They Know: Billionaires Are Quietly And Rapidly Dumping Millions of Shares of Stock

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    After the massive crash that rocked global markets in 2008, as Congress, central bankers and major financial institutions met in secret to mitigate the crisis, billionaires like Warren Buffet were buying up shares of some of the hardest hit companies.

    At the time, the world was literally on the brink of an unprecedented economic collapse. It was so serious, in fact, that members of Congress were told that should they fail to come to an agreement the fallout would leave the United States in such a state of disarray that martial law would be declared and tanks would be deployed to major American cities.

    In the midst of it all, as if they had a private pipeline into the bailout meetings, the big boys were positioning themselves to profit. And profit they did, as the stock market rose from 6500 points in late 2008 to record highs as recently as last month. They made billions of dollars on the backs of bailouts funded by taxpayers who were themselves struggling to pay their mortgages and put food on the table.

    They knew then what their friends at the Federal Reserve, Treasury and investment banks were planning to do. And they took the opportunity to make a killing.

    Now, with the stock market indicating to the masses that the promised recovery has taken hold, and with mainstream analysts arguing that happy days are here again, those same moguls of finance who were undoubtedly tipped off in 2008, are making some very big moves yet again.

    But these particular moves are  exactly the opposite of what you might expect given that we’re at the beginning of a supposed recovery:

    Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

    Warren Buffett, who has been a cheerleader for U.S. stocks for quite some time, is dumping shares at an alarming rate. He recently complained of “disappointing performance” in dyed-in-the-wool American companies like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Foods.

    In the latest filing for Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has been drastically reducing his exposure to stocks that depend on consumer purchasing habits. Berkshire sold roughly 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson, and reduced his overall stake in “consumer product stocks” by 21%. Berkshire Hathaway also sold its entire stake in California-based computer parts supplier Intel.

    With 70% of the U.S. economy dependent on consumer spending, Buffett’s apparent lack of faith in these companies’ future prospects is worrisome.

    Unfortunately Buffett isn’t alone.

    Fellow billionaire John Paulson, who made a fortune betting on the subprime mortgage meltdown, is clearing out of U.S. stocks too. During the second quarter of the year, Paulson’s hedge fund, Paulson & Co., dumped 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase. The fund also dumped its entire position in discount retailer Family Dollar and consumer-goods maker Sara Lee.

    Finally, billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares.

    So why are these billionaires dumping their shares of U.S. companies?

    From Money News via

    The simple answer is… they know.

    They know that this market has been propped up by trillion dollar infusions from the Federal Reserve.

    They know that Americans have lost 55% of their wealth since this crisis started.

    They know nearly 25% of Americans are out of work (as opposed to the official 7.5% figures from the BLS) and that no meaningful jobs are being created.

    They know that half of American households require government assistance, 100 million people are on welfare and nearly a quarter of them need nutritional assistance to put food on the table..

    They know that the economic growth rates being disseminated to the people are completely bogus because they fail to account for the inflationary impact of the Fed’s monetary expansion.

    They know this is wholly unsustainable, and they are getting out of Dodge before the next phase of this crisis takes hold and hammers the world yet again.

    Ben Bernanke’s magic show will soon come to an end, and all of his tricks will be exposed for the statistical illusions they really are.

    Billionaires know this and they are preparing for the inevitable. The government, likewise, is preparing for financial collapse and the potential for widespread violence that will follow.

    You should be doing the same.



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      1. Well the chosen one and the royal family are off on a 100 million dollar spree..what a life ehh?

        and all on our dime..


        not for the elite and everyone you voted for.

        they give new meaning to the “life of reilly..”

        since the big boys have divested their stock portfolios..just where are they putting their money?


        • Cash and near cash. “Near cash” are US Treasuries.

          • I have liquidated all of my paper assets everywhere. That’s how sure I am.

            • Ditto, secret squirrel. ABCD anything bernanke can’t destroy. IYCHIYDOI that isn’t a form of japanese diarrhea … if you can’t hold it you don’t own it.

              • Dang it!! Warren forget to send me the Memo again…..

              • ditto secret squirrel,
                im a little confused, i havnt posted on this thread,

                will the real secret squirrel plz stand up.

                secret squirrel

            • My IRA is in cash and I’m purchasing a small condo for cash. If things go south I will move into it and pay the 350 a month HOA…I can be a Chinamart greeter and make enough to cover that.

              • Barely!

              • $350 a month HOA? Fuck that. HOA can go to hell if things go South, or even if they don’t. Only a moron would pay that.

              • Sure you can handle that until the HOA decides to re-side the buildings and slap you with a $5,000 bill. Good luck with that one.

          • moron, they are putting them into land, food water and metals DUH

            • Or maybe they just got tipped that Goldman Sachs and JPM are going to shift over to stock in IMF or some other ‘official’ world bank, as they ring in either the digital only currency or, ultimately, the one world currency.

          • Also PMs, the ultimate hedge against fiat currency. The big fish buy gold and platinum. Us smaller swimmers preferr silver. Be quick, PMs are fairly cheap right now, but will spike high and quickly very soon.

        • “The chosen one” is a Fox News / Sean Hannity propaganda slogan. A $100 million spree ROFL .. really? Let me guess Fox News again ….any links? I think the Fox News audience demographic is like 55+ and one of the lowest income brackets – basically don’t know how / able to check facts.

            • I was hoping o’failure would get to Africa and the sequester kicked in and made him stay at his white mud hut house.

            • @ Mama Bear (FU on your allegations in an earlier thread)

              Forced conversions were repeatedly condemned and forbidden by Popes and the hierarchy. Yes, overzealous and even wicked Catholics did sinfully ignore those Church commands and I do not make light of that, but you might also examine the other side of the coin.

              Consider the hundreds of thousands, yes, hundreds of thousands of voluntary conversions of Jews and Muslims inspired by the sermons of priests like St. Vincent Ferrer. Throughout Spain whole Jewish and Muslim communities came to God though St. Vincent Ferrer’s sermons and well-documented miracles in the service of God.

              Because of the detail and history provided, I highly recommend on this point:

              “St. Vincent Ferrer and the Conversion of the Jews”. Dr. E. Michael Jones. Culture Wars, April, 2005. Pgs. 10-23.

