This Chart Shows Us How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning”

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    Recent weeks have led to a fairly significant drop in stock valuations, with many expert analysts struggling to figure out exactly why it’s happening. You’ll hear them cite the weather, or market overreaction, or any number of reasons for why stocks have seen their share prices reduced and why they’ll be rebounding in the near-term.

    What they won’t show you on mainstream financial channels is what’s really happening behind the scenes.

    Forget about all the minute-by-minute noise for a moment and take a look at the following chart. It gives a very simple overview of earnings growth trends for stocks listed on the S&P 500 on a quarterly basis.

    Last year saw what analysts would call fairly robust growth, and they had no problem citing these numbers for evidence of economic recovery.

    We’re curious what they’d call it now, considering this chart shows a massive collapse in earnings per share growth across the board.

    Pay close attention to that yellow line, which indicates growth (or lack there of) for the first quarter of 2014. According to Zero Hedge this is a Flashing Red Warning as earnings growth plunges to its lowest levels since 2012:

    While the so-called “experts” were adamant in repeating that one must ignore all Q1 economic data (because of harsh weather you know), one thing the same “experts” pounded the table on was the earnings growth in 2014 which confirmed that the Fed was correct in tapering and that the corporate sector was well on its way to achieving “escape velocity” and a stable recovery. And then this happened…

    EPS Growth
    (Chart via @Not_Jim_Cramer)

    Most people, when you ask them how the economy is doing, will point to the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 as evidence of a healthy recovery.

    What the majority of those people fail to look at is the underlying valuations for the stocks within those indexes.

    If you are an investor and hold stocks, or are thinking about jumping in because this latest “correction” is about to take a turn for the better, we direct your attention to this absolutely critical piece of information regarding price-per-earnings from Karl Denninger of Market Ticker.

    A bit of perspective is in order here.  The number of stocks that have been trading on nothing more than QE-addled leverage, with nosebleed territory P/Es including Facebook (96), Amazon (537!), Netflix (180), LinkedIn (762), Salesforce (Negative P/E) and Twitter (ditto; -$3.41 EPS.)

    Yeah, but the market is “cheap”, right?  Sure it is with all these big-cap techs trading at prices like this…

    There is only one reason to buy such a stock — you’re convinced that some other sucker will pay you an even greater multiple to sales (say much less earnings) than you paid.

    That the air will eventually come out of such a market is inevitable.

    The P/E ratio of a stock is basically the price of the stock compared to the earnings of said share. In the case of Amazon trading at 537 times earnings, this is an INCREDIBLE number considering most conservative financial advisers recommend dividend earning stocks in the 10 – 12 P/E range for investment purposes. In essence, the easiest way to interpret Amazon today is that an investor is willing to pay $537 for $1 in current earnings. So, investors who bought Amazon stock at its current price should see a return on that investment… in about 537 years (give or take)  at current earnings.

    Yes, that’s how crazy the stock market is right now, and Amazon is certainly not alone insofar as over-valuation is concerned.

    Couple that with the earning growth chart above and you can clearly see that we are in very dangerous territory here.

    And this doesn’t even take into account the economic warfare playing out between East and West, where Russia has now announced it will be actively pursuing a strategy to decouple its resource trade from the US dollar, meaning it will now trade in local currencies as opposed to the world’s traditional reserve currency.

    As this new form of warfare plays out by the worlds super powers, all monetary systems will be affected. So how is this going to affect you? These effects will cause a continued degradation of the U.S. dollar with the real possibility that China and Russia will stop funding our debt. If and when this happens, the-you-know-what will inevitably hit the fan. 

    As Paul Craig Roberts noted recently, there is a reckoning coming and all evidence points to economic failure in 2014.

    Or, we can all just go along with the prevailing narrative and pretend like happy days are here again.

    The following song was released shortly after the 1929 stock market crash before anyone had realized its implications. It reassured Americans that “Your cares and troubles are gone… there’ll be no more from now on.”

    We know how that ended up…


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      1. Outsourcing is catching up with the greedy bastards.

        Ha, Ha!

        Oh, wait. It means we’ll be eating a shit sandwich too.


        • Invest in wall st. bullshit,
          it’s going to da moon!

          • The current Bull market cannot continue indefinitely. There are too many market indicators pointing to an imminent downturn in the stock market if not a total collapse. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to disengage retirement accounts from this balloon that is ready to pop. I wish I had an answer!

            • I don’t need a chart….I just look at how little money I have any more…and every other shop in town has a for lease sign in the window

              • “But let me perfectly clear, because I know you’ll hear the same old claims that rolling back these tax breaks means a massive tax increase on the American people: if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime. I repeat: not one single dime.”
                -Barack Obama

                Obama has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office

                “Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has formally proposed a total of 442 tax increases, according to an Americans for Tax Reform analysis of Obama administration budgets for fiscal years 2010 through 2015.”

                “The 442 total proposed tax increases does not include the 20 tax increases Obama signed into law as part of Obamacare.”

                • Zimbabwe’s Mugabe comes to Amerika.

                  Did anyone else expect this kind of BarryO BS – or was it just me….

                  • The one thing those charts never show is how the market will be manipulated in the future.

                    The mainstream charts are 100% fabricated by manipulation. The FOMC goes to great lengths to make the charts look like they should to those “educated” in finance.

                    I no longer worry about what the stock market will do, or the interest rates, or any of that crap.

                    As I was growing to this point in years, I never noticed the “bad recessions” I read about now because I always had a corp job and never noticed them.

                    You don’t notice a crisis if you have income and can sustain your way of life. That is why I now work for myself and prep.

                    Sustainability on an individual level beats any chart you can produce. If you can sustain, the charts contain no information that will affect you.

                    We all know that the ship is sinking slowly, and it will continue to do so unless the banksters lose control. There are too many fully invested into or dependent on the system. They will have faith in it because they have no other choice. They will be protected by the system, while the rest of us are thrown to the wolves and your assets looted to the extent you make possible.

                    I have no faith in the system, but I do know that the banksters will do whatever it takes to keep it going as long as possible. We still have guns, so they have no other choice at this time.

                  • Just in case you thought “Passover” was an innocent holiday:

                    “Another ritual involving cursing the Gentiles is the famous custom of reciting “Pour Out Thy Wrath” (Shefokh hamatkha) at the Passover seder … It’s earliest mention appears in Mahzor Vitry … This section of the [Passover] Haggadah is understood by the participants as closely connected with the future Redemption. Opening the door to the prophet Elijah in tandem with the prayer for vengeance signifies a connection between vengeance against the Gentiles and the appearance of the Messiah. It should also be noted that this section of the Haggadah is recited as an introduction to the fourth and last cup of wine, the cup of deliverance …”


                • But if you call them “fees” and “penalties”, then they’re not really a “tax”. Right?

                  No matter what you call it, sh*+ stinks.

                  • ALERT…….ALERT

                    Sorry to cut in at the top…over 2000 vials containing SARS virus have gone missing from French lab. Supposedly not contagious particles, but they’re looking everywhere for them.

                    www dot

              • Food prices were up 19% at the end of March.

                • I saw a post the oil companies profit about 7 cents a gallon of gas and the taxes they make off a gallon is about 43 cents a gallon and they call the oil comapnies greedy. Unreal isn’t it.

                  • No kidding. The profit margin on gasoline is far less than the margin on cellphones or bottled water, just to pick two common expenses for most folks.

                    Or the margins on bicycles or pot, just to tweak the folks who believe profit is evil.

                  • I like Use Taxes. I think all taxes should be based on usage. And no other taxes should exist.
                    Gas is a good way to pay for roads, highway patrolmen, traffic lights, and any government related to transportation.

                    High PE means investors predict the economy is about to take off! How? more profits/more revenue<- new markets or higher prices. Pretty sure everyone is predicting higher prices. But I think the main rise is due to enormous dollar creation and the gift thereof being directly to the wealthy. They have so much money already they can think of nothing better to do with it that to buy stocks.

                  • Anon

                    Yea, me too on use tax. No use, no tax. Seems fair to me but wtf do I know? I’m just an old carpenter. Sitting here these last couple weeks with no work isn’t very rewarding. One plus is that I’m not paying income tax.

                    I was starting to get excited about working in the garden but it’s snowing here. Probably 4 inches so far. Doesn’t help with the attitude. Won’t last forever though.

                    There’s always a chance oshithead will choke on a chicken bone today.

                  • Clint: Road cost money to make and repair. Are you saying that you’d prefer that all roads be privatized where each time we drive we’d pay a toll to someone for the use of THEIR road? Perhaps that is the answer. That could have many benefits such as forcing each of us to more carefully plan our outings so that they would be more economical (no wasted/frivolous trips). It would also make most of us aware of the need to walk, bicycle, or bus our way to some locations in order to save on those tolls as well. Less driving and more ‘other’ modes would also be healthier(exercise). This is a core argument of Libertarians (privatization). For those who want less government, this is one way to get there-privatization. The question becomes-who do you want to pay?

                • Yet the government says price inflation is flat! Of course how would Congress know how much things cost when their maid does the shopping.

                  • Forgot to add that on the news today it was claimed that energy prices went down. What world do these people live in?

                • I have a question, being serious. How in the world is a family or even one individual suppose to survive? If a person doesn’t own PM, they are just screwwwwwed. I’m one of those people. How about the ones that owe mortgages, which includes me and a whole lot of people! I prep, but what good will that do when the shtf? At least I’ll be able to eat for a while, and defend myself for a while. After that, Lord, only knows.

                  • Mac, why do I always have to wait moderation? I don’t say anything vile, so I don’t understand.

                    • Munchkin, the system automatically moderates comments it doesn’t recognize…. use an email address (even a fake one) and eventually it will recognize you and auto-approve comments.

                      apologies for any inconvenience.

              • I was watching NBC news, disgusting I know, and this idiot was telling the audience how wrong it is for anyone to own firearms. So I thought I would dilute this voice garbage with something funny.

                You want to really piss off an anti-gunner?

                Have them watch this hilarous short 40 second video, Ape with AK-47. The Chimpanzee I bet can aim better than any anti-gunner ever could.


                • HAHA! That was funny! THEY thought it was funny too, until he pulled the trigger… LOL

                • Reminds me so much of the shit we went through in Nam but this was hilarious. BoBo kicked their asses, Ha Then he raises the AK in Victory. hooah

                • OMFG, be informed…i saw that bunch wandering around the last victorville gun show! shit ohhh dear, are we ever in some deep doo doo.

                • NBC sucks….. as do most all the mainstream news channels

              • The Koch brothers, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, or Putin should pay the fine for the rancher in Nevada. It would make Harry Reid and Ovomit look like fools!

                • Want to get Harry Reid thrown out of office?

                  Present him with a statewide petition from the people of Nevada to transfer the BLM lands to the State. Doesn’t even have to all the BLM land, just enough to get the percentage down from 87%, the nations’ highest, to around 30%, which is what the other western states reflect.

                  If he follows up with it in Congress, he’s toast as the Senate Majority Leader. If he doesn’t follow up with it in Congress, he’s toast as the Senator from Nevada.

                • Harry Reid & Obullshit always look like fools. if there is a time that they did not…please provide link …LOL !
                  Standing by in
                  Montgomery County Texas

            • Don’t listen to him. Turn the chart clockwise 90 degrees and everything’s great.

              • It’s upside down. Turn it over it resembles one of Al Gore’s hockey stick graphs.

            • To laeagle – so true. Bust follows boom. It seems though now these are closer and closer together. Economics are far too complicated for me to follow now – or even hope to understand – but I know greed when I see it!

              To deny we are headed for the Mother and Father of all depressions is just plain stupid, and what eventually happens will make 1929 look like a fart in a Cat 5 hurricane. Yet somehow “they” seem to keep kicking the can down the road – borrowing more and more (here in Aussie too) to fund past borrowings.

              Countries are no different to families – only so much coming in (taxes) to pay the bills and live on. If there is any extra it is OK to take out a loan to buy a new car or a house but it MUST always be remembered loans are funded by future earnings (salary). Take away, or even reduce, those earnings and the repo man comes for your car!

              In a recession or worse, depression, those taxes and salaries take a dive and then guess what? SHTF!!!


              • RDU, Thanks for your insight. I had withdrawn from the Market in 2008, thinking, the really Great Depression was imminent, but, those who kept their money in stocks did very well. Somehow, TPTB have figured out how to keep kicking the can down the road. QE and all the ‘stimulus’ has only kicked the can down the road and temporarily pacified the restless ‘natives’ for a while and kept the wolves at bay. Makes you wonder how TPTB and NWO expect to survive the hungry wolves howling around them after the collapse of the house of cards they have built?

                The Lisu people of China have a saying that I like, “Keep your water supply close, and keep the authorities far away”.

                • The Baltic dry index continues to look grim. This is the only mainstream economic indicator I still pay attention to as here in the UK we are currently going thru yet another massive house price boom!

                  To summarise my UK perspective (others may disagree).

                  House prices UP – our leadership outdoes yours at can kicking!
                  Utilities UP
                  Food UP
                  Stock Market UP

                  Global Trade DOWN (Baltic Dry Index).

                  Our compulsory school leaving age is being raised from 16 -18. They have introduced all kinds of funny schemes that take the unemployed off the official count. The figures given out in the media now are so manipulated as to be utterly meaningless imho.

                  The EU zone and the Euro situation is too bizarre for a mere mortal like myself to even attempt to analyse.

                  My gut tells me that here in the UK the elite intend to return the masses to the status they held pre WW1, when even the Town Doctor knew to doff his cap as his Lordship passed him in the street.

                  During the great depression our Empire protected London and the SE of our countries from the worst of it’s ravages. I’m not so sure even the City of London will escape the global financial tsunami when it hits this go round.

            • “As this new form of warfare plays out by the worlds super powers, all monetary systems will be affected. So how is this going to affect you? These effects will cause a continued degradation of the U.S. dollar with the real possibility that China and Russia will stop funding our debt. If and when this happens, the-you-know-what will inevitably hit the fan.”

              I disagree. Russia doesn’t fund OUR debt, and China is not necessary to fund OUR debt. The transfer of dollars (and American wealth) to China was intentional to get them into the dollar world currency hegemony.

              If China refuses to accept dollars their export economy collapses; domestic instability rises, and political change becomes possible. These three consequences are not the results that the CCP either wants or needs, and it is working feverously to avoid them, captive to an economy based upon bogus numbers year after year after year, for twenty years. If you are looking for a potential domino ….. look no further.

              The dollar will get stronger as hostilities increase between Russia and the West. These hostilities are being initiated by the West. They are deliberate and intentional. They are being ratcheted UP by the West. The NWO in the West has a Plan.

              The NWO will retreat (financially) to the DOLLAR. It is the weapon of choice. The dollar will strengthen,but only in the context of the Great Game, not enough to make a personal difference to YOUR finances. That is not to say that inflation will not rear its ugly head, but even double digit inflation is not hyperinflation. financial resources will be rerouted to the Military industrial complex.

              The world economy will contract, Russia will be more isolated, and ten dollar bills in number ten cans will be your saving grace. Hyperinflation destroys the wealth of the Uber Rich. Deflation destroys YOUR wealth. The FED gets too choose which one. How many guesses do you need?

              So, 50 million on Food Stamps IS only the beginning.

              The NWO will use the dollar against Russia to further weaken its economy and cause domestic unrest. Russia will UP the ante in Ukraine when it realizes that the NWO West will continue its eastward expansion with or without Putin’s assistance, and an open shooting war will start.

              Russia must start a war or be slowly strangled by the NWO.

              China will remain neutral as it is in ITS political, economic, financial, and strategic military interests to do so. Buckle up. 🙁

              • DK, I disagree with you on the Bundy Ranch issue, but, your analysis of the economy, politics and geopolitics is always refreshing to read and entertaining. I do hope you don’t quit this site after you settle into your business out West. You never know when you will need the Oathkeepers and the Patriots at this site on your side! There are some really great people here, and I think you are one of them. I believe a great and wise man once said, “Remember to engage your employees one at a time or they will enslave you!” Something like that. (Smile)

                • laeagle: Thanks. I just came from the Club where I caught a slice of a Hannity segment about Rancher Bundy. Hannity as you might expect, pretty much followed the Militia line.

                  One of the “designated Blondes” commented that she and her husband lease BLM managed lands and pay grazing fees. Her take?

                  “BLM is a management company for the Taxpayer and Bundy is a deadbeat Rancher who hasn’t paid his lease fees in twenty years.” I had to laugh. Where had I heard THAT before? 🙂

                  Hannity cut her off and went to one of his stooges to back his play. Pitiful, pathetic, propaganda from the Far Right as Bad as Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz on the Left.

                  This is the source of the problem in America today: 2/3 of the country is divided equally between Left and Right and follow the Party line, regardless of right and wrong.

                  Free thinkers need to live by principle and rightly divide the word of truth, and think for themselves. As for my possible departure from this site; you need not fear, I will be “engaging” the enemy in a much more direct and powerful way.

                  I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

                  • My Peeps, NOW (this Spring and Summer) before elections,is the time to aggressively engage the PTB over OUR Constitutional rights.

                    You can bet that the FED’s have not pursued gun control, and have avoided an exchange of gunfire in Nevada, because the POTUS would lose all legitimacy if his Rogue Administration fired on the People like Assad or the Russian puppet in Kiev.

                    POTUS wants to avoid that. It would tarnish his image. 🙂

                    Having said that, Liberty Lovers and Patriots must wisely choose the correct situation to engage a Corrupt and Rogue Administration with gunfire.

                    It must be a time and place and issue that is clearly UN-Constitutional so that WE THE PEOPLE retain the moral, ethical, and Constitutional authority to preserve OUR freedoms.

                    Rancher Bundy’s cause is not OUR Cause. Engage. 🙂

                  • DK; I think you are focusing way to much on the legal/illegal aspect of Bundy. When, at least for me, it has nothing to do with that.

                    I have zero knowledge of land, water, or any other type of rights that being discussed. And frankly I could give a shit about them. What concerns me and why I support the peoples response is due to 200 heavily armed federal officers that surrounded his ranch. All over a FUCKING TAX. Give me a break. Its just one more instance of gov thugs flexing their muscles.

                    Then to institute a 1st amendment zone, the entire country is a 1st amendment zone!!!

                    That is why I have supported the Oathkeepers and others with this cause. It has nothing to do with who paid and didn’t pay (imo). It has to start somewhere …. maybe this is it.


                  • Ghostrider: Thanks for your response. I think it is important to discern what is true in Rancher Bundy’s case because lives are likely to be lost before it is concluded.

                    Additionally I think it sets a bad precedent for the Liberty Movement since this case is a civil action, and now, a criminal case over trespassing and non payment of lease fees.there are NO Constitutional rights in jeopardy.

                    What many of the people here do not understand, NR, perhaps most of all, is that ranches in the West have two components: a fee simple component, and a leased fee component. The fee simple component is typically small, from a few hundred to a few thousand acres, while the leased fee component is very large, ranging into several hundred thousands of acres of public land.

                    Bundy bought the fee simple component from his father with established water rights for the fee simple land and leased fee component as long as he continued to pay his lease fees. Ownership of the public lands did not transfer with the sale of the ranch from father to son. The public lands still belong to US.

                    The lease fee component is the grazing rights from the FED’s. Lessees make improvements like roads, fences, and water troughs; some times wells. When someone buys the ranch they buy the fee simple land and improvements (ranch house, bunk house & barns, fences, etc) and the “grazing rights”. The “grazing rights” are owned by the landowner (US) and are leased to the rancher every year. The new rancher renews the grazing lease every year with his lease payment. If he fails to make his required lease fee payment for the grazing rights to public land, he has severed the lease. In Bundy’s case, that happened in 1993.

                    No one is disputing Bundy’s water rights or fee simple ownership of the land and buildings on his private land. The issue is that Rancher Bundy stopped making lease payments for his grazing rights on public land but continued to run his herd on the public lands.

                    Why is this “technicality” so important? I would not want a “revolution” initiated and in support of an illegal, UN Constitutional principle: namely the theft, fraud, and deception of Rancher Bundy, claiming access to 300,000 acres of Taxpayer land.

                    If he can claim ownership of 300,000 acres of Taxpayer land, then I can claim Lake Powell! What would you like? Its all FREE for the claiming. just remember, Lake Powell is mine. I’ll bottle it and sell it to the Chinese !!! 🙂

                  • I can tell you, I don’t follow any political line. I am my own thinker. I don’t think that the government has any business in my business, period. Nor, do I believe they are the rightful owners of any land. The government, or so called, is elected by we, the people, and they refuse to do the will of the people. It’s time to get some true American patriots that represent we, the people. Just who in the hell gave them the power to do the things that are being done to us? Not me, not my parents, not my children. I am an American, not a politician’s dummy that sits on his lap. He won’t do the talking for me.I’m fed up.

              • Why do you keep saying $10 dollar bills? Why not 5’s or 1’s or 20’s….

                Why $10….

                • In honor of a old poster on this site who evidently passed to his reward. 🙂

                  • DK: okay, that makes total sense…..?????????????????????????

                  • RE: “In honor of a old poster on this site who evidently passed to his reward.”

                    Slightly respectively, as I prefer not to speak ill of the dead. Just about Everybody here thought that guy was full of shit. … Just like his replacement, Durango “Krugman” Kid.

                  • All hail Mushroom.

                  • FBP; Glad to see you back posting, haven’t seen you in a while. I was beginning to think nina got you.


                • I would like to know to too.

              • I don’t need any chart to see the U.S. begging for a war somewhere to go to a military type economy to “ATTEMPT” to bail them out of debt. If I use a chart then I can compare E to the X chart to the current U.S. debt chart and they almost match. This of course means exponential debt growth and a country, any country NOT on a war economy rocketing to the poor house. That is of course if the nuclear missiles don;t beat you to the punch.

                War economies means that the U.S. can martial law off all resources and pay for the debt, or even pay it off. Of course BO and the cronies would not even do something responsible like this after enslaving the country. NO. They would spend even more and enslave that much more. You ever see those cartoons in which the people go off into the department stores yellig, CHARGE IT. Well, this is what these mentally sick individuals have growen use to. It is of course about control and the pretext for control. It is also the sickness of someone that cannot control themselves with a credit card. That is the government, most governments that desperately need financial counselling like some 10 year old with the parents’ plastic cards and no limit to anything they want.

