“They Went After The Women Who Came Forward” Former Obama HHS Secretary Exposes The Clinton’s For Attacking The Women Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Assault

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 52 comments

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    In the “post Weinstein” world we now find ourselves in we have seen dozens and dozens of prominent figures in Hollywood, politics, and the media be accused of a wide range of sexual attacks on women.

    From groping all the way to rape, powerful establishment figures are being outed as sexual predators across the country, with the mainstream media declaring that all accusers must, at least initially, be believed.

    Amazingly, at the same time, mainstream media talking heads have either specifically ignored the numerous allegations against Bill Clinton or actually claimed that his accusers are discredited and cannot be believed. (Keep in mind all other accusers are automatically assumed to be telling the truth.)

    With that being said, it was only a matter of time before that dam broke as well and now, with a series of explosive comments by an Obama and Clinton ally, one can hope that Bill Clinton may finally be brought to justice with Hillary forever shamed for her role in attacking the women who came forward.

    In an interview conducted on a CNN podcast by former Obama chief adviser David Axelrod, former Obama Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius opened up about the cover-up and subsequent attacks on the women who accused then President Clinton in the 1990’s.

    “Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him,” Sebelius stunningly detailed. Keep in mind this is a fact that the alternative media has reported on literally hundreds and hundreds of times while being attacked as right-wing conspiracy theorists for doing so.

    “And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. And then people attacked the victims,” Sebelius continued.

    Sebelius made clear that her criticism extends directly to Hillary Clinton herself who was widely known to be the driving force behind the attacks on her husbands accusers.

    An article written about the podcast by CNN couldn’t hide from the fact that this is absolutely Hillary’s problem as well.

    Sebelius extended her criticism to Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton White House for what she called a strategy of dismissing and besmirching the women who stepped forward—a pattern she said is being repeated today by alleged perpetrators of sexual assault—saying that the criticism of the former first lady and Secretary of State was “absolutely” fair.

    Sebelius noted that the Clinton Administration’s response was being imitated, adding that “you can watch that same pattern repeat, It needs to end. It needs to be over.”

    The comments came during a conversation with David Axelrod on the latest episode of “The Axe Files,” a podcast produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN.

    Of course the notoriously left wing, anti-Trump network couldn’t simply report on Sebelius’s comments without also attacking Republicans who have seemingly done the exact thing that the network has defended the Clinton’s for doing.

    One can imagine that like Donna Brazile, Sebelius will be attacked by Clinton’s army of media shills and then eventually attempt to backtrack a few days later when the pressure becomes too much to handle.

    Regardless, the cat is out of the bag. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton (as well as the entire machine around them) actively and purposefully attacked the numerous women who accused Bill of everything from groping to rape.

    They absolutely did not “stand by them.”


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      1. Pleeeeease, it’s always safe to be the last one to pile on after everyone else does. Where was she when it counted?

        • She was keeping her mouth shut with the expectation of a high government position. But then Hillary lost.

          • ROGER THAT!!!

        • well we dont have to worry about women cumming forward for oboingo, because he is into boys.

          • Maybe the boys will come forward.

        • Where was she? She was literally acting at Bill’s “bimbogate eruptions” manager, and calling these female victims “trailer trash.”

          That IS how disgusting the fascist, hypocrite left is.

      2. it’s interesting to see some of the same MSM outlets who always defended the Clintons now turning against them. Looks like Billy Boy and the Hildebitch have finally become too toxic for the DNC. They’re looking for new blood and fresh faces for candidates. DNC is slowly getting its shit together after having won 2 governorships lately. RNC needs to get their shit together for next year to keep from losing.

      3. The Clintons have finally become too toxic even for DNC. They’re starting to get their shit together after winning two governorships recently. They’re getting fresh faces and new blood for candidates but still the same failed libturd philosophy and agenda. RNC had better get their act together in order to keep control of both House and Senate. It’s interesting to see some of the MSM outlets turn against the Clintons and even people like Donna Brazile speak out. We’ll see.

        • The Clinton’s have weathered much worse than this. They are not done.

        • Braveheart1776

          The Clintons are expendable. I believe there is a two prong reason for all of this.

          1. TPTB know that the body politic are losing faith in a system that they believe is extremely corrupt. To save off too many problems TPTB are tossing a bone to the wolves. The Clintons, now devoid of power can no longer do them good. They’re expendable. The high profile others in media and entrainment are not that important; they’re’s plenty more where they came from to replace them.

          2. The big prize is made in conditioning the public to not just accept but demand resignations devoid of real evidence. Once this mindset is established they’re coming after President Trump with these same charges.

