These Are the Diseases That Will Run Rampant When the SHTF: “People Like To Think The Most Common Cause Of Death Would Be At The Hands Of Other People”

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    This guide was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s


    Most people like to think that if society collapsed, the most common cause of death would be at the hands of other people. They like to imagine that the apocalypse will be filled with action packed shootouts and marauding gangs of looters. Obviously there would be a lot of violence if society collapsed, but the truth of the matter is that violence would be a secondary concern.

    Mother Nature Has Plans of Her Own

    This is evident if you only take a quick look throughout history. During the most tumultuous times in human history, it wasn’t violence that killed the most people, but disease and starvation. Even during war, when violence reached its apex, most of the soldiers didn’t die from violence, and that remained the case until the 20th century. During the American Civil War for instance, for every three soldiers who died on the battlefield, five died of disease.

    It’s important to remember that if society were to collapse, it would be tantamount to traveling back in time to when modern amenities didn’t exist. And without those amenities, there are a ton of pathogens that can kill you. So before you blow your entire prepping budget on guns and body armor, consider some of the many unglorified ways that the collapse of society could cut you down.

    These are the Seven Likely Causes of Death When the SHTF

    1. Superbugs

    The world was a hell of a scary place before the invention of antibiotic medications. Any nick or scratch could lead to an untreatable infection, and communicable diseases often ran rampant. Nowadays our antibiotics can treat these diseases, but just barely. As various strains of bacteria become immune to these treatments, we’re rapidly approaching a post-antibiotic world that looks an awful lot like the old world. If society collapses then these souped up diseases are going to be unleashed without any inhibitions. Tuberculosis, staph, typhoid, strep throat, MRSA, and E. Coli will become all too common.

    2. Water-Related Illness

    If society collapses, people are going to suddenly find themselves reliant on local water sources, and unfortunately those water sources are going to be contaminated. It’s often the case that natural ponds and stream are already unsafe to drink, but the same disaster that cuts off your tap is going to make that water even more dangerous.

    Without running water, people will be forces to leave their waste in their immediate environment, where it will likely mingle with local water sources. This among other unsanitary conditions can cause a whole host of water-borne diseases including gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, intestinal parasites, Diphtheria, cholera, typhoid, and even polio. Here are 9 common water-borne illnesses to prepare for in a disaster scenario.

    3. Mosquitoes and Rats

    It takes all the might of modern civilization just to keep certain pests in check. But when the garbage trucks stop showing up and the swimming pools turn green, you can bet that the rats and mosquitoes will proliferate like crazy. And they’ll be carrying diseases that are the stuff of nightmares. Rats will carry the hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and the plague; and in North America, mosquitoes will most likely be carrying dengue fever. Here are some tips to rat-proof your preparedness supply closet.

    4. Cold Weather

    A lot of people will be forced to go without adequate shelter after the collapse. So when winter arrives, you’re going to see a lot more weather related ailments. We’re all very familiar with flu season, but most people don’t realize that cold weather conditions can spawn numerous diseases, most of them respiratory related. Between the lack of sunlight, people crowding indoors, and the poor circulation caused by cold weather, there will be more cases of strep throat, pneumonia, croup, bronchiolitis, ear infections, and the stomach flu. To prepare for this, understand that hospitals and medical care may not be available (or too dangerous to get to). You may want to consider storing natural remedies, herbal poultices and tinctures to assist in these cold weather ailments.

    5. Malnutrition

    In a roundabout way, malnutrition would probably be the leading cause of disease after the SHTF. That’s because your diet is tightly linked to the quality of your immune system, so if you’re not getting enough calories, protein, vitamins or minerals, you’re more susceptible to every ailment under the sun. However, malnutrition is most associated with conditions like scurvy, rickets, pellagra, goiters, and beriberi.

    6. Cadavers

    The collapse of society would destroy every kind abundance that the modern world provides us, and in return, the only thing that would be in abundance are the dead. Dead bodies, especially the kind that were infected with disease to begin with, pose a serious health threat. Without a functioning society, and with bodies piling up faster than they can be buried or cremated, these cadavers would litter our towns and cities, and would most likely pose a serious threat to local water supplies.

