They Must Be Hiding Something Really Big

by | Jul 5, 2010 | Headline News | 152 comments

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    As the BP oil leak continues to gush into the Gulf, and the only solution being actively pursued seems to be relief wells that are about 30 days from completion, the nation is starting to wonder – what is really going on down there?

    The initial BP report at the time of the oil rig explosion was that 1,000 barrels of oil per day were leaking into the Gulf. Over seventy days later, we now know that it is roughly 100 times bigger than BP originally “estimated.” Our readers were aware that the problem was much bigger than originally reported had they read the article The BP Oil Disaster is a WAY BIGGER Problem Than You May Think published on May 6, 2010. Still, there were BP and government officials who completely denied that the leak was severe and were adamant about being able to shut it down with top kills, junk shots and a dome.

    Last week, the US government essentially suspended first amendment rights in spill-affected areas by restricting access to photographers and journalists. Anyone found violating the 65-foot safety zone will be charged with a Class D Felony, punishable with jail time and a fine of up to $40,000.

    In a free country, where the right to a free press is supposed to be protected by the very first of 27 amendments, all Americans should be alarmed.

    No national security emergency has been declared (yet). Americans are (rightfully) alarmed by this latest development, which implies that something much more serious may be happening.

    Reginald Kaigler at Demcad’s Corner says that Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire:

    Here are the possibilities:

    1. Incompetence
    Maybe the government is trying to protect BP and themselves from looking incompetent. Perhaps they are worried that this will make Obama look incompetent and hurt the Democrats in the coming elections.

    2. Malicious Intent
    Perhaps Obama wants this disaster to cause the maximum amount of damage so that he can use this crisis to push for his cap and trade policy proposals.

    3. A Greater Threat
    The last explanation seems like the most probable cause. Maybe the reason why the cleanup effort is failing is because they are not focused on cleaning up. I’m starting to wonder if we’re doing with a crisis that is greater than an oil spill. We now have reason to believe that the oil is spilling from the ocean floor. So maybe BP created some kind of under sea volcano that threatens the health of the entire Gulf of Mexico and now the government is trying to prevent panic by controlling the information.

    The government’s motives can be any one of these explanations or a combination. In any event, what the U.S. government is doing is a direct violation of the 1st amendment of the United States constitution. There’s a reason why we are being lied to about the amount of oil that is erupting from the scene. there’s a reason why we are not using supertankers to clean this mess up. There’s a reason why the government is blocking the media out.

    The federal government has something to hide.

    What is it?!

    We’d love to know the answer to that.

    • For those millions of us on the Gulf Coast, we’d really like to know if we should be preparing to evacuate and getting our affairs in order if we won’t be allowed to return due to oil-soaked cities or toxic air.
    • Is there really a methane-gas oil volcano under there ready to explode, potentially causing a Tsunami anywhere from 20 – 200 feet high? If you’re a BP or government scientists evaluating this situation, you should have a theory on this. For those of us in the direct path of any such tidal wave, we’d like to know the probabilities of an event like this occurring.
    • In all seriousness, what are the odds of plugging this leak with the relief wells? And please, stop lying to us. Everything you have said thus far has been grossly underestimated, including your percentages for the previous, failed attempts. We’ve heard that there is a 95% the relief wells will work. Is this true?
    • And what if, in a worst-case scenario, this well is in the 5% and we can’t plug it? Then what? What is the government’s contingency plan? Should we expect another hamburger and fries luncheon with our comrades in Russia to discuss a nuclear detonation?

    President Obama gave us a not so fantastic speech about the oil leak a few weeks back where he failed to answer any real questions about the spill. Other than trying to push an alternative energy agenda, the President didn’t tell us anything new and provided absolutely no plan going forward.

    All of this side-stepping and diversion leaves us with the same takeaway as Reginald had, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Someone is hiding something, and we would really like to know what it is considering this leak will affect the lives of millions and will, without a doubt, lead to a complete economic disasters for all of those who directly and indirectly depend on the Gulf of Mexico to provide a living for their families. And when we say “disaster” we really mean it. Reports suggest that Pensacola, FL hotel and condo cancellations are at – get this – 100%. Raise your hand if you think you know what is going to happen to commercial real estate, residential real estate, jobs and small businesses in the Gulf areas over the next 0 to 6 months.

    We are resigned to the fact now, that the government will not provide any substantial details that could be helpful. They’ve resorted to putting people in jail rather than giving us the truth. This suggests that for the prepper on the coast, you should be ready for anything, from nuclear undersea detonation and methane-catalyzed tidal wave, to hundred mile wide dead zones and oil-infused hurricane storm surges.

    Unfortunately, the American people who will be directly affected by this disaster will likely have no warning about potential ramifications, and will experience them in real-time, as they happen – though it is likely the rest of the country will not be alerted because it is no longer out of the question that the government will institute a full media black-out of any adverse effects.


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      1. As bad as it is,  I think its time we realize that our government don’t tell us the truth.   We are  a nation built on half truths and lies.  This pains me to say but I honestly believe its true- we can’t trust our leaders.

      2. Hell yes they’ve got something to hide.  These government and business “leaders” are the same breed of assholes who told you the following:
        1.  You can protect yourself from a nuclear strike by hiding under a desk.
        2.  You can protect yourself from a biological/chemical attack with duct tape and plastic sheeting.
        3.  You can protect yourself from a major earthquake by hiding under a desk.
        4.  You can protect yourself from disastrous flooding with some sandbags.
        5.  You can protect yourself with the “3 days, 3 ways” plan.
        6.  You should get a flu shot, you know, to “protect” yourself.

        Do we really have to keep going?  These emergency preparedness “plans” the government keeps coming up with for each new disaster or disease are designed to INCREASE casualties, not DECREASE them.  I know that some of the folks who post on this site live down there, and I know that sometimes we fight, but for chrissakes, just get away from that place.  Nothing good is going to happen down there.  We can continue fighting only if everyone is still alive.

      3. BY NOW you must be aware of :
        * the hurricane season predicted, and the reliability of that forecast
        * the wave of sickness and crop damage across the southern states
        * data is hidden, investigation is neutered, news cut off

        Many of us have formed the logical conclusion.  Diaspora ahead.

        GeoM III

      4. hey –hold on —wait a minute.

        you folks are the ones who voted for these politicians.

        all this mayhem is all your fault….(period).

      5. It was the media that informed us about the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.Now government is deciding what the public should know about the Gulf oil spill disaster.If hundreds or thousands of people die in a coastal community from a methane gas cloud coming ashore, the rest of the country might not here about it for months.Hiding the truth has tarnished the credibility of the government and the Main Stream Media.Emails,youtubes, and websites like this one have brought more information to light than anywhere else I’ve looked.An internet blackout should be a wake up call to everyone.

        Search,,,,,methane gas eruptions,,,.

      6. You know what really and truly worries me? Where is the Sierra Club? The Audubon Society? Ducks Unlimited? And where are the ultra-radical enviro-anarchists like ELF? There are a lot of Black Americans living down in those areas-where is the NAACP? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should have long since been protesting that the minorities are going to be the hardest hit and there should be special provisions made for them. Why aren’t all these groups screaming their heads off? Are they under orders to STFU or die? Can anybody tell me?

      7. Oh, yeah:
        7.  You can protect yourself from a tornado by hiding in your bathtub.
        8.  You can protect yourself from violent rapists, murderers, and all manner of thugs by calling 911.
        9.  You can protect yourself by logging onto the FEMA website for the latest news and information.
        10.  In an emergency, you can protect yourself from dehydration by drinking toilet water.
        11.  The FDA is protecting you by working to keep our food supply safe.

        These assholes are laughing at us whenever they tell us this crap.  It must be awful funny for the elites in this country every time some warning comes out and they tell you to “get under a desk”, or to “wait for further news and information”.

      8. Comments…..It has become obvious that there is a coverup, though most people do not know it, as they get their information from msm, including npr.  My small insight is that the situation in the Gulf is hauntingly like circa 1937 in the midwest when that region was overfarmed and turned into the “dust bowl”, which led to a mass exodus of the region, as described by Steinbeck in “The Grapes of Wrath”!

      9. Comments…..You can trust your government..ask any Indian.

      10. I just read this from a comment on Zero Hedge; from ‘Knukles’….”Lemme see how this works. Ain’t right to ask for an ID in Arizona, but is around a BP facility anywhere? Have we discerned something of a minor inconsistency?” ….The man makes a good point.

        Unfortunately for all of us, all the previous comments are true to one extent or the other. Common sense tells us we aren’t being told even a small ammount of how bad things are. Usually, when this many people smell a rat, there’s a rat. Well, this whole situation stinks to high heaven–literally.

           If there isn’t some kind of evac coming soon, I’ll be surprised. with the advent of modern communications, I don’t feel like the government can control all commmunications coming out of the region. If there is a killing field as a result of the oil spill, we will know about it.  trouble is, it may be to late to make an intelligent decision as to what to do.  The most likely thing we will all witness, is a mass exedous from the area sooner or later.

             As places like Pennsocola FL have had many on the spot reports, by people dumb enough to play in the water there, we should keep a close eye on the reports coming out of that area, for changes in the condition of those residents.
             Time will tell—will it not????

      12. They are hiding something.their is moe in the gulf areas than most people think and the military wants it. I do expect people to be moved out of the area soon .Me thinks that Government is in bed with BP since Bp is now not allowingIranian planes to be refules in europe.bp is being obediant  and they will be the scape goat and they will be used for other purposes. I suspect that the Gulf Area would make a great place to make a Global oil supplier of the world ! Imagine that !!!   One of the biggest oil supplys in the world known to mankind so far . Peak oil my but crack! Something is rotten in denmark here folks?

      13. Scar – Excellent question !!!  Where are they and why aren’t they crying ?

      14. Spot on Mac, latest example of why you’ve earned the title ‘site hero’ in regards to the creation of The Government IS lying to us but this isn’t anything new. It’s kind of like how we were told there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that Osama bin Laden,  the ‘evil’ Al-Quada were directly responsible for the 09/11 attacks. We marched into War with 0 proof of who really caused the attacks and we’re now stuck in that never ending stalemate that is the Afghanistan war.

        This BP oil spill is about to bring destruction and devastation to the likes none of us have ever seen before. Why the Government is lying about it is anyones guess, could be incompetence but I doubt that IMHO it’s more along the lines of malicious intent or greater threat. There’s no way the Government can safely and effectively pull off a mass evacuation of the millions residing in the Gulf Coast, they’re going to wait for something horrible to happen first THEN they’re going to pull everyone out of there. If they did it now it would cause panic or hysteria, it still will cause panic and hysteria and as George said up above diaspora IS coming soon.

        Mass re-location of millions of Americans to different parts of the country, it’s a mess and only bound to get worse from here on out.

      15. Let’s see, if we’re going to have a 200′ methane explosion induced tidal wave and I’m on Texas coastal plain at 140′ above sea level………..guess I’ll put my kayak on the roof just in case……….      

      16. The shitty part is that they’re NOT GOING TO EVACUATE, THEY’RE GOING TO LET YOU ALL DIE.
        The government has never provided effective or timely information regarding disasters.  You’re going to be told to go inside and duct tape the windows when the methane cloud moves in.  You’ll all be dead in your homes.  Get out now while the getting is good!

      17. In a free country, where the right to a free press is supposed to be protected by the very first of 27 amendments, all Americans should be alarmed.”

        It’s called “consent of the governed”
        How can you give your consent if there is no free press?
        This Administration and Congress has nothing but contempt for the “governed”

      18. The government has been lying to us all at least since JFK was assassinated. Why should they stop now? I agree with the posters above about Constitutional rights and also about the very preceptive point that we can’t ask for IDs in Arizona but we can in the Gulf region??? WTF, over? We must take control of the government back from Barry Soetoro NOW. That is all! Company Commanders take charge of your men and carry out the Plan of the Day.