          • Yes…I have had that same thought. Stuff that is happening now feels like battlefield prep…for 2020, or 2018. I am flabbergasted by how many people seem willing to pass judgment on people that are accused without seeing any real evidence. I thought Americans knew better than this. Guess I was naive. But we are definitely being herded toward something.

          • There are stong rumors that the “powers that shouldn’t be” are shedding the old guard. The Clintons, Weinsteins, Charlie Rose etc are being purged.

            Watch for who takes control of the progressive/Globalist movement. They will likely be far more dangerous than those purged, like the Clintons, who left a trail of bodies across Arkansas.

            They won’t be taking prisoners.

            • That is highly probable. It would tend to re-establish some faith in the system functioning as advertised just like an election momentarily gives many hope. As we know its, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. If its deceitful you can count on them doing it.

              • Kevin2 and PTPO, I agree with both of your analyses. It will be very gratifying to see the Clintons and the rest of the ‘old guard’ fall and fall as hard as possible. Whoever replaces them will probably be far more dangerous as PTPO said and the struggle against the NWO will continue. They won’t be taking prisoners and neither should we.

                • The Clintons also went into business for themselves using their protected status and notoriety . This has drawn not only unnecessary attention but no doubt on occasion made TPTB agenda sometimes more difficult to achieve. I think other corrupt politicians seen it and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that” and planned to go in business for themselves too. I think their private endeavors will end with subsequent corrupt officials.

                  The Clintons were greedy among the greedy.

          • Keven2 mentioned they will be coming after President Trump. it will all be fairy tale stuff. The guy has been married several times, but he no horny bastard. So fake news to keep the heel rolling, in fact he is now proposing that all the sexual bailout of elected officials be made public to the tune of 15.2 million tax payer’s dollars. The swamp is much deeper and dirtier.

      4. When can we break out the baseball bats and just indulge ourselves on those 2? Where’s Negan when you need him?

        • I am Negan.

          • Thank goodness you’re out there!!! Now, let’s grab the Clintons and have a little dance: ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93FprsmspCs

      5. I often wonder how long these people who hate the police will be around long without police protection. I would think without police protection. They would be gone shortly. Thanks cops?

      6. I wonder if they all think Trump will protect them? Would Obama or Hilary? Times they are a changing? Go Trump.

      7. To all you who engineered the Chevy pass lock security system , that makes you wait ten to thirty minites to start you car . I hope God gets even and butchers your family. O that’s so terrible. They just made a mistake . As in soddom and Gomorrah., they just made a mistake?

        • Sorry for the family thing. Let’s let their genetics prosper. Canibles are people too.

      8. Soon the tribulation will get rid of these people. Look up and rejoice.

      9. If you have ever driven a missippi highway you will see the light. Mass extermination is a nesseserry evil? Like it or not.

      10. Can anyone say VOMIT! Can you imagine these people standing in front of Jesus!

        • They won’t be going in that direction.

          • C U Next Tuesday Hillary . . . in hell.

          • initially they will:

            Romans 14:10 …for we shall ALL stand before the judgment seat of Christ. v.11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. v.12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.


            Philippians 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

            then, the change of direction

            • There is a description of some people who, during the final judgement, at the sight of the Lord God, who created all things, simply melt away. They can’t bare to even face judgement.

              It’s the Lords escape plan for the condemned who understand their transgressions. The rest who will suffer terribly.

        • Sooner the better

      11. Mark Taylor – The fireman prophet, has a lot to say about the Clintons and other’s. I like him, and feel he is the real deal. You can find his prophesied on you tube.

      12. Americans are just beyond dumb. The film Primary Colors showed this very behavior of the Clintons. The excellent actress Emma Thompson gives a commanding performance as the vengeful Hillary covering up Bill’s ‘poon trail’ as they work their way to the White House. And it isn’t just the occassional concensual screw, but forcing a Bill supporter to make his underage daughter get an abortion.

        I agree this stuff is coming out for a reason: I think it is a changing of the guard. The old tools are being ditched for new ones. Kevin Spacey did his job sucking and grabbing cock, now he must go; Bill and Hillary did their bit by passing the financial services legislation so now they aren’t needed; Obama expanded the US military to every country on the planet, etc.

      13. These are lawyers that became political officials. They are not driven by goodness or kindness. Makes you wonder how they could fool so many for so long. On a different note, Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope we all have a better year.

      14. The way this dynamic works, usually, imho, is she is a madame, controlling access to sex.

        I’m sorry. People believing that this woman is ‘mi abuela’, or protects men. lol

        • I think you have hit it: these very powerful women are essentially brothal keepers. They have their databases of young women and girls and they use them like candy to lure the powerful men to do what they want.