    7. Disease

    Overshadowing many of these medical ailments will be disease. In fact, many believe that disease would be the real killer if the world fell apart and would dwarf the number of casualties caused by violence. Diseases are opportunists and tend to surface at a time the conditions are right for them to flourish. A long-term emergency would be just the right time, wouldn’t you say? These 10 diseases could become common medical emergencies. Make sure you have a well supplied medical closet and a sick room prepared for these issues.

    There is a Silver Lining

    As bleak as that sounds however, there is a silver lining. Prepping to prevent disease and infection is a lost less intimidating, and a lot more affordable than preparing to face-off against your fellow-man.

    In fact, it’s as simple as stocking up on very general supplies that you should be accumulating anyway. Having plenty of food, toiletries, basic medical supplies, and water purification tools, will go a long way toward keeping you safe from the ravages of disease.

    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Yes, but if you survive the great die off, look at how much more oxygen you’ll have.

        • One grim subject to ponder after the next. The good news is there is hope. Jesus Christ gave us grace. I for one am accepting it.

          • Just makes the day complete eh

            • PERFECT! I won’t be surrounded by so many idiots 🙂

          • Foolish three letter US agencies will NEVER allow Peace with Russia.
            They want Nuclear War.
            They are also trying to take down our Elected President Trump.

            These two Links below might save your life.
            knowledge is Life.

            Within your browser:
            Copy link I provided>cut n paste>remove spaces between ht tp://

            Bio Sand Water Filter:
            ** ht tp://
            ** ht tp://

            Water is Life. Clean water is health.
            Pray to God of Jesus to stop the Psychopaths running world governments.
            The non elected agencies are trying to destroy Peace and Civilization.

        • Having clean drinking water will be important.

          Calcium Hypochlorite (C.H.) can be used to make bleach solution. The bleach solution can be used to sanitize things or safely purify water.

          For more information about Calcium Hypochlorite, scroll down to about the middle of this article.
          Dry 68% Calcium Hypochlorite Granules

          Note: How to Survive Hard Times, The grandpappy website has lots of useful information.

          If the pool shock will be used to purify water, choose some that does NOT have other chemicals.
          If not available locally, it can be purchased on the internet.

          68% Calcium Hypochlorite Granules – Pool Shock

          Pool Shock Mixture
          Easy directions for making small amounts:
          Step #1 – To 1 cup of clean water, add 1/4 tsp. Calcium Hypochlorite to make bleach solution.

          Step #2 – Add 1/2 tsp. of bleach solution to a 2 liter bottle of water you want to be safe to drink. (such as rain water collected, water from a stream, etc.)

          Step#3 – Let the water sit for an hour.

          Note: A 1 lb. bag of pool shock can purify thousands of gallons of water.
          Store the plastic bags of the Calcium Hypochlorite granules in a sealed Rubbermaid container (or 5 gallon container with a lid – sold in the paint department at Walmart, Lowes, etc.) and store in a dry, cool place.
          It will store safely for years.

          *DO NOT pre-mix until needed, as it gets old like bleach.

          • KY Mom, I agree with you about the drinking water…

            I like Calcium Hypochlorite it is a versatile and effective chemical for delivering chlorine into water. Cal hypo is more pH-friendly than chlorine gas, liquid bleach or trichlor tablets, requiring fewer adjustment chemicals which in turn makes water balance easier to achieve. But there are others to consider.

            My favorite sanitizer is Star San used by home brewers. Star San is an acid-based no-rinse sanitizer food grade sanitizer that is effective and easy to use. It is made from food-grade phosphoric acid, safe for people and the environment (except I would not put it in my septic system even though they say we can).

            Then as I cleaner I like PBW. PBW stands for Powder Brewery Wash, originally developed for Coors, which is a non-hazardous buffered alkaline brewery cleaner. It is cleaner of choice for many breweries where it out performs more hazardous caustic chemicals without removing the flesh off your bones. Soak equipment overnight in PBW solution; rinse the following morning – no scrubbing required.

            I use Star San and PBW on all my water systems/ containers. If its good enough for beer than its good enough for water…

            • rabbitone,
              Thank you for useful information.

              Do you, or anyone else here, know if these products mentioned are safe on Plastic water containers? Do they Cause any leaching of plastic chemicals?
              I assume the above mentioned products you mentioned would be safe for use on copper and stainless steel? These are brewers choice of materials.

              Thank you in advance for any info in answering. Your experiences are more valuable than something read off the net.