      19. Comments…..Go to and listen to those reporting on BP oil spill such as Dr. Bill Deagle who seems to know from his sources alot of what’s happening.  Another one is Richard Hoagland and many many others.  Stay safe, Be Wise and Think Right

      20. i love how everybody blames the government or the politicians.

        the current catastrophe isn’t their fault.


      21. To kzlagerjr:

        Seriously dude are you still talking? I think I speak for everyone when I say shut the hell up you sound like a complete and total moron. WE voted for these politicians? I’m sorry I didn’t know that you had the magical power to see who I voted for in November 2008, if you did though you would know that I wrote in Ron Paul and guess what buddy he ain’t the flippin president.

        The current catastrophe IS their fault, I don’t know who the hell you think you are or what intelligence you think that you possess but you should do yourself and the world a favor and shut that hole in your face go crawl into a hole and die, or hang yourself but either way just shut the fuck up. How anyone can jump to the defense of the criminals in Washington is beyond me, how someone can actually try to place the blame on people for voting these clowns in is just completely absurd…even if you’re theory is correct politicians campaign on one thing then get in office and do another. That wouldn’t be the people’s fault that the politicians are doing what they’re doing that would be the lying scum bags we call leaders in Washington.

        Try going back to elementary school and atleast graduating kindergarten, then maybe you can comment with the big boys intelligently until then do us all a favor and just shut up

      22. I hope intensly that the effort that OP is making here, will reach people.
        People living around the golf, get the message, get the hell out of there!!

      23. This “President” will eventually shut down the Internet. He is anti-American and is trying to destroy our country. It’s beyond terrible and this is an ongoing nightmare.

      24. @Lacey,

        That’s what they said about Bush & Dick… patriot acts, etc… where was the outrage then? are you still stuck on the two party thing?

      25. Personally, I feel this is what we get for not raising hell about 9/11.  Building 7 was their smoking gun yet most Americans refused to see it, even with overwhelming proof  such as the BBC announcing the fall of WTC 7 twenty-three minutes BEFORE IT HAPPENED!   That allowed them to ramp up their evil plans in the Middle East and take down our nation from the inside;  electorally, financially and now environmentally.   We have rolled over as a nation and now we’re getting the screw job we deserve.  It’s not too late though… see you at the revolution!

      26. at my Yahoo profile se me posting a Ron Paul sign.  Now,  the present course of the USA is plain and clear, to all, except the mentally challenged.  We are all doomed. Present day.  Just saw a map of the entire USA covered in red, a weather report.  IMHO, you can’t have millions of barrels of oil (barrel=40 gallons) and NOT have weather pattern changes, where the body of water is the Gulf.  Did I say we’re all doomed. I live on a veteran’s pension and have been donating to the ‘right’ causes for the past 10 years.  It was to NO avail.  thank God we are kind of, sort of, maybe just maybe, prepared.  Thus endeth the lesson for the day.

      27. the aforementioned “red” over the USA represents HOT weather.  ‘nuf said.  J

      28. i was surprised to see a concern of this extent regarding the oil spill. just thinking out loud… could this be connected in anyway to Igor Panarin’s prediction of the coming collapse of USA? is it possible that it was a planned spill? i’m not worried, just wondering what’s going on.

      29. Comments…..Per forecast, ” A busy hurricane season” Even without the incredible ineptness, & probable malfesance of our government & Obama in particular, this disaster may lead to thousand mile dead zones, possibly even multi-thousand mile dead zones, if just one category 3 hurricane comes through the center of the gulf, & we all know it is a rare season when we don’t get at least 2. How far this toxic stew of oil, methane, & various dispersants could be spread inland is anybody’s guess, but I expect hundred mile dead zones is wildy otimistic!

      30. Maybe what the Gov is hiding is the fact that this is just another H1N1 type  false flag, again.    What if  this isn’t really as bad as they are telling us?   80 days in and where is the proof?   Why won’t they allow the press to show “how bad” it is?  
        I am sure oil is leaking, but if this does turn out to be just another manufactured disaster meant only to distract us from something even worse…..then I agree with Mac;  “They must be hiding something really big”   And it may have nothing to do with oil….just saying

        as to the oil spill. The government is working their plan.  Obvious facts–they’re gragging their feet because they don’t want to fix the leak. Have you ever seen more incompetant work?  The only thing they’re working full speed, is their agenda.  why is a press blackout needed??   Because they obviously don’t want people to know what’s really going on. Why are they so scared of an independant news story with pictures?? it’s all about control. If you watch any of the nightly news broadcasts, they act like this is just some ordinary minior problem, and they don’t show any pictures or video that cast the administration is a bad light.  it’s all about control.

             As citizens, we are all screwed.  The only chance we have to change things is after it all comes tumbling down, and hopefully pick up the pieces and start over.

              Remember one thing.  The government isn’t your friend, they aren’t here to help you. the only thing they’re good at is taking you money and wasting it. That  idea pretty much explains all their plans of actions.

      32. Comments….. The whole thing rather reminds me of a book written by two brothers named Kennedy called “The South was Right!” (sic) In this book the economic hobbling of the South was discussed, as well as the rationale for these actions. Sounds fringy, perhaps. Is what I thought until I read it. Now not so sure. Could very well explain much. What if, hypothetically, this spill took place off Mass, Conn, or Long Island, NY? What do you think the response time would’ve been? Truthfully.

      33. Comments…..Incompetence?  Remember this is the United States government, so of course they’re incompetent!!!  Malicious intent?  That I doubt.  Although I remember the old line about never let a good disaster go to waste.  Greater threat?  Yeah, I’ve read that the floor of the gulf has cracked from the drilling and several other plumes have been spotted not far away.  That information was shared by a Russian geologist who had been hired by the U.S. Government to investigate the situation.  He was forbidden to comment to the American press but told his countries press all about it and it got back here.  What is going to happen?  No one knows for sure but if it does explode and creates a tsunami that kills hundreds if not thousands of people then Obama will not politically survive and the whole country will be under martial law for the forseeable future (meaning until the revolution overthrows the democratic clowns).  We are heading for some serious times and the best choice for everyone that can is to leave.  Get a passport and learn a foriegn language, preferably spanish or brazilian portuguese.

      34. I have tried to tell both my parents and a family friend,  all of whom live in Florida,  to please get out, please come north, we will welcome you……..nope.  They are in denial.   I am grieving their deaths while they are still alive.    When it happens I will probably not be allowed [or physically able] to go bury the bodies or close up their homes…..   another friend has had a “dream” (meaning, a desire) to sell her nice home here & go live in Florida; can’t say really WHY Florida & not say, Georgia or South Carolina or such — I have tried to talk sense to her but she keeps saying no, she feels this is the time, God is telling her to go, it’ll be okay… honest to Pete !   Sometimes I think we should force some of the known Elites to go live in Florida in a normal house, like the rest of us, & wait.  Billy Clinton, Ben Bernanke, etc etc etc.  HAH ! …but mostly, I am grieving.

      35. Dear readers.  A media blackout means that the mantle under the Deepwater Horizon is weakining.  Thats why they gave up on plugging the top of the Oil Volcano.   It will be a release of huge methane that will kill many.  Mass evacuations will cause chaos.  Theyre thinking is just to let them die and admit oops.  We did not know.  Well if you live in the Gulf area it would be a good idea to relocate for a while.  As that if at all possible.  The truth will out eventually.   Bottom kill may be the last hope…..  Sorry all ….

      36. Comments…..Never fear Ole Bummer is everywhere fighting for all us little people.. Excuse me while I Baaaaarrrack!!!

      37. Comments…..All those enviro-wachos are Nobama’s buddies. You don’t question the “King”…. Which brings me to my thought….I have long believed that the present administration will create a “crisis” that will demand that they “postpone” the elections. Probably throw in some martial law. Sounds qacko but any crisis will do…Can’t have an election if the electorate are dying or have been displaced.

      38. Why all the doom and gloom. This is a huge gusher of a well. 35K-60K bbl/day is unbelievable. 40k x $40 x 365=5.8 billion dollars a year. From just one well and the leak may be twice that big. What a waste of good oil. 
        There should have been two dozen rigs drilling next door to this one the week after the “accident” instead of waiting while BP was figuring out how to plug the leak. I could see a find like this seriously depressing the price of oil for a decade. Is this proof of abiotic oil? 
        News: “As of July 5, BP has collected about 657,300 barrels of oil. As recovery efforts progress, responders hope to increase these efforts by bringing in additional ships to raise the average oil capture rate to 53,000 barrels per day.”
        Data: Using video of the broken well pipe a computer program that tracks particles and calculates how fast they are moving estimated a 70,000 bbl/day flow rate. Much higher than the BP estimate of 5,000 barrels a day. The method is accurate to plus or minus 20 percent.
        Some history from   Ixtoc I was an exploratory oil well being drilled by the semi-submersible platform, Sedco 135F in the Bay of Campeche of the Gulf of Mexico, about 62 mi northwest of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche in waters 160 ft deep. On June 3 1979, the well suffered a blowout.  Approximately ten thousand to thirty thousand barrels per day were discharged into the Gulf until it was finally capped on March 23, 1980, nearly 10 months later. Relief wells were used to aid in the capping of the leaking well.
        In the future they should try drilling one well to blow-out while taking the gas off the top, and two more to relieve the pressure after the blow out. Of course if it is a dry hole then that is a lot of wasted drilling. Better to wait until after the blowout to drill the relief wells. Duh!!! So to me it looks like a little cost cutting gone bad and a chicken dance to hide that they knew they would eventually get a blowout.

      39. Comments….. My concern is that oil gets hotter than water when heated and retains heat better. Therefore the gulf is going to be hotter by a few degrees as the sun heats the gulf. Hurricanes are bigger, the hotter the temperature gets. Are we going to see Category  6 hurricanes? And will they be of beyond any size we’ve ever seen in history? Super storm anyone?

      40. 1. Yes, our Govt. is hiding the serverity of the situation.
        2. We have had no voice in elections for many years. Even the Soviets provide cute phrases like ” We voted for them”.
        3. The Deep Horizon Rig accident may have not been an accident at all. A warning from a powerful source, a deliberate act for political ends or both.
        4. The U.S. launched no less than four carrier task groups shortly after the BP event.
        5. The good folks down south need to have individual plans in the event this grows out of control.
        Gods speed

      41. Stock up on your freeze dried rip open meals made of genetically modified allergy rash causing soyabean today. (Just add water)  At least it will avert the disaster of starvation that is incurred by destroying all ocean life to wage economic war on Britain (or is it the US?) and fart out the methane nuke sitting under the British Petroleum oil well inside the United States of America’s Gulf of Mexico.

      42. I voted for Cynthia McKinney (Ron Paul is a monarchist elitist goldbug Mason).

        Anyway, if you are in the gulf region please leave now. Up to 3 pretty girls from New Orleans can stay with me.

      43. You can expect all the marine life in the Gulf to die. You can expect the toxic waters, fumes, and acid rain to pollute the fresh waters as well. The water, air, plant life will all be toxic. This is prophesied. The government is not your Messiah – look to the book of Revelation for your answer. The disaster in the Gulf is your worst case scenario and you haven’t seen anything yet – expect much worse. You can’t believe the news media, you can’t believe the Government, you can’t believe BP. How about putting a little credibility in prophecy. Know that the time has come of which we have waited for 2000 years.

      44. When different groups like the NAACP go and cause trouble, it’s because the government wanted it. When the Blacks were rioting and destroying Virginia Beach a few years ago and the next year they were going to do the same thing. I called and others said they were going to film it. The police made sure it didn’t hapen.

        This is no different. People are warned not to go there and raise the issue. Something big is going to occur there.

