They Are Coming For Your Guns: Virginia Democrat Mulls National Guard To Enforce Gun Laws

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    In what would likely end in horrific violence, a Virginia democrat is considering using the National Guard to enforce the upcoming draconian gun laws. Using the national guard would pit the government against the people and perhaps show the true colors of the police state we are living under.

    “I’m not the governor,” said Representative Donald McEachin, a Virginia Democrat, according to a report in The Washington Examiner, “but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the [new gun control] law[s].” The suggestion of the instigation of violence should send chills down the spine of anyone who just wants their freedom and the shackles of the state removed permanently.

    Democrats in Virginia have already pre-filed bills to mandate universal background checks; to limit handgun purchases; to raise age limits on would-be firers; to redefine the term assault weapon and impose bans on buys of certain guns and magazines. And more. –Washington Times

    In the enforcement of any laws, the military should never play a role.  That’s the purpose of “the thin blue line” or “law enforcement.” However, some jurisdictions have made themselves gun law sanctuaries claiming that their sheriffs and police officers will not enforce this type of tyranny. History, however, has proven otherwise.

    Monsters with Human Faces: The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order

    Granted, an act, signed in 1878 to prohibit federal troops from being used to enforce domestic laws, carves out exceptions for National Guard members operating under the authority of the states. But the spirit of the restrictions should still apply. Military is military, however, the “rule of law” only applies to those who don’t write them. On this, on enforcement of partisan political gun control, neither active Army nor National Guard should play a role, but if history is any indication, people are all too willing to commit acts of violence against each other because of the perception of authority. But it’s hard to say what could happen.  People like getting their paychecks and if it comes down to no longer getting paid and using violence against their fellow Americans, the state of Virginia could be in a lot of trouble.

    Sheep: Watch How People Blindly Follow Orders From An “Authority” Figure

    McEachin’s statements prove that the government will stop at nothing – not even violence with guns- to take away the guns of peaceful people. This is the government we warned about and this is the reason the second amendment was written. Democrats seem all too gleeful to see just how far Americans will go to preserve what little is left of their freedom.


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      1. All those police-and-military worshipers who think they are their friends will have to bow down (which they already do, like slathering dogs to their master) to their cop and military “heroes” and lay down their arms to them when those “heroes” of theirs come to “Monon Labe”. If those cops and military “defend” you from anything (other than “defend” you “from” your own liberty), then who defends you from them? Look in the mirror for the answer. The same one as should be–and will have to, if anyone is expected to be–defending you from all your enemies, including them. That’s the meaning of the Second Amendment.

        • We are living in occupied territory under a tyrannical Police State. Only fools would doubt that Washington would use their military to invade, murder, maim and displace us just like they have done to millions of people for the last 20 years.

      2. At least Ill go out the way I want to, which is fighting and killing evil bastards wearing their costumes. Come soon you motherfuckers.

      3. Demographics became destiny at 45% minority, in VA. At just about the halfway point, not quite 50%, Marxist darkies gained a numerical majority, thanks to white race traitors.

        “Jenkins wants to deputize thousands of law-abiding citizens who would otherwise be denied their right to defend themselves and their families by tyrannical gun control laws that might pass in the 2020 legislative session.”

        But, how does the sheriff know who to deputize, under the unconditional, moral equivalence, which he considers to be freedom.

      4. The lefties want your guns:

        “The rainbow coats are coming! The rainbow coats are coming!”

        “Don’t fire until you see the pink of their pussy hats.”

      5. good luck trying to pull that shit in texas…… everyone i know have weapons, are retired military combat vets and know how to use them…..
        the beauty of the 2nd amendment is when they come for the guns then u will need it.

        • Oh, rest assured friend, it is coming to TX vey soon and thanks to the various reasons, TX will be blue before too long and is well on its way to full destruction – just like America.

      6. -Anonymous is correct- With few exceptions the police are NOT your friends, especially in cities. A common misconception is that police are there to serve and protect you (it’s even painted on their cars), it is entirely false, they are their to enforce the laws in their jurisdiction, and to enforce the legal subordination of the citizen to the will of the state. 95 % of all citizen / police interactions are adversarial, not of consent. This means they are trying to find a reason to bust you, not help you.
        Virginia is geographically mostly rural, but the increasing liberal population density in a few of its northern counties around Washington DC with a few other smaller cities in Virginia are tipping the scales. However, private gun ownership in Virginia is quite high, and the overwhelming vast majority of counties with their elected sheriffs dept.s (which are elected and far superior to to how urban police dept.s are managed) support private gun owners rights. I personally know several gun owning Virginians, there will be mass non-compliance of any new gun control / rights violation laws.

        • Bill, everything you say is true. 2 cousins I have who used to be cops can verify all of that. Federal and state supreme courts have ruled many times that cops don’t serve the public; they serve government. In the academy they’re brainwashed to become totally against the public and against everything this country was founded on. Same with the miltary. I don’t trust either group. Anyone who targets me does so at their own risk. You play with fire and you’ll get burned.

      7. WA state is ahead of VA in the confiscation game. Atty Gen Ferguson is pushing hard to have all semi auto firearms banned, and magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Unfortunately WA state is ruled by liberals seeking to impose their will on the sheeple.

      8. Virginians are hell bent to put this governor in his place. A lot of rhetoric being spewn but there are a hell of a lot of gun owners(including National guard,sheriffs and deputies) who won’t comply. You don’t mess with the good ole boys in the hills. You already have desecrated their statues,their pride in country and ancestors. now its their freedom and guns on the line.

      9. Those stores obviously cater to police and military, and if you smell indie, they will shut down the sale and run you out.

        The Dems would be disarming those police statists, on the formal record, who they need to enforce sjw narratives.

        VA got brownwashed. So, invaders would be getting deputized by the color-blind liberal-tarians.

        Just some plot holes. Truth is trivial, so never actually stops the casual liars in public from whatever kind of Tourette’s they have.

      10. not all police and national guard will obey those orders…contrary to what most of you appear to believe, most cops are pro 2A and are as normal as any other american, especially in the smaller cities…those in the big cities like ny, seattle, other libtard areas, i wouldn’t trust them for shit…believe me, most departments couldn’t afford to fire half of their departments…takes to long to hire/train new people…

      11. A certain tribe of cosmopolitan elites are responsible for our demographic replacement, and the push to take away our GOD GIVEN rights. Research the names of the people who run anti gun and anti free speech orgs. Research the 65′ immigration act. Research the names of almost all the major players in the impeachment fiasco. You will see an over representation of a certain religio-ethnic group.

        • swej – an absolute rotting rancid cancer!!

      12. My parents left Germany for America when mandatory registration of guns was instituted. they knew that a disarmed people would be no more than slaves to be controlled by the government as it wished. Freedom disappeared in Germany and millions (not just Jews) were destroyed in the death camps as a result. I saw the gas chambers,etc. when I was stationed there during the occupation of Germany, I got to visit Dachu (the prototype for the death camps). Since I spoke german and had family on both sides during WW2 I learned a lot from the people about what life was like. I have to agree with Patrick Henry’s ” give me liberty or give me death”

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