Things Could Get Desperate: “Americans Are Not Prepared For A Full Blown, Prolonged, Nightmarish Depression”

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    The global powder keg is rapidly approaching a detonation point. The signs are everywhere.

    Confidence in the economy is deteriorating. Anger is boiling over. Panic is taking hold.

    Wealth Research Group says we may be on the cusp of another Great Depression and Americans are simply ill-prepared to deal with it.

    The U.S. has never experienced a full blown, prolonged, nigtmarish depression, and the people of this country are just not prepared…

    Things could get desperate and the masses will not like it… mass panic psychology is a wildcard at that point…

    The second wildcard is the global economy itself… anything, anywhere can trigger panic… you might have just opened a new business, taken on a mortgage, or just retired… and your reality can change for the worse in an instant… and you have no control over it.

    Watch this short video for facts you’ll never hear from the mainstream media:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The government won’t be bailing anybody out this time around… In fact, they won’t even be able to save themselves.

    For more videos like this one visit Wealth Research Group

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      1. What happened in Dallas is a preview of things to come. Best get your affairs in order because when this thing goes down it’s going to be all over the country.

        • Best get your spiritual household affairs in order! All the rest is spinning one’s wheels.

          • Prepare spiritually, but best have a plan to deal with worldly events too. I see no honor in lying down and just taking it.

            • Agreed!

            • Johnny Cash was right. Gonna have to get tough or die…

          • Great post, Ben.

          • Amen Jesus is Lord all else is vanity

            • LOL

          • Spiritually? You mean religion? That’s a joke. You cant pray your way out of a crisis. Wishy=Hopey=Pray. Ain’t no Jebus coming down to save you, he’s been AWOL for 2000 Yrs. Religion is a Commie Socialist Program to keep you ignorant and blinded by faith, while their other hand is robbing you blind.

            Best you get your guns, food, gold, silver, beans, bullets and Bandaids in order to prepare for all out crisis. The more you are still on the Beast’s Grid, the more pain you will receive. How much do you think Your House in the City will be worth when there is no electricity for 2+ years in a Grid collapse?? Nothing in your house will work. You will sweat in these inefficient Boxes, and freeze in the winter. Got solar? Got a wood stove installed Now and 2 years of wood to feed it?? These Prepping tools, are hedge against grid down, and will lessen the pain of all out 24/7 blackouts. All your appliances in your home will become space wasters. Got Iron Bars you can place on your house windows if needed? Get ready…

            Or just sell your Anchor in the City now, while it still has worth, and free yourself from the bondage of Commie Socialism and high property taxes, mortgages, noise, pollution and the Free Shit Army of hungry hoards in the urban environment. It will be game over for City dwellers, and all the equity worth in their homes goes Poof… into the ibis in an instant, the second the Grid down. Ever try to sell a house and appliances with no electric? Unless you have a 16 Ft wall around your property, and loaded with livestock and chickens, it will be looted as many city homes burned to the ground, just because. Do you stay and fight or flee to the country for a new start? That’s the “Get your House in Order” is what I’m talking about. Look at the Big Picture.

            ~WWTI… Or be ignorant an say stooped stuff like, “It will never happen in my lifetime.” You may be right as you will die soon after a blackout or collapse. Go watch the Youtube movie “Stalingrad,” where just a hand full of snipers kept the entire City at bay for a long time. It was a killing field. Kind of like Dallas just was.

        • Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, located in Newton, Kansas.
          About 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas, USA.
          ***They have been Systematically MURDERING American citizens there for YEARS.
          Since Bush was in office.
          They Murder Americans regardless of skin color there.
          Police make up Trumped up charges after you are pulled over on highway passing through..
          Police take you to jail. No phone call. No Bail. No Attorney. You are disappeared.
          Jailers drug your food and drink that they serve, to kill you.
          Then you are taken in the back to where they process your body to remove your organs.
          Human organs are worth much money on black market. They ship your organs out in white styrofoam coolers. You are killed. Then they have your retirement, Social Security check, etc. mailed to the jail, as if you are alive. Your credit cards are ran up. Your bank account cleared. Your vehicle they impounded is sold for their profit.
          Your left over body shell is incinorated in oven used by the dog pound to cremate dead animals.
          **Local Police. Jailers. Judge. ALL are involved in the CRIME at Harvey County.

          This is real. This is happening. No one will stop it. Maybe someone here will get the word out about these atrocities. This is happening but people don’t want to believe it. just like Holocaust.