        This is scary, but what about a huge explosion. One the government causes. It creates a huge tidal wave 200′ high. Then martial law. If I live in Louisiana or Mississippi along the coast maye Jewish lightning is the answer.

      45. The truth is this is what we get and we deserve it. We destroyed Germany and Asia in wars we had no business in. We left napalm and now we are destroying Iraq and soon Iran with depleted uranium.  All the veterans say we fought for your freedoms. So we deserve this. We allowed millions of Commie Jews into thsi country after WWII. We have done nothing, but elected crooked politicians into office. We deserve this. The world could be saved if there was an explosion and everyone in America died. We are nothing but destroyers. We deserve this. Maybe then the Middle East can take care of that parasite Israel. The USA and Israel need to go. I live on Eastern Shore of Maryland and I carve decoys and Jews always try to Jew me down to get my decoys for nothing.

      46. For all you who voted for Obama or McCain. This is what you are getting, did you expect different? Do you really believe McCain would or Palin would have done anything different? Wake up they are CONTROLLED by the same people. How many of you have heard of Cynthia McKinney (Green Party) or Ralph Nader (independent)  who ran for president, the only real candidates in the race. It is unthinkable either of them would screw up as Obama is doing across the board.  Pissing on our nation. Yet how many votes did either get – minuscule numbers.  Wake up, never vote for a Republican or Democrat  for a major office, (with few exceptions like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich.) Always vote for an independent candidate, this is the only way for us to take our country back.

      47. The South always gets screwed. Think about it. In the North they basically shut down in the Winter. They have cold weather and snow and the roads are hard to travel on. People go to the South in the Winter time. You can fish everyday in the South. The South can grow produce year round. The South feeds the North. When these Southern states are no longer able to grow food do you know how high food prices will go? The cost of living will go through the roof. I would suggest that it’s time to head to Europe or South America and see how this plays out. Because it’s jsut going to be too expensive to live here. Plus it’s not going to be much fun living here under martial law.

      48. The fact that Obama is “President” does not have anything to do with voting!  Get with it already.  Wake up!

      49. Comments….. Famine leads to control.  What have we been growing for the last couple of years?  Corn and soybeans in order to run machines, forced on us by the government.  No one is growing wheat and oats  as the government does not subsidize these crops.  California has been forbidden to grow certain foods in a lush valley due to a stupid smelt.  What is left to eat?  SEAFOOD.  When the seafood is gone and the South can no longer provide seafood and other crops for consumption, the only recourse will be the government who will control who gets what with a micro- chip.     The international bankers want a one world government and the only way to accomplish this is through your stomach.

      50. to barefoot in MN,

        Your conclution that your friends and family are in denial is correct, millions of gulf residents are sufering from this denial wave that is covering the entire gulf region. It is time for them to evaluate what is it that they hold most sacred. Is it their material possesions, or their life? Their possesions can be replaced, their life can not. Ask them to do some research. Find out how many of these “big persons” had property in the affected areas, and put them up for sale, and moved away. It will not be hard to find a bargain pent house by the sea at kmart prices these days . Go to Real estate sites to research new listings. When the ship is sinking, the first ones to abandon the ship are the rats. Just follow the rats to safety.

      51. Let’s face it, the Elites running this country are dangerous predators who pose more of a threat to America’s national security than CIA sponsored Osama bin Laden and his CIA manufactured Al Queda network, the Israeli funded PLO, the Taliban, or any other foreign terrorist group that ostensibly “hates us because of our freedoms.” History has already proven that wealthy and evil elites mercilessly use our children for cannon fodder in their bogus wars. Why? So they can line their pockets with more blood money and power. Power is to the elite what heroine is to a street addict. 
        Banks create money from nothing and demand it back, with unnecessarily high interest. The elite deliberately create problems such as wars, market depressions and other crises. This is so that they can control, confuse and distract people, and also benefit from the interest on the money that they lend to fund and then stop these crises. Also it is so that the world will accept their “solutions” to the manufactured “problems”, which are really only steps towards their plan of ultimate control.
        They can control the weather for biological warfare. They are deliberately ruining the environment to gain more control. They cleverly mix truth with evil to slowly seduce the masses into their hands. Like pawns in a game many people are helping and working for these conspirators unaware. To achieve their plans they aim to destroy existing governments, private property, religion and sovereignty so that they control everything. Many diseases, foods and medicines are deliberately made to weaken and control people. Starvation, death and poverty, deliberately caused to billions of people will also give the powerful, greater control.
        Genetic engineering and destruction of natural resouces and ecosystems such as the Gulf, gives multinationals more power over food, crops, seed collecting and farmers. Corrupting and weakening the population will make it easier for the conspirators to get the people to accept their conditions, such as carbon taxing the air we breath.
        It boils down to this, in order for the elite to maintain their privileged position of power, they are systemically keeping humanity developmentally arrested by suppressing the truth.
        They can engineer famines, turn natural catastrophes deadlier, and manufacture “accidents.” They can collapse any economy. They can create and release deadly diseases and contaminate our water and food. And they can hide their crimes while creating more social trauma, because they own and control the federal reserve, the politicians (both “parties”) and the mainstream media. As William Blum famously stated: “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is far worse than you imagine.” And it is in these facts where the global elite carve the ends of world history toward their goal…A New World Order to be run by the Antichrist, just as we have been warned in the Book of Revelation.

      52. I don’t think President Obama has any power, considering him, is the first mistake. Although it is true he is a spokesman for the powers that be.
        BP’s secret 3rd Oil Spill, The Big Red one

      53. they are hiding…the well was supposed to supply the USA with all the fuel we need for nearly a year while we invade Iran. Intitial reports of subs in the area have been buried.  Obama sent in the SWAT team FIRST!

        they are hiding the fact the well is also on the edge of a 10,000 foot cliff. Not the sea floor.

        they are hiding the fact that we are at war…and if we attack Iran we will see more oil rigs explode.

      54. Comments…..Yes, when any government hides something…especially an event or calamity such as this one, it is as plain as the hand in front of your face that they are hiding something. Even a child would see through this deception.
        Our government is nothing less than evil. There are literally at most 20 people in congress and the senated that love this nation enought to vote properly on bills according to the constitution, and the rest are damnable whores who will one day soon suffer the wrath of the American people and at last the awful wrath of God.
        May it come soon I pray!

      55. On top of the Gulf Disaster, we should worry about earthquakes. They can and do happen, on purpose? Hmmm. Check out a ‘bit’ of information about Earthquakes.

        Mississippi River Valley cities such as St. Louis and Memphis are in grave danger of being hit by a severe earthquake.

        all along the New Madrid fault region that extends through Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee.

        Writing in the journal Science, a team at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Arkansas said

        they had found evidence that explains just why the quake threat there is so serious.

        “Our evidence shows the New Madrid seismic zone is indeed a threat, which contradicts a recent study of the seismic hazard of the region taken with satellite data,” Karl Mueller, who led the study, said in a statement.

        “For the first time we can see how fast the earthquake engine is running and how long it takes to build up energy for a quake.”

        Not only would any quake be strong, but because the valley is made up of layers of silt, the shaking would turn much of the land to jelly in a process known as liquefaction.

        “New Madrid is the world’s most spectacular example of liquefaction,” Mueller said in a telephone interview. “When you take a fine-grained, saturated sediment like mud or silt and you shake it during an earthquake, it turns to the consistency of jello.”

        “If you have a building that is sitting on top of jello, the building falls down. The scary part about New Madrid is that … we see liquefaction all over the place there.”

        And people in Memphis, for example, would be caught unprepared. “They really don’t think that (quakes) are a threat because they haven’t happened in a lifetime,” Mueller said.

        Mueller said he thinks his team’s data is reliable because they did so many different measurements of the faults. [done in 1999]

        They hired backhoe operators to dig long, deep, trenches along the Mississippi floodplain in the Reelfoot Lake region of Tennessee to expose recent deformations of the sediments.

        Mueller said there is no telling just when a quake will hit, but it was likely a quake of magnitude 7.2, enough to cause serious damage to buildings, would strike within 500 years of the 1812 quake.

        He said right now, [1999]  about three feet of “elastic energy” is stored in the fault system. “If it popped off now, that would be a Northridge-sized event,” he said. “That’s something in the mid-to-high 6’s.”

      56. Comments…..If Bush were still President you can bet your bottom dollar the press would get the truth out. We have a monolithic Government and a monolithic press corp.

      57. There will be no evacuation IMO. Here’s my reasoning. MONEY. Has the gov’t not proven themselves to be loyal partners with the banks and wall street? The banks and wall street are constantly on the verge of a derivatives collapse thats only held at bay by our bailouts, money shuffling and high frequency trading. An evacuation would totally collapse whats left. They will defend the paradyme at all costs. To include human. Its hard to wrap the mind around that concept , money more important than life, but thats what we are dealing with. If you live by the gulf , understanding this message should help you with a decision. The message – the banks and wall street are more important than your life. 

      58. Comments…..Hope the pressure coming up remains greater than the pressure of the ocean pushing down, because what is coming up is hot, hot enough to turn sea water into steam and create something much bigger than Mt. St. Helens.  If and when this reversal of pressure happens, there will be no warning.  Those in the Gulf area who are not leaving are dead men and women walking.  Not to mention the VOC’s that are killing you slowly now.

      59. I second what Patriot says, and can house up to 5 pretty ladies from the Gulf Coast…byob

      60. What has been the cost to the bastards that killed our kids? Nothing. Wilson, FDR, Bush and Clinton would pay if say if we go to war and someone killed Bill Clinton’s daughter or say someone went and killed George Bush’s daughters do you think then he will have paid for the bgosu war? What about Obama and his kids? If it was Jews being killed for nothing they would be plucking off their leaders offspring. They haven’t had to pay for their crimes. It’s treason to start a war based on lies. These people who vote for wars let’s say someone had a list of all the people who voted for war and their kids were hunted down. Do you think the next ones would think my kids will be killed if I vote for this war.?
        But you know the best thing you can do? Just leave this Jew controlled country. You stay and pay taxes and you are funding the whole damn mess.
        How many dumbasses believe that we destroyed Germany for our freedoms? Do you actually believe this? How about the wars in the Middle East? They have more freedoms than we do.
        Except Saudi Arabia no alcohol and in some countries you better not get caught with drugs. In India no pornography and the divorce rates are a fraction of ours.
        So it’s not hard to figure out that the vices and the Jewish porn and the trash from the government having a bar on every corner is what causes our problems.
        Let’s close the bars and shut down the porn and see if it doesn’t improve the country. We’re approaching almost 60% divorce rates. This creates all kinds of problems.

      61. Guess what lies beneath the oil and methane? LAVA! And I don’t mean soap! Now, if there is a volcano nearby and the New Madrid fault running up the Mississippi River, they can cause an 8+ earthquake and that is quite a ka-boom!

      62. It’s way past too late to vote our way out of this. We could have done it in 1924 when there was 5 million Klansmen. After that forget about it. It’s time to make the rich and the politicians pay. I have many people who when SHTF they are going to the gated communities and to the politicians, because they always get to sit it out. The poor palces explode into riots. The rich people don’t know what war is and they don’t know what it’s like to pay for their crimes. How many politicians kids are fighting in the Middle East. The last I heard there was one years ago and no doubt in 10 years he’ll being using this to become a politician.

      63. This gulf oil disaster is our next big “shock and awe” event waiting to happen. Like everyone has been saying – something big must be coming down the pike. (Note: they always use “shock and awe” events when Programming the minds of the sheeple.)

        Are they spraying that Coerexit 9500 oil dispersant all over the coastal waterways and surrounding lands to actually make people sick? (depopulation tactic – kind of like getting your annual flu shot and/or  H1N1 shot)

        And I hate to tell you folks – but it does not matter whether our elected leaders are democrat or republican. They all are on the SAME SIDE….Voting is another Illusion — because they believe that we are all dumb “sheep” that are too dumb to understand what is really “hiding in plain sight.”

