This Interview Could Save Your Life: “Consider This Your Last Wake Up Call”

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    There is no shortage of potential worst-case scenarios that all seem to be converging. The Ebola crisis has been at the top of the headlines as of late, but though they’re not being talked about in any serious capacity, we are still facing other threats to our livelihoods elsewhere – mass migrations of people and criminal elements across our southern border, a military face-off in Europe, terrorist armies in the middle east, and the real possibility of an unprecedented economic collapse on a global scale.

    In a recent Daily Coin interview Survival Blog founder James Rawles suggests that this may well be our last wake-up call. Consider, for example, that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans out there right now with no idea what to do should this virus spread. They assume the government will soon have the contagion under control, and even if Ebola can’t be stopped, people are banking on the notion that emergency responders will be there for them when they need help. Assuming the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed and that food doesn’t get stripped from the store shelves in panic buying, then yes, things should be just fine. But what happens if the worst-case scenario does play out, and Ebola continues to infect more people across America?

    According to James Rawles, this is exactly why you need to have a long-term larder capable of sustaining your family for up to six months. Moreover, if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider what your lock-down plan might look like in the event you need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

    As is always the case, the How To Survive The End of The World As We Know It author takes a pragmatic and well balanced approach to his preparedness planning.

    In addition to his thoughts on how and when to implement social distancing parameters, Rawles provides ideas and considerations that you won’t hear anywhere else.

    Take, for example, what you’ll do with those packages you might be ordering online because you’re in lock-down mode. How will you disinfect them, considering that the mail carrier could be infected? Rawles suggests having spray bottles with a Lysol solution or putting your mail in the microwave to ensure decontamination.

    Or, what if you need to evacuate your home for a safer location because military martial law operations have begun in your town and the entire city has been encircled? Taking your car or walking out may not be an option, so Rawles suggests using a vehicle that most people wouldn’t suspect, and one that would be prolific during a widespread Ebola disaster. Ambulances will be everywhere.

    Take the time to listen to his latest interview with Rory and Mark at The Daily Coin. It could well save your life.

    It behooves everyone to be well prepared. Consider this your last wake up call.

    You need to be prepared to hunker down for an extended period of time at home where you’re going to have virtually no outside contact to wait for this thing to burn itself out.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Visit for regularly updated preparedness information, news and insights.

    For more essential interviews like this one and to stay up to date on the latest global developments visit The Daily Coin.

    In case you missed them, we highly recommend James Rawles’ books, including his fictional portrayal of what a collapse will look like and what it will take to survive in Patriots: A Novel of Survival In the Coming Collapse and the non-fiction guide that should be in every preparedness library, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times.

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      1. first

        • The first shall be last…and the last shall be first.

          • For practicing Catholics outraged by the “canonization” of Wojtyla the Worst (Second Worst leaving BERGoglio as the Worst?), here it comes again, the “canonization” of Montini, the Sodomite Pope.

            During a meeting with Padre Pio that took place in 1963, the Saint said to Fr. Villa: “Courage, courage, courage! For the Church is already invaded by Freemasonry”, and then said: “Freemasonry has already reached the Pope’s slippers”.

            Paul VI, Beatified?
            by Fr, Luigi Villa, Doctor of Theology

            • I can’t tell you how much I would love to sit for as many hours as needed taking notes, with you and Gods Creation to learn the wealth of knowledge you two have.

              • To All & BJ–

                You know, after reading thru every single post here, as of 18:55hrs on 10/18/14..

                ..the one thing that struck me was, nearly every post is an example of “prep-defensive reaction or varying degrees of skepticism.”

                ..OK..I get that.

                That’s understandable in a way, per one’s given faith in assorted media and today’s accepted governmental incompetence level..per this latest assault, which is closing in and out flanking, our thinking .

                –(see KY Mom’s post near the bottom of this thread)–


                The point I want you to focus on is….the prevalent / predominate “reaction”…per this thread-line.

       is binary!!!


                1.> ..Nonchalance!

                2.> ..or defensive(I/we must do “X” or buy additional “X” goodies to live/survive this latest elitist hobgoblin threat)…


                RED THUMB me if you will, but at the end of the day..its time to accept and face up to the fact that, we are under a “DELIBERATE-PREPLANNED-ORGANIZED” attack, the Constitution / BOR is under attack..ditto our families, our children / grand-children, our currency and indeed, our very way of life!

                ..and sooner or later..again, its binary.. -(reference earlier, butchers vs. cattle article)-

                ..we’re gonna either roll over / hunker down..or..

                ..we’re going to have to go “HUNTING”!!!!!!!!!!!!


       that I mean, its time to find out, research where “THEY(the enemy live / work / eat-dine out..etc).

                ..and eliminate them!!!!

                ..ditto, their mid-level functionaries and bureaucrats.


                If the “elitists” can adopt / adhere to the doctrine of “Preemptive use of genocide”..which is precisely what they’re doing.

       can WE!!!!


                Think hard!

                • -(addendum to above)-

                  …and research much!!!

                  • Oops…poster was KM near bottom of this thread-

                    ..apologies to KY Mom for misreading the ‘handle’..

                • Don’t worry, they are going to fall away like old, worthless skin shedding away. We will have small tribes of different, varying beliefs. Watch some of Russell Means videos. He talks about tribes. That is what is coming– local rule, tribes and the old shit will disappear like old, out dated dinosaurs. (They know this is coming too– why do you think they are so scared and got all those bullets?)

                  And if this doesn’t take place? Well, we still got your solution, Hunter. 😉

                  • It will never come to that; the “everything returning to tribal communities”.

                    Our Heavenly Father is still on the Throne, and His plan of how it will unfold doesn’t seem to allow enough time for that kind of atmosphere.

                    I believe a society that has progressed and regressed, as much as ours here in the USSAG, (United socialist states of Abortion and Gaymorrah); has become too modernized and industrialized too go back to a type of jungle/tribal lifestyle, and law. People will kill each other off first, because of their greed and lust for those things they once had.

                    The timeline for prophetic fulfillment is now within our sights. Things will get progressively worse for most people. Those of God’s elect have, and will continue, to see these events as fulfillment and hope; and, joy, yes joy, because they are rejoicing and shouting with a joyous heart of the coming “change”. Not getting dragged down in the dumps with politics and looming wars and diseases like ebola.

                    That “change” involves a destruction of the rudiments(evil and offensive)and a new,rejuvenated, body, the spirit body that will never get old,diseased, or tired. This partial utopian environment brought about by the return of Jesus Christ, will remain for a period of 1000 years until the Throne of God is brought down and set up within the eternal Temple at Jerusalem and we will live forever with a loving and peaceful Father. A true Heaven on Earth. Nothing else in this world, and day and age, has any meaning or joy without the belief of those promises.

                    1st Peter 1:7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:
                    1:8 Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

                    Psa 149:5 Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.

                    Psa 16:11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

                    You can’t get nor find that kind of joy,pleasure, nor peace in this world. There are fleeting moments of some joy and good times, but deep inside all humans is the feeling, amidst joyous times, that there is still something not quite fulfilling enough. Be it sex, drugs, food, entertainment; there is still a feeling of something lacking,that can only be fulfilled with the love of our Heavenly Father and Creator.

                    A warming and protective fire of love, for those that love Him back, but a consuming destroying fire for those that love the devil and his deeds.

                    The rubber and the pavement is beginning to meet.

                • When and where do classes and training begin?

                  • You are full of shit, pissinginthewind! People like you (spouting ignorant dogma) is the reason young people today are turned off by religion… and so is old fart-face, whowuddathingkit!

                    If people were told Truth (God is Love) and all the rest of your bullshit omitted, we wouldn’t have the horrible world we have today.

                • Hunter: “ that I mean, its time to find out, research where “THEY(the enemy live / work / eat-dine out..etc).

                  ..and eliminate them!!!!

                  ..ditto, their mid-level functionaries and bureaucrats.”

                  This requires effort and determination by an anti-Lib-NWO team of prepper Constitutionalists who have the balls and the knowledge to either carry out a pre-emptive strike or to publicize a doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction upon the Lib NWO’ers. This team does not exist (save for some individual “Conspiracy Theorists”) and probably will not exist.

                  If the purported Lib NWO’ers are coordinating matters of planned chaos, I would ignore these calls of individual prepper-Constitutionalists to get them. It’s a bluff and Lib NWO’ers will call the bluff.

                • Hunter – The Government’s Plan to end all of humanity as described in Operation Garden Plot and NorthWoods is nothing similar to any version of the Bible.

                  If I was to fear either the Government or the Bible stories, I would be looking at who has the most direct control over our lives.

                  Bible Stories are simply by chance or a fantasy.

                  The Governments Plans are already rolling out upon us on a daily basis. Praying ain’t gonna help anybody. You are better off being practical and spending your time getting your prepping in place. Not another minute wasted fantasizing over a hoax.

                  In Fact the Government love Religions, and gives them the Tax Free status, to keep people busy and distracted from the Government real evil unfolding around them.

                  • Actually, some of what you post has merit, per ‘Operation Garden-Plot’ ..-(of which I’ve possessed a paper hard-copy, for neigh 2 decades now)-

                    …and to some extent, the government’s not-so-clandestine control / subversion / co-option of manifold religious sects and their preachers-for-profit cretins.

                    Thus, I’ll not dispute your premise, per the above.


                    That said, referencing your adherence to atheism…well..good for you!
                    Believe what you like, after all..such is the Creator’s intention, per his gift of ‘FREE WILL’.


                    But in my opinion..if ‘one’ has heard / read the TRUTHS-of-GOD and rejected it / him..said individual will be held accountable in the extreme, one day!


           not proselytizing you, nor endeavoring to preach doctrine.

                    ..merely pointing out the fact that, Cognitive-Fibromyalgia*** ..-(my term)-.. is rampant, here in 21st century Amerika!


                    Definition =


                    ..a psychotic sub-clinical infection caused by excessive exposure to the social pathogens commonly referred to as…diversity / multiculturalism & political correctness.

                    ..symptoms include:

                    1.> ..pain associated w/ thinking for oneself & outside the box.

                    2.> ..rejection / denial of ‘objective truths’

                    3.> ..adherence to ‘self-subjective heresies’..despite contrary evidence.

              • BJ. You sound like a lost sniveling kitten who lost its way. Take control of your life and take responsibility of yourself. Stop looking for some emotional wefare support system that will only fleece you financially but also robs your dignity of any rational thought. Religion is like a pack of predators that will mollest you and your children as they fleece the flock and as you submit your soul to their chains of dependency you will have nothing left to give they will discard you like they have done to many others. Take charge of your own life and be strong. You can do it.

                • Wonderful and truthful post. One of the discarded here! It was extremely painful, but I would rather have truth than solace. And now that I see past the façade, I am in charge of my own life!

                • eppe’s Rabid Dog..: These so-called Christians are the ones most afraid of the future. They all want to go to heaven, but none of them wants to die to get there. That’s why so many of them believe in this un-biblical rapture nonsense. They’ll take any, and I mean any, report of bad news and twist it to make it fit one of the OT or NT prophesies; sometimes both at once. The Bible is like Play-Doh, it can be formed to fit any situation they choose. It’s truly quite sad to see people twist themselves so much in their desperate attempts to rationalize their belief system. But they must do so or their entire worldview would come crashing down on them. Those that are the most angry (vociferous defenders) are the ones closest to ‘snapping’. It’s very difficult to give up on magical thinking when it’s been a part of their lives, often from earliest childhood. For someone to realize that they’ve been deceived by those closest to them can be truly devastating, that’s why most won’t and will do anything to maintain their delusions; like seeing prophetic events inside any news report.

                  • This, I absolutely have to respond too due to the simple fact that it is always a so called “intellectual”, or at the very least one whom calls themselves “professors” who do the most damage when they educate or attempt to indoctrinate the young, nubile, and impressionable minds and continually bend them to their way of thinking.

                    Let me be the first to say that I myself am a practicing Christian, not a perfect one mind you, but a practicing one and it generally galls me to no end when someone offers a rather uneducated guess as to why people like myself cling so dearly to their faith.

                    Pay attention “Professor” I said “FAITH”, certainly not to be misconstrued with “RELIGION”.

                    Every argument that I have ever heard against organized religion is so gawd awful general and non specific I swear that most of you cut, copy, and paste each others words to suit your own needs and to fit your perceived parameters for why you should not be “FAITHFUL”, not “RELIGIOUS”, “FAITHFUL”.

                    Why not just tell the world the truth “professor” and at the same time be honest with yourself. You don’t believe because deep down you do not wish to be held accountable for your actions. You know full well that you are dead wrong about a lot of “FAITHFUL CHRISTIANS” and bash the living Hell out of them because you are too afraid to receive the gift of salvation knowing in your own heart that you (just like the rest of us) are not worthy and you can’t stand to think of yourself as anything but.

                    Get past yourself and let the rest of us alone and keep your jackass meanderings to yourself.

                    God, my good man, taught about “righteous anger”, and emboldened His children to harbor a willingness to kick ass when the need arose. That is why “most Christians” whom are truly “FAITHFUL” tend to volunteer to do the right thing without the expectation of reward.

                    As far as Pre-Tribulation doctrine, lets just say that a lot of us are working and learning just as many of you are. I don’t necessarily believe in it per se, however, I don’t pretend to know the mind of my God. Whatever He has planned I damned sure won’t argue with, but I will provide, and protect my family as I know how too, and I will continually profess my Love for them and the Lord each and every day, regardless of the ranting of certain so called “academia”.

                    Good Night, and God Bless our Country and God Bless Texas

                  • DeadPool…Right on!


                • Meow meow……here kitty kitty kitty!

            • What’s Freemason? Please don’t give me all that boogey man stuff– a lot of times when people don’t know the facts, they imagine all this stuff about other religions which is bull crap… does anyone really know for sure what they believe in… I mean, honestly?

              I started to work for this police woman years ago (at her house) and saw this book “Freemason” (looked like Bible but obviously was not). Anyhow, I had bad feeling and never came back… but wondering what the facts are about it.

              • Freemasonry presents itself as a mens’ club. —
                Many join to make community contacts and further their careers. You must be sponsored and accepted. There are levels that you must work your way up over time. The initial acceptance requires an oath on your life, that your new brothers come before anyone or anything else including God, family, nation, laws etc. Each ceremony for each level has religious like symbols and actions and oaths. They meet like other mens clubs and often do good community work and charity work. —- Freemasons are sworn to destroy the Catholic church so Catholics are not allowed to join though many do because they do not see that it is more than a mens club. It takes years of working at it to get to the higher levels and that is when they begin to see that they have joined a Luciferian religion not a mens club. But by then many are so entrenched that they stay. Or many never do the work to get beyond the lower levels. The god of Freemasons is Lucifer according to a 33rd degree Freemason Catholic who upon finially learning what he had been doing, left the lodge and never went back. He has spent his life trying to get the word out. —–
                Freemasonry incorporated the symbols and ideas of many religions and they state that “all religions are equally valid pathways to heaven”. If that sounds familiar it also came out of the mouth of Pope John PaulII. They like to sound like they include everybody with open hearts and arms and use phrases that speak of god as light or enlightenment.
                If you are a committed Christian, they are your sworn enemy. While that may sound odd to your ears, they believe it. They took the oath.
                If you are Lucifer and want to mock and hurt/insult God, what better way than to steal his beloved people. And since the Catholic Church is the largest Christian organization in the world and the church that Jesus started, they set their sites on attacking that. They found they could not go directly at it so they began the process of infiltration. They have been destroying from within for decades now and their actions have slowly eroded the faith and fervor of the people who are the true church that Jesus referred to. Jesus said that not even the gates of hell would prevail against His church. So the Holy Spirit leads the people who try to follow Christ while corrupt administration system that once organized the Catholic Church, the Vatican and it’s cardinals and bishops, are mostly sold out to Lucifer. Be very careful when following any of them.
                Look to the bible and your prayers for your direction and safety.

                • You are obviously a fuckin moron who believes everything he reads on the internet. You have absolutely ZERO evidence to back up your rediculous claims. Stop spreading FUD.

                • Just looked it up on Wiki leaks. They didn’t say that… they said it is a requirement to believe in God.

                  Anyhow, was just wondering.. thanks.

                • Don’t worry– I avoid them like the plague! Just wondering what exactly they were.. bad feeling about them.

                • FYI: don’t know all the details but InfoWars is calling for the people to contact the media, friends, email contacts etc and get the word out for this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

                  National Strike calling for the Federal Government to close the borders and ban flights from Ebola hot nations.

                  • I think I saw on CNN news this morning (that little strip you read as you watch the news)… that Obama is considering banning flights.

                  • Obama has said he doesn’t have a philosophical problem with banning flights, but his ‘experts’ are telling him it will do more harm than good. That’s what he’s saying today.

                    Slimy politician bullshit, if the heat rises, he’ll order a ban and be the good guy, and if anything goes wrong he’ll blame it on his ‘experts’, and still be the good guy.

                    What a maroon. The people can see through this doublespeak, in three weeks his head gets handed to him after the election.

                • “Catholic Church is the largest Christian organization in the world and the church that Jesus started.”

                  As recovered catholic I can knowledgeably say although some in this organization are real Christians the organization is not,and a real tool of darkness.

                  This is the scripture they base the statement “this is the church that Jesus started”:
                  Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

                  17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. 18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[b] and on this rock(the rock of revelation knowledge),accent inserted, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[c] will not overcome it.

                  Jesus is talking about the rock of revelation knowledge,(God telling or showing someone something) not the flesh and blood of Peter the denier.
                  The Catholic church is a complete cult just like the Jehovahs Witnesses and the Mormons.

                  • Rubbish! Recovered? No, you have SUCCUMBED to the serpent’s lying offer from the Garden.

                    Jesus founded His Church with the commission to teach (Matthew 28:19-20), govern (Matthew 18:18), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19, John 20:23).

                    Logically consistent with those commissions, Jesus founded one Church, singular, with one central authority (Mattthew 18:18), a visible organized society (Mark 4:11), and called for oneness of doctrine (John 17:11 & 17:21), not an anarchy of churches having mutually exclusive doctrines like the 35,000+ US sects of Protestantism in which everyone gets to make up his own doctrine and be his own little “pope.”

                    Jesus compared His Church to a number of very visible objects: a body, a kingdom, a sheepfold, a net, a city, a field. Jesus Christ, true God and True Man, Messiah, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, God did not compare His Church with a disorganized rabble of conflicting doctrines and morality.

                    No, the disparagement of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as “cult” is based in the Original Sin of Adam and Eve, that men “might be as gods (Genesis 3:5). Emulating Lucifer, many men declare “Non serviam.” They will not serve God, but their own traditions. Remember, that was the key judgement against the Pharisees, that they voided the commandments of God for the man-made traditions of the rabbis (Mark 6:7-9).

                    Freemasonry serves Satan and his synagogue. Doubt me? Read Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” in a pre-1913 edition—EXPLICIT WORSHIP OF SATAN. To mislead us “cowans” subsequent editions were sanitized of Freemasonry’s worship of Lucifer, but converts and defectors have consistently confirmed Freemasonry’s worship of Lucifer and subservience to Judaism.

                    That said, for its timidity and tepidity the Catholic Church is being chastised by God. That is why Catholics now suffer perverts, heretics, destroyers, and anti-popes like Roncalli (John XXIII), Montini (Paul VI), Wojtyla (John Paul II), and BERGoglio (Francis I).

                  • When you look back at history, The atrocities that the Catholic church committed makes ISIS look like child’s play.

                  • If you expect all the people of any religion to be perfect before you assent any belief, you are doomed to no belief. Men are not God. Only God is perfect.

                    That said, cite the “atrocities” and credible sources. Don’t waste our time on the Black Legends.

                  • My wife when I first met her was also a ‘recovering catholic’ and she told me some stories about her life under Catholicism that blew me away.

                  • …and not one of you red-thumbers offered a scriptural rebuttal.

                    I offered solid scriptural support that Jesus Christ founded ONE VISIBLE and HIERARCHICAL Church with HIS commission to teach, sanctify, and govern.

                    Like the rabbis who nullify the Word of God, you offer nothing but your opinion.

                • Jesus did not start the Catholic Church. He started the Christian congregation and promoted the Kingdom of God (Jehovah). He warned that apostates would corrupt the congregation. The Catholic Church is one example of that corruption.

                  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is very simple:

                    He died vicariously for our sins, that those who believe Him may have eternal life. We have liberty in Christ Jesus through the blood He shed for us. what did he say?

                    “What do I require of you? Love mercy, do justly, and treat others as you would have them treat you. Upon this hangs the Law and the Prophets.”

                    Christ YEARNS for our companionship. Spend time with Him every day. Walk with Him and seek to embed the Fruit of the Spirit into your life as best as you can. In this way you magnify the Kingdom of God that is within you.

                    When you have added the Fruit of the Spirit to your life, the Gifts of the Spirit, which represent offices within His Church, will naturally manifest.

                    You do not need any organization to impose their rules, regulations, and dogma upon you, to benefit the Elders of a particular organization.

                    Christ is THE answer. He is not a religion. He is THE manifestation of Life: love, beauty, and truth. In Him we live and move and have our being.

                    Nothing else really matters. Go about your Father’s business, as He did. 🙂

                  • @Durango
                    No doubt your best-ever comment.

                  • @ Calgagus,

                    I very much agree with you. dk’s comments have never been my favorite read; but, he hit the nail on the head with this one.

                    Just hope he has those same comments in his heart.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is very simple.”

                    “You do not need any organization to impose their rules, regulations, and dogma upon you, to benefit the Elders of a particular organization.”

                    Say what???


                    Tell me DK… Would that “not needed organization” include the State, it’s bureaucrats, and it’s bankers???

                  • YMWW: Religion needs an organization. Jesus does not. A State needs an organization to exercise its Constitutional functions. A sophisticated economy requires the mechanisms of central banking to facilitate commerce.

                    While the Federal Reserve currently controls those mechanisms, those mechanisms could and should be controlled by Treasury.

                    Patriots need to vote and run for office to gain control of government. Then they need to eliminate 50% of the current government. Some government as annotated in the US Constitution is necessary for organizing a nation and maintaining peace between the States and among its people through just and applicable laws.

                    You have no money. You can live on barter. I like to travel. I need a credit card. 🙂

                  • Anonymous, spot on. Catholicism is another false religion of the world. Every tyrant who has ruled in Europe since Catholicism began came from a CATHOLIC family, even Mussolini and Hitler.

                • Cara just wondering are you or have you ever been a Freemason? It rather intrigues me, how everyone that has never been a Mason always seems to know so much more about Masonry than those that are Masons. And it’s suppose to be a secret organization. Trekker Out.

                • sounds like an outlaw biker gang

                  • Truth doesn’t require secret meetings.
                    Did Jesus seclude himself and pray for God to send a preacher and a savior? No! So get active. Take over. America was founded by Christians for Christians. Anyone is welcome but only Truth is promoted! Stand up to the evil in your home, your church, your HOA, your county, your City!

                • Jesus did not start the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church strayed from the original teachings of the Church He started and later persecuted other Christians (first Sabbatarians, later various Protestants) who would not bow down to them.

            • Link does not work. Sentiment is correct. So much beauty marred by so much evil.

          • Just saying, one of the main strengths of the supposed lat is common sense.

            Let’s not sensationalize or panic, WE ARE THE PREPARED.

            We shall see about this one, you know my opinion.

            Keep Prepping, and please more tips from everyone is most welcome.

            Let’s focus on helping each other.

            We all have a role to fill in the fourth turning.

            • Sorry for the typo, I meant the strength of the supposed “last”

              The true reason the last are last are they are indeed more Christ like, and have suffered because they have a moral code and live as best they can in a Just manner.

              The wheel keeps turning.

              There are also his solders.

              The final guardians of the people.

              Wake up time.

        • In Africa, people go around with these little satchels of chlorox water solution (part water and part chlorox)which they use quite often to disinfect their hands… also, along side the roads/market areas, there are these huge containers which contain mixture of water and chlorax… people continuously wash their hands with this. And of course, at the hopitals, nurses decontaminat their plastic aprons, hazmat suits with chlorax spray. THIS is what kills ebola: chlorax. (don’t know about the other stuff– lisol or whatever).. but this is what is used at the front lines to kill Ebola. (Not sure of percentage of chlorox– can look it up).

          The VICE news videos (at Zero Hedge or can just look it up) about Ebola outbreak in Africa contains really helpful information. I was shocked… amazing how courageous and selfless the people there are… not just doctors, but everyday people helping out. I don’t think I could do what they are doing… just very inspiring!