              I also recommend to you:

              Dr. E. Michael Jones. The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.” ISBN9780929891071

              In the context of our recent discussions, I especially spotlight Chapter 4 “False Conversion and the Inquisition.”

              • Is this why the US house just passed a bill allowing Israeli carte blanche aggression on any potential country/enemy on our dime?

                • NMLongshot: Good observation…Why so many thumbs down for NML’s post? Too much Truth?

                  An amendment to the NDAA passed the US House of Representatives on Friday. The pricey amendment doesn’t apply to the national defense of the United States, but that of Israel.(this amendment promises to triple the request for missile defense cooperation funding for Israel from $96 million to $284 million. While us vetrans get Less weekly! 109 nations booted these nation wreckers so far, lets make it an even 110!)

                  “It is the policy of the United States to take all necessary steps to ensure that Israel possesses and maintains an independent capability to remove existential threats to its security and defend its vital national interests.”(screw usa’s Borders/mexican illeagles etc)

                  The amendment was introduced by Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), and passed overwhelmingly with a vote of 315-108. It will go for a vote by the Senate next, and then cross the desk of President Obama before it becomes a law that Israel can remove “existential threats” on the American taxpayer’s dime.(how many tea party neocon repubs voted yes? anybody care to Post that info?)

                  The bill would require the President to report every 90 days upon how the “necessary steps” are being implemented. It includes the mandatory identification of “all aerial refueling platforms, bunker-buster munitions, and other capabilities and maintenance by Israel of a robust independent capability to remove existential security threats, including nuclear and ballistic missile facilities in Iran, and defend its vital national interests.”(us prez must submit to Telaviv every 90 days eh. Hows about updated reports to usa Patriots on the mexican border issues Mr. Prez?! how does those khazer’s in israel/ny/chicago, expect usa to defend Their sorry asses when They so bankrupted the usa? Beware the Nation Wreckers tribe)

                  Isreal= Most Costly welfare state in existence! Wake Up americans! Kommie Khazer’s are Destroying Your nation to beifit their Rabid state.

                  – See more at: http://www dot thedailysheepledot com/us-house-passes ndaa amendment

                  • You really have to laugh when “Bible Believers” tell us that a bunch of New York and European Slavs are “semites” who, despite God’s judgment that they voided the Mosaic Covenant even BEFORE they connived the judicial murder of their Messiah (Jeremias 31:31-32), hold the deed to the entire Middle East.

            • The problem of Obama going to Africa and incurring all these “extra” expenses is a moot point. Those that will assist him will get their pay regardless of which continent they are working in. Instead of them standing around and getting paid for doing nothing in America, they’ll be standing around and getting paid for doing nothing in Africa. Therefore, these are not “extra” expenses. The problem lies in big government, that has continued ballooning its expenses (on borrowed cash), of which they will never be able to repay, or even intend on repaying. A hundred million can be spent as fast as Obama can sneeze into his armpit. And why not take advantage of the creditors? Obama et al. will party likes it’s 1999, because the way of life as we know it is not coming back.

          • Taint,

            Invest all your money in Detroit municipal bonds, you’ll be glad you did.

            • What happened to Bitcoins?

          • Taint boil

            Apply some hydrogen peroxide first..

            Then shut off all cable news..including the parroting idiots hannity and oreilly..they spin the same bullshit from the other side…all disinfo..

            After that ..go to d.c and wash the feet of your fave elected official..

            you will fit right in..


        • Sites like these need to stop running year old stories as if they are current headlines. It damages much needed credibility in favor of a few ad sales.

        • in commodities and precious metals

        • If people were smart they’d sell everything they don’t need RIGHT ABOUT NOW and use the money to prepare for the future (if you aren’t ‘with them’, you’re screwed anyway). I look at these people on Pawn Stars selling their worthless memorabilia/antiques and shake my head when they walk away with no deal because they didn’t get a high enough offer (TV is btw a serious act out of desperation to curing boredom. It’s a toss up between that and staring at the wall). Get what you can now because people aren’t going to pay for it later.

        • That Posse is the Billion dollar question!!!!

      2. I think the SNAP number is low because in the schools around here 50% to 80% of the kids get Free or Reduced Lunch. Maybe that’s distinct from SNAP. Or maybe public schools are not normal. Maybe this major city is just different than most in the USA. Judging from the reduced lunch number, its more like 1/2 or more of America getting some sort of handout.

        • Here in GA I believe if you get food stamps you automatically qualify for free lunch.

        • Where I used to live, there was no qualification for free lunch. You filled out a form, which they were not allowed to question. My sister in first grade found a lunch list in the trash and brought it home. She was the only one in her class that paid for lunch. And there were a number of children in her class who had rich parents. This was in the late 1970s.

          There are school systems now that don’t charge anyone for lunch because so few would pay anyway.

        • They have to find someplace to dump the GMO foods. No one else is buying them.

      3. Everyone on this site knows it is coming, but as long as Big Ben keeps pumping cash into QE-infinity and the talking heads on the mainstream media keep their yapping up about a recovery, then nothing will happen.

        Look at what happened when Bernanke hinted he was going to pull back the cash a few weeks ago. The Yen crashed and the Japanese bond market tanked in one day. Once the ball starts rolling, nothing will stop it.

        Keep your powder dry,

        • Not to mention the big move in 10 year treasuries from 1.6% to 2.1%, before moderating a bit on the discussion of tapering..

      4. the elites know what they are doing…they will get every last penny from the stocks, every last penny from our 401k’s, own every last piece of real estate or at the very least hold the paper on it, every last morsel of food, every last drop of water and their choice of slaves…even then they will want more.

        • What every investor should know about the extreme volatility in the markets today

          “Those who are ignorant of what’s happening will be wiped out…”

          The Daily Crux

        • When the time is right
          Off with their heads!!!

        • When the time is right
          Off with their heads!!!

          • You’ll be shot before you get your hands on a sword…

            Tell me some more fables big boy…..

          • Never happen, can’t touch ’em. Too much DHS ammo.

            • You probably believe the negro is legal to be president too, huh?

        • Then when safely in their bunkers they will hear us dumping concrete down the air shafts!!!

          • You could be my soul mate, Detroit!

        • When they come to take it many will not give it to them and we out number there paid army in people and ammo at least 10-1. A man defending his home is deadlier than 10 hired guns no matter how well they are armed. The Russian people took down thier goverment with sticks, rocks, and maltoff coctailes… we have 308’s and 223’s….