              There are youtube videos on how to do things. If you do things that way, then you get hurt, get killed, kill others, or ruin your project. Any idiot can put up a video without vetting validity of the method. Keep that in mind folks. Who is the source of the info. What does LONG TERM data say about method?

              For example: rabbitone mentioned Coors as developer of PBW. That is an excellent source.

              • Tim ~ I can’t address the effects of these substances on metal containers; but the best way to avoid issues with plastic containers is to avoid plastic containers.

                Back in the 1990s, I drove a long distance to attend an auction where they were disposing of the contents of a small bottling plant. I bought a dozen 5-gallon glass carboys — the sort that used to be used for office water cooler stations, before the widespread use of plastics. (The most common use now is for home-brewing beer.) My purchase price was $7 each. Even now, I still find similar items occasionally at flea markets, though I usually have to pay $10 to $15 each. (In a brewing supply store, they cost about $40 each.) In a long-term crisis, these will be invaluable not just for water, but for bulk storage of grains and legumes. It’s advisable to make metal shields (using tin snips and the ends of tin cans; or even just entire tin cans if they are small) to cover the plastic caps so that rodents can’t gnaw through them.

                In addition, I frequently find clean gallon glass pickle jars and other useful jars in the glass bin at the local recycle station. These can be used for storing dry pasta, sugar, oatmeal, baking soda, all sorts of things.

                It’s true that glass is heavy, and vulnerable to breakage. However, I feel that these factors are far outweighed by the ability of glass to prevent insect and rodent attacks; to prevent the incursion of water and atmospheric moisture; and to keep food safely due to the inert nature of glass. Additionally, glass jars will last for dozens, even hundreds, of years.

                The biggest concern with glass containers is the lids; plastic breaks down over time, and metal lids can rust. Make sure that you have plenty of extra lids.

                As long as the temperature is above freezing, I prefer to carry a glass bottle of drinking water in the car. Especially during summer…. heat accelerates the transfer of chemical compounds from a plastic container into your water or food. (This is why I don’t microwave food in plastic dishes, either.) As long as you take care of your glass containers — let me say here that simply making a sleeve out of cardboard and packing tape works wonders to prevent breakage — they will be a valuable addition to your storage options.

        • 8. Lead poisoning.

          • BlackMoe, if anyone comes to tangle with me they will get lead poisoning.

          • Dysentery.

            • looking at getting the wife an AR. She does’nt like the ak. Need some thing with low recoil and high capacity. I don’t personally like ar’s but it might be a good fit for her. Looking at a custom built with anderson upper and wild west lower with stainless barrel and nickel boron bcg. With an ar optics drop zone scope and side mounted peep sights. flash hider and adjustable buttstock for 700 bux. Any opinions?

              • “G”
                BUY BUY BUY!!!! If not I will. LOL.
                Pick up some gas rings and anew firing pin. Just to have.

                • OK SOLD!

              • Genius–I know you want to buy an AR–BUT–if it’s for the Little Lady, who wants low recoil, some stopping power, and easy to handle in close quarters (rooms) think about an “ancient” .30 Cal M1 Carbine.

                I’m not kidding. Look at some of the most recent reviews. Gals love ’em for their low recoil and the .30 cal “pill” with today’s HP or polymer tip does wonders to baddies.

                it’s “el simpola.” no muss–no fuss.


        • ” North America, mosquitoes will most likely be carrying dengue fever. ”

          Don’t forget the West Nile virus which is available for acquisition in Arizona: or Valley Fever cause by a spore in the dirt, which can also be fatal.

          Then there are ticks, bats, lizards, coyotes, chipmunks and other wild animals that carry a host of bacteria. In Flagstaff Arizona a few years back a researcher wanted to know why a perfectly normal looking mountain lion died. He opened it up releasing PLAGUE.

          HE DIED. 🙁

          • Years ago I had a pet chipmunk at the mine who would sit in my hand and eat nuts while I petted it. In hindsight it was a dangerous mistake on my part as I could have been bitten; requiring rabies shots. Perhaps one of the most painful of remedies. Same goes for baby rabbits.

            There is a reason that wild animals are called, “wild animals”. They have not been domesticated. Keep your distance. 🙂

          • In a SHTF situation, the numbers of insects and rodents (mice, rats) would increase soon after trash pickup stopped.

