“There Will Be Life Altering Ramifications For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t Adapt To New Realities”

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    We live in a brave new world and change is coming whether we like it or not. Economies around the world are being centrally managed, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the human population continues to expand by the billions. The next 40 years could see super powers turn to third world countries, while formerly third world countries rise to become global influencers. We’re already seeing these effects around the world.

    The time to prepare for these changes is now. Those who refuse to see the future or fail to understand the signs will be relegated to what Wealth Research Group calls the “perpetual poor.”

    Like all tectonic changes in human history, there will be life altering ramifications for those who can’t or won’t adapt to new realities…No one is sure how this will all play out… what is certain is that you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand… Assuming responsibility and taking massive action is the only way to avoid being added to the perpetually poor who won’t have jobs, income or assets as this wave shifts the power structure of world finance in the next few years.

    No matter your age – whether you are approaching retirement or just entering the workforce – the future will be difficult to navigate. Watch the following micro-documentary to understand what’s coming and how to position yourself for a global paradigm shift:

    (Watch At Youtube)

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    Fortressing (Ages 55+)


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      1. Loved this vid!

        • I just said to myself, “that a shitty video” then I scroll down and see your comment.

          Oh well…..

          • my goodness-my poor eyes/brain could hardly keep up with the flash of images.

            had to stop watching before I got a headache.

            have no idea what he said.

          • the real reality will be that civil war is coming to this country IF the scumbag clinton is elected, and YES it will change our country as we currently know it, BUT our country has become a laughing stock of the world and corruption is the new norm!! WE the people have had enough and there is a new day coming and the scum will be purged!!

            • Years ago, I read that around year 2030 if you are alive you won’t considered to be one of the lucky ones… it will be that bad.

              The thing is, a lot of different experts from many different fields were saying this… agriculturists, climate scientists, botanists, etc… they all said that we are headed for major crises all coming to a head around that date…

              I figure after collapse there will be no federal government (they are definitely headed for extinction!) and the few who survive the transition will be in a much better, more spiritually advanced world, living in harmony with mother nature– just a very advanced species.

      2. Special Report is bang on!

        • Glen Becks Nonprofit organization relocates Illegal Refugees from Iraq and Syria into the USA, under the Guise of Religious persecution, that these Syrian Muslims are Christians. The TROJAN HORSE TRUMP WARNED ALL ABOUT.

          If Trump is elected he will shut down Glen Beck and his destroy America organization. Beck is a shill aiding terrorists for profit, and why he bashes Trump.

          Glenn Beck Raising Money To Import Illegal Syrian Refugees…

          Posted on September 14, 2015 by sundance

          According to MediaIte Glenn Beck is promising to bring Mid-East refugees into the US illegally. Citing a Daily Caller interview with Beck -who was overwhelmed with emotion, and began crying- Beck is asking his followers to send him $10 million. With the money Beck is promising to smuggle the refugees into the U.S…..

          [*Note To Self* David Barton heads Ted Cruz Super-Pac, and Beck’s Mercury One Charity… nudge, nudge…]

          Beck said that he had asked his audience to raise $10 million before Christmas to help take in Christian Syrian refugees. “Stop asking for permission!” he said. “Stop thinking we need permission… We will vet them ourselves. I have former CIA people that are going over and they’re vetting everybody right now. We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved, okay?”

          Beck said if the State Department refused them entry he’d find them a way in the country, even if he was thrown in jail. “I know some bridges over a river in Texas that doesn’t seem to matter… I will so gladly grace a jail for a justice cause of saving people’s lives.”

          “I don’t need your permission at all to do the right thing!” he said. “That’s who we need to be now. Forget about Washington; you don’t need permission to do the right thing.” (video of interview at link)

          Article Link: ht tps://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/09/14/glenn-beck-raising-money-to-import-illegal-syrian-refugees/comment-page-2/

          • Get your facts straight! Glenn Beck has “NOT” brought any illegals into this country. His organization has saved many MANY lives. ALL Christians. You know our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!!!! Some of these people can follow their dependency to Christ’s deciples! The vetting process has been extreme.
            With all the vetting that has been done, our country has refused to take any of them. Our government is only interested in excepting Muslims. Even though when he started this Christians were the ones being slaughtered!
            I have to commend anyone who stands on their convictions no matter what! I only wish we had more people with this level of compassion and conviction to their Christian values. There is a special place in heaven for men of his caliber. My hat is off to this man and my prayers are with him. AMEN

            • From what I understand, Beck relocated Syrian Christians within the Middle East. However, it would behoove our government to put Christians to the front of the line if we were to actually take in refugees.