          Also, Illegal foreign nationals are filtered through Harvey County jail given document packets. id? And are being transported out. They looked like Columbians? Central Americans? Is this drug cartel actions? Drug mules? Or is someone building an Army?

          Chicago Illinois:
          Similar thing in Chicago. You are arrested and taken to secret Jail.
          No phone call. No bail. No attorney. Police just disappear you.
          No one knows where you are.
          I’m not sure if people are just jailed or if they too are murdered by Police at the Chicago facility.

          This is unlimited government power.
          This is reality in Amerika. Not just Obama. But happening since Bush.

          You morn the Police deaths.

          What about the Police in Waco, Texas that shot and MURDERED peaceful bikers at Twin Peaks last year. Police set that up and MURDERED your fellow Americans.
          Police then Falsified the story and falsified charges. Nothing was ever done.

          People. The Police are MURDERING Americans. Are you blind to that?
          Police continue murdering UNARMED people.
          Even killing people on ground in handcuffs.
          They are killing people in jails for profit.
          Politicians are also sending people to prison for profit. Private prisons.
          Wake up. Grow up and see what is happening.

        • Best to get out of cities and large towns if possible. Civil unrest could break out in various cities/towns if this becomes a race war, mass civil unrest. After reading Hank’s post below and several other articles today on other sites, America is about to fall into tyranny incrementally since 9/11. Our weapons are no match, since military and police have armed robots, and drones with missiles, etc. Not enough alpha males to impact anything.

      2. Sin is the disease, Yeshua is the cure!

        • Violence everywhere and all at once. People are already pissed off and at eachothers throats. Now take away their jobs and ability to put food on the table and you have a perfect recipe for total breakdown. It won’t be pretty.

        • Mac – Just got a flag that said your Site’s Security certificate expired. Take a look. Shit happens.


          • Will check that – thanks!

            • HCKS may have done it. Trekker Out.

      3. i have no sympathy for the ignorant. they are vacationing and charging up their credit cards and have chosen to close their eyes

        • Pretty much it. If a person can’t look ahead just a bit and see where our financial situation is going, they deserve to get run over by the oncoming train. Keep on partying….but don’t come crying when you’re sitting hungry in your cold, dark house.

          We’ve spent 30 years building a fairly self sufficient homestead….last vacation was 18 years ago. We raise 90% of our food, 2 greenhouses, and several years stored ahead. (Put up 6 gallons of blueberries today) Home process our chicken, pork, beef. Gravity fed spring, 3000gal storage + drilled well. 11,000w solar. 3 years of firewood cut ahead. 5 years of propane stored. Keep a decade of diesel fuel/gasoline stored with PRI. Plenty of defensive implements and feed for them, plus a very defensive location. Good stock of monetary metals.

          In short, we’ve done everything I can think of to give us a shot at riding out whatever comes….and I concede that may, or may not be enough…but compared to the 99% out there that ain’t got a prayer, I feel as good as I can.

          • TN Andy

          • Hehehehheh Andy…… there is only one Andy who could be as well prepared as I am…glad to see you buddy.

            • You too Ponce. Long time, no talk.

          • Hope you don’t brag like that in public. One drone drops a molatov down your chimney or a grenade on your lp tank and you’re gonna have problems.

            • Shucks, my cattle caught bovine fever. My wife drove our tractor over the well head…and broke the tractor too. The neighbor kids poured salt in my cornfield. And my power preps burnt up in a barn fire. Nothing to see here. Keep moving folks, keep moving north. Be careful of your posts guys, and keep your spirits in order.

          • I’m impressed!
            Your fuel storage is

            • Propane never degrades. My generator at my secondary BOL runs on propane. My refrigerator can run for a month on a 20 gallon cylinder. The cylinders stack so they don’t take up much space, and are fully secured. 🙂

              I am in a community that is 98% white, Christian with high church participation, and staunch Patriots. Weapons are manufactured in this community and ammo down the road.

              This community grows locally and produces tons of chickens, eggs, and produce. It’s not paradise, but it comes in a close second. My team is skilled. My position is sustainable. And since shit rolls downhill, there is no shortage of toilet paper.

              Fish fry tonight at the local VFW. Life is good. 🙂

              • I started going off grid in 2010 and was completely og by 2013.
                I use propane extensively due to its shelf life and the fact it doesn’t lacquer up like ethanol.
                The only prob with propane is I’m getting about 1/3 less run time on my gensets than I do with gasoline… Both ginnys were retrofitted with tri fuel adapters that I got off eBay
                Any suggestions?