          (for all the racists on this site– like the stupid old man, just ignore this post– it isn’t for you… Its for regular people with a conscience, brains and compassion).

          • I’ve been to Liberia twice and saw no such selflessness. I saw the men fighting and beating the children and women away from Aid food so that they could have it for themselves. Not to single out Liberia. I have been to several places in Africa and it’s all the same. If you witnessed acts of selflessness they were limited to those few.

        • Would it be better to hunker down in apartment in a horrible town/city with druggies and all sorts of “goons” so to speak but at least you have money to stock up on lots of stuff until things are better…

          Or… take off for the mountains, to a fertile place, with good sources of water, national forest close by, few neighbors, but no home (unless can hopefully find a place in time before the SHTF..) but not have as much money, perhaps, cause you had to spend a lot to travel to this location and costs a fortune to get there (uhaul expenses, gas, dragging your car, etc.)so don’t know if would have money for needed supplies…??

          • Id first ask why are you ” in apartment in a horrible town/city with druggies and all sorts of “goons” ” in the first place. You say you have money to stock up until things are better. In a place like what you describe, things aint going to get better.
            My two cents, get out while you can. Have the confidence and the faith that you will find a temporary shelter at the new location. Build a shack. Get a dilapidated trailer or flat bed base and put your sides and roof on it. Get a small pot belly stove and flue pipe for winter heat. Hunker down. If on wheels, you can move a small place if needed.

            • look into forclosed homes got 3acre 3bed/ 2 bath built 1995 spring feed pond (small) app. 122k got it with 41k bid. located one acre off black top road , great (retired) neighbers (best security shrimp can buy)bring them shrimp from the coast when we go there.

          • The only problem with bugging out is what makes you think it will be better for you where you are going? To successfully “Bug Out” requires research and planning.
            What makes you think the people already there will be happy to see a new face ready to start living off their preps, gathered over time with scarce money and resources.
            I left the urban areas years ago and I feel sorry for anyone living in that culture but do some thinking and research to have a chance of success in your new area.

          • Only one problem with you taking off into the mountians. You don’t own it. Unless its government land its private property. In most places tresspassers are not welcome. All the game edible plants ect. on my land are mine. there for the benefit of me & mine. I don’t want someone who has nothing of their own coming into my domain. Tresspassing Refugees are not welcome.

          • Since I got back from Deer Hunting I thought I would share this with you.

            Deer Meat:
            A man kills a deer and takes it home to cook for dinner. Both he and his wife decide that they won’t tell the kids what kind of meat it is, but will give them a clue and let them guess. The kids were eager to know what the meat was on their plates, so they begged their dad for the clue. Well, he said, ‘It’s what mummy calls me sometimes’. The little girl screams to her brother ‘Don’t eat it, it’s an asshole..


        • for What” inside the White House — with a turnip clenched in her …

          Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama …


          2 min – Feb 22, 2013 – Uploaded by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

          In honor of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and to encourage parents everywhere to

        • I haven’t posted in a few days so, here goes:

          In short order trouble is going to find us, we certainly will not have to go looking for it

          Bear this in mind when you talk about looking to “hunt” for your oppressors…you never hunt for a predator near its home, you wait, patiently, professionally, for it to come out and expose itself. Make the multiheaded beast show you its weaknesses by becoming vulnerable out in the open…then you destroy it.

          However, another much broader point arises, a predator, or rather predators, will never expose their weaknesses unless they feel completely safe, meaning once the damage jas been done through economic collapse, pandemic, war, etc then they may come out to claim its kingdom in ruins.

          Also, you have to understand that you will never be allowed to just survive. You will be emnbroiled in a bloody civil war just to live and not to mention that to ensure yours and your families survival you will have to take part in the rebuilding of a Republic, not a Democracy mind you, but a Republic. A democracy is mob rule and our country has no need for that.

          No more special interest of any kind, no more lobbying, deficit spending, expansive taxes and legislation, no more over legislation for that matter and we shoild do away with political parties as a whole and only have votes for strictly Constitutional candidates, no more compromising of our civil liberties and severe punishment for those, of any standing whatsoever, who would seek to violate the rights and liberties of others…period.

          Anyway, from a guy whose seen what an enemy of our way of life looks like, that’s my two cemts.

          • Sorry, my spelling is crap today…:)…enjoy

          • Deadpool

            You are dead on with your post. It will require gorilla tactics. Period. Think of how the beast would get to you. What modes of transportation would he use. Where is your most defensible point. Harass the beast while he is coming. Don’t give him a minutes peace. No sleep. Try to destroy the supply routes. Take out communication first. Don’t put yourself at risk unless you have no choice. Sometimes just a shot up in the air does the trick. It will certainly slow the beast down.

            Just some thoughts. Without us all living close to each other there is no way to fight the beast head on.

      2. If anyone reads scripture it would indicate that there is much that must happen before “your last wake up call”.

        Lots of time, but keep keep stacking and packing. 🙂

        • The problem is a lot of Christians think that the Rapture will come sweep them up into Heaven before the Tribulation and so they need not prepare. They think, “Well if things really got bad for Americans, we’d avoid it because God loves America more than any other country.”

          What nonsensical ideas! Didn’t the disciples suffer? Didn’t the entire Church suffer for all of Christian history? Don’t Christians today in the Holy Lands suffer with rape, crucifixion, and beheadings? What are they thinking!

          If you’re a Christian and reading this, can you say with 100% assurance that Christians will be raptured before we suffer the Tribulation? I doubt it. You should prepare regardless if you don’t believe in the Rapture, are a Pre-Tribulationist, or simply haven’t opened your Bible and read it and studied it for yourself.

          If you prepare, and then somehow are miraculously raptured and saved, then wouldn’t you have at least had supplies for your family members who were not saved? Couldn’t all of those supplies been used by another who did have to go through the Tribulation?

          How very selfish! America is blessed by God, and our Redeemer knows our names, and God knows how many hairs are on our heads, but that’s no guarantee that we won’t suffer for the sake of the Gospel.

          Please prepare as though it were coming tomorrow.

          • ANON , I am A pre-tribulation rapture person. That being said I believe that even days, weeks, and Months before the rapture the world will B falling apart at the seams. It will be the most horrible time that humans have ever witnessed. Not preparing and taking care of your family as far as I am concerned is sin. So many Christians believe as I do, like the ones on my team, so we continue 2 PRAY, PLAN, PREP, and BUILD OUR TEAM. Time is getting short. I pray for this country and all the good folks in it.

            • Rapture is nowhere to be found in the bible. Did God “rapture” the good people in the Flood or did he take the bad away? Did he “rapture” the good people when Sodom and Gamorah was destroyed or did he take the bad.
              What about the scripture that says that the dead in Christ will rise first when Jesus returns. Jesus will not return untill 3 1/2 years of tribulation.
              The “rapture” is the best tool of Satan that causes Christians to not “occupy til He returns” as he instructed us to do. The rapture theory was started by a woman I believe was from Scotland in the 1800’s and pushed as biblical by the false prophets in the pulpits to make the sheep feel good.

              • Christians prep by by buying 2000 Frozen TV Dinners. lol.

                • Not laughing.

              • Rev. 9 states, it’s been reduced to 5 months. “If it were possible, even the elect would be deceived”. But because of the elect the KING shortened the days!

            • There are a ton of pastors teaching their congregations that prepping is anti-Scriptural! They ignore the entire story of Joseph and Noah and pick verses out of context. They ignore the parable of the foolish virgins who lacked enough oil for lighting!

              So then some poor husband or wife is worries and confides to their spouse that “Honey, maybe we should store up some extra food and supplies? I think it would be a wise investmen…”So then the other spouse says, “Well, pastor said we need not worry about clothing and see how the flowers of the field grow…” It’s that heresy of success theology that God will provide all your needs and you need not do anything but pray for all of those needs to miraculously come in.

              That’s what Christian preppers are up against. Or the pastors who teach that God supplies our needs by division of labor and that we co-exist by specialization and so that’s why God has given us farmers and grocery stores. “Don’t worry, God supplies your needs because these people are growing what you need so they can benefit from you working at that factory…”

              It’s that kind of our of context heretical theology that’s resulted in screwing up preparedness for Christians.

              Then at the end the pastor says, “Jesus is coming soon and will take you up in the Heavens before (The Rapture) before you will suffer the Tribulation. Therefore there’s no need to prepare, right?

              That’s not my understanding of the history of Christianity. Everything I see is war against the believer for their beliefs and terrible suffering and death. What do you think would happen if ISIS got into America and what would be the most devastating thing that could happen. Read recent comments by Forstchen, the author of One Second After, about what ISIS would likely do. It’s horrifying stuff and it could happen in America just as it’s happening in the Holy Lands.

              Why? Because the same dopey president who allows open unchecked borders to allow illegals to enter this country will also end up allowing any ISIS member to cross over. How incredibly stupid!

              The only way to prepare is to strengthen your relationship with Jesus the Christ and to do every practical preparedness aspect known. It’s not rocket science. For the bulk of human existence from 10,000 BC to 1900 AD, what did human beings do? They stored up food for Winter and through until Summer when the new crops came in. It was some radical idea only practiced by a tiny subculture, it was the normal moral logical thing to do to ensure the safety of your family’s lives.

              Grocery stores and refrigeration altered the fundamental practices that had existed for nearly 12,000 years. Look at any historical disasters and you’ll see that the ones who prepared with larger pantries were in way better shape than those who didn’t. It’s not that difficult a decision to make.

              • Squirrels prepare for winter/hard times… so did my mom. That is good enough for me.

              • Mormons believe there will come a time of great famine and it will be around the time a Mormon becomes president. Therefore, they are advised to always have a year’s supply of food on hand. I am no longer a Mormon (was as a teenager) but I have respect for this view… doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

                • @ Anon: I am a Mormon and have never heard of this before! We have been counseled for YEARS/DECADES to have a year’s supply. Why? To sustain our family in the event of any crisis we may befall, be it personal, man made or natural. We prefer to be self-reliant, instead of having to rely on government/others.

                  • Plus Mormons have a great service through their website where you can order preps-style wheat etc.

                • The verse about the flowers of the field does not mean we should not work or prepare. It is saying do not worry. Which is probably my biggest sin. It is like praying to God for a hole in the ground. You find a shovel and don’t use it.

                • Anon, my best friend that recently dies was a mormon and he told me that maybe 10% of mormons actually prep. And he told me that the pastor told the flock that if you prep be sure to bring your supplies to the church for distribution! He wasn’t a true mormon but his wife was and actually believed all theyre crap. He said over my dead body am I giving my shit away! Real mormons are the nicest people there are BUT also the stupidest I have ever seen 🙂

                  • I guess he gave it all away when he died. 🙂

                • Aren’t they trying to get Romney (mormon) to run again….??? Interesting…


              • Anon, spot on analysis. I first started hearing this liberal claptrap in the church back in the 70s and left. Never been back since. I am aware of the stories of Joseph and Noah as well as the parable of the virgins with no lamp oil. Plus, my wife sold me on the idea of prepping before the word prepper even existed and I’ve never regretted it. If you don’t prep, you are inept and screwed.

            • Any pre-tribber should read Richard Wurmbrand’s book – “Tortured For Christ” and then comment on the merits of pre tribulation rapture. It’s a bunch of hokum put forth by the likes of John Darby and Cyrus Scofield, two of the greatest con artists in Christendom.

              • I have never understood why the rapture or pre-tribulation belief matters. Even if it is true I have been through so much hardship in this life. You will always have troubles so you may as well prepare. That is why I have never understood why people get upset about either one. It does not matter to me.
                All that matters is Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. Nothing really matters after that. Does not mean we should not try to take care of each other and prepare for whatever comes our way.

            • Man: We are called to follow Christ. And he lived and died on this earth. He suffered. We are called to take up our cross and follow Him. He was not raptured. Neither was Noah who worked for decades to build the Ark and then had to walk down a mountain that was too high to live on and carry what they could to restart civilization on their own. Lot and his family fled from the valley with only what they could carry on their backs to restart in a new place as the valley was wiped clean of the immoral cities including Sodom and Gomorrah. The bible shows us patterns and there is no rapture in our future. We are called to walk through our future and all it’s dangers. That is part of Gods great plan and if we do it right we can be part of His victory.

            • Proverbs 27:12 — A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; The simple pass on and are punished.

          • the thing is Anon

            what if it isnt a rapture ,but infact just that God is pissed off and is going to chasen us ,try and give us a chance to get our mind right,maybe humble us to get us on bended knee ,and he is speaking loud and clear to anyone who is listening (or should i say isnt so tied up in chasing the dollar that they can hear him)and he is letting us know we need to get ready for some big changes

            • 9 Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you.

              10 Because you have kept my word about patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth.
              (Rev 3:9-10 ESVSB)

              There’s basically 3 schools of theory about the great tribulation. Pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib.
              In verse 10 above from Revelation 3, I get the impression that it is possible that some Christians will be removed before, some during, and some after.

              I don’t believe in the ‘Americanization’ Christianity which thinks it is more special than all other people on the planet. That is a serious theological error that has pervaded the church in our country for a long time.
              The truth is no one knows when, so I just try to keep occupied until I’m called home and breathe my last.
              God only knows. Jesus gave clues as stated in Matthew and Luke, but nothing that anyone can pin a date on.

              • Luke 21: 6-32 You decide if we will be raptured; you decide if we will suffer.

              • Proverbs 10:30

                The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.

          • So………..True………….

          • Religious People will die first because they put all their Faith into their Fraudulent Hoax, and consider it as their main Prep. They put their God first, Not food or medical supplies or even guns, and frankly if there is a God, he does not give a rats ass about you, as the current world conditions clearly reflect. He will lay waste you all of you. There has never been anybody saved in the history of Mankind that ever received “Everlasting Life” meaning they believe they will be saved, nor is there 70 virgins waiting for you from others almighty Allah. Would you all put your faith or your Lucky Rabbits Foot? How about your Lucky 8 Ball? Your palm reader? How about Terrot Cards? And since all of these Religious fear mongers gather together huddled in churches as safety in numbers across America, they love to shake each other hands, and pass the plate with could easily spread this Ebola virus at a rapid rate. Keep drinking your Jebus Kool-Aid. Go ahead and red thumb me, as more people will read this post cause they are curious than just skip over it. You have been warned, Your religious will take your life before many others.

            • What religion does is comfort the weak who have no coping skills to deal with the here and now, and its just a preparations for death. Its like drinking a bottle of vodka, or shooting up with Meth before you go rob a bank to numb the senses from the frightening experience. Even prostitutes coke up before they have sex so they avoid the rape. Like what numb skull spends their life preparing for death?? Free yourself from the religious Slavery. Stop being a victim and fleeced of your riches on a weekly basis. Like paying for the toxic kool-Aid. I can guarantee you when you die you won’t be thinking about death. Your brain activity ceases and you will self-dehydrate and shrivel into dust like every other creature on this planet. You are not any more special than and rat or a cat. Religions prepared the remaining living a false coping mechanism to say well he is still living in Heaven. And all it is, is a ego massage therapy for the weak to numb the senses. I am still waiting for any religious person to bring one person forward over the last 2000 years who can clearly show someone got ever lasting life. Prove it. Show me Proof of life of someone 200 years old. 400 years old. 1000 years old. Anybody. Stop being duped you stupid dolts. Wake up and smell reality.

              • I will add , STOP giving or donating money to any mortal religious organization, and put that money into your Preps, buy Food, Ammo, Water Filtration Systems, etc. No religions will save you, period. You need to step up to the plate, be a man, and save yourself and protect your families.

                • Religious Red Thumb’ers are in denial. They have spent their life sucked into a big hoax. Its hard after than much time of brain washing to give it up. I know, I too, was raised a Christian, and studied the bible and bible classes. Then 9-11 hit and woke up,and figured out Religion is just one Big Fat Lie, duping the gullible. You too can be saved by saving yourself. Get off the Religious Slave Chains. And open your eye, mind and heart. Its all real here on the other side. No fear and free, its the best thing ever… I fear nothing on this side of the truth chart.

                  • WWTI sounds like a libturd moron.

                  • Even if we were, what’s it matter to you? Methinks you doth protest too much.

                  • So I assume you are also against the religion of evolution as taught in schools or the big bang theory ? Nothing of truth, just fables of the feeble minded.

                  • What you need to fear is what is on the other side when this life is over.

                • WWTI

                  i dont understand you ,you get on here and make perfectly good sense on many subjects ,and then someone says somthing about there beliefs and you go insane and loose your mind ,no one is asking you to except there beliefs ,and im perfectly fine with the fact that you dont believe ,but what your doing is exactly what the far left does ,my way is the only way and if yuo dont except that then there must be somthing wrong with you ,which makes one wonder if your not a shill ,just about everyone here is concerned about being preppared for what may come ,no one is trying to convert you ,and by now we all know how you feel about christians ,but no one here is stepping on your balls for being a nonbeliever ,so why not just drop the “i think chritians are stupid thing” and join the group and be produtive

              • You are an idiot. You should do some research before you open your mouth. And as for Christians being weak, again do some research. They don’t call us gun totin bible thumping Christians for nothing.

                • Marcus and shooterbob, f#$% both of you libturd morons.

            • I attend no church, because I consider them all captured by the Synagogue of Satan. How many Christians know that Calvin was Cohen, a Jew? A few Jews returned from Babylon and spread the heresy that became Pharisaic Judaism, which Christ warned us about. He called them liars, yet we uncritically incorporate those lies into Christian beliefs. I have not opened the OT in 10 years, yet I am a Christian, since I only read the words of Christ. Love and defend your fellow man is my credo. I am an old single man, still blessed with very quick reflexes. I will die to keep my fellow man free. Only a Christian can take that attitude. If you think your life ends at death, how can you be fearless? The Crusaders were fearless in their Christian beliefs, and often prevailed outnumbered 100-1.

              • Couldn’t have the New Testament without the Old? Jesus Christ quoted from the Old quite a bit, so HE made it very relevant even at that time, and still is today. That’s church traditional teaching that the Old Testament is null and void – no it isn’t. If you study it carefully, it’s like reading today’s newspaper!

              • Honestly, I was raised a Christian as a child, not by choice but by tradition of my family over many generations. And this is why I now understand as an adult of why mostall religions are all a hoax. The fact is, that People are they way they are because of the environment they were raised in. If you American Christians, happen to be born in Iraq, you would have been raises as a Muslim, and would think Christianity was Satan. If you were raised in Viet Nam, you would think Budda was the almighty and the rest of the religions are satan. If you were raise in Israel, you would be a Jew. You see you believe what you do, not because of your current religion is the best, but you believe what you do because of where you were raised geographically. With this fact in mind, it just proves that religion as a whole is nothing more than a con job depending on which type of religion you were raise on and where.

                I see the light, and it is clear. There is NO Heaven and there is NO Hell, and with that in mind, you have nothing to fear, or should never have any fear of dying. We are all going to dry up into a dirt nap, nobody is being whisked off to some cloud in the sky. And all that will remain of you is the memories of you for the remaining living. People just get too caught up in this religion, and why it explains all the wars and destruction of our planet, because of jealousy of fighting over who’s religious Hoax in better than the other big hoax. Its like fighting over if the glass is half full or half empty. Free yourself, let go of the fear, you will never learn how to swim if you always cling to your blow up raft and pacifier and binky. I just think in the end you will be so disappointed, that there is nothing left for you in any after life. Poof…Dirt Nap….ZZzzzzzzz

                • Explain why so many around the world have converted to Christianity then. Or why would an atheist have a change in their belief?

                  • Ms X. You are quite wrong. Christianity is loosing members, and here is why.

                    Why Christianity is Losing Members
                    AUGUST 11, 2010 BY SOCIETYVS

                    (1) It’s has decided not to move it’s theology with the moral progression of the world – essentially being ‘left behind’ on moral grounds (which was it’s point of interest)

                    (2) Christianity is really hard to nail down. What are the beliefs exactly and what is essential to one’s faith in God? How is one’s faith supposed to look? With some 100+ denominations and varying beliefs between them as to importance of certain issues – it becomes confusing.

                    (3) It’s got quite the sordid past. For a religion centered around love it has a lot of skeletons in the closet that make one re-think this premise. Maybe the foundation is not love, but conformity and institutional adherence? It’s got a serious PR problem and makes no bones about its past.

                    (4) It’s in a Western society of individualization but demands a culture of confomity to their societial rules; many people cannot make a committment that relieves them of their own thinking.

                    (5) It’s definitions of certain areas is short-sighted. For example, worship comes to mean the service you attend and the musical aspect of that service (or praise). It’s fairly clear that worship is a much bigger idea but it is hard to determine if this is the case within some churches.

                    (6) Christianity does not speak for the current problems in society. It does not neccesarily address global warming, pollution, poverty, problems in capitalism, the food industry, etc. In this sense, it is deciding to stay neutral which is as good as being irrelevant.

                    (7) Christianity is thoroughly steeped in capitalism and politics and reduced itself to irrelevance in face of the new ‘religions’ and definers of daily ethics – business/work. With this faith being so steeped in the processes of capitalism, business, and gov’t – it does not realize the usurption happening.

                    There are probably more reasons – like dis-satisfaction – but usually we can find our faith being reduced by the religious restrictions we find in the institution. This in turn makes us ask the tougher questions like ‘how important is this place to my livelihood/living’? This is when we start to find out some stark realizations, ‘not very’.

                • WWTI, it’s going to be a long burn in hell…

                  you really ought to pray for the Holy Spirit… God wishes to loose no soul, but you need to ask for His help.

                  if you could witness what goes on in the 1800’s mansion my brother lives in, you’d come out a changed man.


            • You are deliberately ignorant because you refuse to believe the truth. God is real. The proof is in the Bible and it’s in the changed hearts of believers.

              The New Testament books were all written in the first century by eyewitnesses and those who talked to eyewitnesses. The New Testament is filled with internal evidence for the gospel. Such as:

              (Luke 1:1-4 NIV) Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, {2} just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. {3} Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, {4} so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

              (2 Peter 1:16 NIV) We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

              (1 Corinthians 15:3-8 NIV) For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance : that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, {4} that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, {5} and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. {6} After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. {7} Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, {8} and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.

              The great thing about the Bible is that it tells the whole truth about its heroes: David committed adultery; Peter denied knowing Jesus; Saul of Tarsus persecuted the church before he met the risen Christ and become the Apostle Paul.

              I don’t expect this to convert anybody. On the contrary, it will make you more accountable before God because you have heard the truth.

              • @ Barn Cat

                “…the whole truth…”?

                What part of John 20:30 don’t you understand?

                “Many other signs also did Jesus in the sight of his disciples, which are NOT written in this book.”

                A linchpin error of Judeo-Protestantism: Every bonehead is his own little pope.

              • No, the proof is not in the Bible or any other book. the Truth is in experience. A book is just that– a book.

                You are right– God is Real. However, its found in a relationship with Him– not from reading. Reading gives intellectual knowledge/information but Realization comes from experience. That’s how you know if anything is real or not– whether you’ve personally experienced it or not… either you have eaten and orange or you haven’t… God is Love.

                • The Bible is a Story Book, and there are just as many more people in the world living the fantasy life of Harry Potter. In a sense both are a form of Mystical Magic or Miracles that keeps the hoax alive. If people all wake up from their hoax dream, they can make life on earth, in the here and now a better place. Remember how proud you felt as a child when you took the training wheels off you bicycle? Get rid of the religious training wheels, forget the fear, and believe in yourselves for a change, instead of a hoax. Next week you will be riding your bikes, no handed.

                  • @ anonymous

                    How do you know you are not having relations with devils?

                    Because you hear what you want hear? Because it feels good?

                  • You are a lost person. You put down others when it is you who has the problems. You lack class, smarts and ability to see you are a worm. However, God does still love you, and all of us here will probably pray for you!
                    Christians are NOT perfect. We are all human, however, we also know in our hearts that God is love! God bless you, and may the light of Christ Jesus shine on you and awaken in you!

                • It is easier to fool people, than convince them they have been fooled. ~Mark Twain.

                  I can identify with Twain – Some fools will never get it.

                  • WWTI: I gave you a thumbs up because you were describing yourself.


                • @ anonymous

                  And when the fruits of your navel gazing are the exact opposite of someone else’s navel gazing, like rabbis and Protestants, do you both claim the truth?

                  Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. Woe to you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own conceits.”
                  Isaias 5:20-21

                  What part of “woe” don’t you understand?

