These Two Businesses Did NOT Get Looted… Can You Guess Why?

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Headline News | 277 comments

While scores of businesses in Ferguson were being looted by out of control rioters Sunday night, a couple of them went the evening without incident.

If you’re wondering why, then check out the following picture for the answer.

Nobody is robbing St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio anytime soon. Or County Guns, for that matter.

The two north county businesses share a storefront in a Florissant strip mall less than ten minute drive from the epicenter of last night’s riots in Ferguson.

After hearing of the roving bands of looters, Mike Gutierrez knew he had to protect his tattoo shop. He brought a posse with him, including Adam Weinstein, owner of County Guns, who was acutely worried about criminals getting their hands on his merchandise.

“We didn’t want them coming in here and then running around with a bunch of free guns,” Weinstein told Daily RFT when we arrive at the store around 12:30 a.m. this morning. Weinstein was outfitted with an assault rifle, pistol and tactical vest. Gutierrez cradled his own rifle in his hands.

(Via Riverfront Times)


(Pictured: Mike Gutierrez (left) and Adam Weinstein (third from left) brought guns to guard their store during the riots in Ferguson last night.)

It turns out that when violent looters come face to face with people prepared to kill to defend their property, the looters tend to choose a ‘safer’ target.


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    1. Jim

      Good for them! Looters are by all account, weak and timid and prey on the meek, when challenged, they back off real quick.
      Looters also are free-range targets, have fun boys!

      • ghostrighter

        I can see the future advertising now for these two business.

        Buy a gun and get a free tattoo with the words: From My Cold Dead Fingers.

        • Swinging on a star

          If you own a business in an area that could be a potential target for looters then you better have a plan in place. If all the business owners were to have an organized front in place during a riot, then the looters would go home empty handed. Simple common sense as far as I’m concerned. Good for the posse and the lesson they may have taught the business owners who were looted.

          • Geralt

            @Swinging on a star

            “common sense” something that is rapidly becoming extinct.

            • Anonymous

              One thing for sure, common sense ain’t.

          • RickInOregon

            During the LA riots some Korean businessmen were on the roofs of their businesses, armed and their stores were not burned or looted.

            • jerrytbg

              I was thinking the same…when your livelihood is on the line…it’s a no brainer…kudos to those Koreas…

              And the same will be for ALL Americans…
              When the ebt system is shut down.

              • Outlaw

                Dumb question probably, but what would the looters loot from a tattoo shop? Some ink, maybe a couple tattoo guns? I didnt see any of them that looked like they were looking to start a tattoo business. Mostly grabbing snacks and drinks…

                • jerrytbg

                  My guess… just averting mayhem…
                  someone has to stand up…standing ground…
                  I don’t have any tattoos but I’d stand with them…
                  They’re were running a legitimate business I assume…

                  Looting because you’re upset I don’t understand…

                  It would not surprise me to find that some doing the looting had no idea why…just took advantage…

                  It’s a harbinger of what’s to come…

                • FlushTheFool

                  “…what would the looters loot from a tattoo shop?”

                  This kind of thief isn’t picky.

                • Walt Kowalski


                  Looting was a side benefit for them. What they were really out to do, was destroy stuff.

                  Having witnessed the LA riots first-hand, I can tell you that a mob like that will take any opportunity to justify their lawlessness.

                  They don’t think logically. And being “reasonable” is not something in which they are interested.

                  It’s the end result of a culture that has cast off restraint and has no moral compass to guide them.

                  And they are the very folks who will after YOUR stuff when SHTF.

                • Merree

                  Looters don’t necessarily just take items. Sometimes they destroy things. Like when they overturn and burn cars after sports games.

                • Nopittypartyhere

                  Pop over to drudge….st Louis Galleria closed. Riots being organized on twitter, one comment said they’re telling everyone to leave town? Ill be damned if I’d leave my house. Or maybe I misunderstood.

                • Oldalaskan

                  Anything that could be sold or pawned

                • Dean Gulberry

                  The guy running out of the QT with two 12 packs of beer really showed the cops he was mad as hell and wouldn’t gonna take it anymo!

                • Hard Justice

                  Parasites don’t concern themselves with the host, they’re just happy to get the free blood. Loosers, not looters are like dangerous insects, so its of no surprise that they’re brutal by nature.

                  “The only good bug, is a dead bug” Same goes with the looter loosers.

                • Booger

                  Maybe they just didn’t want their windows broken or their business firebombed. With all those planet of the ape types running loose who knows what could have happened.

                • Rinker250

                  “what would the looters loot from a tattoo shop?”
                  Computers, cash, office equipt., wall art, design books, etc. ANYTHING can be sold on the street.

                  Kudos to the bznz owners who stood-up and were ready to defend what they’ve worked so hard for.

              • Slick One

                The time has come to deal with this ghetto scum, bring in choppers with vulcan miniguns and let rip.
                Its bad enough to be forced to support this subhumanity with EBT,Section 8 Housing, SSI disability Checks, AFDC, WIC, SNAP,Head Start Programs,Medicade, Medicare……..
                Imagine if the USA purged its self of these nonworking primates, what a relief for tax payers.IS there a shortage of fire hoses, police dogs, and Policemen with night sticks? Bull Connor knew the correct way to deal with such inferior subhumanity.

                • Surrounded By a Genius

                  Funny how you can automatically put down or stereotype the looters when after sports events looters turn over cars, destroy cars & buildings & set everything in fire & they just so happen doesn’t receive EBT, Medicaid (learn how to spell) Medicare (which the Government will automatically put you on if you live long enough).I’m sure these looters are good decent folks because they have jobs, private health care & money in the bank.

                • Man on the inside

                  Small tactical Nukes…… Memphis, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Phily….. there will some colatteral…. but you can’t make an omlett with out breaking a few eggs……

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah, slick one, its those pesky poor people who are the blame for all the troubles of the world! If people would simply stop being poor– make some money like the wall street executives, who put money before all else– even if it means killing off the poor, if people were like the Bankers, who make money hand over fist– the world would be a better place! Yes, sir, slicker, you are real slick, arent’ you? Probably tons of money gotten illegally– hey! that’s why they call you “slick” right? damn poor people! they ought to be exterminated!

                • Anonymous

                  Odd that someone with such a sick, ignorant attitude as “Slick One” (above) would get so many thumbs up. Just shows the kind of sick, ignorant, Un-Christ-like people on this board… YUK!

                • Anonymous

                  I’m all for guns and our Constitutional rights.. what I’m not for is this attitude that a lot of you have, that seems to indicate you think you are better than other people just because you have money and/or have or have had good paying jobs in the past. Money has no relevance to character and it has no relevance to intelligence. Look at George Bush, what an embarrasement he was to our country! the whole world made fun of us because of his incompetency and yet he was quite wealthy, having come from a wealthy, corrupt family. Jesus was POOR!! Think about that before you run your ignorant, egotistical mouths!

                • Anonymous

                  The Ferguson “revolution” may be televised courtesy of straight to YouTube cell phone clips, but any chopper-based TV crews will have to find a different vantage point, as will any and all low flying aircraft (with the exception of US government drones of course), because moments ago, the FAA announced that starting 1315 UTC through 2000 UTC on August 12, “No pilots may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by this NOTAM (except as described). ONLY RELIEF AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS UNDER DIRECTION OF ST.” The Reason? “TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES.” Because TV crews recording every incident put “law enforcement” in jeopardy?

                • cops are trying to start a race war

                  this is a race war white cops are pushing. wake up America. Screen this cops better.

                • laura m.

                  Ghetto trash breed more ghetto trash; we gotto spt this ilk. women raising bastards need to be sterilized under medicaid so they can whore/shack up with out breeding more scum. We had some teens arrested in my area for vandalizing/painting churches and several schools. The parents should be made to pay for underage kids vandalizing. Then the kids and older man need to serve time. Trash isn’t always on welfare but they are no better if they are not productive in society. Most parents today don’t “raise their kids” they just breed ’em and let ’em run the streets.

          • Kulafarmer

            I call it solid concrete structure and steel blast doors that swing in place to cover the glass facade

          • JJsan

            I saw a lot of armed businesses in the LA riots in 92 for Rodney King. Especially in the Korean sector of town. No one looted where there were armed people on the roof, but there were plenty of shell casings everywhere. We talked to those folks and offered what help we could.

            Keep your powder dry,

        • Navy Vet

          Apparently the ghetto dwellers didn’t get the message.

          Ferguson Violence Continues: Protesters Warn “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised” – ‘Rubber Bullets & Tear Gas’ Update

          More interesting video in the post.


          (replace the dashes with dots)

          • Navy Vet

            Then there’s this:

            MASSIVE BRAWL Shuts Down St. Louis Galleria …Update: Cops Teargas Ferguson Rioters …Update: Rioters Chuck Bricks on Interstate 270


            (replace the dashes with dots)

            • Slick One

              Doctor Jane Goodall please report to St. Louis.

