Insurance Company Risk Experts Have Started Hoarding Physical Gold and Cash Ahead Of Crisis

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    How do you know when the world’s economic, financial and monetary systems are in trouble?

    Answer: When re-insurance companies, whose sole purpose is to insure other insurance companies, start to panic into gold and begin hoarding cash it’s probably a reliable signal that things aren’t going as well as our central bankers’ best laid plans imply.

    That’s exactly what’s happening right now:

    A real paradigm shift is taking place in the markets…  Even one of the world’s second largest re-insurers is now buying physical gold… They’re even adding physical cash… This is the insurance industry’s insurance company… They are the risk experts and they now are buying physical gold bullion and storing physical cash… The importance of this move is possibly the most significant flow of capital that you will see in your lifetime…

    Watch via Future Money Trends:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    This is just the beginning… an avalanche of buying will soon take the gold price higher than central banks could imagine… If just 5% of assets under management from the top 500 fund managers flowed into gold, the results would be stunning… that would be $3.9 trillion… the price level of gold would have to rise dramatically in order to meet this demand.

    We’ve already seen what happens when market panic takes hold. As stocks crashed in earnest at the beginning of the year, gold and gold mining companies sky-rocketed in price. The same scenario played out following the post-Brexit meltdown.

    When confidence is lost and markets crash investors will run for the safety of gold and silver. And as was recently noted by Doug Casey, the panic buying that will ensue once the floodgates are open could drive precious metals to levels that most people can’t even imagine.

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      1. if you are paying attention you can’t miss it. elites are getting out of dodge. people like Soros and other big names are buying gold and short selling markets. gov expanding supply stockpiles.

        It is definitely coming and they definitely know.

        The 99% have been kept in the dark and they will soon see what their dear leaders have been up to.

        • I find it odd that they never mentioned the name of this mystery reinsurer. However, if it’s true, then it’s good news for goldbugs. Insurance companies are professional crooks so it’s no surprise that they get into the PM game. Sorry for sounding so cynical but insurance companies love to take your money then when it’s time to pay, they create hoops that you have to jump through to get your money. Or, as in my personal experience, I pay a lot of money every year for different insurances and I ain’t made a claim in years, so everything we pay is pure profit for them. And yet they don’t really cut our rates anywhere. They seem to look for reasons to nickel and dime increases especially car insurance. Like I said, I’m sorry to sound cynical but I really hate insurance companies. It’s nothing more than unmandated tax scheme. Stay quiet Be smart

          • Insurance companies LOSE money on your premium. Yup. They put out more in losses and expenses than they take-in in premiums. You’re getting a free ride every year. You buy a $40,000 car, pay $750 for the first year’s premium, wrap it around a tree, and the insurance company is out close to $39,000. You shouldn’t hate insurance companies you should be darn thankful they exist. Now for all the replies that are sure to come, about how I don’t know what I’m talking about… Google “combined ratio” and you’ll see most insurance companies pay out $1.25 or more for every $1.00 they get in premium. So much for those evil insurance companies.

            • They make their money from “Investment Income”. That’s why your rate goes UP when the market goes down.

            • Dan.
              Insurance companies were OK, UNTIL they lobbied and started to make it MANDATORY to have insurance AND require certain types and levels of insurance, so YES they are no better than our scumbag government, insurance should ONLY be a CHOICE the individual person can make IF the wish, and don’t give me all the crap of people who don’t take it being the cause because it is NOT! and i might add that becuase YOU are brainwased into thinking like this is ONE reason our political leaders have been allowed to screw the public over! look at the REQUIRED MEDICAL INSURANCE CRAP!! it is ALL a SCAM to get your money! wake up buddy and see what you have NOT seen!!

              • I’m brainwashed because I state a fact: that insurance companies pay out more in claims that they take-in in premiums? That’s what I said and no one has offered any proof to the contrary. You’re buying a lot of protection for a very small amount of money, and that is the real deal.

            • If that was true they would all be out of business. And how could they afford car insurance commercials every 15 minutes on every channel all day long? You either work for insurance companies or you are a lier. Probably both.

              • Or, there’s a reason they still make money after paying out more than they take-in in premiums – but you would have had to read my post which you obviously did not do.

