There Will Be Panic: “It’s Going To Be Like The Contents of Hoover Dam Trying To Get Through A Garden Hose”

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    Legendary investor Doug Casey has a keen eye for capital markets, wealth preservation strategy and the many manipulations being used by financial elites to strip the wealth of entire nations. One year before global financial markets collapsed he warned that an economic and geo-political storm was coming. Now, nearly a decade on, he says that things are about to get a whole lot worse:

    Where are we right now? 

    In 2007 I used the analogy that we entered a gigantic financial hurricane and we went through the leading edge of it in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. We’ve been in the eye of the storm since then… and it’s a huge hurricane with a big eye… they’ve papered it over with trillion of currency units… not just the U.S… China, Europe, Japan, all the little countries… they’ve all done the same thing, foolishly. 

    Now, as we speak, we’re moving into the trailing edge and it’s going to be much worse, much longer lasting,  and much different than the unpleasantness that we experienced back in 2008… so hold on to your hat. 

    In his latest interview with SGT Report Casey discusses what you’ll never get in a 30-second mainstream soundbite, including the upcoming Presidential election, suppression of alternative news media, the coming crash, hyperinflation, and preservation strategies your financial adviser won’t give you until after the panic starts:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Casey warns that what we have seen in Venezuela with people queued up in mile-long lines for food could become a reality in the United States as well, highlighting the fact that most of the money printed by the Federal Reserve has yet to hit the retail market. But when it does, look out, because the monetary collapse that follows will appear almost out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise:

    The problem with all this money creation is that most of it hasn’t come down to the retail level. Most of it has stayed in the financial and capital markets… So, real estate is overpriced everywhere… stocks all over the world are in a bubble… bonds are in a super bubble.

    .. nobody knows for sure, but let’s say there are 10 trillion U.S. dollars outside of the United States… but foreigners don’t have to use those dollars like Americans do because we have to settle in U.S. dollars… at some point when the panic hits they’re going to unload those U.S. dollars… so there will be much more paper money that will come back into this country and inflation could explode upwards… and very quickly.

    With the many asset bubbles blown by the Federal Reserve and their central bank counterparts around the world, finding low priced assets may be a difficult proposition. But there is still one asset class that’s been ignored by most retail investors:

    We’re almost in an area that seems metaphysically impossible where there is nothing that’s cheap… there really are no bargains except for the precious metals… they’re the only bargains I can think of… and the mining stocks…

    The best and safest and highest potential place for your money now is the precious metals and you should have them in your own physical possession.

    Because remember, gold and silver are the only financial assets that are not simultaneously someone else’s liability… That’s critical when most of the world’s financial institution are insolvent.

    We’re in for real trouble.

    As one of the world’s foremost experts in precious metals and resources, Casey suggests that we will see massive upside movement in gold and silver, and by extension, even bigger moves in the mining companies that pull them out of the ground:

    The bottom came in January of this year. It was like a compressed spring. Everybody hated these stocks and nobody even wanted to talk about them… the fact that they’ve come up considerably since January, I think they have a long way to go because the basic dynamics that underlie gold are much more powerful than they’ve been almost any time before… I think it’s going to triple or quadruple in real terms… if that happens these stocks can catch fire.

    If we get a mania in gold, and I think we’re likely too, it’ll be driven by both fear, as the economy falls apart, and greed as it goes higher… and prudence as people want to conserve assets.

    If you get a mania in gold you’re going to get a super-mania in these little mining stocks… When the public gets interested in them and starts moving money into them it’s going to be like the contents of Hoover Dam trying to get through a garden hose… This has happened numerous times since 1970… These small stocks, as a group, regularly move up 10-to-1 with individuals companies moving up 50 to 100 times… I think it’ll happen again this time. This is a very good time to be positioned in them.

    Make no mistake. There will be panic. And it will be epic.

    As stock and bond markets around the world buckle we will see unprecedented capital outflows, the speed of which will be unbelievable to most.

    And as Doug Casey has previously stated, there will also be panic buying of safe haven assets that will drive precious metals, the perceived last bastion of financial protection, to new all-time highs.

    The time to get ready is now, because when the rush for the exit begins most will be trampled and left for dead.


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      1. Angry beaver

        Looks like this is it. Hold onto you asses folks

        • Anonymous

          I agree. We’re close I think. Cracks everywhere in the system. Best get prepped folks.

          • WhoWTFKnows...

            Told ya Mining stocks were a bad investment and getting Hammered several months ago. Remember Buy LOW and Sell High, go do some research and look at some price history charts. 1 yr 3 yr 5 year and longer trends. Price to earning ratios. Many of these mining stocks have not even started mining yet. May not be any gold down there. And eat up all the profits in salaries and overhead.

            Rather stick to Physical Precious Metals, Hold in in our hand. I love the jingle of 1 Ounce rounds bouncing on the table, and spin to a stop. Buy Low and Sell High. Never be afraid to take some profit and cash out, but just sell a little at a time. Average in and average out. Sitting on your PM’s for 20 years is not an economic plan. Sell at the high and be rich.

            The best time buy Gold and Silver right now is Right Now, before this all takes off. The train is loading and ready to smoke the tracks.

            ~WWTI… And have all your Preps in Order then pick up some PM’s. But timing right now will maximize your profits is to Buy right now. Buy Low and Sell High. Good Luck!! If anybody comes on here and says stooped shit like the best time to buy was in 1972 deserves a fat lip. Its here and now, not daydream about 1972.

            • Todd in Texas

              Anybody heard from hou/cypress/Katy?

              • Equorial

                Todd in Texas ——> Yes, they’ve posted within the past two days, but only lightly. “They” seem preoccupied with other things right now happening locally (for him/them/me-n0-know)…

            • rick

              Mining stocks a bad investment? I went up 110% and if I hit stops, I still walk away with 75% gains.

              • Bill


              • WhoWTFKnows...

                Rick, Absolutely smart move. Place sell stops if it retreats to lock in your profits. Also be aware brokerage firms will also front run you to sell their positions before you get yours. Its criminal but they do it. I have heard even people with open sell orders could not get filled due to manipulation. And sold way low.

                Beware. Good Job!! Always put in sell stops. Especially right now with a crash lurking. Dont blink.


          • buttcrackofdoom

            HO…LEE…CHRIST!..denninger has a expose on the DNC planting people at trump rallies….this BETTER go viral in a HURRY…link to follow.

              • WhpWTFKnows...

                Told ya Pensions Funds are F*cked. Especially certain State Government Pension Funds which are highly under funded. Illinois is Bankrupt, Michigan and now looks like Tx is falling into the cracks of dissolution.

                Well here we go.. In Dallas Tx, Record numbers of Cops and Firefighters are Retiring and taking Lump Sum Payment of their Pensions and hitting the road Jack!! This Pension fund is only 45% funded and at the current withdraw rate, it will run out of money in 15 years.

                That’s why I quit the FF Job in IL. The State was bankrupt 30 years ago. Good luck in retirement as your pensions are pared down and sliced and diced and in the end you will get nothing.

                Article- Dallas Cops Retire In Droves; Take Lump Sum Pensions Fearing Money Isn’t There (And It Isn’t)

                Link: ht tp://

                ~WWTI… WhoWuddaThunkIt

                • TheHammerman

                  Would you say all pensions will eventually be broke? What about the youngins who are told they will get a free pension- think that will happen?

                  • Jason

                    Of course they will be broke. When the stock market and bonds tank……if those two entities lose 80% value, then there goes the pension fund……80% tanked in value also.
                    I have a friend who has a desk job that will NOT go away and I told her to plan on working until she dies because she will never see a pension. A desk job that will NEVER go away is an ideal situation for the upcoming 20 years. At least it will put food on her table and pay for gas etc.

                  • Jason

                    Of course they will be broke. When the stock market and bonds tank……if those two entities lose 80% value, then there goes the pension fund……80% tanked in value also.
                    I have a friend who has a desk job that will NOT go away and I told her to plan on working until she dies because she will never see a pension. A desk job that will NEVER go away is an ideal situation for the upcoming 20 years. At least it will put food on her table and pay for gas etc.

              • swinging richard

                There is to much at stake for someone not to try to rig the game. The tools for this manipulation are fear. Fear of nuclear war, fear of financial ruin, or fear of things we can not control. It is time to change the players and hold these people accountable.

          • KY Mom

            New FBI Docs Expose “Shadow Government” Protected Hillary In Email Investigation

            “It appears ‘The Deep State’ has been spotted. newly released FBI documents discuss “a group of very high-ranking officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or “The Shadow Government.”

            According to the FBI probe, “[t]his group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries.”

            ht tp://

          • Jacknife

            Acid, good to see you back. How was your climb?

