Think Tank Admits Automation Could Replace 250,000 Government Jobs in the UK

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The unelected and unfireable pencil pushers and bureaucrats that man the levers of every Western government, are only notorious for one thing: They are society’s heaviest dead weight; much more so than our perpetual class of welfare users. At least most of them probably want to work, and are only guilty of living in a society that disincentivizes hard work. At least they don’t get rich off of welfare.

    The bureaucrats however are different. They are paid handsomely for work that doesn’t benefit society. Sometimes they are paid well to do no work at all. Oftentimes, they line their pockets doing work that oppresses their fellow citizens. Every sane human being who lives under these bureaucrats, has imagined a world where their jobs (if you can call them that) have been ruthlessly replaced or eliminated.

    Well, it turns out that many of these positions are redundant. A recent study has found that many of Britain’s public service jobs are mindless enough that they can be replaced by computers and robots. Though to be fair, a few highly technical jobs in the medical sector could be replaced as well. According to the Guardian:

    Almost 250,000 public sector workers could lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years, according to a new report which claims machines would be more efficient and save billions of pounds.

    Reform, a right-of-centre thinktank, says websites and artificial intelligence “chat bots” could replace up to 90% of Whitehall’s administrators, as well as tens of thousands in the NHS and GPs’ surgeries, by 2030 – saving as much as £4bn a year.

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whats most stunning, is that the study found that only “Twenty percent of public-sector workers hold strategic, ‘cognitive’ roles.” In other words, only a fifth of Britain’s public sector jobs are intellectually sophisticated enough to outmatch the computers of the future.

    And for those of you who enjoy a bit of schadenfreude from time to time, you’ll appreciate what the authors of this study suggested the government should do to adapt the next wave of automation that is sure to wipe out hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs:

    The report argues that public services should become more flexible by embracing a gig economy where workers support themselves through a variety of flexible jobs acquired through online platforms.

    In remarks that seem set to infuriate unions, a Reform press release says: “Public services can become the next Uber, using the gig economy to employ locum doctors and supply teachers.”

    In case you forgot, the “gig economy” is what ordinary people have had to rely on to pay the bills, after the policies of Western governments hollowed out the well paying and stable jobs of our old economy, before shipping them overseas. Now it appears that perhaps, the pencil pushers are about to get a taste of their own medicine.


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      1. Some solutions.

        Live like the Amish on your own homesteads.

        Let women stay home and take care of their husband and children. That would cut the problem in half.

        Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the flood of legal immigrants from nonWhite Countries. Build the wall. Put more border guards.

        Be creative. There is always some way to work, especially if you work for yourself.


        • Good. I can’t wait until these useless government workers are out of a job. Then formerly normal women working these jobs will have to sell their bodies to survive. And hopefully this coincides with the currency crisis so I can **** them in the ass for a pre 1964 silver dime. Since it is these govt workers who ****ed everything up.

        • Let women stay home and take care of their husband and children.

          for once I agree with you.

          It’s the most important job a woman can have!

        • “Almost 250,000 public sector workers could lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years (in the UK)…”

          This just a drop in the bucket globally. I exposed the threat of robots/androids to this community more than a year ago. Data like androids are available now if you collect all of the ready technology and assemble it in one place.

          In five to ten years they will be ubiquitous. Yeah, its in the archives. 🙂

          • DK

            My concern is the global instability that this offers. I think specifically of China having a high percentage of its work force no longer needed. Those people got a taste of modern life and it isn’t going to go over too well going back to the rice patty. Nations confronted with internal problems point to foreign causes.

            No matter what I look at I see all roads leading to war.

        • -B from CA-

          Speaking of the Amish, there is a really good book out that could help A LOT of people if
          they would read it. ” Money Secrets of the Amish “. ( Loralee Craker, author ) Published in
          2011. There are nuggets of wisdom in there for everybody. Preppers and otherwise. She
          compares how they thrive financially during down times when everybody else is reeling
          from todays economy. It’s really about the mindset of thrift and savings. Needs and wants.
          Puts many things in perspective that we have forgotten in todays life where everybody is
          in a hurry. This book is much, much better than all that Dave Ramsey crapola. If you need
          inspiration to get out of debt, please read it. It changes the mindset.

          • They know the value of their goods and labor. They do fine cabinet work and charge accordingly. They use power tools too at your home but not theirs. They define the word craftsmen. They had one community above us in Lancaster Pa and another south of Dover, Delaware.

      2. Just hope some of them are sex robots.

        • Those are available now too and you can probably program them to say, “Oh God!” at the appropriate moment. In five years …

          Replicants and Stepford Wives !!! 🙂

        • AZcats, There are sex robots already out there, they are called battery operated dildos. Similar to those who are running congress. 🙂

      3. NIXE

      4. AZ YES YES

      5. Having had to deal with both local and national government representatives these last ten years, I have to report that this article is a bit behind the times – robots have been in use for some time. The depressive speech patterns, the false politeness, the repetitive use of meaningless jargon, the vacant and unknowing look in the eyes … the signs are all there 🙂

      6. Trump’s New Atty General Jeff Sessions, is FULLY Doing away with Federal Prisons run by Wall Street Corporations USA. They say Privately run prisons are more costly and less safe. Where profit is driven by occupancy.