        Wake Up America!! They orchestrated the shock and awe event of 9-11 when (2) 110 story buildings pulverized in mid-air in less than 15 seconds. Then they used it against us to remove many of our constitutional rights and freedoms. Then they say “freedom isn’t free”. What BS! It reminds me of one of their other favorite chants: “order out of chaos”…… Tell me – what kind of CRAP is that??

      64. “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” – Bob Dylan
        “Store your treasures in Heaven…” – The Lord Jesus Christ

      65. Yeah this disaster is engineered. There are many good coments above. What gets me is how the American public… hell the world for that matter is being slapped in the face with how this disaster is being handled. They know we know they are dragging they ass trying to solve this problem and clean the shit up.. and so they slap us in the face with even more rediculous ideas and half assed attempts at solving this crisis. What are we gonna do about it? NOTHING and they know it.. they hold all the cards and we are at the mercy of these assholes. They have all the relative technology to even put a camera down there. We cant verify what they are doing…. What if they have stopped this thing and they are just showing us long ass loops of the same thing. So much has been spilled out there now they could open up even more wells to gush in the gulf and noone wold know the difference because it is impossible for us to tell where the shit might be coming from now. I remember weeks back they were showing us a loop on CNN… I watched that thing for a long time and continually saw the same cloud patterns of the oil gushing… so I dont see why they wouldnt do the same thing now…. anyways….
        There was a story yesterday about underwater explosive washing up on Orange Beach Al… They had video of it but the story was suppressed … I live in Pensacola and have heard nothing else about the bomb…. last thing we have heard is that a bomb squade from pensacola NAS was enroute to the scene and that WKRG had folks on the scene and would report any developments…. aint heard shit since!! Did they disarm it? haul it off? was it really a bomb? NOTHING!!!!!!!

        And another thing I noticed… They kept using world like “we are at war” “attack” “seige” all those words came out of Obama’s mouth in one speach on tv a few weeks back. at war with who? or what? One conspiracy theory I was rolling around in the noodle is Could it be that we are secretly at war with an intelligent civilization in the deepest parts of the ocean? Turn all that oil loose and let it sink off the continental shelf into the abyss…. chokeing out all life at the bottom of the sea?… Look at Google Earth right off the coast of Panama City Fl… about 1-200 miles south of PC there in the deep part of the gulf called Lloyd’s Ridge… it is all blurry oveer a very large area… while next to this area all around it there is highly detailed features of the sea floor….. what do they have there that they are hideing? If you look at google earth in the oceans you can see what look like some kind of structures on the sea floor all over the world…. Look and you will see them… they are everywhere! Is it outside the realm of possibility that there is techologically advanced civilization living in the oceans? after all there is much more water than there is land!! What if they have been here much much longer than we have and that this planet is really theirs and we are just parasites lol….. I know its far fetched but kinda thought provoking. Thanks for letting me vent.

      66. Maybe it is time for a revolution.

      67. The reason the govt keeps mum might be because by hiding the truth about the toxicity, they are hoping the maximum people get poisoned and die, which is guaranteed to happen within 2 to 15 years aprox, depending on the individual’s exposure.Those skimming are the worst exposed. The beach cleanup creaws are next.
        The heat accelerates the evaporation of volatile compounds in the crude and the dispersant.
        And there’s the little matter of radioactivity. Some independent guy measured the rad. on a small lump of crude and it made the Geiger counter react. Soooo….
        People should listen to their survival instinct and do what their guts want to do, a nd if they want to get the hell out asap I think it is the best thing to do.

      68. Comments…..I have always believed that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, between just a bad leak, to a total planned false flag event. many intelligent scenerios have been proposed on this blog, and I believe the real truth is a combination of several of the ideas.

            Several facts we know for sure. They don’t want anyone knowing what they are doing. They have an absolute cap on info going out about the leak. The cleanup plans they are proposing are a day late, and a dollar short. What kind of idiots are these people?? a grade school child could have acted better, faster, and made more intelligent decisions than this stupid administration we have now. One other important idea that was mentioned that I absolutely agree with.  People need to get over this idea of Republican or democrat. They ALL answer to the same elite NWO scum.  That’s why nothing ever changes. And as long as we elect the same ding-a-lings to office, nothing will ever change.  The elites don’t care who gets in cause they own them all.

              Lastly, I think the powers that be are just sitting on this leak, waiting for folks to figure out they’re screwed, and start to evac on their own. if you look at their strategy for handling the leak, they don’t have one. They are more interested in perception of their image, than fixing the problem .  I also have heard, and think this might have achance of happening, that they will never be able to stop the leak, except with a nuke. Again, we are all screwed, every last one of us.

      69. about the nuke option…. I have ben thinking since day one of this nightmare that a nuke sent about half way down the bore well would seal the leak… if they did it ASAP… but now what worries me is what if the relief wells do not work, i bet they wont, and they decide that its time to nuke… well how much rock has been eroded by the gusher at this point? what if the rock is very weak now and if they nuke it it opens up a huge caldera type of cavity and the ceiling of the cavity colapses…. now all we have done is make the oil highly radioactive, as if werent toxic enough and blows all that shit out into the gulf…. opening a massive hole potentialy miles across. if a massive tidalwave is not triggered,….  they just whip up a cat 5 hurricane and send it straight up the mississippi river or mobile bay or wherever… now we have a radioactive hurricane of oil depositing all of  those toxins/ radioactive fallout well inland. that scenario might just be a planet killer catastrophe. and not outside realm of posibility. I think it is too late for the nuke option. It will just make the gusher exponentialy worse. And they know this… its probably all part of the plan…. even if tehy dont do nuke option, they can let it and who knows how many other wells they have opened gush until the end of hurricane season then whip up a really bad hurricane or hurricanes and send those storm inland… I think some of the bad hurricanes in the last decade were created… they were test runs for this catastrophe… theyy were practicing generating hurricanes and steering them where they want them to go… look at the year Katrina was… Wilma, and Rita were both very powerful hurricanes and they kind of took the same route across the gulf as Katrina but came inland west of where Katrina did… Wilma or Rita had winds of over 250mph when it ws in the middle of the gulf then lost strength rapidly…. hmmm wonder why? could it be because they turned off the weather machine? HAARP. … and how much warmer will the oil make the gulf as it spills? I think I heard that the oil coming out is like 400F… as we all know warm water fuels hurricanes. even if none of these nightmare scenarios play out… just think of how thick the oil is at the bottom of the sea… everything down there must be dead… all the micro organisms that start the food chain are being wiped out…. well like dominos…. it will destroy everything up the food chain…

      70. someone pointed out that we have heard absolutly nothing from any environmental groups about this oilspill…. that is odd given how these same groups have been active in other issues concerning the environment…. all these red flags and noone is doing anything to form groups or whatever to protest in washington or wherever…. Remember the million man march? Now people flock to washington for that shit but not for this crisis that threatens so many aspects of daily life and the earth. Sounds to me like they have most of us brainwashed to such a degree that people really dont care or are being mind controled somehow as to not protest. You would think that everyone would be raising hell about this.

        And another thing we have heard NOTHING from is…. The Haliburton hands that did the cement job on the well have not been interrogated about this crisis… which the mainstream consensus was the cause of the blowout. They drilled through the cement too soon… normal wait time is 72 hrs before drilling back through the cement in order to cap the well….. they did it after only 5 hours of cementing the well. Why is the government not all over those guys? The Halibuton hands left the rig about 2hrs after the cement job… how convenient… did they covertly plant explosives to help blow out the well? They really didnt even have to do that …. the well was doomed from the beginning cuz of the cement job. So WHY have we heard nothing from Haliburton????? We should be raising hell about this whole situation but noone is really doing anything about it!! something very wrong here …. none of this makes any sense at all.

      71. So far, all data provided has later been significantly revised, several times.   BP and Federal agencies working together to keep actual events, status, and verifiable data from those most affected, and taxpayers. 

      72. yep…Florida is highly likely to be history.   If TMI and Chernobyl and Alaska/Exxon can happen, then so can this!!!

      73. Nothing is ever as it seems. Remember Hitler said if you are going to tell a lie tell a really big lie because no one would think that it couldn’t be anything but the truth. Our government has only told really big tall tales that the sheeple consider to be the truth {I.E.911 and Pearl Harbor} When the large percentage of the population relies on the government to feed them they are not going to see the truth even when its right in front of them. From reading many of the postings there are alot of smart, intelligent people out there , the problem is that the NWO has really deep pockets {courtesy of tax payers and printing presses} and made up laws that were created to protect them and to shut us up. I.E. no one being allowed to see first hand what is happening in the gulf. I don’t know if this catastrophie was really a accident or man made but I do know that something is rotten in Denmark. I also know that everything that is leaking or being sprayed is carcinigenic and lives will be lost  for many years to come {beyond my life} My wife and I always assumed that we would long be dead when the SHTF but we were greatly mistaken on all counts. The gulf has my deepest sympathy and if I believed in God { I do believe in a supreme being } I would pray for them but it would fall on deaf ears . I do  hope that a miracle happens or my wife will loose about 95 percent of her family and that would be devastating, let alone the millions of other families that would be totally decimated. Thanks for letting me ramble on and air my beliefs.Comments…..

      74. What types of images or videos could they possibly not want people to see that they haven’t already seen before?

        There are only two things I can think of, that they wouldn’t want people to see, that they haven’t really seen (at least not totally) before:

        1) A lack of workers and clean-up efforts.

        2) Work being done on something that has nothing to do with the clean-up efforts.

      75. A captain from Alaska who helped in the oil spill of 1989 Exxon Valdez was diagnosed with a serious, life threatening illness from his work cleaning up with dispersants.  Concerned he tried to contact all those workers on his boat that also worked closely with the oil and dispersant.  To his horror, he could contact no one.  The reason?  They’re all dead.  Average age of death…53.

      76. Oh you foolish, foolish people. Yet again, you’ve succeeded in seeing the point, but not the writing on the wall. The “relief well” really isn’t a “relief well” at all. WELL…ok. Maybe it is. But not in the sense that you think. Do you seriously believe…that after all of the profoundly desperate, mindbogglingly complex (yes…in terms of engineering…yes) attempts that were made to contain this grandiose mess…that the people in charge (whoever the hell that is) would resort to a typical (by their standards) remedy??? No. Listen up all ye fools. The “relief well” is a conduit for the bomb that they’re going to shove into the corrupted wellbore/seafloor and detonate; and then blame it on a “miracle of nature”. Some kind of very convenient natural event. Reason being? They couldn’t get the junk shot down the original well bore. They couldn’t get a cap on it. There’s simply too much pressure to get anything down that enormous vomiting chasm from hell. Not even a rapidly propelled ICBM.  And of course…they don’t want ANYONE to know that they used a nuke. It’s just too nasty given the circumstances. Radiation+oil=ish. Just a thought.

      77. Well,well,well.  What a mess. Mass unemployment, country bankrupt, no home, no food, GST comming, a billion gallons of crude in the Gulf, possibility of a massive methane exsplosion, millions of liters of highly toxic core exit added.( that was a good one Dick!) , Hillary and co. intent on bombind Iran back into the stone age, Uncle tom and his Chicago mob in the shithouse. Who needs the Simpsons.


        kzlager jr
        July 5th, 2010 at 12:47 pm
        hey –hold on —wait a minute.
        you folks are the ones who voted for these politicians.
        all this mayhem is all your fault….(period).

        Agreed. So stop sitting there bitching about it and do something.

      79. Oils aint Oils you know.

      80. Hi, people. Anyone of you are living arund shore line and can post some “eyewitness” information about what the hell happening? It not have to be video or pic’s, just posts with info: what it look like, how it bad, how different compare to last year/last week/yesterday. Anyone?

