This is a Tipping Point: Robots “Cheaper Than Any Human Worker” Means the End of Jobs

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 98 comments

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    Before future-history brings us a dark and grim reality pitted against a killer Terminator robot army, humanity will have to face job killing robots.

    And that may be the bloodiest period of human history, after unemployment leads to riots, unrest and bitter aftermath scenarios play out as a consequence.

    Robotic labor is now literally cheaper than human labor, and it is poised to undercut work forces and drive layoffs in even in the most exploitative, slave-wage factories in the world.

    Mass unemployment, destroying jobs in every conceivable sector, is a growing danger. Truckers, factory workers, waitresses, teachers, bureaucrats and bosses are all directly threatened by robotic labor, with millions and millions of Americans facing a 90-99% chance of termination (check out your odds in this jobs calculator). In a short span of time, employment could go from bad to virtually non-existent.

    The system is already strained to the max, and millions of Americans are struggling just to get by. Those in the Middle Class are endangered. The poor and nearly-poor are the most dependent on government that they’ve ever been in history, and tens of millions more will soon join them, and become almost completely dependent on the State for their livelihood.

    Now, South Korea is making a huge move to undercut China on labor costs by displacing humans once and for all in their production facilities, in a bid to edge up on their Asian rival. Samsung has vowed to create robots – who do the work automatically, and without the need for breaks, meals, or days off – that are literally “cheaper than any human worker.”

    This is the tipping point. Things will not get better from here without a great and painful struggle.

    The Metro reports:

    In the future, we will all be on benefits, while rich people use robots to make even MORE money.

    That’s the dark future hinted at by Samsung’s new ‘big project’ – a plan to build robots cheaper even than the miserably underpaid humans who work in Chinese factories.


    If so, it marks a dark day for the future of human employment – as so far, many jobs have been protected simply because humans are cheaper than machines.

    Humans face a literal existential crisis for relevance, purpose and survival. All but the most ultra-wealthy risk being pulled down with this tidal force.

    People will become pawns in their own existence. In the coming age of human pets, dignity comes at a high price. People will be kept around at the pleasure of their controllers, and live a shallow existence off of welfare benefits for absolutely every calculable dimension of life.

    The truth is chilling and cold, even if it is not immediately shocking. As SHTF previously reported, In the Robotic Near-Future, Most “Will Live Off Government-Provided Income”:

    In the future, virtually everyone you know may be on the dole.

    From The Week:

    The robopocalypse for workers may be inevitable. In this vision of the future, super-smart machines will best humans in pretty much every task. A few of us will own the machines, a few will work a bitwhile the rest will live off a government-provided income… the most common job in most U.S. states probably will no longer be truck driver.

    While many, perhaps even most, will be kept alive as domesticated sheeple, some will be eliminated, fittingly by a computer, after being determined by a judging computer to hold a negative value in society, where the costs of putting up with them outweighs the benefits of sustaining them. The manner of elimination is likely to be subtle, but deadly nonetheless.

    Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw, who is an architect of many of the systems that have grown up around us, intended it this way:

    Socialism means equality of income or nothing… under socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live you would have to live well.

    The power dynamic for personal freedom under this future is grim. Dissent becomes a most dangerous act.

    Preppers will become outlying survivors – until they are targeted individually for elimination by killer robots who will be enforcing a database of petty laws. That is, unless humanity fights back, bringing us back to the Terminator version of events.

    Can the future help change the mistakes of the past? The question will make for a good discussion while waiting in line for a job or a hot meal, only keep it under your breath so you aren’t picked up by the monitors.

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      1. Confoederatio Helvetica!!!!!!!!!!

        Switzerland…a pretty good country for being not ‘Murica. They have direct democracy. Works great if the people are mature and responsible and knowledgeable. Not like us.

        The people there just voted SVP in power. To stop the Moose Limbs from invading. Good job, Suisse!

        I guess if the people in other European countries were allowed to vote we’d see the same results.

        • You have been making a little more sense lately, AE. You must be doing less corn holeing and more reading.

