They’re Watching: Homeland Security Tracking Visitors Across Alternative News and Prepper Web Sites

by | Mar 21, 2012 | Headline News | 221 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

    If there ever existed individuals and groups that threatened the status quo it’s now, and they can often be found congregating at alternative news web sites, forums and preparedness oriented online communities. Government officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have done everything in their power to marginalize their dangerous ideas and activities going so far as to even issue security bulletins to private businesses like banks, surplus stores, coffee shops and other retailers outlining what employees should look for and when to say something to law enforcement officials. Activities like putting a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, paying cash, buying gold, stocking up on food, promoting “anti-U.S.” and “radical theologies,” and demanding personal privacy are all now considered to be suspicious in the eyes of a government hell bent on destroying the Constitution.

    While DHS has requisitioned the help of brick and mortar businesses in their efforts to identify persons-of-interest, they have realized that the best place to locate domestic threats to national security is the internet. As such, they have deployed a host of tools to not only monitor what is being posted online, but who is posting it, who their friends are, which sites they visit and what information they ‘like’ in particular.

    A recent report from well known survival author James Rawles suggests that Preparedness oriented web sites are a prime target of government snooping and sniffing. A web site like Rawles’ Survival Blog, or even our very own SHTFplan, undoubtedly meets all of the criteria outlined in the multitude of security bulletins issued by DHS and FBI, thus it would only make sense that these types of communities would be primary destinations for government monitoring. In the case of Survival Blog, Rawles reports that a recent analysis of his logs by web forensic experts yielded some startling results:

    It has come to my attention that from August of 2011 to November of 2011, the FBI secretly redirected the web traffic of more than 10% of SurvivalBlog’s US visitors through CJIS, their sprawling data center situated on 900 acres, 10 miles from Clarksburg, West Virginia. There, the Feebees surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of my site visitors. In all, 4,906 of 35,494 selected connections ended up going to or through the FBI servers. (Note that this happened several months beforewe moved our primary server to Sweden.) Furthermore, we discovered that the FBI attached a long-lived cookie that allowed them to track the sites that readers subsequently visited. I suspect that the FBI has done the same to hundreds of other web sites. I find this situation totally abhorrent, and contrary to the letter of 4th Amendment as well as the intent of our Founding Fathers.

    I recognize that I am making this announcement at the risk of losing some readers.So be it. But I felt compelled to tell my readers immediately, because it was the honorable and forthright course of action.

    Working on my behalf, some volunteer web forensics experts dissected some cached version histories. (Just about everything is available on the Internet, and the footprints and cookie crumb trails that you leave are essentially there for a lifetime.) The volunteers found that the bulk of the FBI redirects were selected because of a reader’s association with “Intellectual Property” infringing sites like the now defunct Megaupload.  But once redirected, you were assigned a cookie.  However, some of these were direct connections to the SurvivalBlog site (around 4% of the total.) So if they had kept this practice up long enough and if you visited us enough times then the FBI’s computers would have given you a cookie. This has been verified with sniffer software.

    Most alarming about this is that according to James Rawles’ analysis, users’ browsers were first redirected to an FBI server, then forced to download a cookie via their browser, and were then redirected back to his web site – the entire process unbeknownst to the end user because it happens almost instantly. Because the cookie isn’t removed unless you clear it from your browser (you can easily remove cookies manually) every web site subsequently visited by the user would then be logged by an FBI computer in real-time.

    You can be assured that if the FBI is engaging in this type of surveillance, Survival Blog and other preparedness web sites aren’t alone. Chances are that, as Rawles mentions, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites being tracked and monitored in similar fashion. A report from the Intel Hub confirms our suspicions, as do our own visitor logs, and we’d venture to guess that most other web sites in the alternative news sphere will see similar access logs.

    Perhaps for now the government surveillance net is somewhat limited to specific internet spheres of interest, as their surveillance infrastructure is still being constructed. But it won’t be long, in fact less than 18 months, before they have the ability to track every single phone call, text message, email, image and video upload, blog post, comment, search query and social networking activity in the world. Yes, that’s right, EVERY SINGLE digital interaction:

    Via The Daily Crux:

    Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency.

    A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications, as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks.

    As we highlighted in Everything You Do Is Monitored, the government is rapidly taking steps across the nation’s entire security apparatus and its ancillary arms such as major search engines, private banks, telecommunications companies and social networks to log, aggregate and analyze the behavior of individual users as well as groups to which they belong. To what end is anybody’s guess (but we could, of course, venture a few theories).

    It should be perfectly clear. Whether you’re a prepper, alternative news buff, or none of the above, the government wants to know what you’re doing. No one is immune to the surveillance state.

    We’re all suspects now.

    They’re watching.

    Resources: Here are some things you can do to protect your privacy online:
    -Anonymous Web Surfing (Article)
    -Set up a Virtual Private Network to protect your web surfing identity
    -The TOR Project: Open source, free anonymous browsing
    -Surf the internet from public wireless access points (Article


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      1. F^CK UM!

        • FIRST!

          • Please grow up!

            • Here’s a fun fact, the FBI computer automatically compiles the IP address of anyone who posts “first” into a special group, titled “houses to raid…FIRST”

            • Dixon Perfect

            • hahahah! Thats funny. But think a sec., that means your #4. Waite,Hold on, a helicopter is hovering over the house,,,,,,,there’s a knock at the door,,,,,,, HOLY $HIT, swatt team just jumped over the back fence. They just busted down the front door.! *KEVIN YELLS* DIXXXON-I’ll hold um off and stall them as long as I can, so you can escape!!!!! Bug out now, you here me, bug ou…….

        • Yes, web cookies are easy to remove. Wait until they discover what an LSO (Local Shared Object) is. Getting rid of those is a beast.

          In either event, between my use of Linux exclusively (which allows me to ditch LSOs, cookies, and anything else I want) and of public proxies, I hope they enjoy the dead ends. 🙂

            • Does this mean they are going to delete all my tranny porn ? That’s some shit I am willing to fight over… Good tranny porn is hard to cum by.

            • CCleaner will take out LSO’s and much more…great software.

          • Good observation, however as we morph further into HTML5 world, there’s going to be less and far less LSO’s to worry about as Adobe’s flash player will eventually be dropped as obsolete. Its going to be the future of Javascript cookies and such.
            Most browsers would allow one to disable all cookies and Javascript, but again, that would restrict most dynamic content.
            I found it the easiest to control LSO’s in Mac’s system preferences. Windows one the other hand is an open book to the prying eyes.

            • Correct indeed, though it’d be about 3-5 years before HTML5 becomes the norm enough that Flash would be unused by the majority of end users.

              HTML5 will have its own hazards for tracking, though.

          • True enough, but there are extensions in Firefox that kill LSOs. I use “Better Privacy” and have it set to delete as soon as I exit Firefox. I also run Noscript which disallows all Flash objects unless I let them through and Google Sharing to anonymize all of my Google searches. I don’t allow cookies to run without permission either. Yes, my computer is rather locked down but it never gets viruses and malware because of the extra security. You should also disable your browser from saving your e-mail address and your form and search history. This is good not only from a government perspective but for cutting off hackers at the knees as well.

            There is another fun Firefox extension you can use to track those who track you: It’s called “Collusion”. It sets up a graphical representation of which companies and sites put tracking cookies on your machine so you can see exactly where they come from.

            Now will any of this prevent Big Brother from learning about you once it sets it’s claws into your life? Probably not. Even TOR has been found to be compromised by US government computers that are nodes in the network. However, it may help reduce your chances of being painted in a fishing expedition in the first place, if you haven’t been put on a watch list already.

          • Dude, LSO is nothing – just use bleach bit or turn it off in FF prefs in about:config.

            real problem is browser fingerprinting. check out panopticlick,, and the jondofox website’s anonymity test. they can track you a number of different ways now. also google evercookie and see what they were up to there. and thats just what we know about now.

          • Does the IP address trace back to me or my neighbor whose WiFi I am using?

            • It’ll trace back to the neighbor’s ISP account in that hypothetical. (wifi setups use ‘private’ IP addys for the individual machinery connected to it, and either presents a private IP to the cable/dsl modem, or if it is the modem, a public IP addy in most cases.)

          • Better Privacy Firefox add in will “manage” those LSOs.

          • If you use Firefox, there is an add-on called “Better Privacy” that removes them automatically. Even so, they are located in the flash folder in your program files.

          • Better Privacy for Firefox takes care of the LSOs


            Chrome’s Privacy Settings section has a direct link to Adobe’s hard-to-find privacy settings, which allows you to clear your LSOs or Adobe Cookies.

            Getting rid of them is not a beast. =)

        • Returning to real money is the best revenge against them all.
          The real reason you pay an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency.
          Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note
          Demand from your bank, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours.

          Tax Exemption:
          Web search these three different phrases:
          Redeemed in Lawful money or
          Redeemed in Lawful money Pursuant to Title 12 USC §411 or
          deposited for credit on account or exchanged for
          non-negotiable federal reserve notes of face value

          This loads slow, well worth it. Side by side columns; The Republic vs THE CORPORATION

        • The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president

          • My sentiments exactly Fred. But he is no prince. He is their King, with respect sir.

