                      So what is the property tax?

                      It is an indirect tax, levied because you have voluntarily used government services, and also because your property has been classified as a commercial piece of property.

                      There is no law requiring a real property owner to record his property with the County Recorder. Don´t believe me. Go ask your Recorder or County Counsel. Therefore, when you do record your property, you are using government services which you are not required to use. Your property tax goes to pay for those services.

                      When you record your property, you enter into a Trustor/Trustee relationship, in which your real property has been transferred into a government trust, and you are given authorized permission to use their property (warranty deed).

                      Further, your property tax is based on a commercial classification which has been assigned to your real property. I guarantee you that your property has been classified as either agricultural, industrial, or residential. Each of these is commercial in nature (the legal definition of “resident” is a class of government official; residential is a house in which a government official lives).

                      There are three ways to lawfully opt out of property taxes: obtain allodial title, un-record your property, or have your real property re-classified as private.

                      Allodial title means supreme ownership. In the united States of America, all property is allodial in nature. This means that all property is subject to supreme ownership by the people. This also means that federal government activities which take private or public land to use for environmental or biosphere purposes, are illegally stolen from the people, who are their rightful owners.

                      If you can obtain allodial title to your real property, you will have effectively created an envelope in which you reign supreme (e.g. the King has allodial title to the castle and the kingdom). No zoning ordinances, easements, bureaucratic regulations, state or federal law have any effect on property held in allodium. Literally, you have created a kingdom in the midst of bureaucratic chaos, and you will never again receive any property tax assessments.

                      Needless to say, the government does not want you to obtain allodial title to your property, and they will actively work to prevent you from doing so.

                      There are three main steps toward acquiring allodial title. First, the property must be completely paid off. No mortgage, lien. or other attachment can exist.

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                      If you can successfully identify and pay off the public debt on your real property, then file the final filings with the County Clerk to obtain allodial title.

                      The process of un-recording your property is easier, though not quite as solid. It is based on the fact that you are assessed a tax based upon using government services (County Recorder) to which you are not entitled or mandated. The process involves transferring ownership to another party, notifying the County Recorder that a transfer has been completed, then having the property – after a reasonable time period has passed – transferred back into your name. If done correctly, the property is not recorded anymore, and there will be no further tax assessments.

                      A man in Massachusetts had 160 acres and wanted to give two of them to his son. He called the Tax Assessor and asked him to reduce his assessment to 158 acres. The Assessor did so.

                      The son never recorded his two acres. twelve and a half years passed. The son now wanted to borrow money on his two acres. The bank said they would loan him the money, but only if he recorded the property first. He wanted the money, so he recorded the property. Two weeks later, he received a property tax statement – for the current year only! The past twelve years went un-assessed – no tax!

                      ***I’m looking into this so I never have to pay property taxes again ever. Save this info..

                    • And trademark your name too. When a judge uses your name in court you can sue his ass. We got them coming and going.

                    • TSB, Thank you for both posts. They are very helpful to me especially at this time since I could soon become a victim of President Trump’s practice of Eminent Domain in the building of the $30 (minimum amount) Billion border wall. I will now take measures to insure he can’t take my land.

                      He has seized many properties in the past (for the two decades prior to becoming POTUS) to build his casinos and some of his golf courses too. So I am sure he’ll do the same with the wall, that is if the wall that Mexico will never pay for actually becomes a reality.

                      Thanks again. Sorry for posting as Anonymous (I am not really the Anonymous poster here) but don’t want to reveal who I am.

                  • Don’t forget student loans. I’m in my 60s. I guess their algorithm that picks likely purchasers is flawed.

                    No… a shit load of people are still paying their student loans well into their 60s….

                    That is how screwed everybody is.

                    Debt = Slavery

              • The Centurylink outages ended up causing phone outages in prisons and education departments in Idaho.

                • USAToday is reporting that the nationwide CenturyLink outage affected hospital patient records as well. It’s so serious that the FCC is investigating.

                  • Wish it could cause EBT card outages. That would be super.

                    • Oh ya that would be! And section 8 housing lol. And welfare and free medical welfare. Naggerz would be going APE lol.

                    • Infidel, if the shutdown lasts that long I’m going back to the BOL early.

                  • Reports of credit card machines down in Virginia. Reports of banking issues including ATMs in Montana.

                    • Who cares? If you don’t have cash your a LOSER. Or you could trade your metals for cash if need be. Don’t be a LOSER!

              • There is an unconfirmed report that former CIA Director John Brennan has been detained or arrested.

                Lots of strange things are happening all at once so some of these rumors may be disinformation. Be wary. You might want to top off supplies.

