“This Is An Emergency Action Notification… Your Channel Has Been Force Tuned” Overtakes TV Stations For Thousands of Viewers

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Headline News | 410 comments

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    Thousands of viewers in Atlanta, Austin and Dallas had their television service overtaken by the national Emergency Action Notification system today. According to Fox Engineers, the EAN can only be activated by the President of the United States, prompting questions about to how the system was able to force tune regularly scheduled programming when no emergency had been declared.

    A statement from AT&T U-verse says the company is trying to figure out how and why the EAN system was activated on their network:

    “Earlier today U-verse TV customers may have received an Emergency Alert notification. We have confirmed that there is no emergency at this time and we are investigating why this occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

    Viewers who saw the message appear on their television captured screen shots and sent them to local news stations and news web sites:


    Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson notes:

    The Emergency Alert System is mandatory by law – stations have no control or power to block the signal once it is sent out by the federal government. Broadcasters are required to install and maintain FCC-certified EAS decoders and encoders at their control points, meaning the signal cannot be switched off or interrupted.

    How sensible is it that the feds ‘mistakenly’ sent out an emergency alert – potentially causing panic – amidst national concerns about the Ebola outbreak in the United States?

    The United States has several Emergency protocols that allow the government to take over communications systems at the behest of the President.

    In 2010 Congress heavily pushed legislation that would have given the President authority to shut down the internet in the event of an emergency such as cyber attack targeting America’s financial system. The bill expired before a vote was taken, but it is believed by many that America’s domestic security agencies have already  developed and implemented an “internet kill switch” that would, among other things, give the government complete control of data across the public internet, including the ability to take major internet access points offline.

    Cell phone networks have also been augmented to include Emergency Alert systems that can be initiated by the government. At Watson notes, the system malfunctioned in 2011 when messages sent to cell phone users warned their owners that they needed to take shelter because of an imminent catastrophe.

    According to a report from 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have the capability to shut down entire cell phone subscriber blocks by working in tandem with device manufacturers and mobile phone companies. Hackers who infiltrated FBI records found lists that included the device identifiers, phone numbers, and address books for 12 million Apple subscribers. The infiltration suggests that the FBI has specific details about users and the networks they use to communicate, prompting fears that they could initiate this “geo fence” technology to shut down or overtake cell phone service in a specific city, region or the entire country.

    Though Americans currently enjoy the ability to freely utilize their televisions, computers and cell phones as they see fit, during a nationally declared emergency everything can change within seconds.

    Technology such as what the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security has implemented could potentially be used to not only alert Americans of potential emergencies, but to redirect the messages that are being broadcast to the public. Specifically, they now have complete access to shut down any news, information, videos or citizen reports that run contrary to the government’s narrative.

    Those concerned with the possibility of losing communications with loved ones in an emergency should consider implementing alternate communication protocols.


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      1. This is a test, this is only a test. Please return to your regular PROGRAM.

        • This is why I have “alternative” communication and information resources, including amateur radio.

          • I doubt the gov has much to say that I’d want to hear anyway. Most likely any announcement of impending disaster would be after the fact.

            • After looking at drudge tonight, I wonder how much more certain individuals with conviction n balls can take?

              • I think we need to be figuring out what was to be broadcasted during that period of time, that the government really didn’t want us to see. They blotted out something. We need to know what it was.

                • hackers did this. Think of the implications here and how chaos would happen from a sinister or terror message was broadcast. You know how many sheep would do as instructed? All hell could break loose in 3, 2, 1..

                  • I agree. It could be that we got hacked.

                  • not just any hackers …. Obammy Black Ops hackers preparing for an a BS martial law attempt …. or the N Koreans, Chinese, Russian, Iranian preparing to take advantage of a US that rudderless ….

                  • ISIS hacked an Internet Network a few weeks ago in the Sarasota Area in Florida. When you went to log onto people websites in the area, all that showed was the ISIS Flag.

                    So was this a False Flag? Bwhaaaaaaaaa

                    Seriously look for more of this from various sources. Don’t believe what these false publications say. Be skeptical.

                • Or maybe they are just getting everything ready– “this is an emergency– go to your local FEMA camp and wait instructions– ebola out of control– this is where to go for innoculations…”

                  • Think of the panic Orson Welles caused with his War of the Worlds broadcast. Same thing here, people will be jumping out of buildings.

                  • @John W

                    They already are jumping out of buildings. Last banker jumped a week ago.

              • Nothing is real anymore.

                • Bingo! It’s all Mind F(*^

            • I don’t know about yours, But my TV has already been taken over by worthless garbage.

              • I wish they’d take over the “Real Housewives” channel. Then maybe I’d get to watch football on the big screen TV!

                • I didn’t know such a channel existed, but perhaps that’s because I don’t even watch it in the first place. Sounds like you know all about it LOL.

              • I dropped TV and only watch Youtube. I watch/listen to various independent financial shows and bunches of self sufficiency stuff.

                There is so much liberal BS shoved into supposedly conservative movies, I don’t care to watch anymore.

                  • Uh Oh.. he is referring to the J word for TV executives. Watch the red thumb J tribes flag it.

                  • WhoWudda, why are you so mean? I’d hate to be around you.

                  • What? I thought it was the peoples airways and now I find out scum sucking whores who aided and abetted crimes against humanity, who’s personal hands are at least partly responsible for the deaths of millions own them, and you say these are Americans?

              • Paranoid. That spam hack Honwy BooBoo virus was finally extracted off the boob tube. I hear eppe is in a sudden state of depression.

                • Only a coward hides behind the Anon moniker, come out and give yourself a real name, or are you too scared to do so???
                  Thought so, idiots who cannot face the true truth, as usual…

                • Really tired of this troll bullshit. If you don’t like something, express a legit opinion. Otherwise, fuck off, Anon.

              • Dropped cable 4 years ago, don’t miss it a bit. Nothing but 150 channels of crap, I think I only enjoyed 5 or 6 channels.

                Saved about $3,000 getting rid of it, over the 4 years. Certainly makes getting through the month a bit easier not having to shell out $75 for the TV signal.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

                A lot of bu;ll shit.

                Ever hear of a “limited hangout?”

                When you give 90% real info like in the public domain and 10 % BS.

                Lay off MY guy Eppe.

                You scum.

                One day we will find out who you really are, justice time bud.

            • Eureka! May not be a cure for ebola…BUT! I located a Cure for the common Cold! Yep right here is the Rabbis talmud Text verse advice to CURE common cold!

              At tractate Gittin 69b the Torah teaches that the cure of a head cold is to “take (Eat) the excrement of a white dog kneaded with balsam.”

              Tractate 666 by Rabbi Condor…To Cure Migrane head ache, use Excrement from a Black Kitty Kat, mixed with Pine cones! (Do Not try This at home folks!)

              HERES Info on Adam in Garden of Eden…

              At tractate Yebamoth 63a the Torah teaches that “Adam had intercourse with all the beasts and animals” in the Garden of Eden.

              That takes a Lifetime of deep talmudic study to become a certified Rabbi?…Very Preverted eh…no wonder Todays TV shows and sit coms and comedy acts with their peoples are so damn perverted with their every joke or smart assed remarks revolving around Piss-Shit-Faggots-Dykes-lezbos, and sex with animals right?

              I think Fox TV news needs to stop exposeing the mooslims Koran verses over and over on jihadist killer teachings, and perhaos concentrate a few fox news shows discussion’s more on the Rabbis Talmud teachings…Because I think such perverted talmudic teachings are doing far greater non stop dammages to american people than any Koran verses can Ever acomplish in Ten lifetimes.

              That old 1500 ad era Popes statement i posted in This thread, sure pegged the rabbis et al correctly eh…

              Eat dog crap to cure a cold?…And it Has to be a white dogs crap?…Amazeing!

              PS: Imagiane what them rabbis teach to use as shampoo! I am afraid to Look for That verse!!

            • Well you know like any business, TV stations satellite dishes can also be hacked and taken over. Sounds like “WHITE HAT” Would not be hard to transmit a new packet filled with code, of your favorite show rerun if you wanted with the right skills. Imagine 24/7 of eppe’s cut and paste jokes.

              • Imagine no WWTI.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                After that post there is slightly more hope for you. Eppe could make millions with a new comedy channel. You know you are proof that every squirrel no matter how slow gets a nut every now and then.

                • Looks like eppe’s band of “Closet Gay” Joke and photo swap club, are attempting a take over of this site with red Thumbs. If you do not offer any relevant information to help the people on this board then you are doing a disservice to Mac. BTW/no matter how much you obsess over me, I am not joining your Closet Gay joke and photo swap club. BTW/ Eppe is a loser just like you immature Mike Barney Fife in VA. Now put your bullet back in your pocket Barney and write some parking tickets.

                  • RE: Last Silver Article: helot- Sierra Dave brought up a good point. Here is his post.

                    helot says:
                    Comment ID: 3254380
                    October 25, 2014 at 3:10 am
                    Sawyer water filters irritate me. In the instructions they say something like, DO Not let it freeze.
                    Does this mean if I put it in the back of my car and it freezes, it’s worthless?
                    I’ve never found an answer to that question.

                    Helot, I think what Sawyer is referring to is that once you start using it as a filter and water remain in the filter that if the filter was exposed to freezing temps the moisture inside could freeze and expand ruining the integrity of the filter. Something the Folk up North need to keep in mind. Once you uses your water filter never let it freeze. Another reason to have back up and multiple filters. I suggest that in the winter stick to boiling water, it will purify it and drinking it will also warm your body core up from the inside. Good Question. I will have to look at the instructions for that and confirm with the company. Thanks WWTI.

                  • whowuddathunkit

                    Now I am upset. I had such hi hopes for you. Maybe now I should try go give you a class on anger management. It may help your post on here. In fact that is a great idea.

                  • Somebody bann this nasty person please.

            • WhoWuddaThunkit

              I as your teacher am telling you not to also. I know you are a little slow. After reading three post where you were trying to be helpful two articles ago I realized there is some hope for you. I just need several years to teach you and give you some wisdom. At least I think I have done a little good so far. There is hope even if it is only a little bit.

              • Look Mike Fag in VA how about you come down here, for your free knuckle sandwich MMA style.

                • WWT

                  Temper Temper. Will work on that part of your life too.

                  • Ooohh, the FBI, now I’m really scared. What a minute, isn’t this the same agency that has nearly 200 personnel working alongside the BATFE and state officers up in Pennsylvania looking for one (1) guy for over six (6) weeks now, that agency? For a minute there you had me frightened. Time to break out the old CB and Ham radios, those comm-devices that these super-troopers can’t block.

                  • Mike in VA. How about you take your ugliness elsewhere? Who Wudda seems to give a lot of good advice. Your banter reflects negativity. Who. Gave you a green thumbs up. Thankyou on the filter info. Will prep a pot for water boiling.

                • WWTI, you make a valid point about not leaving any water filters exposed to freezing temps. I tried out 2 Sawyer filters at my cousin’s BOL back in Aug. and they gave me some of the best tasting water I ever had in my life, even better than my Katadyn. I wonder if helot has tried using it yet. You never want to leave ANY brand of water filter exposed to freezing temps. Also,get your water from a creek or any other RUNNING source. NEVER TRY TO FILTER WATER FROM A POND. the filter cannot eliminate everything from pond water. you will definitely get sick from pond water.

            • At what point did Justice, become merely ‘due process’? What point did that due process stop being a process of justice?

              The Justice of strongmen is domination. The due process of madmen is naked force.
              The trials and juries of mobs are blind violence.
              …What is one mans justice, but another mans subjugation?

              There can only be Freedom or enslavement.
              Everyone must be free, or one day, no one will.

            • Cops have marked themselves and hopefully will be the first ones shot by patriots when it begins

            • I told him if he did contact anyone to not tell them what he told us here… but rather just to say he felt like crap…

              The establishment sucks!!! “Black is white and white is black”… if you do “the right thing” you get punished and if you do the corrupt thing, you get rewarded…

              No wonder the young American Indian student got depressed and did what he did– must be really hard on young people nowdays, who already have to deal with raging hormones… but also have to deal with a “1984” type society.

            • For someone who has only been here 10 months, he sure has posted too many things, here is one of his first, which was informative, but has gone downhill since. Second post shows how he thinks. What else can one say.
              Climb out my ass, wwti, you are a legend in your own mind, and you still want to whoop my ass? You need to show respect for us old timers, we were here before you ever graced our presence. Catch my drift???
              WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 2901282
              January 6, 2014 at 7:42 pm
              Everyone needs to go check this website out:
              GO TO: http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ and locate the Nuke Plant facilities in your area. This is an interactive map that updates every 5 minutes for the radiation exposure that is being emitted. As you can see on the Map of the US, radiation is trending up at a Nuke facility in Tennessee. Copy and put this website link on your Cell Phone to be mobile. If there is a Nuke Accident in your area, you want to evacuate and go UP-Wind and far away and as soon as possible. Wind direction is very important so you are not exposed to the Nuke fall out. And also have your own potassium iodide per person, ready to start taking 1 to 2 times a day. Check the dosage instructions. Good Luck!!

              WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 2910931
              January 15, 2014 at 7:54 am
              How about: “You may be able to break into my house, but you will never leave alive.”

              • Yeah the dude is a in-the-closet narcissist.
                Not me. anyone asks I tell em nice and loud.
                Eppe just keep doing your thing, laughter is a blessing these days so thank you.. Anonymous internet comments don’t count for much anyway.

          • Off Topic…

            New York, New Jersey Begin Mandatory Quarantines In Ebola Response

            “Despite the constant confirmation that New York “is prepared, and has been prepared for months” for an Ebola outbreak (that is extremely difficult to catch apparently), it appears Governor Cuomo and NJ’s Christie are more concerned than they are letting on.

            Having earlier admitted that the CDC’s screening guidelines are “insufficient” for New York regions’ population density, Reuters reports that Cuomo and Christie are considering “enhanced screening” where “ALL healthcare workers will be mandatorily quarantined.”


              • that is interesting. but if those 2 states can quarantine peeps to protect their population why cant other states like those on the border keep peeps out ?which could keep those illegal immigrants from coming over? I know its 2 separate things but is similar also ?
                lol I mean even importing animals require vaccines and shit but people who are illegally crossing the border get a free ride? no vaccine /no check on health etc . just my thoughts been awake a long time atm from work

            • SOoo ….. Whats new?

              • Re: From the last Silver Article,

                Mountain Trekker says:
                Comment ID: 3254301
                October 25, 2014 at 1:05 am
                WWTI want to contribute something constructive to the folks. You write good comments sometimes, I just don’t usually agree. Anywho how about elaborating on the difference between Cover and Concealment.

                For the Newbees, there is a difference between Cover and Concealment.

                COVER: is actually taking a position behind a solid barrier that will stop bullet rounds.

                CONCEALMENT: is just masking your position like hiding behind a Bush in camo wear but will not stop a bullet round.

                So the best position when the bullets start flying is to be behind both Cover and Concealment.

                Placing some sand bags as a barrier then covering them up with branches to conceal it will give you both cover and concealment. Sandbags are a great bullet stopper up to a .50 Cal.

                Thanks MT, WWTI

                • WWT

                  Now that was an exceptional post. It is like you have two personalities. Thank you for this post because it helps people.
                  Maybe you are schizophrenic.

                • Yeah WWTI Thanks, I had been thinking about making a comment about the difference between Cover & Concealment, many really don’t know there is a difference and when you mentioned it in your comment yesterday, I just thought it would be a good opening to elaborate on it. Another point on concealment that some mistake for cover is hiding behind a wall and shooting around a doorway, good concealment, but bad cover. Thanks again. Trekker Out.

            • KY MOM, I came across a good Video. Another reason to stock up on Colloidal Silver to fight off the Ebola Virus.

              “Cure for Ebola Confirmed by Sierra Leone, But Why Such Opposition by FDA?”

              It is becoming more obvious that the FDA wants to keep people dependent on their Human Manufactures Frankenstein Toxic Concoction drug lines, and just dismisses natural products. No surprise here as the Fix is in. Good Video-

              Also anybody out there taking bucket loads of Pharmaceutical Drugs, start wiening your way off of them and switch to natural products. These Pharm Drugs are so toxic to your liver. And destroys so many other parts of your body due to high toxicity.

              • WWT

                You must have taken your medication. I am so proud of you my friend. Keep up the good posting.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

                Thank you!

                From the video…
                “At this point, every option to treat Ebola, both pharmaceutical and natural, remains experimental. So why is this one option being met with so much resistance?”