            Wild animals such as bats do serve a useful purpose. Bats eat MASSIVE amounts of mosquitos and other insects. In recent years, the bat populations in the U.S. have been diminished by white-nose syndrome.

            White-nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that affects hibernating bats, has been confirmed in Nebraska – 3/16/17
            “Nebraska is the 30th state to confirm the presence of white-nose syndrome, which has killed more than 6 million bats since 2006. Additionally, the disease has been confirmed in five Canadian provinces.”

            “White-nose syndrome affects bats during hibernation, causing the animals to awaken more often and use up fat reserves they need to survive through winter.
            They may also emerge from hibernation too early and starve or freeze to death. Mortality rates for little brown and northern long-eared bats have exceeded 95 percent in some states.

            Bats are crucial to a healthy ecosystem. They eat insects that can damage agricultural crops, saving U.S. farmers at least $3 billion annually in pest-control services.”

            ht tp://

            *According to Kentucky wildlife officials, bat population declines across Kentucky have been 80 percent for the tricolored, and up to 98 percent for the little brown bats.

            Wildlife officials continue to monitor this, but currently do not have a treatment.


        • Actually that’s not the sky, it’s bits of FUBAR Fukushima. Breath deep the fresh air, it’s just yummy.

          By the way they’ve determined Fukushima radioactive soup in the containment vessel is very corrosive and is eating through the steel and concrete. They figure it’s eaten about halfway through already and is weakening the concrete. Leakage from the plant is also eating through limestone beneath the plant.

          The new “ice dam” is working and is causing a groundwater backup that is turning all the soil in the area to mush. It’s also creating a lot of pressure on the natural limestone beneath the plant. Hot acidic water finds a way through limestone fairly rapidly. The entire area is structurally compromised and is unsound.

          In the big quake that broke Fukushima, the ground beneath the plant dropped three feet closer to sea level, and the ground and structures are listing three degrees. With the ground structurally unsound the soil turned to mush and all concrete structures crumbling, the entire plant could slide right into the ocean in a significant earthquake.

          On top of this, the entire Pacific fishing industry is closing down because the fish have all died, or any fish they do catch are covered with open puss oozing sores.

          Meanwhile the UN is only worried about the CO2 you produce driving your car and heating your home. Nothing to see here, just go to work tomorrow, and tell your buddies about those crazy preppers you love to troll. You had such a laugh.

          They used to chart the millions of tons of fish harvested from the Pacific, notice governments have stopped publicly reporting these charts.

          • We completely stopped eating seafood right after fuckyoushima and the gulf contamination. Looks like the japs are fooking everyone in the pacific because of they’re ignorant stupid policy of nuke power on fault lines and by the sea. I absolutely HATE nuclear power and the only reason for it is overpopulation (which in the end it will put a stop too including all animal life). Humans are too fucking stupid to be on a wonderful planet like this, they will kill it and consume it until it kills them. Anyone who can’t figure that out is an idiot….

            • I eat seafood all the time. I enjoy it. The only ban I have is Asian stuff where the workers are treated like slaves. Most all my seafood is produced in the Americas. I live with nutcases that monitor the ocean for “radiation” Which is negligible but a normal thing. As much as I hate to say it we all are going to die, even if your perverted idea of paradise were to be forced upon the world.
              Use what we have wisely, Nobody gets out of here alive. How you spend your time counts for eternity. Don’t mess with freedom.

              • Ya but why eat shit you know is likely radiated? Makes no sense. Wanna die a slow painful death? Be my guest….

                • “Wanna die a slow painful death? Be my guest….” Are you describing life under the rule of know it all Democrats? We are doing that today. The government is a bigger threat to my health that any amount of seafood.

            • I think you’ll find it’s not just “japs” but GE. You may know it as General Electric? Six years of the deadliest substances known to man pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps it’s radiation that’s killing the once Great Barrier Reef as well. We hear a lot about Tepco but we don’t hear nearly enough about the “yanks”. sigh

            • Spot on.