                This is not new. It is history repeating itself and again and again human beings fail miserable to learn how to manage money logically and sensible. This time around the mistakes are not likely to be forgiven and recoverable like before. 🙁

                • BI, good evening, and once again, a spot-on analysis. It makes me even more glad I never became addicted to credit. Now I’m glad for all the times I had credit applications rejected. It’s a wonderful feeling being debt-free. I can buy more preps at one time than I would be able to otherwise. Credit cards are one thing I have always been adamantly opposed to having. You’d be surprised at the dirty looks I get from people when I tell them I’m debt-free. It’s like I committed some sin against them, but I don’t care. No bill collectors for braveheart to worry about.

                  • Braveheart.
                    You may not need to worry about creditors at your door, but if you own your stuff you may need to worry about the Confiscation Nazis. Hopefully there are no endangered grasshoppers in your back yard….

                  • @ Braveheart. I have never understood people that run up huge debts. It is like having a 400 pound gorilla on their back that each month gains a little more weight and becomes a hell of a lot meaner. It is usually not even to purchase necessities to life, it is junk and wasted entertainment. They use to have pay only cash when you go to sporting events for whatever trash someone decides to get. Now these parasites walking around have these swipe your credit cards and don’t worry about it. Talk about ID theft from any of these vendors. Yet people do this, even if it is honest, they end up adding worthless debt to their life for no good purpose.

                    Credit cards have ruined this country because people seldom use them responsibly. A person just doesn’t see what they are charging. It reminds me of gambling in Vegas which all the bells and whistles and suddenly someone has busted their whole bankroll without thought. These little portable credit card devices should have a little lever on them like a slot machine and an emblem with a masked crook on them.

                    What has happened to the world I grew up in where some people had sense? The world where people that prepared for emergency were respected and admired as planners? Now preppers are labeled as radicals and paranoid. What has happened to the world that talk about the Constitution was praised as being pro U.S. Now you can’t even discuss the 2nd Amendment in most schools. A part of the Constitution banned?????????? What has happened to morals and decency that perversion was scoffed at and people didn’t want any part of it? Now it is embraced and shoved down people’s throats. What has happened to common logic that we grew up with that you don;t spend what you don’t have? What has happened to a bad politician being thrown out for acts of treason? Now we are just suppose to forget about it. What has happened to the world period? Depressing to see such a rapid decay and eaten away society all over most of the world. I think the human species is in more trouble than any of us realize.

                  • You do not have the self discipline to manage your credit and keep your cards paid off or kept at a reasonable amount? Must be fun traveling and carrying around hundreds or thousands of dollars. You are a tard for thinking you are smart. Really dumb to pass up the use of others money interest free for thirty days or more.

                  • @ John W. I don’t know if you are calling me a tard or someone else. Credit cards are a link to you and all your personal information that hackers can get at. This is not only your financial well being, but you personal safety. I have known people in that hell hole area that you live Southern California that used their credit cards thinking they were safe. They not only had their banks siphoned of several thousand dollars, but also had two of their cars broken into and one had their home burglarized. Credit cards are like have a RFID chip in you.

                    Some people do use them responsibily. When I had one I ALWAYS used it correctly like you describe. I figured out though that credit card had me into a data base that ANYONE that swiped it could break into and figure out everything about me. It is a link to you. It is dangerous, especially in your area that has more criminals per capita than anyplace in the world along with the highest per capita lawyer scum. You are in far more danger in the San Diego area from being a victim of crime than dying from the putrid smog levels destroying your health or from the entire San Andreas breaking from Mexico to Oregon. I recommend that for your own personal well being you consider this and protect yourself from crime that becomes better and better at making you and others victims.

                    I don’t know if you were calling me a tard or braveheart, which was totally not called for. When you live in a total hell hole I hope you consider your personal safety important and realize that credit cards when you use them are dangerous to you and your family. Just ask all those people that had their credit cards hacked during the holiday season. IF there is ever a mistake they can totally tie up your finances and freeze your entire ability to purchase anything.

                    Besides this, what is the big deal about using cash and remaining as anonymous possible away from the banksters? Most credit card companies don’t even have Americans in American handling your records, they have people in India, Bangladesh, or some backwater African or Asian country with all about you in front of their computer screen. Do you want some bank with a bunch of foreigners in some third world country knowing everything about you and your spending habits? No thank you!

                  • After living in the northeast for some time I drove across the southern part of the US about 15 years ago starting over in Georgia. After a month or so I was heading west into California when I drove over the hills into San Diego. There were houses with their twinkling lights perched on top of the hills with views of the Pacific and I thought, “Wow! This is the prettiest city I’ve ever seen”. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

                    Sometimes I still think about San Diego and I fear for the city. It’s not the earthquakes, the illegals, or the politics. If we engage in WW3 that huge naval base stationed there will be nuclear target number one and will wipe out most of the city. I would love to see it one more time.

              • Wrong DK,they will never let deflation set in.If that’s what you believe then load up on treasuries.The only way out is inflation,the way to hedge is gold.If deflation happens then banks will collapse.

                • Nightshift: Deflation is happening now, in measured rounds. QE is the mechanism to protect the banks from this deflation.

                  No they will never let Deflation happen if they can avoid it, but that spiral can command a life of its own once begun if the consumer is broke and up to his ears in debt.

                  Is the consumer broke and over leveraged? 🙁

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Is the consumer broke and over leveraged?”


                    Public and private debt is 3.5X GDP! Does that answer your question?

                    I suspect not, because you’ve informed “your peeps” there is no “peak debt.”

                  • YMWW: My Peeps do not have a printing press. The FEDs do.:-(

                • Ugly, I have something the ‘confiscation nazis’ don’t want. BI, I totally agree with your analysis about the lack of common sense out there these days.

              • the durango kidd says:

                “The NWO will use the dollar against Russia to further weaken its economy and cause domestic unrest.”

                LOL… did you get that talking point from Fox News?

                The NWO is using the dollar against America!

                The NWO has destroyed the American economy with Keynesian economic cronyism and fiat paper!!

                Note: Domestic unrest is sure to follow!!!

                Cue the DHS, and all those rounds.

                At this point, the American Republic is a sick joke.

                Some fools still insist on defending (voting for) it’s rotting carcass.

                Cue the durango kidd.

                • Dear, yourmotherwaswrong.

                  Nice try at getting though to the guy.
                  Nothing does.
                  He’s a dead set defender of the empire.
                  Merchantilism is his true love.
                  He’ll kill any American to defend it. Even those who prefer liberty.
                  That’s how Keynesian’s roll.
                  Heck, he’ll kill anybody to defend Keynesianism and Merchantilism. That’s part of the reason why we’re known as The Culture of Death.

                  • @Average Guy

                    He’s a unequivocal fascist!

                    How he manages to garner any level of support from folks in this community just boggles the mind.

                    Nearly everything he stands for is antithetical to the messages of this site. And that’s why I conclude he’s nothing more than a Troll; an egotistical one for sure.

                  • always hated being termed a “peep” too. what’s up with that? does that make him the head rooster?

              • DK

                Explain how Hyper Inflation destroy’s “the rich” and deflation destroying the little guy.

                Those with hard assets ride out hyper inflation as their hard assets “increase” in value. Those working check to check get creamed as their wagers always significantly lag the inflation rate. Those with traditional savings gain from deflation as their purchasing power increases.

                The rich that TPTB cater to don’t make a million dollars per year like a Specialist Physician in a good established practice. That guy has no more political power than the taxi cab driver. Their core supporters have billions.

                • K2: Hyperinflation, real hyperinflation, Germany hyperinflation, Zimbabwe hyperinflation, completely destroys the currency making it worthless. Hard assets retain value, but what that value is would be determined by the situation and market forces.

                  Deflation suppresses asset values but enhances the value of the currency because there are fewer dollars flowing into the economy: even during QE, as I have explained many times.

                  Slow, measured, three percent inflation increases the wealth of the Uber Rich, because their underlying hard assets increase in value.

                  Examine the cash and near cash position of the 157 largest multinationals in the world (which includes the major banks), add the hundreds of thousands of average corporations, and the dollar position of the top 10% in the world, and this is the wealth of the Uber Rich.

                  The Uber Rich and wanna bes keep a major portion of their excess assets in cash and securities (paper) and move it in and out and between asset classes as the momentum moves through a business cycle and the markets.

                  All of their paper assets would be worthless in a hyperinflationary crash. Consider that the Currency market is a $50 trillion market per day. That’s alot of lettuce! Obviously any free and clear assets would still have value. How much is impossible to say as We do not know what the “future market conditions” would be, on the ground.

                  What cash the little guy has would be worthless too in a hyperinflationary environment. Then the peasants would pick up their pitchforks and sharpen their swords. Not an appealing picture for those that have in the face of those who have not. So in hyperinflation the peasants have a lot of cash that buys nothing, and in deflation the peasants have some cash that buys something.

                  In a deflationary crash, CASH is KING. Dollars are fewer and farther between, like in the Great Depression. That is one reason why the Uber Rich and these corporations have accumulated so much cash. They anticipate a further deflationary spiral that will wash out the speculators and “little people”, any competition that does not have a strong cash position.

                  As values decline in a deflationary cycle, like that which destroyed 40% of the wealth of the Middle Class with the housing crash, those corporations and individuals with a strong cash balance will be able to weather the crisis as values of real assets are marked to market at lower valuations; and then those with strong cash positions will purchase hard assets at a bargain price. One corporation’s debt becomes another corporation’s bargain.

                  Note that Colony, Blackrock, and other vulture capitalists bought nice middle class homes by the tens of thousands from FANNIE and FREDDIE and are looking to rent, securitize and otherwise profit from them, until the values rise and they can sell them at a much higher price. These homes were the source of most of the “wealth” of the Middle Class.

                  Basically the NWO Neocons want you to have enough “excess” cash to buy the goods and services from their corporations and make them richer, while the NWO Socialists want to tax your “excess” cash to “redistribute”. Somehow, those funds earmarked for redistribution never make it to the bottom, except by EBT card. 🙁

                  • Defender of empire Durango “Krugman” Kid says, “In a deflationary crash, CASH is KING.”

                    You mean that’s why the gooberment took all that gold from people back then during the last Great Depression?
                    Is that why the gold miners in California and Alaska could buy what they wanted and they maintained their purchasing power with gold during that time?
                    Or, do you have a new meaning for the word, ‘king’?
                    Or, are you just Paid to tell bullshit like you do?
                    It’s hard to believe you’re as clueless as you come off as.

                    Gawd, you’re so clueless when you say, “a deflationary cycle, like that which destroyed 40% of the wealth of the Middle Class with the housing crash”

                    It wasn’t a decrease in the money supply that wiped everybody out, it was rising rates and tightened lending requirements, numb nuts. The money was still free flowing.
                    If anybody should know, you should, you were enticing people to buy shit they couldn’t afford back them. A.k.a.. you were part of the problem.

                    The idiot says, “those corporations and individuals with a strong cash balance will be able to weather the crisis as values of real assets are marked to market at lower valuations”

                    Uh, yeah, they’ll just swallow their assets depreciating in value and just hold on like suckers and won’t rush towards the exits to sell at once,… oh, but wait, I thought you said assets were going Up? Tsk, tsk, yet another Durango “Krugman” Kid contradiction. You’re getting sloppy.

                    Defender of the empire writes, “Note that Colony, Blackrock, and other vulture capitalists bought nice middle class homes by the tens of thousands from FANNIE and FREDDIE and are looking to rent, securitize and otherwise profit from them, until the values rise and they can sell them at a much higher price.”

                    Yeah, also ^note* how on thehousingbubbleblog they are showing how those properties are falling in price because they bought a grossly over-valued asset which is FALLING in price. But I wouldn’t expect any a, er’ former mortgage broker to accept those numbers.

                    Face it, Durango “Krugman” Kid, you’re a Debt Donkey and you love to push that same indebtedness onto others. You’re evil.

                  • AG/Clark: I am a gold mine owner. Like the community here, I recognize the long term value of gold.

                    Rising rates and tighter credit is how the FED reduces the flow of money to the consumer. That is as basic as it gets. How stupid are you?

                    I was a commercial mortgage broker, not a residential mtg broker, and I told folks NOT to go with an adjustable 2 yr loan, who asked me.

                    Some assets are going up, some assets are going down. What assets EXACTLY are you rambling about?

                    Yes, those mass foreclosures are probably still declining in market value, but these big vulture capitalist funds bought them at distressed sales prices, so while they are still declining in value, their values are still probably well above what was paid for them.

                    You will remember, I am sure, how I mentioned a second leg down last year at this time, for home values. Or check the archives.

                    I have NO debt and do not encourage individuals or businesses to leverage their assets beyond their means. A grown man or corporation ought to be able to control his business and make wise financial decisions.

                    You seem really, really bitter Clark. Did the Gb’s foreclose on that house you once owned in Fountain Hills? 🙁

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “hyperinflation, completely destroys the currency making it worthless. Hard assets retain value, but what that value is would be determined by the situation and market forces.”

                    LOL… even a blind, pooh throwing, monkey gets it right once in awhile. Thanks for pointing that out to us bumpkins in the Altmedia. BTW, where do you see “market forces” moving the “value” of gold and silver “assets” in a hyperinflationary environment? That’s what I thought.

                    “Deflation suppresses asset values but enhances the value of the currency because there are fewer dollars flowing into the economy: even during QE.”

                    Where is the “deflation?” News Flash for the durango kidd: The money supply in the United States keeps rising. Rates change; the direction doesn’t. So, where is the deflation? Not in the money statistics, and certainly not in the CPI. So much for the boogeyman of “deflation.” It doesn’t exist.

                    The only deflationary scenario that makes any sense, is one in which the banking payment system goes into gridlock. Could that happen? The banking system is built on fraud and lies, resting on one foundational lie: “You can withdraw your money at any time.” So could it happen? Sure it could. Will it happen? Not a chance. Just ask the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve.

                    “A deflationary crash” A decrease in the money supply. It’s never gonna happen, and you know it.

                    Deflationary fears amount to little more than Keynesian drivel.

              • A defender of empire says, “If China refuses to accept dollars their export economy collapses”

                Hmmm, from what I’ve found, China exports to the unitedstate: 21.4%

                To stop that amount, doesn’t exactly seem like disaster.

                Anyway, it’s funny how Durango “Krugman” Kidd tells everybody to, “buy gold, and speculate in silver”, then he turns around and says, “The dollar will get stronger as hostilities increase between Russia and the West.”

                That’s not bullish for gold or silver.

                Neither is his advise to hold “ten dollar bills in number ten cans will be your saving grace.”

                The guy is a freaking schizoid.

                • AG/Clark: A 21% drop in exports would push the Chinese economy into chaos as the financial markets and shadow banking leverage implodes under the bankruptcies and loan defaults.

                  Social unrest would skyrocket, panic would ensue, and the real estate collapse on the mainland would make the plummet in value of Hong Kong home values look like a cake walk.

                  A 21% drop in exports would be the trigger for a cascading collapse of the Chinese economy that is currently at the edge of the cliff looking into the abyss. Can you say, Wile E Coyote?

                  As usual, you know nothing. 🙂

                  • A five percent drop in exports would have the Chinese droids rioting in the streets. China is barely able to maintain itself and when it’s export market collapses they will have big problems. For all their glitter they are barely a third world country a status that we seemingly are in hot pursuit of.

                  • Don’t really want in the middle of this fight but think what that same drop in exports would do to prices in the US… Nothing would be available on the market shelves and prices will sky rocket… The US doesn’t produce anything…

                  • Note to the durango kidd: I am not AG or Clark. You can see my tag. Dispense with the BS. Is it so difficult for you to grasp the idea that there are people out there in SHTFplan land who think you’re full of it???

                    the durango kidd says:

                    “… and shadow banking leverage…”

                    Say what??? You’ve denied “shadow banking.” You’ve maintain central banking and fractional reserve are above board! Do you now acknowledge otherwise?

                    China is in trouble, no doubt. And it’s in trouble because it’s plagued by the same scourge plaguing the US: Central Banking, and the State.

                    “Can you say, Wile E Coyote?”

                    “Super Genius?” Would that be the “genius” of the State and it’s Bank?

                  • Chip: Don’t worry about the shelves being empty at Wal Mart, just as soon as the ink is dry on the TPP, these goods will be flowing from Mexico, Central America, and Columbia.

                    God forbid We should make OUR own again. 🙁

              • First of all DK the you make the error that China needs us because they have nowhere else to go…wrong. Why would they keep buying our currency when its getting more worthless every day? They (China and Russia) are not buying tons of gold for grins, they are buying it to set up the next world reserve currency. Soon, They will not need us anymore, is why they are setting up economic pacts with numouous nations. Both countries including others are beginning to exit the dollar, or cashing in to buy up as much of America as they can. The real firesale has not even begun.

                Second, the “uber rich” are buying gold,(and not to burst your bubble have always owned this commodity) but they don’t want YOU to own any(which it sounds like they succeeded). They only use the worthless fiat as a tool to suck the wealth from the masses. The real wealth has always been gold. How can you sit there and say the fractional reserve system (creating something from nothing) is not a ponzi scheme?

                The claim of deflation is proposterous. Name me one..just one fiat currency that was BACKED BY NOTHING that ever deflated? I will save you endless nights of research to give you the answer…none. (The average lifespan for a fiat currency backed by nothing is twenty years. The only reason (since 71) ours has lasted this long is due to the fact that it has been a world reserve currency.) The only time a deflationary period can happen is during a reset. If backed by something of value it will automatically reset, if proper monetary guidelines are use, however, if backed by nothing with unrestrained printing then you will eventually have hyper-inflation in the basic necessities like food and energy(which you see rising as of today and will only get worse)Once the value of the dollar is deemed worthless by the public a reset will occur and then deflation will be a factor. You will be trading your old dollars in for new ones with an estimated 10/1 ratio.

                Here is a video of what Obama’s plan are for the dollar in 2011. Kyle bass, a wealthy hedge fund manager had a conversation with an Obama senior administration official.


                I will agree with you that war is possible. TPTB will not want the Public to be focused on them during a reset.

                • Mgg25: “Why would they keep buying our currency when its getting more worthless every day?”

                  Actually, China buys OUR currency to suppress the value of its own on world markets. The Rouble is sliding because of Ukraine.

                  The dollar is getting stronger on world currency markets. If the twinkies look smaller, they are, so no, you are not getting as much as you did for your dollar. But even in a world of midgets a dwarf can be King!

                  I have never said that fractional reserve banking is a not a ponzi scheme. I have always said that it is the PERFECT PONZI SCHEME.

                  “The claim of deflation is preposterous.” Really? Ask the three million American homeowners who are still underwater, where the current market value is much less than they owe on their mortgage; or the 40% drop in wealth for the Middle Class. That is deflation.

                  “Un restrained printing” is not reaching the masses. QE is all about protecting the balance sheets and liquidity ratios of the Member Banks.

                  “The only time a deflationary period can happen is during a reset.” Yes, that reset began in 2007/2008 and continues to this day. Read Michael Snyder, he documents the reset quite well.

                  You are right about gold and I own a little. Everyone should own as much as they can reasonably afford, or silver.

                  Thanks for your comment. 🙂

            • If it wasn’t for the demise of Glass Steagall and the subsequent legalization of banks buying stocks and QE money to do it the market wouldn’t have “recovered”.

              There are no legs to this “recovery”. Its all an illusion.

              • It’s no longer “it takes money, to make money” now it’s “you need to borrow money to make money”. sad, I know, but this is the illusion of the fed, with the creation of basically traceless electronic funnymoney. no longer do they even have to print it, just pop that amount into your ss, or welfare check, ebt, disability, rent assistance, low income housing, student loans, unemployment, pension, tax return and boom’ it’s now magically there for you to spend. on what exactly… lets think about that, what do americans spend funnymoney on?
                mostly, I would say is debt, and fuel.
                first the essentials (food (GMO’s), (water / sewer), shelter, electricity, and now health insurance) have all gone up dramatically within the last few years alone. now let’s add the others.. car payment(for most), car insurance, home repairs / upkeep (cut grass /clear snow) , phone, oh, and did I forget your furnace costs…
                how does the average joe American afford the new cost of living with less income, and more taxes…
                lets not forget the little things like, oh I don’t know… children…
                we are in for a world of hurt, and it will come soon.
                $10 an hour used to be decent money, now it will pay for what. $1600 a month before taxes is poverty now, and we will all help them along into the way into extinction.
                what is $20 an hour, $3200 a month, (before taxes) brings it back down to $2400 a month. good luck paying for anything and getting ahead. and that is $20 an hour.
                things have changed a lot in our lifetime, I can’t even imagine the next few years.

                • hey all, off topic and all, but don’t forget the blood moon tonight, might just be worth checking out. maybe take some pic’s send them into mac, should be in full revelation about 2 a.m. as always, I hope to learn what I can from you, and you from me.

                • Excellent comments.

                  Our blood moon was covered by snow coming down…

            • That’s exactly what it is, a BULL MARKET!! I say to hell with it, let it crash. The longer it drags on the worse it’ll be. So I hope it happens soon. Not that I want to see people loose there investment! but if Civil War II is the end result …. I say good!! It’s time to remove the scum from Wall Street.

            • Most people can’t just cash out from a 401k. but you can take a loan from your 401k. This gets cash in your hand now, to buy something real. if things proceed as they are now, you’re not going to have to worry about repaying the loan anyway.
              This is about the only realistic plan that I have seen. We did this with my wife’s 401k, and bought metals. It was a no brainer. Any money that is sitting in these plans is vaporizing before your eyes anyway. real inflation has to be over 10%. So how much can anyone actually be saving? nothing in reality.

              • Only if they come knocking on your door for your “loan”. I agree, they probably won’t. We cashed ours in back in 06 and bought pms. Another smart move my wife insisted on. Boy I love that woman.

          • But, but, but my tulips are up and I think they will bloom by Easter Sunday. Surely tulips are the place to invest. Sincerely,
            Fleece van der Snot

            • Yep, they were more than worth their weight in gold at one time!

              • At least tulip bulbs have SOME intrinsic value, however low it might be.

                Paper dollars? Fiat currency?