          • Braveheart1776

            Acid, I strongly agree with the title of the article. Otherwise the millennials will be toast.

        • Michel James Sharp

          I thought this was suppose to happen Oct 1st ~ 5th?

      2. Anonymous

        The Hoover Dam analogy was a good one. The whole damn system is bursting at the seams.

        What will be interesting to see is all the people who say “I had no idea” and “No one told me”. Just like 2008. Lemmings, the whole lot of em.

      3. Marcus

        BUY mining stocks..?? LOL

        I dumped mine a few months back. Rode GG from January to it peaked, and doubled my money.
        I won’t touch a paper mining stock until it drops another 20-25%
        PM’s and hard goods until then, and then another quick buck if paper drops enough to bother with.

        • CW&S

          mining stocks do their roller coaster every time there is an economic crisis. You have to get into them and out of them at the right time. Doubling your money in these times is hard to do, so good on you.

        • WhpWTFKnows...

          Good Job Marcus, Buy Low – Sell High. When they Miners start there jawboning advertisements how they make a killing and suggest so can you, Avoid that scam Ploy like the Plague. They are trying to dump their overpriced shares to let you take the Hit as it crashes down to earth. Look out Below!!! They got the “Gold Mine” and you got the “Shaft.”

          ~WWTI… I’d say you got pretty lucky in your timing of the stocks. With that kind of trade you have to pay attention every day to see trend lines and cracks in the system to get out at the right time. I did “Day trading” on momentum swings, same thing, glued to your chair watching 4 monitors. Made some money and lost some money.

          Back in the late 90’s I worked in an office with a bunch of Accountants, one guy came back from lunch and told me he just made a great purchase. Kodak just fell below $50 and he was all excited he finally owed that stock. I shook my head and said, uh… Not really, The digital industry is making strides into digital photography and paper photographic film will be phased out. Not sure what he did after that, but Kodak went to $0 a few years later and was worth nothing. Don’t try catching falling swords just because a stock dropped. More danger could be lurking. Right now Oct 2016 I would not be long in any stocks period. I would short a few high flyers right now and ride the plane into the dirt for a profit. Its going to be 1987, 2001, 2008 all over again and this time, 100 times worse.

          How about shorting Mining stocks right now Marcus? Double down and let it ride? I think too iffy right now. I would buy buying Physical PMs with your double money profit right now.

          • MARCUS

            I’m with you: I thought about trying to short GG and GLD but theres so much at play I think I’d probably end up erasing whatever I made and then some. I got lucky with a short term money dump when Chinese stocks took a crap over the winter I figured I’d buy into their favorite commodity. It panned out (pardon the pun..) but I think I’d be pushing my luck if I tried to pretend I was some sort of market day trader.
            Started back in on PM’s after silver went below 17.40. I think its going to be Bullets, Beans, and Bullion for the rest of the year though: this election and the levels of manipulation has everything on its head.

      4. Bert

        Will it be 2017 or 2095? Until the Fed is actually forced to raise interest rates above normal rates (6% let’s say) in order to save the dollar this game of debt creation will continue. Once the Fed is cornered and raises rates, it will trigger worldwide DEFLATION. Months later, products won’t be delivered to store shelves as the entire chain of supply is destroyed and half of America loses their “jobs”, then you’ll get money and credit scarcity, aka HYPERINFLATION for the goods you need – then the value of your scarce dollar multiplies until a day of reckoning the grand reset. During this HYPERINFLATION the things you don’t need will fall in price as the few with cash won’t want an Andy Worhol or a Corvette, they will spend most their money on that scarce loaf of bread. Good, you might be able to buy a $15 million mansion for $50k or food for a week.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          Bert, the difference between now and 1929 is once the deflation scenario starts, then the killing will get started as well. Empty stomach . hungry kids will make law abiding folks to act like Hannibal in the silence of the lamb. Also the criminal elements will continue their usual criminal activities so the net is no matter what the killing will get started.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            yes stolz, things are so bad in venezuela now, i hear they had to bring cannabalization down to a misdemeanor!

            • MARCUS


              ok, that was funny.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                the subways in venezuela are now offering “inch-longs”
                while here in america we have the oboma value meal at mcdonalds…you order whatever you want, and the guy behind you has to PAY for it.

            • Jason

              HOLY CRAP! Are you kidding? I hope so. But, several months ago Greenspan stated that the USA WILL experience what is now happening in Venezuela……..

          • oldman

            sv…impossible to put into words the things one sees in time of war…hard to believe it when you are looking right at it…people have no idea what is coming down the road and I pray for my grandkids and all children but know that wont help in the least…if there is anyone posting on here that can put what you saw into words please for the love of creator post it…I think we will very soon see that the ramping up is because of some of those emails that they got off Clintons server detailing things that our govt has done…

          • MARCUS

            I’m thinking Lord of the Flies should be on everyone’s reading list these days, followed immediately by A Failure of Civility.

            That would be quite a literary double header to open the old eyes for some

        • buttcrackofdoom

          bert. what we will HAVE is stagflation….when the price of the things you NEED goes UP, and the price of the things you WANT goes DOWN….hope you got lots of extra”dough”….maybe LITERALLY!

      5. LaManiac

        Wwti, You always talk about buy low sell high.Good advice,BUT ,were not talking about normal business concepts.What sell high,for what,more fiat money???
        More toilet paper,I’ll hold for the outcome!Another educated idiot!!!So smart,your stupid!
        Be well
        Maniac –out

        • Them Guys

          This stuff about “the Massive cash so far has remained in a few hands so wait till it gets into Retail and public folk hands etc”….is Bunk!

          yes the first part is correct cash has stayed in a small Few eliets and huge Corps hands and cntrol.

          Most every of worlds largest corps like microsoft and apple etc all each maintains a store room of about $100 Billion in usa dollars Cash at all times for the past decade at least.

          This is well known of and spoken of many times on msnbc stock market tv shows.

          But…just How? and When? is all that Cash going to get into The hands of reg avg folk public citizens so they can begin to spend it wildly and fastly?

          For no other method is going to ever create a hyperinflation event cycle.

          And it aint likly we shall be seeing Bill gates and a few eliets go on a shopping spree to buy several ocean size ship loads of typical daily food or stuff’s purchaces eh.

          So…Unless and Untill a majority of usa folks get a Huge free cash handout to freely spend any way they choose to…Zero wiemeere hypper events will ever occure period.

          And If the banks or fed govnt really does begin to hand out such massive cash to every usa household or every adult person?

          Then good! I will be able to pay off my house and buy some cool stuff and save the rest to buy many cheep properties etc like jewish banksters did during great depression era when folks sold everything they had for pennys on dollar values.

          And when will any of these gold or mine stocks seller ad guys come clean and tell us all.

          Just Why would they, if they honestly believe us dollars be toast asap soon, offer their already owned paid for Gold for sale to You in exchange for soon worthless us dollars, so soon these seller guys will be Flat broke with so many worthless dollars and no more gold since it got sold to You?

          Somebodys getting the Royal treatment eh!..And I do Not think it is the sellers guys getting scammed or told stories that border on lies.

          Everything sold Can and does go higher and Lower at various times. And Nothing done in Past scenarios is proof that it shall happen again same way.

          Can gold go way Down again? YES! Can us dollars Remain viable and spendable for much Longer yet? YES!

          Can folks get screwed if they listen to these seller guys? YES!

          Are these seller guys planning to go flat broke by selling all the gold to you and they get to hold tons worthless us dollars asap soon?…NOPE!

          Yet that is exactly what they are telling You folks!

          Maybe the seller guys are so overwhelmingly compasionate and so damn concerned for your well being, that they are willing to be holders of worthless us dolars and trade their gold to you for dollars just to Help You and keep You in clover in future bad times eh?

          NOPE Again!

          This is Way more realistic in todays usa world.

          You all buy tons of gold or silver metals.

          You no longer have many or any us dollars to spend now.

          USA Jobs and economy remain bad or get even worse yet!

          Soon the fed govnt and/or fed reserve banksters announce a brand New law…That nobody can use gold or silver as “money” to buy and sell stuff or face 20 yrs jail same as now if use heroin as cash to buy stuff.

          Then Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg and all the rest of mainly Tribe zio members…Use all their us dollars they kept stashed by the litteral Hundreds of billions worth.

          To Buy Colorado! and Maine and Michigan and as many lands and properties as there are broke us dollar-Less usa folks they can swindle…Just like their jewish bankster zio forefathers did in the great depression era to Your grand parents!

          Only This time around they are going for All them marbels and will litteraly buy up America and most all of worth it contains….From swindled duped suckers of which according to PT Barnum, one is born each Minit!