            • I’ve become aware that by the time I’m retirement age, it won’t be a thing anymore. I stopped contributions to my husband’s company investment thing, really tempted to take out the $700 they put in before I knew about it. Hubby makes $28k a year for a family of four, you cant put anything away for retirement making that!

              Retirement as we know it is a relatively new concept and it wont last. Here is the old retirement plan:

              1) Have kids, they are going to take care of you when you are old.

              2) Pay off your house and have property.

              3) Grow your own food.

              4) Work until you die.

              That is what people did before retirement was a thing and that is what will come back around.

      3. Let’s be real. The government can’t even begin to help 80,000,000 retirees. “Fortressing” is really what we should be doing.

        • I have actually retired. Let me tell you, it is a total scam.

          I participated in a 457 plan. All the money I put in was at risk.

          The government taxed the shit out of me when I retired. Not only did the take ALL the profit I earned over 20 years, but they took about 6% of the principal too.

          I would have been better off spending the money when I earned it, not saving.

          I put all that money up at risk just to give it to the government at the end. No wonder they always preach, “save for retirement.” so those asshole can take it at the end.

          I suggest you just buy gold and silver in small increments rather than participating in a retirement plan.

          • Did you send the IRS a check? If so, you have empowered them to keep taking from others. They will continue their illegal scams until people wake up and resist them.

            • No, they have that scam down too. The 457 plan took the taxes out before sending me my check. I never got the money.

          • Thats why the government can suck my ass

            • I saw this coming back in 2008, when being hit by massive Income taxes it just is not worth it, when all my “end of the year profits” were stolen by the IRS. Then I have to sit and watch my tax dollars go into the dark hole of perpetual wars and to Welfare Queens gaming the system on my dime. NO More. I also decided 4 years ago to get off the RAT RACE Treadmill in the city where it is not safe, nor clean water or air. Why keep paying massive property taxes where more than half of those taxes goes to public schools, and I don’t even have any children. I was being hosed from every direction as a SWG (Single White Guy). Including lots of house insurance and flood insurance. So decision time.

              Sold the house in the city for country digs. Really cheap property taxes, clean and healthy lifestyle. Its a little more difficult creating an income in the rural areas, unless you have some blue collar skill like car repair. The opportunities are fewer off the Grid being more remote. But I can surely say I am debt free, all my property is paid off, free and clear, and My income now goes to PM’s, food, and some trivial bills like car insurance which also dropped 30% just by moving to the rural country.

              I have been self employed about 25 years, and working on a few business ideas to create other income, including selling solar off the grid systems. Which is of great interests in rural areas. Just get through this Crazy election to see what direction to go.

              Keep stacking and prepping as best as you can. I think there are much leaner times ahead. Makes no difference who is elected the entire sham economy will crash within a few months. Bubbles everywhere and its not Champagne. Housing bubble, stock market bubble, student loan bubble, subprime auto loan bubble. Its all going to come crashing down. So back up the truck on PM’s to preserve what wealth you have left. Money will become more worthless as inflation especially food inflation eats your wages up.

              And if you live in a household with adults, every single one of you needs to be working and contribute. No more freeloading 30 sumthins living in Mommas basement playing video games all day and night. Cut the TV cable cord and go find some employment and income. Go start a tree cutting service, or errands for the elderly. There are opportunities everywhere if you look. Forget that Uber BS. You want to be hauling drug dealers around in your car, delivering drugs? Or get robbed and beaten paying taxi. Don’t be stooped.


            • Damn skippy!

              • Another Gasline Leak Shutdown in Shelby Alabama on Monday Afternoon, is causing shortages in the NE USA for a while. Buy Gas Now. Posted @8:20 AM Tues

                I would have warned you all earlier but MAC has a 4 hour delay on my posts actually getting posted. Thanks MAC for the Moderation handcuff delays in Intel flow.


              • The only recourse is to crush our enemies into the dirt and start over. Most of us that will be doing the killing won’t be around to start over but our children will. Death to tyrants and muslims! Let it come.

                • “If there must be trouble, let it be in my days, that my child may have peace” -Thomas Pain.

          • All ‘official’ saving schemes are scams. The government has already calculated it so that they snatch all or most of your gains when you retire through taxes, fees and lump sums.

            It is true: the only ‘honest’ pension plans left are the ones for high-level government and public sector.

