This Is a Usurper, Not a Candidate: California Primary Was Stolen, And Hillary’s “Nomination a Coup”

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 76 comments

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    It’s lights out for democracy. No surprise for those who have been paying attention. But if this is your first time through it, this election has been totally rigged. From the start, it was clear that Hillary had been chosen and given a path. Possibly it was a concession forged back in 2008 in which she agreed to stand aside for Obama in exchange for “her turn.”

    Antithetical to our deeply held democratic processes, the entire 2016 contest is and has been rigged so that one person’s quest for power can be satisfied. 2008 was an embarrassing stumble. 2016 is the last pageant she’s willing to go through, and she was determined to win. This time, the title is hers. Period.

    Thus, the timing, carefully coordinating, of her “clenching” the nomination. On the eve of the California primary – where her fierce opponent Bernie Sanders was threatening to win – an announcement made in the mainstream news essentially pulled the rug out from under the primary by rendering it useless.

    To recap, the Hillary announcement was a fraud to seal/steal the nomination before it could be contested:

    Conspiracy theory may be about to become conspiracy fact once again as the oddly-timed proclamation by the Associated Press last night that Hillary had secured enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination may have been planned days in advance…

    As we detailed earlier, on a day with no voting, based on AP’s surveys of the un-named anonymous super-delegates, they stated that Hillary had the 2383 delegates to secure the nomination… as Mike Krieger exclaimed,

     Last night, the American public witnessed the most egregious example of mainstream media malpractice of my lifetime. By declaring Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee based on the pledges of superdelegates who have not voted, and will not vote until the convention on July 25th, the Associated Press performed a huge disservice to American democracy on the eve of a major primary day, in which voters from the most populous state in the union (amongst others) head to the polls.

    Declaring her ‘delegate count’ totals adequate to crown her the winner sent the message to Bernie supporters loud and clear that there wasn’t to be any further challenges, or any further efforts at contesting the DNC convention. It’s over, and Bernie should squash the notions of contesting it on the floor. Mine….

    Here’s her self-congratulatory speech declaring that she has ‘made history.’

    Scripted with the media, Hillary declared that she was the party’s nominee, and had made history as the first woman to do so.

    Though the super delegates themselves don’t officially vote until the convention in late July, she clenched it.

    In short succession, and with equally careful timing and scripting, President Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary and further dampened opposition from anti-Hillary factions in the Democratic party.

    In the full spirit of taking no chances, Hillary has openly taken control of the election process itself.

    Her crony, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has maintained strict obedience inside the Democratic party, and cleared the path to make sure everything centered around the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State who would literally say anything to anyone, and put up with any indignity in order to claim her place in history.

    In the end, she will be noted for her ascent to power through dynasty, covert intelligence work, elite financing and most of all, unwavering commitment to graft, deception and evasion (among other tactics) in order to succeed at all costs.

    Her avarice and ambition will be duly noted in proportion with this late hour of the collapsing republic that is indeed tuning itself to the familiar patterns of history. Her moment of glory is indeed transient, and many more corrupt potentates will take brief power in a quick succession of brazen and ugly steps to the bottom before things even out again.

    That is the cycle of history. Tyrants and patriots make the history books. The books are written by the winners, so the identities of the cast of characters are often distorted. But Hillary’s place in history is plain enough to see.

    Her coronation will come only after going through a gauntlet of every scandal dredged up again from the past. An imminent indictment from the FBI for her crimes pertaining to the email scandal. None of it will stop her, and she will proudly carry the battle as one more notch on her belt.

    A showdown with the primetime boss himself, where Hillary will duke it out, blow for blow, with talking points tailor-scripted to the hypocrisies of Donald Trump and the tired platitudes of establishment power. Trump’s goldmine of controversial and “offensive” sound bytes and positions gives her a path to victory, though it seems more likely that the people would spit her out quickly enough in a fair vote.

    But there hasn’t been a fair vote.

    There hasn’t been, and there won’t be.

    Deep down, everyone knows that.

    The tactics of the Democratic party (in suppressing Bernie Sanders), like those of the Republican party in 2008 and 2012 (in suppressing support for Ron Paul) are blatant displays of corruption that completely signal the end of days for the rule of law, the Constitution, the common sense that used to come with growing up in middle class neighborhoods, the times when people were proud of the their country. When the sold out system wasn’t quite so obvious.

    But today, the corporate sponsorship and elite donors that have long ago bought and sold political power for their own ends are transparent and plain to see. The game is rigged. It is so rigged like a casino, that there is little point in resisting its gravitational power. There will never be a way of ending the corruption through voting. The House always wins.

    With all the entertainment and controversy that Donald Trump’s candidacy has brought to the forefront, Hillary has remained on course, and calculated solely towards capturing the prize of the presidency. Her backing has always been in place for a president who they know can always be bought at a price.

    Having learned a painful 8 year lesson from her 2008 bid stolen away by Barack Obama, Hillary has now maneuvered to declare victory based on the presumption that she will win the nomination – in order to brush aside the challenges of Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

    And there are boatloads of progressives and socialists who are pissed off and angry about Hillary and calling it stolen. They’re right. It was stolen:

    Conservatives and so forth should be angry about Hillary for the same reasons – the widespread interference of fair elections.