      81. Before the Jews took control of Russia with Communism they had for decades killed many Russian politicians and they did the same thing in Germany.  In many countries their politicians are killed and they tried to help their countries. But in this country we know the politicians have created wars out of lies. I mean what more proof do you need than Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction.?
        Are we Americans really this stupid? Our country is in bad shape, but all the stadiums are jammed with people and I bet the crap they sell at the stadiums have not slowed up in the least.
        We need someone like Hitler to show us, hey idiots, here’s the problem. Here’s what we must do to solve the problem. But what’s happening is the sheeple are slowly learning the truth and all the government is doing is committing crimes like 9/11 and now this oil spill and all they have to do is commit something and declaree martial law. We have nobody leading us. I have contacted many dissidents and I told them what they should do is go around the country and educate people and they would get millions to show up at their rallies.

      82. Comments….. i can say without a doubt i did not vote for the dumb ass. the american people get what they deserve as far as i am concerned. they put this incompetent dumb ass up there and he has not a clue how to be a president. reap what you sew people! you got him!

      83. I want to address something very important. If you want to know if something very bad is going to happen in the Gulf just watch the Jews.  But in the Jewish communities in Broward county and other counties that are mainly Jewish just look at see if you notice many Jews selling their homes or if you notice a lot of Jewish lightning in the Jewish neighborhoods. So I’m appealing to someone who can get this info and pass it on, because if the Jews are leaving places in the Gulf in droves it’s time to get out. Because just minutes before the attacks on the trade towers on 9/11 the Jews were sent an instant message to get out of the buildings. So watch what the Jews are doing. Because they will get the warnings  but will only pass the information to their Jewish brothers. Look for people with baum, berg, Cohen, witz, man, and people named after gems like Diamond, Crystal, or named after big cities in Europe like Paris, Frankfurter, and people with Gold and Silver in their names. If they are moving out, then the Mossad have given them a warning that something is imminent.

      84. Comments…..What they are hiding is that it is much worse than what they are saying that it is. And they want it to totally cripple the Gulf Coast States!! For it is the equivolent of 10 Katrina’s (as I am sure that the new world order antichrist beast system had those levees blown up) and they are using it to further destroy the economy and the lives of the Great American Empire!! For they love the American people to be without jobs, as 40 million Americans are now on food stamps!!

        Plus; they want to pass Obama’s Cap and Trade Bill and his Carbon Tax Bill. And this is why they intentionally and deliberately blew up that oil well, like they did in New Orleans!!

      85. Here’s the deal (all I do is study this topic)—1) deliberate sabotage by Halliburton, designed by the Obama administration for cap and trade passage…coming after the Nov. elections so those up for re-election won’t have a vote FOR on record to be used against them…Halliburton deliberately botched the cement fill, as evidenced by the mysterious appearance of ten Hal. officials only 40 minutes before the blast…2) a crack in the seabed floor, which is impossible to fix unless some kind of explosion to cover it with LOTS of rock is implemented….3) at least seven other badly-leaking areas, including one seven miles away leaking (same amount as the wellhead continuously shown on TV…125,000 barrels a day !!….4) a journalist friend of mine (HIGHLY experienced) saw scores of white vehicles parked in a fairly remote lot and each said “U.N” in big, bold letters on their car doors….5) both American AND foreign troops, all dressed alike in black clothing head-to-toe, with no badges or other types of insignia, have been enforcing their illegal-media-and-concerned-citizen quarentine..forcing photographers to put their cameras away and get back into their vehicals and leave or be arrested..while locals are frozen with fear and very afraid even to speak….6) when at least 20 million are evacuated, Obama will declare martial law in sort of a “beta test” of public reaction…but it COULD actually be a NATIONAL one, since so many states will be involved anyway….and this will give him cart blanc to waive almost all freedoms under the Bill of Rights….7)  some sort of HUGE, HUGE national emergency totally eclipsing this Gulf debacle…probably a self-designed-and-executed one giving Obama a great excuse to cancel fall elections…will occur between now and October 1st, and it will allow the Feds (EXACTLY in the same manner as did the also-internally-pulled-off 9-11 disaster), another opportunity to denounce/demonize “terror”….the insidious, mythical and nebulous entity that (how convenient) America will never “defeat” without “the cooperation and sacrifice of brave citizens across this great nation”.  At the beginning of last February, Leon Panetta (in either a Freudian slip or a slight “pre-guilt” trip) said the following—“There is a 100% chance of a terrorist attack here in the United States within the next six months”…..(and that means…unless he just uttered it for dramatic effect) that it must happen by September 1st, 2010.       

      86. Comments…..  The “Leak Fix” being shown on TV may look good to 5th graders but as an hydraulic engineer, my assessment of the chances for success of this operation is about the same as a snowball in hell.  It may, however, buy them time for prepping the nukes.

      87. Obama and all the Democrats are like the character “Anthony Fremont”, from the The Twilight Zone, 1961 episode “It’s a Good Life”

        Six-year-old Anthony Fremont looks like any other little boy, but looks can be deceiving: He is a monster, a mutant with godlike mental powers. Early on, he isolated the small town of Peaksville, Ohio. In fact, the handful of inhabitants do not even know if he destroyed the rest of the world or if it still exists. Anthony has also eliminated electricity, automobiles, and television signals. He controls the weather and what supplies can be found in the grocery store. Anthony creates and destroys as he pleases, and controls when the residents can watch the TV and what they can watch on it.
        The adults tiptoe nervously around him, constantly telling him how everything he does is “good”, since displeasing him can get them wished away “to the cornfield”. At one point, a dog is heard barking angrily. Anthony thinks the dog is “bad” and “doesn’t like him,” and wishes it into the cornfield. His father is horrified, but he dares not show it.
        Finally, at Dan Hollis’ birthday party, Dan, slightly drunk, can no longer stand the strain and confronts the boy, calling him a monster and a murderer; while Anthony’s anger grows, Dan yells for the other adults to kill Anthony from behind, but no one has the courage to act. Anthony points to Dan and cries out, “You’re a very bad man! And you keep thinking bad thoughts about me!” Before Dan is killed, he is shown, indirectly by his shadow, transformed into a jack-in-the-box with his human head, causing his widow to break down.
        Because he is angry at what has happened, Anthony causes snow to begin falling outside. His father observes that the snow will kill off at least half the crops. But as the adults look on, worried smiles on their faces, his father smiles and tells Anthony in a horror-tinged voice, “…but it’s a real good thing you did. A real good thing. And tomorrow….tomorrow’s gonna be a… real good day!”
        If you even think bad thoughts of Obama you are a insensitive evil racist.

        Mikey Moore should be ripping Obama a new one, I could see at least 25 movie title ideas regarding this Obama maladministration.

      88. It’s time for a revolution or it’s time to get out of here. Because right now the government is getting their ducks in a row and all their plans in place. Many left after 9/11, because they knew what it was all about. They knew what was to come and they were right. In South America and Europe you could get a lot betetr tax laws and the exchange rate would give you a lot more money.

      89. Many, many will die, long before the Government publicly accepts the role of supervising any initative to care for the displaced survivors.

        Contractually, ‘we the people’ have one course of action we could, and essentially MUST follow. Which is to replace the inefectual Government with an entirely new one, through a demand for a referendum, the terms of which NEED to be made “equally clear!”

      90. All we can do is comment and chit chat, because if you post on here what must be done they won’t post it. Other sites will ban you and not allow you to post what must be done. It’s sad, but this country is finished. They moved here to get away from religious persecution and they create a good country, but the Jews took control of it in december 13, 1913. They had tried for many years to get a central bank. They had killed three presidents up to that point. Our founding fathers really messed up, because all politicians should be limited to one year and then back to common citzen. Career politicians are the problem. From what I’ve seen the problem is the Federal government. Why do we need a federal government? People like judges with a job for life gives them too much power. How would the founding fathers know how their government would work. It needs to be overhauled. We needed a revolution 100 years ago. The problem now the politicians will bring in the military to save their asses.

      91. the dude pointed out….
         “2) Work being done on something that has nothing to do with the clean-up efforts.”
        I have entertained the possibility that this oil spill was created so that they would have an excuse to have such a high concentration of vessels
        in one spot. so as to not raise suspicion… and that tehy are down there constructing some sort of deep sea base or complex. Look at how many
        vessels on the scene have ROVs on them. This would stick out like a sore thumb if there were no oil spill and you know damn well other governments
        around the globe that have sattelite capability would be wondering what was going on there. So it is possible that this crisis was created to
        divert attention from this hypothetical construction project, and not some devious plan to destroy the planet . Meanwhile they pretend to be trying
        to fix the leak while they quietly build some kind of facility down there just out of sight of the ROV cams they are showing us. I have an
        interesting story I wanna share that supports this theory. Please read this. I am not making this up!!
        I have worked offshore in the logistics side of the oil/gas industry in the GOM for about 10 years. Mostly on crewboats, which supply groceries,
        fuel/water, crew change for the rigs and a multitude of other cargo… anyways….
        I was on a old 110′ crewboat made by Swiftships. We got a spot job to go pick up some Navy personell at the marina there in Venice La. Which is
        only maybe 300 yards north of where the company that I worked for is on Tiger Pass. I thought this was strange .. Why didnt they just come to the
        yard and get on the boat there? but no, instead we had to go in this narrow channel and maneuver the boat around all these small recreational
        fiberglass boats to pick up the passengers. … the water was very shallow in there too… it just didnt make sense to me when all they had to do
        is come to where the boat was and board there… anyways….There were 5 or 6 people that got on our boat in street clothes. We were told before we
        picked them up that they were Navy personnel. but no uniforms…. hmm rather odd…. We were to take them far offshore to either Mississippi Canyon
        (which is where the rig sank) or Green Canyon. I cant remember the location but the water was several thousand feet deep where we brought them to.
        It was about a 6 hour voyage out to this location. The passengers seemed to be enjoying themselves out riding on the bow basking in the sun… I
        was chatting with some of them and this is where the story gets even more strange. One of the guys was an Admiral!!! we also had a captain of the
        Navy on there too… I am not sure what rank the others were. 2 of them were women. they asked me to let them know about an hour before we arrived
        on location… I did as instructed and they all changed into their uniforms an hour before we got there. An Admiral, Captain and entourage on a run
        down crewboat??? let me back up a second… I started asking the Admiral (wish I could remember his name) questions about what the purpose of the
        trip was. He said he was stationed at the oceanic and space installation they have in Mississippi called Stenis. Which also happens to be where
        they test fire space shuttle engines. He told me that they were going to get on a sub and go look at bioluminous lifeforms at the bottom of the
        Gulf. LOL Well then why the hell did they covertly board our boat when they have so many assets at their disposal? helicopters, boats… ?? I can
        think of reasons why… one being they didnt want to be seen out there with military choppers or vessels. They wanted to keep it low key. So anyway
        we get on location and rendezvous with the Carolyn Choest. A big work boat… which was the support vessel for this sub they got on. Which happens
        to be the worlds smallest nuclear sub… 100′ long with a 12′ beam is what they told me …. so around the same size as our boat but not as wide…
        The support vessel was all Navy crew and looked jut like a traditional oilfield workboat with one diference that I could see… It had these 2
        giant stove pipe shaped things mounted behind the pilothouse and they were painted battleship grey. and no they werent exhaust stacks I know the
        difference lol besides they were capped on the ends not like a exhaust stack.  I think they were probably communications device. So we stern up to
        the support vessel and transfer our passengers over to the workboat. Then we were instructed to follow the work boat… We made way about 15 min
        then we were told to keep 2 nautical mile CPA (closest point of approach) between us and the sub. A zodiak was launched and the party we brought
        out were taken to the sub. We could hear the radio chatter until they got to the sub then I remember hearing a call sign and the words “switch
        primary” after that we heard nothing. We were told to standby and wait for them to come back to the surface. after about two hours the sub surfaced
        and we went back over to pick them up for return trip. some of the people we brought out didnt get back on the boat including both the women.and we
        had a couple of people get on that we didnt bring out. one of them was probably a SEAL or other special forces guy… he looked like one… was
        wearing black and had what looked to me like one of those black gun bags they have for a handgun with him… I asked him questions too … one was
        how deep can that sub go and his reply “Well thats classified information but DEEP” I think the story about why they were going down there was a
        complete lie! So your telling me that an ADMIRAL of the Navy is gonna ride on a crappy crewboat out to see pretty lights in the inky black abyss??
        LOL ….. I think he may have been overseeing the final phases of a construction project or something… I dunno but I dont think it was because of
        watching glow in the dark jellyfish. It was kinda cool being involved in all that. Sure broke the monotony of oilfield logistics. thanks for
        reading my story sorry it was kinda long.
        another thing I contemplated is could they be experimenting with some new drilling and recovery methods. Like instead of putting a production
        facility there to harvest the oil, they just let it gush out of the sea floor at full force into a siphon device that is conected to a pipeline
        that goes inland to a distribution facility. Thereby producing or harvesting much more oil than would have been possible with a traditional
        production platform. If they could perfect such method, they could probably do it without spilling any oil. more likely though this new method will
        just be a bi-product of this oilspill. whatever the reason, I still think it was done on purpose.