            • Hey, wait a minute! My 8 Ball is always right! Well…usually…

              • 4 leaf clovers, and that lucky horse shoe above the door keeps me safe. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • You hit this one on the head and out of the ballpark! Thanks!

            • You’re welcome Laeagle.

          • where in the BIBLE is the word ” rapture “??? i’ve never seen it.

            • The word ‘rapture’ is the English translation for the original Greek word transliterated ‘har-pad’-zo’.. Meaning in original language : to be taken up, or away by force.

              In 1Thessalonians 17 (below) where it says’ caught up ‘

              16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
              (1 Thess 4:16-17 KJV Strongs)

              • 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4, I forgot to mention.

              • Thank you w69. Very few people take the time to look this up and do a word study. They could learn so much, but choose to remain ignorant.

                • You’re welcome, Grandee! Glad to help out. I hope that clears up for many others I have seen ask about it over the last few years since I have been coming to SHTFplan.

          • I’m a Christian. I can say with 100% certainty that I’ll be raptured before the Great Tribulation. I’m also fully prepared because billions could die before the Great Tribulation. Or maybe only America will be destroyed before the Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation won’t start until the world leader makes a seven year peace treaty with Israel. It’s going to take a lot of chaos to lead to a one world government.

            • Do you love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul? And do you love your neighbor as yourself? (even the little black kids down the street and the chinkos above you on the 2nd floor)? if not, then you ain’t no Christian because a Christian is someone who follows Christ’ example.

              • That’s the real deal, anonymous

              • Ya anon, I think I will just give all my hard earned shit away to a bunch of knuckle dragging, retarded, entertainment occupied, fools. After all, it’s what christ would do! No way in hell am I going to be a martyr for a bunch of pathetic stupid imbicilles. If it was for someone that was intelligent and useful then maybe, fook the sheep they are getting everything theyre microminds deserve! 🙂

          • Christians, Blinded by faith and shit for brains.

            • Sort of like you, huh, whowoulddathunkit?

            • WWTI sounds like he’s blinded by faith in Karl Marx.

            • I’ve little in common with any person who decides that any person exercising their agency and Constitutional Rights in Freedom OF Religion, as “shit for brains”. Such a person is neither part of the prepper community, nor has anything to offer in the way of a contribution to society as a whole. In fact, I find that such people are intolerant, rabid bigoted myopic little creatures, who use excellent internet blogs to see their own “witticisms” in print. We need not ever pay attention nor respond to the ridiculous postings of such intolerant rabid ideologues who are by their own actions, inherently selfish. Such postings are nothing but drivel, designed to inflame the members of the site, and to promote one’s own agenda, just like the political pimps’ ideological beliefs at present, their opinions mean nothing and are flatulence at best.

          • Thank you. I am a believer and I agree with you 100%

          • If you are truely a Christian then how can you believe that God would “love America” more than anyone else.

            That would show favoritism and go completely against the nature of God. God loves all equally and completely.

            If God could show favoritism to someone then he would be prey to all the foibles of man.

            • God loves all the same. We are all made in his likeness. You do get favoritism in the afterlife if you believe. That is scripture and clearly stated.

            • All the Red Thumbs on WWTI Posts are Proof why America is Pretty Much F@cked going forward. Its the same arrogance an ignorant closed minded egos who think they are superior. Just like the US Govnt ofMorons who are running the show today.

              • youbet

                im not sure i follow you ,are you saying he got all the red thumbs because people on the blog think they are better then him or are you saying he got all the red thumbs because he trashed and berated everyong on this blog that didnt agree with him

          • Anon says,

            “……simply haven’t opened your Bible and read it and studied it for yourself.”

            Problem is… most people don’t have the knowledge or understanding of how to read “properly”. what I mean is this… the Bible is simple to understand if one first, picks up the subject and the object being discussed and explained. Secondly, one has to rightly divide the word properly to determine if the statements are meant as literal/flesh life, meanings; or is meant to be taken figuratively/spirit based. Then there is the translation points. Most take the KJV and every word as the direct spoken word of God. It isn’t. It “is” the direct “inspired” word, and translations by men.

            Example: Most pre-trib rapture believers (I’m not. I believe in the “change” from flesh to spirit upon the return of Christ), take 1st Thess. Chap four, where the whole basis for a pre-trib comes from.

            The subject begins in verse 13, “… concerning them which are asleep,”. Meaning those that have died a flesh life and were believers/saved, and that from reading further we understand that they are with the Father in Heaven, “now”. Not out here in a muddy grave.

            Next, the main two verses they, (pre-trib rapturists) cling to, 1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: …and

            1Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

            The “rise first” part doesn’t mean, raptured out first. It means, as previously stated in verse 15, we can’t prevent the dead/asleep,(the subject), in Christ from rising first, because they are already gone. As i said, bad translations can cause misconceptions; prevent should have been translated…”precede”.

            Verse 17; …Then we which are alive and remain (on earth), shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, (clouds…another translation that came from Paul’s colloquial/street language meaning a large congregation or group, as in a flock or cloud of birds).

            Clouds here, is in reference to a large gathering of angelic beings, saints, Heavenly hosts, that can’t be readily numbered.

            Next translation that doesn’t help matters, is the word “air”, which doesn’t mean a reference to atmosphere, but rather to “spirit body, or breath of life body”.

            Verse 18, sums it up. These words/verses were originally meant for comfort and encouragement between the believers, not division and delusion, and downright arguements that end in hate and distrust, which is of the workings of Satan.

            So, if the words “prevent, clouds, and air”, had been translated as “precede, un-countable numbers of hosts, and the spirit body; there would be very little basis for the pre-trib rapture theory, which was started by men/preachers, and propagated by such to bring a feel-good doctrine to the pulpit thereby bringing in more warm bodies and their dollars to the church collection plates. Mostly taught out of ignorance, but as in a case in which I personally know the preacher, he was shown the scriptures and translations and was in full agreement that there could “not” be a pre-trib rapture; yet when asked how he was going to respond to his congregation, he replied,

            ….”I can’t go in there and tell those people that what I have been teaching for the past twenty-five years about a rapture, is all wrong. They would run me out of that huge beautiful church we have built and i would be out of a job and my pension.”

            There you have it, a shining example of a man willing to risk his soul for wealth and prosperity.

        • I am hearing alot of people saying it is time to self-quarantine.

          I am just curious, how many here are doing just that?

          I ask because I am considering it for my family.

          The decision is not to be taken lightly, for sure.

          • I say what I have always said. Their will be a small window of time to leave when TSHTF. Wheather it is a pandemic, emp, natural disaster, government disaster, etc, etc, etc. The lucky and the people with foresight to leave, will get where they are going. Then you will have the walkers, and last you will have the bug in crowd. I just said it in the last couple of days, if you are retired, take a long vacation. If you are like the rest of us, you can’t leave until that magic moment. Even though I am not a beliver in this pandemic, good luck.
            PS : Yes I am prepared just in case.

            • I guess what I mean is considering quit going to church, letting the kids play with neighbor kids, etc.

              The problem I find with the “magic moment”, is that with ebola, you may not realize that moment has passed until it is 21 days too late…

              Emp, natural disaster,etc, sure, I will know the “magic moment” but with ebola that moment can easily pass unnoticed. On the other hand, taking the precautions I mention above may keep us alive, but if ebola blows over, and it goes “back to normal bs” then pre-emptively taking those measures may have undesirable consequences. Hope that makes sense.

              • @ Anonymous : That is the million dollar question. In my opinion the time is not now. As a none believer in this Ebola crisis, I am putting myself and family in a potentially worse scenerio then others on this sight. That is the chance I am willing to take in this case.

                All that aside, the Lord will come like a thief in the night. You will not know when that time is. God helps those who helps themselves. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and the host was pretty much talking about your question. The Lord lets you live with your own decisions. You reap the reward or the consequences.

                If you look back in history, for generations, their have always been plagues and pestilence, earthquakes, tornadoes, huricanes, valcanoes, natural disasters, crappy government, and on and on. This is not the first time that the christian population thought that we were in the end times. You have to keep living your life in some sort of normality.

                As far as consequences with family and friends, life is full of them. We make them everyday. Where do these people fit in your life post SHTF ? I went through an event in my life almost 30 years ago, and it put things into perspective for me. You learn who your true friends are. I can put them on one hand. It makes me look and sound like a hard a$$ sometimes, but that is life. You will find you have a lot of true acquaintances.

                Good luck and keep prepping.

                • You wrote, “God helps those who helps themselves.”. This quote is not in the Bible.It comes from Greek storyteller Aesop in Aesop’s Fables. The quote is “The gods help them that help themselves.” from the story of the Waggoneer who broke down.

                  If God seeks you and you obey his will, you will be blessed. His will is when you do good towards others under His will, then blessings are given. Mind it that blessings are not abundance in goods, but in wisedom in what you do with your abundance.

                  • @ Woogie : Their was no quotations on any of my statements. I did not say they were from the Bible. My response was from me.

            • Fish and Mud. Last week I pulled the plug and am cashing out of one of my financial funds, and looking for some more northern FL Property. Like 20 to 25 Acres Plus. Lot of really cheap and remote property totally off the grid and 5 to 7 miles of dirt back roads to get to it, off any paved road in the middle of no where. Loads of wild game, deer, turkey, wild pigs, ect. I’m gonna set up a camp, then build a cabin, and get my Water well, septic, solar and a Ham Radio tower set up. All paid in cash, and end this BS scam. I also need to sell my house in the city, about another $100K in equity to help set up the rest of the OG Ranch. (Off Grid Ranch) My church will be the Church of St Nature.

              • @ Who : We lived in Perry for awhile when I was a youngin. Actually it was Iddo. Around the corner about 10 – 15 miles was Eridu. The next house down the street was 2 miles. You used to be able to drink right from the river. Awesome place to live and grow up. Nothing but nature.

                • Yep, looking for stress free life and fresh air, and no neighbors dogs barking and crazy M-fers across the streat yelling. Florida has some really incredible country with crystal clear springs you can see 50 ft across to the other side of a pond. I have scuba dove some lakes and sinkholes. Amazing for sure. That’s what I want. “Get busy living or get busy dying.” Andy- Shawshank Redemption Movie.

                  • WWTI, kinda late do be starting all that shit don’t ya think? That will take a couple years at least. I guess better late than never… :\

                  • hey Genius,

                    i think we should all encourage him/wwti, so he will be too busy to stay on SHTF 24/7 and stop harrassing eppe.

                    He needs to be all alone in the wilderness so he can see what it feels like to be alone and scared, without Jesus or God.

                    I’ve been alone in the middle of the Scapegoat Wilderness area of Montana on the Continental divide, with no one within hearing distance of a gunshot, much less screaming. Believe me, when i came upon an active mountain lion cave that had only one way in and out, I was glad to have my 44 mag, and 270 mag strapped on, but more importantly, i was glad I had my Saviour and my Heavenly Father right there with me.

                    That is security that a price can’t be put on.

                  • @ Who : If I have been paying attention, you live in the West Palm area. There is a lot of land just above you around Lake Whales, River Ranch, YeeHaw Junction area. We have property in River Ranch, alot of primitave living wide open area, and you can still grow things you are used to.

          • Thanks, Outlaw. I am a prepper. However, AT PRESENT, IMHO, there is higher likelihood that I will run out of money either sooner or later than there is my contracting Ebola. I live in the People’s Thugocracy of Chicago, so at present nothing is close. While I DO have property in Nova Scotia (great place to bug out, BTW, also, it is the one area in Canada where the land prices are still normal), it is not time to go. I have to make a living. What happens if this is just another one of those “this is your last warning” warnings? I have heard them before, many times. Yes, one time they will be right, but if not, and the final implosion is not for 15 more years, what then?? A lot of people bugged out for Y2K (don’t get me wrong – I got into prepping then, and it was a REAL problem, and many issues DID occur), and then lost massive amounts of time, money, careers, etc. If you are retired, self-employed not tied to a location, etc., by all means, go. I wish I could to. Unfortunately, while the SHTF is indeterminate, it is 100% certain I will at one point be too old to work, and not being a gov’t leech where I can live off others, I need to prepare for that certainty.

            Preparedness is good, for a multiplicity of reasons. But no, I am not bugging out. In my case, I have two immeidiate neighbors who are cops, and a good immediate community; I also have an elderly mother and handicapped brother that aint’ going anywhere, and since a couple of retired govt worker siblings have left the care of them to me, that is another reason I have to stay. But even without that, it is way too early IMHO

            • Thank you Test, you reassure me a little about my own situation.

              • Anonymous

                After years of prepping I decided this on the pressure of when is that moment. I keep an eye on things. I read alternative news sites. I quit watching regular news. If you take in too much gloom and doom then it takes the joy out of life. You just do what is in your power to do. There is always the worry of what have I missed. I have my son with cerebral palsy which is always a worry. The point I am trying to make is this.

                If I make a mistake I could cost me and my family there lives. If that does happen at least we will go to meet the lord together. You have to enjoy life while prepping or what is the point of prepping. We must make the best of the one life we have.

                I took about a 6 month break from posting on here because I just needed a break.

            • Test, I think this last warning is to prepare and gives you time to stock up on long 20 year shelf life food and water. Once the Skunk city has developed 10 to 20 cases of Ebola (with a thousand of close contacts that were exposed to these victims that had fevers)the authorities will most likely shut down the city in quarentine. The government will force you to stop working unless you are employed for vital infastructure to keep electric power,water works, police, national guard, hc workers, ambulance or fire.

              If the crisis passes and Ebola fizzles out before it hits your city you will have plenty of food and water to consume and not have to stop work. You won’t be out of anything if you eat the food before it expires, or save it for another disaster like economic collapse which may happen soon, or like you presented, 15 years from now.

              Y2k scare bought me a generator and lots of dried food. I ate the food after nothing happened. I wasn’t out of anything, and my ex kept the generator when his power often went out in storms.

          • RE: Outlaw, The time to self quarantine will likely be different for different people, depending on where you live, contact with others, job etc.

            One thing for sure we are ALL likely to feel the effects of the panic that is being generated and its effect on the already failing economy and what personal freedom that we still have. Transportation, martial law, areas being locked down(no one in or out etc.) Effect on airlines, food distribution and so forth.

            When is the actual time to batten down the hatches and lock the gate??? Who knows? For us we think it is a bit early. We are in a very rural area and little to no contact with the “big city” folks.

            • That’s the kicker for me Arby, I have not gotten to the location I need to be. Unfortunately, I have had a hard time securing suitable property. I know time is short, so I guess I have to buckle down where I am at for now. Looks to be one hell of a ride.

              • Thank GOD we have “The Place” in South Central VA and room for more like minded folks/ individuals but do not know how to connect with the right kind of people. We have seriously been praying and asking GOD to direct us or put us in contact with the right ones.

                • Go to your church and see if they have a disaster relief group. Most of them (at least in my church) are preppers.

                • Arby, try posting adds with oath keepers for other like minded. God cannot direct people to you. Try the internet instead. Your chances of success greatly increase.

                • Ummm, Arby… I think God just answered… I am very close by. 😉

                  • Anonymous you are welcome to contact me as well. It is great that we are all in VA.

                • Arby

                  I have a friend who has a small cottage in South West Va. We both currently live in Central VA. I am out in the middle of nowhere right now. Surrounded by neighbors and family. I have lived here all my life. It is nice to have options. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

                  We are Christians and always will be. If you are interested lets chat. We may be able to help each other.

                  • And we used to live in that area. I was a doula then, but am now a midwife and we still go back once or twice a year to visit friends. We have a daughter in Newport News. I would be willing to bet we know some of the same people! Lol you have permission from me to get my contact info from Mac, so we can email, if you like…I spent 30 years in Southside Va…my hubby is a native…

                • Thanks, Mike in Va.; glad to know you and Arby are close by… is there some way we can exchange email addresses?

                  It looks like TSHTF situation will be here soon. Would be nice to know of others close by… maybe we can help each other. (I got tons of toilet papers, sleeping bags/covers, books on how to build spring houses, etc., etc.) 😉 We could barter if nothing else, give each other ideas how to survive.

                  • Anon and Mike, I set up an e mail only for this, it is at g mail hobbyfarm4us don’t check it very regular, please be patient.

                  • Anonymous

                    My email is in the post above. It took awhile in Moderation.

                    Also Jim in VA you can contact me too if you like.

            • Arby,
              I do not think martial law will be effective before long. Cohesion will break down no matter how much the central command thinks it has control of everything . We discussed this on the sly at work my new superviser is a fellow Marine retired from the service if things really go to the double hockeystick in a handbag it will be about as effective as the current CDC rules for infection. ( the new Ebola Czar inspires so much confidence he looks like flounder from animal house ) we discussed bombursting ( breaking up and traveling in different directions , like in ” Marines we are leaving ” ) when it breaks down and the zombies are at the gate for me that would mean a 3 day minimum walk home. We discussed our plans ( unofficial ) I unfortunatly have the longest walk with 2 bridges to cross alternate direction would be 6 days to avoid with out alternate means to cross water. We discussed what equipment to take In addition to our EDC carry gear . For me it would mean ditching my heavy gear ( M40A3) for an HK MP5 40 cal with a supressor and my current side arm assault vest with 12 magazines which can be kept out of sight in my GHB which i hope i never have to use) along with my DHS uniform, credentials and Emergency transit papers ( preprinted and kept in a safe place at work there will be no way to check them on the go if things break down at checkpoints which i plan to avoid ) to Get thru any road blocks that may exist ( not likely considering the Bio threat ) tyvek and a respirator is worthless do not waste your resources even an NBC suit may not protect your because of lack of decontamination facilities. YOU JUST HAVE TO AVOID PEOPLE AND POPULATION CENTERS even if the virus is not present the panic will present a clear and present danger. Travel light to get to your home location ( you have a get home bag I hope) and SELF QUARANTINE.
              If in uniform use your descretion to change into mufti clothes it’s easy for me , we wear 5.11 pants and shirts remove badge etc, but I digress as this senario is the worst case where this is not going to matter as the govt has collapsed or the verge of collapsing . I think this is where we may be in about 3 weeks , if no other infections crop up in diverse places we may have dodged the bullet , but let this be a wake up call , none of us here have any confidence in the current regime to control the situation in the very short future if a break out occurs it could exponentially double in about 7 to 10 days ( the virus seems to have a mean symptom rate of about 3-7 days faster than in Africa ! ) by the 2 nd or 3 rd week in November things could get dire .
              Now is the time to start planing for your own contingency operations , once the bodies start piling up it could be too late , hospitals will be overcome the worst scenario is this coincides with flu season and cases may be miss diagnosed as flu and inadvertently infecting others ( I know some will red flag me but your should get your flu shots now along with any other that you could need like tetanus and pneumonia if over 55 it could be a long time before , if ever the health care system comes back on line) this is not a joke people the govt is not equipped to handle an emergency of this type in mass , remember what Selco said anytime the govt and media says things are fine DO NOT BELIEVE IT USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE . I work for FEDGOV and trust it as far as I can throw it , remember I was involuntary Transfered for asking just one question ! Right now we have time still to prepare use it to your advantage . make plans .
              Stay Alert , Stay Alive . Avoid sick people , no excuses ! trust in a just God .

              LIVE HARD DIE FREE

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Motning Night Breaker,

                I am glad whenever I SEE ‘Good thinking, followed by GOOD planning’ Brother, as I see in yor detailed post, here…warms the cockles o heart it does!

                Yor concersation with your friend paralells my own thinking a things are here progresing. It’s quite easy to think that the Gov and the PTB are omnipotent and oniscient as well but WHAT we are seeing as things get further along is far more reminiscent of ‘Keytone Kops’ than anything else. Really, Folk, settle down a bit and just think;”Ineptocracy’ , ‘flagrante delicto’…No?

                Vrother, I would like to ask you a question if I may, with ALL ‘due repect for discretion’, naturally. “Are your ‘arrangements’ satisfactory, in your eyes? Before you take offence, rest asuured I not being critical here in the slightest…I AM asking for entirely different reasons here…one related to your native opinion of your current ‘Status of Forces’ estimation, and your comfort therewith? Let me know when you get a minute to spare.

                As well, your call on the innoculations is spot-on, by my lights, so please don’t forget to update your tetanus along the way people…lock-jaw is a terribe way to die and is sovery easily prevented. I should think that would go without saying, but these days the polarizations we are among people broadly we seeing are clouding peoples minds, IMHO.

                Stay the course everyone, Watch, THINK…only then act, as appropriately dictated by specific and individual circumstnce. Remember, there is NO single plan that CAN accout for all variables, ever…period.

                Till later All

                • MR,
                  Semi satisfactory , they did me a favor transferring me, in a better group philosophically than the last all I can say due to OPSEC we will watch each others backs, as far a Personel preparedness as ready as I am ever going to be , good organized neighborhood just have to get there from work in a crisis situation driving may not be possible due to panic this may have to be accomplished on foot ( extensive planning has being wargamed on this thank God for goggle maps , handheld ham radios and friendly waypoints,) if this goes TU they will not be able to keep us on base they don’t have the man power and the base leadership does not like the dear leader no sense protecting something if its empty and nothing is ariving , I guess I could not ask for more , with providence, plain luck with proper planing I may get to the other side of this , home is in a good location away from the urban areas only 2 roads in and out bordered by swamps , not as good as your AO but certainly not as bad as the other areas of the state .
                  As far as SITREP /SOF the upper echelon is utter unprepared as by the example of the CDC, no supplies or force preparation for this type of threat ,,( I did allude to the upper management soiling itself back in the begining of September but could not discuss it openly this was one of the items of concern hopefully the other will be mitigated soon , that is why they are not stopping the flights for now , Rat / cheese principal you know? )
                  I do not underestimate the OPFOR but the rank and file will not obey extreme orders , pensions and pay loss will be the least of our worries .we know what will happen if this gets legs ( I hope it does not) There still has not been any official memorandum from the director on this , what a week and a half since patient zero died.? ( he’s know as mr green shirt mope more here from the press picture , we really have to quarantine people entering the country just asking questions don’t cut it) most will want to get home to family. POTUS has no respect in this division / agency we are on the tip of the spear in this and are the ones that will bare the cost , most of us realize this and will not do the dirty work for the regime. Every one fears things that cannot be seen and have a 70%. Fatality rate. I really feel sorry for the guys in the Air Marshal service , It’s obvious TPTB are lying to us all . Their credibility is totally zero. moral is at a dead rock bottom .

                  Like I said if we have no additional cases by 10-31-14 we have dodged patient zeros bullet. Even if there are 20 cases in tx with in the 42 day period it’s still better than 20 cases in 20 different states bad for Tx but not as dire for those in other states if they quarantine those affected .
                  Self quarentine is just Unsupervised incubation LOL.
                  Time and distance are our friends in this . I really believe the dear leader will be holding the empty bag if extreme orders are given the ones that obay will be few and they will not last long.
                  This will rapidly be a self correcting problem on more than a few different levels. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is the status quo will not be like it is now things will be realigned to the way they should be ( constitutionally ) we will not have to look over our shoulders anymore , it will feel good just to be left alone to live our lives again.

                  Pay attention to your surroundings, situational awareness , develop your own intelligence , network . Think , be self aware . Trust in a just God. If this goes away consider this a wake up call if not prepare like the devil himself is chasing you. Remember every thing is local!

                  See you on the other side I will report here if anything drastic comes up its not always possible to post during the week been putting some late days in every thing is rather tense at this point and the IPad is a NO NO now in this position.

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Thanks Night Breaker…its good to know we have some GREAT folks on the right side of this thing. GOD BLESS

                  • Good Evening NB,

                    First things first here, echoing Arby above, “…its good to know we have some GREAT folks on the right side of this thing. GOD BLESS.” Indeed!….and without further emphasis here. Um-hmmmm.

                    Your post is sufficiently ‘verbose’ such that I will meed spend spend a bit of time digesting it ALL, much to ponder there; just so. Along the way, here’s a ‘directive’ to absorb, you’ll likely ‘get it’ rather quickly, that being “3246057”, which will serve to clarify my current operational dictum, and thence the ‘motivation’ here involved. Perhaps, relative to the lead-in of your response you might dwell on that…for just a bit. “He DOES move in mysterious ways….” does he not? None of us are other than servants, after all….Stewards and NOT Masters.

                    The mention of ‘low and swampy’ is adequate to encourage me that – short-term – you would be well served therby, in the practical sense. My ‘suggestion’ above relates to the ‘longer view’. As such, ‘Verstehen Sie, mein Freundin?”