                • Add solar generator inverter, batteries, and some panels if you have the cash. They cost twice as much as gasoline or propane but the fuel is free.

                  There are 5-10kw solar generators on Ali Baba. 🙂

                  • Just be careful and understand what you looking at. Saw a solar power “kit” with battery/inverter, 40 watt panel and wiring online for $850; which was obviously a rip off.

                    Be careful. Do your homework. 🙂

                  • My solar panels kick azz all summer but are pretty much useless when they are iced over in the winter… same goes for the VAWT.
                    I’m thinking about going this route–>
                    DIY of course…. Looks to me like any twin “V” block would work… Harley.. Koehler etc…
                    But I just started kicking the idea around recently….

                    • Thanks for the link. Steam is an interesting alt power solution if you have a well, or three. 🙂

          • Tenn Andy, that should be the goal of anybody here that is Awake. I appreciate everyone’s input at SHTFPlan, as this is a community of like minded individuals, preparing for when the SHTF. Could be many different things for many people. Just having a year supply of food is one hell of a Insurance policy not to go hungry. And begging to be fed..

            I pity those sleeping with “dancing with the stars” mentality and all the trivial meaningless fake and phony substitute BS for happiness. You want to be happy, free and Independent????, Get off the Grid and stop feeding the beast, which is hell bent on destroy us, and our freedoms way of life, and constitution.

            I love it, Silver is Rocking, $20.25 today and doubling in the next year.


          • They have a plan on how to terminate most of us and it won’t be the UN army or any army.
            Chaos following a natural disaster will do it.
            It will be a COLD WINTER!

          • TN – Great job and while I am in a similar situation, the two things that I lack is solar power and fuel storage. I am holding off on solar until new efficient and cost effective battery storage is available. The fuel storage is an issue. Most fuels, with the exception of propane have a one year shelf life. I keep enough gasoline on hand to run my generators for about a week and have put fuel stabilizers in to extend the shelf life and will use the fuel in my atv and lawnmower so that it is recycled but I would be interested in knowing how you keep a decade worth of gasoline / diesel stored without it going bad (PRI?). I have two 10kw generators (redundancy fan) and have seen a conversion kit that will let them also run on propane. That may be an option as propane does not have a shelf life but my wife is a little concerned about propane tanks in an area prone to interface wild fires (could bury them I guess). Any advice would be appreciated.


            • PRI products are the ONLY way to go for diesel/gasoline. I keep mine in sealed 55 gal metal drums, dose the fuel when it goes in, dose it again when it comes out to be used. I’ve gotten 6 years so far out of gasoline, and I feel it will last 10. Diesel will last probably a lifetime. I know a guy that used diesel in drums from WW2 in the late 90’s.

              I don’t store a huge amount of gasoline, it would be mostly for small engines (chain saws, sawmill engine, etc). I keep enough diesel to garden/farm for at least 10 years (40hp tractor, and diesel garden tiller).

          • thats it im coming to your house with a few of my x ranger buddies killing you and taking over your place,should have kept your mouth shut but thanks in advance for all that hard work

        • I have been though this type of confusion during Vietnam. In the midst of pandemonium and loud noise’s a comrade spouted the golden words I never forgot “…some times a little ignorance is good to clear the brain…” I believe this is one of those little ignorance times to be prepared and watch but not become mentally involved. These are despicable acts but getting twisted up in them emotionally may cause us to lose focus. So next week I am taking my old sailboat up to my small lake, to go along the shore on cool breezes and revel in little ignorance (but able to change at a moments notice) …

          • Rabbit, you’re right. Sometimes you just gotta take a break. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • Here is one from Vietnam that might come handy after shft also. This Private in my squad had gotten separated from the rest of the Platoon during a very intense firefight. I had to get to him with extra belts and barrels for the M60. He had been firing for about fifteen minutes, which is a lifetime in a combat zone. When I finally got to his position, as he fired away while his loader was throwing grenades, and bullets were zinging inches from our heads, I asked, “Private, how you doing”, he replied, “Just enjoying some quiet time Sarge, Just enjoying some quiet time.” Anyway, I was totally impressed with this new guy’s steadiness and sense of humor. PS: He did survive that day, and we both returned home unscathed, except for a small wound in my right forearm. And no, you don’t owe many anything. Never have, never will. thanks

          • I like that !!
            With all the horrific assaults on law enforcement. Our values, our culture, The American Way, truth, justice, freedom …our values mocked, we are under siege.
            Must occasionally de-mob, reassessment from time to time, but like the boy scouts, always be prepared..Best to All.
            Pray for this Republic.

