Think Tank Reports ISIS Is Falling Apart: “May Actually Lead to More Terrorist Attacks Across the Globe”

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Headline News | 101 comments

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    It’s difficult to quantify how much of an effect ISIS has had our collective psyches. Since this organization started making the news several years ago, we’ve been inundated with utterly horrifying stories about ISIS on a nearly daily basis. These people do things that are so wicked, it’s hard to believe that they were committed by human beings. Because of that, I suspect that long after ISIS is gone, their organization will be a talking point for decades in much the same way that Hitler and the Nazis are still brought up on a regular basis today.

    Fortunately, it appears that ISIS is becoming history as we speak. All evidence suggests that the moment of collapse for the ISIS caliphate is rapidly approaching. In fact, the RAND Corporation recently published a report that spells out just how much ISIS has declined over the past few years.

    The report found that ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, “has lost substantial control of territory and people since 2014 in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Nigeria,” putting it in danger of losing its state, which it calls a “caliphate,” altogether.

    But control over territory and people isn’t the only thing that makes ISIS a formidable terrorist organization. The group has recently been focusing heavily on external attacks, some of which are mounted without any direct orders from ISIS leaders.

    RAND reported that ISIS has lost 57% of its territory and 73% of its population. And much more importantly, polls suggest that their support in the Muslim world is rapidly dwindling. ISIS isn’t just a terrorist group. It’s an insurgency that tried to carve out a state from Iraq and Syria, and no insurgency could have made it this far unless they had at least some support among the population. Now ISIS is losing that as well.

    However, this encouraging news comes with a catch.

    It’s important to keep in mind that the RAND Corporation is a major facet of the military-industrial complex. So what they think will happen after the caliphate collapses is very telling.

    The group still has enough supporters, though, to be considered a serious threat to countries in the Middle East and around the world. Rand also found that ISIS attacks have shot up in recent months. The data suggests that ISIS “has begun to move from an insurgent group that controls territory to a clandestine terrorist group that conducts attacks against government officials and noncombatants,” the report said. This is the model of ISIS’ predecessor organization, Al Qaeda.

    Though it seems that the US-led campaign against ISIS has been successful so far, ISIS remains a long way from extinction.

    “Fully eliminating the threat the Islamic State poses will require continued American leadership for years to come,” the report said. “… In the short and perhaps medium terms, this contraction in territorial control may actually lead to more terrorist attacks across the globe. But over time, the group’s capacity to recruit, fund, organize, and inspire such attacks will likely diminish, and its brand may lose its allure if the Islamic State no longer controls territory in Iraq and Syria.”

    In other words, the military-industrial complex is licking its chops. That’s because ISIS, which is largely a creation of the West, is about to replace Al-Qaeda as America’s elusive bogeyman. Long after their hellish caliphate is dead, they’ll be launching attacks on the United States from far-flung lands, which will surely be used as an excuse to decimate our freedoms, and drag us into many more wars in the future. A lot can happen between now, and when ISIS “loses its allure.”