                If people find out this treatment works, then the gov. won’t be able to push a vaccine as the only option.

              • I finally got a PPm tester and started getting our CS made right. I took 2 oz’s a day for a week and a half with ppm being 20+. Guess what? I have been in hell all week, sick as hell. We thought maybe it was herxheimer after the 2st dr on thursday said I tested negative for strep throat, but still wanted to start me on amoxycillin. But wife wanted me to see another dr for 2nd opinion on Friday before I start popping antibiotics when we dont even know whats going on. dr on friday said I tested positive for strep…..I am still sick and have been miserable for 5 days.

                This leads me to quite a few questions.

                With taking 2 oz a day of 20+ PPM colloidal silver, how the F*** did I catch anything?

                Am I an anomaly?
                Is CS all bullshit and a psychological placebo for those who think it works?

                I am lost and confused and frustrated here.

                • 20 PPM is not much. My tapwater contains 130 ppm of various dissolved minerals, and that’s not much either. Try upping it to 200-500+ ppm then report back.

                  • You probably already know this, but you must use distilled water….muy importante…


                  • @BJ take a pic and send it to me when you turn blue from drinking too much silver. Try mega doses of vitamin C instead.

                  • @Dave,
                    I have been taking 5,000 mg’s of EmergenC a day

              • Ah… but the profits would be fabulous for Rumsfeld (who has enormous amounts of stock in the pharmaceutical industry) if a vaccine were to become available…

                Remember during Bushwipes’ presidency (if you can call it that– more of a comdey show)… but during his term of comedy relief presidency, the soldiers were required to get vaccinated and many were becoming sick and balking about taking the shit? Well, old Rumsfeld felt kind of good about it!!

              • Good post, whowudda… but you mis-spelled weening… its not “wiening”.

                • No, it’s weaning….

            • next– mandatory vaccinations.

            • Didn’t FEMA order a heap of bodybags and PPE just recently ?

              Makes one wonder ???

            • cuomo and christie in response to the so-called ebola crisis are going to have mandatory gun confiscations.

              Does anyone else think is strange that most of these people in the US who are supposed to have ebola get well and walk out of the hospital when the death rate is 70%….???

              • @ 21 Bravo – Seriously? I have not heard that.
                Can you please provide a link to your information.

                I agree with you 100%, ebola does have a 70% death rate,
                and I don’t understand how these people who have contracted it, suddenly get better.?

          • Many of the alternative sources are becoming as corrupt as MSM. And you don’t think amateur radio has their fare share of shills, designed specially to misinform?

            Even if one seemingly “owns” the information/knowledge, i.e. understands it theoretically and experientially, doesn’t mean it’s true, even if one thinks/feels one is being hit over the top of the head with it (from an outside source).

            Does anybody really know anything about Ebola? Only what the various Sources (MSM and alternative news and personal contacts) seem to be telling us. Even then, does one still believe what one reads/hears/sees?

            It’s my belief that we humans are capable of cognizing the Truth. We have the capacity, but not always necessarily the clarity, to discern the real from the unreal. Our 5 senses can’t be trusted. But our 6th can. And when the time comes and social turbulence is at an all time high. it will be the intuition that will navigate us through the veritable mind fields of chaos and mayhem potentially rising up on all fronts. Somebody tells us something, even if they are a friend and the information just doesn’t “feel” right. Who or what are we going to believe, them or our 6th sense?

            Thats when things are going to get interesting, very interesting, especially when our lives are on the line.

            • European American

              I expect we will all step into some kind of shit storm. Yes that sixth sense and that Deja Vu type of feeling around the corner.
              You know you are there when all the bullshit stops.

              • Slingshot.

                Have had that feeling for a few months now. I hope everyone stays focused and is doing whatever they can to get last minute preps. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

                • Gee Mike in VA. Split personality? Tell us what you Pray for or about? LoL

                  • Hank

                    Sure it would be my pleasure. I pray that all on here are prepared. Pray that the good lord keeps them safe and blesses them. I pray that I have the faith, and wisdom to help my family and others. I ask forgiveness for my sins. I ask that I do the good lords will and not my own. Those are just some things I pray for daily. I just prayed for you my friend.

                    I only have a split personality when it comes to whowuddathunkit. Hey on here if you can’t take it don’t dish it.

                    Hope you are having a great day my friend and hopefully I have blessed you in some way.

                  • Mike in VA. I think you are just a loudmouth Jackass. You are no Christian. You do need to pray more for you sre a hypocrite sinner.

                  • Hank

                    No I will just pray for you my friend. I also ask forgiveness for my sins daily.

            • European American,

              A few years ago, an allgedly top tier alternative news aggregator was seeking people who would write for them on a commission basis with potential to become in-house staff.

              OK, I spent a few days researching a topic of choice. It was about how more and more (even back then) of the alternative media were all pumping out pretty much the same ten or so stories every day. Next day same thing, and so on…

              Did I get the job? Nope, not even a reply acknowledging receipt of the meticulously researched paper from my then 5000+ article library that I had of stories from alternative media sites. (Now that library has more than doubled.)

              Incidentally, if you find an article you like online, I recommend using print pages to pdf addon for firefox. (I have no commercial interest or connection to the companies, BTW.) Then when the library reaches the approximate size which fills up a blank data DVD, back up the articles for future use. Now if only I had time to create a proper index for them, that would be something…

              I totally agree with your statements about discernment. “Trust your gut” is something I instill in my child by reminding him often during our daily hour of discussing world events – often asking questions about how and why.

              Pray prep and pay attention!

              Old Libertarian

            • I don’t go by the media, European, I read the book, “the Hot Zone” many years ago, and so I KNOW how bad Ebola is… the MSM is feeding us bull shit. (Excuse my French!)

              Also, another good place to go to is “raconteur report” website… (written by a doctor and makes very good sense– unlike the politicians, CDC, and the MSM).

          • You win.

            HAMS have had global communications for the last 100 years.


            …words Udo Ulfkotte says that he was “taught to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public.” http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/10/16/cia-owns-everyone-significance-major-media/

            As a former Wall Street Journal editor, Business Week columnist, columnist for the Scripps Howard News Service, columnist for a German magazine and French and Italian newspapers, I observed and experienced the gradual impoundment of any dissent from Washington’s line. It became clear that the path to journalism success in the West was to lie for the Establishment in Washington, largely a private establishment along with the dark off-budget “security” agencies bolstered by the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony.

            Much of Russian media and Putin’s advisors are fully aware of Washington’s media campaign to defame President Vladimir Putin. http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/756160 The internet site Russia Insider today asked the pertinent question: “Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin?” As Russia Insider makes clear, the answer is most certainly. http://russia-insider.com/en/politics_media_watch/2014/10/24/04-54-03pm/cia_running_defamation_campaign_against_putin

            Click the URL above and view the front pages of the UK Sun, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express. I would bet that these are front pages designed in Washington or Langley and are in fact paid ads by the CIA or National Endowment for Democracy or by one of the Republican or Democrat organizations that sponsor Washington’s overseas propaganda.

            • …see: its not a matter of “liberalism”… the whole pot and cabuddle is corrupt!

              “neoconservate ideology of US world hegemony”(NWO).

        • It was a test alright. They are getting ready for something big.

          • Nathan, I agree and smell a MEGA false-flag. To everyone, it’s a safe bet that we’ll lose the internet at some point. Before I discovered the wonderful world wide web back in 2005, my primary source of information was my shortwave radio which I still listen to on occasion. I kept it for backup all these years because I had the nagging feeling that someday TPTB would pull the plug on the net. I have 2 Grundig SW receivers with single-sideband [SSB] capability stored in a metal trash can faraday cage [home depot for $25] with packing bubbles as insulation [fedex or UPS store]. I highly recommend a portable shortwave radio with the SSB capability to pick up amateur broadcasters which will be another source of information. Most likely our AM and FM stations will either be hijacked by the FCC or be ‘out of service’, so that leaves foreign broadcasters as the only sources of information to give us some idea of where we will stand. Radio Shack carries some radios for under $200 or you can go http://www.universal-radios.com which carries a much wider variety of radios and the prices will vary. You will need a good external antenna [ wire to run to a tree out in the back yard like I have to give better reception]. Also, it’s essential to stock up on batteries for the radio in case of power outage. If the net goes down, that is sure to be a signal that something is up.

            • RB,
              There was some exercises in the North east this week , that’s where I would expect something like this to happen . This is puzzling that command can only be implemented by a a single command site in northern Virginia . We had an excercise at work on Friday with the NJ national Guard , local LEOs and NJ state police . It lasted 2 hours and was built around an active shooter situation , it went to hell quick the active shooter turned out to be an assault team of 12 armed with automatic weapons including a pickup truck set up as a ” technical ” assault vechicle be decked with ISIL flags and a Degtyaryov on a pintile mount in the bed, all were dressed as islamic insurgents . We took an absolute pasting in the AAR (after action report) , it was a very realistic excercise with hollywood squibs planted in locations to simulate bullet strikes ( when this first occured it was unexpected and I hit it HARD on asphalt ! Popped smoke and got the hell out of there at a low crawl , I had reservations about it being fake at that point all 8 of us retreated to a road side ditch and Di Di ‘ed out of there post haste. ( I am getting to old for this S**t!)
              We found out the actors were US Navy seals . Talk about feeling inadeqit.
              Other than that it’s not been a busy week . LOL
              Clearly the government is expecting something , one of my supervisors , a Vietnam Vet who came back into service after retirement for consulting and training said he has the same feeling he had just before TET. Clearly the next few weeks are going to be tense , PAY ATTENTION ,

              We are entering a very dangerous time top off your preparation supplies and any last minute items . At this point I have been concentrating on consumables , ie mountain house for long term , canned items for shorter term , buying a box of bang food a week to top off my supply ( .22 still scarce in my A.O I am not paying $45.00 for a brick no way.)

              Anthing could happen , EBOLA , FERGUSON, MARKET COLLAPSE , what worrys me is the ones we do not see or imagine like the “Technical ” with the Degtyaryov in the excercise , that is what keeps me up a night , prepare for a wide range of possibilities , no one can be prepared for it all .
              Like we learned in “Corps” no plan survives first contact, you resort back to training and muscle memory, TRAIN PREPARE FORM TEAMS ,
              Trust in a just God.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Night

                Sounds like you had one heck of a drill. I bet everyone learned a lot from it. Also makes things so interesting. Regarding being to old. I feel your pain as I set here exercising my knee. It is getting better daily. I cannot wait to get back to Krav Maga. In all things like this it comes down to muscle memory. I am very lucky regarding .22 ammo. Two friends gave me bricks for Christmas before the school shooting and that added to what I already had.
                Training against seals or any other op 4 that is so good always makes us better. I like sparring with someone who is much better than me because I learn so much.

                Keep you head down man. Praying for you. Thanks again for your post and trying to help us all.
                Us old guys are going to have to carry the load when the shtf. Hopefully we can do it.

              • Night Breaker, I’m hearing the same thing from certain sources in my area. I have another supply run to the BOL in GA planned for around Christmas, but I get the feeling I’ll be bugging out before then. The period between the midterm elections and the holidays will be very tense. I’m concentrating on more supplies, hoping to buy another weapon or two before heading back to GA, but it all depends on what the hell happens. These shooting incidents ramping up are definitely making me nervous. I’m hearing a rumor Obama may issue an EO on amnesty for the illegal aliens and maybe some other EOs on “gun control”. I’ve been in touch with the family at the BOL and they’re worried about me staying where I’m at. I told them I’ll be coming when the time is right. Where I’m at now is where my job, home, and livelihood are. Still gotta work and pay the bills while there’s still some semblance of normality. Most of my supplies are already in a storage building at the BOL. what little I have left with me can fit in the truck along with the extra gas cans. As you said, anything can happen now. if I make to GA in time, I’ll be with family and we’ll survive whatever is coming. Take care.

              • What town in NJ did this exercise take place in..???

                • 21 bravo ,
                  It a military base , south,jersey air national guard .

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Atlanic City, where the FAA has an office.

            • RG, You only discovered the www Internet in 2005? lol No wonder you enjoy eppe’s shallow cut n paste jokes. A few brains cells shy of a snail I see. Yes the internet has been kicking since about 1991-92 for the General Public.

              Now this is funny: BH says – To everyone, it’s a safe bet that we’ll lose the internet at some point. Before I discovered the wonderful world wide web back in 2005, my primary source of information was my shortwave radio which I still listen to on occasion

              Now that is funny… coffee is flying…….bwhaaaaaaaa

              • WhoWuddaThunkit

                Oh know. You forgot to take your medicine I see. After all of my training you have gone back to your old ways. Maybe we should call in a psychiatrist. They probably have never seen anything like you. Hopefully they will tell me there is hope even with someone who has such a low IQ.
                Don’t worry my buddy. No matter what they say I will not give up on trying to turn you into a nice guy. ( With a sense of humor too ). I don’t give up even when the job is this tough. Especially for a friend. Can we be friends?

              • WWTI, I won’t even be mean to you this time. Think about this. What if you got up one morning, went to your computer, turned it on, and NOTHING at all happened? It’s more than the internet. We can still lose the grid due to EMP, CME, etc. Any one of a number of things can bring on SHTF. I have always expected a series of events to lead up to the balloon finally going up. I was simply recommending keeping a shortwave radio as alternative communications which could end up being anyone’s only source of information. WWTI, you are a strange one. While you have made some good posts offering some good survival tips, at other times you lash out at eppe for no good reason. maybe you have a split personality. I still believe we’ll eventually lose the internet one way or another so I have my alternative communications in place ready to go. If you want to be a fool and not have backup communications, go ahead.

            • Any good frequencies to listen to? I have a SW radio and can’t get good intel. I’ve tried many frequencies from searches on the web, but nothing really useful was found.

              • Weather Channels:
                Each NOAA transmitter covers roughly 40 miles from the device site. About 80 percent of the United States is included in the NOAA transmitter area. Typically, the weather alert agency’s broadcasts are on air 24-hours a day and updated when special warnings or hazards become apparent. During times of severe weather, amateur HAM radio operators contact the NOAA weather system on specific radio frequencies to offer local updates. NOAA operates on seven different frequencies outside of the typical AM/FM radio bands:
                162.4000 MHz
                162.4250 MHz
                162.4500 MHz
                162.4750 MHz
                162.5000 MHz
                162.5250 MHz
                162.550 MHz

                • CB – Citizen Band Radio Channels Info:
                  Citizens Band Frequencies
                  CB Channel Frequency Details
                  Channel 1 26.965 MHz
                  Channel 2 26.975 MHz
                  Channel 3 26.985 MHz Prepper CB Network (AM)
                  Channel 4 27.005 MHz The American Pepper’s Network
                  Channel 5 27.015 MHz
                  Channel 6 27.025 MHz
                  Channel 7 27.035 MHz
                  Channel 8 27.055 MHz
                  Channel 9 27.065 MHz REACT Channel – Emergency CB radio use
                  Channel 10 27.075 MHz
                  Channel 11 27.085 MHz
                  Channel 12 27.105 MHz
                  Channel 13 27.115 MHz Popular with campers, RV drivers, and boaters
                  Channel 14 27.125 MHz Federal Motor Coach Association
                  Channel 15 27.135 MHz Popular with California truck drivers
                  Channel 16 27.155 MHz Popular with ATV clubs
                  Channel 17 27.165 MHz Also popular with California tractor-trailer drivers
                  Channel 18 27.175 MHz
                  Channel 19 27.185 MHz Primary truck driver chat channel
                  Channel 20 27.205 MHz
                  Channel 21 27.215 MHz
                  Channel 22 27.225 MHz
                  Channel 23 27.255 MHz
                  Channel 24 27.235 MHz
                  Channel 25 27.245 MHz
                  Channel 26 27.265 MHz
                  Channel 27 27.275 MHz
                  Channel 28 27.285 MHz
                  Channel 29 27.295 MHz
                  Channel 30 27.305 MHz
                  Channel 31 27.315 MHz
                  Channel 32 27.325 MHz
                  Channel 33 27.335 MHz
                  Channel 34 27.345 MHz
                  Channel 35 27.355 MHz Australian channel
                  Channel 36 27.365 MHz
                  Channel 37 27.375 MHz Prepper 37 channel
                  Channel 38 27.385 MHz
                  Channel 39 27.395 MHz
                  Channel 40 27.405 MHz

                • Prepper Freeband and CB Radio Frequencies
                  CB 3 (AM) 26.9850MHz Prepper Channel
                  CB 36(USB) 27.3650MHz Survivalist Channel
                  CB 37 (USB) 27.3750MHz Prepper CB Network – AM
                  Freeband(USB) 27.3680MHz Survivalist Network
                  Freeband(USB) 27.3780MHz Prepper Channel
                  Freeband(USB) 27.4250MHz Survivalist Network

                • Thank You @WWTI.