        • How anil of them

      2. Why does this not surprise me? I figure everything I’ve ever done on the net is potentially scanned by some government goober. What we need to do, is just make sure they get the proper message:
        Attention Fusion Center Bureaucratic Dipsticks: There are TENS OF MILLIONS of us, We are armed, and we are PISSED!

        • Well said Okie!! +10!!!

          • 🙂

        • Hey Okie, Just tell the gooberment man, like the baby on the E-trade commercial, I am watching you watching him.

          The patriot movement has its spies too!

          • Absolutely. Let them Fear us, not the other way around!

          • Yep! We got “folks: in the inside on the down low too!
            Or DO we????

        • Amen Okie

        • Agreed. The are attempting to know what to prepare for when the SHTF.

          It’s almost like a good game of football. You adjust to your opponent, they adjust to you, etc. Keep adjusting my friends.

        • Agreed, if they wanna go there, fine, let’s go there… good and evil are destined to have it out someday… might as well get ‘er started, i’m almost ready…

        • Let them spy on me. I’m nothing special…. I’ll always be at sites like this or other alternate news sites. At least I’ll be in the know of what’s going on, such as this article. If they deem me a threat, oh well, but I’ll at least be prepared unlike many others who’d rather look the other way and stick their head in the sand. In my opinion there’s too many millions of people to keep up with unless there’s specific info or certain key words that they are alerted to. Of course, that’s always been since the library days too, certain books are flagged when checked out.

          Just keep printing informative articles like this and to hell with TPTB !!!! And posters, keep posting…..

        • Rather a waste of time on their part. Folks that are openly complaining are not likely to do anything crazy. Most frequent these type sites because they enjoy a good dose of the world is ending alarmist nonsense. Now the seventy thousand or so Muslim immigrants that are allowed in a year not to mention the flood of illegal immigrants many whom are gang members somehow there is no concern about them. Strange. I wonder if the rank and file agents ever realize how dumb they are to buy into the scam.

          • Ha no mention of them, of course not. Why would they mention the fact that they have been supplying the Mexican cartel with firearms so they can kill our US boarder patrols. (look up operation fast and furious) Instead they say that patriotic Americans who believe in being self sufficient are a threat. Imagine how much the deficit would be reduced when a greater number of citizens actually provided their own instead of having government assistance. Instead they consider those who prepare a threat. I guess the next time I get pulled over I should tell the police officer that being prepared for an emergency makes you a target for DHS so I let my Insurance expire so that I wouldn’t be prepared. I think half the reason they are putting out all these bulletins and such are to scare people in order to achieve the political ideals they believe in….hmmm whats the word for that again?

        • SmokinOkie: And you know some of those “pissed-off” people are world class hacker/programmers who are even now creating worms and blended threats. They will attach these little “Nasties” to fake messages between fellow hackers to get the Feds to “Bite”. And when they do, their systems will be screwed up for quite a while. The Feds will have to continually update their various protection protocols just to keep from being shut down. The cost alone will take a chunk out their budgets. The Feds won’t be able to prosecute them because they were the ones who brought the messages into their own systems. That’s even assuming that they will ever be found with multiple floating overseas IP addresses.

        • Okie, that just became my Quote of the Day!!!

        • Well said SmokinOkie… Well said!

      3. We need Barack Hussein Obama as our King!!

        • Are we to assume sarcasm or are you truly insane? I am English and even I take exception to that twat being allowed to run a car let alone a country.

        • Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure that is part of the plan.

        • Damn stan, whatcha smokin’???? You need to lay off of what ever it is . Obummer already thinks he’s king — don’t encourage him, please…. you made me have cold chills at that thought. Good thing I haven’t eaten yet.

      4. this doesnt suprise me at all, when ever there is a rumor there is a little truth to it regardless how small and that should be where we start to see what is really going on… tptb will do what they will do and just like those who think they are intitled to whatever when it blows up in their faces they will say what did i do wrong?… the funny thing is that tptb say we the people but they think they are the people not us, WE THE PEOPLE is who they work for not the other way around… nuf said for now

      5. Here guys, use this. A free software implementation of second-generation onion routing, a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet.

        • Thank you, AZ – I had recently been reading about this!

          • You are welcome Daisy.

          • @AZ Ready:

            Installed TOR and tried posting here, but the posts never showed up. I allowed scripts for but still nothing. Any help?


        • I installed TOR yesterday and am using it right now!!

          Easy to use too.

          Like Kevin said: F*CK “EM!!

          • Ditto on the F*CK “EM!!

            F*CK “EM AND FEED “EM FISH!!

            • Nah…. don’t waste the fish, let em eat each other when the SHTF.

      6. Rawles also tells his readers how to block third party cookies. It’s simple. Go to internet options, click the privacy tab, click advanced, then check override, then decide if you want 3rd party cookies allowed, blocked, or prompt. I chose prompt so I can know who wants to slip me a cookie. Then, when a prompt comes up, you can allow, or deny.

        • Very awesome, Thank you!

        • Unfortunately, it won’t rid you of them all. Look up the URL I posted about LSOs (also known as “flash cookies”.) LSOs are immune to warnings and prompts as well. 🙁

          Your only real chance is to do the following:

          1) get an operating system that isn’t easily coerced by any government. Right now, this means Linux (and not Windows, or Mac OSX… most definitely don’t use Windows!) You could also use FreeBSD (which is far more secure), but you’d better have a nice, big pair of cojones if you want to run that on your everyday box. As a bonus, The source code to Linux is free and there are no DRM (Digital Rights Management) bits attached to it, so post-SHTF if you want to rebuild a computer (or even have future generations improve on the code itself), you can. For newbies, I heartily recommend Ubuntu or Mint Linux as a good first choice, since it doesn’t require knowing the command prompt.

          2) For web browsing, don’t use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome/Chromium. Firefox is a good choice only if you build it from source (it’s easy to do), or you always use the incognito/privacy mode.

          3) For email, don’t use a webmail service, and keep emails to an absolute minimum (email uses SMTP which is all too easy to read and track by anyone on your ISP’s email server who cares to). If you can, instead…

          4) Get to know GPG (no, that’s not a typo). Use it to encrypt the stuff between buddies that contains info about stores, bug-out plans, routes, and the like.

          5) If you’re truly paranoid, get two USB sticks. One will contain a “live CD” that you boot off of. The other will contain a USB stick where you store all your data. Using both insures that using the computer leaves nothing on the hard drive. Space prevents detailing how to build and use ’em, but the resources are definitely out there.

          There’s lots more, but this should suffice for most preppers.

          • Puppy Linux is a small footprint “live CD” that can be used as a stand-alone operating system. It is very user friendly.

            ………………no cages…………….

            • Damn Small Linux is good too. It can be run from a flash drive.

            • DSL can be run from a *floppy* disk if you rig it right…

          • Once again, Firefox add-on “Better Privacy” can deal with any LSOs you might pick up. You can have it notify you if a new one is installed, delete on a timer, delete when closing. The LSO was dead before it got started good.

            • Doesn’t matter what you latch onto your browser if your operating system has a backdoor in it. 😉

      7. It’s been a busy news day so let’s just skim a few
        Top News Stories Of The Day:

        Bill and Hillary Clinton will be getting an airport named after them! The Little Rock Municipal Airport (the one right next to the Dollar General store) has decided to rename itself. There were several names in competition. Among them- ‘Liars and Fliers’, ‘Bubba & The Bitch International Airport’, ‘Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word “Airport” Is’,and ‘Americas First Black Airport.’ They finally decided on just Bill & Hillary Clinton Airport. Also, flight controllers refused to allow brooms and cigar-shaped aircraft to use the main runway.

        Recent polls of Republicans in Illinois show 39% believe Obama is actually a muslim. The president flatly denies that, but he was heard to mutter under his breath something about the “Allah-damned birthers…”

        A woman in Havre de Grace Montana smacked her car into an iron gate by the roadway. She blamed the wreck on her imaginary friend whom she said was driving. She told cops that the friend, ‘Chuck’ left the scene so she’d have to take the rap. Don’t know if that argument will hold up in court, but thousands of truck drivers around the country are anxiously watching to see. (meanwhile, me and Chuck are updating our logbooks and we’re eastbound and down)

        A school in Georgia is in trouble, again, for slavery questions on a math test. People get so upset about this, but the teacher was just trying to teach some math skills. I did the same when we home schooled our kids. I made up lots of word problems, such as “If a lazy public school teacher gets $40,000 per year to do practically nothing, and he gives $3,000 per year to his corrupt union, how much does he have left?”

        And finally, some terrific new pictures are coming out from a new search of the wreck of the Titanic. High resolution photos from a deep-water robotic sub have revealed some startling new finds. Probably the biggest discovery so far is that, there in the main galley, near the first class cabins, encrusted in barnacles but very identifiable, is the original Obama birth certificate. Turns out he WAS born in Hawaii, but it was in 1907.

        • Do they have a broom stick taxi way for thunder thighs. Is she really looking for Earhart.