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      1. Any movement, about which people become very passionate, must be organized. If not it eventually fragments into splinter groups, attacking ever-more-elusive targets and, eventually each other.
        ISIS, like feminism, black lives matter, the free love movement of the ’60s, rock and roll, etc are themselves simply splinters of an older, broader, but never well organized movement.
        ISIS grew out of the broader terrorist agenda which was mainly just a radicalization of certain tenets of the muslim religion, used primarily in it’s early days to achieve the goals of a handful of sociopathic clergy. Having some initial success, it gained broader appeal but it always lacked the structure necessary to endure. That doesn’t mean it won’t continue to produce off-shoots and the ensuing violence.
        Likewise, the so-called civil rights movement in America, once having achieved voting rights for minorities (more or less) began to produce splinter groups. Feminism arose supposedly to elevate women. But with each passing year the cause needed more targets to attack- hence the mythical wage inequality, stereotyping and the ever evolving definition of ‘oppression.’ Today feminism seems mainly aimed at destroying the female gender entirely. Obliterating all the wonderful qualities that make women women.
        Another off-shoot of the civil rights cause (though certainly not embraced by all of the early activists) is gay rights. Again, society must first be confused by changing the language, then must be incessantly attacked for somehow offending those clinging to the latest definition of certain words. Never mind the destruction heaped on society in general, and individuals in particular, is exponentially greater than any possible gains, the CAUSE must go on.
        Still, there is a lack of stable foundations under these causes. Thus they continue to morph into something constantly new. New and outraged by the continuance of the old order.
        Black Lives Matter, an oxymoron if ever there was one, should be disdained by every thinking person of color. Blacks have had their American culture, the most cohesive part of their lives and the best guarantee of their continued ascendance, destroyed by the very groups (or causes) that claim to be working for them.
        Their race is being systematically annihilated by abortion, drug abuse, the idiocy of rap music and the alienation of their people from American culture, the culture that brought them from slavery to the corner office of the corporation. No longer is education, honesty and work ethic honored by the so-called leaders of the black community. Those things are ‘too white’ and the blacks who embrace them are considered sell-outs to white oppression. What a crock! The one thing that could bring them all to true equality, they are trained to disdain.
        Similarly, rock and roll was once music. Admittedly louder and faster paced that the music of our parents, but music nonetheless. It had a melody (buried under the rhythm guitar but it was there), and lyrics that usually had an actual meaning. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. Sure, that’s not profound in a philosophical sense, but those words had real meaning. And touched the heart of every jilted teenage girl in the country.
        Jackie Wilson made jump suits cool before Elvis. And he sang “your love is lifting me higher, than I’ve ever been lifted before.” Again, not particularly profound in the broadest sense, but those words spoke to every young person who ever visited a roller rink before some knuckle-headed engineer put all the skate wheels in a line. (Everybody knows they should be on the corners, with that big orange toe stopper sticking out front.) And NOBODY hit the high notes like Jackie could.
        Then came the next wave in music. Long haired boys with screeching guitars (this one goes to eleven) and costumes and shock effect began to replace talent. Case in point- Van Halen. With David Lee Roth prancing around in leotards like a Kansas City faggot and hic-cupping into the mic. Still, music was sick but it wasn’t quite dead. Even ‘Jamie’s Cryin’ had actual words, with actual meaning (if you could hear them under those thundering guitars). And ‘Jump’ does have a killer keyboard track, though not in the league with Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul Harem.
        Then we had disco. What can I say? There I was at the Drillers Club at the Holiday Inn in 1978. Spinning and dancing in my polyester bell bottoms, trying not to fall off my platform shoes! What 6 ft man in his right mind would wear such shoes? It’s not like I needed the boost in height. And singing along with Barry Gibb (in my best chipmunk falsetto) ‘J, J, J, Jive Talkin’… Oh, the shame of it all!
        But eventually I grew up (somewhere around age 43 according to the mrs) and left all that behind. (I do sneak out for a brief reminiscence at youtube occasionally but don’t tell anyone).
        Then we have today’s music. A boring, bland cacophony of uncredited session players and background singers, unsuccessfully trying to drown out the synthesized, pitch-corrected voice of a singer who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Cranked out by mega media companies intent on foisting the latest ‘idol’ on us. No thanks.
        Rock and roll, like all other unorganized organizations built on a foundation of sand, has splintered into a thousand different forms, none of them particularly good. Even country music has caught the disease. Today’s country sounds like yesterdays rock, except that they sing with an accent (usually faked) and sometimes pronounce the R’s. And until Jason Aldean loses those silly-assed earings, I’m sticking to talk radio. Nuff said.

        • Good points about blacks. They have been led up the garden path by Marxist morons who have destroyed their ability to function at a high level in society. Education is derided as ‘too white’, speaking well is ‘too white’, wearing a belt is ‘too white’, behaving well and being polite is ‘too white’. Most blacks now live in urban hell-holes where they prey on each other for drugs, money, p#ssy, bragging rights and ‘reeeeespect’. A sad, tribal existance no better than a group of low IQ chimps fighting over the last Kumkwat.

          • FT, truer words were never spoken. Good post.

          • ISIS is the CIA’s Proxy Army. Proven over and over again. Why do they even call ISIS, ISIS. Just call them the CIA. All the same.

