“They May Have Information We Don’t” – Are The Elite Preparing For A Cataclysmic Event?

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    As the world appears to be getting closer to the brink of widespread economic collapse and war, it seems we may all have something even more serious to consider: cataclysmic events.

    Based on a flurry of reports, we know the Yellowstone Super Caldera has been quite active in recent weeks, with many warning that a super volcanic eruption could happen at any moment, threatening to potentially kill millions. Such an event would not be unprecedented according to scientists who subscribe to the Toba catastrophe theory, we suggests that a similar eruption may have been responsible for a near Extinction Level Event (ELE)  75,000 years ago that bottle-necked the human population down to about 10,000 people worldwide.

    As well, we now regularly see warnings from scientists about the possibility of ELE events like asteroid impacts and solar flares.

    While such theories and warnings were once relegated to the fringes of the internet, a new article in Forbes Magazine seems to be sounding the alarm that a major, cataclysmic event could be on the horizon.

    They’ve even included a handy map letting us know, for example, how rising sea levels (resulting from climate change or a pole shift) will wipe out populations on the East and West coasts:


    Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple suggests in his latest Youtube News Report that elite billionaires around the world may well have information we don’t, which would explain why they are feverishly building bunkers and stockpiling them with everything from emergency food supplies to protective chemical, biological and nuclear gear:

    A lot of people might remember.. perhaps looking up Doomsday scenarios… there are a lot of billionaires buying bunkers trying to get ready for the Apocalypse… or whatever it is they are getting ready for… they may have information we don’t.

    We don’t know… but one thing’s for sure… they’re buying property… buying up these old missile silos and converting them into bunkers… they’re building their own bunkers… it’s an  amazing amount of preparation for things that you who prepare are openly vilified for…

    …This is being highlighted in Forbes… things like this used to not even be discussed in a publication like Forbes Magazine… Now they are going full-on Doomsday… when Forbes Magazine starts publishing the Doomsday map then I have to think there’s some validity to it.

    (Watch At Youtube)

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      1. OK really? This “map” has been discredited a million times, even by the tin foil hat folks like Alex Jones and such. This “map” is BS. And please, don’t try and cite those “submarine commanders” “retiring in the Ozarks” shit either. WOW. This site has REALLY gone down the wrong fucking path!!!

        • Casey talked about this, it looks like his map. Casey was not BS.

          • E H –

            Whoever the fuck “casey” is, is a punk.

            • Edgar Cayce was not a punk…he primarily focused on medicine and healing. The whole “Earth Change” thing was a side distraction. I’m not saying any of it was real, but he had good intentions. Scallion, who’s map this is, is an opportunist…a failed opportunist.

          • First of all, it is Cayce, not Casey. And he was full of horsemanure.

          • Cayce obviously was NOT a fraud– when he woke up after giving a reading, he had no idea how he knew all that stuff– he would talk in Arabic or other strange language while in the sleep state, (where he gave readings) and know odd, detailed information about stuff that happened thousands of years ago, that no ordinary person would know– they researched his readings and found they were completely ACCURATE. He had knowledge that doctors usually only know and people GOT WELL from taking his advice. That is why he continued– because people were getting well. He was just a plain,poor, humble Christian.

        • I’m headed to the Canadian Rockies for a solo mountaineering expedition in a few weeks to conquer the most threatening mountains I can find.

          I’ve been training by swimming as far away from the island as I can in riptide with no life jacket.

          Dangerous? Yes. I’ve had some real close ones. But I profited from my struggles with the achievement of a strong body and the willingness to fight. And I think for myself.

          Any society that makes it a policy to feminize men is going to cease to exist.

          Look at the scrawny little wimps your sons are. Look at how they look at their shoes when you speak to them. Look at the disgusting fat fucking paunches on people. Look at how fucking ugly and self important and domestically useless women are now. I’m saying this cause I want to help.

          • God is Love and also law… He has the qualities of the female energy– love and compassion and also the qualities of male energy- courage, strength, law…

            the whole purpose of marriage is for the male to bring out the hidden reason/strength of the male and for the male to learn love and compassion from the female– through their sexual union. Not that females are not reasonable, we are– perhaps more so than some ignorant males.. However, females usually go with the heart instinct/ feelings and the male with the brain/reason. Gays don’t learn what they are supposed to learn.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            Good luck and God bless! Keep situational awareness at its peak! Them grizzlies are hungry and powerful creatures. You may be safe above the tree line but I would not count on it. There is some really awesome country up there. We look forward to hearing your report when you get back. Be sure to check in.