              • HAM Emergency Frequencies
                FREQ MODE LOCATION
                03808.0 LSB Caribbean Wx
                03845.0 LSB Gulf Coast West Hurricane
                03862.5 LSB Mississippi Section Traffic
                03865.0 LSB West Virginia Emergency
                03872.5 LSB Mercury Amateur Radio Association – hurricane emergency
                03873.0 LSB West Gulf ARES Emergency (night)
                03873.0 LSB Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana ARES Emergency, Mississippi ARES Emergency
                03910.0 LSB Central Texas Emergency, Mississippi ARES, Louisiana Traffic
                03915.0 LSB South Carolina SSB NTS
                03923.0 LSB Mississippi ARES, North Carolina ARES Emergency
                03925.0 LSB Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana Emergency
                03927.0 LSB North Carolina ARES
                03935.0 LSB Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana ARES, Texas ARES, Mississippi ARES and Alabama Emergency
                03940.0 LSB Southern Florida Emergency
                03944.0 LSB West Gulf Emergency
                03950.0 LSB Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center), Northern Florida Emer.
                03955.0 LSB South Texas Emergency
                03960.0 LSB North East Coast Hurricane
                03965.0 LSB Alabama Emergency
                03967.0 LSB Gulf Coast – outgoing only
                03975.0 LSB Georgia ARES, Texas RACES
                03993.5 LSB Gulf Coast Health and Welfare
                03993.5 LSB South Carolina ARES and RACES Emergency
                03995.0 LSB Gulf Coast Wx
                07145.0 LSB Bermuda
                07165.0 LSB Antigua/Antilles Emergency and Weather, Inter-island 40-meter (continuous watch)
                07225.0 LSB Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
                07232.0 LSB North Carolina ARES Emergency
                07235.0 LSB Louisiana Emergency, Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Louisiana Emergency
                07240.0 LSB American Red Cross US Gulf Coast Disaster, Texas Emergency
                07242.0 LSB Southern Florida ARES Emergency
                07243.0 LSB Alabama Emergency, South Carolina Emergency
                07245.0 LSB Southern Louisiana
                07247.5 LSB Northern Florida ARES Emergency
                07248.0 LSB Texas RACES
                07250.0 LSB Texas Emergency
                07254.0 LSB Northern Florida Emergency
                07260.0 LSB Gulf Coast West Hurricane
                07264.0 LSB Gulf Coast Health and Welfare
                07265.0 LSB Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio
                07268.0 LSB Bermuda
                07273.0 LSB Texas ARES
                07275.0 LSB Georgia ARES
                07280.0 LSB NTS Region 5, Louisiana Emergency
                07283.0 LSB Gulf Coast – outgoing only
                07285.0 LSB West Gulf ARES Emergency and Louisiana ARES Emergency
                07285.0 LSB Mississippi ARES Emergency, Texas ARES Emergency
                07290.0 LSB Central Gulf Coast Hurricane, Gulf Coast Wx, Louisiana ARES, Texas ARES and Mississippi ARES
                14185.0 USB Caribbean Emergency
                14222.0 USB Health and Welfare
                14245.0 USB Health and Welfare
                14265.0 USB Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio
                14268.0 USB Amateur Radio Readiness Group
                14275.0 USB Bermuda and International HAM Radio
                14300.0 USB Intercontinental Traffic
                14303.0 USB International Assistance
                14313.0 USB Intercontinental Traffic and Maritime
                14316.0 USB Health and Welfare
                14320.0 USB Health and Welfare
                14325.0 USB Hurricane Watch – both amateur and official reorts
                14340.0 USB Louisiana
                21310.0 USB Health & Welfare in Spanish
                – See more at: http://survivalbackpack.us/crisis-communication-cell-phones-fail/#sthash.fFbpW2gp.dpuf

                • HAM radio codes
                  QRL – The frequency is busy, do not interfere. Also used to ask if the frequency is busy.
                  QRM – An abbreviation for interference from other radio signals.
                  QRN – An abbreviation for interference from either man-made or natural static.
                  QRO – A request or alert to increase power.
                  QRP – A request or alert to decrease power.
                  QRQ – A request or question to send information faster.
                  QRS – A request or question to send information more slowly.
                  QRT – A question or request to stop sending information.
                  QRU – A response or question about the availability of sending more information.
                  QRV – Either, I am ready, or are you ready?
                  QRX – Standby.
                  QRZ – A request for identification of information sender.
                  QSL – Received and understood.
                  QSB – Signal is fading.
                  QST – All call before a message to all amateur HAM radio operators.
                  QSX – I am listening on “insert kHz frequency.
                  QSY – Change to “inset kHz frequency.
                  QTH – Use to request a location or as an alert prior to giving a location.

                • How to get your Ham Radio License:
                  There are two styles of study for the exams. One may simply study to pass the exam, or one may study to master the information. You may choose to do both.
                  Gordon West has a series of books seemingly aimed at passing the exams. The first in the series is Technician Class 2010-2014.
                  ARRL, the American Radio Relay League, has a series of books and webpages seemingly aimed at mastering the material. The first in the series is Ham Radio License Manual Revised 2nd Edition. In far more detail than I can do here, the ARRL website provides an overview and resources for many aspects and specialty niches of ham radio, niches like “fast scan amateur TV” mentioned below. With little effort on the ARRL website’s Find A Club page, you can find a local ham club. Most clubs have training classes and members willing to be your personal ham radio mentor, in ham slang, your “Elmer.”
                  There are even websites dedicated to helping children obtain their licenses. For example: http://www.nc4fb.org/wordpress/kid-friendly-technician-license-self-study-program/

                  Source: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/resistance-101-why-you-should-consider-ham-radio-for-communications-02212014

                  See all you Preppers on the Flipside!!:) WWTI

                  • Whowuddathunkit

                    Here I had become depressed and now you give those post. They were so helpful to people. It caused me so much joy. Now I am in a good mood. I want to give you thanks for that good information. That is what friends do.

                  • to WWT
                    Thanks, this is what prepper websites should be used as ” putting up information that will help other preppers and answering other preppers questions”.


                  • WWTI, OK, those are some really helpful frequency lists which I already have. Thanks for the tips.

                  • Hey WWTI, I ain’t gonna get all kissy faced. But Ham is something I know absolutely nothing about, but have had a passing interest in. Thanks for the info and very interesting, and especially the comment on How To Get Your Ham Radio License. Trekker Out. Walk The Talk!

              • WWTI, thanks for the truly useful info.

        • You need to get HAM radio, at least a receiver. I would not put it past the government to be able to block the signal though. Although, they probably could not block it on large scales.

          • Ham Radio was outlawed in both WW1 and WW2. That is because it works so well. The stations are stand alone with no infrastructure required.

            • In those times the ROL was still working. If ROL fails, who would enforce a ban?

          • Very good point about HAM radios. I have been looking into acquiring one, but I am a novice and admittedly don’t know enough. How much should one look to spend for a decent set up? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

            • I have a HAM radio, but it’s a new digital one. I’m having trouble programming it to receive from the repeaters. I’ve got the frequencies lists, it’s the radio-to-repeaters that I’m having trouble with.

            • I bought an old Monkey Wards radio cable of listening to HAM. There’s nothing on the whole bandwidth.

              … guess it just my radio?

              • Helot, You need to check on the internet for all the Ham channels in your area and repeater channel frequencies. Most of the air traffic in my area, occurs in the morning and after 5pm when they chat. Also they usually hold a monthly channel check where a lot of folks log in and give their call signs and check their signals. You can also get your Ham license, by taking a mini test and then you can broadcast without violation.

                I bought a hand held and you can get lots of attachments for when mobile ear and speaker headset, extra battery packs, program discs, various antennas, etc.

                For Hand Held Ham Radios; Check out this site: http://www.importcommunications.com/ Wouxun as pronounced -sounds like “Ocean” “Oh Shan” Or “Baofeng Radios” Starting about $80 to $190

                Mac, This would be a great article below to prepost:
                by Organic Prepper:

                Also:Crisis Communication: What To Do When Cell Phones Fail- See more at: http://survivalbackpack.us/crisis-communication-cell-phones-fail/#sthash.fFbpW2gp.dpuf

                Use this info for starters.. Cheers!! WWTI

                • Thanks for the information WWTI.

                  • Thx Smooth. I am a newbe to the Ham and have been collecting data. Print the channel frequencies on paper in case the internet or grid fails. I also picked up a Grundig Satellit 750 to monitor short wave world wide. That’s a whole other set of frequencies. Many are on a ramp up learning curve. The antenna is the key to grab the airwaves. Bigger the better. Taller. Let er’ Rip!! WWTI

                • WWTI

                  Thanks for the information my friend.

                  • WWTI, you chose a very good brand in Grundig. I have 2 portable Grundigs with SSB and love them. I use a wire antenna run out to a big tree in my back yard and the reception is great.

              • There is more than one band in the short wave spectrum. Different bands propagate better at different times of day and so the signals tend to move around a lot. The best times of day to listen is around sunrise and sunset since the signals are strongest at those times. Barring that, you will get better reception at night than in the daytime. Also, don’t confuse regular shortwave with HAM as a normal short wave receiver will not get HAM signals. You need the ability to pick up what I believe is called single side band signals. Remember too that you need a fairly long antenna to get the best reception as it has a higher electrical potential than a short one.

                My setup is rather simple, but it does not get HAM, only shortwave. I use a small portable radio I got off E-Bay for around $10 (direct from China!). For an antenna, I have a Slinky and a length of wire with alligator clips on either end. I stretch out the Slinky and use the wire to connect it to the mast antenna on the radio. It works surprisingly well and lest me get strong stations from around the world. Better yet, the whole setup cost less than $15. I wish I could get HAM signals, but the receivers are usually quite expensive by comparison.

                • Winston, spot on about the slinky being used with the wire, it’s strange, but it really works. Get yourself a radio with single sideband capability and you’ll really have something. That’s the only kind of SW radio I’ll have. Radio Shack carries some for under $200 or go to http://www.universal-radios.com. They have a much bigger selection and prices will vary. And, don’t forget the batteries, a shitload of them.

            • The most important thing about radio, HAM or otherwise, is the antenna.

              A true worldwide rig starts at about $900 for something like an Yaesu FT-857D. That is talk and receive. A receiver is much cheaper.

              HAM has always been a rich man’s hobby… that said, I have my WAS, 100 watts, $40 antenna. It can be done on a budget.

              If you take away anything, spend on your antenna!

              • you can build an antenna out of strand 14 ga wire, cheap, you can find larger cheaper, older used ham radios that are just as good if not better than the newer ones, an older tube type that has been taken care of will out perform the new stuff any day of the week.

                • You can string these antenna wire cables over a tall tree to receive or broad cast signals, while on the Lam (Mobile).

                  • WWTI

                    Thanks again old buddy. I will give it a try. We may be brothers from different mothers.

              • Thanks for the tips Townsaver.

              • Whats your opinion on the Baofeng handheld? I think is the UV5R
                Have one was going to order a few more with longer antennas, was told you could run a wire between a few trees and wrap the end of a lead from the middle of the run around the antenna and improve reception? Any truth yo that?

                • Yeah Kula. There are a few guys on the internet that will sell good Home made antennas on the cheap. Or instructions. I also have lots of questions just making the time to search knowledable people out who can tell me instead of fumbling around trying to figure it out myself.

                  • If you hook up the wrong kind of antenna you can damage your equipment. Also watch out for lightening and have it grounded properly. Lots to figure out for the right configuration. No license to monitor or listen. Only to talk or broadcast. Also go listen to the childish jibber jabber on a CB.

                  • WWTI

                    If you keep this up you will become a valuable member of this site.

                    Thanks for the change. I meant it.

            • You need certification to use a Ham radio. however in a SHTF situation I would guess that all goes out the window. Its good to have though.

              • Certification? License.

                During a life or death emergency situation, you can broadcast on any frequency.

                Antenna makes the station. A cheap, low powered radio with a decent antenna and impedance matching system (antenna tuner) will work. Under the right conditions and on certain bands, world-wide comms is possible. Especially during high solar activity (sun spots).

                Studying to obtain an amateur license these days is almost like studying for the driver license exam. No more Morse code required and radios are relatively cheap these days. The Yaesu 857D and 897D are called a ‘shack in a box’ because they cover 160m-6m and 2m + 70cm bands. With a few mods, you can open up other frequencies for transmit/receive….in case you need to broadcast on something other than the Amateur bands (emergency or authorized use only).

                • Kula, the baofeng radios are great, but be sure to get the 3600ah battery pack for it. About 14 bux on ebay. I have talked on uhf about 20 miles to a base station no problem. If you want global stuff look into a 6 meter or 10 meter rig. The antenna is 90% of your success. You don’t need a license to buy a bad ass ham radio, just to transmit on it 😉 In an emergency you can use the FYG band (fook you govt.) know what I mean 🙂

                  • No license,well,even in a emergency that radio would remain silent!The nerve for even suggesting using something without a license.That said,when lived in a state that required a gun license mine seemed to shoot fine even without license,when lost drivers license over unpaid fine,hmmmm….,the truck still worked,I was getting confusedI will admit have caught fish without a license but that is a no brainer as we all know fish can’t read!

        • They have everything in place now


          At some point we will be in their sick version of hunger games

          and they will be enjoying every fucking minute of it..

          They are just waiting and watching for that final moment..

          to pull the plug on us all..

          and enjoy every damned minute of it

          Sick pedophile,psychopathic,luciferian bastards all..

          I no longer enjoy the day..


          • Cmon Possie; You very well know these serpents don’t have a spine just a bunch yellow running down their back!! When we decide enough is enough(Our Awakening) they will crawl back to the hole from which they came and their extermination will be our New Dawn! They’re all a bunch of cowards,using money to control our emotions and our ego.Don’t buy it!

            • Thinker says, “they will crawl back to the hole from which they came”

              But, we all wonder about those who support them.

              They are (appear to be) legion.

              “All the poisons, which lurk in the mud, shall rise up.”

              • There are legions, upon legions, of the evil spirits roaming the earth today.

                They know their time is at hand and their leader is about to return to Earth. They can’t function in the Heavenly realm. They need warm flesh bodies to work within. The earth is ripe with unholy people that will accept those legions of spirits. Most of the politicians around the world, sold their soul and have accepted an evil spirit.

                Liberals, even the so-called christian liberals have opened up their soul to evil spirits as they follow the “it’s my body, and I have the right to end life within it” mantra. God takes His protective covering from those types and they become self destructive. Many are blinded to the evil spirit that dwells within. There is repentance available, but many are too “proud” for that and see killing the unborn as “their” right and as having no consequences.

                Because there are more of them, especially in “high” places; not Rocky Mtn. High, then there are of us, we won’t ever reclaim the true American freedom we once knew. Prep, hold on to your boot straps, cause it is gonna be a rough ride for a while. The only way out of this mess is with divine intervention, and that intervention will not come until….”after” tribulation/judgment of the people and land. Gold and silver may get one a piece of bread, but it won’t save them from the judgement.

                A sign was just released last spring and almost everyone missed it. It was called the “Tree of Hope”.

                Where?…..Ground Zero
                Why? The ground became cursed, just as America became
                cursed when it, as a nation, allowed evil
                politicians to make statements like John Edwards
                did…” Today, on this day of remembrance and mourning, we have the Lord’s Word to get us through,”… He then read Isaiah 9:10. He went on to talk about how America was doing just that – “rebuilding with hewn stone and planting cedars”:

                Like Daschle, Edwards thinks he’s invoking inspirational and comforting words from the Bible, but he’s actually inviting judgment on America. He’s repeating the vow that provoked God to bring calamity on ancient Israel.

                Isa 9:10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

                Look at the parallels; the sycamore that had stood there for ages, was struck down by the Muslim extremeists, on 9-11, just as in the bible days the Assyrians (false religious extremists) cut down the sycamore trees of Israel/House of Ephraim.
                Modern day Ephraim is the House of Israel…North America. Ephraim/House of Israel, is not Jewish now, nor was it back then.