            In this context, you need to be sharp to the scams and also to ignore the messages the government puts out. As an example, the government in Europe actively tells people to not work from home and to put their money in government forced saving schemes. Why do they do this? Because of control. They don’t like people they can’t keep an eye on and who don’t use their systems.

            That’s the clue: don’t use their systems and don’t be their ‘bitch’. Make sure to have your wealth spread around and in other jurisdictions. Pay the least amount of tax you can.

            Look at what the elite do and follow it. The elite don’t pay taxes, they don’t rely on government pensions or pensions period, they build multi+generational wealth through family trusts, they have businesses, property, etc.

          • stiner I don’t know what your complaining about. The 457 plan is a tax deferred plan so basically you put the money in and temporarily received no tax on that portion of your income while you were working.

            Of course you were taxed when you took the money out – why wouldn’t you be? Also they will tax the principle because that is still money in the account so to speak. The same as you would be taxed on making money in stocks etc.

            That’s the way the government works and you would know since you earned a pretty penny to even be eligible to participate in the 457 plan.

            So stop your whining and misleading commentary.

      4. We will improvise/get by as we always have,hell,make it thru the next few weeks alive will be surprised with all the world insanity.Folks have fallen to the wayside and died thruout history,not pleasent,just reality.

        • We will improvise/get by as we always……
          That is what the jews said as they got into the cattle cars.

        • WD

          You got that right! We will improvise and do what we have to do to get by.

          Take no prisoners. Give no quarter.

          They have been duly Warned.

      5. Retirement? Is that something you would find in a museum?

        • Pensions are indeed, unless you work in the public sector where stooges still get a lavish pension plan funded by taxpayers who can’t retire at a healthy age because they are overburdened by taxes.

        • Retirement, when i fall over dead

          • Same here. I’ve ran my own business now for close to 30 years and like what I do. I’m out in the field everyday. As long as my health holds up I’ll continue on. I take off when I want and do family things. I cannot foresee me hanging it up just to do nothing but lounge around.

          • retire when you expire

        • Retirement? what a joke. I’m busier now that when I was running a business for 25 yrs.

      6. For those who do not understand…this is the battle of good vs evil….it is not about who wins this election, for who can feel good about either candidate? Global socialism or geographical socialism? Neither is good for WE the People…this has been foretold and we will suffer the results of our folly
        Have Faith
        Keep Love in your heart
        And be ready for all that will come our way

        • What makes you think that?

          Seems to be working out for Venezuela……..or not.

          • If Bill Clinton had a Son, He’s look just like this Guy.

            Bill Clinton’s ‘Black Son’ Demands DNA Sample From Monica Lewinsky’s Blue Dress
            11-01-2016 • http://www.dcclothesline.com, by Paul Joseph Watson
            Williams will appear at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. today to make his demand that supporters have characterized as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign”. Infowars will be carrying a live feed of the press conference.

            “I done my homework and I saw they returned the dress to her after the tests and I thought why not ask her for it. I’m praying on it that she will make this happen for me. I’m sure [the Clintons] hurt her as they hurt me,” Williams told Radar Online.

            “I believe Hillary told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House,” continued Williams. “I feel she cut him off from being in my life, but this isn’t political.”

            Hours before the final presidential debate last month, attorneys acting on behalf of Williams announced their intention to file a paternity suit demanding DNA evidence from the former president.

            See the Photo of Bill Clinton’s Son – http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/206240-2016-11-01-bill-clinton-39-s-39-black-son-39-demands-dna.htm?From=News


        • FOB, you forgot one…..plenty of ‘full mags’.

      7. Dear god just a little more time is all we ask

        • Captain…we have had our lifetimes and see where we are…We, as a Nation, have turned our back on God and WE Will suffer for that….in these times, no matter how difficult, keep love in your heart and be ready to put on the full armour of GOD…the shield of Faith

          • Good advise Feisty!

            Read the Operations Manual~The Holy Bible
            Follow the orders of the Commander In Chief~Jesus the Christ
            Put on The Full Body Armour of God~Eph 6:13-18

            Eph 6:24 Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

          • prayer from WWI:

            “We are living on the confines of a new world. Amid the crash of falling kingdoms, the break-up of all we had hitherto deemed most stable, we need to remind ourselves that the great realities of the spiritual world stand fast, and that on these we can build another and a juster civilization than that which now appears to be doomed. But we must first of all rebuild it in our own souls by faith and prayer.