        • oldman,

          All of this happens because the people in this country let them..

        • So with all of that being said, KNOWING the elites have a stronghold on your goods that you’ve worked hard for, what are you going to do about it? Fight or kill people who’ll be hungry reduced to looters without going after the bastards who instigated all of this? Does it help on us just saying what we know it is and if it’s a legitimate defense or do we get ready to take a look in the eyes of the enemies of our lives not those who’ll be in search of food?

      5. There are some other indicators that the market is destined to go south in a big way, very soon. The fragility of the market was recently shown with the FOMC indication that QE may wind down this year. T – bill rates rose and the Dow sank for a few days. I’m guessing the Fed will ease up, and when interest rates soar, they will again try to put the brakes on, but this time to no avail. The entire structure is far too sick.

        I have no doubt that the coming collapse is purposefully engineered. The question is, to what end? A, debt repudiation.? A currency re- set? A globalist gambit to seize control!?

        Who really knows outside the inner sanctum? But here is what I find fascinating. I know a few people in high places, mostly in business, but also with big political connections. These guys are
        prepping, many big time. That we’re going to see a very ugly end to the present structure is not in doubt. Few of these guys see a total collapse, but one that is more like he Great Depression on steroids, hard times that will get rid of the ” useless eaters “.

        Scary stuff. And when you consider the cluelessness of low information folks, those that live in total denial, you can’t help but believe that the body count will be horrific.

        The system has been rigged for decades. We lost our Constitutional freedoms decades ago. I can only hope that enough of us survive to restore the Republic. It’s sites like his that give me hope.

        • “Purposefully engineered”, is absolutely correct.

          For what purpose? The short answer; is to satisfy the inner desires of pleasing the evil spirit that is within most of them. Most don’t even realize it.

          I’ve met several millionaires and a few billionaires. One of the billionaires is a truely compassionate human being that gives all the credit and thanks to God for what he has. A rare find in a billionaire.
          Most fit into the “elite corporate thug” classification.
          They see a world where only a select few of them rule the day and the rest of the world are their slaves. They keep getting fatter off the backs of the workers while throwing them crumbs. The modern day Pharoahs and corrupt/evil Kings of Old.

          I’m sure they have bunkers full of gold and food. What good is it to them when they have sold their soul to the devil?

          • How did your Christian billionaire buddy get his?

            • UNless you’re trying a shot at intuition, I must point out he never claimed the guy was a Christian. I personally would find it hard myself to see the two combined as you probably want to point out. To have lots of money in most cases is to pursue it. To prioritize it. He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity

        • This has been covered on this site before, but what will really be scary to me is a Prozac nation off its meds. I’ve never taken the stuff myself but I have been around a few people that are on antidepressants and when they are off for just a short time they either become reclusive or are extremely emotionally excitable. Couple that with fear, anger, hunger, and hopelessness and you have a recipe for a horror flick. I thought about seeing if I could procure some of that kind of medicine for my future barter pile but realized that I don’t want to be dealing with someone in detox in an already stressful situation.

          • you make a good observation. At some point, when the disruption is bad enough, when many of these people on these meds don’t get them, just how bad will it be? We can only guess. Knowing human nature may not help as much, when people are on mind altering drugs. Craziness to the max. Just add this condition to the many other problems. Just keep prepping.

            • Slightly off topic on this thread, but if one takes legitimate drugs, for instance for high BP, you should seriously consider finding a source to buy bulk. All pharmacies will be looted quickly.

          • rainyday, you’d have to get on some government psycho list to get them—it isn’t worth it in the grand scheme of things to come. Instead of lithium, offer them some lead.

          • SAM-e and St. John’s Wort work on the same pathways as Prozac. Sure it’s not the same, but it could be helpful to have those as a cusion. Eating salmon 2-3 times a week along with daily exercise is another top treatment for depression. Flax seed /meal/oil are also helpful. This is just stuff I’ve read and I know not everything works for everyone all the time, but I figure it’s better to suggest this and let you do your own research than to say nothing. You could ask a doctor, but a lot of them don’t bother with nutritional treatments if there’s a pill to push instead, IMHO.

        • The 80 acres down the street from me sold this past winter and I didn’t give it much thought other than I had wanted it and now it was sold.
          I drove by there the other day and they have a big pole barn finished and a huge house framed up. We have been watching to see who it is and then I noticed a fancy car with IL plates go past last weekend. I’ll bet there is a bugout happening.
          We are in a rural area and it’s odd to see big money being spent up here.

          • What kind of idiot would bugout to Illinois? I’m here cause we farm and are tied to the dirt. Where are you?

            • We are up in Northwest Lower Michigan. Pretty much BFE.
              Trees…lots of trees. 😉
              You see quite a few out-of-staters up here now. It used to just be hunters and a few vacationers here and there, but now I think it’s more than that.
              I’m the 5th generation on this dirt and am not going anywhere soon either. There are now 2 more generations behind me and this will be their refuge.

        • A currency reset would suit me fine. Most of my money is in coins, which have never been called in when currency is devalued. Don’t tell everyone else, but put a lot of your money in coins. Nickels and copper pennies are best, but the other change is good also. Just imagine a revaluation where the government says turn in $100 old money to get $1 new money. Suddenly a quarter is worth 100 times more. Which would you rather have then?

          • Actually I’ve been through currency resets in the former USSR and the coins were just declared useless. You lost money unless you turned them in to the bank in time.

      6. put the bankers in the FEMA camps–one cold meal and no cots or wipe.

      7. maybe they are dumping stocks because the 80 billion per month allowance the gov’t is giving them isnt enough to maintain their standard of living, my oh my i hope they are not having to rough…

        • Its 85 billion. The difference 5 billion used to be considered a considerable sum of money before trillion became popular.

          • @kev2
            i wasn’t ignoring you i was busy working on the old forge. you are right…but…it is costing 5 billion dollars to distribute the other 80 billion so the elites don’t have that 5 billion to spend…i know that sounds expensive, but only the best for those elites.

        • If we back off on the QE, it will be because we’ve determined that the U.S.A. is no longer ‘good for it’.