            Louisiana Eagle

            Rip tides are scary, I got caught in one down under once.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            Good luck and God bless! Keep situational awareness at its peak! Them grizzlies are hungry and powerful creatures. You may be safe above the tree line but I would not count on it. There is some really awesome country up there. We look forward to hearing your report when you get back. Be sure to check in.

            Louisiana Eagle

            Rip tides are scary, I got caught in one down under once.

            I got moderated

          • Im going to eat your first Cindy…..dont talk about my homosexual son and his dyke girlfriends….its all you babyboomers fault for having the highest divorce rate in history and letting our children run rampent in the streets and on the internet.Than electing crap heads like the bush’s and trump and Obama.Transgender indeed its ll population control.

          • This honest reply is refreshing!

          • Well said!!!!







          • For gays, then what?

        • Map is BS shows ocean into wyo but most of Ghio above water. Lowest spot in Wyo is 1000 ft plus above the highest spot in Ohio

          • The theory is that tectonic upheaval will cause some land to raise up while other areas sink a lot. I don’t expect it to happen, just saying that’s the explanation for the odd new coastline.

        • Agree completely! I looked it up and this is the Gordon Scallion map and it clearly isn’t sea level rise map…Utah, Wyoming and Colorado under water…what a joke. Did the author even look at the map? Oh, and the “rise” in sea level also exposes Atlantis off the east cost…LMAO. Scallion was such a joke with his visions, predictions and excuses.

          I gotta run!

        • I agree with you DMONIC, there are lots of real issues to be informed about and learn from, but no, we’re getting this rubbish. In the last week or so we’ve seen articles about the fictitious Planets 9, 10 and X possibly endangering Earth, super volcanoes and super earthquakes that will destroy the N.A. continent, or the USA could be nuked by persons who live in this very country, and global warming that will heat the Earth’s temperature to 250 degrees F, among other silly stories. It is sad there are many people who eat this stuff up. Even sadder is that many people likely want to see these things happen. The map for this article has been used for the past 50 years by those “psychics” foretelling planet-wide cataclysms. This story is a tabloid article on the same caliber as “Noah’s Ark found”, “Clinton invites aliens in Whitehouse”, or “Royal Family of U.K. are lizard people”. There are lots of sites that feature idiot food, stop ruining this site.

          • U Tube “Planet X” About 25,500,000 results

            Take your pick.

          • Wait…. are you saying that the Royal Family is NOT Lizard People…?!

        • Methinks thou doth protest too much. Dis-info agent anyone?

        • dEmonic, you win troll of the week award!!!! YAY!!!

        • DMONIC, agreed about the map. The map is just as bogus as the day is long. Mac, sorry but you’ve been misled about this one.

        • It really doesn’t look too valid. Seems to me that one would just calculate how much ice is locked in the poles, extrapolate that to the entire ocean surface, figure out how much higher seas would be if it all melted, and then find the appropriate line on a topographical map and color everything blue below that line. It wouldn’t be perfect because of erosion and such, but I should think that would be the map to ponder when deciding whether and where to go to higher ground.

          Or, just buy a livable blue-water boat and dock further inland as it rises.

        • This is not Cayce’s map. It looks like Scallions map, maybe a I AM America map. It is a bit adverse. This could be the “finished product” from a Nibiru passing, but it does not address the near future which is most important.

          Many people, groups, and government agencies have attempted to identify the results of the coming “Earth Changes”. Many individuals have had dreams and visions of these events. The details and differences from each are not important.

          The future reality of these changes are important. Believers should flock to the INSIDE of the Cordilleras along the East and West Coasts. That is where you will survive. 🙂

        • If you look at things scientifically, you will find:
          Sun is no longer a round yellow ball
          Earthquakes at record levels
          Weather chaos worlwide, flooding, drought and fires
          Space debris sightings daily
          magnetosphere in distress and pressure from back side

          In conclusion, you are a low paid troll or just ignorant

        • Doesn’t anyone use spelling and grammar checkers anymore? I am seeing more and more articles and replies that are filled with spelling and grammar errors. A product of the sorry educational system in Amerika?

      2. There was one map put out by the Navy I think that had only a small piece of extreme northern Florida not underwater, less than half as far south as what the map here shows. But who can estimate the level in reality. East of the Rockies somewhat seems a safe bet. I feel the need to get to higher ground soon if not right away.

        • So you really “feel the need” to get to higher ground “right away” based on an article online?