            • Dan, you must work in insurance. I’ve been driving cars for 36 years and tractor trailers for 30. I never had an accident either so go talk your bullshit to someone who doesn’t know any better. I have an old ford truck that I decided to restore so I garaged it and dropped the insurance. The agent actually told me that I had to maintain insurance regardless. So I told her she needed to show me the statute. She couldn’t, CAUSE THERE AINT ONE. I ended up gettin a policy with another carrier but not before the cops come beatin on my door want the license plate to the truck. You insurance people are crooks, plain and simple. So next time you tell me to be thankful, just kiss my ass instead. Liar

              • What was the name of the BS’n insurance co Jack?

                • Allstate I was with them for 20+ years till they took they got rid of the agent. He was a good guy, and the got rid of him cause he wouldn’t try to up charge people. So he sued them and ended up dead. He was changing a lightbulb and supposedly slipped off a ladder

              • So my statement that insurance companies pay out more in claims than they take-in in premium is BS because you’ve been driving cars and trailers without a claim? Makes perfect sense to… someone. And as far as some Agent telling you something wrong – my post said nothing about that. Be thankful you can buy coverage for so little – that’s the point.

                • Dan, you haven’t offered any proof that they pay out more than they take in. Other than what you say, prove it. And my point is that I’m as safe as they come but yet I get nothing except a bunch of bullshit when it comes to why I have to pay more instead of less

        • Like I always said….you can’t go wrong following what the big dogs are doing. Cash and Silver for me.

          • I wonder if Selco would agree with you?

            • I certainly would not leave it in the system. 3 B’s done.

      2. First priority is to survive . Wealth preservation is a bit further down the line.

      3. Just another canary in the coal mine who’s about to keel over.

      4. Gold is about to go thru the ceiling.

        Any more Hillary Scandals. I have been watching watching “The Clinton Chronicles” Murder and Vincent Foster. The CIA and drug running out of Mensa, Arkansas. MENSA that’s the club for people who’s IQ is over 140. Some smart drug laundering ladies. Well, what difference does it make.?

        I’ve got to go. My mother taught me not to gossip. But damn. This stuff is great. Bill is from Hot Springs, and apparently things were pretty hot in Hot Springs. Not that that makes him a bad sort. But it explains his confusion about the role of women. He married a stone cold b**ch and he then wanders thru life looking for something sweet. What a pair. Madam President. Like madam Hiedi Fleise. Ironic. I better be careful. Critics of the Clintons turn up dead.?

        • Since it’s widely accepted that Chelsea was produced by Webster Hubbell – and the resemblance between the two is truly uncanny, it is possible that Slick Willie has never even played hide the salami with the Hildebeast, not even for recreational purposes.

          So, while I still despise every one of these Clintons and especially Slick Willie – I can almost cut him a little slack on his bimbo prowling activities. She probably told him up front that she had decommissioned her lower unit and that he was free to find his rations elsewhere.

          Which has been his obsession for his entire life.

        • I think you mean Mena, Arkansas.

          Why the interest in gold? Afterall, the people in Venezuela aren’t standing line for gold. They are standing in line for food.

          You can’t eat gold.

          • You can’t eat paper IOU Fiat Currency either. You can use it for toilet paper soon after it is declared dead or fire starter. Trade your soon to be worthless paper into Gold or Silver. Gold and Silver have been used as currency for thousands of years. Stick to a proven wealth preserver. Gold commissions are like $100 an ounce. I’ll stick with Silver, the common mans PM. Got to have the Jingle in your pocket. Ask those So. people who had stacked Confederate Currency after the Civil War what they think of paper currency?


          • Did you know there is a whole other world out there beyond the tip of your own nose? 🙂 And in part of that world the only people standing in line for food are the people that don’t have gold.

            • Well Billy…unless you got a personal depository of untold billions in gold …you too will eventually run out of your supply and will (if you survive) be a Venezuelan too.
              If the Godless wonders known as Government digitalize or outright make personal possessions of gold criminal, we may all turn into wolves.