          • Major upgrade in it’s software…

            Isn’t AI wonderful…

            • Speaking of robots, I found this on yahoo:

              “Hillary Clinton goes to a gifted-student primary school in New York to talk about the world. After her talk she offers question time.

              One little boy puts up his hand. Hillary asks him what his name is. “Kenneth.” “And what is your question, Kenneth?”

              “I have three questions:

              First – whatever happened in Benghazi?

              Second – why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?

              Third –whatever happened to the missing 6 billion dollars while you were Secretary of State?”

              Just then the bell rings for recess.

              Hillary Clinton informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.

              When they resume Hillary says, “Okay where were we? Oh, that’s right, question time. Who has a question?”

              A different boy—little Johnny–puts his hand up;

              Hillary points to him and asks him what his name is. “Johnny.” “And what is your question, Johnny?”

              “I have five questions:

              First – whatever happened in Benghazi?

              Second – why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?

              Third- whatever happened to the missing 6 billion dollars while you were Secretary of State?”

              Fourth – why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early?

              Fifth – where’s Kenneth?

        • Acid Etch

          The Swiss are armed to the literal teeth too with little crime. Responsible people bring responsible results.

          • Kevin2, spot on. The Swiss are the only people in Europe with any sense. And yes, acid has been doing pretty good lately.

            • In effect they keep their house clean and thereby don’t have a multi generational underclass. Their, “just say no” to this immigration wave of problematic people is an example. I’m told its a difficult place to move to. You have to bring something to the table to be accepted.

              It appears that they might have more control over their government than I thought was possible.

              • Why do you think that people cannot control government. We have the only Constitution in the World set up so that the people control government and it includes protections in a Bill of Rights.

                Trouble is, the people have to participate all of the time. Not just after a disaster becomes imminent that will penetrate the walls of their little lives. If all Americans were to perform their civic duty to participate in their own governing as the Framers intended, all the time we would no be in the mess we are in today.

                Congress will respond to demands from the people but to get them to do so there has to be a lot of people wanting the same thing. There has to be enough people wanting the same thing to represent numbers that could threaten their reelections. Then they will listen.

                If We the People do not tell them what we want done in no uncertain terms and all of the time they will just do what they want or what the party tells them to do. This is not how our government is supposed to operate. WE are supposed to control what Congress does by keeping up to the minute on everything that is going on and yelling when something stinks and encouraging when things are on the right path.

                Want to fix government? Then stop bitching and start taking an active part. I carry the phone numbers for both of my Senators and my Representative on my cell phone and I do not hesitate to call often about things that I feel will impact the sovereignty of the United States and our Republic. I am about to add the numbers for my State Senators and Representative so I can keep in touch with them frequently.

                You and I elected the people to whom we have given our consent to govern us. They are no special class of people. They are not better than us. They do not deserve special privileges or anything that we do not have. Stop acting like they are big scary government people and start treating them like neighbors which they are. You hired them to work for you. You have to tell them what to do, how you like the results if they do so and how disappointed you are if they do not do as you wanted.

                You call their offices in Washington, D.C., and you call each of their local offices with the same message to make sure they get the word, or, at least improve your chances of being heard.

                Calling does not take long. The folks that answer are nice people and they will listen to what you have to say. When they answer the phone give them your name and zip code. Then, read them you talking points if you get too nervous to remember what they are. When you have had your say, you can add “please tell so and so what I have said. Thank you for your help. Have a great day. Then hang up and call your other representatives in Congress. Nothing to it. Each time you call it gets easier to do.

                Pay attention and when your representative, or someone assigned to represent them, is going to be in their local offices and go and speak with that person. Get to know them and they are less intimidating to work with.

                Don’t react to things in the news until you go on-line and check to see if what you heard is really true in all respects before you react. In many cases the person writing headlines exaggerates certain points to attract viewer. When you go and check things out they could be a lot different than what you thought you saw in the beginning.

                When you go to a representatives local office to meet with someone you will be surprised how few people will be there. If America falls, it will be because of Americans that could not be bothered to take part.