                The sycamore at Ground Zero, was replaced with an evergreen….a cedar…a biblical erez tree. The tree was supposed to be a symbol of America’s resurgence, and rebuilding, tougher and stronger than before.
                Problem was and is, people are doing it as the ancient Israelites did…. without wanting, or asking for, the help of God. “We”, “will”, do it. Not “with God’s help and blessings”… we will do it, as a “prideful” nation with a haughty spirit.

                What happened to the ancient Israelites, they were captured and suffered destruction, and poverty.

                What happened to the Tree of Hope that was planted in 2003. It never did well. The soil was even changed. It withered, and was eventually pulled up and destroyed last Spring, 2014.

                Get this…It was destroyed on the eve of the “first of the four blood moons”, in April, before Passover Celebration.

                What happened to Daschle and Edwards that uttered those words of “bringing forth the judgement”…..personal and political destruction. There names aren’t heard anymore.

                So “we the people” are thru. “We”, had our chance and screwed it up by worldliness pride, and political correctness, and turning away from God, just as the ancient Israelites did.
                The only “we” that are gonna make it without hardships and eventually destruction, are the wise, truely saved, Christians. God will not forsake us.

                • PWTW, spot on! Thumbs up, brother!

                • My hope is in the Lord.

                  • With that Blind Mindset you are doomed. Try carrying a lucky rabbits foot instead. No difference.

                  • T-town

                    The lord is number one in my life too. Without that nothing else matters.

                    Don’t worry about WWTI. He does not like humor or religion for some reason. He is unhappy and grumpy most of the time. I am trying to help him in the best way I can. I feel sorry for the poor guy and feel he needs friends so I have decided to be his friend. I apologize to you for his comment. Since I am his friend and teacher I feel somewhat responsible.

                    T-town I hope you and yours are having a great day. Say prayers for me and my family. I will do the same for you.

                  • Mike in VA. No worries. by the time I got back to the site his comment was “hidden”. No matter. I know lots of people like WWT,thus I have developed some pretty think skin. I admire your resolve to be his friend. You are a good man.I hope that it works. I have seen many posts by him that are very worth while, some others, not so much. It’s ok WWT, you might have thought I deserved a “pay back” because of a comment I made on a post of yours a while back. When I’m wrong, I say I am wrong. I was wrong. I too am working on becoming a better person.

                  • I also picked up a few cheapy walkie talkies that will carry out a few miles. Keep those charged and in your bug out bag. Handy if you and you and your party has to split up temporarily. Or for OPLP SECURITY. Stay off cell phone stingray hack monitoring.

                  • I wanted to add to WWT’s excellent suggestion about the walkie talkies; “I also picked up a few cheapy walkie talkies that will carry out a few miles. Keep those charged and in your bug out bag. Handy if you and you and your party has to split up temporarily. Or for OPLP SECURITY. Stay off cell phone stingray hack monitoring.” I also have a couple of walkie talkie’s that a neighbor and I have set to the same channel. I am keeping mine inside a microwave oven that we are not currently using. The oven blocks an EMP

                • Too bad we had too much corrupt John Edwards and not more of the old JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758). Interestingly, one of his sermons was “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.” Of course God is more than judgment, but holiness IS part of His character, and violation of that does bring His anger and judgment (of course, that is easily avoided by repentance!)

          • Possee, what is coming won’t be a damned game, we can all rest assured of that. If I come across any of those NWO bastards, it will be one bullet to the head for each one.

            • Yesterday was National UN (NWO bastards) Day.

              Celebrate the Beast Day, is what it should be called.

              Bring it! Bitches.

            • Let’s make it two just to be sure. Definitely don’t want those bastards getting lucky.

          • I no longer …trust anything out there..



            Enjoy the day


        • This an off topic comment, but it may be that the reason Eric Holder decided to resign is that Obama heard that Eric Holder had picked a ten pound booger from his nose & his head caved in before he could eat it all.

        • WTF ? The Emergency Action Network has been around since 1951. At first called CONELRAD, then in 1963(?) it became the Emergency Broadcast System. The original objective was to eliminate transmissions from known locations, which Russian bombers could use to navigate to our cities. Commercial transmitters would shut down, and new transmitters in “undisclosed locations” would operate on their frequencies to give the public information. They’d test it every week, when I was a kid in the ’50s. Now it’s only used for severe weather alerts, and it’s been expanded to TV because so few people listen to radio anymore.

          What makes this event into a subject for a “chicken little” article like this? Is it possible that people over 7 years old have never seen an alert before? They DO still test it from time to time.

        • Test yes it is also called a dry run,,,,,,,think about it


        • Jim Willie??? LMFAO!!! Willie is a fucking rummy in Costa Rico who takes himself seriously. Then there is “V” The Gorilla Economist, “Hawk”, and Lindsey Williams.

          If these assholes had even 10% right this year Martial Law would have already been declared, every Patriot rounded up and shipped to a FEMA Camp, and Obola would have declared himself President for Life on his birthday: whatever day that really is. (And don’t get me started on Dave Hodges).

          August 4th I believe according to Kenya and the British archives. 🙂

          • Honorable mention to Washington’s Blog as repeated on Zero Hedge every day.

          • Thus proclaims the all-knowing-all-seeing king durango kid

            …If only you could have foretold the sorry story of those you encouraged to buy housing while it declined in value.

            Yeah, Mr. Smarty Pants.

            • Jealous, are we?

          • and don’t forget Gerald trendsforecaster Celente..

            wrong on all prognostications so far..

            it appears that dire warnings of collapse is now a cottage industry and growing every day..

            hell..when in rome as they say..

            I for one will be enjoying the company of my entire family this weekend grandkids and all..for my 62nd…food, adult libations, and a massive bonfire..

            and then off to the 100 yard range on Sunday…

            Nothing better than throwing lead down to ease the tension..

            Enjoy the day


            • Happy birthday possee.

            • Make sure to sign up and take your ss retirement might as well get as much as you can at 62 before it is gone.

            • Possee

              Happy Birthday

            • Hey man.

              Have a wonderful time and the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday.

            • Posse, have a great 62nd, remember, it is not the age, just the mileage and terrain…

              • Posse,happy B-day guy!A side note ? though,all the grandchildren and adult libations,this mean the grand kids getting drunk?!

            • Possee, happy birthday from braveheart, you old fart. Hang in there.

          • I agree. You have to be careful how worked up you allow yourself to be from the prognostications of bloggers. There have been too many predictions of some form of doomsday that have not come true not to take all of them with a grain of salt. However, I think you do need to look at their analysis and facts and see if it holds water. A lot of the time it doesn’t because certain things are blown out of proportion and mitigating factors are dismissed instead of being considered because it does not fit their theory.

            In the end, all you can do is prepare for the worst but also not be afraid to live your life too. The end may come, but it probably won’t. Living your life in constant fear means your world has already ended. Plus, you have to look at people who prepared for the end 40-50 years ago only to not have nuclear Armageddon happen. In the end, we all eventually die. So yes. Be prepared to weather events that could happen as best you can. Store some food, have a garden, have weapons and ammunition and own (in cash) a bug out location. Just don’t neglect the other important things about life like friends and family. They are what makes life worth living in the first place.

      2. Just how could anyone be surprised of the total incompetence of USI Government and their alphabet agencies! Maybe it was the latest X-Flare we just had? I hope it gets high enough to fry all their stupid s***.Old Sol will see to it!

        • Thinker,

          I used to believe that it was incompetence, but no longer.

          I forget who it was who said that a few mistakes that end up being in the government’s favor would be incompentence or mistakes, but that is not the case.

          All instances of “incompetence” or mistakes, errors, and/or unforseen consequences, without fail, end up benefitting the government in some way. That is NOT incompentence, it’s on purpose.

          What exactly was the purpose behind this “mistake?” I’m not sure, but it could be to have more of those just beginning to wake up being lulled somewhat back to sleep: “All those crazy conspiracies can’t be real, just look at how inept they are with the emergency broadcast system.” Again, just a thought, it could be some sort of code to certain groups, a test, or possibly something so sinister I can’t even imagine it, LOL.

          Pray, prep and pay attention!

          Old Libertarian

          • Old Lib; Right you are! Even evil has a code to warn,that goes along with their agenda!
            I believe as KY Mom says trust in your 6 th sense its going to prove itself!!
            Be awake ,Be Aware, and for your sake BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Thinker

              There is a book called The Gift of Fear. It goes through many situations where people knew something was wrong but did not listen to there 6th sense. They paid the price for it. It also goes through how too improve and tune your 6th sense.

          • Our system is pretty twisted. We work like slaves then pay taxes to the deadbeats, who then use our money to f@ck with us. Like who thought that contest up??. Time to cut them all off the Pig trough feedbag and let them twist in the wind. They get drunk on power and we pay the bill.

            • WhoWuddaThunkit

              Keep it going. You are on a roll. You paid attention in my economics class.

              • M in V. I think I would out school ya on that, pay attention.

                • WWTI

                  That is the attitude. I am proud of you showing confidence and giving off positive energy. It is good for us all. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget the homework I gave you my friend.

            • Thats why i am scaling back, rather be broke and have lots of time to garden and hunt or fish or just putter around than bust my ass to support this crap anymore,,,,
              Im done, screw em

              • Exactly Kula. Every year I get raped over by taxes. Automatic 12% for being self employed. I have plenty built up for SS benefits. The Feds grab all my end year profit and then some. The more I make the more I pay to support the EBT losers.

                • Can’t remember the author to this longer poem.
                  There is the type of man that can’t fit in,
                  The type that can’t stay still,
                  They break the hearts of kith and kin,
                  And roam the world at will.

                  Read this poem off a Jack Daniels Add in a Playboy Magazine decades ago. It just stuck with me

                  • WWTI

                    I am glad you got inspiration from it. I am sorry you feel you can’t fit in. I disagree. You have posted several informative and helpful articles here. You are fitting in fine now.

                • WWTI

                  You have learned well my young student. The system is now set up so that hard work does not pay off. In fact the harder you work the more they take. Who in there right mind would set up a system like that. If they want more tax money then change the system. If you set up a system where you made more for working then the taxes would explode too.

                  I am proud of you WWTI

            • WWTI, I totally agree on that one. It burns me to give up tax money to freeloaders and see them living better than I do. good post.

        • Heres another one i found but cannot now recall which website it was at….The New version of star spangled banner song…

          The Star (of Remphan) Spangled Banner

          Oh, say can you see such a miserable sight
          All the congressmen bowing to Jewry’s vast scheming
          Whose bright frauds and sharp knives prove a perilous fright
          All the preachers crawl too, their palms out, their eyes gleaming

          And the average folk, who are brainwashed by their tubes,
          Now pay to be robbed by some far away Jews

          Oh how long will that six pointed star of Remphan wave?
          O’er the heads of popes and kings
          And the toiling wage slaves.

      3. They are getting ready for something.

        Everyday is something new.

        • A fair warning? Not so good.

        • Slingshot, it’s definitely a test, a dry run for something big.

          • I wonder what the hell obola meant with his remarks about something much deadlier and airborne? Me thinks they want to unleash a bio weapon in the states, one way to eliminate opposition and lock everything down, the minute all the info media goes dead and the military trucks start movement,,,,,, stuff to consider,

        • Heres a nice song to cheer you folks up a bit..Cannot now recall where/which website i found it at?…So I can’t give due credit to whoevers mind thought it up..It is a song about TV’s TBN stations biggest texas pastor, John Hagee…Hes also the CEO/inventor of CUFI Org, and probobly americas main Apostate pastor today.

          Big Fat John (Sung to the tune of “Big John”)

          Every mornin’ at the church you’d see him arrive
          He stood five foot six and weighed three forty five
          Kinda’ round at the jowls and broad at the hips
          But everybody knew The Lord was on the lips – of Big John
          Big John… Big John… Big Fat John

          Nobody seemed to know where John came from
          He just tumbled like a weed into San Anton…
          He couldn’t talk enough and he wasn’t shy
          He’d just reach for your wallet and then say “bye” – Big John

          Somebody said he came down from high above
          Where he saw the light – flashing, “Mammon is love.”
          And a crashin’ blow from God’s right hand
          Knocked another gabby preacher into TV Land – Big John
          Big John… Big John… Big Fat John

          Then came the day when John went live!
          And a camera lens cracked from the force of his jive
          Sinners were prayin’ hard and their hearts beat fast
          And everybody worried that they’d breathed their last, ‘cept John

          Through their screams and their wails walked the man from hell
          A local televangelist they all knew well
          He grabbed a saggin’ sinner and gave out with a groan
          And that human cannonball thought, “I’ll give ‘em a show!” – Big John
          Big John… Big John… Big Fat John

          And with all of his strength he gave a mighty shove
          And the sinner yelled out, “There’s a light from above!”
          Then a thousand folks scrambled at the altar call
          And when he shouted, “Zion!” they began to fall – for Big John

          With bags of money, some Jews soon appeared
          And they said, “Big John, we like what we hear!”
          And so, the mantra “Israel” soon was heard
          Hard on the heels of every other word of Big John
          Big John.. Big John… Big Fat John

          Now he’s just a walkin’ bag of of s***
          Suckin’ like a starving babe on Israel’s poison tit
          Denyin’ Christ and servin’ mammon….

          Make way below for a big… fat… man – Big John

          PS: Great Article at Bro Kapners site called “Moral ROT of Zionist Christians!” heres the Link

          www dot realjewnews dot com/?p=964

          • Oxygen thief.

          • Condor

            I am truly sorry you have so much hate in your heart. We all are in this together. No matter what race, sex, religion, or belief. When things crash we become just human beings. It will go back to where it should be. Good people caring about good people. I don’t understand why people hate blacks, or gays, or Jews, or Muslims, or anyone. Yes there are good and bad people in all religions, nationalities, and races. The one thing people have to understand is that no particular race or person has caused those in the US to be in there current situation. In fact it is the people of the US not standing up when they should that caused it.
            I hope you get some warmth, peace, and love in your heart. You cannot be happy without it.

      4. Probably getting their freak on and someone hit the switch on the control pannel. No worries

      5. And (hopefully) they are getting us ready on an almost daily basis for whatever it is that hits the osculating device, whenever it hits.

        One more signal to (hopefully) awaken us!!!


        Son of Liberty

      6. They were just testing to make sure that they really do have control of the system for when they really want to shut everything down.

      7. This is why I rarely watch TV. I got better things to do with my time.

        • PO’d I know thats right. We’ve got SHTFplan.

      8. A few days ago, I was getting ready to go out.
        I glanced over at my landline phone, and
        it said, “Line In Use.”
        That concerned me, as the only one that lives
        in the house is me.
        I called the phone company, and they made a work
        ticket and were going to come out the next day
        and check it. On my cell phone.
        I stayed in, and I found something else to keep me
        busy, but I kept my eye on the phone.
        Around 10 minutes later, the line returned to normal,
        and I got a dial tone.
        Before, with the line in use statement on my phone,
        the was not any dial tone.
        When I asked the phone company what happened,
        they did not have a clue. Of course…

        • Real interesting, I had a similar experience. Was getting ready to leave the house one day, and the home phone rang. The caller ID showed my name and home phone number, so basically, my home line was calling me. When I picked up, there was nothing and then a few clicking noises than nothing. WTF

          • Mac you are an Enemy of the State. Us “statists” have to keep track of people like you somehow. 🙂

            I had a buddy who was in communications in the Army, probably because his dad was a lower level manager at Bell many years ago. When I cracked the phone credit card code at Camp Pendleton in October of “70, I created dozens of new card numbers for those of us heading to Nam. Thank you Ma Bell!

            Anyway in those days, before the digital age, linemen at the local facility would tap into land lines to “check” to see if they were working properly when someone was talking. He used to tap into the same woman’s phone every morning after her husband went to work and listen to her conversation with her boyfriend and where they were meeting the next day.

            He sent an anonymous letter to the husband and gave him the sordid details. 🙂

            In those days there would be a subtle ‘click” as a lineman tapped in and another as they tapped out. Sometimes they would do that many times real quick as if it were static. Just saying Mac, use a pay phone down the street. Ok, that is tapped too, so clip the letters out of magazines, cut and paste. 🙂

            • durango kid says, “Mac you are an Enemy of the State. Us “statists” have to keep track of people like you somehow.”

              I don’t think he was kidding.

              He loves The Empire too much.


            • Ever see TV ad says “so What’s in Your Wallet”?(credit card ad)….Heres a few Thick wallets it seems eh!