      8. Snowden’s dad is a miserable excuse for a father. Fucking coward.

        • Eisen dickhead I thought you died

      9. Man visited by secret service for criticizing the Bambi.

      10. Can you believe Edward Snowden is called a Traitor and has committed Treason, because he has revealed to We The People, that the NSA is tracking our emails and phone calls, but yet these SOB’s in the BATF run guns to the Cartels in Mexico where our agents are killed, and the IRS harasses and intimidates Patriot organizations and the Government spys on the Press, and hides what went on in Benghazi and still We The People can’t get answers to none of these infringements. We must demand that our elected Represenatives get and give We the People, some answers. Trekker Out.

        • If the “demand” had of been made a few decades ago, there might have been a chance to take back our country.

          Sorry, it’s too late now people. Prep for the worst and pray for the “least” possible worst to hit.

          • It WAS covered in 1975 in Senator Frank Church’s hearings on the NSA and CoIntellPro. Here’s what he had to say…”I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess the technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss…that is the abyss from which there is no return.” Unfortunately, they used 9-11 to make laws that allow this and their lackeys, the Congress, let them do it with their blessing. They are nothing but liars and grifters stuffing their pockets with loot. NONE of them get a pass. The public cannot stop them. Everything is done behind closed doors.

            • Exactly. Now most of these us reps and senators are showing up on every hour by hour fox tv news show, spewing crap on defending what the fed govnt is doing. Oh they bitch about spying on the press and citizens. And of course they cry foul on irs crap. But listen close and they still keep defending all sorts of necessary nsa-cia crapola in defence of…Drum Roll! Israel!

              Face facts. The majority of neocon repubs, including them Tea Party “Darlings” have their collective heads so deep up jewish israeli ass it aint funny. While they stuff their wallets by selling their souls to Satan to get elected, so they then can sell their services to israel/jewish causes. Kommies all. And they will keep being re elected by too many deluded “christian Right” fools, who refuse to wake up to the many Lies and falsehoods their phony preachers continue to spew, to garner such unquestionable defence and support for that Rabid state and kommie khazer peoples pretending to be actual decendants of the orig 12 tribes of ancient israel.

              And same as dem libs are, Nothing you try to wake them up to, regardless of how many facts or biblical verses as proof you show them, they reject it all every time.

              My Mother always warned me to be carefull Who you hang out with, as you are bound to Become the same as they are. And these foolish deluded jewdeo christian zionists prove Mom correct. They have become the same as their “masters” they so defend and support. Stiff-Necked-Stuborn-always refusing truth if it in any way shape or form Discredits what they most worship, IE: They Worship Israel & jewish folks and all causes or agendas related to such. Nothing can nor will change untill at least 50 million foolish deluded souls wake up. And Thats not very likly at this point. Although they may get a second chance to awaken, after they realize how swindled they been by falshood prophecy of a pre tribe rapture “escape”.

              Once they realize that was false teachings, and all their filthy rich false prophet preachers are Long gone with their Private Jets escape plans, perhaps Then those fools will be suceptible to being awakened. Be too late for the usa nation most likly, but maybe at least a few more souls can be woke up in time for personal salvation.

            • JRS et al: Everyone seems to be so scared of these alphabet agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc (The-Big-Bad-Wolf). Total waste of time. The FBI didn’t know about the two clowns in Boston and then when they blew up the marathon it took them (FBI), U.S. Marshals, DEA, and thousands of cops two days to and find one wounded kid. And there’s this latest fiasco from the NSA. A 29 y/o contractor who wasn’t properly vetted was allowed broad access to their systems and was able to download all that info without being caught. Are they so busy watching everyone else they can’t find the time to watch what’s happening inside their own agency? Give me a f*cking break! Novels, TV, and the movies have given these agencies far more credit than they deserve. What all these “surprises” go to show is that on any given day, without extraordinary circumstances on their side (dumb luck), these folks couldn’t find their collective asses with two hands and a flashlight. The “Big Bad Wolf” is nothing more than an asthmatic Chihuahua. Sleep tight folks.

              • THEY did not find the wounded kid,if you will think back, it was not until the seige was lifted and the homeowner walked outside that the kid was found.(by the homeowner) Give credit where it is due, not to some 3 letter agency.

                • Maddog: He was “found” only after being reported by the home owner. My point was that these various agencies couldn’t catch a cold without outside help. These agencies are all victims of fictional hype, mostly Hollywood (Hollywierd). Lots of show but no go. To be in fear or awe of these folks is just plain stupid.

        • The elected representatives already know the answers to the questions many of the public want answered. they just don’t want to say. The whole system is rotten to the core. Now, we just wait till everything rots and falls apart. This process is well on it’s way. Things can go many different ways. I still think June will be a very eventfull month in history. good luck all.

        • Who the fuck down-thumbed Trekker’s comment. Please tell me that’s you Obama?.

          • @ gonrtoolong…It wasnt me, because I agree with what Trekker wrote except for the part where he writes: we must demand our elected reps….. You can demand all you want, they are FUCKING NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO “WE THE PEOPLE”. They proved this with obummercare. Nobody wanted it, everyone told thier elected reps, and they passed it anyways. Bring on the crash.

        • Most of the politicians afree with the spying because they want to get in on the action.

      11. I will never beg another man for permission to exercise my Natural Rights.

        When that becomes an issue to the State, and they send armed men to infringe upon those Rights that should be the line in the sand.

        Because, once disarmed, or imprisoned, it is too late to decide to resist tyranny. I think it prudent to pick a side, and get busy with your mental, physical and logistical preparations. It looks like it’s going to be a long hard year.

        Keep the FAITH

      12. the last act of a failing corrupt criminal government is to loot the NATIONS treasury of all coin .

        N.O. ;0p

        • Want to hear a false flag that would really work for our corrupt government. Whether true or not, all they would have to say is that all 401K’s are going into Social Security at the end of the years. There would be such a flush of money coming into the IRS, from people having to pay taxes and penalties for cashing out of their 401K’s early. Just a thought. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker, something similar has been going down with getting folks to take SS early. They tell you that well, then you have to pay for Medicare yourself (as if you aren’t doing that already when they debit the SS) or you’d have to live to 80 to recoup the difference (which is 8%/year for each year you delay up to age 70)and no one figures out they could easily live until age 80 and beyond.

            Government is thereby paying out way less in SS and can now brag that the system is solvent. Either way, the Medicare payment is made, as well, helping that program stay afloat.