          • Just to clarify Feisty – when we screwed over the Indians we had not yet turned our backs on god?

        • Dear god just a little more time is all we ask ……between reloads…..

        • Id rather get this over with, sorry

          • Nailbanger

            I agree. No love in my heart for these bastards.
            Let God come down and smite the evil for I thirst for righteousness. Or let him give me the tools, guidance and foritude to do it.

            • Yeah lets try a new Moniker for a while, since the other one is handcuffed.

              WWTI… Test Post

      8. Funny. If you can no longer work you are a liability. They are going to get rid of people. You won’t live past a certain point. Feudalism with be a result when everything torn down. This is an investment firm projecting numbers which was nice but reality is what they are saying is NOT true. Will you be alive after the civil war starts and how long will it last?

        • Thats why obummercare is working as designed….
          It was designed to bankrupt anyone able to pay and give the worst care possible to all.
          Honestly, government needs to get their grubby little fingers out of everybodys pie, personally im done, dont care what they demand of me

      9. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served in the Treasury under Reagan, and is now at Boston Univ., has stated if you take EVERY unfunded liability, not just the nat’l debt, the amt is $222 trillion. Google his name for verification.

        My family, I think, may be somewhat typical. Basically a group of lazy assed types who all feel entitled. Here’s the low down:

        – Brother, 52 – retired for past 4 yrs.
        – Brother, 58 – retired for past year. Wife worked part time,
        went on social(ist) security a year ago. Both doing NOTHING
        for next almost half a century. Leaving elderly mother care
        to us, who are working full time til we drop as they are too
        lazy to get off their asses.
        – Sister, 61 – retired in late 40s from some lazy assed
        federal govt job, getting paid through the nose while doing
        25% the work you and I do for 325% if the salary. Benefits,
        vacations, you name it. Went back part time a few years
        later to make even MORE dough off the taxes us regular
        working stiffs have to pay.
        Too self absorbed to be married, of course. Has 5,000
        sq.foot home for just herself, refuses to take care of 91
        year old mother and other mentally handicapped brother
        (leaves that to us as well, who are working full time to 70

        – Brother, 64. Basically retired at 49, dinks around doing sub
        teaching. Maybe works 4- 5 months a year. Wife retired at 56
        from just a regular teaching job, making $110k/yr working 9
        months/yr. On retirement, immed. started pulling in $7k per
        MONTH (yes, really). So if she lives to 106, say, that’s
        $7,000 per freaking MONTH from us taxpayers.

        – Father, now deceased. Pretty much retired around 46 back in
        day, to live off his wife who was teaching and inheritance.

        – Extra credit: next door neighbor who had a bad accident years
        ago, but now jogs a couple miles every day is, yes… on
        “disability.” Jogging two miles and on disability. How nice.

        My wife and I will have to work til we are 70, mostly due to MASSIVE taxes to cover greens fees of the millions of lazy assed folks, such as above. My Last work contract (which I just finished – no healthcare, no vacations, no nuthin’) I worked literally, to 12 or 1 AM every night, NEVER took lunch over 5 -10 minutes, if at all, worked much of the day last Christmas day and New Year’s day, (yes really) etc. I really need to work to 70, if I can. Gotta pay for all the lazy asses so they can, I guess, Keep up with the Kartrashians.

        THIS is why the West is in trouble. People, of which my family is typical in *many* cases (NOT ALL, for sure) think they are entitled to the Life of Riley, while everyone else busts their butts to cover their laziness. And, of course, Obungler has almost 50 mm on food stamps, with around 100mm working age people NOt working. Do you REAlly think today’s 20 year olds want to sacrifice their future so these lazy assed people above can sit and do nothing for almost a half century? Good luck with that.

        There are three options (assuming we won’t have 10% growth/yr), and three only: We can print money, raise taxes, or cut services (I subsume default under the print money rubric). Yes, they will combine all three, but one will take precedence. You can’t raise taxes, as there is avoidance, people stop working, and it kills business. Obamacare is, of course, one tax people *are* paying (too bad people don’t know about Health Sharing plans!), but other taxes probably won’t stick. Services will be cut, wierd fees and levies will be put in place, etc. But I still think that in the battle of the ‘flations, eventually inflation will win out.

        • “THIS is why the West is in trouble. People, of which my family is typical in *many* cases (NOT ALL, for sure) think they are entitled to the Life of Riley, while everyone else busts their butts to cover their laziness.”