          • That sounds like a perfect plan

          • Agreed. Great post and smooth sailing to you.

      4. Anyone watching CNN?
        1000 prosters at a intersection at I-85, southside.
        When the sun goes down, hope the snipers do not come out. Just have that strange feeling.

        Be well all, staying inside tonight…

        • Stay safe!

        • thanks for the headsup, eppe!

      5. Lest we forget…the Great Depression lasted for 12 years and only ended when the country went to war. Just searched the pics of that time and realize it was even harder back then.

        Live Free or Die…the times that try men’s souls

        • It’s just as bad now. You would see 50mil plus people on soup lines if it wasn’t,t for the ebt card.

          • As it is one of the modern versions of a soup kitchen locally serves over 300 meals every evening, and thats just one

          • Ever see Grapes of Wrath Carl? It wasn’t that way for many outside of the cities. My Dad and Mom grew up in the depression..they were lucky to even have live stock to butcher…but they could fish.

            Live Free or Die…gonna take guys

            • GUTS… DAMMIT!!!!

          • I already see poverty out in the country. Many riding bicycles. Some of them have to be camping in the woods. Next door neighbors are a woman (pill Popper) and her (Meth) 30 YO son, who are on EBT food stamps. They frequently go ask neighbors for money. We think it is for drugs. I have told both, to go move “into the city” where the Jobs are. lol And all the free shit bennies they can grab. They came begging to me for money, and I said I am not a bank and they should just go to the ATM. lol. Then I put up my 6 Ft Tall Barbed wire cattle fence with the gauntlet gate. No more walk-on’s to my BOL begging for free stuff. I told the kid, don’t make your problems, my problems.

            ~WWTI… The others in the Hood also, keep an eye out for these fruitcakes.

      6. Now all they have to do to make sure this race war goes off is to turn off the EBT

        • EOTS

          Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

        • Hey Enemy, I said to some friends tonight, “If you think Dallas was bad, with till the EBT Food Stamp Cards are shut off and this Madness sets loose in every neighborhood in America. Those without Guns for protection, are good as dead.”

          Shooting the Unprepared, will be a tragedy for many robbing and stealing. “YOU ALL HAD FAIR WARNING TO PREPARE FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS.” BUT YOU MADE THE WRONG DECISION AND LOST.



      7. This is not for the faint of heart.

      8. Jesse Jackson on Fox blaming the violence on the gun.

        • Every time I see Jesse Jackson on TV, I think that some village, somewhere, is missing its idiot.

        • Action Jackson smells dollars. ‘Sides my guns talk to me all the time, it can’t be their fault.

        • Here is one from Vietnam that might come handy after shft also. This Private in my squad had gotten separated from the rest of the Platoon during a very intense firefight. I had to get to him with extra belts and barrels for the M60. He had been firing for about fifteen minutes, which is a lifetime in a combat zone. When I finally got to his position, as he fired away while his loader was throwing grenades, and bullets were zinging inches from our heads, I asked, “Private, how you doing”, he replied, “Just enjoying some quiet time Sarge, Just enjoying some quiet time.” Anyway, I was totally impressed with this new guy’s steadiness and sense of humor. PS: He did survive that day, and we both returned home unscathed, except for a small wound in my right forearm. And no, you don’t owe many anything. Never have, never will. thanks

      9. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Lots to do….

      10. keeping the head down this weekend. Take care of things around the house.

      11. “Although the individual clearly shot several police, their is no proof he was attempting to kill anyone.
        There is no proof he could possibly know that sniping people in a crowd was wrong.”

        If Comey was defending this guy after clearing Hilary it would sound like the above .. And so many sheeple would eat it up and accept it as so

        • There was no INTENT, he was just sighting in his scope! Next case.

          • Gee officer, you can’t give me a ticket for going 100 mph in a 25, I didn’t INTEND to speed.

            And in the spirit of “Equal Protection Under The Law”, I demand you let me go, just like Hillary.

            Also, I didn’t INTEND to rob that bank, the money just fell into my lap after I handed the note to the teller….

            Where will all this BS end???

      12. Its going to get hairy….two conventions coming up and other events on the horizon. Not a good time to be in the cities. Its feeling like this is all being orchestrated.

        • Of course it’s orchestrated. Did you see Obama yukking it up at the NATO summit with Cameron? On the day five police officers lost their life from a race-based sniper? Plus Camerion seems real broken up about the Brexit and losing his job. These two don’t give a rats ass about the people they swore to protect. Of course the fix is in. They know it and we know it too.