                • Drudgereport is reporting the IRS has 4400 firearms and over 5 million rounds of ammunition. Yet they think it’s abnormal if preppers have a thousand rounds when they have more than 1100 rounds per firearm.


                  • Those morons probably need that much ammo to hit anything.

                    • Genius, if those morons can even hit anything I’d be surprised.

                  • I read that the IRS has the mentioned items. They seized them from predominantly from people involved drug related crimes. They tend to not pay their taxes on proceeds from illegal drug sales. Then they have to keep the items they seize to provide defendants the opportunity to contest the sale or destruction of the items. They likely also have illegally modified guns in their possession but they won’t be going back to the criminals. So yes…the IRS has also of guns and ammo.

              • m says, “38 million will not get EBT credits”

                Google -> ebt riot

                Walmarts, in the blue states, probably didn’t last for 2 whole hours, when the computer had a glitch.

                • Beaumont, even without a shutdown and the funds being available that’s how vulnerable the EBT system is. Just one computer glitch and everything becomes “interesting”.

      2. Sears is an example of “Death by Management”. It pissed away a well developed distribution system and some very good brand names, by not adapting and in many cases overcharging for items.
        My example is this: I use the Sears web site for parts for my Sears appliances and Lawn stuff. Once I get the part number I need, I go on the web and find the part at often 1/4 the cost with cheaper or free shipping(most the time from Amazon).
        Why Amazon can do such a thing and Sears with all its resources cannot, is purely due to management.

        • Fuck Amazon I can’t remember when I last ordered anything it’s been that long. imnot a good consumer.

      3. made enough shorting the market to buy a car or three last 3 months, just waiting for the reflex rally to do it again and let it ride until I can pay off my mortgage.

        then they can go ahead and implement the collapse, living is real cheap with no debts.

        • aren’t you special.

        • Lena, have you canceled an offer to buy?

      4. Well, 40 years ago, as a young man, I brought my broken craftsman socket wrench for replacement.
        Was accused of abusing it and scolded before the manager reluctantly replaced it.
        Two years later, Same thing! This time they refused to replace it. I never went back!
        Good tools don’t break. Cheap crappy craftsman tools with a Bullshit replacement promise are worthless!

      5. Using medical terms I think we’re witnessing the V Tach before the V Fib.

      6. I will try not to do 5 posts in a row. Anyone checked out Jimmy Kimmel calling the Followers of our President Meth heads. I don’t watch that shit on network tv but something ought to be done to get him off the air. I’m guessing Johnny Carson is pissed.

        • Jimmy Kimmel is a cocksucking rainbow flag waving little faggot.

          • Come on now ! Don’t sugarcoat how it, tell us how you really feel .

            And yes, internet has been in and out this week in coastal
            South carolina

          • says the latent homo

            • Infidel is right. You just call him a homo because you think his dick tastes like shit lol!

        • sure would like to know what his rational thinking man show buddy thinks of him

        • Some of the cul de sacs, where townies live, are like Deliverance.

          Thinking of the toothless hillbilly, who lives on Dr. Pibb, pulling all nighters, in the small engine repair shop, and the AZ people on Borat.

          Objectivity requires a certain IQ. We usually say this about minorities.

      7. According to the book the secrests of the temple the banks create recessions which is when they make the most money picking the bones of the people clean. people lose their homes to the bank with all the equity in them The banks make out like the robber barons they are, fantastic profits taking back homes and other assets. mean while over 50,000 Americans die early due to stress, suicides etc millions of marriages fail etc. Over time the banks have killed more Americans than all our wars have. All to make money off the damn fools who put up with this each recession

        • Compared to Blackstone the banks are pikers.

      8. thehill fifteen minutes ago reported that President Trump signed an order freezing 2.1 million federal employees pay rates. This does not include the military.

        • Mara,
          I comment on “The Hill” a lot and the comments there are bat sh it crazy liberal. The Liberals are just exploding on this. For the first time in a long time the military that protects our freedom are just starting to get realistic raises, and the government that takes away our freedoms are asked to contribute to keeping the debt down.
          As a local plus,
          “The order also cancels the “locality pay increase,” which adjusts paychecks based on the region of the country where workers are posted.” Hopefully this will convince Feds in Hawaii to LEAVE!
          I also hope this motivates the union government people to re-join the private sector.
          BTW the average Federal worker makes far more than the average civilian worker.

          • As far as I am concerned, they can and should fire some federal employees. Congress knew that Free Trade practices destroyed the industrial base, so to make up for this, they hired more federal employees! Talk about crazy. And it is crediby difficult to actually fire them. This means that the only logical way is to freeze their pay and start downsizing them.

