This is a Big Red Alert: “Obama Operatives are Attempting a Set Up Here… That’s What’s Going Down”

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    As the election season heats up, the White House Insider is keeping details of activity from within the Obama administration flowing. Having been well ahead of breaking news stories like Fast & Furious, the Solyndra scandal and a host of other D.C. goings on, Insider is advising that something is amiss with the Vice President’s latest trip to Florida.

    Reports from top national news wires indicate Vice President Biden will be in town during the GOP convention so that he can “look his opponents in the eyes next week when he campaigns in Tampa.” Other than this limited campaign information, few additional details about Joe Biden’s trip have been released to the media.

    But according to The Ulsterman Report’s source inside the White House, this is no typical campaign trip. It’s to take place in the midst of the Republican National Convention and it just doesn’t make sense from a political standpoint, especially since Secret Service reportedly had no protocols in place for protective details until just 72 hours ago.

    That Biden visit to Tampa got my wheels spinning.  What the hell are they up to?  How far is Biden willing to go to remain relevant?  To stay on the ticket?  So I put some feelers out to the WH.  Got lots of people willing to talk and share these days.

    Here’s the deal. Nobody has heard anything on that visit beyond it’s being planned. SS had protocols in place only as recently as 72 hours ago. So this thing wasn’t planned more than a week ago. At the most. That means the campaign is being damn tight lipped about it which is out of the ordinary for them.

    Now that has me really thinking. Something don’t sit right here. Why send the #2 right down to the GOP convention? What is the purpose? Leak the trip, but don’t say anything substantial regarding the reason for the trip. Just a publicity stunt? An attempt at poking the eye of the Romney team?

    That don’t add up for. Not even close. So I’m asking around some more. And I’m not the only one. Nothing is coming back. Finally get a call into the Old Man. Alert him to my concerns. Within 30 minutes he gets back to me. We got legit Intel from military source. Nothing concrete. Which got our source’s attention. That is a big red alert. This thing is being planned. Staged. Might be a handful of local law enforcement in on it. Apparently a related communication from DHS within the last 24 hrs. Union thugs. Got to be a Jarrett Gerard initiated plan. Something along those lines.

    I’m giving you and your readers a heads up here.  False flag.  The real deal.  They will try and control it but make it look uncontrolled.  Dangerous.  Make it reflect poorly on the Republicans and their supporters.  A dangerous and desperate operation here.  Even a dimwit like Biden has to know how dangerous.

    So have everyone you can reach, all your readers, let them know.  Obama operatives are attempting a set up here.  Dimes to dollars that’s what is going down.

    As Ulsterman suggests in a follow-up commentary, this is indicative of a false-flag setup that may be taking shape for next week. With media crews, cameras and tons of police on hand for the convention, it wouldn’t take much to set off some fireworks.

    We’ve seen major political and economic forums in recent years where police and other entities have employed agent provocateurs to  inflame protests and incite violence. Who’s to say that operatives within the Administration couldn’t employ such a tactic for the GOP convention next week, with VP Joe Biden standing by to decry the acts of these radical individuals when they do happen?

    A further update sent to Ulsterman late last night is indicative of just such a plan being in place:

    There is to be some form of altercation, protest, outbreak, etc.  Not sure on specifics.  Purpose is to make VP look sympathetic but more important, give media portrayal of “radical” conservatives a timely visual upon which to build that right through to Election Day. 

    -Source relayed they confirmed whispers of this locally by some media in Tampa later this afternoon.  Biden’s arrival in Tampa already deemed “provocative” which will ensure significant media coverage.  The event/false flag will be used to overshadow the Monday convention ceremonies, as well as cast a shadow on convention for remainder of the week.

    -What the Obama team is doing here is incredibly dangerous.  Country is at brink already. Just beneath the surface.  This kind of thing, if not totally controlled, could break out into an even more significant event.  Perhaps they want that outcome?????

    Tie this in with earlier reports regarding the ammunition purchases.  Originally I ignored your questions on that.  Last week it received my full attention.  It’s the real deal.  I am gonna add that you don’t do target practice with hollow point.  Those are designed for one thing and one thing only.  Let that sink in.  Why is the Obama government buying up this kind of ammo in such massive amounts?  Place those ammo purchases with their willingness to stage a confrontation such as what they intend this Monday.

    -You are right when pointing to the fact this was leaked by SS [Secret Service].  Rest assured they probably gave the Romney details a heads up well before any of us did.  They will continue to do their job as they always do, but there is no love loss between that organization and the administration.  The backstory on that may come out after Obama has left office.

    Full Insider Report

    Is there a set up in progress? And if so, will those orchestrating it be able to control what happens should violence or altercations with law enforcement break out, or could it blow up into something much bigger that takes hold in other parts of the country?

    History proves that this wouldn’t be the first time for a strategy of divide and conquer to be used in an effort to sway the opinions of the electorate or to control the narrative.

    The fact that Insider brought up recent ammunition purchases in the context of intelligence garnered from a military source suggests that the certain elements within the government may be planning for wide-scale discord across the United States and that any such discord would be met with lethal force.

    Could be nothing, could be something; but we should all be aware of the possibilities just in case.


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      1. Alright! Something with a date and a setting we can look for. How many times do we hear about “insider” information but rarely see the action take place.

        • Now that it is leaked, what is the back up plan? No matter the amount of ammo, where are these agencies(fed) getting the weapons? Could this have been part of the ‘fast and furious’ slight of hand?
          Caution: the non leo fed agencies getting weapons and ammo takes an act of congress to deputize(?) these people. Or could everything be about getting the Acorn people armed up or the many other Soros sponsered enities? Will the ACLU and SEIU be receiving ammo and weapons?

          • I tell you people whether or not they come at us with everything they have or whatever just the sheer numbers of guns and gun owners in America is enormous. I have to laugh every time I hear something like our Government taking away our guns by arming up any agencies. We have over 300 million weapons owned by gun owners and of course that’s the guns that they know about. lol Then on top of that how many thousands of us know how to manufacture things that go boom??? People.. don’t worry too much OK! If they are stupid enough to pull anything they will quickly learn the true meaning of FUBAR!

            • I agree to and think what they can only do is try and limit ammo sales and or try to take away guns slowly and slower. They won’t be able to. I’m just afraid if something major happens that this stupid democratic party will try and tell the people for their own safety to please go down to nearest local police dept and have your weapons and “ammo tagged in and after the storm you may get your weapons back. And if you don’t and have weapons it will be considered an act of terrorism and a federal offensive that will or can be punsiable up to 5 years and jail and a 100,000 dollar fine. And flyers if you know someone who has guns please report it to your local police dept. I think that is the way they will try. I could be completly wrong but I just want to know the number of people that will be naieve to follow this illegal order and totally bs move by the democrats or whoever. I sear im being tracked my mouse/cursor is delayed and the other day I saw some weird code show up like MS dos mode when I clicked on this website. I could be paranoid. lol

            • Look even with over 300 million gun owners or more in America. Are you sure they can stand up to a force that is armed & trained as a fighting force. Most are civilians that target practice on the range, no real tactics know how & most are individuals & a unit big enough to stand against a units that are tactically mobile, comms an etc… I am a retired military. All your hype is nothing compared to a an organized unit. I.E. Syria, civilians getting slaughtered, an Army with all its might against civilians with pitiful weapons, who is winning that fight???

            • The latest figures put American gun owners at 144,760,000!

            • Freeport: What is your source for that number? Thanks for the update.

            • the thing is not gun vs gun and those of us who were trained to make things go boom or disarm those things that go boom, like us 89d’s know that thier boom booms are, bigger, stronger, and in some cases guided. Not trying to shit on the parade here but that is something you need to think about. If the shit gets thick prepare for a vietcong fighting style.

            • Gator and Clint, you’re both right to a point. The gov’t is taking us, the majority with guns, down a little at a time via legislation. We are so splintered as a nation. When the time comes for turning in weapons, many will.
              HM is right concerning fighting an army that is well organized.
              There is good news HM, however many they bring against us, there are flaws in their approach(which is apparent to vets). Then you’ll have others that’ll question the madness of attacking fellow Americans. I believe, with this admin., UN troops will be in the wings. Then, all hell breaks loose.

            • @GatorNavy: If they really wanna get you, they don’t worry about disarming you. They attack you from the air, dropping bombs just as they’ve been doing in the Middle East for a long time…and for the same reasons. Why do you think they attacked the Middle East in the first place? Because the people there don’t pay taxes, they care for their families, keep wealth in their families, they don’t trust banks and governments. That’s why they were accused of being “terrorists”. Now, as more and more Westerners refuse to be tax slaves anymore, the billionaires are going to call them “terrorists” as well and treat them the same way… THEY ATTACK WHOEVER REFUSES TO SLAVE FOR THEM. Your guns will be useful against petty criminals, but absolutely useless against government air attack…

          • I know most of you seen my posts and love reading yours and getting a different view from everybody. I don’t know if this hurrince will cancel the RNC in tampa or not. But as for Biden down there I think its hype and I don’t think anything major is going to happen. I think there will be trouble makers and idiots trying to cause a scene down there but not a false flag. I don’t think anybody is going to get shot but part of me says maybe a crazy is in the area and will possibly do something like that the other side of me says.

        • yeah… fast ‘n furious wasn’t about a setup to take out guns away either.

          Hey Anon 10:21 pull your head out of Obama’s ass.

          • Sorry I read your comment wrong. My apologies.

            • Funny, how they put out these vague warnings, then things occur…

              I wonder who they gave the eggs to?

            • this is not the time to pretend to be human… it a day to act upon animal instincts.

            • Acid in eggs??!! Thats sorta like that ole “lead balloon” idea…I mean you figure theyre talking a stong,dangerous acid in those eggs,somthin thatll hurt someone,right?….well apple cider vinegar is a fairly weak acid(5%)and itll disolve the shell off an egg in a short time,we do it sometimes when we pickle eggs,soooo,some dummy pours sulfuric acid into an egg and hides 20 of them on his person…shortly said dummy will wish to God he’d not been born as the egg disintigrates in his boxers relieving him of his boxers and his imagined manhood,YEOWWWZA! although it would make for some great comedy and they couldnt breed….you know; they may be onto something there now :)….wow!

          • barlow: 1. atf orchestrated fast and furious during the bushie years. 2. your hated obama killed the program when the administration learned what was going on. 3. the long complicated process of abolishing 2nd ammendment would be impossible to achieve. 4. we have more gun rights than at any time in history and obama is not stupid enough to tamper with status quo. 5. the billionaire elites and banksters know they must disarm we peasants to remain in control after shtf. 6. they know that is impossible; prepare for mass depopulation and chaos via their choice of method. get yor head out of rich folks ass and get real

        • Nobody knows the hour. The point of the article is to be prepared for that hour. Remember the story of the bridesmaids.

          • Well said. I use the story of the bridesmaids constantly when trying to wake up the sheep to prep. There is another message in the story, I missed for a long time. The bridesmaids who came prepared did NOT share their lamp oil with those who came unprepared. This story may help preppers who have conscience problems when TSHTF. Think about it.

            • Most folks think they were wise because they were prepared. Being prepared is just the minimum. They were wise because they knew if they shared, there wouldn’t be enough for ANYbody.

              ***Don’t miss it-That’s why they were wise***

              Uncharitable? Sure. But the One telling of the account didn’t speak ill of them. After all, He was the one who called them wise.

            • ~~~But the wise answered, saying, ‘Since there will not be enough for us and for you, go rather to the dealers and buy for yourselves.’~~~

              I think one message is-be ready at all times–He ‘IS’ coming and we do know that.

        • Cut him some slack, man. IT’S GREAT IF NOTHING HAPPENS. However, isn’t it better, to have someone point out the most likely venues for the NEXT FALSE FLAG? The RNC in Tampa, is MOST ASSUREDLY, the next most likely venue, since the finale of the Rothschild Olympics. However, it should also be noted, that this could be a “by-design” scare tactic, to get Ron Paul supporters and Delegates to avoid Tampa and the RNC – out of fear – of being INDEFINITELY DETAINED like Brandon Raub.

          Marine Veteran Brandon Raub Sentenced To Up To 30 Days In Psych Ward Over Facebook Posts

          • Solution: NO FEAR! LIVE FREE, or, DIE FREE!

        • We’ve all been epecting a false flag. This could be the event they use to lock down the web, recall, they have a stack of EOs to activate. Whatever they pull, I most sicerely hope it does blow right up in thier parasitic faces.

          • What I’m hearing is another Lehman type banking fiasco is coming our way possibly as early as Sept./Oct. That will sure shake things up. Just remember that Dec.31, all the automatic cuts will be enacted, meaning there will suddenly be alot of people with no income and no savings.

            • There will be miniature and personal shtf situations all over the country when the gubment money stops flowing. The entitled mindset scares me the most. They ‘deserve’ therfore they will ‘take’.

        • LMFAO!!! I followed the link to the website. I looked for archives that would suggest that this “INSIDER” has provided accurate inside info before.

          NOTHING! I saw nothing! 🙂

          Some of the comments here suggesting a “takeover” is imminent (if from legitimate posters) are FUCKING PATHETIC! Get a grip people! Can’t you tell when YOU are being manipulated?

          Can you say “SHEEPLE”? LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • DK, I see the “take over” allready happened with the federal reserve act.(100 years ago).

            • Kevin: I hear you. I understand. And I agree. However Biden in Tampa is not it.

              It is more likely he is there with Air Force Two as a direct, secure link to the White House to connect the “loyal opposition” (read Congressional leadership)to O’bummer if Israel gets froggish during the convention and the balloon goes up.