              Live Free or Die…Gold? …what Gold?…I’m hungry

      5. I sure have seen a lot of life insurance commercials on the boobtube lately. Hmmm….

      6. All I’ve ever seen was CEOs and subcontractors do was make as much $ as possible through being cheap and screwing the help then enacting their exit strategy leaving workers unemployed. This is why I hate corporations. They don’t feel they should help out in their communities they are just greedy it’s the corporate way and it’s coming to your employer eventually. I’ve said it before don’t spend any $. just spend your life at work so you don’t have time to spend $. It’s sounds like slavery but it’s not your taking from corporations and not putting the $ back into corporations. This takes a willingness to work and deal with being there all the time you get used to it. Drive the old paid off bomb around to not have payments. Use one light bulb in the house to save on electric. I’m not kidding hoard every buck you can. I walk around with $10 for the week. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I get my coffee in the morn. People say I’m cheap fine they don’t pay my bills fuck them. Wife says I deprive myself I don’t see it that way I have what I need. down with corporations they need me to do their work and spend my earnings. I don’t need them I’m ahead of the ball and will leave my employer high and dry when the time comes just like prior employers have done to me. No call no show. I can’t wait for that day really.

      7. Notice we haven’t heard much hitlery and trump attacking each other the past few days.

        • Or the Comey “commie” Clinton collusion…Black Lies Matter’d more. Ahhhh the power of the press and those who own it.

          Live Free or Die….if it’s a war they want…they shall have it anyway they can

      8. wow….i haven’t heard anyone say “yuh caint eat gold” yet.

        • Yeah can’t eat gold… There I said it… As well as FRN’s. Watching the Minneapolis police action… Don’t think the agitators got gold on their minds… And if this goes to level 1 all across the nation… I don’t think we’ll have any manufacturing and goods and services… It will be madman… Sorry bcod… . Just had to say it

          • love the frn’s comment, talon!

        • Ailll says it againn
          Yas caints eats goooollllddd

      9. All fiat money will die.

        • FIAT MONEY IS AN OXYMORON HAHA it is all fake money of account. does not exist hocus pocus bam its in your acct as digitized numbers, also fiat paper is debt notes a promise to pay in the futures IOU’s; and money of exchange is coins, gold and silver etc tangible and fungible…

          also look at your dollar bills it used to say redeemable in lawful money, seen that in a while?

      10. All fiat money will die.

      11. Er, uh, it’s Mena, Arkansas. Nothing whatsoever to do with the social organization Mensa (which offices in Dallas).

      12. Fiat is not ‘money’, it’s currency. And yes, it will all go down like a bad habit eventually.

      13. As in Venezuela right now cash is worthless on the black market. And only the black market has anything to buy. And the black market only takes gold and silver . Same in Roadisia or Zimbabwe? But eventually they will throw their gold and silver in the streets. So first gold and silver will be king . Then brass and lead . Then beans and rice.

      14. Yes, the famous quote” You can’t eat gold” may be far more prophetic than many believe.

        Sheriff departments are going to have to look at deputizing private citizens, preferably those with prior law enforcement, corrections, private security/vip security escort and give them some re-training in use of force and civil disturbance to supplement law enforcement. Extensive background checks required.

        Considering that many law enforcement personnel, especially
        those in the military police national guard/army reserve units could be called up in the event of an overseas conflict.

        Going to leave LE short handed, then the call for UN troops already re-positioned will come in and will probably kill indiscriminately during civil unrest and the suspension of civil rights.

        Quite concerned about that and unless it really gets bad, the guns and ammo many have purchased, may never be used.

      15. On Drudge

        ABC news 200 arrested between Baton Rouge and St. Paul at demonstrations of BLM. Throwing rocks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails.

        More cities with more marches.

        We are a stones throw away from major riots all over the nation.

        • More like a boulders throw. Still just a drop of a drop in the bucket. Many people I know don’t even know there is anything going on. A local rally we had in our area drew a whole 200 people. Comments were funny but show that the protests are still not taken seriously. Example: One commenter said “well, just tell them it’s a job fair and they will go away” and another “this explains why the Taco Bell was short-handed when I went earlier.” We will see if Obama can really get this shit going or if he will fail as he has so many times these past four years. He has done everything possible to get us off our computers and engage, but so far just a big fat failure is he.

      16. SEEDS, people- when the food runs out, where will you find seeds to plant if there aren’t any. How long will you wait hoping uncle sam will suddenly open up a seed store in your neighborhood? Food and water will be the only priorities, try going without a drink of any liquid just for one day. Try not eating anything from the time you wake up til you go to bed, just one day, now imagine the people next door or in the crappy apartments down the street haven’t had water or food for just 3 days and they are starting going door to door asking then demanding stuff because they are bigger and less polite than you. You need to be Far Away as soon as society reaches that self defined tipping point, whatever it is, the draft, martial law, gas rationing.