            The federal employees should experience the widespread MISERY that every American industrial worker had to endure through multiple downsizings since the early nineties. And based upon statistics, 90% of them are Democrats who are actively resisting President Trump. They are the swamp rats.

          • Rellik, my Dad is retired from IRS and draws a nice pension. Fedgov jobs are still the best jobs out there; best benefits and a nice pension if you stay in it long enough. For the past year in my area snail mail serviced has been spotty at best. USPS is having a big turnover; having trouble trying to keep people and it’s probably the same for the other govt. agencies. When the feds have trouble getting people you know something’s wrong somewhere.

      9. Zerohedge is reporting a major attack of hackers on US newspaper publishers. Is this related to all the other weird events?

        • That’s good! get rid of all those BS liberal rags!

      10. How about this behavior? Saturday night at the North Riverside, Illinois Mall, over 100 black “teens” rampaged through the mall. The police had to shut down the mall and chase everyone out. They then went to the nearest Jewel store and trashed it. Then they crossed over into Berwyn, Illinois and continued the mayhem. Later in Chicago, police report that two Chinese tourists were attacked by over 50 black “teens”. Probably some of the same group from North Riverside attacks. Only two arrests in North Riverside. Diversity. Embrace it.

        • Mac, try telling the truth. It’s fun. My name and IP address and email address are the same as always. 10 hours of moderation? So far.

      11. So a federal grand jury will hear testimony pertaining to the controlled demolition of the twin towers. About time the facts of this false flag were brought into the light. I wish them the best but I doubt this particular ham sandwich will get indicted:

        ht tps://

      12. Here’s a recipe for a good holiday drink I post on here every few years:

        ——————–APPLE PIE DRINK———————-

        64 oz apple cider
        48 oz apple juice
        4 cinnamon sticks
        4 whole cloves
        1 tbsp. vanilla (optional)
        1 cup brown sugar
        16 oz of Everclear or 180 proof vodka

        Mix juice, cider, sugar, cinnamon sticks and cloves together in large pan. Bring to boil. Shut off and let cool. Add alcohol and stir. Taste. Add more alcohol, more sugar, cinnamon to taste. Refrigerate. Makes about a gallon.

        Can substitute 2-3 cups of red hots instead of cinnamon sticks and sugar. Can substitute white lightnin’ for Everclear if you have some.

        Enjoy. This drink has a tendency to sneak up on you.

        • JRS, I use a very similar recipe. But I make 1 gallon of the juice mix and combine with 1 gallon of 100 proof shine. I use indonesian cinnamon sticks because they have a very nice mild flavor.

          • Hello Genius. That “180 proof vodka” must of been a typo. Most vodka is 80 or 100 proof. There is some Polish or Russian made vodka that is around 180, but I don’t think they sell it here.

            Do you lower the proof to 100 or is that what it comes out as?

            • I think he means moonshine. There are legal moonshines that have very high proof like one in Bardstown KY that is 160 proof. Actually there are amusing videos showing the Irish drinking them and how rapidly they get inebriated.

              Drink them responsibly.

              • Clear Springs pure grain ethanol is 190 proof and made in Kentucky.

                The Russians make make a 96% ethanol.

                I reckon these are like drinkin’ lighter fluid.

            • JRS, After running the heads off I run it till it’s 60 out of the pipe then save the rest as tails. The overall of the batch is usually right around 100-110. I don’t double distill because theres no need too.

      13. Zerohedge is running a story documenting retailers not accepting cash. They are pushing for a total credit society and microchipping and Yahweh help us if they pushfor social credit scores as they are doing in Communist China.

        With that system, your credit worthiness will be a function of being a good automoton who does what they are told and listens to the right propaganda and has friends who are similar and never makes a ruckus and never has firearms.

        The satanic globalists will do everything possible remove liberty and the bulk of humanity willbe entirely at their mercy.

        In other words, the constitutional republic and natural rights and Christianity and ancestral skills will be anachonistic thinking. Most will be enslaved: body, mind, and soul.

      14. Zerohedge is running a story documenting retailers not accepting cash. They are pushing for a total credit society and microchipping and Yahweh help us if they pushfor social credit scores as they are doing in Communist China.

        With that system, your credit worthiness will be a function of being a good automoton who does what they are told and listens to the right propaganda and has friends who are similar and never makes a ruckus and never has firearms.

        The satanic globalists will do everything possible remove liberty and the bulk of humanity willbe entirely at their mercy.

        In other words, the constitutional republic and natural rights and Christianity and ancestral skills will be anachonistic thinking. Most will be enslaved: body, mind, and soul.