    The theft of California through electronic voting fraud and other means is clear to anyone who was paying attention (though few were in the wake of her announcement).

    Bernie’s movement appears to have swelled much larger than the elite may have realized. But it really isn’t all that surprising when you consider the anti-establishment sentiment Sen. Sader’s tapped into the discontent of the youth with the current state of economic struggle, disillusionment and resentment at corrupt leaders – typified by Hillary, and the trail of dead that follow her and haunt her in vain.

    Stealing the vote in California, with an unlikely margin that approached 20 points, was actually pretty obvious.

    As the L.A. Times described it, the primary process was “chaos” and broken machines, flimsy forms and long lines served to disenfranchise votes:

    California voters faced a tough time at the polls Tuesday, with many voters saying they have encountered broken machines, polling sites that opened late and incomplete voter rolls… many California voters were handed the dreaded pink provisional ballot — which takes longer to fill out, longer for election officials to verify and which tends to leave voters wondering whether their votes will be counted.

    Before Tuesday’s vote, Bernie Sanders supporters accused the media of depressing Democratic turnout by calling the nomination for Hillary Clinton before polls opened in California.


    It is a final coup in a Democratic primary that has been slanted towards her from the beginning. California would not have even necessarily changed the outcome, and yet nothing could be left to chance.

    100% PROOF Elections are RIGGED !!! Your Vote Doesn’t Count !!!

    Let’s be honest… it was a legalized cakewalk instead of anything resembling an election. The outcome was rigged for a very special Queen.

    Hillary faced no real challengers from the very start.

    Other rivals who could have played the “woman” card, too, including Elizabeth Warren, did not even try to run. Biden nearly announced his entry into 2016 before being reportedly threatened behind the scenes not to run, suddenly changing his mind to spend time with his grieving family.. As the sitting Vice President, Biden was perhaps the only obvious threat to Hillary’s dominance in 2016, and thus was inconvenient to have around.

    The pirate flag has been hoisted, and the course is set for November. The media is in on it. Legitimate government is totally out now. There is really nothing to prove that Trump wouldn’t take a fall for her, either.

    These are truly dangerous waters.

    It is a dictatorship, and it is a new line of Caesars exercising power beyond reproach.

    She is a usurper if ever there was one. Who will place bets on the end of the world as we know it starting on January 20, 2017?

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      1. when do the Nazi salutes start?

        • The so called Nazis . Would of deported these people long ago. By force?

        • “These are truly dangerous waters”.

          Yep! The longer we wait to rebel, the more time they have to sock it to us! However, revolutions are also dangerous– they tend to get bloody!

          The important thing is the timing… “for everything under the sun, there is a time and a season”.

          There was an old, aggressive dog that came toward me one day. I laid down my things and stood my ground. I had a very long, strong stick (actually it was a tree limb!) If I had attacked him with my stick, I would have been the aggressor. So I just waited. I saw him staring at my neck. Just as he was getting ready to lunge, I stuck him with my stick in the neck and he ran away.

          Putin said he learned from WW2 that its important to hit the enemy before he hits you. (millions died in Russia when war began). However, Russia also said they will never strike first… so its the timing that is important.

          Look how Putin handled things in Syria. He was thoroughly ready beforehand. And when it was time, he struck with such swiftness, everyone was captivated by his moves. It was truly amazing!! So its the timing and being absolutely ready beforehand!

          • ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Jim in VA
          how did you miss Nazi salutes to Trump as requested by Trump?

          • That’s all a bunch of PC BS that’s just perfect for a media feeding frenzy.

            Nazi Germany is dead and so is the Soviet Union. The communists are not after us, and the terrorists do not “hate us for our freedoms”…they hate us because we’re bombing them in their own homes.

            All that shit is just to stir everyone up into a frenzy of HATRED. They sling it every time someone says something the liberal-PC-Racist crowd doesn’t like.

            Too much fucking PC shit around here. Get off the bandwagon and walk on your own two feet. You’ll be happier in the long run.

            • Sixpack
              Question asked and answered. Nothing mentioned by either party about PC. Over react much?

          • If this is a legitimate thing, can you provide a link proving that Trump made such a request? If it is true then it may have just gotten a little harder to hold my nose and vote for the guy.

        • it does not matter much about democraps or repukes as they both have sold there souls for money and power and so they sold US down the river and all of them need to be removed from office!
          so do you want to salute Donald or a KNOWN MURDERESS and known traitor!

          • Apache54
            I don’t see a valid choice between the two. Anybody but Hillary is not enough of a reason for me to vote for Donald Trump. Anybody but Trump is not enough of a reason for me to vote Clinton. If you want to vote for either criminal, go for it. I have been very active politically since 1972. But I couldn’t make myself vote for that crook Bushbaby. Ditto Donald Dumpster. While folks were eating the Patriot Act and NSA spying and Citizens United one vote one dollar and going bankrupt with the War on Terrorism and War on Drugs. I did not vote for that or call that monster a Godly man.
            Can dumpster win the election? Maybe. I gotta pass on this one.
            There aren’t going to be candidates anymore, it’s a wash. D/R corporate machine rides again.