          Somewhere at a D.C. party, the guests trickle away and our powerful man is drunk and a little high from a few toots of coke. He has been flattered all night by talking to a powerful woman in her 50s. Boring beyond belief, she has listened attentively and laughed at his bad jokes. She even went and got him beers from the fridge, a flattering power move that fed his belief he is the ‘man’. But let’s be clear, while his ego has left him talking to her all night, he has no sexual attraction to her: her ‘manish’ pant suit and asexual body shape do nothing for him. While talking to her, he had noticed some very tasty young ladies milling around the party all night. He clocked their features for future follow-up.

          With most people gone, our power dude relaxes on the couch and let’s out an exhausted phew. The power woman sits beside him and rubs his thigh. It’s late and, yeah, if this is going to sex maybe he could do it. He had screwed worse in the past. She brushes her hand across his crotch. She says, “Have you met my campaign chief’s daughter? Come on over, Kate: I want to introduce you to probably the most powerful man in D.C.”

          “Oh, I am not that powerful ….”

          “Kate needs an opportunity: she has two years to go at the Elmwood Private School for Girls but would looove to work on the Hill! Look, I will leave you two to connect and say some more goodbyes. ”

          “Hi, Mr Spottswood: I am such an admirrer of you!! I would do anything to get an opportunity to help you with the healthcare initiatives. Anything!!!!!!!”

          Spottswood thinks she can’t be more than 16, maybe even 15. But the blonde ponytail and the plaid school skirt are killer. He suggests she come see him when he goes to the Health 2017 conference next week at the golf resort. You guess the rest …

      15. Republican and Democrat are interchangeable. The Clintons were both at the same time. The big psyop is that they differ one bit in policy. This government are the ones wearing the anonymous masks.

        • Hilary is interchangeable with, say, Ron Paul who ran as a Republican? Those who support partial birth abortion are equivalent to those who support babies? I realize some – particularly RINOS – are, but to state this as a blanket truth is the old canard of moral equivalency, which is a philosophy of nihilism and despair.

      16. Remember the fascist left calling all women victimized by Slick’s assaults as “trailer trash.” No outcry from the hypocrite left then! The mantra back then by the left was “It’s only sex,” i.e., not big deal, don’t be puritanical, and blew it off. I remember all this VERY well, and these phrases were used ipssisima verba by the left.

        Clinton has been accused of sexually assaulting at least fourteen women. See http://www.dailywire.com/news/1344/how-many-women-has-bill-clinton-sexually-abused-amanda-prestigiacomo

        1. According to Breitbart News, Juanita Broaddrick, a gubernatorial campaign volunteer, accused Bill Clinton of rape in 1978: “Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip. … When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door.

        2. Eileen Wellstone, an English woman who met Clinton at a pub, alleged the former president of sexual assaulted her in 1969.

        3. Carolyn Moffet, a legal secretary, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1979.

        4. Elizabeth Ward Gracen, reigning Miss America and married at the time, originally told friends that Clinton had sexually assaulted her in 1982. It is reported that Gracen has privately condemned the encounter as rape but has publicly claimed it was “consensual,” presumably out of fear.

        5. Per Breitbart, “Flight attendant Christy Zercher, who worked on Clinton’s plane in 1992, allegedly accused Clinton of exposing his genitals to her and grabbing her breasts.”

        6. Former DC fundraiser, Sandra Allen James alleged that Clinton “invited her to his hotel room and then sexually assaulted her in 1991.”

        7. Kathleen Willey, former Democrat activists, per WND, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

        8. Paula Jones claimed that Clinton exposed his penis to her and then asked “Would you kiss it for me?” She filed a sexual harassment claim against him soon after.

        9. An unnamed 22-year-old woman came forward in 1972 to accuse Clinton of sexual assault. “According to Capitol Hill Blue, in 1972, while Bill was dating Hillary at Yale Law School, a 22-year-old woman told campus police that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her. She confirmed the assault to Capitol Hill Blue but did not want her name used. Clinton was still president in 1999 when the article was written.”

        10. As a professor at the University of Arkansas, Clinton “allegedly sexually attacked a female student, groped her and tried to physically trap her in his office.”

        11. According to an article penned by Daniel J. Harris and Teresa Hampton, “former Arkansas students confirmed that Clinton tried to force himself on them when he was a professor.”

        12. Roger Morris wrote in Partners In Power that another unnamed victim accused Clinton of unwanted sexual advances:
        A young woman lawyer in Little Rock claimed that she was accosted by Clinton while he was attorney general and that when she recoiled he forced himself on her, biting and bruising her. Deeply affected by the assault, the woman decided to keep it all quiet for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband. When the husband later saw Clinton at the 1980 Democratic Convention, he delivered a warning. “If you ever approach her,” he told the governor, “I’ll kill you.” Not even seeing fit to deny the incident, Bill Clinton sheepishly apologized and duly promised never to bother her again.