              If the balloon goes up before the “Free Syrian Army” (read rebels) liquidate Assad, Israel will have to take out Syria as well as Hezbellah, during the preemptive strike on Iran.

              Israel is capable of achieving that “trifecta” but it will require small yield neuron EMP’s in addition to full scale cyber war just prior to the strike.

              Without Syria controlled by the rebels it will get “dicey”. War creates chaos, chaos creates unintended consequences.

              Buckle up. Jump ball.

            • The takeover happened the day the Stupid Party selected weepy John as Speaker. For all practical purposes there is now only one branch of govt. with Obama doing whatever he wants by fiat with no pushback whatsoever.

            • Actually, you’re 50 years too late. The federal reserve act and the SS security act and the 16th amendment are all totally unconstitutional. So, how did they get them done? They did them under emergency powers set up all the way back to the civil war. Under martial law that was set up by Lincoln, they can do anything they want, unconstitutional or not. Martial law was set up and never taken down. The treaty of peace was never signed and we are still under a state of emergency caused by the civil war. This is why they can do what they do. The proof and reason for this is executive orders: without emergency, the president cannot be a dictator.Without the state of emergency, executive orders to not have the force of law. Ron Paul could put us back under the constitution in 10 minutes after his innauguration. …and he would. This is why they *FEAR* him. He could yank the rug right out from under the US fed government by recinding the first executive order that put us under a state of emergency in prep for the civil war. It would be a complete game changer.

              …instead, people are more worried about the skin color or our president and their social security payments, etc.


            • dk, agree with your post. Having been in the middle east,your take on Israel is correct. Problem; this admin. will not help Israel.
              False flags: everything this admin/gov’t is doing is to get the majority distracted. Kind of a shell game having been played on us all these years.

            • DRD: This admin doesn’t have to help Israel, to help them. When Israel pops Iran, Iran responds against US assets in the Gulf. We respond in “self defense”.

              End of story.

              Chalk up another regime pacified by the NWO.

          • probably a bait and switch…or just to rile some group up..or a go signal to someone? possibly..Im too far away anyhow so I’ll watch and see

          • You didn’t look too hard, the Insider is legit, you are the one who is not, I suspect you are a government troll.

          • I read your post three times to understand what it was that you were really saying. Can’t find fault with it, except it is too serious to be a laughing matter. The times, even the air, is so thick with mendacity, that you could cut it with a knife. Such is life in this late hour.

        • I figure another BS story, too see if the the people will rise up, but then again it never hurts to buy a few hundred more rounds..

          Stay Safe my brothers and sisters.,

          • DPS, you never miss a chance to buy more ammo. Thanks for the laugh, just told my wife last night, got to buy more ammo.

        • My paranoid best guess is Biden is being set up for assassination (attempt). He would be shot by so called “right wing radicals” (some obama chicago operatives). This will get him and his gaffes out of obamas way (a new VP will HAVE to be sworn in) and they will finally have a reason to clamp down on guns, militias and republicans.

          This is just a theory, I in no way know if this is what they are actually planning nor condone it.

          • love it still the rep vs dem thing. How many times do we go over this? yet another post we have to one more time. IT IS ALL GOV. not dem not rep. IT IS ALL OF THEM they are coming for ALL OF US not just the republicans. They are comign for the whites the blacks the asians the latinos the arabic, and what little is left of the native americans( if I left a group out sorry :),they are coming for us all, gays, straight, bisexual, ALL OF US!. the republicans the democrats the centralists the libitarians the communists the socialists, they are coming for all of us. Neocons, Neolibs, and ppl who just dont give a shit, they are coming for us ALL. It is unite or perish we got 144,000,000 ppl with guns in this country it does shit good if we got 144mil ppl unorganized going im a republican fuck them democrats, or im a prochoicer fuck those prolifers, GET OVER THE DIFFERENCES IT IS US ALL THEY ARE FUCKING. Unite or Fail.

            So I guess the true question is, Are we going to let them keep dividing us with petty differences in a time of need for unity ?

            Can we put aside some of our personal views so we can unite or are we going to have splintered factions?

            They are organized, will we be?

            They are truly prepared, will we be? ( and I mean beyond the basic food water supplies )

          • I wondered how long it would take for someone to hit on the obvious. Biden has embarrassed Obama and the Democrats so many times it would solve a multitude of problems for them if they set up his assassination. They would get rid of him and probably put Hillary or someone equally worshiped by the socialist citizenry in his place and then use it as an excuse for gun legislation of one kind or another. If I was Biden two D-9 bulldozers couldn’t drag me anywhere near Tampa, but then if he wasn’t such an idiot they wouldn’t need to get rid of him.

          • willie , that is the FIRST thing that popped into my head as i read the article .

        • With Ulsterman, a LOT of what his insiders say has come true. His older articles with the Insider is on Newsmax. You can got there to verify the truth of past predictions.

          There is a Military Insider, a White House Insider and a Wall Street Insider which he calls the “Old Man”. The White House Insider was the first.


      2. Nothing would surprise me about those people.

        • May 31, 2012 new DOJ directive … RECRUIT Attorneys and Staff with Psychiatric Disabilities and “Severe Intellectual” Disabilities

          Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment.

          “That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.”

          According to the documents, those with these “targeted disabilities” may be hired “before the position is advertised” and even “before the position’s closing date.”

          Direct links to the documents are in the article.


      3. If BO was many points ahead and certain to win there would not be any need to false flag anything. BO would just start the enslavement process the day after the election. I still don’t trust romney at all, I see all the flipflopping and that he was governor of one of the most anti-freedom states there is. We lose IF there is an election, just a little more with BO. I wonder about that hurricane coming in what is going to happen, normally Tampa is pretty safe because of the currents around the tip of Florida.

        It is getting closer to the time in which something must be done or BO risks losing. My bet is still on Middle East war. It is extremely unlikely that any president would be voted out of office during a major war. Even carter or hoover that were extremely unpopular would have gotten re-elected if the U.S was in war at the time. War is really the true false flag of them all, and something that the masses will support and not suspect of anything. My bet for false flag would be war or some major terrorism that they will blame on Hezbollah or some other muslim group, maybe even blame the “so called radical” freedom fighters to make those on the right look really bad. We shall see.

        • I have noticed red thumbs down to my comment and I wonder from whom. I am putting BO completely as awful. I am saying that those in the BO admistration will blame the arabs or those that cherish freedom for a false flag attack. I am saying that war is more likely than anything to give BO the election, IF there is an election. Maybe it is my putdowns of romney.

          I don’t trust romney at all. I will not jump on the romney bandwagon. I cannot stand two faced individuals. I have seen the state where romney came from lose all sorts of freedoms. He did nothing to allow innocent people to defend themselves. No stun guns allowed, pepper spray restrictions, gun rights that also became more restrictive. Having him a leader of the U.S. is scary. Believe me this, romney is NOT someone that is one of those that cherish freedom, NO WAY! This character is nothing more than another BO to a lesser degree as romney care had little differences to BO care.

          This is why I have said this and fully believe it, IF there is an election you will get either a pile of crap or a big piece of crap. WE LOSE EITHER WAY. It is ashame that Ron Paul doesn’t have at least 30% of the population behind him and some other GOOD third party. It is the same garbage cyclical two party crap that we get some bum every 4 years.

          • Be informed, well said.

          • BI, your comments are ALWAYS clear and not expecting people to agree with you. I enjoy your comments, bc even if I were to disagree, you would rather have an educated debate than someone telling you you’re wrong and not why. Thanks for your posts!!!

          • BI, why do you care about thumbs up or down on your opinion. Not every comment you make are things that are in 100% agreement. Keep posting.

            • @ you don’t need to know and Gravlore. It was just strange to see a string of people that did not approve of what was being said about BO starting the enslavement process and how THEY “the evil ones” will blame freedom fighters because they consider them radical. I thought maybe it was because I did not make myself clear over that I support those that cherish freedom 100%. Then I thought it was because what I mentioned about romney, as he is definitely the better of two awful choices.

              Each new president everyone has this optimism and each time we all are horribly dissappointed. I did not have much confidence in BO, and after he allowed this country to further die, he became the king stinkbug. I just wish there was a choice between someone that could generate real healing of the country. I am so pro gun and pro self defense, and to have one pile of crap trying to take everything away from us, and the other alternative piece of crap coming from one of the worst states for victim rights and self defense there is in which nothing was done to help self protection rights, there is just not much hope.

              This is why I say prepare and prepare in your own personal life. It is so fast approaching. I watch these shocking events in the geophysical world and that alone is something to watch closely. A professor once told me, LOOK FOR THE UNUSUAL AND ANYTHING THAT SHATTERS THE RECORD BOOKS. That 7.7 deep focus was almost a full point above what an earthquake that deep should ever be. the massive pumice raft from the undersea volcano in New Zealand was floating around as big as Hawaii. Just last month the fastest ever recorded solar particles occurred. Animals continue to act real weird also.

              I was thinking about the 2012 predictions and there actually might be some logic to it. Perhaps just like Halley’s Comet the planet every thousands or tens of thousands of years goes through some sort of upheaval. maybe the Mayans were simply starting a date in a cycle in which this happens like clockwork to the planet. The planet rotates around the sun every 365 and 1/4 days, so why could there not be some sort of other cycle that the Mayans knew about? No more bizarre than knowing Halley’s comet came in 1910, then in 1986, and then again in 2062. Maybe every 11000 years or so the planet goes through something. 2012 sure feels weird on the human level and the planetary level.

          • There are a few a-holes on this site that like to give thumbs down. They can eat shit. wait they already do.

            • @John W,,,,,,,I don’t want them to eat shit. It gets old hearing them yell YUMMY, when they finish.

          • Ron Paul is too old and he has no power base. he would not get anything accomplished, after all his years in govt. just what did he ever get passed that was significant? Nothing! Romney is the best of two bad choices, at least he is not a Marxist and communist that surrounds himself with the same. The truly sad thing is that the American people are now such morons that they would ever elect him in the first place bad as McStupid may have been. At best Romney will keep things from getting worse, however in four years the left will be back stronger than ever and with millions more new citizens that will vote as told. The game is about over no matter what happens this election.

            • @ John W. The election really is between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, I would take Mussolini everyday over Hitler, I would never support Mussolini however. Ron Paul is old, but I sure like his views on the protection of the constitution and freedoms. What worries me about romney is what was happening in Massachusetts in regards to personal freedom, especially with personal self defense. I just was really stating that we are screwed with either one. At least with Rick Perry for example you would know your second amendment rights were totally safe. With romney, I just don’t know.

            • In defence of Mr Paul Id say what he did all those years was stand in the way as best he could of the system,he voted against anything that smelled unconstitutional…personally thats what I want in a statesman,that he behaves like a statesman and not a politician…and as for getting nothing passed?…ever heard the maxim about govt is best that governs least…I dont want them to get anything done at least not very fast,the founders tried to set up a system that was divided and didnt get much done very fast and if we still had that system working we wouldnt be where we are today…and too old?…thats ridiculous!

          • my bad, i was looking at this on my iphone and fatfingered it…. meant to hit thumbs up…..

          • a very bad recession or more likely depression is coming either way, but at least with romney; i feel that i’ll be given the chance to survive it on my own, with my ability and what i have to do it.

            with obama and 4 more years and a depression, i would not be suprised to see anything i have confiscated if it helps the government or makes thing “equal”.

          • People are afraid to face the truth, that Mittens is owned by the same parasites who own Obummer. The myth of free and fair elections is hard to shed.

            The only way the parasites will install Mittens, is they see the people of the US so fed up with Obummer, there is no other way to continue the agenda. The destruction of America will continue, just a bit slower.

            But, the parasites are commited, and they can taste the victoious free lunch of marxism. I’d wager they won’t bother installing Mittens, they are so close. They’ll probably do thier false flag, lock it down, and give half thier ammo to the Black Panthers, and La Raza…

            • Preach it brother. The new enemy is the White Man. Divide and concour is the battle plan of our enemy. It’s in play in Europe and here in full force. But the Sheeple are led to believe any comments they make that are the slightist bit racist is unacceptable.
              The funny thing about the whole mess is that TPTB are using the Non White racist groups as pawns in the overall plan. They are fighting for equality but in the same sence they are further inslaving themselves as well as us. Lets all just have a group hug and kick the global banking cartel square in the ass. Identify those responsible and let mob justice rule for those criminals responsible for the crimes commited against us all. And then we can move on and make a better world for our future generations.

          • be informed- I wouldnt worry about red thumbs down, we all write good things and honest and truthful but there are a lot of readers on here who are chicken to say what they want or show their true colors and just red thumb you. I have said some very good and honest things myself and get it too. they are young/old and one sided only. People are people and they will think they are right and we are all wrong just like prepping. Remember there are thousands of readers and they can just thumbs down you. It makes you wonder but not worth your time worrying about it, we all do that. we write something good and get 10 red thumbs down. There are a lot of stupid people out there and watch how many I get from this alone. I think its funny. We know we are prepared, these people are the type of people who don’t really care about improving themselves or true obama lovers and think he’s the best thing ever and he will save us from all of this!! He will cut us a check and deliver a chicken dinner to us personally. they are dreamers and not do-ers. Screw them Be informed, that’s why they never say anything. They will perish in hard times just wait in a few months. Many are just naieve and don’t want to share ideas and information to be beter. Many are individuals and not team players you can tell. And those type of people will not survive alone very well. If they do it will be hard. Good job be informed you write good stuff.