            • First time in my adult life that I will not vote in the Presidential ballot. When these two are our only choices, we have come to the end of the road. It’s good to be stacking, and good to be learning the old ways, but if we can’t soon figure a way to come together, literally and figuratively, all will be for naught. The genius who can figure a way to unite us, and quit the BS about libtards, right wing nutters and all the other labels designed by the masters to keep us apart, will be the one I follow.

        • This series of crimes was so BLATANT it’s sickening! I can only think that Bernie was threatened with a bullet to the head if he didn’t act like everything is normal. BOTH parties are corporate possessions, and the so-called “elites” CLEARLY have enough power to remove ANYONE. As for Bernie, I seriously believe that Bernie was threatened, and I think threats have been used FAR more than bribes. Hillary has been a NWO “elite” possession since before Bill was elected. Hillary Clinton is just another lying, murdering (or condoning murder) “elite” tool. She’s WON NOTHING. She’s stabbed her own country, no she HAS NO “her own country”; she’s just another corporate asset. This has been a sad, EVIL farce, and Americans MUST SEE IT and ACT! The problem being that going against the official party line is now not just politically but PHYSICALLY dangerous!

          It’s been heart-breaking to see this – the theft of ANOTHER election,almost totally in the open! My country is on life-support – and a Rothschild or a Rockefeller has hold of the plug. If something doesn’t change, DRASTICALLY and soon, we’re screwed. That’s all there is to it. It’s going to take a LOT of courage, too. Such attempts tend to be fatal – financially, physically, image-wise, all of the preceding and more, and single one of us who speaks out DEMANDING honesty and redress in this election, if there even IS an election, is going to be on an NSA list and fifty other lists. God help us all!

      2. Hillary must have made a deal at the crossroads.

      3. seeing bern yesterday all smiles with the other guy talking about how he was gona help her to get the white house, it makes me wonder why his supporters are even bothering to show up at any of his speeches anymore. I think I’d just put down the sign and walk out in large numbers, or just not bother showing up at all from now on.

        what a media circus this has become. And now the 9th idiotic court says you can’t carry a firearm concealed in a state that so says even with the concealed permit, If another “D” gets in we can forget any federal law to cover ALL states like the one that is still floating around, rather you won’t be able to carry in any state let alone the one you live in now, these damned “D”‘s will find a way to recall ALL permits.

        And yeah, yeah, “the 2nd Amendment is my permit” how’s that workin out for you America?……..

        • who knows who cares

          “And now the 9th idiotic court says you can’t carry a firearm concealed in a state that so says even with the concealed permit”

          The court stated that the government has a right to restrict their issuance if they so choose, not invalidating permits issued.

          • That is an Unconstitutional “law” therefore is has no ‘teeth’ and you may fully disregard it on that “footing.” The Government does NOT have ANY RIGHT to do any such thing as it DOES STATE “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” …so remember that and live and die by it (if it should come to that).

            • And the 1st Amendment says, and the 2nd Amendment says, and the 4th amendment says, …………actually they tend to follow the 3rd only because they haven’t had a need to trample up it. The 6th, speedy trial, laughable. The 5th, due process in light of asset forfeiture, laughable. The 7th amazingly somewhat intact which I believe has weathered the storm as its often used by the wealthy and powerful. The 8th someone intact if you do manage to get a trial. The 9th absolutely shit on, hell they eviscerate that is codified, whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine. The vaulted 10th is in name only post FDR and his wanton use of the Interstate Commerce Clause. I suspect the 10th will be, in the future, a chief battle ground as states contest Federal control.

              Government has no “Rights” just responsibilities. Unfortunately the redress in the event of your rights being trampled are the courts. At best they have the authorities cease their unConstitutional activity with no punishment. If the people in government’s foremost responsibility is to uphold the Constitution than any violation of that should be the loss of said position at a minimum. This was a loophole that was never addressed nor will it ever be.

              • First of all I will make one thing perfectly clear: If the government can decide whether or not you can exercise a “right” you do NOT have a right you have a privilege. It is abundantly clear in the second amendment (including all of the writing and colonial charters preceding the Constitution) that the people are the only safe repository of the power. That is why they said that the thing that is necessary for the security of a free State is a well functioning, (regulated) trained, equipped and disciplined, Militia of the Several States. (please note they wrote the Constitution to delegate to Congress the power to “…provide for organizing, arming and disciplining, the Militia…” A1, S8, C16) They then proved that the Militia (not the Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 army) is the people themselves. “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms…” The argument that the Militia is the National Guard should be put to rest by a quick perusal of Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3.

                • POA, while you make some valid points, self-defense is a RIGHT, NOT A PRIVELEGE. Our rights come from GOD, NOT from some manmade government. Doesn’t matter what government says about anything.

              • I think it just might, unless we lose miserably. The Government is supposed to take their orders from The States, who in turn are told what to address by We The People.