                    As it happens I am obliged to be ‘out’ for a small bit, during which I will THINK ‘pon the ‘difficulty’ here implied, to seek for a solution thereto, one ‘adequate’ for – all – involved; for as you already know, there are formidable impediments involved therewith, surely. We will speak of this again, later, should you be so inclined….

                    Have a good one Brother, ‘He is with us ALWAYS.”, surely….

              • With all due respect, the government is not going to collapse in 3 weeks.

                I agree that what Obama says is usually, if not uniformly, the opposite of what is true. His track record clearly bears this out.

                But, there simply are too many loyal Americans in and out of government who are not going to let this thing collapse our system of governance. Note that I said governance, not government.

                Obama’s government will be fading quickly into ignominious history. But our system will not collapse, even as much as Russia and China would like it to be so.

                The signs are there that if push comes to shove, the good guys will win, and the signs are there as well that Obama has been told accordingly. He has that mansion in Rancho Mirage bought and he doesn’t want to screw up getting to use it.

                If you don’t know already know how, learn fast how to sift through the news to discern the fact from opinion, and the propaganda from the truth.

                Some tips: If commerce is interrupted temporarily for things that are disposable, like tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc., have or be prepared to make substitutes at home. Have men’s and ladies’ handkerchiefs, have plenty of cotton dishtowels, have cotton diapers, have plenty of cheap wash cloths, have ingredients for making laundry soap powder. Think in terms of how our grandparents did it during the Great Depression and before. You can wash any type of clothes and towels in a bathtub with laundry soap and a clean, new, basic toilet plunger for agitation. Yes, it will be more work and take longer, but it will get your clothes clean and keep you from getting sick from unsanitary living conditions.

                Why do you think so many flu’s have originated in China — it’s because of their unbelievably unsanitary and overcrowded living conditions alongside wild animals like ducks and livestock like hogs. It’s what Communism and paganism reduced them to. There are diseases in India that are unheard of in the U.S. for the same reason — unsanitary living conditions and overcrowding sourced in large part to paganism.

                This won’t last forever, if it really gets bad. We are too resourceful of a nation, too honorable, too strong as individuals, too well fed and healthy, and too determined to set things right. Sure, some, and perhaps many, of the weak/weakened, dishonorable, parasitic, backward, superstitious, and generally irresponsible will have a far worse time of it and may even perish. But all will turn out well in the end and we will thrive once again.

                Bank on it.

                • MR,
                  Caught your drift, directive in my case 03178541 secondary 0321
                  Green and black OPS DAP AB / HALO qual.
                  You have a unique combo , MA ?
                  Got out too late to ride in a TR AC , just the usual transport .
                  Celer Silens Mortalis

                  Semper Fi brother

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • Night breaker, I agree with all of your points EXCEPT for the flu shot. Last time I took one 5 years ago I got sick from it only a few hours later. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s web site offers the truth about all types of vaccines; you’ll find it interesting. I was planning another trip to my cousin’s BOL around Christmas, but it looks like I won’t have that long. I received an email from her this morning telling me I should come BEFORE Dec. I might be doing so depending on how this ebola affair turns out. Where I’m going is at least a 3-hour drive from any major urban areas. From where I live it is more than a tank of gas but I have extra cans of gas just in case. Also, most of my supplies are already there so I’ll only be carrying what I can load up in the truck. In the meantime, I’m still prepping. Take care.

              • Night Breaker

                Thanks so much again for your information. IT is always so valuable. I worry about you because of your situation. My prayers are always with you my friend.

          • Self quarantine will work under certain conditions.
            One condition when there is an outbreak in your city, your workplace but you personally are not effected and for example, not reporting to work and taking a sick day and staying home.

            Self-quarantine is not a new idea. Many people have and are doing it now. Ever heard of the term “Hermit” Ever look at the reality shows on the history channel, of those who choose to live off the grid, in the back woods?

            As of right now, self-quarantine is a bad idea. You have to consider the items you need to live and you have to go shopping. But at the mall you can wear protective medical gloves, and I am using a napkin to get money from the atm, to peck the keys.

            But, self-quarantine is coming as is mandatory quarantine.
            Take this time to prepare to live if you could not leave your home for up to 30 perhaps 45 days and be extremely conservative inn the usage of those items.

            Be prepared for disruption in food deliveries……….and other services.

            I would say think, prepare, don’t live in fear, don’t let your friends talk fear, because then everybody will want to give up personal rights for security and protection……

            Because The S..t is about to really hit the fan and all the talk about how some of us are ready is about to be put to the test…………..

          • According to the video, Rawles is predicting 40% of the U.S. population is going to be infected by this virus. For a population of 300 million, that is 120 million people. Since there is a 65 – 70 percent mortality rate, that means 78 million people will die as a result of this outbreak.

            Rawles is also recommending that if you are retired or self employed, that you should head to your bug out locations (if you’re fortunate enough to have one) now. He also recommends taking a leave of absence from your job.

            In my opinion, those are pretty bold statements. Arguably, he is one of the foremost survival experts so his words should not be taken lightly and are worthy of consideration.

            However, I am still not pulling the trigger yet. Government, CDC recommendations have all but become an irrelevant footnote now. The private sector is taking over.

            In the northeast, ambulance and fire is informing all that they will be arriving in protective clothing…so don’t be alarmed. Transport vehicles are being retrofit to minimize contagion. The Boston hospitals, which have independently been tracking ebola forever…along with other infectious diseases I feel, have a handle on this.

            Note…THIS IS THE PRIVATE SECTOR now; not the government.

            I’m staying put for now and giving the private sector a chance to fix this mess. I have everything ready to go if i have to implement personal protection but not just yet because once the decision is made, it is made.

            • Cellar spider, same here. I’m staying put because I still have to make a living and we still don’t know for sure how far this ebola threat will go.

            • Celler, I’m pretty sure I saw on TV this morning that Obama is considering banning some flights… pretty sure I saw it… on that little strip you read at bottom of page, as News presstitutes sound their alarms.

              • Hey @braveheart,

                Have you heard anything out of Liberia? Riots, our military, a news blackout. Can’t be good. Any hams out there with unfiltered info?

                • Cellar Spider, I haven’t been monitoring Liberia, just the situation here at home. the US is all I care about these days. If that shit hits my area, I’m outta here.

          • It’s all in risk you are willing to take VS cost. There have been panics before and there will be again. Most sputter out with little affect. Perhaps this one will also. If you are only willing to take a one in a million chance; then when we have 300 plus cases then run, if it’s one in 300 then wait till we have a million cases.
            Choice is yours, for me, it’s still way early

          • I think it’s way too early.

          • For many Christians due to their own ignorance an lack of real prepping will begin to die, one after another and for them they will think that their God is scooping them up for the magical limo ride to heaven. And that will surely be the end of the world as they knew it. But in reality, they will find their dead corpses, picked up off the side of a road, then packed 4 bodies, one on top of another in one of those Black plastic FEMA Caskets, and in reality, you will be placed in there indiscriminately, maybe Hugging a Dead Jew or an Athiest or even a Darky Muslim for the rest of eternity. Think I am kidding? Look up Operation Garden Plot and Operation North Woods for the master plan of humanity. There is nothing similar to the Bible’s story in these Government operations. Not even close to being a glorious ending. Welcome to a Reality Check.

            • when all Hell breaks loose even the Atheist cries out for his Maker… always does.

              • Yeah cry out for Evolution. I can guarantee after you die you will turn to dust, justlike every other creature on this planet has done for over 12 Billion years.

              • “There are no atheists in foxholes”. author unknown.

            • Obama had Labeled the new Ebola Vaccine with In God We Trust. And we all know how that turned out with the US Dollar now worth .02 cents.

          • Self quarantine is a great idea. Just get everything you need and sit in the house by yourself or with the chosen few friends and family. Do not go out if the house. Sit on the computer and give timelines and updates. Sounds like a reality show except it isn’t much different than how the morons here live. Fear everyone. Hate everyone and pretty much waste your life by being annoying as fuck.

          • I think the time is for anyone who plans to survive to get out of the city! Move to a rural place! Sell all of your crap, and find a little piece of land, and be self-sustaining, or at least try to be. If you must work, then find something that you can do, but not come in contact with too many other people. I moved to a very rural town 12 years ago. Saw the shit on the fan coming. My husband is a retired Marine, he convinced me of it.
            All we can do is pray that things will get better as soon as we get the idiot out of the Whitehouse!

        • @durango kidd…

          I’ve read the scripture…and I’d dare say as much, if not more than you have. And I can tell you that there is not another darn thing that needs to happen for this whole thing to go to hell in a hand basket real quick. Nothing.

          “Lots of time”? Based upon what?

          As I’ve said before, I believe the “pre-tribulation rapture” theory to be exactly that. A theory.

          And we may very well be in the opening stages of the tribulation already.

          • It can’t be The tribulation, we haven’t gone thru the 3 1/2 years of peace set up by the anti-christ that precedes the tribulation.

            • I have a dear Christian friend who says she is a “Pan-Tribber”. She says it will all pan out in the end.

            • @ Mark,

              you and barncat must go to the same indoctrinated church.

              The 42 months of peace set up by a flesh man antichrist, is a lie and a myth.

              The antichrist is none other than satan himself, posing as Christ returned, and looking for all his followers of his pre-trib rapture bs and; preaching peace and prosperity. he does come in peacefully and prosperously, but it does not last but for half of the “five months”; the length of his time, on earth, that it has been shortened to.

              I know you mean well, and so does barnkitty; but for heaven’s sake, don’t follow and propagate those myths. You will hurt those that depend upon you the most.

        • Oh We are safe now, Oboma appointed an Obola-Zar. Who btw/ has no medical experience of any kind, or understands infectious diseases. Good Job Brownie, “Hey did anybody pick up my dry cleaning?”

          Also the CDC gave themselves $25 Million dollars in bonuses raises. A good source for all this info is “Dabhoo77” on Y-Tube. Just click on this weeks videos for real time updates no BS media hype, all real info, exposing the lies of Government and Ebola.

        • To Christians: Grab your Bible and cram for the final as you will be some of the first to die and parish from the earth as you know it. Basing your main Prep based on a false faith and superstition will get you killed.

          The rest of us realists will continue to prep with confidence. I just picked up about 2+ more months of canned food today. Rewrote the expiration dates with a sharpie on the top of each can. Lots of it is good to 2017 and 2018. Canned Salmon is a great prep and good for 4+ years, Life is good. Let er’ Rip!!

          • What about when even your reason and all preps fail you…what about when you have no idea what to do and the tomb is about to fall on your head– then, you realize you ain’t so cool after all and you call out for help– to the One who has always been there, but you didn’t even know it til then because you had been so wrapped up in the world and your own little ego…

            • And when you call out for help from jebus and nobody answers you then you realize you spent your life praying to a hoax. What will you do. Besides Wake the funk up for the first time in your life, and use your more of your brain for a change, and try to figure out how to get out of the mess you got yourself into. Take your religious training wheels off your life and get living.

              • You don’t know what you are talking about whothunkit… I won’t divulge my personal life to you– its just that–personal. But I will say this, I know a million times more than your little limited mind could even think of conceiving…

                Like I said previously, just because you have not had spiritual experiences, it does not mean that others have not… it simply means you have not– because of your ego.. which will vanish when SHTF and you realize you are not the cool shit you think you are.

              • (Einstein, by the way, believed in God profoundly, and needless to say, he had a lot more brains than you do.)

                “He who knows and knows that he knows is wise; follow him.

                He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child; teach him.

                He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool… shun him

                Obviously, my mistake, WhoWuddaThunkit, was engaging with you, for you are a fool… close minded, egotistical and foolish.

                Bye! 😉

              • Green thumbs up Who.

          • And when you’re done with your bibles, please give them to me so I can add them to my supply of toilet paper and firewood.

        • Why do people who call themselves christains and who claim to be heaven bound fight so hard to stay on earth? I can only conclude they trully do not believe what they claim to believe.

          • @dazed and confused….

            Using your line of reasoning, Christians should just commit suicide I guess.

            You’ve chosen a good handle, for you are definitely dazed and confused.

      3. I’m locked and loaded with food, water, purification system and fire arms to protect my family and friends. Bring it on…..

        • Bring it on? You have not idea how bad its going to be.

      4. Ain’t it a dasiy

        • Something is a brewing. I’ve notice increased activity of military aircraft flying out of Ohare international. For example a convoy of Vtol airplanes left today, which is strange in itself because those military aircraft have no business using ohare…


          • We had an osprey? flying low over our little town….very low…we have a private airport for the little planes….weird….should I be worried?


            • Had two(osprey) fly over my house last week out of our little regional airport.

          • It may be nothing, but I saw a military helicopter fly overhead the other day. I noted it as unusual since it was olive drab and I couldn’t see any markings on it. There isn’t a military base for 30-40 miles and it was not flying in that general direction. I am accustomed to seeing Coast Guard aircraft in my area due to my proximity to the coast but I almost never see any other sort of aircraft of a military nature. I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled and see if this is a developing trend.

            • Winston, It is a fact that the Military Industrial Complex Mafia, is now arming municipalities with Blackhawk Helicopters. Miami area got a dozen Blackhawks. They are trying to move 23 Black Hawks to Tampa MacDill AFB bu 2016. Minneapolis may have gotten some, and they are trying to keep up their urban assault drills, in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa and various other cities. They want to fly in unusual patterns to get the population used to seeing them. Then on day they fly over and droops troops into the streets just like they did in Boston when they claims they were looking for 2 bombing terrorists suspects on the loose in their Martial Law false flag lock down. There were reports of Military helicopters dropping off troops in military fatigues and weapons. Another reason to have at least 6 months of food to hunker down.

              • Do you Really think that if that happens you will be able to HUNKER down? The feds will be knocking down your door, just as they did in Boston in about 5 seconds flat! Your best bet is to get somewhere in the country dummy! All of the people here on this board, wake up! If you are in the city, or even the suburbs, you will be dead! That sounds grisly But, how long do you think you will survive if it really does get that bad?,

      5. I prefer a sudden death Vs a gradual one. Bring it on NWO sub humans and let’s play hard ball.

        • How do I want to die ? – in battle !

      6. Tell the ones you love,well,you love em,the rest is just bullshit.Sobriety thru 3 friends funerals ect. done,my Pa died tonight,out of the blue,welcome Jack/Bud and a lot of Tull.The big picture though important,tis friends/families/pets is what matters.I have no idea where to start,made the calls ect. to friends and family.The Warchild has hidden car keys/locked down toys/and going for a drunk!See you all hopefully on the other side of this fiasco,perhaps the ball of wax will hold together a bit more,either way,see you on the other side it goes south,look for me and friends/family on Baker Street,take care,enjoy the weekend,and don’t forget the ones you love,and,let em know that.I luckily let me Pa know that this week and had good conversations/e-mails with him,gonna miss you Dad.

        • So sorry to hear of your loss Warchild. My father has been gone for over 20 years. I smile when I think of him. I wish the same!

          • I meant, I wish you the same.

            • Warchild;
              My thoughts and prayers are with you. Losing a parent is very difficult, my wife lost her mom and dad within 3 years of each other. It was a hard time for her as I’m sure it will be for you. Good luck to you.


        • Just simply get your shit together; a year or two of food, medical, security, energy, and be able to lock down and shelter and defend in place (or at your bug-out location if that is your plan). Get right with God, treat everyone fair and be wise and prudent in the day of your probation here on earth. What more can ya do?

          Don’t sweat it. Just get prepped.

        • I feel your pain….

          My father passed away almost 19 years ago… a week before his first grandchild was born, my son. Who will be coming home tomorrow from college. I look in his eyes and see him. Family… friends… our pet’s who love us with with devotion is why we live. I discovered the day my first son was born my purpose in life…. Haven’t lost that thought ever since….

        • Warchild, sorry about your Pa. That’s gotta hurt.
          Have a drink or 2 or 3. I always liked to hear Locomotive Breath and Skating Away on a Jethro Tull CD.
          Really liked listening to those tunes after a few drinks.
          At the beginning of Skating Away, it sounds like someone is mixing a drink. Loved the barrelhouse piano on Locomotive Breath.
          Minstrel of the Gallery was a masterpiece.
          None of my business, but be careful with mixing JD and beer.
          Again, sorry about your loss.

        • WD
          Well my friend I’m sorry to hear this. My Dad is bad shape now and I don’t know if he will make to the middle of next year.
          My Prayers are with you. There is one bright spot. He won’t have to live thru the hell that is coming to us in the near future.
          Again SORRY for you loss!

        • May God be near you through this night and keep you safe from harm. We miss them when they leave us.

        • I wish you well Warchild, my condolences for your loss.


        • Sad news, Warchild. I wish you well.

        • I’m sorry for your loss, WD.

        • WC D … Sorry to hear about your loss. If you find the need to talk, let me know. We can get in touch thru Mac. Go easy on Jack/Bud.

        • Sorry for your loss. I too am not drinking at the moment. Just want to say, drinking seems to me to be a lot more geared to the good times. Not the sad ones. Be careful and get through the next couple of weeks.

        • What kind of devil human downthumb’s a circumstance like this…… What an efFed up world we now live in…..

          • What kind? Fucking morons that run to meet KARMA.

        • Warchild, sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my mother 3 weeks ago to cancer. Keep the faith brother, God Bless….

          • ArmyVet

            I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. She is in a place that has nothing but joy now. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

        • Warchild, I’m so sorry. Valhalla has a new hero tonight.

        • WC, so sorry to hear that my man 🙁 I know how it is bro, I have lost all of my immediate family, parents grandparents and a sister. I sure hope your other family members are good people. My cousins etc. were like a bunch of fooking wolves when my mom died. I want this, I want that. and the fuckers were the first on the scene because my bro and I and sis lived in other states. Who knows how much shit those buzzards stole before we got there! Death of a loved one is bad enough but please watch out for other relatives. I love humanity, it’s people I hate! Good luck WC and all my best wishes to you 🙂

        • Lost my Dad in 2003. Lost my Mom shortly after. When I find myself thinking about the coming SHTF, I really, really wish my Dad was here. His knowledge would be worth so much right now.

          At least I know he’s still here, inside. What he taught me will help see me through. I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything.

          Sorry for your loss, WD.

        • My sincere condolences Warchild, may the Lord comfort you over your loss.

          GOD Bless!

          • @Warchild: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. It will be ‘tough’ for a time, but remember, “This too shall pass” and know that your Dad is now in a better place, and you WILL see him again one day. Take Care of yourself, CC

            • Howdy CC!

              Whew!!! Got the ‘Good news’ a bit ago, very glad to hear that your ‘local case’, wasn’t; I finally got some sleep! My thoughts are with you both, tell DH ‘Good Luck’ for me please. A few small details here before we are ‘live’ finally! Till later then Sweety!

              ‘FIUJ MLDI’

              • Hey Friend, wondered if you remembered to get back to the thread on the 13th…. I see GR left you a message too…

                Hope all is well with you and yours, thanx for thoughts for us…..BTW, were you referring to ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Talk’ by Joel W? 4got to get back to you the other day, but I did read up on him some time ago…..ttyl, CC

                • Hello Friend,

                  Apologies to all here, I have been a bit more busy than normal (Solar issues), but I will go back THERE forth-with. And yes, that is what I was – there – refering to!

                  As it happens that is something that I have developed a ‘verbose’ post on, one which I have decided to post here rather soon. IMHO, that is – by way of my own, personal life-experience – something of ‘extreme merit’ for everyone here, and elsewhere as well.

                  Again GLAD to hear the ‘good news’ Sweety…was VERY worried until you posted it through. Anywho, gone for now, be back later everyone…

                  Adios All

                  • Howdy CC,

                    …back again. Been THERE, done THAT. ‘Ich Habe, mein Freundin. So, Alles gut..und alles klaar.”

                    FWIW, as a genral statement and – as well – for future reference, my net capability is far more limited, mow – in bandwidth – relative to what previous I had, thus I am not easily able to keep up with things broadly since I have to wait so much longer than I used to for each ‘page’ to load; slows the whole thing down, rather tediously so. Ergo, I cannot broadly SEARCH through things as I did before. Capice? Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ sweety …and yes I – well – understand the constraints here ALL too well…in an ‘unshielded environment…’

                    By Monday then, both…Capice?

        • Hang in Warchild,peace be with you!

        • Warchild. Sorry to hear your news. You will be fine, live with a clear mind. At least he does not have to deal with the madness going on here anymore. Rest in peace. WWTI.

        • Warchild, please accept my deepest sympathies and condolences on the death of your father. My father died Feb 5, 2002 from lung cancer. What was and is the most painful part of it all was that the last time my dad was at my houe and the last time I was at his, were the arguements with him chewing me out cause again, I was not living the way he wanted, and was pissed off.
          Then, that last conversation we had before he died, (I am certain he knew beyond any doubt, he was going to die, soon, and nothing was going to chance that) gave me the biggest ass chewing out of my life time. He gave me the full verbal fury of his anger. This was his final good bye to me, telling me what a complete failure and worthless I was in his eyes.

          • NVB, I’m so sorry he did that to you…but don’t let it stick! I am sure you have qualities he might not have either seen or appreciated. Best blessings to you….

        • May god give you peace and strength. God does love you even though at this time, it may seem he doesn’t.

        • I am sorry for your loss.I know it hurts. I lost my mom last spring and it was a hard time losing her and she was my best friend. I can still hear her talking to me, and like your Pa, will always be a part of us.

        • So sorry for your loss War, your in my prayers!

        • Warchild, my condolences for your loss. I’ll pray for you.

        • My condolences warchild. My you find peace in this time. Tis not easy, even in cases where it is a blessing.

        • Warchild

          I never know what to say in a case like this. Your father is in a better place where there is no pain. Just joy.
          My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

        • I miss my Dad also; and my mom, and my brother and my spouse. All gone.

          • @ oldwhatshisname
            I am sorry for you, friend. Do you
            have anyone to be with you at

          • oldwhatshisname

            I do as well. My mom passed when I was 18. My dad when I was 23.
            They made me the person I am today. 28 years ago and I miss them both daily.

        • Sorry for your loss War Child. Take care of your family and STAY strong for them.

      7. I am wide awake, listening and watching. I don’t think it is time yet to “hunker down” but I will be keeping a very close eye on “things”. If you cut off the outside world too early, before tshtf, you will be using preps you might need later. Stay awake, stay alert, stay alive.

          • Storm is passing well south of the state, rain in some areas but scattered and nothing too heavy, winds are almost non existent at our location, radar does show heavy showers just offshore, storm has slowed and is still packing 80 mph gusts, will most likely keep on a west NW track and they expect a more NW turn after 48 hrs, can see rain on the mountain from my office window and clouds blowing up over the ridge so know there are winds blowing out of the SE, there is a possibility that the storm could stall and move closer to the islands, will depend on ridging to the N and what the low level is doing to the west,
            I was at the store yesterday, just a small local store up the road from our house, one guy was grumbling about how the county and state were too over reactive and should just not pay any attention to these storms because they never hit us and never will,,, ignorant, thats all I can say is ignorant, these are also the first people grumbling that the gov is too slow to help them out when something does happen,, I dont need ANY of them, gov or idiots, dont need em.

            • Kula, Yeah, CNN was showing a sunken sailboat. Even a Hurricane can whip up the winds and seas far from the eye. Some of these Hurricane here in FL are 200 to 300 Miles wide as the state is wide. So never hurts to take precautions. Stay up there in the high ground. Thanks for the Update.

      8. 572

        Little Johnny & April

        Little April was not the best student in Sunday school.
        Usually she slept through the class.

        One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, “Tell me, April, who created the universe?”

        When April didn’t stir, little Johnny, a boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. “GOD ALMIGHTY!” shouted April and the teacher said, “Very good” and April fell back asleep.

        A while later the teacher asked April, “Who is our Lord and Saviour,” But, April didn’t even stir from her slumber. Once again, Johnny came to the rescue and stuck her again. ‘JESUS CHRIST!” shouted April and the teacher said, “very good,” and April fell back to sleep.

        Then the teacher asked April a third question. “What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?” And again, Johnny jabbed her with the pin. This time April jumped up and shouted, “IF YOU STICK THAT F*****G THING IN ME ONE MORE TIME, I’LL BREAK IT IN HALF AND STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE!”

        The Teacher fainted.

        • Got to admit. It’s funny.

        • You are disgusting

          • Eisenturd, YOU are disgusting.

            • Grow up. Post about the issues and don’t waste space with your bullshit juvenile insults.

        • Old Guy, that was a damned good one.

      9. lysol sucks, try this instead. it works better and is healthier for your upper respiratory system / lungs.