            • @ clint hospo. I can remember what my political science professor said in college about what you want in a leader. Someone that would ONLY take being paid a salary for their position. Someone that did not expect any type of gratification, favors, bribes, or did not expect some type of reward for their service to the people either in life or afterlife. Their only purpose was to serve the people and do the best possible job they could to make their country as strong, free, and as prosperous as possible with that being their ONLY reward. Out of 150 students ONLY one person raised their hand that they would take this type of job, and it was not me. I was too immature at the time, now I think I could raise my hand.

              Wouldn’t it be incredible to have someone like this, a true patriot for the people and the country going against BO in the fall? Unfortunately those like this would never affiliate themselves with the debacle that is two party system and stand little chance of winning anything. Maybe sometime in the future after all this happens a much better system will emerge. I truly wonder if there is going to be an election this year.

            • “Out of 150 students ONLY one person raised their hand that they would take this type of job, and it was not me. I was too immature at the time, now I think I could raise my hand.”

              You know the term if you can’t stand the heat get outta the kitchen”?

              I’m saying, I couldnt take that job either. Too irresponsible I am, to have so many people looking to me for answers.

              The difference is you were and I am man enough to admit that. Gotta respect a man that knows his limits.

          • At this point is there any possible way to get Ron Paul on the Nov ballot, is he eligible as a write in candidate? It would be the ultimate coup. ” We’re FED up” ; thats our war cry, we get this thing viral, it catches on, …who knows….as far as something happening at the RNC Its slim, listen if there really was a leak of something taking place, it was a false flag nullifier. Their Intel is telling them that sites like this and others are gaining in strength and number . Also, theyve extrapolated that the individuals that visit and participates in these forums can no longer be categorized as ” on the fringe.” Analysis will show, Freethinking, problem solving, analytical, educated, influential, Americans who are very concerned. Americans who QUESTION, This movement has all the elements to go VIRAL, sweep a nation. That is what scares the MACHINE the most. Sooo, to give a blow to our credibility, create a seemingly false flag event, …we SOUND the alarm, and nothing happens. …Isaac might be the big story at the RNC and Tampa. ..just some thoughts , with Godspeed, prep hard, stay alert…use less of your debit cqrds

            • Gregory, no, Dr. Paul still couldn’t win. Not because his policies aren’t correct but because too many sheep are still asleep and counting on the lesser of two evils. Obama woke lots of the sleeping sheep in his first term but many are still in a political coma. Romney is actually more dangerous to the country and the constitution than that idiot Obama. Most of the sheep will trust Romney, they won’t trust Obama and will watch him closely and after four more years I promise you the rest of the sheep will be wide awake and educated. I would rather the frog of citizen awareness be thrown into boiling water than thrown into water that is slowly increasing in temperature. Some have to be shocked into awareness.

          • Be Informed,

            The worst thing that has happened to this we site is the thumbs up or down. When I started to come to this site there was none of that shyt. The other great thing is that who really gives a f–k about the thumbs up or down? Some of the thumbs down, in my world are about as worry sum as a cloudy day… You post whats in your heart brother I may read some of it and I may not, but either way keep posting.


          • Great post. We as freedom loving Americans should build upon the support that was given to Ron Paul the past few years. The grass roots movement was amazing. If Mittens gets in this go around, we should vote him out in 4 years if he continues the same agenda. You say that we loose either way. I agree. Our system is rigged. There is as much voter fraud here than there is in Central America, Africa, and everywhere else. That same system pushes out any legit 3rd party by coming together to demonize it. I wish I had a magical answer as to how to fix the system but I don’t. I do believe there is one though. Maybe the answer will come when we as Americans hit rock bottom. But in the time being, get prepped up because there is a massive storm comming that we can not avoid. When the storm clears, God willing we can rebuild our country in a way that our founding fathers invisioned.

          • Didn’t Romney’s wife say something like: “He can argue both sides of any issue. You think he believes what he is saying, but he doesn’t.”?

          • I think Ron Paul probably has more people behind him than he knows.Especially if he runs on ‘End the Fed’,and Our countries sovereignty not be turned over to the UN.
            Would ‘they’ allow Ron Paul to actually win?, or would he suddenly decide to commit suicide?, or jump off a roof? or shoot himself in the back of the head… twice?
            Personally, I haven’t heard much about Ron lately, I figured MSM probably has their orders to toss all news of him in the garbage.

            Because That’s The Way They Roll.

          • Say what you mean and mean what you say(you always do BI) and let the chips fall where they may and forget the naysayers,if they mattered theyed at least chime in and call you nasty names,but they dont even do that…personally Id just as soon see that thumbsy thing go away…you disagree with what someone says then you oughta have the kahoonas to say why or else ignore them…not just go pushing some button and finking out, I’m sure it has its good points(and thats how Mac wants it,Im not argueing about how he runs his site,Id say he does a very good job of it) but I just tend to believe that a forum like this is supposed to be a open fair place for the exchange of imformation /ideas and opinions and theres a certain type that rather than get involved and contribute either good ideas or logical debate would rather sit on the anonymous edges and throw stones….so BI dont let em bug you! thats just my 13 cents worth,thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

        • Be Informed,
          Nothing the left does would surprise me.
          Tampa, has one of the most well funded police and sheriffs departments in the Nation.
          And the firefighters are well funded here as well.
          These guys have been training for this event for a very long time, and I gotta believe
          they are ready for almost anything.
          I live in Tampa, and I know some of these guys, and they are ready and well trained for
          Now if the convention was in Snt. Pete, (across the bridge from us) all bets would be off.
          Snt Pete’s law enforcement is incompetent.
          The black community in S. Snt. Pete, riots once in a while and burns their own neighborhoods

          • @ Slick. I also feel the same way about nothing surprising me either. For a long time I have seen the very laws of science surprising everyone. Text books talk of not having earthquakes over 6.9 deep in the planet, yet two have already occurred seen the book was written, way over 6.9. I have seen surprises constantly with the government and how they are destroying the constitution a little bit each day.

            Nothing now surprises me other than NOTHING HAPPENING. That is what would actually surprise me, freaking shock me, if nothing occurred between now and election day.

          • @Slick, hope you don’t live downtown, going to be crazy, guess there’s already been vandalism. So now, not only do we have to deal with 10,000 people who want to do harm, but we also have a hurricane coming. Wonder what else TPTB can throw our way? Just wish I could leave town for 2 weeks.

            • Thank God I don’t live in downtown.
              I saw the vandalism, and a story on some pipes and bricks that had been “Allegedly”
              staged to get to later when the convention got underway.
              Looks like rank amatures to me at this point.
              My wife’s company which is downtown will be having their employees working from home
              durring the convention.
              That hurricane track has me more concerned than the convention at this point.
              Yes I agree, a couple weeks away from this mess would be nice.

            • @Slick, one thing we dont need is more RAIN!! Have you been to northern Florida? Even now there are still homes under water. All the ponds around my house are higher than they should be. I agree, the hurricane has me more worried than the convention.

              You read about stuff going on around the country, but when it’s in your backdoor, it really highlights your weaknesses.

            • @you don’t need to know
              The ground is truly saturated, and cannot absorb anymore water.
              South Tampa, floods if more than 3 people spit in the same area, so they are
              really vulnerable to flooding right now.
              120 mph. Winds from a hurricane would be catastrophic.
              Besides being very low in elevation, (critical if hurricane approaches from the Gulf
              side) all of those Grand Oaks, would crush thousands of houses in the area,
              The ground saturation makes it that much worse.
              That reminds me, need to get some more propane.

            • I think the storm will clear out a lot of the loons. Although, many of them could use the shower. THis hurricane might be a blessing for the republicans as it mkight keep some of the protesters away.

          • Theres a guest article at newswithviews dot com website, about all the many ocupy orgs and many others hooked up to ocupy….IE: like code pink fem radicals etc.

            It states tampa mayor and city oficials are basically kissing ass of ocupy and their aclu reps Big time!

            Tampa oficials it seems acording to that article are fearing lawsuits etc against cops and are going way to far to acommodate ocupy leftists groups. And its aprox 20 such various groups all tied into ocupy and George Soros et al.

            I think article writer gives too much a free pass to cops and she seems real pro neocon. But her info on them leftist orgs and how they scam public perception to look as if them leftist types is the “Victims” in all these fake peace marches etc. Alot like what occured dureing the 1960’s era when Martin Looter King always advertized “Peace” and Non violence…Yet every time we seen xact Opposite and nothing but violence.

            We now know from that past era how MSM has photoshoped pictures or video to Only show cops in bad light. When it mainly was radical jessie jackson types along with many white collage liberal Kommies who shows up to begin the violence etc. Check that article its got good info.

        • Bi,

          RON PAUL 2012!

          • I like Ron Paul but voting for him is the same as voting for BHO in terms of who gets elected. Too bad. We could use a different way of thinking in the white house.

        • The only real advantage I see with Romney being elected vs Obama is that Romney must stand behind our 2nd amendment rights as this is a basic, fundamental, and traditional platform of the republican party. Other than that, Romney isn’t that different than Obama and politics in WA will continue as usual. And it does hurt to say that as I am a devout Mormon.

          Ron Paul was our only real shot, but the POTB have the masses tied up in political correctness and ideaology. Some false flag op instigated by VP Biden doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. After NDAA, Food modernazation and safety act, and executive orders declaring all resources to be owned by the federal gov, I put NOTHING passed this corporate government.

          • you really think so anon? I don’t know this but wasn’t there something on Ron Paul that he was some sort of sellout about something I can’t remember. But yes Ryan loves guns and hunting etc and I think they will not do anything about the assult weapons band. that drives me nuts them calling guns assult weapons. I wrote on here if people start getting killed by chickens what are they going to call them assult chickens. lol Politicans are such a sellout for money and not the people. Money has really corrupted many of them. I haven’t really followed ron paul that much. I heard today on neil bortz that he said obama probably was born in hawaii and that when he applied to columbia he lied and said was from kenya. I do believe that he lied and thats why they locked them up from us. I wish we could get someone to get into that college and get that info. Im sure they took all his papers and deleted him from the system etc. All it would take is some staff that is younger to get in and spread the word so im sure he is removed. today I was thinking about buying 3 surefire .223 100 round magazines. a place I know was selling them for 126.00 a piece. online i saw they were 180 bucks. if anyone is interested and has a military id you can call the store and have them ship to you. hit me up on here later. I check this every so often

            • Get the 60 round mags, the 100 round mags don’t feed as well.

          • A Anonymous. If romney had been the governor of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, or other free state then I would have much confidence in him keeping gun rights alive and well. This character though was the governor of the most restrictive self defense state there is. I am completely pro gun, and not only could I not live in such a state as massachusetts that values criminal rights over victim rights, I could never governor a state of such.

            Birds of a feather flock together, and this country allows any American to live in any of the 50 states or the territories. WHY romney would choose to live and governor a state that is completely anti-freedom and anti-personal self defense sends a massive red flag up the pole to what type of president he would be.

            Better than BO, yes, but a savior to this country, HELL NO!

          • Please look at Romney’s 2nd amendment record- TERRIBLE.

        • Given the Dem’s recent track record on war or their lack of ability to successfully run one (hey, perception, just saying)… I would think a war would virtually ensure Romney got voted in.

          He’d be better served outlining a plan for avoiding it while still taking a tough line.

        • Pre-empt the RNC by going to war with Iran/Syria?

          Or stage a violent protest at RNC and label the protesters as being Ron Paulites?

      4. Always some sort of show going on. Who the hell knows for sure, but this sure is fishy.

        • Russia has “stalled” the PLAN for Syria/Iran. Obimbo is not perceived as a “friend” of Israhell, and to a lesser degree Russia. Both would like nothing more than to see Obimbo go BYE BYE. (The Russia/Israhell connection…do the research).

          The “October surprise” appears to have an advanced timeline. Obimbo will not go quietly into history, HE will make every attempt to take us ALL with HIM…regardless of HIS final destination.

          This move by the DNC is historically unprecedented and indicative of a “hail-Mary-false-flag” attempt to once again MISDIRECT the attention/resolution of the sheeple.

          Obimbo is a Manchurian Implant, all records sealed, phoney SS#, no valid birth certificate, etc,etc,etc. This level of DESPERATION could very well produce the “election suspension event” that has seemed “unlikely”…UNTIL NOW. Biden is a bipedal IDIOT…fully, if not adventageously expendable, if you get my “drift”.

      5. They are definitely up to something. I am eager to see what will happen when he “looks his competition in the eye.” It is ridiculous to think that they will be there to incite violence though. No Vice President has ever tried to incite violence to my knowledge. I don’t love Paul Ryan, but Biden is the worst. He can’t think for himself.

        • In my opinion they are all puppets on a string controlled by union leaders, party leaders, and/or big business. I don’t see many at all having thoughts originating from themselves or the people they are supposed to represent. They only parrot what the leaders tell them in memos and are rewarded for it by getting better positions in their respective parties.

          Politically we are a mess. It has become nothing more than theater.

          • @ Saddle Up. Well said! We lose either way unless we get someone that is truly anti-washington. “Nothing more than a theatre” is too true. The U.S. political system is reminding me of the old USSR in which the people had no say and the leaders were elected by a select few. Self preparedness and getting ready for the hell to come is really all someone can do now. It is coming either from man and/or nature, but it is coming more than most people could ever imagine.

            • BE informed: As long as we have Repub’s on the right- Dems on the left we have nothing they are the same. They want total power, the only difference is how they get it.
              Paul Proctor said it well I think: Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in opposition to one another, they BOTH MARCH in the same DIRECTION! As long as these two parties are in power we will never ever get an anti-washington PATRIOT elected.