              Paul and Jan Crouch and TBN’ Earthly Empire

              Founded in 1973, by Paul and Jan Crouch, TBN is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, but also has studio facilities located in Irving, Texas; Hendersonville, Tennessee; Gadsden, Alabama; Decatur, Georgia; Miami, Florida; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Orlando, Florida; and New York City.
              TBN is said to be the third largest over-the-air Station Group in the United States, with CBS, FOX, and NBC holding the 4th, 5th and 6th place, according to TV News Check’s annual listing of the Top 30 Station Groups. network. They certainly are …

              “… the world’s largest Christian television. Across America and around the world TBN is carried by TV stations and cable systems to millions of homes. As a matter of fact, TBN is featured on over 5,000 television stations, 33 satellites, the Internet and thousands of cable systems around the world. And the number continues to grow! [1]

              And they aren’t kidding.. TBN is currently carried on 33 international satellites.

              TBN’s Annual Income On August 6th, 2008 the Orange County register reported that according to Trinity’s actual tax returns published on guidestar dot org, an organization that gathers and publicizes information about nonprofit organizations, [2], In 2006, the most recent year reported, TBN

              “took in $200.7 million,

              spent $141.1 million,

              and socked away the extra $59.6 million”.

              Which pushed TBN’s net assets close to the $1 billion mark, ($839 million in 2006, according to tax returns), including $327 million in mortgage-backed securities. [3] In other words, TBN has 327 million to buy speculative investments, yet daily goes on the air to beg for even more money.

              And where does a large part of that income go?

              1998: In 1998, the Crouches showed a combined income of nearly $600,000… He was paid $159,500 a year as president, while she got $165,100 as vice president, IRS records show.

              “Crouch’s earnings went from $159,500 in 1997 to $262,915 the following year. Jan, the organization’s vice president, also received a big raise. Her earnings more than doubled, going from $159,500 to $321,375 during the same time period”. [4].

              2008: But it gets worse.. According to Charity Navigator’s latest CEO salary report which was released in the fall of 2008, and shows how much nonprofit leaders are making.

              Paul F. Crouch Sr. as President and Director makes $419,500 a year.

              Janice W. Crouch, as Vice President and Director makes $361,000 a year.

              Paul F. Crouch Jr., as Vice President and Director makes $214,137 a year.

              (Data from the 2010 study is based on the financial data provided on the FYE 2008 Forms 990 and includes salary, cash bonuses, and expense accounts) [5]

              John Casoria, son of Dorothy Bethany Casoria, Trinity’s station manager and Jan Crouch’s sister is spokesperson for TBN. His law office, at $164,200 a year, is one of TBN’s highest-paid independent contractors. According to Casoria…

              “TBN stands out and is different from other non profits in that we’re a broadcasting entity,” …. “Though we consider ourselves a church, we’re a 501 c-3 and have been so for the last 35 years. Clearly we work in a different arena than most other charitable organizations.

              “TBN is the 8th largest owner-operator of TV stations in the world,” he continued. “The salaries of these three individuals pales in comparison with people in the secular world doing similar work. This has not been not a job for them, but a life endeavor, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

              “So when you compare us to other non profits out there feeding children and doing disaster relief, it’s basically apples and oranges. It’s still fruit, it’s still a nonprofit, but it’s a completely different charitable model.” [3]

              Ummmm! Perhaps someone needs to tell Casoria that comparing Paul and Jan Crouch’s salaries and other substantial perks to “people in the secular world doing similar work” is little but a red herring. A so called Christian organization has the obligation to conduct itself, not according to the business or secular world, or even other so called Christian organizations, but to Jesus and the apostles.

              The Crouch’s Homes— Paul Crouchs Main exec suit office as ceo is over 8000 sq ft size of elaborate cash waste galore! Details/facts below in story)
              Televangelists Jan and Paul Crouch of the Costa Mesa-based Trinity Broadcasting Network have purchased a Newport Beach House, in a gated community overlooking the Pacific,for close to $5 million, Orange County Realtors say. The home was described as [Emphasis Added]

              “a palatial estate with ocean and city views.” The Crouches had been living in a smaller house in the same neighborhood. The house they bought has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiard room, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a sweeping staircase and a crystal chandelier. The three-story, nearly 9,500-square-foot house, which has an elevator, also has a six-car garage, a tennis court and a pool with a fountain. The house is on slightly more than an acre. Jan Crouch had been wanting a bigger yard for her dogs, sources said. [6].

              This photograph was taken by Don Kelsen of the Latimes and is carried by The Trinity Foundation. (The network also owns one of the houses in the background). The mansion in the foreground was recently on the market for $8 million. “A real estate advertisement said it featured “11,000 square feet of opulent European luxury with regulation tennis courts and a rambling terraced hillside orchard with view of the blue Pacific.” [7] Yet, the Times article goes on to say the Crouches present themselves as “thrifty and budget-conscious”.

              During one telethon, Paul said his personal $50,000 donation to TBN had wiped out the family checking account. He often says that he and his wife live in the same Newport Beach tract house they bought 33 years ago for $38,500. [7]


              nowadays, neither of the Crouches uses that home much. Whether in Southern California or on the road, they live in a variety of other TBN-owned homes. In all, the network owns 30 residences in California, Texas, Tennessee and Ohio — all paid for in cash, property records show. [7]

              Apart from the two Newport Beach mansions, [All Emphasis Added]

              In Costa Mesa, the ministry owns 11 homes in a gated development adjacent to Trinity Christian City International.

              In Sky Forest, a resort community in the San Bernardino National Forest, the network owns a four-bedroom, five-bath home.

              TBN officials say the real estate purchases were consistent with the network’s charitable mission, because the homes serve as venues for broadcasts and provide lodging for the Crouches and fellow televangelists as they travel across the country. The properties have also been good investments, they said.

              In Colleyville, Texas, near the network’s International Production Center, TBN owns nine homes on 66 acres along a country road, a spread called Shiloh Ranch. Six horses graze in a pasture; TBN officials say they were gifts from admirers. [7]

              From: www dot inplainsite dot org/html/tele-evangelist_lifestyles dot html

              BE Certain to View color photos of every elaborate home they own, as well as read about Many More TV scam pastors at same website! Pastor Hagee, Falwell, Pat Robertson(hes especially a good swindler with even personal shares stock owned in various Mafia type african Oil fields, Diamond mines that employ cheep Negreo slave laborors etc!)…What a Profound Eye opening thing to view and Read about just how HUGE of a scam all them TV swindler Preachers really are!…99.99% of americas Christians has NO Idea how deep the scams goes! probobly as Deep as Hell!…If not yet That deep as Hell is?…I expect they all soon wil be! neck deep in Lake of Fire eh…

              I wonder if any shtf poster persons here has donated cash to them? or Planted a “Cash SEED” thats promiced to Grow into a Jesus-Money Tree shedding hundred dollar bills into your hand every day!…make that Vow! plant the cash seed, Donate Now! and then folks…Get Rich one thousand fold increase back from Jesus asap!…What Pathetic Fools. No wonder usa is so fucked up today, after 40 years of these scam pastors swindles eh…Oh my my my!

              • Next time could ya just post a link? Bandwidth costs me money.

                • Old: That doesn’t fit his “agenda” eh? Why discuss when you can cram and bully…


              • Too bad we had too much corrupt John Edwards and not more of the old JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758). Interestingly, one of his sermons was “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.” Of course God is more than judgment, but holiness IS part of His character, and violation of that does bring His anger and judgment (of course, that is easily avoided by repentance!)

              • As a Christian, I am not one who likes to see the “prosperity gospel” spread by TBN. It detracts from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ by making God out to be the great ATM or genie in the sky. Sadly though, too many people want only to hear that God is there to prosper them, but they do not wish to live according to His precepts. They want it to be a one way street of Earthly riches coming their way and sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. God is not a fool and should never be taken lightly.

          • mac I had a similar experience some one called my house and the number for who called was if i remember correctly all 0’s i think or all 1’s

          • @ Mac – Thank you for your reply.
            The incident ‘spooked me.’
            Just a little.

            This will not change my behavior or the way I Think.

            It was strange to see on my caller ID screen,
            ‘Line In Use.’ Then, to pick up the receiver,
            and to discover there was No Dial Tone.
            Again, it took place on my Land Line phone.

            I had to call on my Cell Phone the telephone company
            to report it. After about ten minutes, all went back to normal. ~~ The phone company could not explain to me what happened.

            Next month, November, I have lived here 12 Years.

            I have had Nothing Like The Above Ever Happen To Me.

            It’s amazing what TPTB can do, when they decide to
            Flex Their Muscles A Bit….

            I have many family members in the military.
            I support the military.

            I can’t stand Gov. Cummo of N.Y.
            What is sad, is that Duffy is his 2nd Lt.
            Duffy came from Rochester, N.Y.

            He was in the police force. Duffy went
            to black churches in the area and listened,
            and spoke with the church members about
            how, Together, they could reduce crime.

            • Did you know, UNY,

              That the LE can open your land line and thru the receiver, hear the conversations within the room?

              That has been going on since the eighties.

              BTW, traveled in the upstate and it is nice up there. People were nice also. Nothing like what most southerners think. I am one.

              thumbs up to all the righteous yankeess. We may differ on sports and things but we are all in this together.


              • @ Pissing in the Wind ~ Thank you for your reply.

                The people in New York City hate the Upstate New Yorkers, and call us ‘Country Bumpkins.’

                No, I did not know that LE could do that with a land line. There is just me at home, and I rarely have
                company. And, the company I would have, the conversation would not warrant listening to.
                Family matters, although we may bash the current gov.. 😉

                Back in the day, my father was stationed in Georgia.
                Military army. I forgot what base.
                My mother was with him.

                They loved it there. My mother would walk back to their apt. with groceries, and many vehicles would stop and offer her a ride, or make sure she was o.k. handling the grocery bags.

                The Southerners were polite, nice, and kind to them.
                Being the upstate New Yorkers that they were.

                It was very appreciated by both of them.

                Fast forward to today – Yes, we are all in this together.
                We have to unite and be aware of the now, and look forward and plan for the future.

                • Just remember that any microphone or camera that is connected to a telecommunications network can be tapped by law enforcement or criminals. Any data that is sent electronically can be intercepted and decoded. I wouldn’t trust encryption algorithms either as it is likely that intelligence agencies protest too much in order to lull the public into a false sense of security.

                • The people in New York City hate the Upstate New Yorkers, and call us ‘Country Bumpkins.’

                  They can’t hate us too much. The town I live in is crammed with them…and now drug related crime is getting ridiculous.

                • Upstate

                  The base was probably Fort Benning. It is where I had AIT. I joke about Yankees and others. The truth is that there are good people no matter what area of the country we live in. Well maybe not San Francisco. Lol that was just a joke.
                  I wish things would go back to the way they were 30 years ago. It was better times because people could be trusted and had morals. Now I even consider whether I want to offer a lady a ride because it could be a trap set up for a robbery. We never locked our doors when I was a kid.
                  Oh how times have changed.

                  • @ Mike in VA ~ Yes, it was, thank you! Fort Benning.

          • About a week ago, I had the same thing happem to me.
            I was one the phone and the caller ID on the TV, showed an incoming call from myself???- Go Figure… Save me a spot at the dinner table when we get to the FEMA camp.
            It seems we are on “the List”.

        • Upstate

          several years ago we started having the police show up at the house about once a week. Turns out that cordless phones when they screw up can sometimes dial 911. The sheriffs office had a note about it so that they would quit coming unless they heard a voice or were notified that we had gotten new phones.
          One night at two in the morning my wife and I were sitting by candlelight in front of the fire. She had on lingerie. There was a knock at the door. It was a sheriffs deputy. I went to the door in a robe. Told him all that had happened. He was one of the extremely cocky ones. He said he had to come in. I said if you just use the radio on your shoulder the dispatcher will see the note on us. He was a jerk and I was about to tell him to get the hell off my property so he would be forced to call in. Then I thought about it and said okay come on in. He stepped in the door looked over at my wife started stuttering. He finally got out ah yes everything appears to be okay and left. I laughed the whole time and said I tried to tell you.

          • “Then I thought about it and said okay come on in. He stepped in the door looked over at my wife”

            That’s gross. Also, you’re a wimp, … or worse.

            You, “laughed the whole time”?

            That’s Very sad, dude. …Beyond sad, even. You might as well cut off your balls and put on lipstick.

            • helot. When the Cop came in Mike in Va House, there was eppe wearing a wig, dressed in scantly undies with a strap on. No words could describe the look on the cops face. No worries after that, as the Cops passed all the notes on for any future calls, to wear rubber gloves upon approaching the property.

              • WhoWuddaThunkit

                That’s the ticket. Now you are finally getting it. First economics class and now the comedy class. I am so proud of you my son. As a student you are really starting to blossom.
                I am like a proud papa. Keep learning.

                • M IN VA, I am so glad you can pull WWSI into the realm of comedy, congratulations… He has ragged me for so long, now he makes a joke. Maybe there is hope for him after all. But I am not holding my breath, since he is BIPOLAR, well, we can only work with what we got. May GOD bless his soul, if that is possible…
                  And bless you too, he must be the worst pupil to train, but I got faith in you, keep up the good work…

                  • Eppe

                    You have to cut him some slack. He has a lot going against him when he forgets to take his medication. I will not give up or give in because I think there is hope for him. I have become his foster parent. I care about him and will never quit teaching or trying to make him helpful. This is also proof that he can have humor. If he gets that part at least he will be happy and be able to enjoy all the laughter that you have given to me and others on this site. My goal is to give him joy and laughter. You only have one life. May as well smile and laugh as much as possible during it.
                    Bless you for the words of encouragement. We all need that during tough times. You are a good guy and I really appreciate it.

            • Helot

              You obviously don’t understand what it did to the jerk. It embarrassed the heck out of him. He was going to come into my house one way or the other. I just used the situation to embarrass the bull headed jerk.
              Sorry you find me to be a wimp but sometimes in life you are strongest when you are week.
              Thanks for you thoughts anyway and hope you are having a great day.

          • @ Mike in VA -Good For You!!! lol.
            I did not know that cell phones could do that either.

            • Upstate

              Thanks man. It is not cell phones. It is the portable phones that you put on charge. You have one that is the base and several others that are throughout the house. I had no clue they would do that until this happened.

        • I had a similar experience with my landline too. Don’t have a spy phone. I get unidentified calls that are empty with clicks, a lot lately. I stopped answering the phone most of the time.

          • Six. Get caller ID and Reverse calling using Star *69 and then the number, but *69 will not work if the other caller uses *67 to block your call!!

            Here are all the Star* codes!! Save this link.

            • WWTI

              I have never seen so many useful post from you in one article. You must be trying to become my assistant.

              I am just one proud daddy now. Keep Learning.

              • MinV, keep up the good work, it is hard to train an old dog to learn new tricks…
                You must be a miracle worker, because that is what is gonna take….

                • Eppe

                  No I am not a miracle worker. I have the good lord and patience. Patience is a virtue you know.
                  I never give up or give in.

                  We as preppers all have to be that way.

                  Thanks for the compliments man.

              • Mike in VA. You must have the same cousin DNA as eppe joke thief too. Trying to take credit for other people work. You have a small penis syndrone like your gay Cuz eppe mushroom.

                • WWTI

                  Now your temper is flaring again. Make sure you take your medication. With you it’s one step forward and two steps back. I have seen improvement in you though and that is all that matters. Go take your medication and come back so you can put helpful post like you did above. I am not upset at you. Still proud of you to be honest.

              • Mike in VA. You must have the same DNA at the eppe Joke Thief. Trying to take credit for other peoples work. It does have a pattern similar to small penis syndrome that eppe Mushroom Cap has in stage 3 shrinking.

            • I have Caller ID. I also have dialed *67 and
              * 77 and put both those numbers on my phone
              land line too. I also can utilize *69.
              I should have done that after my weird phone call.

        • I understand how telephone systems work in detail. It amazes me that this stuff works as well as it does!

          That said, this issue could have been any number of things. If your line was tapped by government, you’d never know as it would just be an IP stream of data from the switch sent directly to law enforcement (CALEA tap). Oddly enough, if you are using SIP phones and are tech savvy and aware, you might detect this type of tap 🙂 Not so much on a regular POTS line.

          Had it been your neighbors tapping your phone, the problem would have taken longer than 10 minutes to correct. Since you used your cell phone, they wouldn’t likely have been tipped off.