        • Yep and every issue in this article is easily resolved or never encountered unless you are fool enough to be around a lot of people like in a city ? I know some will say “but I can’t move” and I say bullshit, I did and many others as well just to get away from people, for many reasons and this is at the top of my list. The absolute best plan is to go where there are no people and ride out the initial kill off. There is no better plan simple as that. I am not saying go alone but be damn sure who you are hooked up with. Then emerge once you know it is safe and that too is easy to do. There are also other variable plans for variable circumstances that can unravel. Bottom line is if you are still in a heavily populated area or even an outlying area of one, you have a lot of strikes against you built in. Those nearby outlying areas will be the first places the masses will head to and destroy because that is about as far as they will be able to go. None of it will matter if you are fat and can’t actually get out of the way or defend yourself in every possible way.

          • Exactly.

        • the sky HAS fallen…….it’s HAS fallen, pPod…there, i fixed it for yuh.

      3. My bet-genetically engineered food. People will be filling their bellies but getting no nutrition. They will die of starvation and not even know they are starving.

        • Good riddance I say!

        • Well lets see,
          I have about 400 pounds of various GMO grains, wheat, rice, corn and such in storage.
          Organic meat in the thousands of pounds. Veggies and fruit in the hundreds of pounds.
          I’m not starving because I use chemicals, and technology when necessary. Maybe you can de-worm a calf with your good looks? Or perhaps scare the fruit flies off the water melons with the cat crawling in the mint.
          I use lead to poison pigs eating my white Pineapples.
          Chemistry and genetics used wisely is good.

        • They are already doing that. Fat people die of heart attacks and diabetes/circulatory related issues far more than any other malady on the planet right here in USA everyday ! And many are supposed preppers who do not listen and are simply lazy. Nothing new at all, can’t fix stupid.

      4. The thing that bites you in the ass is always the thing that you didn’t think

      5. This is true. Contaminated water kills more people worldwide than anything else. First filter water with a coffee filter or a bucket filter. Then distill it. Boil it and collect the steam that drips off. Buy a distiller or make one before it is required. Use it and become proficient creating safe drinking water. Do it ASAP.

        Plant mint near your home. It is invasive so keep it in pots. Buy mint oil and add it to your cleaning solution. Put cotton balls soaked in mint oil in the corners of your rooms. Burn your garbage in a metal barrel. Keep food in airtight sealed containers. Keep your home and yard clean and tidy.

        Use the Internet to research which plants discourage mosquito and other insects. Lady bugs eat aphids which destroy roses. Chickens eat insects and discourage rodents.

        Garlic is fantastic. Garlic even kills superbugs without killing healthy bacteria. In the ground, garlic discourages insects from attacking other crops. Raw garlic kills many parasites in humans. Diatomaceous earth, a tasteless white powder kills parasites in chickens and humans and strengthens teeth. It makes egg shells hard and difficult to break. Cloves kills parasites.


        • Great post BA! We have garlic out the wazzoo and I distill water (and sugar and yeast lol), but my wife just doesn’t seem interested in a man that is drunk and has garlic breath lol.

        • Distilling takes far too much energy and you don’t get much volume of water for all the effort. A very inefficient way to get good clean drinking water. There is a far better way and much more efficient and cost effective hands down the best way. Unfortunately for most of you I have sold almost all of my stock and there is no replacement. Again most did NOT listen when they should have, too busy talking about shit they had no idea what they were talking about ? Nothing new Hey ?

          • Wood is plentiful and free and I have 100 lifetimes worth so energy is free and abundant. Why not distill water when I’m not distilling other stuff. Heck I don’t even need to babysit it.

      6. Years ago, I read that a bunch of researchers at Harvard discovered that a number of crises would all affect our planet around the year 2030. “The sky is falling” alarmists? Hardly– these were Harvard researchers!
        This is what’s coming our way and its all coming around the same time: climate hell, financial crisis, oil crisis, water crisis, food crisis, etc.

        I read this years ago and it didn’t seem so bad because it was a long way off. However, now its only about 12 years! Also, they said it was going to be so bad that those who survived would be the losers… its going to be rough!!! 🙁

        • The answer to that problem is easy,, have some more kids!

        • Do you really think Harvard researchers are the smart guys ? I don’t. That is beyond laughable. Oreilly is a Harvard smart guy ? HA HA AH AH HA !

          • The year 2030 is a coded number.
            It means this year.
            Don’t underestimate the “scientists” from Harvard!

      7. B– if you just boil the water for about 10 minutes, it kills all parasites and crap… all you need to do is to strain the water first– if from the creek– with a clean t-shirt and then boil the heck out of the water

        • But it doesn’t remove any chemical contamination or radiation.