      92. If any of you can remember that bomb that went off in Bali it was a micro-nuke. The Israelis have perfected them in the Israeli desert. This big maybe the size of a softball creates temperatures of 300,000 degrees in a nano second. Many of the people in Bali vaporized. You can’t vaporize anything with a conventional bomb. The bomb used in the 1993 trade tower garage explosion was a micro-nuke. That blast took out six floors of reinforced concrete. Not possible with conventional bomb. The most it would have done is the floor the van was sitting on it might have damaged that floor, but it wouldn’t have blasted a hole in the roof. Conventional bombs don’t produce 1% fo the shockwave of a nuke.  Conventional bombs have to be placed right next to what must be blasted. You could detonate six sticks of dynamite on a concrete floor 8′ away and if you wore hearing protection and safety glasses it wouldn’t do anything. The blast from a conventional bomb takes the path of the least resistance. The bombs the BATF used in the Oklahoma City bombing were placed inside the building on the columns. McVeigh’s bomb would only have knocked out the windows. But your agencies like the CIA causing trouble to start wars and dumping drugs on your country to pay for them and the BATF blowing things up and blaming on others they have accomplished.
        When the government killed those people in Waco several people I know left the country and it was a wise decision, because if you pay taxes in this country you support this Jew controlled country. Many millions will be crying wishing they had left this police state.

      93. Could secret deep-water activities possibly pertain to raising Atlantis? Were we told about this via the Sci-Fi series Stargate Atlantis? Could ancient races possess or guide humans in order to recover what was lost in a past cataclysm?Comments…..

      94. It was 210.000 barrels a day, or a exxon valdez every two days. Since then it has gotten worse.

        Now the gasses from oil is poisonous, a bit like sniffing glue or paint. And chances are there would need to be a HUGE evacuation of most if not all of the guld states.
        But take just one, florida. not a full 209 million people and maybe 6 million households.. multiply with 200.000 dollrs for new housing etc.. -> 1,2 TRILLION us dollars. Thats about 6 times what a full resale of BP can give.

        And would likely demand a even bigger investment, florida itself atleast twice that number, and likely as many more people from elsewhere.  Or just about enough to make even the budgetless congress to choke on the numbers.

        Thus they do nothing, and hope the people involved will die with as little attention getting wimpering as possible.. Better yet, pretend they care and hire the people to do cleanup.. more fumes and they will die even faster.
        See, almost all people cleaning up valdez are now dead.. breathing that stuff and you have 10 years to live, at best.

      95. But here we are talkign about this small stuff and we don’t even knwo where Lebron is going to “PLAY” this year. I mean come on people quit being so selfish. I mean what’s more important than Lebron? Your wife having a baby. Open heart surgery? I mean come on everything on hold till King James let’s us know where he will “PLAY”

      96. The oil is on the bottom of the Gulf. The skimmers clean the surface. Please tell me what skimmers will do? Just more wasted money. Because as soon as the hurricanes hit and churns all that oil in the gulf and it’s dumped inland with 50′ waves and then the toxins in the gulf are dropped on the area in rain, then you can kiss it all goodbye. So why do anything? You see the government is going to let all those people get sick and fall out by the thousands, before they do anything. The best thing to happen to those people is for a hurricane to hit tjeir home and knock it down and collect the insurance.

      97. ZULU@: Go back to your TV set, there is nothing to see here, just move along. If you happen to awake to a cloud of gas surrounding your TV, or a loud explosion and resulting tsunami, don’t be alarmed. Just change channels, I’m sure something else will come on that you will want to relate to the world around you. Don’t pay any attention to the terminal catastrophe that has appeared in the Gulf and the resulting millions of deaths that will occur. Be sure to tell us where Lebron is going to play, Jeff wants to know.

      98. Is it just me, or did this thread get really fucking weird?

      99. Thanks Jonny V – I thought it was just me…

      100. There is only one party and you ain’t invited.

      101. @Patriot – Ron Paul is not an elitist, he is one of the few stand up congressmen/senators in our congress and actually tells the truth.
        @Jeff Fitzhugh – You can leave this great country anytime. Oh, learn your history dumbass, japan attacked us in WWII, we declared war on Japan, German declared war on the US because of their pact with Japan. Russia probably could not have won WWII alone as germany would have had only 1 front and russia two (Japan would have attacked russia as well eventually). if you think this country deserves this, you are not American and take your sorry ass to a Muslim country where I’m sure they will treat you so well, maybe even better than they treat their woman.


        Check this out…. this is Rita when it was in the middle of the gulf at Cat 5 I remember them saying that at its strongest it had winds over 250 mph…. Still not convinced that they can generate hurricanes? Remember a few months back the Norway spiral? It was caused by Eiscat which is similar to HAARP or probably even linked with HAARP

        What better oppurtunity to wipe out a bunch of stuff with a huricane than during this oilspill?? I’m tellin ya I think they might do this as part of an attack on the worlds population… I should probably be hauling ass to the mountains but what if nothing happens? LOL Got too much in place here in Pensacola to just drag up and leave everything. Decisions decisions,.. hmmm… What to do?? LOL

        but seriously check out these links worse thing that can happen is you will learn something about this technology they have.. its incredible some of the technology that is out there. So you would think that they could shut this oilspill down and they probably can but they need it to run a little longer so that by the time they send in the hurricane, the gulf is ripe for their plan.


      103. kzlager jr HAS A POINT! Vote for Ron Paul.

      104. Patriot,  Everytime someone starts with the dumbass stuff they “NEVER” know what they are talking about. FDR provoked Japan into attacking. We had been supplying Britain with munitions the whole time and we had been attacking their subs. Germany had every right to attack us, but didn’t want war. Japan needed natural resources. We told them to get out of China. FDR who was Jewish sent the Navy to Hawaii and then pulled the air craft carriers just in time for the attack. They let the old ships stay in Hawaii. It was all planned. We knew the very day Japan would attack. Germany just wanted to destroy Communism. They had no other need for war. Germany was surrounded by enemies. They had to prepare for war. Everytime someone starts with the name calling I always have to resist the urge for a long post and try to explain everything to them. Maybe you are one of the old drunk veterans who dropped the hundreds of tons of bombs on the German cities and killed millions of women and children.
        The Arab people have fewer taxes. The money they get from oil pays for a lot. In Saudi Arabia there is no alcohol. I would say they have no problem with alcoholics. In India no porn and their divorce rates are a fraction of ours. You see our country is controlled by the Jews. They own us. We stare at the TV and wonder why we are so stupid. In Iraq they have more freedoms than we do. We could learn from the Arabs. 
        In this country we are controlled by the media, banks, and our government is told what to do by the synagogue boys.
        I know this in a few years you’ll wish you went to Europe. Those people are actually sending people packing, because they are tired of the immigration. We have so many immigrants here that is not an option for us. The politicians have destroyed this country.

      105. Stay right where you are don’t leave. Many Russians moved back to Chernobyl to live where the nuclear power plant poisoned them. Most have died. Your ancestors left Europe to come to a strange place, but we act like we can’t leave the luxury.
        I believe the problem was coming to America. We would have been better off staying there. This country in a few years will be a mixed up soup of different people controlled by the yarmulke boys. When the rains start dumping all the toxins on your land you will have to leave. We Americans are so wasteful and I believe it’s because we have no culture. Our culture is now hip hop and rap. I would like to see the 50 million decent people to just pack up and leave this country and let it rot. This country has many decent places to live, but the cities and suburbs are finished. We lost the cities years ago. But we think we can police the world. It’s time to turn off your TV and computers and quit playing. After 9/11 many thousands of Americans left and moved to Europe. They knew 9/11 was committed by our own government.

      106. NHPatriot Ron Paul is just another stooge who they allow to run his mouth, so we’ll think someone is there for us. What can he do? Nothing. You must watch a lot of television? All your responses confirms you are  so confused. The TV history and the real history are totally different. The Jeff dude is right. Germany was justified. What was done to those countries prior to the war we don’t know, but wars are financed by the bankers. Wars are instigated by our CIA. An agency that should be eliminated. They dump drugs on our country by the hundreds of tons to finance their nefarious activities. All the activity that occurred prior to 9/11 they couldn’t stop this. That’s their job to stop attacks on our country, then the FBI didn’t arrest the Israeli MOssad agents who committed 9/11. Yes, 9/11 was committed by the Israeli Mossad and most Americans think they are our friends.

      107. Now that we know where Lebron is goig to “PLAY” next year while everyone else works and now maybe he’ll be able to win his championship.
        I feel there is a lot of money being wasted. Trash like Howard Stern makes 75 million. Tiger gave his wife 750 million. The poor people of this world need to stay home and not give their money to watch ball games or rock concerts. Maybe it’s time to put down the beer bottles and crack pipes and start cracking a few books.
        I have an idea and would like to know what people think about this…I feel our problem is not so much politicians as career politicians. I feel it’s time to replace every politician every year. Career politicians become too powerful and will kiss the arse with whoever has the deepest pockets. They gain contacts and when they finally lose their job they have lots of money and can give speeches and make millions.

      108. Comments…..Jeff, what you are wanting is quite reasonable from the voters’ point of view.
        Here in Oz we have a COMPULSORY voting system.
        You are fined if you do not attend a Voting Booth and are crossed off the Electoral Roll.
        However, once your name is crossed off you can legally walk out without casting a vote.
        I was taught in High School that the worst insult you can inflict on a Democratic System is to vote INFORMAL or not vote AT ALL!
        You may not think that there is a real choice but there are alternative parties.
        Their platform and policies may be nebulous but WHAT IF the two Party system was FORCED to coalesce with a minor party to retain power?
        It may not be earth shattering but, ideally, the “incumbent” regime may JUST have to modify their agenda to continue to exist!
        Tenuous as it may sound, what other alternative do we have apart from REVOLUTION, ANARCHY, or MARTIAL LAW!
        Make no mistake, ANARCHY means NO ONE is is control, NOT EVEN YOU, no matter how big your “gun” is!
        Knowledge is indeed POWER, but my observations of the Gulf situation and the residents reaction to it, leads me to believe that the Lemmings have a real stiff competition as far as self sacrifice goes!