        I will also add, many of these Federal Prison contracts required an almost full 99% occupancy rates or the Feds would still be held to a determined amount of profit revenue for the Private corporations. So this is also why there are so many bogus and illegal laws on the books. (War on Drugs for example)to keep the prisons full. Get rid of the Wall Street Prison Profit and watch the Prisons empty out. When prisons are driven by profit there is more corruption in the courts in appointing judges who will rule in favor of prison terms opposed to Not Guilty. One hand washing the other and vice versa. The swamp is draining folks stay tuned. I applaud President Trump and Jeff Sessions.

      7. RE: Automation. The demand for Sears Robuck Catalogue also decreased, when the flush toilet came into existence. And a thinner toilet paper was developed to accommodate the wipe flush mode.

        Buggy whips may also make a comeback when the entire Grid is taken down. Stay tuned. Keep all your hand tools, and prepare for all off the grid living. Automation and robotics are a set us up for complete dependence and destroyed with the flip of a electric switch.

        You know, I also got to thinking, Why is Pres Trump pushing Coal Mines back on-line and into existence again producing coal. Well, I read an article that even if there is a Grid down that Coal is the best back up plan to run those generators and transformers t power plants. That fact has been proven overseas in grid down, where Coal saved the day. So Trump is ahead of this Curve on energy production and back up plans for a possible EMP grid down. Trump is Brilliant and sees why Hillary did not want us to have any energy back up plan for grid down. So Trump just put a cog in the wheel of the Lefties attempt to bring us down via an EMP.

        And everybody out there, take this as a cue, to also get your wood stoves installed and in place also in your homes and BOL’s, incase electric or gas is cut off. You will survive, with back ups to backups. No Backup Plan is a plan to fail and freeze your buns off. And then you will be forced to abandon your home and 90% of your preps without a back up heating energy plan. If nothing else offset your electric or gas heating bill with wood or coal heat.

        • Being a power plant guy the easiest fuel by far is natural gas. Its ability to fuel everything from boiler/steam generator to gas turbine and internal combustion engine is unmatched. One can convert relatively easily a coal plant to natural gas but the reverse is impossible.

      8. BTW/ Silver is screaming upwards. $18.35 this AM –
        Gold also up – $1259.00

      9. This post would be better put in the previous thread but I want it near the top.
        I got the Lifeforce colloidal silver generator recently and want to thank everyone here for letting me know about colloidal silver.
        (checked reviews on amazon, then went to Lifeforce’s website to buy 🙂 (save $5, too)
        As someone said, you can make your own with a 9v battery.
        Yeah, but there are things you should know.

        Total dissolved solid devices don’t work on c. silver water.
        You can get a reading but it’s not accurate as the silver is in the form of nano-particles.
        Why is this important?
        Because processing time is crucial.
        Water temp is crucial. Must be 72* to start with. Distilled water is important also.
        The color of the solution changes after it’s made and takes from 8-72 hours. My first batch was clear but changed color after a bit of time.
        If you make a strong mix, it will turn yellow at 15ppm, bright yellow at 20ppm, orange at 30ppm, and at 40ppm and above is dark red/brown.
        So, if you make a high ppm solution you risk Argyria.
        There are no toxic effects on the human body from c. silver but Argyria is a cosmetic condition where the skin takes on a blue-gray color, due to ingesting large amounts over an extended period. And it appears from the instructions that it can be permanent! This is prevented by taking the silver on an empty stomach.
        We’ve been taking it with a small amount of water first thing in the morning and haven’t change yet. 🙂
        Opsec is important> you don’t want to be a blue or gray target. Especially blue!
        I bought 2 pints of silver online a year or more back and paid dearly for them. Kept them in the fridge and now I read in the instructions in bold print “Do not keep refrigerated.”
        Colloidal silver has a shelf life of roughly 2 weeks and must be kept in a dark/black container away from sunlight. Now I use the bottles I bought online for that.
        Stronger solutions like 40 ppm are used on wounds,cuts, skin infections, etc., and work best if put on a bandage and then on the wound.
        I feel a lot better knowing exactly how to make it and that if antibiotics aren’t available, we have an alternative.

      10. Robots….its all about the money. no benefits,no vacation,no retirement and no overtime. No unions,no backtalk no breaks, just 24 hour shifts!

        • Jim, who’s left to buy “stuff” if everyone’s out of work?

          Most of us have seen the best of times, more or less. It’s the millennials and those who follow (if they have children)
          and all the illegals here who will enjoy this modern robot controlled economy. If you call it an economy. More like dystopian chaos.

      11. Well, I DO know you could replace 500,000 government workers with just ONE Commodore 64

      12. Besides losing jobs. It appears that the prepper movement has stalled with President Trump in office. Message traffic down. All is well.

        • anon, know what you mean. Still not getting complacent, though.
          I think Mac needs to get back to more of what brought us here, even though it may be hard to come up with new ideas.

        • Fear is a great incentive. Now, not so much.

          Stay frosty, keep stacking, and prepare for the Anti-Trump.

          When the political cycle turns again, the left is not going to be interested in the process of gradual change such as the last 50 years that got us to President Trump.

          They’re going to want to rip things out by the throat.

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