          • Genius

            Them Guys, good observation. This makes sense and yes it is a repeat of the depression. Buy up everything at firesale prices. Good to be diversified in many things. I have metals but I don’t go nuts over it. I try and keep my bases covered in other areas. I have so much stuff accumulated from the last 20 years I am literally out of room to store it all. Be careful what you own, it may end up owning you!

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          maniac.. Who said I was going to sell my Silver for Fiat Dollars? I am looking at digging a well $4K + $1000 for a Holding tank and plumbing to my Cottage, So $5K. I will wait, till Silver rises significantly, then go seek a Well Driller who will do a trade for Silver. I will bet you, he will take less Silver say 2/3rds or $3000K in silver just to get the silver currency. Vs. for the same Dollar Value of Paper dollars. You will get a better deal trading PM’s than Paper IOU’s which lose value every day. I will tell the Driller, to hold onto that $3K in silver and next year it may be worth $6K. He will be all over that program.

          ~WWTI… I am a doer, sold my house in the city first day almost full price. So I can do what ever I want if I want to. Self employed biz owner 24 yrs now. Make it happen.

          • WhoWTFKnows...

            And since I bought Silver at the low my cost $14.99 to $16.00 an Oz, for it and will trade it when it goes up to $30.00 or $3K for 100 Ounces. So in reality I would get a $4000 Water Well dug for $1400 my cost of the Silver. Beats the heck out of paying $4000 in Cash.. So that’s how you trade Silver. And the Guy will be thrilled with $3K in Free silver for digging a well which he does every day. And wont have to claim it as income or worry he has to deposit is someplace, unlike cash.


            • Genius

              Back in the early 2000’s I bought a lot of silver at 4-5 bux an oz. Sold a lot at 35.00. Not a bad investment. I still hold a good portion and the most I have paid was around 10 per oz. My core holdings will only be sold in an emergency. I tied to tell people back then to buy a ton of silver, did they listen? NO. They kept trying to get me to buy overpriced houses and other stoopid crap. Guess who had the last laugh lol….

      6. Lone wolverine

        A false flag cyber attack on the banking system would mean looting and burning in every city and town .Unless they start handing out free food immediately.Those EBT cards in some cases are extortion. You give us money or we burn you down. And after all the supermarkets are looted were do you think they’ll go next? Problem is most people won’t have any food to steal. They will demand your pets. As they surround and get ready to Molotov your house. Would you give up your pets to a gang of starving looters? And then the blood bath begins. You can organize and block off your neighborhood. And send patrols out to check stores for deliveries. And if you do find something you have to fight your way back through gangs of desperate starving looters. And your neibors in your defense group that didn’t store food will expect you to share with all 15 members of there family .And if you don’t they will consider you the enemy not willing to feed there starving children . And if you turn them away at gun point you know they will try to sneak up and ambush you when extreme hunger and desperation sets in . So you either have to feed them all or shoot them all. What about ther children? Do you just feed the kids and shoot the adults? What will there kids think of you after that? Only associate with other preppers? What if they only stored two weeks of food and this goes on for months. Like what happened to Selco? I wonder if the greatest cause of death will be suicide? All the people you talk to at work who you tried to convince to prep will be at your door with ther whole family saying how right you were and how they should of listened . And give me a gun and ammo and feed us all. Forever.

        • Genius

          Lone, that is a dilema. One that I will just have to play by ear as it unfolds.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          you know, my mom was sooo fat, when she was diagnosed with flesh-eating disease, the doctor gave her 3 YEARS to live…..that being said, americans are so fat, that it will take MONTHS for this “die-off” that many think will happen in a couple WEEKS…they will be HUNGRY and PISSED for MONTHS, not weeks…as long as they got water.

          • Jason

            You are absolutely correct. I have often thought the same thing. Many Americans are at least 50=100 lbs above their ideal weight. If they have ample water to drink those fatso slobs can survive for MONTHS on their blubber. The leaner they get …..the meaner they get.
            ANYONE comes to my house to try to take my dogs will be eating 12 gauge shot for the remainder of their few minutes of life….while they bleed out.
            just saying………I have my priorities and it is NOT the brain dead fools who play their silly damn smartphone games, watch sports in all their free time, and refuse to educate themselves. I know so many damnably arrogant people who absolutely REFUSE to even consider the corruption of the FEDS or the DEMS….they will NOT read anything about it or even listen to youtube videos about it.
            So….my attitude is this….DIE you arrogant suckers!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Your pets today it’ll be your ass tomorrow.

      7. buttcrackofdoom

        “Where are we right now? ” the author asks. well, i think we are only in the second inning of this muhfugguh, and the GOOD players are still in the parkin’ lot. when the bigs get into the game, it will be time to put on your raincoats, ’cause there’s a storm brewin’ and it’s gonna get mighty nasty!….oh, and we are sorry if you thought this game might be canceled because of bad weather….this one’s a CAGE-MATCH to the DEATH…..did I mention it’s a double-header?….good luck to all you muhfugguhs!

      8. Frank Thoughts

        I don’t think we will have the ‘luxury’ of a systemic meltdown. With the US on the cusp of launching an all-out cyber attack on Russia, the electronic banking and payment systems of the West will also come under attack. Once that happens, then the current economy will go down. All Russia has to do is disrupt the low-life feeding systems (EBT, discount stores, McDonalds etc.) for even a week and there would be wide scale civil unrest all over. It would be that simple.

        The thing to remember is this: the West is more vulnerable than Russia is. We are the ones who are completely dependent on electronic systems for running the economy. The Russians? They know how to get by by selling some pickles on a towel or selling a young woman’s ‘flower’. They have done it before. We are the ones with the just-in-time systems that keep large numbers of welfare junkies and low lifes alive through cheap food systems. Much of this is hidden to the naked eye but would become very visible if disrupted.

        • PO'd Patriot

          ” Much of this is hidden to the naked eye but would become very visible if disrupted.” You win the Kewpie doll on this one Frank. The food riots would begin as soon as the first Walmartian’s card was rejected. And then its off to the races….

        • Heartless

          Excellent post Mr. ‘Frank Thoughts’. Some friends and I were talking about addictions and what we will face if there is a collapse. The usual suspects were spoken of… drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, compulsive behaviours (shopping – those who just don’t feel a day complete with at least one run to a store, gaming, online/internet addiction, candy/soda/food…. the gamut); when I mentioned my pet-peeve. Cellphones and mobile devices. At first I was ‘poo-poo’ed’ and someone stated “that’s not an addiction”. Simple answer – “okay, then just go one week without using your iPhone.” The aghast look, the stumbling “OH, I can’t do that, I need it for .. business, to keep in touch with my kids, ….” the whole range of b.s. Then I smiled and looked at that particular ‘addict’ and said – “you do know, I do not own, use or need one and somehow I get by in life just fine, right?”…. Yeah, just in time infra-systems all rely on that same mind-set. The lack of seeing the truth.

          • Frank Thoughts

            During the collapse of communism, I lived and worked in the middle of it. I had no technology available: no mobile phones, no internet, no satellite tv, phones were too expensive to use. But we were able to not only survive but have a great time. Good women and booze will take you far:).

            Life functions in a different way; you value dinner time and invite your friends around. Sex is plentiful and is a great perk in a crisis. You party more; you go camping more. You read and study more. But we never had the problem of an endless stream of low IQ people crawling across the border to dine for free. That’s a killer to survival. And we never had race riots or any of the PC nonsense.

      9. PeterFrancisco

        To me, it sounds like Casey is contradicting himself when he talks about all this “printed” money yet to hit the retail market. It’s not printed physical currency. It’s money that only exists on a computer screen, making it actuarial money rather than actual money.

        Let’s take a look at all that computer screen money. It’s all those bailout funds to re-animate TBTF zombie banks. None of this was ever intended to see the light of day, and it never will. In fact, it’s going to go up in smoke once DB’s derivatives book blows up and the banks need to settle their counter-party positions. It’s all those dollars held by overseas investors. Should this stuff bounce back to the US, it’s going to bounce back on a computer screen, not a shrink-wrapped wooden pallet. It’s all these domestic bank accounts sitting on the banks’ books, and this is where you find the hole in Casey’s argument.

        Domestic bank accounts sitting on the banks’ books are CREDIT THAT YOU EXTENDED TO THE BANK. Going back to DB blowing up and taking the banks with them, what will happen to that credit? It will be defaulted on. The banks will not give it back to you, in the form of physical money, when you demand it. Instead, they’re going to keep it on the computer screen and use it to settle up their counter-party positions to DB’s derivatives. Thing to understand about the whole process: everything, from the derivatives blowing up to the counter-party settlements, is all computer screen money moving from one side to the other.