          Ya know, maybe the nutcase HiCKS was right about the govt trolls on this site….

          this aljamo character is extremely suspect. Another poster to write off.

      3. Also, please explain why the MIDWEST would be underwater while FLORIDA- which is like 300 feet UNDER sea level, is still dry. Fucking morons.

        • Ahhh , last I looked florida is at sea level . We are not below . Who’s the moron ?

        • Funny isn’t it? If you have traveled or know the real topography of the US.

          Look at the west coast. They might be islands but there is a mountain range that runs all the way from Alaska through Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California and Mexico. It picks up further down in Chili and Peru, too. Some of those west coast mountains are 10K to almost 14K feet high, too. Mt. Hood, east of Portland, is huge. I don’t see any increase in the oceans making them disappear!

          • indeed PD. These folks here are retarded.

        • Hello !

          Some faultlines go in the west and the pacific is coming right in.

          • It looks like they are saying the Colorado river is a fault line. And the land west of it will drop 5000 feet. The great salt lake is what is left the last time? It just floods with salt water then recieds? A big reacuring sunami? A huge sunami goes up the Columbia river and floods the entire western desert? Or a coordinated bio attack. Whatever, The bottom line is , Cover your ass?

            • salt water then “recedes”

        • I am at 90′ above sea level just north or Orlando FL.

        • Other maps from other visionaries show Florida a just a small “nub” with most of the State under water; particularly when new land rises in the Bahamas.

          I personally believe that Florida, like California, is one of the worst places to be when SHTF, whether earth changes occur or not.

          There are just too many people and not enough resources.

          Many millennia ago, the vast majority of the central portion of North America was under a shallow sea. Some maps show a wider breach along the Mississippi Valley than this one and one massive inland sea.

          Geologically speaking, the Western United States is on a “hinge”, thus the Great Salt Lake THOUSANDS of miles from the Pacific Ocean. I personally believe that the West Coast will be destroyed along its entirety by the BIG ONE which will trigger the San Juan Plate as well.

          This will RELEASE the massive pressure under the Yellowstone HOTSPOT, as the hundreds of miles of molten lava subsides to the West creating the channel through the mountains to Denver as prophesied by some.

          Just my take on it all. 🙂

      4. Not to go all “Glenn Beck” but the problems mounting are massive and when one goes, the results will be catastrophic and instantaneous.

        1. An EMP detonated over the usa, instantly 1800s for most of the usa.
        2. When the Fed banks lose control of the financial markets, really no one has any idea what is going to happen or how fast it will come.
        3. Or just a simple recession where a large portion of the usa’s citizens are ready to roit and loot at the drop of a hat.

        Glenn is right that when the thing that comes to knock the country out of the everything is great again fantasyland we are in, it’s going to be quite a fall and could get hairy and scary quick.

        • I never listened to Beck again after he endorsed black lives matter.

          • He supports ILLEGALS too !!! 🙁

        • When has Glenn ever been right?

      5. The concentration of wealth has disproportionately increased in the .001% that they’re running out of things to buy. Do a few hundred around the world know? Thats highly likely but their numbers are insufficient to be the driver.

        • Shutup Kevin2. WTF does your comment have to do with this?

          • DMONIC, having a bad day?
            Unable to see things with an open mind?
            You might need to get that fixed.

          • Dis info troll

          • What is has to do with is that the true elite that would know are too low in number to be the driver of this trend and the most likely reason is the increase in discretionally income available to the .001% which allows them such purchases. I thought my previous post was sufficiently explanatory.

          • First time looking at this junk…whats really funny is you people waste time arguing back and forth like your smart..im surprised if you guys even make it outside lol

            • Like you’re smart, not your smart. Duh.

            • like “you’re” smart

      6. They may have information we don’t. No, they just want people to think they do. Not much stays a secret these days.

      7. How can oceans rising cause part of the Rocky Mountains to go under, but not my yard, which is about 5 feet above high water?

        The map is bogus, based on someone’s bad dreams.

        • More like somebody’s wet dream.

          • Fantastical wet dreams for sure!


        • The earth rises and falls over the millennia as it cycles and recycles itself while the tectonic plates sit on GINORMOUS globs of molten rock that rise and fall within the mantle like a giant lava lamp.

          The Alps are rock that were formed underwater. 🙂

      8. “tap into something spiritual”

        I think it’s more like “tap into something alcoholic.”

        You won’t know there’s been a pole shift unless you look at your compass one day and realize that it’s not correct any more.