            • Another newswithviews article at bottom of site page in news articles says, Orly Tavitz(woman lawyer who began movment to go after obammys fake birth cert etc) has found concrete Proof in Claifornia voter rolls has OVER 723,000 BAD/fake/wrong Voters registered as ok to vote!

              As well as also another over 500,000 voters registarions who are invalid for various reasons and laws etc!

              Many of both groups illeagle/invalid voters seems to be 150 to 200 Year Old!!! And still ok to cast a vote in fed and state elections!..OVER 1&1/4 Million Fake votes just from One state!……One guess who They will vote for!

              HINT: Dems/Libs/Marxists/Kommies along with all who provide instant amnesty for 30+ Million illeagles!

              Once that happens kiss any hopes of an america as we knew it to be Bye Bye…..Meanwhile none of Our ligit votes count any more than our voices/opinions does!

            • @ copperhead. Wouldn’t it be wonderful though to get an anti-washington true PATRIOT leading this country?

        • Slick says:

          August 22, 2012 at 11:27 am

          Nothing the left does would surprise me.

          both sides suck, left and right, face it, get over it, deal with it already, so we can move on to more important things like the unity that will be needed to win. I love how we talk on this very site in past postings about how they are trying to split us and yet we here ourselves are splitting ourselves. Work together or fail. Guess what? when the shit hits and we are fighting, actually fighting, and ppl are dying right next to you some of them are going to be leftwingers. Or will you be the one hiding in your house with your preps while the rest of us do the work for you?

          • @AnonLegion
            I have known many liberals over the years and I have asked myself that very question!
            I could see maybe a few that I have met might stand up to Tyranny, if it got down to that.
            It has been my experience that most libs don’t like guns (unless they’ve been mugged) and
            Would be fine with gun confiscation. So…. Would a person of that mindset (they think only
            Government should have guns) be standing next to me in your scenario ready to fight
            against many laws and social programs they have approved of as well as holding a
            gun that they don’t believe they should be allowed to posses?
            You ask me to believe too much.
            I say most will end up in FEMA camps. But there are alway exceptions to the rule.
            I say there are some stark contrasts to our beliefs. I struggle With finding middle ground
            With the “left”.
            As to me hiding?
            There is a time and a place for everything.

            • “would a person of that mindset be standing next to me in your scenario ready to fight…” of course, it’ll give you something to hide behind when the shooting starts!

            • How are they going to be any protection for me Sixpack?
              They won’t be much protection at all if there running to Starbucks for lattes and scones
              all the time.
              And anyone can make any claim on any web site, so whos to say you wouldn’t take up
              A defensive position on the Lazy Boy?

            • I have known many libs and cons in my time both sides still war with each other over petty issues while, we are trampled. I have met many of both who were peaceful and those who were not. I have been to war along side both types and the centralists also. Had someone on my fire team who was prolife and others who were prochoice ( just a quick ie ). couple dems couple reps. We got over our bullshit and got what needed to be done done. We lived. We did not get blown to shit by IED’s. We survived on our own, most of the time in eurasia. Keep staying seperate, and the only unity you will see is in a fema camp.

              you think most of them will end up in fema camps?

              I think Without organization we all will be dead or in fema camps.

              heh and sixpack lol my sniper was a lib. female 🙂 and is credited with over 120 kills and saving other soilders lives and most likly one of the reasons alot of our EOD’s didn’t get shot on the landmine fields. ( there were a few good snipers out there covering us 🙂

      6. Not sure how many saw the video of the president of the 3rd largest union in the United States this past week; I think its on youtube, but the man was telling his disciples to study Mao and Stalin on how to bring down the capitalist. Obama will be desperate for 4 more years, Ryan ignites tea party interest and they can’t beat it – they know they can’t – so they “gots to do somethen”

        • …a coup?

        • Jim: I believe it was Stalin that said”It dosen’t matter how many votes are cast, but who counts them that matters.”

          • A whole lot of the counting will be done this year by a company in Spain with ties to Soros. What could go wrong?

          • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Thos who count the ballots decide everything.”– Joseph Stalin

            “We do not have time to play at “oppositions” at “conferences.” We will keep our political opponents… whether open or disguised as “nonparty,” in prison.”
            — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

      7. Makes since. All we can do now is buckle up for the ride.

      8. Usually , if you can smell a turd, there is an outhouse right around the corner.

        • or an a***ole.

      9. My fellow Patriots, it appears that the beginning of tyranny is potentially at hand! I am fearful that if this intel is accurate; it will erupt into something bigger to where it will be uncontrollable.

        There are many variable as stated by Be Informed alludes to above. This visit may be the spark. With the NDAA, the executive orders for government control over food, water, power, medical services, etc. is all in place now coupled with incidences like this warrants grave concern.

        If that happens, I can only hope that the great citizens of this country will respond with peaceful means and hold all of those responsible accountable. I fathem to think of our alternative measure.

        I value the input of all of those who commented here, I find it very informative!

        May God Bless Us All! Molon Labe!

        • Misfir: I’ve seen fliers from radical groups to decend upon Tampa during the convention. A bigger group of misfits you’ll never find and you can be sure that there’ll be a number of outsider/plants there just to start the violence. It may resemble the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968. This is going to get interesting, fast.

        • I think it has already stated with the last 2 mass shooting’s

          • started sorry

      10. This is most likely something to be planned on White Christian Vet Gun Owners – keep in mind that they recently detained 2 honorable men who fit that exact profile and had them held in mental institutions. One was a Christian Radio talk show host, the other a Marine Vet. Both were awake, vocal, and stood in opposition to the “O” admin and the police state.

        In order to get their base back (cuz its been lost big time) they need to be able to really play this one up. Having the VP at the GOP convention is so far out of protocol that this surely has False Flag written all over it. Biden is a loose lipped lost cause and everyone knows it – but they hold a meeting with him & Hillary last week to determine if he is still on board and all of a sudden he’s headed to “campaign in Tampa”… The only way this make sense is if they are setting up a FF with him as a decoy for some sort of “lunatic” christian gun owner to be set up ala “aroura” or “Wisconsin”. think about it – If they could get away with it – then it would be the perfect political move. They could then lump all the Mormons in with Christians and claim that Anyone who has a sincerely held faith is dangerous.

        The true danger lies in their evil ideologies and their willingness to do truly crazy and evil things in order to remain in power. They have already started a war on Christians at every level – but Jesus told us these thing would happen – so no suprize there. But we MUST remember our war is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places. Therefor our weapons must be prayer and faithfulness.

        As it is now – it certainly looks like we will be going through some crazy evil before Jesus returns. Keep in mind – He came to save us from Gods wrath – which means we must stay faithful to Him through the evil that comes our way.

        As much as I fear for our country – I believe God will use this to further his own glory. Just as Satan thought he had won when Jesus hung on the cross. God utterly humiliated him (and proved his ultimate dominion) when Jesus rose from the grave 3 days later. Same will happen in today’s current political events… What the enemy intends for evil – God will always thwart and ultimately be glorified.

        We need to remain vigilant, continue to speak out against evil and honor the Lord.
        Keep praying – Keep Prepping

        • @(not so)Simpleton – Its called “The Ends Justifies The Means”

          I was taught that was a “communist” idea, however, I find that it has nothing to do with communism, other than they used it to.

          Whenever a group of people decide that their way is best, they start using it. They don’t care about who gets hurt or who dies. They just care about getting “it” done.

          As such, The Kenyan’s administration doesn’t really care what is moral, lawful, truth, fact, or whatever. As long as the repercussions don’t keep them from winning, its a go.

          While I am excited and interested, you and I know who the victors are. Its a forgone conclusion.


        • Simplton:…What you said is correct…BUT! The Lord also told us to “Sell our coats and BUY a SWORD if need be” Thats from LUKE ch 22 vs 36…

          Heres how we need to look at it so Both, Buy sword(firearm today) And “our fight is against principals etc in high places”.

          The TOTAL messg of BOTH means, while we have “spiritual” controled enemys etc we ALSO have HUMAN Phys enemys of THIS world. BOTH Must be Fought together. Jesus Never said “spritual enemys” cancels out the other Phys Human type enemys.

          It may be “spiritual run war” but it Is fought Here in Our phys world by Real live people. So we need Prayer to fight evil satanic spiritual stuf yes….AND Phys weapons(guns/ammo) incase our non-violent plans are thwarted by our Phys real world human enemys who work For the satanic stuf.

          ANY lesser idea is to me simply Cowerdice by hideing behind cherry picked bible verses so a person can just always be Non violent and a Passafistic type.

          Lord dont mean for christians to lay down to be door matts for evil to run rampant over and we end up all of us DEAD!….If we all do that?…Whos left to carry on the christian messg etc?

          That Passifistic never defend mentality is what assholes like glen beck keep promoting….Well all who think that way better awaken and real Fast like because you all must realize….Theres is a HUGE difference between “Bad/evil” violence…And “GOOD” violence when used Against Bad/evil to Stop and end the evil/bad stuf.

          NO OTHER interpretation will suffice nor be correct.

          • amen,
            WE are HIS HANDS of JUSTICE. We abdicated this when our preachers started telling us to be ‘nice’ and ‘submit to righteous authority’. What is righteous about this Godless Federal Government now? Not so much.
            You are fooled into passiveness, and YOU are GUILTY of allowing and enabling the EVIL ONES to take over the governments… evil is always attracted to HIGH places…while you laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap, and the preachers collected their 30 pieces of silver from CAESAR in the form of tax breaks.

            Wake up.
            Just a few scriptures.

            He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8)

            The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene. (Isaiah 59:15-16)

            Blessed are they who maintain justice . . . . (Psalm 106:3)

      11. While I never put a lot of cred in the “insider” he may be on to something here. I think the Ron Paul supporters will be out in force at the convention. We want our say too.Neither candidate wants to give him a forum to speak.They will do anything to make RP supporters look like fringe elements even if it takes a staged event.

        • BTW…Does this mean a Valerie Jarrett and Leo Gerard plan? Never heard of Jarrett Gerard.

      12. I’m sure Biden’s trip is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill $35,000 lunch special fundraiser. Along with some black pregnant females demanding a guv-mint funded abortion and dragging Romney Chains behind them, accompanied by 15,000 newly minted “undocumented citizens” here only by the Grace of God – no wait, make that the Grace of Obama.

        Will be an interesting week. Our only prayer is that Hurricane Isaac blows Biden the Buffoon out to sea.

        • I seriously doubt that Biden is there to give secret instructions about mayhem. I am worried however that he may be the target of some action that will be blamed on Tea Party or just plain old white vets. That could be the pretext for using those hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition. Then again maybe we are all just being paranoid. Lets hope.

      13. It’s worth watching for but so is that tropical system heading our way. Just another reason to stay focused on preparedness because the only people you will have to rely on in SHTF is yourself and those like-minded folks in your group. Nowadays anything can be the flame that ignites the gasoline all over the floor. Stay focused on your preps and keep moving forward.

      14. OMG! You are right. I’ve been saying for a while that a fake assassination attempt on obama is definitely a possibility – to garner “sympathy” votes – to motive his pathetic, government dependent base to come out & vote for him.

        Looks like they’ve chosen biden instead.

        Either way, biden going to Tampa is the most tacky thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. PATHETIC & DESPERATE.

        • If that happens there will be no elections this year as it will be impossible to hold them in most big city precincts. maybe that is the plan. What a sorry mess we have become.

        • Joe.

          Yes, Ms Jarrett?

          It’s time, Joe.


          Joe, that was the arrangement. The contract we signed. You’ve become an embarrassment to President Obama, to the party, to Leo, to Eric and especially to ME!

          But Ms. Jarrett I

          SHUT UP!!!

          You need to be replaced. Let’s just hope that your taking one for the team is a big f***ing deal for the media.

          Good-bye Mr. Vice President.

          *can you smell sulphurous vapor?*

      15. Geez, all this an a possible hurricane to boot??!!!

      16. “Union thugs”

        Thanks for making the rest of the article useless to me, backward ass idiot.

        • Yeah, I know what you mean LT. I thought that catch phrase was a little off too. He needed to add Violent Self-Serving to the front of it.

          Unionism in this country is just one thing: Use peer pressure to make industry pay you WAY MORE THAN YOU’RE WORTH. It didn’t used to be that way. It used to be that unionism was to keep the corporations from riding roughshod over the workforce and screwing them over. Well, now, the unions just screw over the non-union workers and the corporations. If you won’t join the union, they’ll slash your tires or beat you up.

          Thanks Violent Moron Union Thugs for driving nearly all of our manufacturing overseas! Great job! Wooo! Hooo!

          If any segment of society, government or industry gets too much power, they abuse it.

          • Thanks.

            My enemy is the elite, the corp, whatever you want to call them. One thing that pisses me off more than anything is the complete writing off a group that has fought them a hell of a lot longer than the rest of us.

            I get it. They won back then. Thank God. And of course power went to their head and they became just a different version of what they were fighting. It does not detract from the fundamentals, however. Unions are a tool. A tool to counter the corp. Period. Don’t get pissed off at the hammer when it hits your thumb. Aim better!

          • My one run in with a union.
            Hey guy, want to join the union.
            No thanks.I’m not a joiner.
            Nice motorcycle.
            Be a shame if anything happened to it.
            Anything happens to my bike, I gonna’ come lookin’ for you.
            What me? I wouldn’t have anything to do with it.
            Sad for you.

            Nothing ever happened to my motorcycle.

      17. I’ve been thinkin’ how I could incorporate this little joke into the present political subject and help y’all smile some today.

        Then I got it. Who screws us the most and we can’t screw ‘em back . . . Politicians!