      17. The two industries I hate the most, insurance and the funeral businesses. I would like to know the company(s) who are buying the metals and “physical cash”. Physical cash, I would think is actually dollars in a vault. Why would the companies have cash? If they knew the system would collapse, they wouldn’t be worried about cash. They would run out of money quickly when people burn down their houses and businesses to collect it. There are reasons to buy gold, but this seems to be a sales tactic.

        • You’ve got it wrong why a re-insurer would want to stockpile physical cash. They’re not going to use it to pay off claims filed by amateur arsonists looking to cash out. They’re going to use it to acquire assets and people, because when the system goes down, assets and people are going to be for sale, and they will be able to be bought for next to nothing.

          Just look at the numbers on physical US currency in circulation versus depositor accounts on the banks’ books: $1.4T in physical, circulating cash versus over $11T in depositor accounts on books; that’s a ratio of about $8 in deposits on books for every $1 of physical currency. These re-insurers are ultimate insiders, and they know that a ratio like that says cash will be coveted, and coveted dearly, once the system does go down.

          They know there’s going to be a window of unprecedented opportunity here. The suckers holding those depositor accounts are going to eventually be “made whole” with a government issue debit card modeled on the EBT card, complete with weekly or daily restrictions on physical cash withdrawals. They’ll be left holding the bag on electronic “money” to spend on whatever goods are still available. The government knows they can manufacture electronic “money” to infinity without causing inflation because they already did it, starting in 2008-09.

          From when that blowout happens until those debit cards hit the streets, cash will be king. These guys are not dumb. They’re positioning themselves accordingly to build or re-build empires.

          • Names of the company (s). You don’t need worthless cash to buy people or assets. If it’s worthless ( based on the purchasing of gold ), and currently earning nothing sitting in a vault why not buy treasuries? If treasuries collapse, then cash is zero. This story seems odd.

      18. Daisy Luther has an excellent article over at the Organic Prepper about Tinfoil. ;0)

      19. Security is covered here in SW Florida. I’m surrounded by good neighbors that are combat vets. Most from Korea a few WWII and the new guys Vietnam.

      20. Air conditioning, the worst thing to ever happen to Florida. Take it away and the exodus out of the state would be in the millions, over ten million. Go back to the rat holes you came from, know it alls, Jeb Bush, Rick Scott gtfo. Big plus, imo

      21. Anyone notice that we have not heard from Al and Jesse on the Dallas shootings?

        • Jesse blamed the gun…AL wants the “strong cities initiative invoked. Although he patronizingly said..” Not all cops are bad”…

          Live Free or Die…who the hell do these people think they are?

      22. Contrary to what a number of posts say, physical cash is still going to have a place no matter how bad things get. That’s because gold and silver are not the most easily divisible forms of currency, along with being bulky to haul around. Don’t remember which video or podcast I was watching, but the figures quoted on US physical cash in circulation and depositor accounts at banks ($1.4T in circulation versus $11T+ in depositor accounts on books) tell me that physical cash is going to be in high demand when the system finally does implode. Those depositor accounts are going to go “poof!” and, if the account holder is lucky, they’ll be “reimbursed” with either shares of stock or government-printed debit cards loaded with electronic “money”.

        I think of it this way: if a man needs a couple sacks of rice, a couple sacks of beans, some vegetable oil, and a couple boxes of powdered milk, and all he has to exchange for them is a bar of gold, he’s going to want his change in the form of something he can actually use. The only acceptable forms of change for him will be either gold/silver coins or some of the physical cash that is still out there because they are the only EFFICIENT forms out there.

        Getting back to the disparity between actual physical cash in circulation versus depositor accounts on books, if you have a serious stockpile of physical cash in your possession, you are going to be perfectly positioned to take advantage of what will be an epic deflation. The amount of stuff you’ll be able to acquire in return for that cash is going to be beyond your wildest dreams, and that equals a complete turnover of the power structure in this country. In plain, blunt language, if you have physical cash, acquiring assets in this country would be akin to being at a Dutch auction in a Chinese whorehouse.

        • …til somebody robs you at gun point for flaunting all your cash.

        • Peter:

          Since no one seems to know for sure whether cash will inflate or deflate, seems foolish to not stock up on food and things like soap and toothpaste.