        What about the depositor, whose accounts are defaulted upon? He might be issued shares of brand new, worthless zombie bank stock that he could try to sell, following a pre-requisite holding period, to make up for his money being stolen. Or he’ll be issued a form of an EBT card from the Fed or Treasury, loaded with electronic credit in the amount of whatever was stolen from him. The catch: he won’t be able to use it to withdraw physical cash from an ATM; he’ll only be able to use it to buy goods. From the Fed’s end, they already know that none of this will cause hyperinflation because they’ve already tried it, in 2008; the anticipated hyperinflation never happened because it was all computer screen money.

        This brings me to the most important number: $1.4T, world-wide, in circulating, physical US currency. The numbers I’ve seen quote that about half is inside the US. None of the other half outside the US is going to bounce back to the US, ever. Any way you look at it, that physical cash is going to mean something to people, especially when their electronic money no longer exists. It will be coveted, and coveted dearly. That means you will get one hell of a deflation, where asset prices fall into an abyss. For the person who has physical cash, this amounts to an opportunity to acquire physical assets at fire-sale-of-a-lifetime prices. Forget about the $150 for a dozen eggs, Venezuela scenario. You’re more likely to see 150 eggs for a single dollar because the guy selling the eggs is going to want that single dollar that badly.

      10. Them Guys

        I also do Not buy into this often told story of. “When EU/Other nations send us dollars Back to usa etc.”

        Okay..say that does happen?..So what? Where is it written in Stone that all the returned us dollars cash will get handed over to avg reg usa citizens folks to spend freely?

        Whats to stop the NY Fed Reserve and usa tres dept from throwing all that xtra cash dollars sent back, Into the huge Oven they Now use to burn Old worn out dollar bills?

        And Just What exactly would those other nations get in return for handing back all those us dollar bills?

        I do not know since none of these fear ad monger seller guys ever Tells us the answers eh.

        Besides..Didn’t these same economic “experts” and seller guys already tell us all that.

        The Main reason all them other nations have and Hold us dollar bills is so They can Pay for OIL and Gasoline products those nations need alot of each Day?!

        Why Yes thats precicely what we got told is reason other nations maintain huge stores of us dollar bills! To Buy Gasoline and Oil etc with!

        Maybe those other nations plans to Join Bill Gates et al tribe and also buy up American Lands and entire States eh?

        Or buy usa citizens good looking Daughters perhaps?

        Or Buy enough usa and israel created Terrorists armys to Destroy America as pay back and Blow Back due to israel and usa aka a colony of israel, has so badly fucked over all those nations and peoples eh?!

        Seems of all the articles on shtf website, Buy Gold sellers ads gets the most reads and replies eh.

        Is that a good measure to show just how many folks are still duped and refuse to Ask these ype questions as I pose here? Do these folk simply trust and believe such seller of gold ads articles since it is what they desire to hear?

        Gee maybe I am On to something huh?

        When They all scream at You to RUN! Head for HILLS! For the Damn is soon going to rupture break and all shall get Drowned!

        A wize measure would be to inquire first…

        “Hey Does My city even Have a Damn that can burst”?

        Many cities do Not have a damn to hold back massive gallons of water you jknow…Yet I am certain if that happened we’d see 99% of folks RUN and Head for them thar Hills asap Fast as their fat leggs can carry them.

        • nony

          I think you misunderstand:

          The dollars get returned when they spend them inside the US.

          For the fed to “remove” them, they’d have to destroy existing fiat somewhere within their control. Ordinarily they do the opposite. In a big way.

      11. Lone wolverine

        I think the Walking dead TV series is getting us ready for the Tribulation . Just replace the word Zombies with Canibals. With all head shots to conserve ammo. Dirty staggering insane with hunger. Sounds like a Zombie to me. Definitely a non prepper type?

      12. watching and waiting

        The world may return to gold.
        Still can’t eat it.
        A can of beans could become more valuable than an oz of gold.
        Follow the yellow brick road.

      13. CW&S

        The population has greatly decreased,
        And so the odds are greatly increased,
        That I will someday get a chance to kiss you lips

        I thank the Lord each day for the apocalypse.

        People are mostly disfigured or dead,
        but honey I won’t let it go to my head.
        My momma’s face has dripped down into the dirt.

        But I’m still chasin’ Chit-lins Whiskey & Skirt.

      14. Asshat

        Trump needs to stop saying the election is rigged. Why am I gonna waste my time voting for him if he’s gonna lose antway. Cunt is gonna be leader no matter what and once again we will be silenced. Nobody is gonna do anything about it being rigged. If your football team won the Super Bowl cause they cheated by deflating the ball or whatever doesn’t matter a win is a win period. Your either on board or you will be silenced that’s how it’s gonna be.

      15. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

        We are in for one hell of a ride and you all have been hearing me warn what my scientist buddy told me..Venezuela is so bad right now that you may have noticed that the NWO has made sure that you have no photos of any kind coming out of that country. The people are dying by the thousands. Literally dropping. Dead all over the city. Trolls think that they can come on her discrediting me at this stage in the game is really laughable.. Nice try Old Guy, and you trill buddies, let’s see what you’ll have to say.. FTW, I was kind of wondering what you take is on the recent executive order on the solar system storms and off world warnings.. You see that 12 th planet is real and it’s going to tear shit up..on our planet all over next year. THE ENVIRONMENT THE ENVIRONMENT THE ENVIRONMENT.. My scientists friend keeps telling me, in fact when the NWO starts ww3, the soldiers will see the ENVIRONMENTAL..SHTF COMMENSE. And suddenly they are are now running for their lives and war no longer makes sense, as evolution begins when the species suddenly realized that we must change…humans tune become nomadic, 90% die off and most will not survive.. Trump cannot save us, we have to save our selves..I support Trump for president but let’s be realistic, because I am not backing away from what I have been told and what I know and my preps are still undoing and personal experience with homelessness and starvation taught me a lesson I will NEVER FORGET.


      16. Charley Waite

        I was thinking about selling a pistol but clearly its best to hang on to what I have nowadays.

        • apache54

          If i was YOU, i would not be selling any guns at this point, they may be your last hope to survive! OR down the road you might get some good barter exchange for a gun!

          • anon


            Ding, Ding, Ding.

            We have another Anti Gunner converted over to Gun Owner.

            Sister in law had an encounter with an intruder. For years I wanted to get them up to speed but NOOOOOOO!, Grandpa has Bad Guns.

            Long story short. An Emergency on your part does not constitute an Emergency on mine. She thinks that she will buy a gun and it will automatically protect her.
            I gave them some advice but they will have to deal with it.

          • Charley Waite

            yeah, I hear you, Apache. Stupid to be pennywise and pound foolish.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Only time I’d sell a gun is to fund a purchase for a better one.

      17. WhereEaglesDare

        If this happens, the value of gold won’t last long. Food, water, matches, TP, ect…..will be the new gold.

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Whereeagllesdare – Gold is not common for the bottom feeders of the food chain, They will be out there collecting and scavenging Aluminum cans for money to buy food, water, matches, TP, etc..

          Those with more financial resources, that need to be protected, will diversify and invest in Gold and Silver. They will already be plenty stocked up on all other Preps including a BOL homestead, BOV, BOB, Bug out Bike and Bug out Bag, besides food, water, lighters, and TP, beans bullets and plenty of Weapons to protect it all.

          Those who say you can’t eat gold, are reduced to minor wealth and choices have to be made between eating or securing wealth. Its not an either or choice for the more wealthy. You can have both if you have prepped and planed in life to be in that situation.


      18. Anonymous5

        Ok…I’ve got no problem with the idea that PM’s will go up in value when SHTF.

        What I do have a problem with is the idea that mining shares are a good idea. It would seem to me that ANY kind of a stock is simply another paper promise.

        Many claim that the scenario of a total power grid failure is not a matter of “if” but “when”. I would think it requires power to both mine the ore and then refine it into end product. How can a company do that without power? And WHO will do it when 90% of the population is dead?

        Just thinking out loud here.

        • mushroom

          In a bad scenario the stock brokers can go belly up too.

          You gotta have it in hand…

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Example. You go all in on Mining stocks, or any stocks, and EMP hits and everything Crashes including the Grid. How will you ever recover your stock values, or cash it in when the entire Grid is down. Plus you can’t sell your positions cause you got no access to do so. And it goes to Zero… Bye Bye…

          Kind of makes you think: Do you want to own “Physical PM’s in your hand? vs. A Paper IOU promise you own stocks in some financial institution computer listed in an electronic digital form?

          ~WWTI… We live in uncertain times right now, and there is no room for bad judgment or error. Its gonna get pretty dicey coming up. We are ripe for a Revolution if the Wicked Witch gets in. All heck will break loose. Right now circle your wagons and protect it. Stay hunkered down.