        1. “open the packages outside with one time use disposable mask and gloves on.”

        2. “use a solution of 19 water and 1 bleach to thoroughly disinfect your just arrived individual goods outside your front door.”

        3. “then leave out in the sun for a full day or in your front bay window in direct sunlight for a day to disinfect with natural u.v. light.”

        this is my plan.

        1 800 u r f*cked

        • Microwave as Rawles suggests does nothing to virus or bacteria unless they are in a wet medium. It’s the heat that kills the bugs, not the radiation. i.e. soak the paper in water before you nuke it. Not practical for most mail.

          Want proof? Try nuking a fruit fly sometime. They don’t even seem to feel it. Not enough water (or fats) in their little bodies.

          Envelopes can be immersed in pure alcohol, (not drugstore isopropyl which is at least 10% water. It will make some kinds of ink run, but most of your bills and other important stuff are now laser printed, and will be unaffected.

          Packages are another story. External treatment with bleach or alcohol or vinegar should work, but immersion will likely mess up the contents. Me, if I go full lockdown, will not be ordering anything via UPS/FedEx or mail.

          • Also the fact that the type of radiation that comes from a microwave is just EM. Nothing like the process packaging plants use. Microwaves use a frequency that makes water molecules vibrate which in turn heats things up. It will do nothing to viruses outside of generating enough heat to kill them which won’t happen to a cardboard box.

            I don’t even know why people call it “nuking”. It’s so misleading.

            • Ignorance is why so many people call it nuking. I first heard the term from an a rich NYC “greenie” about 1979. Ignorant about everything, that woman was. Family money made it unnecessary for her to learn anything relevant to reality.

          • Too right you are TOC,

            The wavelength of microwave is an exact match to that of the average size of a molecle of water…amd so it ‘matches’ and energy is transferred by that match. Thus…NO WATER, no transfer, so no heating. Kudo’s TOC.

          • Getting your Mail Procedures: Best thing is to wear rubber gloves, and throw the junk mail in the trash, before you even bring the rest of the mail into the house. For important mail while still outside by the trash can, open up the envelope with your rubber gloves on, then take one glove off to take out the contents with the ungloved hand, and then throw both gloves and the outside envelopes off into the trash. Then just bring the inside contents of the important mail into the house.

            Oh Boy, James Rawles just lost all credibility. He claims to be a Prepper but then claims God will save him. lol You can’t have it both ways. If you believe in God, then you shouldn’t have to prep at all. God will save and provide for you just like EBT Cards. And then at the end of the video, he hacks his book for sale, End of the World fear mongering, so all this was was an info commercial hype up the fear, and Oh BTW buy my book. Its the same scam religious organizations do. Keep duping the Sheeple with fear, but if you donate and keep believing you will be saved. The insanity continues. Stop buying into the Hoax Sheeple.

            • You are showing your ignarance of the bible Thunkit. What about when Joseph stored up the grain and showed th people of Egypt how to grow and store grain for the hard times that were comming.
              Maybe you aren’t ignorant of the bible but are working for your father Satan as Jesus told the Jews.

              • Mark, Mother Nature warned me about you Babble Thumpers destroying the planet. Raping it for everything it is worth cause you all think you are the chosen species to dominate the beasts of burdens. Wrong. So I suppose Joseph was stocking up on GMO Monsanto Grain eh? Frankin-Seeds.

                • WWTI, you need to go and get a clue, because you certainly DON’T have one at this time.

        • Are you people for real! Sounds like the “Paranoid” that lives in Casper, has a lot of relatives. Heck last week we weren’t even going to buy guns and ammo, just pick it up off those we killed and now were afraid to touch our own door knob. Trekker Out. Green Thumb, Red Thumb, Please Put A Rubber On Them.

          • MT: Whether or not this ebola is false flag or real, the people will panic and that is what scares me….panicky people do stupid stuff…JMHO. It is so hard to find the truth anymore… Talking to the sheeple, they are starting to wake up and prep. Good thing, but I’m not sure they understand who their enemy is.


          • dude have you ever seen inside a usps post office backroom, ups/ fedex sort room or an amazon warehouse.

            i have all three. and most of their low slave waged seasonal workers are sweating and shedding skin cells / hair over your parcels as they sort.

            a lil’ paranoia and some bleach might just save you life one day.

            ;0p pssszzt

          • Actually you are giving me a bum rap Treck. I’m watching this but so far it dosen’t concern me much. We get 100 people a DAY killed in traffic. All I’ve done different’ is buy 1 gallon of bleach. don’t figure to do much more for a while. Just enjoying the incredible stupidity of DC in not managing to control the issue.

            • Para I was just more or less using your name. Yes everyone would be wise to use a little precaution, but I’m not going to start boiling my ammo before I use it, in fear of I might give some Zombie Obola. A box or 2 of latex gloves and a box of mask might be a good idea along with the bleach. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Already had gloves and some masks for other reasons, more worried about the price of Chocolate.

      10. If it gets worse, it would be the time to make a final run for anything you wanted to get but haven’t before a panic.

      11. I’m fully prepared for an economic collapse. Staying inside to avoid a pandemic isn’t much different.

        If ebola really starts to spread I’ll go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart only at 3 AM for as long as they remain open. There are foods I don’t want to give up until I have to.

        Now would be a good time to add to your stockpile of cash. Do that before the cash you get is contaminated with ebola viruses from infected people. You might even want to use exact currency and don’t even take coins in change for your own safety.

        • I’ll use credit card as long as it lasts, to avoid taking contaminated coin or paper from anybody.

        • I can boil the shit out of a handful of quarters, then soak them in pure bleach if I want to, then dry them off in a minute with a clean towel. A virus can’t hide down in the fibers of a dime…

          • Sixpack. What you buying with a Quarter? 10 Mins of parking? Honestly you are right, paper money will be the worst spread of disease and bacteria. I bet paper money is dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s one way to kill the economy. Paper money disease panic. One idiot pays for something in a store, then you go to the same store, and they give you change back from that sweaty pig, who had it in his damp pants crotch pocket for 3 days. Yuk. Don’t catch any cooters.

            • …I’ve got more than one quarter, WWTI.

        • I just had an 1170 lb. grass fed steer slaughtered and vacuume packed, total cost, $1881.00.
          At Whole Foods, 100 lbs. of grass fed hamburger meat and 25 lbs. of filet mignon would cost the same. At Whole food prices I figure I saved $8,000.00-$10,000.00 and I know there are no hormones and antibiotics in the meat.

          • OK Mark, I give you a thumbs up on that one. I love a good steak. As long as the butcher gives you back your meat and not switching it with somebody else’s. How would you know?

            Also with that much meat, if the grid goes down, how will you preserve that much meat in a freezer? You got a dehydrator or smoker at the ready? Think about it. Prepare. Beef Jerky?

          • Mark I get all of the grass fed elk and deer I want, with no hormones or antibiotics. As for beef, I’ll take mine corn fed. Trekker Out. I Don’t Eat Much Beef!

          • Mark we raise our own too! It’s fufilling to know what you’re putting up!

      12. Keeping my eyes open and stocking water, food, and ammo in that order. I don’t feel it’s time to self quarantine yet. When my gut says it’s time, I will. Bought more lysol and bleach today. Oh and vinegar, don’t underestimate the power of vinegar.

        • You have been watching too much TV. Self quarantine?

        • I keep at least 10 Cases of bottled water on hand and rotate it out. Each case is 32 bottles for less than $4 each per case. If the city water goes from bad to worse, I know I have at least 5-6 Months of daily fresh drinking water. I keep more purified RO water stored in other water bladders as well, etc. I only use strait city water for showers, RO water for cooking, drinking, etc.

      13. Sitting and watching.
        Just ordered a solar generator to power well pump and some essentials. Hope it gets here in time!
        Have been prepping for 5 years and moved to the country 2 yrs ago.
        Put your faith in Christ and enjoy the small things.
        We been hatching chicks and have the babies under a heat lamp in the living room with us, watching the Walking Dead dvd (season 4)which is new for us as we don’t have satellite tv only internet.
        Don’t get any better than this!!! Let it come…

      14. Zog Amerika / Isreahell No Fly Zone Syria Propaganda


        Zog Amerika C.I.A. is now teaching Islamic State ‘Al-c.i.a.-duh’ good terrorists to Fly Jets In Syria!


        * amerika and isreahell are now RIGHT THIS MINUTE creating their own proxy fanatic islamic muslim WAR state / ISLAMIC TERROR ARMY in the middle east to directly challenge THE BRICS , iran , syria and terrorize / manipulate the entire world, even zog amerika.

        ummmm … wtf?

        • Dutch Boobs and “NO SURRENDER” Bikers take the Anti-terror Fight to the C.I.A. / MOSSAD-jew / ISIS Islamic State (S2E27)

          Dutch bikers against ISIS Jews? The Mideast anti-terror war gets complicated. And nude protest don’t go with Islam – why FEMEN activists just don’t get this. Plus Albanians vs Serbs on a football pitch – not a great idea. The result was ugly, we look at why In the NOW.

          … more

        • IT’s really real this time, I’m not kidding! Islamic state terrorist midgets, posing as children, are coming across the border infected with all kinds of diseases like Ebola, SARS, smallpox, etc. (1) I got this from my (2) next-door neighbor’s (3)best friend’s (4)sister-in-law who is hairdresser that knows the (5)wife of a (6)DHS insider, and he said this is the real deal-this time for sure. If it’s six (6) degrees of separation, and this is, then it is REAL. We’re all really, really, really, really, really, really doomed this time, and I’m not kidding. But on the brighter side, I just saved 15% on my car insurance.

          • CAR INSURANCE??? I stopped paying that a long time ago!

      15. My group had a meeting today and we have decided to keep our eyes and ears open for now and if there is anything near us we are going to bug in. We have communications worked out to keep in touch.
        Going to make another med run on Monday. Also getting more bleach hydrogen peroxide, Pool Shock.
        The wife is going to pick up some more silver.

        • Sgt. How would you use the pool shock? Is it safe to for drinking water or personal care, laundry only? Thanks!

          • Karen ,,, Here’s source for water info that KY Mom identified in the last thread. It’s kind of long, but very comprehensive. It gets into how to purify water by various methods about half way down the page. If you’re new to prepping (don’t recall seeing you post before), you will benefit from reading the whole thing.

            ht tp://

            (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

            • Thank you! I’ve been here for several months, and have passed a lot of the great info on to family. You are correct that it’s the first time I’ve joined in. Thanks again for the link!

              • Pool shock WITHOUT Algeacide !

                • Pool Shock is algaecide, i.e., it kills algae.

              • KarenPM, welcome aboard, and we’ll be happy to answer any preparedness questions you have.

                • Thank you all! Got the Pool Shock ordered from Amazon and the recipe printed off twice, one for my water binder the other to be kept with PS and 2L bottle.

                  I am watching all of this and think I have determined what events will warrant my self quarantine. My group includes 3 small children, 3 asthmatics and a patriarch with cancer. All of these issues add to my weariness in deciding when to close the door.

                  Good luck to you all. May the Lord be with each of us as we “endure all things”!

                  • Karen

                    I am sorry about the troubles in your group. It shows how strong a person you are. A group is lucky to have you in it.

          • I got this off here last year(can’t remember who shared)
            Pool shock recipe

            1 $4 bag of CH will purify 10,000 gallons of sick water.
            Directions are easy:
            1 to 2, then 2 to 1..easy to remember.
            Add 1 level tsp of CH to a 2 liter of clean water to make the solution.
            Then add 2 tsp of that solution to a 1 gallon of dirty water to purify it.
            1 to 2, then 2 to 1.
            Preparation: Keep the 2 liter, the gallon jug, the tsp in a canvas bag always ready for use(with directions written on the plastic jug).
            Only prepare a 2 liter amt of solution at one time–it has a shelf life like bleach when diluted.

            • Thanks….didn’t see your post when I posted…


            • N.V and L
              Thanks for answering the ?
              Working at P.D. 3-11 Fri short turn around back at 0700.. 0550 now just reading thing before I go back to work.
              Again thanks

            • Thank You!!!

          • Ya, me too….going to get pool shock but I’m not sure how to use it…


      16. I am about the same, as many of us have prepared in advance for this sort of thing. Eyes wide open….

      17. So, I take it that the ‘Elitists’ are safely tucked away in their underground cities? It won’t do them any good.

        • @ David TLS

          The Elitists will be perfectly safe. After all, manpower capable of carrying a gallon can of gas and a cig lighter is woefully scarce. And vision good enough to spot those air vents is a rare commodity.

          Whoosh … crispy critters.

          • WendyLou – Yep classic from the Dirty Dozen movie.

      18. My family and I are just watching and waiting. We live in Texas. Our eyes and ears are open and taking in all info. Don’t plan on hunkering down unless it gets a little too close for comfort. Sadly, I’m afraid a lot of incidents are going to happen at one time to make it all go to hell in a hand basket. Prepare for the worst and hope and pray for the best. Keep up the prepping and watch and listen…..

        • Looks like I’ll be booking a cruise with Carnival this time, they’ve got to have the cleanest ship ever after this non-event. Buffet here I come!!!

          • Cruise ships are Cattle Boats loaded down with Fat Buffet Slobs grabbing with dirty hands at the buffet table, spreading salmonella poisoning and why so many cruise ships are contaminated, and most every body catches the bug. Then with no escape you are forced to ride the infected ship till they can find a port that will take them. Cruise Ships are Death Traps. Carnival is one of the worst. Enjoy your trip. Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

            • Anon7 – I just believed everything you said, cause I slept in a Holiday in last night. Now its my turn to fly the plane. Watch this drive!!

      19. Read an article in money magazine in which they try to convince you that you don’t need frequent screening for cancers. This is the beginning of a brainwashing campaign to acclimate people to socialised health care.

        • ACID- I have noticed the same trend.
          There are alot of advertisements/ stories etc. on careing for old folks at home , seems a big push to have granpa just wither away in a back bedroom.

          I think you are spot on about acclimateing people to socialised medicine.

        • Acid Etch: I’ve read some rather stupid things on this site, but I must say your bit of illogic has to be at the top of that list, and could win you the “Dumb-Ass of the Year” award. I costs far more to treat a cancer patient in the advanced stages than to detected and treat it in it early on. Tell me, are you another one of those American’s who believes that a high school education is challenging enough and then goes off into some service/manual labor job? While there is nothing wrong with that per se, you should leave the real thinking to those of us with actual educations, since higher order reasoning doesn’t really suit you. You may now unclog that toilet, or whatever it is you do.

          • Professor, if you were so highly educated you wouldn’t have misunderstood Acid’s post. He was saying that the article was trying to convince people they didn’t need screening. He didn’t agree with the article.
            No wonder our kids are comming out of colleges dumb as posts with professors like you.

            And I can’t believe I’m defending Acid Ass!

            • Mark I feel your pain. Never thought I would see a post like yours ever. lol

          • Professor Higgins, unfortunately I gave you a down vote before I finished reading your comment. But it seems that You, Ass’ed Itch and WhoWouldaThunkIt would make a perfect Trio for a circle jerk. And by the way, the next time your sewer is backed up, who you gonna call? Ass’ed Itch or some guy with a PHD. Trekker Out.

            • Mark and MT, I almost fell out of my chair reading Higgins’ post attacking eisenturd. A TROLL ATTACKING ANOTHER TROLL; IMAGINE THAT! I won’t defend either one of them. This is a new one for me. I’m LMAO; trolls attacking other trolls!

              • It’s called a cannibal troll. You don’t think you’re a troll BH?

                • Eisenturd, I know damned well that I’m not a troll, period. Only Obama supporters are trolls. I’m not a f#$%ing Obama supporter, you stupid mofo. I have intelligence and common sense just like the rest of the good people here at this site. We all have a number of things in common. We all love this country, we believe in freedom, we against Obama and all of the other scum that are ruining our nation, we are all prepping to try to survive the hell on earth that’s coming to this land, we all come here to get good information on prepping and exchange ideas to give each other the best chance of survival. I love to come here for this purpose. This site is my online home and it gets to me when you and other trolls come on here to try and spoil it. When I see a troll attacking another troll I’ll sit back and laugh. But when you start attacking the good people on here you bet your stupid ass I will take you on. Trolls don’t scare me one bit.

              • It’s called a cannibal troll. You don’t think you’re a troll BH?

      20. The word is in Africa about 4500 people have died from Ebola.

        Now there are orders for people not to travel, and to stay at home. Turns out migrant workers are not getting to African farms and crops are starting to rot in the fields. Food is not getting to market, and people who do go out looking for food risk Ebola infection.

        Conditions are getting desperate in Africa, they are projecting that while Ebola may kill thousands, hunger could kill a quarter of a million.

        Get your preps in order, it may not be Ebola, it could be something else right around the corner.

          • I said they EXPECT a quarter million to starve due to disruptions in the food supply. Don’t look to bury the living.

            They are desperate for food, and many WILL die.

            That said Africa has a 2 billion population and a quarter million is only .0125%. Still it is a lot of wasted life, but it will likely not be that visible.

            We do need to try to stop Ebola, as long as Africa exists as a natural reservoir for the disease we risk constant outbreaks in the US and elsewhere in the world.

            I’d love to see all the people that survive Ebola gathered up and trained as Ebola medical specialists, now that they are immune. They should be well paid, which is one thing Obama’s good at, taking our money to give away!

            My discussion about African starvation was really intended to motivate Americans to prepare themselves. There are many things people can do, but having a supply of food that will get them through an extended pandemic, or any other interruption to our food supply is a number one priority!

        • These are unsustainable countries, period. They have experienced – as has most of Africa – very high birth rates but without any improvement in how they are governed or in the infrastructure. This is a recipe for epidemics. The idea that you can stop this by just sending over some troops and aid workers, is misguided. These countries need root and branch transformation to reduce the risk of epidemics.

          The military will not be able to contain this because the military cannot build entire new cities for these people with flush toilets and clean water. If Western aid workers start getting Ebola, this will slow down the response further. At some point they will just have to contain and burn it out. Even the idea of vaccinating everyone would probably spread Ebola as much as prevent Ebola.

          • Military is going there and plans to build hospitals for 17,000 beds… only thing is, by the time they are built, there will be 60,000 more patients… its growing exponentially faster… read “raconteur report” website.

        • Under Executive Order Pres Barack Ebola declares Fridays, “Kiss and Hug a Nurse Day.” Have no fear He kissed a few nurses when MooShell wasn’t looking, smiled and said see…

      21. Just saw a Viagra commercial featuring a bunch of fishermen on a boat. It made my Winkie tingle but it is to brainwash your family to the gay agenda.

        • Why did the gay commercial make your John Thomas tingle?

        • Who cares?

      22. In my opinion james rawles is a bit overrated. How about you don’t get your shit through the mail? How about we stop calling a food supply a “larder”. It sounds ridiculous. I’ve read the mans books and I’ve read his articles and the only thing
        I’ve learned is the man thinks prepping is nothing but a rich mans game. What if someone can’t afford a 2nd home far away that is fully stocked? Hell what if they can barely afford the place they’re in now? Are they just supposed to die? Things must be great on your ranch james, but for the rest of us who are dirt poor things are a little more complicated. So go on and donate your food and feed your neighbors when the Shit hits the fan Mr rawles, and see how far it gets you. In the meantime anyone reading this should try to be a little less “rawlesian” because it’ll probably get you killed.

        • Sometimes I wish there was a ratings system for articles along the lines of “R” for rich, “P” for poor, and “E” for everybody. But…there is usually information that’s useful in the “R” articles even if you are a “P” like me. So I just grin and bear it.

        • Evidently you don’t know the definition of larder. It is a pantry or a supply of food according to the dictionary. Some people were raised using the term pantry, and others using the term larder. It only sounds ridiculous if you have a limited vocabulary.

          • I do know the definition of a “larder” it just sounds idiotic. That’s the truth. Vocabulary has nothing to do with it. Maybe if people who say “larder” had a more extensive vocabulary then they wouldn’t sound ridiculous.

            • How does a perfectly good word sound idiotic?

        • On the subject of Mail. So what percentage of your mail is Pre-Election Political BS add slicks showing some politician with his family dog, of a Prop dog, Mean while he steals from all of us on a daily basis.


        • He—– Rawles is a LITTLE more than over reated.

          He is a profiteer of fear, and probably lives ina multi million dollar house in the middle of a city somewhere. Like Beverly hills.

          A little bit ago he was advertising for a worker to do work fomr home and it paid 60k….. how much ya think he’s amkin to be able to pay that/ He’s making it off fear, and a lot of times bad information. Like Microwave your mail to kill a virus? Is he fucking insane or just plain fucking stupid?

          Id say a little of both, but mostly stupid on topics other than how to make tons of money off morons.

          And as soon as they mention “Daist Luther” and Macs wife “Tess Pennington” as “authorities” on this….. well…what the fuck more do I have ot say? Daist was one who stored wet firewood in the house……. right next to the woodstove.

          It’s all about the money, people.

          • Well, Rich98, I agree that Rawles is making a living from fear mongering…there are a LOT of sites doing this…including this one. More power to them all. I think it’s called capitalism.

            I know you can filter out the BS, but I don’t think busting on those who are inexperienced in backwoods living is fair. It’s a learning experience.

            Where would you store wet firewood?

            I would keep it by the woodstove too, since that is where it would likely dry out the best and be ready to burn. I have done that myself and I have heated with wood for forty years.

      23. It makes sense not to travel just now. Think the cruise ship passengers where expecting this eventuality? shtf doesnt care if youre ready or not. At the moment I’m staying in a city that I flew to for work for a few days. Walking around in the city and observing people underscores how dead all these city people would be if the pandemic hit. I sense not many preppers here. You cannot and should not be able to tell a prepper by the look, but its just the feeling I get. I’ve always said you can be a prepper and live in the city like i used to, but this pandemic scenario makes me think twice. I have a Bol in sparsely populated hick town, and I am glad for it.

        • i can usaully tell after about 30 min talking to someone if they are a prepper or at least a concerned person knowing that somthing is out of wack ,problem is i never persue the situation ,i prefer to just give the apperence of a sheep

        • AE ,
          Watch your six at ( OPSEC )
          hope you get off this detail blogging as OPFOR i know you really dont like it or agree with it , get civil most of us here are not wackos a lot of us are FEDGOV , we do not trust the current regime like you know the amount of official word thru the usual ABC ( FAA TSA DHS) agencies on Ebola is astounding! Watch you contact points when flying I feel. For you man, it sucks to have a job Flying as a safety wingman at this time . I got a really good idea where you work , I woke up about 2 years ago and started joining in here , the more we give information To others the more it will help them survive , don’t feed the beast follow your conscience in the end that will be all that matters. You will know when the time comes to get to your BOL hopefully you will not be on duty and airborne thousands of miles away when it happens. Main thing is FAMILY , FRIENDs are what matters in the end , time is growing short see my post above , things are all not the well in FEDGOV land. Things may resemble “The Walking Dead ” soon if things are not contained.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Acid- There is a Carnival Cruise ship right now, with a suspected Ebola Pt on board, and they are forcing it into Galveston Tx Port for cleaning.

        • Acid

          People in hick towns have knowledge on how to survive off the land. It has been passed down from generation to generation. It has slowly been forgotten by the youngest generations. Not all but most. Hick towns are where to be because of the knowledge the older generation and because of the closeness of the community.

      24. How the fuck are people quarantined on a cruise ship? How do they get food and water? Did somebody braze the air ducks closed to their cabin and install a hepa filter? Nothing to panic over folks…the HNIC got this…

      25. “putting your mail in the microwave to ensure decontamination” Hahahaha and Bahahahahahawawaha

      26. Just a couple Q’s here… Checking my preps to see what I can get with the funds I have left. I have 8 gallons of bleach, but I never noticed until today that they are different. Some are concentrated, some not, some are specifically for “extra” germs. What is the exact make-up and percentages of chemicals in the bleach used to treat water? I gather concentrated cannot be used? Also what’s the diff in the regular bleach and the really expensive germicidal ultra bleach? Can both kill Ebola? If anyone can give me input here these are items I am lacking in preps…walkie talkies, essential oils (but have meds stored), cash (have 2.5 oz of silver is all), and fuel (as I have no place safe to store we live in mobile home community)(I do have propane though for stove). With a budget of $100 this month, what would you get? Any assistance would be appreciated. Also for the record this hits IA, SD, or the people infected in our country reaches 10 at the same time, and I am reverse quarantining my family whether my husband thinks I’m a freak or not. I get ridiculed for providing hand sanitizer to my daughters classroom. They don’t wash their hands before lunch and and I get laughed at. Of course I will pull them out of school, duh.