          If prices return to what they were fifty or a hundred years ago, just a few thousand dollars would allow you to live like a millionaire. If inflation continues and it doesn’t seem to be stopping, you will have to be a mega millionaire just to get by. People without stored food who have no garden, or chickens, rabbits, goats, etc., are going to starve. Ordinary people during times of hyperinflation resort to theft and prostitution. But when so many are this desperate, prostitution will be paid with a piece of bread only, and thieves bodies will pile up like garbage when gun owners ward off the formerly descent citizens turning to crime.

          • We keep hearing talk about the wall that might get built along the border.

            I think a wall around your private property is one of the best investments you can make. It keeps out wild animals, four legged and two legged.

            As people move into forests and as hunting increases, small game gets scarce and mountain lions wander further into towns looking for food.

            I would build a wall with a pyramid shape so that the lower part is somewhat wider than the top. I would make it zig zag and put metal sharp pieces to prevent one from climbing.

            If property is large and one wants animals to wonder in for trapping or hunting, I would put posts into the ground so that whenever I needed, I could install barbed wire around the perimeter, in ever expanding sections.

            I know people who have done this and the value of their homes increased, and their peace of mind also increased exponentially.

        • Sweet what do you figure around .06 cents on the dollar compared to now

      23. Wonder what the gold sellers are buying with their profits?

      24. Don’t waste your time on gold and commodities like that.. no one will be able to walk up to anyone post shtf and trade anything.. we are being fooled into believing that this is possible, besides I just heard from a source that 10 shinook helicopters wee deployed into the Memorial area of our city because some guy didn’t not want to be taken because he had a warrant, .plus a swat team. Yes this happened last night and people are getting concerned about troop deployments.. who was in those 8-10 shinook helicopters?, the UN, the national Guard, the state guard, chi-coms, Russians, Latvians, jihadist?…

        Something else that you all need look into. I will get more intel but look into this when you all get a chance..

        I don’t like to mention this too much but I need to tell you all to look at it.

        John Titor is accurate in a lot of what he told us, assuming that he was a real time traveler.…the supposedly time traveler that came from the future to warn us about the NWO take over, civil war in America..and the the massive die off, of people getting killed by mostly, according to him by bullet wounds, disease radiation and starvation, after Russia nuked us..As he came back from the future to find and IBM computer to get a part from it..that was needed, the so called IMB 5100, that had a Part in it that was classified by IBM.. that was not publicly known since I heard the live interview of him calling it out when I was listening to the Art Bell show years ago..John Titor called out and named the classified back up part of the 5100.. computer.. IBM then later on admitted that the part was not publicly known, that is was impossible for it to leak out..further proving
        That this time traveler was real and cane here..

        See you tube for that live show with Art Bell…or see the website make by some dude that listened to the show at the time and documented what Titor said.. This is serious stuff.

        I was one of the lucky few who listen to that Art Bell show live.. the website outlines what went down according to the alejid time traveler… I will be asking the scientist about this John Titor guy.. see the website of the man who documented that show and built that website..You bet your ass that I will be looking into this one.


      25. Get a roll of chicken wire to tack over your windows. Bailing wire snares tied to bushes or stakes. Trip wires in the yard. Get long pole barn nails to stake it all down. Or make wood stakes. If it gets real bad fish hooks tie with bailing wire. Slow them down enough so they can’t all rush you at the same time.

        • Lots of Ideas in the archives.

      26. Sorry to disagree with the previous other “Dan” but insurance companies do not always lose money on you- granted if you wrap your new Lexus around a tree 1 week after you take out insurance- they lose money but most of us pay insurance for years, sometimes decades with little or no loss. Insurance companies have underwriters, actuaries and claims reps to help them rate poor risks. If you have a loss your premiums go up. They do make money from investments but also from insuring clients.

      27. What is gold compared to the hand that wields it? . Contemplate this on the tree of woe.

      28. Its gonna be like a meal for your wedding band or gold necklace that is if its heavy enough and no one gonna give a shit if it is a 1 carat diamond now if you have ammo thats a different story or gasoline or something that gets used up but cant replace

      29. Something else they saw in the audits related to “whole life” insurance policies — that in addition to a death benefit build up a cash nest egg, like a 401K. What they found is that when a beneficiary did not come forward, the company continued to pay themselves premiums out of the dead person’s nest egg.

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