        A new sex study has determined that the most used sexual position for married couples is the ‘Doggie Position’

        The husband sits up and begs…..

        The wife rolls over and plays dead.

        Y’all Beware! Keep smiling, life should have some fun.

        • Ok, now that is funny

      18. I like to bash Obama too. However,I am an equal opportunity basher. Neocon Romney will be as bad,if not worse than Obama, as evidenced by his smooching of the “wailing wall” on his recent trip to Israel. Warmongering idiot.

        • Romney will NOT be worse than Obama. Obama’s anti-colonialist and socialist mentality is what is driving his policies that are choking out our economy. Romney may not cut spending nearly enough as is needed but he will NOT be worse than Obama.

      19. I think Simpleton might have a good read on this.

        “The only way this make sense is if they are setting up a FF with him as a decoy for some sort of “lunatic” christian gun owner to be set up ala “aroura” or “Wisconsin”. think about it – If they could get away with it – then it would be the perfect political move.”

        It is being leaked ahead of time that he will be there so not only will the GOP be watching but also the Dem’s & MSM will be paying attention to Tampa. All they have to do is set up an “attempt, or sighting or suspicious package” and people will go nuts. Bad Repubs, bad guns, more laws, more security, etc.

        This has false flag written all over it. I want to know why DHS or whatever alphabet agency was buying all the stuff that does the Oklahoma type event. Why do they need it? When is that going to show up?

        • i’m with you.

          the white house has shown they’ll do practically anything to win votes and either theyre going to lose or its going to be close but they’ll take any of the below:
          1. turning off more on the republicans
          2. turning on more to the democrats
          3. picking up more florida voters
          4. making people forget the economy is still in the toilet

          if they can get some tea partiers picketing Joe or even better, a republican office holder; they can run with it the whole week of the gop convention and right into the democratic convention.

          its pretty slimy, but if it works; you gotta give them credit for it.

          • Lena,

            They are not slimy, they are manifest evil marxists.

            “We need the real, nation-wide terror which reinvigorates the country and through which the Great French Revolution achieved glory” — Vladimir Lenin

      20. I read a story somewhere on the net that Obama doesn’t want Biden on the ticket with him, he wants Hillary. So what if he were sending Biden into an assassination that he could blame on gun owners or Ron Paul fans. He could get rid of Biden, the Ron Paul threat, gun owners all in one swoop. Hillary gets on the ticket, Obama gets reelected and then steps down leaving Hillary as president. Just thinking,.

        • Interesting, but there’s no way Zero would ever step down willingly. His ego is just too big.

          • You’re right: Zero wouldn’t step down willingly… but his handler (Soros) could and would make it worth his while to do so.

            There’s something we all need to keep in mind; Soros is running things now. He runs the media, the party organizations, the Federal Exchange and all the candidates. That’s why we now have a “choice” between Obama and Mittens – one a muslim socialist and the other a mormon socialist.

            Folks, we’re screwed. We are going to have to fight and I don’t mean writing letters to the editor of the local fish-wrap either. Many of us won’t survive it. I know I won’t… I’m too old to run and too fat to hide so I’ll just have to sit still and take what comes. I just hope my grandson survives.

        • Makes sense except for the “…and then steps down leaving Hillary as president” part. Why would he? The false flag stuff DOES make sense, and when you’re dealing with a group of people that has contempt for conventional morality and revels in its power over others, it becomes increasingly likely.

          FYI, there’s simply no way that anywhere near the 750 million rounds of .40 hollow point will be available to the feds. While I REALLY don’t like the fact that this order took place, it is to be delivered over a 5-year period of time. I doubt that more than 10 million rounds will have been delivered before the convention.

          For anyone interested, much of that ammo will likely be made at the Federal Cartridge Company facility in Anoka, Minn., where a previous 450 million round order was placed (with deliveries having started in June).

      21. Its the 2nd death that’s a real bitch. We win. They lose. Real simple.

      22. BI, I’m with you on everything you say. I smell a rat and it’s called FALSE FLAG. I’m still prepping trying to get everything i can before TSHTF, so let’s hope GOP dog-and-pony show passes without incident. Slick, I lived in Miami for 7 years, but I’ve been in your area numerous times when I worked for a courier service. i hope you’re prepped and batten down the hatches. let’s all hope for the best, but keep prepping for the worst.

        • You guys sure love that false flag moniker. I love it when people learn something new. Yes sir very impressive.

        • Just wondering where you stand politically? Are you an Obama supporter or maybe Ron Paul?

          • I’m certainly not an Obummer supporter. I would vote for Ron Paul if he was an option.

        • Maybe they’ll false flag Mittens, and install Jeb Bush…

      23. Biden will be there to either
        1) Oversee FEMA’s response to the hurricane, or

        2) Oversee Romney’s arrest for taking illegal contributions from overseas sources (Israel, mostly). This might mean Ron Paul getting the nomination allowing Obama to win, or

        3) And this is way out there, Biden is there to speak to the Ron Paul supporters at their rally, and maybe bring them in to the Democratic camp, possibly by promising dissolution of the Fed, or a Supreme Court seat for Ron Paul.

        • Any Ron Paul supporter who votes for obama’s team is an idiot.

          Romney is at least 40% of what Ron Paul is.

          obama is less than 1% of the man or politician that Ron Paul is.

          • Ditto.

            The problem is that the other 60% of Romney parallels The Kenyan.

        • Nah, that’s just your standard liberal idiot demonstrators who are given a free pass by the media and the government to destroy public property and to injure innocent Americans. Think Bill Ayers.

          All in the name of Freedom of Speech of course…..

        • nice
          this article says Congress has given 100 million tax dollars to the RNC and the DNC for their conventions

          shouldn’t they be paying their own damn bills ????

          “Congress has given Tampa — and Charlotte, N.C., the location of the Democratic National Convention — $50 million each in taxpayer money to try to ensure everyone’s safety during the political gatherings that crown each party’s presidential candidate every four years”

        • Now that’s a hoot. WTF does a suspicious brick look like? Maybe I should check the pile behind my shed to see if any look suspicious.

          • They might be “TERRORIST BRICKS”!

          • Bricks of mass construction!!!

      24. My bet is this is a set up to declare marshall law over a city as a dry run for a larger declaration later. My second guess is a pre-cursor to Biden behing replaced by Clinton.
        Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

      25. Awhile back there was talk about a false flag assassination attempt on Big O, just maybe on the V P. instead, who knows.



        It doesn’t matter which cia puppet prez you vote or don’t vote for … not one bit .


        Get it !!!

        They are All just puppets on a string and you all act like they are the ones running the show … you all still believe the AMERIKA=FREEDOM(SLAVERY) PROPAGANDA LIE !!!



        sigh… ;0P pssszzt OPEN YOUR EYES AND MIND !!!


        6months FOOD, 6months WATER, GUNS-BULLETS, alternative transport , alternative SHELTER and a back up escape plan to safe evacuation sites Inland far from towns in the high woods and mountains .


        • Yep. And there may actually be MORE previous sheeple that are starting to GET IT! No matter WHO wins this farcical “election”….WE LOSE. But Obimbo’s PLANS are not yet complete, which makes the NWO/DNC more dangerous in terms of pseudo-flag activity TODAY. TIME TO FRY THE SYSTEM and start over. Actually, “that time” was yesterday. But while WE still breathe, never too late.

          OR IS IT?!?!?

        • he may be a crackhead but he gets it, it just dosnt matter who, its the office itself.

      28. This election year will be the first time I will not be voting in my life. I have always taken my responsibility to vote very seriously, but, I refuse to vote any longer by deciding which candidate is going to do the least damage to our country! No more.

        Voting for the lesser of two evils means you are still voting for what you believe to be evil.

        Romney says he’s all for the 2nd A, but, he said he is against so called “assault rifles”. That tells me that he doesn’t even know what the second A is for!

        • Steven, I too have resolved to never again vote “against” anyone yet it remains our responsibility to participate in the process even if we believe it is corrupt beyond redemption. I suggest a write-in for Pres to keep your integrity and pay very close attention to the lesser races closer to home. Even county office seekers make a difference in our lives. Sitting it out though is unequivocally wrong.

          • Gary Johnson, former NM gov.
            Check him out.
            Very similar to RP.
            Will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

        • So,the candidates don’t exactly fit your job requirements. too bad. Suck it up, get off your ass and go vote. How much bitching would you do if the gov restricted your right to vote?

      29. FOOD FOR THOUGHT … recent poll shows 77 % of AmeriKans Live Paycheck to Paycheck and on Maxed Out credit cards !!!

        What do you think is gonna happen when the Dollar is finally allowed to crash DIE , social security is axed
        and all those fat government checks suddenly stop ???


        The words Nation-Wide Armageddon Slaughter Hell come to my mind !!!

        But thats just crazy ole’ me . ;0p pssszzt



        • The SSA Social Security Administration has ordered 170,000 Round of ammo .357 hollow point , 9mm , 40 cal and 12 gauge for 41 SSA Offices around the country !!!

          That’s 4130 (avg) rounds of ammo per each of the 41 SSA FedGov Offices being added to what they already have in stock !!!

          Obviously the SSA is preparing for a Violent SSA Confrontation with the huge mass of the AmeriKan Elderly Disabled general public who is dependent upon the SSA to survive during AmeriKa’s nwo zog designed Collapse into Communism and nation wide homeless starvation poverty !!!

          Prepare Preppers this is very real !!!

          p.s. – incase no one told you yet SSA Social Security is Broke it has 0 zero $$$ money in its piggy bank . ask corrupt criminal congress critters and the nwo zog puppet prez’s where it all went bye bye ??? TRILLIONS OF YOUR invested for retirement PUBLIC $$$ GONE !!!



          PREPARE .


          • Nina O:
            I saw this while reading about Brandon Raub and thought of you. I am not sure how valid this list is but thought if you visit some of these you may want to excersize some caution.


            I am not making any assumptions about you, but I am willing to bet that if anyone is on a watch list here it would likely be you. That is why I thought of you.

            • Entry 137: Southeast Liberty Project Owner Raub Brandon

            • @saddle up ;0) thank you for the concern … First I’m a Straight-Edge no drugs no alcohol I live a very clean agnostic monastic life style … an i’m already well known locally ;0P by local law agencies where i live and federal agencies of my state . this is not new to me . i keep my nose clean try to avoid trouble and avoid social situations which may entrap me .

              I stand by the Legal U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment and if that is threatened by a zog fedgov fbi soldier slave lawdawg then I will Refer Myself to the Legal 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution .

              Sooner or later WE ALL MUST TAKE A STAND against the GLOBALIST OLIGARCHY BANKER SHADOW GOVERNMENT Illuminati deliberately turning ONCE FREE AMERIKA into a UN AGENDA 21 COMMUNIST FASCIST ZIONIST ZOG NATIONAL PRISON POLICE STATE tax debt slave plantation !!!




              Thank You for your concern though ;0) !!!


            • “Bodies upon the gears” speech



              Speaking on the steps of Sproul Hall, on December 2, 1964:
              “We were told the following: If President Kerr actually tried to get something more liberal out of the regents in his telephone conversation, why didn’t he make some public statement to that effect? And the answer we received, from a well-meaning liberal, was the following: He said, ‘Would you ever imagine the manager of a firm making a statement publicly in opposition to his board of directors?’ That’s the answer!

              “Well, I ask you to consider: If this is a firm, and if the board of regents are the board of directors; and if President Kerr in fact is the manager; then I’ll tell you something. The faculty are a bunch of employees, and we’re the raw material! But we’re a bunch of raw materials that don’t mean to be—have any process upon us. Don’t mean to be made into any product. Don’t mean… Don’t mean to end up being bought by some clients of the University, be they the government, be they industry, be they organized labor, be they anyone! We’re human beings!
              “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”



            • ooops … ;0)


          • coco- when is your prediction that this will all come apart and things start going bad. I mean checks cut off and hyperinflation. I like viewing your intense posts.

            • @CLINT HOSPO ;0) thank you for the complement … we do all try don’t we here at shtfplan to post our best for each other .

              honestly @ch the stock market / dollar died in the fall of 2008 , the dollar is a dead fiat currency walking , its worthless … all that keeping it afloat and worth something is everyones misplaced trust belief its still worth something .

              wallstreet is a fraud . one big ponzi scheme of fiat money control .

              china and russia are both rippin mad at getting cheated out trillions of foreign investments and left holding a big stinky worthless 6 trillion dollar bag of ameriKan debt dog poo . ameriKa / nato doesn’t have the real gold to back its debts to pay either of them back .

              ameriKa and nato right now are all screwed their money is worthless which means that foreign national governments and banks have the right to claim real ameriKan national land territory and resources as theirs to recoup their bad purchases of ameriKas debts.

              ;0) So … ameriKa and nato is now forced to threaten the world with military muscle and nuke death to hold russia and china at bay as they scramble to steal the property needed and gold plus other natural resources from their own citizens and others around the world to buy back their debts from russia and china OR start WW3 with them !!!

              Soooo basically it could all end right this very minute .

              The whole world is balance on a razor blade !!!

              The Dollar and Euro Dollar are both Dead !!!

              Buy Physical Gold / Silver – Bury it deep in your yards at night near under metal pipes so its hidden from metal detectors !!! If you have a 401k paper pm’s dump them buy physical pm’s asap and hide them deep !!!

              Cause it could all go right this minute !!!

              Any time between now and then is a gift !!!

              Use that time wisely !!!

              Also keep in mind the nwo must destroy american’s spirit completely by any means possible … before it can take control of the world !!! They will try to literally destroy America balkanize it into smaller more controllable puppet states !!! Divide and Conquer by any means necessary !!!