              • JohnFornaro

                That was subtle. About the good doctor.

            • BJ

              You know (and others) you can post a link without all the spaces and dashes?

              Why does everyone do this??

              • buttcrackofdoom

                if you post a link, moderation can make your post unreadable for hours. I like to talk about link, and in a separate post I put the link in too.

      • Mclovin

        Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with? That’s me…

        • Walt Kowalski


          You’re stealing my line.

          • Mclovin

            sorry Walt lol

        • the renegade braveheart

          Walt, let them come to my place with that BS and I’ll serve “lead and brass nutrients.”

        • Smokey

          Get off Walt’s lawn !

          • Babycatcher55

            Is that what’s known as “going Walt”?

        • Kulafarmer

          That always was me, funny how the quiet ones are sorta mental!

          • Anonymous

            the people who are looting our country (alas! the whole world!) are

          • Anonymous

            The people who are looting our country (alas! the whole world!) are NOT quiet! Wall street executives (psychopaths) are NOT quiet. Obama is NOT quiet! The woman who killed her daughter (put her in the trunk of her car) was NOT quiet… that’s how she got off free– big mouth liar.

          • Anonymous

            Ferguson As America: “There Is A Brewing Problem… And It’s Extremely Dangerous”
            Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/12/2014 – 14:51 The riots and looting that erupted in Ferguson is symptomatic of something much more worrisome in America. This is a problem that is brewing and is extremely dangerous to say the least. The killing of this black teen is not simply racism. The problems are much deeper. Claiming this is just racism deflects the entire issue and makes it simply black-v-white. This is something far more serious for it is impacting our entire society. The police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the public. Most do not even see what transformation they have gone through

            • skeptic

              To Anon— Oh My God! A brewing problem! The last thing we need at a time like this is a beer shortage!

      • possee



      • Ken

        It always amazes me when rioters burn down their own infrastructure. “That will teach … Who?”

        • Slick One

          As these ghetto primates like to burn things is would only be fair for some US military to show with with flame throwers and roast out that rioting ghetto scum.
          However a few B52’s loaded with napalm bombs would also address the burning ghetto looters quite nicely.

          • neutrino

            I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit… It’s the only way to be sure.

        • Dean Gulberry

          And whine about’food deserts’. What are the chances that QT will rebuild.

          Don’t think that ‘insurance will cover it all’ Most large companies are largely self-insured, and many policies exclude cases of civil unrest.

        • bobcat

          Quiktrip has already responded and said they will bulldoze that location and not reopen it. nice job negroes

          • Anonymous

            PLEASE SEE PICTURE BELOW THIS at zero hedge, under the title, “Ferguson on America: There is a Brewing Problem… and its Extremel Dangerous”

            Today has been peaceful so far but this stunning picture seems to sum it all up

      • PKLauLau

        OFF TOPIC: Sorry to hi-jack….if this is true…are there any truckers that can confirm this????

        From SQ’s site:

        “This letter informed me that as of Jan 1 2015 all trucks will be REQUIRED to obtain a new registration. This new registration will have a total of “59 states”, including Canada and Mexico.
        Steve, the other day I received a letter from the US dot, IRP division. This letter informed me that as of Jan 1 2015 all trucks will be REQUIRED to obtain a new registration. This new registration will have a total of “59 states”, including Canada and Mexico. It is required not optional. We will no longer be able to choose our operational area. They just created the north American union. This comes on the heels of a regulation change that required us to “declare” our intent to operate as interstate or intrastate or have our drivers license suspended.
        As truckers, we see a lot of whats going on firsthand and are exposed to these type changes first, always.
        Time is very short my friend.”


        • the renegade braveheart

          PKLL, SmokinOkie is a trucker and might know something about that. would be good to hear from him. I also have something O/T but not so important. I just finished reading chapter 5 of Aftermath at the prepper It definitely gets more interesting.

          • PKLauLau

            Brave: I’m hoping he will respond….this is very concerning if true.


          • Warchild Dammit!

            I will do the slow read as it appears here,seems like many things kinda a tradition,as there is a chapter 5 will assume no happy ending as I envisioned or this is one hell of a long porn flick!

        • Stosh

          Follow the money!!! This is for the petty thieving states that many of us never IRP tagged for and never ran. It is their way to get in your pocket for not going there!!

        • Crunch - St Louis

          They are not states – they’re called jurisdictions. They are made up of the 48 contiguous states + DC + 10 Canadian provinces. That’s currently 59. Now. Not next year. No room in there for Mexico.

          I’m not saying that these DOT registrations and apportionments are a good thing. But this article is more fear mongering by Alex Jones and BIN trying to pretend that something drastic is changing when it isn’t.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Just wondering! With all of the hate on this site, who’s side are we taking in this ordeal. The Pig or the Jig. Trekker Out.

        • PKLauLau

          MT: Sure seems like everyone here is so angry lately….


          • Dean Gulberry

            I hate hate!!! I am tolerant of tolerance!

        • durango kidd

          Follow the Rule of Law. Innocent until proven guilty for all parties. The truth will come out eventually. Until then, don’t rush to judgement and hold your fire.

          If the Courts grind slowly, they grind exceedingly fine. As Rancher Bundy will eventually discover. 🙂

          • Mountain Trekker

            DK I agree with you. I may have used the phrase The Pig or The Jig, but I really don’t know which one is guilty or innocent, may the truth come out. But I do know who is guilty, when it comes to those heathens that are doing the destrution and looting, sad part is they will never be prosecuted. Trekker Out.

        • Slick One

          Mountain Trekker says:
          Comment ID: 3202635
          August 12, 2014 at 12:07 am Just wondering! With all of the hate on this site, who’s side are we taking in this ordeal. The Pig or the Jig. Trekker Out.

          Well as I am very tired of having to pretend to love the jig…………….

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            75% of all gun shootings are black on black. If Obama wants to end gun violence he should ban blacks, not guns.
            Go to the source of the problem Ob and stop harassing the rest of us with your illegal laws.

        • PO'd Patriot

          MT, I ain’t lining up behind either. Let ’em have at it. The dead can bury the dead.

        • Robert

          From my read I’d say neither.

      • buggymak110

        Like my sign say’s. This house is protected by god and a gun if you come unwelcome you have the risk to meet both of them !!!

      • Dez E

        Well apparently more than 2 stores were not looted. Because of the distance from the protests(about 3 miles from what I can tell) probably close to 97 percent of all businesses in the area were unscathed as well. Why then is this relevant? Was it because they were outside with their guns or because nobody wanted to drive 10 minutes or walk for 45 minutes to get to their shop?

        Looters suck, but this article is meaningless, and judging from some of the comments, a little inflammatory. I understand that isn’t your fault what others say in your comments.

        Maybe you know of some other businesses that were at least in the area where these other businesses were that actually were defending themselves?

        • JohnFornaro

          Thanks DezE for the perspective.

          Looters are gonna be lazy. Keep in mind that the twittering feeds amongst friends tend to bring the looters to a common point, and use common strategies, like license plate removal.

          There’s no question but that armed shopkeepers are bypassed by the looters. Your observation that 97% of the stores were not looted has nothing to do with the efficacy of guarding one’s own shop. You just point out the limited area of looting.

          Looks like the early thumbs down on your comment reflects mostly on people who don’t like to reason.

          Sure, tatoo parlors aren’t as juicy a target as a liquor store, but rioters tend to destroy wantonly. The man bites dog story would be armed protection of the liquor store.

          The looters just want free stuff, and also to blow off steam after working themselves into an emotional tizzy. They are being played by authority, at least up to a point. The looters go home and have quiet parties, I’m sure, where they trade stuff. They’re off the streets, and 97% of the stores don’t get looted. A real pain for those who have been looted, but the press rarely sees their point of view.

          The crucial part to me at least, is the part where the journalists are being arrested, and the looters allowed to run free. For example, BezosPetNewspaper is finding out that they’ve been blindly promoting a power structure that is party agnostic.

      • Anonymous

        Even though the economy has somewhat stabilized (at least for the moment), levels of anger and frustration have continued to grow in this country. We have been taught to hate one another and to blame one another for our problems, and so now the U.S. is more divided than at any other point in recent memory. For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “America The Divided: Everyone Knows We Have Problems But There Is Very Little Agreement On Solutions”.

        We live at a time when things are so tense that even a small spark can light an absolutely huge fire. America has become a tinderbox. Next time it might not be a racially-charged shooting. Next time it might be an Ebola outbreak that sparks looting and panic. Or it might be some sort of financial collapse. We just don’t know.

        But what we do know is that there are lots and lots of people that are willing to riot and loot and commit unspeakable crimes given the right circumstances.

        Decades of social decay have gotten us to the point where the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every single day is wearing dangerously thin.

        The truth is that it is not going to take much to push this nation over the edge.

        If this kind of rioting can take place in a community with just over 20,000 people, what would a full-blown riot look like in a city with millions of people?

        That is a very sobering thing to think about.