                Does that description fit you? How about fixing that problem and take a bunch of other folks with you.

          • On youtube I saw a documentary that explains it is very difficult to get a carry permit in Switzerland. Therefore I guess their homes are armed to the teeth, maybe their car and that is about it.

            • The Swiss are the only country that requires that a person have a rifle and ammunition and they give one to everybody.

        • Acid, spot on. The Swiss are the only Europeans left with any sense.

        • This isn’t the Acid I know! This interloper makes sense. Who kidnapped Acid?

      2. There are limits to what robots can do as far as work is concerned. The machines will never buy anything from a store, pay taxes, etc.; I could go on and on. A plan which is doomed to failure and there are ways to defeat robots.

        • Compliance is your future human.
          Obey and you will survive.
          You will cOmpL Y.
          You will co mply.
          You wi ll c. y.

        • Robots are great. They do have a long metallic arms that when the time comes you can always shove it up to the A$$ of the corporate CEO’s and the board of directors.

          • Robots don’t pay taxes!

            • They don’t buy finished goods either !!!

        • When are they going to make a robot you can fuck? I want a robot sex worker, not just a robot worker.

          If we are all doomed because of robots, we should at least be able to fuck it as we are going to our grave.

          By the time they finally invent one, my dick won’t work anymore. OOOOHHHHH the humanity!!!!!

          • John S…….They have been operational for decades….such as Barbara Boxer, Nancy Peolsi, Dian Fienstien and many more…but the real question is do you really want to ….such robots?

            • Stolz, shame on you. The real deal is serious enough, but a mechanical version of them? [SARCASM] PS, I’ll die alone before I ever have any member of the tribe.

              • Brave, LOL.

            • Those robots fuck you, not you fucking them!!!!!

              • john, As Jim in Va stated. I’ll go to priesthood. But not sure what to do with any related nightmares…. You see what you got started.

              • Man has accident and receives mechanical hand. The hand operates on voice commands. He commands”unzip my pants. Hand unzips pants. He commands ok take it out. Hand removes dick from pants. Man pees. He then commands ok shake it off. Hand shakes it off. After thinking he commands ok jerk it off! Hand yanks dick off. Man screams oh my god, fuck me! Well you know the rest.

            • Damn good reasons to go into the priesthood.

          • They’re already selling robots in Japan that you have to promise not to screw before they’ll sell them to you.

          • Why don’t you cut one of your arms off and get a robot arm attached, jack off and there you have it. You just fuck a robot you fucking Moran.

          • Those robotic dolls are availble

        • Braveheart

          From the French word for shoe SABO came a new word that has crossed nations, oceans and political groups. Skilled workers were displaced by new automated machinery and revolted by jamming up and effectively breaking the new machines that were taking their jobs. A new word was created to describe their actions; “Sabotage”.

          Like the energy truism, “No cheap form of energy goes unused” its also true that, “No cheap form of manufacturing goes unadopted”.

          • Kevin2, I still believe that robots will ultimately fail, no matter how hard they try.

            • Braveheart

              They will not fit every capacity. Their use is however growing and will continue to expand.

              What one needs is educated hands.

        • Swiss…. Sense??? Hahahahahahahaha…. The parakeet only mimic’s what it hears…. REPEATEDLY!!!!

        • Acid, Ryan is just another political POS all around.

        • bingo Acid!

      3. Well all this means is that the 51% that has been supporting the 49% won’t have to go to work. RIGHT?

        I heard all of this when I was a kid and look around you most people are now forking 60 to 80 hours a week and 30 years ago you only had to work 40 hours a week to support yourself.

        There will be work but maybe not the same type. Combustible engines put the horse and buggy people out of business and look how many jobs that made.


        • Speaking of Horse and buggy people, the world is advanced enough to eliminate the dinosaur called the combustible engine that is fueled by fossil fuels.

          In just a few years, with all the trillions spent on needless wars, 50% of all homes could have their own hydrogen generators initially powered by solar to convert enough hydrogen to generate enough clean electricity and fuel for their vehicles, and homes, to shut the middle east empires down. Without the petro dollars, they will be back to fighting with blades, sticks, and stones, in less than a decade.