            • humm, I started my SS asap, at 62. In my case, I will “break even” at 81, IOW, the total amount I collect starting at 62 will equal the total amount I would collect starting at 66 when I’m 81. This assumes, of course, that 1) I live to be 81, and 2) SS is still solvent then. That will be 2031, so #1 seems to have better odds of actually happening. Have not figured out how ObamaUniveralInsurance will impact this timetable, but pretty sure it won’t be pretty.

              • The largest screw job to soc sec occured when slick willy klinton,and is faithfull sidekick Newt Gingrich, swindled all current and future soc sec recipients. They did the massive swindle by redoing the fed govnt methods to compute Inflation index rates. That was the main reason to eliminate all energy sources and FOOD costs from the equateing of inflation costs.

                “IF” Klinton and newt has Left things as they were, and they should have because we all know gasoline-electric-Heating-FOOD costs have inflated worse than all other costs combined, then whatever a person Now recieves in monthly soc sec payments, would be aprox 80% to almost 100% More.

                In other words if say you Now get $1000 per month soc sec, you Should be getting from $1800-$2000 per month if they kept counting gas and food inflation prices.

                That was the largest and worst ever swindle to soc sec amounts paid ever. And Look what it funded by screwing american middle class workers…..More major costly Wars to murder off everyone the bandit state of israel and jewish “Khazers” so hate. Millions of folks who Never harmed Us or our nation. Now the entire world hates Us americans with a Burning Passion due to how our evil kommie polititions of both parties has used and Abused our nation and moneys to so defend and support that Rabid state filled with swindlers and Christ Haters, as well as haters of Christians. Who themselves Worship they and their bandit rabid state of evil doers and children of satan, as per Jesus’ Own words see John ch 8 vs 44 and Rev. ch 2 vs. 9. You just cannot make this stuff up, even if you tried to.

                • Them Guys, you and I are on the same page here, I agree totally that Slick Willie and “leave your wife while she’s dying” Newt double-teamed all retirees. Yet another reason to start grabbing anything that’s left while you can (62, not 66). And a BIG reason to be firmly and unforgivingly politically independent. Ron Paul is the only one who tells the truth.

      13. Millionaries and billionaires pay tremendous amounts of money for “inside” informatiom, and even more moeny to make sure it is accurate. Trouble is on the way, and it could be the trouble that these few know about that causes the trigger or hammer to fall. Whenever the wealthy are dumping stocks something is up.

        • @bi
          thats why we have the best congress and senate that money can buy!!!

      14. Sustainable illusions are going to prove costly eventually. The money does stop! If the affairs of our nation were tended to wisely from the get go I wonder how many decades or centuries into the future our country could have reached and achieved? It’s a great shame. All should pay heed to the glimpse of the future we’re currently seeing in Detroit. Cancer does spread.

      15. A Kate Upton pin-up poster will lift your spirits!

        • Her behind is too flat for me.

          • Women’s behinds tend to get bigger, so I don’t see aproblem here.

          • Clemmer, you’re defintely picker than me!

        • I could use a new target cover…my old one’s full of holes.

      16. if your hurting after the collapse

        pay your local State CongressCritters SneakySenators a home visit

        they All are in the Know of what and why

        And they are All now multiple times over Millionaires for joining up with the Zionists and NWO Globalists insider trading on their treasonous acts … FOR SELLING OUT AMERICA !!!



        Remember you keep what you Kill in the NWO ZOG AMERIKA .

        N.O. ;0p

        • Riddick Rules! Where is a good “furion” when you need one.

      17. The end has already come for Detroit. Next sign will be one of states going belly up and then th country. All Doom & Gloom. Why not try to look for something positive in life? If you focus your thoughts on such negativity, won’t that soon become your new reality?

        Life is beautiful… Appreciate what and who you have now because things will never be the same…not now nor in some perfect libertarian world that we speak of on this site.

        Remember that if God is with you then what powers of this world can stand against you?

        Take courage my Brothers and Sisters, we will prevail

        • China can buy Detroit, well, most of it, build or refurb a manufacturing plant or two or three, move in hundreds of native Chinese to staff/manage the plants, leaving US workers in Detroit (assuming there’s any left) out in the cold. I read this is starting to happen in smaller communities.

          • Given the current condition of Detroit, and likely future as dismal as it is, it might be an act of mercy for the Russia or China to nuke the place. Just look at the You Tube videos of Detroit. The before and after pics are very instructive; showing what happens when liberals drive a city into the ground.

      18. The underground libraries & the doomsday seed vaults were MY tip off that tptb were prepping a few years back. I dug a bit deeper (played a quick game of follow the money), reread my Bible & remembered that Islamic & Christian Civilizations used to have ONE thing in common – a total ban on Usury.

        Look at the growth of “Central Banks” over the last century or so and then look at “the last men standing” & where our most recent wars/regime changes have been located. Anywhere with a remotely honest money system has been targeted for installation of one of these “Central Banks”.

        It’s a sad state of affairs when Putin (ex KGB so not exactly clean as a whistle) has to ask OUR leadership (UK/US) why we want to fund cannibals (the Syrian rebels).

        The only time I recall Jesus displaying visible anger to the point of raising his hand was when he went into the Temple to deal with the money changers.

        Breaking free of the illusion of false wealth (“good job”, nice home in a nice suburb, igadgets, the right school for he kids) & finding some semblance of independence from a system built on lies and falsities isn’t easy but if we don’t do our best to create something solid beneath our feet today, the price our children will pay is going to be beyond our imaginations in sheer horror.

        Trying to relocate somewhere safe, in a sane community & to educate our children ourselves so that they have the life skills they’ll need is hard. We have to at least try to act on the limited information we have been given.

        We cannot be suprised that the architects of the whole scheme are many steps ahead of us, or that they intend to survive the coming carnage to rise pheonix like from the wreckage of their own creation to enslave our kids once more. They can intend to do what they like, I’m capable of possessing my own resolve on the matter, (the dumbing down & brainwashing didn’t quite work on us all).

        If your property market is currently experiencing a similar dead cat bounce to that we are having in the UK, then move fast as this summer may be your last chance for many years to relocate somewhere safer (only a fool thinks anywhere will be 100% secure given modern remote weaponry etc).