          • Frank Thoughts

            I had the undesirable experience of graduating from a HS that was 35% black. Many of the guys were just good people but their culture differs from white America. They have a much higher acceptance of violence, I’m talking adults, to settle disagreements. Their emphasis of using education is far lower. As individuals I have found many to be sharp and articulate, and I worked with the more cream of the crop. Outside of that their culture / society is terrible. Blacks that “made it”, and I know many that saved, their wife worked and they retired with a million in investments plus a home and college educated their kids look at the others as knuckle heads.

            They’re culture holds them back big time.

            • Agree: it is the culture, which is not a builder, scientific culture but a tribal, thief culture. The differences explain all. In a builder, scientific culture people spend their time learning, doing, acquiring wealth, investing, working in peace in groups. In a tribal, thief culture, what matters most is to be the ‘Big Man’ (look at South Africa for example). If you see wealth or trinkets that others have, rather than think about how to make it yourself, you just steal it. This is why you here endless calls for just taking land from white people, taking white people’s jobs, taking their house, their wealth, even their women and children (something Muslims are the leaders in). The stark truth is the land they sit on has ample resources to build civilizations. It is just that they can’t using the tribal, thief culture.

              This is why you see these patterns repeat over and over again all over the black world or where they accumulate in large numbers. There isn’t a single place that does not experience a rise in crime, rape and violence when these cultures come in (look at Scandinavia or Canada).

              A radical cultural change is required to get a different outcome. Sadly, I see no sign of that; in fact, I see the tribal, thief culture flourishing.

              • Their culture isn’t changing. Individuals do escape that culture however. Unfortunately that door goes both ways as can be seen with white kids emulating inner city black cult and this is being aided by the entertainment “industry”. I’ll give communists this. They would be using their efforts to move things the other way.

                • You might be right. With white culture, you gain access to Herodatus, Bach, Mozart, Le Corbusier, Orwell, Churchill, etc. Mostly white men who made great art, thought, built things, re-shaped history. With black culture, you get the fractured storytelling guff of some dude nobody can remember who told us the sky can cry and the great ‘flying bird’ will bring news of tomorrow’s battle; various unknown ‘artists’ who made ebony penis sculptures and pregnant women; a rapper or two who tell us to ‘get jiggy’ and ‘slap da bitch up’; and several really angry and pissed off political agitators and their screed tracks. One of the biggest jokes is black literature, an art form read principally by white people, not black people. Most American blacks can’t even find Africa on a map let alone tell you anything about the countries there.

        • John mMcCaine ain’t gonna be happy about his isis pals being mistreated. Oboinga will be unhappy too?

        • What choo smokin’ okie?

        • NRA = Neckbeard Rifle Association

          • Gandhi, SmokinOkie is one of the regulars and old-timers here like me. Let’s have some respect for him.

            • Was I disrespectful, sorry

          • Gandhi

            The NRA ILA is the most effective grassroots lobbying group in the US. I was a hard core NRA ILA, Coalition Of NJ Sportsmen, Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association tireless worker. I fled NJ in 91 and still gave up every weekend for the cause there. I met and have spoken to at length, Neal Knox (who I revered) the father of the ILA used to call him at home bless his soul, Aaron Zelman of JPFO (may he be known for good), Wayne LaPierre. The NRA had the foresight to put a 10 year expiration clause in the 1994 Clinton “assault gun” ban awaiting a more favorable political environment. They worked tirelessly to create that environment. The results speak for themselves. The NRA is the 800 lb guerrilla. No other gun group has their political muscle. The carry issue is proof of their power.

            I’m a very proud NRA Life Member as is my wife

            • Not me, I quit the NRA, proud of it.

              • Your reasons were?

                • Kevin2, you might want to do some research on the NRA, They’re not really the 2A champions everyone has been led to believe they are.

                • selling member lists

                • Here are a couple reasons:

                  “we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period.”

                  NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre: “I don’t think you should have firearms where people are drinking.”
                  Chris Cox: “No one thinks that people should go into a nightclub drinking and carrying firearms. That defies commonsense. It also defies the law.”

                  Also, the NRA constantly fear-mongers with propaganda to seek donation money, while paying outlandish salaries to their execs.