        • Sheeple don’t notice these things. They have the attention span of a sun-baked worm. You don’t need a compass to notice the rising and setting of the Sun is different. Ask them how many modern day “contrails” they remember seeing back in the 60’s and 70’s, and they’ll tell you lots of them. I never saw a chemtrail in my life during the 60’s and 70’s, and I am a Air Force brat to a father who worked in NORAD.

          As for the map, from where I am at, the ocean would have to rise over 2,400 feet.

          • There were few military Jets and passenger Jets in the 60s and 70s…prop driven plans were the primary planes in the sky as them militaries hadn’t fully exploited jet engine technologies that way, yet….HAARP was brand new and being initially still experimental. TV and radios and telephones were still all dial operated.

          • If you live too close to Yellowstone, you are toast!
            That monster has the potential to flood/sink the entire western part of US.
            In that case, the map is damn accurate!

      9. So, the satanists are relocating closer to hell and are planing to exterminate the surface dwellers? Sounds about right

      10. Common sense seems sto always be THE first casualty when people fall prey to the fear porn sages and alleged “prophets”, and self-styled “spiritualists”.
        Nostradamus was as much of a whack job as the you tube presentations here. Fools are always going to embrace and believe foolishness, as they have since the Earth and mankind were formed.
        These same pagans will be calling for the sacrifice of vestal virgins next month…..

      11. DMONIC, understands elevation of various places in the USA.

        The entire West Coast is less likely to flood, than Florida, other places on the East Coast, and along the Gulf of Mexico.

        Las Vegas NV has an elevation of 2,000 ft.
        Eugene, OR has an elevation of 430 ft.
        Bend, OR has an elevation of 3,600 ft.
        Palm Springs, CA has an elevation of 479 ft.
        The highest natural spot in florida is Britton Hill at 345 ft.
        The highest natural spot in San Francisco, CA is Mount Davidson at 928 ft.
        (All numbers from Wikipedia)

        There are maps available that allow people to find various elevations in the USA. … Maybe, someone knows the future of Tectonic plate movements. = The West Coast of the USA will slip into a fissure of the Earth.

        • For every foot the ocean rises, at sea level; either by melting ice caps or by earth subsidence, the ocean will move 20 miles inland on level ground.

          Florida is level ground for all intents and purposes. 🙂

          • SE Florida and 7.8″ above sea level and 3 miles as a crow flies from the Gulf Of Mexico.

            • Add some scuba gear to your preps, brother; and a kayak at the very least. 🙂

      12. I like that map.

      13. Survival and Prep priorities are based on one’s ability. Whether it is survival skills or the investment in elaborate bunkers, it all comes down to money.

        For a billionaire, buying and furnishing an underground bunker is just chump change. Why not? There are at least hundreds of reasons why. Do you need inside info? No.

        1. Yellowstone
        2. San Andreas Fault
        3. Negroes
        4. Lightening
        5. The Goyim
        6. “Refugees”
        7. Cancelled Checks
        8. Cancelled Checking Accounts
        9. Dikes on Bikes
        10.Hell’s Angels on Bikes
        11. Dykes that break
        12. Police Brutality
        13. Marshall Law
        14. Walmart detention
        15. Walmart going out-of-business
        16. Amazon going out-of-business
        17. Drug dealers quit
        18. Oprah farts
        19. Trump gets a buzz cut
        20. The Pope gets married.



        • Holy sh%t that was a stupid post!

          • I’ve seen more stupider.

        • I have a pet peeve that commenters on a prep site can’t spell Martial law right. There is no excuse for it being it is talked about and corrected alllllllllll the time, unless you do it on purpose then it’s annoying as fuck. I’m convinced Marshall Law is implemented by progressive fucks educated by Common Core who are just plain treasonous Antifa and Muslims wanting Americas destruction, leading to actual Martial law by international Maritime law adherents managing the pseudo “Free” slaves.

        • You didn’t mention New Madrid!!

      14. I totally agree that this map is BS. The term “pole shift” could mean either 1) the magnetic poles of the earth flip. No biggie, happens naturally about every few hundred thousand years or 2) the axis the earth rotates on moves. Short of a black dwarf star passing VERY close this is simply not going to happen. Please, compute the angular momentum of the earth. Sir Newton showed that momentum is conserved in any interaction, including angular momentum, which is why the rotational speed increases as they pull together. This is why rifles kick back when fired.

        By the by, check USGS… they have posted that an eruption risk at the Long Valley Caldera is “very high.”
        Ever been to Mammoth Lakes, CA? I have and it is a spooky place.

        I very much suggest reading David Stockman’s piece at http://www.zerohedge.com I agree with his analysis.