          Not only that but people who think they should get paid 100K plus a year while asking other people to basically work for free. Then they hit you with their poor me story about why their salaries are just too low for them to survive. Makes me so mad.

          The problem with this world is all the fucking people in it. Get rid of all the people and get rid of all the problems.

      10. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov5kvWSz5LM

        The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

        Coup by INternet and counter coup by internet

        • Watch the video to learn the truth behind the Weiner emails.

          • Jay Jay

            Giving you credit for posting the link to the video above. Same as over at Modern survival blog.

            • Thanks.

      11. The Best way to retire is to spend your money on a ranch. Pay it off completely. Plant a life sustaining garden of paradise with every manner of perennial plants. Create a business that can be run by younger people that continues to give you a steady cash flow which will go to your progeny when you kick the bucket. This can be Real Estate as well as a small or large store or farmers market. This store allows you to purchase at wholesale and stock up for the future while you are young. You should buy a large property so you can build on it. Keep your family together and give yourself a support system for your old age.


        • Until the juden send their monsters to take your slice of prosperity… Be prepared to die in a pile of spent brass…That’s pretty much how I see things, BE right with God…

        • You never really pay it off completely. After you own it, you are still forced to pay into their property tax scam.

      12. We have had enough time to prep.

        Let’s get this thing rolling after the election.

        Kick the tires, light the fires and get this plane in the air.

        Seven days feel like an eternity.

      13. I don’t think this video correctly extrapolates life expectancy. Actual life expectancy is going down, consider the booming increase of cancer and disease. How about sick care costs of the future? Not likely to get any better.

        Your retirement is going to be a portfolio of food bearing trees, precious metals, and self-sustainability.

      14. If Ttump wins then I wouldn’t want to be near a big city with a large black population. If Hillary wins but the Republicans keep one house of Congress, then we still have nearly another year to prep – about to October 1, 2017 when the first Clinton budget goes through and she can start collecting her payoffs. But if Hillary wins, my first stop is the local gun shop.

      15. At 71 I have been retired 11 years. Retirement is all about ego. My wife and I were making good money in our 40s and 50s but we did something different. We made retirement our life style at that age. For example we bought a smaller retirement house when I was 47 and paid it off in less than 15 years. We keep cars running as long as possible (my wife’s 2000 Honda CRV still runs and I tool around in a basic 2007 F150). We have no debt. We take periodic trips we save for. But the point is life style. If you want a new car every three years retirement may be very difficult. If you size yourself into retirement it can happen…

        • My work is basicly one of my hobbies, lifestyle, low key, low expectation

        • We are both retired. I was a stay at home mommy so we were always VERY frugal in how we live.

          Actually we are still frugal, even retired. We come and go when we want to, both finally getting to full time the hobbys/things we love to do. No debt (except the tax man).

          Life is just as good retired.

          Of course-when it all goes south, we’ll be in the same boat as everybody else, with preps as our life preserver.

        • I discovered yesterday that insurance (1k monthly) and taxes are the two biggest expenses we have. Hubby is the financial wizard here. We planned to live on 3k a month when he retired( I still work on an as needed basis) but we have about 4K in expenses! Mostly food, gas, and renovations on the house which we are doing ourselves. No debt. Our property taxes have doubled in 11 years, so has food. We are ok for now, but makes me wonder how long this can go on. Also for people living on a smaller income, it’s scary. Hold tight to Jesus, this canoe is going for a wild ride!

          • Ps, hubby is an excellent planner, and saver, the way I worded it wasn’t the best. We couldn’t retire if it wasn’t for his financial expertise.

      16. Interesting, retirement spelled two different ways on title screen….retirement planning is now continued work planning for my generation, and loafing planning for those now in college.

      17. Good video ONLY, I could have done without the yelling, reverberating voice and the canned “epic” music repeating the same 4 measures over and over again at a volume equal to his yelling voice. Also, cut the cheesy little video effects. It is overkill that, in effect, kills any credibility that the video may have.

        The video mentions the tanking of Social Security as well as the increase of retirement age until a person is in their 70s. Let’s see. That is with the EXCEPTION of illegals and refugees, I bet. Maybe we should all move to Mexico. Then sneak back across the border. Free education, free food, preferential hiring opportunities, license to kill the legal population, free legal and civil rights protections and all of the other perks the illegals and refugees are given (and legal citizens are not). All of that BEFORE their clothes are even dried off from their swim across the river.

