Think They’ll Stop At 3 Shots? The UK Is Talking About MONTHLY “Vaccines” For “Long-COVID” Patients

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The United Kingdom is proposing that those suffering from “long-COVID,” or “lingering problems” after contracting the virus they insist is a pandemic, can be “cured” by getting monthly “vaccines.”  And we all thought they would stop at 3, or maybe do an annual booster. But for some, they could get 12 shots per year.

    According to a report by the Daily Mail UK, more than a million Britons are said to be living with lingering problems, from breathlessness to brain fog, and that figure could double by the end of the summer, say experts. So the solution is monthly shots of the experimental gene therapy.  British scientists are set to explore giving long Covid patients monthly doses of the Covid vaccine, in an effort to combat the chronic condition.

    The first stage of the study was given the green light on Friday: later this year, 40 long Covid sufferers will be offered at least two extra jabs.

    Funding has been offered by several of the major vaccine developers, and if the pilot is successful the scientists involved have been told they can recruit thousands more patients. –Daily Mail UK

    Does this make sense to anyone who knows how to read? They have been telling us for months that the vaccines does work. If it is a vaccine (which it’s not) it provides immunity to disease. So why would those who reportedly already had COVID need monthly doses of a “vaccine?” That would mean it’s not a vaccine. It’s a drug or therapy, as we’ve been saying from the beginning.  The “facts” the rulers want us to believe get more and more ridiculous as this COVID scam continues.

    Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, Dr. David Strain, a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, who will lead the trial, says the manufacturers are interested in funding the study after early research showed that long Covid symptoms were significantly reduced after patients had a jab.

    Dr. Strain said: ‘Many saw a dramatic improvement within days of their jab. Their fatigue disappeared, they were able to walk further without feeling breathless.

    “Some said it was the closest to normal they’d felt since they first caught Covid.” –Daily Mail UK

    Of course, the manufacturers of the gene therapy shot will fund the study. Imagine their income if they can convince the already “vaccinated” and brainwashed slaves to line up for a monthly dose of whatever is in this stuff.  They sure do censor a lot of information about ingredients and those who ask questions about what’s in it.

    “In an earlier study we saw this lasted for about a month after the first dose, but then symptoms return,” said Strain.  “The same pattern was seen when people went for their second jab. We want to find out whether, over time, offering regular doses can make this change permanent.

    Again, then this isn’t a vaccine. Here’s the definition of a vaccine:

    a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease. Oxford Languages

    So if they are treating symptoms now, not providing immunities, that would mean this “vaccine” is not a vaccine as those crazy conspiracy theorists already know. So what is it? And why are desperate to get into as many people as possible and convince them to take lifelong boosters?

    Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of jabs for everyone! Manufacturers are currently making their second-generation “vaccines”. These will be designed to combat the Delta [Indian] variant, as well as the South Africa variant, allegedly.

    We had better get our critical thinking skills perfected.  Something is not right here, and a lot of us know it.  Stay aware of what they are doing.  They admit enough through propaganda but being able to dissect it will take a massive amount of discernment. Stay alert and prepared.  That’s all we can do until the rest of the SHTF.


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      1. Just when you didn’t think it could get any worse. What’s next, daily shots? Weekly shots?

        We must be caught in a time loop in Monty Pythons Flying Circus:

      2. How much does anyone wanna bet that there will be
        plenty of sheep more than happy ? to receive even more shots on an ever increasing basis?

      3. Great, monthly shots and I
        haven’t even had any of the doses yet. At the rate I’m going of not taking these things – I’m afraid I’ll never
        catch up……….?

      4. I seriously hope that “Dr”
        Falsi and all the members of the elite receive their once a month jabs for the next few years and I hope they get
        them in one sitting all at once!!!!

      5. Covid jabs forever and ever
        Let the celebrations begin!!!!!!

      6. People are really stupid
        I have zero empathy for those tat want to poison themselves

        How long do you think this will go on before there is a revolt?

        BTW – I don’t need anymore brain fog!!!

        Tick Tock – when will the hammer drop and the real serious side effects kick in – That’s when the shtf.

      7. they cure nothing as most people know,these scams started in 1999 when patents were applied for.There is no such thing as a virus variant,these are all computer programs varied dna,all they have to do is to cut into a strand of dna,maybe taking out a d for delta and bingo,a new variant.It’s all comp based.Apparently there’s a new one in China called the SFTS doing the rounds and killing more people.All for money folks but,of course some involved like a little bit of population control.
        We complain and whine if a long term murderer is released but
        nobody is interested when a gang of crims kill millions by poison.They know who it is but nobody has the temerity to ask them a few leading questions

      8. Just get in the train car and everything will ok when you get your free shower. I believe it will be a truly dark winter that is coming. Plan accordingly people!

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