          My guess (without knowing specifics): The phone company tech bounced the port that provides your phone service because it was stuck in an off-hook state. A bit like power cycling your wireless router when it locks up. Static electricity, EMF, bad phone lines, a tech crossing wires….lots of things could have caused it or just the equipment starting to deviate from normal operating specs. Could also be a field tech in the area got something wrong and affected service before being corrected. Lots of variables here.

          • @ Sheep Dawg – Thank you.
            I am learning much from all of you and
            I appreciate it.

        • Hmmmm…Im still on a landline,no cellphone….had this happen the other day and have had it happen a few times before that I caught it,I always figgered theyre listening… aint skeered 🙂 REB

      9. This is only a test HOWEVER, when the FEMA vans arrive at your door follow directions and all will go well.


        • Just sayin, resistance is NOT futile. It can and will be successful. Surrender is NOT an option. It is suicide. “Just sayin.”

          • Braveheart I’m with you, that picture in that article the other day, of those guys leaning over that stainless steel trough with their hands tied behind their back stuck in my mind. So your absoltely right! Surrender is not an Option. I ain’t getting in no cattle car. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

            • Mountain

              Back when I was in the service I saw footage of what the enemy does to you if you are captured. I knew then that I would die fighting before I would be captured. I hope I never have to do it but that is the decision I made. The trough seen hit home to me to. Why even tied did they not just start fighting. You are going to die if you don’t. Might as well go out fighting.

      10. First; you think of idea. Second; you and a group brain storm the idea. Third; you draw up the plans to build/implement it. Fourth; you test it. Fifth; after the test stage you then implement/or built, and put into full production. With all things that are going down around the world now, I believe the power brokers are in the final test stage of a great many events and will put these into operational status. Soon they will push the ON/START BUTTON and TS will HTF. The HEADSTONE has been set, and is ready for the R. I. P. AMERICA to be chiseled into it. The wake will surely be something else. Be safe my friends and enjoy life while you can! Time is not on our side, because the thumb has already begun to push down the START/ ON BUTTON.


        • Good evening, copperhead. I get the same feeling you have. We need to get that thumb away from that button. Things may become very “interesting” shortly after the elections.

          • Brave…what say we keep that finger away from any buttons by cutting off the danged owners freaking head…no head,no pushin buttons…works for me…getting sick of playing their game 🙂 REB

            • REB, the day is coming when we’ll have to do something like that. one bullet to the head of each would suit me just fine.

      11. Control the means of communication and you have the ability to keep the population in a state of perpetual ignorance.

        When something like this really does go live, it will be a good indicator that we are truly entering a SHTF situation. And it will be time to lock and load.

        • WK

          First broadcast is for everyone to go to your County Court House and pick up
          your mandatory picture of Obama to hang in you dining room.

          After All You Will Become Dependent On the Government.

          We will make sure of that!

          • Slingshot, that was some nice sarcasm.

          • I’ll put Obola’s photo right next to Mao over the mantle. 🙂

            • the under side of the toilet lid might be more appropriate — or downrange somewhere.

              • I’m just hoping that we don’t run out of rope and utility poles before we’ve dispatched the scum that have caused this mess.

              • SIX…At least us men would put the seat and lid down for you.

            • durango kid says: “I’ll put Obola’s photo right next to Mao over the mantle.”

              I believe that’s true.

              Aftreall, Mao loved big goobermint and mercantilism, too.

          • Slingshot…I have a pic of the wannabee prez hanging in my den with a butcherknife through his head pinning it up there…always gets the conversation started 😉 REB

      12. I love the “FORCE tuned”…strongarming in messaging, even…

      13. BB


      14. People will finally wakeup like being stuck with a cattle prod.
        Watched a 800 cow almost leap out of the chute at a stock yard when hit with one.

        • …Wonder it that would work on CONGRESS…

      15. Amateur radio can be useful – I’ve been meaning to get a ham radio and a license.

        • screw the license, it just tells them where to go to confiscate the equipment they don’t want us to have.

        • Get licensed. They already know where you are.

          The entry level Tech Class is all about safety and about 2 hours of study.

          Costs $15.00 buck pass or fail. Most regional areas have test 2 times a month.

          • Townsaver. Like what jerks would red thumb your comment. Join the club. Post useful info and the Commie bastards red thumb ya. Sheesh.

            • I’m thinking that they “red thumbed” it because it was good information. Information is power don’t ya know.

            • WWTI

              Don’t ever worry about the red thumbs. It is true freedom when you don’t care what others think. I just hope I can teach you how valuable humor is in stressful situations. It lightens the mood and allows people to think better. Good ideas come out of the mood it puts people in.
              That was a helpful post to Townsaver and made me proud.

              • Eppe is Mike in VA. You write the same way. Too Funny. Its like talking to yourself and agreeing with yourself. Hilarious!! Red Thumbing posters who post good info is not Freedom, but just reflects your wish to keep Americans dumbed down and ignorant like your hick selves over there in Gommer Land.

                • Temper Temper my son. God take your meds like I instructed.
                  It will all be okay. It is the day that the lord has made. Let us all be thankful and rejoice in it.

      16. European American,I really enjoyed your post and yes,in the end we are probably going to be left with our instincts and gut feelings to survive what inevitably is coming.
        A problem many will face is the warped/nonexisting connection with this gut feeling or 6th sense you speak of.
        The stuff lurking subliminally in media(TV,radio,video),alcohol,drugs(illegal and prescribed),flu shots,fluoride etc. etc. affect the 6th sense I believe.
        Anyone reading this might want to lay off all that junk I just mentioned,as when the spirit comes a calling,youll want to be awake to get the message!
        (spirit,6th sense,gut feeling is one in the same) 😉

        • Dirty Greek, spot on. The only time my TV is on is to watch a movie on the DVD player, the rest of the time it’s turned off. I got rid of DIRECTV long ago. Nothing on the boob tube I want to see anyway. No drugs or alcohol for me. I keep a clear head 24/7/365. Very good post.

      17. This article fits right in with one on VeteransToday.com titled: Top Dogs Use Their Running Dogs To Whip The Other Dogs: Is It Our Fault? This is a good read on the state of our dysfunction in America.

      18. T.V.? I don’t need no stinking T.V.

      19. I wonder if the Xclass solar flare might have had something to do with it. Just a thought.

      20. Gadabout:May not be the cause ,But it sure could be the Effect! i’m hoping JOG will chime in soon,cause when he don’t i start getting antsy!!

      21. Democrats and FEC going after DRUDGE to limit freedom of speech.

        Hey all you that voted for Obama. How is that Hope and Change.
        SHTF======= I am sure is not far behind.

        Stand by for your regular government programing.

      22. Ive been aware since the fake gas shortage of the 1970,s that the USA was in decline. And every day its more obvious that its being done on purpose & planned . Sad end for our once great republic. My wish is for everyone to get full measure of what they deserve and to deserve exactly whatever they get.

        • Old guy, I remember that fake gas shortage all too well. I remember those long lines at the gas stations and the fights that broke out. I was in a few of those fights so I can verify they took place. Any traitors I come across will get full measure from me. One bullet to the head for each one I find.

          • Brave

            There was also bad inflation. Obama is worse than Carter ever was. That is such a depressing statement. Never ever thought I would say anyone was worse than old peanut head. At least his brother had Billy Beer.

            • So I am not the only one who thinks its like 1978-1979. out there also , I was in the service then most enlisted with familys were getting food stamps , if it was not for some GStg’s helping some families when needed the whole thing may have collapsed. Obama is way worse that carter ever was . If you went to sleep in 1978 and woke up today you would wonder what happen to president Carter he looks different , but everything else looks the same.

              Semper Fi 8541

            • Mike in VA, I lived in FL during the Carter era. I tried Billy Beer one time and immediately spit it out. it was shitty just like Jimmy and Billy were. I agree Obola makes Carter look like a boy scout.

              • Brave

                You are right it was horrible beer. If you had a six pack right now it would be worth some money though.

                That beer is like all socialist programs. It sounds sweet and good but never does anything but cause pain and suffering.

            • Yeah Carter looks like a Genious compared to the last clown and today’s clown we got. Who needs terrorists. The world is just sitting back with their popcorn watching us implode from within.

              • WWTI

                That is the saddest and most frustrating thing. What is happening has nothing to do with any other country. It has everything to do with the people of our own country.

          • Come on Cuz tell us, how many did you shoot in those gas line fights. I remember when we use to sit around the fire and you would tell us stories about feeding them “Brass and Lead Nutrients” it always made me hungry.

            • NGI ,
              All kindling aside it was not all rainbows back then , today we have a larger influx of third world types that don’t assimilate . What is come is going to resemble “The Walking Dead” when the food runs out you are going to see all kinds of insanity. None of us are prepared for it .
              The ones that have not been “TESTED” by fire will have a hard time dropping the hammer on a real human being.( it’s never easy nor should it be, I had the nasty experience in battle of killing a combatant with an e-tool , long story for another day , it can devolve into something midevial) I have seen in nasty situations the ones talking with bravado run and the ones you never expect display acts of extreme valor unexpectedly . The truth is you never know until it happens ,
              One second of hesitation could be your last . We will all be reluctant warriors. Not by choice but by necessity. For many it will be a defining moment , life and death in a single breath.
              The wise try to avoid conflict , fools rush into it .

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Night Breaker.

                I agree to avoid contact. Then believe in superior firepower. No prisoners. Many will hear the first bullet fly over them and then they will know it is kill or be killed.

              • Night

                I listen to so many people saying it is time to stand up and start shooting the bankers and such. The last thing anyone should want is for the bullets to start flying. I will do what I have to because I have loved ones that are depending on me to do it. I just hope that if it comes to that I am the one that does it and my wife, kids, and family don’t have too. Doing that changes you forever. It is not like people think it is. It is another human being even if they done horrible things. There is no way to really explain it. I will leave it at that and just say a prayer for everyone.

                • Night Breaker, slingshot, Mike in VA, I just hope I can make it to the BOL in Ga before the balloon goes up. I don’t want conflict with anyone but I won’t let any animal have his own way with me. My DNA never got the memo about being a doormat for anyone.

                  • Braveheart

                    My hopes and prayers are that you make it to your BOL. I hope we all live to get to rebuild. We need all the good people we can get.

              • NB: I have to say thank you for your service…I can’t imagine what you vets have had to go thru. Whatever people’s personal views on TPTB and govt/military…it is you who kept me safe. I have no words for that…


                • Amen PKLL and Night, it is a shame where this country is headed, and those in charge should be hung. Same with some posters here. I do appreciate what Night can post, just wish he could say more of what is really happening, there is so much going on in the background, it would make us piss on ourselves. Thanks all and Mac for having a place where we can inform everyone on what is really happening, since we seem to be mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed sh!t….

                  • Eppe so what did you post on this blog article that was useful? Not one thing yet. Just your rant. Think before you comment. Did you provide any useful prepping tips? Big Fat Zero

                  • Mr eppe. Why are you thanking Mac or trying to take credit for other people posting on whats really happening or what’s going on in the world. You must be a twin to Mike in Va. Neither one of you post anything newsworthy just criticize others. I sense a pattern here.

                  • Eppe

                    I see WWTI has criticized you being nice again. As his father I guess I will have to put him in time out. I used to believe in spankings but the NWO has taught me they are wrong. I will put him in time out. I will also counsel him on choosing friends. It seems Hank needs a foster parent too. Don’t be to hard on Hank. He does not have the guidance that I am now giving WWTI. If a miracle happens and I succeed in showing WWTI the value of being nice and I keep him regular on his medication then maybe I will consider training Hankee too.
                    I apologize to you for my failure. I am trying to be a good father. So far I have failed and take full responsibility.

                  • eppe speak for yourself. Only you eppe feels like a mushroom, since you have a small dick syndrome and need to steal other info to puff up your small chest. How about be a Man, like every other guy on here does on a daily basis and live a honest rightous life.

                • PKLL

                  Thank you for that post.

      23. If I hear you right, brownboiiiee, you’re raising a red flag, a warning to all that will listen, at least those who can comprehend your style of delivery, that those of us of caucasian persuasion, and not necessarily politically correct in our views, might want to consider the lethal amounts of dirty electricity, i.e. electromagnetic pollution from our Smart Meters and electromagnetic fields from our Smart Grids, that are methodically breaking down our immune systems and that these toxic systems have been deliberately and intentionally put into place to “silently” accomplish that goal (by those phone corporations, owned and operated by TPTB), without us giving notice to their evil intent.

        If my interpretation is accurate, I totally agree and thank you for the warning. We should all be concerned whether we have a Smart Meter or not, because we are not immune from the presence of the Smart Grid covering this entire country.

        • EA

          Agree all this freq noise and electromagnet fields from power lines is not good for us.

          I Like BB’s delivery. ;0)

        • That’s about what I got from BB’s comment.

      24. Brown boy, you sound just like your name, a “BOY”; I’ll give you credit for that.

      25. Take over the boob-tube? Oh really?

        Wonder if it has something to do with THIS perhaps?

        New York, New Jersey Begin Mandatory Quarantines In Ebola Response
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Despite the constant confirmation that New York “is prepared, and has been prepared for months” for an Ebola outbreak (that is extremely difficult to catch apparently), it appears Governor Cuomo and NJ’s Christie are more concerned than they are letting on. Having earlier admitted that the CDC’s screening guidelines are “insufficient” for New York regions’ population density, Reuters reports that Cuomo and Christie are considering “enhanced screening” where “all healthcare workers will be mandatorily quarantined.” Cue “state of emergency” proclamation and civil liberties ‘interrupted’..

        * * *

        Governors Cuomo & Christie explain how its for your own good… but it’s not very contagious and really hard to catch… etc.

        As CNBC reports,

        New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that he and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are planning to increase current screening procedures for people travelling from Ebola-affected regions.

        Depending on an individual’s risk level—exposure to infected individuals and countries visited—a mandatory 21-day quarantine could be instituted, Cuomo said.

        All medical workers from Ebola-affected countries will be subject to a quarantine, said Dr. Howard Zucker, acting commissioner of health for New York State. Cuomo said voluntary quarantine is not sufficient, and that it is “almost an oxymoron.”

        “In an region like this, you go out one, two, or three times—you ride the subway, you ride a bus—you could affect hundreds and hundreds of people,” Cuomo added.

        “There is no reason for undue concern or undo anxiety under this situation,” the New York governor said. “I believe this adjustment and increasing the screening procedures is necessary. I think it reduces the risk to New Yorkers and the residents of New Jersey.”

        Christie indicated that authorities have already stopped one traveler in Newark.

        Cuomo said that he and Christie believe it is a state’s right to protect their borders, and he indicated that the governors have been in touch with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He added he believed the CDC’s procedures are “not rigorous enough.”

        Christie said the measures are “necessary to protect public health.”

        “CDC’s guidance is continually changing, and we need to set a standard for our two states,” Christie said. These new procedures have already been put in place at the Port Authority airports, Cuomo said.

        And so it begins…

        • “Cuomo said that he and Christie believe it is a state’s right to protect their borders”

          Apparently not the same right for Texas, California and those states on the SOUTHERN border…

          • Yeah Chris Christy has the Bridges covered for shut down.

            • WWTI

              I just spit coffee all over my screen. Thank you for that. That was one hell of a funny comment.

              I believe you are on the right path.

        • Socrates,


          I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant. Would the staff be quarantined at the hospital?

          If a (possible) Ebola patient showed up at the hospital, I bet a NUMBER of medical service providers would decide NOT to show up at work.
          Such as…
          -Single parents
          -Those with young families
          -Those who didn’t want to RISK being exposed to Ebola

          • I am not surprised to hear this… I expect this will happen in other places also should Ebola patients arrive.

            Staffers at Bellevue Hospital called in sick en masse on Friday as Ebola fears ran rampant.

            “An extraordinary number of Bellevue Hospital staffers called in sick on Friday rather than treat the city’s first Ebola patient — and those who showed up were terrified to enter his isolation chamber, sources told The Post.”

            “The nurses on the floor are miserable with a ‘why me?’ attitude, scared to death and overworked because all their co-workers called out sick,” one source said.

            New York Post

        • No, because people in that area didn’t experience it. That’s the thing- there were only 3-4 areas in the country that this happened. I hope you all watched the video… The channel automatically changed fir many people to NBC…, people couldn’t change their channels or turn it off. I slowed down the vid and it said people not in the area should turn to their local news to wait for an announcement from the White House. This has never happened- even with the Cuban Missile crisis or 911 or the assassination of JFK. The area was generally Georgia, Texas, another southern state (Arkansas or Alabama) and NC. Really odd. Something is really wrong.