          Conventions will be mayhem unless martial law is declared prior, which who knows.

          Y’all hold on to what y’all got til y’all get what y’all want.

      13. I’ve been hoping for a depression.
        It’s is inflation us poor folk need to
        be afraid of.
        You see what inflation is doing to Venezuela.

        • Ive been hoping for a direct hit by an asteroid!

          • I’ve been hoping for Yellowstone or the big one

          • I’ve been hoping for “harpazo” (caught up)

            1Thessalonians 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up (harpazo) together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

            • amen me too!!!

      14. Depression is reading the comments on this site. 287,000 jobs created in june.

        • That wasn’t enough jobs to handle the increase in population. Also, the unemployment rate actually went up.

      15. 287,000 jobs created they claim. If this is true they are not long term jobs. They are summer jobs that don’t pay and summer will come and go without these jobs filled. Anything to build up hopes of people. Well it’s all bulshit still getting my email box full of retail ads I honestly don’t know how these retailers get my email. I throw out 20 a day. The shit house is going up in flames and they want you to spend $ on shit you don’t need. They think people have disposable cash. They are fuckin crazy. The facade has pieces missing and people can see the ugly underneath. Believe all of what you see and none of what you hear. I see people hurting and morale way down. We are on the verge of a race war. blacks that hate whites and white cops. But hey you can get a temporary job making peanuts. Why don’t you go out and take a note on a new car. The fake it till you make it crap isn’t working. It’s clear to see. Went into a business today and guy said they are laying off a whole department of employees. after the jobs report the Dow went up. The market is not based on any real statistics. The collapse is here and will get worst.

        • The retailers got your email because you gave your email out to everyone. Don’t do that, as Archie Campbell would say.

          I just checked my email. “There are no new messages . . .”

          Be careful who you give your email out to and you won’t get a lot of junk email.

      16. always lone gun man no plot just a crazy who is dead. Nothin6g new here Same old thing since JFK was shot right? Do you ever feel that they simply lie about it start to finish. Of course they lie fools

      17. It seems to me there are two types of preppers . For the sake of conversation I will label them type “A” and type “B”.
        Type “A” is generally a patriotic person that genuinely loves his country and believes that the well being of his fellow man is in his/her best interest. However type “A” also believes our once great nation is headed in the wrong direction and calamity if not downright mayhem is inevitable. Yet type “A” prays daily that some sort of Devine intervention might take place and said mayhem and calamity can be avoided. A hope for the best but prepare for the worst type person if you will.

        Type “B” preppers on the other hand want to see SHTF.
        They believe our country is beyond repair and the only solution is to start over all the while learning from mistakes made in the past.
        Additionally they believe when the smoke settles they will ascend to the top of a new societal hierarchy where they will reign supreme.

        Verily Verily I say unto you type “B’s”.
        Be careful what you wish for.
        Unless you have spent an extended period of time in a war zone or been homeless in a major city that’s unfamiliar to you or at least lived off grid completely self reliant for a minimum of five years. You are dangerously under prepared to survive the transitional period.

        Thought for the day:
        Why are their 25 checkout lines at Walmart but typically only 2 or 3 cashiers?

        • Hoosierally

          I am a Type F person. I don’t give a fuck. I tired of walking on eggshells. I tired of the government attacks on my rights and I do not think it is going to get any better unless we push back. Agree with you that it will not be all fun and games and life as we know it will change but I am ready, whatever the cost to stop the bullshit.

          • LMAO @ type F….. My givafk has been broken for quite some time now as well.
            Yet I somehow remain concerned about the SHTFplan for dealing with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Radical Islam while we are boiling over into a pot of alphabet clusterfuck.
            I John Lennon said it best years ago.
            “You say you want a Revolution “?
            “Well you know….we’d all love to see the plan. ?

            • For the Facts, Vladimir Putin is on the same side as 90% of Americans. We all face the Corrupt 10%, mostly in this current Government, who cause all this world Chaos and profit heavily from it. Putin will release the Email Goods on Hillary to crush that B#tch. Anytime Vlad, We don’t hate Russians, we Hate the ZOG corruption, just like you.

              ~WWTI… So don’t get sucked in my the MSM’s twisted lies trying to make Russia the enemy to bring WW3. You don’t see a Jew problem in Russia, do ya? There is your first clue, to bring a nation back to greatness.

        • “Thought for the day:
          Why are their 25 checkout lines at Walmart but typically only 2 or 3 cashiers?”