        Once upon a time in America, you could leave your doors unlocked at night and you could let your kids play in the streets without ever having to worry.

        But now we are a sick, decaying nation that has millions of people ready to riot and loot at the drop of a hat.

      • Anonymous

        We better get ready for the take over (Totalitarian Police State) because its obviously on our door step– look at the astounding pictures at zero hedge under the title “Ferguson In America– there is a Brewing Problem… and its Extremely Dangerous”.

        The ONLY way out of this is for us to stop being so divided! We are Americans! Color and political affiliation are unimportant!

        Stop seeing black, white, Indian, liberal, conservative… There is ONLY US– American citizens versus our captors!!!! If we don’t wake up and stop being so damned ignorant (Un-Christ-Like) we are going to end up with a totalitarian government which is going to exerminate us!!!

        Who do you want by your side– a black guy with an AK-47 covering your ass as you both fight the NWO… or a bunch of elites, giving the military orders to bury you alive?

        • Booger

          Really ? Stop seeing, black, white, liberal conservative. How delusional can a person get. I’d love for you to go to the south side of Chicago on a Saturday night around 1-3 am and preach the Cum by ya crap to the homie gees. Unlikely that anyone would find your body. Can’t we all just get along ? Maybe take a peace love trip to the barrios of East LA and do the same with your Chollos.
          I may not see black, white indian, liberal but I assure you that they sure as hell do. Old western saying, ” I don’t care what you do with your own scalp, don’t be telling me what to do with mine. “

          • Illini Warrior

            You don’t need to go to the Chicago Southside on a saturday nite …. you can prove your point at noon any day of the week …. a white standing in public in the Englewood neighborhood has a 15 minute life expectancy … and that’s assuming you can drive into the neighborhood without getting shot ….

          • SLick One

            Booger you are so right, to help with our destruction, the political element says we must be color blind.
            Yet the people we are supposed to be color blind to are not color blind toward us.

        • carnac123

          The problem is that most blacks are on the government/NWO side. You would have to assume that of everyone of them you meet unless you know them personally.

      • Mr.Pink

        I swear Jim, you almost sound racist

      • Mongo Pissed

        They are also stupid. During the original Watts riots, I watched the White Front store, the Walmart of it’s day, collapse in flames on TV. That was the major store serving the Black community, never rebuilt. People were going in and out of the building with the roof engulfed. My dad had a cop friend who said over a hundred toasties were found when the wreckage cooled.

      • AzFred

        When you see all those people in the streets 24/7, it reminds me of an old million man march joke.

        I’ll modify it for today’s activities …

        What was the best thing about the Ferguson riots?..

        Only two guys had to call off work… Now that’s some funny shit….

    2. jerrytbg

      They have guns?

      • jerrytbg

        I’m sorry… I couldn’t resist… 🙂

    3. Leslie Anne

      10 minute drive away…did the looters even show up there?

      • Local

        According to Google maps this tattoo shop is 1.1 miles from the QT gas station that the looters burned to the ground. Close enough to be concerned for sure.

        • nope

          “not racist but…”

          oh ok

          • Them Guys

            All you nation-wrecking Marxist Jews and Israel-Firster HasbaRATs, braindead White Multicults and FOX Kwans, sicko Sodomites and Lezbos, perverted Pedophile Molesters, freaky Gender-benders, greasy Illegal Mestizos, cocaine-crazed and criminal Negroes — or whatever bizarre combination of the above — all of you scumbags had better beware that commenting here risks incarceration in my SPAMblinka concentration camp!

            Incogman dot net for great Un-censored info and comment replies! Plus great photos/articles you never will see at any other websites nor any MSM TV news shows!

        • Local

          That’s the story with most of the once proud neighborhoods in the city of St. Louis and North St. Louis County. Whites are moving farther west and south trying to outrun the expansion of the ghetto.

      • Satori

        10 minute drive


        an hour if ya have to take da bus !

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          And blacks wonder why they are profiled? Well there you go again.

    4. Night Shadow

      Well it is about time to see good people stand their ground. The looters are all eating from our tax dollars that we pay in after a hard days work. I bet they used their free phones to call all their buddies to come TAKE free stuff. It is a very troubling world we live in.. All tyrany needs is the good people to be silent. Nothing to see here move along, Watch the sheeple news and the Kardashins large asses jiggle. Wake up Amercia our fore fathers are turning over in their graves.. God bless all of u and keep on silently working. The fat lady is about to sing…

      • the renegade braveheart

        Night Shadow, I agree. I don’t have one bit of sympathy for those useless freeloaders. they all need to be shot.

        • islander

          pretty sure if a few looters were dropped where they stood it would slow the herd down and make em think a bit

          • Slick One

            Yes dropping a bunch of the ghetto primates will have a deterrent effect upon other ghetto primates still standing. Shame the USAF doesnt use preditor drones to suppress this uprising.

            • anon

              be careful when fighting monsters…

        • Slick One

          the renegade braveheart says:
          Comment ID: 3202454
          August 11, 2014 at 8:40 pm Night Shadow, I agree. I don’t have one bit of sympathy for those useless freeloaders. they all need to be shot.

          Exactly as these are more animal than human, shot in mass would be even better. Kunta has been told by TV and movie that he can do anything he wants with no consequences. Time for that to be corrected, Trayvon Martin had to learn the hard way.

          • Mr.Pink

            Heil Hitler!

            • vincent

              Glad you could get online in between re-runs of Will and Grace!

        • Billy Jack

          Yessir–one should use the “3S” strategy to deal with violent chimpouts (Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up).

      • 3rdown110yds2go

        Night Shadow…..

        Deal with the Cops….NOT with some innocent business owner to is one of millions who pay for your worthless asses !!!

        I believe this sort of shit will soon come to a halt…I am surprise that the ” You Bein owin Me Sumffin !!! ” mentally of the black culture was not stopped in it’s tracks during this event….Why is it that it appears that the Ghetto Gangs just sit around and wait for “ANY” reason to go out and take/Loot…burn….destroy. These people are animals….Yep I said it !!!

        I always admired the “Koreans” and how they stood their ground during the LA riots…They made me proud !!! Now is is time for all to stand their ground….because if we don’t…No one will !!! Somebody has got to stop this insanity ….It’s a ZOO out there !!!

    5. Malfador

      Good hunting tonight gentlemen.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Target-rich environment I’d say.

        • Sgt. Dale

          It might be a good time to try out some of them new loads you have been rolling.

          • Walt Kowalski


      • Sgt. Dale

        Like I always say

      • Slick One

        Malfador says:
        Comment ID: 3202282
        August 11, 2014 at 5:54 pm Good hunting tonight gentlemen.

        Yes and please note that no hunting license is needed nor is there a limit on the Ghettous A Monkus.
        Its open season! 🙂

    6. David

      Are businesses owned by people of color being looted/destroyed in Ferguson? If not, why not?

      • Thomas

        They don’t want to start a business, they want it handed to them on a silver platter. And after they get it they will just run it into the ground just like they did to South Africa, Rhodesia and sorry to say the USA.

        • Billy Jack

          For those who are not familiar with what African ‘culture’ does when it replaces European culture, please pay close attention to the scene that starts at 28:00 in this documentary about Africa:

      • Smokey

        Yes, they are. “Black-Owned” spray-painted on the door is not going to help, anymore.

        This is not about race. Race is the excuse. This is about looting and destruction.

        The cops have cordoned the area off, and it’s being contained there.

    7. Sierra Dave

      This is part of societys’ failure, specialization. We let the legal system grow and evolve into what it is today. It doesn’t resolve the problem people in society. Just put them on ice for a while and then let them out again to repeat.

      At the same time. We have created a safety net for all the drug abusers. If people had to maintain a homestead to eat. They wouldn’t have time to get stoned. And if they did get wasted too much, they would end up starving as food production dropped or failed.

      Government has become the problem.

      • Faith of the fallen

        I bet I could’ve stopped this riot pretty quick anonymously. All I would need is my guillie suit, my suppressed 10/22, and nvg’s. In my experience if you take out the aggressive rioters like the hand of god, they disperse cause they lose their will quick. Hate to say it but that’s how you deal with animals, cull until they go in check.

        • islander

          that’s what I’m say’n Faith

        • 3rdown110yds2go

          Faith of the Fallen..

          Are we twin Brothers of different Mothers !!!

          My thoughts exactly….
          ” Cull until they go in check “..and they will…and quick…that is how the Animal “Herd” mentally works.

          • Mr.Pink

            This has got to be the whitest comment section I have ever read.

            • Anonymous

              But they’ll all tell you that of course, THEY are not racist, they are ” good Christians”. If this is what constitutes Heaven, I think most people would prefer hell.

      • midway1

        That’s a good movie clip Charley, but you can’t reason with a mob of NoGro’s.

        • Prescott

          midway1: Reason has nothing to do with it; the first few fellows in front of get shot and now you’re in the ‘front’ about to get shot. Instinct kicks in and the next thing you know, you’ve done a 180 and you’re running over those behind you to get the hell out of way of the next bullets.