              Freedom Loving Americans are holding up the un agenda 21 nwo zog plans ( its taking to long , people are waking up ) for global domination illuminati zog freemason one world government financial religious medical psychological control of humanity !!!

              Those are the Facts … sooo when ??? only the Illuminati insiders at the very top of the pyramid really know !!!

              Prepare for Freeman FreeWoman American Revolutionary Civil War !!! That is the only way we’ll take America Back from the un nwo zog freemason jesuit illuminati !!!


            • Damn N.O,

              Not even some lube with that statement… LOL how you doing my CMF brother, you know the hitts just keep coming, FYI a Lubbuck Tx judge declared the If Obammalma is reelected he is prepping for cival war.. Now that comes from the heart of rural TX. Make you ask what the hell is really going on.. Stack it deep brother..


            • @DPS ;0) i’ll try and warm it up just a weee bit next time prior to use just for you .

              ;0P pssszzt

              hmmmmm A Real Hangin TX Judge said that ??? This is all gonna be very interesting to watch unfold … alot of judges are politically appointed as well as u.s. federal district attorneys !!!

              Meaning most play the politics ass kissing game for office an are corrupt nwo zog freemason ivy-league sell-out political appointee whores like the u.s. supreme court judges are !!!

              Military federal state and county law dawgs are All going to have a very real “come to Jesus moment” soon on martial day !!!

              And will All be forced to choose a side !!!


              @DPS I’m pleased you appear to be “Eyes Wide Open” now .

              Please Remember @DPS …


              PEACE BROTHER !!!


          • Not even a kiss. Darn.

      30. The city of Tampa should refuse to allow Biden to come at the same time as the RNC Convention. This stretches the Police and Security Teams to the max. And we have read the stories the DNC does not pay for their security. So who is going to go to CHarlotte the following week?

      31. couple of factors to consider:

        Hurricane- easier to stage/set-up an ‘event’ with the added mess of evacuation, hunkering-down…maybe NYC was practice (Irene last year), and yes FEMA intervenes…

        Protestors- plant some folks to ignite the vet/union conservatives within the occupy folks and lump them all into the ‘anarchist’ category that they need every American to fit in order to make us beg to be enslaved

      32. when I saw Biden was involved
        I started laughing and blew milk out of my nose
        I’m not the least bit worried about this

        • Not milk!

      33. I gotta say this has to be the biggest piece of propaganda I have read on here and the biggest propaganda since the Olympics false flag (OH YEA THAT DIDNT HAPPEN EITHER )
        And after the GOP convention this story will fade into the night until the next piece comes around

      34. May not be relevant, but are we all forgetting the two men who died under suspicious circumstances when the Clintons first came to power? Both from the administration? Cold blooded Hilary was the mastermind behind “Whitewater”. I don’t think she is done, yet….

        • MASS MURDERER CLINTONS TAG-TEAM – lawyer vince foster (hillary’s secret affair co-worker sex bed buddy 12 years – murdered by the clintons)(3 arkansas state troopers assassinated by the clintons) ( personal drug trafficker user acquaintances of the clintons disappeared) (FALSE-FAG oklahoma city fedgov building BOMBING mass murder OF WOMEN CHILDREN BABIES ordered by the clintons ) etc etc etc it just goes on and on …

          yeah i’d say the mass MURDERING psycho sociopath clinton tag-team of Kill and Killary is just getting Warmed Up !



        • 1. God does not “miss”. He may warn, but has perfect aim.
          2. Biden is absolutely expendable although he may not know he’s being hung out to dry.

      35. You people who buy into these type of conspiracy stories are deluded, stupid or insane.

        • Oh now gee, Joe….Speaking of insane, were you expecting a different result with the same comment on this post?







        PUCK THE CRIMINAL FBI and the corrupt criminal u.s. fedgov zog attorney’s behind this !!! THEY ARE ALL JUST MURDERING DOGS SERVING THEIR NWO ZOG MASTERS !!!


        • FBI History of FBI ENTRAPMENT CASES Repeats Itself , OVER AND OVER AGAIN , especially with the FEDGOV ZOG FBI , U.S. ATTORNEYS OFFICE and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF CRIME(corrupt justice).


          BATF’s entrapment of Randy Weaver led to the violent deaths of three people. Says his defense attorney, Gerry Spence: “What happened to Randy Weaver can happen to anybody in this country.”


          pls see attachment below …

            • Among the federal law enforcement commanders was Richard Rogers, the head of the FBI’s hostage rescue team, which includes its snipers. On the flight out, he took an extraordinary step–he decided to alter radically the prescribed rules of engagement of FBI sharpshooters.

              this is what I have been talking about..the rules of engagement have changed,, there will not be any surrender..if you do not comply completely, and even if you do, chances are your going to be mowed down by the feds..anyways

            • BTW,Thanks for posting that.
              everyone should read it, and comprehend it..completely for what it tells, and for the fact that justice for the Weavers has not been made yet, even if the surviving daughter has “forgiven” them, that doesnot negate the guilty of thier crimes, and the time they should be doing

              let us not forget their rule.. No statute of limitations for MURDER

              another group of names that should be on the LIST i have been asking for

            • Thank You @VRF , very good points !!!

          • Hows it going N.O.(you crazy mo fo. Keep that arctic bag close.

            • @kevin ;0) whasssssup … i went all in this summer saved my pennies bought the artic 2 man camo tent on sale for a 120. , camo tarp , black ground cloth tarp and a nice -40 artic bag . a folding deer hunting wheel dolly cart for my combat pack and gear and extra tent pegs poles rope .

              i’m solid and ready to just throw my gear in my truck and drive straight into the rocky mountains and get lost up some ole’ fire road for a year or two as AmeriKa Crumbles into a Totalitarian nwo banker zog mafia Puppet Dictatorship ruled land full of tax debt enslaved very $$$ poor Zombies !!!

              ;0) goin back to mother nature woods forest in the Rockies for a few years is going to be a vacation compared to whats going to be happening in the towns and cities of AmeriKa after the dollar is finally allowed to die !!!


            • I have been in conditions from +145F to -120 F, If “it” happens this winter I plan on seeing alot of frozen bodies, I am convinced I will not see yours!!!

              Rock on brother!!

              P.S. ZOG, is that “zebras occupied government” 🙂

      37. Biden going there for the same reason “they” go everywhere.

        They take briefcases full of cash to pay people off!!!

        “A DEN OF VIPERS”

      38. Well, we’ve been expecting some kind of false flag. We know the parasites are desperate to lock down the country so they can turn America into a marxist hell-hole.

        It must be strange to be a bunch of psychotic parasites, bent on ruling the world, or destroying it if they can’t have thier way.

        Watching these parasite’s scheming machinations is tiring.

      39. Could it be the Joe Bite-me will be in Tampa to rally the Left wing mob? I’m sure the Obama “Red Guards” will want to make the 1968 Chicago Convention look like Disneyland.

        Everyone knows that AK’s, high cap mags and ammo are selling like hot cakes and we all assume that it’s the pro 2nd Amendment folks doing the buying.

        But “what if” a good part of thoses guns are getting into the hands of New Marxist Security Forces? WHAT IF?

      40. ATF official also holding private-sector job, Congress members say

        In an unusual arrangement, a senior official of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives involved in the controversial gun operation Fast and Furious is receiving his government salary while working full time for the investment bank J.P. Morgan

        J.P. Morgan? Nahhh cant be,,say it aint so (sarc)

        “ATF has essentially facilitated McMahon’s early retirement and ability to double dip for nearly half a year by receiving two full-time paychecks — one from the taxpayer and one from the private sector,” Issa and Grassley wrote.

        • If anyone out here on the perimiter had done what he took part in, we would be toast. He gets to big paychecks. One can only hope Karma is real.

      41. Think what kind of a bind Mr. Obana is in. He is on the brink of getting involved in another war in the middle east whether he does it or Israel does it the US will march with them. This will further piss off his base, since we are still in afgan, and Iraq. He never closed Gitmo down, renewed the Patriot act, signed the NDAA. He is in trouble even before considering where the economy is at. Ever wonder why there was no debt ceiling debate? It was quietly extended until next Jan ( I think), but it was renewed because it would have hurt both sides in an election cycle.
        I think he needs something to stir his base from their slumber. Nothing seems to get a liberal more up in arms than Tea Party, Guns, and Unions.
        I don’t know if anything is going to happen but it would benefit both parties with a stronghold in DC if someone or group was linked to Mr. Paul. Both the press and the sheep would have the ammo to make tea party people out of be crazy loons. It would force most people that even thought about supporting Ron Paul underground.

        Anything happening with conections to any constitutionalist group is a victory for the establishment (both parties).

      42. You can take the money
        You can take the ride
        You can take it all but never get inside

        You can’t take my HONOR
        You can’t take my SOUL
        You can’t take the fact YOU’LL NEVER HAVE CONTROL!


        All I’ve learned
        All I know
        All I’ve seen
        IT’S LIKE VENOM!
        All I know

        You can keep the fortune
        You can have the fame
        You can have the shit you never will obtain!

        You can’t take my VIRTUE
        You can’t take my PRIDE
        You can’t take the anger BUILDING UP INSIDE!

        [- From : -]

      43. You can take the money
        You can take the ride
        You can take it all but never get inside

        You can’t take my HONOR
        You can’t take my SOUL
        You can’t take the fact YOU’LL NEVER HAVE CONTROL!


        All I’ve learned
        All I know
        All I’ve seen
        IT’S LIKE VENOM!
        All I know

        You can keep the fortune
        You can have the fame
        You can have the shit you never will obtain!

        You can’t take my VIRTUE
        You can’t take my PRIDE
        You can’t take the anger BUILDING UP INSIDE!



        All I’ve learned
        All I know
        All I’ve seen
        IT’S LIKE VENOM!
        All I know


        All I’ve learned
        All I know
        All I’ve seen
        IT’S LIKE VENOM!
        All I know

        All I’ve learned
        All I know
        All I’ve seen
        IT’S LIKE VENOM!
        All I know

      44. This sounds like crazy talk !!!!!!! Where’s the update about our true Military Heroes Brandon Raub And little bradley manning ????????????????????

        • Last I read about Raub is that they had transferred him 3hrs away from his legal team and family for the 30 days. His legal team tried to argue against it but lost. Now people are worried he will be dissappeared.

          I tried to look for information on the judge that made the decision but found nothing.

          I agree this is something that needs to be paid close attention to.

          • Does anyone remember the FBI agent that ‘was said’ too have gone rogue??
            Searched for by 100 agents because he was ‘suicidal’ in their opinion?
            i read he was found dead in an alley a few weeks ago–they got him and not one word on the mad scream media??
            So, is this true??

            • @jayjay … i too saw those stories . he was deliberately “terminated” murder death kill by his own agency people for exposing their nation-wide martial law bank holiday zog fedgov false-fag plans !!! also remember he had a very experienced 20 year veteran partner who was framed also as a pedophile falsely to shut him up too !!!

              These people … the FBI CIA NSA israeli MOSSAD russian FSB (KGB) ALL WORK FOR THE SAME SHADOW ZOG GOVERNMENT they all have diplomatic immunity an are a very real threat to ameriKan citizens , ameriKa and mean deadly business !!!

              I feel very sad for his young wife , both their families . they’ll never learn the full truth !!!

              Everyone needs to remember this very same thing happened to ex-football player u.s. army green beret pat tillman in afghanistan … he was killed by his own troops to shut him up – deliberately shot at 5 feet in the head as he laid bleeding on the ground asking for help . screamiung at them ” I’M PAT TILLMAN STOP SHOOTING AT ME !!!”

              The word “REGICIDE” comes to my mind !!!


          • Brandon Raub is to be released Thurs afternoon. WTVR news in Virginia is reporting that a circuit judge reviewed the case and stated that Raub being held is a violation of civil liberties and the case for his detention was based on no factual evidence.

            Oathkeepers were also involved helping out Raubs legal team.

      45. To anyone in Florida. Set up video cameras. The more that is caught, the harder it is for them to pull something off. Besides, some newsworthy camera footage can pay big time.

        And my other thought is this. When the Communists took over Russia, they were a very small minority. But government bureaucrats went with the changing of the guard. Much to their loss.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr O and his Czars think they can pull the same thing off again. Small minority taking over and bureaucrats accepting it. IMHO, they will be wrong. But it will be bloody.

      46. If a date is set, time to put my money where my mouth is..see you everyone at the nearest FEMA Camp!…lol

      47. Given the events of the last few weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me if BO had Joe wacked and blamed on the GOP.

      48. Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but anyone with a sufficient knowledge of firearms knows that you train with what you shoot. If your duty round is .40 cal. hp then you train with that round.

        • I have heard that argument before and first thing I would say is that you must have much deeper pockets than I do. I couldn’t afford to shoot very often at $25 a box. Next thing I would say is that I notice a difference in distance shooting with rifles but I have not noticed a big difference in handguns.

          It is easy to say that you train with what you shoot when you are spending other people’s money. When it is your money you make the proper adjustments transitioning from different ammos.

          • Agreed. I can’t afford that regimen either, but they can and I would if I could.

          • Watermain: I try to stay out of conversations about weaponry. It seems everyone becomes something they are not when it comes to shooting. I am sure you have heard the stories around the local vfw. Bring up shooting and all of a sudden everyone becomes a world class sniper or quick draw expert.
            Shooting 1000yds costs money. I am way to thrifty to spend the money I would need on optics, match grade ammo, and the rifle to get it there consistantly. I am pretty solid from 650yds in.
            Now a handgun? I am not worth a damn. If you are outside of 30yds I don’t have a prayer of hitting you. 25yds I am okay. within that I am pretty good. But the only reason I ever want to use a handgun is if you are really close and I don’t care of it only buys me time to get away, that is all I want it to do. I wish I could tell you I was an instrument of death with a handgun but that just would not be true.