          • Cabin: I left you a post on the article “I’m coming to your house when SHTF…” Since things move so fast here, I wasn’t sure if you saw it.


      26. I all for the idea of people being sued if they are negligent Ebola spreaders. Possibly jail time if they cause people to die from their negligence.

        Our leaders should announce this.

        • Our ‘leaders’ ARE the negligent Ebola spreaders. We should SUE THEM first.

        • Sierra Dave says, “Our leaders should announce this.”

          Gawd, you come across as such a bootlicker.

          “Obey” is your mantra?

          • Well. You are right in that regard. The people in charge are useless. If they were decent and looking out for the best interest of Americans. They would let the threat of jail time and financial ruin weigh heavily on these moronic medical workers. Perhaps they might be more inclined to stay inside after coming from an Ebola infected rat hole.

            I’m all for a flight ban from these countries. At the very least, they should have to stop over somewhere (outside America) for 21 days or longer to be declared Ebola free.

            P.S. I’m no bootlicker.

          • @ helot – Stfu. Go defecate somewhere else.

      27. I am sooooo happy. I just read through about 50 comments without mention of ebola.

      28. I heard that somebody in fed govnt has removed that stupid plaque with “Send us your idiots, 3rd worlders, ignornat apes and scum type folks etc etc” that was on the statue of liberty….Then since they figured by now the usa has been more than fully filled with such low lifers and 3rd world trash types to implement the Final Solution for ameriKwan whiteys, that they put a new sign up in that old plaques place…new one states ….

        “Welcome to The Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKa, Pilgrim”

        • Condor… Good one. Like Welcome to JewYor k. Land of the blood sucking parasite feedy frenzy buffet. Belly up to the trough and help us finish off the helpless corpse. Bring you ebola your illegal drugrunners your infected leaches from kenya to run the country into the ditch. Bring your homeless loosers for the free EBT cards and Drivers licenes.

          • Hank

            I understand why you feel the way you do. I just wish you would post something that is not full of anger. You can get help for that you know. Hopefully my advice is helpful to you.

            • Mike in VA thinks Ignorance is Bliss. Stupid is as stupid does eh Mikey.. lol

              • WWTI

                Do you want to be put in time out again son. 1 and 2 now that’s a good boy.

                Maybe I should talk to the doctor about upping your medication.

          • Hank in tx: Thanks. ps did you know that stupid kommie statue liberty plaque was NOT orig on the statue…It got added Later, like 1940’s if I recall correct. It was written by a russian kommie marxist women, Jewess who arrived as a “poet” libs fell in love with. The kommie libs and jewyorkers honored that idiot russian kommie jewess women by placeing her assinine plaque on the statue.

            NO other nation globally is stupid enough to ASK other nations(Cubas castro sending every mental ward and prisioner felon here as example) to please send us ALl of Your worthless and Canabalistic animal-class of sub human filth, so we can force white taxpayers to feed and house em all!

            Unless of course another nation got infested by a jewish infiltration of marxist talmudics like amerakwans has been since 1880 by the Boat loads!

            They aint called Nation Wreckers for no small reasons.

            Now note red thumbs galore due to this site has been overtaken by jews, israeli talkbackers paid agent disrputers, and their idiotic Pastor John hagee devotee’s crowd of ziojewdeo-christian Imbecils and fools who really believe one can actually Be Both at same time! Too Bad they also ignore even jew rabbis etc that also laugh and call such fraud christian apostate types an Oxymoron for such belief of one can be a jewdeo-christian!

            Whats next from these brainless fools?…maybe try to convince us all that YES Oil and Water do mix?…Or that Gravity= things/persons all Falls UP?

            Like I said prior NONE has more so dammaged america, than such fraud apostate pastors, and most of todays 300,000 pastors nationwide are sold out 501C irs slaves who dare Not speak truth on their huge Taboo bunch of swindlers and “Adversaries Of God and of ALL mankind”( as per the very bible they profess to believe in!).

            Pastors like that equals dammages done by sold out MSM tv news personal such as Hannity, Beck et al…BUT my reason the preachermen are worse is due to They the pastors act and speak in Vain while make use of God’s name in vain.

            Thats worse than that they mezmerized and brainwashed 50 million otherwise good people in usa.

            Time outs ALL such Lies. Wait till them jew lover ass kissers finally realize when they can’t longer deny facts just whom their true Mortal enemys really has been all along. Probobly wont occure untill many jewdeowhacko zionist “christian” Apostate deluded souls gets whacked by the very bunch they so prior worshipped, also known of as “Self Chozens” or as Christ labeled them, “Synagouge of SATAN!”

            Wait till jewdeo christians fund that third temple rebuild so rabbis can resume animal roasts and begin to Teach the True meaning of the word “GOYIM” to those fool deluded christians eh!

            IE: Per Talmudic rabbis etc, GOYIM means a “Human Animal with OUT a Soul from God”!…Ergo once temple animal sacrafices start up again, and this time around rabbis begins to Burn up GOYIM animals as an almighty sacrafice to rid the worlds sins(gee didnt Jesus do That already you jewdeo lunatics?) Maybe that will convince the foolish deludsional zio jewdeo christians they should have listened to Us types warnings.

            If All That wont awaken em?…jewish Sanhedrin Noahide Laws sure will!!…Then we shall see just How many self claimed ‘christians” Really refuse to denounce Jesus or face beheadings!…I can Hear these fools crying or whineing Now..

            “but Wait! We jewdeo christian zios is the same ones that Funded Your thrid temple(HQ for future Antichrist!) and kept sending our Sons to die in fraud wars to mass murder every global enemy of jews and israel state!…We jewdeo deluded ones is Your Pals! please do not murder Us Mr Pharisee satanist rabbis!

            Yeah thats gonna work swell eh…All due to they refuse to believe OTHER new testement verses that so often Warn the fools…Same as they reject Us who alert them to such infos….yet they got zero problem bashing or exposing all others NOT jewish huh?…HYPOCRITES!

            Theys whos going to be standing at wait in that GOAT line at Lords judgement day…
            But Lord! in Your name we prophesied! we cast Out Demons! we fed poor sub human canabals and jungle bunnies in Your name!…we Raised the Dead in Your name!….THEN for the Second time in Two minits, the Lord Christ shall AGAIN say…”You wicked workers of Inequity!(workers of SIN) DEPART From Me!”….And as the Rev. books verses state…They TOO shall have Their place within the Lake of Fire where hell and satan and All his followers(talmudics and others also) shall be sent for eternity…

            No wonder we were told to FEAR God!…The begining of Wisdom=Fear of the Lord God…Maybe fear Lack is reason so many jewdeo christian deluded souls, many right HERE at shtf it seems, has zero wisdom…Much knowledge yes…But without true God given wisdom…What good is that knowledge of the world and its ways and the flesh ways?…NONE!…As so Many Here this site Prove dily eh!

            I say RED thumbs by them only serve as solid Proof galore that we who achieve that red status are doing it correctly!….They HATE factual and biblical Truth and it shows…Like Jesus and apostles warned us of…”they Hate Me and so will they Hate You for speaking truth!” so it has been revealed here in Spades.

            Okay foolish delusional ones Back to them tons of $40 worthless John Hagee videos you collected dozens of…Search in Vain for truth from that idiot apostate false teacher….Thus guarenteeing You a spot in that afore mentioned Goat Line…Maybe You can be first to hear “Depart from Me wicked apostate worker of inequity”…Wont That prove all some of us here tell you was correct.

      29. An FYI: from a Pope who actually Got it right and also Did stuff right long ago eh…

        Something everyone should read:

        “The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease.

        “Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future.

        “We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit.

        “On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice — in all towns, districts, and places — must depart these regions. ~ Pope St. Pius V (From his Bull, “The Jewish Race,” Feb.26, 1569; PAC, p.648).

        The Roman Catholic Church fought the Jews bitterly till the French revolution (created by the Jews). After that they started there ” church – state separation ” program which led ultimately to the sorry state the Vatican is right now.

        • Check out “Brother Nathaniel” on YTube. For his insights on the Jewry. Every American needs a true history lesson on the Facts he can lay it out for ya like no other.

          • Why was a private Israeli Security Firm hired and in charge for the Boston Marathon? Then coicidently the False Flag Patsy set up to stir up more support for Israel which one Israeli official was quoted Boston Bombing will pay big dividends for our cause

      30. Finally!…A Jewish-English dictionary: translating what Jews say into what Jews are really saying:

        Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
        Freedom: Depravity
        Equality: Favoritism
        Tolerance: Debauchery

        Holocaust: The holy milk cow
        Holocaust denial: Blasphemy!

        Freedom of speech: Shut up!
        Hate speech: Words Jews hate
        Race: Something that doesn’t exist
        Racist: A White person

        Liberal: A useful sucker
        Liberalism: Useful sucker farming

        Social justice: Cultural Marxism
        Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
        Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking

        Feminism: Home wrecking
        Gay marriage: Society wrecking
        Gay rights: Disease propagation
        Teenagers: A mob of violent Blacks

        Hater: Rightist
        Rightist: Hater

        Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to the Jew game
        Right wing extremist: Anyone Jews don’t like
        Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter

        Justice: Jewish perfidy
        Injustice: Resisting Jewish perfidy

        Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
        Republicanism: Jew rule
        Democracy: Jew rule
        Communism: Jew rule

        Republicans: Shabbos goy
        Democrats: Shabbos goy
        Gentile: Non-human
        Goy: Contemptible non-human

        Negro (schwartza): Sub-goy
        Christian Zionist: Imbecile

        Antisemitic canards: Indisputable truths

        Hope someone next makes a similar one for negroes Ebonics translated into whitey english eh!

        • I kinda wish that the next time you need medical attention, somebody makes sure that no medicine, therapy or surgical procedure that was invented or developed by a Jewish doctor or scientist is used to help you. With modern computer and the Internet I’d bet we could make that happen.

      31. My bad gut feeling is in over drive. I am also sad to say I have become so desensitized to things. This did not shock me in anyway. Nothing does anymore. Freedom here is just a fantasy now. The fight has already begun. We are in a cold war for Freedom or Socialism in our own houses.
        Sooner rather than later blood is going to be shed. I dread it.
        I will die for the cause of freedom if I must. My children, there children, and there children’s children are depending on us to be the new greatest generation.

        Never give up or give in. Prep for the worst and hope for the best.

        • Mike in Va Its just halftime in Stonewall’s valley,ready in Winchester.

          • Jim

            I hope so. Sure would be nice if its halftime instead of the two minute warning. I am ready too I hope. There will always be something I missed though.

      32. having enough radiation free clean food and water stored to survive what is coming is the key.

        everything else is just a distraction.

        they will try to control you with limited or no access to affordable clean food and water.

        don’t let them by stocking up now.


        • The first quarter of the NWO GAME was the false flag attack on the USS LIBERTY. What Jews don’t want you to know. Look that up on YTube.

          • Hank in Tx: Very correct! “IF” jews/israel fighter jets and PT boat torpedoes had been sucessfull in their several HOURS long attacks on the USS Liberty in 1967, to entirly SINK it and MURDER ALL 200 US Navel persons on board… (the jews killed aprox 35, severly wounded aprox 170+)THEN…as the jews pre planned it, to Blame it ALL upon EGYPT!…..That alone would heve begun a real true WWIII(war#3) scenario for certain.

            “IF” Jews succeded in that attempted uss liberty demise…NONE of Us today would be alive to post any message here.

            Israel & jews tried make good on their israel State Motto of “By Deception(Lies) You(jews/israelie aka edomite fake jew khazars) Shall Cause WARS!”…

            Thats the state motto of whats supposed to be amerikwans Bestest Pals and oh yes! the ONLY democracy in mid east regions!…Bwahhhhh!!! Bwahhhh!…How can Us Goyims have bestest Pals with such marixst talmudic self chozens whos Hatred for Goyims is ONLY exceded for their LOVE/LUST for Mammon(money)…Like a rabi quote I saw at incogmans website says…”We the jewish peoples, exist for just Two reasons…To #1=constantly protest(cry of being only victims that matters worldwide so Give us Cash and lots of it Goyims) and to #2= EXTRACT Money in EVERY nation we Infiltrate and(My words here…INFEST! like cockroaches and Rats…Juden Ratzens)…Indeed its no wonder some old famous german scholor once coined the phrase of “The Jews Are Our…Misfortune”…He too was Spot on no…

      33. sometimes a test is just that ‘a test’.

        Again, zog amerika plans to be at war till 2050 for the next 30 years.

        it is not in their best interest to crash the markets. it will destroy zog amerika’s ability to wage their 30 year global ONE WORLD BANK ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT WORLD WAR III WW3.


        • The news cast said it was an alert- it was not a test.

        • A parasite will not exist if it fully kills its host. So enjoy the terminally ill sick patient for a few more decades.

      34. Well I guess we won’t find out when they kill Kenny…….those Bastards.

      35. Did anyone think that the system was HACKED? Or are TPTB trying to get us ready for the declaration of Martial Law? I’m leaning toward HACKED. TPTB aren’t smart enough.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Obullshit has let and made everything else go to shit. Why not the Alert System?

        As far as them telling me I can’t use my phone F#$K them I’ll use my any way, and then I’ll go to our secondary forms of communication.

        • I disagree with you a little on this one Sgt. TPTB are testing every thing now just sticking their fingers in the water so to speak of. They want Intel on how the general public is going to react, if it was hacked I think it would have been nation wide, just not in certain area’s. An other thought cross my mind, use this to alert operatives in plain sight. Now to your hack theory yes it could have been along the same lines to use the enemy’s own system to activate sleeper cell in the affected area’s. But I still say TPTB are testing the waters.


          • CH
            Good points.
            I through it out for speculation.

            While I was in Missouri on the 4Th of July I had a Copperhead almost get me. Fast draw with a 44 Mag with bird shot. I won!

            • Sgt: So I lost another cousin, shame on you. LoL


      36. We interrupt this program….
        Please report to your nearest FEMA camp…

      37. Anyone here watch the TV show The Strain? This was done on one of the episodes. The Alert system was taken over to broadcast a message about the blood sucking vampires. Perhaps someone is learning from what they watch on TV.

        • Watch The Walking Dead 7pm to 9 central time Sunday Nt AMC channel network.

        • Yoda,I watch it,not bad and does really push the better get inventive survival skills.Yes,realize watching a tv show is not the best for brain,that said,sometimes my brain needs a “time out”.

      38. The “Alert” will give me time to rack a round.

      39. Good Morning SHTF.

        Talking about HAM radio communication. The Military can jam those signals. We will be banging on drums to get the message out.
        Mike in VA has it about right. Desensitized but still vigilant. There is two parts to our story and the first is getting all the gear/info together. The second is going out and using the gear. I hope you have done trials runs to see what works for you. Made a backup plan.
        The good news is, and get this.

        A Good friend who knows I prep told me he knows a person who is more extreme than I am in prepping. Made me look like a Cub Scout. Certain ties are being formed. Just too damn slow for me.

        “Bungle In The Jungle”

        • Sling,wish I could give you a million thumbs up for Tull reference,from moniker guess you know Warchild my favorite album of all time,which that great song is from!

          “I’ll write on your tombstone
          I thank you for dinner
          This game that we animals play
          It’s a winner”

          Saw the band since 75 as a 12 year old till today over 100 times!

      40. Product Review

        ESTWING, double bladed hatchet. Shock resistant handle. Full metal forged shank and head.

        Well balanced and holds an edge. Chopped fat lighter like butter. Then tried throwing it.

        Every 8 ft. one rotation. Test at 32 ft. 9 out of ten ax blade stuck target with blade.

        Note: Not as easy throwing this tool as it is on uTube.

        • Sling shot ,
          Just sharpen the edge of your e-tool ( not the folding variety ) battle proven , over looked as a CQB weapon.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Bought an Estwing axe a few months ago. Have bolt cutters and pry bar among other hand tools. Civilian rescue operations when things go south. I ain’t waitin’ for the “officials” to rescue me or mine. Remember, most walls are just doors waiting to be made.

          • Night Breaker and Prophet.

            Many an entrenchment tool has has put many a enemy to rest.

            Never thought of civil rescue. Good one Prophet.

      41. This warning should be on TV in the Ferguson/St Louis Missouri the next coming days. I hope residents there are “prepped” for what could happen. Keep everyone in your prayers.