                    • I disagree with the NRA with the guns in school but completely agree with them on guns where alcohol is served.

                      Regardless we would be Canada at best and the UK at worst without the NRA. Both concealed carry and the ending of the assault gun ban are examples. They’re the big political gun, they carry many elections to one side or the other. Thats horsepower.

                    • Kevin2 if you ever serve alcohol at your home then throw your guns away now or forever be a hypocrite

                  • Black moe, yep

                    Plus the US Constitution does not mention “gun” what ever that is or “Rifle” or “national”. They thought more in terms of God given rights to defend and remain a free people.

                  • I’m completely unaware of this quote can you site the source and who said it and when?

                    “we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period.”

                    These two I 100% agree with. Guns and booze don’t mix anymore than driving and driving.

                    NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre: “I don’t think you should have firearms where people are drinking.”
                    Chris Cox: “No one thinks that people should go into a nightclub drinking and carrying firearms. That defies commonsense. It also defies the law.”

                    Without the NRA ILA the US would be at a minimum Canada, likely Australia and possibly even Great Britain.

                    Think we got Shall Issue in 43 States (and a few of them went to Constitutional Carry) without the NRA?

                    • Drinking and Driving

                    • I disagree, alcohol is consumed everywhere so no guns anywhere under that ideology. Kapisch. When I go to a restaurant that serves Booz, I don’t drink if I am protecting my family. Criminals will be packing and drinking whether the NRA approves or not.

                    • K2, while I respect your opinion, I disagree that consuming a drink while dining in a restaurant with my family should prevent me from defending my family and myself. Same if someone were to choose to go to a bar or nightclub. The key is responsibility.

                      Consuming alcohol and carrying firearms both necessitate responsibility. A responsible person can do both simultaneously.

            • I don’t own any guns or anything anyhow. Since I don’t hunt there is no reason to have antiques laying around where some inexperienced NRA member might hurt themselves.

              • You’re a fucking idiot. You need to sit down and shut up.

        • Smokie, I agree, and one of your best posts ever.

        • And THAT, Smokin’ Okie, is why we love you! ❤️

      2. Wow, Smokin, excellent take on american music culture, so true and brought me back to the good ole days, and yes, roller skates should be able to stand up on their own when not on ones feet!

      3. SmokinOkie,

        That there is some brilliant analysis! A lot of food for thought! I would have never connected ISIS with all those other Western cultural phenomenas but you do make a good point! The Rand Corp should look into hiring you!


        Louisiana Eagle ?

      4. They’ll fall apart when their no longer armed by he US and funded by the Sunni crazies.

        • If they’re falling apart it’s due to the suppressed flow of Obamabucks to the region.

      5. ISIS is nothing but a mixture of the deadenders from Saddam’s army, mixed with Sunni Awakening Councils set up by General Patreaus in the Surge to crush Shia Muslims, and losers from the West, mostly trained by MI6/SIS to turn ISIS into a money looting machine to steal oil wealth. Turkey got in on the game and made hundreds of millions during the financial crisis.

        Obama also armed them and cut deals with them to destabilize the Middle East and also to loot. They became very useful: a Swiss Army Knife for geopolitics: you could use them for whatever you wanted. They also became useful in a) running down Europe’s economy and wrecking the Euro, b) beafing up the global sex trade with some more white ladies and girls.

        The raping and horrific abuse of women was basically the motivation. When you go to Facebook or Google, they offer you a good salary, access to the organic canteen, some stocks and shares, a free bike, and lots of fun events. In ISIS, you get p#ssy, younger p#ssy, white p#ssy, and more p#ssy. It is just how Muslims roll.

        • We should have dropped that idiot Heston and a welfare system on isis. They would have lost their weapons ages ago and lost their will to be free.

          • Gandhi, look up the REAL Charlton Heston. You forget he was an ACTOR.

            • Braveheart look up the anti second commercials Heston did on national tv . He is a red diaper doper baby.

          • Met Chuck Heston too. God bless his soul. Great man. Met Steven Seagal through those circles too. Missed Tom Selleck though.

            • I hope Heston’s nuts are roasting in hadies?