      • drclean

        exactly how it has to go down!!!1

    8. Stan522

      I’m surprised law enforcement didn’t try and disarm them, but I am glad they didn’t.

      • Rock Etman

        A couple of years ago Huntsville Alabama was hit by multiple tornadoes and was without power for 9 days. The first night someone broke into a business where the owner had camped out and was armed. The intruder was shot and killed. The next day the police chief stated no charges would be filed and business owners had the right to protect their property. For the next 8 days there were zero burglaries.

        • Navy Vet

          Rock … Isn’t it amazing how making one good example brings reality to situation?

      • Smokey

        They cordon it off, and control the perimeter of the area. Inside of it, no LEO presence unless they have to go in. If they went in and tried to quell things, a lot of people would be getting killed.

        • Slick One

          Smokey says:
          Comment ID: 3202509
          August 11, 2014 at 9:23 pm They cordon it off, and control the perimeter of the area. Inside of it, no LEO presence unless they have to go in. If they went in and tried to quell things, a lot of people would be getting killed.

          I dont feel that a lots of ghetto rioters dropping down would be a bad thing. For each rioter shot that is 4 to 6 head of bastard ghetto children that would not be born.
          As a bonus those rioters who were dropped would be unable to collect welfare benefits, so its a win win for the taxpayer.

    9. jeepboy1991

      off topic and slight thread hijack.
      I have had my bone marrow transplant ( a thouroughly rough and brutal process, I do not remember 2.5 weeks of it I was so thouroughly medicated) and am well on my way to recovering. M.D. Anderson cancer center does good work. My only sister was a match ( a 1 in 5 chance)
      To all who offered up prayers and well wishes, my great thanks.

      • eppe


      • Night Breaker

        Jeepboy 1991 ,
        Good for you , fight the good fight never ever give up , Life is what we are willing to do and endure to keep it . Keep well and best wishes for a speedy recovery. God is surely shining his light on you.

        Semper Fi 8541

      • grandee

        Thank you God for your blessings to jeepboy1991. May you continue to care for him.

        • ABC...


      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        Good news jeepboy1991! Wishing you a fast and complete recovery!

      • the renegade braveheart

        jeepboy1991, welcome back and glad to hear you’re recovering. hang in there.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Jeep,hope your on the mend status soon updated to “clear to go”,take care.

      • Smokey

        Good on ‘yer, Jeepboy. Relax for a while and heal.

      • Sgt. Dale

        we will keep praying

      • Charley Waite

        Hang in there JeepBoy1991!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Good on you Jeepboy! Finally some light during a dark time. Keep us posted.

      • laeagle

        jeepboy, congratulations on the transplant. May God continue to richly bless you and your sister in the days ahead. Hang in there and stay the course!

      • Hard Justice

        Good thoughts and prayers to you, keep smiling…life’s good!

      • REB

        JB…thanks for the update…glad for you man!

    10. Acid Etch

      In my blue state this action would be “illegal”.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Acid, even if I was in your blue state, I would still engage in an act of self-defense if I saw the need for it. F#$% your blue state’s anti-selfdefense policy.

        • Acid Etch

          That’s easy to say until you face the threat of going to prison.

      • Smokey

        Arming oneself in their own place of business? How is that illegal?

        They’re not out patrolling the streets, right?

        • Acid Etch

          Because you have a “duty to retreat”. And to not act with “malice aforethought”. And “assault weapons” are “illegal to possess, sell, buy, trade”, etc.

          My governor wants to run for president. If you sell a rental house here be ready to lose %50 of your gross to the goobmint. Teens must be indoors by 9 pm to meet the curfew.

          • rednek101

            I counter you “Duty to Retreat” with “Stand Your Ground”.

            • Winston Smith

              That only counts if you live in a state worth living in. The garbage states see the criminal as having more rights than you do.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Just to let you know I wouldn’t let my Officers stop them! I would have ordered my Officers to back them up, if needed!

        • Acid Etch


          Some immature elements afoot here occasionally impersonate me and false-flag me like a motherfucker. Now if a post is silly or positive in tone, makes any sort of apology, or does not speak to survivalism, I was not the author.

          Now you probably are one of us but the modern policeman has earned his horrid reputation and all the hatred that goes with it. You really need to clean the scum out of these departments. It’s the fact that dirty cops are never sent to jail that has everyone enraged. That and the fact that departments will never admit to any wrongdoing. Be a fucking man and speak to the public like you would speak to your own children.

          • Acid Etch

            Sarg…..There I go again, being nasty and filthy mouthed. It is a shame that most of my previous posts of apology have disappeared. (Yes, there are bad cps…there are also many good ones….)

            Acid: “Now if a post is silly or positive in tone, makes any sort of apology, or does not speak to survivalism, I was not the author.”


            I guess it’s okay with mods to be hateful and ugly, but not to counteract with any kind of silliness or kindness or to TRY and stop the obvious trolls….very disappointing.

            Really Mac?

          • Eagle 1

            Grow up kid. I wouldn’t talk to a dog like that, much less a human. I know some good cops who are speaking out. They see this coming and they’re as concerned as anybody. The media wouldn’t report that. I also know some really bad cops as well.

        • ABC...

          You’re a good man Sgt. Dale. Many read this site, few post. I happen to know some good men in uniform. There are more than most know. Don’t be discouraged by the angry.

    11. Satori

      posted over on Silent Country
      hat tip Dignity of Struggle

      “This came to me by way of some channels of anarchist comrades. It is an account of being on the ground there. Some of the writing is poor.

      Hey yall

      OH MY FUCKING GOD. Last night was crazy.

      Ok, here’s my snapshot of it:

      There was a candlelit vigil called for 8 o’clock last night in the
      apartment complex where Mike Mike. The turnoff for the complex is along
      a strech of West Florissant. We showed up around 7:40 or so and as we
      approached the turn off, police had blocked off car access in about a
      half mile in each direction along Florissant.

      We parked and got out and started walking. As we went, we were slowly
      surrounded by more and more people – it became clear that everyone on
      the street was heading towards the apartments. Police – who there were
      only 5-10 of and there cars – weren’t stopping people from getting in,
      only cars so we got by them fine. As we walked by them it was clear to
      me they’d never dealt with a protest before, much less hundreds of people.

      We slowly started to see more and more people amassing at the
      intersection leading towards the apartments. Hundreds of people in the
      street. They started walking towards the line of police we’d just
      passed. So we stopped where we were, waited to join the group and
      started blasting Lil Boosie (plenty of cheers of “Turn it up!” “Blast
      that shit!” A few trying to get it turned off too.

      The crowd were all putting their hands in the air – a display of what
      Mike Mike was doing when he was shot twice in the head and six times in
      the back. Initially, and probably for the next 30-40 minutes the
      sentiment from most people was don’t upset the police, they’ll shoot us.
      But as soon as the group reached the cops people started yelling and
      eventually a few people were throwing things. I’d say there were around
      200-300 people with 600-1000 more still coming from the apartment complex.

      I think at some point the police on the east end of the street (which is
      where the crowd was) called for back up from the police blocking off the
      west side. Maybe the first two or three cars slowly made their way
      through the crowd but certainly by the fourth people were physically
      stopping the cars, beating on them and eventually all the you could hear
      was one loud thud after another as people stomped the police cars. I’d
      say a few windows were broken at this point. Eventually the police were
      just running a gauntlet of angry people. Lots of cheering and by this
      point (20-30 minutes in?) almost everyone had given up on being afraid.

      You might be expecting the crowd of attackers to have been young men in
      their early 20s or teens, but definitely not the case. All genders, all
      ages getting their kicks in. I saw people as young as 10 or 12 year old
      adolescents attacking the cars and people in their 50s too. Fucking surreal.
      Once the police had made their way to the east side, it seemed clear
      that the block was ours. I kept trying to encourage people to cover
      their faces if they were doing shit. I’d say 9/10 told me they didn’t
      give a fuck and were proud, but a lot of people did mask up. A situation
      where extra masks would have been well received.

      Also, anytime someone I heard someone saying we shouldn’t throw things
      at the police (not because it was wrong, but fear they’d shoot us) I was
      able to have good conversations – saying it’s a way we take power from
      them and give it to ourselves. Even when people were super upset, by the
      end of the conversation even if we still didn’t agree it was clear we
      respected each other. I made sure to say “But fuck them, right?” and
      motion to the police and everyone quickly agreed and would shake my hand
      or pat me on the back. So much comraderie in the street last night.

      I’ve definitely been in plenty of situations in my life where I was the
      only or one of the only white people in a group and been very aware that
      that’s who I was to the group. I didn’t get this feeling at all last
      night. Some white friends definitely had shit said to them or were
      threatened, but as far as I know nothing else happened. And even friends
      who were threatened said that was a 20 to 1 sentiment in their interactions.