        • “we’re eastbound and down”

          LOL….”We gone do what dey say can’t be done!!”

      8. people are waking up
        and they are getting mad
        the veil is being lifted

        “Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, has speculated that since the NDAA was opposed by the agencies in the national security establishment including the FBI, NSA, that what might be driving these military exercises is the fear that the bankers do not trust the police to protect them if things turn south.

        “And I think, without question, the corporate elites understand that things, certainly economically, are about to get much worse. I think they’re worried about the Occupy movement expanding. And I think that, in the end—and this is a supposition—they don’t trust the police to protect them, and they want to be able to call in the Army.” – Chris Hedges”

        The Story of Your Enslavement

        • Thanks for the very relevant link and the synopsis

        • “To see the farm, is to leave it.”

          • No, to see the farm is to see the farm.

            And then….????

        • The story of your freedom making the rounds on the web:

          In the news this week a southern California man was put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and had (by rough estimate) a thousand rounds of ammunition stored in his home. The house also has a secret tunnel.

          The television reporter said: “Wow! He has about a thousand machine gun bullets” and the headline referred to it as a “massive weapons cache”.

          By California standards someone even owning 1000 rounds is called “mentally unstable.”

          If he lived elsewhere, such as Arizona, he’d be called “an avid gun collector”.

          In Arkansas , he’d be called “a novice gun collector”.

          In Utah , he’d be called “moderately well prepared”, but they’d probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food.

          In Montana , he’d be called “The neighborhood ‘Go-To’ guy”.

          In Idaho , he’d be called “a likely gubernatorial candidate”.

          In Wyoming , he’d be called “an eligible bachelor” and…..

          … Texas , he’d be called “A huntin’ buddy.”

          • 100 guns and only 1000 rounds is crazy!

            • Indeed it is. That’s an average of only 10 rounds per weapon. Storing 100,000 rounds would be more like it.

            • In my book, anything less than 10,000 rounds is a starter kit.

            • Oh great! Now I am on another list… I have about 5k loaded in magizines and weapons, don’t want to go into total on hand, buried, stashed, at other peoples homes, work, etc. (In my first firefight, I ran out of ammo, has scared me for life…) {Government servants send your best, I know I am going to die when you come for me, I just want to take as many of you commie bastards as I can with me…} Best Regards, Free Man

          • Thanks dk!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week!!

          • Hell yeah he’s crazy. Only 1000 rounds for 100 guns? He’ll need waaaay more than that.

          • 1000 rounds of ammo ? Is that the total…..or 1,000 rounds per gun = 100,000 rounds or ammo. If 1,000 rounds is a problem…..I guess they have never been to Texas !
            Montgomery County Texas

          • Crap! I just bought a 1,000-round-box for my 9mm because it was on sale. I must be crazy, too!

            • I currently have 7,000 rounds neatly stored in .50 cal cans —– just getting started. (Hello to our friends at the FUSION center — eff u)

          • LMOA! thanks dk!

          • Went to the gun show in San Jose,California this past weekend. One of the ammo dealers was packing it in after just the first day as he ran out of product. I purchased his last 100 rounds of 12 guage slugs. He said he had never sold 38,000 rounds in one day, and none of them were 22 cal. He was only one of seven or eight “ammo only” dealers at the show.

            That dude in socal had only 1000 rounds, I have a thousand rounds in my lunchbox….lol..

      9. “They” have been watching us since (haha) Al Gore invented the internet. If any agent is reading this you can go take a flying leap into Hell! Let ’em watch, maybe they can learn something about how real Americans act instead of being little sniveling lap dogs. Fuckin Nazis!!!

      10. Boy, “they’re” going to have a major backlog of personal visits to make. Should take’em 20 or 30 years to investigate all those who are “displeased” with the present status quo.

        “Please take a number!”

        • Not to mention we are dealing with Governmental agencies here, which means they will be bumbling idiots. They will most likely lose most of the information or kick down some old lady’s door in at the nursing home because she accidentally clicked on a Viagra spam mail link that redirected her to some flagged website.

          Time to take Barney’s one bullet away from him.

      11. I have a message for those monitoring these sites on behalf of a tyrannical government that no longer represents its citizens or adheres to the Constitution that created it – when the collapse happens, you will have nowhere to hide and the law will no longer protect you. We will hunt you down and string your ass up. What do you think will happen to your loved ones when you are gone?

        • They will be swinging along side them is my guess.

        • Moon I agree with a lot you say. But good lord think of all the rope you’ed need! And the trees. Shark Bait

        • EH says:
          March 21, 2012 at 5:01 pm

          Very easy to jump the gun to spread fear in the paranoid…

          No, The FBI Isn’t Tracking Survivalblog Visitors

          Actually this guy really doesn’t have a clue on what he us talking about. Notice he only mentions ONE cookie, and not even the one that was used. There is a technology where a whole website’s traffic CAN be redirected thru one more hop or router. You won’t find much on the internet about it, as you would expect. It’s called “lateral technology”, if you google that, you won’t find the actual description lol, have to love google for that obfuscation.

          And yes, with the redirect, it can track and capture IP’s. This can also be applied to individual IP’s. Now on the cookie injection on the way thru, I doubt that would be to terribly hard. Most people think that when you load a webpage, it goes straight from you to the site, not true. It may hop any number of times before arriving. So, redirecting thru just one more hop, appears benign, even when you know what to look for.

          Load a website in the search and you’ll see what I mean. Watch how many times you “hop” before arriving

          Right now I’m sure they’re looking making notes on which sites to take down first and where the main clusters of visitors come from.

          I know what I’m talking about on this one Mac.

        • E H you are right I AM NOT ABLE TO ACCESS THIS URL IN YUR POST

          • Works fine for me.

      12. There is nothing to fear but fear itself,,and I’m referring to our patently,paronoid government.What ya gonna do when all the men and women say FU.With out us the system fails,period,,,,we don’t even need to fire a shot,just withdraw and refuse to participate. Petty beaucratic hogwash be damned!!!!

        • I absolutely agree. A family of 4 will spend aprox. $500 a month on food alone. If you are providing your own food than that is $6000 a year that does not go through the hands of corporations such as Wal Mart. If you need a vehicle and buy it from someone on creigs list this is money that is not going into the banks, but going into the hands of another person struggling to survive. Every dollar passed from person to person and not put into corporate hands reduces the amount of power that the status quo has on the people. Becoming self sufficient and not having to rely on the electric company or the bank is actually the best way to say fu to the system. And when these major corporations fail they can no longer pay our politicians…only then will our government return to being for the people. That is why they consider those who are self sufficient a threat. Because people are waking up and the more self sufficient we become as a nation the less control they have on our survival, which strips them of power. Violence isn’t needed just diplomacy what is it called, sanctions. The people need to put sanctions on the major corporations.

      13. @Anon,
        Come on let him have some fun. His first comment was appropriate.

        I figure if Homeland Security is watchin’ I would at least like to give them a little education, ask them a few questions and see if they would approve, well would yah?

        If any other of our presidents had doubled the national debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year,
        would you have approved?

        If any other of our presidents had then proposed to double the debt again within 10 years,
        would you have approved?

        If any other of our presidents joined the country of Mexico and sued a state in the United States to force that state to continue to allow illegal immigration, would you question his patriotism
        would you have approved?

        If any other of our presidents had put 87,000 workers out of work by arbitrarily placing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling on companies that have one of the best safety records of any industry because one foreign company had an accident,
        would you have agreed?

        If any other of our presidents had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take his First Lady to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

        If any other of our presidents had reduced your retirement plan holdings of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM,
        would you have approved?

        I can go on for a long time but most of us here already know of these poor judgments. So, you’re probably better off going to a good porn site and then you can get a lot more satisfaction spanking the monkey!

        Y’all Beware! I approve of this message!

        • Is that “spanking the monkey” anything like “Whacking the Woodie”?

        • The sad part is, I knew it was Rockwell (and Michael Jackson on backup vocals)even without going to the link.

          Yeah, I’m gettin’ old.

      14. Where else would they be really watching everyone other than at the sites like this one where people freely think for themselves. Who else is going to see what is wrong other than sites that try to show the hidden garbage that goes on throughout ALL governments. It is not just the U.S. government that monitors and watches this ite and others, it is MOST foreign countries that also do so.

        Let’s face it, it is not only to watch what is going on to try to see subversive talk going on, but it is also because there are some pretty bright people that frequent these sites and there are some fairly unique and good ideas on all sorts of subjects that the governments personally can use. “THEY” watch you all right, but also because they are looking new approaches to problems. Maybe some of the people here will be “drafted” into government service. I guess everybody should be careful not to appear “too intelligent”, or they may come and get you during the night and offer you something you can’t refuse.

        All joking aside, anytime you type in and send information over the internet it is intercepted and is looked over for KEY words and those key words that connect into some sort of pattern. These suckers are freaking experts and they know what to look for. It is not just this site or other sites that cross the parameters of being watched closely like a hawk, it is ANY conversation you have on facebook or even two people sending messages back and forth to each other.