                What’s so hard about fixing that? (WITH the business end of a gun, just as they are planning for us, if not guillotines and drownings).

                I favor flame throwers so that they’ll already be on fire “on arrival” in Hell and won’t need to be treated for ignition. Or perhaps it would be better to just have them reincarnated as bugs to squash …all over the beltway highways?

                King James DID have his writers “write out” all references to Reincarnation to ensure he did not lose his throne, and that explains all the folks who can clearly remember a past life (to include knowing exactly what the inside of a house they have never seen looks like, and names of folk who lived there).
                My wife did just that to me once, and I’ve never questioned it from that time forward. Uncanny isn’t the word for it… I dunno what to say or think, (well, yes I do as I now believe in it as I have no choice since I was ‘witness to the event’ …which is supposedly impossible), on that much. Argh!!

            • Coming from San Fagcisco it’s no surprise.
              Carry anyway. Unconstitutional “laws” and rulings are null and void.

          • Not invalidating permits issued? Do you mean so invalidating permits issued?

        • If its a criminal they want
          Then its a criminal they shall get,
          Just make sure you are the best damn criminal you can possibly be.

          Something to think about,n
          ALL the founding fathers were deemed criminals by the crown

          • Mr. Kulafarmer …that is oh so true. Our Founding Fathers would be considered ‘criminals’ in today’s societies would they not? lol… and yet they did “exactly what it took” to create what THEY are so vehemently seeking to tear out from under us.

            Proving …”justice” comes from the barrel of a gun” (which is why they are DEMANDING our “justice” be removed from our little hands). As they know not a one of us would hesitate to ‘pull’ and ask questions later, if at all.

            So, since they wish to call us all sorts of vile names (they SHOULD look into a mirror but why break all those mirrors?) and “Domestic Terrorists”, let us not let them down with anything less than “out and out” criminal actions (as per THEIR damned laws) …NOT ours. And we are fully protected by The Law of The Land …and they, as usual, stand on quicksand (as usual).

            Mr. Putin, please drop a big one on The Beltway and we’ll return the favor in food goods and decidedly “far different” behavior than you’ve ever seen come out of America (for one we shall be void of lawyers and politicians), yet still will not tolerate the least bit of shit from any other countries (as you don’t either). 🙂

            • Moose, you took my thunder, but that’s OK. Anyone who comes to harm me does so only at their own peril.

          • Kula I’m sure as hell working on it…..

      4. Ultimately how does this all play out? How is this all going to impact your lives, your family, your home, your community.

        Prepare for riots, bank closures, money devaluation, food shortages and higher prices, higher taxes, confiscation of your property and firearms.

        Prepare for War.

        • Based upon what source? (I’ve been warned of exactly “all of the above for more than 18yrs now …and haven’t seen a ‘lick of it’ in all that time). Although I have to admit that THIS TIME is unlike any other in history, and we are “most certainly being funneled” into SOME thing or things that just ain’t cool, imho.

          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – ?

          • Moose

            Based upon what source?

            Good point.

            It is absolutely terrible that we can not exactly put our finger on any one event that tips the scales. Yet each year there is another problem added to the pile of problems that never get solved and if there is a fix. It only leads to more problems down the road. Kick the can?
            I once lived in an America that was quite different than now. The new creature comforts are wonderful and advances in medicine but the people have changed. Myself included. I have visited many large cities in this nation that were beautiful and had lots to offer and were
            safe. Look at them now. Meth Labs and drug houses within 100 yards of a school.
            You know that banking laws have been changed and the deposits becomes the banks to invest. and can use your money for a “Bail In”. That would cause a riot. Cut off EBT and that would cause unrest. Install a Work Fare.
            There has been higher prices for food. Property taxes to cover shortages in the city budget/Pensions. Failure Loans to subprime applicants for cars and homes that leads to confiscation by the banks. Predatory lending?

            I have never seen people acting so crazy. People driving into ponds and houses. People jumping off bridges. People walking into oncoming traffic without care. The Homeless, Veterans Affairs and crime. Unemployment and low income jobs.

            How much can we change? As Politicians go, it is only promises and promises are made to be broke.

            That is what I see and what I read.

            Prepare for war. It covers a multitude of sins.

            • Once the system that made all the creature comforts possible we will indeed be a Venezuela or worse. I for see that if this psychopath gets elected and removes the borders the next step is the taking of homes to give to those millions of new more deserving citizens. I suspect that most people have no clue as to hoe bad things will become.

        • Get fit, hit the range, and load up on bullets, beans and bandaids

      5. When obummer gave his endorsement yesterday, it was like giving her the keys to the white house. If there is still an election in November and Trump wins the popular vote, even in a landslide, it will be stolen from him and given to her. The elite think they are so smug but their days are numbered. They will not like it when their tab comes due.

        • Nubmaeme …I am otherwise known here as “Wee-jaa-jaa” (given to me). I do believe that we may well be just a few miles distant from each other. Might you be near a town starting with M or A? Or on a road being with T or JB? Or, near a large body of water to one side that rises and falls with the seasons? WNC (extreme)?

          • I’m about two hours northeast of town A and about a hour southeast of the college town on top of the mountain.