        • Old Guy

          Mining shares is how some of those miners you see on TV shows about Gold Mining finance their gamble. They sell shares and use that money to pay for equiptment leases fuel and a paycheck for themselves. If there is anything left the share holders get a cut. Only fools would invest in mining shares.

      19. Ketchupondemand

        Wow, I don’t know whether to prep some more or go surfing..

        Lately I’ve been thinking about bringing in a buddy with a girlfriend and her two boys in case of shtf.
        In a nuclear exchange, no, not enough indoor safe space. But with any other scenario the two of us will need help with the farm work and harvesting food, doves, and wild shrimp. There is enough to keep us fed growing around here but on the other hand I think 4 more mouths to feed will be too many, as they will have little to bring to the table.
        Why no info on Venezuela?? Doesn’t anyone have a web connection there? I’d have thought Mac would have something. Nothing on ZH, either. HCKS might have something there..NWO doing what it does, owning the media and all..interesting times.

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Hey Ketchup.. Go back a few articles, I answered your question about Rain Water barrels. And as these articles move so fast I did not have a chance to respond until today. Your water use is large and you are raising a garden so duh.. I have a small footprint solo, and am not a water hog. Details a few articles back. Solar is working for me so far. 20 Mts now and no electric bill.


          • Ketchupondemand

            wwti, glad your system is ok. I’ve had to replace most components except the panels at about 3-4 years in.

            As to water we have no garden, all trees are established. Just a few tomatoes and such. We take liberties with our water usage in rainy season b/c we can’t use it fast enough.
            Dry season is another matter. Only a couple of wash loads a week with new h2o saving washer, propane gas dryer..
            My point was a few barrels of 30 or 50 gallons won’t last long in a shtf. Cleanliness is worth all the water it takes.

      20. anon

        There are no new videos of what is happening in Venezuela. I didn’t see any. Many videos are being scrubbed shortly after being aired because somebody doesn’t want that info to get out. That goes for everything in one form or another that is corrupt.
        Most news stories are sound bites and after a short time nobody remembers what the hell happen. With the attention span of Americans being a long as it is, we are lucky to remember what we ate for dinner last night.

        • Genius

          Venezuela is a glimps into the future of everyone if population levels are not contained.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Did you see the article last week where three prisoners in a Venezuela prison were eaten by other inmates during a riot? One of the inmates’ father was being interviewed about it in the article.

            • Genius

              No I missed it. But thats exactly what it will come to when things get bad enough here. Ordered some more supplies so I can have a drinky poo while watching it unfold from a remote location…

                • TEST

                  Thank you fro bringing the fascist, leftist Malthusian horse manure. Great ominous music, too. Too bad your video is just a bunch of leftist manure. We’re STILL waiting for Malthus’ end of the world scenario. In fact, it is PRECISELY your ignorant video that is leading the to take over of this country, and is patently false.

                  Clearly you have never heard of the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager, or you would not have the ignorant temerity to post this video. But here, let me help you:

                  the simple dictum of Julian Simon: “The most important benefit of population size and growth is the increase it brings to the stock of useful knowledge. Minds matter economically as much as, or more than, hands or mouths.”
                  This is the same Julian Simon that bet global coolers Paul Ehrlich and current-warmer-then-global cooler John Holdren that the price of chromium, copper, nickel, tin, and tungsten would go down, not up, by Sept. 29, 1990. In fact, all five commodities – which Ehrlich selected – went down by the targeted date. In Oct. 1990, Ehrlich mailed Julian Simon a check for $576.07 to settle the wager. No word if current unelected Obama science czar Holdren chipped in any dough or not. But – as the last refuge of scientific (or economic) scoundrels – of course, “this time will be different.” See for the Wikipedia summary of this wager.

                • TEST

                  More on this utterly idiotic video above, and where it leads. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this disaster this will lead to.

                  Dr. Eric R. Pianka, at University of Texas lecture to fellow scientists, students and professors in 2006, invoking over population, peak oil (the ugly stepchild of global warming) stated that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus. He stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more effective than the HIV/AIDS virus has been because of the speed in which the victim dies. Pianka also spoke positively of the death the bird flu could bring, and spoke of the need to “Sterilize everyone on earth” at this lecture. (This is the same Mengele-like Pianka who has also stated “We’re no better than bacteria!” at one of his lectures. ) Meanwhile, Simon Ross, head of Population Matters, has stated “population shrinkage is the cheapest and surest contribution to sustainability that we know of.” Fellow misanthrope Rob Hengeveld, in his book How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet, proposes reducing world population to 1 billion.

                  As our very own heroes at the Daily Sheeple noted, “Altering our ethics, altering our morals – that’s exactly what Agenda 21 is all about- specifically and altering these ethics and morals to more “environmentally friendly” ones.” And don’t expect this to be done openly or democratically, as the need is “too urgent” (though not urgent enough for the elite to have to change their lifestyles).

                  But it gets worse, much worse: Global warming, Agenda 21, overpopulation – all tools of the fascist left:

                  The 1974 Club of Rome report titled, Mankind at the Turning Point stated, “The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Their solution was simple – engineer a massive reduction in population and utterly change the socio-economic system through centralized planning via total government control. And yes, this does smack of being called “The Final Solution” to me, too. This “man is the enemy” was reiterated by the Club of Rome in 1993, as well, when they stated in their The First Global Revolution, downloadable at that “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

                  “We came up with the idea??” In other words, a conclusion had already been reached, and now they needed to create a “reason” to support their unsupported – and as Julian Simon provisionally demonstrated, possibly false – a priori assumptions. Do not try this technique in any school paper you may attempt, or you will be failed!

                  As Robert Zubrin observed, to the warmers, “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Perhaps it is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” The rich, of course, are especially bad, as the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, by Rosalyn McKeown, found at tells us: “Generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.” Of course, individual rights are verboten, given the Malthusian threat to the earth. As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over. (Incidentally, the Malthusians might want to get a clue, as between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”
                  Are these people alone? Hardly. Maurice Strong, the leftist hero of global governance, and former Secretary General of the UN’s Conference on Environment and Development, stated in his 2000 autobiography, Where We Are Going, that by 2031, two thirds of earth’s population might be wiped out. A tragedy? Not to the left. He describes this possibility as “A glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration” (think the evil Professor Weston here in CS Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra). As James Delinpole observes about Strong’s comment: “See: It’s perfectly OK to fantasize about the deaths of maybe 5 billion people – as long as you show at the end that you really care: you’re thinking about humanity.” Exactly what the leftists said as they wiped out over 60 million in the Soviet Union, Pol Pot with his millions in Cambodia, or Mao with his toll of perhaps 20 million. And this will be done with or without your consent, as Strong again notes: “Our concept of ballot box democracy may need to be modified (Agenda 21, anyone? I think we can agree “Abolished” will be the operative word, not “modified,” once the left is through) to produce strong governments capable of making difficult decisions, particularly in terms of safe-guarding the environment.” Strong’s United Nations Environment Programme also had a decidely socialist mandate, stating in their 1976 report “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice Public control of land is therefore indispensible,” and “public ownership of land is jsutified in favour of the common good, rather than to protect the interestes of the already privileged.” And for good measure, Strong also wanted a “collectivist global government.” Unknown is whether Strong wanted a Pol Pot style collective, a USSR style collective, or a Maoist collective. We can be sure, however, that the private property and zillion room mansions of the Hollywood Learjet leftists won’t be affected, nor the leftist limousine liberals in New York’s Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard, nor Michele Obama’s uber luxe monthly vacations.
                  But Strong doesn’t stop there. As Discover the Networks noted, Strong felt that industrialized countries benefitted “from unsustainable patters of production and consumption, which have produced our present dilemma,” with all the environmental problems emanating from our Western middle class lifestyles (that Strong, himself, had no problem personally enjoying!) which includes “high mean intake, consumption of of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work palce air conditioning, and suburban housing” – all of which were not sustainable. Concluded strong about his delusional dilemma: “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring it about?”
                  Thankfully, Strong had feathered his own nest very, very well before his death, making off – Solyndra/Bernie Madoff-like – with $15.3 mm in shares sold just before one of his failed green energy companies, Molten Metal Technologies was exposed for the scam it was. Strong sold at $35/share, while the common man who invested saw his investment drop to $5/share. Stockholders filed an insider class action suit against MMTI, which was similar to another, previous lawsuit Strong was involved with. And let’s not forget Strong’s heavy involvment with the corrupt Oil for Food scam with Saddam Hussein (he initially denied involvement… until investigators confronted him with a cheque endorsed with his own signature. Nothing ever came of this…. but, of course, nothing ever does with connected leftits. Witness Obama buddy Jon Corzine “losing” $1.6 billion in private investor funds, and getting a tiny slap on the wrist, Hilary’s home email server antics, or Bill Clinton’s blatant perjury in a court of law – which would put any normal person in prison .