            • Seagull, misspelled on purpose, believes he can heal with a touch of his hand. He is mentally ill.

      6. RAND Corp has one agenda: pimping for the MIC and the neocons. All of their “studies” have one recommendation: more “defense” spending that benefits whatever military contractor hired them to do the “study.”

        • Nostromo

          Excellent analysis.

      7. So called ISIS will be re-grouped by CIA and labeled something else.

      8. You can’t kill an ideology with weapons. But you can kill everyone who espouses it.

        • Yes you can kill ideology, look how the NRA change the second amendment people to look like a hunters of defenseless animals club.

          • They only killed the NRA. Not the ideology.

            • On a real battlefield getting a gun is easy. The hard part is if you pick one up off a dead combatant it becomes hard to stay alive. The NRA members I knew would leave the rifle on the ground and put on a berka instead and try to sneak away disguised as a Muslim woman.

              • Gandhi:

                One more reason for outlawing the burka.


                • Haha true B, but then the NRA members would just wear a duck blind.

            • Let’s put it to the test. Ask an NRA member if it should be allowed to have a bazooka. I bet they will cower and say, “no!” Not needed for hunting. That is a “dead” ideology.

              • Gandhi, NRA is BOGUS. They always COMPROMISE on the 2A. Check into other pro-gun groups like Gun Owners Of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Second Amendment Foundation, Second Amendment Sisters [for female gunowners]. They are ALL true champions of the 2A and won’t COMPROMISE on it. They don’t take up NRA’s bad habits.

                • Braveheart1776

                  The NRA is pragmatic as I stated in an above post about the 1994 Clinton “Assault Gun Ban”. I knew Aaron Zelman and Jay Simkin Being a Charter Member of JPFO before they even publish “Lethal Laws”.

                  Every group you mentioned is worthy but all collectively don’t have 5% of the political muscle that the NRA does. I have seen the NRA ILA operate in elections and called one of them “The NRA CIA”. Lets say that the mantra “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Look up “Hands Across NJ” from the S-166 / Jim Florio days of 1991. I was on the inside and it was amazing.

                  • Kevin2, the NRA COMPROMISES on the 2A EVERY TIME some major gun control legislation is proposed in Congress. They have worked hand-in-glove with the politicians for decades to COMPROMISE the 2A. THAT IS HOW THEY ATTAINED THEIR ‘POLTICAL MUSCLE’. The NRA is in the same sewer as the gun grabbers. They’ve even worked with some of the more notorious gun grabbers like Feinstein, Schumer, etc. As long as NRA cooperates with any politicians, they are not to be trusted in my book.

                    • Once again, without the NRA we would be Canada or the UK that have no organized opposition. The NRA “compromised” on the assault gun ban, they’re pragmatic. They put in a ten year expiration. The ban ended in 2004. Thats called smart. You were getting Brady with waiting period so the “compromise” was the instant check. Its called pragmatism.

                      I seen the NRA CIA in action in State elections. I seen an Anti Tax group, composed of many gun haters throw out anti gun politicians completely unknowing the roots of their organization.

                      “I need to learn about the NRA”? With all due respect you don’t know what I know. The NRA had a dripping out with Richard Feldman. I was side by side with him in NJ.That was the NRA CIA in action. You have no idea what they do.

                    • dropping not dripping

                    • The NRA never said they don’t accept guns in schools, never! As a matter of fact, they are quoted as saying “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”, and advocated with training teachers & faculty with the proper use of firearms so they could defend against any future Sandy Hooks. And it IS against the law to have firearms in an establishment that serves alcohol, duh, no brainer. The NRA would never compromise on our second amendment rights, they will only negotiate with the libtards if, and only if, they know the vote to pass an anti gun law is inevitable, then they will negotiate to try to lessen its effects, that is called politics! Then they will put the full force of the membership to remove, or at least try to sway, the offending parties. I will admit they do whore out members for money a little too much, they hire outsiders to raise money & some of them are overbearing, but you Don’t have to donate if you choose not too, and can just ignore them! I’m a life endowment member, and a woman, and have been involved in the NRA since 1980 and have seen the good they have done. Don’t be a victim of the lefts false media campaign to silence or scare members away, we are legion & we are strong. Wake up & don’t be a sheep!