            • Hmm ….need a map to discern the college town …OH! Is there a bad road in that town, and the town begins with R with a large tree covered with spare parts?

              Or, if you can get to Nantahala fairly easily we are certain to be in the same area ….somewhere. 🙂

              • Appalachian State College!

        • Being that the RNC is doing everything it can to screw Trump over I have a feeling that all has been decided already. Trump better have really good security especially as to flying in his 757.

        • wut? ….when the tab comes due they will be in their hidden bunkers, on the contrary everyone but the elite’s days are numbered

      6. Lock and load. I’m over this shit.

      7. The Founding Father’s left us very specific instructions as for what to do regarding this outrage.

        We have no choice but to allow the riots and chaos and deaths that will “engage” on THE 25TH, and then, at ANY TIME THEREAFTER, We The People, (organized and unorganized Militia), will take the steps as are so clearly depicted in our REAL “Law of The Land” (our Constitution and Amendments).

        Should you disagree or not with to take part, I and others like me strongly suggest you find a border and use it. We are a REPUBLIC, (never WAS a democracy …which is a ‘fake-flip-side’ to REPUBLIC, created in evil and driven by the very same ‘entity’ of such).

        Tyranny has been “unloosed and has run amuk (sp?)” inside all facets of The Beltway (which ‘trickle-down to SOME state-governments, like CA), and of course there is NO MENTION AT ALL of the true driving forces behind these things …which is the termination of White & Christians Americans who still know the meaning of patriotism and KNOW The Constitution has in no way been “destroyed or made useless” as the bastards would have you believe (so be prepared to brush off such propaganda in print and subliminally thrown at you).

        If you have ONE ‘doubtful though’ …slap yourself silly to get your mind back in order. lol…

        This article seems to denote “we are fucked” when we are not remotely in such a position. (They only hope to ‘dupe’ you into believing that nothing can be done to stop the ‘evils that persist’). In a nutshell, that is pure bullshit flowing from the mouths of the world’s greatest bullshit artists.

        Looks like we’ve got until a bit after the 25th, although I (personally) am expecting other “fuck you-antics” every step of the way from now on. …as it IS their M.O. to do so.

        Every state HAS A MILITIA MANUAL FOR THAT STATE. They are all easily found (for example: NC-CITIZENS-MILITIA-MANUAL). Everything needed is clearly outlined (and you may feel free to weed out the statements that are contrary to The Constitution). REDACT THOSE LINES and you have your “orders” as ALL FACETS OF THE CONSTITUTION STILL STAND SOLIDLY AND ARE SOLIDLY IN PLACE.

        This is no longer a “wait and see” situation. The previously called “CALL TO ARMS” was made by those who KNEW “it would be rigged” and they have chosen to stand and fight it, as opposed to being slain just for existing and being white and God-fearing.

        Do not underestimate SWAT Teams. They’ve been trained by SEALs or Rangers or both, and are not to be taken lightly. (They will not be taking prisoners either, just the things you’ll no longer need in death – – taken right off your person or out of your personal possessions while you ‘bleed-out’).
        “Questionable” news about low-population areas seems to indicate we’ll not see “doors being kicked in” (as they will assume anyone sent to a mountain in order to inflict harm simply will not return and neither will their weapons and vehicles. (We’ll keep them all for our usages). 🙂