        Well there is a ray of hope for older people. The Affordable Health Care Act. Meaningful Use (look that up, relative as well to all the fed up doctors who are leaving their practices and why they are). Older persons will not be able to afford health care without giving up what savings they have (HAD) in their retirement accounts. They will not be able to afford the massive deductibles. Finally, in case you have not noticed, getting critical meds is also becoming increasingly impossible. First you have to have a doctor (which requires having insurance). Then the doctor must be willing to prescribe those meds. THEN comes the pharmacy. Go to pick up your potentially life-saving meds and face one of two increasingly common scenarios. First, is being told by the pharmacist that the insurance company did not approve the prescription (TRIVIA – If insurance denies it and you offer to PAY FULL PRICE – assuming you could afford it – insurance companies could then cut you off and if you are on SSI, they can cut you off your benefits, as well). The SECOND increasingly common scenario is not getting your meds even AFTER everyone prescribes and approves it because more and more, PHARMACIES are denied all but limited RATIONED supply quantities of certain drugs. So they run out of their stock. Don’t wind up in the emergency room either if the lack of physician care and critical meds takes you down. For even if your insurance DOES approve your getting past the receptionist (who are more commonly now seen accompanied by security personnel), the Affordable Health Care Act’s introduction of THE HOSPITALIST is the person who will meet with you early on, if admitted. His/Her/Its job is to kick you out ASAP.

        So. NOW what are the odds of living to 100?! OR PAST 70? IS THE OBJECTIVE OF TPTB CLEAR YET? It should be called POPULATION CONTROL!

        Want some Soylent Green, anybody?…!

        • Old people are the gravy train of the medical community. They will give you treatment after treatment as long as they can milk the medicare teat.

          My father is 74 and just diagnosed with cancer on his voice box. The standard of care for this treatment is radiation which can cause severe pain for weeks if not longer when doing simple things we take for granted such as swallowing.

          Cure rate is 95% but even that number is just some type of convoluted bull shit that they spew to get you to go ahead with the treatment. They count success if the cancer goes away but if if comes back somewhere else because of said treatment this is counted as a new cancer and allows them to keep the cure rate percentage high.

          I thought about what I would choose if I was him and if I had the money I would try the alternative proton therapy as the recovering time is better and less chance of feeding tube.

          Try to talk to my parents about it but I just get blown off as being annoying as they can take cruises for a month or so but won’t consider staying a month near treatment facility for that. People are just so ignorant. My parents are really ignorant.

          I often wonder how it is possible that so many ignorant people have so much money to blow on trivial crap when there is so much suffering in this world.

          For me I choose quality of life not quantity. I never want to live to be 100 years old ever.

      18. The bankers are taking all our earning in the form of income taxes/ vat and silly prices to buy mud to build a home on because they have been paying bribes to stop any new planning applications being approved for the past 20 years.

        Bankers love high house prices, earns them more interest but they might think twice about this move when they start to get hanged and there corporate property is burned to the ground.

        I hope you americans are enjoying your punch and judy show that they call elections becuause puppets are not going to change anything

        • Cut the puppets strings just enough to HANG those sob’s, then grab the strings that go to the puppet masters and pull (((THEM))) down… AND terminate with great prejudice.

          • Yep, Buy Lots of Rope for your Preps. Clear those limbs down the road on that good hanging tree. Get er’ ready for the great culling.


        • You got that right about nothing changing, biggest problem is the swamp Trumpster referred to, i have a feeling the only way to drain it is with dynomite

      19. Hmnn… a god of fortresses.

      20. Save in gold, take delivery and bury it in the ground. What they can’t find they can’t steal.

      21. Voters who are not on the billary bandwagon have been called/deplorable/constitutionalists/red necks ect.We can now ad “dark and dangerous” to the list of adjectives she employs.

        Dark and dangerous,billary, given the insanity in this country and you may try and steal election you words are prophetic to a degree.

        • More E-Mails which confirms pretty much what we already know. Here are a few emails of how corrupt Hillary is.

          Article: These two wikileak emails scare us the most because of the amoral attitude and completely unconscionable abdication of public servants to the duty they swore. They exemplify the mentality that pervadespolitics. This is the bleeding edge of the knife that is cutting our Democratic Republic to shreds.

          1st Email- Hillary Clinton took money from Countries she knew funded ISIS and other terrorists

          “…the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

          “Clintons should know better than to raise money from folks whose primary concern has been supporting the NIAC, a notorious supporter of the Radical Islamic Mullahs. “The Clinton’s have thrown principle out the window in exchange for cold hard cash…putting money ahead of principle.