        There are truly very few people that cross the line of the government really caring that much to truly act on. If anything it is just like TSA running some extremely attractrive women back and forth through the naked scanner, these government agents are getting their jollies and kicks out of what is written and talked about. These government agents are only human and are prone to the same gossip crap that seems to have infected the air and electronic waves.


        • Don’t you know that they get tired and bored reading these comments over and over? Millions and millions on-line and yet they sit there, ALL DAY/NIGHT long, what a life. I imagine after a while the words blur into one another. Of course I’m sure they’ve got a program set up to alert them to specific key words/phrases. Hope they get butt sores from sitting there all those hours, serves them right for eavesdropping …..

          • Just for fun I have tried to visualize what some of these “eavesdroppers” physically look like, and I truly like the description “Butt Sore”. You are correct after looking at so many different you would think they would get rired and bored, but after “spying” on everyone you probably begin to take on the appearence of a Butt Sore.

            Ever seen the cartoons depicting those TSA screeners that get their kicks running the same “babe” through the naked scanner over and over again? It’s hilarous, as a cartoon can bring out the true nature of some individuals.

            With these characters it is not just a job, it is a power trip with them also. When they can look at anyone’s private or not so private thoughts, it gives them a power surge. Butt Sores is probably one of the best representation of these characters. I like it. 🙂

      15. If visiting alternative news,survival blogs,freedom of association are deemed treason,then let us make the most of it.

      16. from wikipedia

        Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[2] Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that is often marked by political repression, personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror.
        The concept of totalitarianism was first developed in a positive sense in the 1920s by the Italian fascists. The concept became prominent in Western anti-communist political discourse during the Cold War era in order to highlight perceived similarities between Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes on the one hand, and Soviet communism on the other.

        • Doesn’t sound at all familiar now, does it???

      17. Funny this should come up today. I was chatting to a police officer the other day….a good man, near retirement who is worried about the way things are going and wondering how his grandchildren will deal with what he referred to as existing not living, when they are older.

        I told him there were sites, on the web, where he could get sound advice from like minded individuals. Without hesitation he looked me in the the eye and said, and I quote….

        “if you go on those types of sites I guarantee that you are already on a list somewhere.”

        I told him he was being a little melodramatic, that he should chill out. He said I would be amazed if I knew how many things could get you on a watch list these days, Sadly at this point I had to go and attend to a patient. If this information is correct it seems I am infected with a previously unknown disease. The bacteria that causes it is called politicanaii unbeleivius. The disease itself is incurable and in some circumstances can be life threatening, usually due to the reactions of others to those who have it. Cases of Preparedatosis are on the increase. The symptoms you need to look out for are:
        A genuine, bordering pathological hatred for politiicians and government in general.
        Unbridled anger at seeing your rights eroded
        A dreadful thirst for the times past when a fair days work got you a fair days pay
        Heat palpitations caused by the excitement of seeing a pantry stuffed to overflowing
        A heady feeling of enlightenment in the face of adversity
        A state of calm serenity when looking at little discs of silver
        Being in a state of awareness when everyone wants you to be asleep
        An addiction to the elements Pb and Cu

        This condition is sometimes difficult to manage due to the population at large thinking you are crazy. Some people may want to kill you because they fail to understand your condition. Should this occur…shoot the bastards.

        Take care

        • Excellent!

        • @Burt

          Very nicely put. Eloquent medical terminology. I will definitely pass this on to my sister who happens to be in the medical field. She will get a kick out of this as I did. Thank you …..

          AS far as the police officer goes, I guess his way of thinking has been tainted by his field of work. I still say it’s hard to keep track of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people on-line. I’m sure they do have a list but how do they figure out who goes on it and who doesn’t ? I bet it’s an awful BIGGGG list!!!! Probably several novels plus some…..

      18. Also, there is the TOR project, to insure anonymous browsing.It’s a free download…

        • Do be careful… many of the exit nodes are actually monitored and run by, well, guess who?

        • TOR works! I access the web via a TOR tunnel. It uses all foreign servers outside US jurisdiction and you can change servers at the touch of a button. It is easy to download and easy to use. Only prob is slower speed.

          If your ranting on a site like this it is a must. And not doing it would be as stupid as a prepper going on the Nat Geo Prepper TV program.

      19. I told you guys last year that the FEDS had “run my plates” but you didn’t believe me. Believe me now?

        WE must take OUR government back from these rogue administrations. Patriots must register with The Patriot Party (in Arizona), the Constitution Party, or America First.

        If you lend these organizations your support then the numbers (which are in OUR favor) can be translated into political action.

        Only collective political action in NEW political structures can eradicate the G-Flu that has infected OUR national identity with globalists seeking to dissolve America and erode OUR personal liberties.

        They have hijacked OUR military and made it a force for aggression when it has been a force for peace.

        Political power is their weakness; not their strength. They are few. WE are many.


        • NRA all the way.

        • If voting changed anything it would be illegal.

          Voting in the USSA is choosing between 2 bought & paid for tools of the fascist police state. When the boot of government is on your neck it doesn’t matter if its the left boot or the right boot.

          The only real choices you have in your life are: smoking or not smoking; small or grande; Coke or Pepsi.

          By voting you are lending legitimacy to a corrupt system. You can’t change the system from within the system because the system’s rules & procedures are designed to protect & preserve the big money interests which benefit from the system as is.

          The system wants your money so it can spend it on it agenda of increasing control and aquisition. It doesn’t care how much you protest or complain or campaign for “alternative” candidates who promise to change things. Why? because IT DOESN”T CHANGE except that it gets worse for us and better for them.

          The only power you really have short of shooting is to deny the the police state its lifeblood> money. Stop financing your oppression.

      20. Ha! The feds will only be jerking off to all the porn we look at.

      21. I stated this before but here it goes again.

        How many damn people are they employing to watch everybody and everything? Computers aside, it takes people regardless.

        • aka… the Obama Jobs plan 2009 or was it 08′

        • Satori

          “they’ve already been caught lying too many times”

          Caught lying? Every once in a blue moon you catch them telling the truth (I think). Really any reasonably (self) educated person looks at everything presented as a lie until proven otherwise. Inflation rate actual…check. Unemployment rate actual…check. WMD in Iraq…check. Viability of a service economy…check. Gulf of Tonkin…check. JFK…check. Three days to review any bills before voting…check. Watergate…check. “I did not have sex with that woman”…check.

          • spot on

            if it’s from the .gov or a corporation
            you HAVE to regard it as a lie until proven otherwise

            but thats just the way it is

      22. sigh…

      23. @Burt, LOL, love it back at you – politicanaii unbeleivius and of coarse the abbreviation – P U –

        @ EH – good laugh – thanks!

        @ Jack Burton – yeh we could help them with their kinky pastimes.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all

          I have my moments lol…

      24. @ Odd Questioner,

        Thanks so much for the great info. Now there is a method for us to use some way of encription.

        Y’all Beware!

        • I only brushed the surface… doing it right actually takes a lot more work than I can describe here.

      25. hey feds and DHS, would you do us a favor and watch what obama is doing. He is more of a danger than any of us. He is doing real harm and we hate that lying cock sucker. Do us a favor and let Barry sotero or whatever his name is that he wont win in 2012 unless he does it illegally or you can get more free stuff or free gas to the deadbeats. that is the only thing that will save him. Say hi to janet and tell her to take some time off to would you guys? thanks a lot from you friends of america. take care guys.

        • Eric- don’t forget about fast and furious, I’m sure they would like to know about illegal guns being smuggled into mexico. *kevin yells* Hey Holder, some one is smuggling guns into mex…, oops, never mind.

        • I would bet that alot of them feel the same way. However they still have to do their jobs even if they may not agree with the leadership.

          • Johnw- BULL$HIT. I work construction, If I’m told to do something unsafe,do something that would get someone else hurt, or something totally stupid, I DON’T DO IT! I tell them to shove it up their A$$!!! Your statement falls under the “just following orders” catagory, is ridiculous, and is a prime example of what is wrong with the minds of men in america. They HAVE THE CHOICE to NOT do what they are told.

            • Ive had talks with lots of LEO’s about this. They always seem to fall back on the “What about my kids? What about my pension” What about my job” excuses as to why they do as they are told instead of what is legal.
              When SHTF they will do as they are told. It benifits them to do so. Survival of the fittest I have been told.

            • @joe-There are now 64 cops in my neck of the woods, that live in a town, in the next state over(about110 miles) They will try to leave town to get to their families when shtf. I did not have the heart to tell one of them, that he will not make it there(I will). There is a choke point that WILL get closed, and his badge will not get him through what that states national guard has planned. some of those “leo’s” better rethink there plans, they and their families aren’t no better then any one elses. When rule of law disapears, those badges won’t mean shit!

          • One other thing, I payed a price for telling all those people through the years where to stick it, but far less then those F&F whistle blowers. They are brave men of honor, and are heroes for doing the right thing in a very corrupt situation.

      26. Without revealing too much, I’ve been onto this tracking for over a year. I use a special unmentioned program that allows me to view cookie requests, redirects and IP requests in real time. I can identify whether the request is simply adware, spyware, and also who owns the IP making the request, such as our benevolent watchers.