        I would rather live out the remainder of this year in a make-shift lean-to than remain in a city knowing that at any moment everything could turn into HELL ETERNAL on the streets – meaning you’d never have a chance of getting out alive ..unless you’ve a map of the sewers and take them to an exit. Smelly but the only “road that can’t be closed.”
        It seems quite likely that big cities will “reward and/or punish” inhabitants with access to electricity, or NO access to electricity …depending up on how well they “follow orders”? That one is a guess on my part, with nothing but ‘the wisdom that years provide’ to support it.
        The loss of The Free Internet (free speech) is looming before us right now, as the president is preparing to sign it off (ICANN) so that The USA hasn’t ANY say-so in the matters, meaning that the likes of China, Russia and even North Korea will have an immense power to curtail “freedom of surfing unfettered.” *why? All in the interest of SHOVING the idea of a One World Order down our throats I suppose. Feel free to take that idea and run with it, as anything could happen after we relinquish what few controls we have (at the moment).
        ***YOU WILL NEED (read; WANT!) TO USE TAILS OR TOR starting ASAP in order to learn how to “go around” BLOCKS that are already in place in all of the aforementioned countries, and hundreds more.
        Any other browser (and your ISP) is going to ensure they supply 90-days of your “Internet History” to several ABC Agencies …which is already being done as many of you are already aware of. With TAILS, 100% OF EVERYTHING you do is encrypted and worthless ‘jibberish’ to an ISP, so that’s my fav, or is it? TOR cannot determine who you are until you arrive at the site you wish to view (and THEY may or may not keep records, making TAILS the weapon of choice (for the moment).
        If you run any form of Linux, this morning you were greeted with FireFox-ESR as a replacement to IceWeasel. It is SEVERAL versions behind the latest firefox, so for now you should not use it until it can be updated via a ‘repository’ (as usual).
        If you want to experiment with one other “VERY NICE TO HAVE” DVD …download the KNOPPIX DVD www dot knopper dot com and then boot up with it “in the tray”. It isn’t the best on security, but beats hell out of using “the popular Firefox” and Windows ‘elements’. (Of course, reset your BIOS to boot off your DVD tray first or it won’t even ‘see’ it thus it won’t run…). You can also ‘burn’ the dvd into a thumbdrive to make it far faster.
        The safest computer to use? The ones at a local library, using your dvd or thumbdrive AND DO NOT USE IT TO CHECK EMAIL!!!! (You wil ‘blow your OPSEC)’.
        Last, I strongly encourage everyone to switch to any form of Linux (Debian-based is by far the most stable and hardest to ‘frig up’) such as Ubuntu, Kunbuntu, Cinnamon or Debian Gnome. Using a form of Bit-torrent it takes about 8 to 12 hours (or more) to download it all while ‘seeding’ to others as well, and then double check your download with “the signature” provided (as many have been hacked and thus you MIGHT download nasties …so double-check the sigs to ensure it’s a REAL, opensource Distro (program or programme).
        Windows 10 (even if you loaded it then ‘fell back’ to say ‘7’, sends everything you do directly to an number of ABC Agencies that are not required by law to tell you they are in your hip pockets and spying (even though they said they stopped doing that, do not believe it for a second). You can KEEP Windows (always unplugging the web from it except for updates – – the updates “pump” the info to the ABC ‘men’). Besides, if you ‘frig up’ Linux in any way you can’t figure out, a simple reinstall is fast and easy, and you are off and running again (with no fear of malware, viruses and spyware being able to “do a thing” against you). That made it worthwhile for me, and I’ve never looked back.
        The ‘learning curve’ is well within the intellect of everyone here (as you have the brains to prep)! …for one. 🙂
        Ah, UPS has arrived with more ‘toys’! Cyas and God Bless!

        • Yea,,, i get it, snoopy snooper gov not good,,
          But if anyone was doing questionable stuff i doubt they would be using their phone or PC for anything, would have to be a special kinda stupid

          • Sorry Kula …will refrain from making such in the future.

      8. AMERICA: Planned in hell, born in hell, raised in hell, and then spit out of the bowels of hell…America was just too evil, too vile, too disgusting, and controlled by psychopathic criminal filth, so hell wanted nothing to do with America.

      9. The ‘true’ Americans (American Indians of all Tribes/Nations), are all saying that “The Turtle is fixin’ to scratch” – – the turtle is the earth, and her ‘scratch’ is to remove the vermin that are an irritation. (Signifying many are soon to be facing their demise, and those are the ones who have threated her in the most careless of ways).
        And to assume that nature is without intelligence would be foolish. Even trees ‘sleep’ …and this is a fact. Plant KNOW you, as opposed to a stranger. (seriously). Think about it as it will have a pronounced effect upon the aftermath (one that TPTB have failed to calculate into their devious plans). Their error that they’ll be most sorry for very soon (in terms of time itself I mean to say).

        • Coyote is playing a joke on them, then, because Turtle will not spare them, either.

          Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

      10. The Biotch was told that Obullshit was going to get elected to start the tear down the US, and that Hitlery was going to get it this time to finish the job.

        Lock and Load folks !!!!

        • Can’t Sarge …all our stuff went down the same giant hole as yours did. But that’s okay …gotten really good with rocks and slingshots. boink!

        • You know whats scary? She isn’t thinking about what she will look like, all the other presidents came out white headed,she’ll come out looking like the crypt keeper!

          • Ronald
            She wants to be President. She is 69. What interest could she have in appearance?

      11. the very real threat is that the supreme court upheld our 2nd amendment rights the last time by a 5-4 majority. The 9th circuit appeals court in Ca. basically ignored that yesterday. If Hillary is elected and appoints a judge the court in Ca. will be upheld. Whether you dislike Trump or not he is out only chance short of civil war.

      12. Vote from the rooftops. Sage advise from the Founders.

        • Rooftops? So far today seven CH-53s have flown over and just now six Apaches went over. Rooftops? Not if you live under the transit route from MCAS Miramar to MCAS Yuma.

      13. What,,,,
        I thought Hillery was our best hope,,,,,,,,,,,,

      14. i agree with MOOSE comment 100%

        as for this story they forgot to mention the main key points

        1. Hillary was chosen 20 yrs ago by the house of rothchild
        it is even on the grandsons website

        2. did you know trump and hillary are cousins?

        3. did you know their family bloodlines goes back to the king

        PredictWise – PredictWise is for Informational Purposes only.

        PredictWise reflects David Rothschild’s academic, peer-reviewed, research into … PredictWise is run wholly by David Rothschild an innovative, and stylish

        • Billy Boy lived for a year with the head cheese of the Czech Communist party. That was his unknown year where no one knows just what he did. Just like Obama the mystery man. This corruption goes everywhere. Trump is either a ringer or tired of living.