      109. The two parties are just a joke. The same chosen ones control both. If there was one party then every four years you wouldn’t hear it was the other party that caused the problems. But the real problem we have to address is the politicians are the ones to blame. It’s time to let them serve one year and then they are replaced. Career politicians kiss the arse of the ones with the deepest pockets. I feel they keep making news laws to justify their jobs. I mean every year they create thosuands of more laws. As for taxes you pay 10% across the board. I mean you have all these billionaires and companies with hundreds of billions of dollars and the people have nothing.
        The founding fathers created a good system with checks and balances and they figured the Jews couldn’t control it. The system is corrupt and the only way to fix it is to limit how long someone can represent you. I mean we allow them to make a career out of VOTING. The Kingdoms in Europe the Jews eliminated, because they couldn’t control them.

      110. The people who rule this earth are International Jewish bankers. They have a hundred trillion dollars. But nobody knows just what they have, because they don’t answer to anyone. You’ll notice when they list the world’s richest people the Rothchilds and Warburg bankers aren’t on the list.
        They allow you to vote so you think you have power. But if they have the touch voting machines and they can make the vote go anyway they want and if both candidates are already kosher aproved you are screwed to begin with.
        We prove we are sheeple, because after 200 years we won’t vote in a thrid party. Can you imagine any system operating like this? I mean keep voting in the same bunch every four years. They are not going to allow a third party to make waves. If a third party were voted in they could expose so much corruption to the American people. When Ross Perot couldn’t win with his billions, then it won’t happen. It takes 100 million to run for president.
        The only way someone could have a chance they would have to go around the country for two solid years prior to the election. They would have to promise everyone what they want. They could be like Carter and tell everyone they will get what they want. With the Internet they could touch a lot of people in two years. Firs they have to bring our troops home and quit policing the world. I have told many people if we don’t have martial law, before the next election it will be the last one. If we have martial law we wouldn’t have time to fool with a presidential election. Bad things are going to occur in the next couple years.
        We allowed millions of Coomunist Jews into this country after WWII and they all should be deported. Instead we go after old men like John Demenyak who have done nothing.

      111. If there were millions of Jews along the coast there would be so many homes on fire the fire departments couldn’t keep up. I’d say it’s time to start collecting some insurance. I’d make sure my flood insurance was paid up just in case you are hit with hurricanes.

      112. Comments…..CONNECT THE DOTS!  FACT:  2006 the Joyce foundation with obama and john ayers on its board, created the “chicago climate exchange” (CCX). this exchange is the ONLY exchange allowed to sell or buy the ‘carbon credits’  that the cap & trade scam will implement upon every house, person and business in the united states!!! thus stealing multiple trillions of dollars from american coffers!!! who else has shares in CCX  and in line to earn billions =  Al Gore, the fraud who was commissioned to create the lie of man made global warming and then expound over the world that LIE to create this man made crises to help scare americans into accepting the cap & trade scheme!  BP, dick cheney, Soros foundations, Maurice strong and the rothchild foundations, the rockefellar foundations and many more of the so called globalist eltie all own this company called CCX!!! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! they have not done anything to curtail this probable implemented disaster from reaching the shores of america, they have done everything to help it reach the shores, thus a crises, and the bad guy is OIL!!! thus the liar has, as d esigned,pushed the cap & trade agenda even more   that will insure him and the rest of these criminals to become even more mega rich stealing from the masses of peons while we  become even more dependent and broke!!! Its a scam and a deliberate orchestrated oil spill that has went very wrong!! 3 extremely toxic gases are being emitted to the point of crtitcally dangerous! next will be the bubble of methane under the sea floor that WILL  explode!!!!!!! immediate impeachment is recommended for this orhestrated complete failure to perform presidential duties to thrart a national emergency which he had 80 days to prevent the oil from reaching shore!!

      113. Comments…..Wah, wah,wah, you got what you ask for as you kept putting these assholes back in office and called people crazy when they tried to warn you about impending disaster. Well now that tinfoil hat don’t look so bad now does it, you can wear it when all hell breaks loose. The rights of the people are being removede on a daily basis and you who voted assholes in seemed not to care until it started to really effect you, you are now bent over, prepare for insersion, ouch.

      114. Comments…..Matthew Simmons, oil industry analyst said the chances of a relief well working were less than 5%.  He has some videos on with Rick Wiles that are very good.

        You’ve got to listen to this (only audio). he explains that the leak is under control but BP and govt pretend it is not to scare and deceive the public and scientific community. The goals are several among which is to pass the carbon tax, the Cap & Trade scam, and … At minute 7 he says the Corexit is necessary not for the oil leak but to get rid of all the welfare recipients whose numbers are the densest on the Gulf Coast as well as poor old folks  receiving social security and burdening the govt(all useless eaters).
        I knew it! I knew it was a depopulation move! 
         After they’re dead in a few years the govt and banks will become owners of the prime waterfront real estate and transform it into luxury resorts , casinos etc.
        Please check out the description under the Youtube screen that has lots of links and graphs.

      116. Unless one is familiar with sites such as,, or read interviews such as The Unhived Mind interview with Craig Oxley, it is unlikely you will realize that all secret societies submitted to the Bavarian Illuminati at a conference in Whilhelmsbad in a Rothschild castle in 1782. A Jesuit claiming to be no longer a Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt had formed the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 in Ingolstadt. Further, the Jesuits who had been suppressed by the Vatican in 1773, not only returned to power but got control of the Papacy via Napoleon in 1815. The Jesuits of the 4th vow are the most powerful and deadly people on earth. They are Satanists and they rule the world. They believe in Atlantis and that in can be raised. They believe the planet Nibiru and its star Nemesis will arrive in 2012. The existence of the winged planet is found portrayed in all ancient religions from Sumeria on down. SOHO, a NASA satellite clearly shows these two bodies are now between the earth and the sun. The magnetic and gravitational effects of these two passing between Jupiter and Mars will be catastrophic on earth. The hundreds of deep underground military bases around the world that were made since the 1950’s were in preparation for this event.
        As for the Gulf spill, Lord Peter Sutherland is a Jesuit, an English Knight, former non-executive manager of BP, present non-executive manager of Goldman-Sachs, and Extraordinary Financial adviser to the Pope. He is involved in so many secret and open world organizations that he is called the Father of Globalism. Goldman sold 44 percent of their BP stock just before the spill. Yep, it is weird, but can you see the dots? The spill will at least weaken the US for the coming Jesuit New World Order, but it may also be tied to other things.
        By the way, JFK’s assassination was on the Jesuit calender before it happened. Why? He was going to splinter their CIA, print money without their Federal Reserve, withdraw from their war in Vietnam, remove the 27 percent depletion allowance their oil companies were getting, end their Cold War with Russia, and some say spill the beans on their UFO conspiracy. Yeah, it is weird, but it is all documented if one knows where to look.
        I won’t even get into to 9/11, except to say, it allowed the war on Arabs, the Arabs that surround Jerusalem, the city that will house the Temple where their Anti-Christ will claim to have supplanted God’s chosen race and the Church. By the way, they own 40 percent of Jerusalem already. Comments…..

      117. The New World Order:-
        #1 Target- One world government,one world bank.
        #2 Target- Depopulation of world by 90 % <Georgia Guide Stones>
        A little word to the people of the Gulf. In 1993 my family resided in the Shetland Islands,a small group of Islands off the Northern coast of Scotland. One stormy,January night an oil tanker <the Braer> floundered on the rocks.This was very close to the land itself and we were able to walk along the cliffs and look down on the wreck. It was an awful sight to watch seals and seabirds trying to swim through the oil on the surface of the water.Needless to say,many died.But this is the point that I must stress to all in the Gulf,the worst thing wasn’t the oil,but the Dispersants that the Government used. It was that toxic that when it leaked at the Airport,they had to replace all the drains immediately.The dispersant itself was banned world wide,and was only supposed to be sprayed far out to sea and at no higher than 300ft,and never when a wind is blowing.Well the Shetland Isles is known for it’s winds! The planes were seen flying way above 300ft and over land.
        Needless to say the health of the population nearest this spraying was greatly affected.The dispersant contained multitudes of poisons and heavy metals. The Doctors surgery became innundated and one Doctor had to leave the Island because he knew too much.Today many of the people living near the spill are now dead,most from cancer,which was nearly unheard of in such a small population. Your Government,where ever you live,does not give two hoots about you. I am amazed that the population that live down there,do not,on mass flood right in to the area that is prohibited and demand answers.What are they going to do?Kill you all? Arrest you all? We are all sovereign individuals and no-one has the right to dictate what we do.The time of politicians and Bankers is drawing to a close.
        A little note to all the people who have it in for the Jews-It’s Zionists that control everything-not the Jews. Zionism is a political movement/idea. If you want to understand what Zionism is,you must look into the Jesuits.i.e.-The Black Pope’s Order. Read their manifesto and leave the true Jewish faith alone <and no,I’m not Jewish,I don’t believe in any God>

      118. The gulf region is America’s Chernobyl.

      119. They are spraying chemtrails and now this oil spill I never understood about the dispersants. I thought that was something they were spraying at the wellhead. So they spray these chemicals in the air. Does anyone know how stupid these people are that are not getting out of the Gulf Coast area? Also, what percentage of the clean up crews will be dead in ten years? I mean all of them died from the Exxon Valdez clean up. I guess it’s a hard decision to just haul arse, when you don’t know what the future holds. But just listen to these people that have dealt with this in the past. But please make the rich bastards pay when the revolution occurs. Take your hatred to the gated communities. Take your hatred to the politicians who have destroyed this great country. The stupid Cops will do their job, because they know they got a paycheck coming. But anyone going in the water or who keeps breathing this stuff and I think when it rains and that stuff comes down by the buckets you might wish you had left. If those toxins evaporate and go into the clouds and it comes down on land it might just make it useless to grow anything. This means your land would be of no value.

      120. I heard that they can control the weather. I heard they can control the path of hurricanes. Supposedly what happened in New Orleans they blew up the levees and caused the flooding. This killed many people and most didn’t move back. There are many Blacks that live in those Southern states. I’ve heard vegetation is dying down there. I bet those bastards are spraying those toxins all along the land at night. I bet half of those people will be dead in five years. In Florida there lives many Jews. If anyone knows a realestate agent that could confirm the Jews in places like Broward county are leaving in droves, then they’ve been warned something is going to happen. Just a thought since they were warned to leave the trade towers on 9/11 and didn’t tell anyone.

      121. I might be wrong, but I’m highly suspicious of this relief well. The people on that platform might be drilling right into a methane bubble. Those ships they have there are burning off oil with huge flames. If they hit a gas pocket it will surely blow. With what is going on down there now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that place.

      122. Who knows about Jews or Zionists? I know the richest people in this world are Jewish banhers and these Jewish bankers finance wars. They can double their wealth during one battle. So I say whoever has the most money are the ones who rule. The Jewish bankers have one hundred trillion. That’s a lot of cabbage. But they aren’t listed on the world’s richest people’s list. Because they tell Forbes they don’t want to be on the list. That’s what you call power.
        You can say what you want about Jews. They don’t care. If you blame stuff on the Jews they know most people don’t know what a Jew is. But if you say the holocaust is a hoax, then that’s a different story. They won’t debate the holocaust, but they’ll put you in jail real quick if you question it.

      123. I was sitting here thinking about the  dispersant product known as  “corexit” and the fact that we have too many eaters in the south, so if the right hand of the government known as BP sprays enough of it in the air and in the water it takes the problem and Corexit. I can only wonder what is so valuable in the Gulf that the governments first try at erradicating the population {hurricane Katrina} didn’t succeed that they came up with plan B. If someone knows or at least has a intelligent educated guess please let me know, it has to be of great importance to them to kill off millions of humans and destroy a whole eco system and spend billions of dollars to do it. Have we been taken over by a planet of Aliens that doesn’t like sea food and sand between their toes.Comments…..