          • $25 a box? Man, where are you buying that stuff? I get mine for $15/100 rounds. (…of course, I buy the brass, bullets, powder and primers and load ’em in the basement.)

            • I shoot up the rounds bought for $50.00 for 250 rounds and then load the hollow points for around $17 per hundred. And as far as shooting out to a 1000 yrs, well guess I ain’t no keyboard warrior because I might need a few to hit at that distance… LOL

              Come on Deer and Elk season,


            • I’ve found that once you reload about 1000 full rounds you have cut your cost in half…and that’s if u just buy off the shelf and not in bulk. It is time consuming to do but a little at a time is just fine! Practice is invaluable but brass, lead, and copper have a price!

            • Cheapest I have ever found holopoints in .40 is $.35 a round. If you are finding them at half that let me know where.
              You are buying 40 cal at 150 per 1000 hollowpoint?

        • some truth to that, although I used to carry a 40 for a long time, But lately I have been feeling better about packin’ my 45. I have practiced hard for many years, true about the cost of keeping current and on your game..but its important and worth every dime (Shooting is a hobby of mine for over 30 years)
          And I can keep and maintain a better group with my 45 than with my 40
          I have recently aquired a semi-auto .223 and am working on feeling it out for small game (food on the table type hunting) and varmints (coyote) that seem to think my close friends sheep and goats and our chickens are there for the taking, we will see this winter if they want to try me.

          • Oh, forgot to way to curb costs, is to reload your own

      49. Verse 1:
        I’m at war with the world and they
        Try to pull me in to dark
        I struggle to find my faith
        As I’m slippin’ from your arms
        It’s getting harder to stay awake
        And my strength is fading fast
        You breathe into me at last

        I’m awake! I’m alive!
        Now I know what I believe inside
        Now it’s my time
        I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life
        Here, right now!
        I’ll stand my ground and never back down
        I know what I believe inside
        I’m awake and I’m alive!

        Verse 2:
        I’m at war with the world ’cause I
        Ain’t never gonna sell my soul
        I’ve already made up my mind
        No matter what I can’t be bought or sold
        When my faith is getting weak
        And I feel like giving in
        You breathe into me again
        [ Lyrics from: ]

      50. I’m at war with the world and they
        Try to pull me in to dark
        I struggle to find my faith
        As I’m slippin’ from your arms
        It’s getting harder to stay awake
        And my strength is fading fast
        You breathe into me at last

        I’m awake! I’m alive!
        Now I know what I believe inside
        Now it’s my time
        I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life
        Here, right now!
        I’ll stand my ground and never back down
        I know what I believe inside
        I’m awake and I’m alive!

        Verse 2:
        I’m at war with the world ’cause I
        Ain’t never gonna sell my soul
        I’ve already made up my mind
        No matter what I can’t be bought or sold
        When my faith is getting weak
        And I feel like giving in
        You breathe into me again

        I’m awake! I’m alive!
        Now I know what I believe inside
        Now it’s my time
        I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life
        Here, right now!
        I’ll stand my ground and never back down
        I know what I believe inside
        I’m awake and I’m alive!

        Waking up Waking up, Waking up Waking up
        Waking up Waking up, Waking up Waking up
        In the dark, I can feel you in my sleep
        In your arms I feel you breathe into me
        Forever hold this heart that I will give to you
        Forever I will live for you!

        [Guitar Solo]

        Final Chorus:
        I’m awake! I’m alive!
        Now I know what I believe inside
        Now it’s my time
        I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life
        Here, right now!
        I’ll stand my ground and never back down
        I know what I believe inside
        I’m awake and I’m alive!
        Waking up Waking up, Waking up Waking up
        Waking up Waking up, Waking up Waking up

        • Amen Brother.

          Kevin where you from? Wherever you are, I’m saying a prayer for you. God Bless.

          • I have lived in the 50th to the 3rd(I am from the 24th). I am now in-The Battle Born State

            This nickname is the official state slogan of Nevada.(right now bitchez(TPTB),soon it will be something else)

            The election corruption is unbelieveable!!!!!!

            We(nevadans) have an up-hill battle, if you read the Nevada Constitution you will know what I mean.

            I am a states rights guy, the Nevada reps better get their heads out of their butts, or WE are going to pull those heads out of those butts and put them in trees!!!!

            They know this is comming!!!!!!!!!

            TIME IS SHORT!!!

            God bless.

            • @the world- what I just told Iowa

      51. Hey Mac,

        Had a thought I wanted to share with you, actually two.

        I just put two and two together, both my dad and I failed our “Psychologic Tests”. Him in the Police Academy and myself in MEPS. I’m honored that I failed the sheep test like my dad. Rebels at heart. I’d be even more honored to follow Jesus, the Original Rebel.

        Second thought. Mac, whats up with the chat forum? Can I help? Have you been sick?

        Dude, you told me 6 months ago the forum was coming. No offense, I love you and your site. But if another Prepper Site comes along with a chat forum, I’ll be there more than here.

        • Iowa, man, i know about my delay here.. i haven’t been sick..just slammed…. I have a good friend of mine who will assist with moderating the forum once it comes up and he is all over me now about getting it launched. It’s coming baby! It’s comming! One of these days you are going to roll in and I will have a big ‘ol message announcing it! It’ll be like Christmas morning — (but hopefully it won’t actually be Christmas morning 5 months from now….but much much sooner!)

      52. Texas judge preparing for ‘Civil War’ if Obama re-elected

        Posted on Drudge Report

      53. @rebublican party-

        Your paying some off, but some that you are paying are going to betray you.

        You can send your goons, but we WILL prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!

      54. And another thing Mac. Thank you for being there for people like me when we wake up and having sites like this to cope with the real world.

        This Brandon Raub has me saddened. At any moment I fear that my family will have their door kicked in in the middle of the night. How am I supposed to defend my castle and my royal family with tories and redcoats running free? You know what I have said. My thoughts have become a crime and a disorder. Anyways, I need these replies to KEEP sane. The whole world is going crazy and I need this outlet. Thank you Mac.

        I guess it’s just an appeal to heaven. Let the Lord Judge me.

        • They got to you–that’s exactly how they want you to feel.
          Desperate and in their sights.
          Shake it off–I believe this action was a show to the military screaming at the admin for violation of ethics with BL and their egregious displays concerning.
          I also believe it was done because the admin knows very well they lost the military vote and all connected with the military??


        TX judge prepares for civil war if bo re-elected….guess how the bastard is preparing? Through frickin taxes…..fake bastard!!!

        What does he plan on doing with these taxes….beefing up his Sherriff and District Attorneys offices…..what fake lies and BS!! What’s he think? we are stupid? Like a DA or Sheriff is going to arrest and prosecute UN troops!!

        • You do know, BJ, that County Sheriffs are the supreme law in their County. They are elected, which foreign, State NG and Federal troops are not. That’s one thing.

          Another thing is: UN troops do not fight. They appropriate. They occupy. They administer. They trade food for sex with children. They hole up in their HQ and when attacked: they run away. They have similar ROE to the ones currently being forced upon US troops in the ME. They are essentially armed bureaucratic mercs raised as a levy by member nations to be used by other member nations who cannot control their own populace within their own territory. Poor countries are paid by wealthy ones to equip, train and maintain these troops. Being corrupt, they do a poor job of it, which is why UN troops are not to be feared by an armed populace of free individuals and independent associations, but loathed.

          What this elected Judge, elected County Sheriff and elected DA are saying is that their jurisdiction will be legal under the US and Texas Constitutions. I believe there is actually a Sheriffs’ Project ongoing that educates County Sheriffs as to their Constitutional authority. They could arrest the FBI and in some instances, they have shut down FBI cases within their counties if the fibbies overstep or ignore the local elected LEO and other elected local authorities. The US Constitution was and remains a revolutionary document. Local elected authority is sovereign. Entering their jurisdiction by force is invasion.

          Local taxes are a tradition in America. Early militias were supported by their communities. Judge Head is advocating local rule and if the people in that County want to raise funds to arm their Sheriff’s Department by themselves, anyone who disagrees can vote against the levy and if the levy passes,they can leave. Likewise, anyone who understands the role of the County Sheriff and doesn’t already live there, might decide to move in.

          Everyone here likes to talk tough. These men are putting themselves on the line for American Constitutionalism. They see it clearly: the big zero loses and there are riots; the big zero wins and there is revolution. Either way, the citizens will need protection.

          Perhaps everyone needs to have a quiet talk with their own Sheriff and then decide where they’d rather live. Or perhaps you are pleased with the local municipal LEO being armed by the Central Federal Government and the DoD, with the County Sheriff’s Department reduced to highway patrols. How much control does any individual have in that instance? Do you want the Federal Government in DC in charge of your county?

        • BJ,

          Sorry but I have to say, you know I would load the TX Sherriffs up a few thousand rounds if they need them.. I ride harleys with alot of these Men and for the most part I back them 100%. Lets see how the feds act when they find out the Sherriff is the HMFICin Texas.


      56. Elections if they happen I look at it this way. Big O wins CIVIL WAR— Big O loses RACE RIOTS. It is a no win for the mass’s. Keep prep’n, food, and everthing that goes with that. Beef up your home defense’s and get or have on hand lots of ammo, at least 3,000 per gun, we all know it goes quick. It’s going to be a very long struggle.

      57. Reposted for the shills-

        @rebublican party-

        Your paying some off, but some that you are paying are going to betray you.

        You can send your goons, but we WILL prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!

      58. Looks like the hurricane may rain on their parade.

        • Oops. Sorry, didn’t mean to rain on your parade. I just posted this below:

          On Drudge Report.

          Storm Track Could POSTPONE RNC!

          WOW! Does that fit right into this possible ‘event’ or what?

      59. Uggggh. I think I smell some B.O.

      60. .
        Texas judge warns of possible ‘civil war’ if President Obama is re-elected

        .By Jason Sickles, Yahoo! | The Lookout – 2 hrs 36 mins ago.

        • “He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N., and what is going to happen when that happens?,” Head asked.

          “I’m thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

          “Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops. I don’t want ’em in Lubbock County. OK. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’.

          “And the sheriff, I’ve already asked him, I said ‘you gonna back me’ he said, ‘yeah, I’ll back you’. Well, I don’t want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me.”

          from his mouth to your ears (eyes)

          I saw the same words he said that you ready?

          • VRF,

            And that comes from a Judge that lives 127 miles from me!!! Hello I’m awake now Thank You. LOL interesting times for sure, now if I could just find those guns dammit.


          • VRF

            Loud and clear..amen

            Add this to 2 recent articles form 2 separate MAJ GENS from the Army..and CIA

            They are outspoken patriots who are sounding the bells from atop..



            Need anyone see what the shit storm is ensuing?

            These are not some morons spouting conspiracies from their parents basements or other dubious web sites..

            These are duly elected and appointed military and l.e. officials giving us the heads up..

            Surely there will be more coming out..


            • Yup, thats the way I saw it too

      61. Oh what smoke and mirros to hype the Blog and make $ Who cares what Bite me does, he is worried and has to cover up his lies and con some more he is donkey dung Hillary will be the OCT Surprise or ? BOOM???

        AZ ,NE said good luck no trepass no driver license here get lost! Amnesty is Ilegal unless Congress say’s So Any Fed ruleing is unlawful so any taco bender can kiss my ass. and GA and AL have just passed muster with AZ style tresspass laws on illegals that’s all folks.

        Romney President !

      62. i cannot help but wonder if biden is being set up to take a secret service hit..he would be more useful to the dems if something should happen to him to take him out of the spotlight. why am i suddenly thinking about vince foster of the clinton bunch.

      63. We all know where this is taken from.

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

        • they got the wrong ppl in the pic it should be those in uniform and suits and ties with the lil flag on the lapel.

      64. I’ve had it… This just take the cake. We’re a middle class family that have been prepping for 3 1/2 yrs and the list of items continue to grow. Is someone every fully ready for anything remotely close to SHTF??? I will continue to prepp as needed, but i’m done stressing out trying to beat a win-less battle agaisnt the clock.

        Good luck beginners, this American is ready for WHATEVER HAPPENS… Its not like any of us can stop this sad ending anyways… I already envision dying protecting my daughters from zombies so *uck it!!!

      65. On Drudge Report.

        Storm Track Could POSTPONE RNC!

        WOW! Does that fit right into this possible ‘event’ or what?

      66. 2 school buses were stolen within the past week in Pasco Biden is gonna show up at the RNC. Could be a false flag in the making, I mean really who would want to steal 2 school buses and why???

      67. N.O. is heading for the mountains and ride out the oncoming storm

        Those of some wealth constantly state get out of dodge and head for the hills with a bugout bag contingency.

        The majority of us..vets from Nam/Iraq/and average civilian gun owners will be at our homes defending our God given rights to the death if need be..

        Be it from the maniac hordes who didn’t prepare

        or the nwo/un /nato/ or 50 % government dependents who were will be issued the remaidner of the 1.4 billion rounds of hp 40 cal and firearms for the rest of us..

        I’ll stay put and defend my ground..they can only kill us once..

        The rest of you will be hunted down like dogs and eliminated..

        Enjoy the chase..


      68. Let me add this to my prior comment..

        Stand or fall..