        I’m still convinced the whole thing will topple officially during winter, so that many useless eaters simply perish rather than riot, as they would if the markets tanked in August. I’m not so sure any more whether that will be 2013 or winter 2014 anymore though. (The exception to this is if there is some major earth change that hasn’t reached the public’s ears. Hopefully though be Informed and others on this site will be able to give us sufficient warning if that is to be the case.)

        • Heat causes more angry violence.

        • Good point about the plan being to topple the economy in the winter. Thanks lonelonmum

        • If they want people to die off, a summer/ fall collapse would be most efficient for that means since they’d have weeks of low food and exposure before winter arrives and motivation for those they call ‘useless eaters’ to go after the gardens of those who are getting prepped.

        • “Breaking free of the illusion of false wealth (“good job”, nice home in a nice suburb, igadgets, the right school for he kids) & finding some semblance of independence from a system built on lies and falsities isn’t easy but if we don’t do our best to create something solid beneath our feet today, the price our children will pay is going to be beyond our imaginations in sheer horror.”

          Spot on, lonelonmum!

      19. They don’t call it smart money for nothing. Always get the hell out of dodge when the people who MAKE the markets are getting out. I spent the weekend weeding the garden just admiring the rows of vegetables and thought one thing, I may have to survive on this next winter. I got out of my 401k a long time ago to buy what I’m currently living at my BOL getting ready. I have a job that if the SHTF will certainly be pointless and eliminated. I have my silver lost at the bottom of the lake. The question is what happens if the economy really does collapse. I know we talk about it a lot, but it would be quite horrific. I can be prepared all I want, but I have no idea if one day a drone will fly over my homestead spying on my garden and chickens doing inventory, and then having a few humvees show up confiscating everything for the sake of the common good. My little 30-06 ain’t gonna do a heck of a lot against a 50 caliber mounted monster gun. I can find more chickens or hatch some eggs. For some reason I just have this crappy feeling that all this prepping may be for not, that one day someone will just come and take it all. Prepper fatigue perhaps? I just don’t know. Get out of the market, check, food storage check, precious metals check, learn a trade, check, hire a militia to protect it all, forget it, I’m not George Soros. I just want to be left alone. That will be the biggest nuisance that drags on me, is just being constantly paranoid that all the years I’ve been ‘prepping’ will just go to waste because I’m never going to be that compound like in Rawle’s Patriots. I’ll protect my family to the end, but then what is the point of prepping if you just die once it all starts because someone will always have a bigger arsenal and abilities to get my stuff if they really wanted it. I’d like to say I could ward off every attacker, but I just know that is not the case. I’ll never have enough barter, or enough food. If the billionaires are right and ‘know’ the collapse is coming, then I just think of the misery the year of ‘change’ will be when the world reboots. Most people really don’t know what it’s like to be truly ‘poor’ and live off the land because the government backstop is so present these days I’ve been to Haiti, India, Africa, where people don’t know when the next meal is. It isn’t a prepper’s nirvana,it’s really quite a depressing dreary life to live.

        Being in those places the two things that always got my brain blanked out was clean water and sanitation. Those two things will make or break a community in a total breakdown. Those two things aren’t available, pack it up and move out. People traveled a VERY long way to get even somewhat clean water, and sanitation, don’t even get me started.

        Anyone else ever get prepper’s fatigue? I’m feelin’ it.

        • Yes, I get fatigued sometimes. Then I remember that Jesus Christ controls history, everything is happening as He allows it to.

          I remember that God has a plan for my life and everything that happens is for my benefit, ultimately. Nothing will happen to me that He hasn’t planned for and I won’t die one second sooner than He says.

          His grace is sufficient for me to survive and thrive through whatever is coming, until He calls me home.

          If He wants to me be able to stay in my BOL and utilize my preps, then that is what will happen. I am preparing myself physically and spiritually to the best of my ability and then I have to just relax and see what interesting things He has planned for me.

          I am hoping that rapture comes and that all my preps and Christian information/literature/Bibles will be found by an unbeliever and become a Salvation Ark for them 😀

        • Plarvo, what a great post! I feel your pain… all I can say is, Edgar Caycee saw all this many decades ago… I learned about it about 40 years ago. Edgar Cayce ( a reluctant “psychic” and Christian), when asked how to prepare for these perilous times, said that we should get together with others of like mind– if you belong to a church, go in with them and work together. If you don’t go to church, you need to find some group you have something in common with and work together– we need others who will watch our backs and we watch theirs..

          (BTW– when Cayce was asleep, people asked him questions and he answered… that’s how it all started).

          Anyhow, I have also been feeling very discouraged. I don’t even have a home! And not sure where to move to. But I do have some things– storage full of prepping stuff. And God is with us… Just keep trying every day to make more progress, solve the problems before us. That is all we can do. And have faith. ; )

          • @ grasshopper. North Idaho. northern Montana, would be a good start.

            • Dave is right – remote and lightly populated and no body cares much what everybody else is up to. Much better than Northern NM.

        • Plarvo – I feel your pain, as I think we all do, regarding prepper fatigue. In my humble opinion, the point of all the destruction being planned by TPTB is to weed out those who can’t take care of themselves and are basically a drain on society. You know who they are: the elderly, incapacitated, institutionalized, and those on the public dole. I would add to the list the woefully unprepared with career positions that would be made obsolete when TSHTF. (There’ a HUGE difference between them and you.)

          I believe TPTB have no need to target tough, self-sufficient, well prepared types like you. I think they need people like you (and most readers of SHTFplan) to help rebuild society after the fall. Their drones and Humvees would be far better utilized elsewhere. Your food stores, garden, seed stash, BOL, practical skills, etc., make you worth keeping around if those in control have any common sense.

          • Prepper: No offence but you got it all Backwards. Read some of the PTB main guide reference ie: Their Talmud. The folks you think They wish to preserve? Are the very ones They so desire to hate and destroy.

            Check out those verses such as “Kill the gentile Goyim, but especially be sure to Kill off the Best of the gentile goyims!”….Who do you think They mean by “best of”? Hint: it aint 3rd worlders or old retirees etc.

            Their Two Main major playbooks are: Talmud and Marx commie manifesto, which is basically judaisim for gentile goyims. If an astute reader, you will soon find that marx’s manifesto springs forth From their talmud and its “master race” theology.

        • Sleep in peace. Just take things day by day. I just had a can of chicken noodle soup and a can of sardines. I enjoyed them. Learn to live a low simple life and you will never worry about shit. Note….the expiration date on the smoked herring was 2015. Low cost and last years. Add lemon…nice.