        With that said, I have had hits that come through this site, Blacklisted News, The Daily Sheeple, YouTube,, The Intel Hub and a lot more. I’ve been able to isolate the hits by narrowing what ads are on a page and allowing each one to load individually to see what data is being TX/RX. So, this is how they’re doing some of it people, right through the ads being displayed on these sites.

        Many of these sites advertise using several of the popular ad networks. It’s a no brainer that these guys are just using existing tracker technology to accomplish the task. When an ad loads there are many server requests going back and forth to determine your IP, what you’re looking at, search criteria that brought you there, et cetera. This data helps the advertisers target your interests. Massive lists are compiled of demographic data on user interests for marketing purposes. This should be no surprise to you, they’ve been doing this for almost as long as the internet has been online.

        Now, to further expand on this, let’s say I’m a DHS wank trying to figure on how to track users’ activity in the most stealth manner possible. Well, the advertising community already provided me with the perfect tools to do this right out in the open, all I need to do is buy some advertising and get it into the right demographic. The ads harvest the data, install spyware on your computer, hijack your browser without reducing functionality and everything you do up until these things are removed can be transmitted back to HQ, including everything you type via key-loggers.

        This is a disgusting abuse, but people need to start looking at working around this shit instead of trying to stop it. That will never happen with these control freaks. I suggest you get creative and do some homework. These pricks are not invincible, they just like to act like they are. They are the drop of water thinking it is the ocean. How wrong these assholes are.

      27. never doubt the EVIL of any government

        “Officials from the top of Government to lowly council officers will be given unprecedented powers to access details of every phone call in Britain under laws coming into force tomorrow.”

        “The files will even reveal where people are when they made mobile phone calls. By knowing which mast transmitted the signal, officials will be able to pinpoint the source of a call to within a few feet. This can even be used to track someone’s route if, for example, they make a call from a moving car.

        Files will also be kept on the sending and receipt of text messages.”

        “By 2009 the Government plans to extend the rules to cover internet use: the websites we have visited, the people we have emailed and phone calls made over the net.”

        think they dont have the same capability here?
        of course they do

      28. I must be on the list,as a 60 year old,German descent,grey headed,chubby,non union,blue collar worker,I have flown three times in the last year and have been x-ray scanned twice.Both times the TSA agents just smiled and wished me a good day.I was the only person in sight that got the special treatment.Makes me feel special.

        one in a million 🙂

      29. Ok maybe , no I KNOW this is going to anger everybody here so I will say I am sorry in advance (PLEASE do not hate me for this one) first of all even if long term preppers had alot of guns and ammo it would never match the goverments arsenal. If you think they are watching us do you not think that they are prepared for a mass uprising? the will spray areas with gas maybe, or set wilderness on fires or something to kill or hurt the masses. And on thier behalf with the threats of guns coming in and drugs and drug dealers coming in from mexico AND not to mention the real threat of a terrorist maybe they actually are trying to protect this country. They can not isolate people coming to work from mexico due to political reasons ( losing votes) so they are resorting to drastic measures of security. Or MAYBE they know something that we do not they do have intelligence that we are not privy to. Everbody should prep for your reasons Mine is Hurricane ridden area that I am in. I do the best I can because of what I saw with Katrinca. I believe our economy can get alot worse (history has a tendancy to repeat tiself) so another depression could happen. Hyperinflation could happen, A planet falling from the sky and landing in my yard could happen ( probably on my head with my luck)But we have to try and keep somethings in perspective. Do you REALLY think that the gov. is this blood thirsty machine like those things in war of the worlds? Do you think that a big gun will fight off tanks? Do you think that they will not have that capability to be ready for rambo? I think IF something goes really wrong it is best to comply with them. They DO KNOW more than us right? I am sure with all of the wonderful things the goverment does they are not out to get us. They just grew more careful after 9-11 and FEMA is ready to save us because they learned to be better prepared from Katrina. The left and the right will come together in harmony and settle all of our problems when we the people submit to thier authority. OK now that I riled everybody up you can make wagers on if I am honest, using sarcasm, blowing smoke or have total faith in our country as it is now…you decide whoever is reading this.

        • Just one question, and no criticism on my part… what was the purpose of the officials going door to door seizing weapons after Katrina? Of course, the gangs kept theirs… just curious. We’re are from hurricane area also and have friends in N.O.. Maybe when they come knockin’ just say no and play dumb to owning a gun. Or give them 1 gun to pacify them and keep the rest.

          Our government is one of the biggest gun/drug traffickers around. No, I don’t trust them…. (did you eavesdroppers get that, I DON’T TRUST THE GOV.!!!) Have a nice day….

        • Whether or not your comment is sarcasm there is one basic truth within. Each of us must decide for ourselves what is the truth and act, or not, accordingly.

          If sufficient numbers believe the government and related power brokers are in fact acting against our best interests, and take appropriate actions, TPTB will not be able to win. But many will die during the struggle.

          What do you, and everyone reading this, believe?

      30. Firefox users
        try this….

        “Remove individual cookies”
        search “fbi”

        I got three hits.
        One of the cookies wasn’t due to expire until 2014

        • thanx for the tip

          removed over 100 and all I could find was 1 and


        • I had 2. Thanks!!

      31. Remember “Echelon”? They, TPTB have been monitoring communications since the 60’s. No big secret. The last thing I’m worried about is how to divert their surveillance, flash cookies,LSOs,and encrypting codes,etc. I have a surveillance program going on them and it requires very little updating. It is called my “guardian angel”. We answer directly to the “Ultimate Power”. The DHS is an evil network that has a ruler that is a piece-o-shit, a dead man walking and his name is Lucifer. Me and my angel walk over him like dirt under our feet. You don’t want to mess with our Leader; He is a consuming “fire” that will turn our enemies to “ashes from within”!

      32. The law in my country, and I assume in yours, is said to apply to everyone …correct?


        If I harass or spy on my neighbour because I dislike the fact he reads a certain newspaper I will be prosecuted yet governments can arrays and spy on people based on their choice of reading material.

        If I blew up my neighbours home because I didn’t want them to have the same tv as me I would be prosecuted, yet governments can blow up other countries because they don’t want them to have the same weapons and that’s okay.

        If I said I had loads of money, brought stuff but In reality I was broke, I would be prosecuted, yet governments do this daily and it’s okay.

        If I killed a man because I just didn’t like the way he ran his household I would be prosecuted, yet governments kill people because they don’t like the way they run their country and it’s okay.

        If I enslaved an individual, forced them to give me so much of their money that they were in poverty, their children hungry, I would be prosecuted, but governments do it and it’s okay.

        If I walked into my neighbours home and told him to give me all he owns or I would make his life hell, I would be prosecuted, yet governments do this to sovereign nations and it’s okay.

        If I publicly, and provably lied to get a job I would be fired but government officials do it and it’s okay.

        If I get a job then do not fulfil and discharge my duties correctly I would be fired, but politicians fail to do it and it’s okay.

        If I commit theft or fraud I will be prosecuted but politicians do these things daily and it’s okay.

        If I kidnap and imprison someone because I don’t like the way he thinks, or I object to his way of life I will be prosecuted, yet governments reserve the right to do this, without definite cause, and it’s okay.

        If I electronically stalk or bully or harass someone due to their beliefs I can be prosecuted, yet governments can do this and it’s okay.

        Feeling a little philosophical tonight. Nuff said, time for bed.

        Take care

        • Damn Burt, you’re on a roll…. keep going, don’t stop. I’m enjoying your posts.

        • Dang. I am going to become a politician or a government!

      33. Burt
        you may want to read Derek Jensen’s ENDGAME

        violence from the top is always considered legitimate
        violence from the bottom up is the act of a criminal or a terrorist

        at least thats what we are told to believe

        • Thanks Satori

          I’ve made a note for the future, got end of year exams coming up (I am studying with the open university) and the inquest into my moms death in April(following a long police investigation into into corporate manslaughter against the careers that hastened her demise)

          Just by the by, do you have article 2 inquests in the states? If it makes the media, as they are quite rare, I will post the links. I will be on lots of lists then without a doubt.

          For reference an article 2 is allowed when the systemic failure of a government body, or department run by the government,or the failure of an individual within that body leads to the death of an individual.

          I had never heard of it, it was oly because I walked into a police station and said that my mother had been killed unlawfully that I found out about this from the lawyers I got on the case.

          The European court of human rights has gotten involved and are now my late mothers official representative against the British Government. I think I may be in for a rocky ride.

          We shall see.

          Take care

      34. To all fascists running the government: We only hope you do not one day end up getting prosecuted like the Nazis for “just following orders.” You people are sick and are destroying the country. History and the law will not be kind to you when all is said and done.

      35. I only wish it was THEIR money they were spending on this bull$hit. To bad its ours. Like I said before, I could CARE LESS if they track me,listen to me, or know who I am. I have NEVER typed a single word I wouldn’t say to their face, to ANY persons face, or to the WORLD. POUND SAND FEDS!