                Maybe DK can use all those $10 bills in Number 10 cans to start a fire to keep warm when the dollar assumes its REAL value.

                • Walt: When the dollar assumes it’s real value I will turn to my mountain of metal. Buy a detector. I did. 🙂

                  • And a mine and a diger. No better feeling then debt free a d having a active gold mine in your portfolio. Oh and Mercedes at about 145 on a warm Arizona day.

            • “Green Shoots”?

          • Going to da moon? HA! Not once during my 64 years of living has ANYTHING gone to the moon but some astronauts back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Everything else that anyone claimed was about to do that fizzled BIG-TIME. Makes me cringe when anyone says that PMs are “going to da moon!”. :-/

            As to stocks, what we have in the US stock market today is nothing but Fed-induced inflation. MASSIVE amounts of printed money have been given to the banks in exchange for the utterly worthless crap on their balance sheets. To thank the Fed and the Gov for relieving them of this crap, they have bought UST bonds and stocks. The US Gov spends the money they get for the bonds and then basks in the glory of a “recovering” economy… or, at least, what people seem to THINK is a recovering economy. It’s not. A REAL recovery produces jobs and lots of them. We now see very few jobs being created and those that are tend to be low-level service jobs, part-time jobs, or jobs for which the person doing them are WAY below their level of training and expertise. The Dow 30 should be at about 7500 right now, if it was in sync with the US economy… and not more than double that. What we have in the stock market are prices that are at or near all time highs, yet the economy is nowhere near running at anything even vaguely resembling an all time high. So, what explains this dichotomy? In a word: inflation. THIS is the inflation that Bernanke and now Yellen cannot seem to find. They could, of course, but they choose not to because not seeing it is politically expedient.

        • Yep

          The more people manufacturing goods at $1/hr the less people there are at $25/hr to buy the goods.

          Da rubber is meeting da road.

          • Gas has gone from 3.93 a gallon just last week to 4.17 today. looks like it will be over 4.25 shortly. Too bad the employer mandate was delayed as we could have some real entertainment as people try and figure out how to afford to eat. This will be a bad situation when people cannot afford to pay the basics.

        • Pass the miracle whip.

          • If we had a “miracle whip” we would be thrashing the hell out of government with it and calling it justice! 😉

        • I think the only reason this house of cards has not tumbled is because there are still enough people who believe this crap is sustainable…. I don’t think it would take much to make it all fall down……

          This lends itself to the false flag talk….. What are the elites waiting for to pull that trigger…..?

          • The only thing supporting the USD is smoke, mirrors, and alot of guns.

          • you ask the same questions that many are thinking about. The elite’s schedule is their own. They will pull the trigger when they get ready. I thought they would have pulled the trigger long ago, but what do I know?
            It seems there are many acts before the final curtain.

          • “What are the elites waiting for to pull that trigger…..?”

            They’re probably waiting for something that people will believe. Their problem, though, is that people ARE waking up, so the available pool of believers is shrinking daily.

        • Every time I think I should get back into the market… I remind myself of the tech bubble where I was reading all the “Analyst” predictions and I turned $4k into $50.

          Never again. Fuck off wall st.

          I’ll spend my days “hoarding” as the elite like to disrespectfully call investing in Gods Money. Silver and gold.

          Think about it. What do all the bankers have in their vault to underpin their interbank overnight loans? GOLD.

          The Jews run the planet from a financial point of view.
          So that’s where I put my money.
          And I have a big mean dog sleeping infront of the walled in safe.

          Here’s a neat tip…

          In your basement install a safe.
          Bolt it to the floor and brick it in.
          Then.. drill a large hole in the top.

          Thread a pipe i the top. This pipe runs up to the next floor in the back of a closet.
          Then you buy your coins..and just drop them down the pipe.

          Then wall up the safe and make sure you make a notation in your will about it.

          When I’m an old man.. I’ll break down the wall…open the safe and enjoy a peaceful quiet retirement with zero worries.

          At that point.. the currency will be completely electronic an the underworld will want metals for wealth transfer.

          I keep a spreadsheet so I know what I’m dropping down there..the amounts and the dates.

          Also.. You cannot make a withdrawl easily.
          So you put in what you know you don’t need. That’s saving.

          Capitalism is being brought down.
          In the end there are just a few safe bets.
          Land, real estate and metals.
          Your skills, your faith in God.
          A good woman
          and a deep distrust of the govt.

          In NYS folks have to register their assault weapons. Nobody is doing it.
          Fuck off NYS lawmaker scum.
          Come and get them.

          BTW. If they come.. you hand over some piece of shit weapon that all rusty and shit.
          Then you laugh as they drive away at your stash of premo stuff.
          Think about it…they cannot go house to house in American and be tearing out walls.
          So drywall and studs with some nice wall paper over it is your best friend.

          If things got bad… a real prepper would be able to not go out of his house for a year.
          Say a pandemic, or a crazy freak frost, which I think is coming..that wipes out the corn crop in one year. Image that? They are messing with the weather. Chemtrails.
          Also.. all the fires are coating soot on the ice caps…causing them to absorb heat and melt.

          All the melt water will change the gulf stream.
          The weather will change and become unstable.

          Anyone who is not prepared will be in a world of hurt.

          As for preps.
          Forget canned goods. Go dry.

          One more thing.
          If something goes down… you need to move your preps.
          The govt. records everything and I’m sure everyone who prepped up and posts on this site are on a list. Not a biggie. Just be ready.

          As for the idiots who want to over throw our govt.
          It’s not the govt. It’s just the jerks in office.
          So vote them out. It’s that simple.
          Also… start treating all the liberals and socialist like second class citizens.
          They are trying to enslave you with taxes. Demote them, fire them, don’t interview them. Raise their prices. Give them a hard time at every turn.

          They are the real enemy!!!!

          As for law enforcement who might come to take your guns.
          Don’t take it out on them.. They really want to you to have them.
          It’s the jerks who passed the laws. Any question?

          I know a cop..when I pulls over a guy with an NRA sticker.
          He’s at peace. He knows that he’s dealing with an honest joe citizen.

          The next 25 years.. just keep stacking… you’ll look back.
          At one point the currency will disconnect from the metals.
          Then…sit back and laugh about it.

          My plan…
          At retirment.. Move to the country… but a nice place…
          Free well water, wood heat, game, garden and God.

          I already have enough metal to buy a place now.

          In 25 year..things will only get better as the world keep chasing that little pile of metal.
          All cell phones, and electronics have silver in them. With billions using these devices the demand will erode the supply.

          Good Luck.

          PS I think my generation was the last ones to see true blue skies and a decent economy.

          One more thing. Don’t try and sell people on prepping. They just think you are nuts.
          Just be a wise old owl and smile and say that you don’t know what they are talking about.

          • Words to live by, me, and I agree.

            But I would add a couple of things:

            “It’s not the govt. It’s just the jerks in office.
            So vote them out. It’s that simple.”

            You say this like a man who still believes that the elections are not rigged. After watching the worst president in US history “win” re-election in 2012, it is difficult for me to believe that on the national level. I believe that election was stolen via massive voter fraud, which the Dems fought for tooth and nail at every possible opportunity and for good reason… they were counting on that to keep their “leader” in office. His performance certainly did not merit a 2nd term.

            “…and a deep distrust of the govt.”

            Indeed so… but, let’s add the big NY banks and Wall Street to this list. They are in this up to their beady little rat-like eyeballs.

          • “We are in a depression.”

            AGREED! While there are several definitions for the term “depression”, the one I use for an economic depression is: A prolonged period of falling national production coupled with persistently high unemployment”. Sound familiar?

            A depression is a recession on steroids. A recession lasts about a year. A depression can last a decade… and then we go to war. When a recession ends, many new jobs are created. When a depression ends, many new soldiers are created. In ALL cases, the big banks first use inflation and then deflation to whip-saw the public and extract their wealth. This was the pattern in 1929-40 and it is repeating today. It started in 2008 and likely will not end until sometime in the 2018-20 time period.

        • This superficial attitude to money should stop. Take Twitter and Facebook IPOs as an example. The evaluation based only on the fact that these 2 websites were perfect screens for displaying ads. Facebook that now has probably more fake accounts than real and level of discussion is so low, I’d rather talk to my cat! However they did great IPOs, people bought their shares, and my question is: where is the catch for the community? What happens to all investors if tomorrow no one is anymore interested in Facebook, after all it does not offer a service that you cannot live without. And with the tech competition going on these days what is the future for all the normal people that have invested a bit of their money? I have launched a website ( and trying to make it grow by donating $1 to medical research for every sign up. Not the usual “hi Google do you mind selling me some traffic through AdWords so I can grow my business?!” Companies must start considering implementation of sustainable tools to create win-win situations and not only “wewin-screwthecommunity” situation, because if we keep going on the same path there will be no community at all. We need to start taking action.

      2. Holding over from the last conversation:

        Bundy’s point is that the state land of Nevada is NOT federal territory, nor is it property that belongs to the United States. It belongs to the state of Nevada. The United States (as a proper noun) IS the federal government, not to be construed with the several states (including all 50). The United States is the district of Columbia and some some post offices and some ports. Thats it! The rest are nation/states that are held together as a union,…not a single nation.

        Go back and read the Philidelphia convention minutes as well as the debates that raged on at during the Kentucy Resolution of 1798. All that was implicitly clear.

        • Another economic indicator…

          Virtually Unreported: MORTGAGE LOAN MARKET’S 2013-2014 COLLAPSE

          Mortgage originations compared with the same period last year…
          -Wells Fargo – the nation’s largest mortgage lender had a 67% DROP.
          -JPMorgan Chase Bank – had a 68% DROP.

          “The so-called “HOUSING RECOVERY” the Associated Press and others constantly tout DOESN’T EXIST.”

          Citi Mortgage Originations Drop To Record Low
          “71% DROP from a year ago”
          “NEW RECORD LOW at Citibank”

          “But what was worst, and naturally will not be discussed at all by the peanut gallery, about Citi’s just announced results is that the amount of Citigroup mortgage originations – that key aspect of the trumpeted “housing market recovery” – did what it has done AT EVERY OTHER BANK. It plunged.”

          • Thanks KY Mom — The real indicators are suggesting that this thing is about to fall apart… days or months until it happens makes no difference when we see 50% or more shaved off this stock market over the period of a few weeks.

            I think most people will be absolutely blind-sided when it happens.

            Live savings… vaporized at the hands of high frequency traders. It’s going to be painful to watch…

            50 million on food stamps today? Just the beginning…

            • The real problem is trying to predict when it will happen. Many times, just in the last decade, many people have predicted it would happen “next quarter/year”, etc. It will happen, but tptb could continue to print, until they get bored with it, and most people will never know the difference.

              But yes, 50 million on food stamps is just the beginning…

                • Exactly,the debt can’t be paid back,dollars anyone ?

              • But the one constant is more people are having less while a small percentage are significantly increasing their wealth.

                Gated communities like those in South America will be the norm in the future.

              • What will they do when there are no food stamps? No food in the markets or gas at the pumps. Gas at ten bucks a gallon? Meanwhile Obama is trying his best to shut down power plants and get the cost of electricity as high as possible. I have no sympathy for all the morons who voted for this.

            • Not happening,why was the market up today ? It’s manipulated,everything is,look at Venezuela,the stock market could pop 200% before you know it.

            • @Mac:

              Good Day Sir.

              I just opened a can of my life savings, heated it up, and poured it over mashed taters. mmmmmmmmmmm

              Picked up a closeout on TP. Not my brand, so it will make a good barter item—17 cents a double roll. If my house catches fire, it’ll go up like a match–lol.

              Invest in commodities you can control under you own roof and watchful eye. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

              Best to you and yours.


          • KY Mom: Excellent research on your part! I strongly suggest to all I discuss the economy with: take whatever unicorn hype one obtains via TV, radio, and print, then start researching the propaganda. I did the same search after hearing the “housing recovery”

            There are many spin stories that aspire to gold plate our current federal administration. Majority are NO true.

            Stay on course everyone.

            • That was to be “NOT” true. Glenfiddich was low.

            • RE: “housing recovery” – I wonder how many people took Durango “Krugman” Kid’s advise to buy a house just before things went South?

              I hope not many.

              I know he tried to weasel his way out of that and say he told people Not to buy,… But that was After he told people to buy.

              Mortgage bankers and defenders of empire are funny that way.

              • AG/Clark: You have NO idea what I have done. I have not been an active real estate/mtg broker since 1995. I have been engaged in minerals and mining since then.

                Sorry but I missed the CRASH! Sounds like you did not! 🙂

        • Sterling Silver: Right. Thats why all 50 States each has their Own state const.Its similar to look at like south america that consists of aprox 34(?) seperate nation-states. The usa consists of 50 seperate nation states.

          If any of the 50 states broke away and declared itself a seperate nation like brazil or germany etc that state already has in place its Own seperate state constitution, Laws, Peoples, resources, Industry’s etc…It could begin to function and operate same as say, brazil now does within 24 hrs of said seperation from the other 49 states.

          FED Govnt was Created BY the states. Matters not if only 13 existed back then. Up till recent times, 1900 and beyond all states and american folk understood this concept. But 100 yrs of MSM and fed govnt propaganda, two huge world wars, zio Kommies within the white house since Prez wilson in 1912, and a Good case can be made that the same zionist kommies actually infiltrated earlier during teddy Rosenveldt’s(the orig jewish spelling) term as prez prior to wilson’s is when they actually first gained control of whitehouse and prez operations.

          All that brainwash propaganda and today 99+% of folks in usa do not know or care of these issues.

          How many total americans actually even know about the “Bundy ranch” fiasco events?…probobly none but the small few patriots and militia types knows of it at all.

          WE call it a Win…But its really not much of a win when 99+% of americans know nothing of it eh. Same goes for most all other issues large or small today.

          Thats my reasons for saying prior that a so called “RE-Set” event is a Fantasy fiction book story like so many books for sale at this site are about. Nice fantasy story, good to make one feel fuzzy warm…but in real world reality…Re set is very Unlikley at this point.

          IMHO the Last folks who had a true chance for a real RE set was Bommers’ Parents and grandparents…Like mine. I am age 61 yrs old now…us of that aprox age, Our parents and grandparents dropped the ball, and they were the Last gen to have a real true chance for a true re set when votes still counted and paper balots were used etc.

          I do NOT look for a re set…I just Hope it don’t get too much worse from here out. And That mainly depends on how many, how Fast enough more folks wakes Up.

          From the signs based on so many red thumbs here everytime somebody posts truth of most any sort…Thats not too hopefull I think. Folks who read here may be preppers, and awake a bit to a few things…but any truth or facts posted that jars their immage of a Glen Beck type, or alex jones or zios or most any other issues…I see little if any difference between that type to typical dem libs and kommies. Soon as info against the Grain of their preconcieved notions gets posted…They use red thumbs, name calls, but rarely do any post counter proof infos or debates…Thats how most dem lib kommies act right.

          They preach tolerance non stop…Yet soon as another person disagrees with ANY of their Many issues or likes or wishes…Bam! They revert to attack mode. Kinda like a small child does when faced with True reality.

          • @Them Guy: Further to your point, part of the agreement during those debates was that ANY state that would later be added or included in the federal Union would have the same rights and obligations as the original 13 colonies. Therefore, any state admitted later than the constitutional ratification of 1788-89, was in fact sovereign as well in the same regard.

            You are 100% correct in that the states created the Federal government. But I’ll bet you that 1 person in 100 of the masses can’t tell you the difference between a Federal and National government. These zombies really believe that the Beltway is our ‘national’ government and we are its subjects and the ‘central planning’ from Washington is the way to go with SCOTUS adjudicating all matters…even when its an obvious conflict of interest and an insult to reason (I’m talking to you justice roberts!). You can’t get through to these folks.

            • Yep..You are again so correct Sterling Silver.

              If as Claire Wolfe said in 2000 that “America is at that awakward stage…Its too Late to work within the System….Yet still too soon to begin Shooting the Bastards”……

              Then when can we At least begin to Roam the nation, 10 LB Battle rifles, M1A-308’s In Hand, and when we locate such kommies, frauds and traitor at least be able to get away with takeing the rifle, raise it up a bit to Face levels, and then Soundly, Smacking their Snouts Via the Butt End of rifle where that nice Steel Plate is attached to cover the hollowed out butt area to contain rifle cleaning kit?

              Perhaps a Sound Snout Smack backed with a full 10+ LB’s rifle will suffice to awaken some and no need for later shooting em eh?…Just a quick sorta rifle-Bounce off of their stupid snouts outta do it. A New type Double-Tap!

              Do You get it yet fool?…TAP-TAP! Ooowwww!! That hurts! As it should idiot! Now Snap out of it already!

            • A state cannot be sovereign when they accept and depend on the Kings coin. Sold their right to go their own way.

          • Tolerance is doing more damage to this country than intolerance.

        • One more reason why we need to hang Harry Reid, tell the Chinese to go kick rocks and divest our debt, because we ain’t paying them dick.

          We will undoubtedly suffer a financial collapse, as China stops buying and holding our public lands, er, I mean debt.

          I personally would be glad to suffer through a complete financial collapse.

          I would rather eat worms and dandelions, suffer without electricity and such, and make my own stuff for a while, so that when it was all over and done, There would be no more Chinese or foreign corporate owners, and that American soil was once again AMERICAN SOIL…Hanging Harry Reid and the like, would be the icing on my cake.

          I’m not afraid to take the dive, because I know that WE WILL GET UP AGAIN, and it will have to be better than what we have now. I still have faith and trust in the good people in this country.

          Hang a few more banksters, bomb the UN and get our broke noses out of the business of the rest of the planet, and LIFE WOULD BE GOOD AGAIN. We wouldn’t NEED trillions of dollars anymore.

          Once the ivy that has been strangling the tree of Liberty is gone, the tree will recover and flourish.

          • Sixpack and Wrong, I agree. Let’s have the reset and get it over with. Good things can and will come out of all this BS.

            • But the same problems will come. Most are not willing to accept what will have to be done in a true total reset. Even myself and I was in two different counties when they totally collapsed. But even I only watch I always had a radio and a helo ride out.

              The only reason I hope for myself and ones like me . There is nothing I won’t do to protect family. And I have already been tested to do it just to keep the price of gas down. Think what people like me will do when its to protect the next t generation of family.

              Few here are prepared to go thru what is coming.

              Looking at the e cents in the world. Many of the things we feared I. The 60s50s are what we should of countiuned to worry about today.

              In home shelters people in home shelter.


              REMEMBER 99 DAYS PEOPLE 99 DAYS.


              • FBP:

                Can’t see why you miss drinking. You certainly have found something else just as strong to addle your brain.

                • God, Pissed Off Granny, you’re such a cruel bitch. What the hell happened to you?

          • Nice sentiments guys, but wishful thinking….this is Revelation coming to life….right now.

            Our only reset will be in heaven.


          • @ sixpack –

            “I personally would be glad to suffer through a complete financial collapse.”

            I, for one, thoroughly intend to prosper during any sort of a financial collapse. Suffering will be done by the unprepared. If we have it to do, we may as well get on with it. Time’s a wasting and I’m not getting any younger. The talking part of this issue has been over and done with for quite some time.

            Good luck & God Bless all.

            • Speaking of getting on with it, “A Russian fighter jet made several passes at low altitude near a US destroyer cruising in international waters in the Black Sea”

              Imagine the NERVE of those Ruskies! To fly a fighter jet over the Black Sea, where their Sevastopol military port is…and right over a U.S WARSHIP too!

              What’s the world coming to, when the west can’t do as they please, in somebody else’s yard, without opposition…

              • …I forgot the /sarcasm off/

        • Yea, and guess where these assholes are going to get the$ To take care of themselves and their cronies, from all those EOs that say they can confiscate peoples posessions, business, etc for the greater good or however the POS bastards worded it…
          Buy guns and ammo, if you think you have enough buy some for someone who doesnt, the only way out will be total collapse and eradicate anything that walks, talks, or thinks like a statist government troll.

          • Kulafarmer, I’m with you all the way.

      3. Bring it on… I’m tired of all this bullshit..

        • I agree, it seems as though the only people
          that know the market is on thin ice is the
          ones who aren’t in it. Lucky us.

        • Wrong, is RIGHT!

          • Yea!!!! Finally! Can you write a note for my wife?

            • Dear Mrs. Wrong:

              Juan was absent yesterday because he was sick. And wrong was right.

              Epstein’s mother.

              ……caint touch this…..BA…

              • That was a real flashback….

                • And to see where Travolta has gone since them…
                  Makes one wonder…

              • Very well played!
                Many thumbs to you.

              • Wow, that was a flashback… Good memory BA

                • I’m not as Old School as they say I am. The bit you mention, I have no idea what it means.

                  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

                  It’s good in that it means I’m younger than you.
                  It’s bad in that I didn’t get to experience the extra bit of freedom that I know you guys all experienced that my generation didn’t.
                  It’s like a little sliver of America was taken away from me before I got to know it and it was replaced by “the unitedstate”.

                  Makes me wanna throw up.

                  • Sounds to me like your just another Average Guy. I would guess most of us here are. I always though I was just average but what’s that? Not so sure anymore.

      4. sounds like the same old song and dance to me. Invest in tangible assets people. The markets are all fake and created to make the bankers richer.

        • Yeah, well, the truth has a habit of still being the truth, no matter how many times you revisit it.

          • And that should be why I start drinking again. I miss that numbness.

            • situational awareness.

      5. I will call this the economic planetary devastation!!! Braaahaaahaaahaaa!!!!

        • These Economic Doom, Constant articles almost Daily reminds me alot of that Lone singer guy Glen Campbell, he was that ONE HIT Wonder, with that song “I am a Lineman for the county”…..Recall him? That song was played NON stop for a year long at least. Then he kinda faded away awhile…BUT! Hes Baaaaccckkkk! Folks! Indeed you can still see him perform his One hit wonder, lineman for the county sole hit song at various Beauty pagent events like Miss America pagent once per year…

          They Trot him out on stage…Alot older and slower now…Audience does the mandatory clap clap clap cheers…

          Then Ol’ Glen sings his One hit wonder song, from the 1960’s era…..Takes a Bow…Thanks audience…Audience again does mandatroy cheers…Glen walk off and Dispears for a year again…Never yet heard any other song by him.

          Same ol same ol song…Only now its Doom economy any moment now folks.