      Around this time the group was making its way back to the intersection
      leading to the apartments. There was a media van parked along the side
      of the road and I heard this person behind me say “Man, I HATE the
      fuckin media.” And him and his friends ran over and started rocking it.
      I think there might have been reporters inside. Later in the night I saw
      a picture of a Post Dispatch reporter wearing a helmet and vest.

      Also around this time I heard someone behind say, “Let’s jump this
      fuckin cracker.” I turned around a little nervous, but it was clear that
      all they meant by cracker was the three police left guarding the
      westside of Florissant. This seemed to be the idea going through
      everyone’s head so everyone started running towards the policeline.
      Except no one made it there because the QT (one of two places rumored to
      have called the police on Mike Mike which began all of this) was right
      next two them and people attacked it instead. I didn’t get close to the
      store, but stayed along the street with people breaking up concrete. At
      some point someone fired a few celebratory shots in the air. Definitely
      looked like people three or four deep just lining the windows of the
      place and people taking whatever the fuck they wanted. The line of
      police next to the QT sped off as fast as they could away from the crowd.
      The big sign out front had the gas prices ripped down and “SNITCHES”
      painted on it. RIP MIKE MIKE was written on the brick of the QT. This
      morning the QT is a smoldering ruin with those messages writ large
      across it. Other graffiti I saw along the street: “AVENGE MIKE MIKE”

      Apparently people ripped out the QT’s ATM, beat the shit out of it with
      a sledgehammer, got money out of it and then other people drove off with
      it. Lotter tickets were being thrown in the air.

      People at this point were mainly in front of the QT, at the intersection
      leading to the apartments and back at the eastside of florissant where
      there was still a line of police. People were estatic. It was clear that
      this stretch of the street was totally ours and we could do whatever we
      wanted. I can’t really describe other than a dream come true. I’ve been
      in a number of situations over the years where afterwards I’ve thought
      “was that a riot? Kind of, I guess”. This was a full-on fuckig riot.

      If there’s an equation for the night, it might go like this: Rioting =
      Looting alcohol = equals more rioting and looting. The air was thick
      with canabis. And what do you do with your empty (or full) beer bottles?
      Throw them at the police now speeding west along florissant to establish
      another police line on the west side of the street. So many broken squad
      car windows and beautiful moments of beer exploding on the windsheild of
      a cop caring racing through this gauntlet of people. And none of them
      were trying to directly interact with people or stop what people were
      doing. My guess is they were terrified and also not wanting to provoke
      the mob more.

      Sam’s meat market/ liquor store is the other place rumored to have
      called the police on Mike Mike. They got theirs too. And it’s rumored
      that a bunch of 10 and 12 years old started the looting there.
      Sooooo many police were swarming the east side of the street and likely
      trying to keep people from bigger chainstores behind them. I left after
      an hour or two (hard to tell time) after eveything started. But people
      kept rioting and looting for a long time. It even spread to places not
      directly in the area including beauty supply stores, auto supply stores
      at least one bank and a Walmart.

      They say 300 police were amassing and I believe it. Name a muncipality
      of st. louis and as I was walking away I probably saw it. Tons of cars
      blasting Lil Boosie as I was leaving too. Definitely just a whole city
      without police last night.

      There was supposed to be a protest this morning at 10, but the Mayor of
      Ferguson’s been all over the news this morning saying anyone in the area
      will be arrested on sight. Don’t know how true that is.
      Don’t know if last night was the last of it, or only the beginning.

      Plenty of other anecdotes, but that’s all for now.

      Feel free to forward to friends, or post places if you think this isn’t
      too sketchy.

      I haven’t seen an autopsy report yet
      but two shots to the head and 6 in the back
      is what is being said

      • jacksofhearts

        the PURGE is real.


      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        Good narrative, Satori, and good practice for what is coming.

      • Cellar Spider

        So the owners of the QT store and the owner of Sam’s Meats and liquors are the businesses that initially called the police as a result of something Mike Mike and his buddy were doing?

        • Smokey

          Some are claiming that, for some reason.

      • JRS

        It’s still too early to know what really happened with this young man, but the cops confiscated at least one phone from a girl who had recorded the incident. Why?

        This tells me that something is not right with their actions in this case…they are afraid of the evidence.

        Police constantly violate the people’s right to travel the streets freely…they apparently think THEY are the owners of the streets and have the right to kill anyone who challenges that perceived right.

        Along these same lines, there was a call locally for a man cutting himself with a knife. LE shows up and orders the man to drop the knife. When he does not immediately “submit” to their claimed authority to interfere, they taze and pepper spray him.

        When that doesn’t work, they fill him full of lead.

        LOL…Do you realize how totally ridiculous this situation is? The fuckin’ cops will make sure to finish you off just in case your attempts to kill yourself fail.

        There are no good cops or there would be no bad cops.


      • Hard Justice


    12. jacksofhearts

      doesn’t seem fair for the poor unarmed blacks.

      someone loan em’ some guns and ammo so they’ve got a fightin’ sportin’ chance.


    13. eppe

      This goes to show that blood is thicker than water, and friends can be family, and since some cannot tolerate jokes, here is one for ya, still waiting….


      I was out walking with my grandson. He picked up something off of the ground and started to put it in his mouth. I took the item away from him
      and I asked him not to do that. “Why?” my grandson asked. “Because it’s been on the ground; you don’t know where it’s been, it’s dirty, and
      probably has germs. Sometimes germs make little boys sick and not feel
      good” I replied. At this point, my grandson looked at me with total
      admiration and asked, “Grandma, how do you know all this stuff? You are
      so smart.” I was thinking quickly and said to him, “All Grandmas know
      stuff. It’s on the Grandma Test. You have to know it, or they don’t let
      you be a Grandma.” We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but he
      was evidently pondering this new information. “Oh…I get it! He beamed,
      so if you don’t pass the test you have to be the Grandpa.” “Exactly,” I
      replied with a big smile on my face.

      • eppe

        P.S. I just heard Robin Williams has died….
        One of my favorites, RIP…

        • jacksofhearts

          was fighting depression for years, finally quit fighting, so committed suicide, age 63.

          r.i.p. mork from ork “nanu nanu!”

    14. Satori

      Prepper Tip of the Day

      New Water Dosing Guidelines for “More Concentraded” Bleach

      and that should be “concentrated” not concentraded !

      Water Purification: Calcium Hypochlorite/’Pool Shock’

      apparently most manufactures have switched over to a stronger concentration

      • Navy Vet

        Thanks! I was looking for some articles on this very subject today. I found a couple, but the second link on your post is what I was looking for.

    15. Satori

      the rioting in Ferguson?

      compared to what’s coming

      Kunstler: Global Nausea

      “By my reckoning we have about a year left of the drive-to-Walmart-economy before the public broadly gets what trouble we’re in”

    16. Jim in Va.

      wonder how many people in the “hood” lost their jobs because a business was destroyed. wonder how far these people have to walk or drive to get what they need because everything is gone in their neighborhood. A lack of long range thinking.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Mobs do not think or reason.

    17. truth is evil

      So the next time a white person is killed by a black does that mean whites should riot? If that’s the case than we would spend most of our time in the streets.
      Don’t rebuild the damage these fools have caused, let them live with their actions. Don’t be an enabler.

      • David

        @Truth is evil:

        You make a great point (question). Actually, the Revs Sharpton and Jackson will be all over this one. When blacks (in Chicago) weekly kill and destroy other blacks, Revs Sharpton and Jackson are nowhere to be found. Maybe, just maybe, we should beef up Revs Sharpton and Jackson to a full schedule by doing what you ask. Where ever a black kills a white, the white community should go to the black neighborhood and reek havoc like Ferguson. Could be a message in there someplace–kill each other is fine with us and your Revs don’t mind it either, but leave us white people alone or pay the consequences!

      • 3rdown110yds2go

        Truth is Evil….

        Your statement “So, the next time a white is killed by a Black does that mean whites should riot/Loot ? ”

        Well…Here is my take on how and what/how a civilized riot would take place with White Society…And please note the following is my lame attempt at humor and what I see folks like us doing in this scenario.

        We ” White Sociey ” would probably head out to the Big Box stores..I don’t know…say Gandermountain…Cabelas..those type…etc….stand in line and wait our turn to loot !!! And then there would be people like myself who would choose to simply go on line to say a great place like Palmetto State Armory…Order what I would like and in the subject line put ” Things I wish to Loot !!! “…Those folks at Palmetto are so great that they would probably just ship it out and thank you for not coming to their store and knocking out their windows and burning the place down…but would apologize and state ” You do know we are going to have to charge your shipping on your looting merchandise !!! “…And that would be fair…..

        How the liquors stores would fare I don’t know…I figure there are a couple of you that would just back your trucks up to the door …pull out your hand trucks and go to town !!! Then again..some of you would use the drive through window !!!

        Am I anywhere close to what could possibly happen …

        I through talking now.

      • Fred Stanhope

        When a white person is killed by a black person, it means the media will gloss over it, no one (except close friends and family) will make a big fuss over the killing, and life will go on pretty much as before for the black (it would be “racist” to give them the death penalty).