          But, too much greed and cronies in bed together…literally.

          • passin.
            They’ll reap what they sow.

          • “P”

          • yeah what doesn’t make sense is look how far we’ve come with airplanes in 100 years. from the wright bros. to the stealth bomber or space shuttle so why are we still using the combustion engine seems there should be some better engine. but who has it?

        • They, the combustible engines along with other mechanization’s, also created a permanent underclass for whom there is no real work and no valid productive position in our society.

          A guy with an IQ of 85 and a strong back used to be able to make a living and provide for his family through his own work. Today that guy makes his living off of illegal activities or government subsidy and doesn’t even know who his family is since he needs to be absent for them to get the same.

          Multiply this to the majority of the population, see if you like the picture that emerges.

      4. Its not greed, the green technology is not economical enough at this time and can’t produce anywhere near the energy fossil fuels produce.
        Yet no one is upset that the current administration gave billions of tax payer money to green technologies that produced nothing, went bankrupt and made millionaires out of their buddies at these green energy companies. Somehow that is perfectly fine.

        • @ jimb,

          I beg to differ on the “it’s not greed, the green technology is not economical enough….”.

          I have living proof right next door. My wife’s aunt has a 22 panel solar array on the roof of her three car garage, which produces so much electricity, she gets a check from the electric utility company each month that makes payments on her $90k, total electric Tesla.

          BTW, did i mention she keeps the slick vehicle charged up with extra free energy……….from the sun, also.

          I think that is quite techno eco enough, to make the case.

      5. Robots will eventually displace most workers in industry, farming, anything that is deterministic, repetitive, and
        what we computer guys say is “computable”. Lots of people will become redundant. Society needs to start thinking about this inevitable result. Present world Socialist, “Democracies”, Republics, “Communist”, Dictatorships, and Theocracies haven’t proven very effective at anything other than killing people.
        We have the possibility of relieving humanity of the drudgery of labor, feeding the entire world, and ensuring a reasonably comfortable life for all. But what do we do with all the people with lots of spare time? Xboxes and Porn?

        • On the bright side, there are some occupations that might gain from robotics, such as lawyers. Fewer lawyers might be good. Of course, robots can chase ambulances too, so it might not make a difference.

          We need more conservative computer programmers.

          • I can program in several languages. I design software. I’m about as conservative as you can get. I also design electronics things like robots. I would never design a lawyer robot.

      6. Just who will decide what living “well” is? I like sitting on the lake with a pole in my hands, watching cloud shadows drift by, hearing the lap of water against the boat, smelling that boat-on-the-lake smell, feeling the wind rock the boat, the taste of my favorite beverage in my mouth. Someone else may think that living well includes paddling out over the waves on a surfboard with the thrill of the ride in ahead of them. How about sitting around the campfire, watching the old moon rise, swapping tales before heading off to sleep in the forest night? Is this the kind of “living well” they plan to force me to have?
        I very much doubt it!
        I’ll take my form of “living well” over someone’s “great idea” any day.

        • Everything you just listed is an environmental crime. Now you are on an EPA watch list.

      7. I have a nephew who works for a company that sub-contracts to the AT&F/E. A lot of rumors are flying around, but the one that seems to hold on the longest is this one. National Firearms ID Card a must have to buy and/or sell firearms and ammo. Will be a photo ID with all your personnel info, name, address, physical, etc., will be issued at the local SS office, fee of $150/5yrs. No private selling of firearms or ammo at gun shows must go through a FFL holder. Now the kicker; only, one hand gun, one long gun and 100 rounds of ammo/month may be purchased per Card. 4473 will reflect maker, model, caliber and serial number when asked what type, also if ammo is being purchased and what caliber and how much. Must fill out the form if just buying ammo. Everything will be applied to your Card number. Also reloading components are being discussed. Like I said this is just rumored and going around. He has work for this company for 12yrs and is upper middle management. It does not surprise me in the least.