          While folks who did invest wall street stocks the Past 6+ yrs, may not have made a fortune on paid out quartly dividends….Some sure got rich buying stocks a year or two ago, then selling same stock at 6 times buy prices eh.

          How is it if its ALL so bad now that last month or so, the anual Forbes rich folks listings came out. And acording to all mesures of Millionaires in America Today.

          There were More NEW Millionaires in usa, than Past yrs, and even set an ALL time High of total millionaires…Even same goes for new Billionaires if I recall correctly…Maybe its NOT all doom and bad economy for all folks.

          ALSO how does so Many “experts” of economy keep getting it Wrong by stateing stuff like china and russia is going to soon halt funding america etc?

          Neither nations is funding the usa any longer and for some time going now too….Such easy info mistakes to me equals Not so “Expert” as they’d like to think of themselves eh. Plus zero mention of so many folks bought stocks Low and sold a year or two or three Later for unbelievable profits.

          How much has a person profited if he bought say, Google stocks or maybe Netflix a 2-3 yrs ago and sold recently?

          Just aprox 5-6 yrs ago google was sold at around $4-6 dollars per share…last week, last i checked it was at aprox $1200 per share…Hows That compare to Silvers DOWN about 60+% from its highs while Gold is less loss at aprox 1/3rd Loss or $600-700 Loss from its highs.

          Yet every self proclamied “expert” has all insisted we buy metals and NOT any stocks as collapse is immenent.

          This is NOT what folks wants to hear or read I know…Its Facts though eh.

          PS: Just How Long does “experts” need be consistently Wrong, before they LOSE that coveted status as “experts”? Because so far it seems as if this time around experts online have set a NEW record of being flat out Wrong consistently for close to a Decade now!

          Good thing these experts aint drawing up americans Road maps huh..They’d get everybody Lost quick!

          • They control it until they don’t,they will lose control again.It’s not doom and gloom it’s reality.The feds control interest rates until they don’t,what’s 5% of 17 trillion ?

          • Your mockery of Glen Campbell is revolting. You should be ashamed. He now is suffering from Alzheimer’s and does not perform.

            He came to the peak of his career during a time when people were far more respectful than you are of him, without even knowing what you’re talking about.

            He gave many people much joy with his voice and he sang clean songs, unlike so much of the trash in the music industry today.

            Be careful who you trash.

            • I don’t think he was mocking ole Glen. Just making a point.

          • Them Guys… Glen Campbell was a bit more prolific than you state. Wichita Lineman you spoke of, Rhinestone Cowboy, Galveston and others. Many were his versions of other artist’s songs. He sold over 40 million albums worldwide and had 27 hits that reached Billboard’s top 10. He was not a one hit wonder.

            • Plus he got to die in a John Wayne movie. Can’t beat that

          • @them guy:

            Info on Glen Campbell—-:


            ….Be Safe……..BA.

          • @Them Guys

            You must have not been paying attention in the 60s and 70s. Glen Campbell had 38 chart records (75 on the country charts), and over a dozen of them were major hits. “Wichita Lineman” wasn’t even his biggest hit. He was on the charts almost continuously for over 20 years. He was not a one-hit wonder by any stretch of the imagination.

            And gold and silver have never lost value. An ounce of gold will still buy a really nice suit, just as it did 100 years ago. And a silver dime is still worth a loaf of bread, just as it was 50 years ago when I could buy a loaf for 10 cents. The stock market is overvalued and will drop. People will stay in hoping for just a little more before they get out, but they’ll stay too late and lose.

            • Not to forget he was a beach boy for a while

              • What? Never knew that.

              • And he recorded with the Champs in 1960.

          • @ Them Guys,
            I wonder, and worry about you sometimes. You seem to have intense clarity, interrupted by spates of hate and mockery.
            Your genius is, well… not ripe.

          • I can see your point TG when these “experts” always seemed to be wrong when forecasting doom. However, the example of stocks rising since the bust of 2008 fits in to what is really going on. When you own the printing press (with QE) you can manipulate about anything in paper. The stock market may be doing fine, for now, because that is where Wall Street puts all their money , but don’t let that fool you because it’s a rigged game. Just like three card monte you will end up losing playing thier game. It’s a bizzare market when a company can lose millions in one quarter but the stock rises because they “beat the street” by wall streets forecasters. Alot of tech stocks have never made a profit but people keep buying them because that is the “trendy” thing to do.

            All you have to do is look at mainstreet to see how the real economy is doing. Businesses are constantly laying off or cutting back. The majority of real jobs left are low paying service or part time jobs. The Government and the MSM continue to lie about the economic figures. When I pass by commerical property I swear the largest business out there is a Company called “for lease.”

            I never put much into forecasting because I have been preparing for this for the past 20 years. It’s amazing that it has lasted this long, but the party will one day end. When? You tell me.

            BTW..I wasn’t a big fan of Glen Campbell but he was more than a one hit wonder. He had a quite a few top forty pop and country hits which included : “By the time I get to Phoenix, Galveston, Wichita Lineman, Rhinestone cowboy, Gentle on my mind, Southern nights and Wheres the playground susie.

          • @ Them Guys,

            Your points are well taken. I must confess that I have been up till the last year or two have been on that gloom and doom bandwagon. Up till then I suspected a crash was imminent but have learned the hard way by keeping out of the stock market that there are some very powerful and very smart people out there who can find ways to kick the can down the road when I thought there was no more road.

            They just built new roads and I did not keep my Streets and Trips updated. With that said though I think, and probably wrong again, that other factors are coming into play. The 99 % ers have been oppressed enough in that there is no more to give. As evidenced by the happening in Nevada last weekend.

            Not only have the 99 % ers in this country said enough the rest of the world governments have also said enough. The Chimp in Charge has alienated just about every friend we have in the world and it is my belief that these old friends will gladly let us fall. There is no advantage to being a friend to the U.S.

            Combine those two factors alone without even counting on the old enemies who want a piece of us we will fail very soon. The people you have said who have gotten rich may be in control and appear to have wealth but that wealth is only skin deep. When the dollar has no value they will be left with only a hand full of worthless paper of what once was called stocks and bonds.


            • But it is still true that all of these doom experts same as msm tv news barely if ever mention the other things that are also going on. They all only seem to focus on doom, collapse etc. There Are the greatest number of millionaires today then ever prior has been. That also occured within this so called doom immenent collapse scenario era. The experts never state that fact.

              Most every huge mega corp like apple and microsoft and a hundred more corps all have a huge storehouse of…US Dollar bills…To the tune of apple is top dollars holder as of a couple months ago. Apple has over $100 BILLION US dollars CASH On Hand sitting there.

              If any such immenent collapse was really such a vast threat as experts online all claims daily?

              Apple corp CEO insiders etc would be the First to know IN Advance since they belong to the same tribe as zio banksters does. Plus they aint stupid folks either.

              DK is correct what he stated of reasons such huge megga global corps have and Hold that amount in CASH us dollar value…They are wiating for DEFLATION when avg workerman folks are flat broke, zero cash, and willing to SELL all they have for a “Few” us dollars CASH to BUY some FOOD or Pay a mortgage note that month….Kinda like the Jodes family in grapes of wrath always seeked out Dollar bills Cash for food or gasoline etc…AFTER selling off whatever little they had prior to great depresion event.

              If we see a repeat just watch see how LOW priced whoever still has any $10 dollar bills stashed away can BUY many Homes, Motor homes, costly 5th wheels, vehicles galore…Caddilacs as cheep as a KIA jap car today.

              nice costly VETTE’s for a song. That is what occures when 90+% of people are OUT of Dollars Cash. They sell stuff Fast and CHEEPLY.

              Thats an issue and Fact that none of the economic experts, most also Selling doom gloom products or gold and silver, refuse to EVER speak on…

              I do NOT trust folks who speak “some” truth, even “Much” truth…Like Hannity or Beck or Rush does daily…Yet NONE ever fully speaks 100% truth…And I also refuse to believe that all them types as well as probobly Most online “experts” do not know of ALL such factual truths and whom is the True lead culprits behind all the evils and bad things going on. Oh Yes they all know alright.

              And I care not if their reason for witholding back “some” truth, or “Partial facts and truths” is due to their Personal FEAR to name culprits, Fear of Loss of a next Book deal, or most any other Fear based reasons they spew of. If anybody wants to be trutsed as a truth teller in the Public domain and eye?…They should deal with truth on a 100% honest basis…I do!…You do! most folks here does!…But all the famous names we all know of and we all are Led to trust as straight shooter guys like them I named here and many more are Fraud, selfish Uncareing clowns that Use us reg folks as Dupes, book buyers etc.

              They all use words like Bible-God-Jesus-Christianity-Goodness-etc etc to convince folks they are one of us and a good source for truth…Beck names God every second sentence!….Yet even after 2-3 yrs non stop Bolshevik Kommies and Prez wilson era talks…Beck refuses to ever name even ONE time any actual soviet JEWS. Of which at least 90% of soviet rulers and controlers and Death squad mass killers were in fact jewish period. Thats Now today so Proved beyond all doubt its not even funny nor debatable….Except of course if its Glen Beck at issue…He Refuses to admit such as truth…Thats KNOWINGLY Lying to cover up truth to protect the Guilty simply due to guilty ones were,still are,jewish.

              Many folks HERE also act that way. That type info or defense is NOT patriotic…NOT Honest, and Not Christ Like nor christian. Its as fraudulent as jews and their talmudic lies and their soviet ‘wing” of jews are.

              GLEN CAMPBELL: Ok sorry if I harmed any feelings calling the guy one hit wonder…Yes I barely now recall he had a couple OTHER tunes played on raido sometimes..

              But everytime I ever seen him on TV, he played ONE song, Lineman for county…Then took Off exited stage and bye bye till next pagent event hes back.

              Personally I never paid much atten to his type music back when it was a rage…I began to Play Bass guitar at age 12 yrs old, and by age 15 and 16 yrs old was playing in several bands, at various bars and dances and parties etc.

              I never really liked his type music, and would Never tried to learn or Play it on my fender Bass or my orig Hofner bass(like Paul McCartneys bass)…I prefer Nugent, hendrix, Rush, WHO, etc type music and especially if I am going to PLay it with a fellow drummer and lead guitar player as a group be it for Pay or fun only…

              So ALL you Hillbillys that Thrive on Lineman for county cry in beer songs, and only listen to hillbilly songs…If thats your like of music thats Good!…Thats REAL good! But close as I go to that is Marshal tucker, Allman Brothers(one of greatest bands ever bar none) and southern ROCK is ALl good…Lineman for county…Not so good. I do NOT “HATE” Campbell, nor ANYbody else personally…Even jews or blacks…

              I do HATE Kommies, Afrimative action, lib agendas, swindlers, mass murder killers like jew soviets…Talmudic Frauds…Bible Frauds…Islamic Jihadist killers….And most of all that YOU folks also Hate so do I.

              You who always call a person a “Hater” of whatever or whomever every time somebody writes whatveer Jars YOUR notion of that thing, group, person, religion etc etc.

              YOU are the Problems NOT me…YOU are Fixated on that word HATE from a lifetime of brainwashing into YOUR mind that, and its especially so with Jews and Negroes, that ANY contradictions or questions to most ANYTHING YOU were told to believe of jews or negroes…Or other issues too BUT thats the TWO Biggie issues today and for Past 60 yrs..

              YOU types always call me or any others a Hater for we DARE question what YOU think is some “Sacred” persons that are UNtouchable, UNquestionable, and always can be believed!…never Mind how Many examples I or Others here has proven with facts, statements, quotes, newspapers of Theirs, rabbis quotes, Talmudic verses, and exact same goes for negro black issues too…

              YOU reject ALL evidence and rely on ONLY One real defense mechanism…Thats YOUR Emotional “Feelings” based Responce of INSTANT-KNEEJERK outburst!

              Something along These lines…”Oh YOU hater! Oh You jew hater or Negroe hater!” or MY favorite all time Stiffle term, used most often to SILENCE debate or free speech…”YOU Antisemite!” even though DNA proof solid says jews at least 98% are NOT a semite! Thay are a Khazar talmud convert from 750 AD era…Askanazi Decended From “Japeth” NOT from “SHEM” so sorry, but if from Japeth, NOT a Semite. Askanazi jewish included.

              But Hey! do Not allow Facts or DNA evidence to sway Your warped brain eh!…As if such vile name calls is going to halt free speech or Truth…No sorry find a new job.

              Whats worse? Folks that Kneejerk call vile names like jew hater or antisemite to STIFFLE speech or truth?

              Folks like Beck or hannity who speak “1/2 or some” truth but NEVER 100% truth?

              OR…Reg avg folks like me and others here who Never ask for MONEY donations, NOR ask for VOTES, nor Promote political parties, nor any self intrests, and only try as best as we are able, we too are human and make mistakes, but its an Honest mistake unlike Beck et all because they know they are doing so that makes their mistakes really LIES…Lies by Ommision, but still Lies.

              Personally I will stick with folks like I and JQP and others here that try to remain honest and truthfull as best as we can and never ask or demand anything in return but for ONE small favor or thing…

              That being we ask that You, especially You Kneejerk types name callers at Least READ and RESEARCH various Infos or Links we provide as Our info Proof or validations etc.

              Unless You rather remain in a delusionaly wrong state ofmind forever?…Then by All means just Keep yer heads Up a negroes or jews ass all fuzzy warm…Remain in Blind darkness support or defense of Your false beliefs as taught by Others when you were very young and even now as taught…I Lose zero if You remain stupid and call me vile names like jew hater…I spent 25 yrs almost Daily working at and on and INSIDE jewish Homes and Business’s!!

              NEVER once had any troubles by Them nor by Me in That situation…BUT..It sure helped educate Me on various jewish issues or agendas eh…Yes it sure did.

              Pretty Much verrified alot of what I heard before.

              Heres a GREAT method to rememebr for future reference by You Kneejerk foolish ones…

              #1= To Question any jewish/israel issues…Is NOT hate or antisemitic.

              #2= To Question Or Remark on various african negroe based Issues or agendas etc is NOT racist NOR is that HATE.

              Do You Get it….Yet?

              DISCLAIMER: BIG B…NONE of my Post reply was in ANY way meant as derogatory or aimed at You…I simply thought below Your fine posting message was a good place to Place or include My current Post reply here…I usually agree with Most of all You post Big B…So again NOT intended as offence towards You at all n what I wrote here..

              I am Certain the right folks it is intended to awaken are going to Know who They are!

              • Hey Big B;

                Any news from jog ?


              • I love the band Rush, too. Saw them in concert three times. In fact, I got into the whole Ayn Rand philosophy and started reading her books because of Rush.

          • It’s well known that people who mock others do it because they themselves are so unhappy. The people I pity are themguys family, who daily bear the brunt of his poison words.

            • Man, You don’t have to read Them Guy’s post. In your mind truth is poison.

            • Yo ManBOY: You Know zero of MY family. And as Phony Fake as your “concern” is for MY family…Note it that MOST of one HALF or one Side of MY family, the Polish side…Never got a chance to arrive on usa shores like my Granny did…She did have 12 MORE siblings…But thanks to JEWISH Bolshevik COMMUNISTS Mass Murderers aka the Soviets of Russia, and Poland, then a Dozen MORE eastern european nations back when those Jews began to EXTERMINATE as Many Hundreds Millions of Christian WHITE folks as they could…IE 1918 untill 1990 era.

              I have at Least a full 1/2 LESS family that I never got to meet or know as ALL or close to All were Tortured, Butchered and Mass Killed by said JEW kommie Butchers.

              But of Course assholes Like you that stalk truth writers such as me or Po’d granny or JQP etc…You rather ignore such Facts so you can keep abject unquestionable Worship of jews or negroes or both as Your prime concerns.

              Perhaps A better explaination based on Fools such as You as a Kneejerk reply type will be found by You reading my other reply post above this one eh…Just one post Below BIG B’s posting.

              Then unless You prefer remaining in a cloud of vast delsuions regarding jewish issues, israel state issues etc…Try doing some serious Reading on it all and based upon Factual truth articles that usually are NOT wrote By jews. Christ didn’t call them of their father satan and Liars same as satan for no good reason after all.

              Try Michael Hoffman, and Kevin McDonald websites for Many articles on Past, and Current jew related issues and swindles etc…Then return Here to tell us all how greatly Your mind was expanded and Enlightened after reading the Real facts on that tribes history and events.

              So Please forget MY family members especially those Dead thanks to Soviet Jew hate mongers who believe based on Their pharisitical false religion of Talmudic Master race crap ideas, that They alone should OWN and Control entire world and ALL it contains even YOU if You are a Goyim gentile…Go check Their ages, centuries Old agenda to do that then return to tell me something I do not already know ok…Otherwise KISS MY American WHITEY ASS and go shove your head back up your favorite negroes or jews ass again. For so far You have provided ZERO relevant debate, infos, ideas, or much of anything worthwhile here….You are swell at name calling whoever posts info You disagree on yet while you provide ZERO counter evidence or proofs to Back Your stupidity postings eh.

            • The people I pity are Pissed Off Granny’s family and neighbors. Could you imagine? But hey, what are you going to do?

          • The stock market is rigged. Most of the money created goes to the top 1%. There may be a few more millionaires, but that’s because the 99% is really footing the bill.

          • them
            you forgot galveston and rhinestone cowboy. so iwouldnt really call glenn a 1 hit wonder

      6. this is a post from rocccman over on Silent Country

        “I have maintained that the intentional collapse of global economies to preemptively and artificially mask the economic effects of peak oil were in fact driven by the US housing bust specifically related to the adjustable rate mortgage as the trigger mechanism. If one looks at the federal funds rate leading up to the Oct/Nov 2006 deflation of the US housing market (JUST AS CONVENTIONAL OIL WAS PEAKING) – one will see a distinctive “stairstep” increase in FF rates by .25% up till collapse…this in turn melted down BS in sept 2008 that began the motion of the snow ball off the hill. Now with a 700B line of revolving credit set up by TARP (to mask peak oil economic effects) – and the consolidation of all US big banks – it is time for Phase 2 – again – we will have collapse then consolidation of the bigger global banks through china’s bust in the their housing market.

        it is a forced powering down to mask the effect of peak oil – that is in fact being defined by economic collapse currently.”

        I have to agree with his assessment

        there is NOTHING accidental about the world wide financial collapse
        it has been engineered

        and the people who engineered it are making money on both sides of the slope
        we are seeing a massive redistribution of wealth
        flowing from the bottom to the top

        expect it to continue

        we ain’t seen nothing yet

        • Agreed Satori

          I’ve stated way too many times..

          Nothing is by accident

          Everything is by design

          My uncle ,now deceased, was Lt Col USAF though employed by you know who..ran black opps in s.e.Asia in the early 60’s and other nefarious operations

          Always stated the above to us..
          and especially that the last crash in 29 was also engineered..
          It’s only about the money..always..and of course power.


          • GREENIE Nonsense Peak Oil fraud fantasy. If peak oil was Facts who thinks china would have Recently made such massive huge multi billion dollar investemnts in usa Gas fields in so many states like that List posted in prior article by sixpack or Jayjay was it?

            I cannot believe anyone still believes or trusts any proponents of peak oil, global warming, climate change, ice age agendas etc…They been at it now the past 50 yrs or longer and ALL have proven 100% wrong everytime.

            They did peak with penut butter, coffee, milk, and a few more items too same past 50 yrs…Anybody yet run OUT of any of these items?

            Funny such peak oil/global warm kommie greenie(RED kommies on the Inside) fools have more such articles out at same exact time frame as Latest UN climate change scientists report that Just came out this Morning!

            Was viewing national weather channel on tv at 6 am Today…All they spoke of was United Nations panel scientists just today released latest climate change BULLSHIT CRAPOLA LIES!….No, weather chanel rporters didn’t call it bullshit of course…They are Paid to act like its truth! Then spew global warm crap to viewers.

            Wait till ya see the latest claims of climate change Kommies in bed with ZOG-UN-Gore and Canadas “Father” of the swindle Morice Strong!!…Head honcho Billionaire of it all since 1960 when they first conjured up the swindle called global warming.

            NOW they are demanding ASAP, Trillions get spent to “Capture Carbon aka CO2 from the air and Store it Under ground!! And of course as they said This is going to REQUIRE many “ADjustments” to Food eating habits, HEAT for homes use, ELEC usages, FORGET drive a vehicle!!!

            Somebody remind all these lunatic kommie lying scientists that back in Second Grade school Science class they were taught that CO2 is necessary for ALL green plant life and tree leaves and green lawns grass to EAT as Food so the SUNLIGHT can TURN Eaten CO2 INTO OXYGEN that every Human, animal, bugs, Plants Requires to contunie Living!

            Store co2 in Ground?…What do we then breath for oxygen eh?….More “EXPERTS” with Invalid claims they want YOU to believe in and PAY For!

            Weather channle even showed a Video while they spoke, and after many devestation scenes of planet and cities etc…FINAl video scene was a LONG still photo shot of a massive seemed to never end Land Mass that looked all Brown dirt, dry as a Bone full of severe cracks as if earth had zero water for 100 yrs!…Yes folks Thats our SOON ending doom event…UNLESS, You Pay thru your Nose, teeth, wallets, and small kiddies piggy banks coin change!

            Yes just Hand over that CASH/Global UN Taxes to Morice Strongs, and Al Gores Friendly Pals the scientists Experts!…They are going to SAVE Us all folks and its also Immenent asap!…oyVey!

            unfuckin believable so many still Falls for such blatent kommie lies.

            PS: Ever notice how they First started this form brainwashing with FIREARMS/2nd amendt?…Then slowly Added More issues…Then same as crys to ban guns, disarm americans, do it for childrens!! etc etc…The Exact Same tactics methods has been also used for ALL their Insane issues that only serve to DEPRIVE YOU of all You have a Right to. Like gun grabbers, global warm kommie scientists never quit! Always return with same crap lies and demands. Hope I live to see em all lined up against a Wall faceing fireing squads. Fuckin KOMMIES ALL!

            • it is indeed unfortunate that you are so terribly terribly wrong

              I have been studying energy for at least the last ten years

              peak oil is a fact

              deal with reality sir


              reality will deal with you

            • 97% of the world’s scientists say climate change is a fact. Silly me, I didn’t realize they were all commie liberals. By the way, the Pentagon also ways climate change is a fact. I wonder if you think our military are commies too?