          • Coconut charcoal does and it removes radiation from your intestinal tract as well. also any form of food poisoning almost instantly.

        • True story but you do not need to boil 10 minutes , that too is false. Another excellent way is to filter out the big particles and use any form of chlorine and then filter that thru coconut charcoal and it removes all the chlorine very effectively and cheaply. You end up with large volumes of purified water quickly and cheaply. Far superior to any filters out there on the market for much less cost.

          • Down to Earth, I like reading your posts and should check your site more…(it’s been a while).
            We made the move from Oregon several yrs. ago and now have rain water collection to the max and about 30 coconut palms on the property…still haven’t tried making coco charcoal yet. Don’t really need to filter the rain any more than I do now. (activated charcoal, charcoal aquarium filter media, 10 micron filter, a little clorox) As the song says, “haven’t got sick once.”

            • You can buy 5 pound bags of coconut charcoal on ebay cheap. I use it for internal stuff as well as filtering distilled products lol.

      8. I’ve been without a fridge the last 2 years and its very difficult getting proper nutrition without electricity. I discovered that if you set veggies in little bowl of water– just the root part– it will keep veggies fresh for a long time.

        Also, don’t eat food that’s normally refrigerated for longer than 2 hours– I’m talking about milk, cheese, cooked food, etc. that’s normally refrigerated, because after 2 hours, bacteria accumulate rapidly and can get food poisoning, according to Poison control center. So, after 2 hours, trash it!! Also, even if food is cold that is not sufficient. It has to be 40 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria. So get fridge thermometer while you can and make sure your food is 40 degrees or colder.

        But foods like kale, cabbage, carrots, turnip greens, etc CAN sit outside the fridge for days, if you have in little containers of water around their roots. Also, best to unwrap or let air in– especially bags of carrots so will last much longer.

        • Thank you for that info. Makes sense. The plant thinks it is still growing and not in death mode.

        • Root cellar!
          Tricky stuff, over here we have year round growing so in theory could completely eat fresh from garden dayly, plus fresh eggs from hens a chicken once in a while etc,,, ive been lokking into fermented foods,, probiotics are real good for you, where it gets dofficult is trying to deal with bigger animals as it never really is cold here, so even a cellar isnt cold, ground temps 12′ or so down are still in the 50s year round, been considering a few solar panels and batteries and a small 12v chest freezer. Maybe 4-6 cf, could atleast freeze a deer, we got plenty of acis deer, dress out around 30# tops deboned, so could fit in a small freezer

          • Solar powered freezers and refrigerators is the way to go!
            As I cost it out, batteries are the big hitter. Most solar things will outlive anybody over the age of 50( as of today). Batteries are a big cost factor. Like women even if you love them and treat them like queens, they never last as long as you hope, but while they last they are worth the effort, but they are really pricey.

            • hahaha! sounds like you have learned a lesson in life!!! LOL!!!!!

          • We pickle almost all our garden produce with brine. This method doesn’t destroy nutrients like heating does. Can be kept in your basement or root cellar without refrigeration if the temperature stays below 50 degrees.

            Make Old-Fashioned Brine Fermented Pickles Like Your Great Grandmother
            h ttp://

            Useful information here, but no need for special equipment – just use any glass jar with glass or plastic lid:
            h ttp://

      9. What I meant is, you should not eat food that’s been sitting outside the fridge for more than 2 hours- foods that normally require refrigeration… foods like milk, cheese, meats, and cooked foods– these foods should not be eaten if sitting outside the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

      10. The average cowboy in the heyday of the old west died sometime in his latter 20’s or early 30′ and the most common cause of death was pneumonia followed by accident or injury doing his job. Gunfights and Indian attacks were rare for the most part, the few that occurred unusual enough to be remembered as historical events.

        I see no reason it would be any different today for most of us caught up in a long term catastrophic situation.

        • Yea, that really puts it into perspective when you look at the average lifespan of people from different eras, most folks dont even think about this stuff, take all the modern conveniences for granted, now the medical system and welfare state can keep you alive for years way past your expiration date

      11. Articale is right on the money fighting will be first of course but the diseases will be of such that haven’t been seen in centuries, like the black death they “will” come back.
        Stock up on med masks, sutures, betadine, colloidal types of silver, know water purification, different antibiotics work in different spots on the body such as amoxicillin
        Upper respiratory ect.
        Don’t forget sutures print out when to suture
        A bullet hole, it’s not right away our you’ll die of infection.
        Amazon has all if you know what to buy (vet).
        I also have O2 tanks and a defibrillator.

