“They Know What’s Going To Happen” Governments And Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold Ahead Of Massive Economic Collapse

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    The writing is on the wall and major financial institutions across the world are warning about the economic disaster to come. Unabated money printing, tariff trade wars, rising interest rates and retail slowdowns point to one result, and it’s going to be brutal. Big banks and governments know what’s coming and they are preparing for this eventuality by stockpiling huge amounts of “real money” ahead of the crisis.

    According to Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of the world’s top primary silver producer First Majestic Silver and chairman of First Mining Gold, the cartels he’s previously reported to the CFTC have continued to manipulate the prices of precious metals while loading up their own vaults with gold and silver. The answer to why they’re doing it is simple, as Neumeyer highlights in a recent interview with SGT Report:

    The verdict is still out on whether we’re going into a dis-inflationary or inflationary environment… gold can do well in both environments… the fact of the matter is governments are printing extraordinary amounts of fiat currencies and that is not going to change…

    The stage is set for higher gold prices due to the amount of money being printed… I am of the belief a major reset is coming where the governments of the world will need to get rid of their debt by fixing everything to the price of gold… and that’s why governments like China and Russia and other governments around the world are accumulating gold… it’s because they know what’s going to happen over the next several years…

    (Watch at Youtube)

    If it is true [that JP Morgan has acquired the largest position of physical silver in the world] then it’s pretty amazing… Any bank wanting a long position like that is doing it for a reason…  Banks like JP Morgan… they haven’t had a losing trade in multiple years… if they’re long something that’s probably what you want to be buying.

    Neumeyer explains that not only are there monetary factors at play, but also supply issues, as production, especially in silver, has dropped markedly over the last several years.

    All of this bodes well for rising precious metals prices going forward, with reasonable estimates for future growth far exceeding the all-time highs we saw in recent years:

    Metals are in an extremely tight trading range… This base the metals are building right now is three years in the making… and when the metals finally take off this year it’s going to be astounding to watch.

    … We lived through it in 2010 and 2011… a good mining stock will far exceed the movement of the metal itself… a stock like First Mining would absolutely explode in an environment like that… it’s hard to predict the exact prices that stocks would do but it would be quite different than it is today… I think $2000 or $3000 gold… these are reasonable numbers that we will experience in the not too distant future. 

    Financial analysts and large institutions have generally avoided gold and silver for nearly a decade. But the tide appears to be changing.

    As prices remain suppressed, government are acquiring, big banks are acquiring and even Morgan Stanley recently noted that gold can be used as a “very good proxy of the true value of a dollar over long periods of time.”

    We know economic collapse on a massive scale is approaching.

    To get an idea of where one should be diversifying their assets in the event this worst-case scenario plays out, one need only ask the following question: What is money when the system collapses?

    5,000 years of history for the single most reliable monetary asset class of last resort has already given us the answer. 

    Prepare accordingly.

    Keith Nuemeyer is the CEO of the world’s top primary silver producer First Majestic Silver and Chairman of First Mining Gold

    Visit SGT Report for more interviews like the one you just watched.


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      1. This plan has been in place for decades. We’re close now. You can feel it coming.

        • more than two 45 minute cardio sessions a week will destroy your muscle and make you skinny-fat

          muscle metabolism eats fat

          in order to be fit you have to build muscle

          • I’ve been saying that for years and people tell me I’m crazy. I’m almost 54, lift weights at least 3 times a week, stretch everyday, never took any medications except for an occasional aspirin and I’m in very good health. I’m a truck driver for over 30 years now and have to do DOT physicals every 2 years. I have always, everytime, gotten a full 2 year card. Too many fat asses walkin around eating junk and throwing back the pills, in poor health all because they’re too lazy to exercise. Yep, I guess I am cray cray.

            Stay quiet Be smart

            • You got a lot more to worry about than your body building…wake the frig up

              • So tell me what I should be worrying about. The collapse? The great tribulation? I’m not worried about these things, I’m getting ready for them, just doin my homework. Think about this: 70% of Americans and countless others worldwide are on some type of medication. If the day comes (collapse) that most of these folks can’t get their fix, can you imagine the pandemonium and chaos? Do you think about stuff like that? You should instead of telling me what to and not to worry about tough guy.