        • So if the economy collapses then banks collapse,what do the rich do with their money ?

          • wipe their butts with it.

            • No, they throw it in the streets like the bible says…..


          • @NSS:

            Throw their own necktie party…..I hope.

            …….Stay the course…..BA.

            • They Line up to Trade prior us dollar cash for NEW Cashless computer Debit “money”…Meanwhile Gold or silver buggs will be seen attempting to trade metals NOW outlawed for groceries or gasoline…

              The gas station attendant or owner guy wil be seen Stareing at them in utter Disbelief, since NEW fed Laws consider Possession or use of all forms silver or gold same offence as if you asked gas station attendant to accept a Gram or Pound of HEROIN in trade for gasoline!

              Some will get lucky and find a hard core junkie who works at a gas station and after midnite/dark late nite is willing to trade gold or even heroin for gasoline…Untill Both gets caught with ten zillion More camaras of govnt spies than we see today.

              PS the Bible actually dont say toss CASH money into streets…It says “And Their GOLD WILL BE Taken from them! and their Silver they will Throw into the streets as it will do them NO good at that point”.

              Yes I know most folks hate to read such a line eh…Ok so Blame God as it is His words as wrote by a prophet of His….I am meerly RE writeing it here as a correction statement of a prior post by another person.

              Bottom Line is this…Most Every thing We types has planned and think up as a counter to the govnt etc will likly Fail big time…NOT due to Our bad plans or mistakes etc…But Due to the absolute endless pure EVIL that so permeates all folks who are in cahoots with what is going to be called fed govnt Then…Far worse than Todays fed govnt. They will have 50 counter measures to defeat each single one we have.

              Barter? How Far can You walk on foot and how large a load can You carry that far?…How will you connect to others with barter trade goods You need? Forget Phones, computers, emails, short wave, carrier pigeons, US Mail, etc…Its all going to be worthless for us types.

              We are ALL going to be Killed for refusal to go along. Wont matter what method to kill us they employ…

              BUT! Some of Us Will Return! with New glorified bodies same as Christ’s Risen new body is!…Thats a Bullet proofed, Bomb proof and DEATH proof new body and WE are whos going to be His ARMY of Saints!

              So have fun while the evil games last all you swindlers, polititions, banksters, zios, jungle bunnie murderers etc etc…because when We return afterwards…Your ass is Finished for good!…We are goig to Throw your sorry asses Into that much Touted Lake of Fire after he sentences you all! Good luck with ongoing evils eh!

              He May also use us while still alive here to Send a few of them evil bad apples to meet Him and get judged before our earth time is up…We Win They Lose bottom line.

          • It depends what your calling rich. The people with 2-5 million have assets like homes and cars. The people with a million are not rich but comfortable. They may have some assets of value.

            The mega rich have everything including connections within government itself. They will be owning whatever is left.

          • @nightshift

            Rich people store their wealth in real estate, art, jewelry, rare automobiles, gold, collectibles, etc., not in FRNs.

            Rich people also have the knowledge of how to get rich. My father once said that if all the world’s property, real and personal, was divided up equally among all the people of the world, the same rich people would be rich again within a year, and the same poor people would be poor again.

        • We have hundreds of predrilled oil wells in Alaska.
          We just keep printing up paper to buy up the arab oil.
          Use the other guys oil first.
          Then use ours as a backup plan.

          I think we need to clean out our prisons.
          Arm and train them.
          Then drop them into the Arab countries.
          Tell them if they can take them over…we’ll buy oil from them.

          Deal with this shit once and for all.

          I think the world has seen enough of Obama’s Kumbya approach.

          Look at Putin.
          The guy has balls and is going cowboy.

          That’s what we need to do.

          Mexico… fuck em… take the place over.

          We’re headed for a train-wreck of biblical proportions.

          Too many souls on our little rock.
          The caps are melting.
          That will change the weather.
          Cause crop failure
          disease and much more.

          Now if you’re stressed…chill out.
          You just have to take care of you…
          Nice house, stores, armed, metals. water.
          You get the idea.
          Let the world go to hell as you roll over and go back to bed.

          Got it?

          Time will pass and we’ll soon hear all these fucks dropping of old age and the world will keep spinning.


      7. Here I am sitting at home with hammer and nail bag in hand, cause they keep telling me new home construction is up!!!!!

        • NO SHIT !

          • It is, in all the countries that are receiving the jobs we are outsourcing. 🙂

          • Me too hammerhead… When do I start?

            • My big talkin wannabe rich dude “customer” , cant seem to find the money in his wallet.
              After working 4 mos. to put the job together , he cant produce the money/credit , whatever .
              Sent him away with my boot up his ass .

              This sucks….gotta work on my attitude .

              • I hear ya. My wife says shes gonna put a boot up my ass if I don’t change my attitude. If this lousy weather would go away I could at least work in the garden. Everything is white again. Big Sad Face…

              • @hammerhead:

                …..yeah… on your attitude.

                …………next time, give ’em both boots………lol.

                ….my band ‘o Brothers…..BA.

      8. I can’t remember who said it but I heard that the economy has been shrinking by 4% per year since 2008. There’s no growth. The GDP numbers are bogus and they’re adjusted by things like the rental value of an owner occupied home. Our place could be rented out for about $750 a month but we live there. Still, GDP could be adjusted for that $750 a month.

      9. Good God and I decided to start a business selling tactical gear and survival supplies this year…Maybe I’ll fail and maybe I’ll be more successful than I could imagine!

      10. At last!! A crises that won’t immediately destroy me! I don’t have the money to be in the stock market so let them burn.
        I put my faith in tools, seeds, ag, land a long time ago. I’ll just make up some pop corn and have a beer and watch. God Bless James

        • All we needed was for Mexico claiming the ranch ownership now.
          Go away Mexicans….the land belongs to Harry and Chinese.

          • a…correction. The correct answer would be Al Bundy and the Chinese.

        • Well, golly gee, that’s a wonderful legal argument, let’s just give it all back to Mexico.

          Then give Mexico back to Spain. For the same reasons.

          Too bad the idea that we started the war with Mexico just isn’t true. Both sides wanted war and Mexican troops and cavalry started it. You can look it up.

      11. There is some volatility in the market, but don’t be fooled. The us stock market is the best market looking of the three ugly sisters (Europe, Japan and the US) right now and HUGE amounts of capital are fleeing Europe and Asia and is flowing in to US stocks (there is NO other place for capital to go… NONE, ZIPPO). This will continue until the us market meets it’s maker. The market WILL implode … Just not yet. Everyone needs to remember, we live in a global economy and it is an extraordinarily complex animal. Everything is interconnected. … Before anyone kills me here, I’m a long time reader here and heavily invested in truth. I believe the dance ends in late 2015 after which the government will tax the crap out of us and the market will implode. Use the time wisely. Prepare for deflation and get out of debt!

        • Solid comment Mike.

          Stack tangible items like your life depends on it folks and never, ever barter your ammo.

          • I would if I could buy any.

      12. Actually this article is NOT true !!!!
        In my area we are seeing sparks of economic increases such as my business .
        Some areas may be doing poorly but it’s sporadic and the title of this video is false

        • Sorry Rich,

          It’s in a spiral and it ain’t going up overall…

          Certain segments may see gains…yours, whatever it is…
          There are a few I know that are wealthy, they’re scared and scrambling…Going into tangibles…

          Most here know I rarely comment on these articles…
          Today is an exception…

          water and how to purify it will make you a king…

        • RICH99… you are FALSE. Your type is what is wrong with America and why it is degrading. BTW…look at the larger picture….WallStreet business is booming also ….are you telling us the middle class is benefitting from the growth of these WS blood suckers?

        • And the Titanic was a wonderful cruise until moments after it struck the iceberg.

          • No matter how many variations of that theme I see and read….
            It always sends shivers down my spine…
            The prospect of going into frigid water always terrified me, esp. when you can’t see land. Even when I was wearing a dry suit. OhMyGoodness…

        • Rich, maybe your area is doing OK, but too many areas of this country are going down the tubes.

        • You never give up. That is a good thing in a physical conflict in which the last man standing wins.

          In this situation, YOU have no control over who hits you, how hard, how many times, or when. NO CONTROL!

          It is the “WHEN” that will “knock the wind” out of your optimistic “sails”. Good luck with that hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil philosophy.

        • @Rich99:

          Good Day Sir.

          Just because the flushing economy floated a few token turds your way is no indication of an increase, or uptick.
          Even a fresh corpse will twitch now and again.

          Go ahead, bite the big apple, don’t mind the maggots–Rolling Stones.

          …..Nice Rack………BA.

      13. Gawd how I love the smell of a 300 win mag with 71gr, IMR 4350 behind a 180gr. Barnes TTSX in the morning 🙂

        • Brings back fond memories of the movie “Apocalypse Now” with Robert Duvall.

        • Burt, if you lined up about 6 of the dirtbags responsible for this trainwreck of an economy one 180Gr TSX would just about get ’em all. I’d even kick the tin a bit to help cover your costs 🙂


      14. I know everyone needs to move on. Just returning from Bunkerville. An experience I’m proud to have been and will continue to be a part of. Thanks to everyone who offered support and well wishes. Please try to keep the issue alive, its about a lot more than a 67 year old rancher and some cows.

        Check out interstate 11. Doesn’t exist you say, well here is a quote about it.

        “The funding bill for the U.S. Department of Transportation, which replaces stopgaps that expired on June 30, 2012, officially designates I-11. This bill was passed by the Senate and the House in June 2012, and was signed by President Barack Obama”.

        Canamex by-pass around the Hoover Dam. Oops – ol’ Bundy’s ranch is in the way.

        • Clarification needed:

          A quick check on google and google maps reveals to me that I-11 is proposed to head around the southwest area of the Hoover Dam, linking Pheonix to Las Vegas. I’m by no means a native of Nevada or familiar with its territory or ranches, but the Bundy Ranch seems to be located northeast of Lake Mead. Unless I’m terribly mistaken that means that I-11 has no conflict with that property.

          Not that there have ever been any government land grabs from private owners to benefit big business or big construction projects anywhere at any time in history… /sarc off

          Glad the Bundy’s and all the patriots who stood with them got away from this one without harm, for now it seems…

          Power to the People!

          NOMI Molon Labe

          For the NSA goons: pressure cooker, self-reliance, home-school, constitution, small government, personal liberty…

          • You need to finish looking at Camamex. I-11 is a by-pass to a problem with finishing Camamex from Mexico to Canada. Bundy wasn’t a problem until the by-pass was needed. Therefore I-11 is connected to Camamex and Canamex is connected to Nafta and Nafta is connected to Agenda 21 and Reid is connected to Obama’s asshole and Obama is connected to the Kneebone!!!!!!!

            • +1,,Good one…

            • So where does this I-11 begin in Mexico and end in Canada?

              If it’s running from Phoenix it’s Mexican end is Nogales, which ain’t much, and north of Las Vegas there is nothing in Canada to go to except Vancouver on the coast, and Calgary to the east, both of them over big mountain ranges.

        • I see my number 1 thumbs downer P-A-L is still out there. You know as in:

          P – Personal
          A – Ass
          L – Licker

          Please expose yourself so I may thank you for the shit paper cost savings.

          • HA!

            P – Personal
            A – Ass
            L – Licker

            It’s probably Durango “Krugman” Kid. He loves empire, and he is dead set against this fight.

        • (Dave Hodges)
          When I was serving as the Spokesperson and later as the Director of the ACPPR, I noticed that nearly all Canamex Highways were located adjacent to a military base. Solar Energy Zones will connect the variables of the Canamex, the evisceration of private property rights, land use delineated in the Agenda 21 Wildlands, the control of all transportation corridors within the United States and the ultimate betrayal, the Chinese control of all military bases in the United States.

          • Thanks Jay Jay, for putting in a little more effort than others do in finding out the truth.

            • That truthfully scared me when I read it.
              China owning/operating near our Air Force bases?
              I had read two years ago China was acquiring lots of foreclosed property in California.

              One account said his relative passed away and left 100 acres and a huge (like 6000 sq ft)house and bought by China.

              • Oh, and it has been empty and never occupied.

                • What’s it matter, JayJay? You seem as if you’re freaked out The Chinese have this position, when you should consider that The Power Elite on both sides of the ocean act in unison.

                  Reflect on that.

        • Thanks for “standing fast” maddog. lms

          I ran a new Gadsden up the mast on Sunday as a tribute to those of you who took part in standing for liberty.

          • Thanks brother.

        • madddog-

          Thanks for your contribution to liberty’s preservation, but it looks like I (and others)was right:

          Sheriff Mack Confirms: Feds Are Planning To Raid Bundy Homes

          Monday, April 14, 2014 16:38

          by Guerilla Girl Ashley The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

          Breaking news: GMN has just learned from Sheriff Mack that the rumors of a raid on the Bundy family is indeed true, and he said that they are actually going to raid all of the Bundy family homes. According to Mack, the so-called retreat was nothing more than theatrics. “It was a ploy to get people to back off, to get people out of the way. They weren’t expecting us to get this amount of people here. They were surprised by the numbers and so they wanted a way to get us out of here. This was a ploy to get us out of here and then they’re going after the Bundys.

          GMN was not surprised with this announcement however, especially after hearing what dirty Harry Reid said today.

          Reid tells News4′s Samantha Boatman his take on the so-called cattle battle in southern Las Vegas. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid said.

          Please stay tuned to this very volatile and developing story for the battle of Bunkerville. we will be providing updates as we get them from our sources.

          • And we have already decided we will return. Hope even more will show up then.

            • maddog; I have donated to Oathkeeprs for this, let me know if there are others that could use some funds, etc.

              Also, yesterday make posted a pic and made reference to the citizens militia. Anyone know about this group?


              • should read … Mac posted a pic

        • maddog wrote, “Just returning from Bunkerville.”

          Hmm, so those guys might have something with their bit about the BLM just doing a head fake while getting rid of the protesters and biding their time until they make as assault on the ranch?

      15. I would like to invest in more silver, but don’t know if that would be a good idea or not. Opinions are all over the place, some saying it’s going down to ten dollars an ounce, others saying it is going up to at least fifty in a short time. Then some say it will be confiscated when the SHTF. I don’t know what to believe. When the SHTF, silver will be bulky to travel with if necessary to get away from turmoil. It is a troubling dilemma, yet seeing saved funds potentially become near worthless is scary enough.

        • Think of it this way.. Many years ago an ounce of gold would buy you a very nice suit. Today an ounce of gold will still buy you a very nice suit.

          Since gold and silver are “Not Money” in the event that you pass away they do not have to go through the probate process of your estate should you pass away.

          Bottom line: gold and silver are a store of wealth for when better times might arrive. can be easily hidden, given away or any number of things.

          When the banking system DIES you FRN’s will become toilet paper. Seems to me that somebody just confiscated your wealth and they didn’t even have to come to your house to do it!!!

          • B I N G O !!!

        • Just remember what happened in Greece– remember that video? Ain’t seen it, check it out… when TSHTF there, everyone was scrambling for gold and silver– forgot the price but it rose in value to a HUMONGOUS NUMBER!! Extremely valuable!!!!

        • If it goes down to $10 an oz, I’ll buy double my usual.

          • Just like American Patriots, it won’t STAY down.

          • sixpack wrote, “If it goes down to $10 an oz”

            Ha. Imho, you’re dreaming.
            Those days are long past.
            That’s like saying, “If the gooberment actually cuts spending and The Fed actually stops printing so many Dollars”.

            What are the odds of that?

        • It doesn’t matter what the price of silver is, just buy some and hold it. Dollar cost averaging is the key.

          No one is going to confiscate silver, isn’t going to happen. There is not a home in America without a little jug of coins.

          It will not become worthless, hasn’t happened in 5,000 years, that event is not going to happen now.

        • Dear, aljamo.

          From what I have learned, ‘an investment’ is into something which returns money to you in exchange for a risk you take, more than you initially spent. It’s something which produces something more. A steady return on the Dollar. Most real estate, and gold, or silver are Not investments. I won’t even mention ‘malinvestments” which are sucker plays, like real estate in 2005. You should look up that term.

          Insert video of Greenspan telling people it’s a good idea to get into adjustable interest rate mortgages before the housing crash, here X. (It’s funny how he seems just like D.”K”.K.) I.e. “Subprime is contained”.

          Anyway, gold and silver are preservation of purchasing power. It’s a return OF your “investment” vs. a return ON your “investment”. Like with the other guy mentioning buying a suit of clothes ten thousand years ago vs. now. But you Can get fucked in the short term. It happens, just ask anyone who bought when gold was $1900 per ounce when D.”K.”K. was saying it was a a great thing. However: D.”K”. K. is saying the Dollar is going Up, while people like Faber and Schiff are not so keen on the future. I myself am not leaning towards a guy’s view who reminds me of a Twinkie.
          Some purchases straighten out in the long run, I suspect those who bought at 1900 and 45 will get their day.

          Real estate is often a depreciating asset which is currently 250% over valued.
          I’m sorry if you own some now which does not make a return on your Buck.
          Some lucky people manage that. But it’s probably because they bought a long long time ago. Or, they know someone, or, they fucked someone over.

          Ask yourself this: is the Feral Reserve Bank likely to reduce printing paper Dollars out of thin air, or, are they likely to continue printing Dollars out of thin air… which makes them money? And that the gooberment depends upon to fund the empire.

          Is rising prices a guaranteed thing as a result?

          Ask yourself, how effective have they been at eliminating the drug trade? It could be that’s how effective they might be at limiting the precious metals trade.
          Also, if they were successful, just what country would you be living in?

          You ask, When the SHTF, will silver be bulky to travel with?

          Hell yeah. Have you every hefted a bags of dimes? They are heavy.
          Well, not really.
          But a bag of gold is lighter.
          I guess it depends upon how strong you are, how far you have to travel, and what else you’re carrying?

          You could just be like Durango “Krugman” Kid and just swallow The Blue Pill and buy gooberment stock or residential real estate like he does?

          Over at thehousiongbubbleblog they keep taking about this phrase: “repeat of 2008”. But who knows what will happen? WW III might not be the same as WW II?

          It’s a horse race.

          … And may the best man win.

          Thank you, aljamo. For giving me this opportunity to think about things and type them out. I know where I’m at. I hope you do too.
          I also hope you’re on the side of the Freedomistas, the Rothbardians, and the libertarians. Not too mention the Austrian Economist who lead me to bring you this message.

          • Pardon my misspelling, that should be:

            They know their stuff. They called the housing bust in 2003-2004. They saw it coming while the mainstream, I mean, lamestream media, didn’t.

            Well, half of them, they are infiltrated by skags just like this blog, and every blog that is popular is. The host is Top notch though. Ben is right up there with Mac. Kewl bunch of fellas they both are.

          • AG/Clark: When gold was at $1900 an oz and dropped in the high 1700’s, I called the low at $1200 here at SHTF. While the inter day price dropped to $1180, the closing price was …. $1200 an oz.

            Check the archives. Please do not misrepresent my positions. Thank you! 🙂

        • Your pension funds will be destroyed by the collapsing stock market or stolen by the government. We’re not talking three decades. We’re probably talking three YEARS or less.

          • BC: Yes but only if the Commies are elected over the Nazi’s in November. Not gonna happen.

            Nazis want you to have enough extra money in your pocket to buy the goods and services that their crony capitalist companies with market monopolies sell.

            Commies want your to send your extra money to a central collection point to redistribute to ….. well, just to redistribute. 🙁

            • the durango kidd says:

              “Nazis want you to have enough extra money in your pocket to buy the goods and services that their crony capitalist companies with market monopolies sell.”

              So you admit it… you’re a Fascist (Nazi).

              • YMWW: Would it increase your perception of your own self worth if I said I was a Fascist?

                Ok, I am a Fascist. Feel better? 🙂

                • Durango “Krugman” Kid wrote, “Ok, I am a Fascist.”

                  The monster looks in the mirror.

                  Fascist are evil.

                  The best you can do is consider a change in outlook.

                  Or, you can just go on being a monster.

      16. Before I get admitted to a mental institution, I started to listen to a repeat of a comment by an honorable politician at home , at work and while I am driving. I think it started to show some positive effect to forget about the daily crimes against humanity and the American Middle Class families by Wall Street blood suckers and the puppet masters.

        ‘What difference does it make’?

        • RE: “to forget about the daily crimes against humanity and the American Middle Class families by Wall Street blood suckers and the puppet masters.”

          Ya. I think it’s obvious, and you do too.

      17. How very disappointing!!! Our monetary system is such a total fraud from 1913 but it means nothing! The American collective mind is so made up, it matters not what evidence is presented to them; it doesn’t matter , it simply doesn’t matter. What does matter is that holy Israel is protected!! The Human mind is like a computer and that which is programmed is the only truth possible but people, it is all a lie! People, our country, our beloved USA, has been captured and destroyed by international Judaism, Bolshevik Communism, and you cannot yet see it, nay, you can only see this half breed bastard of a President and think that if we get rid of him, all will be right with the world. It is not so and only if you can break your conditioning and awaken to the truth that the Pharisees fully intend to rule the Earth, can we even hope to save our beloved America! I live on in hope that this will eventually happen.

        • Aurelius… Thank You for spreading the TRUTH. Well stated.

        • Aurelius: Cheer Up Pal! Because while Yes here at home in america what you stated is so true. BUT…This Morning I read the new latest article at newswithviews website, by one of their regular writers.

          The article is by a Rabbi guy at NWV site. Can’t recall his name now. Hes best buddies with John Hagee and Pat Robertson, both megga church TV preacherscamswindlermen.

          Well in the Rabbis article he complained of the many nasty email replies he recieved for hosting some TV pastor show with pat robertson recently. Seems Robertson made a comment that many jewish folks and also many evangelical braindead jew firsters did Not like, and since the Rabbi Agreed with Robertson on TV show, he too recieved many nasty email replies calling him a antisemite supporter rabbi!

          Well heres the article part I say cheer Up still is Hope Aurealius….Bottom line Key article part was where Rabbi stated that in Todays entire World he believes that NOBODY else BUT american evangelicals still, Like or Support jews and Israel state!