      15. First of all I will make one thing perfectly clear: If the government can decide whether or not you can exercise a “right” you do NOT have a right you have a privilege. It is abundantly clear in the second amendment (including all of the writing and colonial charters preceding the Constitution) that the people are the only safe repository of the power. That is why they said that the thing that is necessary for the security of a free State is a well functioning, (regulated) trained, equipped and disciplined, Militia of the Several States. (please note they wrote the Constitution to delegate to Congress the power to “…provide for organizing, arming and disciplining, the Militia…” A1, S8, C16) They then proved that the Militia (not the Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 army) is the people themselves. “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms…” The argument that the Militia is the National Guard should be put to rest by a quick perusal of Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3.

      16. I don’t think we will be laughing much longer.

        • I am not laughing. I am not hysterical or suicidal.

      17. We here in the way northern California, oh and by the way, any place north of sacramento is northern California, did not vote for her. We are ready. We are true, red blooded Americans. We believe in what our founding did for us and we will protect our constitutional rights. We believe in God, what you do in the bedroom is not to be talked about, we don’t need permission to carry a gun, i own the water on my property. Most have lived here for generation’s. So think really long and have a great plan. Good luck.

      18. We are watching history in the making. Has America ever seen fraud on this scale?
        No worries though, we’ll watch it all unfold as on TV then bitch and moan when she is inaugurated.
        They’ve beaten our Loop, all we ever do is react.

      19. Is it so hard for us to understand that their might be a highly sofisticated and ruthless gang . That is leaching and coniving every cent they can from us. They pool there money and resources together to take over vast segments of our nation. They have no allegence to the country they live in . They are dual citizens . And on their most holy day of atonement . They say three times. A prayer that all the pledges that they make are null and void. Dam all countries . They only care about one country. And it’s not the one they are prospering in. We find it hard to understand people like that. As did over 100 countries in the past that finally woke up and deported These people. Will we ever wake up when these people control our media? Our brainwashed public school children. What chance do they have? As is written . Only a higher power can save us from the children of satan.

      20. This takes forever to have something posted

      21. “All is fair in war and alternating current.”
        …Nikola Tesla

        • Shit, if Nikola had not shown that sob HOW to get power out of the generating station (using AC vs DC), we’d still not have a power grid.
          Yet I’d LOVE to know how in hell he “used the earth as a battery” …and it was done using Positive as a ground, just like the older 6v ‘positive ground’ engine, in a way…
          He never wrote it down, but kept it in his head, and now it is up to another genius to ‘stumble across’ what he must have ‘stumbled across’ before ANYTHING about electricity was known right?

          Maybe a smart 13-year old with no knowledge of electricity would blurt out the answer unknowingly? Stranger things have happened.

      22. Prep Tip! Anyone still Unsure as to how to spot those “Tare’s” vs Wheat’s?…

        just take a long gander look at that photo in article of Debbie Wasserman!!..

        Then be sure to Imbed her facial image into your deepest brain parts….

        For She Is a prime postergirl example of what a real Tare weed that pretends to be a “wheat” aka a true european White person/wheat looks like once fully matured.

        Once you do this…Next Re-Read every word of that Parable of the Wheat Vs Tares…Every word!

        For there are no other Two distinct set’s of peoples that that parable can possibly be refering to, other than European White’s are the wheat and wasermans type are those Tare’s period.

        Why is this so?…I shall tell you why!

        Pay atten how the parable states that it is the Wheat “seeds” that get planted First…

        Then..and Only After the wheat “seeds” are first planted, does the evil one aka the devil satan enter into the wheat fields and plant’s his demon-seeds afterwards.

        Now every “seed” be it the Good wheats or evil demon satanic planted seeds…ALL represent real live Human Person’s…

        And the “Field” represents Every piece of Land where God’s Good wheat-peoples got planted….God Is the Land Owner also.

        And in all of recorded history bar None!

        In Every “Field” aka Nation Lands where those wheats were first planted…It always occured that those other Tare seeds then were planted…Always so! Bar none period.
        Tares have Never ever created a Nation state Nor a civilization period! Tares have Always throughout history been infiltrated into an already occupied nation!

        And of All the various races or ethnic types within the entire usa lands…Only One is so capable of impersonating real euro white folk!

        There is only One other ethnic group so able to Pass themselves off as European Whites, even though they are Not such….and You see this happen every day everywheres.

        They always change names, change cultural habits and ways, change even religions in order to “Blend” in with the true real european white folks…

        This is always done so to be able to freely act in plain sight in nefarious and bad ways, doing whatever they can get away with untill at some point, as also history proves happens…

        Untill they reach that point in every nation infiltrated by them, that too many folks awaken to them and what they have perpetrated!

        Thats the point in time when they as a group always go Back to acting and being what they originally were aka Tares. Only They call it something else entirely.

        And currently some of their more highly recognized tare members have begun to speak out and tell their group to revert back to being their real true selves, and stop acting as if a white europen person.

        Incogman’s website just did an article or two about this very issue a month or so ago! Highliting some lib kommie professor and another rabbi that are advising their own kind to stop acting as if a euro whitey any longer.

        There is only ONE main reason for this to happen.