        It’s just money and convincing the wife hahaha.

        • Also you can stay alive for a few weeks on multiVitamin and glucose tabs when your down on your last.
          I just seal a meal (vacuum pack) the bottles
          Unopened last for years. Don’t want your ammo
          To go bad were rubber gloves to take ammo out
          Of box and vacuum pack it in seal a meal bags
          You can cut to size.

      12. cadavers is the biggest threat because you cant breathe the air, and then stomach viruses hit you real bad, and you will die if you are constantly breathing the air. It the rotting decaying stinking bodies that I am working on escaping why I am building my BOL. I can easily kick a dread or chi-com on my property and burry him out in another areas, so leave him to be fed with the hogs, but that my contaminate my local wild hog food supply.

        Water filtration is a must, and you must have access to vitamin D, Magnesium, and lots of vitamin C. These are three nutrients to stock up on, because magnesium has over 300 functions in the body and it prevents cancer.

        I also have survival food, its good stuff, I have tested it by living on it, working out on it, to see if I can maintain strength levels and its really good shit. Get it while you can. They one packet that has large amounts of real meat, chicken chunks and real chunks of beef, so all you have to do is add hot water and its ready.



      13. Major die-off for population dense areas is unavoidable. You just can’t avoid viruses and bacteria completely. Even if you’re a hermit, a tick bite can get you. There will be a huge uptake in hand injuries as people take on unfamiliar physical tasks. I used a rake this morning to unthatch part of my yard and I am looking at a painful blister from just one morning… should’ve worn gloves. But, right now I have antiseptic, liquid bandages and bandaids- so, no problemo. Money spent on antibiotics has given me the best return on investment so far… and that is true in good times. Hint for those of you who travel with your generics… keep your prescription pill bottles from your original prescriptions. For example, if your doc prescribed cipro for a urinary tract infection and you finish the course successfully- save your bottle and refill it with your generic equivalent when you need to do so. Even if the bottle is expired, it will draw less notice than an economy sized bottle of fish meds. I don’t discuss this part of my healthcare with anyone except my husband, who is now a believer after seeing me knock out 2 uti’s in the past two years. I’ve had several surgeries over the past 5 years and often do not need to use all of my medication, so same goes for any pain med bottles… I make notes on bottles. Research the medications and find out about expiration. Because, the day I tweak my back again will be the day after I toss out the week expired muscle relaxer.

        • Storing meds for max life. I spent a couple evenings on this. Very little info from manufactures. Some of the best guides on the subject are military directives and manuals.

          Without any other guidance the best rule of thumb is; store meds in a cool dry area. Avoid humidity at all cost. A constant temperature is a must.

          Double Seal them in plastic with a refreshed bag of desiccant, then pack those into an ice chest. The ice chest will smooth out temperature changes.

      14. Come on,it’s Monday!I have enuff to deal with chatting with Elvis and avoiding the anal probes of space aliens,save these articles for later in the week!

        • Of course you will get diseases if you are hanging out with a bunch of dirty stinking people. How many people do you need to associate with anyway? Keep it to a minimum and wash yer filthy hands once in a while. Don’t forget to flush the toilet and wash yer shorts too. WC knows how to make some great disinfectant too 😛

          • Nah,tis your job.My job will be saving the fine #7 for it’s intended uses in trying times!I need to add a few more bottles to the collection.People can’t get I don’t drink but stock up on it,they think it hits the fan I am not going to have a few final drinks?!

            • Cheers to ya!

      15. You forgot LIBTARDS.

      16. As far as diseases go, don’t forget AIDS/HIV. In a shtf scenario, it will once again be 100% fatal with a much shorter life span for the victim. Along those lines, all std’s will take their toll due to no or a shortage of antibiotics. Promiscuity will cease or else
        the individual will.

      17. Cadavers in the street, malnutrition, diseases due to poor sanitation, rats and other vermin? I thought he was talking about present day Detroit, which hasn’t had a Republican mayor since ~1960, and is not the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.

        Detroit was also the first major city to adopt the socialist model cities prog. Did great, didn’t it!