          So…Not only does That prove me and You and a few Others here at shtf Correct when we keep saying that american jewdeo christian types, all 50+ million, ARE todays Main Major problem due to their Blind Obediant defense and support of that Rabid Aparthied state of israel and what are actually Khazars fronting themselves to said evangelicals as ral jews.

          But…It also proves acording to that Rabbi, and many other websites articles have quite a few More like him that are constantly whinneing and crying of a rapid rise in antisemitizim lately and Globally. it proves that if the Main Only relevant israel/jew issues support Today is contained entirely within americas 50 Million deluded jewdeochristian zionists…Then just maybe there is still a light at tunnels end eh!

          50 Million delusional defenders of what the other 7 Billion know is Indefensable, and as you stated is the main problem, or maybe I need say the Main Agitators and Instigators of the main worlds problems…May sound like a lot of folks…And of course 50 Million folks deluded enough to actualli Kill us all who reject their warped ideals and support of Khazar Imposters aka synagouge of Satan as Christ called them all…

          When compared to an overall global POP of 7 Billion or more today…That 50 Million seems much Smaller a problem to deal with no?…And we are bound to see at least some of that number finally do research, reading, their OWN Thinking for a change!…And we may also see more of their ranks awaken to facts and truths soon!

          Ironic that Rabbi never mentioned in article how obvious it sholuld seem to himself as well as all other folks that, a good reason must exist for his orig claim of zero world peoples support for israel or jews huh?

          Usually when most Everyone tells you the Same thing, are they All always wrong?…Or just maybe it is You aka rabbi and his people and state of israel thats the Real problem globally eh…by Jove! I believe we hit Pay dirt!

          Also for a real Great example of a right wing neocon zionist dual citizen, women named “Glickman” if I recall name right(?) Her recent key note speech in new york to noeocn Repubs last week, is in another fine article at Occidental Observer website I think its called..

          If not occidental observer?…Then its occidental Discent aka its Kevin McDonald’s main website for certain…He too has a few great recent article there on, Tons of usa jewish orgs are combining forces to get “Immigration Reform” aka AMNESTY Finally Passed THIS YEAR! and pssed BY Neocon Repubs! Man everybody HERE needs read his articles!…Actual statements and newspaper articles BY and FROM jewish folks themselves that are no longer hideing these facts due to their huge Arrogance etc.

          A Great jewized up writer there diasects her speech, by his comments and explainations as to why she and so many like her are just plain Loony Bins, Lunatics etc!

          Her speach revolves around, what else…Antisemitism! And why and how its occureing etc…She of coirse trys to convince neocon repbs in audience at NY speach, that it was Jews, Talmud, and jewish ideals on Fairness to All others!!!!!!!!……Caring and Giving attitudes jews has for ALL goyim others, and their so much greater wisdom and brilliant intelligence that actually CREATED and FOUNDED America!…She did admit it was our founder fathers who did all the real work…But claims all they did was based upon their mighty jew and talmudic influences etc!

          What an egotistical, typical scam swindle zio khazar Bitch eh….That article is a MUST READ!…If cannot locate it or website?…Tell me I will find a link and post it asap.

          • Okay Them Guys: STOP with your Jew hating rhetoric.

            Like any other nation, there are TWO GROUPS, the good and the bad. Evil often rises to the top.

            The ones in charge in America, bad, BUT most Americans are good.

            Yes, Talmudic/Noahic believing Jews are bad. The Davidic believing Jews are good.

            If you think that every Jew is bad, then you must think that every American is bad by the same argument.

            And as for your all Jews aren’t really Jews because of blood and history, Re: Khazars, not true….re-check your facts. There are experts who say that when they migrated to Russia, the Russian PTB circulated a story that they had other blood to help with integrating them into society, to battle anti-semitism. Looks like it has backfired on them now (as your comments show). There are dissenting/divided voices on both sides…..DOES IT MATTER?

            The bible says to support the Jewish nation…the Davidic believing Jews. They ARE God’s chosen people. Those are the people I support.

            LIKE AMERICANS, they may have gathered some other blood along the way, LIKE AMERICANS….it doesn’t mean they are not Jews. Like my mixed blood doesn’t mean that I am not an AMERICAN.

            I don’t get your hatred for the “It’s all the Jews fault.”

            It is EVIL’s fault. Whoever they may be. Jews, Americans, Middle Eastern. EVIL knows no nationality or religion. I’m sure there are evil Jews in TPTB, I am sure ALL races are represented IN THE EVIL CABAL that is running this dog and pony show.

            So, stop already. Your logic that ONE race is ruining the world is ridiculous.

            And BTW, Evil has a shelf life!

            People read this….do your own research and make up your own mind.


            • KHAZAR PROOF DNA RESULTS OF DEC 2012!!

              PS: NOwheres does the bible say to bless jews or any such drivel You posted. the very word of “Jew” is NOT even in the bible untill aprox 500 pages after page One of genesis! IN 2nd book Kings chapter 16 vs 12 if I recall correct. YOU have quite alot to LEARN regarding jews, bible issues etc…TRY This for STARTERS!

              In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

              The Definitive DNA Study
              Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

              Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

              Who Can Argue With DNA Science?

              So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Israel are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria.

              The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.

              What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

              Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

              The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

              Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

              The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

              “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

              Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

              The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

              God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

              God said that the seed of Abraham would inherit the land. Therefore, we must—absolutely must—in light of the DNA evidence, ask ourselves: Where, and who are the seed of Abraham?

              We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders. But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

              “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

              So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.” This is the great secret that every true Christian knows.

              God is not a racist. The Great Commission extends to every race and ethnicity. We who love Jesus are His Chosen People, and we have the promise first given to Abraham way back in Genesis

              READ That Galatians 3:29 AGAIN so it SINKS IN DEEP! Then READ Entire Galatians in New testement as even MORE biblical proof verses totally REFUTE todays many pastors current Falsehoods of “bless jews” means state of israel and the KHAZAR askanzi Jew fakers and Frauds running that rabid aprarthied state…

              NOTE: Those Scientsts are all JEWISH, IN israel, as is Hebrew Univ Bio Labs etc…Once real truth is presented either You accept it and RE think things…Or Remain in belief of current Falsehoods as taught by likes of John Hagee zioboy swindler. I will rely on TRUTH as Christ Commanded we do!

              • ALSO: Your phony “They said story” that Russians or whoever Told folks jews had mixed Blood to Better Integrate jews into russias areas etc?…WHAT Nonsense!

                Jews lived in what was called “Settlement of PALE” which was part russia and vast lands of Poland combo. Jews WANTED to live as seperatists apart from Goyim gentile russian christians!…So jews could have a GOVNT OF Rabbis and Talmudic Laws similar to KORANIC Islamics does…Religion+Govnt+LAWS all ONE main Thing…Talmudic and Rabbis as leaders and Judges etc also.

                Most all you stated of me and My “thoughts or beliefs” are also fraud as I never said nor believe that ALL jews or ALL of anybody elses groups are “Bad”..

                However some groups DO seem to contain a vast majority, jews and blacks in Particular, that it is usual for them to barely have more than a couple percent maybe 3% or so who do NOT go along with or agree with the Majority.

                Thats so they can Partake of all the things gained by the BAD jews or blacks….

                Like many folks Here say of cops that if SHTF comes to usa…So many cops are Bad ones…How do we tell which is which?…So Unless the few Good cops step OUT from their cop crowd..We cannot help but think any, every, cop IN uniform is likly a Bad cop.

                Same for blacks and jews..When so FEW are the Good ones yet they never want to step OUT or denounce the huge Majority of Bad jews or blacks…Well Whos Fault is That eh?…NOT Mine!…I encourage blacks and jews and even cops to indeed speak Out! Please assist Us folk by Exposeing all the Bad ones in That group.

                But Alas…So far Barley any of the cops or blacks has taken MY advise to speak out against bad…And as for jews?…So far I am NOT aware of even a single jewish person thats done so yet…See what I mean?

                I say they wont speak out so they can keep enjoying every benfift gained by the majority of their Bad ones!

                I also say if that continues with ANY such groups…A time comes to Pay for that choice. And it may be not so swell Then eh…Its just how stuff works is all, it is what it is is all…And the Ball is in Their respective courts Not mine!

                Now after you Digest this info Please READ the bible correctly, and RE think whatever you were prior taught by whichever pastors etc…Its Okay! Really! We ALL had to first awaken thru Much reading and study before we knew real truth of these issues…And You too can waken to rality in same way!…If you need help to awaken to it all?…I am happy to assist you…

              • Again: I have read your links…there are Jew scientists that believe OTHERWISE…. and your plethora of words is not going to change my mind. Why are you trying ssssoooooo hard to get people to hate the Jews? It’s TPTB that are evil….not a people.

                What you are spouting is called “replacement theology.” Look it up.

                And you quote the bible, but you take it out of context. You say you will rely on truth as Christ commanded we do….okay, how about this….

                Gen: 12:3: “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Yes, this was said to Abraham. WHO IS ABRAHAM? Abraham is the father of ISRAEL. Abraham’s lineage goes all the way up to Adam and down thru Christ. God is making a clear link here, letting us know that from the beginning, these were His people.

                Numbers 24: “Blessed is he who blesses you, and cursed is he who curses you.” This clearly speaking about the nation of Israel if you read the whole passage.

                Those who are of faith are also the son’s of ABRAHAM. So, yes, Christians are son’s by faith in Jesus. You see how God’s mercy is extended to all of us?

                So again, I say, the average Jew living in Israel is no more responsible for what is happening than I am for what Bobo the clown, Reid or BLM is doing….yes, there are sheeple there too.

                Yes, there will be impostors posing as Jews….there are impostors posing as Americans…this does not mean that God doesn’t love HIS people. God said, “You will be MY people and I will be your God.” He said that many times to the Jewish people. He wasn’t talking to an American Christian. We didn’t exist at that point.

                Does God talk about protecting America or Israel? Does God talk about setting up his His kingdom in America or Israel? Was Jesus, the savior of the world, an American or from Israel. Is Jesus going to reign a thousand years in Kansas or in Israel? Is the bible based on American history or Jewish history.

                You are taking snippets without looking at the whole Bible. Everything is about Israel. It always has been. Sorry….Christians were grafted into the branch…get that? We were an addition by God’s grace.

                So are you going to obey what God said, over and over? Or are you going to be cursed? You better think about that.

                It is TPTB that are EVIL, black, white, Jew, non-Jew, yellow skinned, purple with spots….

                Am I going to fast for you? No, don’t answer….this little paragraph is not going to stop your foaming at the mouth hatred for the Jews….


                • PKL: Jew scientists that believe otherwise?…They DENY facts Published by Prestigious John Hopkins DNA after it was PEER reviewed, Intensly Re tested by hebrew bio lab univ in israel also and again Verrified as 100% DNA PROOF accurate?….You cant be serious to reject such facts based DNA Evidence! Such dna evidence IS what modern day courts rely upon for rock solid 100% Unrefutable Proof DNA!!!….I bet you also believe 99.99% of ALL john hagee teaches too right?…Sure ya do…Like a Pre trib rapture event etc right.

                  And I bet You believe in supporting and/or Funding a 3rd jew temple so jew pharisee rabbis can again Renew animal sacrafices and burnt offerings to Rid world of all its many Sins right?….Jews desire doing animal sacrafices as talmud teaches jews that only after such animal sacrafices rid worlds sins can jews Own and control entire world and ALL it contains including Goyim Humans jews consider just “Cattle herd like animals”.

                  Of course Only goyims not mass killed off by jews will be allowed to remain alive as slaves to jews, women sex slaves too!…Its ALL listed in their Talmud Books PKLL…

                  I cannot Possibly address all the issues you posted nor all the questions on it all here. So heres a great bible KJV based pastors website that WILL remove those Scales from Your eyes and release You from that so clouded vision you seem deluded by…Let me know what ya learned there and what it caused You to seriously RE think on bible, talmudic judaism and jews and israel state okay.

                  You Are willing to at least check it out right?

                  www dot biblestudysite dot com

                  ALSO I will Post a LIVE Link in very Next post down thats of same website and has great info on those jew issues so deluding you ok(if I can locate it again in my favorites list!)

                  PS PKLL even if you refuse to read any of that webiste infos…At Least Consider this fact.

                  Any so called christian folk that also support a 3rd jew temple, and the animal sacrafices its designed to acomplish?…Must then believe as jews do that Jesus’s death on cross sin substitute Sacrafice was NOT good enough. Otherwise why in the world would a self proclaimed christian ever send cash or moral support for such an Un christian activity as animals sacrafices renewed again?…Thats about as Blasphemic and UN righteous and UN Christian as one can possible get PKLL!

                  Oh yeah its NOT replacement theory as you think…Paul several places in new testement said the New christian covenant as described in the new “Testement” which the very word testement means to Testify of it, Did fully and for all time Replace the Old covenant Moses made along with ALL 12 israel tribes…That Old covenat was ended. repalaced by a NEW much Better covenant of christianity in Christ as Paul wrote of several places in bible NT.

                  I Hope You let me know what you learn from that great study site!…Thanks if you do!

                  • PKLL: Okay here is a perfect place to start your learning process of issues we discussed etc…You need to scroll Down to aprox 1/2 way point to get to STUDY Part #3.

                    When You see This it is in that area, IE: This is an excerpt on Whos a jew and who aint etc FROM Israels state dept official ministry infos and Jews own Almanac books!

                    Who are the so-called “Jews” of today?
                    A reasonable question answered from logic and historic fact

                    The word Jew comes from a Greek word meaning descendent of the tribe of Judah, or someone living in the land of Judea. Today’s Jews call themselves Jews to falsely imply that they are somehow descendent from the Biblical tribe of Judah.

                    When asked the question, “Who is Israel? – Who is a Jew?”, the Israeli Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) unhesitatingly answered thus [emphasis added]:

                    The term Israelite is purely Biblical.

                    An Israeli is a citizen of Israel, regardless of religion.

                    A Jew is a person anywhere in the world born to a Jewish mother, or converted to Judaism, who is thus identified as a member of the Jewish people and religion.

                    — Information Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem; Feb, 1998.

                    “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew.” Or to call a contemporary Jew [an] “Israelite,” or a “Hebrew.” The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all, and contemporary Palestinians, by their own definition of the term “Palestinian,” have to include Jews among their own people.”

                    –The Jewish Almanac, Oct., 1980, page 3, Bantam Books, Inc. Under a headline entitled… ‘Identity Crisis’.

                    PKLL: Thats Straight FROM jew sources themselves! Surely You can’t deny that Jews IN Israel as Official Israel Govnt folk MUST Know what they are talking of eh…

                    HERES the LINK, remember SCROLL Down to aprox 1/2 way down Page for “STUDY-#3” that is going to Open Your eyes as never before, as long as you are willing to read and consider the Biblical facts that is…Enjoy Your new WakeUp and welcome to those who are Jewized-Up!

                    PS Please tell me what You have Learned and are going to RE-Think after reading it all, Thanks…Them Guys

                    www dot biblestudysite dot com/qtarc3 dot htm#3

                    LIVE LINK Will Be Posted next post by me, down.

                  • You misunderstand my points…There are Talmud/kaballa Jews and Davidic Jews and Messianic Jews….do YOU understand the difference? Did you actually read my post? I understand what the Talmud is, what goyim means; I know that they hate Christians. In fact, I have read a bit of the Talmud. I understand much, much more than you know and I have done my homework.

                    Not every JEW worships the Talmud. That is my point. Your painting the Jews with a very broad brush. BAD people in every country are in charge right now….everything bad is not a Jews fault.

                    You say, the Jews are bad and evil liars…then you use the Jews studies as proof to back up your points as legitimate. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t think that there might be an agenda there? I’m sure scientists never lie or have an agenda either.

                    I don’t need your links…I have been researching this for quite a while now.

                    I’ll put my trust in the what the bible says.

                    The scales are all yours….I’ll let God sort it out for you.


          • Wow, there sure is a battle going on, and it isn’t between Christians and Jews or Muslims, it’s between bloodthirsty Team One and bloodthirsty Team Two, and they both seem to be on the side of Team Gooberment.

            I.e. Aurelius’s comment and Them Guys’s comment.

            Where would they be if gooberments the world over had no power? Tilting at windmills or something like that?

            You can discern those two as…., er’ I mean ‘persons’ from the rest of humanity because they don’t seek liberty, or freedom, they only seek to divide and step on their fellow man. There’s a word for that which escapes me at the moment. … I’ll substitute the word, Dividers.

            • PKLL:HERES that LINK. Same website I typed in prior so moderation dont hold it up.


              SCROLL Dwon aprox 1/2 way on web page to study what You are so deluded about, ie: jew infos etc “STUDY-#3”.

              PAY Close Atten to part states “whos a jew”? Has direct facts info on the word jew, where it originated, whom it refers to and statement from Jewish Almanac stateing that its NOT proper to call Modern day Jews, a hebrew of bible era, NOR are orig 12 tribed Israel of old testement era or ancient israel, a jew.

              THat IS Facts Info from Jewish SATE official dept, and jews own Almanac infos…Surely You cannot acuse Them of Lies or falsity eh!!

              • Them Guys: You have just enough facts mixed with lies….hummmmm…..who does that remind me of?


            • Average Guy, you are indeed average! Most people, and you are included here, are the victims of the constant lies of a lifetime which they have never questioned and those lies have left them hopeless victims and absolutely worthless in the defense of America. How might one defend our country if you can’t even define the enemy? Them Guys has only the best of intentions but I’m afraid that his time is wasted on people who think that their beliefs are axiomatic truths, not to be questioned by the unclean “Dividers”! I feel fairly certain that you mean well A.G. and I hope that your eyes will eventually be opened but at the present time your eyes are closed to the truth that we do indeed wish to divide our American brothers and sisters who believe in our freedom loving American Republic from those who believe in Bolshevic Communism!

              • Aurelius: Well said. It is obvious by what AG wrote that he think me and You have an argument of differece ongoing. Yet if he can comprehened what we Both have written it should be understood that we both AGREE!

                As for whoever this PKLL person is it is Also quite obvious he/she is another jewdeo christian zio evangelical,same as 50 million others brainwashed beyond hope by the likes of pastors hagee and tv’s TBN ministry bunch of scam swindlers and zio jew firsters.

                PKLL posts statements, asks Me several questions I cannot possibly adress nor provide proper answers here for due to it will consume this entire forums space to deal fully with those answers.

                YET! After I reply several times with enough Partial answers/reasons etc and also I provided an exallant christian pastor’s website that Has dealt extensivly and BIBLICALLY with every proper Truthfull answer PKLL needs to satisfy their many questions…

                Look at the PKLL reply back answer to me!! Basicaly tells me he/she don’t Need any web links for answers or info because same as Typical dem lib kommie leftists act…PKLL is certain whatever he/she now knows is more than sufficent, therfore pkll has ZERO intentions to at least Look at and READ ANY of that link I gave!

                In other words same as typical lib leftists act its always “PKLL: My Minds MADE UP already so do not confuse it with ANY FACTS Or TRUTH”!!!

                Yep great method to go thru life eh…Minds made up do not offer any facts as that may disrupt their lifelong Brainwashed falsehood ideas or beliefs, which Are for some folks The number one Most difficult obstacle to overcome eh….Thats reason 99% Remian in a delusional state of mind from early youth, straight thru untill their old age deaths…Brainwashed into tons of falsehoods from age 4yrs old till death at age 85+ yrs old.

                Never learning Real truth thats right in front of them, surrounds them daily like that Matrix movie. But do not confuse them with such Facts!

                Ok no problem at least PKLL is certain to enjoy company of the Vast majority in america that share the same delusional beliefs eh. Easiest club in usa to Join!

                Just agree to allow phony preachers with hidden agendas and tons of flasehoods to ‘educate” you…Then club of fools has automatic membership available!

                A Huge club it is too! from 50-60 Million just within that jewdeo christian zionist bunch Hagee and similar pastors has cultivated for 40+ yrs now!

                Heres a sure fire method to recognize em with…If you hear any christian spew such as this “Oh gee I hope it never occures!…Buuuuttt! If ever I must Choose between America, OR Israel & jews?….Well thats the eaisest answer I can give! of COURSE I would ALWAYS choose Israel & jews VS america! I Must “Stand” with israel & jews issues no matter what!” One can even view a Yutube video done By a jewish guy at some huge “CUFI” Yearly anual meeting, cufi means “christians United for Israel! Pastor Hagee Is head Honcho and Inventor of that swindle! Raises tons of multi millions cash for jews to rebuild 3rd temple in israel for animal sacrafices to resume again!

                That jewish guys video at yutube shows Him asking the question to jewdeo christian zios as they exit the dog and pnoy show event…Asks them “What IF” You had to choose between USA Vs Israel whcih do you choose to stand with”?…Shows several idiots all eyes tearing up, emotional as can be as if a Trance! indeed a Synagouge of Satan satanic jew trance! ALL give same answer..”I will forgo usa to stand with jews and israel always!..Some patriot eh…Some deluded zio jewdeo ‘christian” eh. More like braindead Lunatics!

                Donating Hundreds millions dollars to build the 3rd temple that will actually end up as The Final jew temple that the Antichrist himself shall Occupy! Lunatics don’t accurately describe these foolish delusional clowns who also fool their Own selves if they believe they are true christians acting in such manners!

                Of course You do as what else can be expected from such a clutivated brainwashed mind once a lifetime of John Hagee or Pat roberston TBN form christianity takes Hold of said Minds?….It is to be Expected eh.

                PS another good sign is anybody that rejects Modern day scientific DNA Evidence as proof of something!..Like PKLL does!

                • Them Guys: Wow….. I love how you twist my words….and make SO many assumptions….then go to insulting….without an intelligent response, just repeating the same things over and over……

                  That playbook sounds so familiar….


          • Poison words.

      18. So basically the chart states that company earnings are less than what their stocks are trading for? How long can that go on and how does that happen? QE? This ends badly.