          Be at peace man. If shit falls apart..then we all pull together and put things back together. There’s more good people in this world than bad.

          Just keep your powder dry, your bible and friend close and plan for your retirement.

          My retirement Idea is a humble trailer in the country and a small tractor…some land for firewood. I’ll raise turkey and plant the land for game.

          I’ll always be happy. Folks, stop worrying so much about shit. LIfe is passing you by. Yeah, I worried like this in 2009. Now… Just got promoted….making $12k more..the wife too. Paying down the debts at $2600 a month.
          In a few years I’ll be debt free and have rents coming in.

          Things will be fine. Sure..a collapse is possible. But still..we’ll make it.

          At the worst… I’d make worm soup.

          You are born, you live and you die. end of story.
          So plan well and live and enjoy life.

          With all the prepping… I earned the right to live in peace.
          THINK ABOUT IT.

        • I don’t get “prepper fatigue”, I get “fear fatigue”. I’m so sick and tired of “fear” I could scream. I’m also tired of all the hatred.

          TPTB are afraid of us…we are afraid of them…then there’s the fear of zombies and the starving masses…biological weapons…natural disasters…police state/martial law…GMO poisoning…toxic vaccines…financial collapse…false flags…fake terrorists…cameras in every corner…spying on my computer habits…govt thieving money from us…drones…terrorist/kill lists…black ops thugs and their heavy artillery…Oh my, the list goes on and on, unmercifully. There’s so much to wrap your head around it’s dizzying and I lie awake at night thinking about it all.

          Here’s how I keep on point.

          I don’t expect God to fix it for me. Instead, I trust that God is standing behind me, and that He believes in my God-given abilities to survive, any way I can, until He decides to call me home. No heavenly being is going to swoop down and save me from tribulation.

          As I understand it, we were never promised a soft, wonderful life here on earth. What we were promised, is if we make it through this to His kingdom, we will have no more wants, needs or suffering for eternity, Amen.

          What I’m trying to say is, I INTEND TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY (within my capabilities), undaunted by fear or hatred.

          If it so happens that I am shot down like a dog, so be it—at least I’ll die a FREE DOG.

          • sixpak, well said. Glad to see another non deluded rapture believer. If as some say God has our lives all pre planned out minit by minit? Why then did He grant us humans Free will and free thought?…Humans are Not little robots planned out in advance by God to last a given time then run out of power and die off.

            If a person pays atten to the revelation prophecys etc, it is Gods advance warning to Us of what the plans of Satan are to capture control of the world in a nwo type enviroment. Most folks today have been brainwashed to believe its Gods plans so no humans should try to alter it. If fact many believe they should Assist satans plans by donation cash and votes and total unquestionable support and defence of whats written in revelation scenarios. Pat Robertson and many other pastors preach that. I heard robertson say so on his tv ministry show once. He told christians they should support sending alot of Cash to israel so they can build a 3rd temple for antichrist to sit in and rule from! And by funding and supporting that agenda, christians are Speeding up the return of Jesus!!!

            So in other words Preachers such as he are teaching christians should Fund-Support-Promote Evil of Satan…But its ok and good cause the ends justify the means! As “If” any humans can speed up Jesus’s return etc.

            I believe God gave us advance knowledge of the future and Satans evil plans so we can Thwart evils. All plans of evil are of Satan Not Gods plan. These fake preachermen twisted it backwards to be good if you support satans evils etc. I find it difficult to see so many mixed up christians today when so much true info is available to debunk such non sense. They have eyes to see, ears to hear…But they see and hear Not. Indeed.

            • Perfectly articulated, TG.

        • Yeah, I read Patriots and became so depressed I didn’t even want to think about prepping ever again! Thankfully that passed, but I’m poor and wish I were in the same boat as you.

      20. Lots of good ideas, but you want to know what would really make congress and government sit up and take notice? File exempt for the month of August. That would mean no money going to the feds and it should not hurt you to badly at tax time if you get a refund. Check that out first but everyone should put out an “all call” to family and friends. Do it for the month of August! And if there is no response consider Sept? Everyone needs to do this!

        • Yeah baby. All five of us that pay taxes. That will show them. Doesn’t seem to matter is they have money or not. Just spend made up money. Why would they need tax revs now.

      21. I’m with Watchman, get right in your head, heart and body.

        I do not fear the future but will prepare for it, what ever it may be. My Natural Rights are unalienable!

      22. The Beginning of The End – The Undoing of The Corporate State

        “before a revolution can start in the streets it first has to happen IN THE MIND”

        and ain’t this the truth

        “Many people believe that they have nothing to fear from government/corporate surveillance because they have nothing to hide. But every bureaucracy is a solution in search of a problem, and if it can’t find a problem to fit its solution, they will redefine the problem. In the 1960s, the surveillance bureaucracies redefined anti-war and civil rights protests as communist enterprises; today the same bureaucracies redefine anti-war Quakers, environmentalists, and animal rights activists as “terrorists.” So political activists, no matter how benign, have good reasons to fear these bureaucracies.

        — Christopher H. Pyle

        redefine the problem
        peaceful protest??
        “low level terrorists”

        we’re all enemies of the state

        • Daily Kos= leftist Kommies. Actually what he wrote of kommies as defined was true. Most 1960’s antiwar folks were leftwing kommies linked with hobammys pal Bill Airs and SDS-Wethermen-etc. So Yes they were and still are kommie orgs. So was Martin Looter Kings civil rights stuff. Tied in to moscow kgb advisors. Why do you think kings wife got a lib kommie leftist fed judge to Seal all his fbi record files from public view till aprox 2027?

          Because if truth of it got out to the masses, then the big Hoaxes of so called civil rights efforts will be Exposed for the farce it really was/is.

          You post alot of good info, but Daily Kos is pure kommie spew.

      23. Time for another can of Chunky Soup!

      24. First the bad news, a collapse may be imminent
        now the real shitty bad news, it ain’t going to be fun.


        If you have an ax to grind you will be able to grind away pretty soon. 🙂 🙂


        “Israel Does NOT Want To Get Involved Syrian Civil War”






        N.O. ;0p

      26. Almost no one talks about the root of the problem. 40 years or so of trade deficits.

        If your household is loosing more money than you take in every month. You eventually go insolvent after maxing out your credit and family to borrow from.