        • Good thing I don’t own any guns…..(cough, cough)

          • john stiner

            Why does At the Last Straw write something that completely and utterly does not apply to anyone on this board?

            • Better he vent here rather than ventilate someone else.

              • Actually I was trying to be funny. I’m not serious all the time.

        • As it was said before about the Anti Gun people.

          Either no more of them or no more of us.

        • ATLS, I’m hearing similar rumors through a source of my own. I’m sure they’ll try it at some point, but it doesn’t mean I’ll comply with it.

      8. Boo-hoo! Natural selection at work. Adapt or die.

        • Thats true long term, but in the short term, like 1990 to 2025; the usa and the west basically gave up, regulated out of the country and over taxed jobs that people would do; giving rise to outscorcing, robots and automation at increasing rates.

          obamacare alone has been a great incetivizer for companies to automate jobs.

          sure, those auto factory jobs had to go, but the usa probably could have kept them from fleeing the country at 20 to 30 dollars an hour, instead unions wouldnt budge and now a robot in mexico does their job. Liberalism is freakin brilliant !

      9. The robots will offer better service than a good portion of the minimum wagers out there.

      10. Been replying for years, now this?

      11. It will be a long time before the technology is widely implemented. For example, surgeons were supposed to be in jeopardy, but recently I read that hospitals are inundated with law suits caused by robots puncturing patients accidentally. We have many more pressing issues to concern ourselves with.

        I remember when gas station attendants in California serviced your car and filled the tank for you. We were offered cheaper gas at an optional self service line. Now there is no choice, no service, and the price of gas is much more than it was.

        • I remember free drinking glasses and attendants in starched uniforms rushing out to beat the clock at some stations.

          The brand used to make a difference, Esso, Sinclair, etc. Now we just go to the convenience store with the cheapest price of the day. We check gasbuddy (dot) com to see where to stop on trips.

        • B from CA, that’s only one example of what I mentioned earlier. The robot idea isn’t going to fly for a number of reasons.

        • I’d rather pay more for gas and let the attendant pump it, check the oil, clean the windows, check tire pressure, etc. I wish that option still existed.

      12. Robots? We are going to worry about robots?

        • I’m not worried, just prepared with a ton of robot-stopping ideas.

      13. One of my favorite comic books of the 1960s was “Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 AD.” Magnus fought rogue robots in the future.

        I think there are two weak areas on humanoid robots. One is their sensors, and the other is their joints. Cover or incapacitate their sensors, and they’re blind and helpless. Hit their joints hard, and you can stop them from moving.

        Anything that can be built by man can be disassembled by man.

        • Sulfuric acid. That will fuck’em up. ;0)

      14. In 1970 just prior to his death in a plane crash that still has some unanswered questions the UAW head Walter Reuther toured a modern Ford manufacturing facility. This plant had the first generation robots where displaced assembly line workers. The Ford representative, grandson of the founder said to Reuther, “Those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walter replied; “They won’t buy any cars either”.

      15. Maybe a new take will come from the ancient phrase, “Who protects us from our protectors”?

        “qui stat pro nobis a parentibus nostris robots”

        “Who protects us from our robots”.

      16. They can’t replace my job. But those hamburger flippers demanding $15 an hour can be replaced easy!

        • Woogle

          Some of the fallout from this effects jobs indirectly as displaced workers seek other employment flooding the market and thus lowering compensation.

          “But those hamburger flippers demanding $15 an hour can be replaced easy!”

          Your correct and their job will be replaced if they’re making $7:50 and hour. Like the steel workers that many said were overpaid and their jobs went overseas from Free Trade the Textile Workers making $12 / hour lost their job to 50 cent Asian labor.

          If a fast food worker can get $15 / hr before their job disappears God bless them. A huge number of Americans on assembly lines were scoffed at for the wages they made that in the end provided food, clothing, shelter, car and an education for their children. Such jobs were at one time considered a birth right of an American coming of age in the 1950s, 60s and into the 70s. Now we watch blue collar people fighting over table scraps as the pie shrinks and people fight over the remaining slices begrudging others making a living.