      36. Come and get me!
        I don’t believe for one minute that this government can do anything! This is the same government that couldn’t stop 9-11
        That cant manage the boarder
        That cant stop drugs flowing into this country!
        They cant stop the 100’s of billions of dollars in fraud waste and abuse.
        They couldn’t find their own ASS with both hands!!!
        Hell, they might choke on their own saliva!
        It’s amazing to me that the FAT Butt GOV workers can walk and chew at the same time !

        What ? Really ! They are to dam lazy!
        Yea! I HOPE they are reading this!

      37. If I gave a **** about what my servants think, I wouldn’t be calling my “representatives” in DC and bitching about this **** they’re doing!


        Ron Paul 2012

      38. …THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776!

        …AND JESUS!

      39. Impeach ODUMBO -Abuse Of Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      40. Shit this is like the 10th time this month I’ve made the list, they probably have 20 people looking for all of me when in reality they just don’t cross check the lists. If our govenment was just a little smarter I’d be a lil concerned but knowing our govt they will mix up lists so I’m patiently waiting for my Obama bucks in the mail!

      41. What a tinfoil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorist nut job government we have. Sadly it is a symptom of tyranny.

      42. @ kevin,

        times 10!

        Y’all Beware!

      43. The government is the machine! Thomas Jefferson warned us over 238 years ago. Paul Harvey warned us in 1956 and Ronald Reagan warned us in 1960 just to name a few.

        The only way to save America is to dismantle the machine. Without a doubt most of what the government has been doing for the past 100 years is unconstitutional. Now we have a huge problem because returning to our Constitutional roots is considered extreme or an act of domestic terror.

        Just 50 years ago what they are doing today would be considered domestic spying. It’s a very simple concept, I am a private citizen. What I do within the confines of our laws is private. The government has no right to track, trace, shadow, watch or listen to me without probable cause and a warrant.

        Here is the biggest problem and why what they are doing is not unconstitutional nor illegal. We gave them the permission and access rights!!! Think about that. How many of you have read Googles new privacy policy? How many of you have read the privacy policy of your ISP provider? How many of you have read the privacy of your cell phone agreement? The common theme throughout these privacy policies is that they are telling you all the ways they are violating your privacy and getting you to agree to it.

        We are in a world of shit now and there isn’t much we can do about it. It’s time to starve the pig. There are only two ways out of this, cut off the money or revolution. By the way both are Constitutional when the government has gone rogue.

        I guess I have enough key words his this comment to make their list. Good luck to all and remember fat fingers are as bad as loose lip, they will both sink your ship in this case.

        • Makes very good sense to me Patriot 1.
          Sure would be nice if you could just access the internet without all the binding agreements.
          I think this summer the natives will be restless and we could see wide spread rioting, etc from just about any part of the country. Of course those relying on the MSM will have only mis-info about anything that does go on.

      44. Let them watch me, I don’t care. We aren’t doing anything illegal or planning to do anything illegal. Just taking care of our family because of the utter disaster THEY have created.

        But if they keep this crap up, I just might take my business and my family to a tropical isle and not come back. I’m not gonna stick around for communism.

        They’d sure miss my TAX REVENUE because I pay them way too much!

        • Mr B.

          Your statement is exactly the liberal argument. “If you not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” and that Mr. B. Is how we got here.

          PRIVATE CITIZEN, what part of the word private don’t they understand? The government has no right to watch me.

          Finally why the hell should you have to leave to get your privacy and where do you think it would be better?

          • And you propose to stop them how, Patriot One? I’m not saying it’s right, in fact, it is horrible, but it is what it is. That is what our grandparents & great-grandparents and WE let happen to this formerly free nation.

            I believe we have one last gasp of freedom left. If we don’t turn this progressive/communist beast around, we are done.

            There are still a few freedom places left – not as great as it SHOULD be here, but better than it is here today that’s for sure. We are clearly not free anymore in Amerika. Better watch the warning signs & be ready. At some point, they’ll keep you here – even if you want to leave.

            And you will be on “The List”.

            • I suppose a financial collapse would go a long way in restoring a Constitutional government, but that’s a double edge sword. You see they are working toward a collapse too, to gain control. They will force the confrontation.

              With that said, there calculation is flawed because they are think political and party lines. The real battle line would be more like 21% liberal against the rest of America.

              Even if they had all the equipment from our Military they would lack the personal to use or maintain the equipment.

              History has proven now that Sen. Joe McCarthy was right in his commie fears.

              That’s just my view from under my Tin Foil Hat.

            • Unfortunately I believe collapse would bring out the sheeple in most people. They’d be screaming from their rooftops for govt to step in and “help” them.

              Like leading lambs to the slaughter, govt would be very willing to comply. With conditions…….

              You see, they have the law (that they make) on their side.

              Collapse would be absolutely devastating for our freedom. A split in our nation would be the best outcome from it.

      45. Just an item: Dr. are asking their patients is they have guns. Also asking if they feel stressed, or threatened, or if they have considered harming anyone? Under Medicare Supposed to report any yes on the last three to DHS; Will get your Concealed Carry permit revoked. Do not know validity of this last part but, Dr. did ask about guns, CO meter. radon, etc; smiled at him

        • O-bloomer-care (pardon me ladies) is just another ploy for taking away rights and freedoms. They want to make it more of an issue over women and minorities(the poor), than what is really going on behind the fine print. If it isn’t repealed, then the whole danged gov. is behind it. Throw the bums out, and start with a fresh group.

      46. i wonder if they can see me giving them the finger…

      47. Yea, FBI, watch out for Grandma, she’s stocking extra toilet paper. Grandpa put away some extra canned food in case he can’t afford to buy it in 6 months.

        Go Get Em! They are obviously terrorists.

        Have the TSA gropers single them out & pat them down too. That knee replacement might be used to whack a stewardess on the shin.

      48. As many of you may know, Google recently came out with a new “Privacy” policy which essentially gives them permission to mine every bit of data they can from you and sell it to commercial advertisers or anyone else who will pay them. The data would come from your gmail account, Google searches and YouTube watches. The obvious fear is where will this eventually wind up. From this article we know where….Will the government at some point get involved, if not already–?

        Unless you completely “disconnect”, there probably isn’t anything you can do to prevent it entirely, but there is a way now that will let you see who is watching.Below in the first link is a story out of a European news site on an alternative (at least partly) to Google and something you can do to see who may be gathering information on you.

        Mozilla’s Firefox has developed a prototype tool that will allow for you to see who is “watching you”. In order to use it, Firefox must be your browser of choice. I have been using it for years as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and I have always liked it better.

        If you end up using Firefox, the link at the bottom is where you can download the application, they call “Collusion”. Once you deploy the “add-on, you must activate it by clicking on the little box that will appear at the bottom of your browser screen. The icon is a little box that has a red ringed white circle that you click on and up pops a tab. It opens up with no “threads”, but as you click around your browser a web of connections appears before your eyes. This reveals all of the connections to who is watching. You can hover your cursor over each connection to see the names of the companies, or organizations that are watching.

        Article about Google’s (lack of) Privacy statement and Fire Fox’s alternative:​sciencetech/article-2109223/​Google-privacy-policy-Mozilla-​add-Collusion-reveals-spying-​internet-users.html

        Where to get Collusion:​US/firefox/search/?q=​Collusion&appver=10.0.2&​platform=windows

      49. note to all who TRIED to access the above mentioned site I have been DIVERTED TO OTHER SITE AND UNABLE TO READ THE PAGE anyone else having the same problem might be somethimng to all of this BE AWARE TRIED 6 TIMES TO NO AVAIL

      50. @All Virus Warning: please keep this in mind!!! This is key for you and your families survival!!! Please do the biological weapon safety prevention and Anti-Virus herbal remedies research… I.E. Colloidal Silver, Garlic, Onion, St. John Wart, etc etc, it’ll save your lives!!!

        “When the Globalists Fascist IMF NWO.CFR Zionist Controlled GESTAPO Jack Boot Brown Shirt FEDS come for You and yours , they wont be kicking in doors…

        They will be SPRAYING YOU ALL with the HELP of the U.S. Army Air Corps, U.S. AIR FORCE, Army / Air Force National Guards Air Corps, U.S. Marine Corps Air Corps… and civilian private mercenaries like Black Water , DynaCorps , Haliburton, etc etc!

        Flying over your very homes in military planes spraying your homes, yards, pools, neighborhoods, schools, water sources with Hepatitis!

        Hepatitis !!! Is the IMF NWO.CFR #1 MASS eugenics population Killer Disease of Choice!!! It’s stable in Delivery and has a Nice Slow Kill reaction upon the unsuspecting eugenics TARGETED population sprayed! Normal Anti-Biotic only HELP KILL YOU FASTER!!!

        It’s Already been Released in the UKRAINE! As a Test and other locations throughout the world!

        The Healthier you are the more likely you’ll DIE! The Younger you are the more likely you’ll DIE!

        New Born Babies , Infants will DIE!

        All killed by their Very Own Immune Systems Response!

        Your own body will KILL YOU!!!

        So buy all the GUNS and AMMO YOU WANT!!!