                Stay quiet Be smart

          • E’Kreutz: I ride a bike on level road for 30 min 4 times a week, lift wts and do push ups. Also walk a lot, no hvy cardio tho’. I ride moderately, no high speeds.

        • rettago: I have heard this since the early ’80’s when books were published about this, these authors are old men now or are no longer vertical.

      2. May God and Ruger protect us from the unprepared.

      3. Stay razor focused on markets and breaking news this week. Thursday could be huge.

        • Older folks: put stop losses on your stocks, convert/transition to tax free bonds, call broker, so this now. Others, watch your 401k, convert some to bonds for safety.

          • laura, do not enter your stops with your broker. A market maker can see them and you could (will) be wiped clean of that stock’s value. Either watch them personally or use a service.

            • Ketchu: I use Ed Jones near me, retirees should be doing this, and move to tax free. If stock drops it auto sells- you no longer own the stock if that’s what you mean by wiped clean.

          • Are you able to keep a straight face when you tell people to go into bonds? Do you know where interest rates are heading? Try up. What does that mean? Bonds that pay lower rates of interest get crushed. Their price drops like Bill Clinton’s pants. You’re guaranteed to lose money, wealth and purchasing power.

            The bigger question, one which I think you are completely oblivious to: why are rates on any kind of US bond at all as low as they are? I’m talking Treasuries, state-issue, municipal and corporate. Because anyone who needs to settle a trade contract, not just an oil trade contract, needs to buy Treasuries to serve as trade settlement paper to perform the contract. Look at the financials of companies like Apple and Microsoft, look at the line item cash and cash equivalents, break it down into its parts. You’ll see that the offshore holding companies owned by companies such as these are jam-packed with Treasuries. Why? Whoever’s buying their goods abroad needs to settle the contract in Treasuries to take delivery of the goods.

            What happens when we have a true and pure free market, where no one is forced to buy Treasuries as trade settlement paper? Interest rates will rocket to the upside. If you are holding lower rate US bonds of any kind, you will get destroyed. The price of such bonds will fall straight into the toilet.

      4. Let them stock all the gold they want. Won’t make one damned bit of difference to their survival. Best thing they could do with it is cast it into bullets.

      5. Although it is probably a lie, America has the largest stash of gold in the world easily exceeding China and Russia combined. I don’t exactly trust anything the Russians or Chinese claim either. In any event there is not enough gold in the world to cover the Debt that all nations carry, much less the day to day transactions.
        You could run the price of gold up to $100,000 an ounce, who is going to buy it?
        Wealth is produced by the production of things people need, and secondarily producing things they want.

        • Buy high, sell low. So far it’s not working so well.

        • The US stash of gold IS a total and complete lie. Fort Knox holds, at most, 1000 tons of gold bullion, along with a couple of beer barrels filled with confiscated pre-1933 gold coins.

          I’ve followed some real heavy hitters on this one for a while: Jim Willie, Bill Holter, London Paul, Rob Kirby. The consensus from men of this caliber is that Russia and China, at an absolute bare minimum, have physical ownership of 25,000 tons of gold bullion each; I would also consider 45,000 tons of gold bullion each to be very realistic. This is gold bullion above ground, can be loaded onto flatbeds and brought into stadiums as proof. This is also totally separate from any bullion which would back currencies and oil contracts.

          What really bears watching is JPM’s silver stockpile. They have two separate stockpiles. They have a 240m ounce stockpile to serve as the main stand for delivery mechanism on Comex silver. They also have another stockpile in excess of 600m ounces.

          The second stockpile is the one to watch. When no one needs to hold Treasuries as trade settlement paper for trade contracts, those Treasuries are going to “bounce back” to the US. Whoever is unloading them is going to want to be paid in something that is actually worth something. The US does not have gold to do the job. But JPM has silver, and is most likely going to serve as chief functionary for the Exchange Stabilization Fund to settle these bounced Treasuries in silver. When this happens, silver goes parabolic.