        It is because as in everytime past, once enough folks awaken to it all or soon will tip the proverbial “scales” to lay heavy on that awake side of scale…

        They begin to get very nervous that by acting as real euro white wheats so long, that will cause various factions such as militant african blacks for example.

        That have been programed and Trained entire lives to so hate whites and one day act out that hate by going all out Race war against the real whites aka wheats..

        To Mistake the Tares aka Fake whiteys as real ones and do great harm or death in such a race war.

        The Tares think if they get their group to go Back to acting as what they truley are and with enough advance time to make certain most all folks in usa know it now.

        That this will stave off any racial attacks by hoards of angry millitant race-war mnded Blacks seeking ultimate revenge as taught to do one day.

        But even average euro whites are going to seek redress and compensation once they are fully awake.

        And this is why it is so Imperative for every european white folk to Study the differences between real wheat Vs fake tares….Because as stated in that parable God wishes for zero “Colatoral Dammage” to His Wheat/peoples.

        And since acording to that parable it is quite obvious that it shall be Gods doings/work that causes the Tares to meet defeat aka a real final soultion one may say..

        It is also obvious that at least some of the Human Wheat peoples are going to play a huge role in said defeat of tares….Hence the imperative of knowing How to “discern” which is a tare and which a wheat…Zero collatoral Dammages” remember!….

        And none of this is My ideas, rather it Is as Written in the main Book so many abide by.

        So again…Study that photo up top of wasserman, use a photo of finestine and schumer also if need be!

        Then fully Imbed the main as well as “subtle” differences into your mind deeply so when the day finally arrives that spells abject end to tares finally…You will act proper and cause zero collatoral dammages!

        On a side note for deeply sheeped or deluded persons it may be advised if more proof is needed…to add and compare that parables verses WITH several Others that coincide with alerting folks to whom tares are and what tares really are etc…Once understood fully there is no escaping the true meanings of it all period.

      23. One thing I have to wonder is if Biden’s son was just another addition to the Clinton’s body count. It would have been a slick way to take Biden out of contention for the nomination. Then again, I may be reaching on this one as he had been having health problems for a fairly long time.

        • okay Winston, and isn’t is a given to assume that THEY have also been working on this for a very long time (and to make HIM ill would have been “child’s play” given the minds and ruthlessness of The Clinton Machine)? Like Kennedy really crashed his airplane? Sure he did… (and a ‘slew’ of others ruled as accidents or suicides that would have been impossible to do, IF they were suicidal, like suicide with a gunshot to the back of the head. WTF over?

      24. The election will have to be faked. Bernie supporters are in the No Hillary camp. Trump offends 3/4 of the nation… but the No Hillary camp may vote for him anyway… Americans always love a con with a good spiel.
        This country is messed up, but look around, the world is a mess. Expect a call to war.

      25. gotta agree moose funneled that’s a term I use when your pushed into a certain direction. its rigged people she’s gonna be pres that’s why something needs to be done now. I’m not an organizer but someone needs to set up a revolution against the liberal agenda. This means someone of some weight needs to put themself out there. Trump has so far people need to support him. He’s a douch to me but I can look past that if he’s doing the right thing to stop this evil agenda. It’s sad a lot of people are gonna die because of this. It’s all obummers fault he divided us. War is the only way out at this point. nazis would’ve killed them all.

      26. You can vote for the farmer or his wife and baarrra….. between yourselves all you like but the sheeple will be taken to market, like it or not.

        Farmers farm and bankers do the counting and poor old Mr Farmer cannot argue with the bankers because not only does he own them money but they also have blackmail material on him doing something in a cows shed to one of the cows

        Now move along before the pig police need setting on the sheep

      27. This is a great article, but your misuse of the word “clenched” is distracting. The word is “clinched”.

      28. Too bad we can’t give her an overcoat made of C-4 or Semtex, isn’t it? Or put a 15 foot alligator in a swimming pool, make sure it doesn’t eat for 3 months, and then tell her it’s a surprise swimming pool party and that she has to close her eyes? And that there’ll be a surprise snack pool-side? Ah yes, the calming sounds of an alligator busily mangling it’s meal.

      29. Truth is meaningless in a culture that defines truth as whatever the Progressive/Fascist Left says it is at any given moment. These people ARE EXACTLY LIKE Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler, just with a temporarily “gentle” touch. It’s not like Hitler seized power by slaughtering the Jews. He seized power “legally” and through a “democratic process,” not unlike BHO’s, and now HRC’s, seizures of power. You are going to fall, ever more rapidly, under pure and absolute tyranny. Orwell, Huxley, and a dozen others foresaw this.

        That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: This is exactly as we knew it would be if we have read the Word and trusted in the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who WILL COME AGAIN and lead all believers to VICTORY in ETERNAL LIFE.

      30. The fact that Trump is even involved, has been rigged the whole time. He’s a NY liberal. He’s always been a NY liberal. He’s just a side show to ensure Billary wins. Some on the right will be so disgusted by the reality tv star, that they will just stay home. This was decided last year. Nothing to see here folks. The elaborate circus continues. Go back to casting bullets and making ready for the storm.

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