      124. Comments….. We have very little time to make a difference, but this comment page has helped to open my eyes to the truth of what is going on.  This is a way to control the world, once again, through fear.  Fear of death and of some outside force.  When in reality, it has always been the same people: the people we call our leaders.  And, of course, the bankers and  Zionists.  I don’t know enough to truly say much, but this video made all of my constant research the past two days worth while:

        Watch it and be amazed at how easily it is to not be afraid and to realize you have the power you need to stand up to these bullies!  We have strength in numbers.  We will need millions of individuals to rise up and take back this Earth from the evil forces that are striving to cripple us all with fear and then, with extinction.

        Also, get out of the Gulf area for now, it’s deadly and toxic.  We have to march into D.C. by the millions and stop them.

      125. They don’t care about people that’s for sure. That’s what wars are for. The government have allowed the food companies to load food with junk and that’s why we have 60 million diabetics. This is epidemic proportions. We have cancer killing millions, when cancer has been cured for fifty years. Everything this government says is a lie. Because it’s Jew controlled. Now think of the criminal minds that would destroy the whole Gulf and do a lot of harm to the Atlantic. They are the same ones who would poison the Middle East with depleted uranium causing millions of deformed babies to be born. But they have poisoned us for a long time with aids and now the vaccines give us autism. They are poisoning us with fluroide in our water. Poisons in our food. They lied about every war. But if the Jew media doesn’t report it you won’t hear about it. Supposedly one of those oil companies have poisoned Ecuador with oil and killing many, but something that’s been going on for years, but you don’t know it’s happening. There are many millions of bombs in the ground left over in Asia that cripple many children each year. Why aren’t we cleaning up those bombs? The Jewish Commies dumped nuclear waste in their river sand lakes and it’s poisoned many people. They tried to hide Chernobyl. Is the amount of death and the amount of land that is unhabitable worth the benefits we get from nuclear power?
        When this government killed those women and children in Waco the militia should have marched to Washington and hanged every politician, judge and lobbyist.
        Maybe the reason the oceans are being depleted are all the pollution and nuclear waste dumped into the ocean.
        Not many know they have been dumping nuclear waste into the ocean. When it turns black we are finished. It’s probably been destroyed enough that it will turn black in 100 years.
        When we went West the pussies cried we need law and order. So they hire lawmen. But sooner or later they become too powerful. Our federal government should be dismantled. Without the federal government we would have no wars. The central bank and powerful federal government the avenues to take control. If we had states rights where all politicians served just one year the Jews couldn’t take control.
        The Jews have extorted trillions with the kosher tax that not many know about.
        For anyone to believe that the government isn’t up to something with the HAARP, chemtrails, wars, vaccines,  FEMA camps and now this gulf oil, then you aren’t paying attention.
        The Jews could not have done this to this country 100 years ago. When they took control of the TV they didn’t put their filth on TV, because your grandfathers wouldn’t have put up with it. Would they even think 100 years ago that we would be paying negroes 20 million a year to dribble basketballs? Or allowing queers to adopt kids?
        If there was a new continent here the decent people would have left this one and left the crap behind.
        What 100 million decent people in this country need to do is have a house cleaning. Rewrite all the laws and send the brown people packing. What all the races need to do is wake up and get together and show them the Jews have been playing games with us for over 100 years.

      126. This was on facebook a couple of days ago. I’ve checked into it and it makes a lot of sense out of a senseless situation. Everything going on in the Gulf has a very important purpose to this evil cabal. They do not plan to evacuate anyone except their cronies. The rest of us will make great fertilizer for their plan. Whether they stop the well or not, nuke it or not or just let it destroy the world’s ocean and kill multiple millions, how can they lose? They feel like they have us where they want us. We’re cowed down, begging for scraps, broke, living in fear,  feeding on the crumbs of information they give us (even though we know 99% of it is a lie.)  Even if this is true, which very easily could be, they won’t win. I’ve read the back of the play book. Even if this is true, which very easily could be, they won’t win. I’ve read the back of the play book. And whatever happens in the next few months I know God is in control.

      127. @ Dr. Shuetz-thanks for posting that link,I think you may well have hit the nail on the head as to why they have caused this. After all,they think more of the algae than they do of us,it won’t talk back to them,or question them,or cause them any loss of money. And to top it  all,it’s green and slimey just like the Reptilians <no offense to any beloved pets of the reptilian kind>

      128. I think I know why there’s a media blackout and why the lack of urgency regarding oil clean up. All I’m going to say here is that I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with Jews or Jesuits, and that people should get the hell out of there. Please, dear Americans, get out now.

      129. The Jews own the media. They made sure we saw lebron and that circus. If it’s the emdia it’s the JEWS. The Jews control education, government, banks and media. They own many companies outright or with control of their stock.

      130. IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK,SWIMS LIKE A DUCK, THEN IT MUST BE A DUCK. Thank you for your info.When we in LA dissappear, you will know they did it!though some will know quicker than others.

      131. Your duck theory don’t hold water. Sometimes it smells like fish, but it ain’t fish.

      132. Comments…..Please go to and listen to the interview of Matt Simmons.  Very scary–

      133. Guys, you should be to a certain extent grateful to your gvt for things they do. I’m pretty sure that it such a mess happened here, in Russia, it would be sooo much harder for common people.
        I’m not asking you to wholly trust them. But pls, throw off the conspiracy/armageddon theories based on Hollywood movies. Cmon, you’ve got the best tech stuff and a decent economy to deal with it.

      134. Can you imagine if the whole plan is to destroy the Atlantic ocean or at least force all the fishes to other oceans. Then all the animals like deer and squirrels won’t sustain people for long they would kill them all inside of a year. Then they don’t allow farmers to have seeds to grow food and the people in the city would starve in no time. Only the people who could grow gardens could eat.

      135. George Matthews

        You at all do not represent as you are right.I`m from Russia is earned by all family not badly but the site of 12 hundred parts is all the same held. We would put it on 6 by turns that the soil did not degenerate. We receive not a small harvest without carcinogens and chemistry. In general if there will be a deficiency on a planet God grant to all people on own plot of land.

      136. Of course they’re hiding something big, this is the biggest environmental disaster to ever face the planet and it now being August 1st we’re heading strait to prime Hurricane Season, who’s up for a corexit9500 and oil powered Katrina? BP has already been flagged for using too much dispersant, posted about it today on my brand new website…thanks for the great info mac!

      137. You Russians if you had dealt with the Jews we wouldn’t have to deal with them now. You Russians just sat back and waited for the knock at the door. Now there are very few Jews in your country, but you don’t deal with them. You just let them live among you.
        When mass graves are found you even let them take control and blame it on Germans that killed Jews, but the truth is it’s Russians killed by Jewish Commies, but you Russians do nothing. Now the Jews have sucked your country dry. You will never have anything, because there is no money in your country. The Jewish bankers could dump a couple trillion into your economy and have you tear down those old communist apartments and build new ones. But they don’t care about you and you shouldn’t care about the ones that still remain in your country. But now you Russians got to sit back and look at all the foreign men that flock to your country to fuck your women. The get the most beautiful. It’s got to piss you off you see brown Turks and Muslims and negroes in your country screwing your women and you are poor and powerless to do anything, ebcause the Jews have ruined your country.

      138. There is a conspiracy to destroy the world. There was a conspiracy 170 years ago when the Jews wanted to take control of Russia. There was aoncpiracy when they wanted to start WWI and WWII. Everything is a conspiracy. But the super rich can make huge conspiracies. All the poor people can do is riot when the rich cut off the food supply. Right now all the poor people should be hanging the rich bastards. But you can’t organize. The rich need you, but you don’t need them.
        The rich bastards and the politicians have their mountian resorts, their mountain caves, their yachst and their private islands. When they go to their safe houses they are going to cut off the food supply. How will they do this? They will do it because they control the seeds and one year soon the farmers will get seeds, but they won’t produce. When the food trucks don’t come to the city for a couple weeks there will be looting and rioting like we have never seen. If you live in a city you better be making plans to get out. Because when the SHTF you won’t be able to go anywhere.
        If this November the food trucks stop where would you get food? When you take out the last frozen pizza out of the frig and call Dominoes to bring you another one. You’ll wonder who did this? How did this happen? The rich bastards and the politicians are the ones. You better make your move. Force them to live in the real world. Once they go to their mountain caves and shut those one foot thick doors you won’t be able to get to them and then they will unleash something on you and when the smoke clears 5 billion of you useless consumers will be gone. Right now the governments are getting everything in place. They have places to put you.
        The rich bastards are polluting the world. They are spilling oil, when we only need about one third, because the rest is wasted. Those corporations have to pay put millions and billions in fines, but they have plenty of money, because they don’t pay taxes and they pay the workers a lot less than they could pay them.

      139. The actions of the US governement (in the part of what looks like incompetence and lies) reminds pretty much of Chernobyl.

      140. Comments…..Even the conspiracy forums are freaky.
        there is no way for the entire usa country to get ready for what you describe. but Ihave seen wonders work in misterious ways. maybe god? higher power or mother earth. I have seen wondrous things happen. so please don’t discourage the poor ppl like me who need to survive and maybe our kids too.
        I hpe for the future and maybe more ppl my age
        50-ish will do something about the greed b’s who rule this world.including but not limited to monsanto,flouride in our h2o,gypsum in our fields,stuff in our meat.pharmaceuticals that are killing us and many others. I want off the grid,yet they won’t allow it.
        I do not think that Obama has a clue what to do. he is a talking head and they are telling him what he must do. not his fault.our fault. doubt it.
        The major players inthe world need to get a wake up call, aliens/higher powers or the masses rioting. Please do not let the feds push us into a battle w/ the mexican illegals in this country when that is not the problem. my son says if they come here. ok. but we aren’t going to it.
        they have a black out on info there.el paso,tx
        pray , ppl pray. work, kiss yer kids.& play

      141. The poor can really on do one thing and that’s move along. The ones that stay will pay. I’ve looked at several islands that have 20 to 50 acres. I can purchase one. The islands could be defended from the people wanting to steal your food.

        People don’t realize that if the food trucks quit going to the cities in October, then by November they would need food. If the trucks quit rolling in April they might hold out and grow a garden. All the fish and wild animals would be depleted inside of a couple months with millions trying to eat them.

        The people on the Northern cities would be a sad sight if the food trucks quit rolling in October. Most have enough food to last a couple months. Then starvation. Millions have starved to death before. The food trucks keep you in food. The poisoned, processed food they bring you that they have screwed up your health.
        Many of you will wish you were dead. Your soon going to learn how the Eastern Europeans and Germans who were starved for years. If you haven’t stock piled food it’s not too late. 

      142. Oil spill very bad but there’s a far far worse disaster
        upon us all that will never dissipate back into the earth’s
        eco system like oil spills do. For the last 70+ years the
        U.S. Government has allowed many thousands of tons of
        highly radioactive artificial radionuclides loose into our
        atmosphere. I believe there’s a 98% chance that all north
        americans will die of a radiation induced illness or disease.
        Since radionuclides give off deadly radiation for thousands
        of years or more, we all haven’t a hope now. Lets just add
        some of what has been allowed to contaminate our poor planet:
        1,000’s of nuclear bomb tests, 100’s of nuclear accidents,
        100’s of nuclear waste dumps (some of them in the Gulf),
        dozens of deliberate radiation releases (down winners),
        every nuclear power plant built from the start leaks radio-
        nuclides constantly, well over 880+ ton of radioactive
        Can’t type this message being corrupted. By government have to end my message
        Its truly to late now the next breath of air you has radionclides in it forever.

      143. i dont think the gov. dumped oil in order to clean it up and get more trusted, i hink theyve found proof of extraterestrials in the gulf and oiled it out so no civilians would go there and find out. i’m 12 years old and i know not to trust these a##holes. the gov. probably hired bin laden so they could kill him so they could look better. i’f this is a free country then how come we dont have the right to know what the gov. is hiding from us?


      1. The BP Oil Spill and the 1st Amendment | The Survival Mom - [...] titled, “They Must Be Hiding Something Really Big,” Mac points out the dangerous lack of information coming from the…

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