                • I support JPFO and GOA I love them. I talked to Larry Prat a long time ago and he gets it. I am a member of the local group of gun owners and have gone to many demonstrations for pro arms to keep them in colleges and on campus right to carry. Plus I tried to educate the men who served under me in the military. Trust me the average soldier has never read the Constitution let alone understand it.

                  • I like Larry Pratt too. Met him several times at Gun Rights Policy Conferences. Good guy. No political horse power. Unfortunately politicians find him and his organization as a mere annoyance.

                    • That is because Larry Pratt does not roll over for the banksters. He does not wander from the real reason he is there. The Neckbeard association is there to piecemeal away our country.

                • Yes braveheart, look at how and why NRA was founded. It was meant to be a rifle boot camp for the army to teach civilian neck beard hunters how to shoot military style rifles. The military found that the men who enlisted could not hit the broad side of a barn with a rifle. It was a neck beard Girl Scout club. Still is.

                  • Ya Gandhi, there were alot of military style rifles back then you numbnut. the so called neckbeards could already shoot just fine, they had too or they would starve, and their sharp shooting and hunting skills are what won the war! Geez get off the liberal NRA hating bandwagon, the NRA is people, with a huge voice, look at Heller, look at all the states that now have CC, look at how they stopped Obama and his gun grabbing agenda. My god you are a troll.

              • Gandhi

                An ultra high percentage of Second Amendment advocates are NRA members but not all NRA members are true Second Amendment advocates. Regardless their votes are still pro gun even if their true conviction is questionable. I worked the gun show, country fair tables drumming up Second Amendment supports and had developed zero respect for the hard core trap shooters. As long as they had their $5000 over under they were happy. They couldn’t give a rats ass for the intent of the Second Amendment. They were golfers with a shotgun. Pure hunters were a dream next to them. Hunters could be swayed unlike the trap & skeet guys.

                • You are right Kevin2

      9. The problem with “Think Tanks” is too much emphasis on Tanks and not enough on Think…
        By their own admission most are globalist scum…. that proclaim to promote peace and prosperity but it never turns out that way does it now? No …. No it doesn’t.

        * Center for a New American Security
        * Center for Advanced Defense Studies

        * Center for Global Development

        * Center on Global Interests

        * Committee on the Present Danger
        * (i.e.) After Jimmy Carter won the election, CPD went public again and spent the next four years lobbying, particularly against détente and the SALT II agreement. Its hawkish conclusions influenced the CIA’s future reporting on the Sovietthreat, but, ultimately, proved to have provided a highly inaccurate worst-case scenario.
        * Institute for Collaborative Engagement
        * Institute for Science and International Security
        * World Affairs Council
        * World Resources Institute


        • Dearest President Trump,
          It has come to my attention the 501(c) status of all think tanks should be yanked immediately and all think tankers audited. Also if you could post up the audit results we’d sure appreciate it.
          Thanks in advance … your friend in Jesus.
          (sarc off)

          • Nomadic, good points about the think tanks. They’re all full of it.

        • Yes and think tanks are funded by soros so they just ask him what he thinks. Then they say, “tanks for the money.”

        • You forgot STRATFOR

      10. ht tp://

        do we even have a Bill of Rights anymore?

        • We have no bill of rights, never did. The only people who had rights like Washington and Jefferson had slaves to screw.

          • The ink wasn’t dry on the First Amendment when John Adams put his signature on the Alien and Sedition Acts. Fortunately Jefferson reversed it but when things get testy the Bill Of Rights is just paper with writing on it.

            • Yep, then Jefferson went home and impregnated his child girl slaves to make babies to sell. Just good businesses.

              • It may not be ideal but its better than the UK that they broke away from.

                • True, Jefferson would have to give up his slaves and stop his pedephile ways if the British won. Hard habit to break ask Weiner.