      15. Christ has told several Visionaries that celestial bodies are approaching our galaxy and planet that various governments are not telling their people about.

        Now we have yet another TV show about an approaching asteroid called “Salvation”. Talk about predictive programming, along with the San Andreas movie the other year.

        Whether one believes the above to be true or not, the bottom line is that what is key is obeying the Ten Commandments, getting right with God every day, and trusting HIM because in the final analysis, despite all that is happening, HE is in charge, no one else.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Yep. The 10 commandments written in the Temple of God and an ACCURATE account of the teachings of Christ.

        • The key is faith, faith in Jesus, the kind of faith that produces the kind of obiedence you speak of not from necessity but by natural result… you keep His commands not because you can, not because you must but because in hindsight you discover you have without conscious attempt to do so.
          Therefore this type of faith can only result from a total belief upon Jesus Himself and will not have occurred by merely accepting His sacrifice to appease the pastors daughter or get the pushy evangelical to leave you alone.

          God bless

        • GOD never leaves His own in the dark. He has no problem revealing what is hidden if someone only asks.

      16. Have to call BS

        because many parts of the UP are hundreds of feet higher than the lower peninsula & they are not flooded

        B ……….Fing S ……..

      17. Misconceptions abound… the map is not, I repeat not inaccurate. Nor are its positioning of its newly formed bodies of waters. To understand the interplay of fluid dynamics geographically you must first understand that the Geography will play the most important part in determine where water can and will flow. Additionally l the catalyst for said flow ( either man made or natural phenomena ) also plays a major role, i.e., what displacement of geography can be expected in varying scenarios. Therefore it is very probable that the low lying, relatively flat plains areas in the eastren mid west ( Ohio, Illinois, Indiana ) remain dry while in the west ( Montana, Idaho, Colorado ) much higher elevations become inundated. The phenomenon which would produce such a result is actually quite simple, the water flowing in the west being channeled by the more mountainous terrain has nowhere to go but up in elevation, until it reaches the point of containment at a much greater height then the same volume of water flowing over relative flat ground will in the eastren mid west.

        On a side note, my location in the far west, presently in the foothills looking over the Skagit floodplain off the Pudget Sound will become Ocean front property or near enough to it. I’ll also have the inaccessible fortress forest defense as all major access roads will simply flood away and getting into my area will become very difficult… riding the storm out in isolated anonymity …

        God bless

      18. You cannot fix stupid

      19. This was created by Al Gore and used in his book. Based on how many of his predictions actually happened, we should all seek high ground as soon as possible… ok, I made that up. But, we should all be able to spot total bullshit when we see it. There are enough legitimate problems coming on the horizon, no need for fiction.

      20. Where the heck did that giant island off the Florida coast come from. I shall call it DIGGLAND

      21. Just watched . New Nation . Org. The ranks grow?

      22. This maps a joke.

      23. Don’t believe they”know” anything we don’t. Do believe any fool can look at current state of world and figure out where it’s heading. If you have a billion dollars building a bunker is simply another form of insurance, costly but in the end if needed will be cheap at twice the price.

      24. Maybe its already happened…called Fukashima = FU island.
        As far as the map shown, from Ca to UT is all old sea floor, so maybe and heres a theory how….

        The Galactic equator…our galaxy is a spinning disc, and has an equator. Our solar system crosses this equator about every 36,000years…Water goes down the drain clockwise in earths northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern. Basic physics….What happenes to the rotation of the planets if our solar system was to cross the Galactic equator? The same as water down the drain on earth?? Spinning one way today, the other way tomorrow?? The physics of momentum say the oceans and the crust of the earth would keep going in the same direction it was going for a while if the earth changed its rotation. Earths geology may show us…Look at the west coast of the USA…from the ocean to Utah is all old sea bed…Maybe the Grand canyon wasnt formed over millions of years but 100’s due to the receding sea from a change in the rotation of earth. Could also explain pole shift….