          Hillary is a Very Expensive Rental
          1.​Hillary’s Chief of Staff admits in a leaked email that foreign nationals influence Hillary to do what they want her to do via paying her for speeches.
          2.She also admits the “Friend of Hillary” list is available and rentable to people who want to influence
          3.The Saudis and Qatar are the leading funders of Hillary’s campaign through the Clinton Foundation
          4.These emails below show Hillary knows Saudis and Qatar are funding ISIS prior to her accepting of millions of dollars from their governments.
          5.This accepted money compromises Clinton’s objectivity in office in the least. In the worst it is a simple quid pro quo bribe
          6.The Saudis and Qatar commit inhuman atrocities that are ignored for money by politicians. Sharia law and Salafism permit stoning of infidels, throwing gay people from buildings, killing Christians, Jews, and atheists, and making it legal to rape and beat women.

          ht tps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3774

          ht tps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5469

          ht tps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1828

          2nd Email- Hillary’s Campaign Wants a “Compliant Citizenry”

          What does that mean? In a word, “Sheeple”. Read this quote from an email from Bill Ivey to John Podesta. What kind of leader fosters this kind of thought process in her supporters? A person that stands for nothing except winning. These are her children. A generation of misanthropes raised by a narcisist.

          Bill Ivey to Podesta: “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.”

          Almost as sick is the amoral comment that essentially says: People are still ignorant, but are becoming restless. We need to figure out how to quell this. The Clinton campaign wants to keep the population ignorant of what is going on, and this email proves it.

          ht tps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3599

          There you go, more Criminal Trash on Hitlery Cankels.

          ~WWTI…Who in their Right Mind would Vote for this HAG?

          Its a good thing there are those like us, who are NOT compliant, who seek the truth and are well armed to bring the Tyrants to justice. I want to see Hillary in handcuffs and hauled off to Prison.

          • Link to the article I just posted above. – ht tp://www.marketslant.com/articles/our-top-2-clinton-email-leaks-so-far


            • Part of the 3rd email link in part 1. above


              In any event, it is one more reminder that with Clinton comes a whole > parade of influence peddlers, some of whom have links to interests contrary > to American national security. Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise > Institute, observing that the fundraiser “just isn’t good politics,” asks, > “Surely there’s someone else who can help Hillary raise money?” Well, there > seems to be no one from whom Bill and Hillary Clinton will not take money. >

              > Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Post, offering reported > opinion from a conservative perspective. > > > — *Dennis Cheng* National Finance Director Hillary for America [email protected]

              **This just confirms that Hillary is willing to take any Money Bribe no matter if it is direct conflict with American Security and interests. Hillary is a SELLOUT to Americans and our country.

              ~WWTI… LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP!!

      22. Check it out! Over at,

        Modern Survival Blog

        There is a video with stunning information if true.

      23. Mark my words, these “casualties” of the CCN or nothing but a planned defense to keep the network insulated and running smoothly, they lose hand or foot here and there, but the losses are just acceptable damage to keep the center of the organization in place and functioning…Notice NONE of the intelligence agencies are talking at ALL About Clinton HIGHER influences from the emails (all the NSA to WIKILEAKS leaked emails, WHO DO YOU NOT SEE MENTIONED AT ALL IN THEM? Does everyone think that her mentor just stopped emailing her when she went to work as Secy of State for her time there?

        Who was behind Hillary in Ukraine….Soros,
        Who was behind Hillary in Libya….SOROS,
        who was behind Hillary with ISIS coming about…Soros.
        Who was behind Hillary in US elections and voting machines and campaign funding and satellite influence and consultant groups FOR THE DNC…Soros
        Who funded the RIOTERS AND BLM terrorists in America……SOROS!!!
        Who OWNS the company that has VOTING MACHINES IN THE KEY BATTLEGROUND STATES???……Soros
        …Who was behind Hillary during the MH-17 and MH-370 disappearances/ convenient shootdowns…Soros
        ……EVERYWHERE …SOROS is funding the opposition and Terrorists…..
        Hillary claimed Soros was mentor and trusted Adviser….Over and Over again…..
        who is Soros secondary conduit SID BLUMENTHAL, Who provided all of Hillarys “unsolicited” intelligence she acted on,…..SOROS through SID BLUMENTHAL
        … Who funded and directed the ILLEGAL War Hillary waged on Quadaffi?…SOROS…

      24. I do t know anyone that is completly self reliant and doesn’t need to leave their property. It’s not possible. That would mean you can produce all your food you can provide your own clothing and medicine. You can do all your own surgery. You have a never ending source of clean water. A place to deal with your shit. No one has this ability however some people are closer to these abilitys. Social skills are never considered a prep. You need to know how to get what you need out of your community. This applies now as well as after the Shtf. Some things you need aren’t products. Sometimes you need services only skilled people can perform. Pulling a tooth is one rebuilding a transmission is another. We all like to think we are diy experts. Go to court without legal counsel while the other guy has it and see who wins.