                  On the upside, all those who lost their life savings in this gambit might well now being living under bridge, or in one of those Obamaville tent cities, and using very little energy!
                  How nice. Forgive me if this is doesn’t evoke images of Cambodian killing fields, the Holodomor, and Mao Great Leap Forward (which sent China into the previous century. If you recall elsewhere in this paper, this sentiment has been echoed by people such as Obama science John Holdren, who advocated “razing dams,” among other things. Of course, when Holdren advocated this, it was in the 1970s, and the threat we had to stop by doing these things was global cooling. Hey… whatever the narrative is, eh?

                  But in case you thought this was the nadir, you are wrong. It gets worse. As Discover the Networks goes on to note, Strong and his acolytes want “an Earth Charter… that will in fact become like the Ten Commandments” ( think the pretentious Georgia Guidestones, also referred to in this paper). When people call global warming a cult, they are actually not really that far off the mark! This charter, also supported by the likes of Mikhael Gorbachiv, would of course be “citizen based” (please use your best Robespierrian voice when you recite the word “citizen” here!) and not be subservient to the rules of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights.” Vladimir Lenin couldn’t have thought of a better ruse to implement his communist dystopia than the global warming scam.Rather Strong and his fellow leftists stated that “It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the imperitives of global environmental cooperation.” And if you don’t co-operate? If you find the faux science behind global warming a scam? Well… now you know why during 2015 the radical left let out a trial balloon about imprisoning “climate deniers.” Google “imprison climate change deniers” to find out what exactly these vile gulag-creators have planned for any who dare challenge. One can just hear the exchange between Emperor Palpatine (Obama/Hilary) and Darth Vader (Al Gore) now:

                  • Them Guys

                    TEST: Very great posting of accurate infos!

                    Plus all these cultist named in your reply posting are the very type folks spoken of in the bible where it speaks of peoples that have a “form” of godliness but refuse to worship God and instead they worship all things God “Created”…As in bible syas they worship Animals, the Planet earth!, Trees! Grass that grows and even worship Bugs and snakes labeled biblically as “the creepy crawler like things” on the earth.

                    Boy does that well describe all these kommie leftist earth worshippers or what?!

                    And the bible paragraph goes on to state what is going to be their downfall and punishment fron God etc.

                    Every one of these type abject fools are going to face Gods full total Wrath here on earth in This lifetime and eternity in Hell.

                    They also well Fit another bible verse section that states how “They have learned much of the worldly ways and knowledges of every possible thing…And claiming themselves to be filled with knowledges, they have become nothing more than Fools! For they Lack true Wisdom which can only be gotten thru God and of which between knowledge and true wisdom, exists a huge difference!”

                    Knowledge withOUT true God given wisdom is all but useless.

                    I just Hope and pray that if again God determins to use Human peooles as one of His main “Tools” to do that Wrath upon such fool kommies like those your reply named et al…That God will Pick ME! as one of His human warriors annointed to play a role as Executioner of the fool kommie bastards….Because after all. Somebody Must do it correct?!!

                    Just as in “Live by the sword, die by the sword” that is mis interpreted by antigun libs to mean all folks with guns…They are totally Wrong! For if its them what use guns to do wrong and bad and murders etc…Then there has to be Others that are the Good guys of the Lord whom dish out that Die by sword part eh…So that don’t apply to the good guys use of guns aka swords prior.

                    Like true armed kinghts of the church that fought off and killed Crazed jihadist muslims centuries ago…They were good Godly men, and that live by sword and die by sword does not appy to them..Only appies to the bad guys etc.

                    Too bad so many folks that are otherwize smart are still so duped by those verses as well as so duped by the tree huggers and global warm fools.

                    PS TEST You forgot to Mention that Morise Strong and them Others named are ALL Mass Multi Billionaires and everything they so rail against is How they made so much money in first place…Unless like some they simply swindled it all or most of it…

                    Just Hope I love long enough to at least eye witness One such fool kommie get convicted and Hung for treasonous and scam parctices…And if Hung Via we the peoples? So Much the better yet! I 100% Guarentee you this is a good plan that wil surely save the planet if every last fool like he is are dead and gone at same time frame eh!

              • PO'd Patriot

                Haven’t had the opportunity to whip up a new batch. Been hotter than the hinges of hell here on the DMV Penninsula. Goddamn shop inside was reading 95 degrees on many days. Too hot to fire up the ‘ol Banjo burner…I’d of melted during those 4-5 hours. But look out.. cooler weather moving in gonna make up for lost time and bring up the stock in line for the cold weather season. On a different note, sighted my Encore smokepole(muzzleloader) at 150 yds. Shooting a 215gr. solid lead spitzer boat tail with polymer tip out to 200 yds over three 50gr. triple seven pellets. Got a hold-over of 6 inches @ 200 yds. That combination really shines, @50 yds (dead center, @100yds- 3 inch rise. My longest shot/kill with the encore was 212 yds on a 95lb Doe. Bore on the Encore is 1-28 twist.

          • Frank Thoughts

            Population is the problem. It wouldn’t be so bad if the growing population were highly productive, highly intelligent. At least that would buy us some time. The problem is most of these people can’t support themselves. In the West, they live on welfare and EBT cards. In most of the developing world, they live on international aid or the money a relative living on welfare in the West sends back to them.

            As for media censorship, it is massive. We are being completely driven into information silos. Notice how it is rare to see any real footage about the wars going on all over? Or real footage of what is happening in most countries, the unrest, especially by migrants?

            • TEST

              As you imply, the problem is not population, per se, but SOCIALISM.

              But more on the ignorant scam of Malthusianism, which leads in a direct line to totalitarianism (ever hear of the Nazis Aktion T-4? If not, maybe freedom lovers ought to look it up).

              More on the scam which you should NOTE WELL:

              ). In April, 2012, the Royal Society published People and the Planet – calling for the West to be de-industrialized, as well as for a drastic reduction in population based on their demonstrably preposterous “modeling” analyses. Ehrlich states: “They (population and resources) multiply together. You have to deal with them together. We have too much consumption among the rich and too little among the poor. That implies that terrible thing that we are going to have to do which is to somehow redistribute access to resources away from the rich to the poor…you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage.” And $100 to first person who guesses who will be in charge of that redistribution process, as well as who will be exempted because they are “special” (and you can start with Nancy Pelosi and her exemption of herself, her district, and her union cronies from Obamacare, or ask Michelle Obama on her next uber-luxe vacation). Long story short, the Guardian reports that the Royal Society basically would like to sequester everyone on megacities to reduce material and energy consumption, as well as “systematically decoupling economic activity from environmental impact.” In sum, Agenda 21 –see the Planet Under Pressure article at for full details. Or as the chief scientist behind Planet Under Pressure, Michail Fragkias states, ““the answer (to population growth) is denser cities.” Of course, the question presents itself as to whether these cities are meant to be Nazi-like ghettoes, to allow better control of the sheeple. Meanwhile, AD Barnosky, et al, in Nature, June 17, 2012, warns that by 2050, we will have at minimum 9.5 billion people, with distinct possibility of there being 27 billion people.

              The UN also cited a figure of 9.5 billion by 2050 in Science (7/29/11). The indefatigable Ehrlich lets us know in Nature that “in biophysicalo terms, humanity has never been moving faster or further from sustainability than it is now.”
              But these people are not alone. Nutrition professor Anthony Costello of the Institute of Global Health (yes, nutrition) stated in a January 25 2011 lecture titled Stabilising the global population: Where next for the Millennium Development Goals that “climate denialism” in the US is “a major problem”, both culturally and politically, “that’s got to be addressed” and the phrase “climate skeptics” needs to be removed from the vocabulary when describing those not willing to go along with the disproved and debunked “climate change” hoax. Rather, Costello argues, the phrase should be replaced by “climate denialists.” Here is Costello in his own words on YouTube: And Costello then sets the stage as skeptics being the next terrorists by stating in 2010 during a 2010 Policy Symposium on the Connection between Population Dynamics, Reproductive Health and Rights and Climate Change (page 5), that “climate skepticism kills.” I’m sure Mr. Costello “forgot” that various flavours of socialism killed perhaps up to 160 million last century, but no worries there! But as they say in the Ronco commercials, Wait! There’s More! At a UNESCO conference in September of 2009 on how to best “communicate” the IPCC conclusions, 20-year BBC veteran environment reporter Alex Kirby compared climate-skeptics to Apartheid proponents (Session 1, 01:36:35): “I’ve never thought it is part of the journalists’ job to try to inject an artificial and spurious balance into an unbalanced reality. If I have been sent to do a story on Apartheid or poverty or starvation, I hope to God I would not have tried to do a balanced story. And I think the same applies to climate change.” Of course, this comment was omitted from the official transcript. Yep. Scientists trying to apply the scientific method are “killing people” and worse than apartheid supporters. Sociologist Kari Norgaard has written that “cultural resistance” to the concept of man-made climate change to be “recognized and treated” as abnormal behavior (you are correct – homosexuality is good according to the APA, and using the scientific method to arrive at truth is now “abberant.” And scientists asking real questions need to be “treated.”