          • That’s the most common reply.
            However… my experience has been Walmart might have 8-10 cashiers during the Christmas Season.
            Is it possible that Walmart is anticipating the need to process a lot of transactions in a short period of time? i.e. Natural disaster … Civil unrest…
            If so wouldn’t that make Walmart to some degree …preppers?

            Just throwing stuff up in the air …. feel free to shoot it down?

      18. Im a type C. I would love to live out the remainder of my years drawing my Social Security Ponzi scheme check and playing Hobby farm. And im complacient. I could care less what others do or don’t do as long as it doesn’t take any nickles from my pocket or some how adversely affect me. However im not a denialist. Im fairly certain that its all gonna go to pieces pretty soon. So I prep for my grandchildren. Im also certain when this government is kapuit what we end up with will not be any better .All things good or bad eventually come to a end. the USA had a pretty good 200 plus year run. And its probably beyond repair. There isn’t any political or ballot box solution. So just where does that leave us?

        • I think you are wrong there. I am a “Get back to the Constitution” person. If they follow it, it works great. They are not following it, and this is the mess we are in.

          • Well Yohan I hope your correct? but I think not.

        • Old Guy
          There is still some future for surviving and in good health retirees.
          However, your grand children will not be as fortunate. Everything points towards some nasty events in their future.
          Think about it… only 500 million will survive.

      19. SWHC (Smith & Wesson Holding Company) increased from roughly $9 share to approximately $30 share in 2.5 years. That I’ll sure help with funding the prepping.

        Bank on chaos.

        • Kevin, yeah I’m just about back to even on swhc. Right after I bought it it dove down…(a couple months back)..was kinda late but hoping for more “growth”..

      20. Up until last year I was a devout prepper, I was ready for anything that could possibly happen. Then one day I just stopped, I stopped buying stuff I didn’t need,stuff I knew I couldn’t possibly eat in a year, I stopped canning everything I could. I just stopped everything, and started living a normal life, I started taking vacations, I started buying things that did not pertain to prepping. I stopped being stressed out all the time about “The next big event” And MY life is so much better for it. HELL I even run out of toilet paper last week, and my world didn’t come crashing down. Just step back for awhile and enjoy life, it’s the only one we have.

        • Thanks for the post. Needed to hear that. Been pushing hard for two years and my family is tired of me being a downer.

        • gatheringbird

          Yesterday and today I moved earth and stone. Hide in plain site. Which is about 25% of the total mass of material. As bad events progress in the news I will construct more security. I too have stopped getting stuff except to fine tune or organize. If nothing happens up to or shortly after the election I will stand down. By then I will already have some heavy items to stay in place.

          The next few months will tell the tale.

      21. “The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816). (Notice, no word from Jefferson that Hilary would be exempted in future)

        Here is the actual deposition of Hilary’s server IT guy. Look at the faces of these sleazeballs. As Lincoln once said, anyone over 40 is responsible for their own face. In defense of the IT guy, he is probably worried he will end up like all those other people that died in Clinton “accidents.”

        Funny how they are so big on the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, but the 2nd Amendment can be trashed as needed. Just more from the “depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is” crew; this of course will follow the usual Clinton three step shuffle of deny, delay then divert attention.

      22. “One cannot but see the danger as it nears. The fool sees it and blindly approaches it until he is consumed. The wise man charts a safe course away and leads others as he is able. Some may follow, others will do as the fool and perish.”


      24. I never gave my email to any retailers the wife might have though. Reason for Walfart having only 3 cashiers and 22 closed registers is to keep your ass in the store. That is why the milk is in the very back of the store. You can’t just run in and out with milk without passing everything. Psychology or consumers. Hardest thing in life is to not be influenced by anything or anyone. How do you think you justified buying all the survival crap. My thinking is its just smart to have some food and water and a gun to protect your home and family with. Once you have those bases covered everything else is fluff. No one is gonna convince me to buy shit. the prepping thing can be taken to extremes. Bunkers armored vehicles etc etc your never gonna use. Waste o $. You might use the gas mask but I doubt it.

      25. Is there a name for people who are prepared “For A Full Blown, Prolonged, Nightmarish Depression”?

      26. Ohjoy bend over place your head firmly between your Legs and Kiss your or Butt Goodbye (:

      27. Sorry phones hunk a crap

        • Try a C>B radio. It works just fine off a 12 volt battery with a converter. Faraday bags for your night vision Other small medical devices.Store can goods of veg. & meat. Dried bean in canning jars vac out with a food saver.

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