    18. Tbillz

      I pretty sure there are no book stores in the area. But if there were, they would be safe as well

    19. The

      Maybe the tattoo shop didn’t get looted because….it is a TATTOO SHOP! What is there to steal? A chair and some needles? Woohoo.

      • Walt Kowalski

        You must have missed something….there was a gunshop next door.

        Also….just because you have nothing they want, does not mean they will not trash your store just for giggles.

        Read the account above posted by Satori if you want an inside look at mob mentality.

    20. Gregory8

      Notice how the rats stayed in their hood where they’d be safe and didn’t venture out into ‘other’ areas. I still remember the riots in the 60’s, yeah I’m old, and how the older fellows were getting out their rifles and ammo just waiting for things to ‘spread’ into our neighborhood. They figured it would be better to aim in their rifles for deer season on real moving targets rather than at the range. But alas, the hood-rats were happy enough to burn down their own area and probably figured that “Whitey” was itching for some live fire action. In the last 45 years I can’t recall anytime where white areas were invaded by roving bands of looters and rioters. Makes me think that there are some folks that help engineer these ‘little shows’.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Same thing happened in the LA riots back in 1992. The real rioting took place in the mostly black neighborhoods of south-central Los Angeles. There were some small disturbances in out-lying areas…but not much.

        I lived in Orange County at the time, but my work frequently took me into the very neighborhoods that blew up.

        A lot of the anger and hostility in the black neighborhoods was directed at Korean store owners. In the black neighborhoods, you would seldom find large box stores and supermarkets. The reason being that they would suffer so much loss from shoplifting that they could not remain profitable. Mostly, you had small convenience stores….and many of them were owned and operated by Koreans. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Falling Down”, you will get an accurate picture of what it was like going into one of those stores. Prior to the Rodney King verdict, a young black girl was shot and killed by a Korean store owner and the store owner was not prosecuted. The black community was enraged over this. Additionally…there had been a lot of heavy-handed police action in the south central area as well. There were a LOT of different things in the mix that led to the whole thing blowing up. It was a powder keg. The Rodney King verdict was the fuse that finally set it off.

        When the riots started, the Korean stores were specifically targeted by the rioters and looters. But they were going after anything that presented an opportunity to loot and/or attack….including people who just happened to get caught in the area and were not Black or Hispanic.

        But as I remember, there were very few incidents outside of south central LA. And I have a feeling that people just would not have put up with it. I know that I was prepared to defend my home at the time by any means necessary.

        I will also say that there were a lot of innocent people living in those neighborhoods that were victims of what took place. Good…decent….hard working people, just trying to get by and live their lives in peace. The rioters made up a small percentage of the people there. But all it takes is a small percentage to cause a big problem.

        In my opinion, the LAPD could have nipped that whole thing in the bud, but they let it get out of control.

        If you will read the account above posted by Satori, you can see that had the police clamped down hard and fast in the initial minutes of the riot in Ferguson, the whole thing might have been avoided.

        I don’t know the circumstances of the young adult (He was 18) who was killed, so I will withhold judgment on that. But there seems to be a mindset in a portion of the Black community that takes any incident as an opportunity to go off the tracks and act lawlessly.

        • PO'd Patriot

          One of my favorite movies with Michael Douglas in it.

        • Walt Kowalski

          A correction to my post above. I mentioned a Korean store owner who killed a young black girl who was in her store. I stated that the store owner was not prosecuted. That is incorrect. She WAS prosecuted for manslaughter and received a sentence of 5 years probation, 400 hours of community service and a $500 fine.

          To say it was a miscarriage of justice would be an understatement.

          The girls name was Latasha Harlins.

          The store where she was killed was targeted during the riots and burned. It never reopened.

      • AC

        When the LA riots in 1992 broke out, a few buddies and myself decided a little more ammo wouldn’t be a bad idea – so we went to a local gun shop, and found a few hundred other white people had the same idea at about the same time.

        Awhile after arriving, I noticed two Mexican guys coming into the store – they looked around, and as they looked around in amazement and realized what was going on, they developed these ‘oh f*ck’ expressions I’ll never forget.

        • Walt Kowalski

          During the riots, my ex-wife’s husband….who had been rabidly “anti-gun” must have suddenly had a “come to Jesus moment”, because he asked me if I had a gun I could loan him.

          He lived east of LA, but worked on the west side and had to pass through some of the riot torn areas to get to work.

          When the riots started, he got to feeling pretty vulnerable.

          It broke my heart to tell him that according to California law, I could not loan him a firearm. (Can you feel the sarcasm here?)

          Also…..California residents felt the full effect of the 10 day waiting period for purchasing a firearm as well. That 10 day waiting period often turns into a defacto two weeks because it’s 10 BUSINESS days…not calendar days.

          Lots of liberals were wishing they had guns when the riots hit.

          Of course……a lot of the liberal HYPOCRITES already had guns.

      • Fred Stanhope

        Yes, they are known as “social engineers” (mostly Marxist Jews and other agitators).

    21. River Rat

      Remember if you look like FOOD you will be EATEN!! Someone is going to turn the flame under the pressure cooker up and its ready to blow now. Its going to get UGLY real quick as the Mid-Terms approach. Be safe my friends.

      River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      • Walt Kowalski

        Talk to me about Joe Biden….then tell me about Sarah Palin.

        Not really a fan. I can’t stand her voice. In my opinion, the worst torture they could have inflicted at Gitmo would have been to make the terrorists listen to Sarah tapes 24/7.

        But she is not as dumb as some people think.

        Same goes for George W. Bush. I’m not a Bush fan either. But compared to what we got now….he looks like a genius.

        • Satori

          did ya watch that video

          you can make all the excuses you want

          something is wrong with that woman

          that is NOT NORMAL

          • Walt Kowalski

            Yeah…I looked at it. I also noticed that they cut it off as Palin was about to make her point. The part they kept was Sarah engaging in a little schtick. The point she was trying to make there? Why do liberals care about fast food workers when they piss and moan so much about how fast food is bad for you? Shouldn’t good liberals being trying to get those fast food places shut down in the first place? Why would you want to pay someone a “livable wage” who is dealing in a product that will kill you? I mean….you might as well be lobbying for higher wages for tobacco growers.

            Satori…if you want to bash on Sarah Palin, try to find some source other than the dailykos.

            As I’ve said….I am not a huge Palin fan…for reasons other than the liberal ones though.

            But if you want to talk about dumb….I’ll bet you I can find enough Biden gaffs that Sarah will come off like a Rhodes Scholar in comparison.

            • Satori


              that video is from her own site

              KOS is just reporting on it

              and that is more than just a gaff

              everyone steps on their own tongue from time to time

              and can you figure out what the hell her point is ???

              something is very wrong with her brain chemistry

              that is NOT normal

              • Smokey

                You’re conflating things from personal bias. Watch the entire video.

              • Walt Kowalski

                The video may be from her site…but kos cut it off as she was about to make her main point (which I assume was in regard to the minimum wage).

                Again…I think she was engaging in some schtick….or illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

                Yeah…I had no problem figuring out what she was trying to do. It’s not that hard really. She may not have executed it well, but that’s beside the point.

                Don’t expect to get objective reporting from the dailykos.

                • Satori

                  nothin’ personal Walt

                  just bustin’ yer chops !

                  Palin and Biden aren’t my two favorite politicians
                  but they are my two favorite comedians

                • Walt Kowalski

                  Nothing taken personal there Satori.

                  I like your posts. You always have very informative things to say.

                  And there are certainly no shortage of comedians in Washington D.C.

              • Cellar Spider


                Let the poor woman fade into obscurity peacefully. She has gone from being the vice presidential nominee to selling subscriptions at 9.99 per month for her website.

                In a couple of months, she’ll realize she ain’t making any money and that she’s got to do something drastically different in order to get subscribers.

                My bet is that she raises the subscription price to 24.95 per month and uses CCBill to handle the payments!

                • Satori

                  yer right
                  why beat a dead horse!

                  but you have to admit
                  she was the best HALF term governor ever !!!!

                  I just love a quitter !!!

                • Satori

                  thank you for your kind reply Walt
                  your a scholar and a gentleman

                  perhaps we should form a mutual admiration society ?

                • Walt Kowalski

                  Works for me…..we have to do something to overcome our “red thumb” fan club.

              • Archivist

                She was making fun of the liberals. She was also not using a teleprompter. When you’re talking off the top of your head, you don’t always sound like you’re reading a prepared speech. Her bit of fun was unscripted, and the video was cut off early. Her point was easy for me to see.

                • Stosh

                  Have to love a quitter….yes, you certainly fit that one, Surrendered law license, failed community organizer, quit the state senate, quit the US senate….and guesses, one hine, IT WASN’T Palin!!

            • ready down under

              It was Bill Clinton who said, “If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure”. We can all get mixed up at times …..