        • I would recommend Tess Pennington’s readynutrition dot com. She has some great pandemic prepardedness info.

        • NF77: I believe you will want to check the %% of sodium hypochlorite to determine what concentration you have.I would think it is the concentration of the active ingredient that you need, but not sure if, say 15% will kill more germs than, say, 8%. Should be on the back label. But best, simply go to and you should be able to get answers there. Check out Dr. Joe Alton, MDs, site, Doom and Bloom (just google it) – he is a well rounded survivalist doctor, and will address some of these questions. Finally, do NOT forget that Chlorox says after 6 months bleach will start to lose it effectiveness, so you need to use more and at one year I think they say throw it out (degrades to salt and a few other innocuous things, so no worries there). Lysol might also be good to look at. Dr. Alton suggests getting fish antibiotics as part of prep – exact same pill as human stuff. As you know, antibiotics are 100% useless against viruses, so this would be for other things than Ebola or that EV68 virus Obama’s illegal immigrants brought up this year (I had the virus, and coughed for over a month). You are also wise to get silver. Buy “junk” silver (pre-1965 coins) – recognizable, cheap and right now the fascist leftists have driven gold and silver down again in price, so good time to buy. Remember that a silver quarter would buy just under a gallon of gas in the 1960s – and will STILL do the same today. Don’t forget to spend a moment in God’s Word each day as part of your preps. I listen to WMBI or WYLL online for spiritual support.

          Mostly you will need: a way to heat and cook, water, food (start with beans, rice, wheat), sanitation (maybe a portapotty – I also have some 2x4s and Check out sites like or similar. I can provide more, if you email me at my “junk” email address [email protected]. Put CONTACTING YOU FROM SHTFPLAN as subject, so I see it. I don’t check it often, but when I do I will respond. I just use this address to get junk email at, so I’m not too worried about posting it publicly

          Just my thoughts.

        • Cheap 2 burner rocket stove made out of concrete blocks;

          ht tps://

          Bleach loses its; power with age. Best to store some pool shock powder. Will last a long time when in powder form. Mix it up as needed.

          • I would have bought pool shock but got really confused about the percentages of chemicals in it. I couldn’t tell which was the plain because they all have a percent of other ingredients. A name brand and %age would be helpful.

        • just remember NOT to use the scented bleach for treating drinking water.

        • I would not stock up too much bleach, as it starts to diminish its effectiveness over time. Check for an expiation date. And just keep rotating them out. BTW 6% of sodium hypochlorite is the best concentration for water purification, and get clear, colorless and odorless household bleach.

        • Night fury or whoever else that reads 😉
          I would get blankets for winter at any goodwill or whatever u have up there
          Cheapest possible
          I just bought a shelf to be able to see what food I have. Turns out I
          Don’t have as much as I thought I did.
          I found bleach tablets at w/mart for 4 or 5$, maybe by the toilet cleaning
          Supplies. They are in a bottle like vitamins. 1 (pill) will
          Make 1 gallon of bleach. I figured I could clean with it if not
          Purify water. To small to read at the time.
          I found a 12 volt blanket at truck stop that uses very little (volts I think)
          No not volts but I can plug into my inverter. Sorry so long

          • Thanks for the input! I have every prep except cash, walkie talkies, gasoline, pool shock, and essential oils. Everything else I have will get me through a year with 7 people. I think I’m gonna go with the walkies. Give one to my neighbors for added security in case of creepers. The bleach I have will work and bought extra tabs, iodine, and extra filters for water. @anonymous I found the the bleach tabs are only for cleaning water please don’t try to drink it it has a lot of other chemicals in it. At least the ones in my laundry room do…

      27. Did you ever think that your islab is machined to intentionally fail after a few years so you have to get another one? Can’t get quality these days.

      28. Just bought a Kendal UV Disinfection Sanitizing Scanner Wand. Dr. Joe Alton, MD, of the prepper medical site Doom and Bloom thought it would be a good idea. Just a thought for those of you preparing.

        My suspicion is that this one will not go “viral,” so this is not the “big one.” Note that Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, etc etc ALL CONTAINED OR PREVENTED AN OUTBREAK. Now, isn’t this interesting. Nigeria is RIGHT next door, has 170mm people or so, horrible infrastructure, etc., and yet very few cases after Patrick Sawyer flew in. Why? The proven methodology of QUARANTINE. However, we can’t do that here, because that might prevent Obungler’s precious illegal immigrant line jumpers from coming across to create bigger free lunch socialist army. Thankfully, tho, we are now saved with his new Obola Czar – y’know, the guy who has ZERO healthcare experience, and was part of the 2008 mortgage implosion. Only Obungler could be THAT utterly incompetent.

        • I wonder… I have an ionic breeze with the UV light, I wonder if that would also help (if it were to go mutate airborne that is).

        • Nigeria has some incredibly highly educated doctors and researchers, plus politicians, that know when to get the fook out the way and let the experts run the show.

          That’s the real danger facing the West – wrong headed leadership, not the pathogen itself which is deadly but fully containable given our extensive resources and a lick of common sense. Our own leaders and government workers can’t get their noses out of the trough for long enough to pull an operation like this off.

          Here’s how you prevent a tragedy – old fashioned hard work – something unheard of in government circles nowadays.
          ht tp://
          Old school common sense, a willingness of the community to cooperate (in Nigeria medicine is not politicised) and lots, and lots of legwork. Honesty from the community about where they went, who they saw and workers prepared to walk miles each day. Education about the known risks as opposed to spin creates trust in a community with reason to be scared.

          Gruntwork and common sense together with making the most of the resources you have my elderly mother would call it. I don’t see any evidence as yet of Western nations working with this degree of cooperation in relation to reported cases. By the time they work out that some shit can’t be “covered up & spun by the PR guy” it’ll be too late.

          My elder sister lives in Nigeria with her 8 children – think I’m not following that country’s progress closely?

          The only thing I can think of that would be worse is if India joins the party. Parts of India truly are cess pits of humanity & the corruption & caste system there will not help quarantine measures. Sadly this seems to be only a matter of time now
          ht tp://

          (please remove the space between ht tp in the links provided).

          • It’s interesting too to note that the ONE case that got loose from Lagos was a diplomat who turned up his nose at the austere isolation unit he was placed in (not luxurious enough for him) and fled to private facilities in Port Harcot.

            He survived but the Port Harcot doctor who treated him died and he caused a secondary cluster of cases to form – bringing Nigeria’s total to 20. Expect this to be typical behavior of the elite in the West too. A properly run hospital isolation ward, by necessity will not have mini-bars and feather duvets.

            If it comes to your town DO NOT TRUST the local elite and DO NOT accept their bribes! According to my sister this lesson has been noted, learned and appropriate action will be taken in future outbreaks when dealing with infected members of the elite!

            I am so proud of Nigeria – when SHTF Nigerians know when to stop posing and posturing and none are afraid of hard work. Even the western funded organisation of satanic monsters Boko Haram has declared a truce as they know that with a case of Marberg having been identified in the country this is no time for complacency or outside influenced stupidity.

            Nigerians will survive this plague and come out the other side mostly intact,even if individuals are lost & there is suffering along the way – I am not so sure about the West.

          • “wrong headed leadership, not the pathogen ”

            Aint that the straight hard truth!

            • It’s time to stop being hypnotised by all that glitters and to get down to the nitty gritty. Bread and circuses can only last so long, and our elite are nothing but jumped up parasites despite all their clever games. It’s time to cut the apron strings.

              Some have asked if Ebola is just an elaborate hoax. I though that one through and came to an unsettling conclusion.

              The masses are beginning to awaken from their slumber globally. One too many badly implemented false flags means the curtain of control is slipping. Part of me wonders if the release of Ebola into Western Populations is deliberate – a population terrified by a fearsome disease is less likely to form protest mobs or lynch gangs or get out the guillotines. It’s a clever way of avoiding a traditional mass revolution by the ruling elite perhaps?

              • Lonelonemum, I agree with your analysis in both of your posts. I suspect another botched false-flag; however, persistent efforts by TPTB on my side of “the pond” to make it work. I suspect the NWO elitists are truly getting desperate.

          • Well, thankfully, LLM, we have a great solution here… Obungler’s new Obola Czar. This guy was part of the 2008 mortgage crisis, has ZERO medical experience, and was also part of the Solyndra scam. Just perfect for Obungler and the Ebola crisis, no?

            • It’s no better here in the UK. We are officially ruled by characters that were they to be placed in a kiddy cartoon would be edited out as unrealistically stupid.

          • I have regular e-mail from a Nigerian Princess. She’s gonna send me 2 million dollars that I’m putting in the bank for her. After I do she’ll be coming to the USA to live happily ever after!

      29. Eppe…i’m just curious….why do you let this utter moron Whowuddathunkit get to you? Who gives a fuck if he doesnt like your jokes? The way you respond to everything he posts makes you look like a mental midget. All you gotta do is red thumb his silly ass and move on. Why waste your time replying to a nutcase that pretends to be your fucking dog or snail or what the fuck ever. I personally like your jokes and want you to stay. Don’t let this buttplug Whowuddathunkit run you off. Don’t worry…i’m going to be fucking him up good from now on….

        • I have personally seen his homosexual acts. Just disgusting. He is not all there. He has a tiny little pee pee too.

        • Makes one ponder how reliable the stability of many of the preppers minds are, here, i.e. we’re talking specifically those addicted to this site. If they are so emotionally attached, and charged, to their words, that they can’t handle certain kinds of feedback (when the odds are, it’s going to eventually occur when they post on a daily basis, ad nauseam, in this impersonal, two dimensional, make-believe world) then what’s going to happen to them when the heat is REALLY turned up in their neighborhood, out on the streets, from low, which it’s at now, to EXTREMELY HOT?

          I would suggest saving ones energy for that rather than trying to “fuck-him-up-good” someone on this site. It’s attitudes like that that will die first, along with the attached body, when life gets downright medieval in ones personally intimate surroundings.

          • I didn’t mean to get under your skin Wiaf. Gee whiz, I’m really sorry. Would you accept my apology?

            Now don’t take this personally, I know you’re a sensitive guy (or gal) but you wouldn’t be, by chance, the one who’s actually giving eppe the bad time now, would you? I mean, it kind’a makes sense, when one analyzes your rather “articulate verbiage” and compares it to the posts by the said harasser of eppe. And the various alias’ that you and he/she post under. I mean, in a weird and strangely perverted way, it would be very possible for someone like you, to hide under various identities, which you seem to be doing anyway, being his “friend” on one hand, and then, turning to your dark side and spewing out the opposite.

            I’m probably wrong, but, one never knows. Something to contemplate. Cheers!

            PS When the SHTF I’ll make sure I stay away from your neighbor”hood”. So no worries.

            • Go back to the hellhole known as Europe you Eurotrash scum…no real American wants to hear anything out of the piehole of a Euro-trash douche like you. You think myself and whowuddathunkit have the same style? Seriously? Columbo you are NOT sir. Of course Columbo is an American which you…are not.

              P.S. If you came to my all white gated community you would get tarred and feathered…we dont like Eurotrash here.

              • Invasive species like you infect sites like this, hiding behind multiple aliases, spewing your convoluted gibberish filled with non sequitar vulgar rants, looking for attention for little regard for what you leave in your wake.

                Distorted and demented minds like yours is the reason why the quality of life in America is teetering on the brink. You are the Gareths of this entropic world. When the great phase transition of the 21’st century arrives your ego types will be the first go because you’ve got it coming. Sad but true.

                • You mean an invasive species such as yourself you Eurotrah buck toothed pussy? I bet you look and sound like Piers Morgans wimpy British carcass. I read your silly post above and pretended it was
                  piers Morgan saying it. I damn near pissed myself laughing. The day I actually begin to care what a ” person from everseas” like you has to say is the day I’ll hang it up for good there you fish and chips wacky fuck. You and the rest of the redcoats need to be sent back to Eurotrash land right along with that pathetic whimp Pires Morgan ( I bet he’s your cousin ) God I loved Alex Jones going ape shit on your redcoat cousin Pires Morgans butt.
                  Anyway ….keep em coming there pal…I love busting up empty shells like you…

                • * eurotrash* overseas*…..sorry about the typos you redcoat fucker

                • I always feel truly sorry for someone who was physically, emotionally, mentally abused as a child (probably mentally and physically and possibly even sexually in your case). My heart goes out to you, “whoever you are”. Your anger, rage and denial just ooze off your posts. It’s always sad to see humans that have been abused and neglected, even in this two dimensional world of the internet. Good luck, really. I hope you can find peace without resorting to Rx drugs.

        • Eppe, steel your resolve.

          Just a troll trying to hurt our number 1 morale officer.

          You are outstanding bud.

          Carry on!

          Scout out.

        • LOL, Thanks I actually laughed. Hey at least your rant is original and not cut and paste. lol Imitation is the greatest from of admiration and flattery. Thanks. WWTI Keep Trucking. Seriously you are right, if you can’t even take some simple banter here on a website, and you get your feathers all ruffled cry and run off like a sissy, how the hell are you going to last during any SHTF Situation? Lets see if you even have the balls to even stick up for yourself on a written blog site. Sheesh!! Women don’t like shrimpy wimpy peons, they want a real man who can kick ass, either physically or verbally and protect them. The Real WWTI. Cheers!!

          • :>) glad you liked it…now leave Eppe alone and enjoy his jokes like the ret of us do.

            • *rest

              • Nice Try eppe, You just show your true colors. Behind your cut n past stolen jokes is an evil doer.

                • WhoWuddaSuckedIt:
                  Have you not realized that there are others out there who know you are a loser piece of shit, that was not me, but you are such a stupid fuckwad, well what can I say. And they HATE you, which is the sentiment of many here, are you too stupid to see no one wants you here? Why don’t you just die? I am tolerant of your bullshit, who would like a joke? Or is the god of the internet gonna bash me for a copyright?

                  • Hey eppe, do you also steal MACS work and try to call it your own? Here is Mac’s Rules. Obey the Rules:

                    Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with “full attribution to the author and a link to” Please contact us for “permission” to reproduce this content in other media formats.

                    Is it really this hard eppe for you to follow these simple rules of respect to the original author?

      30. Just watched an awesome book and movie called the killer inside me from the 50s. Steven king called it the best narrative of a sociopathic mind that he ever read.

        • Acid, Watch Steven King’ Movie Cujo. That is what it will be like during SHTF when pet dogs turn feral and go out on the lose in packs killing anything that moves.

          Here is a 2 minute clip> Stephen King’s Cujo (1983) Cujo Attacks!

          • Eisenturd and WWTI are both trolls.

        • Picked up some pointers, did you ?

        • Acid: Biography?


      31. It is only with the help of the good lord that we can and will win this fight. It is the most important thing in life.

        I to believe that this will get worse from here. Have posted several times and said so.

        I am going to play devils advocate for a minute though.
        Lets say that the threat from Ebola is not as great as we think it is. Just for the sake of discussion. I have asked several questions about why it is being handled the way it is.

        1 – Why are we not banning air travel.
        2 – Why are we bringing infected individuals here.
        3 – Why are we sending our soldiers there.
        4 – We ban our own healthcare workers from travel but will not ban people from infected countries coming here.

        I have said that I thought it was because they wanted this to cover for the economic crash. I have said it does not make sense.

        Well one more thing. If for the sake of discussion they want panic. What could they accomplish other than covering for the economic crash?

        Everyone I believe should think of one more thing. They have used every crisis to take away more and more of our freedoms. Think of the freedom’s we have lost since 9 -11. Did they not say never let a good crisis go to waste? How much freedom will they take away in the name of preventing Ebola? Obama has already signed an executive order allowing the government to detain individuals who just show signs of reparatory illness. They have the power to quarantine entire cities.

        Just some things that should provoke thought in us all. I do believe there is a major threat from Ebola. If there is not then we still may be at the moment of truth. The moment we have all prepped for. Martial law could be declared in the name of Ebola.

        Hope you are all safe and having a wonderful day.

        Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        • I think our politicians are that cynical and that devious. They will use anything that comes up – Muslim crazies, Ebola, bird flu, kids jerking off too much, whatever – to then launch an all-hands-on-deck campaign to divert funds to this calamity. But they know that nobody ever follows up on where the money goes or where it went. And that is where the politicians come to their best: that is when they start trousering the money for themselves and their friends. Take a look at the property investments of politicians post-crisis: you will notice they always get a bigger house, or buy more property. How do they do that when receiving a set salary?

          As for prepping on a personal level, I recommend flexibility, not hunkering down with a giant cache of tinned beans. You need to be able to move to where there isn’t crisis, or where the government is better. Think about it: what makes more sense, hiding in your clapboard house in Detroit while all hell breaks loose outside with your gun and your beans, or, wisely saying “f#ck Detroit!!” and moving to, say, Zurich, Switzerland where things work very well?

          • If ebola gets a good hold here, we might find ourselves being refused entry into any sane country, just like africans.

            • As a country systematically fails, its citizens become subject to greater border controls and checks. Having a British passport used to be the gold standard and came with unfettered access anywhere in the world. And then, in the 2000s, the ballooning Muslim population in the UK got involved in planning, funding and executing acts of terror all around the world. Now, British citizens are subject to more checks and suspicions because the passport has been damaged by these individuals.

              When your country begins to fail, everyone pays a price for it. If it continues, you end up with third-world status. This means waiting in a long queue at the border control, body checks, health checks, extra visas and fees, letters from embassies to visit anywhere, proof you have money, invitation letters, etc. In short, it makes travel hell and you will begin to question if it is such a benefit to let certain people live in your country.

          • Talking about Snail Mail, there is No Eboli on my mail.

            That’s a joke did you get it, Thought it all on my own.

      32. This is a fantastic website with lots of interesting information for new and seasoned preppers. Why not let up on some of the off topic comments & replys (with the foul language, etc.) and just offer/give advaice on what can help others with the coming crisis – whatever it may be. Remeber, Jesus said there would be famines, pestilences and earthquakes (and potentially strong hurricanes) before the end. So don’t be too surprised about what’s happening right now.

        • Phil, Exactly, good points. This site first drew my attention, since as clever as MAC is, lets this forum board operate on a True Democracy, allowing everybody to say what they want in a raw uncut,let it fly fashion, down and dirty. Good or Bad. And then the other viewing, get to vote up or down.

          Lets just say for a moment, if all the people on this site that post here, are the last remaining survivors on the earth. Who would survive, not only survive from each other, but for the good of the whole community, would posters here change their tune, and for most find the good in all?? If Mac is using us as a true experiment to see how we evolve from day to day and take on the article challenges to come up with the solutions, it would be interesting in a real life situation, to actually put it to work in a real democracy situation, as we would all have a vote as a community. How MAC has this set up allows everybody to vote, up or down like the Roman Colosseum if the speaker’s statement should be and up or down vote or be the diner via for the lions. I can see alliances here, and other who choose to remain as individuals. Who needs companionship and who can be just fine as a lone wolf.

          Being pretty much anonymous here allow people to really say what they are thinking. I hear racial slurs, bigots, gender slamming, compassion, I could care less about being politically correct, and just let it rip as I see it. If people can’t deal with reality during the calm, then how are they ever going to survive real SHTF? For some this is also form of personal therapy, and as probably the only place where some of you can actually voice your opinions, whre they can be heard and get responses.

          This site and posters have belief systems across the board, which also drew my attention and may perspectives. I may rip on Religion, but I also respect someone more if they can give facts back to support their position or claim, than no position at all or give misleading info. If someone posts an alleged fact, yes I like sources posted or links so I can go read the entire article or see who the source is.

          I also can see on some days regular posters more gentile and other days they are really pissed off. People share their problems, or deaths in the family and you will see most people here set aside differences for a moment, and rally around to help console the person. Some people posts I agree with and some I don’t.

          Thanks MAC for this SHTFPLAN forum experiment, maybe you can somehow write an article or analysis about this site, and maybe how posters here have evolved over the years, since you read about every comment. Maybe change the names to protect the guilty. lol With the Pulse on the comments, Mac Can you see a building up tension that people are in more of a struggle today, than a few years ago. Are people appearing more prepared or freaking out cause they feel they are not? It would be an interesting Analysis. What do you think MAC? Maybe you can work a deal out with a reality TV show to put us all on an island and see who survives. lol

        • Phil, welcome aboard. going off topic to other subjects is par for the course here and I understand about the foul language. We do still concentrate on giving each other advice on preparedness to help each other survive what’s coming. Again, welcome.

      33. Folks,thanks for your input,have no idea were Warchild will end,guess to start be sober deal with friends/family,tis a start/the family thing a tough oneLet those you love know it,time is too short,will be back when time allows it.No matter what happens will try and always help others ,no matter what the problem,me dad may not have had all the combat stuff down but he did have the attitude,help others if you can,that is how I will remember him,that and he wiped out 57 Rolls convertible,guess not inheriting that!For those with a bad attitude a joke,OK?!Seriously,thanks for input ,Warchild will resoberize/deal with life and not only help meself but try and help others,will do it in me Pa’s name ect.,Live for today!Prep for tomorrow!

        • Excellent. God bless, Warchild, hang in there.

        • Warchild

          That is the attitude. Hopefully all of us can have that attitude when it is needed most.

        • My condolences on your loss, WC, and try to stay strong and sober! You can do it!

          • Babycatcher I put my email in a post above. Feel free to contact me.

      34. Yes. Run and hide so you can be picked off at the Democrats convienence at a later date. Great plan!

        Obama and the Democrats are bringing ethnic cleasning to the USA folks and “hunkering down” only aids that effort.

        Instead of massed grad rocket attacks and death squads they are using in Ukraine… They use ebola and enterovirus here.

        Instead of CIA ISIS contras in Syria and Iraq… They use bio warfare and severe economic disruption here.

        Yeah. Hunkerdown and get killed when it’s convienent for THEM.

      35. What happened to the family of the man that died in TX that were living with him? Did they get disappeared ? NDAA or new Cough or Sneeze White House Edict.

        • I would also like to know what has happened with them!

      36. PREPARING:
        This site and a vast many more are out there for you to; search, read, and plan with. So many great ideas’, so much experience and wisdom to draw from, but preparing is an individual thing. Don’t get caught up in he/she said you need to this or get that, mentality. Get what you think you need personally not what someone else has, WHAT YOU FEEL, YOU NEED, because only then you will feel comfortable with your preparations, get and do what your GUT tells you to not that of someone else. Again use wisdom and experience of others as a guide, but not what is right for you. Common sense is your greatest helper in preparing for what is to come no matter what it maybe. Remember you’re preparing for yourself and your family not someone else’s. YOUR’S!!! This is my two cents for what it’s worth.

        Feed Jake

      37. Nothing to add here today other than I am praying for all of you, even the trolls, and I look forward to the familiar names in here, like you are friends. May we all meet up one day in a better place, either here or somewhere beyond. Charley Waite out, riding the open range.

      38. An inmate in Louden county VA was taken to the hospital with possible Ebola symptoms. He had traveled from west Africa in the last few weeks. He was taken to Inova Landsdowne Hospital with a low grade fever as a precaution. Officials say he was in isolation in jail and necessary precautions were being taken at the hospital.

      39. I think the hardest hurdle most of us will face is remaining mentally stable. If you haven’t got a thick skin. if you excessevly worry about everything now how are you going to cope when it all falls apart. How are you going to deal with loss of comforts. Deal with death of loved ones. When those who are dependent on drugs & acohol to maintain run out of their fix hard to say what they will do? It will take a certain minded type of person who survives and remains rational & sane. Those who are excessively in love with everything from personal possessions to pets will go bonkers & become depressed after they lose them. I know how hard it can be from experience Ive had a house burn down (no insurance). Lost a child in a car crash. My parents are gone. Ive been at rock bottom with almost no money and no job. Its very hard to remain objective and still believe you can make it. I learned when your faced with a huge task that seems impossible. You just kinda take it apart and do one small part of it. When you keep chipping & digging away at it one little bit at a time your activity sets unforeseen events in motion and the negative bad thoughts are replaced by positive good thoughts. and those actions will bring you through.

      40. I feel totally safe now. They are taking care of us in VA. Nothing to worry about now. Move along folks.

        RICHMOND, Va. – Gov. Terry McAuliffe is organizing multiple state agencies into a unified command group as part of an effort to safeguard against any spread of the Ebola virus in Virginia.

        McAuliffe announced Friday that the group will work to make sure first responders have adequate training to treat Ebola patients and that state hospitals are able to coordinate potential care.