        The Federal government at least can print up money. But eventually it becomes so diluted it takes more and more to buy the same goods.

        If we had a neutral or positive trade balance. The Federal Reserve wouldn’t have to print up money and could have gone on forever.

        Keep on prepping.

      27. No matter how bad things may seem right now
        It still pays to be diversified and follow a good
        asset allocation strategy. I like the permanent portfolio/Harry Brown strategy
        25% gold
        25% cash
        25% 30 yr T-bill ladder (or TLT)
        25% S+P 500 index (or total market index)

        With a dose of “world dominate” dividend stocks
        thrown in for good measure.

        Ammo, guns and whisky round things out pretty well.

        • And unless gold quadruples in price next year, you are going to have a negative change to your net worth.

        • At this time (and this could change quickly) the world’s best instrument for liquidity is 90 day Treasury notes.

      28. Ed Snowden:

        “Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American and the more panicked talk we hear from people like him, Feinstein and King, the better off we all are. If they had taught a class on how to be the kind of citizen Dick Cheney worries about, I would have finished high school.”

        I like this guy more every time he speaks. I only hope it isn’t a psyop.

        • Yeah, did you hear the trascript of Obama’s talk on this subject… the stuttering, twisting words, yep! Thank you, Ed Snowden! Good job!

      29. We’ve had the bail out – now the “bail in” is about to commence

        Tptb have more ways to do us all over up their sleeves yet & if the bankers, don’t get you then the tax man will!

        All we can do is put our meagre assets into forms that we can see, touch, smell such as PM’s, land & skills.

        After that we have to hope that we are too insignificant for the drones & robots to come after. One way of doing this is to avoid joining all those shop loyalty schemes etc that tell the authorities exactly what you own. Avoid braggarts and attempting to keep up with the Jones’s.

        Yes they’ve thought of the risk an armed populace poses! The skilled personnel in the military are being kept off home turf in overseas wars on purpose so they won’t be at home to defend “we the people”. The technology is already in place to wipe out any attempted military coups + civilian dissidents.

        Prepping the elite way:-

      30. Eisenpuke, go play in a busy street.

      31. Yeah.. they know… and so do I! Couple months ago, I read there was a crack in the bonds market. Later, Bernanke telling everyone to not invest in it.. then Japan has bond problems– trying to calm the citizens over the crisis. Now, Bernanke saying the Fed will stop buying up bonds. When one bubble pops (like the Bond bubble) so do all the others– housing bubble, stock market bubble… Awhile back Max Keisser said the crash will start with Japan. Well, I think it has begun.

        And they got all their little police crap all over the place so they can control us when TSHTF. Its the Banksters. They plan to crush us like they did Russia…and Greece… and Spain. They always are in cahoots with politicians– that’s how they bring it about…rob all ot the people’s assets… millions citizens die. And if you look it up, Obama’s campaign was paid mostly by– Goldman’s Sachs, JP Morgan, and a bunch of other global banksters.. that’s who he owes his allegience to, his loyalty to… not you! Or me!

      32. I would say buy gold & silver but I have a better alternative, buy food, water, water filters, anything to do with survival, cause YOU WILL NEED IT!

        • Second this. As stated earlier, use some of those PMs to get good, potable water storage with solid-block carbon or ceramic filtration, bulk bleach for sanitation, and long shelf-life food. And, of course, ammo.

        • For a time, times and a half a time.

      33. Went up riding through the National Forest land in NW Georgia into SE Tennessee last Thursday . Seen many new homes /BOL sites going up on the bordering private lands . Noticed several black cables running into the trees with cameras pointed into swimming holes, parking lots, and camping / picnic areas .
        On gravel dirt roads .
        Yes, something is sure up .
        Lots of late night military aircraft spotted lately .

        Summers heat along with about any kind of trigger would bring quick melt down .
        Nobody I know personally believes in the false news of recovery .
        It’s a robbery in high gear .
        I’m just happy to find a site like this one where so many gather to exchange ideas on dealing with reality .

        Thanks much Mac and all regulars and irregulars here .
        Stay safe one and all and God bless .
        Just glad to be a country folk, born and bred .
        And know these mountains can feed, water, and provide shelter .
        If you know how to scratch out a living .
        Straight shooters are always welcome .

      34. I bet some lady will just have sex for food. Her plan for the SHTF.

        • HP, sounds like you have a plan. I like it!

      35. I’ve been listening to these big heads for a while now, taking note of their behavior. Yes, something is coming. You don’t dump millions in stock on a whim. They know, and many of us know.

        Get gold, silver, lead, food, water filters and storage, a couple two-way radios, shortwave radio, ham radio, dynamo radio, scanner radio, CB radio, batteries, solar panel chargeable battery and inverter, a few firearms, cash on hand, reliable car/truck, no debt, first aid kit and some training, toiletries and hygene stuff, and whatever else makes a good addition to the above. Get it all while the gettin’s good.

        • Forget debt Scout, it won’t matter. Broke is broke with credit based fiat.

          • While I partially agree with you, the local shriff will still side with the bank and boot you out of the house. Getting out of debt is a good way to secure one’s property.

      36. eh
        Havent got much money, never have, never will, dont care, can make it and spend it and it isnt the end all be all.
        Anyone who cant read the writing on the wall and hasnt taken precautions to protect what they have deserves to loose it ALL
        Let it pour

      37. Remember to see people as treasures, don’t allow those who objectify us to make you see others as objects as well. If you think of people in terms of who “deserve” to die, even TPTB, ask God to give you His perspective. To do otherwise is to let the enemy of our souls have the victory.

        Good night!

      38. As we know from the NSA revelations, the entire global economy is monitored and manipulated using very intelligent computer algorithms. This means when the economy does start crashing, stabilisers will kick in and right the economy and put it back on track again.

        I don’t think we will see the social breakdown people predict because the system knows how many bread crumbs to throw to the ‘pigeons’ to keep them fed. What is of more concern is the impact of these policies: a population of people kept at survival level with little or no wealth and unable – or unwilling – to do anything with their lives. Now, the elite can live with that because that is how things were for centuries before the great rise of the middle class in the 20th century, but what will this do to humanity? How will humanity evolve (devolve)? Will it become normal to be 200 pounds, obese, unable to read or think and dead at 35 from renal failure and cancer?

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