            • Satori

              by all means
              please post a Biden video that can compare !

              • Archivist

                Stand up, Chuck!

                www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=C2mzbuRgnI4

                • Mountain Trekker

                  I remember it will, don’t even have to watch the video. Boy Satori sure left you an opening Archivist, good come back. I had as mush use for Chuck as I did Biden. Trekker Out.

                • Satori

                  Biden thought he was a TV evangelist

                  it works for them don’t it ???

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Satori, you mean a faith healer don’t you?

            • Ugly

              Sarah Palin graduated from the University of Idaho the same year I did–1986….

        • Charley Waite

          She made me reluctantly vote for Obama in 2008. Ill never forgive her.

          • NewVegasBadger

            Charley, I will not forgive you for voting for antichrist Obama. Nor will I for your worthless piss poor excuse for doing so. I hope you get what you deserve for your stupidity. Would you please pull your head out of your ass, and listen to all the weapons grade stupid remarks and gaffee made by Biden. And remember too, he was supposedly choosen to off set antichrist Obama’s lack of experience. The ONLY reason for Sarah Palin being viewed as a stupid woman is because the enemy media made damn certain that was how made to look for all of the low information voters would view her. The plan worked.
            Charley, man up and take ownership of your fuck-up.

          • NewVegasBadger

            Charley, I will not forgive you for voting for antichrist Obama. Nor will I for your worthless piss poor excuse for doing so. I hope you get what you deserve for your stupidity. Would you please pull your head out of your ass, and listen to all the weapons grade stupid remarks and gaffee made by Biden. And remember too, he was supposedly choosen to off set antichrist Obama’s lack of experience. The ONLY reason for Sarah Palin being viewed as a stupid woman is because the enemy media made damn certain that was how made to look for all of the low information voters would view her. The plan worked.
            Charley, man up and take ownership of your fuck-up.

            • Charley Waite

              It’s a bitter pill but, you are right. But I didn’t say I didn’t immediately regret it and never, ever would make that same mistake again…

    22. Leslie Anne

      I believe their stores weren’t looted because the looters weren’t even in that area to begin with.

    23. Old Guy

      The fact is you can only police a people to the extent that they allow you to. I have no sympathy for those inner tube lipped boogoula boogoula jungle bunnys who where looting & destroying property. However I don’t care much for the counstition violating parasitic police also. This is nothing compared to what the future holds. The police ran away like the bully cowards they are.

      • Smokey

        The police are containing the rioting inside a perimeter. Standard policy.

        Want them to wade in there are kill a couple hundred people?

        • Walt Kowalski


        • Wallimiyama

          Wouldn’t have to kill a couple hundred…just a dozen of the looters coming out of a wrecked business. The rest will vacate the area in a hurry.

    24. Satori

      doomer porn


      available on Netflix

      cyber attack takes down the grid

      rioting starts
      trucks stop running…

    25. Sinner

      Add another 11 million to the 11 million illegal aliens that we already have, maybe more.

      The African American unemployment figure is the highest already, now make it worse with the Illegals taking jobs away from “The Brothers”.

      This riot is nothing compared to what will happen when the Black gangs take on the MS-13 boys from Central America, or the GuberMint can’t afford to pay for everyone’s Obama Phone.

      Another reason why 2015 is going to suck.

      • Ugly

        That is true. No employment in many communities. When there are jobs, peoples morales go up. To fix poverty, we need people employed and working and paying taxes….wish we had leaders working on this….

      • Slick One

        Sinner says:
        Comment ID: 3202491
        August 11, 2014 at 9:09 pm Add another 11 million to the 11 million illegal aliens that we already have, maybe more.

        The African American unemployment figure is the highest already, now make it worse with the Illegals taking jobs away from “The Brothers”.

        This riot is nothing compared to what will happen when the Black gangs take on the MS-13 boys from Central America, or the GuberMint can’t afford to pay for everyone’s Obama Phone.

        Another reason why 2015 is going to suck.

        Well there are ways to insure that no welfare programs are needed for those people.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Every forty seconds there’s a wetback exiting the RIO, drying in the Arizona/Texas sun.

    26. Sgt. Dale

      I hope there are more Patriots that do the same tonight if there is more looting this will stop it Damn quick!
      If there is riots and looting anywhere in the US they should follow these folks lead!!!

    27. Charley Waite

      Good ol Smiley from Gator.

    28. Paranoid

      To be truthful, Here in Wyo, I didn’t notice anything. But you folks riot all you want, Hunting season starts shortly.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        71 days till bow season in the new england region!Sooner if it all falls apart!

    29. Bx

      Fending off a bunch of thugs who just want a reason to steal is one thing. For those who compare this to a complete societal breakdown and martial law, I doubt these shop owners would have half a chance against militarized police and troops (U.S. and/or U.N.). Posse Comitatis and The Insurrection Act are, no longer.

      • Stosh

        Do not think of them as coming to take your guns, think of it more as they are coming to donate their new ones they will suddenly no longer need….and armoured vehicles, they have to get out sooner or later!!

    30. Theproof

      Second Amendment 100%, cops 0%. It is sad but true. Not only is the Constitution proven practical and logical yet again, but also simultaneously it is evident that the police will run when fairly challenged. Besides the police are the ones as usual, that started the riots. If you light a fuse what else are you expecting? We need the Second Amendment. This riot scenario has happened hundreds of times throughout the USA and some people are still blaming the rioters. Actually, if there were any real justice white people would join and target unlawful sadistic cops or better yet the politicians that encouraged provocative behavior by the police. The riots are unorganized and misdirected. But it’s a start and needed to prove that the police reform and civilian oversight is needed and that the Second Amendment is really needed. However, if history is your teacher than you will not have learned anything, because Americans don’t know history and they don’t pay attention.
      Therefore, riots are in fact, an American way of life.

    31. jacksofhearts

      mexican coyote rapists are terrorizing illegal immigrant women by the thousand… ANOTHER REASON WHY IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION SHOULD BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

      ‘Rape Trees’ Common Along Immigrant Smuggling Route
      Trees marking where smugglers raped migrants so common, locals have a name for them

      … more


      • jacksofhearts

        This Is What Modern-Day Sex Slavery In America Looks Like

        Kika Cerpa’s Story

        In Cerpa’s case, she was kept in a basement by herself after arriving in America as a very young woman. She had been working in the accounting department of a hotel in her native Venezuela when she fell in love with a coworker, Cerpa told Business Insider in a recent telephone interview arranged by Sanctuary for Families.

        That coworker introduced Cerpa to his cousin, Sandra, who promised her a job as nanny in the U.S. When Cerpa arrived in 1992, Sandra took her passport and her money.

        “She said to me my boyfriend owed her money,” Cerpa said, “and the only way I could pay it off was working.”

        The next day, Sandra took her to a brothel in Jackson Heights, Queens (a popular neighborhood for young professionals), where Cerpa ended up sleeping with 20 men. Sandra pocketed the $12 Cerpa made from each customer. For a year, Cerpa lived under Sandra’s thumb and in her house.

        … more

    32. Stewpedaso

      The “click click” of a 12 guage is the universal sound for “GET THE FUCK OUT”…makes even the largest penis go limp. unless you’re on the trigger end of course.

    33. chuck

      What is there to “loot” in a tattoo shop anyhow ? Ink ?

      What is the most popular ink color ?

    34. Slick One

      Geralt says:
      Comment ID: 3202361
      August 11, 2014 at 6:52 pm @Swinging on a star

      “common sense” something that is rapidly becoming extinct.

      Shame these rioting primates are not rapidly also.

    35. Slick One

      Faith of the fallen says:
      Comment ID: 3202409
      August 11, 2014 at 7:48 pm I bet I could’ve stopped this riot pretty quick

      Yeah me too, its called nerve gas! 🙂

    36. joe

      But but but you mean Nancy, Chucky, Harry, and the commie muslim bastard are wrong about guns? What ever will we do now?

    37. Satori

      the fog of war

      Desperate MH17 “Intelligence” Spin by Ukraine Secret Service: Pro-Russian Rebels had Targeted a Russian Passenger Plane. “But Shot Down Flight MH17 by Mistake”…38/38/Y/M.html

      will the truth about this incident ever come out ?

    38. Warchild Dammit!

      The reason those stores were not robbed,simple,no escalade bling wheels!Really,want to end all this bullshit,get rid of drug/and other cop/court/prison industry/cartel laws,allow folks to start business without huge regulation and taxes,end crony capitalism(welfare),have real education opportunities(the net can help a lot here),having a social safety trampoline does make sense to me,not a net,nets are meant to capture people,trampolines to lift them up/how the hell did one of the most successful countries in modern times end up jailing more folks per capita then any other country/make it easier for folks to rebuild neighbor hoods run down without huge red tape,a system seen nightly on the news that rewards the theft of billions by banks and such with fines in the millions?,hell I would feel a bit entitled also as we the citizens expected to pick up the tab ,a attorney general who said publicly the financial houses to big to prosecute.Yes,when you feed any animal or human for generations they will go feral in a effort to survive if cut off and though I will defend what is mine do understand it.You want to see to a large degree who is to blame,look in the mirror,we as citizens have for decades allowed this to happen,we need to end both parties and their puppet masters if we want real/positive changes in this country,till then,we will reward the thieves while jailing folks feeding the homeless and collecting rainwater!