      18. For the stomach flu, I’ve use an old indian remady. Manzanita leaf tea. 3 torn leaves steeped in hot water for 15 minutes, then drink.

        It stops the upchucks with the first or second cup and 3 cups in a day will stop the runs by the next day.

        26 years ago, I told my brother about it. He and some friends were camping for the weekend, when their dog got into a fight with a skunk. Doggy came back to camp stinking to high heaven. The guys all got upset stomachs from the smell. So my brother brewed up some manzanita tea and they all drank it. It didn’t get rid of the smell, but their stomachs stopped hurting.

      19. Fire has always been Man’s best tool. “Give me a fever, and I can cure any illness.” — Hippocrates


        • Because there’s always hope and things get
          Better over time. You just need to make it
          Until over time.?

        • Because over time things do get better
          You just need to survive to over time.?

      21. I vacuum pack my meds then put them in a good
        (plastic) ammo boxes less weight no rust and
        easy to get different sizes they stack better
        Than steel,huge price difference also.
        For capsules drill a hole in the lid or leave
        The lid of so you don’t crush them.

        Keep boxes in a cool spot maybe by your Elvis
        Statues! Kidding

      22. Most will die from exploding hemorrhoids. Prep. Er, Preparation H.

      23. Hedge Apples (also known as Osage Oranges) are an excellent natural insect repellent and seem work particularly well against spiders. Some folks even suggest that they deter mice.

        To use as a pest repellent, place the hedge apple on a saucer or dish and place in areas of your house where there is little activity, such as your garage basement, attic, and other crawl spaces.

        You can place them on top of cabinets, in closets and around your foundation. And because they are organic and non-poisonous, if you have children it makes a perfect insect repellent for around the house.

        Hedge Apples can be used as a natural home décor, both fresh and dried out. Used fresh they are a bright green color. Dried out they can be painted to add texture to wreaths and other decorations.

      24. A number of articles on the web reference an Iowa State University experiment which PROVES that hedge apples are not an effective deterrent for insect control and is just a folk tale.

        In the experiment, they extracted insect deterrent compounds were from hedge apples. They found the natural concentrations of these compounds in the fruit were too low to be an effective repellent.

        “There is an absence of scientific research and therefore no valid evidence to confirm the claims of effectiveness. Although insect deterrent compounds have been extracted from hedge apples in laboratory studies, these do not provide a logical explanation about why hedge apples would work as claimed. At this time, there is nothing to recommend the use of hedge apples for pest control.”

        I could not find what group or company paid for the experiment at Iowa State.

        So, we are encouraged to just use Roundup to kill insects.

        • I’m assuming that some obnoxious extract would have deterrent qualities, and, over the long term, exposure would probably cause just as many side effects, to living tissues, of whichever specie. There is no bellwether or canary-in-the-mine, kind of animal, which is going to benefit from a potent, natural chemical.

      25. The UN says you are subjected to genocide, if you are unable to reproduce at the replacement rate. Many of us are already internal refugees, for all intents and purposes, dispossessed, financially.

        Seeing which way the wind blows, we’re looking for primal methods of refrigeration and sanitation, assuming that our ancestors were, in some respect, well adjusted to their own living situation.

        Are you giving them too much credit. Were they really so dignified, advanced, or even responsible.

        Before people had a name for food poisonings, infections, and squalor, they were considered facts of life, or someone passed, due to unexplained causes.

        Delicate seeds of plants and baby animals and herds of things are mostly unsuccessful in nature. Sex drive exists for a reason. When poor social-undesirables are criticized for having too many kids, most are expected to be like those sea turtles, that never make it to the water.

      26. On storage of long term foods.

        I like #10 steel cans, they are pretty much rodent proof. Poly cans, packets, and buckets are not. One of the least expensive rodent proof steel outer containers you can fashion can be made from steel ductwork available at the big box hardware store. That steel ductwork comes in preformed sheets that can be assembled into boxes that poly buckets can be placed inside of.

        Standard duct work, galvanized sheet stock can also be used to line an entire closet to make it EMP and rodent proof. Then just store anything you like in that closet. Per square foot, ductwork stock is the cheapest source of sheet metal you can buy, assuming you can’t get steel sheet metal for free somewhere else?

        • Also #10 cans can be made into a stove, a cooking pot, a water container, a storage container, etc. Many uses for the used cans!

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