          The $15 / hr burger flipper doesn’t bother me. The CEO making 500 x the workers does because back in that 1950s , 60s and 70s their compensation was 50 x their workforce.

      17. It’s articles like this that have made me a grumpy old Malthusian Luddite crank…

      18. Bimbots will rule the world!!!!

      19. Seriously…robots again. Anyboby that is a tradesman is not scared of this robot shit. Can a robot tile a bathroom, troubleshoot powerline outages, frame a house from dirt????….Come on man!!!!!

      20. War will happen before we ever get to the point of robotics taking over jobs and with global trading collapsing it will be here sooner than we think. Global trade is down 8.4% compared to last year and China – a mix of bulk and containerized freight – has been plunging: down 20.4% in September from a year earlier, after at a 13.8% drop in August.

      21. I understand that robots will work longer but just who will be buying what they are making? I see the rich see the work getting done by them but how the rich getting richer if no one is buying anything that they make?

      22. Yes indeed robots are bad. Not! Eli Whitney cotton gin took the place of many workers. And started the industrial revolution. Those Robots have to be built and maintained creating more jobs. Anything that lowers the cost of production is a good thing.

        • They will need less people to maintain and you could have robots building new robots.

          • When I bought my first caterpillar bulldozer the minium wage was $1.60 and $2.00 was big money. I was asking $25 per hour for the dozer work. I was told its too high. My reply the dozer can do more work in a hour than twenty men and it don’t get tired. it is consistiant for ten hours. The dozers didn’t elemanate the need for hired help. those Robots cost time and money to develop. They like my Bulldozer need prevenetive maintance. they need electricians and repair men. There has to be spare parts and the consumables need refreshing. A whole new infrastructure is required to service the robots. And the robots like everything else wear out and need replaced. The fact is you cannot force a Employer or pretty much anyone else to do anything that isn’t in their best interest for very long. They will find a way to circumvent a forced robbery. Our local Conty and City Government officials kept raising the sales tax to fund their parasite existence. Eventually the citizens rebelled. They simply drove on good roads 40 miles and purchased items where the tax was lower. Now sales tax revenues are less than before when the taxes where 40% lower. Buisnesses lost customers and closed or relocated. The town is dying from parasites taxing it to death. And The unions killed their own jobs by demanding too big a slice of the pie.

      23. The ‘system’ is cannibalising itself – who will be able to buy their products?

      24. This is going to be the economic shock to the system every mainstream politician will miss. In the UK and the US, for example, both countries are counting on economic success as cheap service sector economies, just at the very time the cost factor for maintaining such individuals far surpasses their utility. In the UK, low-IQ, low-skill service sector workers cost a fortune in welfare benefits because they cannot get a wage that keeps up with the cost of living. They also require a vastly expensive police and security apparatus to keep an eye on them to stop crime, rioting and terrorism. All of this is a massive business cost that few will be willing to pay for in the coming years.

        Robots and the country that introduces them the quickest, will be the country that gets the economic advantage on other countries. It will be a game changer because robots will offer superior product quality, superior service quality and will eliminate the annoyance of dealing with mentally inferior individuals. I expect Japan and China to be the leaders along with South Korea. The US and the UK will become uncompetitive because their service economies will be burdened with civil unrest, identity politics, poor and erratic quality for goods and services. Who wants to go to the grocery store and get an angry, black-power checkout girl giving you attitude? Or have home deliveries from an Islamic militant who may as soon want to kill you as to deliver your Amazon package?

        As for sex robots, those will also completely and utterly transform human intimacy and family formation. Breeding will become a scientific and genetic decision (governments will outlaw random breeding) and sex-for-pleasure will be as easy and custom-designed as everything else. Want to spend the whole week surrounded by school girl robots banging away? Or to be visited by a ‘flight attendant’ robot? Robots will eliminate two things: one is sexually transmitted diseases, as they offer hygienic sex; the other is random breeding through pregnancy in genetically inferior individuals. I look forward to all of it!

        • Frank Thoughts

          “The US and the UK will become uncompetitive because their service economies will be burdened with civil unrest, identity politics, poor and erratic quality for goods and services.”