        • Not much of one for sure

      11. Eschatology is in a number of religions including Islam. Eschatology deals with “end times”. It varies by Islamic sect but it is violent with Jihad by the Muslims against non-muslims especially the Jews. As long as there are Muslims who believe that the times they are living in are those end times, you will have Jihadists and organizations like ISIS. The possibility of having seventy-two virgins at your beck-and-call is a great recruiting tool. The Islamic scriptures call for the appearance of a Mahdi (someone like Muhammed) and an Issa (muslim version of Jesus). If someone like these two individuals show up and gain a large following, watch out! Non-muslims will eventually have to convert or be killed. With this eschatology, there will always be some organization like ISIS. They also deeply resent non-Muslims getting involved in Muslim state affairs.

      12. What a load of propaganda! Dec 8, 2016 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists

        December 08, 2016 Bipartisan Bill Would Forbid US Funding ISIS, al-Qaeda Affiliates

        Gabbert-Rohrabacher Bill Would Effectively End CIA Program Arming Syrian Rebels. The Stop Arming Terrorists Act (SATA) has been introduced today in the House of Representatives by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI).

      13. These radical islamists are like an insidious disease…Just when you think you are getting over the sickness, it mutates into another form that may even be more dangerous and debilitating…Me thinks the homeland has already been infected by this new strain via the refugee and immigration scourge…The disease is now incubating at our expense waiting to wreak havoc on it’s new not so healthy host.

        • Yes, going according to globalist plans perfectly.

        • Yes lastgun just like AIDS , there needs to be a donor and a taker. Amerika is the donor.

        • “These radical islamists are like an insidious disease…Just when you think you are getting over the sickness, it mutates into another form that may even be more dangerous and debilitating”

          They’re being armed. Use the process of elimination by figuring out who and why.

      14. Are there any real men like me who post on this site? If so you are awefully quiet.

        • Gandhi, I’m a real man and I still post here. Haven’t been here as much since Feb because of some projects I need to get finished.

      15. Armyvet502, welcome to the board. I am letting preppers on this site know, those who are smart will listen. Iran is a terrorist nation, like saudia arabia. This already public knowledge, but when tactical cops from tactitcal teams are telling me China is big sponsor of terrorism and are allies with iran, then i am told that Iran, Hizbollah is at the mexico border and that china, Iran, North Korea, and other jihadist are literally planning a major attack with ms13, i am forced to listen. If anyone likes to call me a liar, you wont be affecting me in anyway.. the president took on a major cluster fuck of a situation, and this is why i have changed my tone, because it was explained to me. The situation at the border was so bad, Trump had to get special forces to take out the threat. You all, the smart preppers, the ones who read my post, who pay attention know that i am not bullshitting you all. I am not happy at how Trump has handled the country so far, but you have to understand, its only 3 months. I cannot keep talking crap about the man because i am not in his shoes.. We have a serious threat at the border and when my sources have chinese PLA coming up in his face in uniform in North Texas talking shit, and he told me about it, and he is not a liar, then i know we have problems. Trump had to teach the chinese president that he is not a pussy of a commander in chief. I know alot of Koreans and i am friends with them, and they have told me alot about north korea, and its a very bad country. That regime and the shit they do there, its even 10 times worse than china. china sponsors terrorism and sells guns and ammmo to taliban jihadist and terrorist..Countries that sell weapons to use to prevent the US access to raw materials in 3 rd world countries better watch what they are doing. It a very complicated situation, and i will not reveal everything i know. Sorry. What i will do is follow the advice from my sources, and position myself outside of my city to give me time to decide how, when and where and what will will need to do to survive. China, russia, and Iran is targeting Houston, and all of Texas for a reason.


        • I am more worried about Canada attacking us.

        • Hcks, I thought you said the Million Chi-coms are invading over the Mexican Border? Why has that not happened yet? lol So who’s your Boogie man today? Its Iran and Russia now? I think the Tainted Meth is targeting your brain.

          • The wicked flee when none pursue

        • HCKS,
          I’ve been watching developments in northern Virgina, since I have family in the area.

          Back in January, just before Trumps inauguration, several weapons cashes were found along the Patomic, of course the Internet has gone dead on information past the original discovery.

          But add to that a string of murders and assassinations by MS-13 in parks near and also along the Potomac River. It seems the Potomac is a hot spot body dump for MS-13.