      19. And the piper plays on. Whilst the TV news educated idiots continue to spout about things will get better and it’s all the democrats fault. Letting others make theyre financial decisions and investments for them because they are to retarded to think for themselves. As the minions of troops and cops continue to fight for our slavery and the enrichment of the satanic dark occult masters. Just following orders they say, because they need someone to give them orders because they are brainwashed morons who don’t know right from wrong or don’t care, they love the psycopathy of it all. As the drums of the largest war ever beats louder they sit like deer in the headlights, to stupid to think of what to do or who’s agenda is behind it. Can you hear it? It’s so close you can taste it! The NWO dream is coming true and the death toll will be beyond imagination. No one is coming to save you, you must try and save yourselves, forget the sheep they outnumber you 10,000 to 1. I must say the PTB have done the most amazing job of mind control on the world I could ever imagine. I would say that about 60% of people that think they are awake really are just under another form of mind control and don’t have a clue who theyre enemy really is. The enforcers are the biggest threat for without them there is no control grid. Here’s a video that may give you something to think about… Keep prepping and hope for a massive mutiny by the dogs of the elite 🙂

        • Genius,, you are a Genius, I have waited for Months to thank you.
          You posted a Public servants questionaire Form. After being Harassed by the Census For over a month witch I never Engaged with personaly. I put the form along with a letter saying ” mr. Dunlap, please fill out attached form, and return to said address. If I’m satisfied I will send on to my lawer, then we’ll make an appointment to meet with my layer to discuss your questions. At your expense of course.”
          I was coming home on the tactor he Caught me off Guard, I had to talk to him. He said his Supervisor said he didnt need to fill it out, I said ypu do if you want to talk to me. Them O started Videoing h telling h he was Trespassing, got his License plate number. He left, havent seen h since.. Thanks again..

          • Sorry for all the misspellings in my comment, I think the last Article Infected my phone.

            • You are most welcome PA! Sometimes the best defense is a good offence. When confronted with lawful directives many of the beaurocrats simply go away. I lost my copy of that when my old computer crashed, I need to print it out if you would be so kind as to post a link to it again 🙂 So glad I could help and share with others.

            • Ha! you guys typing on phones crack me up with that auto-spell and such.

              If it was me, I’d just not say a danged thing.

              Have you read that article about how to give a blank stare like a teacher does?

              • Average guy,,Im sorry you feel that people with a phone shouldnt comment. Maybe a 100lb computer works for you but not all. Everything around me has to have a daul purpose or I dont own it. You couldnt even start to know how expense it is to farm, so I have to decide, be mobile where I work outside, or desk top, I cant have it both ways. I would always welcome you to pay for for my pc then I could comment with out fear of criticism of a misspelled word or two.

      20. I only invest in Silver, Copper, Brass, Lead, Food and Water Purification.
        With the way things are going with Russia, BLM, Earth Quakes. and what ever. Just the SHTF. I wouldn’t advise anyone to invest.

        • Good evening, Sarge. I also invest in the same things, things I know will help me to stay alive. That’s all I care about.

        • ***I only invest in Silver, Copper, Brass, Lead, Food and Water Purification***

          One less house to shake down; no chocolate= no visit from JayJay.

      21. I gotta say this… I’ve been hearing these predictions for quite a few years that “This is the year”. That being said, I know it will come as all those who are better attuned to economics are predicting this. I believe it is better still to continue a somewhat normal life whatever your personal definition of that is. My main objective is to sustain my immediate family and myself. How charitable I feel towards others depends on many variables. I’d be lying to those here if I stated that I am fully prepared for a true shtf scenario. I don’t think we’ll have everything we truly need. Those that have been coming to this site to read and comment should already be a good ways into having what they feel is necessary. Those new here only but need to ask.

      22. Off topic.
        Where I live is very close to the Illinois and Fox River in central Illinois. While east bound from Ottawa to Marseilles. There are a lot of deer. Along RT80 East bound a deer got hit by a car. The deer was dead. Someone put a helium balloon on it ‘SAYING GET WELL SOON!!!”

        • Sgt; That was funny, one of my good friends worked for the school system, and they all pranked each other. Once time a guy picked up a fresh roadkill raccoon, tied it to a county truck bumper like it was hanging onto the bumper. The guy driving the truck said “all sorts of people were honking and pointing at him, until he finally pulled over and realized he had been punked”….

          PS; Do not be drinking Coke when you read the next one…

          • …should’a put the warning FIRST…

            • Six, soooooorry, will do better next time…
              Was looking at a pole in Queens NYC in Google Earth, looked down on the sidewalk, there it said “DON’T WALK HERE, RUN BITCH” in graffitiese, musta been a gang’s turf…

          • If you want to get some interesting activity going on in your neighborhood, get an old pair of faded jeans and an old shirt and some deer leg bones and just place them in the pant legs and the shirt sleeves, and then put them in a ditch where their is some foot traffic but not a real high use area. Just throw a little dirt on them and if they’re not found for a month or so its even better. Even though deer bones and human bones are different, I’ll gaurantee there will be some activity once someone finds them, Sgt Dale may even endup involved. News travels fast. Trekker Out. This ain’t illegal!

        • Sounds like something Eisen would do.

          • No,it just sounds like good clean Duke boys type of fun, ‘the renegade braveheart’.

            Of course, cops would disagree.

            There’s no harm, no foul, but the cops would want to taser someone for it.
            The shits.

            • AG
              I once I found out what it was would LMAO.
              Just reading it was a hoot!!!!
              Just one clean prank.
              there is nothing wrong with that!

      23. Hope I’m not too early….

        Take me out to the ballgame

        Barack and Michelle are at the White Sox baseball game, sitting in the first row with the Secret Service seated directly behind them.

        One of the Secret Service agents leans forward and whispers something in the President’s ear.

        Barack stares at the agent, looks at Michelle, looks back at the agent, and shakes his head.

        The agent then says “Mr. President, it was a request from the team owner who is a big campaign contributor; and the fans will love it!”

        So, Barack shrugs and says “well, OK, if it will help my poll numbers”.

        He gets up, grabs Michelle by her collar and the seat of her pants, and
        throws her right over the wall into the field. She gets up kicking, screaming & swearing.

        The crowd goes wild; cheering, applauding, and high-fiving. Barack is bowing and smiling, and leans over to the agent and says

        “You were right, I would have never believed that!”

        Noticing the agent has gone totally pale, Barack asks what was wrong.

        The agent replies “Sir, I said, they want you to throw out the first PITCH!

        • Gotta remember that one, +. 1000.

        • Even though he misunderstood it was most likely the only thing he’s done right in his entire time as……… I can’t bring myself to say it.

        • Eppe, fortunately I wasn’t eating or drinking anything this time. You can run the comedy dept here all you want. Keep them coming.

          • Been wondering where Smokin is, he must be working his butt off???
            He is the original jokester….

            • I got an email from the supplier of the joke below, about a 67 vette, but I cannot copy and paste from the email as usual. You guys would drool over this thing. Any ideas???

                • Wow, I am flashing back….

                  • My uncle had 2 ’63 fuelie vetts, had a eye opening excursion in both of them, so you can imagine a 425hp fiberglass vette, and what it could do….

              • Type it in.

        • EPPE$:
          God I love you.
          That was great.
          Thank God I’m a Cub’s fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I wasn’t drinking any thing.


          • Go Red Birds! Trekker.

        • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Roflol over here! Thanks!

      24. “Change you can believe in”: WORLD WAR 3
        (along with…)
        *NSA (expansion)
        *Obummer Care
        *Suspension of US Constitution (in certain designated areas)
        *Banning Protests (except under strict, government supervision)
        *Confiscation of Citizens’ guns (still working on this one!)
        *Free phones

        (Not exactly what I had in mind!) 🙁

        • These sound to like changes to fully implement and strengthen the New World Order.

          Here are some of the “changes necessary to save the world from global warming”, as proposed by the U.N.

          “Expect more regulation from “experts”, technocrats and bureaucrats at supranational organizations, such as the one whose initials begin with U and end with N.”

          “Give up meat, coal, oil, economic growth and national sovereignty…”

          Breitbart dot com

            • Read the last two paragraphs of the article…..not sure what they are trying to say…

          • Its not the same thing, KYmom– I did a term paper years ago, before anyone was mentioning GW and read numerous books, researched various resources… CLIMATE SCIENTISTS and other scientists have been saying the same thing about GW for decades! this one (unfortunately!) is for real… Please don’t let the fossil fuel industry fool you– they don’t want their one billion dollar per day profits to disappear so they SPEND MILLIONS PER YEAR TO SPREAD DIS-INFORMATION, saying global warming is a hoax. ITS NOT! I had to do the research about this topic years ago!!! Its for real!!!

            • Next you will tell us that man made the ice age as well.
              Hit the road , maybe try huffpo .

              • I saw that movie.

            • Was your research for your “term paper” sourced from the Encyclopedia Britannica?

              • Sixpack, I agree about global warming IS a hoax and EB is NOT a good source of information.

                • I don’t know for sure if GW is a hoax or not, but I believe it is a NATURAL part of our planet’s evolution. I don’t believe WE are the cause… maybe an aggravation, but not the cause.

                  The planet will be here long after we’re not. She’ll never miss us and she will recover.

                  I feel it’s more like George Carlin says, we’re like fleas on the earths back…sooner or later she’s gonna have to shake some of us off.


                You are Closed minded to extreme!!!! DENSE!

                • Which library did you go to?

                  • I’ll bet anon got to it by taking a left turn…

                  • I’m sorry, ‘wrong’ it doesn’t matter which library they went to, pardon me, but they are all full of shit.

                    If you know of one which is not, I’ll be mightily surprised.

                    Anymore, as far as I can tell, going to a library is like switching on the TV, all you get, and all you’re able to access, is one side of the story.

                  • AG

                    When we homeschooled we had our own library. A woman in town has a huge library that she has been adding books to for 25 years. She gotten thousands of books that the liberal libraries have been tossing out.

                • Stats are manipulated. Anyone whose taken statistics or a basic research class knows you can choose which types of graphs etc to make your data appear more dramatic or convincing.

                  www dot Lord Christopher Monkton.. Chk it out.

                • hey, everyone, be aware of this particular “anonymous”. With his insults and all caps, who does he remind you of? I’ll give you one clue; his name begins with an ‘E’ AND he was always calling us old people.

                • …just a second, lemme turn my…hearing aid up…there, now WHAT DID YOU SAY?

                  • LOL!

                • So, cite your sources, we’ll examine the list and decide if your work is objective.

                  Given the large amounts of junk science being published as gospel over the last 30 years, in print and on the internet, reference to a lot of ‘research’ doesn’t really mean much.

            • Anon.

              I think in a couple of years Global Warming will be a thing of the past. We will be trying to survive from a Thermo Nuclear War. Now that is Global Warming.

              • WEL, AT LEAST YOUR POST MAKES SENSE, SLINGSHOT. (except I wouldn’t call it global warming, more like global hellstorm.)

            • The reality is the developing nations are exempt from the proposed treaties that reduce carbon emissions. China has surpassed the US in Carbon emissions. All that the treaties end up doing is taxing carbon fuel in the developed world which raises its cost thus reducing demand (and your standard of living) so more carbon based fuel is available for the developing world.

              In the end, regardless of the question the answer just so coincidently facilitates globalization agenda.

              As I said many times……..OSTENSIBLE.

            • @Anon:

              Time for you to be properly educated…..


              ……if they tell you it’s for your own good…….RUN.


          • Anyone who tells braveheart to give up meat can go f#$% themselves!

            • Give up meat.

              • FBP, I know you’re kidding so I’ll let you slide.

      25. Aljamo, In my opinion YES you should by silver. Pay cash for it from a reputable dealer without giving your name (this can be done if you purchase under 10k at a time). Buy recognizable 1oz coins or junk silver (pre 64 dimes and quarters). The Government will have a hard time confiscating something they don’t know you have! After SHTF silver will likely be the one form of currency accepted by those who have prepared and may be willing to sell labor or goods. Remember though you can’t eat silver so the the basics you will need to live should be no. 1 priority before buying metals. As far as physically carrying silver on your person – I would not carry large amounts at any given time. If you have the funds to buy large amounts you will need a good safe or hiding place. If/when we experience a collapse of the dollar silver’s value will be priceless!

        • Up North some times it is hard to discuss things because of OPSEC. And believe me everything you say or print on line will go into a file under your name,since computers can store so much info. It would be interesting to be able to go back let’s say, for two years and pick any person on this site and look at all of their comments. It would amaze you for what you would know about that person. But back to my point, 20 years or more ago, I went to a reputable dealer to buy junk silver and he would not take cash over a certain amount, but required me to get a money order and it was for an amount alot less than 10k and I even had an issue with the bank when trying to get the money order since I didn’t have an account. I was in another City from where I lived and they want to fill out a form on account of me using cash. Believe me they already have us nailed down. So this 10k figure, is this something you heard or have you done this? Trekker Out.

          • RE: “everything you say or print on line will go into a file under your name”

            If you don’t know that already, you haven’t been paying the F attention!

            RE: “Believe me they already have us nailed down.”

            Ya. Not everybody. Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads!
            What comes around, goes around.

            • UpN, MT, AG, and Smokey;
              I can see your point but for me, I could care less if the gov knows that I buy some silver. That is the least of my worries. I’d rather buy online and not pay a sales tax, and usually get free shipping.


          • Trekker, 10k is the Federal requirement for cash. Maybe your bank has it’s own policy.

          • I buy silver from a place in town. No tax and he could give a crap about a name or cash. If you put it on a charge you pay more for the % he has to pay the bankheads.

      26. BUSH (2000):

        *Enabled terrorist attack on WTC
        *Invasion (and subsequent destruction) of Iraq
        *Patriot Act
        *DHS ($1.2 billion overhauling and restructuring of government system) (“If it wasn’t broken, why fix it?”–MCR).
        *Reversed “Clean Air and Clean Water Act” on behalf of corporations
        *Transfer of our Nation’s wealth to Big Banks

        • you forgot to add, that he’s still free

          • No–you forgot to add he’s still alive.

        • And the Dems fixed all the evil doings of Bush, NO, They made it worse. Face it Bush had been gone now for six years. Dems own it.

          • What Democrats? What Republicans?

            Both horses are bought in the two horse race.

        • Transfer of wealth actually began in the 1990s with the bank deregulations. Also, with the affordable housing act with Freddie and Fannie in 1990s….

          • “Transfer of wealth actually began in the 1990s”

            Ha! you mean since the 1890’s?

            Or, before then?


            The scam has been going on for A Long time.

            It’s timeless.

        • Yea and ofuckoff is way better.

      27. Black Swans on the horizon and they will poop on the parade, as many nations shield their self from Western banking. The IMF came out with a good one, saying another global downturn is highly unlikely. So get ready for swan poop…..

      28. Think the world has not gone mad?

        Try this one on for size:

        Time Magazine, April 7, 2014, Page 64

        Farm-animal activist Gene Baur

        Question to Baur:

        “ARE YOU A SUPPORTER OF THE CAMPAIGN FOR (wait for this)….

        Answer from Gene Baur:

        “Farm Sanctuary is not involved in that, although we are sympathetic with it.”

        What the hell. Politicians need another VOTING BLOCK? Unbelieveable.

        I am going to do a little research on “personhood for chimps” to see who is behind this craziness. You can’t make this stuff up!

        • For your laugh of the day go to:

          NY lawsuit seeks legal personhood for chimps and read the comment section…..

          • Find comments at:

            news dot yahoo dot com/york-lawsuit-seeks-legal-personhood-chimpanzees

            Worth a looksee….

          • I think their talking about mooschell.

          • I wonder who a chimp would vote for?

            • A Chimp probobly would Vote for a WHITE MAN!

      29. Off. topic!
        It’s F#$KING snowing again. S#$T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Like I said earlier, who does this one remind you of?

        • Up here too Sgt. Isn’t it pretty?

        • Yea, we got 4″ of rain and and inch of snow yesterday. Sucks!! And look out, cause the floods are heading your way! Maybe a few more weeks and I’ll be able to get in the garden.
          molon labe

        • Sgt. Im in central Illinois too and the ground is covered….wont last long but that just aint right !!!! With the blood moon , its the end of the world as we know it…LOL

          • BLANKONE:
            I just got my onions Garlic Carrots, Potatoes and peas in the other day. This four letter word falling from the sky just might give them just a little more water for them.

        • @Sarge:

          snow again….bummer.

          Today — picked radishes[second crop of the year] and alpine strawberries[first crop].

          Talked to a feller ’bout making radish shine.Says it bites first, instead of biting back. Already pickle radishes, might as well take it to the next level.

          ….bundle up…..brrrr….BA.

          • B.A.
            Sure just rub it in.
            I hope the rest of your garden comes in as good as your radishes.

      30. You guys gotta read this one on yahoo. Apparently, the consensus is that we were fighting the wrong enemy in Afghanistan—we should’a been fighting in PAKISTAN!

        So, does this mean they’re still pissed that Ukraine didn’t work out, so they’re looking for another war as close as possible to Russia? Close enough for govt work…

        • Dear sixpack, it’s from ABC news. Are you unaware of how six corporations own all the news organizations and they control the flow of information in favor of those who pay their bills come election time?

          “the consensus is that we were fighting the wrong enemy” is right, only, it isn’t in some foreign land.

          But, I think you DO know that, too bad he rest of american’t doesn’t:

          Ya. this means they’re still pissed that Ukraine didn’t work out, so they’re looking for another war as close as possible to Russia. Close enough for govt work…

          BadaBing! BadaBang!

          • “so they’re looking for another war as close as possible to Russia”— I’ll never understand why they just don’t SAY THAT in the article itself. It should make obamanites happy that the govt is looking for another war to get into.

      31. Bundy TOPIC:

        SQ has an alert from Sheriff Mack about another raid coming. Sheriff Mack interview on benswann (.com) They are planning a raid on Bundy’s (including his kids) homes.


        • All I could do is go to oathkeepers and donate some money, which I did. I’ll eat off the storage for a few days, but it’s worth it.

          • I donated all I could afford last week. Prayers are all I can contribute now. But that’s really the most powerful thing anyway.


          • RE: “I’ll eat off the storage for a few days”

            Wow, you’re a giver. You remind me of Jamie.

            If it was me, I’d want to give at least that much to Will Grigg.

            The website seems Very worthy.


            But Oath Keepers doesn’t seem too bad, they have, ‘War is a Racket’ on their search motor, and that’s good for me!

            Anymore, when I read it, I wonder if people such as Durango “Krugman” Kid would attack his fellow Marine? Probably so, he’s rabid for empire. In fact, I think he loves empire more than his own children,…if he has any.

            I’ll stop there.

            • Reading that website I find it interesting that the blm tried to raise his grazing fees 237% in 1993. The epa also cut the herd allotment size. That is the year according to a bundy interview the group of 52 ranchers took the epa and blm to court and won the case. The blm and epa attorneys told the court that they had no jurisdiction over them. That is why bundy quit paying fees.
              Imagine all the business owners out there if your operating costs increased 237%. What would that do to you? Would you not be pissed? DK imagine if your mining operating fees went up that much? Should I call you names when you bitched and fought back?
              As far as attacking fellow marines. There are good ones and bad ones in any branch. Jon corizine was a marine. So was Rev Wright.

              • RS: I don’t see how his “operating costs” have anything to do with his grazing fees when he is paying $1.37 a year each, for every cow and calf (unit). Even a thousand head, (including cow and calf) is only $1,037.00 a year.

                If you buy a yearling for $400, let it mature on the range for a year or two, and then sell it into a reasonable market, you should be able to make a profit. If you can’t because the market is suppressed for beef (?) you leave them on the range. Its as close to FREE food as it gets.

                When operating costs exceed anticipated profit, miners hedge their metal or sell a portion in advance to cover expenses to a royalty firm, or end user. Cattle barons can use the futures market.

                Peanuts. Please enlighten me. Thank you. 🙂

                • Oh yea. I don’t know where to start. Tell ya what sport: Next time you are on your way from your house at elevation traveling out to your “mine” swing in to one of the local country bars. You should be able to recognize a rancher right away, they will be dusty as hell and clothing faded and well worn. Read that word for word and see where your logic gets you.

                  There really is no educating you, or hope for you.

                  Some day they will come for you, trust me on that. They will use the irs, they will use the judicial system, they will use every agency you have so much regard for. Just remember how you defended the same agencies with such zeal that will try to take everything you have ever worked for.

                  • DK: That first part is a bad comment. We disagree. It’s that simple.
                    The second part of that comment is something that should stick in the back of all our minds. Because it will happen to all of us. Not only you but me and everyone.

                  • RS: I have been to many local country bars in rural Arizona loaded with ranchers, cowboys, and prospectors on a Friday night. I am not a public drinker myself, as the penalties in Arizona are prohibitive and a drunk driver killed my mother.

                    I didn’t want to do that to someone else’s family so I quit drinking, a long, long time ago. I love the country music, and I can shoot pool with the best of them having run a Boys Game Room at the local Y while in high school.

                    I have NOTHING against ranchers and have contemplated purchasing a ranch myself; and I have been actively looking at some on the internet for a few years now. I am just identifying the economics of ranching for you and the strategies by which ranchers and miners make a profit. Rancher Bundy has no valid argument for not paying his grazing fees to US, if he wants to use OUR land to feed his cows.

                    I am a Patriot so I have NO doubt that someday “they” will come for me; which is why I am considering going back to law school. When they come for me my goal is three. If they come for you, try to get two.

                    Its a numbers game, and the numbers are with US when the legality of our CAUSE is just. Rancher Bundy is a fucking deadbeat and crook, masquerading as a Liberty Lover to profit from OUR patriotism. Don’t be deceived. 🙁

            • AG, I’m a “giver” when there is good reason and for a good reason, I’ll give until it hurts if need be. I chose oathkeepers because I am one, but I am not a member or affiliate of oathkeepers. I’ll find ways to contribute, even create my own if I have to, but now is not the time to roll over and go to sleep.

              Now is the time to stand strong.

              No Retreat, No Surrender.

      32. We even had snow flurries in Texas today! Wish we had a foot on the ground to mitigate this ongoing drought. Hard freeze tonight se we can wave goodbye to the fruit this year.

        • TTHHE
          That is too bad. That really sucks. I hope at least a couple is saved.

        • RE: “Hard freeze tonight [so] we can wave goodbye to the fruit this year.”

          Crap, that on Top of the CA. drought!?

          I think maybe the Thumbs Up you got were actually meant as a Thumbs Down as this is terrible news.

        • This Texan Has Had Enough,

          I am sorry to hear about the hard freeze coming and the damage it will do to the fruit.