      42. As for Obama being a dictator of America; this just will not happen. He’s not smart enough to get out of the rain, let alone to have a head-ache. The Power Brokers have someone waiting in the wings to be the dictator. Obama is just there to take the blame and then he’ll be thrown into the open pit like the rest of their slaves, just another someone to do their bidding till that day of implication of the PLAN. Folks they have one maybe two more chess moves and I feel their ducks will be in a row. Everything that is happening is nothing more than; keep the people stirred up, keep them on edge, and keep throwing things at them close together, this is way to keep them off the point of what is truly happening, Advert Attention from Them (the power brokers). Example; the shooting at the HS in Washington State will more than likely allow the Bill Gates’s of the U. S. to get a gun control law passed, then on to other States. The timing of this event smells of a planned job, more than likely drugs were used on the shooter to accomplish this act (we will never know). Keep the vast majority of the people in a PANIC MODE, do not let them wake up and organize. They know all too well that Americans act on knee jerk feelings/actions, plain and simple as that. It’s coming be prepared.

        NOMI (You just got to LOVE this SITE) (They[TPTB] do not like this site from all the RED THUMBERS being on here)

        • NWO President Hitlery Clintonstein. Dictator of the Enslaved world.

      43. The TV viewers are already zombies to the state. What was the point?

      44. T-town, you mean keep everyone in your sights.

        • no Prophet, I mean prayers. violence begets violence. Defend yourself when necessary but other wise, cause no harm.

      45. Got an e-mail sale flyer from CDNN the other day. They had DPMS .308 AR-15’s on sale for $800! Normally about $1150.

        • .308 is an AR-10.

          • Sorry I mean, you might as well get an AR-10. Since the platform is not really designed for it. .308 is for more appropriate for sharp shooting.

      46. “If a country is a land of defined and defended borders, within which resides a people of a common ancestry, history, language, faith, culture and traditions, in what sense are we Americans one nation and one people today?”
        Pat Buchanan


      47. Nothing new here. The Obozo clown group has had state-run TV for six years. What goes on the air on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, et al is blessed by the regime. The rest is true to form based on the “tingles up their legs”.

        Fox is the only place you will see what is going on…and they provide differing points of view to (in my view) show you how stupid the liberal agenda really is.

        • Idiot.

      48. Most things the govt. tries to do has a possible good use. The problem is they twist the meanings and put screws to us.

      49. Oh No! my Communist News Network and my Abraham Foxman News is interrupted by the Zionist Masters and my Jew Tube is directed to a ZOG announcement by Thomas “Lipschitz” Freiden-steen, head of the CDC , telling the Goyim, “there’s nothing to see here, get back in line Cattle! handed off to Ron “Jewy Jewsteen” Klain-berg , Obunghole’s Ebola Czar. I hate when my daily dose of Media Brainwashing is interrupted by more brainwashing from the same “Self-Chosenites”. It’s a huge ZOG brainwashing Bar Mitzvah! Mozoltov!

      50. Even if we assume that Obama’s politically correct refusal to quarantine red hot ebola countries is right,

        and that all recorded medical history ​of using quarantines to fight epidemics

        from the Bible, to Ellis Island, to Saudi Arabia banning ebola countries for the Haj- are ALL wrong.

        Obama would still be a fool not to impose an air quarantine to prevent political unrest.

        Unless that is the objective.

      51. ​The “false” Emergency Notification scrolled on the screen for November 9, 2014 at 8:33 am.

        That’s 11-9 (the reverse of 9-11) at 8:33am.

        The first plane hit the towers in NYC on 9-11 at 8:46am.

        Drudge tweeted “personal quarantine” recently.

        Now the Dem controlled Federal Election Commission is attempting to shut Drudge website down as a campaign finance law violation.

      52. This was the posted content of the emergency alert as posted by an eyewitness on Infowars yesterday (Friday, October 24, 2014)

        EmergencyLakenormanNC • a day ago

        I’m in North Carolina and was watching the Today show on WSOC at 8:33AM. This is what the scroll said.

        The primary entry point system has issued an emergency action notification for the United States beginning at 3:03PM Sunday, November 9 and ending at 3:18PM Sunday, November 9. (WSOC)

        It repeated over and over until 8:35AM”

        source: http://www.infowars.com/white-house-emergency-alert-interrupts-tv-viewers-across-america/

        • weird.

      53. Top Ebola Scientists: Ebola More Likely to be Spread by Aerosol In Cold, Dry Conditions than In Hot, Humid Africa

        “Army’s Infectious Disease Research Unit and Discoverer of Ebola Strain Agree.”

        “Both elevated temperature and relative humidity (RH) have been shown to reduce the aerosol stability of viruses.”

        In 2012, scientists from USAMRIID published a report in the journal Viruses finding:
        “Aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates.”


      54. Hillary: ‘Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’

        “Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”

        “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

        “You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” she continued. “That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

        Breitbart dot com

        • Unfrigginbelievable….

          • PKLL … With these words of wisdom from the already anointed next Democrat nominee for president, what could possibly go wrong?

            Gotta rank right up there with “you didn’t build that” from dear leader.

            • NVet: Yup….

        • She forgot to mention where jobs DO come from. Our Almighty job Czar of course!

        • Well, that’ll be the ONLY time I ever agree with that bitch.
          Thoe at the top screwed us ROYALE in the last 10 years
          We all know that the qualifier that was lacking in that phrase was ‘BIG BUSINESS’

          Please God…just ‘reset’ it ALL and start AGAIN, or there won’t be any of US left. FOCK!

          Thanks KY.

          • Mr. Rodgers.

            Look out! She is going to be the next President. If Obama does not pull the rug out from under her by war or martial law.

            • I wonder what “position” Huma will get when Hildabitch becomes Dicktator? other than lapping at her pantsuit.

            • At this point im ready to throw caution to the wind and start wishing for everything to come completely unglued, this political elite garbage needs to be eradicated, only way we will be able to do that is if the new rules are anything goes.

              • Nornin Kula-Bro, slinghot!

                I am actually going to side with Kula here…let it all just VAPORIZE…Hell, I might EVEN vote for the Bitch if it will jut hurry it all along, the reasoning here…

                The LONGER it takes for FedGov to anihilate itself the MORE damage that it will do to everyone along the way. It is a now a tre juggernaut, careening along a path that will simply kill everything it crushes as it rolls on to Armageddon…and it will GET far worse as things – generally – also get worse in the World at large.

                So let it END, soon…Please God!…such that many night be thusly SPARED, for otherwise it is becomming hopeless, RAPIDLY….”Who HERE does NOT know this”. Eh?

      55. If anyone was watching the Today Show on WSOC on Friday, October 24, 2014 at 8:33am, please tell us what you read scrolled on the screen.

      56. Their stupid little message should say…


        That would go on….


        Because the Huffington Post and MSNBC weren’t enough…


        Because the President is a hapless negro ya know!

      57. Really strange at the airport today. Had a Muslim guy circling around the control tower. My sixth sense kicked in to get away. Bout the time I did Leos took notice of him. Was traditionally dressed, and once he was spotted he floored it. Weird.

      58. Great idea, however, let’s add a little. How about any government official lying or telling a falsehood while using this system is to be found guilty of treason and jailed as such.

      59. Like I ever trusted main stream bullshit messages and always question/think about what I read,including this site,no insult intended Mac,just the way I and millions are.

      60. If anyone recorded the Emergency Alert on WSOC at 8:33am during the Today Show yesterday, Friday, October 25, 2014, please let us know what was written on the scroll and if possible send it or post it on You-tube.

        We need to confirm reports made.

      61. Security question for you women out there who have a gun(s). Been trying to get my sisters to get a tactical shotgun (for 20 years) and they kept making excuses. They now are beginning to see the light, though. I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 (8 rd mag) and my girlfriend has the M2. We both like the guns for the workmanship but mostly the dependability/quality/longevity. However, we know there are great shotguns out there at half the price. Remington and Mossburg come to mind. I prefer and suggest a shotgun with a stock, personally and so does my girlfriend. Any suggestions/experiences/brands/makes/models for a female?

        • G’Day EA,

          As it happens…there are several possibilities ‘out there’; Remington 870 (I prefer the ‘Marine Magnum’ personally…electroless nickel plating, ergo, no rust), mossberg is rather cheaply manuf’d IMHO but would do in a pinch and another; the AKDAL MKA-1919…a full-on M-16 style AR-type shotgun (can pull through 5 rounds per sec).

          As far as ALL the shotguns go though I have a single – specific – recomendation here…GET a recoil-absorbing stock for any that you get. If you don’t then the ‘little woman’ WILL get knocked on her derriere rather quickly and FORCIBLY, as well. The worst kicking one of those mentioned above is the AKDAL…weighs only 6.3 pounds unloaded and so has no mass to absorb it’s own recoil. When I fitted a Mako SA stock to that – the Akdal – my 14 year old, 100 pound niece fired it (with 3″ magnums, no less) and thought it was ‘neat’, Eh?

          I put another of those (specifically for) on a Remington 870 I have and it’s a real charmer now to fire. In any case those stocks will run a fair bit ($200), but if you CAN’T shoot them (via excessive recoil or the FEAR of the recoil) effectively, then what’s the point? I know, expense, expense, expense. …sometimnes though you just gotta ‘Nike’ it or the girls won’t do it, not after having fired it once, in it’s ‘stock state’, unmodified for recoil.

          Hope that helps Friend…

          Adios All….

          • MR R: I prefer the old rattling Mossberg over the Remington. I’ve had trouble with the Rem in as action arms binding, also I prefer a top tang safety over one you have to use your trigger finger to operate it. With the top tang safety thumb and finger are in proper firing position. To each his own, what feels right for you go fore it as long has it goes bang every time you squeeze the trigger.


            • Howdy Copperhead!

              Tis true Friend, ‘…to each his OWN!’ There are adbantages and disadvanteges almost no matter where one looks. That said, there is a ‘feel’ that each of us has as to what is ‘just right’ for they, themselves.

              I DO have the AKDAL…and I DID go through the entire process of modifying it – SA stock, picatinny rail forearm fitted with a red dot and a green-light laser by NcStar. That last one I CANNOT recommend enough; the green light is fully cisivle at fiar range even inb braod daylight…something that the red-light lasers are useless in otherwise.

              Well then, Adios Friends.

          • G’Day to you Mr.Rodgers

            Would it be correct to assume you’re an Aussie? If so, are you in Aussie land or in the States? I would think the shotguns you’re acquainted with would no longer be available to the fine citizens down under.

            I’ll heed your advice,Ta. Been thinking the 870 might be the ticket.


            • Good Morning EA,

              As Copperhead points out above, it is all a matter of ‘taste’…what seems ‘right’ to each of us, Eh? That said, you can not go wrong with the Remington, IMHO…it will ALWAYS ‘deliver’ when the moment comes, which ,may – or may NOT – always happen with an automatic…much as I like those as well. Incidentallly, that same logic applies to pistols; when it’s LIFE or DEATH, I’d always go ‘revolver’ myself…those just don’t JAM…just sayin here.

              Oh, and No…not an ‘Aussie’…and currently resident in the FAR North, Alaska…above 50 degree’s north in fact…where I don’t HAVE to worry over little things like Nuclear War, Ebola, Financial Collapse or much of anything else, for that matter…other than gettin’ a moose now and then…and my garden!

              Nice ‘jabberin at ya’ Friend…let us know how it works out, later.


            • Eruopean

              I forgot the most important thing in my opinion. Jut my opinion but if she is a petite lady I would suggest a 20 guage rather than a 12.

        • when novice, fearful, gun users want to buy a shotgun, I usually recommend they buy a break action double barrel,

          its simple, easy to use in a panic, and most importantly they (and you) can verify its unloaded

          they will only be using it for last ditch defense anyway, not charging the hill

          • Mornin’ Colt,

            A good suggestion since a lot of Folk might FORGET to actually ‘pump’ a PUMP shotgun after the first round was expended. However, the KICK from any double-barrel (my all-time favorite weapon incidentally!) is ‘formidable’ for any woman, incarneated as a 12 ga. That is the reaaon that I directed EA above, as I did.

            Till later Everyone…

        • European

          I would let your sister decide. You also have to decide whether it is single barrel, double barrel, pump, or automatic.
          My wife has a Remington 870 pump which is the youth model. She is a small lady.
          Your sister has to have something that feels right to her. You should practice with her too.

          Hope this helps.

          • Thanks all for the feed back. The sisters have had a change of heart. It’ seems they’ve decided to take a different route…either the MG34 or the MG42.

      62. Taking over the media? Already been done by the Antonio Gramsci fascist left (his contention was 30 – 40 years ago, don’t take on the West miltarily; rather, take over their culture. I’ll leave you to decide whether that vile leftist succeeded or not

      63. … and speaking the of lamestream media (and don’t forget Hollyweird), here is Charleton Heston’s comment on the deal:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

      64. Change of subject for a minutes.

        Does anyone have a Solar Power Equipment website that they can recommend from actual experience or knowledge?

        Interested in getting some panels and setup equipment install ASAP.

        Thank you, back to the scheduled informational (??) conversation..

        • A Christian Man: ask “fifth disciple”…he helped me a lot and knows all about this stuff.


        • Do you live in California, CM?


        • I recommend buying a 100 watt monocrystalline solarpanel from renogy.com for 149.99, a whistler 1800 watt inverter from the whistler web site for 100 to 200 dollars, & a 30 amp charge controller from amazon.com for about $50.00. You can also go online to amazon.com and buy two 50 amp hour battteries. This is way cheaper than trying to buy a solar power system as a kit. Although, you can buy a kit minus the battery from renogy.com for about $350.00.

          Hope this helps.

      65. Tech to shut down the internet and all public communication has been available to gov agencies for some time. This intel is nothing new.

        We have to be cautious/concerned of what many so called “inside sources” have said about martial law being instigated/mandated before the end of Obama’s term. Is this a TEST run to the real broadcasted warnings of what’s to come? I don’t Know, maybe, maybe not.

        With the amount of executive orders (updated) which have been put in place over the previous thirty years you have to ask:

        Q: Does the fed gov have anything more to do to have the ability to take away every right, business, transportation, media, food, agriculture, energy or any source you need for a happy, healthy liberty filled life?

        A: NO, NO, NO! You Own Nothing. You are and will be a Debt slave until you/we take your/our life(s) back. Everything you think is rightfully yours can be arrested at anytime anywhere. This has been proven many times in our so called lawful court system(s).

        Damn good thing I don’t rely on a man written document to tell me what my rights, liberties and freedoms are or are not. Like most of you, I’m sure I can be your best friend or your worst enemy…….I have nothing to fear, I’m READY AND STEADY

        • Yep
          I like it,
          Best friend or biggest pain in the arse here,,,

          • Farmer,
            most people will be “Tango Uniform” before they know what hit em. Including the good people here, And that my man is sad. Keep hope alive!

      66. Ladies and gentleman!

        This Emergency Alert is brought to you by Procter and Gamble, makers of Tide laundry detergent. Tide, because you probably just shit in your pants and nothing removes shit stains from your undies like Tide. Why not run out and pick up a box or jug right now there might be some left on your grocer’s shelf. And now without further ado here is your Emergency Announcement…

      67. Mac….when are side discussions “topically” going to be available? It’s October….other sites way less travelled than yours have them….I get that your busy, but come’on….


        • PK
          Never ever say to much in any forum. I normally don’t post anything anywhere anytime but, I like SHTF so I break my long time rules. I have been reading this site for some time(100’s of others) and not new to the events of past and present. Read behold a pale horse (signed copy) in 93 and now read 40 books a year.

          Knowledge is a long hard path my friend

          • vtfree2: Thanks for warning…not sure what prompted it though…


      68. Damn,everyone is getting rather testy on here. I think we were hacked,is how we got that ’emergency notice. Just my opiniom.

      69. We’ll see these messages when “dear leader” decides to invoke martial law, delay elections & (tries) to ban guns…

      70. Why does Obama refuse the common sense air quarantine on red hot ebola zones in Africa?

        Obama will instinctively, and without conscious thought, with few exceptions, oppose the Bible worldview.

        Obama has mocked the Bible in video on You tube, he edited the Gettysburg address to delete G-d, his entire worldview is based upon coveting and class envy etc.

        Leviticus is a book in both the Jewish and Christian Bible. It requires a quarantine for diseases, see for example Lev. 13:45,46. I am not allowed to quote the Bible verses or this will be deleted, but you can look it up on any free Internet Bible program like Bible gateway.

        For Christians, Jesus reaffirmed quarantines for diseases (here it was leprosy) in Luke 5:14.

      71. This example and my own tuned to local NBC stations. Why NBC?

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