          MS-13 is an up and coming terrorist organization that appears to be under the protection of factions within the US government. Really we are seeing assassinations and major activity 20 miles from the President and US congress by a known international terrorist organization.

          I can almost see the US government ignoring a small terror training group in Podunk Kansas, but in Washington DC and Northern VA, multiple actions and major crimes?

          There is definitely something up. If the powers that shouldn’t be, seemingly don’t care about Washington DC suburbs, I guarantee, they have beer goggle eyes watching your Mexican border. I hope the Secret service is on their game, because MS-13 is on Washington DC’s doorstep, the evidence is on the web for the world to read.

      16. Deport every single Muslim. Outlaw this murderous cult in America. Do not give them any opportunity to enter or to establish themselves. All supremist cults present dangerous challenges to the safety and happiness of Americans.

        It has been definitively established, through DNA analysis of mummies, that the pyramids of Egypt were built by ancestors of white Europeans of the Anglo-Saxon variety, aka English.

        So pissed off are the jealous destroyers of historical truth, that they want to demolish the pyramids.

        __be proud to be a descendant of white European men and women



        • I don’t know about DNA tests, but I just went to the kitchen and made a bacon snack! Ok I just ate a whole bunch of bacon.

          Can I add that I really love an everything bagel with cream cheese and bacon.

          Oh god I love bacon, and in WW3, bacon could just determine who is friend and who is foe!

          Yum, bacon

        • Very could point. The only things that were ever achieved in that part of the world were achieved by people pre-Islam. And most of those people were racially very different to the people we see today. One of the reasons for the hatred directed at Syrians is because they are the most racially connected to Europeans. They score highest for IQ and have very beautiful women.

          Post Islam, there was a brief flourish as Arabs used Greek knowledge to fund their expansionary wars of conquest, but, as has occured ever since, once the dark cloud of Islam ascended upon country and peoples, then nothing of any substance occured after.

          This is why you have fewer books published in Islam in a century than you have in a week in the West. Why the only wealth creation going on is the rents extracted from selling oil and gas. Take that away, and you just have a bunch of guys in the desert surrounded by date trees and camels.

          • Pre Islam was very advanced. The library in Alexandria Egypt was burned down by the Crusaders that they believe pushed human knowledge back a few hundred years. The more religious the Muslim the more backward they are.

            Syria is 10% Christian and Christians are in the Syrian government.

      17. Chobani yogurt owner is a muslim who came to the USA in 1994, a friend of george soros, deep ties to the klintons big democrat doner sits on the board of the NY fed

        Don’t buy chobani yogurt

        • Hahaha chobani yogurt boycott, funny. That will fix it . The banksters print and lend each other all the money and buy our industry and natural resources. We would have to stop eating and driving to make a difference. They use well paid brainwashed Fed enforcers to make us play by their rules and their rules don’t include us controlling money or any industry. If you read Benjamin Franklin’s auto biography he talks about printing money and forming secret juntas to get rich. They did and they do.

      18. When Mohammed created his vision of the end times, he had no concept of what kinds of weapons would be at humanity’s disposal. The weapons we know about are terrible enough! The ones we don’t know about are even worse.

      19. I drew Mohammed->?

        • Nom, nom, nom, eat more bacon.

      20. “RAND reported that ISIS has lost 57% of its territory and 73% of its population”
        These people are kidding, right?
        Are they talking about the last 1600 days? Maybe.
        Are they talking about the last 1600 years? definitely not. In the last 1600 years 1/3 of Christians have been slaughtered by the religion of peace. Constantinople ceased being the larger Catholic Church (the world’s oldest Catholic Church is in Istanbul{conquered Constantinople}). The Vatican fortified it’s southern border against the religion of peace. 740 battles in the Mediterranean have been waged by the religion of peace against other beliefs. But maybe I should only look at important things like the last quarter, or last election, right?

      21. OOO. I’m so scared. The theororists will kill everyones. Bring on patriot act 11.0 tsa rectal/vaginal screenings. Wee need more protection. Please trumppy just bend us over. Isis is everywhere. don’t forget to check under my bed.
        God i pray that at least 10000 nukes go off soon. I’m so tired of reading this bs

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