        Better to die on your feet than submit on your knees



        Run away

        they will find you eventually

        they are light years ahead of all of us with technology and thermal imagery

        stand like a man or woman and face them.

        and if need be..

        die as a free man or woman..


        • I disagree with the running away. If you are out matched and you know it Run like hell. Being a dead Hero only helps if you are the first one for a cause. Live to fight and take a few more down.

          • If you run, you’ll only die tired

            stand your ground

            • @vrf … there are times when a tactical re-treat will benefit you – benefit your fighting force , by exposing your attackers to you . so you can kill them . be more combat flexible fluid flow with the battle – shoot displace shoot displace shoot displace and you will survive .


        • @Possee … “Guerrilla Warfare” multiple short brief engagements at night … is our best bet as Feeman Freewoman Patriots , once the shooting starts . Wear the UN NWO ZOG Occupation Forces down physically and psychologically . Deny them use of their mechanical resources – level the playing field for us Patriots some . Also allow the Public support to grow in our favor .


          • I’m impressed with your vocabulary.I can tell you are educated ,and have done alot of research .Tho alot of this stuff is going over my head.I agree It’s time for a revolution.The question is when ,where does it start?When does the patriot militia finaly grow som balls?

            • @widowmaker ;0) nice name by the way … history shows us that it will just SUDDENLY happen … that suddenly someone some common every day man woman child snaps and then one angry rain drop become many angry rain drops then there is a flood of angry rain drops which turns into a FULL BLOWN HURRICANE OF ANGRY DESTRUCTION AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT POLITICAL MACHINE OF TYRANNY !!!

              please be patient , treat each day as a gift , prepare , protect yourself and beware of others trying to expose you , entrap you into committing unnecessary felony crimes .

              it will just suddenly happen en-mass all the people citizens will come together as one and fight the un nwo zog together as one .

              till then we wait prepare and watch learn educate .

              some patriots will be taken out early but they will not get every one !!! if you suddenly see hear of a mass group of individual known out-spoken patriots being arrested detained all across the country it means something BIG is going to happen within 1-3 weeks !!! BE ON YOUR GUARD FOR A HUGE ZOG FEDGOV FALSE-FAG EVENT AND NATION WIDE LOCK DOWN MARTIAL LAW !!!

              Prepare … Be Strong … Be Patient … Believe in Yourselves … Follow your Hearts to Freedom !!!

              By STRENGTH of HEART … Together we will All OVERCOME TYRANNY !!!


          • Tnks for the thumb Down

          • been saying vietcong warfare for a bit over a month now myself 🙂 United, Prepared, and Organized. Even if it looks like chaos.

      69. I agree that the bad news seems to be piling up faster and faster, but the paranoia on this site seems to be gaining speed much faster.

        • Paranoia?

          Not in the least..

          As the shit piles higher on a daily ,sometimes hourly, basis, one can never be too ready for what’s coming.

          One must be well aware of his surroundings as well as what tptb are gearing up for..

          Military trains and trains for every possible scenario..not out of fear or paranoia..but to be prepared physically,emotionally, and a quick response to any situation..

          Life as we know it will be greatly altered at some point.

          those who have the wisdom to see the writing on the walls, and prepare accordingly, just must survive.


          • just might

      70. Please people, for crying out loud, allowing obama back in (by not voting for Romney out of protest) is simply not negotiable. The Marxist is political napalm on America. This can’t be shrugged off at a crucial time.

        Don’t worry about Mitt’s moderate past. A conservative House and Senate will keep him on a short leash, be assured. (Remember, as Governor of Mass, he had to deal with carjack minded Dems in the legislature everyday).

        Yes, a calamity looms over the next term because The Marxist has strewn financial, political and judicial land mines in place. At least with Romney, we have a chance to diffuse them.

        • of course we seem to have forgotten that the house and senate are part of the problem?

          • The Senate is, indeed, a part of the problem because it is not conservative at this time. In addition, the days of a split government (GOP and Dems sharing power) are over. It has to be all or nothing for one party. Choose your fate.

            Why is this difficult for some to understand?! The Dems have had a monopoly stranglehold on Congress for 95% of our lifetime. As a result of their ballot successes, the GOP went into semi-copycat Democratic Lite. No more. That’s done with as evidenced by the Tea Party surge.

        • I understand your reasoning

          but personally speaking


          • Mr. Satori, the foundation of a new building begins with the first brick. Many times in a game, a rally begins with a single hit.

            Obama is not merely the greater of two evils. He is the end of the road, period. If you wish not to apply the brakes, then keep whistling in the dark and endure the fate for yourself and all of us who are still trying out here.

      71. @ BlueH20 and DPS,
        Yes I understand and agree with everything you said. I know the Sherriff is the head honcho in the county even over Feds and I am aware of the Sherriff’s movement to educate people.
        I just read though about someone wanting to rasie taxation on the people and it automatically turns me off. And the coming problems I don’t see as something a D.A. is going to be able to do squat about. Also I don’t see the Sherriff’s office as being able to fight alone….this is a Constitutional thing and that involves ALL men and women….not just LEO. In fact as most of us know here the good Constitutional LEO’s will be a very rare breed if existent at all in most of the country….so LEO’s for the most part will not be on our side. If this guy is true to his word than he will be an exception to the rule.

      72. Biden’s trip to Tampa might be nothing more than a last ditch effort to make up for his comment about ….. “putting people back in chains”. If he can pull off something to save face with the dems, he just might get to stay on as VP. He is a lunatic and will most likely just fade away after the election. One can hope.

        The whole RNC Convention may get postponed anyway. Looks like it could get very wet and windy in the Sunshine State.

        Keep prepping. Another 10 lb. bag of beans @ $9.99, check. Another 20 lb. bag of rice @ $9.99, check. Another 550 ct. box of 22LR @ $19.99, check. Feelin’ stronger everyday! Check! Check!

      73. If your state or county allows for a CPL or CCW take the class, than take the advanced class PPOTH (personal protection outside the home)
        than take a tactical class, yep yer gonna spend some money..whats your life worth?

      74. Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

        “Had the teens been white and the victim black, it would have instantly been labeled as a hate crime and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would have been screaming for a lynch mob to gather outside the police station where the youths were being booked.”


      75. Let me guess-an ak toting gent in complete riot gear..they are just too predictable

      76. 1. fb stock is up 50 cents!

        2. CIA did not create facebook. People created facebook. CIA just exploits people’s stupidity.

        3. Doesn’t matter. fb will be a winner during these turmoil times.

      77. today on the tucson arizona to las crusis new mexico rail line we noted for the first time a milatary train completely loaded with heave personel armored tansports 3 big tires each side. 3 units per car approx. 70 cars all but a few medical units were olive green. not normal at all

      78. My niece and her husband are total libtard sheep and they just landed in Tampa! They have no jobs to speak of and are soldiers in Obama’s army. This is NOT a good sign. Useful idiots are arriving in droves – be very careful out there as it is going to get real ugly real fast!

      79. Google: Agencies warn of possible anarchist activity at conventions CNN

        I think this may be the plan.

        • GUOSSHTFP: Bu Bye. Don’t let the webpage hit you in the ass!

      80. What a STUPID and MISLEADING title to this “story”. More knee-jerk, no-facts fear mongering without a shred of evidence.

        Are you people STUPID? Or just willfully engaging in a constant stream of propaganda?

        Your worse the the MSM — actually, a LOT worse.

        Reading this website has become a total waste of time. You never post anything worth reading anymore. Your articles are full of assumptions, straw argument, allegations and all without any evidence.

        • Well, if they had the facts and evidence, why would they need to warn anyone about an attack that would most certainly not happen with the facts and evidence presented before-hand?

          “Are you people STUPID? Or just willfully engaging in a constant stream of propaganda?”

          Neither. We are preparing for what has been written on the wall.

        • Anytime we use the term “prepping”, it comes with an underlying word, “warning”. As in “something may/will happen,so prepare accordingly”. What if? Say you and your family were planning a trip/vacation to Tampa next week and didn’t even think about the “what if” factor/scenario until reading about it here. The information gathered here could be a life saver; literally.

          So whomever you are, don’t call us stupid, just leave if that is how you feel. Go get your “truth” from MSM..LOL.

      81. FUBAR is what this is country is now! New blood, less government, and freedom is the direction we need to be going. Get the socialist out of office.

      82. During “Fast&Furious” there were many calibers of guns supposedly sent to Mexico in trade for massive amounts of Drugs, but, what if many of those guns remained in the US to be used in a false flag “attack” of some sort at an event like the RNC and with Biden going there, he has the potential to appear as the “savior” after the fact and this would also help to explain the many different calibers of ammunition that DHS has been purchasing.

      83. From reading this and all the other news concerning the upcoming GOP convention, I am not at all surprised to hear someone else claim false flag operation.

        If you really start to put the pieces of the puzzle together and what has been going on recently with the Marine put in a mental institute and a blog talk host arrested for his show and christian views, one can start to see what is going on and coming down the pipe.

        I will say this as what I see going on, not as a “it will” happen; Biden will attend the convention and one of two things will happen. Either he will be assassinated, (serves two purposes placing blame on the “right” paradigm and call for gun control) or two, “radical veteran/Christian fundamentalists” will plant a “bomb” and blow up part or all of the convention, thus demonizing everyone associated with the “right”. This will give those in power an excuse to clamp down on the American people and get the NDAA into full swing. Good luck to all who speak out against the government from that point on…….

        • I tend to agree with your take here. Biden has been a questionable “asset” since he was chosen as a running mate. Just last week it was rumored that Obama wanted to replace him with Hillary but that Hillary turned the job down. And maybe she did… while Joe was there. But just think how much more valuable Joe would be if he were assassinated while attending a GOP convention. Then Hillary could more easily step into his slot and help Obama get re-elected.

          I don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future. I do know what’s going to happen later on though. We all know that… and dread it. When a regime circulates a re-election plan titled “By Any Means Neccesary” we have to fear the worst.

      84. hmmm
        war as a distraction for what is really going on behind the scenes ?

        ” There is no “best case scenario.” There will be no victory parade, for anyone. There will be no great reformation or peace in the cradle of civilization. The only people celebrating at the end of the calamitous hostilities will be the hyper-moneyed power addicted .01%, who will celebrate their global coup in private, laughing as the rest of the world burns itself out, and comes begging them for help. –Hamsayeh”

      85. I believe this will possibly be the time period when Israel will hit Iran. The sheeple have been fed enough information to condition their weak minds into believing Iran is bad (for wanting to defend its self) and thus needs to be smashed. Maybe a red flag in Washington DC blamed on Iranian operatives just to propel us into supporting Israel, even though we are the real puppet masters behind this initiative.


      86. I say Biden will be bumped. Easy way to be rid of “the problem” (sad as he is HIGHLY entertaining) while simultaneously gaining sympathy for “the cause”. The horrific portion of this is Pelosi would be VP…

      87. With the new law that you can’t protest within so many meters of Secret Service, maybe they’re sending Biden and the Secret Service down so they are able to arrest everyone and send them to the prison they cleared out…

      88. Baloney.
        Just like the “olympics false flag” that everyone was certain to happen due to all of the anti-aircraft batteries, etc, this too will end up a dud & forgotten until the next scary story.

      89. Well, God must be on “OUR” side because there is a huge act of GOD coming and it’s going to cancel the GOP convention on purpose.

      90. second report train of mil. armored vehicals with 4 6′ tires each side some mil type will know what they are in dark green went through here yesterday morning. 70 car loads with 3 on each, my son says that on top of each it looks like m13 mounted guns and mini launchers some trailers had red tiped somethings sticking straight up. got pics but background allows pinpointing location too easily is there a way to report sightings on this web site ?

      91. train going from tucson az twards new mexico

      92. Sorry to post off-topic, but I haven’t been able to access for two days. Anyone have any news on this?


        • It seems to be up and running on my end.

      93. I feel like we are all headed for a fema camp. I don’t know what the government needs with all the guns though. Seems like to me the are hell bent on letting the muslims and illegals take us over. The muslims like to cut our heads off, so makes me wonder why they need the guns. I saw a beheading the other day, it has gave me nightmares ever since. I am scared . I never though I would be so scared in the United States. You strong and wonderful men out there that says you can take care of things if they get out of control. God be with you always.

      94. U guys have to realize that no matter what the government try to do as far as disarming us or using forces against us, they’ll more than likely fail. As stated before, we have MILLIONS of gun owners in America and most of them are prior military. So they know the drill. If the government try to use our forces, only a hand full will follow orders but the majority won’t due to the fact that their families are also involved. I don’t think any or our service members will fall for that. I’m not sure about any of the service members we have on this blog but I vowed to serve and protect my COUNTRY. Not my government. Any former or current service member reading this should feel the same way and uphold that. I for one will put on my uniform (yes I can still fit in it), grab my rifle and fight to protect my people. No matter what race or religion. Maybe this is what we need to remove us from this race game the government uses to keep our minds off of what they’re doing behind closed doors. We can use this to reset our thoughts about our fellow man, work together and stay together after it’s all done. When we established this country, it wasn’t only whites that fought to gain their freedom. EVERY RACE DID. One more time. This time let’s do it right.


      95. BALONEY!

      96. So where was this “event”? The convention came and went. Nothing untoward happened there. Certainly nothing of the magnitude implied by this ridiculous post. Just as I suspected, the convention would end, nothing would happen, and this site would not post a correction or an update to this post. The cause of political and economic liberty is not served by conspiratorial, inflammatory lies like this.

        This wasn’t a warning. It was a hilariously, spectacularly wrong guess, based on nothing verifiable.

        • I agree simply because you can’t predict the unpredictable.

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