        State Health Commissioner Marissa J. Levine said Ebola prevention efforts are based on the same principles and approaches Virginia’s health system uses every day, but the unique aspects of the virus required the state to make sure its plans are up to date.

        The agencies involved include the Department of Health, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Education, the state police, and the Virginia National Guard.

        • That “safety” is one of the reasons we left and came here!

          • Babycatcher

            I don’t blame you one bit. I love VA but it is being run by the same types that run our federal government now. So sad.

      41. Having gone through one of the worst crises of modern times, I can offer some observations on human resilience. At least 50 percent lose it: as in, cuckoo bananas. They crack. Some kill themselves, others drink themselves to death, others get very violent and are jailed or killed, or become homeless and then die. The remaining 50 percent breakdown as follows:

        40 percent are getting exceptionally horny and live for the minute, hour, day. They drink a lot, take whatever drugs they can get their hands on, and they fornicate with anyone they can. They gamble, take risks, have fun, and party hard.

        The remaining 10 percent hold it together and are the resilient leaders. They run the show and basically carry the weight for the rest of the population. In a severe crisis, the population will drop, that is a fact.

      42. Just read an article that stated the family of Thomas Duncan is nearing the end of their 21 day isolation period. It seems that no family member is showing signs of being infected. I think we need to update our thinking on how this disease is spread.

        • He came here knowing he had Ebola… To get healthcare here… I bet they never even went into the same room with him after he got the symptoms. Makes ya wonder how they didn’t get it.

      43. After reading each and ever single comment… I can honestly say, we are truly fucked as a nation.

        If only 1% of the effort that has been directed towards prepping for the “end times” had been focused on the prevention of said “end times” times, I seriously doubt we’d be experiencing the majority of the issues at hand.

        The current state of affairs is as American as apple pie.

        As long as a danger is perceived by the public at large to be an external threat directed at someone else, we’re all for it, the party continues… Complacency and unwillingness to be proactive rule the day… It’s the American way.

        Prep all you want… Smart money will tell you that all things in this world are fluid in nature, to plan for one area inherently leaves a void/hole in another.

        “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
        ― Mike Tyson

      44. :::Ode to Obola:::

        Get down with the sickness, song and lyrics

        ht tps://

      45. Ive decided to just not worry about Ebola. Very simply I don’t rightly know if its a viable threat. There is so much half truth & speculation im jaded. Like Homer Simpson states Facts! Facts! people all the? So Im just not going to give it free rent in my head. Its entirely possible that even if it doesn’t pose any real threat that the hype and confusion could still collapse the economy or create chaios ect. ect. It seems some want everything to fall apart. I don’t . I would be content to draw my Ponzi Scheme Social Security check. and play hobby farm for the rest of my days. many believe its terrible at present. Im certain its not going to improve anytime soon. However it can very quickly get worse. So Im prepped for events I sincerely hope never happen.

      46. A sobering article. I often purchase online, but wonder if that option will continue. I can see Amazon requiring my vaccine card number before delivering. I recommend purchasing a stockpile of colloidal silver now, before it is outlawed. I am going to also put together my own colloidal silver generator (one Silver Eagle sacrificed could outlast me). Shipments to West Africa have been deliberately suppressed, so the laws against it here are coming. From what I have read, Ebola and Viral TB (coming in at our southern border) have similar symptoms, and both work by attacking the white blood cells that fight infection. Colloidal Silver defends those white cells, preventing the infection from breaking through the cell walls, and allowing them to wipe out the infection. It is not a cure, but a preventative.

      47. Should Read- People all the time use facts to prove things that are only half true.

      48. I’m not concerned about Ebola and I don’t understand all the fuss.

        Economic collapse and a flu pandemic are the ones to keep an eye on and prepare for.

        Ebola can only be spread by direct contact – it is not airborne so stop worrying people and question why the media and government are focusing on this, why? What are they hiding?

        Blessings to you all:)

      49. Let’s assume that Ebola or some other contagion will eventually shut down the country. Here’s a tip that might greatly assist you as evidence of that contagion gets closer to your home.

        If the contagion is within 100 miles of you, it will be reported on as the top story. All it will take at that point is one person fleeing to your town, or merely passing through to their bugout location, to pass along the germ.

        Have $500 ready for a last minute purchase. A lot of people are thinking that they will max out their credit cards, but I believe that credit card companies are far too smart for that. They’d rather shut down the credit that bleed out due to millions of Americans doing that.

        Likewise 99% of people are using EBT cards instead of cash. When the credit systems fail, then the EBT cards will fail too.

        When people mob the store but still are somewhat sane, then there will long lines at the store, but their “plastic” will be worthless. In fact, many of the needed items will be stripped from the shelves, right? The items you will need will be in baskets near the front of the stores, but the people pushing those baskets won’t have CASH.

        Since cash transactions make up less than 1% of the total transactions, then they won’t be able to make change. If you have cash near the end, then you can one and only one last final run to top off supplies. You shouldn’t wait until the last moment, or this strategy won’t work for you, for you could end up getting infected.

        But use that $500 to purchase needed supplies and if there are full carts left behind at the front due to an inability to pay for them, then hand the cashier the money and then skedaddle out of there!

        That will piss off 99% of the angry customers but you will get your last supplies. Don’t forget valuable items like sporting goods (a compound bow and arrows as a back up).

        Those who have cash when the plastic is worthless will be able to make final purchases. Don’t think that you can max out credit cards or your EBT because the flood of electronic transactions will probably alone shut down the system.

        Having a hidden compartment within a wall and then mudded over and concealed is a smart strategy for a cache. There may be confiscations at some point, and at least that supply will be safe. There may be a hidden place within your crawlspace that you can use. There may be an area of your attic you can convert into a cache too.

        Don’t wait until the last minute to use this strategy.

        It’s also my belief that at the last minute a lot of people will try to fill prescriptions. I’ve mentioned getting a three month supply. At the last, when filling prescriptions, then the pharmacist has to pass the order into the computer for authorization, right? If the system is down, and he/she doesn’t know you, then there is zero chance of getting it filled. But if they know you, there’s a chance that they will fill it anyway due to the collapse. It would be far better to fill it ahead of time, right, especially since sick people frequent pharmacies. That would be an extremely dangerous place to be. I’d fully expect robberies to happen as that stuff will be like gold for criminals and probably the desperate kind instead of professionals.

        Grocery stores will be stripped in hours in a true collapse. Any person in a hurricane zone knows what happens when there’s a valid threat. But food distribution warehouses might have a ton of supplies post-collapse and far fewer people will think of that, but criminals definitely will, so use caution.

        • Anon, I can relate. I was in Sam’s club a few months back, All their POS Debit card terminals went down. I was able to scoot to the front of the line, cause I always pay with cash. Card users were denied and told to wait… I mentioned to a few people at that time then, that this is what it is going to look at if the grid fails and there is no electric or communications. They are screwed.

        • A storm a few years ago knocked out power for a week. You could not get gas or anything else in my small town for a couple of days unless you had cash. Everyone should have some cash on hand for emergencies.

          Great Post Anon

          • Mike, the power was down but were they still able to pump it?
            also in VA
            (the stepchild part of the state)

            • Gadabout

              Actually you are right. They could not pump it. I should not have said gas. You could not get that unless you drove to where power was on.
              My point was more to the fact that you could not get food or anything unless you had cash. Food Lion closed. I would of thought that they would have had a generator. I was told they don’t and just lose the food and turn it into insurance. They could have just handed it to the public and been nice I guess. I would bet there is some liability issue with doing that.
              Reteraunts and the hardware store were open but you could only get things with cash.

              I was fine. Had cash. It was 95 outside the whole time. I had never bought a generator. For once I had some luck. My house had power. I remember thinking that my wife and I would have been just fine if the power had gone out. It would have been really hard on my son with cerebral palsy though. He does not do well in hot conditions. That is when I bought a generator. I also have a tank with 250 gallons of non ethanol gas.
              If nothing else everyone should have 25 gallons of gas on hand in cans.
              We have a pool so had water and would have all been fine there. But my son sure does appreciate the generator. Just put a fan on him and he smiles like no other. The generator also runs the fan on my wood stove for winter.

              People were really hurting during this time. Normally if the power goes out they just eat out and get a few things from the store. For many that was not an option. People in the community just helped each other. Generators were donated to some older couples and people who had power were taking generators to those who did not.

              It actually was a good experience for me. I felt stupid when I realized my wife and I would be fine but it would be hard on my son. Any situation like this is hard on the old and the very young. It is also hard on those with health issues. I should have considered that about my son years ago.

              Sorry I got on a rant. Just talking on a topic that really is interesting to me. How people act, what there plans are, where are the holes in the plan, and as time goes on how do people react. This community pulled together. That says something about where I am located.

              • Hurricane Isabel taught me those lessons, and my hubby had already learned from Floyd, several years earlier. Her had a generator, we had working chain saws, and we cooked on the Coleman camp stove every night. Hubby had installed an alternate electrical system in the house, to be used with the generator, so we had hot water and the frige worked, and a couple lights. We still had backups just in case. We were much better off than many of our neighbors….prep on!

                • Babycathcher

                  I have lived here all of my life. Been through many power outages. I don’t know why it did not occur to me that it would be hard on my son. That is the really stupid part. At least I have that taken care of now.

                  I worked both Isabel and Floyd. Floyd I actually was with the line crews. We got sent to Virginia Beach to put the power back on. Isabel I was at a power station.
                  I am currently a supervisor at two power stations.
                  I should have bought a generator long ago. Now I am working on solar.

      50. Jesus falsely predicted he would return before some of his 1st century followers died. Matthew 16:27,28

        • @Duder McGruder: If you read these verses in context (before and after), Jesus was not talking about His actual Second Coming. The very next verses, in Matthew 17, are about the Transfiguration. His followers saw and others heard about this example of His future kingdom in miniature: Moses representing the dead who will be raised from their graves when Jesus returns, and Elijah representing those who will be alive when Jesus returns. Moses died and Christ resurrected him (Jude 9); Elijah was swept up alive in the angelic chariot (II Kings 2:11). Jesus is not stupid; He knew full well He would not return for another 2,000 years or so.

          • Anne marie…are you kidding? Are you so indoctrinated that you can’t even read the context you scream about. Jesus coming in his father’s glory with his angels to repay every man according to his deeds. That is the second coming…not the transfiguration

        • If Moses was a really True believer how come he wasn’t granted “Ever lasting life” as described in John 3:16, and still around today to give us advice. Do you ever feel you religions people have been duped? Nothing the Bible seems to come to fruition. People have been duped now for 2000 years in that Hoax. When you can say enough is enough? Or please sir give me another spoonful of BS. That last spoon of BS was really Yummy. I’d like some more please..

        • Cruise Ship off Texas quarantined. Carnival Cruise Ship, ordered back to Galveston TX. Ebola suspect was a Hospital Lab Worker, that had direct contact with Patient Zero body fluids. Oh just makes you want to belly up to that ships Big Fat Buffet Bar with 5000 other fat slobs playing grabby to the food.

      51. Thank you, Mac, for doing such a great job and putting the exclamation point on the deserving items. It means the world to me to have you write about something that I have produced.

        JWR does not hold back and the way you have worked your magic is a thing of beauty.


        • Rory, this is an amazing interview — thank you for your efforts at The Daily Coin — You guys are always putting out breaking info and highly informative interviews with the foremost experts, and I am just glad we can get this kind of information out to our community.

          • Thamk you to both of you,
            There are many people who scoff at this stuff, they totally dismiss it as pure BS
            It is interesting to me how they chose to ignore what is going on,, No I dont think we need to be running around in hazmat suits (yet) but these are very real events that are taking or going to take a very real toll on our society and possibly our personal lives, one can hope and pray that they do not have to come in contact with any of the scenarios we discuss on these pages, but the reality is that in example after example these and other disasters have played out in country after country for years and years and we have just gotten lucky. MOST people have no idea the horrors of war, or the terrifying reality of a pandemic so contagious and awful that it isnt even safe to go to the corner market, they are the naysayers and the detractors, I chose to be informed, not a fanatic, but informed and conservative in my footprint, all it takes is one event to change a persons life forever, I know many people who had their lives changed forever by the attack on Pearl Harbor, those events could play out again in just about any US city anywhere in the country, the realities of what happened to the Jews and other ethnic groups in Germany are another thing that could play out again in our world, just look at the genocide and ethnic cleansing of many of the recent conflicts across the globe, it can happen, am I going to hide and not come out in the open? Hell no, am I going to keep my eyes open? yes definitely,
            Even small events and actions,
            Take for instance the GMO issue here on Maui.
            While I personally dont like GMO foods etc, I am also a realist,
            IF the anti GMO bill passes and somehow these groups are able to prevail against the almost certain federal challenges to the new laws, just think of the impact on the national and global prodcuction of corn and soy for the food, feed and fuel industries and the greater impact on the world. more than 80% of all GM corn and soy grown in the us and abroad has the seed originate from Maui county, if that is removed from production for even one year can you imagine the ripple effect?
            anyway, sorry to ramble, rainy morning and am sitting here watching the radar and reading news,,,
            Thanks again.

            • That’s a very interesting factoid there…that so much seed is produced in Hawaii. Can you tell me why ? Maybe because no seasons?

              • Evening TOC,

                I may know the reason for that, and it is along the line you mention, “Seasons’, yes.

                The lack of classic temperate zone ‘seasonality’ there, allows for an accelerated generation-to-generation development cycle, due to the absence of any ‘fallow’ period. As well, the soil in Hawaii is ‘hyper-fertile’ as a result of island’s genesis in volcanic proceses; the trace mineral content of the soil there is extraordinary, thus, also, serving to prompt grow, this is widely known.

                Several other places in North America are passably similar in the volcanic sense – the Wrangells in Alaska, also the Matanuska and Talkeetna valleys there; near 24 hour a day sunshine during high summer also helps such and as well, that is the place from which comes those postcards that you see in many curio shops of 400 lb cabbages and 1000 lb pumpkins! – though none of those have the total lack of seasonality that Hawaii does.

                Were I someone bent on developing a new plant strain, that would likely be my choice as a development station therefor.

                • Most interesting. I have been a dedicated student of the early bush-flying in Alaska, a bit less so of the mining industry, and have read two books on the War in the Aleutians, but had never tumbled to the idea that people would actually farm up there. Thank you.

                  • Hood Morning Coach,

                    …a small ‘return’ favor to ask here Friend: HOW do you ‘italicize’?…like as I see in your reply above? In truth though I know it is probably a rather simple matter to do so, my knowledge – as yet – has not come to include that particular piece of ‘ledgerdemain’. I ask the question here in ‘perfect’ sincerity; I do NOT know. Any explanantion you could profer would be appreciated. My thanks – prefacto – therefor…

                    T’would be SO very helpful at times in EMPHASIZING matters without resorting to CAPITALIZATION…Wow, now wouldn’t THAT be an improvement? 😉

                  • Use HTML code – a throwback but still working. Do a search for it. (I refuse to make google a verb!)

                    The characters delimit a code. The code letter for italic is i. Code letter for bold is b.

                    You turn ON a change by using the code letter surrounded by You turn it OFF again by adding a slash to / the code, i.e. /i surrounded by

                    Mac’s text editor is unable to add these codes automatically. You have the key them yourself.

                    I seem unable to avoid fat-fingering the closure codes, and thus my posts often have italic or bold from the start point to the end.

                    BTW this code explains the /sarc you sometimes see people posting – for “sarcasm off”.

                  • Hmmm, it doesn’t display the delimiter characters if I use them standing alone. Let’s try and .

                  • Nope still doesn’t work. Text interpreter still suporesses them. Look at the two little arrow characters above the comma (,) and period (.) on your querty keyboard. Use them like brackets.

            • Kalafarmer

              I enjoyed the rant. I think we get a lot of good information from others rants. As long as they are about things we should be thinking about.

              Thank you for your rant. If rain causes you to do this I hope it rains more often at your place. lol

              Thank you

      52. This is the reality for those in ebola hit zones.

        In absence of regular medical facilities (Liberia only has 250 doctors left standing & a population of millions) word got out that survivors blood might be an effective treatment.

        The response of the NWO?- clamp down, stamp it out until we can regulate it!

        Think about this – you have survived ebola,however many of your loved ones are dead, and those who survived are hungry because SHTF. The only known treatment is your blood. Would you obey the man with a clipboard or would you sell your blood to your old school mate r cousin who has recently fallen sick with same potentially deadly infection in order to buy much needed canned food for your family? This will ensure that starvation does not finish of those that Ebola could not.

        I truly despair of the critical thinking skills of those who are supposed to be leaders.

        Now imagine what nefarious purposes the dark side of the elite have planned for those identified as having natural genetic or post infection immunity to this plague. (Anyone sensible would use them to help contain the plague and care for or heal the sick). Sadly I now see that some of the troops sent to the region were sent in the longstanding tradition of using soldiers as human lab rats by the sickos in charge. Agenda 21.

      53. Pure nonsense !!!

      54. In africa they say the virus is in the vaccines they were giving the africians , and they are forcing the red cross out because of it, now was the troops sent there to force vaccines on the africians, this is what we are hearing coming out of africa. if americans take the vaccine will they get whatever that virus is, i would trust no vaccine at this point and wont be taking any. i have to wonder if someone wants the resources in africa like the oil and diamonds

        • Yup, good call. Notice they use the word “region”

          Why do one country at a time and ask congress for permission?

          And screw us at home, and take our guard away.

          This is arguably a treasonous act at home and an illegal invasion abroad.

          • More questions to ponder…

            Guinea: “Health officials killed by mob who believed they were infecting people with the virus”.

            “On 17 September 2014 a mob of villagers killed an ‘Ebola Awareness team’ in a village about 900 km from Guinea’s capital. The Guinea correspondent reported that locals attacked the team, which comprised local administrators, two medical officers, a preacher, and the three journalists.

            According to the correspondent, the villagers instigated this attack because they thought Ebola “is a political lie orchestrated by the authorities and that the disease is not real.” This follows previous riots in Nzérékoré in August after rumours that health officials who were disinfecting a market were infecting people with the virus.”

            One Guinea native said that Ebola is being spread by Doctors Without Borders, a charity with Zionist connections.

            Is it coincidental that the death toll in Guinea stopped growing after these incidents prompted their government to stop sending in such ‘teams’?

      55. Why would I want to commandeer an Ebola infested ambulance to make my getaway?

      56. There is a thin veneer of civilization that only exists because of morality, and much of that due to Christianity, or because of imposed morality due to fear of punishment by law enforcement.

        We’re a pluralistic people who put up with our various political, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs because of that morality (imposed upon us or valued by us).

        Take away law enforcement during a collapse state, and those who have been criminals before will fall right back into the easiest way to acquire supplies.

        Our differences will seem enormous to those who lack supplies. The ones who haven’t prepared will feel entitled and think the government will take care of them because they’ve been fed that line of crap all of their lives.

        Some will not have prepared because their pastors told them not to do it.

        When a true collapse happens like that, and they’re hungry and their children are hungry, then all bets are off. I’d fully expect race and spiritual and political differences to cause all manner of mayhem.

        The only thing I can think of to help the survivors to band together is Jesus Christ. Maybe some atheists will band together, but I doubt that atheists and believers will do so. It would go against the tribal nature that would result in a cohesive new community to come together, for the way that transpires is out of like-mindedness and community.

        Arguing about spirituality here, won’t solve anything.

        Realize that the goal is to survive, be moral, and be true to God if you’re a believer. Our heavenly reward counts for more than our temporal one.

        That doesn’t mean we’re doormats or that we’ll let people harm our families.

        Be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. When it comes down to a immoral person trying to survive and a believer trying to survive, unless they’ve got a history of friendship, I doubt that they’ll get along once the collapse comes along. That’s a painful truth but a realistic one.

        All of these Muslims that you’ve been getting along with, realize that they’re expecting the 12th Imam, and that guy sounds suspiciously like the Anti-Christ. I’ll leave you to look that up for yourselves.

        We’re going to have to form tribes when all is said and done, and that will certainly be comprised of like-mindedness, and the sooner you figure that out, and that it needs to be people who have skills and a willingness to get along, then the easier it will be to form new communities.

        Please pray about that. A new Christian tribe might be very similar to your current church with multiple ethnic groups and a wide breadth of philosophical outlooks, but I don’t think that’s what will happen in reality.

        We all get along because we are independent and don’t have to live with the people we attend church with.

        How many people can you really spend a week with? Have you ever done that on a mission trip when sanitation is poor and there are hardships?

        I would heartily recommend you go to your public library and read A World Made By Hand by Kunstler. In that you’ll see how new tribes form due to ethos and need. I can see that happening post-collapse.

        • True: for safety and the ease of doing things, people will only hang with their kind: black with black, white with white. Everything we have now is a veneer kept in place by money printing and social welfare. There will be trader folk who will facilitate exchange of goods and services groups do not have. They will be a wild bunch and/or groups who do not fit in, like Jews did for centuries.

          You will also see hierarchies: Asians will make the high-value products; whites the creative stuff; etc. Those who are already dependent on welfare will be at the bottom of the heap.

        • Anon

          A wonderful post.

          My 2 cents. It will be much worse than what you described. Starvation will cause some to act like pure animals. Even if they are good Christians. All people in the end are human. If they have to watch there children starve then they will stop at nothing to get food.

          Have you all spent a week with your family during a really rough time. There is always strife and arguments. If you have an end of the world as we know it event how do you think it will be then. If my extended family goes on vacation together there is arguing. You add the pressure of pure survival, the extreme manual labor, the constant pressure of staying alert, loss of sleep, and lower calorie intake and what do you think you will get?

          I have a lot of family members that tell me the time is coming where we will have to stick together. They are right. I always ask them what are you doing about it if you know the time is coming. They either give me a blank look or say we will live off the land when the time comes. One said to me well I have my double barrel. That made me laugh. My family does have knowledge on how to live off the land. My frustration is that they should have started storing supplies. It is like they know something is coming but just want to live normal until it does. I think I may scream now.

          That is another thing that will cause so much pain. Lets say this event happens in November. Power goes out and no stores. We can survive hunting for awhile. But everyone else will be hunting too. How long does the game last. I have American Guinea Hogs, and Chickens. I have food stored. I cannot support my whole extended family. Just too many of them. It would put my own family at risk. Now even more pain. Can you imagine turning away someone you love and then what the reaction of other members of the family will be.

          Yes another rant. I am on a role today.

          • You wanna talk real survival and family… Tried to get in-laws to prep. Sure they wanted to prep everything cool, but NO FOOD! Oh we’ll just go to your house they say. I said don’t even think about it a lock down is a lock down, no one in or out. You prep your stores now or do without. Oh you will let us in they said. I said yeah if you make it through 100 yards of booby traps in all directions maybe, or maybe not. I wouldn’t want to find out.

            So I have 4 kids. The first 2 from my first husband and 2 from the second. So we all go on vacation. Now mind you all of us go. Husband, ex husband, kids… We all agree on being prepared and I’m the only one with any knowledge of prepping. So it wouldn’t be fair to make the kids choose between mom and dad in SHTF so my husband and I decided he could join us for a test run. We all get along so I wasn’t worried. We went into the wilderness to test some skills and teach them some skills. We were there for a week. It was rough but we were all closer and getting along better in a high stress situation like that then when we are at home! So now its all sorted out and he will join us if and when SHTF.

      57. I COPY – YOU DECIDE:

        Stephen… Hope this gets to you…

        Just got off the phone with “The Guy”…

        Plan is this:

        ID cards for First Responders. First.

        Will contain persona;l data and innoculation records.


        Next is issuance of cards to Citizens. Vials of vaccines will have barcodes on them… Lot numbers. As you are innoculated, a printed sticker… with lot number and the person who administers the dose will be applied to you ID card.

        ID card MUST be presented at local shops… Run through the standard Credit/Debit card scanners. No current innoculation… NO SERVICE.

        Abandoned/underutilized malls and shopping ctrs will be re-conformed as intake centers/ Med evaluation/ Decontamination/ Housing facilities.


        There IS NO “standard protocol”. Govt will evaluate these ad hoc centers… to see what WORKS…

        More later….

        Oct 17, 2014

        Copyright © 2014

        website design by cymax media – site index

        • Where do me and my .223 fit in?

      58. Ebola is not the problem. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        If Ebola causes 20 cases in 50 states, it will shut down the Just-in-time inventory practices in America because trucking, barge, and rail travel won’t be able to keep up with consumer purchasing. Citizens will freak out and finally begin preparing and that drain will lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy of perpetual shortages.