        13. In the book, Uncovering Clinton, another woman, “the wife of a prominent Democract” (who remained unnamed), accused Clinton of sexual abuse in 1996: Clinton started getting physical, trying to kiss her, touching her breasts. The woman said she was stunned. She had no idea how to respond. “I’ve never had a man take advantage of me like that” … As Clinton pressed himself on her, she said, she resisted–and finally pushed him away. What happened after that? I asked. Clinton turned away, she said. She hesitated, and she said softly and with apparent discomfort, “I think he finished the job himself.”

        14. Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson wrote a book about Clinton called, Dereliction of Duty in which he accounted yet another victim of sexual abuse by the then-president. He wrote that a female stewardess on Air Force One complained that Clinton “sexually molested” and “cornered” her on the flight. Per Patterson, the woman only “wanted an apology.”

        (Note: Women like Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers have admitted to having extramarital affairs with Clinton but are not on the list because they have never professed any nonconsensual abuse. A case could be made that Clinton took extreme advantage of Lewinsky. But do not expect any “feminists” to agree with that notion.)

        • Most sexual assault allegations happen after the consenting woman later changes her mind or simply wants to gain notoriety.

      17. They ascribe their own sluttish behavior to the problem. I remember the time: just as with Obama and Trudeau today, most ‘liberal’, lefty and socialist women had the hots for ‘Slick Willy’. He was handsome, powerful, (and I get complaints about this), his wife Hillary was also hot (in my view). A hot liberal power couple. That charisma gets panties wet.

        In the state of frenzy, they overlook all the character issues, the lying, etc. It is like a trance. A sexual trance. Bill knew this and would bang pretty well every woman he met.

        Will women ever learn? I don’t think so and the current revelations of ‘bad men’ abusing women will pass. We are in an hysteria that women throughout history have succomed to.

        • Reminiscent of Eve, Frank. Eve was deluded in the Garden, and women today are still easily deluded, **in general.** Now before the women here get all incensed, Adam *knew* what he was doing, and still chose evil, so he was no better, only different in terms of weakness. Note that the above is a **general** statement, with certainly many exceptions. Also, when women accept the Lord in their lives, they are imparted God’s wisdom, which addresses a natural weakness – just as men, when they become Christians, are imparted a sense of humility to counteract their natural arrogance and (misplaced) self-confidence.

          What is really sad is the LAW of unintended consequences. In fact, the feminist Nazis have now created a world where their daughters are becoming pole dancers in strip clubs, looking for affection from a father who is, to quote the vile Gloria Steinem, as needed as a fish on a bicycle.

          Truth is, these hippolist (men hating women) gorgons (think snake-haired Medusa and her two sisters) will soon have to hold their feminist meetings behind locked doors to be safe from a society of feral men who were actually CREATED BY THE FEMINISTS’ ***OWN*** IGNORANCE AND EVIL.

          Then there is the issue of how all the victims of Slick were called “trailer trash,” and thrown to the wolves, including by Bill’s “bimbogate eruptions” manager Hilary.

      18. The article is okay up until “…with Hillary forever shamed for her role in attacking the women who came forward.” The Hildabeast is totally shameless and always has been. Starting back in the day when, as a defense attorney, she got a child rapist acquitted by attacking his victim. She laughed about it afterwards and then her scumbag client went out and did it again.

        Thus began a lifelong pattern of covering for rapists and facilitating their continued criminal acts.

      19. If you get really bored. Watch . The new leaf. Walter Mathoui. Semi prepper movie.

      20. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
        Be well all
        Maniac. On the side –out

      21. Being above the law has its perks. Why do we need a female president? Women are the fairer sex and would be kinder and more loving, less man war like. Hillary as president I still can’t stop laughing.

        • Yeah, women are so “kind and nurturing”, just like Angela Merkel, who nurtured big black and Arab schlongs into the pussies of German teens, or Margaret Thatcher who nurtured with kindness the souls of Argentinian teenage conscripts to waterey graves in the Falklands War.

          They burned witches for a reason: our ancesters knew some women are just evil (Lady Macbeth, Immelda Marcos, Myanmar’s ‘The Lady’ Peace Prize winner, Hillary Clinton etc.).

          Women are capable of the same evil as men, they are not different.

      22. This is old news, actually. She did this way back when and has continued to do it all along.

        That’s one of the reasons I didn’t vote for her while still hating Trump with every fiber of my conscience. She was worse.

      23. We where elated when willy became president. Arkansas finally got rid of the klintons.

      24. The Clinton body count goes up one more.

        h ttp://www.wnd.com/2017/11/clinton-mega-donor-dies-of-gunshot-wound-to-head/

      25. Where have you been for the last 25 years you hypocrite bitch? Kansas is ashamed of you .

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