              Meanwhile, University of Amsterdam philosopher Marc Davidson who in 2007 wrote that those who are skeptic about global warming equal those who defended slavery (interestingly, it is IDIOTS like this who want to re-enslave the whole world under their leftist, anti-science BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming scam) while Andrew J. Hofman of the University of Michigan, wrote in Climate change as a cultural and behavioral issue: Addressing barriers and implementing solutions that “(…) the magnitude of the cultural and moral shift around climate change is as large as that which accompanied the abolition of slavery.”

              In his paper Hofman also stressed that “humankind has grown to such numbers and our technologies have grown to such a capacity that we can, and do, alter the Earth’s ecological systems on a planetary scale. It is a fundamental shift in the physical order – one never before seen, and one that alters the ethics and morals by which we judge our behavior as it relates to the environment around us and to the rest of humanity that depends on that environment.” In fact, Nature, in an editorial to the American Geophysical Union (see doi: 10.1038/nature13959) , suggested forcing vegetarian meals on students at universities. (I suggest tofu only for each meal of the day – or better – allow only one meal a day. Start with the politically correct California universities… and, oh yes! Only let the leftist profs eat once a week. They should be pleased to “contribute.”
              And warmer David Victor in Nature, April 2, 2015, simply states that we should even ditch the politically correct IPCC, and go direct Soviet-style antics such as “embed social science,’ see “bold legal norm” (and you thought the EPA was out of control now! Wait till they declare your shower and “endangered wetland” to be monitored 24×7 by bureaucrats in Washington!). He wants political mobilization (what? The “Yes we can” lemmings weren’t enough??) and administrative control. Of course, he wants tot develop “different concepts of justice ethics” (boy, this should be rich!) to guide “new international agreements that balance the burdens of adaptation and mitigation”(global central planning) Economic growth needs to cease, since in drives emissions. Gee, David. Any chance you just have us all move to North Korea?

              • Genius

                Test, nice rant. Did I ever say I support agenda 21 or any myriad of the shit you mentioned? Keep fooling yourself that this planet will sustain not only the present population but an ever growing one. It isn’t rocket science figuring out how resources are depleted and humans pollute the fuck out of the planet. Wildlife dissapearing, landfills growing, mines that can be seen from space to feed the consumption of the masses. Ya thats the logic of an ignorant fool. Keep thinking that because I don’t give a shit. I have no kids that are going to live through the nightmare people like you are making. Pretty shortsighted thinking there bud….

                • Genius

                  I do not need this plethora of assholes to tell me what I can figure out myself since it is pure logic and common sense. Perhaps you like to just lump me in with some gang of NWO fooks but that is your short sighted answer. Any fool with an IQ above room temp. can figure out the planet cannot and will not sustain all these humans. I am not for these dictator types you mentioned but a lot of their theory is correct. Yes they use it as a tool for control. What I want is a self governing population that is responsible about reproduction and the environment. An armed and individualized populace. However with that said, I doubt man will ever be responsible enough to be free. So…. The population by one means or another, Nature will slow kill all of us in a most horrible way by starvation and choking on our own contamination and depletion of resources OR Man will do it because the ones that can do it know exactly what we are facing. The only thing is that man will take advantage of it and enslave whoever is left and rule with an iron fist. If people want to be free of this dilema they need to be responsible, if they want shit to continue as usual and get worse by the day then just stay the course you are on. At the rate we are going what do you think this place will be like in say 100 years? Maybe you can’t think that deep or you just don’t give a shit. Which is it?

                  • TEST

                    You might try actually READING people’s posts, given that you are such a genius and then try logically analyzing them, before responding. As it is, your posts are anything BUT “genius.”

                    Not that you will, apparently, take the time to read the facts cited below, nor show the intellectual honesty to respond to the data, but for the rest of you who do about the stupid world of Malthusianism:

                    Given the history of Malthus in the whole scheme of things, who was this kindly old British reverend? As a matter of fact, he wasn’t exactly kindly, writing: “Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlement in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But above all, we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.” (Malthus, 412) .Regarding children he stated ““We are bound in justice and honour formally to disclaim the right of the poor to support. To this end, I should propose a regulation be made declaring that no child born’ should ever be entitled to parish assistance’ The [illegitimate] infant is comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place’ All children beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this [desired] level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths of grown persons.” (Malthus, 411, 430-1) Now, it may very well be that these statements, as notes, were meant to be Swiftian irony.

                    But whether or not that is the case, those that followed him are taking the “modest proposal” literally. So, to introduce the issue of global warming, you see where the self-appointed “elite” are coming from. Think of self-appointed “elite” (no, Mr. Brzezinski is no longer an appointed official) such as Zbigniew Brzezinski,who wrote “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

                    But is the population bomb true? In some countries it certainly is not. InRussia, the birth rate is only 1.3, with expected life span for men around 60 (and 70 for women); in China, population will start decreasing rapidly in the near future, due to the one child policy. The London Telegraph stated 9/4/12 that the population of Tokyo will fall by half in 90 years, with half those left over 65. South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have fertility below 1.3

                    Some other environmental apocalyptic quotes for your consideration:
                    – Best-selling economist Robert Heilbroner in 1974: “The outlook for man, I believe, is painful, difficult, perhaps desperate, and the hope that can be held out for his future prospects seem to be very slim indeed.”

                    – Best-selling ecologist Paul Ehrlich in 1968: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s [“and 1980s” was added in a later edition] the world will undergo famines—hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked on now … nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate.”

                    – Jimmy Carter in a televised speech in 1977: “We could use up all of the proven reserves of oil in the entire world by the end of the next decade.”

                    – Philip Cafaro at Univ. of Colorado stated “Scientists now speak of humanity’s increased demands and impacts on the globe as ushering in a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. Such selfish and destructive appropriation of the resources of the Earth can only be described as interspecies genocide…Ending human population growth is almost certainly a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for preventing catastrophic global climate change. Indeed, significantly reducing current human numbers may be necessary in order to do so.”

                    – In 2004, emeritus professor of physics at California State University, Roger Dittmann, stated that all policies related to Agenda 21 should be pursued with the aim of worldwide population reduction and population control. “The Big Die Off,” the professor eagerly added, “has already begun.” In order to facilitate such a massive “die-off,” the professor proposes (page 18) global governance to make sure the directives will be universally applied:

                    – “University College’s Emeritus Professor John Guillebaud, patron of the UK-based “Population Matters”, who depicted among other things a machine-gun, a hospital bed, and a knife dripping with blood, as examples of “natural” population control as opposed to “artificial” methods such as contraception and family planning.”

                    – DeWayne Cecil, a former NASA climatologist, has argued recently on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Radio Talk Show that the earth cannot support more than 500 million people if the current “western” lifestyles persist.
                    The misanthropy gets worse. Professor Ignacy Sachs, in a classic case of Newspeak, advocates for a “virtuous green path” (aka Agenda 21), which is essentially a policy, as presented in a 1991 UN Conference on Environment and Development, for a transfer of wealth and a world dictatorship. You can read the UN paper yourself at, but here are a couple illustrative quotes from Sachs: “The bolder the steps taken in the near future… the shorter will be the time span that separates us from a steady state. Radical solutions must address to the roots of the problem and not to its symptoms. Theoretically, the transition could be made shorter by measures of redistribution of assets and income”; “The aim is to build a civilization of being within greater equity in asset and income distribution, so as to improve substantially the entitlements of the broad masses of population and of reduce the gap in standards of living between the have and the have nots.” Of course, Sachs points to the political difficulties his green nostrums being implemented because free humanity tends to distrust any national government let alone transnational government to redistribute its well-earned wealth. Thus, the programe is to be prosecuted by stealth, over time: “The pragmatic prospect is one of transition extending itself over several decades.”

                    • macslavo2

                      Great list. Thanks for the info.

                • TEST

                  Sorry, Genius, it is not a rant. It is fact. I am glad you apparently do not support Agenda 21, but Malthusian leads in a a direct line, syllogistically, to that. And of course, you didn’t even read the post, where about the Simon/Ehrlich wager, did you, as you were too busy dismissing thia as a rant, rather than looking for the FACTS cited.