      • JRS

        Well said, Warchild…

        I just heard that the banks had the most profitable quarter in 23 years. I just pulled my pockets out and all that fell out was a ball of lint and the key to my 94 Chevy pickup. Two more payments and it will be mine (lol). It hasn’t been a profitable quarter for me.

        • Satori


          been paying on that Chevy for awhile now ???

        • Archivist

          If you have to count repairs, my 1992 Ranger isn’t paid for yet.

    39. Satori

      WHO Ebola update, August 11: 1,848 cases, 1,013 deaths

      “WHO has published Ebola virus disease update – west Africa. Excerpt, reformatted:
      New cases and deaths attributable to EVD continue to be reported by the Ministries of Health in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Between 7 and 9 August 2014, 69 new cases (laboratory-confirmed, probable, and suspect cases) of EVD and 52 deaths were reported from the four countries as follows:
      • Guinea, 11 new cases and 6 deaths;
      • Liberia, 45 new cases and 29 deaths;
      • Nigeria, 0 new cases and 0 deaths; and
      • Sierra Leone, 13 new cases and 17 deaths.

      The totals: 1,848 cases (confirmed, probable, and suspect) and 1.013 deaths.”

    40. Fyyff

      I like their style. I hope they had a plan. Shooting a black guy for looting is not a great idea. Prison is full of black guys. Regardless, the plan worked due to looking nuts enough to shoot.

    41. Sgt. Dale

      Well last night looks like someone had fun! The clowns where out again. Please keep tearing up your areas so that you won’t have anywhere to live and shop.
      One thing, bring this crap to my town and we won’t just be setting around with the weapons we will be reloading them!!!
      I was told one time that when you have 2 blacks and two whites together there is guys having a great time. When you have four black and two whites together you have a fight! I thought he was just a bigot, but I found out the hard way. We got our butts kicked, but we gave them more than they gave.

    42. Rick Smith

      That’s what I’m talking about!
      You CANNOT rely on the cops to protect

      If the cops can’t, wont, or are too afraid to do anything,
      and let the CITIZENS do the job

      They can do it better anyway.

    43. ScoutMotto

      IF those merchants did not defend their shops, the looters would have stolen the guns and the liberals would be going “See??”

      That is what guns are for – to prevent these kinds of crime.

    44. jacksofhearts

      Send In the Clowns !

      the zog-fbi is sending in their best man to Ferguson MO

      Rev. Al Sharpton a known druggy/ drug dealer , paid fbi informant and agent provocateur Heads To Ferguson MO

      Rev. Al Sharpton announces ‘Justice Caravan’
      meeting with Brown family


    45. Satori

      I was just thinking
      what do you do when something like this shooting happens?
      what if it is true that the kid was shot twice in the head
      and then 6 times in the back?
      shouldn’t people be OUTRAGED ???

      now what

      or perhaps they should sign a petition?
      ha ha ha

      or complain at a city hall meeting
      even funnier

      maybe some tersely worded Letters to the Editor ???
      oh yeah
      that’ll change things !

      sometimes violence is necessary for change

      the Revolutionary War

      the French Revolution etc

      • jacksofhearts

        no, you call a community “grand jury” to order.

        let the grand jury deal with it.

        they have the legal authority to challenge all comers even the police.


        • Satori

          now we know how things generally turn out don’t we

          “THEY” investigate themselves


          “THEY” clear themselves more often than not

          don’t they ????

          of course they do
          we’ve all seen the stories
          they’re not exactly rare now are they ??????

          the people turned to King George and Louie for justice
          how did that work out for them ???

          why should people have faith in the justice system

          it’s failures are absolutely LEGENDARY aren’t they ???

    46. jacksofhearts

      Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood—But Attack Goyim Gentiles Who Say the Same

      As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.

      – ADL’s(jew controlled) Abe Foxman

    47. Be informed

      Guns safe lives, property, and people from misery and being afraid. In gun hating countries people live in fear from the common criminal that can make a potential piece of concrete, pipe, shred of glass, or anything into a total unbannable weapon. This is what these f’en anti-gun and anti-self defense idiots don’t realize is that you can’t possible make illegal everything that a criminal could use to injury or kill someone. This is why the honest person needs self defense no matter what.

      Of course the incredibly stupid anti-self defense nut job would call that uncivilized. Imagine how retarded this is, to call a person defending themselves from bodily harm not civilized. Like I said many times, pro anti-self defense and anti-gunners are PRO CRIMINAL and consider the victim to be at fault.

    48. slingshot

      What the hell happened?

      • Local

        A Ferguson police officer shot and killed an 18 year old man Saturday. The man was allegedly unarmed, and surrendering at the time. Police reports say there was a struggle for the officer’s weapon. Details are very limited at this point. The local population is not happy.

    49. John rambo

      This doesn’t surprise me. Tattooers are probably the most free market pro liberty patriodic old school Puritan work ethic centered people I’ve ever encountered. Tattoo shops are like information nodes where all walks of life come and share experiences and information. Support your local Tattooer. They’re good people many of them.

    50. SLick One

      Anonymous says:
      Comment ID: 3203033
      August 12, 2014 at 2:47 pm Yeah, slick one, its those pesky poor people who are the blame for all the troubles of the world! If people would simply stop being poor– make some money like the wall street executives, who put money before all else– even if it means killing off the poor, if people were like the Bankers, who make money hand over fist– the world would be a better place! Yes, sir, slicker, you are real slick, arent’ you? Probably tons of money gotten illegally– hey! that’s why they call you “slick” right? damn poor people! they ought to be exterminated!

      Yes people who refuse to work and demand they be taken care of by my tax dollars ought to go. Having 4 to 6 bastard ghetto children to get a larger EBT payment, Section 8 housing voucher, free health care …….
      Those who work need their money for their famlies. I work 7 days a week, I might take a day off every 4 or 5 months, I have no sympathy for the lazy. Now if you have no time to look for and get a job, but you have time to loot from people who work, surgical sterilization or liqudation is the answer. I help my friends and family, I should not be forced to support people who are welfare careerest. Now as far as Ggting money illegally I
      work for every penny, so far this year the IRS has relieved me of over $5000.00 to support the lazy.
      Naturally you feel entitled to free healthcare, food, housing, education… and of course you feel that poor Trayvon was murdered. The time is approaching when political correctness must give way to reality.
      If you attack someone you must realize that you might be having your last night on earth.

    51. SLick One

      Man on the inside says:
      Comment ID: 3202928
      August 12, 2014 at 12:18 pm Small tactical Nukes…… Memphis, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Phily….. there will some colatteral…. but you can’t make an omlett with out breaking a few eggs……

      Wish Id thought of that, and your right! 🙂

    52. Chaos von Chaos

      I commend anyone who defends (with Firearms) their own Family, Home, Business, property and their own Kind.
      I do want to make a critical statement about the Photo.
      Mike Guitterrez, (Owner) standing to the far left, is wearing a small(Maybe Medium) soft body armor vest or maybe a small (or med.) plate carrier. If you are going to wear the wrong sized Level 3/3a vest for your obviously huge torso it is best to wear this small vest under a shirt so that your enemy does not see the small area it covers. The Owner looks like he is an XL or even a XXL.
      Just making an observation …like the Doomsday Prepper Wife (in the Ad) wearing a (Russian) child’s Gas Mask when she should really be wearing an Adults Gas Mask.

    53. wasntme

      “It turns out that when violent looters come face to face with people prepared to kill to defend their property, the looters tend to choose a ‘safer’ target.”

      Exactly why obomba and holder don’t want YOU to have a gun. They don’t want you shooting obomba’s next illegitimate kid.

    54. legal citzen

      I built this business not obama and you are not going to steal from it or burn it down.
      So EFF off and get a life and a job, being upset with cops does not give you a license to steal from me

    55. legal citzen

      you dont need to shoot all looters, just the one who first tries to break in.

      a body in the street is a BIG deterrent.

      of course they are animals
      they are upset with the cops, so they loot the few business’s in thier area.
      and then they whine why are prices so high and no shops in their neighborhood.
      and furthermore

      over the july 4th weekend there was 84 shootings with 14 deaths, and where was obama then?
      oh it was black on black so nobody cared
      but a thug gets into it with a cop and ends up shot
      then they riot and loot and burn ect.

    56. legal citzen

      time to put out looter scarecrows

      all you need is a maniquin to toss in the gutter, cover it with a white sheet, and pour some red paint on it and the ground.

      looters will think one of them go his as shot trying to loot. Oh and put like a 6 pack of beer or an empty xbox, box next to it.

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