        As those 1000 cases of Ebola contaminate whole hospitals, then many patients won’t get properly cared for, and we’ll see people dying of routine infections. People will be afraid of going to the hospitals.

        There could be backlogs in pharmacy orders resulting in problems with the elderly who get an average of four medications. Some people would wig out because they couldn’t take their antidepressants. People with asthma might have issues with their inhalers. All of those things add up to a cumulative medical nightmare.

        And amidst that crisis, there would be panic as the Federal Reserve tried to prop up the banks and Wall Street because a whole lot of people would demand their money. Just think what would happen if countries demanded their gold that we’ve allegedly got stored at Fort Knox?

        If there are massive shortages, and problems with hunger, you can imagine the government’s answer to that. And all of it made worse by the huge influx of illegals from Mexico and Central America.

        Why wouldn’t ISIS decide right then to cross our Southern border and create mayhem? That should wake everyone up. Don’t those heretics want to instill fear and dread in America?

        It’s all connected. Don’t think it isn’t. We don’t prepared for a single event, but for cascading events as a result of poor governmental responses as well as abject failures by the government.

      59. I posted this before, but is bears re-posting. The “Weekly Standard” has an article titled “SIX REASONS TO PANIC” by J.V. Last. In this article it is explained how much more infectious this virus (Guinea EBOV) is than other strains, and why it keep getting more deadly.

        Recently 58 health care professionals ran studies on Guinea EBOV in Africa and 5 of them died from it!

        • But it’s not as bad as Yellow fever was before Walter Reed came up with a vaccine.

      60. There is a story on the Extinction protocol Website. balls hospital is a ghost town. The patients are not showing up. And I don’t blame them. the hospital is already experiencing financial problems. It might be forced to close? The backlash is worse then the disease. This could very easily collapse the economy or what is left of it. These things sometimes have a domino effect?

        • Could be a blessing if all the illegal alien freeloaders stop going to that hospital.

      61. All people need help, but does anyone think that France will come to save America when there is a contagion? No? Then why would Liberia think America will come save them?

        The real way a country comes together is by self-sacrifice. Liberians should be volunteering to serve in defense, medical, infrastructure, food aid, donations, etc. Americans cannot fix Liberian problems. It’s actually bigoted to think we can do that. They’ve got to come together as a nation for Americans do anything because however many people we send over there, unless they plan on making it there life’s work, then that stay is self-limited.

        Now the president is talking about bring the foreign infected with Ebola into the USA. I cannot think of a more foolhearty mechanism for spreading contagion here.

        I’ve worked in refugee ministry for years. The only way that the USA can take legal refugees is to handle a trickle of them. If we open the floodgates and admit many of them, then who will come? The most intelligent, the wealthiest…the very ones who would be important leadership for the future of Liberia. In effect, that kind of brain drain ruins countries because it leeches away their most talented.

        It’s vital for the sake of contagion to offer aid, but not to risk our personnel, but to encourage the Liberians (and all others with contagion) to help themselves. They must extricate themselves our of the morass of poor medical care and systems.

        The USA meddling everywhere doesn’t do anything but puts out a fire. The only reason we got involved is because we foolishly didn’t ban travel when 30 other nations did so.

        And why did that happen? Because of globalism. Important exports from those West African nations as well as petroleum from Nigeria results in benefiting the uberwealthy and the megacorporations who control immense sums of money which they use to pay off Congress and put in puppets in the presidency.

        Americans no longer live in a Republic, but a rotten Oligarchy that pretends to be a Democratic-Republic hybrid. The Founding Fathers were afraid of Democracies because they knew that would result in the tyranny of the masses. Now it’s worse with a despotic control paid for by PAC money.

        This Ebola crisis is created by a ludicrous inefficient corrupt US government and they won’t be satisfied until they’ve ruined the economy, will swoop in to consolidate even more of their wealth, and destroy the American Republic.

        Only God is on our side. If Ebola gets away from them, and does even more damage that then realize can happen, then only the preppers will survive.

        Because of the concentration of the populace that lives in the NE and in California, expect for the military to go there, for what little FEMA aid exists to go there, while the rest of us in the rural regions hunker down.

        That actually might help us, but we could expect for some of the military, in dire desperation, to join the despots that remain, and we could easily end up with utter tyranny where military might makes the decisions and not natural rights given by God.

        • They may not admit it, but the ‘white god from the sky will solve everything’ mentality still persists in most developing countries. The developing world is divided now between countries that gave up on that myth (and are getting richer – China, Vietnam, etc.) and the countries that are still locked into this passive view of their fate. Liberia is one of these countries: most of the people there are probably hoping the US will just take over the country and give everyone US citizenship (they are all ex-US slaves anyway).

          We should be very careful about our commitments to any country whose people are passive about their fate.

      62. @Old Guy
        Could not agree with you more. According to the article I mentioned, the farmers in West Africa have left their crops to rot in the fields out of fear of catching it.
        So I guess they’ll either get it and die, or starve to death.

        Like you said, “These things sometimes have a domino effect”.

      63. I really do not worry about Ebola at all. Realistically, in one of the worst mega-city slums on the planet, with poor sanitation, overcrowding, poverty, and and minimal health facilities, Ebola is barely spreading. In those conditions you would think it would be 400-500 THOUSAND cases by now.

      64. Obola. The Murder of the Sheeple.

      65. The fight against ebola needs a celebrity victim. Nobody took AIDS seriously enough until Rock Hudson got it.

        How about it Piers Morgan ?

      66. After sifting through the info on this page & verifying it you will find the source of this ebola scare:

        Also do a search on the name Nana Kwame, a man in Ghana who’s creating a huge stir on the internet. He claims the Red Cross is spreading the disease through vaccinations. His reporting coincides with not only many other local stories but with the information I’ve dug up, most of which is in the link above. George Soros & Bill Gates connections abound.

        Think about this: where is the footage (pics, video, etc.) of these “thousands” of dead ebola victims? Especially in this age of ubiquitous camera phones – nothing, nada, zip. Going out on a limb here but I think the whole thing is Hegelian Dialectic once again.

      67. Good Evening Everyone,

        A site that I utilize frequebtly, one whose estimates are far closer to reality than are those of NOAA per Solar related data is the STAR report, given/updated once daily (more often if, and as, extraordinary activity occurs) at (ht tp:// where you’ll have to remove the space in the lead-in, naturally.

        Well, that site is run by a diligent operator – Jan Alvestad – whose factual accounting of Solar data is – IMHO – far better than that provided by NOAA consistently.

        Now Jan ha been ‘out of the loop’ on holiday for few days and a such the site was not being updated. Well, today it was..and the newest sun spot from which we were seeing all that M-clas activity (whilst that was still ‘shaded’, behind the eastern limb) over the last few days, is – now- out in the open…and it is BIG; possibly the largest sun spot seen throughout this solar cycle…in it’s entirety.

        Specifically, NOAA always post wildly inaccurate figures for a sun spot’s actual size in the period when that is first rotating in around the solar limb. WHY? I really don;t know..ask them. However, Jan is accounting the size of the new spot we are seeing at 1900 solar millionths of the total area of the visible disk. IF memory here serves me, that is either the largest or next to largest, sun spot seen this cycle…period. It IS defintely one of the two.

        As well, that is clearly visible now and we can see that it is extremely complex magnetically, though as yet the Doppler imaging (HMID) is not causing me excess concern…but as well, not ‘NO cause for concern’.

        This one bears watching, if for no other reason than just it’s sheer size, let alone the visible complexity we are seeing currently. Also it HAS been recently active, and as such remains a threat, based thereon. Lastly, this spot is very near to the solar equator, being only some 16 degree’s south of that. It will, therefor in just a few days be in near perfect, optimal position to effectively eject a fully geo-effective CME, if any strong flare activity should occur. As said, watch this one Folks.

        Lasrly, the siesmic activity we are seeing now is rather subdued, with the onmly real activity being seen at Bardabunga (in Iceland) which several hour ago saw a 5.4 magnitude tremor, one of it’s largest, yet recorded. Thus, it is seen to be slowly increasing it’s activity – in terms of magnitude – as time is passing. I think that about sums it up for this evening….

        Anywho, Adios Everyone…and enjoy your Evening Friends.

        • S’Ok, now things are serious,

          MOAA 12182, the sspot allded to above, at exactly 05;00 UTC broke out with an X-1.0 flare. At preent that spot’s location of the viible disk is ar from being geo-effective, hence no significant mas disschege is apt to proceed to Earth hertefter. The concern – here – is that that region IS swinging – progreessilvely – into better position to do just ‘this’ over the next three days (roughly). As always then, ‘Eyes open’ Folks, since demonstrably this IS a vital and ‘active region’.

          footnote: the lead in to this event was NOT an impulsive occurance, instead it was a gradual ramp-to -peak; this a very unusual type of ramping-patterno for .any solar flare, one seldom seen. I fully anticpate that the subsequent decay will be one of very long duration….

          • Minor Update,

            NOAA upgraded the flare lasst night to a X-1.1…..

        • .

          S’Ok, now things are serious,

          MOAA 12182, the sspot allded to above, at exactly 05;00 UTC broke out with an X-1.0 flare. At preent that spot’s location of the viible disk is ar from being geo-effective, hence no significant mas disschege is apt to proceed to Earth hertefter. The concern – here – is that that region IS swinging – progreessilvely – into better position to do just ‘this’ over the next three days (roughly). As always then, ‘Eyes open’ Folks, since demonstrably this IS a vital and ‘active region’.

          footnote: the lead in to this event was NOT an impulsive occurance, instead it was a gradual ramp-to -peak; this a very unusual type of ramping-patterno for .any solar flare, one seldom seen. I fully anticpate that the subsequent decay will be one of very long duration….

          • Oh KWAP! Typos!!

            Mea Culpa, Mea Cupla, Mea Culpa…. ;(

            • Mr. Rogers…thank for all your information. But can you explain a little more on this?

              Xclass is bad. Is it aimed at the US? What does “subsequent decay of very long duration” mean? How long until it reaches earth?

              Sorry I’m not understanding…


              • PKLL,

                Ummm…sorry. As yet the spot is NOT quite in a position to do us REAL harm, but wait another day or two and it WILL be. That said, a flare’s total potential fo harm us is BOTH a function of it’s intenisty a it occurs and ALSO the legth of TIME that it occurs over; an “LDE”, ‘long duration event’ kicks a hell of a lot more ejecta into the CME that follows the flare. If that doesns’t clarify thinhgs, then just ask friend. I TEND to slip into ‘jargon’ when I am ‘in a hurry’, as I was getting that put out here or everyone’s benefit. Adios

                • Mr. Rogers: Thanks that was a great explanation.


      68. You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass
        O’Lord, I’ve popped a lot of pills
        But I mever touched nothin’
        That my spirit could kill
        You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
        With tombstones in their eyes
        But th pusher don’t care
        Ah, if you live or if you die.
        “The Pusher By Steppenwolf”

        Brought to you by the WHITE HOUSE.

        Feed Jake

      69. Rand Paul claims Ebola is ‘incredibly contagious’ and the White House is lying about how it spreads

        ht tp://

      70. Most Americans are sheep today, and without ancestral skills , and with 7-10 days of food, and going into Winter, then I could easily see them running out of food.

        Which means a slow progression into starvation, weakness, disorientation, illness by various means, and then death. And that illness need not be Ebola.

        Simply running out of water would kill a lot of people. Drinking bad water that’s full of bacteria would do that too.

        All of that means if it’s that bad, and you’ve got three months of food and access to clean water, you might make into Spring and begin planting. You’d have to watch out due to the cold and fomites of Ebola or lots of nasty illnesses like Cholera (those bodies won’t bury themselves and imagine the vermin, stink, and pollution).

        If you’ve got six months of food, you might be all right as long as you can hunt, trap, and fish. There won’t be much competition by then.

        What is worrisome is the clever criminal who survives and has bands of ex-law enforcement or military within his ranks. He’d be a demonic presence, likely to re-install slavery of diverse kinds (and not merely labor), which means hunting for new serfs to plow his fields and fill his bed and create new serfs in that manner.

        That’s why we have to band together and form tribes and repel those sociopaths.

        It will be down to us versus them at that point.

        • Hello ANON, I come to this site every day for insight, information and perspective. Your comments just here on this article have provided all three.
          Just a personal Thank You! to you.
          Will be looking for all future comments.

          Comments have made about verbal assaults on this site.
          I hope all posters see the value of individuals such
          as this “ANON” to this site.
          Content not Confrontation.


          • You’re welcome.

            I once made a very long topic called Last Minute Tips for Parents When the SHTF. You can do an internet search for it. It has some very long detailed posts on ways to prepare, practical bartering post-collapse, and ways to band together and form tribes.

            In the new self-quarantine topic for 10/19, I made some comments about a logical way to determine when to self-quarantine based upon inventory levels of critical supplies for those areas of infrastructure that would have to be activated in there was a serious situation that could lead to collapse. I hope that posts soon.

            I’m not interested in arguing about theology, or about the validity of Jesus as Lord and Savior. That’s what free will is all about. Of course I fervently believe in Jesus and I think that a serious relationship with Him is the best prep of all.

            But if we would give people practical assistance from proven old ancestral skills that we know worked in history, then that would be a very valuable thing to pass on to the next generation of preppers.

            Since this generation is facing a dire combination of rotten government, gun grabbers, treasonous politicians, a careless disregard for agriculture, an economic collapse, a military that being imploded, and now contagion, it seems to me that we have to be unified to save as many people as will listen.

            Maybe Ebola won’t be that bad in the USA. Who can know? What I do know is that America is on the last fraction of an inch before falling into a precipice.

            When I was a kid, an old timer showed me this trick.

            That’s how balanced we are on the very edge of that precipice. Should some boneheaded government policy, an major downturn in the global markets, a major weather issues like the Great Drought, a contagion…any of these could nudge us and break that balance.

            Prepping is the only thing that will save us, whether spiritual or temporal, and we cannot count upon some government response to save us.

      71. Hubby and I went to the VA clinic for his lab work. The office workers were talking loud enough for patience in the lobby to hear them clearly.

        One worker was talking about a patient who came inlast week. He wanted to know the signs of Ebola and what he should do if he gets them. He had been in Africa 5 weeks earlier.

        She told him to go directly to the hospital then have them call the clinic. She then asked her co-worker if she should have written the mans name down.

        I was stunned that this worker was so careless about this information and was talking about it where patients could hear.

        But it also opened my eyes to how quickly we could be effected by Ebola in the small out of the way area we live in.

        Self isolation is looking more likely in the near future. Prepare or not we all take responcebility for our actions.

        I do want to state that God is real. I have been wittness to many of his mericles that affected my life personay.

        • Mona

          I went to my doctor last week. I live in the middle of nowhere in central VA. There was a note on the door that said ” Please let the staff no if you are running a fever and have traveled outside the country ”

          Again I live in the middle of nowhere.

      72. I took my kids to our local Fall Festival today. I tried to enjoy myself but was surrounded by morons. People acting like rabid dogs to get a free cup and a pencil. The fragility of our existence became painfully obvious. Only God can help us now.

      73. Preaching to the converted here.

      74. God will not save any of you stop being idiots and sniveling cowards.. Only you can save yourself. Prepare like it is your last day on earth.

      75. God will not save any of you stop being idiots and sniveling cowards.. Only you can save yourself. Prepare like it is your last day on earth.

      76. Times may be trying and they may get worse,tis folks like us that will make it easier.We are the people that help someone with a flat tire/offer a coach to friend in need ect.We are the people that we hope will be around when a family member/friend is in need of a hand.Despite all the bullshit/negativity as long as folks like us around the world though trying times will be OK,on this site and friends locally realize no matter how much life sucks friends/family will see you thru.

        • Warchild

          My martial arts instructor said something that made a lot of sense to me. Yes there is more evil in this world. That also means there is more love too. There always has to be balance.
          I think we just get bombarded with all the negative all the time.

      77. bio weapons lab


        • These 4 items are the sole reasons for the 4000 plus troops headed over there…resources..period.

          Lets’not forget the bio weapons lab.

          .””Kenema bio-weapon laboratory in Sierra Leone. Like as commonly seen in the U.S., this lab was located in a hospital facility. Kenema was one of the main “hot zones” when Ebola initially “broke out.”.this “lab” in Kenema was funded by Bill Gates and George Soros. It was later taken over by the WHO and MSF after thousands of local residents rioted.Fast forward three months later, after Kenema residents courageously took matters into their own hands, and shut this bio-weapons monster down. There were 410 new Ebola cases up to Sept. 16, and only 49 since.

          So it would appear that Kemena has turned a corner.

          Which begs the question: Why exactly are U.S. troops going to Sierra Leone? To help? “””

          source…winteractionables dot com

          Enjoy the day


      78. bio weapons lab


      79. IMHO..

        This entire charade is to scare the proles into further panic mode,create another unelected massive bureaucracy further infringing upon our so called freedoms,and of course,feather the nests of big pharma and all related natural resource industries….

        All the major power players are headed to Africa for the untold riches yet to be exploited there….

        Ebola is a smoke screen….perhaps to inoculate all of us with some miracle cure to prevent infectious diseases and viruses?

        Who the hell knows at this point…

        Me..I’ll keep preparing as always..

        Something just doesn’t smell right…

        Then again..

        When does it ever smell right nowadays?

        Enjoy the day


      80. Ebola’s beak out is where in the U S A; Texas/Southern States. When the SHTF; vast amounts of people will TRY to migrate to the south if nothing more than warmer weather to escape the cold. Now we have Ebola in the south= no place to go. This is why TSHTF will be in winter, because people will be too worried about not freezing to death to care for anything else. Just may very well be this coming winter, my gut tells me for sure next winter, anyway things are looking very bad for now. Keep preparing and good luck to all.

        Feed Jake

      81. “This entire charade is to scare the proles into further panic mode,create another unelected massive bureaucracy further infringing upon our so called freedoms,and of course,feather the nests of big pharma and all related natural resource industries…”

        Nahhhh!!…surely NOT?! Ya think?

        Morning Posse! A small hummorous reponse there Friend. In truth, I wwa so taken with the ‘gravity’ of that, as stated, that I stopped to gaze ‘pon ir for sevral seconds. Friend, ‘thee and me’ been here quite a while, so be not offended here. Take a deep breath, relax, elt it out…we are ALL ‘accounted’ for, you know this…and well within the ‘Hand’, No? All that you say is perfectly true, uterly so…yet ‘tarry thou yet a bit…’ for what comes next will require all that you are, th relax and’husnad’ your reserves Friend.

        The wait is not – now – long, surely.


        NOTE: …as well you KNOW how DOWN I am on those ‘damned souls’…so then, ‘peas in pod here’, Eh? Soon now.

        Adios Friend…

      82. I like eppe’s jokes too. Who cares who told it first. Jokes are meant to be spread around. Nobody owns a joke and once it is told it is community property, meaning everyone can take it or leave it. Humor is a powerful antidote to tedious boredom.

      83. Good Morning Everyone,

        Ere I pass on to ‘nighty-night’…finally, here’s the latest. As of a short while ago, the apparent magentic complexity, intensity and Doppler gradients associated with 12182 APPEAR to be identical to what they were prior to last evening’s X-flare. As such, the ‘liklihood’ of another X-class occuring within the next 24 hours is quite high., however…

        As well…at THIS time the net trend seen in the GOES-15 X-flux monitor (6 Hour) is going UP…soooo, say the probability for what I stated above – per liklihood – is instead to – likely – occur in the next 12 hours.

        …SO, Off to sleep, ‘punch drunk’ here. from lack OF! Adios Friends ……sllleeeppppiinnggg nnnooowww…..

        • Mr. Rogers -(knowing wink)–…

          Good to have you back, sir.

 were missed much!

          • Howdy Hunter!

            T’anks Friend. Ah, ’tis good to be back; I missed everyone – here – very much indeed…

            • Same here Mr.J or Rodgers. You be Roy’s brother????

              Feed Jake

      84. This just keeps getting better: FEMA pandemic exercises coming this November.

        For those who don’t know why I’m posting this I will list below major events, which on the same day, government drills were occurring nearby. Coincidence?

        Oklahoma City Bombing, 9-11, London subway bombings 7-7-05, Sandy Hook shooting, Aurora shooting, Boston bombing……..there are many more but I think you get the point. Local authorities are told to stand down while the feds, who are conveniently in the area practicing their “drills”, take over. Smoke & mirrors, folks. Think David Copperfield – illusion, but on a grander scale. The controlled media is usually nearby with scripts & actors ready. The public buys it hook, line, & sinker – how? Years of fear-based mind control & programming, especially through the greatest brainwashing device ever created: TV!!! Add to that the dumbing down of the populace through GMO, chemtrails, vaccines, the “education” system, etc. Our true history is defined by divide & conquer: race, religion, politics, even sports!!! We’re so busy fighting amongst each other over these petty differences, not knowing that all along we’re being manipulated into doing so by the same people who CREATED these systems (communism being the most obvious). We will never, as a species, get anywhere unless we WAKE UP & start telling the truth not only to others, but especially to OURSELVES!!

        I usually don’t spend much time posting on forums & such but I feel a turning point is coming. Distrust of government is growing. These false flags are becoming more obvious & laughable by the day – a sign of desperation by TPTB. Technology which could free humankind from it’s chains has been kept under wraps by the PTB for a long time but is slowly surfacing (look up Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat as just one example). When the people of the world know that our banker-government-corporation system has been suppressing information about cheap, abundant energy what do you think will happen? I’m prepared for the worst but in the meantime research has been one of my pastimes (ditched the TV). Like anyone else who has studied the trivium method of learning you start to see through the BS we’ve been fed our whole lives. Once the matrix starts dissolving I plan on being in the front lines because REVOLUTION is coming, whether by our destruction or those who control us.

      85. This song goes out to preppers and homesteaders everwhere:
        Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man”
        Don’t lose Hope. You are not alone. Your struggles are my struggles and we all share that.

        Sometimes things have to change, and every seed has to die to take root and grow.

        Just think, all of that time musing at 7 as cowboys will come to pass in reality. Who would have ever thought that would be true?

        “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

        When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        We may be harmed, but we are not broken, and life endures.

        “1You have searched me, Lord,
        and you know me.
        2You know when I sit and when I rise;
        you perceive my thoughts from afar.
        3You discern my going out and my lying down;
        you are familiar with all my ways.
        4Before a word is on my tongue
        you, Lord, know it completely.
        5You hem me in behind and before,
        and you lay your hand upon me.
        6Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
        too lofty for me to attain.
        7Where can I go from your Spirit?
        Where can I flee from your presence?
        8If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
        if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
        9If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
        if I settle on the far side of the sea,
        10even there your hand will guide me,
        your right hand will hold me fast.
        11If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me
        and the light become night around me,”
        12even the darkness will not be dark to you;
        the night will shine like the day,
        for darkness is as light to you.”
        Psalm 139

      86. Ebola spreading through West Africa, Famine spread throughout Africa, Sickle cell rife in The West Indies and South Asia.

        So now enough is enough.

        Will you cunts stop claiming God could be fucking black?

      87. This is true because Rawles says that it is??
        How will he make money if he cannot write another mediocre sequel??
        Maybe he would title it The Memsahib and the Pimp.
        He never does anything unless he makes money from it.
        Be well

      88. The real shtf is going on each time you eat.

        Refined foods…sugar, flower, salt, bad fats.

        That SHTF builds over decades..then you have heart disease.

        Just signed up for yoga.
        Don’t laugh..this kicked my old ass.

        For chow.. I buy the smoked canned fishes.
        They last for years…put some lemon on them and they are tasty.
        Also, make soups. But plenty of veggies, get a big pot and toss all sorts of great things in there.

        Good health to you all.

        Get plenty of exercise, use sun screen daily.

        Watch out for cumulative effects… ex. hearing damage.
        Foam ear plugs when at the movies. Some 16 year old fuck is always craning up the Imax volume..making everyone go deaf.

        So while a shtf can be a time duration event.
        The real one is going on right now for many who do NOT take care of their health.
        One last tip. Stop drinking beer an pop.
        I only drink water and milk an a little juice.

        Men… lose that gut. it’s killing you.

        Also, look into the high testosterone diet for men.
        It’s kind of like Atkins.

        For snacks… roasted nuts, pumpkin seesds and so on.
        I get them with they seem more like a snack.

        The one thing I get salt on…that and beef.

        And if the economy collapses and the dollar is shit..
        seeing all the repubs are NRA members…let’s just take this country over! ha

        Love ya all.

        Somewhere in middle America.

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