        • That clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of water is incorrect. My toilet rotates backwards and I live in the Arkansas Ozarks. I suspect its the way its designed. Now We are being told the mmagnetic poles are shifting? We are also being told that mans activities are to blame for all sorts of bad things? Ive lived in this region for decades. Ive noticed the river valley is a split. there are jagged rock outcrops on each side. And they aren’t worn by water they match the other rock outcrop’s. That’s suggest to me that the valley was formed in a instant split by some great upheavel. Similar to when your making cheese and you take your finger and stick it in the new curd and lift up to see how it breaks. Now the 3600 year passage does sound plausible? And I would much prefer it to continual war and decline. However ive not seen any real proof. That ZETA talk website is not a reliable source. Nutty old woman who is in contact with aliens via a device implanted in her brain???? She predictited a event many years ago. She even killed her pets in preparation? And she only answers chosen questions. doesn’t allow any debate or comments. And she thought Obama was a good guy In fact she stated Obama was Abraham Lincoln reincarnated ? I do read the newsletter but its best to consider the source beware of fake new’s. Like ive stated beforedont believe anything you read or hear on the internet or mainstream media. and only half of what you see and experience first hand. question everything. Now this is my own theory the dinosaurs wherent killed by climate change or some asteroid. We still have some of them. Gators & crocks snakes and turtles. Nope it was the event of mammals. The mammals ate the dinosaur eggs and carried fleas and ticks to them. The wooly mammoth lasted longer because he lived where it was colder and rodents and vermin didn’t do as well .Since there wasn’t a bird with a specialized beak to penetrate the mammoth wool the insects where eventually fatal.

      25. Gordon Michael Scallion put out a map of the U.S. and of Europe with the earth changes. It’s interesting to look at.

      26. I could not help but notice a new huge island (or two) hs appeaed in the Western Atlantic. There is no explanation for this given. Neither was it explained that “pole shift” means magnetic pole shift not the axis of rotation poles shifting. The guy probably doesn’t understand the difference though.

        • Most don’t …..

      27. Have not seen this mentioned yet, so I’ll add –

        Many do not know that they found sea shells at the 8000 foot level in the Rocky Mountains. So, what many are not considering, is that the LAND rises and falls. It is NOT that the sea level rises. So, yes, the land of the Rocky Mountains used to be at SEA LEVEL!

        You can also see this in that off the coast of Cuba, and Japan, there are HUGE man-made structures, underwater, from 60 feet to over 150 feet. THE LAND FELL there…..

        So, in the map, where Wyoming is ocean-front, the LAND FALLS AWAY. Anyone remember the Senator talking about that Wyoming should buy an AIR CRAFT CARRIER ??? The video is out there.

      28. Greetings and salutations all …from my tin foil hat notes…

        “…The Rockies, as the name implies, are high mountains and rugged, showing that mountain building occurs there. The Continental Divide parallels the Rockies. The Continental Divide exists in continents such as North and South America because of extreme subduction along their west coasts, with plates in the Pacific forced violently under the continental plates. Each such violent episode lifts the land plates higher, and creates additional rock strata beneath such land plates, thickening them and increasing their elevation. All this is elemental geography. We have explained that in those areas where subduction has repeatedly occurred, the land plates develop thickness so that active mountain building is less likely to occur, making these regions more stable than the Continental Divide.

        At the Continental Divide, the process is varied, depending upon whether the pressure eastward involves rock strata that can slide over one another easily, and which rock strata is on top. This can involve the top rock strata sliding over a flat plains region to the east, as is occurring in Colorado and is occurring primarily in Nebraska and the Dakotas.In such cases, the top rock strata slides over the plains, rumpling and scraping what lies before it. If the rock strata to the east is not flat, then mountain building for those areas both to the east and west of the Continental Divide result, with much rumpling and tumbling. This is occurring in Montana and Wyoming.

        We have stated that there is no such thing as a safe location, as all safety is relative. Hardened rock such as develops on the floor of former salt lakes, which can be found in Utah in the Salt Lake region or in some places throughout the west in Nevada and Idaho and California, offer greater refuge from mountain building than rock recently broken. If one is in the Mississippi Valley and subject to the immense flooding that will envelop states whole, such as those in Oklahoma will endure, one is relatively safer in the foothills of the Rockies to the east of the Continental Divide. There they will rumple and toss, but will not drown…”

        ZetaTalk ™ November 5, 2011 on Safe Locations

        • It’s not about if – but when….. Texas will be devastated by waters sloshing in from the Gulf during the pole shift as well as the rising waters that occur within in the first two years after the pole shift. Being flat land, and low, the Gulf will roll over Texas without opposition, at a height of several feet. This water must go someplace, and will take the path of least resistance. If the water is flowing most rapidly as it moves over the flat land, then water that would normally move toward mountains or natural barriers will be diverted to a faster moving flow area – the Texas plains. Thus Texas, due to its flat terrain, will get more water overall than neighboring areas. Even the high plains will have several feet of water moving across it, where the coastal areas will have tidal waves hundreds of feet high. With few tall trees and faced with the after effects of hurricane force winds and earthquakes that will flatten all but new steel skyscrapers, desperate survivors will have few places to go to escape the moving sheet of water, which will drag whatever it engulfs back out into the Gulf on its return.