        But If You don’t Protect Yourselves , Your Kids and Babies from Weaponized Hepatitis and other Weaponized Disease’s too be released upon you by the IMF NWO.CFR Globalists U.N. , your just wasting your time buying all that Guns and Ammo!

        They are going to KILL YOU ALL with “DISEASE” , not LEAD!!!

        Please WAKE UP and SMELL the IMF NWO CFR Zionist DISEASED FASCISM!

        They Are Going to Kill You All! Its Already Started!!!

        Learn the Proper Steps to Take for Disease prevention Protection and How to Treat the Disease with Homeopathic Medicine!!! Learn what hepatitis is???



        Note: COLLOIDAL SILVER should be first for all items put in your BUG-OUT BAGS!

        • @ Nina— man if they got lists…

          your on every fuckin one of em….

          your a cuckoo

      51. this is my last post…..leave me alone Obama and company–I have a big dog that bites….and a picture of george soros and several other such types for wipe.

        • Unfortunately, it’s not just obama. Think Bush and the Patriot Act.

      52. in case your all wondering what the NWO ZIONISTS game plan is…

        “Yes, the noonday Winter Solstice Sun of December 21st, 2012 is the time when the Lord of The Harvest shall return. You might know him as “Nibiru. Read up on the Mayan Prophesies and Calendrical events for more detail upon how the actual Galactic and Universal Cycles work.”

        “There will be dramatic changes to your climate and weather conditions over the next few years, as the time of the Great Harvest approaches. You will see wind speeds surpassing 300 miles per hour at times. There will be raging tsunamis and widespread devastation; and a solar emission in late 2009 early 2010 that will cause major melting of the ice caps, and subsequent drastic rise in sea levels, leaving many (international) metropolitan areas underwater….San Francisco and Damascus, will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010, possibly even sooner. Again, it depends upon certain ‘forces’ at play, and which time lines are activated. Humanity, though utterly unconscious of the fact, has a significant part to play in this. You (as a collective consciousness of the planet) are choosing the Negative Polarization by default, by the quality of your thoughts and actions. Thought is creative energy, focused. You get exactly what you put out.”

        Decide for yourself whether this information is valid. It fits into the puzzle picture I have assembled about a long-term Cabalist plan to deliberately fulfill prophesy and initiate an apocalypse. —end of nwo insider quote—

        … first yes i know the dates are off … second this is very real … there are forces currently battling across our world for ultimate global power! each has its own ideology of what a perfect world would be and each thinks its way is the best way!

        … unfortunately for 90% of you if the GLOBALIST ZIONIST EUGENICISTS WIN, that means your poisoned, sterilized, diseased and then an early death.

        Which side do you Support in this Global Battle???

        If you want too live and want your children to live healthy normal lives… you might wanna look around yourselves, at whom you work for, what you eat, drink, take for meds and re-evaluate your politics in general!

        Cause you might just be Fighting for the WRONG SIDE in this EPIC BATTLE OF HUMANITY!!!




        • TRUST NOTHING!!!

      53. If our Government wants to pick on a 3rd world country ,How about Somalia. That would make too much sense; to get rid of those Pirates and their barbarian way of life. But no, Lets camp out in Afghan.
        I can tell Our fearless so called leader , has something else in mind.It’s a game of Chess. It is a strategic place to be if you plan on WW111. The sad part is that, our nehpews ,niece’s,chidren,grandchildren,spouse are the Pawns. I hope these poloticions Share the same pain as the rest of us.. You Can’t Beat Your Way Through Life with your fist Ofuckingbama. Put some of thet in your pipe and smoke it.

      54. Blackhawk Down . They kicked our ass didn’t they?

        • we only mowed-down 500 to 1500 of them in less than 12 hours….

      55. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE DHS< FBI< CIA< NSA< FEDS… we all know who you work for IMF NWO.CFR ZIONISTS FASCISTS and what it is your doing to AMERICA… and we know who/ WHAT your Puppet boss is…

        barack obama was birthed in KENYA by a known female CIA AGENT working under contract for the Gestapo Fascist AMERIKAN CIA! Kenya at the time was a BRITISH territory!

        making our imf nwo cfr zionist cia fascist puppet prez barry soetoro aka obsama barack obama a

        Who grew up in Indonesia with a Cross-Dressin Dude Nanny who showed barry all kinds of special things… which is why barry is a Switch Hitter and likes to hang out with Rham Emanuel in Gay bath houses in Chicago so much!!!

        Just ask his gay lover … eeeeer I mean his Personal White House Trainer/ Boy friend Reggie Luv!!!

        Your ALL bein' Lied too … it's as simple as that!

        AmeriKa is on BIG FASCIST LIE!!!

        Has been since 1913!

        Wake up Everyone and Smell the FASCISM!!!

        Then go out and buy yourself a Rifle and a good Pistol!!!

        Cause it's coming… REVOLUTION!!!


      56. They are keeping all negative or critical comments in a data base, along with your name, DOB, SS# address and phone number for future reference. At the appointed time, all persons who have ever made derogatory remarks against the government or anyone in the government, especially King Obama, will be rounded up and shipped to prisons- never to return.

        This will happen in the next few years. So, say what you want, type what you want, express your opinions freely. But know this: They are watching. They are listening. They are keeping records. And they have no human feelings or conscience. They would not give it a thought to kill you and shit on your grave.

        Remember the White Rose in Nazi Germany?

        • @stan … don’t be a puss… people eat puss’s… ;0P

          personally … i’m counting the days … last i checked U.N. LUVIN ZIONIST FASCIST TRAITOR Feds bleed out just like everyone else.

          go peddle your fear over at infowars with the rest of the goyim irs debt slave puss’s!

          PHUCK the NWO!!! PHUCK the imf cia puppet BARRY SOETORO!!!


          PREDATOR or PREY of the IMF NWO U.N. GLOBALISTS the choice is yours!!!


        • Stan

          If they rounded up everyone critical of Government in todays time they would not have the resources to do it. You can’t lock up or otherwise dispose of 20% of your population and still have a government that functions. How many people serving in the military have family members that are critical? How many brothers, sisters, Aunts and Uncles, Mothers and Fathers of police officers are not critical? At all cost the loyalty of the military (and law enforcement) must be maintained by government.

          “Remember the White Rose in Nazi Germany?”

          Remember that a huge majority supported Hitler. Beware the demonization of any group. Jews were blamed for the economic problems that faced Germany post WWI. Who can be blamed today? Certainly the poor SOB laid surfing the WEB on sites like this are a poor sell to the other laid off masses.

          Are they looking for nut cases looking to step outside of the political arena? Yes of course they are. This will be won or lost on the ballot box and soap box. If it came down to the ammo box everything has already been lost. The end result would not be a better Republic but rather a power vacuum with the mighty not the moral assuming control.

      57. When they come out and play , like a worm falling on an ant hill neighborhood watch has become a bunch of high strung orangutangs trained to scrap cars… Right turn Clyde.


        Govt. has to worry about these fucks.

        NOT a constitutional citizen with a shot gun and a few shelves full of beans to protect the family for when the dollar crashes and they lead us into slavey in a cashless society.

        I still think this is a socialist UN/bankster plot to destroy the US.
        We need to challenger these fucks at every turn. Make them squirm.

        It was fun to watch the US grow…but it will be something to see it go down.

        As for the govt.. ignore them.
        Keep prepping and live your life.

        These fuckers need to fear us.

        If we all ammo and prep up…
        They can’t come for us all.

        Don’t post any crazy shit or threats.
        Feel free to roam the web.
        Don’t live in fear.
        If you didn’t do anything wrong…no worries.

        As I’m an IT guy,…this coming cashless society will keep me very busy with all the database bloat, app. needs and analysis work.

        A while back I did read that if you were a prepper, some psyc. asshole tried to make it out that you were crazy.

        So I’m crazy for wanting to make sure my child never starves and that a bunch of gangs of govt. assholes don’t break down the door.

        I’ll cap this…
        The very fact that they want to track us all down…says that the govt.
        has been taken over by a half breed, a lesbian, a communist who wants to steel your IRA and 401k.

        Just keep living your life. NEVER vote Democrat/Socialist/Communist.
        Prep up.
        Drive on with your career and make sure you invest in silver.
        I don’t do gold as they will nationalize it in time.

        To cash out of silver, never sell it all at once.
        Just find a local Dr. or Lawyer you meet at the coffee shop and do an arms length transaction.

        If it’s a cashless society by then….use it for bater.
        Silver and gold will be the underworlds currency…so the demand will be there most likely.

        Orwells 1984 had the year wrong…it should have been 2024. That’s when it will all go down.

        The govt. does need to be cautious about the destruction of the middle class.
        The day they declare martial law and you have to turn in your guns is the day
        the second american revolution is on for many folks.

        Just bought a nice little training 22 for my daughter.
        Folks, you need to teach your kids about firearms.
        They will most likely be the ones that need it.

        I have to go to work now as I’m a debt slave.
        Hey, maybe we’ll have a slave uprising one day. ha

      59. I’m with ya’ NinaO!
        It matters not how many fascist NWO stooges are outside your door

        It matter how many of them you can take down before they get to you.