          Now you need to look at silver production output. The US produces 40m ounces annually, Mexico produces 200m ounces annually. Currently, the bulk of that Mexican silver output goes to the US because Mexico has to squander the output to get dollars to settle dollar denominated debt. Once the Treasuries start bouncing, Mexico can settle larger and larger amounts of dollar denominated debt using smaller amounts of appreciating silver. In a bounced Treasuries scenario, without Mexican silver, you’re looking at a severe shortage of silver in the US and prices going even more parabolic.

          Then there’s the issue of inflation in the US. You could see it via devalued currency followed by physical printing and distribution of actual currency to keep pace with a devaluation. You could see it via shortages of goods. There’s a lot of stuff the US imports because it no longer makes the stuff. If no one is willing to take dollars for those products, you have instant shortages and associated inflation. What do you think happens to the price of silver, given these two facts on top of a physical shortage of silver? The price could conceivably run toward par with gold.

          • Peter, I always appreciate your posts. (thumbs up)

          • Peter: I have a bad feeling all of “our” Gold, the U.S. is long GONE by not forgotten. Guys, the U.S. is in a very, very bad situation, hence we the average little individual person is really cannon fodder and double-screwed…Unfortunately almost nothing surprises or shocks me any longer.

          • Thank you, PeterFrancisco, for taking a very convoluted story
            line and making it succinct and easy to understand.

            I am going with my gut on this one and my gut (the older I get, the better it works) says that we are on the precipice of SHTF and fiat money will be useful for tinder and maybe TP – dirty TP, anyway.

        • I thought Oloser gave China a massive amount?? Seems like I read it somewhere….

        • toy should research GATA

      6. There is always enough gold. It just has to be repriced. It can be carried in much smaller size to accommodate the price level.

      7. More gold mining stocks, more crap.

        crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap,crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap

        Here is the scam: Buy up a huge amount of these penny stocks, then do a bunch of advertising on sucker boards like this, then sell it to the fools.

        More penny stock fraud. Have some morals and don’t push this junk, Mac.

      8. I liked this page better when you had the thumbs up or down for comments Mac.

        • Thanks for your feedback. That feature had to be removed because we left it open to the public (rather than required a user login) and we were hit with thousands of database injection attacks by malicious actors. Looking at a new commenting platform soon.



          • thank you for the update mac.

          • I do appreciate this site allowing one to make comments w/out Disqus or other third party “comment hosting services” i.e. spy services.

            • I also appreciate that it’s easy to make comments without joining a third party service. I think they are in the same category as Wastebook, Twooter, and the rest.

      9. On YouTube there are numerous videos about England’s royal family.

        Supposedly we are still subjects of the Queen, whom is worth hundreds of trillions.


        • The queen herself isn’t worth shit, just that she is sitting on those trillions stolen from the countryfolks.

          • We the people need to “revamp” things a bit should I say…

      10. Of course, it’s going up to 3K an ounce. If the market was not rigged it would be that now.

      11. In the last days the Bible you know Gods promise book. States that gold and silver will not deliver you only Faith in Jesus. So get that Bible confess your sins and say your prayers to the best of your ability and ask God to forgive you in Jesus name for what he did on the cross for us.
        And hold on because it’s going to get real bad. You have some time to prepare. So get with it!

      12. This is just an ad, not a real article. Stupid me,, I was scared and a new prepper and listened to gurus like in this ad in 2009,,, buy gold, but gold,, cant go down,, 5000 years best store of wealth,, ect. Commercial after commercial spouting the same thing,, and still are. It, and silver can go down as we have seen. I bought gold at $1800 per ounce when it was predicted to hit $5000, maybe $10,000 in the next few years as the economy collapsed…. It went down to $900 instead in the next few years per ounce and now sits around $1300 per ounce. Not a good investment,, while my stocks have on average probably doubled in that timeframe. Even if you had bought 20-25 years ago at $300 per ounce investment wise you would still be better off in good stocks or good real estate. I know others may disagree with my opinion. Someday the economy will collapse, mad max scenario could come, but probably not for a long long time to come. KF

        • KF: I think it may be much sooner, than later. . .