        • I think the best we can hope for is to be better equipped pioneers on the Oregon trail. We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves, our family, skills, tools, livestock and stores.

      25. Oceans of shoddy, tract houses go up, where there used to be grain crops and cattle, and the West hasn’t been providing fist world living conditions, for 25 yrs, already. Everything becomes unsustainable in 2050?

      26. Thanks for the video, Grandee.


      27. The entire economy is based on a continuous increase in the population. That’s why the US Chamber of Commerce will do anything to keep the borders open. The Sierra Club is a large environmental activist group. They actually have enough power and votes to affect close elections. Several years ago, a New York billionaire gave a $100 million bribe to the Sierra Club. This was to keep the Sierra Club from acting against the massive immigration taking place. He didn’t want them alerting anyone about the damage to the US environment from such a massive increase in the population. How much of an increase? In 1964 we had about 190 million people here. Today we have about 325 million people. Nearly all of that increase is from immigration and the migrant birthrate. 135 million extra people. Demographers say that at this rate we will have a billion people here around 2100. All poor. This business model is horribly destructive and short sighted. I still hear businessmen on television pushing for more immigration, to keep the stock market going up. For Gods sake, shut it down. Now.

        • Yup, pyramid scheme on a grand scale

      28. On a brighter note Beretta is running a 20% off election sale on magazines. Sale ends Election Day.

        Coupon code GUNVOTE

        And I know any prepper with a Beretta would love to have a few good magazines to read while they are sitting in their bunker.

        I’d love to have a good Beretta, but my Daisy Red Ryder will have to do. Anyone know where I can find a scabbard for it?

        The article was good I thought. It was a repackage of economic pressures being driven by demographics that you could find more in depth by Googling videos by Harry Dent. Still they gave some simplified explanations.

        According to Harry Dent’s work, the next big shoe to drop will be the German economy. Their demographics are right now dropping off like a cliff, much worse than even Japan who has struggled for decades now. The Germans have a massive percent of their population going into retirement and the army of uneducated immigrants not only wont support retiring Germans, they will victimize them.

        As goes the German economy so will go the whole EU.

      29. In six days already damned and doomed programmed indoctrinated drunken bum boot licking coward Americans are going to cast votes for a vice peddling demon psychopath from the pits of hell and a career murderous criminal from the inner bowels of hell….You really cannot make this complete insanity up in the collapsing Globalist Fascist Police State HELL ON EARTH of already damned and doomed America.

      30. Also, did somebody just flip a switch? In the last few days, Republican leaders who wouldn’t back Trump are now backing him. The FBI just did Trump a big favor and Sheldon Adelson just kicked in $25 million for Trump. Somethings going on here.

        • Him

          They are piling on Trump’s Band Wagon. Don’t want to be criticized after the election for no support. Fuck them!
          These Republicans are closet demorcats. What, they want their sins to be forgiven?

          • The problem is that Trumpster is a shrewd businessman, he wont forget who was crapping on his front porch, i suggest we all need to keep that in mind also,

      31. If you want to tudy as a microcosm the insanity of current economic thinking, then you need not look further than Canada. A beautiful country yes, but one pursuing growth policies that are harmful to the environment and will not address the country’s problems, from youth unemployment to indebted governments.

        The solution the government has, it’s only solution, is to ramp up immigration, especially of people from the Middle East and Africa. This policy is in complete contrast to their hand-wringing about ‘climate change’ and the environment.

        They will put these people in pack and stack condos and monster homes as far as the eye can see in the suburbs. They will sell them lots of cars for zero down and let them bring in their relatives to live on welfare. None of this eco friendly.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Immigration is interesting and I think their source is indicative of the host country expected future opportunities. I don’t hear of people from first tier nations immigrating to the US. The source today are people that lived in mud huts and stare at a commode wondering what it’s used for.

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