          ZetaTalk ™ What do the 1% know?


          • What do the 1% know and have info on?

            “…Global Warming Hoax As we have repeated asserted, Global Warming is a hoax to be used as a cover for the Earth changes anticipated during the approach of Nibiru. Global Warming was been contested from the start. Two UK scientists – Dr. Seymour Laxon and Dr. Katharine Giles – were assassinated in 2013 so they could not divulge what they knew of the scheme. The UN’s lead scientist, the UK’s Phil Jones, had deliberately submitted fraudulent data. The real data shows no Global Warming. But if the past is made to be increasingly colder than it was, then a warming trend can be presented. It is all a lie!…”

        • Nice to see you here again. 🙂

          • Research Team Slams Global Warming Data in New Report
            July 14, 2017

            DK – missed commenting with you all but always lurking 🙂 I’m still about prepping for Planet X. And for many folks it’s tin foil hat. Regardless it is SHTF and all you long time posters are so expert on the prepping topics… so I appreciate and thank you all for the comments and postings by reading and learning from them.

            Seems signs of increased earthquakes, sink holes, extreme heat/cold, land sinks/raising etc will maybe interest folks into considering the coming earth changes are about a predictable planet passage that impacts the earth and being able to discuss how to prep and be in safe locations like the 1% are doing –

            So, whats up???

            “…There is general confusion about our predicted Earth changes. This is most often envisioned as happening all at once, suddenly, without warning. Where earthquakes and stretch zone accidents do seem to happen almost without warning, their approach is never that silent. The N American continent has been getting these warnings for some time, with increasing intensity. Quake swams in the New Madrid region and west of this spot have been occurring, and are on the increase. Sinkholes and shifting roadways are occurring from Pennsylvania through Tennessee and elsewhere. The center of the bow being formed by the N American continent, the San Diego area, has an epidemic of water main breaks, and the snapping rock inland from this point has affected a mine in Utah. None of this is officially ascribed to the New Madrid adjustment that is pending, though FEMA gives evidence of their nervous preparations for the disaster they know is pending.

            Will the New Madrid just suddenly rip with our predicted magnitude 9 quake? Hardly. There will be a progression of quakes in the magnitude 4-5 range all along the New Madrid fault line, which runs up to the Great Lakes and thence along the seaway. The bow will become more stressed, cracking rock inland from San Diego all the way to the Mississippi, and forcing adjustments north and south of this point too, from the Aleutian Islands to the tip of Mexico. Sinkholes and crevasses will proliferate throughout the US in her stretch zones, in a swath that ranges from the New England states south to the tip of Florida and all points west. This is a large bow. Then quakes will increase to the point of being considered magnitude 6-7 along the long New Madrid fault line and its attendant splinters. The New Madrid adjustment will thus not sneak up on you, but will be well announced….”

            ZetaTalk ™ March 12, 2011

      29. Well, what are TPTB waiting for? An eclipse or star alignment on Sep 23rd? What is so special about some bullshit special rites or ceremonial timing? They need to get it over with already. A death party is a death party, it doesn’t need a special day and candles already.

      30. The mean elevation of Nevada is 5500 feet. The highest point is over 13,000 feet, yet the map shows it all underwater? What a load of BS.

      31. The talk how the continents separated. But if you take a balloon put a little air in it. Paint the continents all touching each other . Then blow up the ballon all the way. It seems the earth has expanded at one time . And may again?

      32. Or revert?

      33. If fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity , we need bug out trailers? Look at the fires people with no hotel rooms available . With a stocked bug out trailer, you can go on a camping vacation. Do a little fishing , poaching, barbaqueing. Put a pig in the ground . A portable ice maker with able solar panel a must? 25 or 50 pound a day portable ice maker . Gotta love a bug out trailer.?

      34. Mods here are petty tyrants who refuse to post even the most supportive of statements for no apparent reasoning.
        That God I don’t treat others like that.

      35. I hope the ocean doesn’t rise to the point where people in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, etc. start migrating inland. We don’t need that kind of filth messing up nice conservative rural areas.

      36. Just prep for a no holds barred SHTF WROL survival of the fittest . Stone Age existence. And you will have it covered.