      13. Bible says they will throw Gold and Silver into the street like trash. It will be worthless. You can’t eat it and the things that are coming will make the walking dead scenario a walk in the park.A time like never before or ever was is right around the corner, only believing in Jesus Christ will spare you from what is coming.

        • Kate: What do you think is a coming??

        • Kate F. I have shown Bible ref. to this to Steve Quayle, and others hyping metals. After y2k, the metals tanked. We sold silver later, never to buy again. Bible proves this. Apostates trust/ hype this crap. Mark of beast will outlaw it anyway and everything then will be either bartering w/ others, or debit. It will be total control. I will stick to brass (ammo). Amen.

          • Yeah, you keep preaching that nonsense. When your money at Edward Jones goes poof I will happily pay you, or more likely your husband or son, to work for me. What will that payment be? I can see it being one ounce of silver for 40 hours of labor.

            I hear they have lots of paper money and a great stock market in Venezuela.

            I love pretentious bible thumpers like you. In the end you will either have PMs and work or you will starve.

            I am a Christian, too, but I don’t run around calling people apostates. “The bible proves this.” Wow. So pretentious. It’s people like you that give Christians a bad name.

          • Kate F….the mark of the beast is your cell phone number….ring ring…hello hello, who’s there?…yes its me the beastie

      14. And Lee Ermey has passed away. And Art Bell also passed away.

        • Him: I lost two cats, a mother died close together, was in mourning for sometime, got another cat and fell in luv again !

          • Good. I’m happy for you. Live your life. Bless you.

      15. Man, how long have we been listening to this same ole crap now year after year.

      16. The author simply does not understand how the world economy operates. We are 15-20 years from a crash and burn for western civilization. Watch Europe in the next few years. They are completely fucked. High Debt levels, rising interest rates, pension crisis and the massive corruption within the EU governments will all contribute to demise of Europe among other things. The US will be the last domino to fall. Just as Rome was the last to fall at the end of the Roman Civilization.

      17. Have you ever seen the headline: “Economists all got it right”? Maybe one or two get it close but the majority of their predictions are wrong. Why? Simple, people adapt so fast that the shit never hits the fan.

      18. We are entered a new age. Change is afoot. Lots of scared folks on both sides. Some have much to lose.

        No jobs. Shuts downs in progress. Working age adults don’t want to work. Not because they’re dumb and lazy. Because they see no benefit in watching a broken boomer generation with little to show for their excess. That party is over and the invitations to the next are being declined. Frankly, we were driven.

        Remember Hair Bands, Malls, and being proud? Remember getting your first credit card? Exciting, eh? Look at us now? Uh-huh.

        Lots of CEOs and people in high places are getting into trouble, resigning under scandal or questionable action. Either the moral compass is correcting itself, or it’s simply time for certain people to go offline. Should that be the latter, no amount of gold will suffice. It’s only value is because we allow it.

        There is zero trust is our news, officials and experts. They’re done.

        There are other forces in play, and they’re not coming from the folks behind the podium. Yet the people at those podiums, and in front of the camera’s are very much not themselves. It’s a reality TV show of epic proportion.

        How utter remarkable that we’ve managed to create a billion dollar empire out selling fear.

        This thing called Capitalism. This religion of Money.

        There exists all kinds of wisdom on how to make, keep and grow wealth. Yet not one recipe in a cookbook on how to eat it, when that’s all you’ll have left.

        Here ends the lesson.

        Good bye, Age of Bullshit.

      19. If people are going to trade based on anything in the Bible, I want to be on the other side of that trade.

        And all money is fiat money now. Where have some you been?

      20. This is news? Look up the words to the old song, “Ain’t we got fun?”

      21. Hey all, Put your faith in Jesus Christ but until he comes back you should use your wisdom to protect yourself and your family by having a skill and investing your money in God and the marketplace. IMHO

      22. Ceo of Majestic, Mr. Keith Neumeyer, has been wrong for ten years. I know, I bought First Majestic and am still down seventy five percent. Again, seventy five percent. I love silver, but this guy is out there pumping his own stocks, not helping true believers in silver and gold. Stay away from anything he touches. Same with Sprott silver and gold trust. Truly disgusting.

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