      15. The UK Telegraph and CBN are reporting a 4000 % increase in transexuals among millennials. Many states and countries are pushing for crazy recognition of alternative genders on official documents. The same bunch is broke, unmarried, with a THIRD living in their parent’s basements. Not only do they lack proper jobs, and lack ancestral skills, but most can’t cook an egg or use a can opener.

        How will they survive the mildest interuptions due to weather or an economic depression or the end of rule of law? How can they when they routinely have hissyfits over pronouns and require safe spaces???

        • Well that will rid us of those turds. I hope they do die off.

      16. There are photos of full grocery carts in urban neghborhoods that were abandoned when the EBT system crashed or produced massive errors and thus these folks could not purchase anything. ‘Seems like it happened a couple of years ago.

        As preppers we can be part of the solution as mentors willing to help the ignorant OR be selfish and not help and be part of the problem.

        For example, a family of four with 2 adults and two older children according to the USDA can manage on $695 x 12 months = $8340. The maximum food stamp (EBT card credited amount) for a family of four is $640.

        I bet preppers can come up with a much cheaper and healthier alternative largely using dehydrated vegetarian food, some canned goods, and frozen meat, poultry, and fish. Perhaps even as low as $4170 if eating soup and stews and using a crock pot.

        That kind of sound practical frugal advice is invaluable during hard times. When people learn how to save money, especially items that are largely ideal for a pantry, then they have a measure of security. Secure people are less likely respond foolishly. More money means they can purchase tools and medical supplies.

        If the average American household income is $56,516 and people can whittle down their budgets beginning in small steps dramatically lower amounts, then they can afford to purchase a firearm and ammunition. Some can start making an extra month of a mortgage payment against the principle per year. Some will lose weight and start exercising and see overall health benefits. Some will buy a used bike and use it.

        Or we can waste time and mock the ignorant which accomplishes nothing.

        • BULLSHIT! If these people had any desire to learn or have tools or have a bike they would have it! All that stuff is cheap. If they gave 1 iota about having food backup they would have it. They are WILLFULLY IGNORANT, it’s not by fate it’s by stupidity and laziness! By giving them shit you only make it worse! Most of these people you are refering to have smart phones, big tv’s, and a plethora of other shit they don’t need! Make them cancel cable tv and 100 a month cell phones and the new car with payments. I have been DAMN poor in my life and I never went without (hardly). Saving money is something you either learn to do or die. Like giving money to the starving naggers in afrika, you only make it worse by empowering them to keep breeding like roaches! They are too stupid to learn, not ignorant but all out STUPID! I want these morons culled… fuck them. Invite them to YOUR house for dinner OK?



          • Genius, AMEN to that post. I was pretty damn poor myself for many years. I went without a lot of stupid things that I called luxuries. I saved money for things that I knew mattered the most, like keeping my car running, prepping although my prepping was a lot slower and sparse in those days. No loans or credit cards for me, even to this day. Ever since my income started increasing my prepping started increasing in increments, like learning how to walk. Being debt-free I can and still do buy more preps at one time so I can prep faster than any of the damn sheeple out there. You hit the nail right on the head about saving. If you don’t learn how to save money, you’re toast.

        • ht tps://

        • Maranatha, good points but as preppers we take responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s all I can do to take care of me and my own. In principle, it’s OK to try to teach other people about prepping but whether they’ll listen to you is another question. Like Genius said earlier you can lead people to knowledge but you can’t make them think. I know because I’ve tried in years past without any success. People are going to do whatever they usually do. There’s no changing it.

          • What if Jesus and the twelve disciples said that “all I can do is take care of me and my own”?

            Where in the Bible does it say to only take care of your own?

            Note advise and mentoring are not handouts. See Galatians 6:5.

            • There is no proof jesus existed for one. The buybull has been edited and rewritten for over 2000 years. The buybull is not the true law of the universe. Yes charity has good karma points but I only do charity for people that deserve it.

              • Sorry Hoss, you are wrong. There are almost no reputable historians who deny that Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha Mashiach) lived and was crucified.

                He’s mentioned in the writings of Josephus as well.

                The Bible is the most thoroughly authenticated series of documents in human history with an enormous amount of papyri as primary sources.

                No historian of merit disputes this. It would be absurd because if you tossed out the Bible with its vast sources, then every ancient text with scant primary sources would be tossed out as well.

      17. This is exactly kind of behavior you would expect from the prophet under these circumstances

      18. WEIRD…the US military posted a tweet they are “ready to drop something” and including a photo of bunker busters being released, then abruptly deleted the tweet.

        Something is up…

        • ht tps://

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