          It is snowing outside right now. They are also forecasting a hard freeze here tonight.

          I wish I had a greenhouse. Can anyone recommend a greenhouse to buy (that is not too expensive) or build plans on the internet.

          Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
          KY Mom

          • Thank you all for the sympathy about the late freeze again this year. So many wild plums around me, but between the drought and the late freezes, there has not been a plum in two years, now probably three years.
            Love that plum jelly and used to sell some, but I am hoarding my canned juice now.

        • Can .you not spray the trees with water, to make a thin layer of ice to protect the blooms? I was reading that’s how they used to save cornfields back in the day. By the time the ice melted, the weather had warmed back up and the cell walls of the plants did not burst. Maybe it wouldn’t work for blossoms tho. My apple trees are in full bloom, I have all the raised beds covered, but the fruit trees are too tall….

      33. This government, quite sadly, most unfortunately, and UNconstitutionally, will use ANY means– economic or not– to precipitate a False Flag and usher in or bring about consequent Martial Law

        I personally believe Martial Law is inevitable because those who follow satan won’t stop [unless they were to unmask and then renounce his totally false promises, deceptions, and falsehoods/lies!]

        Apparently, according to the Hagmanns’ website, the government has tracked/identified all who came to show support to the Bundys.

        What happened there is not over– “they” are regrouping. And yes, what happened there is just one small exercise, one small part of a grand master plan.

        I respectfully suggest most of us put back on our chess thinking caps/brains/minds because some type of evil [destructiveness] will again manifest.

        Have you gotten right [repented to, confessed all sins] to your Lord?

        Have enough food?

        Have enough water?

        Have enough clothing for all four seasons?

        Enough hygiene supplies?

        Have enough light?

        Have a plan to bug out or relocate– temporarily Or permanently?

        Most importantly, when is the last time you watched the film, THE TERMINATOR?

        Why do I ask?

        Consider Sarah– in the end she “retreats” to another place [Mexico– not that I am suggesting that, Mexico is simply a metaphor to withdraw and regroup when one can or, must]] in order to keep safe her unborn son while building up her stash of both strategies and “weapons” to fight the upcoming “war” with the “machines” who are Terminator robots.

        Put more simply, the “war” between those of us who prefer peace founded upon justice, and those who believe, instead, in controlling (& kiling) the masses [through GMOs, toxic vaccinations, chem trails, more wars, etc. etc.], will NOT end until the Second Coming of Our Lord when Our Lord will banish the Antichrist and all his followers to Hell for eternity.

        The point of this entire post?

        To overcome evil you and I must outthink it. Please do not let talk of the economy– however on point or not– DISTRACT you from this most IMPORTANT task.

        Having said that, do not let the next sentence make you render “useless” the above paragraphs: The Warning will occur soon, after which will occur World War III [prophesied to be a “short” war], the declaration of the Antichrist, and the near destruction of the Church from Apostasy, as prophesied.

        Ladies and gentlemen, all of you are very fine people. I do not expect you to agree with me entirely, maybe some of you won’t even in part.

        So let me end by saying a few things. Be very careful. VERY careful.

        Be equally as WISE, because the technological and other capabilities of those who have assumed control of our government are Almost beyond our imagination and they WILL use EVERY means [any and every] to destroy us.

        May God bless each and every one of you, may God keep each of you and all your loved ones safe and under His loving care. Don’t lose faith in God. HIS power FAR surpasses all the evil we have ever studied or seen in our own lifetime, and WILL see. REMEMBER that! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

        God bless you.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Jesus, we trust in You!”

        • Amen brother….

        • +2

          • You’d think the govt might have gotten the impression from this weekend, that “martial law” might not be as effective as they might hope.

        • AMEN….


        • Is it just me, or does being in Mexico seem like a “more free” place to be in than in the unitedstate? [Minus gun ownership, of course.]

          If so, Isn’t there something wrong with that?

          I mean, seriously wrong.

          Also, isn’t there something seriously wrong with those who disagree with that? The Go-Team-go, Rah-rah-Usa-Usa crowd, Are they freakin’ nutz?

        • The Lone Ranger,

          You provide good advice and state it well.

          God bless you too.
          KY Mom

        • Lone Ranger,
          Below is a link to scenes from “Passion of the Christ” set to the chanting of Divna Ljubojevic, the wonderful Serbian singer.

          Incidentally, this year western Easter (on the Gregorian calendar) and eastern Pascha (on the Julian calendar) occur on the same weekend. That’s not unheard of but it’s fairly uncommon, due to the way the Orthodox Church calculates the date of Pascha (the Resurrection is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, March 21, but that’s March 21 on the Julian calendar)

          Blessed Easter/Pascha to you.

      34. Butter and Taco sauce are recession proof…wait and see.

        • I have put 10 year old taco sauce from the packets on something, ate it and did not have any adverse effects, been accumilating them for years. Any idea how long sealed packets of condiments will still be good???
          Guess I should google it????

          • Fucker Evil Spirit

          • From what I just read if its the foil package its years to decades safe…ish. That doesn’t surprise me I ate C rations from the Vietnam era, you poop concrete but it was still good.

          • I think those packets with the hot sauce would last forever. Lots of vinegar maybe?

          • I always figured that if it ain’t growing into some new life form, what ever I have in my hand is good to eat.
            Though I have eaten cookies that had to be smashed with a bayonet to get into your mouth and soaked in coffee to get down. Cutbacks are a b$&%#*.

            • Do not goggle it. Heintz has probably paid goggle enough money that only results that will show are the ones that say you should replace it every 2 months. And their competitors will kill you after 2 weeks of storage.

        • Tabasco and Melinda’s habanero sauce can be bought in one-gallon jugs. I refill my 12-ounce Tabasco bottles with them.

      35. already got peppers, tomatoes are flowering, the potatoes are ready to be picked here in California. Got water for now. Time maybe running out. Send us an El nino lord.

        • You’re getting an El Nino wet year this winter, get ready for it.

      36. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, I live near a lake resort town and for the last year and a half I have been watching the resorts close down one by one, main street is thinning out too. When I got here in 2005 there were some 5000 locals now we are under 1000, I think the census said 953 at last count. If people don’t see this coming then their ignorance will probably kill them.

        • You won’t have to bug out, cause you’ll be the only one left!!
          molon labe

      37. Satan needs to stay in hell where he belongs. Thjem ATF swat team dudes are Satan’s children. They will burn in hell for ever.

      38. Is there any hope and change after 2016? I do have the audacity of hope….

      39. Copper and the baltic dry index point down, not much good will come from that even in this manipulated market. We will see where it goes soon enough…

        • There isn’t any good coming from any economic indicator. Americans are soon to find out what ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ can do to you.

      40. This may be off topic but,
        A week or so ago I pulled over a grand from my primary checking account to purchase a pickup that was too good a deal to pass up. It’s nice to have 4 wheel when your current truck only does 2. Now my bank card does not work at any ATMs. I called the bank to complain about it not working and the woman on the other end said that everything is fine. There is nothing wrong with my card.
        When I repeated that it does not work she suddenly said but it works at retailers. How did she know.
        This I thought was interesting because I have not used it since I pulled the cash out.
        Well she was right. I can go into a store and my card works fine but when I want cash because I can, the card
        simply tells me to contact my banking institution.
        What on Earth is going on I must ask myself.
        They are going to be pissed when I go in myself on Thursday.

        • Change banks??

          • I have some large bills that need paying, but I intend to withdraw most of what is there. If they cannot give me my money when I need it, then I will rectify the situation by having it in my hand. Not that it is any of their business.
            I have to buy a new hub for the IH. It cracked in the cold a month back while my father was feeding the cattle.
            Then I need to buy a new cylinder for the loader. Then I need to buy some copper wire, then a new tarp for the garage shelter. Then tires for the pickup. Then this then that. I need cash.

            • RE: “Then this then that. I need cash.”

              Good line, Good point.

              You need what others want.

              What that ‘want’ is, changes. Slowly…. for now.

        • Just last night my husband and I went to a local exchange club meeting. He was there to meet folks. I already belong. He was chatting people up about his numismatic hobby/side gig. One of the folks (who I thought was smarter than this) asked him about virtual currency. I don’t think DH even knows about bitcoin. So Ron made the comment about yes he uses ATM cards, etc, and I looked at this person and stated that in my opinion if you can’t hold it, you don’t own it. So this person goes on to say how you can pay bills, buy stuff, etc. I told him to just think back to the freak October snowstorm a few years back. The hospital was less than 24hrs from having to ship patients because they were running out of diesel, before power was restored. I told him if he could find a store that was open he wasn’t gonna feed his kids with that ATM card. He would need cash. The blank look I got was downright pathetic.

          • I try to relay that message about online checking, online bill payments–crickets!

      41. Its sad when you have to choose a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas!!


        (Sorry for shouting)

        • Got up at 2 am and went out to see the blood moon and take pictures of it. I have never seen one and it was awesome even in the freezing cold night.

          • When I gazed at Blood Moon last nite thru my neighbors $20,000 telescope set up…I Swear! I think I was able to spot Pastor John Hagee’s massive size ass running across moon lanscape being chased by Three rabbis’s!

            Sure Hope that don’t portend a Bad moon on the rise.

      43. They just had the largest earthquake ever recorded in the Bouvet Island region which is the Southern African plate at 6.9. This is a very interesting spot as I checked all the earthquakes about 6 within several hundred miles of here in the past. It seems that after this region is hit, the planet goes through a lull in big earthquakes for awhile. The largest previous quakes here were 6.6 in 1978 and 6.5 in 2003 which were about 300 miles away. This could be a sign of quiet of something very massive coming. More precursor earthquakes are needed in the coming days to see which one. This is really quite large for this area and shows that the African plate is very actively on the move.

        • The earth has been very active these past few weeks. And I see Alaska getting lots of small ones…

      44. Get out of “PAPER” assets, and into “PHYSICAL” assets.
        Sell stocks, bonds, get out of 401k before it becomes GOV. myIra.
        Buy Food, Water Filter, Medical Kit, Sleeping Bags/Camping Gear, Gun & Ammo.
        Prepare now, your running out of time.
        Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

      45. Old but still GOOD:

        Gun Wisdom:

        Some words to the wise. Shooting Advice from various Concealed Carry Instructors. If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. If not, you should get one and learn how to use it:

        A; Guns have only two enemies : rust and politicians.

        B; Its always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        C; Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

        D; Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.

        E; Never say “I ’ ve got a gun.” If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.

        F; The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes, the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.

        G; The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary .

        H; Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’ll be empty.

        I; If youre in a gun fight:
        1/ If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.
        2/ If you’re not loading, you should be movin,
        3/ If you’re not movin’, you’re dead.

        J; In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!

        K; If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?

        L; You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.

        M; You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

      46. @everyone…This is off topic and should really be on the previous article on the Bundy Ranch but I wanted to get word out as fast as possible and I am afraid that nobody is going to check the previous article for new posts.

        This is it…This youtube video is from ranchers/militia that were at the Bundy Ranch last week. The two guys on the video said that there was a major double cross about to happen with the BLM. They said the BLM guys were way out numbered and they knew it. Said BLM guys were young and not very bright and set up for a slaughter if the militia fought them. They said the BLM was in the kill-zone and there was nowhere for them to run if they had too. When BLM left…they left their expensive equipment behind…they got out of there in a hurry. The sheriff and Reid/Feds are in on the set-up to blame the bloody massacre on the ranchers/conservatives/white/Christian men fighting back against the govement land grab. The video is bout 30 minutes long and some points you can fast forward to speed up your viewing time.
        The second video is from inforwars via Judge Napolatano in an interview at FOX. The Judge says this whole thing with the Bundy ranch stinks because the Feds should have/could have put a lien on the Bundy’s property for any money owed to Fed and they would have eventually got their money once Bundy died.
        I said in the last post that this isn’t over and it appears now/today that Reid is declaring it not over either.
        I gotta agree with the ranchers in the first video…it looks like a huge set-up for a bloody massacre to be televised to excite feelings of grief and emotion to mass against white/consertive/salt of the land/God fearing Christians.
        Don’t forget Janet Napolatano declared us domestic terrorists.


      47. Other thing…No main stream news outlets are covering this with all the facts. It is purposely being slanted against Bundy. I know…I got lots of time to monitor all the news outlets on tv and internet. That’s what I do. Right now on FOX they are speaking of Reid purposely not letting this issue alone. No person I have mentioned the Bundy situation to knows this is going on. If the FEDS pursue this at the Bundy ranch the sheeple are going to be blindsided and wonder when “did all of the happen? how did this happen? mabey we should reconsinder the second amendment?” Get It?! This is a huge warning people.

        • Satori–Psychobama and Hellery were exposed having knowledge of the gun-running early on in the murders.

        • Judge Jones issued an injunction against the federal government interfering with the Hage family’s water rights and ordered it to grant a grazing permit in accordance with the “historical usages and preferences” in that area of Nevada. The judge said he was restricting the government’s “normal discretion” in “this extreme case because of the conspiracy…and the obvious continuing animus against Hage by” government officials. Two government employees were held in contempt by the judge for sending trespass notices to people who leased or sold cattle to the Hages in order to “pressure other parties not to do business with the Hages, and even to discourage or punish testimony in the” case. The judge referred them to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for “potential prosecution for obstruction of justice.” That is quite an indictment of the Interior Department and its employees.

          ranchers 1 BLM 0 🙂

      48. The fraud that is Wall Street is the only real way left for the elitists to support the illusion that all is well. Most retail investors left the “market” years ago, after realizing that fundamentals no longer existed. Nothing more than a casino now. The Fed backstop of billions and billions of dollars being used to prop up stocks and with it the net assets of otherwise insolvent companies and also the 401K money today that is just dumb money that most people have no idea where they’re even invested are the drivers now. What choices are there now for people to possibly get ahead. This control of peoples precious, hard earned assets is just what the elite want. They know who will be left holding the bag when this all collapses. On top of that, when inflation is factored in, the market has gone nowhere in 13 years. But of course these same elitists, who illegally game the system will always gain the most by being front run information and manipulating the markets to their advantage. Check out a chart of the stock market on almost any day at 3:30 pm and watch the massive amount funny money come into the market right on cue to keep the market propped up and profits intact. This “magical” 3:30 ramp is now the only real fundamental left in these centrally planned and controlled markets. Imagine just for a moment how much better these trillions could have been spent to enrich everyone. Not just the elite. Yea, right. Dream on. Remember, that the scariest thing a person in power can hear is: I know what you’re doing. That’s our power. Good luck everyone. We’re gonna need it.

      49. Well Patriots, this morning Beck has taken his stand and he is foolish enough to put most of his faith in elections….and all of his support behind Ted Cruz as his candidate of choice.

        Think Beck doesn’t know Ted Cruz’s connection to Goldman Sach’s?

        He also spent his time calling the Bilderbergers and the Illumaniti “conspiracy theories”.

        He has had so much blowback from his stand against the patriots who showed up at the Bundy ranch that he has ask all who does not support his stand on his idea to bring America back to being the Republic she used to be to go to Facebook and unfriend him, if you subscribe to any of his publications to cancel your subscriptions, and if you carry the Blaze to also cancel out of that. He stated he had 3 million facebook friends; but that a good number of them were very, very disappointed in him (an understatement).

        Funny, he made a statement about his trip he took to Israel. Stated he still was not sure why he made that trip. Do any of you remember when he went there and at that time what he said was the reason for his journey. I did not catch his program so I am curious what he said. Is it not odd that he would state today that he is still NOT SURE why he went there? I can tell you why he went there, it was to insure that the zionists know he has their back!

        Anyway, I can tell you his stand is NOT to draw a line in the sand and it is absolutely NOT with the patriots who were brave enough to go to the Bundy standoff.

        His show today was to discredit any conspiracy theories, falseflag events, Bundy supporters, etc. If you stand for or believe any of these things he has ask that you drop all support of him.

        When he touted MLK as a great American (among other things)
        he lost my support. He is a shill for TPTB, being used to tamp down and dumb down patriots.

        He should have been leading the charge at the Bundy ranch but he knows that to do that would have ended his career.

        I just tuned him in today because I wanted to cement where he stood; he and his other parrots on the show.

        We have been deceived by him long enough……he did a good job of showing his true self today. Beware his support of any candidates, what will he say to you when those candidates do not live up to what he is promising you they will do?

        I can tell you what he has said about his support for the Patriot Act, Bush, ans McStain and others… Gollyeee…I was wrong, sorry…..

        • POG…Consider the source. Beck is a money hungry zionist tool.

        • @POG…I listened to the opener of his show at 9am then shut him off 5 minutes later. At 10am I turned him back on to see what he would say and yep…like Texan said, he pretty much told us all to go to hell. I don’t expect him to have much of an audience after yesterday. Beck, Stu and Pat were sooo disrespectful of Cliven Bundy it was unreal to listen to. I truly hope they offered some sort of apology to Bundy but I doubt it. (I didn’t listen to whole show, so I don’t know.) His facebook page is filled with angry, former fans. He just don’t get it. Snipers and Feds were pointing some very big guns and the Bundy crew and Beck says to stand down. Well gee whiz Becky, I guess your personal body guards have a Bible to deflect and bullets trained on them. Beck is an idiot and showed a lot of disdain for former fans of his. Fuck him. By the way…I just gone listening to Alex Jones interview of Bundy and it was superb! Jones was respectful and asked some good questions of Bundy. Excellent interview and I would suggest you all catch it later.

          • I stated earlier–I stopped listening to him in 2008(disconnected cable/tv) but wouldn’t have listened even if connected after hearing him make fun of all the citizens wanting Psychobama disrobed due to his non-NBC issue.
            He even disconnected callers that mentioned the issue.
            Any listeners after that were begging for disrespect–and they are getting it.

      50. @Pissed Off Granny-

        Thanks for the update (and confirming what many here already knew). If there is MONEY involved in their quest, you know evil is behind it. Figures, right?

        I tread very cautiously on any news source or persons these days as the events speed up. You cannot blink or you’ll miss one they are happening so fast.

        On another note: All you folks who haven’t purchased body armor yet, you’d better get cracking!

        CTD has a decent, low-cost carrier for $99.97. This of course does NOT include your plates, but still for $99 bucks it is a good start for many. Don’t WAIT till it’s too late… GET MOVING!

        Osprey MK4 Body Armor Carrier Set Multi-Terrain Pattern New, Unissued Condition Size Large to X-Large

        h t tp://

      51. Don’t forget to include a good “Brain Bucket”

      52. POG-I was sure I turned on Glenn Back first thing this morning so I could hear what he said today after all the blowback on The Blaze and Facebook about his stance.
        He pretty told us all to go to hell and God was telling him where to stand. I wonder how he will react when the Feds come after his ranch and family? Will he use his firepower or will he rely on his much-touted 5 Second Survival?
        I thought he was smarter than to bring a knife to a gunfight. He has exposed his true beliefs and he has lost me as a listener and watcher.

        • PO’D Granny & This Texan: Thanks Both of Your posts has Vindicated me once Again!…IE: What have I been saying of Beck ALL along for past couple yrs?

          I got his swindle scsm down pat within Two weeks his going on Fox tv show…..Everybdoy I told becks a swindle and zio boy goyishieboy shill to..ALL told me I was so wrong!…..Lately one after another has confirmed I was correct all along! Vindicated again!

        • Beck wants to have his cake and eat it too, its going to end up on his face. He’ll go to the highest bidder.

      53. Time to over-throw the government!

      54. Recap.

        Obama care. Times up!
        New York State Gun Registration. Times Up!
        Bundy Ranch Invasion. In the Works!

      55. If there were an endangered tapeworm living in my large intestines, could the fed tell me what to eat/drink and what meds I can take?

      56. Two ALERTS @ SQ site.
        Say we ain’t seen nothing yet on meat and pork prices.
        Folks, I can’t place any more meats in my freezer-:-)
        Get what you can while you can.
        I ain’t feeding the idiots around my community–don’t be one of those.
        Set your priorities —get food!!

        • @Jay Jay…whats SQ site, please?

          • Steve Quayle

        • @JayJay

          You need to try canning meat. There are videos on YouTube about it. You can put up hamburger, stew beef, chicken, even bacon.

          • JayJay is 100% correct. Canning meat is EASY and effective.

            1. It’s already cooked- all you have to do is warm it up!

            2. Jars are clear- makes it easy to tell what’s inside.

            3. NO POWER required for storage. This is a no brainer, really.

            4. Longer,safer shelf life than frozen or commercially canned, because it’s in inert GLASS and not BPA coated metal cans. NO freezer burn- EVER.

            5. Can re-use your jars over and over and even lids if you buy Tattler reusable ones.

            6. You KNOW what’s inside (hopefully) no GMO, BGH, MSG or other crap you don’t need.

            I can go on and on, but you should get the point by now. 🙂

      57. @ Npgh ~ Steve Quayle.

        • thanks!

      58. A little off-subject but relevant to the NWO – a friend told me she met George Soros face to face years ago. She was a curator at a museum in Boston, and someone was giving him a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum. I asked if she could feel evil vibes from him. She didn’t know who he was at the time but she thought he looked REALLY creepy.

      59. I’m old and the same boys that ran the 20th century are running this one. Over 160 million were killed in wars in the last century and unless something drastic has changed I don’t have much hope that the 21st century will be better except they have three times the people to kill now. Fractional Banking and Fiat Currencies are based on a huge con and if the “plan” starts to go awry? Count on a World War. Not saying they won’t pull off their “global economy” BS and just enslave mankind without one but if all else fails, I’d count on it. 1929 crash was set up by these boys who also control the “presidents” and Congress and DC front boys. Not sure as I’d call them fascists or communists but major control freaks combining the worst aspects of each. Control of everything worth owning globally is their main goal because money is something they have oodles of and make out of thin air anyway. David Rockefeller used to be the Godfather and may still be in the “game” but seems to me the Syndicate and the Fascists have a major competition going on or may have joined up. It is a global police state now and a lot more people. Bottom line for markets now? Still the price of a barrel of oil. Since everything is still price in Petrodollars it has to relate to global oil prices. In the 2008 “crash” stocks bottomed when oil did!–March 2009! Then it was buy time! Yes stocks are overvalued now mostly but I watch the oil price for reality of the overall market-easist way. Warren Buffet wouldn’t even tell you that.

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