                  As a matter of fact, you ARE at minimum a tacit supporter of Agenda 21 at best, no matter how much you deny it. Wildlife disappearing? Really? Coyotes are now being found in DOWNTOWN Chicago, and my backyard has more racoons, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, possums etc. than ever. Landfills? Obviously you have zero clue of whom the scientist Bjorn Lomborg is, who has calculated exactly how much all the landfills in the world take up. Hint: it ain’t much.

                  Fool? Try looking in the mirror, mon ami. You will be looking at an intellectually dishonest man who refuses to look at fact, but rather imbibes of propaganda of the Malthusians. Not that you would know this either, but world population is now known to be peaking shortly, and will then begin a precipitous descent. This is already seen in Japan and Europe, and is gaining traction in many places in the world. Many demographers thing population will peak at 9 bn, then dropl

                  Reading your bitter, unthinking screed is an embarrassment to both science and critical thinking. And, as my post noted, it is precisely YOU fools that are creating a nightmare on earth. I cited precise facts, quoting Pianka, the Club of Rome, Zubrin, Erhlich, etc. All you cite is your person blovations.

                  As you might say, pretty ignorant, bud. Get a clue. You might find one on eBay.

                  • Genius

                    Ok then, do you deny the honeybee die off? Do you deny the contamination of aquifers by fracking? Do you deny all the sea life that has been washed up dead? Do you deny the fact that the navy has permission to kill over 60 million marine mammals? Do you deny that the oceans are way overfished and catches are way down? Do you deny all the contamination from nuclear power plants? Do you deny the contamination from corexit in the gulf? Do you deny all the contamination from fukashima? Do you deny all the medical waste found in municipal water supplies? I could go on and on and on with FACTS. All of this shit is man caused. In my area deer populations are way down, also elk and turkeys. One of the places I used to live was declared a superfund cleanup site because PCB’s were leaking into the water supply from the LANDFILL.
                    So how do YOU propose we stop all this shit? Oh ya 9 billion people is sustainable? Like I said, it’s common sense and logic. Whether the answer resembles some of the globalist agendas or not it doesn’t matter. If nothing is done it’s a slowwwww race to death of it all. I stand by my reply to you whether you figure it out or not.

        • TheHammerman

          Venezuela’s elections have been delayed. Reuters dot com. 17 hrs ago.

      21. Him

        Heads up everybody. The US government, on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the democrats, has threatened the government of Ecuador over the Assange case. That’s the reason Assange almost canceled his last press conference. Ecuador has cut off the internet access for him. Whatever he has on Hillary is so bad that the government of the UK is removing diplomatic status for the Ecuadorian Embassy in Britain. The UK is setting the stage for the arrest or murder of Assange. Now, I really want to see what he’s been holding back.

      22. njguy

        I’ll try this again. The first comment just disappeared.

        This isn’t an accident or stupidity, this is the plan that’s been in place for over 100 years in the US and far longer in Europe.

        Next come chaos, then come the “solution”, complete tyranny with a smiley face.

      23. mushroom

        How many gold dealers are out there saying BUY GOLD..


        When deflation comes to the USA gold will be less than $500/TOz.

        Be careful.

        • TEST

          You don’t know what will happen and neither do I. But if deflation does occur, and IF gold doesn’t rise on the destabilization involved with this, the that $500 in AU just might be worth $3000 in today’s purchasing power. Best to diversify. But I am glad to know you have crystal ball. I don’t, but I sure am diversifying.

      24. Him

        I was going to write about the, soon to happen, collapse of the auto industry, but, beat me to it. At one point, 1 in 6 American jobs were tied to the auto industry. Directly and non-directly. I think we’re going to see almost all US auto jobs go away. The cost to make them is becoming too expensive. And with the lowering standard of pay in the US, no one will be able to buy a new car. Pretty soon we’ll be riding in buses with chickens on top.

        • JJ

          Him…I just discussed this a few days ago with husband.
          Yes, several businesses are connected to the auto industry..transportation being just one…and they will lose also.

        • Rebel Son

          just read that Ford is backing way down, and sales have been really bad this past year

          they are closing a few plants for a while until sales pick back up or inventory is sold off..

          the F150 isnt even selling as well as they would like

          who wants a tin can truck when were about to go to war here ?

      25. Harry Callahan

        The dollar is strong right now. One of the safest currencies in the world compared to other world currencies. The dollar will be the last to fall…or decline. Remains to be seen how long it can be propped up going forward and by what means. Deep state, dark govt, powers that be, whatever you want to call it are on board with the direction of this country. America is for sale! Be prepared, exercise your 2nd while you still can, and smokem while you gotem. Can’t stop what’s coming!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Yes Harry the dollar is strong but it is all a fancy façade full of bright lights and BS. IT DOES LOOK GOOD ‘LONGSIDE OF ALL THE OTHER BASKET/BULLSHIT CURRENCY.
          My god, for this time frame the dollar might even look close to friggen diamonds right now. WooHoo!

      26. B from CA

        Best insurance is the items needed and the knowledge needed to continuously renew your food supply, because most people lack the money and the space to store twenty five years worth.

        Bees make honey. The skill to manage keeping bees takes time. Bees need housing and certain equipment such as smokers, protective clothing, etc. If you can provide that equipment and the knowledge of what to do with it, you will be rich if there is a food shortage due to whatever. If people don’t have cash, they will have to pay you in goods or services. Services will be the only way for the unprepared. Therefore, you will need management, supervisory, and communication skills to turn these people into your workforce.

        Cabinet making and carpentry skills are needed to make more bee hives. A garage or barn can be turned into a factory turning out bee hives. If there is no such catastrophic event, owning such tools and knowing how to use them is a money saving hobby.

        The same goes for wire for rabbit cages. Knowing how to make cages could make you rich. The skills of owning and caring for rabbits, bees, chickens, goats, and food producing equipment and skill is worth investing in. IMHO.

        Ps: chickens need a heavy vessel for water so they can’t turn it over. Big enough but manageable. I’m using a ceramic insert to a large crock pot. Seems to work pretty good.


      27. TEST

        Posting again, as this one is very important. As you know, the Obama admin has been threatening Russia with cyberwarfare, which not only considered internationally to be an act of war, but would also impact the command and control structure of the Russian military, which could even lead up to a nuclear “event.” All this to prevent leaks about Hilary’s corruption, lies and filth by Russia. I.e., the left will play nuclear brinkmanship to win the election. Yes, really.

        Backup story from the fascist left: Putin and Trump are, I guess, secret lovers or something. WHERE ARE THE HYPOCRITE ANTI-WAR TYPES LIKE CYNDI SHEEHAN, ETC. for this??? WHERE IS THE LEFTIST MEDIA WITH THEIR USUAL ANTI-WAR POSITION????? Was Kerry perhaps Saddam’s secret lover? Truth is, maybe Trump just doesn’t want war, and is against nuclear brinkmanship. Maybe Putin just doesn’t like Hilary (remember her stupid “Reset” button!?) as she is a warmonger and wants to subordinate Russia (I am not a Putin fan, but IMHO Hilary is about the same morally). Personally, I don’t care about non-communist Russia.

        Where are Woodward and Bernstein for this? Where is our leftist, lamestream media? Oh, right…. all that exists for the left is power, power, POWER… and ethics, truth, peace must be subordinated to that. I know many of you think this is extreme. In fact, we will probably be fine. BUT, the left is certainly willing to take a risk with this, all for their satanic (yes, satanic) lust for power.

        ~ 4 min.

      28. Anonymous

        “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”
        By: Michael Rivero

        Watch on YouTube

        Again and again and again

        No Central Banks

        Do all the Banksters need to be killed ??
        Or, will they quit, while quitting is good ??

      29. B from CA

        “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”

        By: Michael Rivero

        Watch on YouTube

        Over and over again

        Do all the Banksters need to be killed ??
        Or, will they quit, while quitting is good ??

      30. Caroline82

        IDK, I have been hearing this for seven years. I have been buying food, medical supplies, guns and ammo, TP, toothbrushes, soap, even blue jeans, socks and boots to add to my stock. Buying silver here and there. In seven years of warnings nothing has happened. Now all I have to show for it is about 500 cans of soup, 200 pounds of rice and beans, #10 cans and an overflowing house with supplies. Either sh#t or get off the pot…let’s get going.

        • 2isone

          Caroline- one aspect of my prepping has paid off twice in the past year, and it has been in the medical area. UTI treated successfully, and a few days ago, tick extraction and infection treatment with products known to us. I estimate saving about 300-500 dollars conservatively, not even counting emergency clinic charges. I hate what “medicine” has become in this country.

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