      37. Utter rubbish map. this is not science it is fantasy akin to Alice in wonderland I say this as a geologist with advanced degrees

        • Then you know that the Alps were formed underwater; that the continents rise and fall according to the movement of the GIGANTIC plutons underneath them over the millenia; that ALL land was once bound together in a mass called, PANGAEA 250 million years ago, and that the Rockies and Appalachians were once separated by a great, shallow, inland sea.

          Shall I continue? Where in the FUCK did you get those “advanced degrees” ??? Online University I presume. 🙂

      38. Whatever the reason, if your curious, floodmap.net has a sea level rise map, where you can punch in flood depth (in meters), to study affects based on flooding.

        This does not take into effect plate shift sinking and rising due to water volume displacement. Everything must equal. One area goes up, another goes down and vise versa.

        It wouldn’t hurt to know your elevation and that of your BOL, including:

        Location of toxic industrial plants.
        Nuclear power plants
        Dams, rivers and lakes (are you downstream?)
        Hill sides (in case of mudslides)
        Major highways (drawing both LE and migration)
        Geological maps (whats beneath you. i.e. sinkholes).

        A proper and thorough observation should take care of any obvious oversight. However, its all a crap shoot. There are simply so many threats (and fear porn), whose severity suggests that your better off stocking up on a bottle of jack, a good cigar and lawn chair, in a suitable location that will provide a ring side seat for this historical event.

        I am reminded of the scene of original ghost busters, wherein “Gozer” asks them to choose the form of their destructor.

        In all seriousness, one merely needs to stand in front of a mirror to know what that form is.

      39. This certainly would solve the liberalism problem in this country…

        • My point exactly.

      40. The last time I looked, Stephen Forbes was a good guy, a gold loving, America loving, capitalist that wants an honest monetary system. Look at his article as more of a guide for the average God loving American.

      41. That Looks A Little Scary

      42. California still needs the water, and if it drowns San Francisco and LA, so much the better!!! But then again, how many people are still living in, or paying for, their 2012 “End of the World” bunkers? Doomsday warnings are always around. If or when they happen, people will die, others will say “I told you so”, nobody will really be in a position to care, the price of land will go down, and the price of a chicken will go up!!!

      43. At least the ‘deluge’ covers the crap regions.

      44. Some people think having money means they are going to live forever. When your number is up, it is up. I can think of worse ways to go than a massive cataclysm.

      45. Will God be mocked? The rainbow is his covenant. There will be no flood this time. Ironically his rainbow is set upon the Earth on a pool over the Yellowstone super volcano. Have people the eyes to see? He said we would be tried in the fire. The magma chamber has been found to be grossly underestimated with a new one found underneath larger than Long Island, N.Y. There are quake swarms. The earth is rising, but man is not heeding the warning. I call it the RESET button. Will the human race acknowledge the warning and amend its ways or face the trial by fire? Is that what happened to Atlantis? Are we next?


        Conspiracy Cafe covered these issue the other day. We learned not to burn. It seems many of the rest of us are jumping into the rainbow pool for lack of knowledge.

        Flat earth controversy. Marshall McLuhan’s 106th Birthday Google Doodle. Canada’s good behavior APP creepy goes mainstream. Patents to stimulate the nervous system. Smart meter snooping. 5G Wi-Fi cooking your cranium. It’s the water. China’s submarine propulsion. Quantum satellites, radar and weather modification Chinese style. AI bot hacker. Tech billionaires attempting to escape the Matrix. The God platform internet. Rose’s Law. Google’s DEEPMIND. Human computer interface flaw. First telepathic link between man and machine. Robots invent their own language. JP Morgan hires first AI attorney. Fukoku Mutual Life goes AI. Self evolving robot in Norway. Artificial genome HGP-W. New DNA letters alter ‘life.’ Virus resistant life. DNA repair OFF switch. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Hive mind network. Extinction gene.

        World first as Chinese scientists teleport particles 300km into space

      46. Hey Eisenkreuz (Iron Cross)

        Enough of the testosterone-laden commentary. Who really gives a damn if you have a well developed PC muscle? I mean really. A man also doesn’t have to stand around “beating his chest” for attention. Unlike you, I am quite satisfied with my personal achievements in life, business and relationships. Good luck on your bear bait adventure!

      47. Hey Eisenkreuz (Iron Cross)

        Enough of the testosterone-laden commentary. Who really gives a damn if you have a well-developed PC muscle? I mean really. In my book a man doesn’t have to stand around “beating his chest” for attention. Unlike you, I am quite satisfied with my personal achievements in life, business and relationships. I set personal goals and work towards them without crying for attention. BTW, good luck on your “bear bait” adventure!

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