          Service Economies by their very nature are uncompetitive as they are internal not global. Bar tenders, dog groomed, waiters don’t compete with foreign labor. Manufactures do globally compete but they have greatly been reduced.

          • Really good point: and it gets worse: if the borders are open, this means even the service sector jobs go to whoever is best at it. The UK discovered this: the British are terrible at service jobs (grumpy, lazy, alochol issues, violence etc.) so some 80 per cent of those jobs went to foreigners during the 2000s.

            To summarize, unable to do service jobs well, and unable to create globally competitive and desired products, what will happen to most of these people?: welfare. But in the age of debt, welfare is going to be a very mean gruel indeed. These individuals will need to be moved out of major urban areas just to keep their pathetic lives away from the remaining profit centres. Expect mass removals from large cities to beautify them with a more appealing population. And robots will do the remaining hard work and service jobs.

      25. Take a good look at the picture. In the upper left hand corner. The man standing is a fine poster boy example of the typical American worker. Good grief he is a big tub of guts. He couldnt perform as much work in a ten hour day as a robot can do in 15 minutes.

      26. And cue the return of General Ludd. Ever hear of him? He was the imaginary leader of the Luddites, an early 1800s rebellion in England against the Industrial Revolution. Tailors who were threatened with obsolescence by new sewing machines rose up in rebellion and smashed the machines, leading to a massive military occupation to put down the rebellion.
        Can’t you see that happening today?
        I could imagine unemployed workers rising up to smash fast food robots, manufacturing robots, post office robots, robot home construction machines, robot taxis etc.

        • Government welfare programs have replaced the need to rise up against something threatening your livelihood since you will no longer need a livelihood to live.

          Back in Ludd’s day people needed a job to make a living or they starved, today they don’t.

        • With robots doing things like spot welding. Workers eyes are not being ruined. and the quality is much better. I shure would hate to have to cut my hay with a scythe. and haul it to the barn by forking it into a wagon ect. Im glad Cryus McCormick invented the reaper. Yes robots don’t buy products. and my tractor Bailer and other hay eqiptment don’t buy anything . however Because Of them Im able to purchase large amounts of stuff. No Person has a god given right to employment and a Job. You find a problem that needs solving and solve it. That’s how you create your own personal wealth. Why is it someone elses responsibility to provide anyone else employment? Those robots are not intelligent or even a minenute part human. They are complex machines on the same level as a new automobile. They are not to be feared.

      27. This is really very simple. No jobs, no consumers. What are the robots going to buy?

        • It won’t be a point of buying anything, it will be a point of eliminating any excess population not needed to service the robots that service the elite.

          • thats what world wars are for, especially if you can throw in some nuclear weapons; gets rid of a lot of expensive and increasingly unneccessary people with advancing technology.

      28. looks like the elite will be all controlling

        • exactly as planned. those founding fathers started a good thing going with that individual liberty stuff but those movements have been tried before(rome, greece) and always ended back with a corrupt, top-down system that eventually gave way to dictatorships and you can see those wheels in motion the world over today.

          the children of the children today will probably be serfs or whatever the 21st century equivalent is.

      29. Robots won’t be able to replace EVERY job but it reminds me of the those loom makers in France about 200 years ago (I think) that destroyed the looms because they thought it would take their jobs away.

      30. Just maybe if our factorys had automated and robots replaced the high dollar workers? The USA would still be the worlds producers. The factories and all the money spent on raw materials , electricity, research & development. and the revenue generated from sales. all that wealth wouldn’t have been redistributed to some third world place? Or maybe we should shut down all of the sawmills.and dig trenches and have a man in the trench and another on top of the log with a crosscut saw to make our lumber. More folks would have jobs? However who could afford a 2×4?

      31. Shit,
        All we need now is Robotic Consumers…

      32. I much prefer a good ole American robot took my job and the production remained in the USA. rather than some third world serf or peon.

      33. Robots are the social product of human labour. Labour is entitled to socially own and democratically manage what it produces socially.

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