        I’ve been high on their list for a while so I can post sh*t like this and it won’t make them any more eager for my head.
        Bring it fascist pigs!

      60. Yeah, well guess what. The DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF and all the other mass murdering government terrorists are being monitored 24/7. They BETTER be very afraid.

        • Threats like that are WHY we are being monitored in the first place.

      61. Yesm theyre watcing. I suspected theyve ALWAYS been watching, it has just creeped out now to quell disent and help chll the movements that are afoot. I simply go marily on, until the THREAT reaches my doors.

      62. @everyone. Yeah, they might have you on A list, but realize people, the political and banking class KNOW their on 30,000,000 LISTS!!!! Thats why you hear people like grahm say “when they say they want a lawyer, tell them, no lawyer for you”. I have been hearing this “I don’t want to get on a list” arguement for 20 years, and just the fact that people are scared of being on a government list should be PROOF to ALL of the REAL america in wich we live. Liberty, and information are on the move, and alot more people are waking up to the fact that they are living the american dream(DREAM= a succession of images,thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during SLEEP). I know some of you will never see it or accept it, you are happy in your matrix. You are torres, and loyalist. Go in peace, enjoy your bondage.

      63. They’re collecting so much stuff that people can longer digest it. It has to be automated.

        The eMail monitoring is triggered by the appearance of certain words in the texts.
        Could a group of dissenters do a spam mailing of those words and send them to millions of people?
        Or could we include a different word from the list in every email we send?
        I think we’re seeing a Tower of Babel building slowly.

        I’m almost at the point where I’m going to disconnect from the internet completely. Favorites sites like Huffington Post have so many ads that my computer slows down drastically when I go it. AOL is the same (they’re related now). Even SHF is getting slower and slower from content overload…not stories but ads.

        I may send my emails by dial-up sites just to get away from attachments.

      64. So, I was wondering…. why is it that all of your stories are almost ALWAYS a reflection of The Intel Hub’s stories, just a day later?? Are you guys just a copycat “news” site, or what? Do you do any of your own stories, or just rip off others hard work? I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’! 🙁

      65. American Dream. Whomever came up with that saying was talking about the american SHEOPLE, not about a house and car and all that BS, WAKE UP!! It has been twisted and perverted just like the constitution and the concept of WHAT patriotism is, and american values. Its kinda like the word anti-semite. Instantly the sheep think anti-jew, because they/we are conditioned to. ARABS ARE SEMITES! They tell us to hate muslims(and most are arab) So they are telling you to be anti-semite. The irony of stupidity in this country is laughable.

      66. If they weren’t using the internet to track us, we would no longer have access to it.

        The only reason we still have access to the internet is to give “them” a way to spy on us. Once they decide they’ve compiled enough information and identified the threats to their agenda, the ‘net will go down. If Revolution occurs before that point, the ‘net will go down.

        Keep in mind that Arab Spring protests were coordinated almost solely through social media: Twitter, Facebook and web forums. If we know this, obviously the CIA and DHS know this.

        I figure if we’re already on “the list” there’s no real point in worrying about it now. I will do everything I can to thwart the snooping, but I will not keep quiet about my opinions, nor will I change my habits of websites I view. I will continue to use the Web as a tool to spread the word about the truth of what is going on in the world.

        Get all the information you can, while you still can! The days of having internet, as a form of communication and a source of information, are numbered.

      67. I accidently blocked the cookies to my e-mail and it will not allow me in. Says Your browser is currently set to block cookies. Have gone back into privacy, advanced and de-selected but still will not allow me in. Now what?

      68. Again, the naivete of the american sheeple is laughable. The military CREATED the internet. What person in their right mind, wouldn’t know, from the begining, they would have protocals built into the system (from the begining) TO FIGHT ESPIONAGE!!

      69. I just got locked out of your web site and had to delete all my cookies to get back in. It gave it a message I’ve never seen before; (“Error establishing a database connection”) You need to check out the Executive Order barrack hussein obama signed Friday (the 16th)!!!

      70. Homeland Security is becomming “Der Furhers” brownshirts. Expect worse things to follow.

        • Yes, and only YOU, and YOU, and YOU, and YOU… all of us TOGETHER can stop it – quickly, easily, without too much lead or rope…

      71. The domestic policy of the government is clearly Marxist. The foreign policy of the government is clearly Globalist. My observations are based on my decades long observations. You may disagree. I am open to different opinions.

        • Both ideologies have similarities. Such as not recognizing national borders. Totalitarianizm. Etc.

          • Old Fuzzy

            It’s a hybrid with communism for the masses and fascism pretty much running the administration with an oligarchy in control of it all. If you look at the worst of all systems to be in control this is it. It’s a complete totalitarian package not only in the end controlling what you have and how much but with fascist greed administering the distribution (or lack thereof).

            “not recognizing national borders”

            Borders just get in the way of complete control.

      72. Its because they are scared, and rightfully so…they should be scared if they have half a brain.
        peole know who are the oppressors, and who breaks the laws they were sworn to uphold..we know
        And these are actions of the fearful..they created this and now they are afraid of what they created…well, too dam bad and too dam late, but you are not going to take your stupidity out on me. why?..because I wont let you

        they can take away all the rights they want on paper..but they are not going to be able to take away what they never had to give in the first place
        they will find out when they push the limit once too many

      73. New Slogan for all Americans…


      74. I do not think they would only use a cookie with fbi written in its name(like a giant billboard) to track people. If they are JUST using cookies(and not a program written into brousers), that means…..A- These cookies are decoys, real culprit is disguised or hiden OR B-The cookie was put out with fbi in its name, and easily found, as a SCARE TACTIC. I pick B. P.S.-Don’t put that Ron Paul bumber sticker on your car because that makes you a terrorist.

        • So…. where do I educate myself about “OR B”?

          • after A brother.

      75. can they my middle finger up. keep watching……

      76. Folks this is just the Beginning, All Patroits and Preppers. and anyone that has voiced their opinions, have been put on a list,BFD. They can”t arrest all of us, before the word gets out, and they and the JBT and all the Kings men. will not be able to stop the Backlash they will have Created..We are free Americans forever, they can say all they want, but will never erase it from our Minds…So all you Brave alpbet agencys Come get it if you dare..we are willing and Ready!!! Semper Fi

      77. Were all doomed. Hold on to your guns and fight for your freedom!

      78. Washington D.C. The NEW al-Qaeda

      79. I’m trying to think of one thing that government can do correctly. Here is a list of things they need help with:


        With all of these colossal failures, should we even worry about them being able to monitor us Big Brother style? And if my only crime is reading an article that is not written by the MSM how does that make me a criminal? Is it pre-thought crime? How silly the world is when you put a bunch of elites in charge.

        Princess Leia once said to Governor Tuck, “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems slip through your fingers.”

      80. I understand that there are numerous groups from various sides of the political spectrum compiling lists of government officials and employees for trial by tribunal when the government collapses from economic deprivation (even drones don’t work for free) and goes defunct.

        Thinking twice about one’s actions appears to be something everyone should be doing. For as history has demonstrated, tens of thousands of civilians have been eliminated by the state as in the case of the Soviet Union, but the same is held true for for the extermination of government personnel and their useful idiots by civilians in the example of the French Revolution.

        Although the outcome of the future is uncertain as to which force will prevail, it is my educated guess that in the social and political environment to come, I would rather be the ‘documented’ dissenter during these present times, than the ‘documented’ tyrant and abuser in times to come, for I will indeed have a head to hang high at such a juncture.

        May the best list win!

        • In the end some human has to read the stuff filtered. Assuming a wide brush taking in most people having displeasure with the way things are the numbers of people doing the final analysis must be staggering.

          How do they hire people? Where are they coming from? How are they vetted? How well do they watch their own and who cares to work in a position where your being so closely watched?

          All of this is creepy.

      81. Hey GOVERNMENT – Track THIS!!![Explicit hand gesture]


        • I did not write this comment.

      83. They can watch all they want. Hope they see my middle finger too…

      84. You missed muhahaha

      85. Here in the UK the powers that be, are about to install forced hardware on every isp in the country, before long it will be illegal to be a resident and own/operate a website hosted by a non US/UK isp, they also are about to not only ‘monitor’ but to save on a ‘DATABASE’ every phone call, mobile or home phone, every web site visited, every e mail sent etc They have stated this loud and clear for all to hear. Therefore .. you can not hide behind any firewall, or virtual net as it will be your internet provider which is watching you and directing all of your ‘traffic’ to the GOVT MI5 MI6 ECT..They realise the POWER IS WITH THE PEOPLE as long as they are organised..and they can not organise, spread the facts etc if they can not communicate.

      86. Hest pressed black letters on an orange shirt with “FUTURE FEMA CAMP DETAINEE” on back, went into my local deli where a few DHS cops in their swat attire asses get lunch daily. They gave me a look like i had three heads, i smirked,, flipped the one off and walked out.

        Its more fun to let them know your watching them too.

      87. the republicans are the ones voting these bill through and bo signs them. maby i wont vote for either party what i see i dont trust either party,,,,,

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